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The rules are simple:
You write a short post about an idea you have, others will respond with 'yay' if they like it and 'nay' is they don't.
Constructive feedback is always welcome.

>A modern fantasy setting (swords and smartphones) where magic is mostly found in clothes, weapons and armour. Adventurers will have a unique fashion sense because each piece of gear gives them different abilities.
A necromancer could wear goth clothes for undead energy, a hood or pointy hat to grant him magical abilities. The more your gear matches, the more powerful you are.

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What would high heels give to a boy?

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illusion magic

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because he'll never be a real girl
Or something like that, I don't know

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A more prominent ass and long-term back and ankle problems.

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Agility (specifically balance) bonuses. But takes a blow to speed and fellowship

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>blow to fellowship

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I think I should also add a mechanic that doesn't just strengthen your powers when your outfit matches, your party should also gain benefits if they match. For example: 4 berserkers in bikers gear and an illusionist in high heels don't match. or do they

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Specifically with males, but gives a bonus to females.
Clothes resonate with one another, not just as an outfit but also as a collective. A group of matching Bikers would get bonuses from this collective magic.

Alternatively groups have discovered what's being referred to as "dissociative-collective Magic where a group specifically wears mismatched outfits, this resulting in a negative->bonus->negative etc loop of feeding magic.

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May we also respond with the more traditional "yea" if we like the idea?

yea and/or yay.

I think Smartphones and Sorcery scans better than swords and smartphones. Hehe. I've always liked gear based magic. It appeals to the hoarder in me.

Also I think we may be bad at the brainstorming game. Maybe we should propose ideas for this setting instead.
>but you're not proposing anything

Can you imagine the power of a drag queen revue in full glamforce?

Maybe that's why fae are so androgynous, cross-dressing synergizes with their natural power.

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Example of these magics in effective.

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Yay, I like it alot OP. Makes a lot of sense for a modern fantasy style game, but would probably function best as slightly tongue in cheek. Don't know if I could take something like that too seriously.

>Goblins are an inferior race. They literally have lower stats/ability scores then other races. As such they are often enslaved and shat upon. Occasionally, a goblin may steal a baby and that baby will grow to be a hobgoblin; smaller then the average human but much taller and better in all ways then a normal goblins; they become leaders and champions of the goblin people.

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I didn't really intend it as a serious-serious game.

Yay on goblin slaves, but nay on humans as hobgoblins

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Like you need my permission to say 'yea'.
Smartphones and Sorcery sounds great, didn't really think the name through. Not even sure if I want smartphones in my game...
And a thread can derail if the gods intend it, I don't mind.


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>God of death has no power over the physical world
>A mortal can return as a fully awara specter just by refusing to go with him
>Good news for him is that for some reason the longer lived races are psychology deadened on death so its easy too get them too come along most of the time
>Bad news all humans are aware when they get too him

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Trees have souls


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Lel, pretty good idea I'd like it!

I've been thinking about and adventure in a rather dark swamp-like environment with Zombie-like humans but I'm still missing something:
Setting is Deponia (a post-apocalyptic world where humans live in nothing but trash, pic related).
>The swamp "water" is a mixture of fuel, oil and radioactive waste with plastic bags, barrels and stuff floating in it.
>Foggy because of the vaporizing fuel (which will make the players feel dizzy)
>The walkable ground is made out of ruined buildings, rusted carcasses of cars, trucks, planes and so on

>A few trees are growing but they're mutated (e.g. the bark having a flesh-like texture), dark brown to black and without leaves
>Cables sticking out of the ground and hanging from the trees
>Rusted and broken metal rods sticking out of the "water" (like reed)
>Black mushrooms and dark moss growing everywhere
>Red glowing, blood sucking mosquito swarms, giant ticks (50cm/20" or so) and frogs with compound eyes all over their bodies
>Brain parasites that take control of your body and make you want to bite other living things to spread them
>Humans living there with gray skin, almost no hair, mutations and wounds or rotten flesh all over their bodies, eating flesh of living things
(which means most of their blood sucked out by various parasites, infected by those brain parasites, mutated by the radioactive waste in the "water")

What more can I do to add more flavor to the environment?

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>post-apoc setting several generations after the end. Instead of countries or nations people live in tribes.
>the twist is that all tribes are themed after music genres. There are metalhead tribes, hip-hop tribes, dubstep tribes. Etc.
> similiar genre tribes work more likely together, mixed genre tribes also exist like rap-metal tribes or classical-electronic tribes.
> each tribe is like a medieval state and wars, conquests and alliances happen semi often

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World where lost people end up. Endless dark forest, there is only one city people know of named Night Garden. The city is still very green though it is supposed to have a concrete jungle kind of feel.

