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Pathfinder General /pfg/

Holiday Smiles Edition

If you are asking for build advice, please mention which third-party books are allowed. If you do not say anything, we will ask (probably about DSP).

Unified /pfg/ link repository: http://pastebin.com/sYFe4hcd

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reminder to use this one

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I've made him a Demodand Tiefling, because it allows me maximum disgustingness for character appearance.

School still up for discussion.

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>Also what is it with girls and never, ever being comfortable roleplaying person-to-person? They always want to do text. Makes no sense to me.
Knew it would get called out like that. It's nothing to do with that. I have two other friends who RP, and the male doesn't like voice and the female prefers it. Don't be silly, anon.

>Have you tried, you know, watching a game of D&D before?

Yes, but I still prefer a well-done game of text over a well-done game of voice, whether I'm participating or not. It's probably something to do with how some people are auditory learners and others not so much, I don't know.

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>>44303412 (You)
Bumping for interest.

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What does a Motherless generally look like? They got the most vague description of all tiefling types

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You can substitute the entire Enchantment school with Shadow Enchantment and Greater Shadow Enchantment.

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I'm currently playing a cavalier, and planning to multiclass into something else at level 9 to get some more abilities and have a bit more to do in combat besides just charge.

The most appropriate choices for the character would either be barbarian, barb or oracle. However, while I'm not super-fussed about optimising, I worry that its too late to pick up caster levels. That makes barbarian more appealing, though I want to go up to level 12 cavalier, which makes grabbing greater rage impossible.

Does anyone have any ideas to contribute for multiclassing ideas for a level 8 cavalier that are fun and mechanically functional, even if not totally optimal?

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I've had fun so far, somewhere in the beginning of book 2 so far.

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can you link this for me?

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I want to design a new discipline, should I?

It'd be called Mummer's Mask, with the associated skill Perform (Acting). The weapon groups would be performance, close, and unarmed. It's maneuvers would deal heavily in illusion-like abilities and active battlefield control along with a lot of disguise/stealth fun. Basically you would work "behind the scenes".

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Illusion can very much replicate Enchantment, Conjuration and Evocation. It's very versatile really.

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>"Get a load of this guy's sweater, guys."
>"This is how smiling works, right?"
>"By your grace, Sarenrae, please do not let me blink when the flash goes off."
>"Why do I have to wear the antlers?"

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Any pitfalls or things to avoid so far? Surprisingly difficult encounters and stuff like that? I know a few others had some problems along those lines.

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>Mummer's Musk must happen.
>Terrifying. Perhaps I should do that instead and make an entirely scent and aura based discipline. I would probably make Survival or Profession (Tracker) the associated skill. Dear lord it'd be horrifying.

And this is the PC using it now. >>44306289

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>Knew it would get called out like that.
That's not a personal attack or anything, that's just something I've noticed in the time I've been doing this. Almost all the women who have applied to groups of mine have always insisted they be allowed to use text.

>Yes, but I still prefer a well-done game of text over a well-done game of voice
This has to be a lie. Like, there isn't actually a way this can be a thing. Not in the "different things for different people" way either. You don't need to pretend a text game is immersive and interesting to say that you feel uncomfortable talking to other people. Especially when you're playing a game specifically about social interaction with other people.

Again, it comes down to effort. Text players want to watch Youtube videos until it's their turn to spend a paragraph deciding how they swing their sword at a goblin while everyone else waits for them while themselves watching Youtube. Normal groups actually do that stuff in realtime and get the enjoyment of real, spontaneous reactions and involvement.

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Have you considered instead taking the Mammoth Rider PrC? It's pretty cool. Also what Order are you? That might open up different options for you.

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Iron Gods is nice for what it is. Loved the ship dungeon at the end.

Carrion Crown can be fun to start but it doesn't really do the horror angle well unless you really do a lot of dressing up. Run some optional encounters, maybe add a few mobs to empty places, that sort of thing. I know ever since Occult Bestiary came out I've had an itch to run Haunting in Harrowstone again and put a Combusted in the Reaper's Hold. Either they beat it or it sends them scurrying into the Torture Chamber with flames licking their heels.

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The final encounter of Part 1 could be tricky, depending on how it works out.

It ended up with my barbarian in the middle of 9 or 10 enemies of varying power, but it went by easily. Depending on how that encounter goes, people can die very easily.

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Fine, I'll do a scent based discipline.

This is gonna be terrible. It'll be based around battlefield control centered on the initiator and debuffing. I'll have to think about it some more before I start.

Hmmm... alchemical weapons as discipline weapons? Hmmm... perhaps.

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It's up to you man, we have nothing but one picture.

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>women complaints
Maybe it's because most of the dudes would flip their shit over a girl at the game, and probably spend the game fapping. Or at least that's what the girl thinks. In either case, that's what everyone's been trained to think at least.


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Harrowstone is my second favorite premade dungeon of all time, right after the Runewell dungeon near the end of RotR.
Father Charlaten was almost a TPK in our playgroup. Fun times were had.

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I'd rather not do illusion though.

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>Maybe it's because most of the dudes would flip their shit over a girl at the game
Says who? I mean, maybe you would, but somehow I doubt a group full of people who are either married or in relationships would give a fuck.

>Or at least that's what the girl thinks.
That's her problem, now isn't it? I mean, that sounds a lot like SHE is discriminating against MEN rather than them discriminating against her.

>In either case, that's what everyone's been trained to think at least.
Yes, because when someone applies to my game, I'm going to allow them special considerations like using text while everyone else talks on Skype just because they have personal biases and hang-ups they can't get over. Ok.

Maybe it's time for women to grow up.

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I did not suggest that you become an illusionist. I suggested those because you didn't want to drop enchantment, which Gluttony specialist does for example.

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>Harrowstone is my second favorite premade dungeon of all time

Even with 75% of the enemies being haunted tongs and flying shirts?

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Hey /pfg/, quick build question. Is dipping into 2 classes right at the start okay, or is starting a build at level 4-6 too late?

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Good to know. The players are all just starting out so I may tone it down a bit if they arent handling things too well.

On a slightly different topic, how has /pfg/ incorporated futuristic elements into their Pathfinder games? Are they remnants of an extremely advanced society long before the era of adventurers? Did a spaceship crash onto the planet, releasing nanobots everywhere? Tell me about it friends.

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My arcanist kicked the crap out of Father Charlatan while being possessed by him while my party was busy setting me on fire. Don't ask.

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Especially because 75% of the enemies are haunted tongs and flying skirts. It reminds me of "actual" poltergiest shit and I love it.

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Alien races actively trading with hidden outposts and nearby settlements.

All planetside interaction is done under heavy illusion/enchantment cover.

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Just to clear it up, the idea is to take 2 levels of one class, 2 levels of another class, and then from level 5 onwards take levels in the main class.

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...I guess? I mean, when I read it, those things just completely demolished any kind of horror atmosphere the place was going for.

Honestly, all of Carrion Crown was just miserable as far as horror was concerned.

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To chime in, as someone who has an astronomically difficult time holding a normal conversation, being able to play pnp games over IRC has been a fucking godsend since it lets me focus on what my character will say and do, rather than how to get myself to open my mouth to physically speak. Does it take almost twice as long to do the same amount of shit over IRC as it would if it was done over Skype/roll20/in person? Probably, but I would also be spilling my spaghetti all over the table, especially if it's with people I'm not already familiar with.

>text cannot be as engaging as voice

This varies depending on who's playing, at least from what I can tell. In the main group with three other PCs, I'll toss some music up, or open a stream of some random thing for background noise, but my focus is primarily on the game. In the 1-1 RotRL campaign me and the GM are doing, I keep my attention solely on the game, my sheet, and any relevant articles on the srd in case I forget mechanics.

[spoilers]IMO, it's all a matter of preference and what you're most familiar with. That is all the opinion of a social cripple, so take that as you will.[/spoiler]
My GM and one other players are also lewd as fuck as well, which I wouldn't tolerate nearly as much if I had to handle it over Skype/an actual table.

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My world was under a quarantine due to an outbreak of undead, but is now recently having that lifted. I've converted all of the outer planes into either planets or planetary systems, but I'm still working out space travel.

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There's a Madagascar sized island where all the Ayys have agreed to hang out because the rest of the planet is fucking freaky.
Every once in a while stuff just sort of slips through the cracks to the rest of the world.

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Oh man, that guy. He latched right onto our hedgewitch, leaving only a bard, a fighter, and a summoner who had all but bled to death defeating the Piper moments before. Bard got creative, though, taking out the holy arrows from the cache and passing them around, and they sat there using the arrowheads to chip at the ghostly chains.

