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You are Siris Erickson, and you are a mutant. This is hardly surprising, considering both of your parents are mutants, and you grew up surrounded by mutants. Despite being somewhat of a late bloomer with your powers, the leaders of the Xavier Institute saw incredible potential in you and your abilities. With the ability to control the wavelength and frequency of light, as well as emit light from your body, you could theoretically do incredible things, although that is currently limited to a limited control over the light in the surrounding area and the ability to concentrate light into a laser. Both of which tend to give you painful headaches, and you can only do those with the help of a specially created suit. You were accepted into the Xavier Institute mid-year despite the late arrival of your powers, and you have been accepted into the Paragons squad.

QM Twitter: https://twitter.com/Xavier_QM
Previous Threads: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Xavier%20Institute%20Quest
Squad List: http://pastebin.com/sXjEpkx0

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You’re still thinking about what you saw between Rahne and Josh when class finishes. You know there’s another team exercise today, so you meet up with the rest of the team. It doesn’t take too much time for Rahne to show up after that, but she’s doing her best to avoid looking directly at you. “Alright, team. Today you’re going to be going up against another team, alright? This isn’t a simulation, so be careful.” Just as she’s about to continue, you hear another voice from outside the classroom, “Exactly, children,” Emma Frost says, as she enters the classroom. “Your mutant powers are gifts, but they are dangerous. Be careful, for your own safety, and the safety of each other.” The hellions begin entering the room, and Julian locks eyes with you, a cocky grin on his face.

Match raises his hand, “Alright, so, what’s the challenge? What are we doing?” You could swear you almost see Ms. Frost smile as she speaks, “It will be a combat challenge, one team pitted against the other, but with a twist. Sometimes when out in the field, one must cooperate with people they would otherwise be opposed to. So, the teams will be scrambled.” Rahne nods, looking down at a clipboard. “The first team will be lead by Match, and will include Tag, Preview, Wolf Cub, DJ, and Wither.” You look around at the other people gathered, that leaves your team with... “The second team will be lead by Hellion, and will include Pixie, Lighthouse, Mercury, Rockslide, Dust, and Trance.” Rahne looks up, and looks around the class room. “Alright, both teams will have a short amount of time to come up with a plan before we head to the Danger Room and actually commence the exercise. The goal is to incapacitate in some way the entirety of the enemy team.”

You approach your new team. Hellion looks around with a grin, “Alright, we gotta win this. Anybody have any ideas?”

> What do you do?
> Volunteer a Plan. (What?)
> Keep Quiet.
> Other.

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Could we get a simple overview of their powers? I can't be arsed to google all the names I'm less familiar with.

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Hellion has telekinesis.
Pixie has wings.
Mercury's body is made out of liquid mercury.
Rockslide's body is made out of rocks, and he can detach and reattach his body parts, along with super strength and shit.
Dust can turn herself into dust.
Trance has astral projection and can fly, and shoot blasts in her astral projection form.

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We start with Flashing the other team, then Hellion throws a Rockslide at them with Mercury following suit, while Trance goes up high to rain down hell upon them. Dust plays defence protecting us and Hellion. Pixie flies around or some shit.

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If they're fast enough they could probably serve as distractions for our more combat capable teammates.

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this works

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You nod, “I’ve got a plan. I blind the enemy team with my power, Julian, you throw Rockslide at them, and Mercury goes after him. Trance can supply covering fire, and Pixie can serve as a distraction.” Hellion nods, crossing his arms over his chest. “Alright, that plan seems like it’ll work, but remember, I’m the leader. What I say goes when we’re on the field.” No one seems to really want to argue with him, and you aren’t exactly interested in being a leader, so you keep your mouth shut. Just as both teams finish their plan, Emma calls out, “Alright, now, everyone to the Danger Room.”

When everyone arrives at the Danger Room, Rahne and Emma Frost head up to the control room, and after a few moments, the metallic surfaces fade away, replaced with a thick jungle. You can’t see the other team, but Hellion nods, “Alright, stick to the plan. We need to stick together, and be prepared for anything. Pixie, fly up, see if you can see where they are, but don’t go too far. They have an advantage in finding us, so we need to stay prepared.” Megan nods, and flies up above the treeline.

> What do you want to do?

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Get ready to throw on a lightshow when Hellion gives the mark

>> No.43762351

>Stay alert and prepared for our mark.

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look around the area with in eye sight of every one get used to the jungle

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Hellion has been doing this longer, follow his lead.

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Sentinels got him

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That is definitely not thing that has happened.
Let us all move into a non-mutant-related thread.

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I fucking dislike Helion but...i will just stay quiet and wait for our mark.

