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We Pretend Its 1996 Edition


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King Midas is a bad general right?
I love him but there's nothing in his colors that combos with him.

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Nothing in his color, I mean. That's the problem.

Is there a good B/whatever general for getting unblockability and tap-me-to-do-stuff effects, so that I can at least run him as a star card?

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All I can think of is equip Hankyu (or any other artifact that gives him a tap ability) and Umbral Mantle (only equip I know that untaps your creature). generate a fuckload of mana, which black is great at doing, and exile all your opponent's creatures.

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Rate and post.

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Need a quick but temporary way to store my cards without just shoving them in a box.

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I keep mine in fat pack boxes. you can use a divider to keep them sorted.

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Ashling: Fuck Boardstates best commander.

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I used to use Fat packs until I discovered deck builders tool kits, and I never went back. They easily fit 3 sleeved decks with room for tokens and top loaders, but most importantly, the decks are so much easier to remove.

Now I use fat packs solely as storage. If you want to just store cards >>43880532, then I would definitely say fat packs. If you want to store decks, go with Deck builders Toolkits.

Fuck yes. She is the first commander I built on my own ie not precon (started with Heavenly Inferno aka Kaalia). She is currently in the form of Chandra, and it was supposed to be a somewhat lower powered edh deck, but it's been winning somehow.

Point is, fuck yes Ashling.

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Would you an Ashling?

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>I don't know how to fucking copy resources while the other thread is still live and active edition

Fixed that for you.


>Official Site: Contains deck building rules and the current ban list.

>Deck List Site: You can search for decks that other people have made. Authors often have comments that explain their deck’s strategy and card choices.

>Another resource for commander discussion; they have an entire forum dedicated to discussing decks. People often make primers, which go into detail about how they built and play their deck.

>Statistically see what everyone else puts in their commander decks based on what is posted to the internet.


>Find out what lands you can add to your deck, sorted by category, based on a chosen Commander’s color identity.


>Official search site. Current for all sets but has a terrible UI.

>Unofficial, but has GOAT search interface

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Fuck you we didn't have none of that in 1996. Take your future out of here.

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Hey guys, so after playing Xmage today, I'm starting to REALLY. FUCKING. HATE. UG PLAYERS. So I've had this Sigarda deck for a while, and I know that whenever I plop her down and give her indestructible or flickerform its usually GG from there. However, I have decided to revamp the deck. In addition to Grand Abolisher which was already in there, I put in Leyline of Lifeforce, Dosan, City of Solitude, Dueling Grounds, Cataclysm, Catastrophe, and Armageddon to really fuck with specifically UG players. I was thinking of putting in Leonin Arbiter as well but I have a fair amount of library search myself and it would really hurt me just as bad as them. Is there anything else I could put in?

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actually I DO use a toolkit box for some of my (non-edh) decks. I use fat pack boxes for storage and I also have one of those big holiday box things a relative bought me a few weeks ago.

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Any must have our interesting cards that should go on a Grenzo deck? I'm wondering what kind of creatures or enchantments he should take

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>being this mad at UG
Nigga what.
It can be pretty bad but there's way more annoying bullshit out there.

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I have the last 3 holiday boxes, but they are too cumbersome to haul around. Most of my play for a long time wasn't at a shop, but rather at someone's house, so it was just easier to pull up one of many smaller boxes as opposed to one big one because of space. Now, I use them mainly for storage at home for all my worthless bulk Commons and uncommons. This year's box is much more sturdy than last years, which is good.

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Grenzo + http://edhrec.com/ =

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Mein freund.

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Holy shit, how have I never heard of this site? Like, how could I miss it right there in the op?

Oh wait, no, maybe I just wanted some other folks opinions.

Thanks for being a dick

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>Ravages of War, Ankh of Mishra, Dimensional Breach, Soulscour and Worldslayer. Also Oath of Lieges helps non-UG players keep up, or Burgeoning

Also Ward of Bones, Angelic Arbiter, Curse of Exhaustion, Eidolon of Rhetoric, Rule of Law, Ethersworn Canonist and Spirit of the Labyrinth

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Taking advantage of the 5% kickback on TCG, and I want to get a friend a card or two for Christmas. His decks are:
>Angry Omnath
and a couple others, but those are his main ones. Any suggestions for some pricey cards that are auto-includes for those decks?

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Can I get a comprehensive list of all the good equipment for Kemba/Nahiri?

going full theme here, I want like 20+ swords/boards

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Swords of Money
Fauna Shaman
Glen Elendra Archmage


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I just made a big purchase for my Nahiri yesterday because my lgs did 20% off singles. The Vampiric Rites are obviously not for mono white. Now I only need Fire and Ice, and War and Peace. Fucking FaI is $50 though. Fml.

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Also stax stuff like Vorinclex, Winter Orb and Hokori.

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I said good

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It's organized by community rating.

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So a friend of mine wants to get into EDH and asked me to help him get started.

He doesn't want to spend much more than 40/50-ish € on his first deck and wants to go with Noyan Dar as his first general.

Are his price expectations realistic to aim for for a somewhat decent beginners deck and is Noyan Dar easy to pilot for ones first EDH deck? He has some experience with the guy from his W/U/G standard decka already, so he's not completely alien to how Noyan plays.

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Cantrips and counterspells are fairly cheap, so yeah 50 euros should be reasonable.

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Anybody have a melek, izzet paragon deck they can share? I've been trying to make mine work but the win con, copying shit like fireball and banefire to kill, hasn't been working nearly as well as I'd like.

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Cantrips and counterspells. Include Talrand and Darksteel Citadel by default.

It'll be easy to stay under $40 but you won't be able to get duals or Serum Visions.

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Serum Visions is shit. I'd rather run Portent.

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sphinx bone wand is the best melek wincon, otherwise mind's desire is a lot of fun

just run as many tutors as you possibly can, if anybody but you is having fun you built it wrong

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Why not fucking both as you're in Talland.

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Alright, will relay that to him.
I take it none of the precons of the last few years would be remotely worth getting for that deck, right? Have skipped over their lists again myself and I didn't really see anything worthwhile, apart from Talrand and a handful of cantrips in Mizzix' deck, definitely not equalling the amount paid.

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Nope, very unique type of deck.

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Always better off running singles.

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Melek's ability is pretty tough to make the most of, really requires a lot of Scry and stuff like Brainstorm and Scroll Rack. I ended up giving up on using him for burn and just made a burn deck with Riku instead, which had been working waaaay better for me. If you're dedicated to making Melek work though try combing through http://gatherer.wizards.com/Pages/Search/Default.aspx?sort=cmc+&action=advanced&text=%20[put]%20[top]%20[your]%20[library]%20![{w}]%20![{b}]%20![{g}]&color=%20![W]%20![B]%20![G] for cards that let you manipulate the top card of your library.

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goddamn, did not expect to like stax as much as I do now but holy moly, what a great control archetype

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My local multiplayer games are always won by some WUx player (Oloro, Narset, Numot, Augustin, Brago) sitting in the corner doing notthing and then casting Cyclonic Rift and Armageddon whenever the board is clear of counterspell mana. Yet people will keep doing stupid shit like throwing dice to choose who they will attack instead of targeting the couple motherfuckers that always win.

How the fuck do you teach "good guys" to think like motherfucking war generals?

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Phenax + Macar + Pemmin's Aura = FUCK

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Don't forget Freed from the Real.

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R8 my commanders
>Kaseto, Orochi Archmage
>Shirei, Shizo's Caretaker
>Arjun, the Shifting Flame
>Mogis, God of Slaughter
>Grand Arbiter Augustin IV

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Swords of X and Y are obviously good
Sword of Vengeance is good for the tokens that Nahiri spawns
Godsend might be pretty good. The effect is good on paper but +3/+3 is solid.
Infiltration Lens is always fun. Especially if you slap it on a huge dude and they block it with multiple creatures.
Konda's Banner is good on Kemba if you got a cat theme going on.