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If get where you're coming from but if I wanted to play a horror game I'd run Call of Cthulhu or Dread or something. Carrion Crown is spooky, not scary.

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Can the Pactsworn Knight bind with multiple spirits at once or it's Occultist-only?

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Ok, some ideas for Mummer's Musk. First a name change. Unsure to what yet, but musk will still be in there.

As for fluff, it will have been developed by Troglodytes and a hallmark of what they once were as a civilization, use of their natural abilities in harmony with savage combat.

A few ideas:

Discipline: Mummer's Musk (Stance); Level: 1
Initiation Action: 1 swift action
Range: Personal
Target: You
Duration: Stance
Initiator and allies within 30ft. gain a +4 alchemical bonus against disease, poison, & effects that cause sickened/nauseated.

Discipline: Mummer's Musk (Boost); Level: 1
Initiation Action: 1 swift action
Range: Personal
Target: You
Duration: Boost
Profuse Sweating: A viscous slime covers your body, giving the initiator a +4 alchemical bonus to natural armor & the when struck opponents must make a fortitude save (DC 11 + initiator modifier) or become sickened.

Anyone got ideas for a new name?

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I don't get the occultist.

>> No.44306954

Carrion Crown isn't a horror AP, Pathfinder doesn't do horror. It -is- a mystery AP.

>> No.44306958

>Carrion Crown is spooky

Dude, it's obvious monster movie pastiches. It's about as "spooky" as a romp through a goblin lair.

>> No.44306971

Muck Walker

>> No.44306984

The beauty of those haunts is they're things that can't just be blasted to dust - they can do some damage to a lowbie party, and they have to get creative on what to do about it. Old Ember Maw especially.

That said, I agree that they're kinda weak for atmosphere on their own, being stuck in one place and some (like the Headsman's Scythe) off the beaten path. That's where you have to really embellish the material as DM.

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I'm using spooky in the spooky scary skeletons sense. If you dislike descriptions of gore or stuff it may be a little unsettiling but its simply a campaign focused on spooky things.

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Do the base class tier ranks apply to their archetypes as well?

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Holy shit Kyra is so cute.

>> No.44307293

Some archetypes can move a class up (or down) though it's usually heavily debated. Archetypes usually aren't enough of a boost to change tiers.

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You're not the only one who thinks that, anon.

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>tfw no kyra gf

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Kyra is lesbian though.

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Ok, so I'm the guy who is apparently doing the muck walker's discipline. I just did the level 1 maneuvers. Give me some feedback on them.


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Im currently playing a mystic thuerge5+/wis3/cle3 in rise of the runelords at level 11, close to hitting level 12.
And since i have magicl knqck tied into mystic theurge (houseruled) and wizard bond (staff) i am now close to be able to put spells into it. Money is not a problem since the rogue owes me for a holy greatxe ofbspellstoring+1 and a +5 mithral chainshirtt.

Currently im thinking of heroism in the staff. So i can recharge the most liked buffspell in the party and have my slots for something more situational.

Or get the remove x and lessser restoration into it.

Or dimension door, dispel magic and sending. For those times where it might be really important.

Anything im missing?

Wizard is life(necromancy) school with divination and illusion as blocked. Cleric is defense and magic domains to nethys. Alignment is true neutral as she lacks any kind of sense of right and wrong but likes people being nice to her. Restricted to book before class guide and no 3rd party material

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It's essentially John Constantine

>> No.44307806

What is the rest of the party composition?

>> No.44307943

>blocked illusion
Nigga, you fucked up.

>> No.44307973

Wizard, straight up looney toons illusionistä generally a ratfolk that uses reduce person on himself to ride in my pocket when I fly around. Together we solve crime.
Rogue. Half orc that murders things with greater invisibility from said ratfolk. Used as a touch spell delivery for my necromancer.
Dragon disciple sorcerer. Our "tank" as me and tje wizard hides like cowards and the rogue is invisible. Likes fireball and has a level in barbarian for more claws.

The latter two are buffed to shit and handle most ofbthe heavy lifting and hp damage. Me and the rat folk keep the enemy from getting funny ideas or mount an offensive or shit like that

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I have a dedicated illusionist in the group already. We decided to split the schools between us.

>> No.44308043

In that case, all right. Illusion is the most powerful school out there, and that's not counting Shadow Evocation/Conjuration/Enchantment.

>> No.44308058

Yeah, keep the d-door, dispel and sending in your staff. If you and the illusionist are already buffing the other two to the gills, then you'll want to keep some backup plans ready.

>> No.44308072

>Illusion is the most powerful school out there

>> No.44308136

All the conjuration spells can be replicated by illusion. Also, there's no difference in summoned spooky horror from beyond the stars and an illusory one, if your opponents run in fear anyway. Wait, that's not true. The illusory one is way more spooky.

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Pactsworn Knight can bind one spirit only. Ability to bind multiple spirits is Occultist class feature that the PSK archetype doesn't get.

>> No.44308164

Not him, but I'm assuming he has a GM who is very liberal about the limits of the ___ Image spells, and a lot of creativity. I think Illusion's power level varies wildly by group. Also unrelated to Pathfinder, but fuck you Ultra Greed, I never have to fight you as The Lost again. Suck my fat ghosty cock.

>> No.44308165

>allowing two saves
>allowing ANY saves
Truly pathetic.

>> No.44308193

Images don't allow a save unless you touch them. And if you let anyone touch them, you're doing it wrong.

>> No.44308213

Thanks. Should it be an idea to get remove curse, disease and the like going instead? Or might it be better to have them as scrolls?

>> No.44308214

>All the conjuration spells can be replicated by illusion
Isn't this only when you get to level 9 spells with Weird?

>> No.44308217

Whatever you say, buddy. Out of curiosity, how do you deal with anything that doesn't rely on sight?

>> No.44308257

Well I don't know if you'll need them in RotRL or not, but I say it's smart to get those in scrolls, since your probably going to be only able to deal with that stuff outside combat anyway.

>> No.44308259

This "No saves" meme needs to stop. No save spells are few and far between, especially at high levels, and especially game ending ones high level. It's more efficient and better to force them to try and make saves you know they can't make.

>> No.44308261

Probably higher level illusion spells that replicate sound, texture, taste, or smell.

>> No.44308282

Other senses can be replicated, too. Sometimes that's even better.

>> No.44308316

>le "ironic" name/trip
Post disregarded. Go die.

Blindsight, tremorsense, lifesense, blindsense, and so on? They're relatively uncommon, but not as rare as I'd like if I were playing an illusionist.

>> No.44308335

Wouldn't major image work fine on blindsense, blindsight, and tremorsense?

>> No.44308367

For sound, smell, and heat only, like the spell says, sure. But they'd still automatically detect the absence of solid matter, iirc.

>> No.44308369

He took that trip because of the homebrew he is presenting you shitboot, read the thread before shitposting.

>> No.44308401

And it wasn't relevant to the post he made, faggot. People who post trips when they're not immediately relevant don't deserve civility or any sort of respect.

>> No.44308427

Many forms of tremorsense, blind sight, and blindsense are noted to be sound or vibration-based. If drop one of the illusions that can imitate sound on top of someone with those sense and just flood the whole area of the spell with loud static, you might effectively blind them.

>> No.44308439

like all other posters on 4chan

>> No.44308443

Oi, I was looking at the Corpse Hunter archetype for the Ranger on the SRD, and I noticed something.
The Disrupt Control ability does not seem to replace any other ability. Is this intentional, or was it supposed to replace Hunter's Bond or something?

>> No.44308471

Ignore me, I just realized after posting it essentially replaces the rest of his favored enemies.

>> No.44308475

>A corpse hunter does not gain additional favored enemies at 5th, 10th, 15th, and 20th level, though his favored enemy bonus against undead creatures increases by 2 at each of these levels (to a maximum bonus of +10 at 20th level).

>> No.44308571

what is this witchcraft?

>> No.44308625

Which part? All of /pfg/ is witchcraft.
If you mean the Pic, its from one of the Christmas cards Paizo sends to subscribers and backers so they can get thier virtual coupon for the Christmas sale.

>> No.44308743

Where's the fine line between "crazy eccentric wizard" and "randumb fucker NPC with spells"? One is entertaining or at least interesting, while the other one is a pain and possible immersion-breaking.

>> No.44308769

Who gets to apply Bane to weapons on the fly again?

>> No.44308775

>we hurr anonymouse
>we iz leejun XDD

Go back to /b/.