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>mfw they got Preview and she sees trough all our plan because of her powers.

god dammit clairvoyance is op.

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Yeah but she's the type that sees the future and is all "why bother doing anything about it?"
so if she sees us winning she will probably just go sit down and give up

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Now i like her even more. I'm glad we're in her team.

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where did XFag go

>> No.43764063

i think he died.

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Yup definitly lost connection.

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From his twitter 2minutes ago: "So, my power is out currently. I have no idea when I'll be able to run again, but I'll let you know as soon as I can."

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so what do we do archive it or try and bump it till he can get back

>> No.43764611

Damn, that sucks.
Probably bump.
Power outages are usually short, unless it's a big storm.
If anyone has a Twitter, they could ask him.

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I don't know there was a wind storm in Washington that knocked the power out on Wednesday and they still haven't gotten it all back on

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I think he ded lads.

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as a bus full of mutants

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Oh that's terrible...and i loved it.

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Guess we will need to arquive the thread then...

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shit just found this quest and got excited but it looks pretty dead.

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Just this thread man. Power outage etc.

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Poke for hotness that will be attracted to Lighthouse.

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That will be the new teacher anon just wait a little bit more.

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Anyone here remembers Aino?

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Never really followed Mutant Quest

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is it wrong that i want wolverine to eventually become our teacher

>> No.43771722



Didn't like how the quest got weird later on, though.

>> No.43771723

He's already our martial arts teacher. We even got a beer from him.

>> No.43771743

We're playing as a boy, Wolverine will never be our mentor.

>> No.43771746

no i mean like how Rahne is for us now

i can dream

>> No.43771813

Teach yourself capitalization and punctuation, you complete mongoloid.

>> No.43771827

no just because it piss you off

>> No.43771916

But we're a boy. Wolverine doesn't teach boys.

>> No.43771926

like i said i can dream

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If dust can disperse herself as a cloud, the light atttacks can use her to create a blinding glow much easier, like with a fog cloud, or bright light hitting a dust cloud. It would conserve effort, less headache. Liquid mercury body could be used as a reflecting surface as well, and used to further use the light attacks.
Stone body that is segmentable is handy.. he could be dispersed among team members and hidden til needed, then reassembled with surprise. Even could hide in with stones. ANd if he can reconfgure, he can be worn by others as armour.

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So I just caught up on the archives and what the fuck, /tg/. Protag is Carlos?

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not by my choice i just hope it stops

>> No.43772426

But anon, the ride never ends!

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I like the puns and if it makes Preview smile, all the better.

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So is OP ever coming back?

Did our puns kill him?

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I have returned! Sorry about the wait, ended up passing out while I was waiting for power to come back on. Everything should be working now, thanks for keeping the thread bumped.

>> No.43773252

And Lo! The QM hath returned as fortoled! Praise be!

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You sigh, and settle in to wait. You don’t exactly like Hellion, but he’s been doing this longer than you have, and he actually seems to know what he’s doing. You prepare your lightshow, keeping ready for Julian’s mark. Suddenly, from above, you hear Pixie shout. “I see Match’s flame! I know where they are!” Hellion grins, his eyes glowing a pale green. “We’ve got ‘em then. Alright, let’s move, team!” The rest of your new teammates follow after Julian, and you begin to reluctantly follow him, but you can’t shake the feeling that something’s wrong. Match is impulsive, but he’s not stupid.

> What do you want to do?
> Voice your complaints.
> Go off alone.
> Follow Hellion.

>> No.43773344

>Follow Hellion.

Let's not complain all the time.

Plus voicing complaints might distract Hellion and/or the group. And he might have a trick up his sleeve.

Or Match is stupider than Siris thinks. Only recently met him.

>> No.43773355

>voice your complaints
"Match is a pretty bright guy. He'd probably make decoy flames because of his.... you know." and make wavy motions around our hair.

>> No.43773368


Definitely a trap, but hey, let's go bash some heads.

>> No.43773424

>Advice caution

They will have some surprise in store for us, just like we have for them.

>> No.43773440

>> Voice your complaints.
some thing is not right

>> No.43773449

>follow hellion
Strength in numbers amirite

>> No.43773516

> Follow Hellion.
Let's try to see if we can learn from the successes and failures of his leadership and the other team's.

>> No.43773706


You decide to keep following Hellion. At the very least, there’s strength in numbers, and, of course, you could learn something, even if you fail. You still voice your concerns, though, “Hey, look. Match is a pretty bright guy. He’d probably make decoy flames, or something. I doubt he’d really just let us know where his team is.” Hellion doesn’t even stop to think on it, “You have a better idea, Glowstick? Even if it is a trap, we can beat them with no trouble.” You want to argue, but force yourself to let it go, and follow your temporary leader.

