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Why are spiders evil in fantasy. Why does the most evil of arthropods never show up in fantasy worlds.


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Because most people fear spiders. Also they are seen as devious since most species live on a trap for catching and eating other living things.

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Tolkien's spiders. A guy on /tg/ explained this before more eloquently, but the spawn of Ungoliant are terrifying, cthulhu level beings of unknown hunger.

Imagine digging around in the depths of the earth one day, and suddenly getting one of your buddies nomed on by a massive black figure with spindly appendages, too many eyes, and a moving fanged maw. Eventually you get the message out to the elves, the oldest beings you know of, and they know fuck all about these things. They in turn eventually get the chance to ask the setting's equivalent of Satan himself, to which he responds with a 'holy hell I didn't make that what even is that supposed to be?'

Spiders are scary because they are alien. In motion, in form, and in behavior of toxin, trapping, and biting they enoke some pretty frightening ideas. JRR added them to his story as he did because his kids were afraid of spiders, and he wanted to invoke that childish fear of the totally implacable into his writing.

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vertebrate privilege

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Pretty much this i fear spiders but at the same time there so cool because of there strange nature.

Thanks for the pic wanted to return the favor.

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Because North Ontario(io) does not exist in most settings and a scapegoat is needed.

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>Why are spiders evil in fantasy.
They are horrible creepy crawlers that somehow find their way into even the most reinforced of structures, refuse to leave you alone, can fucking descend from the ceiling at well to scare the shit of you, can be swallowed while you sleep and can be fucking venomous or even lethal.

If there is a God, either he is pure evil or we have done something horrible to offend Him.
>Inb4 le cute jumping spider maymay
Need I remind you that they can JUMP? ON YOU?

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Bear in mind also that Tolkien was originally from Saaf Ifrika and had to deal with monster spiders growing up

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So the answer is yet again, litteraly that Tolkien did it and fantasy as a genre is still fused face first to him like a fucking angler fish.

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well technically the angler is fused to the point of lacking a face or even a brain, which is actually even more accurate as it highlights how unbreakable the hold is and how it would die and be forgotten if it was broken off

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That's one way of thinking of it I suppose, but I'd rather put it as 'Tolkien got everything right when he read other material to make his books, and can be seen as a great gateway into high fantasy for all ages.' He didn't invent horror, existentialism, imperialism, the idea of heroes of humble means and origin, magic as a force of oppression on will rather than an overt power, the idea of the corruption of greed or want, or even animals as representations of metaphysical ideas. This is all stuff that has thousands of years of history, before even Beowulf in at least some small form. This one man just tied some of these basic ideas together in a neat, consumable package.

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Here's the thing: Tolkien stole/copied/ was "inspired" of other stuff at least as much as modern fantasy authors. The difference is that Tolkiens sources were numerous and diverse, whereas most modern authors draw from a smaller collection of very similar stories.

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Also, he was a huge language nerd so he used his passions to inform his worldbuilding.

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My fellow canadian. Blackflies are the devil.

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>Need I remind you that they can JUMP? ON YOU?

Most of them are smaller than your fingernail. Their fangs cannot pierce your skin.

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It's true, but looking at his early work in the book of lost tales one can see that even he did direct drawing in his earliest craft. Good, diverse writing takes time and practice and even he had to overcome the draw of what essentially amounts to fanfic of old legends.

Maybe I'm an optimist, but I've come to believe that one good story is built upon practice with a hundred bad ones. Even mediocre fantasy can have redeeming points, so I'll remain hopeful.

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Shit, son those are the most lethal ones!

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>one good story is built upon practice with a hundred bad ones

"Optimism" is thinking that you just need to find that one good idea and then everything will work out. What you described is the reality of any creative endeavor, be it drawing, writing or game development.

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It wouldn't be so bad if, when ever people did try to deviate, people didn't have an autistic shit fit that it's not Tolkien enough.

Yes, that smaller collective is called Tolkien. And if they took an idea from another modern author, who also stole from Tolkien.

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Underrated post

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Conan and CTHULHU

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It isn't just a Tolkien thing, many people are naturally scared and disgusted by spiders without ever having to touch his work. They're unnervingly inhuman even though the vast majority of them are completely harmless.

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The eight-legged movement is unsettling, and even though most of them are harmless, we know in our animal gut that the spider you DON'T freak out about will end up being the venemous one.

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Canadian Drow that worship black flies in place of spiders will now be in my next game.

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I always thought it was because Spiders were the size of cats around the same time our oldest land dwelling mammal ancestor was some variety of mouse.

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I personally don't get it. Spiders are the biggest bros in the arthropod world.

Centipedes I think make a better arthropod monster. The Japanese had several which were basically Western Dragons being forces of evil and disease

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The thing about blackflies is that they don't just suck your blood, they take tiny pieces of flesh when they bite. They're small and they swarm, too, and it's easy to inhale them-- real blackflies don't really survive that, but evil underdark blackflies would probably just start eating you from the inside as well as from the outside.

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On that note, didn't they have some sort of curse involving filling a jar with venomous creatures and waiting for them to eventually all kill each other with the one remaining supposedly bearing all their malice? That was kind of a neat little concept.

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But they eat bugs that actually fuck up humans like mosquitos. Did you know more deaths are accounted for by mosquito borne illness than anything else, including war?

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There is so much ignorance in this thread it's astounding.

Like this post, complete rubbish. There hasn't been a death by spider bite world wide in nearly 40 years. Most "spider bite" images you see online are diagnosed as such when they're really bacterial infections, sometimes literally flesh-eating, but it's soooo much easier to blame spiders. Spiders have no reason at all to attack or harm people unless they are being harassed or accidentally being hurt.

People are only terrified because it's a learned fear kids get because their parents, their great defenders and protectors, shriek and faint at the sight of a small harmless creature so

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If I notice a spider in the house, I'll typically just move it outside or somewhere else in the house where it won't be infringing on my personal space.

But centipedes, FUCK centipedes. I kill those fuckers without remorse. Especially house centipedes. Those things cause such an instinctive, overwhelming sense of revulsion that it's all I can do to not start bellowing a berserker's battle cry while I'm smashing them to pieces and flushing the remains.

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Silly OP. Just tell us you want us to post Spidergirls~

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Humans just sometimes have innate fear of things, its not always learned. A primal fear of certain animals (snakes, megafauna predators) exist in children from a young age, before learned behavior can account for it. Kids are afraid of "monsters under their bed" for a reason, its remnants of a survival mechanism when we used to live in thatch huts and had to worry about jaguars snatching people from their beds.

