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I lost most my best stories from /tg/. Can we get a thread for that?

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I have a shit-ton of unsorted screencap on my phone, I'm just gonna post some.

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Not a single thing can possibly go wrong with this.

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That sounds like the Emprah in Dreadnought form

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You guys need to stop trying to define /tg/, especially with these awful posts.

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This one tends to get posted a lot, but definitely belongs in this thread

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>/tg/ needs to stop being so easily defined by these awful posts.

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Tg is a sum of it's parts. TG is composed entirely of 4chan users. 4chan users are the terror of the internet. Now do the math...

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I dunno what this is... But i'mma gonna post it.

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Oh it was HFY, well, have some /k/ to balance it out.

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To answer your question, that is HFY, and please don't post any more...

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Someone post Diplomancer getting BTFO, I need reminding that there is justice in the world

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Diplomancer... Diplomancer.... Fuck, all I see on my cell phone are these blurry images of text on a 4-chan background.

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Oh, here's a happy /tg/ memory. I think.

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Got most of these. This one is relatively recent.

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Oh, freeform RP storytime! Def /TG/, but I think it's missing a piece.

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I for one welcome our new Japanese overlords.

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dose anyone have the rest?

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Anyone got the one where some writefag wrote a happy ending for the 40k bolt pistol comic?

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That's literally it.

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Hey does anyone have that story where the players are gods and try to kill the much bigger gods?

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Does anyone have the story of the thief that bluffed his way into being a paladin?

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Oh god I really want the rest of this now. Has anyone got it?

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This one?

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That's the one.

Here's something more 'Strayan.

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>missing a piece
Nope, just checked the archive. That's it. That's the end of the story. Poster never came back and left it on a cliffhanger.

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>Call me?

Always gets me

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I will *never* have enough time to read that collection of posts. Ever.

This is more of my speed.

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Thank you.

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Found it

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>I will *never* have enough time to read that collection of posts. Ever.
I understand this position.
I will say that >>43807638 is the most worthy of reading of all the long ass screencaps.
(I have not read that guardsmen thing. I'm waiting for Peter Jackson to turn it into a five hour movie)

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I've gotta say, the all guardsman party is better than several published novels I've read - definitely worth the read

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Has it been solidified into a readable format?

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You mean aside from suptg or plebs?

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I keep catching them live, and it's much easier to read during the HYPE of catching it live.
Like, I missed the entire space marine team-up thread, and it's like "well, never gonna know what happened there"... But I've read everything before and after that, because I caught it live. It's like missing one episode of an amazing TV show in the days before DVR. If you missed it, the next episode would be just as good, and if you knew the series, you could catch on quickly enough.

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I'm assuming he means a pdf.

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Kind of.
I have not investigated to see if it can be read in a seamless link from one archived thread to the next, straight through.
I have zero interest in hunting around for pieces of it.
A condensed version would be preferable.
Someone made a screencap of the first half, but it was more an impressive feat than a usable read.

My favorite /tg/ screencap to stay on topic.

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Wouldn't know about PDF, but everything has been put together in a 4chan-clone thing on google docs that looks quite spiffy.


Or you could just read the original threads from the suptg links here:

Or just search plebs for the subject: All Guardsmen Party

>returning to file dumping, since I know that fanboys ruin anything if allowed to sperg about it.

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If you read 40k books, that's not surprising.

Personally, I don't understand the hype, aside from there being no other writefags who are actually doing anything any more.

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Son of a bitch, it was good too.

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That would just result in the bus crashing and killing everyone anyway.

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Not necessarily.
The scenario might still end with "all them dead babies man", but it would not be a direct or certain as an rpg blowing up the bus.

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Or force him to stop and try to escape some other way instead of crashing to his death. At the very least some kids might survive the crash instead of all dying.

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You're thinking about this as if it were real life, and not the domain of the GM who obviously wanted there to be a real moral effect to the players' choice...in the form of lots of dead babies.

