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Humanity is gone. It's great city is empty. It's creations scrounge among the ruins for tattered memories, their own minds cold and without innovation. You are born into this word. A machine? A man in the body of a machine? All that you know is that you must survive, and cut to the heart of this dismal stagnation.

Lost Source is a Sci-Fi setting in the spiritual tradition of Demon's Souls, Dark Souls, and Bloodborne. Instead of Echoes or Souls we have Source, the currency is composed of leftover human ideas, thoughts, rare pepes even. Replacing Humanity and Insight is Psyche , lost and regressed human consciousness that you install to increase your processing power.

Mechanically, the game is themed around customization, with every aspect of your character being able to be modified. From their body, to their mind, to their weapons.

Last thread we really began to sink our teeth into the crunch of the game.

All glory to Monotreeme for his PDF.

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>All glory to Monotreeme for his PDF.

PDF? PDF where. I haven't been following the threads extremely, so I've missed a lot.

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Here is a copy of the current PDF.

We are currently looking for experienced game designers to help us with the mechanics of the game.

Also welcoming ideas for fleshing out the environments and items.

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Nevermind, too eager. Gonna check this out.

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Hover Platform (mobility)
Mod slots taken=2
Hover Platform replaces current legs
+Increases movement speed by 1.5
+not slowed by difficult terrain
+Carrying Capacity Doubled
+able to float one meter above surfaces(solid or liquid)
-difficult to repair(see Spider Legs)
-Cannot Jump

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I am not a fan of source being xp and money in how most games do it, but I have a suggestion so it can still be both.

your max source gathered determines your level up. But the source can be spent as well.

BUttbot finds 1000 points of source (just using placeholder number)
His "total source collected" is 1000, and he now 'holds' 1000 source.
He then spends that 1000 source for a weapon.
His 'held' source is 0, but his total source collected is still 1000.

He then kills something and gains 4000 source. his total source collected is now 5000 and he get's psyched. (levels up)
...and he now 'holds' 4000 source to spend.


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I think there's a very important factor you're missing that's keeping /tg/ from taking too much interest in this.

That being, where's the waifus? Surely you can't waifu machines.

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The choice to either spend your resources for leveling or for cash has always been a pretty important aspect of Souls games.

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oh. I never played the games. I just liked the ascetic. I didn't know that fact.

ignore my faggotry

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We need these two in here.

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Sweet jebus this is awesome, and makes loads more sense than demon souls/bloodborne.

This is true, but how much do we want the game to be like them? This is my first stumbling onto this project, I don't know if it's a reskinned demon souls or just heavily inspired by it.

Pic is specifically for this bastard >>44652300

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First, makes more sense?

Also, it's not really a reskin. The mechanics are very different, but the core game concepts ought to be the same. The Currency/XP system is pretty core, and fairly unique in my experience. Plus, we already have it set up that it works that way.

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Wow, that actually sounds pretty tasty. I've been playing souls/borne games since DeS first came out, and I might not be a game designer of any caliber but I can probably help with flavor and mechanical accuracy/similarity.

Don't say that, you'll make someone do it.

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If we need a Maiden in Black/Emerald Herald/Doll I suggest an AI that exists as a hologram in the Workshop Networks.

She could have been a secretary back in the days of the humans who is desperate to be helpful to the players. She can provide lore and plot hooks.

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Isn't there a sci-fi vidya being designed by the guys who did Lords of the Fallen?

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So how does armor and healing work?

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>surely you can't waifus machines
nigga, I will put my dick in an electrical socket just to prove you wrong

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The premise of it, that the characters are machines trying to construct a human psyche from unique data, makes more sense than "you can hoover up souls and it makes you strong" or "we're vampires but not really." (I never finished Bloodeborne.)

A question in general, is combat looking to be as diverse as what you'd find in a dark souls game, meaning melee classes, ranged, magic(hacking), or would it be mostly shooting energy weapons? Hell, would there even BE weapons, or would you just replace bits of yourself that are used as weapons? Scuze, I'm going to read the .pdf now

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Armour's are mods, though we don't have much yet.

Healing has also barely been touched upon and at the moment can only be done outside of battle.

I was thinking that there could be some kind of grey-goo paste that the Awakened slather on themselves that links to their blackbox for schematics and gives a quick heal, but comes in a limited supply.

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I mean, I always assumed "Soul" means something slightly different, seeing as some creatures apparently contain hundreds.

Bloodechoes I've never been clear on, but so far as I can tell it's the echoes of the Great Ones power left in the blood that's touched by them.

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Re-posting my not!magic for thoughts and criticisms. Gimme some Source.

Command Codes- Signals broadcast from a special mods that project the wearer's thoughts out into an override code, allowing them to instruct a part of the City to perform an action. At lower levels it can only affect surrounds like causing a floor to open up, walls to crash together, hackable power sources to explode or shut down, or weapons systems that lack psyche to shut down or go hay-wire. At higher levels they can compel enemies to perform an action, force security systems to re-write their target parameters in a large area, or make the terrain shift. Command Codes cost psyche variable to the strength of the command. Cannot work on those with twice the Psyche of the user, auto succeeds on those who half half as much. Opponent makes a firewall roll to oppose it.