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On hits. All on hits. Snakes and Thassa's Bident for extra credit.
What ways do you use to make everything a 1/x?
Better than he seems. He pretty much lets you play your whole deck over time. Fit in a bunch of random combos like Spellbinder/Savage Beating, Splinter Twin and pic related.
Aggro-Stax. Bonus credit for doing so with enchantments and Frenching it.
>Grand Arbiter
Pillow-Fort/D&T into Elocutors or a couple other things.

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>infiltration lens
God damn I've been trying to remember the name of that. The other night a guy at our table put it on a breaker of armies and rammed it into the token player's board. he drew 32 cards then dumped them to sickening dreams and took out two players, left just me and him. I was trying to remember the name of the equipment that let him draw so many cards.

I killed him with a banefire

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No Joe Bident, and the only thing that ever swings is Kaseto proper. Elder, Scout, and Oracle for ramp, Leafcaller for fixing/combo with Sachi and Freed from the Real. On-hit effects just aren't worth it when a 3-hit kill is slow.

I don't do any p/t doctoring besides maybe Mindless Automaton if you look at it that way. I just get value out of low-power dudes and ETB/ETG triggers.

Yep. He's just funny. Getting thought reflection blown up is hard to come back from though.

Would be better as Rakdos, I just play him for flavor. Needs work.

Least favorite deck but it works. Mostly use it to disrupt the obnoxious amount of infinite combo decks at the meta.

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Can I make an EDH deck around this thing?

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Roon shenanigans is too much fun

>> No.43885970

>Using a 9gag meme below the pictured cards

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That's between you and your playgroup.

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Technically no.
If your meta allows un-cards, however, just throwing it into your usual Xenagos deck would be fine. Engage maximum overdrive on a hydra omnivore.

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that is the dumbest card i've ever seen and i love it

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I'm going to build probably Kalemne, though a big part of me wants to try Anya, as a RW angels tribal because most trigger Kalemne and most of them have a combat boost.

Any auto includes? Should I not bother with Anya and just do Kalemne?

>> No.43886025

anya strikes me as a card not inspiring enough to warrant the Command zone spot, though it's fine enough in the 99 for angel tribal I suppose

I mean kalemne's really not that much more interesting either I suppose, but she's the better head for it since she at least benefits off of the casts and such.

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For real though, I love cheesy stuff like this. Yesterday I ran out pic related and Freed From the Real and decimated my opponent's hand. He had no cards by the start of his 5th upkeep and I just locked him right out of the game. This was in 1v1 though. I haven't gotten to test the deck in multiplayer yet.

That is awesome. Nobody respects "must be blocked" effects. One of these days I want to make a deck like that, full of deathtouch and stuff.

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Let's say I tutor Blitz Hellion with this. Blitz Hellion gets shuffled into the Library at the end of turn.

Does the Enchantment take priority?

>> No.43886031

Rather you should not bother with Kalemne, at all, she's garbage. If you must do boros then Anya is decent, Iroas is good, and Gisela and Aurelia are the best but will draw you contact aggro 80% of the time.

Kalemne would have been fine if her ability was an anthem. Buffing your commander by playing big stupid wrath bait is the dumbest, timmyest thing wizards has tried to funnel into people's mouths.

>> No.43886044

You control both triggers and they go on the stack simultaneously so you choose the order. So, Hans trigger, Hellion trigger. He gets shuffled in before the Hans trigger resolves.

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Christ that rocks ass
So if I were a complete shithead I could make a deck that revolves around that combo, plus some other shit
No wonder people think this card is too good.

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I mean, you can also just drop in eldrazi titans with haste straight out of your library.

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Not that guy, but Kalemne being super janky and fragile is basically the only reason I'd consider playing her. So, that said, how to make it work? My mind instantly went to Evoke, but there's not a lot of those guys.

Another solution might be artifacts. You could play Proliferate artifacts, and then to make it worth your while, maybe make a Metalcraft/Affinity type theme? Throw in tons of equipment, go Voltron. You only need one experience counter to get your proliferate on.

>> No.43886114

Right. I often flub up deck building because of jumping to what wins I often jump to what seems neat in my head canon.

Magic gets hard when you have the wrong kind of autism.

>> No.43886133

Proliferate without blue is still tricky. If your goal is to make Kalemne work, then you've already identified the best ways of doing so. There are better cards and colors for the job though. So unless you're intentionally disadvantaging yourself for giggles.

>> No.43886165

On that note, dump some Planeswalkers in there to proliferate your way to victory. Daretti makes a lot of sense. Elspeth, Knight-Errant would be good because giving Kalemne flying is good and dat emblem. Nahiri might be good. Ugin, the Spirit Dragon goes infinite in one turn if you proliferate once. And that's pretty potent.

Seems like a fun deck. A little more complicated than a typical Boros deck, but still basically just "play weapons for the general, attack, keep attacking". I'd play it if I had the cards.

>> No.43886172

No, trust me, I'm the same way. Everyone has seen Ulamog cheated in and we all know what he does. Blitz Hellion is a really cool interaction but it amounts to a 6-drop 7/7 trample that dodges sorcery removal and can't block. That's slightly oversimplified but you get the idea. It's not a bad deal, but it isn't turn 5 annihilator 4.

>> No.43886177

Mogis is legit stupid if you do shit like
>Pain Magnification+Megrim+Furnace of Rath
>Meren of the Mornsong+Stranglehold
>Paragon of Open Graves/Death Pits of Rath+Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth+Kormus Bell+Night of Soul's Betrayal
>Price of Glory+War's Toll+Mana Leech/Rishadan Port
>Myconsinth Lattice+Null Rod
While he's in play, plus of course Tainted AEther, AEther Flash, Painful Quandary, Blood Clock, Exquisite Blood, Tainted Bond, Torpor Orb, Cursed Totem, Damping Matrix and wraths, lots of wraths.
If people let you get going pretty much the only thing that can stop you is Aura Flux.

>> No.43886184

I feel like Eldrazi broke this game.
Every winning strategy I see lately seems to amount to, "How fast can I get an Eldrazi Titan on the field"

>> No.43886202

annihilator is a ridiculously strong keyword when it happens turns earlier than desgined. there have always been insanely broken creatures, I would argue that Griselbrand is stronger than kozilek or ulamog, and perhaps tied with emrakul.

>> No.43886231

Yeah, he's fun, and can be hilariously destructive in the perfect environments you describe. Just woefully inconsistent. Reanimator decks became explosively popular at my meta after C15 and people will happily duck the 2 damage now.

>> No.43886254

If it weren't Eldrazi, it would be Demons. If it weren't Demons, it'd be Dragons. As long as there's a creature that's worth more than 2 mana, using Faithless Looting to discard it and Reanimate to put it into play is going to be a thing. Or whatever cheating strategy you prefer.

Luckily there's plenty of ways to not die to a quick Eldrazi. You just have to decide how much of your deck you want to devote to that.

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Is there a Commander that would work well with a Black/Blue Cipher deck?

>> No.43886305

>theres a kozilek commander in local meta
>has played him turn 3 more than once
At that point he just decided who will lose first and everyone else tries to find some possible way of stopping it.
But then, ya know, just gets recast.

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File: 67 KB, 210x297, dimir-aqueduct.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can I play this without having a land out, or is this only if you already have a land out? I'm having some trouble with the language.

>> No.43886384

If its your only land when it enters, it returns itself to your hand.

>> No.43886385

It forces you to return a land to your hand, so if it's the only land in play then yes, you'll have to return it to your hand.

>> No.43886396

Ah alright that's weird but it makes sense
Thanks guys

>> No.43886444

Yea. Having her at the top is good in that aspect. She actually sets up for a nice curve. The truth of the matter is that she doesn't need a lot of counters to get a lot of value, so its not like you need to cast 30 cmc 5 dudes. She's just an efficient beater, and that's the problem people have. They wanted something new.

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you could always put this baller in to mess with people's search

>> No.43886728

I don't know if it's 'good', but I run Stolen Identity and Whispering Madness in a Wrexial deck to throw on him with other random equipment

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Is there anything I can do with this bad mammajamma?

>> No.43886852

Mind Over Matter

>> No.43887050

How can I make this better if
>I don't play old-frame cards
>My budget top is $600 so I have $30 left for this deck.

>> No.43887154

Been looking at making a RW token aggro deck.