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Or the GM forgot for a second that he was dealing with PCs who wouldn't think of the obvious solution to the problem like he assumed they would.

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Immediately stopped reading, only fags screencap their own posts

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I didn't screen cap that?

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The guy who did was the guy relating the story.

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he is saying that the guy that capped it was a fag, and therefore the story is written by a fag

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>A sapient, moving street that spreads over the planet.

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do you dudes, dudettes and horrify beings from beyond time and space prefer short or long stories?

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I like the in between.
Too short and you can't really have a story, it's just an event.
Too long and I just don't want to read it.

For me, just the right length would be >>43811010
>>43806588 (And it's a damn shame we don't have the end)

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okie dokie

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Not "mr. rogers on fetish"

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The Westermarck effect has nothing to do with actually being biologically related though, your experiment doesn't show shit because despite all the bullshit you put them through they still grew up in close proximity to one another in the early years of their life.

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Well, there you have it.
Thanks anon

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There's the google drive he keeps up.


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That was a fun read.

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The experiment shows that the Westermarck effect is not real (or at least didn't exist in these two) because if growing up in close proximity really made them find each other gross, then they wouldn't have started fucking just because they thought they were adopted.

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fucking christ gary stu to the max

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/tg/, what kind of games do you usually have here?

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Oh, we got both kinds. We got D&D and Pathfinder!

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>I'll never be able to run a campaign of Witch Quest
>I'll never be able to run Lacuna Part 1
>>I'll never be able to run a campaign of Teenagers in Outer Space
>I'll never be able to run a session of Nicotine Girls
>I'll never be able to run a campaign of a super robot game in Battle Century G
>I"ll never be able to run a Gundam game in Battle Century G
>I'll never be able to run a horror game in any system unless I say it's Raven Loft, Call of Cthulu, or has zombies
>I'll never be able to run The Street Fighter: Story Teller game or any other silly anime martial arts shit
>I'll never be able to run A Place to Fuck Eachother without /tg/ trolling me or wanting my head on a pike
>I'll never be able to run Human Occupied Landfile
>I'll never be able to run Bunnies and Burrows
>I'll never be able to to run World Wide Wrestling
>I'll never be able to run Toon
>I'll never to be able to run Promethean
>I'll never be able to run Esoterrorist
>I'll never be able to run a campaign of Dogs in the Vineyard
>I'll never be able to run Polaris
>I'll never be able to run Dead Inside

I'll never be able to run or play any game that isn't D&D or PF or one of the 40k related stuff and it pains me.

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go back to tumblr

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R'ing the cosmic brownies story. I can't find my copy.

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It could be worse. The game I want to play most in the world is Continuum: Roleplaying in the Yet. What do you think my odds of EVER finding a group and/or GM for that are?

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And now my boner has ants.

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The heck is this from?

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Dwarf Fortress. Adventure Mode, specifically.

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It is clearly Dwarf Fortress adventure mode, but apparently they added some shit since last I played.
Or, maybe I just need to play more of it.
Or maybe it's a mod.

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Here ya go, not sure how recent it is, but this was the best format I could find a few weeks back when I wanted to read it.

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That's not the All-Guardsmen story.

And it has some flaws about what constitutes complexity/ how you make things. It does seem like a better system, however.

For a more in-depth analysis, as a guy who's done some jewelry making and carpentry, I can tell you that wood scales much easier, and teh basics are a lot faster. I can make a functional wooden box in under 10 minutes assuming I bought pre-cut wood. Without it, it would take maybe an hour. If you wanted a good-looking box, that would take probably an hour.

On the other hand, a Golden ring using a lost-wax technique would typically take a day or two, because you have to wait for the gold to cool.

Further, the speed of crafting checks is HEAVILY dependent on the tools at hand.

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This one, maybe.

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i don't know, that was pretty awesome.

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>352 pages

Yep, that's it. Hard as shit to find in .pdf, too. Hope you guys enjoy it. I did.

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I'd just like to point out there was no mention of ketchup on steak as being okay.