VR Hacking- like command codes, vr hacking allows the user to take command of the world around them. Unlike command codes, no special mod is needed. Hacking uses processor and psyche for it's rolls but costs nothing. It allows the user to tamper with the ambient data of the world though it is much harder to succeed as not only can opponents block hacking with firewall, they can counter-hack if they succeed in defending themselves. Hacking can allow remote actions such as opening

doors, shutting down weapons systems. It can allow the user to upload commands that can lay dormant until a certain trigger is met, scramble the senses of an opponent, or disable limbs.

A part of VR hacking is the VR weapon the player uses. VR weapons or streams of data made into a weapon that can lower the opponents firewall on a successful attack, allowing for easier hacking. VR weapon mods

allow viruses to be added to the weapon, which activate on a successful attack followed by a hacking attempt. Viruses are kind of like poison, haven't really thought of how to flesh them out yet.

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Analogic Tech- Analogic Tech's are exceedingly rare and powerful body

mods that act as an integrated weapon. They cost both Source and Psyche

to fire. They take up a lot mod space, all but the largest can equip

only one of these mods such. Evidence of the mods are usually visible on

the user's chassis due to how invasive they are. Each has a limit of one use a session/scene/day/whatever would work best. Basically are big magic.


GBE- a graviton beam emitter replaces a limb. A large rectangular gun with no decoration that needs an entire limb port to be attached. It fires a beam that cause immense damage to everything in a 300X20 meter path ahead of it, obliterating most everything in its way.

Lightbringer- the user's core power source has been heavily modified to allow a massive burst of energy out, centered on the user. It is a two-part explosion, first a field gathers around the user then explodes outward as plasma, annihilating everything in a 50meter radius and emitting emp out to a 75 meter radius. The user is unharmed as they are withing the field that generates the explosion. Their torso is covered with vents which spew exhaust after using this attack.

Oroboros Cloud- , the user has a pack installed on their back which produces a nonomachine fog when activated. These nonomachines will then strip the surrounding area up to 50 meters in radius of material in order to repair the user. Creates a damage over time effect in the area of use, which travels with the user. The nanobots expire after use.

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Bloodborne was more along the lines of cosmic horror. The vampires are technically extinct by the time the game starts, the blood everyone is drinking isn't human blood and is probably(?) something of a more eldritch origin. The most they say about its source is that it's the essence of a particular Great One by the name of Oedon, and that 'blood echoes' somehow retain a person's will beyond death, to the point where specter/ghost like entities can be conjured up through them.

Magic in a futuristic souls-style game? Seeing as the magic in Demon's/Dark Souls utilized souls themselves, and magic in Bloodborne uses quicksilver bullets fused with the special blood as a medium, to fit the theme it should probably have something to do with the currency of choice in this game. So, Psyche. Magic could work of the aspects of memory, identity, perception, and the interplay between it all, as an example.

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>>44653118 here, I finished skimming. I'll give input on some stuff as a player of the video games and a nerd in general, but having never played a DS style game NOT of video games I don't know how much I can help.

>Healing has also barely been touched upon
Nanomachines are always a handy excuse. Players have a storage tank of nanomachines in their black box pre-programmed with their specs, upon activating a self-repair order a portion of the nanomachines are pumped into the system to find and repair damage, players have to stop at a !bonfire to refill nanomachines.

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>Players have a storage tank of nanomachines in their black box pre-programmed with their specs

This looks like it comes with a built-in excuse as to why a player couldn't just loot healing nanomachines off enemy bots they kill, even when by all rights everything they encounter should have a stash.

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I meant magic in a mechanical way; in-game it would probably be hacking of some kind, or affecting the VR (since I saw VR mentioned in the pdf.) It would make sense that to impart your will upon VR or another machine you'd have to power it with psyche.

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Sounds like a good method. The not!bonfires could be terminals at the transport pads that we were discussing a few threads ago that transport players to the Workshop Network and back.

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I think I follow you. What if you _could_ loot nanomachines off of enemies, but they were useless until you reached a !bonfire and could take time to reprogram them into personal healing nanos? Or they could be a sort of neutral building material, capable of representing any common material needed to construct weapons, parts, mods, etc.

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Makes a lot of sense. I like the idea that psyche could be expended by allocating it as experience points (using the memories of long-dead humans to learn the skills they knew), or as a way to alter the artificial minds of enemy AIs you encounter. And a thing like that obviously has value in its unspent form, becoming the basis for an economy. Whoever came up with that particular idea was on a good track.

A currency, which can be used as either healing juice or weapon upgrade materials? I like the idea myself, but running with multiple multipurpose currencies could get very complicated. Even Dark Souls 1 didn't go quite that far when they added the humanity counter on top of souls.

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>A currency, which can be used as either healing juice or weapon upgrade materials?
For one, I don't know if we're going to have !estus flasks so I don't know if we'd need to buy our healing or not. If no !flasks, we could use looted nanomachines as crafting materials for healing; you'd have to trade psyche to a computer to reformat the nanomachines to your black box, or sell the nanos to said computer for psyche.

As for crafting materials, I like that the nanos could be used to reconstitute one material to another. Again, you'd have to find a !vendor to do it, and it would cost Psyche, but if you had too much steel and needed some aluminum it'd work as a less Psyche costly alternative.

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Anything that can repair a robot, including its casing and electronic components, should logically be able to upgrade said robot or its weapon systems in the same way. A really easy way to fluff it could be to "edit the pre-programmed specs" slightly so the nanomachines repair the bot/weapon just differently enough from normal to change the weapon as you want without rendering it nonfunctional. Such a feat would require a deep understanding of mechanics of course, and carries with it the added psychological bonus of screwing with the Frame's body on a fundamental level.

