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How do I become the master of the mindspace?

>> No.43534990

By mastering yourself.

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I feel like there's a joke here that I'm missing.

>> No.43535016

Some day you will know, some day.

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>you will never truly transcend the sun

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When have you lost your shit, Jumpers?

I don't mean your violent shit. I mean your emotional and mental shit. When have you lost your shit to the point that you just started screaming at someone and calling them everything short of a white man / woman?

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Shoulda just let it fall off honestly.

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It's the wee hours of the night on a Sunday, but if there's no thread when people wake up they'll pitch a fit or accidentally make two threads again.

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When I read a jump and saw the words "You spent the next 5 years as a Fledgling under your sire's care, now your sire has kicked you out the nest. It's time to spread your wings little bat." For every fucking background. My fucking face when.

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I just think it deserves it.

>> No.43536238

I take it you are... not a fan of vampires after that.

>> No.43536256

I had plasma fruit from the Sims. It was delicious.

Also, did you know that an experienced and highly motivated jumper can eradicate vampires globally within a matter of months when they aren't holding back?

>> No.43536262

Not like you can avoid it in the Vampire game.

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Are you talking about Jumpchain as a community or are you dehumanising the baitposters?

If only I could be so grossly incandes-

>Ragnarok Online

Nope, you're right. Still not incandescent enough.

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This one thread, I dunno. Last thread put me off enough I just feel like one thread falling off would be fitting

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>not mentioning the Gross Incandescence perk from Dark Souls
>forgetting the Sunbro origin


>> No.43536320

Ugh. I know what you mean. Stayed the hell out of that one, and I hope to high heaven the real Lycoris/SoAnon did too and anon was just arguing with some other salty scunner.

Speaking of DS-exactly what happens if you take Gross Incandescence and hold the Super Aja for a long period of time? Can you charge up sun lasers?

>> No.43536332

How about we just not bring it up again yeah?

>> No.43536334

The Aja doesn't charge, just amplify, you would need some other way to charge it.

>> No.43536343

It doesn't charge, it just refracts and amplifies. You could get some light sunbeams with just Gross Incandescence, but you'll want a stronger source of SUN.

Or Hamon.

>> No.43536371

Would other wavelengths of light work? I mean, Gauss would probably break the gem but what about magically created light?

That's a great idea, I'm retarded

>> No.43536384

well as Hamon is life energy, I'd honestly assume magic light would work just fine.

>> No.43536388

>Hamon is life energy

I thought of the Positive Energy Plane or Materia.



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>meet vampires
>use materia and watch them take double damage because any materia-cast magic automatically hits a weakness
Why did I not think of trying this?

>> No.43536450

>30 blood point
>little bat

>> No.43536507

You're a little bat for an 8th gen.

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>> No.43536664

Pool size grows with age if I remember right, and 8th gens max at 30.

>> No.43536851

So I actually went and checked this. It doesn't grow with age, and a blood pool of 30 is 6th gen. Pretty big fuckin' deal right there, but you'd expect to be able to get your dots up to seven instead of five. Maybe you're just too young and inexperienced?

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There is a perk for that in gravity falls that explicitly makes you a dream demon.

>> No.43537211

If you are an Esper, how safe is it to leave Academy City if you're a student, or if you're an Experiment?

>> No.43537237

You're not allowed.

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Jumpers, where is your hat? You know which hat, your first hat.

>> No.43537289

Never had a hat, don't want a damned hat, I don't like hats.

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>Also, did you know that an experienced and highly motivated jumper can eradicate vampires globally within a matter of months when they aren't holding back?
I like you, No Nose. We can be friends.

>> No.43537347

Hooray! Friends are good. Have a hug. Alternately, I'll just give Draco one. His parents suck and he probably has never had one before, he's so awkward about it. Sheesh.

Also the only thing that gets me through jumps like the Vampire ones, that make it mandatory that you are a vampire for ten years, is the fact that oh hey it looks like I have alt forms, and a T-1000 neither requires sustenance nor can it be used. The fact that I am a spinning whirlwind of death doesn't hurt anything either.