That's like walking into a fast-food restaurant and yelling at the cashier because he's wearing a nametag while he tries to take your order and, maybe just maybe, add a little small talk so you'll be more likely to come back.

>> No.44308795

You'd never expect what class it is.

>> No.44308808


The "crazy" part. Most people can't do mental disorder impressions for shit, and if you're one, don't try.

>> No.44308822

The cashier does something useful that I want and they are hired to do. Tripfags do not. Go learn to construct a simile.

>> No.44308857

was spreading christmas terror part of their plan?

>> No.44308868

That Tripfag in question provided his homebrew for us to review, are you retarded or something?

>> No.44308906

See >>44308401 That excuse works while he's posting about said homebrew and only then. At all other times he is a faggot for using a trip. Learn to read.

>> No.44308957

>being an elitst faggot

>> No.44308961

So /pfg/, last thread an anon posted about how they had a few classes that they really liked and had a hard time deviating. What is your favorite class? How about archetypes? Is there a pet class you have that you wish had more/better support? What's that one gestalt that you've always wanted to try?

Playing a gestalt with some of the fighter archetype combos as one of the classes looks like it could actually be really fun.

>> No.44308992

Sure thing, lad. At least try to have your ad hominem make sense.

>> No.44309024

>Favorite class
1st party? Caught between alchemist and UC monk

>How about archetypes?
Synthesist summoner is my favorite archetype

>Is there a pet class you have that you wish had more/better support?
Gunslinger. It's fucked beyond imagination.

>What's that one gestalt that you've always wanted to try?
UC monk + Sorcerer

>> No.44309085

Of course!

>> No.44309093

>favorite class
Alchemist by far. Even without archetypes there's a dozen ways to play the class, and with archetypes it just gets better. I have no idea what JJ was smoking when he made the class, but he needs to take more of it.

Gestalt Alchemist/Barbarian. Apart from other shenanigans, at level 10 you can ignore 25 damage from any source if it would knock you unconscious on top of DR and energy resistances.

>> No.44309163

>This has to be a lie. Like, there isn't actually a way this can be a thing.
How can someone be so fucking dense and close minded lol
>this reply about women

why are you so fucking defensive holy shit. people like to play nerdy games in different ways, whatever. there's no point for people to lie about it, to themselves or on goddamn /pfg/

>> No.44309192

Calm down son, you don't need to White Knight for a discussion that happened hours ago. The girls won't love you if you defend them on 4chan.

>> No.44309211

Ok, so I had to think about it. Take a look at this now.

Do you guys like he flavor/general concept behind it? Because I really have no idea what I am doing.


>> No.44309240

>i disagree so i must be a white knight

>> No.44309260


>> No.44309289

The first class I ever played was a Magus, and they're probably still one of if not my most favorite class. It's got a bunch of archetypes that significantly change the class, and several different gimmicks you can do that just makes it feel like a class that could be played differently every time you run one. The fact that it has good utility and battlefield presence is helpful too. The magus already gets a fair amount of support, but I certainly wouldn't be upset to see some new magus arcana, magus spells, or magic items useful to magi. I could gush about it for a while, honestly, but I won't because I've already gone on a lot about it. Other classes I like include the oracle (for similar reasons) and wizard (because magi have given me a taste of glorious prepared INT-based casting and I find myself craving more).

As for gestalt, there are a couple ideas I've been interested in. There's actually a particular Oracle/Magus gestalt build I've wanted to try, but it's kind of a disappointing combination neither class significantly improves the chassis of the other. Paladin/Oracle seems like it could be neat to try too, for that Oradin healing synergy. Alchemist/Barbarian is also neat. I'll probably never be in a gestalt game though, so I doubt I'll have a chance to play any of those ideas.

>> No.44309340

>tfw game gets constantly sidetracked when you want to just bully enemies

>> No.44309368

Also, how do people feel about a stance that makes you leave behind a slime trail that is difficult terrain, and make you and allies ignore difficult terrain?

>> No.44309416

>cursed razor
>can stop people from moving any further as an immediate action
>can use it to pull flying enemies from the sky
Okay never mind, cursed razor is pretty good. I stand by my statement that early on it's a little dull though.

>> No.44309428

>What is your favorite class?
Bard desu. I'm a sucker for jacks of all trades, plus it has archetypes for everything, and I love the knowledge focus of the class.
>How about archetypes?
Zweihander sentinel is likely my absolute favourite. It takes the one thing I deeply dislike about an awesome class concept (shields on the warder), and puts awesomeness in its place.
>Is there a pet class you have that you wish had more/better support?
Cavalierrrr. Moar archetypes like daring champion pls, I love the knight errant theme but mounted combat is bordeline pointless as a feature and anything that changes it for other stuff is welcome. Also better thought out orders pls, half of them seem the work of a preschooler theme wise, not to mention that they even managed to duplicate one, the fucking idiots.
>What's that one gestalt that you've always wanted to try?
Bard (or evangelist)/cavalier to go into battle herald. But I never get to try gestalts, my group doesn't like them.

>> No.44309451

Essentially? It's all scent and ichor based. It's a nasty discipline. I'm trying to make it have it's own flavor though compared to other by making it focused on battle field control and terrain based stuff.

>> No.44309517

Yeah, sadly it kinda is. But it's functional at those low levels, and I figured that'd work out okay if it let me get to the crazy shit later.

Glad to hear you're enjoying it.

>> No.44309554

I can't really say I have a "favorite class." I do know a guy who, when we finally got him to not play a Wizard, played a Sage Bloodline Sorceror.

>> No.44309568

Gareth, buddy, how do you feel about shitty scent based homebrew?

>> No.44309599

Like I haven't read it, and probably won't any time soon. I'm on vacation from professional shit until the holidays are over and retail returns to sanity.

>> No.44309684

Hey /pfg/ is there a PDF or something like that of a conversion of Tomb of Horrors? My players want a challenge after they finished the last campaign.

>> No.44309694

>until retail returns to sanity
So you're quitting? Please don't, I'll miss you.

>> No.44309709

Magus fan from >>44309289 coming in just to say that if there were more archetypes for a cavalier that ditch the mounted stuff for other things, I'd be more pleased with the class. Being able to work an Order into the game as a faction can be a lot of fun, especially since it's one the player has connections to.

>> No.44309723

Conceptually I love it, and being able to curse enemies with melee strikes alone is pretty entertaining even without the mechanical benefit of it. That being said, I've taken a whopping one maneuver from it so far because it's competing with Riven Hourglass and Eternal Guardian for spots, not to mention black seraph has a couple of nice things here and there as well.

>> No.44309730

What happens if you have multiple fly speeds?
Like say you have Fly 20(Good, ex) AND Fly 40(Clumsy, Su).

Can you stack them? Do you use the better of the two? The worse of the two? The better of each?

>> No.44309816

>magus is one of my favorite classs
>I have never gotten a chance to play one
>every time I have a chance to play a new character, the party needs something the magus can't provide
>all I want to do is blink around and hit people with a magically-charged sword
>mfw my party always needs someone to be the guy hanging back and giving buffs, healing, etc

>favorite class
See above, though Alchemist and Bloodrager are also up there
>favorite archetype
I want to like the Esoteric Magus, but I can't bring myself to want to actually play it without trying to homebrew it to not be shit. I have an unnatural lust for Kensai, though, so I'll go with that.
>Pet class that you wish had more/better support
Less pet class, more pet archetype. I really wish the Promethean Alchemist had discoveries, or even just more options in general for its homunculus. It is agonizing that you can't really modify it very much unless you run homebrew through a GM.
>that one gestalt you've always wanted to try
If I have to only pick one, Magus/Alchemist. There's a ton of different ways to archetype that to give it fun tricks.

>> No.44310048

I forgot to tell Psybomb yesterday, but the latest "evil stuff" book from Paizo had a +1 enchantment that's better than three levels of the Hollow non-magical enchantment. I thought he might want to know.

>> No.44310128

Doing 38 point buy level 7
Picked Wizard
I took Improved Familiar for my level 7 feat
I picked Smoke Mephit
Was this a bad idea?

My spells are

Cause Fear
Charm Person
Crafter's Fortune
Decompose Corpse
Feather Fall
Mage Armor
Peace Bound
Ray of Enfeeblement
Ray of Sickening
Sculpt Corpse
See Alignment
Unseen Servant (likely to be changed)

Blood Transcription
Bull's Strength
Glitter Dust
Rope Trick
Unnatural Lust

Deep Slumber
Explosive Runes
Howling Agony

Wall of Blindness-Deafness
Overwhelming Grief
Stone Skin
Mneomonic Enhancer

I need to remove two level 4 spells and a level 3

>> No.44310162

>38 point buy
Holy shit that's overboard.