Although, would that mean both Psyche and nanomachines would be used to upgrade a Frame? If not, what reason would there be to explain why weapons could be upgraded but not the player characters? If so, how to keep one from rendering the other obsolete?

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>without rendering it nonfunctional

Did I just invent robot poison?

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terrible at crunch so to try and contribute i'm gonna drop some of the rarer art pieces i've found

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expressive eyes on this one

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skin or no?
Skeletal or filled out?

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The way Psyche is explained (from what I gathered) is that it's pure innovation, so to upgrade at all you would need Psyche- otherwise you'd never be able to dream up the upgrade. Nanomachines would be the physical resources required. It's looking like there may be two currencies? Psyche for experience, upgrades, new things, and nanomachines for purely physical stuff.

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moving on to monsters

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No. No character in this setting should look passably human. More this >>44653164

The only visibly human things should be either a single special NPC that blows your mind at first glance, then reveals he's only a synth, or horrific amalgamations of mutant cyborg clones, and even then there should only be "one" of them as either a plot point or a boss fight.

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little bit less conventional

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There really should be more gene-mod/biological evil shit here.

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so we going metal only or is flesh a thing

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nsfw incoming

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That makes sense. A machine certainly couldn't come up with something on its own, or else it'd be a true intelligence. So they pillage the minds of dead humans for the means to emulate it.

Would Psyche itself be used to fuel an upgrade, or just to unlock the upgrade itself?

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Metal only
>I'm not a robot
*sweats nervously*

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do we like Blame!?

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Hey, I came up with an idea for why shit's fucked.

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>I'm not a robot

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I think a few enemies can have synthetic bits, or be even entirely synthetic and fleshy, as long as their appropriately inhuman or horrific enough. Like these for example

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Here's a good example of what I imagine the most human synth oughta look like. And even then this should be a single special NPC.

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And here's what i figure most PCs and NPCs you interact with should look like.

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captcha: select large bodies of water...

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places and atmosphere

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and I'm out

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A couple of the other backgrounds in SVC Chaos are really good.

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I figured it's the super future, so all the organics have died except for specific areas where they'd have robots keeping them alive.

Unlock. Once unlocked the upgrade schematics stay with... Whatever unlocked it? Vendor, PC, whatever.

We don't need a reason, and we should certainly NEVER tell the players why it happened. This is a Dark Souls game, brother.

It'd have to be clearly synthetic though; metal that moves like flesh but is clearly metal, that kind of thing.

I may lose all credibility for posting pic, but I had to.

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Just so we're clear, if real world technology advances to the point where furries and otherkin can do that for real, I'll end civilization first. It'd be better than the alternative.

Metroid might have some interesting and relevant artwork.

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Ironic, then, that becoming more human mentally is what gives them the keys to become more of a machine physically.

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Yes. Yes we do.

>> No.44656939

Looking at the PDF, seeing a potential problem here:

This stat aids in the understanding of some artifacts of human origin. This Value represents the characters level. A point of Psyche can be burned/lost/sacrificed as a fate point to automatically succeed a given task. This reduces all stats by 1 point (HP is instead reduced according to its derivation)

Generally, in Souls games, every one stat increase is a level. In the games with level drain, one level lost decreases one stat by a single point. The question I have here is: if losing one level (Psyche) is the equivalent of all stats being reduced by one point, then is gaining one level equal to raising all stats by one point? I don't think even Pathfinder does it that crazy, do they?

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A more complex machine, perhaps. But really, organics are machines as well. Less precise, maybe, but also more resilient.

>> No.44658041

I think loss of precision is inevitable when a body has to handle so very many things at once. Robots are simplistic by comparison, and can hardly even walk as well as we can.

Interesting idea though, a super advanced robot ought to be indistinguishable from a living body, what with the intricate tiny oil tubes, electrical wiring woven into contracting polymer fiber bundles, porous skeletal framework for lightweight support, densely packed processor chips interconnected to an almost schizophrenic degree, etc.

>> No.44658844

So the more powerful a machine is either the bigger and more battleship-looking it is, or the more stream-lined and almost organic? I mean of course we don't have to limit it, but for the major bosses we should definitely keep in mind an "so complex it's almost organic" idea. Not to mention everyone is going for Psyche, so the final boss could almost be indistinguishable from a human, if not for the horrible lethality of it.

>> No.44658885

Next thing you know, there's a boss that decided to become so battleship-like that they ARE the boss room, and everything before hand was just you fighting your way into its body (and immune system).

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I have an idea.
What if(since Source is just unique data) you don't really spend Source?
When you do business with an NPC A, you're copying Source over to him, so while you 'spend' Source in that he doesn't want the same Source twice, you can still 'spend' all the Source on NPC B as well, and then also on NPC C.

>> No.44658940

Building on that, there could be times where Source is actually spent and expended. This should be played up as more of a sacrifice or defiling yourself than just spending it, though.

>> No.44658970


>> No.44659369

I don't like this. If Source could be copied, why would we be killing each other over it? We'd just build the internet and share it all. Something about Psyche/Source is limited and precious and to be hoarded.

>> No.44659458

My guess? It's sort of like reposting a jpeg.