But you're right spiders are bros and largely harmless, but we have innate fears for a reason. Fear of the dark/unknown is a common one because we are sight based predators.

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Sad part is Centipedes are pretty much blind and roaming hunters unlike webspinning spiders. They wander into a house without realizing and are only there in order to hunt what's already there.

A centipede will only be inside a house or building because there is food there in the form of actual pests like beetles, weevils, roaches, etc. If you leave em alone they'll eat all the smaller bugs then fuck off on their own.

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You'll get no sympathy from me, centipede. I'm onto your games.

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Fucking hell, the one time I need that image of an angry spider typing furiously and I don't have it.

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Fuck them! Spiders are cute, but these things are plain disgusting!

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Sure, but when you encounter dozens of centipedes all over your living room every day, it's not a fun time.

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Who /legs/ here?

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>t. SIDF (Spider Internet Defense Force)

I know your feel. I wish someone would draw/shoop Rachnera angrily typing too

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Oh yes! She's the best girl.

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Life is hard for an entomologist

Everyone wants to kill what you study and no one will pay you to study them

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Let me tell you about the last time I saw a spider in my house

>Shitposting on the chans
>Suddenly see a spider descend from my ceiling
>Panic, but try to keep my head cool
>Grab the vacuum
>Return to my bedroom
>Spider wantering on the floor
>Turn on the vacuum
>Loudly sing the Chant du Départ to muster my courage
>Get close to sucking him up
>Pussy out at the last moment

L'Empereur would be disappointed...

Yes, whenever I'm afraid I sing the first stanza of the Chant du Départ. I'm weird like that.

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Ungoliath is really outlandish and scary, because nobody really knows where she came from. She wasnt created by anyone of the Gods.

She just .. Was there. Thats what made her so mysterious. This doesnt fit to ol'Tolkien style of explaining everything and makes her an eldrich horror.

Even Morgoth was afraid of her, and nearly got killed like a bitch after he tried to use her for his evil plans.

Yes, Middle-earths Satan was fucking scared of her.

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>Yes, Middle-earths Satan was fucking scared of her.
That makes Sam killing her a bit anticlimactic, huh?

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/tg/ is one of the least scientifically literate boards on 4chan. I don't know what you expected.

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Sam killed one of her much smaller spawn, Sheelob. Ungoliath is an entirely different beast.

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Wrong spider, anon. Ungoliant was the size of a fucking mountain by the time she finally died.

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That wasnt her you fool.

The giant spiders we see in the books and movies are the watered down offspring, somehow created by crossbreeding with wild spiders.

The real Ungoliath ate the original Sun and Moon. (The two light-bulbs on the sky were the replacement)

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If she even died.

Nobody knows. Maybe shes just sleeping..

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Furry quardupedal warmbloods have a distaste for anything that looks different from themselves, including anything with multiple limbs/no limbs, multiple eyes/no eyes/no eyelids, no fuzzy bodywarmer, segmented bodies, radial symmetry, etc...
Fucking ignorant bigots.

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But Anon, Drow are incapable of saying they're "surry"

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They can, but they never really mean it.

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I cast enlarge penis. I charge the 'mountain'.

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I thought that the two prevailing legends of her demise were that she was either killed in combat by some heroic figure, or literally ate herself to death when she ran out of other things to consume.

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Just like real Canadians.

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I remember the one about her eating herself at least. But Tolkien was (probably intentionally) vague on the subject.

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I concur with this fine upstanding totally human gentleman!

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Giant spiders are all literally direct descendants of Ungoliant.

Apparently inbreeding doesn't affect eldritch spider-shaped horrors

I thought the Silmarillion said she definitely, probably, most likely ate herself

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is it true that /tg/ believes sci-fi is real?

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Didn't she have to get driven off by Balrogs riding dragons?

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Just Balrogs
Just a legion of Balrogs

Where in the world did you get the dragons part from?

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I couldnt think of anything stupid enough to reply.

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Unless it's concerning Fantasy setting ecology, and building races that we want to have sex with.

Neither of these two are mutually exclusive either.

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I was confusing it with a different occasion when balrogs rode dragons.

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I once had a large (3' or so) female wolf spider crawl up near my mousepad, startled me a bit because of surprise. Then I helped her onto my hand and took her out to the garden, they're so fkn cool.
Probably wouldn't handle a ctenid like the one in that pic, I hear they're not as chill as wolfies.

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Science is anathema to /tg/ because all it can do is say No to everything /tg/ likes, so /tg/ digs itself even deeper into fantasy.

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>that pic
goddamn i fucking screamed and pulled my hand away form my mouse in panick. i even know this pic why did i react like this?
Theres only been one other time i got startled enough to scream and that was that spoopy japanese comic that started moving all of a sudden.

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Just Balrogs. And they just kept her busy long enough for Morgoth to get away.

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He was also bit as a kid by a giant tarantula while living there and got REALLY sick since medicine back then was a joke

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Because you're a stupid girl? That's the only explanation i can think of. It's a fucking picture, you chimp.

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No, Canadian Drow would apologize the whole time they're torturing you, then expect you to apologize back in between your screams of pain.

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I take itbyouve never actually been to a setting ecology thread then. Those can get pretty neato.

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Neither her death nor Shelob's were 100% confirmed. Shelob in particular was strongly hinted to have survived.

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Sometimes science is even more fantastical than fiction though. String theory for example. Then theres the whole "sufficiently advanced tech is indistinguishable from magic" thing. If stone age people saw a 747 flying across the sky they would think it was magic.

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Because spiders are cool.

Especially Hesperus. Damn, now I want to go find one.

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>Phrase not Found

I'm frankly disappointed

>> No.43934634

On that subject, I do remember something about an African tribe meeting white people, who arrived by airplane, for the first time. When they left, the tribe made airplane idols hoping it would cause them to return one day.

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String theory isn't science. When (if ever) it can offer testable hypothesis, then it can be considered science.
Until then, it's merely String Conjecture.

>Then theres the whole "sufficiently advanced tech is indistinguishable from magic"
Holy fuck, you moron, that's not science, that's a quote from a science fiction author. Is that an authority for you?

You're just proving my point. You're scientifically illiterate if you believe any of the things you've said.

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whats your phd in, anon?

>> No.43934784

Cargo cults, they still exist actually. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cargo_cult#Current_cults
The one that worships Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh is probably the most interesting.

>> No.43934839


Ad Hominem already? Not surprising. If you have issue with my statements, then attack my statements, coward.

>> No.43934852

>Advanced Space-Spiders are now the Experts in String-theory in your Setting.

Frankly i dont know much about him apart from being a african spider-trickster god.

Why dont you tell me?

