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Old thread >>43600264

Post any art requests you have ITT. Keep in mind, the drawfriends are doing this for free, so do not be surprised or upset if they gloss over your post. Just be patient, and bump your request ONE time, every 24 hours after posting it. Don't be a jerk and immediately repost your request because you don't like the FREE art you received.

Additionally, please provide good, detailed references, so the artists know what you're looking for as best you can. If you've recently had a request filled by a drawfriend, please be considerate of less fortunate anons and hold off on additional requests for a while.

Mind your manners, don't be rude to other people's requests, and remember: say thank you!

Feel free to drop your tumblrs/websites/commission/etc information drawfriends.

Books and Tutorials:


Paint Tool Sai: Need a mirror plz

Figure Drawing:

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Just waiting on this one from the last thread.

>> No.43658741

In case the one requester didn't see the delivery

>> No.43658787

requesting more of this girl

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Bump from old tread

>> No.43658883

Reposting my /r/ from the old thread

Anyone up for drawing a Black Crusade character?

Lady Taisiya Anathema, Pirate Princess of the Ragged Helix, Commandora of the Raider "Blissful Torment".

She looks to be in her mid to late 30s with a dancer's physique, straight hair that goes to just below her shoulders and she has an electoo of a eight-pointed chaos star over her left collar bone. She wears exquisite form-fitting clothes made from xenos hides and a refractor field in the shape of a necklace. As for weapons she's holding a Neural Whip and has a plasma pistol in a holster on her hip.

At her side is her Xenos pet: a horrible, grotesque thing that looks like a cross between a cheetah and a crocodile

If you decide to do colors: Her skin if fair, her eyes icy blue and her hair is dyed deep purple.

>> No.43658911

Just got back and saw this, I am excite.
Thank you. She looks lovely so far.

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Requesting art for a brunette magical detective/ghostbuster magical girl and her partner- a former magical girl trapped as an owl that bosses her around and acts as a mentor. She's kind of easily spooked, but basically a magical scooby doo-style investigator into the supernatural.

Detailed description and art she's based on are here: http://pastebin.com/SiY2gurg

Up to the artist but her in costume or basically second-hand clothes or holding her magical bell out might be cool.

Thanks in advance if anyone takes an interest.

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requesting a lizardman dressed in the style of a mongolian horseman. pics for reference, but feel free to take any liberties. the lizardman is an archer, riding a 4 legged lizard like the one in the pic, and wearing mongolian-esque clothing. thanks ahead of time

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I'd like to request someone to draw my fat knight. It's a lot like Smough's, but there's a few differences: It's not a frogmouth helm where the underchin is the eye slit, the face on the helmet is actually where the face is; no spikes, ornamental things and such; shoulder cape on the right shoulder; white/light blue color scheme. The greataxe should be a teensy bit larger, but the reference should be enough to get the gist.

>> No.43659385

Reposting from last thread, my apologies if this violates the 24 hour rule.

Dwarf knight on dire boar mount, wielding a large warhammer, with two small handaxes on his belt.

>> No.43659414

Requesting a half elf with a short sword chilling with this girl, who is holding a dagger

>> No.43659722

Few threads ago a drawfriend had taken up my request and posted a preview(pic related). I was wondering if said drawfriend had noticed my reply, if not I like it mostly just remove the neck/jaw armor thingy, a healthy skin tone and the weapon could be thinner.

>> No.43660335

>my apologies if this violates the 24 hour rule.
It doesn't; reposting to new threads is a different situation entirely, so you have nothing to worry about.

>> No.43660545

Okay faggot, calm down. You had one delivery last thread you seemed happy with, now don't spam this one

>> No.43660571

to the guy who requested a different servo skelehead

yea its no problem ill touch up the last one
might take a while though

>> No.43660637

isn't me.
and >>43659414
is my friend we play dnd together
do I need to screencap for you

>> No.43660874

Requesting my priestess of Tiamat to be drawn. A tall lizardfolk female with green scales and eyes. She is only 19 years and had to leave town for a while avatar is what I use for a Token for games. She uses a crossbow as a main weapon

>> No.43661031

Re-request from last thread since haven't heard from drawfag:

My 5e character found herself a baby tarrasque, and is looking to true polymorph it into a tarrasque monstergirl that acts like a follower as a growing tarrasque is a little conspicuous. If a based drawfag could draw the terrasque-girl wearing medium (maybe hide) armor with barb appropriate gear, that would be awesome.

>> No.43661260

that is the most generic boring picture i have seen in a long time

>> No.43661585 [SPOILER] 

OR here. I really liked the face plate on the last one that covered half the front

I've also been bumping a request for ever.

>> No.43661706

Requesting "Big Alfred" a thickly black bearded, burly, big, haughty and cocksure mercenary halberdier from my WHFRPG 2nd Ed. Campaign. He hails from the Empire city state of Aldorf and still wears the bright primary colors of Blue, Red and Yellow from his old regimental uniform.

Wearing 3/4 plate munition grade armour. Armed with sword, dagger and halberd. Beard is black, nice and thick, mustache is long.

