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ok I've narrowed it down to 2 choices should i pick chaos daemons or necrons for my army and why

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necrons, they are easy to paint and look cool. Multigod rainbow armies looka a little silly, imo. But mono-god armies can be pretty nice. But overall, I'd say necrons, give them a little "dirty" look, like 3rd edition necron paintjob from GW to give them a scarier feel.

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Depends on hwy you like these two armies.

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>chaos daemons
In the current tabletop setting, they get shot off the board even with Inv. saves and the rules are not nice to foot slogging armies which CD is mostly.
Very shooty, and with the new rules and their abilities are pretty much the most difficult army to blast off the table. And they are still well rounded and do have one of the best CC units in the game. And have vehicles that are hard to kill.

But if you just doing it for looks either one will do. Just go for what you like if you actually want to play with them then of the two definitely Necrons.

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Don't worry about rules because the idea of "balance" is heresy to Games Workshop, the flavor of the month army changes so rapidly (sometimes literally by the month) that the army on top today is bottom of the barrel tomorrow.

Choose an army you like appearance and lorewise, and start with 2 troop units and 1 HQ, which are the minimum you need to play a small game with a traditional force (though most people do not play such small games usually, so you will need to get more models eventually if you plan on being a regular in this hobby) and paint them before you buy ANYTHING else, the only exception to this is if you find some incredible deal that would be stupid to turn down like 3000 points of sisters of battle for $100. No I'm serious, DO NOT BUY MORE SHIT THAN YOU CAN PAINT IN A WEEKEND, THIS IS DEATH, YOU DON'T WANT NONE OF THIS SHIT RICKY BOBBY. wip threads are crowded with the souls of the damned who thought they would pick up "just another box", don't do it man. It will overwhelm you.

If you play an army that you're not 100% in love with and don't feel like it's truly your personal expression in the game world, you will be unhappy with 40k. The main draw of the game is aesthetics anyway, there are much better systems out there and if all you care about is mechanics then 40k is the worst game for you.

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Id go with necrons, just cause i prefer them, but really go with whichever one you feel will keep your interest

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You don't have to paint an undivided daemon army like a rainbow if you don't feel like it.

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I'd pick Necrons but some units are a bitch to build such as the ghost/doomsday ark and tomb blades.

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Necrons are probably easier to play, but you should really go with the one you think you will have the most fun collecting and painting.

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If you plan on only playing 40k Necrons

however if you want to try to age of sigmar, you can use demons for both that and 40k and demons in age of sigmar are one of the more powerfull factions. Personally i love my demon army, but play necrons if i really want to win.

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