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holy crap, did that take an hour?

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I wonder if that anon who said he was going to draw something based on this ever got around to it.

>> No.43829571

And the sequel hook.

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January 2014 had an update to .40, they're at .40.24 now, alot has changed, like jumping , climbing, the entire combat system, conversations, dwarf emotions. check out the change-logs. adventure mode is alot more fun now. fortress mode is rather boring with this update. little to no sieges...

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/tg/ got infinitely better to browse through now that he's gone or at least incapable of using that trip

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im looking to expand my folder

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I have no idea why I'm bringing this here, but I do know /tg/ started this meme.

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There's a Google Drive page that has the full All Guardsmen Party story on it, and is being updated as it continues. Next post is expected this Sunday, though he constantly misses the deadlines he sets. Life happens though, so whatever.


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>best of /tg/
>posts something from /int/

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You sure it wasn't /fit/?

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So....I'm the guy who posted this. I wanted to say thanks for you guys posting these they always brighten my day up. When I trued making the thread I got this thing that told me the thread 404'd. It was really great to see it pop up like goddamn magic.

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Anyone have the cap of some guy playing an old video game where he created a monster that got stronger with every being it killed, lost control of it, and it just started becoming infinitely more powerful? With futile attempt after futile attempt to kill it, each army of superbeings he tossed at it just making it that much harder the next time it wandered somewhere important?

Even just knowing the name of the game would be nice.

>> No.43835265

Anyone have the rogue trader and loch Ness monster?

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>>43834167/tg/ and /int/ are almost the same baka, look im just posting these one at a time im not looking at them

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Mister Rogers was a kind, caring, accepting person. But even he had fucking standards.

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Remember - one does not chose to become a Paladin. The call is thrust upon you.

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I feel kinda bad that we've reached the point of completely hating anything associated with HFY.

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Hell, I'd love to play that. It's been on my "Do want" list for years.

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You see how the posts are timestamped? OP 11:53 on saturday, last post 22:22 on sunday

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Before I finish reading this, is this just another Edgardo story that the author has retooled for a third time? Because it is starting off JUST like a fucking Edgardo.

"Joined an RP forum, SUDDENLY a guy starts a fight with me and hates my guts because of how I made my character."

If I get halfway through it and some guy with a squid head or even a tentacled beard shows up I swear to God I am going to find this author and crush his testicles with a flaming squid strapped to my fist while yelling about infinite raw spirit guiding my knuckles to his nards.

>> No.43838411

>bringing up that shit

Go away, homo.

>> No.43838429

No, it isn't (although it definitely does look very similar).

Don't bother reading it anyway. It doesn't have an ending.

>> No.43838474

First time I see it, I teared up a little. /tg/ is just too good sometimes

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>> No.43838937

Don't have the cap but here's the thread.


The game is Dominions 3 or 4

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>> No.43839103

Why exactly do people hate Edgardo so much? I mean it wasn't the best story ever, but I thought it was good.

But then again I still chuckle when I read the different mr bearington stories.

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>> No.43839999


Always wondered what happened to that campaign.

>> No.43840029

>it was good.

Probably because it's terrible, but idiots like you seem compelled to try to defend a story that has nothing good about it, like it's a routine at this point.

>> No.43840044

This isn't funny.

>> No.43840150

Check the archive for the number of upvotes that the thread the story was originally posted in. You'll be surprised if your opinions are as strong as you're stating.

>> No.43840557

Yes it is.

>> No.43840940

That story was "upvote" spammed, alongside oinkbaine. It's pretty easy to do that to suptg, and pretty obvious when someone is doing it.

Either way, it doesn't somehow improve the story.

>> No.43841022

No, it being a good story improves the story.

>> No.43841085

Son, didn't your momma ever teach you about the dangers of feeding trolls? No good can come of it. One moment your traipsing across their bridge thinking you've got everything under control, the next its eaten all your e-goats and looking hungrily at you. Just don't do it, son.