It is always night time but a large electrical grid and salvaged and scrapped light bulbs keep things running. People are either pagans, lightbulb worshipers, or gang members. Rich fucks live on Razzle street enjoying the high life and drinking cider from the rare and illustrious night apples.

Guns exist but are rare, most people fight with scrapped weapons like claw hammers, baseball bats, and machetes made from punched sheet metal.

Many humans are here, but many other races are here too from worlds with strangely similar technology but a little magic mixed in. You can tell if someone was born here because their eyes are way darker; they've never seen the sun.

Yay or nay on this setting?

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Euh, yay? Maybe elaborate a bit more, why does this matter? Do necromancers now have the power to manipulate dead tree souls?

Yay, it's like you took the post-apoc idea and didn't turn it into a fallout-madmax desert for a change.
Only feel like it could work if it's a bit cartoonish like your pick though. If you make it a realistic setting skin trees and eye mosquitoes just seem cliché grimdark.

Yay, reminds me of brutal legend. Each tribe could worship a different mp3 player as their bible. Also feels like it should be cartoonish though.

Yay, would love to play this.

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campaign idea I have been thinking about:

>campaign starts as 'normal,' party gets generic starting quest
>as they are out and about, they eventually notice a black tower just on the horizon
>every day the tower gets several km closer to the party
>they eventually notice it is getting closer and have to choose to continually out run it or let it reach them
>as the tower draws near, it fills the land with a dark energy, causing townsfolk and players to lose their sanity, and raise the dead in a km radius around the tower

I haven't fleshed out the tower itself, but probably a necromancer or evil demigod or something of that nature.

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Why would it get closer to the party specifically? Would growing taller make more sense?

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I like most of those ideas, but make the frogs burp and add something that makes human cries to fuck with the players

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>Yay, would love to play this.

Thanks! I'm still working on it though, and am having trouble introducing the fantastic elements.

Here's another;

>Yar or nay
Arc guns; small scrapped firearms set with electrical wires and crystals. Shooting the trigger will fire the gun; but it will fire out a shower of sparks, colored popping lights and a few bouncing orbs of energetic projectiles; it looks like it shoots out fireworks.

The rare energy crystal overheats and fires off a huge number of sparks and shit everywhere when it is exposed to an electric current; the gun simply gives it a tube and trigger to control it. Not very powerful; but a useful and bright ranged weapon.

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Nay. It's too whacky. Pic related.


Yay, very ominous and spooky, but could be really stupid of not set up right.

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Corruption of Champions tabletop. yay or nay?

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Ok so this is most likely been done before in some way, but
> High fantasy low magic D&D-style world
> New World kind of thing, party is the first or second generation to be born in a newly discovered continent
> Old continent was abandoned because plague or war or something, new one was found through sheer luck and is still mysterious in many ways
> As the PCs explore previously undiscovered parts of the world, they find hints to a previous civilization that had very advanced technology, maybe real world shit, maybe not
> Maybe throw in some kind of overarching conspiracy by politicians or wizards or just people with lots of gold to exploit said technology while not letting it go public for he benefit of everyone
> Either way, never just let them use the technology or interact with it in anything resembling direct terms
> Present it and describe it constantly as the most mind-boggling kind of magic ever witnessed, remarking on how limitations to it seem arbitrary etc

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Harry potter guns? yay why not

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Seems like the average ancient-advancent-civilisation trope, so nay.
But I like the idea of this new continent, maybe if you elaborate more? Maybe you could draw inspiration from American natives? "This continent is populated by heathen savages who worship some ridiculous sun god, we should show them the true way of enlightenment- oh shit, turns out they have insane magical lasers and stuff!"

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I like it it's actually similar to my campaign, I recommend making a list of words to describe different things. For instance cyborg bodies are referred to as shells or brain-cases in my campaign.

Here's my idea for an upcoming campaign I'm running

>players are need the help of a group of math-priests

>math-priests will help if the players first go to the outer colonies and stem the tide of rebellion in the favor of the math-priests corporate type faction

>they must remove a Laurence of Arabia style rebel king who has created an alliance of separate warring tribes

Here's where shit gets interesting:

>the clerics God wants the rebel king to win and establish a permanent alliance of the sand tribes

>One of the corporations could take advantage of the rebellion and become a monopoly if the rebel King takes out the other corporations first

The players will need to pick a faction,

>help the Math-priests and squash the rebellion

>Lead the rebel King to victory but allow the warring tribes independence resulting in civil war between the tribes

>Lead the rebel King to victory as a messiah for the clerics God, uniting the tribes

>help the corporation, making the players double agents within the rebel kings army

Either way the players will get a powerful ally if they don't die.

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Well my idea was more like the natives have all been dead for a really long time
but maybe they could be introduced later on as a twist - there was some kind of fallout-style vault or something and when they come out there's dragons and shit

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