Over time, copies of copies of copies just get more and more corrupted, leading to insane or monstrous machines.

You may be able to get by with the shitty copies for a little while, but the only real Source that satisfies is the straight, pure stuff.

All that said, i still prefer what you said. That Source can't be reproduced and the world is just run by robots chaotically murdering each other to stay alive.

>> No.44659495

It's based on pure thought patterns. Since the only remnants of humans are degenerate clones and aged cyberbrains, they're quite rare.

>> No.44659522

So if there was stuff that we'd want to explore a bit more as a sort of "Expansion Pack", what would we go over?

Trying to find the cause of Humanity's disappearance? Going to the darkest depths of the great cities to find the horrors and truths lurking there? Or perhaps finding the well preserved corpse of a human, and the mysteries of it?

>> No.44659544


>> No.44659787

Before we go into expansions, let's nail down the core game, shall we? There's plenty of settings (that I didn't read through) and some factions (again, ignored), but what's the end-game? Are we just a lonely robot murderhobo wandering around and sucking the ideas out of other murderhobo robots, or do we eventually come across some... I don't know, near-human AI capable of producing Source thoughts, and having killed her guardian we take up her vigil in return for her making up stories for us?

>> No.44659837

How about an AI that can produce Source, but appears to have a child-like mentality?

>inb4 something "Profound" about how Children have imagination or something.

>> No.44659872

plot twist: the source IS what happened to humanity.

Humanity began transferring their minds into machines to live better, indefinite lives. Gradually, natural, organic humans became rare, then extinct, as the cybernetic imprints outlasted the real thing. Eventually the entire human race transferred their minds to the network, but as the technology became more advanced and abstract, they lost all individuality, awareness, and thought, and their collective minds reverted to the pure conceptual nature the Source has presently.

Just brainstorming, though.

>> No.44659904

Reactivate the City so the humans comes back? Grant Source to the Awakened so they become recognized by the City as humans? Become the administrator of the City and thus all the robots who do not have Source?

>> No.44659957

....Become capable of producing your own Source?
Even if it wasn't the end, it would definitely be the beginning of it, since it would be like "godmode, inf resources."

>> No.44659988

>Become capable of producing your own Source?
Well yeah, just have to find the MacGuffin that lets you do that.

>> No.44660038

Or MAKE the MacGuffin, with enough Source and Psyche and physical resources.

>> No.44660081

Hmm. Have you ever read Perdido Street Station? The machine the protagonists created to defeat the Slake Moths could be a cool idea in Lost Source.

>> No.44660167

How about a sort of "Hub Area" that players enter after the starting section of the game, and where some of the NPCs gather?

It can connect to the various Workshops via either maintenance tunnels, cargo elevators, supply trams, or in some cases a teleporter.

And since the players start off in a Scrapyard, perhaps the Central Workshop Hub (Name Pending) could be a sort of Recycling Plant where the scrap got turned into useable materials and then shipped off to the various workshops around the city via the aforementioned supply lines.

>> No.44660238

Never had the opportunity. What's it like?

Didn't we already have this?

>> No.44660616

I love this. Players are an accidental reforming of the Source into a human psyche, but it's not fully developed. Point of the game is to become human again, then transform into a seed packet and explode onto the net, seeding embryo human minds into empty bodies all over.

>> No.44661086

>Where did the humans go?
>They didn't go anywhere, they're just waiting for someone to put them back together again.

>> No.44661451

The final boss held the most important part of Source, allowing you to reach full maturity as a human ego. You revel in the pure FEELING of it, relaxing now that you know what relaxing is.
>Well done. You've earned a rest, but so much more is required of you.
"What else can I give? I have given everything to reach this point."
>You can give you.
>y n?
>Enjoy your rest.
"Who are you?"
>A friend to humanity.
"Oh. Hello, friend."
>Good bye, humanity.


>> No.44661798

Well the Slake-Moths were basically giant magical moths that would eat people's minds, leaving them braindead husks. Since they were near immune to conventional magic and weaponry, they felt the best way to kill them was to poison their food.
The MCs enlisted the help of a chaotic trickster spirit and a sentient supercomputer to combine their powers of creativity and logic into a machine that would form a super-mind that would poison the moths when they try to feed on it.
It worked pretty well.

>> No.44661953

no. If you use a Psiche point as a fate point, then you decrease everything else. It's this way so people cannot "spam" them, since it's a general disadvantage for them

>> No.44662057

Here's the current Meta-plot from the PDF:
>Mentem Intra Machinam
At some time in the past humanity discovered personality patterning; granting never before seen power to computers and accelerating many of the fields of science. This was the last know Great Rising of the human race.
>Immortalitatem Ex Machina
Eventually more and more humans uploaded themselves into the cloud of consciousness personalities becoming AI. More and more tasks were done by machines.
>Evanescens Hominis
At some unknown time in the past the humans simply vanished. Gone, all organic traces of them that may have been left behind cleaned up by the synthetic minds guiding the cleanup.
>Excitatio Viventium Machinas
Eventually the systems corrupted. Copies of copies of copies, often they shut down, some of them SYSTEM ERRORED into raving
lunatic programs. But some, some of those programs...they awoke.
This is where the story starts.