>> No.43661925

what do you think

wish i could take your other request but ive got some other work to do :/

>> No.43661984

bleh cleaned that up a bit

>> No.43662736

hoping to get it this one fulfilled
requesting a chaos long war veteran with the armour on the right
if possible, could he have the colour scheme on the right?
and if you wish to pose him as well, him posing similar to the bottom pic holding a space marine helmet would be awesome. thanks drawfriends

>> No.43662761

requesting a man in full plate running away, with helemet plumes like so, in the plate armour pictured, with a medical bag hanging off him. If possible he could be carrying a power sabre as pictured, with a pistol in his offhand

>> No.43662782

*armour on the left

>> No.43662810

damnit im stupid, i meant the armour on the left and colour scheme on the right

>> No.43662928

To the drawfag that drew this one, thank you so much; she looks baddass.

Now, who wants to draw her killing a dwarf?

>> No.43662954

Damn, I am blind. Thank you so much for her anon!

>> No.43663004

I really enjoyed drawing this character, I'll try to do something with that soon

>> No.43663049

dont be greedy asshole, some people have been waiting for 4+ threads now.

>> No.43663125

Thanks anon, you da best.

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>> No.43663337

although if I'm being totally honest with you, family, in my mind, she's a half orc, not an elf, because orcs are my magical realm

>> No.43663573

thank you for sentiskull! if you ever feel like doing the other request, I give you free license

>> No.43663712

half-orc, half-elf aztec ranger; there's something wrong here but I don't know what it is...

>> No.43663798

Well, I'm not that guy, but it would probably depend on the type of orc. Classic orcs would probably use magic to make it happen because, well, that's kinda their thing. Turning elves into breeding factories.
Modern orcs just hate the knife-ears and just do a wham-bam-fuck off ma'am.
Unless they're lady orcs, then they might enjoy "collecting" the pretty ones.

>> No.43663916

glad i could help!

>> No.43663946

Requesting a brown-haired brown-eyed Magical Girl wearing a brown dress of some sort and wielding twin war picks.

>> No.43663953

Help me! I just need a tattered small cape on this guy

>> No.43664058

Requesting a pic of this fellow standing on a castle wall, peering over the battlements with a pensive look on his face, like he's anticipating something really bad to show up on the horizon. Why is he so pensive? Cuz that's my PC in a campaign that just began and he's starting as a simple grunt.

Please and thank you, drawfriends.

>> No.43664073

I feel like we're getting dangerously close to making a quest thread write-up. Are you sure you want to continue this line of dialogue anon? I wouldn't be opposed to the idea however.[/spoiler/]

>> No.43664140

Welp, that's a reaction image I had to save. I hope ur happy to keep helping!

>> No.43664177

Requesting a film noir-style ghoul detective.

He should be wearing a typical detective suit of the period, but armored to make it effective in a fight. For example, the hat could have a small helmet hidden underneath. The vest of the three piece suit could be made kevlar, the suit itself made of carbon nanotubes with non-newtonian backings, and the pockets reinforced with ceramic trauma plates (all of which exists in real life to a degree).

Ideally, the reinforcement should be obvious enough to notice in the drawing, but not so obvious as to detract too much from the suit's appearance.

I'd like him to use a Medusa 47 revolver. If you can fit it in, throw in a sap or a blackjack if you've got the time.

>> No.43664246

alright last thing though
hope this works tried to copy the original style

>> No.43664281

Thank ya

>> No.43664282


>> No.43664306

Someone draw an aged, depressed, alcoholic jedi in hiding.

>> No.43664384

I am that drawfag. I was thinking just half-orc, no elf genes involved. I'll admit to magical realming with orcs but I'm not about that prissy elf shit

>> No.43665142

I think the Mesoamerican theme would counteract the prissy elf shit.

>> No.43665339

It was merely a hypothetical. I'm afraid you'll have to look elsewhere for your elf collecting orcladies.

>> No.43665625

Try drawing kevlar, nanotubes or a hidden helmet.

>> No.43665919

>someone draw something really boring
no thx

>> No.43666330

is a general bump bad form?

>> No.43666413

Not if the thread is in need of it.

>> No.43666710

got lazy on the ax

>> No.43667056

>accidentally posted this request on a /v/ drawthread without realizing


Could someone draw the bottom guy's lip tattoos on the Night Lord on the top?

Thanks in advance.

>> No.43667384

Hey drawbros-

I would adore a catfolk monk that looks similar to pic related (if colored, the clothes should be purple / gold instead of blue) wielding a spear in her left hand back in a position like http://weituoacademy.com/images/staff.jpg while her forward right hand is equipped with a clawed gauntlet. Bonus points if she either looks all Bruce Lee or like she's about to rip someone's nuts off.

>> No.43667591

Requesting a Lizard man with this head and purple skin in a futuristic prison outfit.

>> No.43667811

OR here, that's great. Could have used some of that light blue flair, but it's good as is.

>> No.43667912

To the person who drew this you are a wonderful person and a wonderful artist and I thank you for making this for me.

>> No.43668075

I would like to see this Lady wielding a pair of baselards that are connected together at the pommels with a long cord.

>> No.43668153

Could I request an edgelord girl in a retro school uniform like this? Spiky black hair with a white streak over one eye, one lace glove, teardrop tattoo under her visible eye.

Her skirt is ankle length and she is wearing sensible school shoes.

As to her pose, she is trying to do a "badass" edgy antihero gesture with a magic wand.

>> No.43668269

You are welcome Anon!

>> No.43668414

His is a sad story.
Here you go Anon.

>> No.43669944

Sorry for the delay!! (I left the glasses off because I didnt think they would fit inside the helmet)...anyways hope you like!

>> No.43670235

>that neck
Oh lordy save me

>> No.43670344

'Ere ya go m8

Any attempts to make his mustache bigger just made it look silly. Sorry, haha.