I expect it to run out of cards very fast, and/or scoop to the first boardwipe that comes its way. I've seen a bunch of RW decks made by way better players than me, and they all share these problems. Plus the good RW commanders are really common which pisses off my inner hipster

So I'm thinking, a third colour might fix this. Been looking at Gahiji, and while green is a damn good addition in other ways (doubling season etc) I'm still struggling to get enough good draw.

I don't know black or blue very well, except that they both shit out cards at a tremendous rate. Blue could also counter boardwipes and all those cheap, "fuck up the token player" cards like Sever the Bloodline.

Wondering if you guys can suggest a good WBR or WUR general for whats essentially a RW token aggro strategy?

>> No.43887260


Recursion, black card draw and black reanimation.

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>I don't play old-frame cards

>> No.43887482

Since tcg is doing 5% credit I am looking to make a deck.
Should I go for a mono g control with titania, purph all the damage or mono white?

Here is what I have for mono w.

Current decks:

erebos reanimation and b goodstuff
Lu Xun, Scholar General voltron control jank
grenzo goblin tribal
angry omnath hard ramp into dudes and damage
omnath big green
brago stasis
rafiq enchant voltron
darretti artifacts

>> No.43887562

smack them and call them a bitch

>> No.43887582

no one ever really gives a shit about the topic past EDH

>> No.43887601

>doing nothing
yeah no, stop bullshitting.

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File: 67 KB, 312x445, Caltrops.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>not playing this in Sydri

>> No.43887845

Never understood the point of this. Yeah lol Deathtouch al the things, but with so many combos that are so easy and fast to assemble, it feels like a waste of time and an extremely fragile, extremely telegraphed combat trick that will get me btfo.

>> No.43887903

It's bad if your meta if nothing but blazing fast, noninteractive combo decks. If you ever expect an opponent to make it to the combat step, it's a fantastic deterrent.

>> No.43887975

I was talking about my own combos.
Like, I was able to set-up Sharuum+Disciple+Sculpting Steel despite both Slivers and Ezuri targetting me.

>> No.43887991

Well of course you wouldn't run it in a combo deck, you're too busy trying to combo out. But you also wouldn't run Sydri as a combo general when Sharuum exists, and caltrops doesn't go in any other deck but Sydri. Sydri lends herself much better to artifact goodstuff, where something like this can be a bit more useful (never worry about leaving blockers up again).

>> No.43888062

But Sydri IS a combo deck. She plays a better combo game than a goodstuff deck and actually makes Sharuum's combos faster to assemble by having her as one of the 99.

>> No.43888068

Macar is actually alright. He plays MBC but with a fun twist. You can use Thousand-Year Elixer, Honor-Worn Shaku, Umbral Mantle, and Sword of the Paruns as untap effects. Notably, Sword of the Paruns can go infinite with six Swamps and Magus of the Coffers, allowing you to cast Macar and exile the board's creatures (as well as doing anything else you fucking want).

He is a little durdly to get running, but does a lot of fun stuff once he's up and active.

>> No.43888086


Where can I get cards from Europe with international shipping, other than ebay.

>> No.43888103

...is this me? I do this at my LGS, but I always warn people and don't do it much, because playing against Kozilek is hardmode for most decks and isn't a lot of fun.

>> No.43888109


>> No.43888113


That doesn't work, I'm in Brazil.

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You playing Titania in angy Omnath?
Because Titania is angry Omnath's best friend.

How much of a That Guy am I, /tg/?

>> No.43888609

>Only 1 deck has red in
>It's 5 colour
>Probably runs no red spells

>> No.43888622

Not that anon, but:
>dragon tribal
>no red
Pick one.

>> No.43888631

I pick Pithing Needle.

>> No.43888641

That wasn't an option, you cheated. I'm calling a judge.

>> No.43888653

>no red spells
>when it's Dragon Tribal
Let's see
Savage Ventmaw, Hellkite Charger, Atarka the Game Ender, Cola-Chan the Storm's Cutie, Sarkhan's Triumph, Sarkhan Unbroken, Mob Rule, Utvara Hellkite, Dragonlord Kolaghan, Dragon Tempest, Crackling Doom, Bladewing the Risen, Dragon Mage, Feldon of the Third Path, Tyrant's Familiar, Dragonlord Atarka, Hellkite Tyrant, Surrak Dragonclaw, Temur Ascendancy.

>> No.43888655

Brago and Scion seems 'that guy' ish. and Brago is retired, and Scion isn't Hermit Druid combo, so you're in the clear.

Chainer is close to 'that guy' but i love that bastard too much. He so gud.

>> No.43888671

I'm trying to get back into mtg after like ten years, and my friend invited me to try out commander with a group he plays with. Looking at the different options, I'm thinking white/black/red is probably what I'd like to try, but the most popular deck of that type is horrendously expensive.

What are some good ways to make some decent commander decks without spending a lot of money?

>> No.43888703

Before you rush out to buy stuff, ask around in the playgroup if you can borrow someone's deck for a game. Try a few different decks and see what suits your taste.
As for getting into Commander, I think buying a precon and modifying it is the easiest and cheapest way to start. You've got a few staples and a decent mana base in those decks, as well as various directions you can take the deck into.

>> No.43888706

Chinaman. That and/or pick a mono commander and save a lot of money on your mana base.

>> No.43888740

Mono Colored decks are usually fairly cheap, since you save a lot on mana fixing (which is often the most expensive thing in decks), and there are quite a few powerful mono colored commanders.

The only problem is that mono color decks have to make up for the weaknesses that their colors have, this means that Red and White are bad choices for Mono colored decks in most case.

here are good, fairly viable mono color choices:
Red: Daretti, Scrap Savant, Feldon of the third path, Ashling (is fun)
Blue: Azami, lady of scrolls, Teferi, Temporal Archmage, Patron of the Moon, Arcanis the omnipotent
Green: Titania, Protector of Argoth. Ezuri Renegade Leader. Asuza, Lost but seeking. Yisan, the Wanderer Bard
White: Jazal Goldmane
Black: Chainer, Dementia master. Drana (either version), Erebos, God of the dead.

These are just the ones off the top of my head.
Alternatively, you can just get a Preconstructed commander deck, and just work with it.

Sadly, this means you dont get to play the color combo you want to play initially, but, shit sucks, and we have an expensive hobby.

>> No.43888785
File: 137 KB, 223x311, Image.ashx.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.43888868

That makes sense. I'll give that a shot and see what I end up liking during those initial games.

>Chainer, Dementia master.
Oh, hey, I think I have him.

Would running her as a commander let me run white/black/red, or do the colors of the commander's mana cost have to match up?

>> No.43888877

It would let you run white and black, yes.

>> No.43888893
File: 30 KB, 223x310, Image.ashx.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Would running her as a commander let me run white/black/red
Yup, mana in the text box count towards the commander's color identity. Thelon counts as BG for this same reason.

>> No.43888930

talrand is fairly cheap because he is a pile of cantrips and bounce spells plus has a very fair win condition so play groups are normally fine with him

>> No.43888962

That's awesome. That gives me a lot more choices. Now, is aggro actually good in commander? Because she seems like she would be great in something like a goblin deck.

>> No.43888977

No aggro is terrible.

You need to take down a total of 120 health (3 players with 40 health), versus the normal 20.

>> No.43888990

You play her to abuse reanimating value creatures with low power.

Like Solemn Simulacrum, Goblin Sharpshooter, Mother of Runes etc.

>> No.43888993

kaalia can be fairly cheap and same thing with an Alesha token deck. Kaalia you can just put in you best dragons angels and demons. mana fixing tends to be the expensive part.

>> No.43889008

Makes sense. I played control a lot back in the day, so maybe I'll try for that. What are some good blue/black/white choices? That seems like it would be good for control.
Kaalia was who I wanted to play initially, but I haven't been able to find a place to buy her deck without spending like $200 right out of the gate.

>> No.43889016

Difficult, but doable. Play some games with your group and figure out the overall speed of your metagame. If it's slow and durdly and not very heavy on mass removal, it can work.

>> No.43889141

i am sorry, 200 is normally cheap. i play modern and legacy as well so my judgement on cheap might be off.

