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So half humans /tg/, how do you do it?

I ask because I have some ideas for a setting where the main race is humans, but many of them are hybrids in some way.
Already I have;
>Animal human hybrids (satyrs, minotaurs, etc)
>Vampire/Undead Human hybrid (dhampir, ghoulish people, etc.)
>Demon human hybrid
>God/Divine human hybrid
>Plant/nature human hybrid

What other sort of halfsie races could you envision and what sort of special abilities could they have?

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By abilities, what do you mean? Subtle physiological stuff like low light vision and heightened immune systems or "once per encounter, can use Laser Eyes racial power"

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Either or, really.

Also; changes in things like stats and stuff work too. Obviously more magical creatures crossed with humans would probably result in magical racial powers instead of more practical and realistic ones.

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>I have some ideas

Oh boy, here we go.


None of those "ideas" are remotely creative, so Google would seem to be the obvious go-to for you. Come back after you've exhausted those millions of results, k?


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Something I've been wrestling with recently, actually. I've used animal/human hybrids as actual individual, naturally evolved races (They aren't s human-like, though). Vampires, at least, are something like changelings - servants of fae in the material realm. Everything else I've been working through as it comes.

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Not OP, but if they aren't creative, how about you provide some better ideas?

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I never said I was being original, I just took the most common ones and asked for more ideas because I was looking for ideas BEYOND the common ones.

But instead of being helpful or just ignoring you went on a tirade about 'why did you start a thread with the common ones hurr' like that wasn't the fucking point.

Are you gonna pull the fedora out of your ass already? Jesus Christ.

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Creativity is dead! --- Shakespeare

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The only good Sub-Human is a dead one.

>Animal human hybrids (satyrs, minotaurs, etc)
We sell them to the Butcher.

>Vampire/Undead Human hybrid (dhampir, ghoulish people, etc.)
Cleansing Fire.

>Demon human hybrid
We burn them at the stake.

>God/Divine human hybrid
We also burn them at the stake.

>Plant/nature human hybrid
We find out if they are edible and probabl also sell them to the Butcher.

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Don't you usually burn food before eating it?

Fire for everyone

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Describe how a member of each of these hybrids came to be made, and I'll give ideas for possible other races and special abilities.

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I love thinking this kind of shit up.

Size is kind of an obvious direction, either tiny people or giants, or size changers, such as fairies that could be 6 inches tall and change to be human sized if they needed.

One race I made was a race of 6 inch tall 'smart / scientific' types that piloted human sized robots to interact with humans.

Another aspect is energies. Normally done as elementals / half elementals, but doesn't have to go that far. Hot people who like to chill out around volcanoes, bathe in boiling water because its comfortable to them, that kind of stuff.

Could go for material types as well. Rock people, people who are half metal, people who can change into a gas form at will.

In terms of animals, going for more unusual species can be refreshing. Insects like scorpion people, reptiles like chameleon people, go for a shark, puffer fish, or sword fish type.

Just find areas of concepts that you can add onto people, and think about how it would effect their lifestyle.

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Half something not normally considered a living creature. Half ocean. Half mountain. Half sunlight or moonlight. Blame it on some kind of primal spirits or something.

Half fundamental force of some sort; not just life or death or something. I mean half entropy. Half cosmic force of creation. Half stagnation. Half... magnets...?

Half an animal that's wildly different from humans in size, dimensions, environment, etc. Half blue whale. Half flea. Half spider (not like a drider, be creative). Half tyrannosaurus. Half tadpole. Half tick. Half platypus. Half clam. Half those weird giant worms that grow around undersea vents.

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>Describe how a member of each of these hybrids came to be made
When a human and a not-human love each other very much...

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>Had to trail off unfinished because he couldn't fit all the writing and descriptions into just one post

Oh boy here we go!

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They can walk through walls, disappear, and fly.

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Ever read the Xanth series by Peirs Anthony? In the early books there are love potion lakes and unwitting humans/creatures/monsters/plants would drink from it and fuck.

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half mimic? or would that just end up functioning like a doppelganger... though you'd mimic objects not people hmm...
half gibbering mouther? uhhh...

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Actually I just stopped because thinking about it made me want to fap.

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Played in a setting once where the gods got really interested when humans came into being as the first sapient species, and used them massively in selective breeding experiments to try to get more things like them into existence. Basically if something could reproduce, the gods bred humans with it. From the other common races to monsters and anything in between, they all came as a result of repeated generations of selection for traits, genes, etc. from humans. Eventually the gods ended up with things they liked and satisfied their curiosities so laid off on the experiments and abruptly left humans alone, with the unfortunate byproduct of humans technically able to crossbreed with pretty much anything. So from Elves to Dragons to even just normal animals like cows, as per normal they could reproduce within their own species but nothing else, *unless* it was humans in which case they could interbreed. As well, there were some pretty fucked up and spooky failed experiments, or halfway generations between human and something else, that were lurking about usually in hiding.

>tl;dr humans were the first intelligent creatures to evolve, the gods got drunk and started breeding them with animals, plants or whatever else they could find to see what would happen and what they could get

So yeah, there were lots of messed up creatures, and half-creatures running around that often required attention. Pretty sure it was the DM's magical realm, though at least it created something of an interesting but disturbing setting.

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Seconded. They are much more unique than the other guys.

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Canon reasons?

>Human x Animal
Made either from people fucking animals (rare) or from an animal spirit inhabiting a person's balls or womb. Either as revenge or a spirit guardian kind of thing.

Usually either stillborn who impossibly lived or near death experience people. They act a bit like energy vampires in a way, they can also 'drink' ghosts.

>Half Demon
Made usually from demon Covens and literal sex with demons. Kinda spooky. Demons come from the sun btw, long story.

Born from the child of a great man or literal God, larger then life.

Dryads. Usually born from either a man's seed literally watering the roots of a tree or from some other kind of spirit pact with a foerst.

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>Made either from people fucking animals

Why does that result in offspring lol

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>half tadpole
Pedophilia AND bestiality. Thanks a lot, anon.

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This man does not wear a fedora.

It wears him.

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I love having different sized races interact. Might be better when In have some pictures or something to better show the differences, but it's fun.

One important thing tondo is to have the sheets before the game starts and talk to your players about what they want. It can help you world build and them to start getting into character.

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This is just D&D.

Shifters, Necropolitans/Dhampirs, Tieflings, Aasimars, Dryads/those plant babies whose name I forget, etc.

Literally any monster in D&D has a shitty "human fucked this" half-human variant.

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>All everyone plays is DnD
>Monster types that have been around for centuries are 'just dnd'
>I am this much of a tool

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People who have a thick bump on the back of their neck that's actually a seed. When they die it falls off and when planted they grow back from it into their prime.

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The various yuan-ti ae half-human/half-snake, give or take.

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What about half-fae catboys?

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Pathfinder has vishkanya.

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