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The chaos starts a invasion against your setting. Could it defend itself?

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>Running a game in the Pokemon setting
Well shit.

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I'm running a Star Trek setting, so odds are the setting is fucked. I don't think technobabble or caring about principles is going to do much when what's necessary is bolters to the face and purging the tainted.

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>Post-apoc world being a personal toy of a sadistic omnipotent deity

They fuck some serious shit up and when he gets bored, they get fingerflicked away,

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Something as the chaos would be readily studied by the Federation and they'd developt technology, psycho-technical tests to detect taint and experiment with cleansing. In warhammer, chaos is a big threat, and part of what makes it so awful is that the things used to fight chaos often feed it: Hatred, strict conduct codes and stressful living conditions (that lead people to go overboard when blowing off steam or trying to escape, feeding slaanesh, or conspire, feeding nurgle). Terrible sanitation that feeds nurgle, along with a great uncare for the average health of it's citizens.

I dont mean to say that teleporting demons with no will to negotiate wouldn't be a problem in a Star Trek setting. But I do believe the problem would be handle differently and perhaps, solved more easily for that.

tl;dr: The threat of chaos is, partially, a product of the enviroment of the warhammer setting. Doesn't mean it would, necessarily, be as invincebile and unending in other settings depending on how people act.

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If a bunch of local multi-universal abominations feel threatened, they will get together, reboot the universe and retcon chaos out of existence.
Alternatively, they don't care and chaos quickly spreads around dominating everything.

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>Running Dark Heresy
>Taking place in sub sector Aurelia
The short answer is yes. The long answer is Dawn of War 2 Chaos Rising and Retribution.

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>not inversing entropy field polarization with a pair of photom torpedoes to turn them into law cultists
>not using the teleporter and an older matrix of the cultists to fix them.
>not having Guinan do some negro mumbojumbo

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The Emperor shoots down the Chaos aircraft as they approach.
We are safe.

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Plot twist is that the Emperor is secretly in agreement with Necrons, so we're not all that safe.

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You shut that Heretical nonsense up.

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>WH Fantasy Chaos
Easily, my setting is very well used to this degree of weirdness and already treats anything resembling magic like nitroglyceryn. It also basically fulfills all of world war two's most ludicrous ideas.

Now, the whole corruption thing... that's a whole different story. With its amount of deranged people it'd be a feast for any chaos god.

>40k chaos
No fucking way, people in my setting can't even fly to their own damned moon, much less shoot down even one 40k warship.

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>Playing Exalted

I think we're good.

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>Conspire, feeding nurgle
>Terrible sanitation that feeds nurgle

He's one greedy fuck, feeding off other chaos god's worshippers

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Send in the motherfucking Vulcans.

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>mfw we're playing Microscope for worldbuilding
I have no idea how this would work

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Motherfucker, The Legendaries would take a look at Chaos, and Chaos would be eradicated, the Legendaries in fluff are basically the more powerful C'tan when they aren't limited to Game/Anime rules, they control entire aspects of creation.

And then there is motherfucking Arceus, the motherfucker that created the entire infinite pokemultiverse in a fucking instant.

Hell, Giratina and it's Distortion Realm is basically the Non-whiny preteen version of the Warp anyway.

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Bill Cosby.

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Do Unown count as Legendaries? I remember them being basically omnipotent once you get at least two or three of every letter, and then it's just exponential in range and affect the more there are, rewriting reality as they see fit as long as they can make the words and sentences with themselves.

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In our setting we do this thing where if my character in particular rolls a 1 whilst flipping something off something horrific and deadly happens. Started as a one off joke roll whilst I was flipping something off and it became "a thing". Since the campaign started my character has caused two avalanches that wiped out numerous towns and a sinkhole that swallowed our Hub tavern and surrounding village.
Chaos could invade, but all I'd need is that one perfect roll. Then BOOM! Emps in the house or something.

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They are not legendary, no. Game wise they suck all kinds of dick and are only good for spelling 'boob' in your storage boxes. Fluff wise they are pretty fucking strong though, I'm not sure how strong but I don't think they are as powerful as you described.

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>Set in Endless Space
Good question, actually. Horatio would definitely fall to Slaanesh, and all his clones would follow suit. The Galactic Empire would likely also have a majority of its people fall to some god. Hissho are 100% Khornate worshippers, and the Cravers may fall to one god or another. The rest of the factions are okay, except perhaps some of the Siphons.
Really, how well they do is all dependant on if the Cravers fall or not as well as how much of a scientific development the Harmony and Vaulters have. If Cravers fall, the entire galaxy is stomped flat as Chaos has the three strongest militaries in the galaxy under its control.

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Nah, he's right, Unown basically overlay reality with their own dimension where they get low-level omnipotence once they amass enough numbers.