>> No.43889168

Nah, it's probably me underestimating how expensive this hobby is. I'll see how things go with the group, and if I decide to buy my own deck, I'll just bite the bullet and buy Kaalia's deck.

>> No.43889173

I've never understood this mentality. Why would you expect to be the only player dealing damage to your opponents?

>> No.43889228
File: 110 KB, 400x400, 184647_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>but I haven't been able to find a place to buy her deck without spending like $200 right out of the gate
Wait, you mean (pic related)? If so, forget buying the deck, buy singles. You can buy Kaalia by herself for $10-$45 then fill out the rest of the deck with what you can afford.

>> No.43889308

That was the deck, yeah. Singles would be better, then? Which singles would you recommend, in that case? I've seen some pretty crazy angel cards, but like I said, it's been ten years since I've actually played, so I'm not sure what's considered "essential" currently.

>> No.43889312

Red pill me on that Karametra

>> No.43889315


>tfw my playgroup won't let me run City of Ass as a proxy for City of Brass.

If they can have altered card art and a commander that is painted over to cover the full card, I think I shouldn't feel guilty to just go for it...

>> No.43889331


I'm also a fan of Stranglehold and Ob Nixilis Unshackled. Because eff some of the repeat tutoring in my playgroup.

>> No.43889361

Apperently Phyrexian Reclamation and Children of Korlis are a pretty fun duo in a Karlov deck.
I mean, I know Children of Korlis went well with stuff like Snuff Out and Midnight Bargain, but with the reclamation, you can just keep getting them back.

>> No.43889532

>Singles would be better, then?
For sure. I just punched in the card list for the deck into TCGplayer and it came out over $100 cheaper than buying a brand new Heavenly Inferno box. As far as what to include in your deck, I'd recommend looking through your collection first and see what decent stuff you could fill your deck out with. After that check out some some Kaalia decklists on tappedout for ideas. My personal recommendations would be staples like: Sword to Plowshares/Path to Exile, Return to Dust, Wrath of God, Austere Command, Phyrexian Arena, Lightning Greaves, Sol Ring Demonic/Vampiric Tutor, Rune-Scarred Demon, Kakusho and Yosei. Also Quicksilver Amulet since most Dragons/Angels/Demons are high CMC.

>> No.43889588

That's really good news. I'll do that, then. Thanks so much.

>> No.43889625

Happy to be of service, anon.

>> No.43889884
File: 13 KB, 190x265, download (3).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

anyone here also play the best commander?

>> No.43889941

The shu yun shitposters are awake

>> No.43889979

>Dies to removal
>Best commander

:^) I can meme too

>> No.43890086
File: 26 KB, 300x100, 4chan banner.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.43890106

can ya'll niggas cantrip till you win with commander damage. Naw bitch sit down

>> No.43890140

>Dies to removal
Not that anon, but is there a commander that doesn't? Even Sigarda dies to wipes, and I don't think many would call her the "best commander".

>> No.43890177

psychosis crawler?

>> No.43890188

No but most are extremely resiliant. The argument is basically that more protection(hexproof, indestructible, can't be sacrificed, etc) is more value, especially with voltron generals, as you don't have to recast your general as often. Also, when it alo\ready has one or two forms of protection, you usually just slap on one or two more things and its stuck to the board like glue.

>> No.43890198

Fucking keyboard

>> No.43890215

I'm primarily mocking the meme poster anon.
Nothing can survive an armageddon or supreme verdict( mass targetless exile) however anything that can flicker itself is technically better then indestructible alon and could.

>> No.43890236

you mean either Merciless Eviction or Final Judgement

>> No.43890240


>> No.43890254

>Can die to bolt alone
>Still worthy of meme posting

Choose one fgt

>> No.43890296

>azusa, lost but seeking
>Sliver overlord
>Karrthus , Tyrant of Jund
R8 m8? Presorted from competitive to casual

>> No.43890310

You mean Decree of Annihilation.

>> No.43890319

Derp. Decree, Terminus, apocalypse. Etc. I occasionally misconstrue apocalypse and armageddon by name.

>> No.43890776

>tfw got a card to be my general only to realize it's banned

>> No.43890823

Black Braids?

>> No.43890826
File: 518 KB, 713x785, 1444940437133.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>With the success of Commander 2014, WOTC decides that all planeswalkers can now be commanders.

What happens?

>> No.43890862

Erayo, she seemed cool and I just haven't checked the ban list in a while.

>> No.43890901

Lilliana of the Veil. That's what happens.

Also, there's nothing preventing any group of people allowing planeswalkers in their meta. EDH began as a completely fan format remember, you can ban/unban anything if everyone is cool with it.

>> No.43890923


Isn't there an OFFCIAL ban list?

Fuck group decisions. Rules are rules.

>> No.43890948

Some get banned and then we'd get to make fun decks with the rest. A Venser the Sojourner deck would be fun, or Sarkhan Unbroken. I'd also like to try building a Tibalt deck.

>> No.43890960

Define official. It's not maintained by WotC, it's run by the commander rules committee.

>> No.43890993

>Fuck group decisions
You realize it's just a small GROUP of players outside Wizards that decides what is and isn't banned, correct?

>> No.43891018


I like to think that WOTC decisions are made in a grand executive hall with men in suits.

>> No.43891039

You'd be wrong, but since when has that ever stopped spergs from sperging?

>> No.43891043

More like 4 people in an office.

>> No.43891067

The rules committee is only loosely affiliated with WotC. Here's their stance on house rules: http://mtgcommander.net/rules.php

>> No.43891163
File: 1.08 MB, 628x3965, 1440843620647.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Could someone please give me the lowdown on the 2015 commander decks? Aside from magic duels on steam and a game with a friends deck I'm new to magic. Said friend has invited me to play commander with his group and I was wondering what premade deck to pick up (if any.)

>> No.43891192
File: 399 KB, 500x650, 1444598902186.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Just buy all 5, you wuss.

>> No.43891251
File: 524 KB, 998x1217, 1448755959531.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Shhh you brat

>> No.43891377

Well what colors do you like to play? So you know kinda what the color pie is, what each color "means" etc?

>> No.43891407

If you're looking for one to just pick up and play, I've heard the BG deck isn't bad out of the box, same with the UR deck.

>> No.43891428

You like ramping?
You really, really like ramping?
Does the feeling of pulling yet another land out of your deck and onto the board give you emotional highs?
Do you also like creatures and value?
There you go, play Karametra. Ramp into her on turn 2 or 3 with mana elves, then unload your hand of value creatures. Elvish Visionary, Wall of Blossoms, Selvala, Stonecloaker, draw cards with Soul of the Harvest, Seer's Sundial and Primordial Sage, recur your graveyard with Emeria, Emeria Shepherd and Sun Titan after you blow everything up with one of many board wipes, including Magus of the Disk and Myojin of Cleansing Fire. Though you'll also protect yourself with GW-untouchable-mode cards like Mother of Runes, Sylvan Safekeeper, Temur Sabertooth, Dauntless Escort, Archetype of Endurance, and Avacyn. Blow shit up, play your stuff, pump them with an overrun effect on a creature, trample over everything.
It's basically GW Gustav but with the ramp attached to your creatures.

>> No.43891452

Borrow a deck from one of them first. Chances are some of them already have some of the new decks and you can try them right out. Or see if you like another strategy you see there. Then get a precon that's similar to what you most feel like building.

>> No.43891486

I've only really played with the base cards you get with the pc game, but I've been enjoying a black/white allies/revive deck and a white/green ally/growth one so I was thinking of those colours. If I knew kinda how the commander decks play I'd try to make similar ones in the game and see how i find them

I think everyone in the group is new to commander although I'm not sure if they're all buying premade decks

>> No.43891558

If you wanna play WB then you're gonna want to pick a commander and build a deck around it yourself, because I've heard the 2015 WB deck is terrible.

>> No.43891623

Ah, I suggest you try your hands on the green black or white black. I think BG is more easily modded and easier to pilot for newer players though.