>> No.43841149

Anon, people don't use that word any more. The cool kids all call it bait nowadays.

>> No.43841302

>it's a good story because-

What? The writing? It's not even good for greentext.

The plot? Which you can figure out in its entirety within the first few lines because it's just a slow crawl through cliches, and all amounts to just being a petty wank about what a guy wishes would happen in a online rp? Complete with plot holes every few steps and people acting in ways solely so that the plot will reach its boring and predictable conclusion?

The characters? Those horribly designed set pieces without a shred of believability?

What's left? The awful attempts at humor?

For a story some fags try to press as one of the best posted on /tg/, it barely even deserves getting screencapped in the first place, which I assume either the author did himself, or someone else did on account of it just being long.

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>> No.43841366

Help me out here.

How is it anything except shit, written by a fag, and gayly promoted by other fags who think that they can spam a story into popularity?

It's actually hard to find a worse screencap story. Which is actually saying quite a bit, because there are some truly terrible ones out there. Still, Ed likely sits very near the top of the pile of shit.

>> No.43841460

Something about that word just seems off...

I know there's an actual difference between gay fag and gay happy (because gay fag goes to gayness and gay happy goes to gaity) but I still want to call it gaily rather than gayly.

>> No.43841480

I like this one.

From the post count here >>43835577, looks like it's /v/.

>> No.43841558

Also this one.

>> No.43842026

We don't. It's Just a small noisy minority of people that detest fun with the passion of a billion suns.
Let's go open a HFY thread anon.
It'll be Just like it's 2008 again.

>> No.43842086

That's the problem, thought.

We've got no new material. No new spin. Nothing that isn't just a rehash of what's already been done multiple times before.

>> No.43842119

Actually, the modern understanding that the tiny HFY community has failed to refute is that HFY is meaningless.

All it really does is serve as strange masturbation fuel for really sad people, and helps produce nothing except poorly written slop that gets reposted for no other reason than to try and press the HFY "meme" for some sort of legacy purpose.

Most importantly, it's only tangentially related to traditional games, at best.

Check out the last few HFY threads to see the full disclosure.

>> No.43842141

True, the well has gone dry over the years. But it'll have its renaissance one day or another.
Untill then, we post and we wait.

>> No.43842165


If you want there to be a renaissance, you don't post and wait.

You fucking make the renaissance. So write up some OC, and post that alongside your HFY thread. And try and make it a super interesting unthought-of twist on it, at least.

>> No.43842194


It needed to be something first. HFY, in all the years its dragged its asshole on the carpet that is /tg/, has failed to produce anything except irredeemable garbage.

There's a reason that HFY posts are rarely seen outside of HFY threads, and that's because only the struggling few remaining HFY memesters still give a shit about the stupid thing.

>> No.43842198

>the modern understanding that the tiny HFY community has failed to refute

Man. You talk like This is some philosophical current. We're all here talking about games of pretend and silly stories, all that differentiates these particular silly stories is that they're optimist about our future as a species.
Yes HFY has masturbatory material (both in the ego-stroking and in the actually lewd sense) but it Also has heartwarming moments of humans helping their friends amongst the stars, of humanity acting at its best.
However, i see that if we want to talk about "recent understanding" that has to be refuted, HFY is pointless...
Just like everything else we talk about here in /tg/.

>> No.43842200

Fair enought.

>> No.43842225

it has aliens, that makes it ours.

>> No.43842244

I'm talking about a label that was constructed with no purpose, for a movement without any direction, to produce material that only serves the self-congratulatory and the ego-starved.

HFY is an embarrassment, and trying to "keep it alive" when it's been dead for the better part of a decade is as mindless as it is tiresome.