>> No.43537405

I did know that! Of course, I was holding back, just a bit. I honestly don't think I got them all. But man, you shoulda seen the panic when super powered mini-gundam robots firing beams of pure fire and sunlight layered with holy enchantments started showing up in cities en mass just PURGING ALL VAMPIRES. They even had special sensors that let them figure out where the vampires were. Even through walls! Also, they could walk through walls. Not, like, ethereally or anything, they were just super strong and didn't give a fuck. Man, that shit was funny!

Anyway, long story short, after the first six "last stands" failed, they just started running away en mass into the wilderness, robots in tow. Didn't really pay attention to what happened after that.

When I got to Changeling later, that was really interesting to hear people's accounts from it on an outside perspective.

Oh! Geez, I haven't thought about that thing in years. I-I'm sure I have it around here somewhere. I seem to remember it was always really handy at keeping my hair out of my eyes when I was working on stuff.
It's gotta be in the warehouse somewhere. Maybe in the basement? ... one of these old crates? On the shelves, maybe?

I don't know...

>> No.43537420

Man, you're so unfairly hateful towards the undead. I'd call prejudice if I thought miss crazy pants cared.

>> No.43537448

Right here. When you know winter is coming, it's important to have a hat when you have advanced male pattern baldness like I do.

Very, very advanced.

>> No.43537462

Also, I will admit I was holding back, but only for the sake of upholding the masquerade. I don't so much care about vampires being exposed, but it'd throw society into chaos, and I simply want to spare everyone else.

So I just used an army of clones of myself to sweep across the world. Teleportation, hiveminded army of clones... you know, I think that was the first time I actually used the clone army tactic.

>> No.43537507

I don't hate undead. I hate EVIL undead.
Me and Jack Skellington got along great. He was my half-brother... cousin? Somethingorother.
Anyway, point is, he was cool. Really nice guy. Threw his all into everything he did. Really special guy.

Yeah, I think I cracked the masquerade in two. Not that I ever really outright intended to do so, but those robots were really single minded.
I think society figured out something messed up was going on really quick (I mean, wouldn't you?), but there weren't exactly a bunch of people clamoring to give them all the details. Quite the opposite really. So between the two sides butting heads, the masquerade ended up firmly... cracked. Not broken. But very firmly cracked.

I heard the werewolves were particularly pissed for some reason. Not sure why. Not really my problem.

>> No.43537512

I didn't take The hat,I Wasn't the protagonist,The hat is for protagonists. And didn't have the confidence to Usurp the protagonists in my first jump.

>> No.43537546

Vampires aren't innately evil, though. I can understand a mass purge of the Sabat, and plenty of the Camarilla, but in the later system it's heavily discouraged to engage in things like unnecessary violence. They're oppressive and manipulative sure, but most of the nasty shit in the Cammie clans is targeted at other vampires.

>> No.43537557

Oh hey, you found your hat!

And yeah, VtM is definitely a setting where the masquerade is enforced by other parties. Werewolves are kind of idiots, but then I've yet to find werewolves that AREN'T idiots. Even Remus was known to be pants-on-head retarded, way more frequently than he should have even considering the idiot ball he carried.

>> No.43537770

Nah. My FIRST hat was the one from Pokemon. I actually wore that thing. Like I said, it was great at keeping my hair out of my eyes while I was working on my motorcycle or similar things.
Other than that I'm not really into hats, although I did have an impressive assortment of them along with various hair accessories in Touhou. Lots of dresses, too! The drawback insisted.
Mostly nowadays I just wear goggles. Sometimes atop my head, sometimes around my neck... they're an all-purpose fashion statement.

> Sabat
> Camarilla
> Masquerade
I should go ahead and specify now rather than later that this all happened in Requiem. Which also has a masquerade of sorts, although I don't think it's actually CALLED the masquerade. That's why I mentioned Changeling jump, after.

In the ACTUAL Masquerade jump, I actually managed to make my way through the initial plot before I just started bumping off anyone who looked at me funny or really annoyed me too much.
But if you ask why I didn't go full shithouse on vampires there, well...
I didn't want to piss off my cab driver.

But, anyway, it's the "oppressive and manipulative" part I take issue with. They're dicks who largely consider humanity to be prey.
I'm a lot of things, but "above humanity" ain't one of them, and I count myself the enemy of anyone who feels as such.