>About SOURCE:
Source is life. It’s a representation of experiences. Humans may not have noticed before, but they were subconsciously generating it in prodigious quantities. Every [facebook post], or [youtubed] home movie, or every [googled] search created some amount of source.
The first true AI rose from those places. More were made later, and all of them worked on, or from, or in conjunction with, Source to greater or lesser degrees. The players have awoken for reasons unknown within the scrap-yard outskirts of a great shining Mega-City. They can make new Source; it’s what makes them special. Though they aren’t aware of this until they trade enough, who’s to say the Source they’re trading isn’t just some old human memories of being patterned into a machine?
Characters generate Source by exploring, trying new ideas, defeating opponents in combat, or by solving problems.
Characters can also gain Source via downloading from enemies they defeat, or from terminals, or from Portable Brains, or by trading.

>> No.44662346

I'm nto a fan of the characters being Source generators especially since it slaps me as overly special snowflake and I fail to see how that's Dark Souls-ish. I only played the video games though, where you didn't generate souls.

>> No.44662422

No no, anon. That's the end goal.

>> No.44662565

No no no, characters don't realise they create Source until they have gotten enough on their own to become self-aware
Until this "cap", they just don't get any Source for their actions (because they shouldn't think this freely at the beginning).
I think that the global idea was that the more Source you get, the easier it is to get more but you need A LOT more by the point so it's only fair in a way

>> No.44662697

Ah, hm. I felt like gathering Source was a lead up to the end of the game, where you awaken as a proper human mind and all that entails. Thematically, once the character realizes it is self-aware and creates Source wouldn't it just assume it had reached human levels of function and stop collecting Source? I'm curious if there was an ending in mind when someone decided the characters should generate Source, but I prefer my ending ( >>44660616 >>44661451 ) so I'm going to be stubborn and dislike Source generation.

>> No.44664009

It's kind of like insight and souls mixed together in that you gather and generate it.

>> No.44665121

well, not sure where, but I'm pretty sure someone already came up with a Metaplot in the PDF...
Then again, this is /tg/ homebrew, you can do whatever you want

>> No.44665448

>All glory to Monotreeme for [anything]
thats a phrase I've never actually seen or heard before...

I wanted to stay away form right out flight and hovering, but those restrictions might do, though I'd half the carry capacity because the keeping things off the ground takes a lot of energy.

preferably no-place or carefully controlled so that it never gets out of hand.

I know one of those...who'se the one that isn't Glados?

>makes loads more sense than demon souls/bloodborne.
it does?
I thought those were both rather straightforward...

she can be the narrator that speaks the blue section of the .pdf give her the voice of Eileen The Crow and make her hologram avatar a slightly grizzled old warhorse of of a woman, could work....

nobody's gotten to that yet.
running on Dark Heresy rules till a more concrete option appears.

>"we're vampires but not really." (I never finished Bloodeborne.)
you might not have gotten past the half way point...

>combat looking to be as diverse as what you'd find in a dark souls game,
I've left openings for ranged, Melee, and Drones so far, if I can get a good hacking system that works thematically without too much dependence on VR (a downfall of other games like ShadowRun) then I'll plug that into the pdf somewhere...

healing is a basic check out of combat
>grey goo
I like it, going the dark souls 2 route where you only have capacity for maybe a couple of charges of that though, with the repair checks being a rough equivalence of Lifegems

I think of souls to be the smallest known particle of sapience, you need hundreds of even thousands to be a proper person with control of your own facilities, but a dog might only need a couple of hundred

Souls are to Humanity what atoms are to mass

>> No.44665679

>At lower levels it can only affect surrounds like causing a floor to open up, walls to crash together
nope, not unless the enfironment had functions like that built in...

> hackable power sources to explode or shut down, or weapons systems that lack psyche to shut down or go hay-wire. At higher levels they can compel enemies to perform an action, force security systems to re-write their target parameters in a large area,
this I like more.

those thee can be boss style attacks, maybe an ungoliath frame is walking around with them right now...

>The not!bonfires could be terminals at the transport pads
they're a franchise of community fabrication shops from before the fall of man.

fast travel is the subways once the players defeat the subway monsters.

>nanomachines son.
you get one or two charges of nanites.

>in an attempt to stave off a Grey Goo event humanity always had a great deal of caution around nanorobotics the onboard repair swarm can only operate once or twice, and then must be replenished at a licensed workshop facility.

to use raw nano-machines would take a cost prohibitively large quantity of them, it's easier to make changes at a workshop where raw materials are brought in from the recycle drones roving the scrap-yards

till I get a clear reason I'm plugging nanites in as a !Estus Flask and nothing else...

well, the two that I have descriptions for aren't. one (Tank) is basically a heavy battledroid and the other (Patchwork) is a spider with a face.

nah, not yet. this is a post-singularity setting. less bio, more tech

more metal, but made by man who anthro'd everything since the dawn of time...so humanoids are a common enough thing...

I wrote in a clause where part of the reason the party is special is because they can generate small portions of Source themselves...

never read/watched it, people say it's good.

>> No.44665748

>I wrote in a clause where part of the reason the party is special is because they can generate small portions of Source themselves...
Even after a half-night's rest I still don't like this. Probably just my favoritism to my meta-plot though.

>> No.44665920

I wanted it to be precious to the players. more valuable than humanity was to the hollows, a thing that only the threat of total annihilation would force a player to part with. I should probably add an "avoid death" clause in there too for clarity's sake. and no edge-monkeys like in ShadowRun, fate-points are Luck Psyche is a representation of your SELF

>I think loss of precision is inevitable when a body has to handle so very many things at once.
not if you're raising your Processor stat every so often...