>> No.43934861


The singularity is a cargo cult as well. We think that if we act like that future is possible for long enough, john will bring us the cargo of the star trek life.

>> No.43934880

I'm not attacking you anon, I asked a simple question

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It took me ten seconds in google to find a death by spider bite in 2014, well within 40 years. There are highly venomous spiders, they can kill you. There's at least one that's extremely territorial to the point of aggressiveness, that's the Brazilian wandering spider..

I will grant you, however, spider deaths are extremely rare for how frightened people are of them, so I kind of agree with the spirit of your post.

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My credentials are relevant to whether or not facts are true in your world? Fascinating.

>> No.43934984


this is the one, right?

it does specify this is the only death in the last 10 years 'by brown recluse', wondering if they specified that for a reason?

Did more digging, couldn't find a direct answer, but apparently "There have been no deaths in Australia from a confirmed spider bite since 1979."
which is pretty amazing considering, well, australia

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Shit the mammals know!

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your credentials are relevant to whether or not what you believe to be facts are factually facts, anon
Nobody fucking calls it 'string conjecture'

>> No.43935162

your credentials are relevant to whether or not what you believe to be facts are factually facts, anon
Excuse me? Did you just say reality is solipsistic? A fact is a fact whether i'm a farmer or a physicist, who i am has no bearing on reality.

Tell me, How does the scientific method work? In science, what is a theory? What testable claims does string theory have? How is it science if it has no testable claims?

Look, theoretical physics has gone off the deep end. It left experimentalism behind decades ago. You need to take what those kids say with a massive grain of salt, until they produce something concrete.

>> No.43935258

Through math, anon, jesus, nobody can be this dense

>> No.43935285


Math alone does not make a hypothesis a theory. ONLY experiment can do that. Nobody really took Einstein seriously until the perihelion of mercury was CHECKED and found to be in accordance with his GR.

>> No.43935320

Because compared to their scale, spiders are basically hyperaggressive superpredators.

>> No.43935370

says who?
Nobody called it "the conjecture of relativity"

>> No.43935371

pffff wasps are 100 times worse. and they swarm

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>Literally the only reason why humanity survived is because insects are tiny
If they were the size of dogs or bigger, we'd be fucked.

>> No.43935419

so are cats, and everyone loves those little shits.
even though they decimate ecosystems wherever they're brought.

>> No.43935573


Says the scientific method? Find a definition that says "making shit up counts as science"

>> No.43935583

>making shit up

>> No.43935617

I fucking hate you

>> No.43935668

Compared to their size spiders are extremely anemic. You could beat human-sized spider to death with your bare fists.

>> No.43935726

Mang you don't get it. Left to their own devices, spiders will scour entire areas of anything smaller than they are. We're not talking decimation, we're talking total annihilation.

>> No.43935737

Possibly legion, possibly seven.

>> No.43935774

Spiders are evil because they have an aura of fear.

I see a spider in an image? they're cool, fascinating creatures. I see one in real life? They're black moving blobs that want nothing more than to touch me with their hairy tendrils of uncomfortable anguish.

The only creature more evil and dark than a spider is a long leg mosquito. Not only are their legs creepier and wobblier, they also fly into whatever they can with any disregard. You want to know what hell is like? It's living in constant fear that a long leg mosquito will just fly in your face right out of nowhere.

>> No.43935791

Sure, just gotta avoid the adhesive steel wire and giant bifurcating hairs which cause horrific lotus wounds which almost guarantee that you'll die of infection.

No big deal, right? Oh, they can also jump. Pretty far.

>> No.43935822

>bifurcating hairs
Whoops, meant urticating hairs, the ones which some animals kick off into great big clouds. Spiders have those.

>> No.43935919

As far as I remember, all the morgoths men came to whip away the spider.

And then the bloated spider ran out of stuff to eat, and ate herself. (but then it's a spider, I wouldn't be surprised if her children ate her and spread across the land)

I was under the impression Ungoliant was a creation straight from morgoth. She only had the power of ultimate bitchslapping once she ate the silmarillion tree.

If she wasn't made by morgoth it would have been illuvatar regardless. Been a while, since I read it.

>> No.43935996

You're thinking of humans, brah

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>an aura of fear.

But we are a friendly, peaceful people.

>> No.43936204


Only because at that oxygen concentration we would die.

You're thinking physics. Math makes stuff up all the time, as long as it's internally consistent.

>> No.43936219

>Implying humans exclusively hunt things smaller than themselves
We'd hunt planets for sport if they were alive.

>> No.43936290

>A primal fear of certain animals (snakes, megafauna predators) exist in children from a young age, before learned behavior can account for it.
Except this was proven false, for snakes and spiders at least. It's hypothesized that many fears are learned by cultural osmosis. Children see characters in cartoons, and adults freaking out or behaving differently, and perpetuate it.
This raises a prime mover query, which can be explained by people behaving normally when unexpectedly confronted by a potentially venomous animal, or feeling something unseen crawling on their skin.

>> No.43936336

Another thing, they don't even eat their prey normally. They bite them and wrap them up, so a spider's web/lair/nest is strewn with the hanging corpses of its prey to remind you.

>> No.43936423

Cat's don't really 'decimate' ecosystems.

They used to help lower the presence of pests, but that's more of a case of them living amongst humans, and being provided the food and shelter to over-populate.

But you can take kittens away from their mother and raise them domescated and they won't have half the effective hunting skills necesscary to survive the wild. While it's true cats do sport hunt, not consuming their prey. It's not really a case of them trying to kill as much as possible, in comparison to a survival technique or practice.

Humans spot spiders faster than any other creepy crawly, and that's pretty much down to genetic survival instinct.

Just be glad that most spiders are not dangerous and help to reduce the spread of disease. Then be sad that bats are an endangered species, because bats are super-awesome and literally don't bother anybody.

>> No.43936425

>nurture arguments
Sociology is a system of beliefs, not a science. Who we are is 80% genetic inheritance.

Shame on you for listening to snake oil salesmen.

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I know that feeling.

>Last time dealing with a spider.
>Lived in Michigan my whole life, no dangerous spiders there.
>Dad always was nice to spiders because they eat bugs, and there was no reason to hate them in the area because they weren't dangerous and just a mild annoyance at worst.
>Some of that behavior washed off on me
>Moved to Arizona a while back.
>Saw a spider crawl into my room, pay it no mind because of my up bringing.
>It crawls on my desk.
>Idly brush it away.



>> No.43936553

I would blow up a planet if I could get away with it. Come to think of it, blowing up a planet would almost assuredly give you the power and resources to get away with such an act.