>> No.44310165


late but thank you

>> No.44310216

I would have picked something else for improved familiar, yes.

>> No.44310231


The only person that deserves to get bullied is you, anon.

Especially if the bully is talking about your fat floppy boobs.

>> No.44310244

Imps make much better familiars, as do clockwork.

>> No.44310259

Which is that? PDF?

>> No.44310334

I like other improved familiars more than mephits, and general consensus seems to be that the best improved familiars are imps, faerie dragons, and possibly small aether elementals (if they are valid choices).

You've got a few good spells (Glitterdust, Charm Person, Explosive Runes, etc) but a lot of less good spells. Fortunately, you're a wizard and not a sorcerer, so that's a relatively easy problem to fix assuming your DM doesn't have some house rules to limit how easily wizards can learn new spells.

Also, if you want an evaluation of your build, you should probably tell us some other stuff like your school specialization.

>> No.44310354

Agents of Evil it was leaked some threads ago, no PDFs though. I'm talking specifically about the injecting enchantment.

>> No.44310370

Does no one know this?

>> No.44310396

You choose which to use.

>> No.44310403

I'm new to pathfinder, is that a new book with new classes? What are the known ones?

>> No.44310466


Almost everything's here.

>> No.44310519


It's a supplement called Agents of Evil, it introduced a few archetypes but no new classes.

>> No.44310523

pls, I meant the leaked ones from the book

>> No.44310579

This glorious motherfucker

>> No.44310625

Why can't you modify Promethean Homunculus?

>> No.44310632

What options are there to prevent scrying and diviniation?

>> No.44310655

Mind blank.

>> No.44310704



Available pretty early.


Even if you're scryed you become aware of it.

Long duration makes these pretty easily extendable into a new day without impacting your spells per day.

>> No.44310710

Good to know, thank you

>> No.44310712

Which Improved Familiar is the best of Chosen One Paladin?

>> No.44310716

Goddamn it, its such a bland archetype.

>> No.44310740

Esoteric is easy to fix, just remove diminished spellcasting and allow him to gain Ki powers in place of his bonus feats. Maybe give him a Style Strike while using spell strike and Spell combat in place of one of his arcana.

Or you can use the previous changes to replace tattooed spell instead.

>> No.44310758

Sure, but I like it. It's also really good for playing an antipaladin that pretends to be a paladin.

>> No.44310803

>Man, Injecting and Toxic sounds good, but I tend to roll soulknifes.

>> No.44310831

Personalized Trick? Augmented Blade?

>> No.44310840


All of them have their perks, just pick whatever feels right for the character.

>> No.44310848

how do you guys play characters like this without them being boring fucking edgelords

>> No.44310859

Personalized Trick is a trait you can take only once.

And mind blades dissipate after use, you'd waste a full round action applying poisons during a fight.

>> No.44310864

nobody's edited in laughing elf yet?

>> No.44310875

By making them interesting fucking edgelords. Antipaladin is an NPC class or a class for nonserious games, in many cases. They don't function unless the party and campaign are built around letting them function.

>> No.44310880

I think it would interesting to see a party with both DSP's Nightguard Paladin and an Insinuator Antipaladin. Two LE dudes who go out of their way to piss off the biggest, baddest things around. One to kill monsters and the other for personal gain.

>> No.44310890

Why does Kyra leave her helmet on when they're in casual clothes? Is this a religious thing?

>> No.44310897

Too bad Azata is CG.. I reallys want to have my own "HEY LISTEN" fairy on my Chosen One Halfling.

>> No.44310898

Card-Carrying Villains are my roleplaying favorite for "evil" characters.

Not edgy. Just doing a job and having fun with that job.

>> No.44310902


Mind blades dissipate after you let go of them. You can hold onto it however long you want. In medieval times, people would often just carry their weapons in times of war, rather than sheathing them. Same principle applies.

>> No.44310908

god they look fucking awful

>> No.44310933

In case of the Insinuator? Simply be selfish. No need to wantonly murder people left and right, have a goal, try to achieve that goal by any means necessary.

Pose as the shining hero, slay the monsters, make the people love you, use their adoration and your prestige to gain power.

Really I don't get why people always think Evil=Edgy.

>> No.44310941

Not necessarily the case.
An AntiPali can work fine in a party of Good and Neutrals, provided you focus more on his "Lawful' side rather than on his 'Evil' side.

>> No.44310949


I'm a Transmutation wizard
My lesser schools are Evocations and Illusion

>> No.44310976

She is too cute without the helmet.

>> No.44310978

Eh the insinuator can work in normal groups.
An Insinuator strifes for glory, what better way is there than tagging along with an adventuring group and killin monsters?

>> No.44311005


Actually, having reread the code, I was misremembering it as the Paladin of Slaughter's. An antipaladin can arbitrarily decide that doing something furthers his dark goals and has the most flexible "code" I've ever seen, wow.

>> No.44311039

>character has a cursed sword
>also a cursed arm
>also is cursed
>and everything he touches is CURSED
>wears really scary armor
>sword is really fucking scary
>arm is really fucking scary
>is really fucking scary
>is actually a really nice person once you get to know them
The introduction of that character was the greatest. "You see a really REALLY evil-looking motherfucker walking around. He's wearing thick plate armor, a flowing black cloak, and a monstrous arm. You see him buy an apple, he hands the apple to a small child and pats her on the head."

>> No.44311052

There are some specific antipaladin codes in inner sea gods that are more specific, but of course you don't have to use those.

>> No.44311086

My last character was an Anti-Paladin hailing from a tyrannical kingdom.

Basically, he reasons that Good and Evil are both sides of the same coin. Neither have any moral superiority over the other and both have done their fair shares of atrocities in their name. Evil just happens to be more upfront about it.

So, I treat 'evil' as a 'side' rather than a 'goal'

>> No.44311097

Besides the rape and slaughter thing Lamashtu's Code is oddly community minded.

>> No.44311113

Holy crap, Lamashtu really IS just evil female Erastil, huh?

>> No.44311153


Wait, Chosen One can't get Azata?

That's a shame, as you said having a cute pixie girl on your shoulder would be adorable. Hell, it might be possible to just ask the DM for one.

And then the Azata turns into a Ghaele and now you've got a celestial waifu.

Although trumpet Archon would be better.

>> No.44311167

Someone make a Paizo thread about how misogynistic, oppressive, and patriarchial of Paizo it is to have made the female version CE while the male version is LG. Notify tumblr.

>> No.44311175

>"All things are monstrous, and only the weak hide their marks."

Why does that line make me so sad?

>> No.44311195

You know now I can't stop imagining Thean Tagonist lovingly caring for a colony of cripples, lepers and other outcasts.

>> No.44311199

There's no real support for it. I suppose you could use the rules for modifying constructs, but there's no feats or discoveries for it like there are for regular animal companions.

>> No.44311208


>I fill the wombs and birth the children

Antipaladins are explicitly meant to get pregnant or knock up others?

>> No.44311210

> rape
> not being a charming anti paladin who seduce people

>> No.44311219

Crappy compilation

>> No.44311240

She's from Qadira, and the Cult of the Dawnflower is essentially NotIslam. It's not until she becomes Mythic she realizes that the Cult is bullcrap and she can worship Sarenrae without its nonsense, thus her drastic outfit change

>> No.44311251

Lamashtu IS a fertility goddess.

You know...that makes Lamashtu literally just polyarmorous Erastil with a focus on the outcasts of society.

>> No.44311259

A lot of people realized that a while back when we came up with Noiralog, a backwards version of Golarion's universe on the other side of the Abyss, with alignment-flipped versions of Golarion's gods. Everything also may or may not be presented in Noir film style in Noiralog.

>> No.44311261


>Lawful Community minded God

>Neutral community minded God
>Daikitsu (has fluffy tail)

>Evil community minded God
>Lamashtu (may birth fluffy tail.)

>> No.44311267

In this case, yes. Lamashtu the mother of monsters after all.

>> No.44311269

I still remember my last Antipaladin.

He became an Anti-Paladin because being a regular fighter was too weak and being a Paladin means not enjoying his regular habit of bar brawls and wenches.
He gave zero fucks about the codes and oaths, aside from lip-service.

Basically, he just used the AntiPaladin Order as a tool to become stronger rather than the other way around.

>> No.44311278

Lamashtan ones, yes.

>> No.44311302

That is /astonishingly/ fitting to the code. Amazing.