>> No.43891625

Then get a deck in colors you like to play in the computer game. Keep in mind there's also 2014 monocolored planeswalker commanders (notably including a green elf tribal and a red artifacts deck) and three-colored 2013 commander decks that you can buy, if the 2015 decks don't appeal to you. Among them, I think the blue green, black green and blu red ones are the most appealing to most.

>> No.43891724

just noticed the price of reiterate went up quite a bit, shame because I was wanting to use the UR C15 deck

>> No.43891786

Looks like some cunt/s did a buyout.

>> No.43891844

Thanks, I think I'll go for wb and buy a some bulk cards going cheap online
One last thing, it doesn't look like the commander cards are usable in modern or standard, is this right?

>> No.43891867

I white-bordered a WMCD one and they never noticed. Eventually it got reprinted and I got a MMA one.

It wasn't even expensive it was just impossible to get locally and couldn't order online since I'm not burgerclap.

>> No.43891885

They can't be used in modern or standard unless they're a reprint of a card that is legal in those formats.

>> No.43891954

any advice on my Melek, Izzet Paragon deck? My testing has been pretty good so far, although I find myself needing situational spells or one more extra turn a little to often. I'm thinking of making the deck in paper as well, however id probably drop reiterate and scalding tarn to lower the price considerably


>> No.43891962

Nigga, it dies to Shock.
Thats a special kind of shameful for a blue commander.

>> No.43891966

>Looking at a card that's totally worthless like Field of Dreams or Collective Voyage
>Some cunt/s do a buyout
>They are now sold for 10 times their actual value.
If this happens to Spiny Starfish, somebody is going to find a rat nest in their desk come monday.

>> No.43892115

The WB deck isn't terrible, the enchantment sub-them is not well developed but it gives you some excellent cards you'll actually have problem getting otherwise like Phyrexian Arena and Black Market.
I bought that and made it into a much better deck just adding $30 (not counting lands, lands are always the most expensive part of the deck, and the least fulfilling to buy when you're new, because they just make the deck better in a way you can't truly appreciate until you've played a good deck with bad lands vs the same deck with good lands).

>> No.43892122
File: 47 KB, 350x350, 1352294386-42626700.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Post your favorite commander.

>> No.43892128

Is Nekusar a 'that guy' deck?
I wanna build a deck around him and he looks fun, but I'm not trying to make something oppressively good

>> No.43892129

Do you have a list to post? I have a karametra deck but it's ehhh. I've won a game or two off of T&N for elesh norn and avenger of zendikar without anyone wrathing the board away but I usually don't do anything impressive

>> No.43892195

If you run infect, people will hate you and probably kill Nekbeard on sight. Short of that, people tend to enjoy playing with him since he sends everybody into ogredrive. Forced fruition makes for one hell of a finisher with him, along with something like bloodchief ascension

>> No.43892213

Only in the sense now common people would see him and how lazy some people are building him. Also he really isn't that oppressive at all; Grixis is definitely not top tier as far as color combos go in EDH. Good but not top tier.

>> No.43892275

I hate this fucking buyout culture. Fucking speculators are just awful. They're not ruining magic, but they're certainly trying to.

>> No.43892281

>don't want to make something oppressive

Don't bother with Nekusar then. If you're not going to build him like turns on the torture rack, then all Nekusar does is give people card advantage.

TLDR, you kinda have to be that guy with Nekusar.

>> No.43892441

A guy in my playgroup runs her in a hilarious life-manipulation combo deck that uses the Worldgorger Dragon Animate Dead combo, Magus of the Mirror and Moltensteel Dragon.

>> No.43892499
File: 153 KB, 312x445, tumblr_inline_n4czk5nwJO1s40s2j[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Stag Bear, at the moment.

>dying just makes him bigger
>turns into a boardwipe machine when equipped with Basilisk Collar/Gorgon's Head
>jank cards like Smokebraider and Ivy Lane Denizen are godly with him

Despite his versatility, he doesn't draw much hate from playgroups either, as I've noticed.

>> No.43892505

Sorin Markov becomes even more despised in 1V1, Garruk, Apex Predator triples in price.

>> No.43892552

Is the Nicol Bolas Dragonstorm guy here? He was around a few threads ago but I can't find a link to his list and wanted to look it over, it sounded sweet.

>> No.43892574

I do indeed. It's done decent in playtesting, currently got some green card draw in the mail to reconfigure it a bit. Suggestions on things to cut/sekret tek would be appreciated:

New question for everyone: How many of you use Cockatrice? Or has everyone mostly gone to Xmage?

>> No.43892681
File: 2.63 MB, 1478x1122, EDH.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

since everyone else is posting them
king midas seems like he'd be fun with a thornbite staff

>> No.43892745

Man, fuck Ruric Thar. He's so good against me.

>> No.43892787

ruric thar is amazing haha and putting possibility storm in him is hilarious

>> No.43892914

I kinda get hated off since I have the "Fuck politics" policy. If I have potential damage, I'm swinging at someone. And with Marath if I find a win-con I usually never get stopped.

>> No.43893047

Forgot my list

>> No.43893299
File: 30 KB, 223x310, Aphetto_asshole.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I made a deck with him once.

Everyone hates mono blue but you'd better run Aphetto Alchemist and Illusionist Bracers.

>> No.43893392

I just built lazav for that exact same purpose. Not very competitive, the idea is just to play other peoples decks. Any secret tech?

>> No.43893480

pretty janky but i always liked ciphering a whispering madness on a dimir keyrune or a creeping tarpit also trepanation blade does a surprising amount of work with lazav

>> No.43893563

Oh they certainly are ruining magic.
Speculating keeps getting easier and WotC keeps co-operating by removing instances of possible reprints and designing increasingly top-heavy sets.
This year is the most expensive Magic has ever been in every format.

>> No.43893599

Sorin isn't that powerful in french, Narse/Ob Reignited is where its at. Those emblems are backbreaking as fuck.

>> No.43893617

Grinning Totem is basically a Bribery that turns your commander into whatever you want. Just activate it before your turn begins and you can have a hexproof indestructible commander Ulamog from your opponent easily.
Necrotic Ooze is pretty hilarious as well, both in Lazav and Chainer.

>> No.43893729

I have whispering madness and stolen identity. Still need a manland. Not sure if keyruin is worth running. Grinning totem is awesome, cant believe I didn't see it before. Last game I played the eldrazi player gave me a kozilek, which I quickly equipped with sword of vengeance. Akrozilek, dimir mastermind is one hell of a drug.

>> No.43893756

This is one of the most fun commanders I've ever used. I get that she's sort of like Sheoldred but worse, but in my casual play group that's exactly what I wanted. Pulling ET back every turn with her is way too fun. And in a casual way, I love that her dragon was included in her deck. I don't just get a commander, I got a commander and her own sidekick who feeds her ability well.

Meren is my shit.

>> No.43893775
File: 186 KB, 500x500, image.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Whoops. Not that I needed a picture but still.

>> No.43893807

Haven't typed it out yet. My deck isn't really strong either, it's more for laid-back rounds of chill. Also a good deck to play against newer players, along with Lazav and as opposed to Chainer or the dragons.

>Akrozilek, dimir mastermind
I've had Keyrune be my Cipher target enough times, and three mana for an otherwise normal mana rock isn't backbreaking either.
Also fun are Acquire (two sol rings!), Wrexial, Sepulchral Primordial, Body Double, Rise of the Dark Realms, Eater of the Dead and Phenax. Probably none of them are secret tech, but I just remembered them. See it's been a while since I played my Lazav.

>> No.43893823

>With Thoughtpicker Witch and Shirei, Shizo's Caretaker or Lifeline
So... how's that draw step going?

>> No.43893871

Magus of the Wheel or Soul Reforged/Wheel of Fortune?

>> No.43893888

Hey guys its the Sigarda guy from earlier. So I updated my current decklist on tapped out and here it is: http://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/31-05-15-sigarda-host-of-herons-edh/

I feel like its a bit slow. I think I might put back in Avacyn's Pilgrim. Anything else I could put in to speed things up?

>> No.43893913

Porque no los all of them?

>> No.43893954

Man, I only have 99 cards my man. Maybe I'll take Faithless Looting out for one of them

>> No.43893960

You guys get any good games in lately? I havent had much time to play yet but I went to lgs for a free tournament just for giggles.