>> No.43936581


Not practically possible. But keep on with the psychopathic delusions.

>> No.43936590

...what?.... why?
I'd google what a wolf spider is but... you know... pictures.

>> No.43936617

Basically spiders carry baby spiders around on their back. They give them bus rides.

When the spiders feel threatened, all the baby spiders jump off. And it's nightmarish as fuck.

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File: 143 KB, 400x400, 1444859013397.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They're a highly venomous spider that carry their young on their back>

>Brushing them scared the mommy. Scared the young.
>They all crawl off, scattering all over my keyboard and hiding UNDER THE KEYS.
>Each one of them has the ability to bite you leave a festering wound that would peel back the flesh.

>> No.43936641

Don't they digest externally?
Like, they spew acid all over their dead prey and slurp up the melting remains?

>> No.43936654


Yeah well thank fuck Surinam toads don't sneak into people's houses as well.

>> No.43936655

>casually brushing away spiders.

Dude if any wild creature bigger than an inch comes near me I do NOT just move it away.

>> No.43936672

So is this just a meme thread now where we act like people who are morbidly afraid of spiders?

Should i post pictures of cats too? Make it feel more at home for you?

>> No.43936678

Fuck man, you don't need to die from a brown recluse bite for it to be awful. Necrosis is terrible.

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>Not Wasps
>Not Hornets
Wasps & hornets are literally the devil incarnate. You know how a bee sting fucking hurts? Yeah, no, a bee can only sting once. Wasps & their bigger, meaner cousins can FUCKING STING YOU AS MUCH AS THEY WANT. And some of their venom is so fucking potent, it can kill a man, and even when he's fucking dead, they'll keep stinging the corpse like the sadistic bastards they are. OH and GUESS FUCKING WHAT? The Tarantula Hawk Wasp fucking exists, and its sting is so fucking painful, all you can do is lay on the ground paralyzed and FUCKING SCREAM. They use that shit to paralyze Tarantulas so that they can LAY THEIR FUCKING EGGS INSIDE IT, while it is STILL ALIVE. The worst part? They aren't even the MOST AGGRESSIVE TYPE OF WASP. THAT'S THE MOTHERFUCKING YELLOW JACKET. Tarantula Hawks only sting in self-defense, and will leave you the fuck alone as your blood fucking boils, but YELLOW JACKETS? THEY FUCK YOUR SHIT UP IN HORDES.
Tarantula Hawk Wasp worshiping Drow would actually be kinda mellow compared to Yellow Jacket Drow who will RAPE YOUR CORPSE

>> No.43936769


>> No.43936795

Spiders aren't always evil in fantasy.
Just usually.

Like, in endless legend, they're totally just another race that happens to enjoy eating meat.

I mention this because I have been playing UNHEALTHY AMOUNTS OF ENDLESS LEGEND RECENTLY.

>> No.43936873

>Replace all instances of the word "Spider" in Drow lore with "Canada goose"

>> No.43936975

Floridian here.
Sandhill Crane Drow would be fucking scary as hell.
No matter how much you harm them they will keep coming, ripping you apart with only their fingernails while wailing like banshees.

>> No.43936987

yellow jackets are a startlingly good pesticide-free bug removal system.

I heartily reccomend it to anyone intelligent enough to be entirely immune to bugs.

>> No.43937001

>wolf spiders
>highly venomous

Nigger unless you're allergic to spiderbites or if the bite is infected it just itches for a few days

Source: I've been bitten by one before

>> No.43937010

Fucking Floridia
Though it does raise the question, what would their Drider equivalent be? I suppose for a Tarantula Hawk Drow, it would be something akin to >>43936730, but what about geese and cranes?

>> No.43937012

Jump on you and don't do anything at all?

Oh yeah, should've expected it. Fucking kids, I swear.

>> No.43937026

The one advantage to frogposting is that idiots out themselves with it.

>> No.43937037


>> No.43937085

you missed.

>> No.43937143

Well, yet again, I've already demonstrated I don't know shit about spiders by how I reacted to the situation, but I guess that helps my nerves a bit.

>> No.43937168

I heard that you're supposed to kill house centipedes after taking them outside the house, because if you crush them it releases pheromones that attract more of them.

>> No.43937199

Are you talking about crane flies? If so, you're a fucking pussy and those things are not mosquitoes, they can't bite humans at all, and they are nothing more than TREMENDOUSLY annoying and numerous.

>> No.43937217

>muh false oxygen concentration meme
>as if they couldn't have just developed a slightly more efficient respiratory system, and evolution being the tinker that it is would have kept them big instead of made them smaller

That's even more stupid than the people in the thread who think Tolkien inspires all the modern Fantasy they read.

That's some brain-washed North Korean level of idolism.

>> No.43937265

How do you know it was a female, anon?

Spiders are not for lewds, you know.

>> No.43937280


Yes I am. Didn't know that was their name in English. Everyone I talk to seems to know what I'm talking about regardless.

Even so they're still horrible creatures. I don't know about you but nothing frightens me more than the sensation of tiny insect legs. And the longer they are the worse.

It's like the sensation of rough, dry wood. Or the side of a thick book made of lower-quality paper. Except worse.

>> No.43937339

Meh. I'm from the deep South, we have way worse and way more annoying shit around here. Crane flies are basically less dusty moths that are at least smart enough unlike moths not to fly into your nose and mouth. Crane flies are nothing when you grow up with assassin bugs and brown recluses. I'm just glad our arthropods are mild compared to the southwest or anywhere in the world south of Florida.

>> No.43937351
File: 16 KB, 360x220, you_ride_them.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>idiots thinking giant bugs would be the end of humanity
>not taming the giant bugs

You all are not worthy to be called human.

>> No.43937380

crane flies are a godsend if you have any bug-eating pets. when they start swarming in the spring you wont have to buy crickets for an entire month

>> No.43937441

I love centipedes.

Spiders I'm neutral about. Sometimes they're cute, mostly I just ignore them and wake up with spider bites because of it

>> No.43937453


Well crap, that would put things into perspective quite a bit.

But it's quite weird because now that I think about it, it's just spiders, daddy long legs, and crane flies. I'm fine with beetles, bees, wasps, flies, and pretty much any other insect that exists here.

It's the legs. It's all just the legs. long leg phobia?


Their larva can fuck up your lawn though.

>> No.43937486

>/tg/ is one of the least scientifically literate boards on 4chan
That's because most of the "facts" we "know" are just shit we read in RPG manuals as teenagers.

>> No.43937530

That does explain why we think literally everything is Tolkien, though.

Because we don't even understand what our RPGs are based on.

