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A quantum event with tachyons on throw your players 1 million years into the future

What is the world like

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They have muskets now

Swords are still better, though.

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There is no world. BBEG made local star go Supernova. RIP.

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>the prophecy attractor
>an exploding star sends the light from the explosion backwards in time. This space time event attracts all unfulfilled prophecies.

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Ninety three elves remain. They are lead by 7 leShay. The (3.5) eladrin outsiders have coalesced around them as a court obsessed with intruigue. None of the living elves are below level 12. Most are spellcasters, and most have open and active contracts (via lesser planar ally) with eladrin.

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They can't see it because it's on the opposite side of the sun.

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>your time machine doesn't keep you attatched to specific gravitational shadows
Lmfao get good scrub

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There's just a few bugs we need to work out before it hits the market. Can't make an omelet without breaking some eggs.

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>>portal style time travel game
Valve plz

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Wait, but tachyons travel backwards, how would they propel the players forwards?

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Equal and opposite reaction.

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Buried under rocks. Rocks which fall, causing everyone to die. You could say it is a future where, rocks fall, everybody dies.

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Yeah that's like physics 101. Some people LOL

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>setting with spellcasters
>none of them survived
>Greater teleport has

>>>>no range limit

>plane shift exists
Shit now I want to play fantasy Titan A.E. In planescape

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Humanity extinct or ascended into noncorporeal energy beings and essentially gone. All ruins long destroyed or buried. Basically, it's like they ended up on a brand new empty world with a similar world map.

That applies to every game I've ever run or played in, from D&D to Shadowrun to modern to historical to sci fi. Including 40k.

I think you're confused about how long a million years is. Even in 40k terms, it's 25x longer than all of recorded human history. Even the ruins are long gone.

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Makes me wonder how you'd leave something that would last for millions of years. Even just a monument saying that you existed once.

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>What is the world like

Nothing. Reality is destroyed because a quantum event with tachyons sent us 1 million years into the future, thereby preventing us from stopping the cult currently dedicated to obliterating everything permanently.

Though perhaps the reintroduction of Something (us) to Nothing will cause some kind of catastrophic event akin to a Big Bang, thereby recreating the universe. So I guess we either recreate reality by exploding or we become the new reality's divine creators, or maybe both. That or our corpses float through the void forever.

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Sounds like the plot of Spaceship Zero


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>Earth in 1 million years
Humanity has become something else. Either cyborg or just straight up robots. Assuming our civilization survives the next century. If not then something may have evolved since then.

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There is no world.
There is no time.
The Chaos Gods have won.
The universe is at an end.

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>not characters
Hell if I know. I'm just sad that I don't have any players now.

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Your players pop into the middle of intergalactic space.

The earth is not a fixed point in the universe.

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>>what even is space time lol

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dead, due to human activity.

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Is that some sort of meme?

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The glittering hordes of twilight vampires and the X-Com hordes of terminators have burned the world and fight over the ashes.

But unbeknownst to either side in that war to mark the end of days was the Omega Vault.

Last refuge of the dreams and hops and the ark of sorrows for mankind. All that was needed to make the world anew. The Garden of Eden Creation Kit.

King Arthur of Avalon bid you reach that nightmare place, through time his wizard of winter's court sent you past the hour of your appointed deaths, find the GECK.

Your quest; find the GECK. Undo the end of days.

Are you bad enough nephilim to not go quite into that dark night?

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The earth is a fixed point in space time. As far as we're aware, it doesn't arbitrarily flicker between existing and not existing. Yes, the earth and solar system move through larger areas of space-time, but there's no reason to think that time travel would work like /tg/'s fantasy of Immovable rods

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It is a future where the BBEG's evil is law. Now they seek to return to the past and undo the evil that is Aku.

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Time travel is not space travel. In a million years, the galaxy will be nowhere near where it is today, so just going forward in time would deposit people in the middle of intergalactic space.

I wasn't trying to make some stupid doctor who reference.

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The thing is, we have canon evidence that jack either never goes back, or the timeline splits and it doesn't matter either way.

Because here is old ass king leonidas of the Spartans recounting the tale of when Jack saved them.

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Time doesn't exist in the first place.

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Did you ride from the 1800s on THOSE physics? Sorry, we changed our conception of physics in the early 20th century

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Oh right, /tg/ is troll general.

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>time doesn't exist
>only space time

>back to the future isn't accurate

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Here's your reply.

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He's not wrong you know.

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>youtube science

even /x/ does better.

Ignore the trolls.

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My money is on half wit seal people.

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>not even at least being aware of the concept of a holographic universe
Hawking radiation, entanglement, and negative velocity all show that what we perceive isn't reality

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knowing buzzwords doesn't mean you know shit.

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Is that book any good? Just curious.

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Read it and see what you think. You might be surprised.

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Exactly the same but everything is cockroaches.

