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The warhammer universe sounds interesting with heresy, god emperors, purging and whatnot but I have zero interest in the gaming aspect is it still possible to enjoy the franchise?

I've spent thousands of hours tabletop gaming I'm just not into it anymore.

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Black Library is subsidiary of Games Workshop printing various books about the setting. That might be what you're looking for. Just avoid everything by C.S. Goto.

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Would you say the books are for fantasy/scifi fans in general or would some of it be lost on people who don't play? Why's goto no good?

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Well you could always post about it on /tg/ that's the main way I enjoy the franchise

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Read /tg/'s All Guardsman Party stories. Those are fucking cool. Just finished reading it.

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Well, I would say so. You can pick the books up without knowing anything about the setting and learn as you go. It might actually be better that way.

As for your other question - mostly bad pacing, internal inconsistency and dialogues on the level of gradeschooler's first fanfic.

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>liking All Memesman party

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Of course, it's actually one of the few ways to enjoy 40k without becoming a maddening shadow of yourself

Plus there're quite a bit of videogames coming out and dow is still goat if you may want gaming without the tabletop, the hobby and a great portion of the price

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Also, what's the deal with warhammer and memes? My understanding was that the D&D scene, which is where my background lies, was many, MANY times larger than warhammer but it has almost zero presence online. How would you explain this situation?

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No seriously guys why is warhammer the only tabletop that has memes?

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Warhammer got a successful vidya adaptation

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D&D has been frequently vidya adapted since the 80's and has several novels on best sellers lists but now that I think about it it is notably absent from online culture.

Now I'm really interested in why warhammer is so hip and trendy online while D&D is practically non existent

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I think DnD is considered more generic fantasy setting, whereas 40k is more specific. It's easier to have a presence when you can pinpoint stuff belonging to a particular setting.

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DnD has some but most are about the rules and those can change. Exalted has a few but it's not as big as WH so it has less. Other TT tactical lack the market share.

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Well yeah D&D is more generic but I've always thought generic fantasy had something like 100x the fanbase of what i thought was a niche within a niche property like warhammer.

It's just bizarre to me. When the internet was in it's infancy generic fantasy like Dragonlance, Forgotten realms, Ultima online etc were extremely popular but it all kind of died out before the rise of chans and social media.

Now warhammer seems to be thriving.

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Warhammer, has a broad universe that is easy to understand where everything stands in it. It's not complex, but it is a great font of inspiration.
Compare, for instance "FOR THE EMPRAH!" and "FOR PELOR!". The former needs absolutely no elaboration, it's The Emperor, he's an Emperor, you get the gist of it straight off the bat, you don't need to know any details. The latter it's "Who is Pelor? What is Pelor?" you need an extra degree of elaboration. This is what makes 40k such a good font of memes, everyone gets the gist of it whether they know much about it or not because it's not usually too fanciful in how it delivers.

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>Just avoid everything by C.S. Goto.
More like
>Just avoid everything not written by Guy Haley, David Annandale, and early Dan Abnett.

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>DnD has some but most are about the rules and those can change.
Am I the only one who remembers Mialee and Lidda being the ultimate meme characters of 3e? Mialee because she was so ugly she'd turn a gorgon to stone, and because literally everyone wanted to fuck Lidda?

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