>> No.43937583

Goddamnit, I really wish you D&D people didn't lump the rest of us in there.

>> No.43937633

D&D is not even close to as much Tolkien as most people think.

It had direct references like hobbits, that must mean the entire thing is Tolkien!

>Having no literary breadth or depth to base opinions on, still make posts like >>43932322

>> No.43937673

you're wearing your D&D heart on your sleeve, anon.
Some of us got into tabletop through non-fantasy means and thus gained little to no knowledge on fantasy through tabletop.

>> No.43937702

If you believe that spaceX is anything more than a glorified, exploitative, and manipulative UPS, then you've drunk the same kool aid.

Tyson was right, they're nothing.

>> No.43937728

Are you now just jumping at any non-fantasy genre you can in order to possible guess mis-conceptions I might have had in the past?

>> No.43937731
File: 185 KB, 438x400, 1190707212669.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>3' or so

>> No.43937742

Do those people hold the same ignorant beliefs?

I like to think of it as my Conan heart.

>> No.43937774


Everyone holds ignorant beliefs. It's part of being human. You couldn't get through your days without some falsehood that you stand on. For most people, it's god, for kids, it's space.

It don't matter. Ain't none of this matters.

>> No.43937775

Everyone everywhere holds ignorant beliefs, anon. You, at best, have like sixth hand knowledge of any of these mythical creatures, and would require years of dedicated study to get to the bottom of any of them.

Instead, people around here just choose to go with whatever version they personally think is cool.

>> No.43937818


>> No.43937822

space isn't a falsehood you believe in anyway.

Space is a "If I happen to steal 600 billion dollars and get away with it".

>> No.43937837

>most tests of a population's scientific literacy only test recognition of buzzwords like dark matter.

One step forward, two miles back. that's how the singularity came to be popular; Idiots who only know buzzwords believing in it.

>> No.43937856

That is actually the one I was referring to, yeah.

I was a bit surprised myself about the lack of deadly australian spiders devouring half a city block while the locals have a chuckle about the wildlife getting a mite dangerous, but...well, there it is. I suppose they can't have all the hyper deadly critters.

>> No.43937873

I, for one, admit to being a machine cultist attempting to forge some kind of order-bot to tell humanity what to do, and free us from the hellish weight of choice.
I will call this the singularity for the purpose of converts.

>> No.43937880

Space is seen as an escape hatch by many people, which is why nobody is doing anything significant about global warming or the energy trap.

It's not. It's a solid roof. Space is only good for research and earth orbiting satellites, and we've already done most of it.

Thinking we'll be living on other planets is as vacuous as thinking you're going to heaven when you die.

>> No.43937906

Space aint that far away, anon.
Like I said, it's a dream for if you ever manage to steal a few hundred billion dollars.
Or, I guess, somehow manage to nazi your way into power over a large government.

>> No.43937913

I don't think that's true, you would have difficulty finding someone who thinks they personally will escape to space.

Thinks their children will? Maybe.

>> No.43937930

It would tell us what i am telling you right here.

>Cut energy use by 95%. If you continue to grow at 2% per year the thermal output of your energy use, regardless of what energy source that may be, will raise the global temperature to the point where water boils in under 400 years, because the only means the earth has for radiating heat is thermal emission, and that has a finite limit.

Now, robot machine supergod or not, we both know that the vast majority of humanity is not going to give up their nice things, no matter who tells them especially a machine.

I'm sorry. There is no solution that is compatible with our evolutionary baggage.

>> No.43937947

See, I just need a robot super got to tell me it's OK to hit the people who don't agree with cut energy use with a spiked bludgeon.
Also tell me how to properly acquire more cultists to assist me with this.

>> No.43937968


Nobody with power will cede that power to a machine. I cannot imagine an example where this is not the case.

>> No.43937989


Just tell them what they want to hear. Tell them that Time and Funding will propel the human race into a new blah blah blah and they'll be eating out of your hand because humanity hasn't changed one damn bit in thousands of years.

>> No.43937994

I can't think of any system of power that ceded governmental power to another system of power without violent conflict.

>> No.43937996

Did somebody say giant wasps?

>> No.43938014
File: 83 KB, 480x480, 1448856872090.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Shouldn't you be falling asleep in the middle of a debate, Sanders?

>> No.43938044


>pro-trump trolls
>in MY /tg/?

Well shit.

>> No.43938088

Webb supporter. You don't have to be a fascist to recognize a dicksucking socialist Jew when you see one.

>> No.43938202

Yeah, normally only the intelligent, saavy people who wouldn't troll express their support for President Trump.

>> No.43938326

Maybe if its an invasive species....brought to a place it doesn't belong by humans. Even then, feral cats do waaaaaaay more damage to native fauna in places like Australia than spiders. Ground nesting birds bro.

>> No.43938423

Too bad yellow jackets are aggressive towards mammals. You are right though, biological pest control is excellent for gardens. I use ladybugs and praying mantises though. Neither fuck with humans or pets and are cool to look at. Also there is some sort of species of parasitic wasp which I forget the name of that I released on my property a few seasons ago, I still see them around.

>> No.43938438

Yeah, being a fucking /pol/ack is enough.

>> No.43938536

You fucking idiot.

>> No.43938553

>Garden variety Democrat
It's like I'm really back on campus.

>> No.43938565

It's more like any political discussion at all on a non /pol/ board.
That shit is discussion poison.

>> No.43938619

It was the "non /pol/ack" who brought politics in it to begin with.

>> No.43938643

and look where it got us.

>> No.43938682

Who here keeps spiders around so they can kill pests? Aussies need not apply

>> No.43938755

I have a rule on spiders.
They are allowed to live in my room, but they must not descend below human-level in the rooms.

So, uh, theres a lot of spiders that die along a line, but otherwise they live.

>> No.43938818

Because people are pussies for being scared of something smaller than they are.

>> No.43938824
File: 121 KB, 574x835, The-Fall-of-Gondolin.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


You are probably thinking of the fall of gondolin

>> No.43938842
File: 655 KB, 816x1632, Spider_Hugs_by_hellcorpceo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Are you telling me you wouldn't want one of these as a pet?

>> No.43938894
File: 517 KB, 715x843, tfw.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.43938989

The recent Heroes of Might and Magic games have necromantic spiders that are sort of good. Maybe not the best example, but it exists.

>can be swallowed while you sleep
That actually doesn't happen.

>> No.43939656
File: 11 KB, 306x265, 1351120090915.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Damn it, no wonder they keep coming. But this means I'd have to catch them, and they're so fast.

>> No.43939684


I wish I lived somewhere that had geckos and other lizards just wandering around, eating household pests.

