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Old thread: >>43890199

Post any art requests you have ITT. Keep in mind, the drawfriends are doing this for free, so do not be surprised or upset if they gloss over your post. Just be patient, and bump your request ONE time, every 24 hours after posting it. Don't be a jerk and immediately repost your request because you don't like the FREE art you received.

Additionally, please provide good, detailed references (pictures are better than vernal descriptions), so the artists know what you're looking for as best you can.

If you've recently had a request filled by a drawfriend, please be considerate of less fortunate anons and hold off on additional requests for a while.

Mind your manners, don't be rude to other people's requests, and remember to say thank you!

Feel free to drop your tumblrs/websites/commission/etc information drawfriends.

Books and Tutorials:


Paint Tool Sai: Need a mirror plz

Figure Drawing:

Beginners Guide to Drawing: https://archive.is/GNIq1

The w/ic/i art guide: https://sites.google.com/site/ourwici/

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Can somebody put a tag on the top of this? Or title these things

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He WAS told to. Explicitly.

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lol wasn't one of the last posts of the previous thread to put "character art" in the subject?

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>Requesting a feminine Omox getting handed a flower, only for it to die in her hand as she blushes gets teary eyed
>and try not to make her an anime slimegirl
>I mean you can if you want but that's not what I'm going fo

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Requesting a 5"11 male wearing a Yokai mask, armored mortalcycle jacket and pants, and a long tattered black cloak without the hood. He can use illusions and make your fears appear if they where real, kind of like the orange lantern and his power but he doesn't need to kill anyone.

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I fucking told him.

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Uhhh I can explain.

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>armored mortalcycle jacket

What you have there is part of a modular MC jacket, the protectors and an inner lining. What isn't there is the actual jacket part.

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re-posting from the last thread then

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Repost: Can someone draw a full body shot of pic related, but as a clean shaven, Platinum Blonde-haired Male Tiefling? Ram style horns, half-smirk, almost prince Charming like flowy hair. Tone the armor down a bit, but essentially the same (plate, shield, flail, etc.)

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Repostan' my requesting for my Irish Elf Mystic Adept.
He's 197cm tall and decently buff for an elf. He's got a full ginger beard and keep his hair in a similarly colored bun. Green eyed and pale as any irishman should be.
He wears an armor jacket with "Burn Tir" in bold red letters written on it along with decently armored legs (Securetech PPP: Legs Kit). He's got a pair of swords (Think squarish falchions) straped to his side with a Remington Roomsweeper and Ruger Super Warhawk holstered at his lower back.

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I just looked up mortalcycle jackets and picked the first one, but I would still like that one, but I forgot to add a few things to the request, I wanted some parts of the whole costume to be candy red, and these on his arms.

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I have a little bit of an odd request, but I think it's thread-appropriate. Could one of you draw a guy in a suit of sci-fi armor (sans helmet)? He's on the younger side of things, especially considering he's supposed to be a member of humanities finest killing machines, but you can tell by looking at him that he knows what he's doing (maybe it's the killer beard), and he's got dark hair. That's pretty much all the guidelines I have for the character, you're the artist, have fun and go nuts. The armor is what I'm really looking for. The best way to describe it is fantasy knight armor but translated into a sci-fi setting. It's got some heft to it, but it isn't super heavy ala Space Marine armor, more along the lines of Mjolnir armor. I'm planning for this armor to be to my setting what lightsabers are to Star Wars. I know it isn't a lot to go on, but that's because I'm hoping you guys come up with some really cool, original ideas and because I don't know exactly what I want and lack any sort of creativity or originality of my own. Oh, and pixel art anon, I'd especially enjoy your take on it.

I apologize in advance if I'm asking too much or trying to steal the thread or if this kind of request doesn't even fit here at all.

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>im so sowwy guis if im being too weird :^)
Get over yourself, Christ. Just request your shit without being a faggot about it.

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Try this. I can't do color for shit.
[/spoiler]+1 Internet if you get the reference

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An 80's punk rock satyr

Go wild

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Reposting. Requesting a former pc gone off the deep end. She's a feral guardswoman with tattoos like the picture on her face, neck, and arms and carries a ramshackle eviscerator in addition to a worn lasgun and other gear that's in various states of disrepair. Her armor's has seen better days and her uniform is in tatters and caked with dried blood. Any fresh cuts and bullet wounds are animated, stitching themselves back together, her eyes are either vacant or full of malice, and her mouth, if open, reveals teeth that have been sharpened to points. If you want to do color, tattoo and weapon markings are blue, skin is tanned, armor and fatigues were olive drab, and hair would be reddish if clean. Thank you!

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I hate to sound pushy, but what's the odds of getting this 'done'? Assuming the original artist is still hanging around.

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I'd like to request a half-demon/devil/whatever evil creature bonding with their parents in hell/the abyss/whatever evil dimension they're spawned from.

Too many have troubled childhoods, I want to see one with a somewhat normal upbringing.

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This is my first time requesting anything and I don't know what's frowned upon and what isn't

>> No.43972617

I'm now imagining a reformed succubus bringing out a birthday cake for her daughter, while the kid's paladin dad, smokes a pipe in his recliner on the other side of the house, just listening to the sounds of the women he loves being happy.

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That's implying goodness.
I want a little kid floating their brass toyboat down the river of screaming souls as his parents picnic in the background. The little demon-kid and her dad flying flesh-kites on a beautiful day on the blood beach, a bright hellish green gun cursing in the sky. An undead minister and his half-dead kid playing pranks on the souls of sinful priests/scholars.
Stuff like that.

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I'd be totally fine with either. They both sound cute.

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New Thread Bump
Hey, kindly requesting a human woman (18) ~5 feet tall, with hair like the girl in the image. Se wields a rapier (hilt in image) and a dagger (In image) , wearing a tattered cloak/light leather armor and a scratch scar over her left eye.(she can still open her eye, it's just on her forehead to her cheek) Next to a half elf woman ~5'9 just wearing a black cloak and leather armor. She has black hair (about shoulder length) and a short sword with 2 standard daggers. I can make more reference photos if needed.