Cockroach animals

Turns out it's not a mass-extinction/evolution thing, just the work of a cockroach-themed wizard 999,995 years ago.

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Somehow I'm not surprised.

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More like those things simply show that science can be trusted for fucking shit to tell us anything about anything because the results always comeback with blatantly false conclusions.

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It is kind of inevitable isn't it?

If it wasn't cockroaches it'd be something else.

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Current game I'm in is in Forgotten Realms, so nothing changes. Medieval levels of technology and society are still a thing. Steam engines have still not been discovered, kingdoms are still a thing, humans are the dominant race, elves live in the trees, and dwarves live underground. And there's still only one renegade drow having stupid fucking adventures with his stupid fucking panther.

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Nobody in their right mind would listen to someone who collects reaction images.

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As someone who collects rare pepes I disagree.

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You could say the same thing about somebody who uses 4chan.

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Nobody in their right mind would listen to someone who plays pretend with their friends

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Samefag much?

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How white are you?

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Think that if you want, you're just a faggot who likes to belittle people for their hobbies

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>The Void is essentially the setting's Hell
>Begins trickling into reality, allowing shadowy creatures in who desire only to kill and destroy
>We, the PC's are basically the only hope because no one even realizes the Void is a threat yet and it'll be too late when they do realize
>PC's disappear
>World overrun by the Void's minions
>Consumed by the tear and sucked into the void between worlds.
>Gods probably move on to the next world to start over if they are not killed
>PC's reappear to Nothingness where their precious planet Vetilla once was
>Die instantly

Wouldn't exactly be the best ending.

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What'd the cockroach wizard turn everything into?

A cockroack-cockroach?

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Considering Humans are fucking the environment full force ass and mouth I doubt we will be around 1,000 years much less 1,000,000.

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Yah that's the idea

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>What is the world like


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In my current setting?
Without the Chosen Ones to slay the World Serpent in the Great Cycle, the World Serpent devours enough life to begin slaying and consuming minor spirits and divine entities. In desperation,seeing what's to come the Greater Gods decide to scour the planet of all life, reducing the planet to bitter ashes, removing all heat, all life, all warmth, all souls from the world, and they sunder magic itself to stop the World Serpent from deifying itself by eating everything.

The World becomes a barren, lifeless husk, with ancient, glorious citadels and mighty architecture that crowned entire mountain ranges and made them unto glimmering symbols of vast power and glory.And all around these holdfasts, lies coiled, titanic,Serpent, a vast, monstrous, endless creature that encircles the world many times over, marking the world as his, forever alone in his world.

The players arrive to a dead, cold planet, long abandoned by the Gods.

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>a long, long time ago
>one million years in the future

cyclical time believer pls

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Stupid bullshit. Thanks, Bioware.

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World is ruled by petty asshole gods who play millenia long games of intrigue with each other, while throwing the mortal races, now soulbound pawns, into meaningless meatgrinder wars against the other gods.

The world that the campaign was taking place on is long gone. After all, it was made out of god matter, and the first thing they did was reclaim it. However, since they are not just glorious but also benevolent, they deign to allow small landmasses to exist, floating in a sea of soulstuff, so that their pawns have some place to prepare for the next war.

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It's probably a generic sci fi earth with slightly more magic and interdimentional magic aliens now that we got over the whole "magical apocalypse thing". Or maybe a large magical alien destroyed all life on earth. 1 million years is a long fuckin' time.

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Without the players to stop the BBEG, Earth basically stops existing entirely. The rest of the million years is sort of irrelevant when nothing is really going on.

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Dude can you please have them go into the future to collect some important magical item from that otherwise barren world? Like, no magic in the bad future, but when they bring it back it powers up

They gotta see it

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Basically, or precisely stops existing? Miles difference on the million year scale. Are there undead? What do they do when the living are gone?

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That's like a nightmare scenario.
Nothing alive, left.
Just...dead trees, stones, thin air, maybe just undead, walking around, soulless automata with broken magic empowering their remains.

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And it would be so fun to run an adventure there. Plz post about it after you do

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The entire Earth gets subjugated under the magic/science boot heel of an uncaring near omnipotent tyrant god AI who works all the peoples to death for no other purpose other than to draw out human extinction as long as it possibly can. Then the tyrant god AI will kill the rest of life on Earth, then break Earth itself into tiny pieces until the only thing remaining is the AI and space dust. Then it commits suicide.

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>draw out human extinction as long as it possibly can
Until it gets bored of the song and dance and finishes the genocide*.

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Your facts, your figures, what are they worth now? Are they worth the lives of 7 billion people?

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>kills self
Why not turn the universe into computing matter?

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Changed in utterly alien ways beyond our understanding.

Luckily we just located the nearest Timegate and tell whoever the current guardian is that there has been a massive misunderstanding and we need to go back home.
>Mahou Shoujo Campaign

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