>> No.43939709

Spiders are cool, they keep the population of thins that deliberately jack with humans down.
Arthrobros are our allies.

>> No.43939889

>territorial to the point of aggressiveness
>wandering spider
Angry hobo spiders are scary shit.

>> No.43939949

No anon, it's not that simple. At that size, the insect would rule the world, and the social ones would have hunted their predators to extinction before building civilization.
Spiders and wasps would be extinct save for the most remote species.
We would not be fucked anon.
We would simply bee.

>> No.43939977

That is exactly what I am telling you.

>> No.43940283

>swallowed while you sleep
That myth is false as shit, please let it die.

>> No.43940474

Thank you for being a voice of reason in a sea of ignorance.

The one about spiders eating our mouse-like mammalian ancestors is pretty interesting, though.

>> No.43940526

I dunno, man, I've run into some pretty openly aggressive centipedes before. Never once ran into a spider that was openly aggressive without provocation.

>> No.43940599


>> No.43940677
File: 1.03 MB, 1200x1280, anormaldayontheinternet.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I was swarmed by yellow jackets as a child, they stung me through my sweatshirt and jeans. They stung me inside my nose, they followed me and my Father a half mile through the woods as he carried me, running full-speed.

Yellow Jackets: Fuckin' Mean.

Pic because I don't have any other arthropods in my image folder.

>> No.43940702
File: 306 KB, 693x1107, Human.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


But anon it's super cute and cuddly, why wouldn't you want one?

>> No.43940720
File: 73 KB, 800x482, house_centipede.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>house centipedes
This one? Are you retarded or something? It cannot even bite you. Fuck, it just run away if you touch it. Stupid bald monkeys.

>> No.43940771

>Why are spiders evil in fantasy

Because Tolkien hated spiders and made them villains in the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings. D&D, which took lots of inspiration from D&D, also featured lots of evil giant spiders.

And all other fantasy, being heavily influenced by D&D and Tolkien, continued the tradition.

Before spiders, it was snakes, which- like most fantasy at the time- had more classical/biblical influences.

>> No.43940814
File: 28 KB, 600x420, DESTROY.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Get the fuck out of here you god damned abomination.

But in all seriousness, I just have a visceral reaction to anything with long, spindly legs, particularly with too many legs (and yes, I know that many of those things are actually feelers, not legs). I don't get frightened by spiders with thick, squat legs, but the ones with needle-thin long legs fill me with a disgust so primal that it's actually nauseating. House centipedes are like nightmares made real for me.

>> No.43940837

If I ever run a campaign with Drow, I'll have giant jumping spiders be the ones they tame, but have ctenidae be dangerous, aggressive beasts they fear.

>> No.43940857


You know how people tell you that wasps won't sting you if you don't mess with them?

Doesn't apply to yellow jackets, red wasps, and other "paper wasps". Apparently, those guys will sting anyone/thing just because they happen to be in a bad mood or in pain from something else.

You either swat at it and hope you kill it so it doesn't come back around and sting you, or not swat it, hope it isn't having a bad day.

>> No.43940889

>I know that many of those things are actually feelers, not legs
I have bad news for you

>> No.43940905

God damn, who pissed in your cereal?

>> No.43940909
File: 83 KB, 915x610, jumping-spider-waterdrop-hats-uda-dennie-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Why are spiders evil in fantasy.

Humans are just jealous of the spiders' ability to wear water droplets as hats.

>> No.43940982
File: 133 KB, 550x413, whatthefuckman.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Jesus Christ on a bicycle, they take the flesh when they bite?

>> No.43941014
File: 1.23 MB, 1018x784, tumblr_lyj5a100Jb1qfvy04o1_1280.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.43941015

Well good thing we indirectly lead to the extinction of most of the planet's megafauna.

>> No.43941048

The thing is you can define yourself as superior to most mammals or even birds, but most lesser animals are too stupid to reliably control them. I guess you can pretend to be bee queen, though.

>> No.43941065

if they are bigger, they will almost certainly require a more complicated nervous system and behavioral set, as their breeding systems don't work at larger scales due to food scarcity.

Heck, they sometimes don't even work on SMALLER scales due to food scarcity.

>> No.43941067

>lawful good giant spiders
>consider the food chain as nature's "laws"
>catches giant bugs whose population threatens the food chain or who have committed a willingly evil act
>eats evil travelers caught in its web, lets the pure of heart go
Spider paladins when?

>> No.43941074

>There hasn't been a death by spider bite world wide in nearly 40 years
mostly because having a patch of rotting flesh on your body is not a death penalty thanks to modern medicine

>> No.43941118
File: 124 KB, 500x616, Spider-Knight.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>Spider paladins when?


>> No.43941143

>lawful good giant wasps
>consider the food chain as nature's "laws"
>catches giant spiders and use them as food for their young
>sting (smite) evil travelers, lets the pure of heart go
wasp paladins when?

>> No.43941156

He's not saying " a person's credentials determine if the things they believe to be facts are actually true" he's saying he has a hard time believing YOUR claims specifically to be true, unless you have credentials to back them up, because all you've done is shoot down what he believes to be backed-up fact, and, when asked for your evidence behind doing so, all you've done is act condescending and claim that what you propose is objective, undeniable fact that everyone should know and you therefore don't need to back it up. I have no opinion on String Theory myself, and I really don't care whether it's true or not, I just hope you realize how immature you're acting. Yes, this is ad hominem. Like I said, I don't care about the validity of String Theory, but you're shitting up this board by acting like an asshole, if if you're not meaning to. In all seriousness, are you diagnosed autistic? It sounds like you have an ego problem too.

>> No.43941197
File: 1.21 MB, 1024x1226, wither_wasp_by_frozen_scumbag-d6hfzbc.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Nice try, you fucking demons.

>> No.43941208

Never. Those fuckers are inherently evil.

>> No.43941249

>order of very lawful wasps
>they keep rigid and strict laws along all the roads they maintain
>secret berserker rage that only appears when they find CRIMINAL SCUM
>instead of prisons, they keep you in a cell next to the larvae, so you can see them rasping at their bars demanding fresh meat

>> No.43941270

You underestimate humanity's ability to fuck over our predators.

>> No.43941306

>Google picture of Tarantula Hawk Wasp
>It literally looks like a fairy
I knew it, fey are evil.

>> No.43941341

evil fairies with the second most painful sting on earth

>> No.43941388
File: 403 KB, 1024x768, pft757b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>most evil of arthropods
>not the beings so evil that the gods themselves put aside their differences to erase them from existence in the Great Primordial War

>> No.43941392
File: 62 KB, 600x450, Silt_Strider_by_mage_116.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This guy knows what's up.