>> No.43842337

>It needed to be something first
I remember stories about how everyone in space likes us because we were the only ones who invented cooking and who made eating something more than a biological necessity. I remember stories so "masturbatory" that the whole point was that we were the cockroaches of the galaxy: absolutely vile but impossible to get rid of. I remember a small pacific alien being bullied by others like him receiving a cigar by a smiling human colonist so he could scare away his bullies by "breathing fire".
I remember a lot of things that were funny,worthwhile, imaginative.
Granted, i Also remember oceans of diarrhea Made by people that couldn't see past simple military might when defining "fuck yeah".
And You know what i remember, right since the beginning?
People like you, trying to ruin other's fun.
We Just want to have good time writing bullshit stories about bullshit caricatural humans and aliens, anon.
Just hide the thread and let us.

>> No.43842385

It allways had a direction: to portait humans in scifi differently than "the BASIC guys that are averange at everything".
It was allways beyond masturbatory: it had heartwarming, it had post apocaliptic nihilist pessimism, it had many things.
You Just never cared about it and decided Nobody else could or should either.
Just hide the threads, Why would You give a shit?

>> No.43842414


You mean this one?

>> No.43842423

Yes thank You i was searching for it!

>> No.43842434

Oh wait, that stupid line again, that only reveals that you HFYfags just don't read anything?

>> No.43842513

Holy shit that story is awful.

If that's what you're proud of, you really need to stop hoping that HFY can be anything except a stupid circlejerk that's long since outlived even the humor of its existence.

>b-b-but we could have a renaissance!

Your central premise is as flawed as your devotion to it. And your abilities make it clear that only years of more shit will follow the endless reposts of this same unreadable crap.

>> No.43842536


some of it is shit, but i love the ones where it turns out humans are crazy or sex freaks or whatever

>> No.43842541


>> No.43842549

In most of medias with humans and other races, humans are "averange" related to them. It stands to reason it'd be so since we're humans so obviously we think in terms of how others differ from us making aliens elves etc caricatures of some of our traits lacking others.
Shifting this perspective is fun if done well. Not that You know since your whole argument consists of ad hominems and stern refusal to even come near something you' e decided you don't like.
We don't judge You for that. We would Just like You to hide HFY threads and move along so others can have fun.
I can assure You i allready do the same with many threads i don't like, some of wich, perhaps, You like a lot.
Think about it.

>> No.43842586

Why are You projecting this hard?
Whatever happened that Made You like this?

>> No.43842972


>> No.43843344

You're an idiot, so I know none of this will get through to you, but here it is anyway.

>In most of medias with humans and other races, humans are "averange" related to them

Average? Rarely. Humans are the chief protagonists of 99.9999 percent of fiction, and 99.999 percent of SF/F. Humans are almost always the best, around. Nothings ever gonna keep them down.

The only thing average that ever is used to distinguish humans is their stat array.

You think you're thinking in a new direction? You are so fucking ass backwards, that just because you saw the Avatar movie you got so upset that you decided to erase your entire memory of EVERY OTHER STORY YOU'VE EVER READ. And, then, after years of mental gymnastics, you think you've got a new and exciting counter-culture idea that's literally just the same sort of tedious shit that was getting rejected from science fiction magazines decades ago for being so dumb and cliche.

It's not a matter of like and not like. You can't hide behind the shield of subjectivity and pretend your emotions protect you from being an idiot. If anything, your continued attempts to "redeem" the slogshit that is HFY after all these years, to continue to pretend that you have a "purpose" aside from tackling an imaginary issue, is exactly why your crys of "but we're having fun just ignore us" make it clear that your the only real "purpose" you have is the masturbate to your own ego.

Is HFY a traditional game? No.
Has it contributed anything to any traditional game? Only a couple idiots who think acting like rednecks is hilarious, so that's actually a point against you.
Does it serve any purpose beyond letting a bunch of idiots masturbate while reposting their own awful stories? Only if you believe in imaginary issues built on not understanding the genres you profess to love.

Since this is all just going to go above you, let me just finish with an actual ad hominem, so you can understand what one is, you fucking moron.

>> No.43843719

did we ever get the recipe?