>> No.43537796

Oh, I don't know a lot about Requiem so I can't say much.

For Masquerade, thing is, the vast majority of 'living' vampires are very high gen, and relatively young. Few vampires live to be be a century old. They're usually still pretty connected to their former existence, and have pretty much zero power in the underworld, so I wouldn't consider them all a wash like you could Ancillae and Elders.

>> No.43537838

>Changeling jump
Well crap, that's what I rolled for my next jump.

I have no idea what is going on going into this, so I would like to request a bit of advice: should I try to blend in here or just fuck everybody with a mono-toothed chainsword?

>> No.43537850

>should I try to blend in here or just fuck everybody with a mono-toothed chainsword?
>fighting the fey on their terms, in their territory
Best of luck, brah. If you jump Changeling, your best bet is just to survive.

>> No.43537872

The changelings are fine. They're mostly just traumatized humans who got irrevocably altered against their will by eldritch fae. They honestly just want to be left alone and if at all possible reintegrate into society. They're nice.

I mean, the True Fae are total assholes. And if you can figure out a way to murder their asses you should TOTALLY DO THAT, but they're also ungodly powerful beings of pure imagination and bullshit, so, maybe don't go charging in with a chainsword. Maybe try not to make them all notice you at once, for that matter. That shit's scary.

On the plus side: If you cleansed Requiem beforehand and take the continuation drawback, you can totally enjoy a world free of vampires! So that's neat.

>> No.43537896

Well, unless you decide you want no changeling powers, you're going to start with tons of rape trauma. You'll also be ridiculously fragile to more trauma, and you'll lose your humanity equivalent just from doing things too different or exciting from normal.

>> No.43537909

>>Changeling jump
Trap jump.

>> No.43537934

...Duly noted.

I'll do that, I hadn't seen that drawback yet, but definitely! And as far as the difference between changelings and fae, that's kind of what I figured. I'd probably have to do some serious researching of the True Fae before I raised arms against them. I don't like going up against entities of that power, especially when I'm going to have to go up against them where they are strongest and have home field advantage. Of course, there are ways to mitigate that. There always are. But it's important to see whether that's even the path I want to take, since wrecking planes of existence kind of has a cost.

Being a drop-in makes me happy, and WoD jumps are where I will ALWAYS choose drop-in.

Don't be silly. I'm not locked in this jump with them. They're locked in with me.

>> No.43537943

>Being a drop-in makes me happy, and WoD jumps are where I will ALWAYS choose drop-in.
Sorry Crux, you still got raped into a candelabra and turn into an evil demon if you change your schedule. Memories of it or no.

>> No.43537955

>Don't be silly. I'm not locked in this jump with them. They're locked in with me.
I admire your pluck, but that sentiment doesn't work so well with out and out reality warpers.

'Twas good knowing you, no nose. I pour some out for you later tonight.

>> No.43537971

Up to 494.

Next 6 jumps get to be part of the first 500 (that make it onto the list, in all likelihood we got to 500 a while ago).

>> No.43537986

Well, altforms exist. So he at least has that, if he doesn't want to deal with Wyrd.
And Changelings are still able to go on adventures, they just need to have stability to come back to at the end. If they couldn't, then it wouldn't really be much of a playable setting for tabletop.

>> No.43538148

On my head, where else?

>> No.43538248

Hung up in the warehouse.

Was a red cowboy hat I chose in what I can only describe as 'a stupid decision for somebody on the run'. Didn't really wear it until I skipped the country and even then I don't really like wearing hats.

>> No.43538351

Has anyone made a League of Legends jump? Some interesting things there.

>> No.43538393

Just reminds me how fond I am of cloche hats. So versatile, they go with almost any season.

>> No.43538413

Lore's too unstable these days so no one's really stepped to the plate when the namesake League doesn't exist, champion's histories are getting retconned left and right, etc.

It'd be too much on the power, not enough on the setting for a jump. Sorta like how DotA has almost no setting.

>> No.43538431

How would a person with two reality marbles make that work ?

>> No.43538432

A gauntlet like the dota one would be fun

>> No.43538448

Someone was working on it.

>> No.43538450

Be 200% batshit insane.