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Taking requests. Did this last thread

>> No.43972879

OP here looks great thanks!

>> No.43972935

Literally anything can tick off some random anon. Your request follows both the thread and board rules as far as I can tell, so don't worry about it.
Incidentally, would you want the focus be more on the armor or the face?

>> No.43972972

The armor please. The face would just be a nice bonus.

>> No.43973131

I'll take a crack at it.

>> No.43973280

Requesting again my Emperor's Children Ship Captain for an upcoming Black Crusade game.

1) He's a former member of the Palatine Blades from the Great Crusade, and still wears most of his MK4 Blades armor. Obviously chaos-ified since then, but the same armor as pictured except-

2) For the helmet. He wears a mutated artificer MK7 helmet with a hair crest. The helmet is colored white with gold metallic details. The hair is a violent shade of pink.

3) He wears a spiked leather rocket pant leg over the armor on his left leg. On both hands he wears studded black leather gloves as well.

4) Still wields his old Charnabal Sabre in his right hand.

5) Carries a grav pistol in his left.

6) Basic color scheme of his armor if a drawfriend wants to add color to it. Just a note, this is just the most detailed I could get. Feel free to turn his armor into your own canvas and splash pink, purple, and white paint over his armor like a true adopted son of Slaanesh.

Armor has mutated over time as well from exposure from exposure from the warp, so feel free to go with whatever daemonic design pops into your head, from metal figures of daemonettes to marble sculpts of snarling skulls.

Anybody? ;_;

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This would be nice

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I would like to request strange half-dragons; pick any sort of dragon and any animal in existence and make the resulting offspring.
Could be the result of a dragon with peculiar tastes or a wizard messing around with alchemy and powers that they shouldn't.

>> No.43973739

I have a request for Koboldanon:
2 curvy, female kobolds staring at a nervous looking rooster.

>> No.43973758

That is, staring hungrily at the roster. Mouths watering, that sort of thing.

>> No.43973828

I would like to request my magical girl, a 5'1 15 year old French girl whose power is essentially becoming harder/faster/stronger through thinking about animals, and she uses a greatsword, a bit too big for her but she can handle it with rather ease because magical girls.

It doesn't necessarily have to be in colour, but for explanation, the blue eye in the second image is essentially a third eye which she activates sometimes to see magic flows and and shit, feel free to add an effect of sorts or not. The first image is refference to her outfit, except she has her stomach covered by cloth and her right shoulder has a sort of pauldron/pad where she rests the sword.

The third image is a refference of the sword, it features a few runes across the blade instead of having those three bolt things.

I appreciate the time and effort beforehand and will thank if someone actually does this.

>> No.43973852

OR, this looks so good. Thanks again!
This doesn't exactly match the color scheme I had in mind for either the dino or the rider (example pictured), but it's still really rad. The gold and gray colors look hardcore. Looks like some kind of owl.

>> No.43973943

If you could provide a reference pic for the pose I'll try to do sth with it over the weekend?

>> No.43974026

Colorblind so I couldn't make it quite as brilliant as I imagined but I hope this works for you

>> No.43974333

Reposting from the last thread.

Hoping for a latina elf mage from Shadowrun. Wearing a long coat, a tac vest, and an SMG while doing something magic. Doesn't have to be in color if you don't feel it.

>> No.43974348

Requesting a film noir-style ghoul detective.

He should be wearing a typical detective suit of the period, but armored to make it effective in a fight. Ideally, the reinforcement should be obvious enough to notice in the drawing, but not so obvious as to detract too much from the suit's appearance.

I'd like him to use a Medusa 47 revolver. Throw in a sap or a blackjack if you've got the time.

>> No.43974376


>> No.43974847

Something like this anon? Sword is held out pointing while the pistol is limp and aimed at the ground?

Also, thanks a bunch.

>> No.43974874

I'm putting in my request again. It's for a PC in a future campaign.

The character is a swordsman, similar to the one in the pic, who wields a hedron charged with the power of the Old Ones. The hedron changes shape at random, mostly into diamonds, cubes, Decahedron's (basically die shapes). Its runes also pulse at random, glowing a faint blue whenever they are "lit". The hedron is made of stone, and hovers erratically around the swordman's head.

The swordsman can look deranged and unkempt, as his powers stem from exposure to an Old One source. His hair is brown, and he wears a cloak at all times. He has a pact weapon that he can turn into any kind of weapon, and favors single-handed blades.

>> No.43974890

This is the reference picture

>> No.43975562 [DELETED] 

I forgot to say that the second picture if far more to relate towards her general appearance. If a personality type is required, she's rather naive and jovial as she lived quite the few years since a small child into adolescence in forced shelter from the rest of the world.


>> No.43975581

I need a picture of a twili, from Legend of Zelda, wielding an oversized as fuck sword thanks to the silver guantlets.

Blew all my money on swag and skills, couldn't afford armor.

>> No.43975607

Forgot to say the picture most relatable to her appearance is the second one. Not a loli, but her jovial and naive attitude due to being sheltered for quite a few years led to such.

>> No.43975624

Is that zelda RPG system finally off the ground?

>> No.43975678

are you passive-aggressively suggesting that his post is off topic?

>> No.43975728

>/tg/ homebrews system
>it's weird and poorly written
>everyone says it's complex
>devs say no it's not, it's just weird
>if you play literally one round of combat you will understand it perfectly
>devs leave it as "beta" till after they get some community feedback
>no one ever plays it since it's not D&D nor fetish
>it dies


>> No.43975910

Nah, it's a serious question. I was disappointed when I heard it had some development issues... that >>43975728 apparently knows more about.

>> No.43975983

why don't you go read the system instead of complaining about it?

The devs finished it, no one played it because shitters like you went "WHAT DO YOU MEAN ACTIONS? I DON'T UNDERSTAND, WHAT DO I ADD TO MY D20?"

>> No.43976054

That's fucking cool

>> No.43976072

Hey morons, take it elsewhere. This is a drawthread, not a chatroom.

>> No.43976073

A guy said he was doing>>43892668. so im anchoring

>> No.43976292

Just a shout to the guy who drew this.
Thank you so much.