Bring Daretti. Matched against Zeganna and Alesha.

>T1 Draw sol ring. Mountain- sol ring - mind stone - voltaic key ayy lmao
>T2 Myr battlesphere.
>spend whole game keeping a huge board presence while trying to whittle down Zeganna player until he gets a 9/10 birds of paradise from new Ezuri. Can't swing past it.
>He has about 12 creatures on board, 10 life left. I have about 9 with over 30 life left. Incite rebellion in hand, but only 3 mana open and a dualcaster mage in hand.

> Zeganna player drops an extra turn spell. I dualcaster mage in response.

>Casts another extra turn spell.
> Takes 7 extra turns in total.
> Last turn hes essentially drawn 30 cards off zeganna and has roughly 20 mana available and a reliquary tower but hasn't accomplished much. Just waiting to untap to kill him.
>Drops psychosis crawler and deadeye navigator. Blinks zegana 4 times, table dies.
>Alesha chick sighs because she basically did nothing all game.

>> No.43894123

I've got wrexial, chainer, geth, sakashima, ink-eyes, ashiok, and of course lazav. I like to call it my league of evil.

I think i'm going to have to find a place for rise of the dark realms.

>> No.43894205

>You guys get any good games in lately?
Sounds like it was a shitty game, actually.

>Mono-Red guy does crazy shit which is pretty neat, plays interesting cards like Incite Rebellion and Dualcaster Mage.
>U/G player runs the table over with lame shit.
>Mardu player is sad.

Sounds pretty bullshit man. You were cool, though turn 1 Sol Ring is fairly bullshit. Rest of your deck sounds neat though.

>> No.43894222

Oh, also check out Undead Alchemist if you haven't already. Goes insane with Altar of Dementia and/or Altar of the Brood.

>> No.43894228

>he bought Body and Mind

>> No.43894263

just take out two lands bruh. You'll be drawing into them anyways

>> No.43894272

All cool, but a little to combo-y for me. I made the deck in response to people getting annoyed at my arjun deck. The point is that if I do broken shit, its because someone else gave me the means to.

>> No.43894515

was a good game for ME except the ug guy masturbating for 20 minutes before killing everybody. My deck is just the pre-con though with some upgrades like grim / basalt monolith and some obvious picks like kuldotha forgemaster and hellkite tyrant. Thanks though.

>> No.43894522

>You guys get any good games in lately?
Yes actually.
>Black Friday multiplayer tournament at LGS
>Winners' table, winner get all 20 Commander precons.
>Playing Teysa vs Karador, Narset and Tasigur.
>I'm fucked, all these guys have stupid turn 2-3 combos and crap.
>My opening hand is Swamp, Isolated Chapel, Blasting Station, Lilly of the Veil, Entomb, Reanimate, Dark Ritual.
>Oh shit nigga.
>Turn 1, Swamp, Ritual, Station.
>They play land, Tasigur gets Mana Crypt
>Turn 2, Chapel, Entomb Boonweaver Giant, Reanimate.
>Narset asks to read the card.
>Gets disgusted
>Tasigur asks what it does.
>Says yes.
>Boonweaver fetches Gift of Immortality.
>Karador smashes his fist on the table and picks up, Tasigur looks at his hand making time, is clearly upset, asks me to play all the steps.
>This nigga serious? This is not eggs.
>I do it three times, Narset concedes.
>Tasigur keeps looking at his hand and asking me to continue.
>I call the judge to let me fast forward to Tasigur's last life point, force him to stop the combo if he actually can or stop being a bitch.
>He makes a weird whining noise and gets up.

I haven't seen that guy since.It's the first time ever I've comboed out turn 2 with Teysa.

>> No.43894575

>hating the turn 1 sol ring
I get that it puts you ahead, but it really is just odds in your favor. by that logic I shouldn't play sol ring turn one? Like because I'm a gentleman or something? No. If you have a play, but don't do it because ending the game sooner is bad, then you are durdling which is a cancer to EDH. So either I'm cancer for turn one sol ring or cancer for durdling. I'd rather be ahead and maybe end the game faster than be bound by an unwritten code of "honor".

>> No.43894619

Congrats man. Really, I think you earned that.

>> No.43894639

>Tourney with over 500 buck prize pool
Nigga wat

>> No.43894652

I'm just of the opinion that sol ring and mana crypt should be banned, because they actively hurt playgroups by making games waaaay swingier. Sol ring is probably in 99% of decks in the format, and mana crypt would be too if it wasn't close to $200 usd.
I run it because it's not banned though. I did the same with Sylvan Primordial.

>> No.43894681

>unwritten code of "honor".
a bunch of people at my LGS plainly ask for no sol rings before t4. Its not about ending the game faster, its about assembling an advantageous boardstate before people have a chance to react.

>> No.43894697

As a guy who's two favorite decks, I like my games to be swingy. Especially in RW, I need all the ramp I can get.

>> No.43894768

So can you guys help me or what? Cards I have put aside from my collection so far:
>Avacyn's Pilgrim
A pretty good turn one dork to accompany BoP
>Elvish Mystic
Another turn one dork but less inclined to run it, as the deck is mostly white
>Rampant Growth
Self explanatory
>Font of Fertility
See Rampant Growth, but it also does something if I draw it late and have cards like mesa enchantress or Ethreal Armor out
>Sakura Tribe Elder
See Rampant Growth, except I can reanimate it with Sun Titan(well, same with Font I guess)
>Talisman of Unity
I was gonna replace mindstone with this, but I forgot to.
>Khalni Heart Expedition
this one seems a bit slow for the deck actually
>Grafted Exoskeleton
Not ramp, I know, but it most certainly speeds up the game

So guys what should I put in and what should I take out for them?

>> No.43894779

complex bans are bullshit. ban it or don't.

that prize payout is nucking futs. the other players needed to except that silly combo can happen by accident in this format. Sometimes you just win before anybody does anything. I'd rather do that than >>43893960 though.

>> No.43894815

*accept. Jesus fuck, I need to proofread.

>> No.43894870

27 people + the owner at $15 entry fee, and in his own words "Nobody is buying Heavenly Inferno at that price".

>> No.43894927

Thanks, it was exiting as fuck.
Yeah, and most of the field was pretty cutthroad. Sydry, Sharuum, Oloro, Tasigur, Narsets, Darevi, Ur-Dragon, lots of srs bsns commanders.

>> No.43894932

So let me get this straight, no sol rings before turn 4.
XXG decks
>land, rampant growth for basic
>land, cultivate
>land, for a 6 drop fatty
Non G decks
>land sol ring
You get the one less mana, but in a non ramp deck you would have to keep a 4 land hand to keep up with land fetch and you would have to bank on drawing into your big creatures. So no sol ring till turn 4 is crippling non green decks.
What he said. I wouldn't cry over sol ring was banned, but making it taboo is not the answer

>> No.43894956

>complex bans are bullshit. ban it or don't.
Some people, not everyone. Given that you can't always depend on people agreeing to a sol ring ruling, banning it isn't really possible, but sometimes we get a game were everyone agrees, so we have a simple ruling about what turn to play fast mana.

>> No.43895020

>So no sol ring till turn 4 is crippling non green decks.
More like nong G deck
>land signet
>land command sphere

Its not like there aren't non sol ring rocks. Hell, a worn powerstone would get you in the same place at that point. Green decks are supposed to have the best ramp in any case.

>> No.43895109

I'll look through, give me a few minutes.

>> No.43895154

If your deck can't operate without sol ring it's a shit deck. You can't draw it every game, let alone every opening hand.

That reminds me when we had a "gaming club" in middle school. We would play starcraft. The young kids wanted to just build bases and see the upgraded units, so the club supervisor made a "no attack until 10 minutes in" rule.

It created a super hugboxy style of play, and the players that knew how to actually play starcraft still destroyed everybody every time.

>> No.43895326

Disciple of the ring with a plethora of instants and sorceries in your yard.

>> No.43895338

I've been looking for a new voltron commander to dismantle my mono white deck for, how's daxos worked out for you? He seems pretty fun and actually interactive with opponents with the whole card steal thing except when you hit a land.