>> No.43844199

>> No.43844534

>Average? Rarely. Humans are the chief protagonists
Not that anon, but you are drawing some equivalency between "average related to other aliens" and "protagonist" which is simply not true, and a touch absurd.
Of course humans are the usual protagonists, the stories are written by humans for humans. Protagonists are irrelevant.

>Humans are almost always the best, around.
It's not as as universal as you seem to think.
How about Star Wars? I know the empire appears largely human, but their power is not derived from HFY.
Then again, Star Trek is 50/50, where humans are largely average to inferior and yet thrive because "Nothings ever gonna keep them down."
I'll do a random selection of sf/f and report back.
In the meantime?
Your tits are agitatted.
Calm them.
Drink some tea, relax, and ignore HFY when it shows up.
You'll live longer.

One more thing,
>Has it contributed anything to any traditional game?
Yes, some inspiration from a HFY stories mixed with a little SGU helped me develop a decent setting.

>> No.43844579

The whole ''Humans are always average'' thing has nothing to do with the origins of HFY. Its more to do with 2 things. 1) People claiming ''why would you play a human they're just cannon fodder''. 2) It helps in some way explore how, in settings with pretty numerous Dwarf or Elf races or such humanity isn't simply enslaved. It has a role in worldbuilding to a degree

>> No.43844600

>Since this is all just going to go above you, let me just finish with an actual ad hominem, so you can understand what one is, you fucking moron.
Fyi if you wanted to finish with an adhom you'd have to say something like "you're wrong because you're a fucking moron."

>> No.43844733


Every time I read this I'm struck by how excellent that group of players is at improv. It'd be a privilege to GM for those guys.

>> No.43844832

>> No.43845038

Okay, here is my random sampling:

Humans are vastly inferior to the machines, yet Neo the Human can do what no machine can.

Terminator is clearly superior, yet humans survive largely through cleverness involving stealing time travel or using Terminators from the machines.
Non-Humans are superior (possible tie)

>Close encounters of the Third Kind
Aliens mystify the humans
Non-humans are superior

>Star Wars
Protagonists are mostly human, could not have succeeded without non-human.

>ET: The Extra-Terrestrial
ET's tech and heart surpasses humanity.
Non-humans are superior

Badass unkillable alien killed by a woman in her underwear.
Humans are superior

>Blade Runner
Replicants are protagonists, humans are dicks.
Non-humans are superior

>2001: A Space Odyssey
Human out-maneuvers killer supercomputer.
Humans are superior

>Lord of the Rings
Fellowship combines all races, humans make a good showing despite being second weakest.

Protagonist is a peck, Humans are largely dominant and most powerful.
Humans are superior.

Evil powerful witches undone by an old woman and a mouse.
Humans are superior.

>Harry Potter
Muggles are shit, All wizards are human.
SOME humans are superior.

>Edward Scissorhands
Humans are mostly dicks.
Non-humans are superior

>Time Bandits

Human girl triumphs, but anyone who really thinks she was the superior one in the move needs to rewatch it.
Humans are superior

>Pan's Labyrinth
I gotta go humanity on this one.
Humans are Superior

>The Princess Bride
ROUS get stomped.
Humans are superior.

>Wizard of Oz
Girl from Kansas fixes everyone's problems.
Humans are superior.

Tie: 4
Non-humans are superior: 5
Humans are superior: 9

So, even with the Terminator swing, that puts Humanity as superior in a majority at 50% of sample fiction.
And, as we all know, 50% = 99.999%


>> No.43845798

>> No.43845867

You gave away way too many ties, and Dicks =/= inferior, you dummy.

>> No.43845891

>> No.43846015

It's not equivalency, but there is a direct connection between humans being the victors in the overwhelming majority of fiction and them being the protagonists in 99.9999%.

Lamenting over humans not being the winners (ie. the proven superior race by the metric that they had some quality that allowed them to triumph) in the speculative fiction genre is like lamenting that there are not enough space ships in stories about space.

>their power is not derived from HFY.