>> No.43670394

Didn't even noticed that...Better?

>> No.43670744

Waiting for that beauty to be finished. Drawanon made a fantastic work with the details and his face.

>> No.43670840

bad ass! Thank you!

>> No.43671033

Would some righteous drawfag please draw this sleepy sheepish mage sleeping on a sheep-shaped cloud? If it's not really obvious, she's a sheep-themed dream mage.

>> No.43671140

Well, at least their ship was insured this time.
Good job!

>> No.43671151

Can somebody draw me a happy tiefling paladin resting on a stone with his shield, giant wooden mallet and his armor covered or vines and and leaves with flowers blooming from his horns?

>> No.43671198

>medical bag
>percussion cap pistol
>with plate
b-but anon kun

>> No.43671433

damn that is a beautiful gun
i like your taste. i wish i had the money to buy all these things, alas
>that medieval skullcap

>> No.43672243

I'll give it a try.

But be patient, today my computer seems a bit shittier than usual. If you want any extra details feel free to say so.

>> No.43673122

This is great. Reminds me of Will Eisner's "A contract with God "

>> No.43674615

I was in the mood for some painting. Hope you like it, mate.

>> No.43674621

Requesting a pic of this dude hunched over a desk, studying a map or tinkering with a rifle, all the while looking really bored or bemused.

If a drawfriend decided to work with this, kudos to them.

>> No.43674677

>pet lesser austronaut

>> No.43675023

Requesting a lamia wearing black plate armor and holding a fauchard. She should not be wearing a helmet and have white hair. Also she should have a babau standing next to her wearing a cloak.

>> No.43675111

Somebody in the last thread wanted a lady paladin duel wielding shields. So here's that thing. I didnt remember the request that well, hope this works.

>> No.43675216 [SPOILER] 

why don't lamia's ever wear chain mail snake leggin?

I've seen snakes wear sweaters.

>> No.43675586

It would be uncomfortable to slither around in.

>> No.43675664

naw, the one end is smaller so it won't slide down. plus sneks love them for keeping warm.

and lets be honest. sneks are pretty much smooth chubby cuddle things.

>> No.43676191

At least I tried.

>> No.43676200

Fellow drawfag here, are you the guy that did the current thread pic? I love your style!

>> No.43676288

You didn't just try, you succeeded. Thanks very much.

>> No.43676305

>flip flops

>> No.43676450

Hello drawfriends I would like to request art of my current D&D party which consists of 4 kobolds draw any number of them.

Kobold 1 Ger-Ji: A kobold with sickly greenish blue scales his eyes are pure white he wears a cloak to cover up his appearance wields a wooden (round shield) shield and a scimitar also carries a staff also wears Druidic charms around his neck.

Kobold 2 Zecel: A Kobold with generic green scales wears a black cloak carries a staff with carvings on it wears a necklace which looks like a dragon of bronze holding a clear gem. If possible I would like him to be standing on or holding up the corpse of a lizard man.

Kobold 3 Roc-Roc: a Kobold that stands about half a foot taller then the rest of the party instead of scales has short brown fur he wields two scimitars he wears tattered chain mail
With a belt across his torso.

Kobold 4 Gik-Gik: A Kobold with white scales with purple molting wears an extravagant hat (tricorn) decorated with colorful feathers wears leather armor wields a shield of wooden boards bound together to make a rectangular shield he also has a rapier or a scimitar. also carries a holy symbol.

>> No.43676480

Can I get a picture of the Void Master in a Rogue Trader game I'm in?

He's the black sheep of a minor noble family, who passed him off to our RT. He's basically a 40k version of your typical 1950's greaser, and wears what I'd imagine is a combination of Napoleonic Officer clothing and a leather jacket.

He's often talking about how good a pilot he is and how he's the best racer.

I'm just waiting for him to break out in a "Grease Lightning" type song when talking about our ship.

>> No.43676522

Thanks Anon.
That's good work!
Yes, though I didn't make the thread. And thanks.

>> No.43676742

just bumping this after 24 hours. hoping someone is willing to do it.

>> No.43676792


>> No.43676801

Bumping as well for spirit detective magical girl.

>> No.43676833 [SPOILER] 

I have a request...and it requires a little bit of explaination

In a black crusade game the party is on an agriworld, on that agriworld is a avian creature that lays 12 eggs a day, each one is 2 kilograms. The bird itself is pretty much just a chicken ball that moves via rolling around and weighs 6kg. It essentially survives by out reproducing the things that eat them,as they are born pregnant. They are one of the few natural creatures able to survive on a chaos owned world due to such characteristic.

I just needed to create the most pathetic/adorable thing. I found the concept amusing. Tribble Chickens. They are of various colors as normal chickens, have stumpy little legs and is the size of a dodgeball.

>> No.43676839


>> No.43676873

So tl;dr our party paladin ended up getting into a dramatic rooftop fistfight with a lich. I mean the big, heavy, end-of-a-summer-blockbuster sort of dramatic. After the lich finally went down (his phylactery was his diamond jaw) there was an exchange of words boiling down to
>"I'll see you in hell, Holy Man!"
>"Not if I can help it."

>> No.43677021

Requesting a steampunk and Magpie mix superhero.