>> No.43976623

I am so shit tired of this mentality


I just wrote this, when I have to be awake in 5 fucking hours, and put it on the 1d4chan page, because the system is easy. It just has strange things that need explanations, because it has to tackle things other systems generally ignore. It was pointedly designed to make different combat styles play differently, and be able to put a goron brute in a room with a kokiri rogue, and fight a twili mage. And make sure that none of them felt like all they were doing was 5'-step FULL ATTACK ad infinitum.

>> No.43976682

>Can someone with photoshop skills give her pants or something, please ?
Sure, here you go m8.

>> No.43976754

Could anyone with sharper skills than I give me pointers about any glaring problems or easy improvements for my art? Pic related, my halfling from the first session of Out of the Abyss.

>> No.43976763

Is anyone here interested in doing some mecha art?

>> No.43976807

from last thread
I am requesting a knight with mechanical armour. the body type is like the photo of the man (tall and a tad overweight) and the weapons are like the picture.

the armour is to be black with a yellow trim and with a black lion helmet, the mouth mask is optional.
the sword and shield are also black with a yellow trim. the shield is to have a lion insignia on it.

>> No.43976812

List the request, anon. If someone's interested, they'll pick it up.

>> No.43976874

...besides using natural light and a not awful camera. Slightly better partial pic at >>43967231
Looking now, I think I made the torso too long?

>> No.43976907

Mecha art request, for the Kiserran Warsuit.

The Kiserran Warsuit is equivalent to the Astarian Vanguard(pictured at left) in size and stature, but is much slimmer. Rather than the small sight slit of the Vanguard, it has a segmented series of glass plates similar to a diving helmet from the Victorian era; this is also higher up than on the Vanguard, close to the top of the torso, giving this mech the appearance of actually having a sort of "head"

The mech is carrying a proportionally sized autocannon as if it were a man carrying a rifle. A belt of cannon shells runs from the breech of the cannon to the chest of the mech, where more shells are stored inside. The cannon’s bore is large relative to its fairly short barrel. The mech is amphibious, with nowhere water could leak in. There are no visible signs of power generation systems anywhere on it. There are exposed hydraulics at the joints, to save cost of the mech's expensive Titanium armor.

For a visual summary, cross the Vanguard pictured at left with one of the Big Daddies from Bioshock. Make it more mech than diving suit. There's also no rust or corrosion; everything looks new.

(If colored)All the unpainted metal is brushed white-grey.

(Note: I don't expect anywhere near the effort level obviously put into the picture at left; I paid money for that. I'll be happy with anything I get here.)

>> No.43977199

Oh, hey! That's pretty rad. Thanks mate!

>> No.43977345

Your character has an odd curve to their body. I would suggest checking out some tutorials on 'line of action'. Depending on what style you're aiming for these can have a huge impact on posing and presence.
Speaking of style, you could try varying your characters proportions a bit more. That can be achieved by adjusting 2 factors. These are height in heads and actual size. A normal human is around 7 to 8 heads tall. A halfling will usually range around 5 heads, this pushes their proportions around making them look more juvenile. Other than that dont hesitate to use references and tutorials, until you feel confident enough without them.

>> No.43977469

Is anyone here up for a series of requests? i need art for PC's in a dark heresy i'm gonna be running.
would be like 3 or 4 portraits and a few full character sketches or something
i'd be happy to throw a bit of money your way if you do, though not a ton, like 25 beaverbux or so.

>> No.43977519

Requesting a Theif character based on the Rok legend.
He is 7ft tall, has a Brock Lesnar build, wears a stealth suit mixed with a suit based on the bird that was mentioned above, he is to big to actually glide so he uses rocket boots, this character is for a team of thieves based on popular or mythical birds this one is the muscle.

>> No.43977536

Requesting a kneeling knight like that on the left, but helmless, white-haired, red-eyed, in the armor that is on the right, staring at the pommel of the sword that is on the bottom of the picture, with the dog's head turned to him, its teeth bared.

>> No.43977542

Requesting a digital lifeform with an armored motif.

Simple, thick armor, more large solid sections than platemail. The Portal kind of "simple" and modern. The armor appears to encase the character, leaving no particle effects one normally associates with digital lifeforms.
Giant boots/greaves, maybe even knee-high if it's a cartoony style.
No weapons, just big gauntlets.
Helmet is open, but inside is empty black aside from the glowing eyes.

If colored:
Mainly white color scheme, with grey/dark grey for joints/details.
Glowing purple tron lines.

>> No.43977572

Requesting a space Commando in high-tech kit.
She wears a metamaterial cloaking bodysuit I don't know if you can really draw invisibility, but some partial distortion or blurring would be neat with armoured underlays/plates in vital spots. Something like pic sans the logo, non-reflective and with a repeating cell pattern across it. On the shoulder is a small, unobtrusive Australian flag patch above a serial number.
Sporting some kind of automatic rifle, with a couple magazines attached to the side. Design is up to the artist, but 'spacey' and compact is good.
She's of Indian descent, with quite severe features and a short haircut. Pose and action is also up to the artist.
Thanks in advance to any prospective artist.

>> No.43977577

Here's a NON-character request:

Try to draw the biggest damn tree you can make. Do all the tricks to know to make it seem bigger. Miniscule people walking along its roots, birds barely reaching the lowest branches, that sort of thing.

>> No.43977669

Here you go, a poorly made tree
>Please don't hate me.

>> No.43977672

So someone a few threads ago said they'd draw this but never did, oh well, here's my request again.

A steppe female warrior with bow, riding on a stag with one side of her hair braided like the picture.

>> No.43977696

I would like to request once again a mugshot of a disfigured Warhammer 40k Imperial Guardsman in a typical Guardmans armour. The reference for the scarring I used is from Jonah Hex, but feel free to come up with something your own. Cybernetics optional.

Thank you in advance.

>> No.43977786

forgot, if anyone wants to do this, shoot me an email at [email protected]
Thanks in advance

>> No.43977989

you did it pretty fast, anon. But come on, you gotta dream BIG.