You hear a rustling in the deep jungle on both sides of you. You’re barely able to react fast enough to duck out of the way of Wolf Cub lunging towards you. You could even hear the kid apologize to you, as you ducked under his attack. After Wolf Cub, DJ and Wither step out of the trees. Hellion grins, as he floats into the air, a bright green glow surrounding him. “Hellions, hit ‘em hard!” He yells, and picks up a tree with his telekinesis and hits Wolfcub with it, sending the mutant back at least several feet.

> What do you want to do?
> Check on Wolfcub.
> Attack someone (Give an action and 1d100.)

>> No.43773766

Rolled 23 (1d100)

>Attack someone (Give an action and 1d100.)

Try and hit Wither with a low powered laser.

>> No.43773779

Rolled 43 (1d100)

Let's try and nail Wither. He could cause problems.

>> No.43773789

Rolled 43 (1d100)

>> Attack someone (Give an action and 1d100.)
blast wither with some light

>> No.43773792

Rolled 66 (1d100)

Where's Match?
>Hit Wither and then scan the area for danger.
He's probably gonna take out Hellion first.

>> No.43774178


You decide to focus your attacks on Wither, recognizing that he could do the most potential damage. You take aim and fire, but your attack was disrupted when DJ fires his blasts at you. You dodge them, but only just, and you miss Wither. You can feel your head starting to hurt again, but you push through the pain, intent on at least seeing this through. Santo sends his detached fist at DJ, knocking him out. Hellion swings the tree at Wither, but Wither holds his hand out and grabs the tree first, turning the tree into ash in a manner of seconds. That means Wolf Cub, and DJ are down, but that still leaves Match, Tag, and Preview unaccounted for. Mercury quickly snakes her way along the ground towards Wither, and knocks him out with a strong punch.

You don’t exactly have time to celebrate, as you recognize the smell of something burning. Match and Tag appear soon after. Match launches a few fireballs at your team, focusing his fire on Hellion.

> What do you want to do?
> Give an action and 1d100.

>> No.43774222

Rolled 62 (1d100)

Blast wither with the light!!!

>> No.43774246

Rolled 47 (1d100)

>Attack Match! As much as we can put into it.
Wither is down. Match needs to go next. AoE is bad for the whole team.

>> No.43774259

Rolled 38 (1d100)

try and make a shield of light to block the fireballs and to hold tag from getting close to nyone

>> No.43774267

Rolled 53 (1d100)

manipulate the light coming off match's head so that it just becomes a black spot, blinding him

>> No.43774292

Dammit, this is a good one.
I'm >>43774246, so would you mind ignoring that vote?

>> No.43774307

That should be 'MY' vote.
Ignore my vote.

>> No.43774653


You reach out with your mind, and get a handle on the light being produced and coming off of Match’s head. You decide to try something you haven’t done before, and get rid of all the light there. It only takes a moment before there’s complete darkness surrounding Match’s head. Your headache only gets more painful, more so than it was the first time you messed with your power. You fall to the ground, the pain overwhelming. Luckily enough, the pain fades as you fall into unconsciousness.

You wake up after what feels like only a few seconds, although you’re not in the jungle anymore, or even in the danger room. You’re in what must be the infirmary. The pain in your head has reduced to only a slight throbbing. You sit up, and look around. Rahne’s sitting in a chair next to your bed, and once you sit up, she looks over, “Oh, Siris! How are you feeling?” You shrug, “I’m alright, I suppose. I've, y'know. Been better.” Rahne nods, she’s talking to you, and making eye contact, but talking to her still seems awkward.

> What do you want to say?

>> No.43774663

"So... Did we win?"

>> No.43774688

this first>>43774663
then my question
"ok so what happened, did i try and reach to far or what"

>> No.43774704

"I blacked out? I mean, after I blacked out Match's head?"

>> No.43774906


>> No.43775031


You frown, “Did we win? What happened?” Rahne gives you a smile, “Yeah, you won. Headmaster Summers said the Paragons were more willing to work with an enemy team, and you helped with that quite a bit. Doctor McCoy said that you did too much at once. You made some incredible progress though, he said it was very impressive. I’d agree with him. The rest of your team was worried about you, although you might want to apologize to Match. He wasn’t very appreciative of that stunt you pulled.” She rests one hand on your knee and meets your gaze, “Siris, everything will be okay, alright? That... thing with Josh? It was a... mistake. A lapse in judgement, and I ended it.”

> What do you want to say?

>> No.43775084

>What do you want to say?

"Wasn't gonna tell anyway. Still stupid to do something like that in a school full of mind readers, though."