Hell, they aren't even Unique when it comes to hilariously broken powerful when they Swarm, Beldums, Magnemites, and Klinks can do some pretty broken things if they feel like it. Though through psychic/technology, Eletrokinesis/Technology, or just Technology instead of reality hacks.

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that doesn't even make it in the top three threats does it? I'd rank the Infernals, the abyssals and the fair folk ahead of it in terms of danger.

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meant to tag >>43839431

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>The Chaos starts a invasion

I'll give you the benefit of the doubt, English cant be your first language.

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>Planet named Su'ul
>all the terrain formations are caused by crazy fucking magic wars long, long, long ago between a race of feral barbarian elves snd the setting's humans
>one human finds the source if magic and tries to accomplish two tasks: pull all collective elves into space and immortalize his race
>elves are genocided but he accidentally kills off his entire race, barring 19 others who have become what are essentially liches
>the last human now lives on the moon with an undead army of the collective elven race for millenia, while the other 19 immortal humans form a council to artificially evolve/uplift creatures into sentience

any huge threat like chaos would get given the boot by the intentionally OP council of humans

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Pokémon OP, plz fix.

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>Setting is a dotty old wizard's magical cupboard and the PCs are animated pebbles

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This thread is the most magical realm meme of 2k15

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>magical realm
>no memes or magical realms in the comments


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Vulcans deep down are emotional, they're just good at covering it up and keeping it down to focus on logic. And other species have been able to fuck with a Vulcan's mind and make them feel shit they shouldn't be able to. Like Spock crying in ToS, making Spock and Kirk fight, etc. So, a chaos god would easily be able to slip past those mental defenses.

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What system are you using for an Endless Space rpg? I've wanted to try that out too, but haven't been able to really figure out what system would work well and how to homebrew a lot of the shit to fit.

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People masturbating on their own settings telling other people how a BBEG from another setting would be shit is magical realm

>le wh40k is shit lore lelelel
This is meme.

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Yes but it would take more effort than it would basically any corruptible race in 40k.

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Please follow the instructions

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>anime reaction picture

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40k or fantasy?

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Worked well enough for the Interex until Horus came along

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First of all, by 'setting' you mean the totality of the civilized populations, or if anything in the setting could stand against the threat?

Also, Fantasy or 40k?

One of the most powerful and well-armed nations in the setting is much like WHFB's Empire, just without guns, magic, gryphons and all the crazy stuff. So, let's say the civilized races would be a bit more fucked than they are in WHFB.

On the other hand, the eldritch abominations that threaten this world are far above Greater Demon tier and many of their servants could stand against Archaon himself, so ... not as fucked I'd say.

Well fuck.

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>unknown armies

Um probably not? Magic isn't absurdly powerful without burning yourself to do so, and it's modern day tech.

I mean I guess if the chaos minions were subject to the same rules as other adepts were in terms of spell casting, and the archetypes of humanity joined the fight, beating up the chaos gods from up in the stratosphere...

Still I think Chaos would probably win.

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But we don't know much about them. They were kinda weird and not exactly like Star Trek. Do we even know how they handled chaos?

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The Warp doesn't exist in my setting, so Chaos would be fucked.

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Oh please, tell us more of how cool your setting is.
Is the main continent shaped like a fedora?

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no exactly, but live in the dimention between dialga and palkia ones, aside the force of them is because the numbers

>game wise
in the mecanical of battles and relative stuff yes, they sucks, but in the ruins of sinjo then you activated the arceus event many of unows were present in the moment when arceus "have birth" a dialga, palkia or giratina

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>Delta Green

...I honestly don't see anyone winning this.

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The setting as a whole? Probably, yeah. It's already thoroughly fucked, so all the surviving big guys are pretty strong and territorial. It might not defend itself, per se, but it'll survive.

Also it's got one guy trying to turn it into literal Hell on Earth, and another guy trying its best to turn it into the Far Realm. If chaos wants a piece of the pie it'll have to take a number and wait in the queue.

Shit gets weird when you have all the Elder Evils arrive at the same time and use that as the backstory.

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we already lost before they arrived

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Sure. Chaos is not actually very good with strategies or putting in a serious effort. The Chaos champions also tends to have the maturity of an edgy teenager, so you can make them do mistakes by screwing with their feelings.

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Intriguing, would chaos be able to invade itself? My setting is all about chaos. It plays around characters stuck inside a dream world, which appears to be some kind of repository for archetypical beings from the collective unconscious mind.

I assur you there's a lot of chaos in it already.

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Chaos gets eaten by another cosmic BBEG force.

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I'm feeling okay about this.

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Naw mang, Cravers would be neutral, they are like Tyranids in a sense. The United Empire would probably fall, to a combined assault, but would still wreak shit up prior to death.

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Not for long.

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That would actually make sense. Chaos spends as much time turning upon itself than upon Order. Just look at how Slaaneshis, Khornates, Tzeentchians and Nurglites duke it out. And don't even get started on Malal.....