>> No.43978020

I'll try for you anon

>> No.43978304

So far, this is what I have

>> No.43978323

truth be told, it DOES look bigger.

>> No.43978386

I feel so proud

>> No.43978974

I understand how overly elaborate this is, and won't mind if you cut down on details, or add some minor atlerations of your own, the character is rather flexible.


>> No.43979070

Could I get a large, tiger catfolk simply dressed in Braum's gear, as shown in the pictures? A pose of adventure, a hand over his eyes as he scans something in the distance, a happy, cheerful expression on his face would be nice! Just as built as Braum in stature, but feline in nature. Been dying to give this catfolk I have some life in the form of a picture. Thanks in advance!

>> No.43979912

Anyone think they could do a female Imperial Guard Officer for me? She'd have a headset to order people around with, a long ponytail because loose hair is a terrible idea on a battlefield but I still want her to have some form of long hair, carapace armor and a Creed-esque long-coat over her shoulders.

Carapace Armor in my regiment is inspired by the old metal Kasrkin models, rendered with a kitbash of Cadian and Militarum Tempestus parts.

>> No.43979994


>> No.43980113

Thank you, this looks great!

>> No.43980142

Holy shit man, that's amazing.

>> No.43980294

Eyyooo shawdy, I heard you liked wood so I gave you some.

>> No.43980321

Any drawfags here or is everyone asleep?

>> No.43980331


>> No.43980391

I suck at drawing, but enjoy. I call it Bigdrasil.

>> No.43980628

Thanks, I guess.

>> No.43980929


my friend did this for laughs

>> No.43981485


Any takers? Especially anyone that can do Disney / Pixar style?

>> No.43981548

This is AMAZING. Do you have any more work online?

>> No.43981578

>the birds are as big as people
....also cool

feels like it could be part of a much larger ent

>> No.43981588

There's a reason I cropped it off at the top...

>> No.43981651

>Birds as large as people
Yes and?

>> No.43981682

Nothing, nothing at all. Not saying anything to beady eyes that can leave foot long gashes along my torso and arms.

>> No.43981708

Thanks you (or/and your friend).

>> No.43981711

That's probably a wise decision.

>> No.43981726

Reposting from previous bread. Requesting a red haired god empress with a mace like pic related bludgeoning an elven soldier over the head with a generic wizard behind her casting magic missle at a group of elves

>> No.43981728

Could I get my current character in king of a portrait format rather than a full body deal?

Headscarf like pic related but dark grey. Looking over his shoulder like that too.

Eyes glowing and starry, leaving behind a trail as he twists his head around. Mandala-like halo of light. Should kinda look like a solid hologram projected behind his head. Colour of the glowy is a light blue.

Jacket is only partly in the request obviously, but I put the entire reference in because I thought it would be good

>> No.43982824


>> No.43983089

Someone draw the best lightsaber being cute.

>> No.43983570

Would be grate if i could get a redraw of this cyborg NPC, thanks.

>> No.43983612

more like this, thanks.

>> No.43983927

This is splendid work.

>> No.43984069

Requesting smug looking teenage fairy/elf girl in white dress. Really straight butt length ginger hair. Flower hairband. Kinda like pic related.

>> No.43984504


>> No.43985707

Holy fuck
Got super lucky.
Do you have a blog Mr(s). Artist?

>> No.43985835

I would like to request a gnarled old dwarf telling stories and legends to the youth of his hold, similar to how it was done in Jim Henson's Storyteller series.
An illusion painting over the hearth showing the story as it unfolds is optional, of course.

>> No.43985898

A bit unusual but I'm looking for a drawfriend interested in starting a webcomic or just flat out collaborating on a graphic novel.

>> No.43985942

Why don't you just learn to draw?

>> No.43986000

Because I can only draw stickmen and the OOTS has that sewn up. Based on Thunt it also appears drawing ability is not a prerequisite for a webcomic. However I think, personally, that it's still important.

>> No.43986064

Why would someone with the talent to make a web comic work with you?

>> No.43986116

A very good question anon. I have a story that /tg/ liked, a variety of literary and academic publications and a vision I'd like to see fulfilled. Also I'm willing to pay or share profits.

>> No.43986132

If someone is willing I'd like to see little Chen from Doomtown reloaded doing the same Mei is doing in the other pic.

thanks in advance

>> No.43986644

Find an artist that does bulk commissions?

>> No.43986888

You needed leather, mail or plate pants ?

>> No.43987183

I need to refine the textures and rework the edges but the base colors are here

>> No.43987272

I've got this so far.

>> No.43987586

Looking a drawing of a female Paladin for use in a dark fantasy.

I'd like most of her clothing to be an up-armored version of Lady Maria's outfit from Bloodborne, where the armor pieces have Dark Souls 2 Old Knight aesthetic (pic related).

Ideally, I'd like for her to have a large gorget, armored boots, gauntlets and pauldrons, and the rest to be cloth/leather over chainmail.

Her weapon is a massive broadsword (feel free to make it as simple or ornate as you like).

>> No.43987598

>for use in a dark fantasy

Fuck's sake, I meant dark fantasy setting. A friend's D&D group, specifically.

>> No.43987809

Post some proof, m8

>> No.43989117


>> No.43989426 [DELETED] 


>> No.43989612


>> No.43989720

That looks amazing. Thank you so much! The filename amused me, too.

>> No.43989786


>> No.43989787

Thank you, that's pretty nice ! The material doesn't matter as much no longer running around in short skirt, but your plate is looking good already.

>> No.43989839

cute is outside my comfort zone

You're welcome!

>> No.43989929

Okies it's finished.

>> No.43989947

I'm probably asking a bit much, but do you think you could do a quick alt version without the hat and with the coat recolored deep red?

>> No.43989954

Holy shit look at these fuckers delivering. It's like Christmas.

>> No.43989973

>Tfw I'm the one left without a present.

>> No.43989988

Same here. But I'm still hoping.

>> No.43990008

You're not alone. I'm crossing fingers but I wouldn't be surprised if no one complied to my super weebshit.

>> No.43990034

We get it you want your shit drawn, thats why you posted your request.
No need to cry to remind us.