>> No.43775085

Hey like I said before that's your business not mine. But do I still have to watch my back around him?

>> No.43775205

Ok wasn't my business anyways i just thought it was stupid thing to do in a school full of mind readers

>> No.43775212


I really don't care who you're sleeping with, Rahne. It's not my business. Consider it forgotten.

>> No.43775215

"It's none of my business what you choose to do on your off hours."

>> No.43775232

"It's not my business."

>> No.43775804


You shrug, “It’s not my business anyway.” Rahne nods, her face pale. “Alright, thank you Siris. I... need to go. I’m sure the rest of your squad can’t wait to talk to you. I have some... business I need to take care of.” As Rahne leaves the infirmary, she leaves the door open, and the rest of your squad, and even a few of the Hellions enter the room. Along with your squad, Dust, Rockslide, and Mercury enter. Having all these people crowd into the infirmary makes the room feel much smaller than it felt before. Match looks around, and then looks towards you. “We just wanted to check up on you, an’, y’know, thank you for winning us the Exercise, even if it meant, well, blindin’ me.”

> What do you want to say?

>> No.43775853

>What do you want to say?

"Everyone else did pretty good too. It wasn't just me that helped out."

>> No.43775875


"Sorry Torch, didn't realize it would feel that bad for you. What was it like, anyway? I just felt pain from exertion before I passed out."

"Thanks for the game, all of you!"

>> No.43775890

sorry about that what happened after i blacked out

>> No.43775893

"Yeah, sorry about that man, I won't do it again.
I appreciate that all of you took the time to stop by. Really makes the new kid feel welcome."

>> No.43775895


I'll trade you this headache for your temporary blindness. Anyone interested?

>> No.43775908

>"I think everyone else did well too. Sorry, I didn't really think about what that would do to you. And thanks for coming by, I appreciate it."

>> No.43776967


Write faster.

>> No.43777014

I like this one the best.

>> No.43777868


Real slow.

>> No.43777884

This one gets my vote.

>> No.43778914

quick do light related puns before XFag returns

>> No.43778991

Too late, don't get any bright ideas.

>> No.43779004

It was a dim hope.

>> No.43779016

lighten up dude

>> No.43779036

So illuminate us on the recent development.

>> No.43779061

So you fall asleep or what?

>> No.43779204


You give a lopsided grin, “Sorry, Torch. Didn’t realize how bad it’d be for you. I’d trade you the temporary blindness for this headache though.” Match laughs it off, and you can tell he seems much less upset now. “So, what was it like, y’know, after I passed out from exhaustion?” Pixie grins, “It was cool! With Ben blinded, it was really easy for the rest of us to finish off him and Tag. We were kinda worried about you, though. You’re sure you’re okay, Siris?” You nod, tapping your temple. “Just a headache, but I’m used to those, y’know? Beast says I’ll keep getting those while I’m still getting used to my powers. On the bright side, I’m making progress with that.” There’s a collective groan, although you can see Preview smirking, and Pixie isn’t even trying to hide how hilarious she finds your puns.

You chat with them some more, before you hear a voice in your head, a voice you recognize as belonging to Emma Frost. “Siris, as soon as you’re feeling better, you ought to join us in Headmaster Summers’ office. Please do hurry up.” Your head is feeling a bit better, so you get up and let everyone else know you need to get going. When you get to the office, you see Rahne sitting in one chair, Josh in another, and then Wolverine, Cyclops, and Emma Frost standing up. You can’t help but feel a pit in your stomach. For a few seconds, there’s complete silence, before Cyclops speaks up. “Erickson, we just want to verify some things. Miss Frost says she saw some... things, in your brain when she was checking up on you.”

“Did you see Miss Sinclair having... relations, with Josh Foley?”

> What do you say?
> Feign ignorance.
> Try to change the subject.
> Just come clean.

>> No.43779293

I'm sorry. I just have a wild imagination.

>> No.43779295

>> Try to change the subject.

>> No.43779305

>"Does it matter if I did? Memories can be awfully faulty, you know."

>> No.43779308

"I would be appreciative if you did not side view my thoughts and memorys, even if you can't help it all the time or however that works. Putting that aside, what i did or did not see with Miss Sinclair and Josh Foely has to do with what exactly?"

If we are going to play silly buggers, your going to come out and state it like bloody adults.

>> No.43779351

> Try to change the subject.
isnt that a private matter between the involved parties?

>> No.43779392

All of these pretty much confirm Emma's suspicion

This MAY just help Rahne get off the hook

>> No.43779430

all i did was vote to change the subject

>> No.43779444

Yeah, but at the end of the day, Emma is going to route around in everyones heads anyway and then we get had for covering for them.

>> No.43779470


This is the best option.