Of course not, because HFY only exists as a silly Human-flavored Deus ex Machina. That, or a pointless "movement" to address a nonexistant problem.

Overall, you looking through fiction through the lens of HFY has made you stupid. Literally. You can't even understand a story without forcing it through your lame ripoff of America Fuck Yeah, distorting it to the point where any point you were hoping to make only resounds within your own skull.

Talking to an HFYfag about humans in a setting is like talking to... a Ku Klux Klan member about white people. You're not on the same page as everyone else, mate.

>> No.43846224

>> No.43846852


>> No.43847302

>being this butt blasted
Holy shit, do you really hate yourself so much that the mere mention of something approaching pride sends you into a /lit/-tier spasm?

>> No.43847331

I bet you're European, no other people could produce someone as whiny as you.

>> No.43847336 [DELETED] 


If you see a player or a DM who talks about "loli", report him to the police because he's rather likely to be a pedophile.

>> No.43847371 [SPOILER] 

>being this butt blasted

Behold, this ancient image, which is all that need be said in response to you.

>> No.43847391


>> No.43848324

>> No.43848470

>> No.43848648

>> No.43848730

Heh heh. This hipster fag hates oinkbane.

>> No.43848814

>> No.43848952

>> No.43849098

>> No.43849169

>> No.43849342

>> No.43849444

>> No.43849456

>Posting part 2 without part 1

For shame. I'd do it, but not on my regular computer

>> No.43849485

ohshitmybad i fucked up 3.1 was before 3 for some reason

>> No.43849607

>> No.43849670

>> No.43849748

>> No.43849803

So? Pedophilia isn't illegal, kiddy fiddling is.

>> No.43849823

nope, I've read it twice and it's twice too many

>> No.43849840


>> No.43849937

holy fuck how have i not read that one baka

>> No.43849968

wtf how in the world did i type baka, i am so sorry i promise i am no weeb

>> No.43850013

>Not knowing about word filters
It's k, senpai

>> No.43850031

I started reading...and then I wanted to stop...but I couldn't...

>> No.43850038

filters for
f a m -> senpai
t b h -> desu
s m h -> baka

>> No.43850053

I had no clue, i usually just lurk for these thread and dump my folder i have little to say.

>> No.43850156


>> No.43850302

>> No.43850373

>> No.43850461

>> No.43850646

Based Shoggy

>> No.43850730

will deliver

>> No.43850780

ctrl+f is your friend

>> No.43850825

*shrugs* ctrl+f is for people who care. I post, regardless of what has already been posted!

>> No.43851065

Read all. Took >4 hours.

So worth it.

Continue god's work.

>> No.43851110

Holy fucking shit this could be a movie.

>> No.43851688

you can't get cosmic brownies where I am and I still want that recipe

>> No.43851883

>Screenshot of your own post

>> No.43851957

Not that anon, whoever it was, but I capped my own work once.
However, I'm never the one who posts it in these threads.
I just wanted a nice condensed format of the OP and what I wrote, and someone requested the screencap so I provided it.
I feel no shame in making the cap, but I do feel a slight bit of guilt for including the comments, but I really just wanted to include my response.
How many Hitlers of evil does that put me at?

>> No.43852229

From a time when I was bad at doing screencaps.
The spoilered image is the Ducks Emblem.

>> No.43852277

>> No.43853269

/tg/ has matured in a lot of ways. Pic related, only a small window into the wild old /tg/.

>> No.43853310

I always thought that was just a resource pile for Servo-Skulls.

>> No.43853701

Anyone got the guy who went full slanesh in real life ? With the poop and stuff.

>> No.43854441

Humans butt-raped so hard, his excrement's just flop into the toilet everytime he poops.

>> No.43854449

I saw it in an image collection on imgur.

>> No.43854464

Anyone have the post with the guy who bragged about shoving a sword into a lich's cunt?

>> No.43854616

Not sure if this counts as a story or not, but I'm posting it

>> No.43855191

All hail Mootwo.

>> No.43855487

top kek

top kek

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