>> No.43990052

For something outside your comfort zone, you do it fairly well.
Do you think perhaps you could draw a lionhead angora rabbit-person?

>> No.43990069

I'm not crying....

>> No.43990091

1 gajillion hours in paint

I'll give it a shot.
On the sliding scale from human to animal, how heretical do you want it?

>> No.43990136

I'm fine with it going either way, but if you'd feel more comfortable drawing in an Emprah-approved fashion, be my guest.

>> No.43990160

Yeah, figured it was probably asking too much. Still an amazing piece, and I'm really glad you did it for me.

>> No.43990163




>> No.43990185


Thanks. Glad you like, anon.

>> No.43990226

Human Wilderness Scout from the Rifts rpg.

>> No.43990333

I need a picture, Parker, a picture of a Drow.

A Drow with white arcane tattoos on his visible skin in black, Sith-inspired robes/leather armor combo with an estoc and a lantern.

>> No.43990367

>Wearing decent armor

Would waifu, r8 8/8.

>> No.43990375


>> No.43990402


>> No.43990431

Bump, anyone?

>> No.43990454

This basically. Only I want him to be in battle.

>> No.43990505

If anyone feels up to it, could I get a picture of a half dragon Kobold? I went for "The littlest dragon" as a character concept, so the little guy ended up with wings and a spiked tail, with features from a Silver dragon (crest and fins and that). He wears a chain shirt and a tabard. If you take it up, thanks in advance

>> No.43990623

I need to squint to look at that shit anon, let alone draw a decent picture from it not that I would be able to anyways

>> No.43990727

I tired, anon. Fur is hard. I hope you'll accept attempts at humor in place of actual skill.

>> No.43990778

Anon, in some cases I prefer it.
Thank you very much.

>> No.43990795

>Papa don't need to see to find a bitch.

>> No.43990879

God help me. I'm dying here.
Magnificent work Drawnbud.

>> No.43990885

Fuck, forgot the picture

>> No.43990887

I do bulk commissions, how much are you paying?

>> No.43991028

Beautiful. Thanks a bunch flurry.

>> No.43991530

Here ya go Jameson! Brand spankin' new picture of a "spider-man".

Always happy to know I can make people chuckle.

>> No.43991662


>> No.43991768


>> No.43991975

Hopeful BUMP

>> No.43991996

bumping to ask if its still being worked on

>> No.43992064

Not the OR, but that looks great

>> No.43992148


That's all I have time for tonight, sorry to anyone who didn't get picked up yet!

Hey you. You got a blog or anything? I like the colors.

>> No.43992171

Taking cute requests.
Hit me with your cutest, /tg/.

>> No.43992246

Too bad m8. someone already won you there.

>> No.43992314


Because her power includes her having cat ears on accident, mainly because she's rather new at the whole thing and can't channel her powers to having intimidating eyes instead. Make her embarrassed or blushing, doesn't need to be too detailed.

It's not magical realm I swear

>> No.43992415

I need a cute AI girl in a sun dress, lost in an escher castle flooded with reddish mist. 12-16 ish in age.

Bonus points if she's upside down, blushing, and trying to hold the hem of her dress down due to escher physics being non-euclidean

>> No.43992444

Alright, give me a minute and i'll start working on it.

>> No.43992612

Thank you m8 looks bad ass

>> No.43992941 [DELETED] 

Looks fantastic, Parker. Now get back to work.
[]seriously though, thanks a lot[]

>> No.43992990

How about my elf druid lady? She's 5'5", dark brown eyes and hair, worn up in a fat bun, and light tan skin. Wears comfy hide armour and wields a composite long bow. And her large viper (takes up a 10x10 foot space, don't know how long that makes it. 10 feet maybe?).

I'd love it if she were holding her giant snake coiled up in her arms, so large she can barely hold it, a big grin on her face, and a big backpack on with a sickle hanging from it.

>> No.43992995

Looks fantastic Parker, now get back to work.
seriously though, thanks a lot

>> No.43993439

As the original post says, thanks in advance. I trust you and your trips, drawfriend.

>> No.43993566

Requesting a female character based on two things, the Jorogumo (A female spider demon that takes the form of a human female, and a physical form of lust she has 3 powers based powers:
Manipulative Hypnosis,Mental Domination, Telepathic Manipulation.
>Her name is actually Ebony like the porn FYI.

>> No.43993598

Oh, and she wears a mask of the spider, she can't turn into the spider.

>> No.43993711

Hope this works

>> No.43993789

>that one time Sephiroth took Zack's sword, got really high and changed gender, and grew cat ears.
>an important lesson to never take strange materia from Hojo

>> No.43993818

Goodness, it looks quite fine, just one little thing.

Show more long hair, it's fine if you gotta erase sword. Fingerless gloves would be cool too, Bless you by the way, and feel free not to comply to any of this.

>> No.43994189

Even though I didn't make the initial request, thanks for sharing your piece/yourself with us. You do some excellent work. I'll be sure to check in on you from time to time.

>> No.43994308

Bumping because I won't be able to tomorrow.

>> No.43994878

Rerequesting a knight in the pose on the bottom right, with a helmet like the ones on the top, and armor like the top left (with out the slav gobbledy gook). His armor on his arms is like the picture in the center, and has the cross on the right on his chest. He's armed with the messer on the left and the aspis beneath it. If its also not too much, can you make him look a little beat up, maybe? Thanks

>> No.43994915

Is this some sort of superhero/supervillain?

>> No.43995052


>> No.43995460

24ish hour bump

>> No.43995492

So, uh, I impulsively added color.

>> No.43995646

Requesting a man dressed in the uniform in the middle with the armor on from the left, in the pose on the right, armed with the chinese assault rifle, if possible.

>> No.43996219

Thanks, looks really great.
And like >>43992148 said cool use of colors
I appreciate it mate..

>> No.43996313

Please continue you amazing work!
Wish I knew you, so I could give you a high five.

you earned it buddy.

>> No.43996356


>> No.43996383

Don´t cross link your request, repost it when the old thread falls off the board you have to anyway.