>> No.43941398
File: 59 KB, 634x518, 1407846092079_Image_galleryImage_Pic_shows_An_aggressive_h.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think bees and ants would be the most lawful of insects for obvious reasons, with hornets, wasps, and spiders being neutral at best with respect to law vs chaos.

>> No.43941424

Hornets of any kind would be chaotic neutral if not chaotic evil. Bitches need to be destroyed.

>> No.43941425 [SPOILER] 
File: 639 KB, 1024x1044, 1449036107867.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>sting (smite) evil travelers, lets the pure of heart go

I'd have them catch groups in their webs, judge them, then only eat people they don't like. A friend of the spiders would get to pass, even if he was kind of a dick otherwise. It seems like the kind of thing that should happen in fantasy.

>oho! We have ensnared you, foolish traveller! Soon our poison will render you-
>hey wait, isn't that the human who saved Martha's babies a few months ago?
>shit, uhh.. sorry about that
>[wake up in a clearing]
>[some holes in your cloak are patched with spider-silk]
>[on your chest is a letter of apology and several health potions]

>> No.43941430

>anything but lawful

>> No.43941437

>crazed africanized bees
>slavering hobo ants

>> No.43941446

>lawful evil
>lawful neutral
What's the problem here?

>> No.43941465

>africanized bees
>randomly fucking shit up for no reason whatsoever
>lawful of any kind

>> No.43941510

I heard some scientists want to clone them along with mammoth. The end is coming.

>> No.43941520

>paraditic wasp
>released on my property
Oh shit nigger what are you doing

>> No.43941544

Integrated pest management. Because we haven't learned.

>> No.43941554
File: 29 KB, 374x512, moose-calf-long-legs.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.43941564


Not sure how they plan to do that since technically even dinosaur DNA is too old to clone.

>> No.43941567

unless they grow big enough to drag him into an underground hole he's good

>> No.43941587

>Spider goes out of its way to glue googly-eyes to its abdomen
That's actually hilarious

>> No.43941616

I believe it might be easier to "de-evolve" one from its ancestors, if they exist. I heard they were trying to breed a faux-velociraptor by purposely breeding for reptilian birth defects in chickens.

>> No.43941713

I've heard that horseshoe crabs are related to them.

>> No.43941726


Anon, that's clearly a human.

>> No.43941780

>I heard they were trying to breed a faux-velociraptor by purposely breeding for reptilian birth defects in chickens

Would 'they' happen to be working out of a castle with a hunchbacked assistant?

>> No.43941789
File: 197 KB, 335x720, lolth.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yes and they drink there body weight in blood each time, not just once but over a dozen times in its life. Only the females tho witch can lay up to 600 eggs before dying.

>> No.43941801

I just would like to say that this "won't attack you if you dont provoke them" is veery relative.
Even 'normal' bees attack me without provocation.
I remember once I was in school and I was watching a game of chess completely still, and from nowhere a bee stung me behind my neck.
This wasn't an isolate occurrence. I hate bees.
But I understand their importance to the ecosystem. Wasp and hornets, howerer, I just hope they all die.
(I don't have much problem with spiders, however).
I guess I read somewhere that most of human deaths caudes by animals occurred because of wasps or hornets, I don't remember for sure.

>> No.43941834

>I guess I read somewhere that most of human deaths caudes by animals occurred because of wasps or hornets
that's absolutely bullshit, mosquitoes kill way, way more humans
also wasps keep the spider population down

>> No.43942225
File: 14 KB, 290x515, unnamed.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A lot of people are afraid of spiders and don't know much about them so they're very easy to vilify. The unknown is what is scary.

Once you look into them more and learn about them they become much less scary. I took pic related for another /tg/ spider thread ages ago.

>> No.43942327

spiders are scary to me SPECIFICALLY because I don't know which ones are poisonous, and learning would take a long time.

>> No.43942347

m8 are you going to eat spiders?

>> No.43942374

As far as I know, all spiders are venemous, but most of them aren't dangerous to humans.

For instance, no tarantulas are venomous enough to kill a human. My tarantula is about as venomous as a wasp, but I have never been bitten.

I recommend looking up natives species of spiders that are not dangerous so that you can recognize the safe ones when you see them.

>> No.43942463

I guarantee you, learning more about spiders will not make a genuine arachnophobe any less afraid of them. That being said, I love spiders.

>> No.43942475
File: 217 KB, 1187x1195, canadian-drow.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

inspiration strikes at the worst of times.

>> No.43942518


I know a lot about spiders... I even know about Solifuges, how to recognize the most common poisonous spiders in my region, how their legs work off of hydraulics and how hot and cold temperature will fuck with that, and that they breathe constantly through a book lung.

And I'm arachnophobia as fuck. Fear, and the analysis of what caused it, is fascinating and drives me to study what I'm afraid of. Also, spider monster-girls hit all sorts of erotic terror switches that fucks with me mentally... Which is why they're my favorite.

>> No.43942549

Learning about your fears is like the first step in therapy for overcoming any given fear. When you have an irrational fear, you must fight it with logic and reason. That wasn't my particular route for overcoming my fear though.

My only real life examples of overcoming spider fears (neither person formally diagnosed with arachnophobia) are of course just anecdotal but I figure there's no harm in sharing.

I used to run away from pictures of them and find them terrifying, get anxiety attacks, etc. I got over my fear by adopting a homeless tarantula, not the one pictured but one of the same species. The thing that stopped my fear of that tarantula was that I knew that she had been someone's pet and had been loved and needed a home, And I love animals and couldn't live with myself if I let some pet down. I did the research so the tarantula would be healthy because I was obligated for see to her well-being and to me that was more important than my irrational fears and it trumped them. I stopped having nightmares about spiders and started having nightmares about this particular spider being hungry.

For three years I dated someone who had a horrific fear of spiders that had started when he, as the youngest child of a family, was tormented by older siblings with a toy tarantula. It took me a year of using words like "he" instead of "it" and "fuzzy" instead of "hairy" and pointing out when the spider was doing something cute to get him from refusing to be in the same room with a tarantula to volunteering to hold it without any prompting.

I hope you can get over it. Otherwise you're never going to be able to cuddle your monstergirl spider when she becomes real.

Do it for her anon

>> No.43942566
File: 202 KB, 857x778, Jumpy-Fliffkins-Spiderfolk-HERO.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Good to see someone agrees.

>> No.43942573

Every year more people die from tripping and hitting their head on furniture or the floor when they flee from a spider than die from actually being bitten by one that carries a poison that can potentially kill a human.

You're more likely to die from being struck by lightning.