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They've got no spacecraft, so yeah

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>1930s-esque world with no supernatural stuff and mecha inferior to an IG sentinel
Be corrupted pretty quick.

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Generic low-magic D&D 5E world gets steamrolled if we're talking warfleets showing up. If we're talking corrupting people only, join the rat race - it's crowded enough with people trading souls for power.

Nurgle might be more of an issue than the rest, what with sanitation not being a thing.

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>WHFB Chaos
Some guys that are basically not!Chaos tried invading the main world/realm in my setting once and were driven back because the world's magic/mana rendered their own magic/warpstuff unable to function. Assuming the same thing happens to the magic that Chaos uses then... yeah, WHFB Chaos would get easily kicked out of the world as well.

>40k Chaos
If Chaos brings a fleet or an entire invasion force, then my setting is fucked.

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>D&D Setting where the only real deity is a powerful yet lazy goddess
She'll wipe them out of existence with a snap of her fingers like she's a member of the Q continuum.

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>on an anime image board

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>people think that Chaos is a threat to be concerned with in a proper setting


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Could chaos defend itself? Probably not. But the surroundings would probably be right at home for them, what with time and space being broken and all.

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>playing spooky fantasy campaign with heroes against eldritch gods that are only a threath because they exist, not because they even could give a shit about the world.
Haha get fucked khorne the bloody dicksucker.

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Not even the first time it's happened
People talk shit up about Khorne x Slaanesh haterapes, Nurgle fucks with your god damned stat block

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>extradimensional demons that get powered up from emotion can't be a threat out of the grimdark

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The feuding psychic anti-undead Necromancer Spiderfolk and their ancient demigod enemies take one look at Chaos, say "get fuck off our lawn" and proceed with their eternal shadow war, while humans kinda stand on the borderlines, going "what the fuck just happened"

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When the majority of emotions in the setting are not kill/maim/burn/fuck/everything sucks/all according to keikaku, Chaos loses a lot of its juice.

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Anti-undead Necromancers? How in the name of all that is holy does that work?

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But anon don't you see
ANY feelings of conflict count. Not just violent ones.

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Well, it's more like "undead are supposed to be not sentient and serve us, but those fucking liches, vampires and death knights over there raising people willy-nilly for the sole purpose of enslaving the living need to fucking die."

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Well that certainly makes more sense when you explain it.

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Through the Breach/Malifaux. Essentially, the settinghas several Leaders with a similar power level to Abaddon, large numbers of necromancers who specialise in taking control of the undead from others, so Nurgle is going to loose alot of cannon fodder, or people who specialise in killing these people. I'd like to see a Khorne Beserker trying to deal with the Dreamer, a being that cannot be killed, and summons creatures that eat giant golems for breakfast, (Teddy).

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Yes, bit the Warp gods are conditioned to change according to the dominant emotions.

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Even putting aside the huge difference in power level, Chaos probably wins. There are a huge number of people who are discontent with their shifty lives, and there isn't a unifying factor to keep people from sliding towards Chaos (like, say, the Emperor)

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Even putting aside the huge difference in power level, Chaos probably wins. There are a huge number of people who are discontent with their shitty lives, and there isn't a unifying factor to keep people from sliding towards Chaos (like, say, the Emperor)

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Probably. I my setting the world was cut off from the realm of the divine for a long time. A party of PCs could probably go on a quest to re-create the veil and cut the realm off from the divine, and by extension the warp.

At that point it's just a matter of cleaning up. Assuming we're keeping tech levels equivalent, this means WHFantasy chaos forces. Depending on the size of the army, I could name two or three forces that might be up to the job.

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You forget the horror

>> No.43855505

Ehh... They're already dealing with a physical hole into hell (Two, after a certain point on the timeline) and have survived major incursions before. I give them a good chance to beat it, what with practical experience against horrors and a dogmatically religious culture that helps protect against corruption.

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Do you mean THE Horrors? Pretty sure Dunkelzahn's keeping them busy.

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I'm playing Anima. Nuff said.

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A chaos god could (but 99.999999999999999999999% of the time wouldn't) directly fuck over a vulcan, or an entire planet. ST has plenty of stuff along the lines of 40k nonsense (shit that drives you insane if you see it, psykers that may require entire worlds to be cordoned off or exterminatused, demonic possessing spirits, etc. etc.). In fact TOS became a pleasure to watch after I got interested in 40k.

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The powerhouse factions would be largely unaffected, while many smaller societies are already prone to physical deformities. It could probably go unnoticed for a while, at least until larger cults started forming. The setting as a whole has lesser numbers than 40k (or even modern day earth) so the chaos powers would be considerably weaker as well.

It would be 'ok' for the most part, unless chaos can affect cthulhu-esque otherworlders, in which case everything would go to hell extremely fast.

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I'd just assume they're as Chaos'd as they're going to get already and so it wouldn't do anything special to them.

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