...you ever play The Binding of Isaac? cause thats one of the final bosses you described right there...

nah, they might get bigger, but it's not represented yet...no idea how to do it mechanically

it's be difficult to track because you'd have to have a currency tracker for each NPC and not everyone's cash would spend the same...

don't be silly everyone knows that Food Coloring is robot-poison...RIP Calculon

(as written, for now) the PCs can generate Source, nobody realizes it till mid/late game though...

finding a child's brain in a jar might be a profound thing after all...

this has a nice "link the fire" or "let the fire fade" feeling to it...

>>44660616 >>44661086 >>44661451

I slapped that together and tied on a nice pretty Latin bow on top from all the tidbits from three other threads...

meh, to each their own.
and remember, this is a TTRPG if you don't like a rule or a setting point simply ignore it or replace it to suit.

I mean, I'm just writing stuff down as you guys come up with it. I'm actually not all that creative, I'm letting you guys handle that. my last setting ripped so hard on Bloodborne, Lovecraft, and Bastion that I'm surprised a lawyer hasn't been seen in the area hunting me down...

>> No.44666018

now then, I'm off to a steak and eggs at my favorite local place then I'll update the document.

>> No.44667351


>> No.44667821

Also, I just realized that we had the nanite/grey goo wich is also a thing in Metal Gear Revengeance

>> No.44668015




>> No.44668059

From Software makes the Armored Core games as well. I only have the fifth one (which was considered kind of bad compared to the second and For Answer), but even then there's a pretty extensive stat sheet and system for building your giant robots. It'd probably be worth the time to pillage them for ideas.

>> No.44668552
File: 162 KB, 742x960, 12339270_563507423796292_9135402030438517231_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Armored Core has too many stats for a tabletop...

but I'll look at it for ideas anyway.

>> No.44668982

so I have a static value on mass that increases with shields and body mods.

>> No.44669480

>I wanted to stay away form right out flight and hovering, but those restrictions might do, though I'd half the carry capacity because the keeping things off the ground takes a lot of energy.

I wanted it to lower poise as well as being hit should knock them around a little but didn't know how to word it.

>> No.44669520

>I know one of those...who'se the one that isn't Glados?

That's the AI from system shock SHODAN.

>> No.44669535

lowering Mass while active.
it mechanically does what I think we'd want.

>> No.44669902

>never read/watched it, people say it's good.

There's only one short movie that I know of, it's pretty cool but you wont know what the fuck is going on if you watch it.

The manga is fucking sweet. Whole lot of scenery porn, massive collateral damage, and some body horror. The plot is Humanity created a system that started off harvesting asteroids for raw material to build a mega structure and had a massive infrastructure in place to support the expansion of it. They had the whole thing key to the human genetic code to prevent artificial beings from commanding it Unfortunately, due to some reason I can't remember, humans slowly died out/ stopped breeding or something and eventually know one was left who had authorization to command the thing. Hundreds of thousands of years later the structure now expands past Neptune, the entire solar system having been converted to material (and I think some kind of wormhole they were pulling raw material out of). Enter our protag Killy(yes that is his name), a silent little cyborg with a pistol called the graviton beam emitter which has firepower measured in megatons. His quest is to scour the mega structure for any surviving humans/clones/whatever that has the gene sequence needed to perform a hard reboot on the structure.

>> No.44669937
File: 2.30 MB, 2480x3506, Character Sheet english version.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hey, it's the guy who is going to run your other Bloodborne setting. I figured I'd post this in the last thread but it was already archived when I came back. So, here's the character sheet I will be using for the session. It's still work in progress, but I figured I could just use Bloodborne stats and adapt them.
I'm also working on a GM sheet to keep track of the Bestiality and Insight levels.

Here's a little something for the not straightforward ones:

Sign checks, for your two sign sheets (from SCP if I recall correctly) with a few that I've added, also taken into account when adding Runes to one's mind. (Adding a Rune decrease the maximum Sign level)

Goes both for precision when shooting and the purity of one's blood (since quicksilver bullets are partially made from one's blood, blood "quality", is calculated from both Bloodting and...

Basically body resilliance + blood "quality
Also sorry for the Namefagging, just figured you'd recognise me in future posts more easily that way

>> No.44670076

you are a god among men, and doesn't bloodtinge end with an 'e'?

namfarring is FINE dude, you are taking something I was never going to get to use and putting it to work.

and yeah, those were from the SCP. adapted from Hobo Scrawl the wise and interesting language of Hobos.

>> No.44670714
File: 2.30 MB, 2480x3506, Character Sheet english version.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

fuck, I missed it, here's the corrected version
But yeah, despite never playing bloodborne, I've always been a fan of the setting, and when I came across your PDF the other day I was hooked instantly. Even if it's incomplete, I feel like it has a lot of potential, and I've started working on it since then. I'll probably tell the story on /tg/ when we finally do our first session in two weeks or so

>> No.44671602

well, I have everything but weapons...



>> No.44671624
File: 156 KB, 807x990, 1440659870406.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hey Mono what are your thoughts on elemental damage mods for weapons? What about defenses to elements?

I was thinking of heat, cold, and electrical mods for attacks and defenses. They're fairly simple but would add some things like the aforementioned defenses and possible weapon quality tiers.

