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>Initiating awakening procedures
>Loading memory banks
>Activate protocol dice+1d10

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Rolled 6 (1d10)


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Rolled 6 (1d10)

in the options field, newfriend

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I give you my thanks for awakening me, my illuminor. I remember now that our dynasty fought under another, more powerful phaeron's. I was a member of his court. Remind me, which of the ancient star gods did we pledge our loyalty to in ages past? (1d10)

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Rolled 3 (1d10)

Our lord and savior space jesus.

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Rolled 8 (1d10)

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We served under the Nightbringer, who gave all sentients the fear of death. We gave him a taste of his most favored gift. Tell me, what new factions of this millennium have proven the most troublesome? (1d10)

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Rolled 5 (1d10)


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dice+1d10 in the options field, friendo.

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The Krork are still extant, you say? These former servants of the Old Ones cannot be allowed to exist.

>Warning. Damage sustained from hibernation. diagnosis underway... (1d10)

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Rolled 2 (1d10)


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>Warning. Unexpected C'tan interference. (1d10 for which C'tan shard we serve)

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That what I typed but the phone can't uncapitalize the first letter

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Rolled 7 (1d10)

Deceiver get

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All glory to the Lord of Fire. What are our current goals, illuminor? (1d100)

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Just an FYI, that chart co flayed his name with an ability, his Name is The Burning one

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Rolled 13 (1d100)

To gain control over dank memes

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We must assist the burning one in its plans. We shall bring death in fire! Illuminor, please tell me which of the current sentient races have the most ideal bodies for when we return to the flesh. (1d100)

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Rolled 93 (1d100)

The Tau seem pretty cool. Let's try them first.

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No, we will not return to the flesh. Flesh can burn, and I have no desire to do so.

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Alright, that's it for our rolls. Let's fluff it up!

Here's a list of what we got:
We fought under another rebel phaeron as a member of his court during the secession wars.

We fought with the Nightbringer during the war in heaven.

We are enemies with the orks.

We are bound in servitude to a shard of Nyadra'zatha, the Burning One.

Our goal is to help a fractured C'tan in its schemes.

We do not seek to regain organic bodies.

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>We fought with the Nightbringer during the war in heaven.
>We are bound in servitude to a shard of Nyadra'zatha, the Burning One.

The Night is dark and full of terrors, but the Fire burns them all away.

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We are led by the esteemed phaerakh Melisandrekh, who communes with the Burning One and relays his wishes to her court.

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Which dynasty did we fight under during the wars of secession?

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I guess Sunday isn't the best time to start a thread.

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Um... we gonna go kill some krorks?

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Maybe these necrons don't use gauss blasters, but weapons "blessed" by The Burning One that function in much the same way.

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Does nobody want to participate? I thought /tg/ liked these kinds of threads.

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Where do you get those different colored rods for the gauss blasters?
I've wanted to make some Necrons with a red highlight, but I can't find red rods anywhere

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Scroll down and there's a section about fluorescent rods, you should be able to cut them into the right dimensions.

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You'll need size 3/32"

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The Dynasty of Ash, whose name is long forgotten, has brokered a pact with a shard of the ancient star-god Nyadra'zatha, the Burning One: they will give it fuel for its fires, and in time, it will show them how to regain a biological form. This form is not of flesh, however. They will become beings of pure flame, and wreak destruction upon their ancient enemies, the orks, who forced them into hibernation millenia ago.

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