>> No.43895377

run zurgo

>> No.43895421

First things first, why only 30 lands? 36 is typically the absolute bare minimum for most decks unless you're running ShadowbornApostles.dec.

After that, I'd cut some of the less useful equipment/enchantments.

As for ramp, I'd cut Font for Khalni and add in a Nissa's Pilgrimage and the Sakura Tribe Elder for some other stuff.

For stuff to cut:
>Argentum Armor unless you really really need the removal
>Avarice Amulet, there's better card draw
>Godsend, the +3/+3 is nice but the exiling is typically useless
>Talisman of Unity, better to just have a dual land or mana fixing
>Celestial Mantle, very expensive and unless you absolutely need the life it's overcosted
>Maybe a couple of the 'play enchantment, draw card' cause you have quite a few of those

I'd also look into finding a place for some unblockable enchantments/equipments like Whispersilk Cloak.

>> No.43895423

>Liliana of the Veil
>a broken commander
You aren't very good at commander, are you?

Very little changes in terms of what's good or bad. Some new, cute decks will be made, and stax will be slightly more viable.

>> No.43895576

>Green decks are supposed to have the best ramp in any case.
The best, not the ONLY. I play a low power artifact deck, banning sol ring would affect it greatly. It, goblin welder, and faithless looting are my only one drops.
inb4 build better. I will if they ever print better red cards for edh, which they never will.

>> No.43895589

We played a season of Planeswalker EDH at my LGS and Lilly was one of the top tier commanders along UB Tezzeret, GB Garruk and Narset.

>> No.43895592

he's fun because you get to run all the good white equipment tutors and with blue you can run a lot of artifact searchers also a nice trinket mage package that you can really abuse with hanna ships navigator. In blue you can run fun counters like memory lapse to really tailor what you're going to exile with daxos

>> No.43895714

nigger if you're talking about daretti, daretti runs just fine if you never draw sol ring.
>inb4 build better
Yes. exactly that.
Mind stone. Hedron archive. Everflowing Chalice. Thran Dynamo. Voltaic key. Basalt monolith. Grim monolith. Unstable Obelisk. Fire Diamond. Wayfarer's bauble. Pristene talisman. Darksteel ingot. Iron myr. Myr Superion. Metalworker. Cathodion (sorta)

Almost none of it is one-drops, but if you think daretti has no ramp you haven not even tried.

>> No.43895928

Then you aren't playing with good players. We're talking about multiplayer, right?

>> No.43896021

Everything he does Azami can do better

>> No.43896233

some anon above mentioned psychosis crawler. If you're going that route, he could theoretically kill you faster. Especially with mind over matter or any number untaps. Azami would do it more consistently tho.

>> No.43896245

Impulse pack stories?
>Go to target looking for BFZ hoping for Expedition lands(I'm an optimist and I've been lucky with packs this past couple of months)
>BFZ sold out
>Toss-up between Magic Origins and Fate Reforged
>Already got a Jace and most of the other stuff I want from Magic Origins packs
>Really want Ugin
>Buy two Fate Reforged packs
>Open first one
>Temur War-Shaman
>Eh, there's still one more pack
>Open second one
>look behind Soulflayer
>motherfucking Windswept Heath
It was a pretty fucking nice surprise honestly. I didn't even know fetches came in Fate Reforged and it certainly made up for the junk I got.

>> No.43896434
File: 28 KB, 223x310, Image.ashx.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I could use suggestions for good creatures that do something during my upkeep. Anything in esper colors.

>> No.43896509
File: 64 KB, 312x445, 36.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.43896535

it's generally better in my experience to have plays on turns 1 OR 2 than to exclusively jam cards to play turns 1 and 2; turn 3 plays on turn 2 only matter in the fastest of metas.

>> No.43896566

magus of the abyss
black braids, never forgetti

>> No.43896634

maybe you're just not as good as you think you are you gay retarded nigger from outerspace

>> No.43897255

1v1, we didn't play multiplayer Planeswalker EDH because that's retarded.

>> No.43897764
File: 34 KB, 200x285, Purphoros_God_of_the_Forge_f[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>You guys get any good games in lately?
Holy fuck won turn 4 with Pappa Purph.

>turn 1 Kher Keep Sol Ring
>turn 2 Purph
>Goblin Matron for Krenko
>Use Skirk Prospector to dump my hand of Beetleback Chief and Molten Birth copied with Dualcaster
>win the flip for Molten Birth three times
>wind up hitting for over 20 in a single turn

>> No.43898058
File: 35 KB, 295x300, 1401452334276.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Only combat damage counts as commander damage.

>> No.43898120

Beetleback Chief
Two tokens from chief
6 tokens from Krenko
Molten Birth giving two tokens
Two more tokens
Another cast of Molten Birth
And a final cast of Molten Birth for 41 damage, retarded nigger.

>> No.43898510

>I killed the table without interacting with them once off a Sol Ring am I good? XD

>> No.43898558

fun commanders/10, would play with.

>> No.43898692

So, while playtesting my Angry Omnath deck I got a perfect run and won after dealing over 4,325,069,898,272 damage (not counting the base power of the creatures) in one swing, all without any sort of infinite combo.

I'm pretty fucking happy with how this deck has turned out. blog over

>> No.43898926
File: 37 KB, 460x345, great-divide-hercules.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Shot in the dark, I know, but does anyone have any information on a good EDH group in Denver? Current shop might be closing and my friends are daunted by the investment but slowly getting interested.

>> No.43898938

>no counterspells in the first four turns
>no enchantment removal
>no artifact removal
>nobody even removed Krenko
Not a single person interacted with anyone that game and yet somehow I'm the villain.
>b-b-but let me durdle and ramp for eight turns so I can drop my titans

>> No.43899208

How does one deal over 4 trillion damage without a combo in a single turn?

>> No.43899249
File: 92 KB, 620x400, arc1435_greymerchantofasphodel.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>used Coffers+Urborg to cast Rise of the Dark Realms
>1 mana left, used Rune-Scarred Demon trigger to find a Sol Ring
>used Nykthos to cast Gary
>drain for 12
>sac, reanimate with Dread Return
>drain for 12
>sac, reanimate with Dread Return
>drain for 12

I wish Gary could be my commander

>> No.43899358

He's called Kokusho.

>> No.43899418

Nevermind, didn't see the "infinite" part.

Then again, any combo resulting in that much should be able to go infinite, too.

>> No.43899431

Also that was my first game using RotDR. Good spell. I've always enjoyed Living Death, but that has the chance to backfire sometimes.

Oh yeah, I forgot about him. Too bad he's not as good as a common zombie :/

>> No.43899501

Who's your general?

Kokusho is incredibly underwhelming as a general. Much better as part of the 99.

>> No.43899598

It went something like this:
>Have Omnath, Titania, Vigor, Mana Echoes, Parallel Lives, Doubling Season, and a bunch of other shit out but those are the most important ones
>Already have something like 20 some elemental tokens out from Omnath and MLD earlier with Titania out
>Play 5 lands with various play extra land stuff, get 20 more elementals from Omnath each one triggering Mana Echoes and adding in colorless mana
>play another MLD to get another couple dozen tokens from Titania
>sac elementals and have Omnath bolt himself so that Vigor triggers giving him over 200 +1/+1 tokens that gets doubled cause of Doubling Season
>put Elemental Mastery on Omnath and spawn 418 1/1 elemental tokens, which then gets quadrupled cause of Parallel Lives and Doubling Season
I did my math wrong, I actually did a lot more damage
>this generates something close to 2,800,000 mana from Mana Echoes
>Put all this into Tempt With Vengeance, opponent also takes it cause otherwise how the fuck could you survive
>now have 5.6 million 1/1 Elementals
>then cast Chain Reaction, which kills all his and because of Vigor on my side gives all of my shit 5.6 million +1/+1 counters
>swing with over 5.6 million creatures with over 5.6 million P/T for a grand total of: 31,360,000,000,000
In my original calculation I forgot about Parallel Lives and Doubling Season when I did the Elemental Mastery so this new number is much more accurate.