Can we add that we'd prefer she simply asks before she plumbs our mental depths again? We're not trying to hide information, but our luminous imagination could be seen as distasteful to such a lovely woman.

>> No.43779513

Alright, fine.
Change >>43779305 to:
"She... uh... what was she looking for? I think a LOT of things."

>> No.43779543

Which I'm saying is not a smart vote if you want to help Rahne. If you don't want to help her, but just try to play the meek kid in way over his head, it's a perfectly valid option and I respect your opinion

>> No.43779566

Happy to back this vote.

>> No.43779628

>Xavier Institute Quest on /tg/
>no squad lead by Professor Green, head of music

Gets my vote.

I ain't playing no squealer mugga.

>> No.43779667

its not that is no matter what we do we are kinda fucked but i dont wanna betray Rahne either

>> No.43779693


A small crossover like that would be fine, I think.

Though XFag would need to send Crusty a tweet or two about it.

>> No.43779710

>Feign ignorance.

"I cannot confirm or deny anything."

>> No.43779744

Man, JJ would be the strangest person in the school.

That and the interactions between him, wolverene and Laura would probably be "Fuck it, fighting you annoys me, give me a damn beer you spiderman rip off"

>> No.43779762

Personally, I would've shut my goddamn trap or point out that my memory is so bad I can't even remember what I had for lunch yesterday.

>> No.43779786

i think it would be more of a small thing like

look at all the universes Siris and he sees every one JJ's

>> No.43779787

That's basically agreeing. Deny. Even if you don't understand, deny. Even if it's true, deny. Deny deny deny. From the right point of view, it's already false anyway. You're just stating the truth.

>> No.43779824


JJ intentionally wearing tight, hip hugger jeans to tease Wolverine and Laura.


Then how about saying:

"Why do you think one of my fantasies is true?"

>> No.43779871

That'd be creepy and weird.

This already works. They already know it happened, and we're obviously joking, but it makes it clear that we're denying them the ability to dismiss her for what we know.

>> No.43779875

>hey kid
>listen to the voices
>unless they tell you to phase

>> No.43779898

I also imagine JJ being dragged to the nurses office every time someone got injured so he could be used as a walking cure all.
Laura would be super annoyed every time it happened.

>> No.43779903 [DELETED] 


He's a growing teenage boy.

He's gonna have one weird fantasy or another.

>> No.43779950

Frankly weirding everyone out to not ask him about it is probably the best idea out of the bunch.

Or at least to see the look on scotts face when he has to think up a reply to that.

>> No.43779952

nah i say we tell them she must of confused to memory's of our mom and dad kissing and one of Josh and Rahne talking in a class room

>> No.43779957

It's about not acting like a fucking weirdo. That's not owning it, that's just being autistic. Like, it's a legitimately concerning statement because it implies you have difficulty understanding and communicating with normal human beings (or mutants).

>> No.43780102


Yeah, my bad.

>> No.43780105


You pause, putting on your best obtuse face. “Sorry, I... uh... think a lot of things. I have a very wild imagination. I... don’t really know what exactly it is you’re talking about.” Wolverine gives you a strange look, and you don’t dare look at Rahne or Josh. Cyclops reaches up, rubbing his temples. You clear your throat, “Um, I don’t... I mean, I’d appreciate it if you... y’know, asked before looking inside my brain, y’know? It’s kinda...” Cyclops nods as you trail off. “Yes, what Miss Frost did was... not what she should have done. I will discuss that with her at a later date. Thank you for your cooperation, Siris. You’re a big help.” With that, Wolverine leads both you and Josh out of the office. Just as you’re about to leave with Josh, Wolverine sticks his hand out, and grabs your shoulder.

“You were lyin’, kid.” You don’t answer, but Wolverine nods, “It’s fine. Worse things have happened, an’ if you hadn’t said anything, Rahne was probably going to come clean herself. It’s better this way. She cares for you kids, teachin’ you... it does her good.” He shrugs, “I s’pose it’s a good thing you’re willin’ to lie. An’ do it well, too. Otherwise I’d be in trouble too. Don’t feel bad about lyin’ there, if Rahne got kicked out, who knows where she’d go. She doesn’t exactly have that much of a life outside o’ Xavier’s. You're a good kid, if y’want, sometime when I have some free time, I could give you some private tutorin’.” With that, Wolverine goes off on his own, leaving you in the deserted hallway with your thoughts. You have some free time, and it’ll be a while before Rahne will be out of the meeting...

> What do you want to do?
> Talk to someone.
> Train by yourself.
> Study with Beast.

>> No.43780159

Lets go chill a little before we study with beast.

>> No.43780167

Let's look around a bit. Hang out with someone. Whoever's got some time.