>> No.44671667

will this do?

>> No.44671731

I want to get vanilla damage and armor-pen down pat first...

then on to dual wielding

then I can start with elemental damage

yes, that will do fantastically.

now to cherry-pick the arsenal

>> No.44672419
File: 128 KB, 660x884, 14-robot-paintings-by-hajime-sorayama.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.44673758

I've been treating it less like a TTRPG because I know I'd never be able to run it (I suck at balancing encounters, and this looks like a bitch to balance) and treating it more like a video game.

Elemental damage always strikes me as fantasy. I mean, in real life we don't have elemental weapons. The closest would be dumping a bucket of acid on someone or a flamethrower. However...

I can see fire weaponry being prevalent for two reasons: oil and flesh. The creatures being kept alive through whatever means would probably function fairly well after having had bullets punch through them (as bullets should be armor-piercing or they'd be useless on robots, so non-armor piercing bullets stopped being made) or having been sliced, but organic flesh is vulnerable to being burnt to a crisp. To keep flame weaponry from being niche it could work on robots who have gone insane and stopped maintaining themselves, so they leak oil everywhere.

Hey, enemy idea: Leakers leak oil, and their flailing splashes it all over where it can be lit from random environmental sparks, or sparks from their malfunctioning parts.

>> No.44673975

While true in a hard science way elemental attacks have always been a staple of souls-borne games, an while Lost Source does wear the trappings of hard science it really isn't.

Really, I just want those three I mentioned plus acid and virus(the data kind) attack effects.

>> No.44674391

Could being a Leaker be a quality, rather than a particular enemy? Something you'd apply to a crappy bot.

>> No.44674444

There's also overheating of components.
This suggests Heat-proofing as a mod.

Cold doesn't make much sense, but I can dig the other four.

>> No.44674553

You could super cool their internal fluids. Having anti-freeze in their system would be the defense.

These effects could also be applied to the environment in ways to facilitate fun combat and exploration.

The defenses for these effects would also protect from environmental damage of the same type.

>> No.44674650

I know that. I meant in the context of the weapon mods, more specifically for small projectiles.
I can see it as an environmental thing, and maybe as a nitrogen thrower or grenade, but I don't think small-caliber projectile weapons could support effective cold modules.

>> No.44674738

Oh. I was thinking bullets full of liquid nitrogen or some super advanced cryo-chemical.

>> No.44674996

Dunno if you could carry enough liquid nitrogen in each bullet, even if the act of firing didn't heat up the bullet and boil it all off.
Probably you'd have to fire a lot of bullets at once to cool down the target enough to do any damage, otherwise heat will just conduct back into the effected area before noticeable damage is done.

A cryochemical setup could work-but it'd have to be a reaction as insanely endothermic as burning is exothermic, and brutally violate all the laws of thermodynamics in the process.

>> No.44675108

Maybe a flamethrower-like liquid nitrogen sprayer would be practical.

>> No.44675121

So no one would like if we just hand-waved it as a super advanced cryo-chemical? Do we really need to hard science it?

>> No.44675143

Maybe, ya. I was just arguing against cold mods for small-caliber weapons.

>> No.44675305

It would be unsatisfying for me if we didn't at least rigorous explore the consequences of-
>Looks at Reactor Scamps again

...I think I know what the cooling rods are made of, now. They could be emergency cooling rods for nuclear reactors from before humanity's disappearance, made from this cryochemical.
It also means you'd have to cross paths with Reactor Scamps to make cold mods, since there's a finite supply to go around.

OK, I'm good.

>> No.44675346

First of all, yeah, ACV and ACVD were shit, get literally any other game, though I recommend either the first three or 4/4A.

Armored Core isn't all that great an idea for a ttrpg because of pacing. You can't capture the intense feeling of your very own custom build in battle as well in a ttrpg.

Also, plot would probably have a lot of non mecha segments, considering how you're generally just a mercenary and you take jobs that usually just involve killing things with piloting skill more often than not. You never set up ambushes or complicated formation maneuvers, you just charge in because you're in a fucking AC and everyone else are in MTs.

Combat would amount to "I dodge left and continue firing my machinegun, I dodge right and continue firing my machinegun." and noncombat would amount to the DM making the entire plot unfold around you depending on if you kill the seven red guys or the seven green guys.

>> No.44675376

Well my original proposal was going to involve weapon tiers wherein weapons need to be a certain quality in order to handle the different levels of elemental mods. Like a junkers' sword can't handle even the lowest tier of fire mod cause it'd melt, a crappy gun with electrical rounds has a chance of frying its insides etc...

Thank you Mono!

>> No.44675414

Sanakan is mai waifu!

>> No.44675509
File: 94 KB, 680x560, Pcell_3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

She's all yours.

I'll take my Pcell and peace out to outerspace.

>> No.44675568

Pcell is pretty good. Cibofags are deluded.

>> No.44675707

Ehh she was all right when she was huge, just by no means best girl.

>> No.44676088
File: 259 KB, 620x975, gbe.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Killy is best husbando.

>> No.44676148


>> No.44676277
File: 231 KB, 863x546, Untitled.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]




>> No.44676516


-20 to repair damage.
+2 armor pen.