>> No.44311307

You're missing Gorum

>> No.44311317

Except for Rovagug's those are actually rather reasonable.

>> No.44311318

I don't think he has one?

>> No.44311320

No Gorum?

>> No.44311405

Calistria isn't even evil just chaotic.

>> No.44311417

He does, or at least I remember briefly seeing it when I leave through the book at the store.

>> No.44311440

I'm not seeing one in Inner Sea Gods, the only sidebar he has is the "for Gorumite characters" one every god gets.

>> No.44311442

Rovagug's is pretty reasonable too.
>when you wreck shit, wreck the good stuff
>don't be a little bitch

>> No.44311454

Hi /pfg/. I want to build an Occultist, as in Pact Magic from Radiance House occultist, not the crappy one from Occult Adventurers. Spirits are restricted to "start with 4 1st-level, gain one each level, can find/research during adventuring". Requesting advice. I think I'll go gish-like, melee-focused. Requesting advice.

>> No.44311475


-Peace is death. Conflict is life. I will not let anyone take
the easy way out.
-Battle defines me. Without battle I am empty. I make my
purpose with blade and brand.
-I will bathe in blood and breathe in iron. Where there is
no conflict, I will create it. Where there are skirmishes,
I will make war.
-The sword is the answer to any question.
-If there is peace ahead of me, I leave struggle in my wake.
-Poison is for the weak. Ambush is for the cowardly.
Plague is a consequence of slaughter.
-Aggression is not foolishness. If I cannot stand against a
foe, I will find another, and mark the first for later.

>> No.44311489

Where is this from

>> No.44311506

>Rovagug's code

Grade-A nihilism right there.

>> No.44311531

Not that anon, but either Inner Sea Gods or Champions of Corruption.

>> No.44311542

Well in Agents of Evil the motivation of some of his cultists is revealed and it is pretty sound actually:

They think he is the great tool of the multiverse, designed to remove cancerous stability zones that cling to the endless possibility of the maelstrom. Furthermore they think that it is selfish of the gods to have imprisoned him, unnaturally prolonging the existence of this reality due to their own selfish fears of death and oblivion.

>> No.44311593

So in other words they are idiots who are conflating a murderous over-grown Qlippoth with Groetus?

>> No.44311608

Sounds almost like a protean thing.

>> No.44311617


>> No.44311657

>Rovagug has the Protean subdomain
>doesn't have the Qlippoth subdomain


>> No.44311672


>> No.44311687

He also has the Demon subdomain, does that make him a demon?

>> No.44311692

Can I apply Heirloom weapon traits on unarmed strike?

>> No.44311694

>All things must be destroyed, but the tools of destruction will be destroyed last.
>The beautiful die first. Their loss wreaks havoc in the hearts of those who love.

Bad Rovagug, lying to his followers like that. We all know that the last person on his hit list is Shelyn.

Also Calistria and Urgathoa have the most appealing antipaladin codes in my opinion. If I ever play an antipaladin, he or she will probably worship one of those two. Which one depends on how I feel about that undead-themed archetype for antipaladin I guess. Knight of the Sepulcher, I think it was called? I don't remember what it does at all but I'm pretty sure it was undead-themed, so there's little excuse to play an Urgathoan antipaladin and not use it. If it's a shit archetype, I'd go for the Calistrian antipaladin.

>> No.44311729

Why isn't there a qlippoth subdomain?
I should ask paizo on this.

>> No.44311735

What if it's worse.

What if he's a hybrid of every Chaotic outsider, including Azata?

>> No.44311749

You could also be an antipaladin chef of Urgathoa, a cult of her devoted to culinary wonders is detailed in Agents of Evil.

>> No.44311751

Uhh, technically?

>> No.44311757

Thing with Knight of the Sepulcher is that it pretty much just slowly gives you undead-like resistances and immunities in lieu of other class features. Which would be rendered completely pointless if you just went ahead and became an undead.

>> No.44311769


>> No.44311784

>Yeah, those got passed down from my grandfather to my father to me...Ustalav is weird you know?

>> No.44311790


>> No.44311808

Actually it does become an undead in the end, meaning all those class features are wasted.

>> No.44311828

>harsh music
Ravaging confirmed to be hiding among us in the form of MC Ride

>> No.44311830

At the point where the arms are passed down through the family, you're either talking about Grafts or weird clubs/etc made out of the arms of your grandfather. The former may technically still actually function as an unarmed strike, the latter not so much.

>> No.44311870

Do, thematically and functionally speaking, what's the difference between Gorum and Szuriel?

>> No.44311887

Which evil god has the hottest followers?

>> No.44311893

Technically speaking, "unarmed strikes" are on the weapons table listed as having the same price as clubs and quarterstaves. You can buy them, and wield them as normal, because they're weapons. Presumably by RAW you can buy and use masterwork versions, too.

>> No.44311897

Szuriel wants to end the universe through endless genocide.
Gorum just enjoys war and conflict.

>> No.44311910


Gorum likes killing.

Szuriel likes genocide.

It's the difference between a mass murderer and Hitler.

>> No.44311913

All depends on what you're into, anon.

>> No.44311927

How do you this? I wish to read about their adventures

>> No.44311950

From the article about Szuriel at the end of Rasputin Must Die!

>As the god of war, Our Lord in Iron has a strange rivalry with the Horseman of War. On one hand, the god supports any endeavor that encourages battle. On the other hand, Szuriel's fatalistic outlook draws worshipers from him, especially those too weak-willed to endure the fatigue of frequent or tragic battles. His role is to stoke the hearts of mortals so they embrace the glory of war with enthusiasm and bloodlust, whereas Szuriel wants mortals to accept oblivion and a cold, murderous intent. As with Gorum's interactions with all deities, he is sometimes an enemy and sometimes an ally to Szuriel but unlike in his occasional battles with divine powers, he takes conflict with the Horseman personally.

>> No.44311957


>Joyful Thing
>You literally become 20 lbs of pussy and ass

>> No.44311976

>Scions of Dou-Bral
That's actually kinda neat.

>> No.44312001

Can someone post areshalaes info?

>> No.44312007


They're literally slutty goths into hand-holding and cute little kisses that lead to rough, no-lube anal and hard facefucking.

>> No.44312020

Gorum seeks blood for blood's sake. Without war, he would either die or leave in disgust. He's just barely not-evil enough to not be Khorne, basically. War is the means AND the end. The plan AND the goal.

Szuriel wants the end of all life, and for her, battle, war, and killing are just a means to an end - the annihilation of existence.

Ragathiel, who I am including for my own purposes, is Detect And Smite incarnate, existing for the sole purpose of removing villainy from the universe. He's not the only Empyreal Lord to have this attitude either - Vildeis is even more ridiculous about SMITE ALL EVIL EVER, to the point that when she first learned of the existence of Evil, she put out her own eyes. To them, war and battle are a means to an end - eradicating Evil.

This really says a lot about the differences between Good, Evil, and Neutral when you look at gods with similar portfolios, now doesn't it?

>> No.44312029


Here's her story, whipping up her stats.

>> No.44312036

Lamashtu of course
They always show their midriffs in order to put Lamashtu's mark on display, and they always act sexy in order to be impregnated with/sire monster babies.

>> No.44312047

Thnx m8

>> No.44312051

So in other words, Gorum would probably have his followers fight hers because
He want his followers to keep fighting things, and other warriors are the best things to fight
>and b)
Universal genocide means no one is left to fight, and Gorum doesn't want that.

Doesn't this kinda make Gorum a pissy hypocrite, since he wants there to be only War, but without things like peace, hearth, home, and family then there won't be any people, supplies, or reasons to fight?
Seems awfully short sighted of him. If anything it makes Szuriel's fatalism seem much more honest and genuine for a war god.

>> No.44312057



>> No.44312081

That's true, although honestly I think I'd have an easier time selling fellow PCs on accepting necromancy and undeath (not even using it in the party, since antipaladins aren't great casters, but just convincing them of why it's not such a bad thing) than cannibalism, since necromancy at least has some practical benefits.

Well, I guess that's probably moot. If the character would have to convince the rest of the party to overlook his/her support of necromancy and cannibalism, he/she is probably not a good fit for that party

Hm, now that I'm looking at the archetype again, I can see that you're correct. That's kind of lame, but I'm sure the designers weren't really thinking about balance very hard for an archetype that they likely imagined would almost exclusively be used by NPCs. In a way, that presents a quandary, as there's still little fluff reason why an Urgathoan antipaladin wouldn't take it- just very strong mechanical reasons. Still, it's not that big of a deal, and I doubt anyone would bitch me out for not using the archetype.