>> No.43780172

>Study with Beast.

Maybe train with him, too.

Like study our powers, then test them out to see if we're capable of doing what we've theorized during the study session.

>> No.43780180

>> Study with Beast.
my dream came true we can train with wolverine

>> No.43780188

Find our squad, see if any of them wants to hang out

>> No.43780840


You decide to spend a bit of time just relaxing, spending some time in your room to get your bearings. After you finish with that, and you feel much, much better, you decide to spend some time training and studying with Beast. You have a better handle on your powers than you did before, but you’re still getting the headaches, and you’re still barely able to shoot one beam without almost collapsing in pain.

You head down towards the Professor’s laboratory, and enter after a short knock. Beast grins as he sees you enter the room. “Oh, Mister Erickson! It’s truly wonderful to meet you. I heard what you did in the exercise! What an incredible idea. Many other students would just focus only on shooting their lasers, but you had much better ideas. Now, let us begin with your practice.”

> Roll 1d100 to see the progress you make.

>> No.43780875

Rolled 20 (1d100)

ok lets see how this gos

>> No.43780885

Rolled 41 (1d100)


>> No.43780887


Luck is my bitch.

>> No.43780893

Rolled 13 (1d100)


Mediocre progress ho!

>> No.43780897

Rolled 78 (1d100)


>> No.43780907

Rolled 68 (1d100)


>> No.43780917

learn to roll bro

>> No.43780966

Rolled 32 (1d100)



>> No.43781553

You tempted fate.

>> No.43781842


You spend a few hours training with Beast, practicing your laser and manipulating the lights in his laboratory, but you don’t manage to make any significant progress, and only end the lesson having gained a splitting headache. You sigh, and decide to return to your room. On the way there, you’re stopped by Rahne. The teacher bows her head, and sighs, “Thank you, Siris... you didn’t have to lie for me, but still... thank you. It was nice of you.”

> What do you want to say?

>> No.43781860

>Maybe try renting a motel room next time, so I don't have to make myself look like an enormous pervert in front of my teachers.

>> No.43781875


>> No.43781881


"Be better at hiding next time or stop dating students. Keep me out of it next time, I don't like to be grilled by Cyclops and Wolverine if I can avoid it."

>> No.43781887


>Not my business, not theirs either. Do look out for yourself, though, Rahne.

>> No.43781899

"Okay. It wasn't my buisiness. You're welcome, I guess. It's not gonna happen again."

>> No.43781901

like i said a school full of mind readers.

>> No.43781903

"That was only the most embarrassing thing I've done in my life, no biggie."

>> No.43781935


>> No.43781976

Changing >>43781899
to >>43781903.
Man, I used to be good at these things.

>> No.43782284

"Emma frost if easily falling on my list of favorites teachers. Now i'm double glad i join your team Teach."

>> No.43782306

I must give a +1 to wonderfull to not pick

>> No.43782481


You shrug, “Hey, that was just the most embarrassing thing I’ve ever done, no big deal.” You give a lopsided grin, and Miss Sinclair sighs, “I’m sorry, Siris. You shouldn’t have been put in that position in the first place. I intend to be a much better guardian from here on out, okay?” You nod, and Rahne smiles a bit, “You should get some sleep, Siris. You’ve had a long day.” You nod, and head back to your room. You try to get some sleep, but you’re just too restless. A few hours in, you hear a knocking at your window. You look outside to see Pixie flying outside. You open your window, and she smiles, “Hey! Match had a great idea! We’re all going out to the city. Do you wanna come?”

> What do you say?
> Yes.
> No.

>> No.43782504

> Yes.
that would really brighten up my day

>> No.43782520


>> No.43782527


>> No.43782533

>> Yes.

>> No.43782536


>> No.43782570

>> Yes

I want to make a PEter pan joke but i think she will be mad

>> No.43782590


>Of course. You gonna fly us all off to Neverland, Tink?

>> No.43782781

Guess who gets my vote? You do

Changin from this:>>43782570

>> No.43782991


You grin, and lean slightly out the window. “Of course I want in. You gonna fly us off to neverland, Tink?” Pixie grins, and shakes her head. “I was thinking more like New York. You’re from there, right? I’ve never actually been.” When you nod, she grins even wider, “That’s so cool! I think that means you’re the only person from there. You’ll have to be our guide!” Pixie grabs you, holding you close to her as she slowly flies both of you down to the ground. The two of you are quickly joined by the rest of your squad. Match grins, holding up some keys, “I found a way to get us to the city!” He leads the squad towards the garage, and heads towards a car. “So, uh... who here knows how to drive?” You shake your head, you’re a New Yorker, and a poor one at that. You have no idea how. Luckly, DJ, for, you imagine, the first time, says something. “Yo, I know how.”