>> No.43996405

Requesting a picture of a city with the mix of 40k Imperial Gothic design and the design of the Atlantis city from Stargate Atlantis. It is ment to be a large city during the Dark Age of Technology. So any drawfriend who does this can go easy on the grimdark. A big bonus would be if there could be a second picture in relation to this one, that shows the planet itself. From orbit you are suppose to see a "belt" around the equator. My idea is that the entire city stretches around the equator. And if any of you want to draw the sun on the second pic (if you choose to do it) then please draw two. It is ment to be in a binary star system.

Thank you in advance drawfriends of /tg/!

>> No.43996420

bumping this, would really appreciate someone jumping on this

>> No.43996495

An Elven Magical Engineer.

A bit more endomorphic than most elves with long red hair in lauren conrad side braids and a solid tan.

She's dressed in hard working pants and a tank top, likely some grease somewhere on her and rather modern looking double barrel shotgun or tools at her side.

A technologist for a pathfinder game. Obsessed with mechanics, in particular automatons.

>> No.43996555

OR here. It looks great, thanks a ton!

>> No.43996926


>> No.43997221

Over 24 hours bump.

>> No.43997914

This made me laugh alot, and i thank you for that man

>> No.43997990

I would like to request a guy in a unicorn mask and a purple using a self checkout, while a guy dressed up in a robin hood looking outfit is in the background facepalming
It was me and my friend when we went on a valiant quest to get munchies for a game night
It would really mean a lot, especially since i missed his birthday being out of state
Thanks ahead of time

>> No.43998180

>a purple

>> No.43998472

purple hoodie*
Damn it

>> No.43998596

Requesting some chibi howling banshee trying to use one of thoses ridiculously huge imperial power weapon, way too heavy for her.

>> No.43998872

Do you want the kids with or without beards?

>> No.43999043


>> No.43999053


>> No.43999545

>just one thing
>posts 2

what a cunt

>> No.43999604


>> No.43999759

Hey, looks great! Thanks anon!
Sorry about the slow reply, it's been a long day

>> No.43999844

Requesting a female warrior in scale, wielding a flail (right-handed) and a shield.

5'11", visible muscle tone (but not excessively so), red hair, green eyes, pale skin, grim expression. She's got a tattoo of Loviatar's holy symbol (white dagger in pale hand) on her left shoulder, but she keeps it covered up when she can.

She likes moths, but they don't need to be in the picture.

Pic related is what I drew inspiration from.

Sorry if this is too brusque.

>> No.44001150


>> No.44001169

OR here, thank you very much.

>> No.44001227

Is this good for you? I couldn't think of a pose so I just fell back on JoJo

>> No.44001243

That's amazing, thank you very much

>> No.44001406

Requesting a female teenager with Shadow Magic and a demon that hides inside her, she can use the demon to attack, she wears casual clothing like the female in the picture to the left. Her demon looks and acts like the stands from Jojo's bizarre adventure, but it hides in her hair, she has light brown skin, a beauty mark right under her left eye, and while the demon is out of hiding her hair turns back to its original dark brown color.

>> No.44001646


>> No.44001736

I want to bump my request again.

>> No.44001768

>loli AI in a sundress

where do you find these people to play these kinds of games?

>> No.44001990

Exactly what I'd picture my space-wizards to wear. Thanks a ton based drawfriend

>> No.44002055

This okay dude?

>> No.44002085

My pleasure.
Didnt know it were for space-wizards. Lucky coincidence I went for the long Gambeson then.

>> No.44002109

Damn, this looks incredible. Might I ask you if you'd consider taking a look at my request?

>> No.44002236


Saturday bump.

>> No.44002316

Not the OR but damn that looks amazing.

>> No.44002348

I'm working on another two requests already.
I can take a look, but I wont promise anything.

>> No.44002641

how much muscle tone do you want showing vs. armor?

>> No.44002784


The wind wails freely

A loli stands alone

Anon finished first

>> No.44003226

Awesome, thanks muchly drawanons

>> No.44004510


I gave it a go because I was in a 40k mood, though it turned out to be a little bit of a disaster and then I forgot the coat. It was my first time trying to do anything in photoshop so it was a bit of a mess that way. Sorry it didn't fit the request totally, I was gonna not post it but it felt silly to do it and not show you.
I'll post the color version too though I liked it less because I almost never color anything.

>> No.44004531


>> No.44004651

Requesting a future-Rwandan in a suit of power armor like the ones in Edge of Tomorrow except a bit more armored.

>> No.44004812

That looks pretty cool, honestly! But yeah, the coat is kinda an important part of the model (ideally I'd use the image as a reference for the actual conversion, so yeah).

I particularly like the kasrkin gasmask, looks very nice!

>> No.44004935


I'll see if I can revisit it in a few hours and throw a coat on her. I just need to get some other stuff done.

>> No.44004958

Alright. A soviet infantry robot. The Kaskrin in pic related as a robot, it's face covered by a respirator/gas mask, like a Death Korpsman. For a story I'm writing called Commissar Asimov.

>> No.44005044

>>43979912 kasrkin_2_by_wordbearer
>>44004958 kasrkin_by_zaku0909

Well, someone's lying and just recolored the damn thing.

>> No.44005139

Could I possibly get pic related riding a horse? pose/action/etc doesn't really matter to me. My lvl 5 gunslinger is about to take a level in cavalier and pic related is exactly how I've imagined him except a little older.

So yeah. Pretty much just this guy riding a horse. I would also love it if you could show the phrase "Fight like bastards, Die like Heroes!" scratched into the wood of the musket but not necessary. Thanks in advance if you take this on

>> No.44005302

Just found it on google. No idea which version came first.

>> No.44005337

Requesting an Alu-fiend, with black hair down to her shoulders. She has a sickle and wears a blue skirt that goes half way down to her knees. She also wears a white shirt and has a pendant similar to the one in the image. She is ~5 feet I can get more reference images if need be.

>> No.44005503

What the hell is an alu-fiend? You getting faggy ass races from your mary sue expansion books anon?

(produce a reference image anon)

>> No.44005549

Might do this.

>> No.44005586


Hope it doesn't look too hamfisted.