Probably The Succubus lady? Wait, I guess she's not technically a god. Um... Urgathoa, maybe? Vampires or ghosts can be pretty hot. Liches too even, with the right magic. But the zombies, maybe not so much.

>> No.44312092


I think Nualia is the exception to the rule.

And that worshipers of Lamashtu would rather fuck the things you're fighting than fuck you.

>> No.44312102

Lamashtu. Plus, they put out all the time and are the ones most likely to be tender and loving

>> No.44312141

Seal-Breaker is a much better undead themed Antipaladin. Check it out.

>> No.44312169

Yeah, but they seem the most likely of the antipaladin Gods to be merciful. Plus, if you read those codes again, her viewpoints and desires are ultimately sympathetic and caring (if horribly misguided) in nature.

>> No.44312198

>must succeed a DC 15 Fortitude save or become staggered for one round
>has a +14 Fortitude bonus
What the fuck.

>> No.44312227


There are ways to lower someone's Fort save or raise the DC, and it's probably more thematic than practical.

>> No.44312297

Nobody ever said Gorum wasn't an idiot.

>> No.44312373

Gorum confirmed for an Ork

Actually, come to think of it, I think he would be just happy as a plum if he had his own planet of Orks to watch over. Constantly warring, slaughter only birthing more, and loyalties and titles change all the time so nothing ever stays the same for long. He would just absolutely love the green mushrooms.

>> No.44312447

>Implying Gorum isn't secretly Khorne.

>> No.44312496

Hm... Well it's got an obvious fix on working towards releasing sealed undead (the PFSRD doesn't mention Tar-Baphon but I'm sure that's just because they can't reference setting info like that) that I don't actually care for. I would rather play an Urgathoan antipaladin who would release undead when it's convenient rather than one who makes it his primary goal to do so.

Plus, I'm not sure it's actually that useful of an archetype. When you keep in mind that antipaladins actually make shitty necromancers themselves, the base antipaladin looks better in comparison. For the antipaladin, you're not getting Animate Dead until 10th level and even then your caster level is only 7th.

Kind of ironic, actually. Are there any magic items like a staff or something that would let an antipaladin do a good job of animating dead?

>> No.44312552

Actually, this is a good point.
Why is Gorum CN instead of CE when ultimately all he wants is people to war and slaughter each other continuously for little to no reason?

I know Gorum is willing to grant boons of Power go even good people who fight, but really the only reason Khorne doesn't (though he might without our knowing *coughcoughcaptaintituscough*) is because everyone in his setting is super paranoid and immediately kills anyone who shows signs of his taint.

>> No.44312555

>read the part with the story of Aroden
>he founded the Pathfinder Society's predecessor
>was bros with Deskari
>Casandalee is gif related
>Shelyn wears her dad's pelt
>Droskar forged him a not!Ghal-Maraz
>Iomedae was his archnemesis

I can see why you guys screencapped this.

>> No.44312585

Gorum is simply the god of battle for battle's sake. He has no ulterior motives.

>> No.44312623

That's why you build the legendary Lich King anti-oradin.

Seal-Breaker Antipaladin 4/Black-Blooded Orcale (Bones Mystery) 6/Holy Vindicator 10.

Makes you a god like necromancer.

>> No.44312626

He just wants to fight, anon. Gorum is the god of war. That's not inherently good or evil. I'm not even entirely sure it's inherently capital-c Chaotic. It's loud and messy, sure, but so's sex and legislature and neither are inherently Chaotic.

>> No.44312705

What IS gif related? Looks like someone posted a picture of her in that Noiralog picture too, and considering the filename I'm supposing her name is Giffany. Is she some crazy digital yandere from a game or something?

>> No.44312753

>crazy digital yandere from a game inside a cartoon

FTFY, but you were almost there!

>> No.44312876

Character from an episode of Gravity Falls

>> No.44312878

I'm not really seeing the purpose of the Holy Vindicator there, and by extension the Antipaladin. Wouldn't you be better off just going straight Oracle or Cleric if you want to be an awesome necromancer?

>> No.44313283


I see Gorum more as the god of battle, but not slaughter.

He'd be just as happy if armies fought with clubs and knocked each other out instead of outright killing. It's the fighting he likes, not the death.

>> No.44313429

Holy Vindicator is a strong prestige class in the right hands but yeah I'm also confused as to why its the focus of a necromancy build. Being able to channel to heal undead is great and all but it hardly seems "god-like".

>> No.44313467

Will you fight?

That is the only question Gorum asks. He's the God of war and fighting, but the fighting can be metaphorical. Gorum would help a young student studying diligently about a subject he is weak on, as well as someone fighting off a serious illness. Gorum is the God of not giving up, of never given in. If you will fight, he's got your back.

>> No.44313589

That's not at all true. Have you actually read Gorum's inner sea gods pages?

He's the god of anyone who engages in violence against a target that defends itself in any way. He's totally okay with killing children, so long as they were armed and tried to stab you (even if its hopeless) but he disagrees with slaughtering the unarmed or invalid.

He doesn't care about struggle in other forms, only conflict.
Here are some passages about him
Gorum’s is an all-or-nothing faith. An individual is either brave or a coward; he either stares the enemy in the eye or drops his gaze in shame. Gorum demands only that his faithful constantly prove themselves in battle. If there’s no convenient war, daily duels and other mock battles can satisfy this need for a time, but Gorumites living in a peaceful region tend to wander off in search of conflict—or start some of their own.

Battles of words and wits
tire him, not because he lacks the intellect for them, but because he finds them as pointless and unsatisfying as crushing ants—true challenges are those where lives are on the line and a moment’s hesitation can mean blood and pain.

>> No.44313613 [SPOILER] 


>> No.44313693

Yeah, I'm not trying to say Holy Vindicator isn't an okay prestige class (once you get past the "No prestige class that costs caster levels can be good" mindset, anyway). I just mean that it doesn't have any features that are geared towards helping necromancy, either directly (like buffing undead specifically) or indirectly (like raising your caster level and thus how much undead you can animate). You could take it as a necromancer, but I'm pretty sure you'd be better off just sticking with oracle or cleric if being a kickass necromancer is your goal. Slipping in a few levels of Antipaladin will ultimately be detrimental to most necromancer builds I think, but if you want your necromancer to be a bit more capable of walking into battle himself a few levels can be okay (particularly if you're not playing in a really hi-op group).

>> No.44313707

WTF is with the "Deceiving" quality? The last sentence contradicts the one before it.

>> No.44313783

I think it means that they see it as being more potent, but something (could be anything, including the type of attack) isn't what they thought it was. Whether they connect it and realize just how potent the attack was or not is up to the gm or w/e

>> No.44313801

No it doesn't. If a Paladin hits you with a Smite Evil buffed attack, then they think it deals the extra damage, even if it doesn't. Then they can make a DC 20 Sense Motive check, if it passes they they realize it didn't do the thing, but not because of the armor. It's super clear.

>> No.44313886

Yeah people really overhype casting levels for gish/special ability based builds. Losing caster levels doesn't hurt a Dragon Disciple or a Druid/Monk because they build for different things.

At High Level an Antipaladin (with that +2 CL trait) is literally 1 level weaker than a traditional necromancer at using Animate Dead. A single classed anti-paladin could be a good necromancer especially with the saving throw aura and the free morghs a seal-breaker can summon but I'm at a loss as to why he multi-classed it.

To be honest a well made cleric (possibly an oracle too) would be solid in melee anyway. One advantage evil oracles have over clerics is they can forge Onyx Spears though, which lets you turn party members (or yourself) into Juju Zombies, which are basically Zombie Lords.

>> No.44314027

Arg, bitching about stuff when high is bad, sorry.

>> No.44314147

>To be honest a well made cleric (possibly an oracle too) would be solid in melee anyway.

Yeah, definitely. There are plenty of ways to build oracles and clerics for a focus on martial combat with spells for support, so pulling that as a necromancer shouldn't be too much different. Onyx Spears are also kick-ass, but I'm not sure how many DMs would let a PC use one to become undead so easily, particularly if also using those little tricks an oracle can do to basically become Juju Zombie+. Personally, I'd probably allow it, but I'm one of those faggots that likes necromancy.

Anyway, as far as prestige classing at the cost of caster levels goes, or even multiclassing in general, the way I look at it is less "Well damn, I'm a shittier caster now" and more "Well in addition to being a martial now I've also got some spell casting". Basically, see it as a martial with some spells rather than as a caster who sucks at his job. Like I said before, unless you're in a really hi-op game you can probably get away with it just fine.