Everyone piles into the car, and you’re off on a not-exactly allowed field trip. DJ seems to know at least the idea of where he’s driving, so for now, you don’t have to worry about that.

> Who do you want to talk to, and what do you want to say?

>> No.43783022


Address everyone and ask where they wanna go or what they wanna do.

>> No.43783097

This here

>> No.43783117


Team shwarma date? Isn't that like a rite of passage for aspirant superheroes on this universe?

>> No.43783121

ask Match why the sudden trip

and this>>43783022

>> No.43783144


>> No.43783528


You look over towards Match, “Hey, so... what’s with the sudden trip? Anything special going on?” The Squad leader shrugs, “I felt like it’d be a fun squad exercise. Something we could all do together, y’know?” You nod, “Speaking of, is there anything people want to do when we get to New York? I know a lot of cool things we could do.” The general tone is somewhat noncommittal, and Match turns to you. “Since you’re the New Yorker, maybe you should decide.”

> What do you want to do with your squad?

>> No.43783562

show them Mutant town

they've probably never seen a community of mutants

>> No.43783567


The mall?

Also, what time is it in quest?

>> No.43783587

We know the bars that don't card us.

>> No.43783588


Yeah they have.

The School.

>> No.43783591

It's about eleven at night.

>> No.43783602

separate beasts

>> No.43783617

mutant town that way no random maybe drive around the major tourist traps

>> No.43783639

>Mutant Club

>> No.43783648

This could only end well

>> No.43783666

Mutant town, Central Park, Time Square, Chinatown ?

>> No.43783670

Does mutant town have clubs?

>> No.43783680


Seedy bar in mutant town.

Drunk Pixie would be hilarious, and I have the feeling our backstory is not a common one amongst the students at school. It might be interesting or comforting to kids from different backgrounds to see a community with a high population of mutants living in harmony. Poverty, sure, but harmony all the same.

>> No.43783699

>This late i think Time Square or Chinatown would be better. Central park isn't safe so is Mutant town.

>> No.43783777

To mutant town it the place we know better then anything we problably know the cool places too.

>> No.43784169


You grin. You know of a bar in Mutant Town that doesn’t card. It was a pretty popular spot before you left, although you never really spent much time there. You decide not to let the rest of your team know where you’re guiding them as you give DJ directions, so they’re thoroughly surprised as they enter Mutant Town. The timing is lucky too, so they see plenty of open mutants out and about as they drive through the district. You direct DJ to where you remembered the bar being and sure enough, it’s there. Filled with mutants who are clearly not of age to drink.

You grin, and find your squad a table after ordering beers for everyone. You don’t exactly know that much about alcohol, so you just order whatever beer you remember Wolverine drinking. Megan looks around in wonderment, “Wow, Siris, this place is so cool!” You return the smile, and as drinks come, you and the squad get drinking, as well as start to branch out, talking amongst each other, and some of the other patrons of the bar.

> Who do you want to hang out with?
> Ben (Match)
> Nick (Wolf Cub)
> Megan (Pixie)
> Hope (Trance)
> Sarah (Preview)
> Mark (DJ)

>> No.43784225

>Nick (Wolf Cub)

>> No.43784233

> Megan (Pixie)

>> No.43784237

> Megan (Pixie)

>> No.43784238

>> Mark (DJ)
him,nick,and hope are the ones we lest talk to

>> No.43784243

> Mark (DJ)

Gotta to work on that party idea

>> No.43784247

>> Mark (DJ)

>> No.43784248

>Sarah (Preview)

>> No.43784282

>Megan (Pixie)

>implying this is even a goddamned choice

Sorry boys, if we signed up for any other squad I wouldn't make the waifu press this quickly. But I have to.

>> No.43784301

>Megan (Pixie)

>> No.43784319

> Mark (DJ)
Mark seems like a chill bro.

>> No.43784335

im kinda surprised Pixie is the favorite

>> No.43784420

>That pic
>That store called Kek

That said, Megan

>> No.43784434

> Sarah (Preview)

>> No.43784475


I think it's K&K, with the e-ish thing being intended as an ampersand.

>> No.43784490

Shh... It's Kek inc.

>> No.43784498

>That store called Kek


>> No.43784526

i just love that one dudes car is filled with water

>> No.43784615

Since we're from New York, what do we know about Spider-Man, Daredevil, Frank, and all them?

>> No.43784690



Cool guy, but we have better jokes.


Cool guy and totally Matt Murdock.

>The Punisher

Weirdo doing somewhat good things.