>> No.44005607


The black and red one is 100% the recolor.

>> No.44005646

Daughter of a Succubus and a human. It's from 5e I think

>> No.44005673

Nah, looks pretty awesome. Thanks!

>> No.44005715

Requesting a kobold riding on the back of a black bear. The kobold is a rogue, dressed in a dark wide-brimmed hat, sunglasses, and a dark cloak. A small falcon perched on him or flying next to him would be a nice touch too

>> No.44005938

Alright, i'm going this way then ! Just a little update here

For all the rage spent on female exposed fail armor, i can't agree more.
Actual armor is the only real ArmoredDesu. Else it's shit-tier waifu.

>> No.44005962

So what's your opinion on >>43989612 out of curiosity?

>> No.44006031

It's not shit tier waifu anon.

It's dead waifu.

>> No.44006609

Requesting a human paladin, lightly armored and wielding a rapier, with a buckler in his other hand. He's young, but his face has aged a bit from stress. He has straight brown hair, which he tries to keep neat with little success. He's slender, and wears fine traveling clothes, with a few patched holes and a griffin emblem on his breastplate.

>> No.44007789


>> No.44008541

Requesting a character based on the Roadrunner, he is an agile fighter who has immense speed due to the tech inside of his boots, he has a runners build stands at 6ft, he can do parkour, due to his training, he also is a thief, his tonfas are retractable and he has an emblem on his chest.
>make his costume a little like a Marvel or DC costume please

>> No.44009107

Booty Bump

>> No.44009214

Requesting Martellus looking like Indiana Jones yelling at Cyrus, Tarkus, Apollo, and the Tactical Marines to get the Land raider started.

>> No.44009279


>> No.44009401

Bump. Basically, Diablo 3 Crusader that looks like pic related, but as a Tiefling with goat style horns.

>> No.44009776

I meant it more as a description of her build, but do whatever you feel like.

>> No.44009831

They've been around since 1e.

>> No.44011329


>> No.44011665


>> No.44012381

If kobold anon is around, id like to request a kobold using snapchat. He can be doing whatever you like - taking a selfie with someone he stabbed or something

>> No.44014979


>> No.44015210


>> No.44015503

Hey /tg/. Was wondering if anyone could take up my request. I'm asking something with a little detail but anything is great.

I'm requesting a drawing of my character and his companion. My character is a half-elf rogue/alchemist named Egil Ebonstone. He has blond hair and green eyes, wears leather armor with a dark dark purple cloak with a lion symbol on the back similar to image. My partner is a tiefling barbarian that wields a kanabo. He's bright red with bright green eyes. Curved up horns, tail, black hair and is surprisingly handsome. Wears simple animal skin clothing. I'd just like them posed similar to Kiefer and Emilio like the image.

Sorry if this is too much just posting in hopes someone takes it up.

>> No.44016071

This guy, with four circular bullet hole like scars around his right eye. His eyes being teal.

His left arm is a Warforged prosthetic, and instead of chilling with a warhammer it's a Falchion of the same size and style, the blade made of Damascus steel.

His foot is elevated on an oversized Mindflayer head.

The collar of his armour is fur lined.

>> No.44016624


>> No.44016988

I have an incredibly elaborate request, gonna post it just in case:

>Syrah has fairly pale skin, with long dirty-blonde hair that falls straight down her back to the base of her spine, gathered into a loose ponytail at the level of her shoulder-blades. Her eyes are light green, with a small cross-shaped scar marking her cheek, and shoulder-length bangs framing her heart-shaped face. She is tall for a woman of her age (179cm, or 5’10”), with a slender, almost fragile frame.
>She wears a skintight body-glove of black silk covering her body from ankle to wrist to neck, beneath a pair of dark brown leggings and a long-sleeved cream turtleneck. Above the turtleneck she wears a ribbed wine-red garment, half-way between waistcoat and corset, held tightly together by cream lacing. A white leather belt loops around her waist, holding a wide rectangular sheath for her blade, a few canisters of extra Fire Dust, and a small field medical kit. Wrapped around the back of the belt is a soft salmon-colored silk scarf, the left end hanging down a little, and the right end falling almost to the back of her knee.
>Her upper arms are covered by close-fitted loops of wine-red leather, the protection ending just above her elbows. Her forearms are protected by long reinforced gauntlets made of dark brown leather, with a ribbed pattern of tarnished silver plates on the back of her hand, going up the outside of her forearm. On top of this, she wears a light pink bolero jacket, tied together just underneath her breast with a small cream-colored double-bow ribbon, and a long sleeveless coat, a dark enough red to look almost black, with a shoulder-cape the color of dried blood above the rest.
>Tight-fitted wine-red chaps cover her legs from mid-thigh down, a wide salmon ribbon tied in a bow at the top end of the left one. Above this, she wears dark brown knee-high field boots, held together by cream lacing, the top folded down and kept closed in the same way.

(colors entirely optional)

>> No.44017458 [SPOILER] 

Is this a sword or a paddler ? If it's the latter, just the right equipment for Cricket.
If not, he must be fighting something very specific for not bothering protecting his head or his guts, like dog packs or vampires.
Bonus point for not being butt naked under is armor.
>inb4 but that'd be hot
>I shoudln't agree this is not the right place
mfw pic related with trap material

Either way she'd be dead to be.

>> No.44017480

>all those "he"
>MFW it's supposed to be a she-Paladin

And there is chainmail under the leather, just saying.

>> No.44017627 [SPOILER] 


Even though i should have read the description, not the trap i expected.
>mfw not pic related tho out of the three friends that saw the pic

Though the description talk about chainmail under leather, and if i can admit it's supposed to be chainmail and not ornamented clothes, it looks like anything soft clothes related but leather.
And even if was, still look thin compared to these big chunk of raw metal called plated protection.

But hey, fantasy settings, nobody know how to fight right nor how to protect oneself well. That's why it's fun

As an apology, here's a helmetless breastplate hoe.

>> No.44017879

This is way too many details to keep track of in my head without some kind of visual guide. I sort of want to do this but can you just reply with some of the most important parts you want and then i'll go back to this post to add details?