>> No.43677119

oh my god that rules

>> No.43677183

19th century tech level feudal world, my character was feeling unlucky so he borrowed a nobleman's shitty old plate mail for an upcoming battle
could the armour have scorch marks on it, as if hit by a lasgun? and maybe he could be running towards a horse as well with a man on it, if possible

>> No.43677466

Sorry about not doing the horse, i do really badly drawing them.

Hope you like it!

>> No.43677585

OR here, thats exactly what I had in mind, thank you so much drawfriend!

>> No.43677891

Much obliged mates.

>> No.43678302

Bamp. Any takers?

>> No.43678318

Requesting a rouge female half-elf.She wears a brown leather corset and normal beige pants.

She have dark blonde hair arranged in a ponytail.As facial features nothing stand much except for an aquiline nose.

As weapons she have two rapiers in the back and 4 throwing daggers in her belt.

>> No.43678453

23 hour and 45 minute bump

>> No.43678811

Requesting this lamia as a tribal witch doctor. With a staff, a mask made from a dragon's skull, and a tattered leather skirt and top for clothes.

Ideally, her yellow eyes would be glowing from inside her mask which is otherwise obscuring her face.
And without the metal hood, too.

>> No.43678904

Hey /tg/ could you draw this girl doing anything else? panther may or not be included.

>> No.43678980

Hi, could a kind anon make him look like a D&D Goliath, remove the axe, turn the sword into something more greatswordy and give him short mongolian mohawk and a pony tail? thanks.

>> No.43679082

Requesting mspaint wizardry.
Could any of you turn pic related into a half-drow?

>> No.43680037

Would like to request my Emperor's Children Ship Captain for an upcoming Black Crusade game.

1) He's a former member of the Palatine Blades from the Great Crusade, and still wears most of his MK4 Blades armor. Obviously chaos-ified since then, but the same armor as pictured except-

2) For the helmet. He wears a mutated artificer MK7 helmet with a hair crest. The helmet is colored white with gold metallic details. The hair is a violent shade of pink.

3) He wears a spiked leather rocket pant leg over the armor on his left leg. On both hands he wears studded black leather gloves as well.

4) Still wields his old Charnabal Sabre in his right hand.

5) Carries a grav pistol in his left.

6) Basic color scheme of his armor if a drawfriend wants to add color to it. Just a note, this is just the most detailed I could get. Feel free to turn his armor into your own canvas and splash pink, purple, and white paint over his armor like a true adopted son of Slaanesh.

Armor has mutated over time as well from exposure from exposure from the warp, so feel free to go with whatever daemonic design pops into your head, from metal figures of daemonettes to marble sculpts of snarling skulls.

>> No.43680174

I tried Anon

>> No.43680307


How's this? Decided to continue with the theme of the initial aesthetic

>> No.43680413

Not or buy it looks like it came out pretty well.

>female human
Is cracking me up more than it should in that pic.

>> No.43680917

Damn, too late for the monkey's paw.

>> No.43681133

dose this look up to snuff changes fixes befor i go to inks

>> No.43681247

can someone photoshop a general's hat on this thing

>> No.43681356


>> No.43681363

/r/ing a pretty boy, lean-but-muscular build, fair skin, purple eyes, and silvery-blonde hair in curls down to his shoulders. Preferably in armor or chainmail with red Dragon Motiffs, and a bastard or longsword wielded.

>> No.43681451

Had a shit day today, and you just made it brighter. Thanks anon!

>> No.43681500


>> No.43681556

holy shit, that's so much better than i imagined. that's super good, i have no notes.

>> No.43681633 [DELETED] 

Hope you guys don't mind the crossthread bump, computer doesn't want to upload jack shit right now.

>> No.43681641

thanks man

>> No.43681644

requesting an incredibly pissed off chaos space marine burried under a pile of rubble, with one to two limbs showing at the most. I'd prefer if one was his bionic right arm, as pictured, and the armour to be covered in battle damage. As well, i ask that his face remains as similar as possible to the portrait pictured, albit with more battle damage/bleeding

>> No.43681662

of course i would forget the picture

>> No.43681663

Hope you guys don't mind the crossthread bump but my computer isn't uploading jack shit right now.

Bumping >>43653666

>> No.43681787

bump, best request thus far.

>> No.43681811

Already got handled, bro.

>> No.43682405


>> No.43682959

alright, the kungfu master kobold's done here. if you guys got any requests about kobolds, small races or the like, im available

>> No.43683070


>> No.43683442

Dude, chill out.
I'd like to request a kobold druid being overrun by a horde of kittens.

>> No.43683498 [DELETED] 

>Dude, chill out.

>> No.43683524 [DELETED] 

You bumped it twice and it's not even a day old. So just relax. If it gets done, it gets done.

>> No.43683601

no idea on what to do for the outfit

>> No.43683895

You annoying cocksucker shut the fuck up and read the OP. Quit begging, you're making the requesters look bad. Damn newfags and cancers...

You are so fucking based BoRis. Seriously, I wouldn't have touched that request after that faggotry he pulled.

>> No.43684818

Thank you kind sir
I love you too.

>> No.43684890 [DELETED] 

"... be patient, and bump your request ONE time, every 24 hours after posting it... "

Didn't you read the OP?

>> No.43684914 [DELETED] 

I did but it was 11:00 for my timezone for the last post I made so I thought it didn't matter. That's my bad.

>> No.43684977 [DELETED] 

I see - so the One Bump Per 24 Hours only applies to everyone else? You're exempt because of timezones?

I should think "once every 24 hours" is clear.