If you had to choose between being in a room with a spider and going outside in a thunderstorm you would stay inside.

>> No.43942590

>you are more likely to die from blah blah
>why do you avoid it so much
You are an idiot if you don't realize that the specific reason deaths from spiders are so low is because people are afraid of them.

>> No.43942595

>learning more about spiders will not make a genuine arachnophobe any less afraid of them
Only if they don't posses the capacity to retain new information sure.

Good thing you said "genuine" because the vast majority of people who have a phobia actually don't, and are just false signalling for attention.

>> No.43942624
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>I hope you can get over it. Otherwise you're never going to be able to cuddle your monstergirl spider when she becomes real.
>Do it for her anon

>> No.43942694

Well, not exactly.

Only around 10% of potentially deadly spider bites require any kind of treatment. A percentage of that 10% (I don't remember the exact figures it has been 2 years since my rural senior first aid course) will recover without requiring anti-venom. This is based on a worst case scenario using the funnel-web spider as an example, which happens to carry d. atracotoxin, which happens to be exceptionally deadly to primates.

Ambulances, clinics and local doctors even in undeveloped countries carry rather extensive (or at least regionally relevant) anti-venom kits.

So even in the rare case that you actually are bitten by a spider that both carries a toxin that can potentially kill a human being and physically carries a dosage of this toxin large enough to actually bring about this effect in a human being (exceptionally rare) you're usually not too far away from an immediate fix. Even if help won't arrive before the toxin takes effect (usually 1-4 hours) your chances of survival are still exceptionally high. Mostly because human beings are very large compared to spiders and the things spiders eat.

Death from spider bite, as in ACTUALLY BEING BITTEN BY ONE THAT CAN KILL YOU is an exception rather than the norm, even if you are a small child or elderly.

>> No.43942705

you'd be bitten quite a lot more if you didn't show a healthy fear for spiders, anon.
All your numbers are based on people who, rightfully, avoid spiders.

>> No.43942751

I thought they injected the catch with a digestive of some sort that melts their insides, then sucks it out like some kind of smoothie?

>> No.43942753

Are you paying attention?

You have to be bitten by the spider to count as a part of the survival rate of spider bites. I'm not talking about people who don't get bitten because they avoid them, actually most people who get bitten would have otherwise avoided them, but they did not actually detect the spider as it might have been concealed in clothing, inside a boot, or a toilet.

Do you understand?

Even when you are bitten by a deadly spider. As in it has bitten you and physically injected you with a toxin that is potentially deadly to a human being and it has injected enough of this toxin to hurt you, it is a very rare case where you will need treatment.

Though you obviously should get it just in case.

Let me reiterate just in case you don't understand one more time:

The reason people pretty much never die from spider bites is because even if they are bitten, as in their avoidance FAILS, is because it just isn't harmful enough in the vast majority of cases, and even when it is modern medical science is there.

Quite a few people are bitten. Almost none die.

>> No.43942796


So provide your credentials. Let's all provide credentials. Fuck, let's all tie our SSN's to 4chan so there can be no doubt that the person you're speaking with knows what they're talking about and you can therefore save time not having to check facts or know things yourself!

What a grand world you envision.

>> No.43942805

anon, even 10% of 10% is quite high.
If that were more widespread, as if people weren't avoiding it through fear, it would be a problem.

>> No.43942825


I would molotov a spider for free any day--they are chaotic evil aligned, preying on and torturing their hapless victims caught within their devious machinations of web.

>> No.43942865

as a comparison:
10% of 10% is 1%.
That means one ever 100 times.

Car rides are less lethal than that, and yet they are still one of the most lethal things in modern life. Because people aren't properly afraid of them.
If people were deathly afraid of getting in cars, you can bet car lethalities would be almost nil too.

>> No.43944178

Is there any real spider on /tg/ or it's just fat neckbeards with mental disorder?

>> No.43944458

There are no spiders on /tg/.
Please return to your sleeping quarters and do not bring weapons.

>> No.43944496

Thank you, totally-not-a-spider friend.

>> No.43947255

i'm a proud spiderkin

>> No.43948791
File: 87 KB, 294x1148, keyboard_mash.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Is there any real spider on /tg/
No, you are a paranoid. Listen to this poster >>43944458, who is clearly an authentic and trustworthy human being.

We are just normal humans typing with our human hands.

>> No.43951673

I feel your pain brother

>> No.43953661
File: 163 KB, 1600x900, Control chicken embryo, altered chicken embryo and alligator embryo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I heard they were trying to breed a faux-velociraptor by purposely breeding for reptilian birth defects in chickens.
It was more that they were trying to identify how some bits of bird anatomy evolved. By cutting out certain genes they ended up with a baby chicken with a reptilian snout.

The scientists didn't let it grow to term though.

>> No.43956602

Modern scientist aren't crazy enough.

>> No.43956922

>Why are spiders evil in fantasy
Fantasy reflects reality

>> No.43958032 [SPOILER] 
File: 49 KB, 504x434, 1449115986898.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

See spiders can be cute too.
>waves timidly

>> No.43958093

>I suppose they can't have all the hyper deadly critters.

Oh you

>Australian funnel-webs are one of the most dangerous groups of spiders in the world and are regarded by some to be the most deadly, both in terms of clinical cases and venom toxicity.[8][9]

>Their fangs are large and powerful, capable of penetrating fingernails and soft shoes.[4]

>Funnel-webs are not normally aggressive but will defend themselves vigorously if frightened or threatened. During an attack the funnel-web spider generally maintains a tight grip on its victim and bites repeatedly, making it an especially traumatic experience for humans who are bitten and increasing the risk of severe envenomation.[12]

>> No.43958115

A fucking wasp fell onto me at church once.
Stung me as soon as my arm came just close.

That shit fucking hurt, man. FUCK WASPS.

>> No.43958205

Once when I was helping my parents with their backyard I was stupid and wore shorts and a short-sleeved shirt. I got bit by three wolf spiders.

>> No.43959957

Perdido Street Station anyone?
Also name me any fantasy that has friendly wasps or hornets. Spiders will leave you alone generallt, but FUCK WASPS

>> No.43962575
File: 48 KB, 500x400, 4889363640_db678751f52.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Then why could humanity survive dogs.

Checkmate Atheists.

>> No.43964059

not sure what I'm looking at here. Was cool, til I saw face codpieces...

>> No.43964064

Anon, if there was ever some sort of sign, that was it.
Are you sure you do not have some sort of demonic influence in your family line?

>> No.43964154

You make me ashamed.
You are the apex predator of apex predators, act like it and go buy a shotgun.

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