>> No.44314211

Juju Zombies are -better- than zombie lords.

>> No.44314324

Bumping this request.

>> No.44314334

> Joining 3 Different group
> No one wants to play fullcaster
Is this a common thing or is it just my area?

>> No.44314365

Fullcasters tend to make the game way too easy (or way to micromanaging if you don't like memorizing spell lists). So, many newbies prefer things without giant spell lists, and many grognards avoid fullcasters because they kinda overshadow everything else. It's not always common, but it's not exactly rare either.

>> No.44314391

It's harsh when the AP is balance around Player having access to a certain spell at specific level.

>> No.44314399

Especially thanks to the fact you don't need to be level 11 to make them if you use an Onyx Spear.
DM's should honestly let players acquire templates through gold expenditure. A lot of people think of templates as something that should eat into levels, but what it should actually eat into is treasure budget. It's perfectly reasonable to compare Half-Dragon to a pile of magic items.

>> No.44314403

How would I obtain the PoW book other than amazon? Most of pazio is very vague on what maneuvers do

>> No.44314428

Wands are a thing.
Hit the d20pfsrd, has far more details.

>> No.44314503

Wand only goes up to 4th level spell.

>> No.44314663

Scrolls are a thing

>> No.44314894

Not going to work unless you do a pure UMD build. At that point, you better just play a full caster.

>> No.44314919

D20pfsrd is missing half of the disciplines

>> No.44314967

You do realize that those disciplines haven't even been published yet, right? PoW E is apparently in layout after they finally finished it. Hey DSP guys, what's our ETA on that?

>> No.44314989


>> No.44314992

D20pfsrd has a shop, on one of the top tabs to the left. They usually have DSP products for sale there, including PDFs. Also every $20 lets you have a free shitty PDF from the D20SRD list.

>> No.44315002

Quit being a fag already.

>> No.44315102

My nigga, Iron tortise doesnt even have most of it's shit there

>> No.44315130

>Neutral Evil Sarenrae
>literally Sarenrae Snackbar

I literally don't know what that means.

>> No.44315162


Sarenrae becomes stereotypical "Religion of Peace" Islam.

>> No.44315170


It doesn't? I must have missed it.

>> No.44315201

Don't even act like you don't want some hot qlippoth body

>> No.44315307

any time i click on a link (if there is one) it takes me back to the main maneuver page

>> No.44315315



>> No.44315331

Yeah, Black Seraph is about the only one that's been entered completely.

>> No.44315334

The links are broken, just scroll down to the bottom of the page.

>> No.44315350

I have begun brainstorming for a new class based on these guys.
I'm thinking some combination of mechanics from Sound Striker Bard, and Zen Archer Monk.

Anyone have ideas on features, or thoughts as to what should go into this?

>> No.44315364

thanks nerds

>> No.44315369

ctrl+f instead

>> No.44315486

Oh, Aloha Snackbar. I didn't make the already flimsy connection.

>> No.44315609

Cult of the Dawnflower says hello.

>> No.44315628

So I'm trying to rework my Warder to be relevant to the party. I'm level 5 and want to be useful to the current party of 2 beefy beat sticks, a kinetecist and a gunslinger. Help me out /pfg/. I have the character being played as the Body guard of the party so I would like to have some Eternal guardian discipline tricks in my abilities.

>> No.44315654

Do you have an established statline already? Race? Is Bloodforge on the table?

>> No.44315701

I went with Warforged and statline is set. No Idea what Bloodforge is

>> No.44315760

what's the statline, and are you opposed to multiclassing?

>> No.44315804

i cant remember off the top of my head, but we did 4d6 drop one and i rolled well. And no, but i'd like to stick towards initiator classes

>> No.44315845

So... anyone still around? I finished the level three stuff.

I'm really not sure about this.


Need opinions on the lvl 3 stance.

>> No.44315856

replace "they may attempt to take vengeance against me" with "they need to deal with it" and Calistria's code reads like an SJW manifesto

>> No.44315930


Unsurprisingly, Calistria is more or less the ultimate SJW goddess.

>> No.44315961

Yeah, after they've covered themselves in Exploding Runes.

>> No.44315977

>ow the edge


This does not compute.

>> No.44316037


>Implying massive amounts of vengeance for petty grievances isn't SJW
>Implying SJW aren't edgy
>Implying the types of relationships SJW get into aren't just elaborate forms of prostitution

>> No.44316117

Sounds like someone is butthurt.

>Generic SJW Boogeyman.
Keep /v/ on /v/

>> No.44316139

You're really here reaching dude, just chill

>> No.44316146


To be fair, some parts of the "callout culture" crowd can be even worse than some of the nastier parts of Anonymous in taking revenge on somebody for quasi-imagined slights, but on the whole I have to agree with you, Calistria's got way too much "I do what I want, fuck you" to be appealing to that crowd, who are very concerned with what others think of them lest they be next.

>> No.44316158


Anon, it doesn't take a smart man to look at every example of a worshiper of Calistria and notice they're pretty much SJW cut-outs.

>> No.44316205

Provide evidence or gtfo.

Also, you're aware of the tale of 'The boy who cried SJW' right?

>> No.44316249

But all the things you described are not specific to SJW or defining. An SJW could exist without any of those and many other groups exist who have those behaviors.

Its like describing an apple as red. Yes, there are many things that are red though and there are versions of apples that are not red. Red isn't a defining trait of being an apple.

>> No.44316312

my life is my path and none shall sway me from it=SLUTWALK/tell me I was asking for it/my body my choice/fat acceptance etc etc

I devote myself to the pursuit of social justice and remain an unemployed leech or fabricate SJW jobs that have no other purpose besides paying me to spout my shit

I take what I desire by trick or by force, if others resent it they can deal with it

all imagined slights against me will be repaid tenfold

I am the instrument of my own justice, if wronged I will take vengeance with my own hands by bitching on my tumblr/blog/website article etc

just change the 'graciously accepting vengeance' part to 'none may question my weak logic' and it fits perfectly. even the prostitution (slut glorification) and edge.

>> No.44316348

Now I'm thinking about that one thing... if all _____ are ______ and all _____ are _____... etc

But I can't think of what the fuck was in the blanks. iirc they were nonsense words or Dr. Seussian words but I can't remember them for the life of me.

>> No.44316356

Nick Cage in Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans confirmed as SJW by these rulings.

>> No.44316384

You should be an porn star, you can clearly pull anything from your ass.

>> No.44316425

Sounds like a neat party trick. Until someone goes "hey pull a beer out of your ass" and they do and then everyone stares at the guy who asked for the beer expecting him to drink it.

>> No.44316435


>Ale & Whores

...So a PC archetype nearly everyone played or imagined at some point in their life was, by your reckoning, a SJW?

>> No.44316443

>Implying that at anon's parties, they won't just drink directly from the ass.

>> No.44316471

>you sound like an SJW because of your butthurt from having too many things figuratively and literally shoved up your ass

chill. it was just an observation from reading the descriptions in >>44311219

>> No.44316477

Well yeah. Characters who like sex and sexuality and take part in wars or theft sound exactly like the whiny tumblr crowd that censor all depictions of the human body and call any act of violence or sex rape. They could not be more similar.

>> No.44316500

It was an abrasive observation based on no facts designed only to incite argument by changing every word in Calistria's code, then claiming you had discovered the true meaning. The only one not chill here is you.

>> No.44316501

What? I am almost positive you are joking but it is hard to tell over the internet.

>> No.44316522

What a dumb conversation.

>> No.44316556

>whiny tumblr crowd that censor all depictions of the human body
>supports all kind of in-your-face faggot/dyke imagery
>celebrates the sexiness of disgusting landwhales with fat rolls spilling out everywhere
they only censor calls to reason, anon

>> No.44316559

And what a sorry attempt at posting and pretending to not be involved in it. Either bitch and moan like the SJW wannabe or throw shit at the SJW wannabe or try to change the topic (or target). Quit being a scared little girl. This is 4chan, where everyone is expected to carry their torch and pitchfork with pride!

>> No.44316582


It happens when talk gets political. It'll pass.

In the interests of offering another topic of conversation, and since I have goddesses on the brain at the moment:

Who would win if all the Good-aligned major goddesses duked it out in a free-for-all (no godslaying or anything, just an arbitrary friendly test of who's the strongest with no hard feelings involved)?

I'm guessing Sarenrae, since Rovagug and all, but could some of the others take her?

>> No.44316585

What the actual fuck are you talking about?