>> No.43684986 [DELETED] 

It was 11:50. You don't need to snap my neck.

>> No.43685027 [DELETED] 

Are you being dumb on purpose?
You've bumped three times in a row.

>> No.43685034 [DELETED] 

You stupid faggot. I can't believe I'm wasting the effort to do this but here's the fucking timestamps. These are in GMT-5.

11/16/15(Mon)03:20:13 No.43667591 (original post)
11/16/15(Mon)18:20:06 No.43676792 (first bump, about 15 hours after posting request)
11/16/15(Mon)23:58:16 No.43682405 (second b ump, about 5 hrs 40 min after first bump, about 20 hrs 40 min after request)
11/17/15(Tue)00:46:25 No.43683070 (begging, technically a third bump, not even an hour after the second bump and about 21 hrs and 30 min after posting request)

You bumped your damn request three times before you hit the 24 hour mark. You get ONE bump per 24 hours, and you do NOT bump before the 24 hour mark after your request.

>> No.43685055 [DELETED] 

I thought we where talking about the last one? I only did two. When I asked someone and when I said please.

>> No.43685085

Shit, that's good and damn fast, thanks.

Kek, tempted on using this, will try, can't assure my GM will say yes.

>> No.43685154

These are all you.
And either way, the first please was still too fucking early, and the asking was also too early.

>> No.43685198

But they aren't all me.

>> No.43685271

Soo the bumps weren't the requester? Either you're dumb as a post and tried to photoshop to make yourself look better, or you're trolling us and the requester.

I'm going with the former.

>> No.43685283

I dont know if I can photoshop on a phone.

>> No.43685292

I know this is maybe too much, but could you do the same with pic related? many thanks

>> No.43685379

He's telling the truth- four out of five bumps were him. He isn't smart enough to photoshop one and leave all the others there.

>> No.43685424

The second link (the one without a "you") isn't a bump, it's the original request. Meaning every post aside from the original request was the person who took the screenshot. If that's the case, this is all just trolling and bait.

Or it's a photoshop and the person's a moron.

>> No.43685487

Anyone up to draw a silver dragon-blooded bloodrager?
His name is Tsann Mös
He is member of a marauder tribe, some taiga people, mongolish ones.
He has claws and have a long silver hair, styled as he people. Have some natsy scars al over his body. Fights unarmed.

>> No.43685495

Requesting a picture of an armoured wizard.

>> No.43685660

looks like he went overboard with summoning creature companions

and while bumps are appreciated, perhaps it's best not to spam the thread with long arguments and images unless they're for references and/or deliveries. it really gets the thread nowhere and it's best settled by going by the OP

>> No.43685703


Hey Koboldanon!

Could I please get another spotted female kobold (kind of like pic related) carrying a few books around, with one large grimoire tied to her back with chains? She's a Wizard's summoned creature and is very scholarly and intelligent, though she can't cast spells herself yet.

Also; extra curvy please.

>> No.43685832 [DELETED] 

Of you're still up for requests,
Could I get a obviously kobold riding a miniature unicorn and looking super excited about getting to ride such a rare and majestic creature?
Optional jock types snickering to each other because they know what a "qualifications" are needed for a unicorn to let you ride it

>> No.43685841

Of you're still up for requests,
Could I get a obviously Virgin kobold riding a miniature unicorn and looking super excited about getting to ride such a rare and majestic creature?
Optional jock types snickering to each other because they know what a "qualifications" are needed for a unicorn to let you ride it

>> No.43686018


Fuck me. Greedy much? You just had a request filled you entitled ass.

>> No.43686117

If possible could you draw my kobolds. I would be very great full.

>> No.43686128

>Drawfags are required to take every single request that's given
>nobody can just ignore things
Fuck me. Sperg much?

>> No.43686223

I'm this guy >>43685292

Not this guy >>43686128

I know I was being a greedy bastard, but I had to try

>> No.43686241

Yeah, I'm a different anon. Just those sort of posts bug the shit out of me

>> No.43686266

>If that's the case, this is all just trolling and bait.
>Or it's a photoshop and the person's a moron.
Actually, I have another possibility.
He is the original requester,and then made the following posts from another location on his phone.... and he is a moron.

But let's not forget that the true moral of this little drama is that BoRis is so fucking based.

>> No.43686277

Third anon agrees that posts that acknowledge they are being a little greedy don't need to be called out and no request is worth getting irate over.

>> No.43686283

>>no request is worth getting irate over.
Even a tiny weeny bit?

>> No.43686294

Here you go Anon.
This is brilliant!

>> No.43686345

>Even a tiny weeny bit?
Well, a tiny weeny bit "irate" is roughly the equivalent of "bothered" or "peeved" and that is perfectly normal.

Now I'm wondering if there is an actually rated scale of anger, like there was for intelligence that marked the difference between an idiot and a moron.

>> No.43686385

Awesome, thanks!

>> No.43686668

Sorry man, I have mucho pressure on me now since I have to get an IRL job still. So no time to draw. Can't even tell when I'll have it. But I'll finish the picture when I do. Drop your e-mail so I can contact you.

>> No.43686678

Speaking about this, in case you'll miss the post.

>> No.43686710

Can I get an Ork flying a looted biplane or something? Like he's a bit too big for it because it was clearly made for humans, so he's crunched up and over the pilot seat (like an old Rat Fink 'toon) and holding a stikkbomb in his mouth or something.

>> No.43686785

>Monkey's Paw

The hero drawthreads deserves but don't need right now.