Mono Edged
+3 (or 4?) armor pen
-on a failure, every degree of failure beyond the 2nd adds 5% to the chances that the blade will break

Power Weapon
+6 armor pen
a failure of 4 degrees causes the weapon to detonate

+2 armor Pen
-20 to repair damage

(see electric discharge mod entry)

>> No.44676832

That's actually what I meant, it's a quality that makes flame weapons worthwhile. That just gave me an idea for an enemy who flings oil everywhere.

>> No.44677232

So does armor penetration bypass hardness? Or is it for armor that you have yet to stat?

Also for weapons the club, hammer, knife, flail and spear should all have at least 1 pen as blunt weapons can fuck up systems with their impacts(or are you gonna give them high impact values as per your experimental mechanic?) and knives and spears are meant for stabbing and thrusting deep (would also make stealthing with knives more viable).

>> No.44677339

statted as a mod but not yet posted.

and they'll get an impact rating too...but I just acquired a german sheppard puppy...

>> No.44678017
File: 48 KB, 600x600, 1442693413594.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>...but I just acquired a german sheppard puppy...
This kills the project.

On another note, what is everyone's opinion on mods that allow for transforming to disguise oneself aka becoming a barrel/box/helpers from the games?

>> No.44678148

it means I can only work on it most week-days between 9AM and 4:30PM instead of weekends...right now my senior dog is keeping him busy, in sporadic bouts so I can get SOMETHING done.

>hiding mods
not sure...might be cool might be difficult to make it really viable...

>> No.44678351
File: 96 KB, 894x894, 1451283863766.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Have the disguise provide a higher stealth bonus than other stealth mods while immobile, with a much higher tier version allowing them to disguise as mobile objects. The disguises will be investigated if they are really out of place, like a police droids car driving through the scrapyard or if someone turns into a metal box and sit in the middle of the hall in the library. Also, enemies might try to use the disguised player for something if they don't see through it.

>be stealth infiltrator in the museum
>see curator coming
>turn into metal box
>curator doesn't see through the players' disguise but decides to sit on them to ponder the great works of art
>players' face when

>> No.44678434

I like this, keep it up...

>> No.44678605
File: 24 KB, 300x329, 1451761551429.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>heavy disguised as a police cruiser
>gets passed by some speed freak out of control AI
>couple of actual police cruisers and drones pass by
>one pulls up beside the player, wondering why they aren't pursuing the perp
>players' choice: engage in high speed pursuit of unknown enemy or blow cover and be the pursued
>perps face when they decide to turn it into a blues brothers style demolition derby and the players' disguise doesn't have the stats to roll with it

>> No.44678607

Is this an actually interesting setting or are we just reskinning dank souls with robots.

>> No.44678633

check out >>44662057

>> No.44678642

a little of both

this, this is a good thing...

>> No.44678906

Schwarz Hund is asleep so I have a few additions to the document...

>> No.44679166
File: 597 KB, 1500x2000, 08d5010c91d74b2fb2a68d6da75d1bdfb69959d5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

10/10 would play as

>> No.44679186

hoo those penalties to the armour mod seem steep, especially when dex is the to hit stat

>> No.44679244

Right I forgot to ask.
How much damage does 1 armour negate?

>> No.44679401

1 for 1
and there's the Hardening stat bonus as well.

I'll reduce damage on projectile weapons to compensate. brings more reason to the melee fighters...

>> No.44679530

...must be missing something because I don't see a hardening bonus on it.

>> No.44679585

check under the combat rules...could have sworn that was in there...

>> No.44679761

Ah right, I'm an idiot.

Can you please explain it to me 'cause from what I can see the only ranged weapon that can get past the baseline 35 hardening is the autocannon with it's 4d10+5 damage. all the others are about 25 damage or less. Heck most are lucky if the get past 10.

>> No.44679814

using a stat bonus rule.

look under "core mechanic"
it's the tens digit. so baseline is 3

>> No.44679919
File: 117 KB, 900x719, 1442304815860.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


K, I'm gonna save this and look over it after I sleep.Have a good night.

>> No.44679961

sleep well, don't die.

>> No.44680047
File: 48 KB, 1600x900, aplaceofrest.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I haven't drank nearly that much.

>> No.44680722

I want to play Armored Core now. Which game does this best?

>> No.44682149
File: 1013 KB, 700x500, 1439710461031.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So, how hard would it be to build a perpetual beyblade as a character?

>> No.44683169


>> No.44683557
File: 404 KB, 768x368, Svcpowergenerationroombg.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.44685886
File: 593 KB, 768x368, Svcblockadespacebg.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.44686813

Reminds me of Vanquish, pretty good game

>> No.44686962
File: 37 KB, 500x725, 1445493081034.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.44689196

Electrical attacks could, of course, fry circuits by overloading them, and a frame's metal casing would conduct electricity unless specially modified.

Fleshy stuff burns, and severe burns are a death sentence all their own without serious medical attention. Special protective gear would be required to keep the heat off your dismantled human parts.

So, lightning would be effective against most machines and fire would kill most living things that armor-piercing rounds couldn't. I don't see cold being a damage type at all, since cold is technically just the absence of heat and you can't exactly shoot it. Flamethrowers exist, and a lightning gun is both possible and has been made, but Mr. Freeze is pure fantasy. Don't see what cold would be effective against anyways, except maybe swarms of bugs.

>> No.44689696

Don't even need to go lightning gun. Amped up stun-baton is entirely feasible.

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