>> No.44017974 [SPOILER] 

Sure thing. Cliffnotes version coming up.

>tall and slender woman
>straight hair to the base of her spine, tied in a loose ponytail around shoulder-blade-height

>light-colored turtleneck
>reinforced waistcoat/corset-fusion-type thing
>bolero jacket above that
>long dark sleeveless coat, beneath a slightly-less-dark shoulder-cape
>loops of leather from armpit-level to a bit above her elbow
>metal-backed leather gauntlets (fingerless) on her forearms

>white belt with a rectangular sheath and a few metal canisters full of of fiery red powder

>dark brown leggings, covered by red chaps from mid-thigh down
>knee-high boots with the tops folded over

Pic totally related, not gonna lie.

>> No.44017993

>"pic related"
As inspiration, not a carbon-copy

>> No.44018024

That's helpful, thanks. I'll work on it.

>> No.44018607

well other than general shape, it's not really easy to communicate muscle tone through armor. Other than being not too thin or not too bulky, you can't show "visible muscle tone" through metal. The same with the tattoo as well.

>> No.44018622


>> No.44018728


This is a new bump, with a better reference pic if anyone can help me out.

Pose on right, with that head but more....Prince Charming-esque. Helmet in arm, shield on back, sword at hip, flail in hand.

>> No.44018744

Had to change a diaper in the middle of posting, forgot to attach pic.

>> No.44019074

I'm going to bump this

>> No.44019449

Let it be known this thread is the one where draw fags delivered spectacularly

>> No.44019554


>> No.44019738

Agreed. And it'll be even more spectacular if >>44018024 manages to deliver before the thread dies

>> No.44020538

How's this?

>> No.44020612

Sheeeeeeit, that look a bad ass could you do mine?

>> No.44020746

link me to the request

>> No.44020766


>> No.44021206

moth helm is great

>> No.44021654

Hello drawfriends. Can I request a picture of one of my characters from a friend of mines homebrew sci-fi games. He is a merchant that travel around the galaxy
His clothing is inspired from the left pic (but without the silly hat), his pose can be like the middle picture (I want those colours to his robes if that is possible). He has the hair and mustache from the right pic. And optional can be that he is holding a datapad as shown in the reference pic.
PS: You may add stuff like a few rings, a watch or something else that could be usefull for an interstellar merchant.
I hope that my request catches the eye(s) of any drawfriends here.

>> No.44022570


>> No.44022834

How's this?

>> No.44022906

Sorry, I'm not as good as a lot of the artists in the thread, but I'm tryin' to git gud. Hope I didn't leave too many details out.

>> No.44022937

Damn, not at all, that looks impressive as hell! Thanks!

>> No.44023013

~24 hour bump

>> No.44023120

10/10 thank ya

>> No.44023213

>That filename

>> No.44023387

Yooooo, dude! That looks fantastic! Thanks so much, you rock!

Hell man, go for it!

>> No.44023562

This is seriously one of the best drawfriends thread I've seen, and my request wasn't even touched, I just love the quality of the art.

>> No.44023646

how do you feel about a second

>> No.44023698

It's beautiful~

>> No.44024254


>> No.44024656

looks like a bronze statute

>> No.44025362

Kindly requesting art of the characters Brianna la Croix, Nathan Bookchild and Amy from the current Dungeon Life Thread.
Also, you fellow drawfriends are awesome and deserving of much internet praises.

>> No.44025743


>> No.44025791

Requesting a wizard suplexing a minotaur off a mountain while the wizard's wife watches in awe.

>> No.44025983


>> No.44026035

/r/ing a veteran Catachan Jungle Fighter. His right eye and left arm are augmetic, and the arm was severed just below the elbow. His features are covered in tattoos and scars, and he wields a flamer with Adepta Sororitas markings. He has a sardonic sneer and the typical demeanor of his type.

Thanks in advance, if anyone is able to do this one.

>> No.44026889

I know it's been filled, but I already was midway through mine. I went for a more swagger design. Gotta love those officer coats.

>> No.44026960

Bruh I love your artstyle, could you do this?

>> No.44027537

Thanks man, it looks great.

>> No.44028128

Can someone change the color of his cloak to dark red / carmine please?

>> No.44028251

New thread when?

>> No.44028351


either when we get drawfriends back or if this one starts to auto

>> No.44028356

Even if I wanted to, I have problems understanding your request. I usually don't complain about grammar, but you didn't even close your parenthesis.
You'd help your case if you made some concise cliff-notes of their physical appearance, what clothes they wear and what pose you'd want them to have.
At the risk of sounding like an ass: put in some effort on your requests, you're expecting the drawfriends to do the same.

>> No.44028420


Thanks so much!

Not to be an ungrateful bitch, but can you made the red darker?

>> No.44028498


>> No.44028541


Cool, thanks!

My campaign now has the Redbrand bandits.

>> No.44028564

24 Hour bump

>> No.44028600

Sorry, but for her appearance, she looks just like the pic but I was tired when making the request, but she is supposed to be wearing something provocative kind of like Starfires or Ravens costume from Teen Titans, and she has a spider like mask.

>> No.44028705

That's pretty different from what the first reference pictures would suggest. Either way, drawing sexy or seductive characters is way out of my element. Maybe you'll have luck with some other artist.

>> No.44028748

Not the person you're replying to but that is hardly any better. Your entire request is lone runon sentence.

>> No.44028765

Well I'm sorry, I just got back from work I'll try to phrase it better next thread

>> No.44028868

Just use this:

Requesting a female character based on two things; the Jorogumo (A female spider demon that takes the form of a human female) and a physical form of lust.
She has 3 powers mental based powers:
Manipulative Hypnosis, Mental Domination, Telepathic Manipulation.
Her name is actually Ebony like the porn, FYI.

For her appearance she looks just like the pic. She is supposed to be wearing something provocative, kind of like Starfire's or Raven's costume from Teen Titans, and she has a spider like mask.

>> No.44028916

Thank you anon, sorry for not correcting myself.

>> No.44029563

You're first, so you get the shitty "i spent all day looking at animation tips instead of doing work" warm up sketch.

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