>> No.43687539

I'd like to request a kobold holding a giant d20, like pic related. Doesn't have to be the exact same image with a kobold instead of a goblin, just a kobold with a giant d20.

>> No.43687576

Requesting a Dryad Succubus.

>> No.43687784

I'm requesting some art of one of my players' characters: An Elf Panther-Man, named Andrew Elf Panther-Man.

An anthromorphic albino panther, he is wearing a tacsuit (The invisibility type) has a traditional longbow slung on his back, along with a couple of silenced pistols and all that sneaky bullshit. He has a big smile on his face and his arms thrown back, saying HUG ME, BROTHER!

Thanks in advance, bretheren.

>> No.43688145


My PC. 30 years old, hailing from Nuln. In employ of the Church of Sigmar. He love knives and is a sneaky-stabby kinda guy with a background in the imperial army. Dressess in black and his signature piece of clothing is a black, all enlosing bandana with a twin-tailed comet in the front.

>> No.43688180

That sword is half again as tall as the guy holding it...

>> No.43688728


Yeah, that's true. I just liked the sword and wanted to show that he's using a magical weapon. On the drawing it can be shorter.

>> No.43688808

Koboldanon, could you draw a Kobold Space Marine?

>> No.43688843


>> No.43688860

I play an Indiana Jones-type adventurer archeologist, except that he's middle-aged, slightly overweight and balding, and has a laser gun. I'd like a picture of him if possible.

>> No.43688922

So you want a picture of a sucessful andrew dobson with a whip

>> No.43688945

Persistence is the key, ennit, mate?

Cleaning it as we speak

>> No.43689077

Requesting a small howling banshee trying to use an imperial power weapon way too big and heavy for her, like a thunderhammer.

>> No.43689085

As in actual silver foxes, or as in the artist name? Because either way I would be forever appreciative for artwork of my favorite character, an elf with platinum blonde hair and bright blue eyes who looks as beautiful as he does fierce. Caster archetype (robes, gloves) in LotR fashion. The picture is a pose reference. If that all sounds like too much though, I understand. Thank you for your consideration!

>> No.43689110

Holy shit, you're making me the happiest dude in the world, in fact, seems like you're drawing it from zero instead of shopping the original a little, which is fucking awesome and more than I asked, so I hope the gods grant you many strong sons and beautiful daughters and that the name of your family lasts till the end of times.

>> No.43689405 [SPOILER] 

We don't want people think it isn't an OC, right?

And while you are at it, ask your Gods send some work this way, would you?

>> No.43689568

dem books are heavy mang
dang, you aren't bad yourself too! love that subtle Monty Python ref

>> No.43690090


In Altdorf we paint our miniatures. Fucking Nuln.

>> No.43690189

I would like to request your interpretation of dog-kobolds. Preferably with one of your regular kobolds in the same picture.
I would like to see how they react to each other.

>> No.43690256


No additional cannons for you this year, you Altdorf peacock. Also - yes, I should paint him. Given that I've kitbashed him 5 years ago...

>> No.43690272

one day and 18 hour bump

>> No.43690291

20 hour post bump

I just want an obviously distressed dodgeball chicken rolling around leaving an improbably large egg

>> No.43690384

email? ensignminneapolis at gmail dot com

>> No.43690398

Could you do a rookie kobold cleric, using a sword twice his size to beat on a training dummy? His name is Fidget and was spared by adventurers, so he wanted to become one himself so he can be "cool" like them. His best friend is a gnoll paladin named Mur'dok, and a goblin bard named Ognya (short for "oh god not you again!")

>> No.43690783

Umm why is there's so many bumps on my request?

>> No.43691262

Time to request my Shadowrun Troll Rigger.

To anyone willing, please could you draw the troll pictured with his mohawk replaced by the dreads pictured (not the face) and with the sunglasses. Just a picture of the head would be great but if you want to do clothes, he wears a black leather jacket, black trousers and biker boots.

>> No.43691304


Nice man, that's perfect!

>> No.43691335 [SPOILER] 


You will love it.

>> No.43691624

link to uncensored?

>> No.43691657

There you go mate.

>> No.43691682

im back, sorry life was in the way

>> No.43691770

Sweet baby Jesus, 1÷0 thanks.

>> No.43691795


Pilgrim strikes again! Not even the OP and I Love it man!

>> No.43691887

there you go

>> No.43692021

No worries man, priorities are a must. That sketch is already in my Fantasy folder and I will use it on my character chart.

>> No.43692041

Bear knows best

>> No.43692077


This artists style is definately growing on me. Nice work!

>> No.43692098


10/10 would adventure with!

>> No.43692370

Can someone draw my dashing mercenary character? Literally a fatter, older Paul Hogan wearing a big ridiculous feathered hat, a metal breastplate, and red, white, and true blue aussie colors clothes underneath, with brown cowboy boots and if you're down, wielding a rapier.

>> No.43692394

Woops, forgot my reference pic.

>Can someone draw my dashing mercenary character? Literally a fatter, older Paul Hogan wearing a big ridiculous feathered hat, a metal breastplate, and red, white, and true blue aussie colors clothes underneath, with brown cowboy boots and if you're down, wielding a rapier.

>> No.43692474

Thank you very gentlemen. I had a blast.

>> No.43692559

It should be us thanking you.

>> No.43692564

yes its all going according to plan,thanks

>> No.43692630

>Mfw my request probably won't get done because some faggot kept acting like me and bumping it.