>> No.43784726


I feel like smart people don't really say Frank's name, or alias, or even act like they know who he is for fear of somehow making their way onto his list.

>> No.43784744


You decide to spend your time hanging out with Pixie, probably at least a little bit due to her insistence. Although you’re not the biggest fan of the beer, Pixie seems to really enjoy it, drinking can after can of itm, until she is pretty drunk. The rest of the squad are all off hanging out with some other people, or each other. You could swear you saw DJ leave with a few girls a little while ago. “So, I was born in Wales, in some small mining town you’ve never heard of,” Her accent becomes much more pronounced as she talks, probably due to all the alcohol she’s had. “I always really liked the X-Men growing up, because, well. Mining Town, what else’m I gonna do? I remember being so scared when I first came here. How can you deal with it? You’re always laughin’ an’ smilin’ an’ makin’ stupid puns. I wish I was that confident.”

> What do you say?

>> No.43784769


The Punisher is effectively an urban legend. Daredevil's only really well known to people who are super into superheroes. Spidey is basically a New York cultural icon at this point.

>> No.43784773

It's got me wondering on how the various heroes and villains of New York would shape us, if at all.

I mean what if one day we saw Fronk do his thing, or got saved by Pete?

>> No.43784827

"I guess you could say I'm always looking at the bright side of life."

>> No.43784839

I find jokes a good way to lighten the mood. That and addicted to puns.

>> No.43784842

"I'll let you in on a secret earlier then i wanted to . . .i was born and raised here in Mutant town just dont tell the others cause i wanna introduce you guys to my parents

>> No.43784846


>Take her outside, ask her to look around and tell us what she sees
>This is where I grew up. Place can be mean as hell sometimes, and lots of folks live on scraps, but I stopped thinking of things as strange or weird or frightening a long, long time ago. A prim, neatly gardened boarding school upstate doesn't have anything on this place.
>Frankly, going to Xavier's feels less like school and more like a long vacation. I'm happy for the chance to kick up my feet, so to speak.

>> No.43784851

"I was pretty nervous when i saw cyclops for the first time. I was also prety nervous on my first day but then this incredible. cute and sweet girl stopped me at my school and then she became the first person to give me courage. All the rest is just becausei'm very bright."

>> No.43784873

>Cans of beer in a bar
Hammers home what a shithole this bar is

>What do you say?
I grew up with this stuff. My parents, siblings, even my neighbours were all mutants. Of course it still blows my mind that I've actually met Cyclops and The X-men, but this is what I was born to do.
Can't imagine what it would be like to spurt wings in some backwater mining town.

>> No.43785209

Reminder that pixie is used goods that wouldn't even sell at a garage sell.

>> No.43785266


You sigh, and take her outside the bar. The outside of the bar really hammers home how rough the area you’re in is. You hold your arms out, and shrug. “Megan, look around you. What do you see?” Megan looks around, taking in the sights. “Um... buildings, people, cars... um. There’s a bum with four eyes and a guy with wings vomiting over there.” You nod, sounds about right for Mutant Town. “This is where I grew up. I lived in an apartment with a total of four rooms. It was me, my mom, my dad, and my two older brothers. Each and every one of them was a mutant. People here, we struggle to make ends meet, and some people don’t end up keeping their heads above the water. All that pain, that misery, we learn to let that go, or it breaks us. That’s why I make jokes, and puns. I grew up around mutants. I grew up around people born who looked horrifying to the average person, and they were some of the nicest people I’ve ever met. All us mutants, we need to learn to live with this shit the world throws at us, or we might as well live in the sewers and let the word think of us as freaks.” You give her a smile, “A school full of mutants, run by the X-Men, sure that’s weird, but it’s nothing I haven’t seen before.”

Megan grins, and wraps her arms around you. “Thanks, Siris. You really know how to brighten up my day.”

> End of Part 3.

>> No.43785291

Gonna end Part Three here. I'll stick around for questions an' shit. You know the deal. I had a ton of fun, even if I lost power partway through. Again, my twitter is https://twitter.com/Xavier_QM. I'll post updates and when I'll be running there.

>> No.43785332

why wolverine make face an that offer

>> No.43785355

make *that* face

>> No.43785411

Thank you for the session, Xfag. Helped me through the day to be frank.

>> No.43785441

Wolverine likes you, but he could tell you were lying pretty obviously.

>> No.43785446


>Pixie waifu incoming
>Logan gave us a beer

This quest is looking pretty based already.

>> No.43785467

about the progress we made with beast today and any future progress we will make is it cumulative are do we need to roll high for every time

>> No.43785522

It's cumulative. The more progress you make, the easier it'll get.

>> No.43785575

ok good to know

thanks for runing

>> No.43785639

thanks for running.

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