>> No.43899632

Blade of Selves exists now.
Sure, gay merchant of ass hotel has higher damage potential, but koku can still one-swing a large enough game.

>> No.43899651

Huh, this sounded like a funny game.

Shit like this happening can even make losing enjoyable.

Though some kind of instant-speed boardwipe would've been brutal.

>> No.43899752

>33 mana off Coffers and Stage plus Swamps and stones, 11 devotion.
>These fuckers are tapped, what do?
>Sidisi, sac and tutor Phyrexian Reclamation, return Sidisi, sac and tutor Gary.
>13 drain, 15 mana left, sac Gary to Viscera Seer, Reclaim, cast, sac, Reclaim, cast.
>Only faggot Augustin is alive now, he dies to his Mana Crypt's upkeep.

Gary is love.

>> No.43899761

Ya, it really would've but it was right after some MLD, and he had been getting kinda mana screwed anyway. I actually almost drew myself out because the turn before I played a Regal Force and drew like 48 of my last 50 cards.

>> No.43899764
File: 2.44 MB, 1338x931, Shitty Commanders.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Has anyone done anything interesting with any of these guys? I know that their all pretty terrible, but that is only encouraging my inner Johnny.

>> No.43899829

>Who's your general?
Baby Lili. She's been really good for me and I kinda doubt Kokusho could really replace her.

I also pulled her during an Origins draft so I have a personal attachment to the card.

>> No.43899881

Kataki+Mycosinth Lattice if you want people to hate you.

Shimatsu could be treated as a lesser version of Thromok.

Brothers Yamazaki with every clone effect you can find.

>> No.43899891

If you want true Gary funtimes, you gotta go with Chainer. He's probably already in your 99, but the loops are just so much more ridiculous when you have access to him at all times.

>> No.43899929

Zurgo, Adamaro and Maraxus might not be great but they're definitely a step above the rest of the list.

Zurgo especially, who is a mono-red Derevi.

>> No.43900052

I don't have Chainer in my deck yet, but I could probably make room for him. I've got a Priest of the Blood Rite in my 5-drop slots I could exchange with.

When iI started building mono black I brushed off Chainer because I didn't like his exiling clause and thought 5cmc was a heavy entry fee. Since then I've realized black can generate tons of mana easily and that Coffin Queen has been doing some serious work for me. And Chainer doesn't even tap! Thanks for the rec, I'll pick one up.

Also since Lili is from Dominaria it fits well enough flavor-wise. I'm already using Coffers anyway.

>> No.43900065

>Mono-red Derevi
Try again

>> No.43900188

you know what, fuck it. I'm gonna build a deck for shu yun on xmage and play it for all it's worth. Time to become president of jeskai.

>> No.43900409

Zurgo is Tier 2 in French.

>> No.43900762
File: 173 KB, 938x629, IMG_20151028_131404.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Liliana is so goddamn good. My new favorite.

My only "complaint" is that she is very grindy, which is fine with me. However, the same can't be said about 4-6 other people in perpetual topdeck mode, which makes me feel like an ass.

>> No.43900999

>Love black
>all the best spells have this ancient smug whore in the artwork
Planeswalkers are terrible. Hero's Downfall best card, planeswalker holocaust best day of my life.

>> No.43901061

>all the best spells have this ancient smug whore in the artwork
Not even remotely true. The best card she's on is Demonic Tutor, which has alternative art.

>> No.43901090

Chandre please go.

>> No.43901173

>Painful Quandary
Does that ever do anything for you?

>> No.43901251

Not that guy, but I used to play it and there's certain people it impacts very heavily and others it only minorly inconveniences. No matter what it impacts people, just a matter of how much.

>> No.43901514

If they're in top deck mode, which is not hard, they have to pay 5 life since they can't discard a card. 5 life is a very solid chunk of life, especially since it's only for opponents.

>> No.43901547
File: 42 KB, 473x603, 1447556245453.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i am sorry, i didnt mean to it just happened. My play group called scrabbleverse OP and i just could not take it anymore.when i when to tcg player i was filled with rage at them saying force of will needs banned and that cards should have point values, that i just ordered it. A derevi prison stax deck that can win turn one. worse of all the guy who originally made the deck was from reddit.God what have i done..... i just wanted to make them pay for calling Kaalia to good, all the while loving ten card combos that took forever to finish. i had to, it was for the good of the format to chase these people away to go pay force of will or some shit. Fuck, they made me do it. help me i have become the cancer.

>> No.43901679
File: 37 KB, 300x400, advice.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You know what must be done.

>> No.43901682

I take it that excuse was for your miserable attempt at forming a coherent sentence? Because that paragraph was hard as fuck to even read.

>> No.43901710

Utterly incomprehensible.

>> No.43901756

what are good utility lands for rwu commanders?

>> No.43901760
File: 202 KB, 241x347, C__Data_Users_DefApps_AppData_INTERNETEXPLORER_Temp_Saved Images_femme_fatale-desperat_W0kYplb.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.43901779

nigga learn to read that shit is easy and i am not even that anon.
time to die

>> No.43901833
File: 47 KB, 300x300, 1343265074012.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Turn one Sol Ring, Thought Vessel
>Turn two Hammer of Purphoros and Signet
>Turn three Magus of the Wheel
>Derevi player discards Winter Orb, Standstill and Sun Titan
>"That card is bullshit"
>Scoops, picks his things and leaves

>> No.43901854

Mistveil plains, Flamekin Village, Slayers' Stronghold, Desolate Lighthouse

>> No.43901899

>terrible punctuation
>all instances of "I" are non-capital
>no capital letter to begin the sentence
>"I'm not that anon!"
Nice try, but you either are samefaging or your spelling is just as bad.

>> No.43901990
File: 295 KB, 1024x768, 1427328982342.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

wow yea anyone is going to take time to make sure every i is correct.

>> No.43902035
File: 42 KB, 400x400, 1448185250952.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i leave and come back and everyone has turned faggot. why are we doing a serious

>> No.43902057
File: 20 KB, 559x406, 1336885741883.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Any of you guys play Tiny Leaders?
I've been mulling around building a Doran deck for the format.
Anyone know how he fares in it?

>> No.43902119

honestly unless your shop is just full of people crazy about it I wouldn't even bother with tiny garbage.

>> No.43902127

Halimar Depths, Kher Keep, Faerie Conclave, Forbidding Watchtower, Ghitu Encampment, Academy Ruins, New Benalia, Celestial Colonnade and the 6 cycling lands in those colors. Also Ghost Quarter, Strip Mine, Encroaching Wastes and Wasteland.

>> No.43902173

>Tiny Leaders?
>Hey guys, what if we make a silly format where the legendaries duke it out with big dumb spells, we can use our silly cards that aren't viable in any other format

>Tiny leaders
>let's do that, but instead of opening up options let's take them all away

>> No.43902247

It was really big, but then vanished. I'm actually starting to believe the meme that it was a reason to hype and sell shit to bored legacy players before they realized how bad it was.

>> No.43902373

Those tears must have been delicious. You'd think the little shit would be used to wheel effects given how common they are.

>> No.43902437
File: 170 KB, 300x419, images.duckduckgo.com.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

hey I am looking for a good build for this guy, do you guys have one

>> No.43902446

Tiny Leaders was a scam to sell backlogged legendaries unfit for commander and was absolutely dominated by a general that doesn't even exist because Sultai could just play singleton Shardless BUG with cards banned in Legacy.

It's no surprise it died so fast.

>> No.43902504

whatever you pick put possibility storm in. Because you'll get 2 triggers

>> No.43902926

No cancer, begone from this fairly stable and non devolved-into
-shit posting thread.

>> No.43903013

Here's my list:
Maybe it'll give you some ideas.

>> No.43903245

Daxo is shitty but karlov is alright and has some good cards. Now onlyif they put in tue good teysa

>> No.43903317

Teysa is already good though. Biterrblossom, skullclamp, ashnod's altar ect.

>> No.43903472

New thread. >>43903461

>> No.43904602
File: 592 KB, 1280x703, dont know shit.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.43904621
File: 281 KB, 469x689, 1404326977255.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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