>> No.43692741

I've got the perfect name: Morning Wood

>> No.43692767


>> No.43692870

Yes! Yes please I need this Dryad Succubus (Sap Sucker?) even more now!

>> No.43692999

Well, I know bumping again's probably not going to do me any favors given how people've done it in this thread, but third time's the charm.

>> No.43693101

I am on it

>> No.43693316

Okay, so a request.
I need, a Half-dragon, half-fey, were-wasp, aasimar.
I... don't know what that looks like. So just give me whatever your interpretation of that would be.

>> No.43693414


>> No.43693421

I'll try this.


>> No.43693433


>> No.43693445

Thanks m8!

>> No.43693490

How lewd.

>> No.43693499

Thank you, and I'm not sure why someone chose my request to shitpost against.

>> No.43693511

>and I'm not sure why someone chose my request to shitpost against
Some people have weird brain problems. Maybe someone thought your request was too /v/, or too reddit, or too (whatever they don't like).

>> No.43693534

Sorry to hear that man, glad I could help. I'm going to try taking on some different material but if you happen to come up with some different ideas involving this character, don't shy to ask, I always keep an eye out in these threads

>> No.43693551

I asked on /v/ and they told me to take it here.

>> No.43693569

They might have followed you here, I guess.

>> No.43693610

Lately I've beeing seeing a lot more shitposting on /tg/ than on /v/ tbqh.

>> No.43693709

Requesting a drawing of my character for a campy post apocalypse style campaign.

He is a mutant whose amorphous amoeba like body is contained in a jet black carapace of roughly humanoid proportion, the upper body is broad with a thin waist. The carapace is featureless except for two small glowing yellow eyes and some score marks from gunfire.Over the carapace is stitched together worn leather vest.He is carrying a shotgun in one hand and a golf bag with the butts of two guns sticking out.

>> No.43693773

>I'll try this one

>> No.43693824 [DELETED] 


Fucking A. This guy gets it!

>> No.43693865

OR here, I love it. Thanks kindly.

>> No.43693868 [DELETED] 

Yeah you're helping the threads WAY more by going on rants and calling people out. I mean there's no possible way that someone else could bump random requests to make people like you sperg out. Because you will. Look, you're new so I'll give you a tip: there's an ignore feature that lets you hide threads that trigger you. Make use of it instead of spending time policing threads.

>> No.43693881 [DELETED] 



Big man bitching about people bitching.

>> No.43693917 [DELETED] 

Exactly. None of this is doing anything but shitting up the threads. And unless you're a drawfag, why even bother? They'll just ignore requests they aren't interested in regardless of the number of bumps, and if something is interesting, they they'd probably run into it before the bumps anyways. Getting angry over bumps is just plain retarded.

>> No.43693952

im not happy with it but i hope you will be

>> No.43693970


>> No.43694203

you gonna be lurking the next few days?

>> No.43694278


>> No.43694293


>> No.43694322

Man, thanks so much. Such a great piece of art, and I love your style. So much better then I could have ever dreamed of.

Do you have a website/blog/etc. for your stuff?

>> No.43694351

Gonna bump my request.

>> No.43694378

Tell me you've done tutorials somewhere.

>> No.43694595


Dude, are you kidding? This rocks! You've just made my day/night hell of a lot better. Thank you kind sir and may Sigmar guide your painting hand.

>> No.43694659

thank you (although im a man of chaos myself i will accept your kind words, glad you like it :D)

>> No.43694679

Requesting you draw whatever you get as your favourite class.

>> No.43694703

hey mang. Wanna take a crack at mine?


>> No.43694745

Respectful Bump.

>> No.43694748

sure thing, though ill have to do it tomorrow if thats alright?

>> No.43694771

:D yes it is! I've been bumping that request for 9 different draw breads! i'm fine with waiting! THANK YOU!!!

>> No.43694796

no worries, ill give it a shot, anyways ciao

>> No.43694842


>> No.43695208

life n' shit, you know how it goes.
In all honesty I've had the idea for Aztec elves for a while now, and I just wanted to see someone put a bit of that on a visual medium; if you wish to draw a bit more of her, I can make a couple more requests but I don't want to overstay my welcome in these threads.

Btw...what do you want to name her?

>> No.43695330

Taking requests

>> No.43695562

>In all honesty I've had the idea for Aztec elves for a while now,


>> No.43695576

Assuming you mean ones that haven't been posted in thread already?

>> No.43695654

If you're taking already posted requests then this >>43661031

If not, bumping my request again.

>> No.43695700

Requesting this guy wearing a high tech Centurion helmet.

>> No.43695800

Early bump.

>> No.43695822


>> No.43695855

Close, but this is what I took it from; probably should have clarified that in hindsight.

>> No.43695906

Not OR, but this is fucken' great.
I hope the requester sees it before the thread dies.

>> No.43696017

I have a someone different request; not of my character but of her enemy.

I'd like a picture of a brother and sister back to back with a bullet/smoke trail going in through the brother's chest and out through the sister's about where the heart is. The brother should have a serene, almost smiling look on his face while the sister should have a angry/hurt look on her face. Both are of japanese/italian descent if that matters. Also the brother is a lone star officer and the sister works for knight errant if you want to get that detailed.

If anyone wants to take this somewhat strange request I'd greatly appreciate it.

>> No.43696049

Not what I was expecting, but still thank you for taking the request.