Christ, no wonder nobody takes you retards seriously, if this is how you sound.

>> No.44316592

Dude, for serious, chill. Take a nap or something.

>> No.44316604

Shelyn, because everyone wants her to be their waifu.

>> No.44316608

Anon i said two opposites were the same thing. Yes it was a joke.
Its a shame there's no torch and pitchfork TWF feat. Yeah you can use a torch and a trident, but its not the same without some special bonus to it.

>> No.44316630

Nah, I got my popcorn and my rotten fruit. I occasionally lob something when I see a prime shot, and nom and enjoy the shitstorm for the rest of the time.
Holy shit, sounds like something for the homebrew general to scrap together. And it has to be something a 1st level commoner can take, because mobs.

>> No.44316632

He had a successful /pfg/ thread, and then many more?

>> No.44316633

I'd create a feat along the lines of Thunder and fang.

>> No.44316634

Iomedae is likely pretty weak since she's so new.
I wouldn't underestimate Shelyn or Desna though.

>> No.44316656


>> No.44316660


>A great battle between the goddesses is arranged, Sarenrae and Iomedae getting stoked to finally test their strength against each other
>Shelyn derails it by suggesting a pillow fight instead, and nobody's got the heart to say no

Of course, the actual winner of the resulting pillow-fight is Cayden Cailean, who walked by just as things were getting interesting without being noticed and stopped to watch.

>> No.44316688

Well I'd be tempted to say Sarenrae or Desna.

>> No.44316705

Any advice for a blowgun-using vayist guru 3//paladin 3? GM okayed blowguns as philosophy weapons. Race grants flight.

>> No.44316707

Milani, because she's the favorite.

>> No.44316709

nah, the only thing I changed was the 'vengeance' bit, which I acknowledged was the only point that sounded antithetical to the SJW mindset. all the other changes merely demonstrated how that code is a near perfect reflection - of course there are no fucking slutwalks or blogs in the pathfinder realm.

and I never said anything about revealing a 'true meaning', just that the code sounded hilariously similar to what a social justice hipster might profess from the heart.

>> No.44316716

Satan-flying-a-Mistubishi-Zero has a point.

>> No.44316720

Winner is the Callistra-Cayden Cailean alliance, Callistra makes it a sexy pillow fight, Cayden just sits there and lets Callistra do all the work.

>> No.44316721

>Another great campaign up in flames

I can't believe I'm actually getting upset at this trend, am I cursed or something?

>> No.44316731

So, on another note, who else is waiting for the rise of the antichrist? >>66666666 can't come soon enough for me! I demand more posting!

>> No.44316751

I don't know why you are multiclassing Paladin Guru.

>> No.44316756

Folca Anti-Paladin code when?


>> No.44316778

Don't worry anon, I've had it happen so many times I'm starting to wonder if I should just retire and become a full hermit. Hell, I only go out these days to game and to work, might as well shun all of society and go off the grid or some shit.

>> No.44316786

What do you think went wrong with it?

Alternately, learn to GM.

>> No.44316788

>of course there are no fucking slutwalks or blogs in the pathfinder realm.

I am like 80% sure there are Shelyn priests in Kintargo that host slutwalks, anon.

I say this because of the "official" culture in Kintargo, the "real" culture in Kintargo, and the nature of just how Shelyn priests seem to operate given evidence in the Hell's Rebels AP (The trans-man discovered her masculinity by hanging out with Shelynite priests at a young age, who encouraged her to "be that way.")

>> No.44316802

They appear to be Gestalting it. At least if the // means what I think it usually means.

>> No.44316809

You added things like imagined, you decided that the freedom to choose your own life automatically means fat pride, you totally twisted the pursuit of my passions into something unrecognizable and in general completely misrepresented both SJWs and Callistria. Its like saying hitler was a jew because both like to give away money. Its nonsense.

>> No.44316815


I feel you, anon. I only just got out of a rut where it seemed like I'd GM a campaign, someone else would take the GM hat, and then things would fall apart almost immediately, I'd be asked to run in the interim, and months would go by before I got to play again.

That only recently ended, and I hope to god I'm not jinxing it.

>> No.44316817

either you're a moron who doesn't know anything about the 'socially progressive' attitudes of SJWs and their propensity to celebrate such imagery instead of censor it, or you're just a moron acting like you don't. either way, you're a moron.

>> No.44316833


Speaking of gestalt, why do I always see games that are like MYTHIC QUAD GESTALT 100 POINT... E6

Am I missing something here or is one thing in that last not like the others?

>> No.44316840

also if switching up classes may help i'm up for scrapping the current build (would prefer not to but eh)

>> No.44316853

>What do you think went wrong with it?

The DM just fucking disappeared, that's what. It's been two weeks since we heard from the guy and he hasn't shown up to the third session in a row.

Literally the only campaign that hasn't died from DMs fucking off or players mass-quitting when things get exceptionally shitty is the first campaign I joined, which has bypassed "exceptionally shitty" to become "boring but the guys are okay."

I just want to taste what else is out there, anon, and all I'm tasting is shit.

>> No.44316856

Some people genuinely believe E6 improves balance, especially they believe casters don't actually "become overpowered" until they get 5th level spells.

>> No.44316862

Shit that sounds kinda fun. What exactly are you asking though?

>> No.44316879

Even so, its mixing a CHA and a Wis class who both need plenty of physical stats, its beyond MAD.

>> No.44316882


Again, slut pride would be more of a Calistria thing, given that Shelyn's portfolio doesn't include sex. Shelynites are big about being yourself and inner beauty and that hippie stuff, but they're not really involved in sexuality beyond its uses as an expression of love.

>> No.44316883

this is indeed the case. my paladin's being powered up with a ritual that "strengthens the bond between the conscious mind and the aspect of the subconscious that informs your actions and decisions." so, guru.

>> No.44316913


Aaaaaand you lost me.

>> No.44316914

Rolled stats (because GM's a derp sometimes). Current statline is 12 14 14 12 18 16. Paladin was the starting class, guru's the new addition.

>> No.44316937

Well keep in mind there's a feat that lets you invest essence in lay on hands and keep in mind there are veils that let you disarm magical traps (with quite big bonuses to disable) to help you capitalize on the dex you surely have for your blowgun.

>> No.44316947

Don't know what E6 is? It means you stop leveling at level 6 and start spending xp directly on feats from then on basically.

>> No.44316950

>no true scotsman
sorry, go ahead and downboat my comment since it rubs you the wrong way. I have nothing against Callistria btw, it was just a fucking observation.

>> No.44316960

I know what it is, it's just stupid is all.

>> No.44316983

oh hell I'm taking essence of recovery asap. thanks for the tip on trapfinding.

>> No.44316988

Never played an E6 (or any other E#) game myself, but if it was run well it could be fun.

>> No.44317135

Whelp, it looks like the shitstorm finally calmed down and I'm also out of popcorn so I'm off to watch some cardcaptor sakura. While that was entertaining, I'm rather late for my daily dose of sickeningly cute. Have fun storming the castle!

>> No.44317229

I'd say give it appropriately complex prerequisites but with a special note that commoners can ignore the prerequisites.

>> No.44317287

>tfw the DM insists we do a holiday session from 12:00 PM- 8:00 PM tomorrow.

This wouldn't even be an in-person thing, it's on Roll20.

>> No.44317312


>Stop leveling when most classes get interesting

What Kuthite thought this shit up?

>> No.44317320 [SPOILER] 

So Folca is a Space Pirate?

>> No.44317386


No, he is literally a rapist pedophile in a truck labeled "free candy."

>> No.44317420

>meanwhile, Noiralog Folca is Santa Claus

Just do it, anon. What could go wrong?

>> No.44317491

>Just do it, anon. What could go wrong?

I waste my day on a terribly mediocre session playing a fighter in Kingmaker when I could be doing a laundry list of chores, idle fancies and partnered enjoyment of this winter's unseasonably warm weather?

My DM acts sometimes like he doesn't have a life off the computer, I do.

>> No.44317499

Insinuator, you say?

>> No.44317576

Sarenrae is basically a mishmash of Zoroastrianism and Islam.

>> No.44317593


New Thread!

>> No.44317650

>unseasonably warm weather
>Its fucking 75 where I live.
>Governor banned the word climate change from state Department of Environmental Protection

I grow more convinced that Rick Scott is a lizard man every day.

>> No.44318551

Or maybe he knows that your rage is only empowering them and the more people that ignore SJWs the weaker they get.

>> No.44318845

Probably Sarenrae or Erastil.

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