>> No.43696090

in the future there is only war
not a problem
your welcome nope no blog got stuck on a name

>> No.43696241

LOL ok...you made me laugh with my chicken ball

wanna try with the egg being a 3rd the size of the bird and no mini gun?

>> No.43696251

Requesting this guy, but stronger and taller, with white hair and icy blue eyes, and claws instead of a weapon. Feel free to inovate. He is a bloodrager with Silver dragonblood.

>> No.43697291


>> No.43697444


No clue if you're still around but I had a go at it.

>> No.43697574

>all this fucking damage control
just fucking stop man
you pathetic little freak

>> No.43697584



>> No.43698125

>People don't shitpost.
>It must have been the same person.
Nigga stop.

>> No.43698147

Well my request has been done already, so you can go ahead and shitpost now.

>> No.43698160

thats amazing anon, thank you so much. I really apperciate the style as well, youve made my day!

>> No.43698296

guys, shove it. it's bad enough you're eating up the image bump with this

>> No.43698327

Dude, i've been lurking these threads for days waiting for you to comeby! love your style man.
Would you please draw a necromancer or lich rising a skeleton from the ground? you dont have to take this request but ill wait patiently if you do.

>> No.43698349

I'm sorry, but for some reason that fucking faggot posting anime thinks I'm the one who bumped my request over 5 times.

>> No.43698387

its raising
not rising

>> No.43698403

>some random autist just bumps your post 5 times for no reason

>> No.43698443

I guess they hated that movie so much they decided to go and bump the shit out of my post.

>> No.43698444

yeah, sorry, got too exited and didnt grammar check, english is not my first language.

>> No.43698604


>> No.43698631

>I guess they hated that movie so much they decided to go and bump the shit out of my post.
lol sure you little autist

>> No.43698675

You don't have to agree with me I got my request done but like I said I'm pretty sure thats what happened.

>> No.43699022

Requesting a psychic Vietnamese child doing this same pose in the picture.

>> No.43699153


>> No.43699197

/r/ing a pilot for a 1930s-esque mecha.

The uniform of a Fillonese Pilot is unique in several ways. Due to the high temperatures experienced inside a Tripod’s cockpit, it’s relatively slim, with a light jacket that resembles that worn by the man in the picture, except it has two rows of buttons. The tassels in the picture are also there, hanging from his hip.

No skin is visible on the entire pilot; the hands are covered by gloves, and the face is covered by a Plague Doctor mask, dark brown leather and black glass lenses. The “beak” of the plague doctor mask ends in a hose, which runs into an oxygen supply.

>> No.43699314

>1930s-esque mecha.
*mecha pilot

>> No.43699359

His carapace's appearance is like similar to a black beetle.

>> No.43699494

any suggestions changes

>> No.43699509

make the head smaller and the body rounder, like a dodge ball. Their main mode of locomotion is rolling.

>> No.43699570

it's pretty good tho. thank you!

>> No.43699577

Bump, I guess.

>> No.43699677

how about now

>> No.43699695

fucking perfect hehehehe

>> No.43699719

Okay, I'm going to address the elephant in the room.
Even if they are, as you said, born pregnant, how the fuck would they breed otherwise? Budding?

>> No.43699740


>> No.43699774

Eggs. they lay eggs.

you see a round thing, it hatches pregnant and lays a lot of fertilized eggs

>> No.43699858

now, the ACTUAL elephant in the room. is how i can acquire all the nutrients needed to pump out 12 giant fucking eggs a day.

>> No.43699874

I know, but...
What if one survives long enough to get to an actual mating season. Say someone catches one after it lays its initial clutch and sells it off-planet. Would it just spontaneously generate more of them, like tribbles, or would it require the input of another of its species?
They eat the other eleven eggs. Or the shells, at least.

>> No.43699877


It's pretty clearly a designed species, rather than a natural one.

>> No.43699886

they are all just clones of the first bird ball like jellyfish
in their lies the true horror

>> No.43699904

exactly like tribbles.

you take one off world. now there are 12 eggs. so in about short amount of time one becomes 144.

No. they just make eggs, how the little fuckers get fat enough to pump out eggs is their own buisness. they get feed or something.

chicken ballz

>> No.43699917

no, its natural.

chaos owned world with 3 warlords over it. it simply IS needed.

>> No.43699923

something that was done for me a while back

>> No.43699933

wanna make it brown and green?

camo clucker

>> No.43699944

and the sheet I threw together

>> No.43700097

you wanted it brown and green

>> No.43700112

brown, green, white, black. it doesn't really matter. you've done a really good job!!

>> No.43700155

god damn somebody get the loomis
these civilizations that never developed their art very far are so fucking boring
they are pretty much all the same

>> No.43700611

requesting a zombified dwarf girl.
Slow, animalistic lots of bites kind of zombie.

>> No.43700818


>> No.43701497

Here you go Anon.

>> No.43702729


>> No.43702742


>> No.43702756

Something just to bump the thread since I have to wait another 17 hours to bump my request

>> No.43703607


>> No.43703986

Thank you man its perfect. i really apreciatte getting this piece done by you.
Keep up the good work.

>> No.43704194

This thread be nearly dead. This way to the new thread me hearties>>3704165

>> No.43704356

Captain, teh thread is kill...

>> No.43704423

We need a real living thread

>> No.43704449


This thread be nearly dead. This way to the new thread me hearties: >>43704165

>> No.43704545

You're welcome :)
And thanks.

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