>> No.43538451

Drop-In doesn't have it Crux.

5 years was teaching you the ropes of being a Vampire. Teaching you the basics of society, the movers & shakers, where to feed, where not to feed, teaching you how to use your abilities.

Your Vampire Sire is responsible for you for those times you're under his/her roof. When your sire kicks you out, that's a signal you're your own vampire now. So any and all mistakes are on your head.

>> No.43538457

I still have it, but I don't wear it. I let my glorious mane fly free.

>> No.43538459

They wouldn't, because that's impossible because of how they work.

>> No.43538467

What negative effects on your mind/soul would have chain diablerie every single vampire of the wod?

>> No.43538469


>> No.43538470

True, I suppose it's the phrasing. Also I don't like leeches unless they're medically necessary. On a related note, is it still genocide if I'm still alive but every other vampire in the world has been decapitated, staked, burned (with optional garlic), and their ashes scattered at the nearest convenient crossroads?

>> No.43538502

You'd be reduced to a mindless beast after the first few dozen.

>> No.43538509

I take you you killed every vampire in every setting that has them?

>> No.43538524

Emulate Anaander Mianaai

>> No.43538526

Not every setting, no. However, WoD vampires are on my list of vampires to eradicate. Plus it's an amusing challenge, of sorts.

>> No.43538548

Nah, that'd require killing a certain White Court vampire in Dresden Files and he's a pretty cool dude.

>> No.43538558

Is Kirby worth using a pod on? I don't remember most of his feats besides being able to punch out BBEGs of the week and tossing something into space.

>> No.43538569

Good luck against the progenitors in OWOD, they're seriously utter BS. As in tank nukes and orbital bombardment from solar beam satellites.

>> No.43538577

The problem with diablerie isn't that there's some cutoff point where you go insane. Rather, it's that a sufficiently more powerful vampire can fight you and prevent you from subsuming it, becoming a consistently problematic voice in your head or even winning outright and consuming YOU.

But still, there's no point in eating down, eating vampires weaker than you has no benefit outside of vitae apparently tasting better. Eating up? Once you hit third gen, diablerie has zero effect for you outside of the taste/blood point value. You won't gain more power.

>> No.43538578


Do you like him as a person and can see yourself enjoying his company?

If yes, it's worth it.

If not, it isn't.

>> No.43538579

>taking the ever gluttonous black hole as a companion

>> No.43538594

I'm sure there were cool dudes in VTR he killed. Crux doesn't seem to have a sane view on vampires.

>> No.43538600

Do i need consent to pod people or can i knock them out and take them?

>> No.43538604

Totally using it then since I like Kirby and I took a boatload of cooking perks and items.

>> No.43538616

Yeah but killing that certain vampire means Crux is like 99.999999% certain to die in Dresden Files so he can't kill it unless he wants his chain to end.

>> No.43538621

Nope. Just shove a dude into a pod. I remember some jumper dragged Malfoy around the multiverse.

>> No.43538627

Introduce it to Toriko. You'll have a new BBEG in about two weeks time.

>> No.43538632

It just me or does Dresden make Toriko look sane by comparison?

>> No.43538635

Oh, believe me, I know. But my primary weapon is teleportation, quite honestly; if I'm engaging in direct combat, it's either because I can't use some method of teleportation, or because I'm just having fun. I have lost count of how many ways I can teleport myself, others, basically anything made of matter, and basically anything NOT made of matter, including simply teleporting parts of things away.

Basically when I come up against something that's too strong for me to engage directly, and opening a portal to the sun isn't a viable idea, I beam it into lunar orbit. If it comes back, I beam it to the surface of Jupiter.

>> No.43538673

Meh, if it's Kirby then he'll be sated with cake. Kirby is more like, childish and devoid of higher understanding of morality. Not really malignant.

>> No.43538697

So what are you gonna do once you realize Ennoia has fused with the planet and become it?

>> No.43538710

> the planet is being cooked by some kind of universe demon thing
> Kirby to the rescue

Oh dear.

>> No.43538720

Dresden is where you go to drink at a bar and sit quietly while you hope not to attract any attention from the supernatural unless you are balls-terrifyingly powerful and can openly oppose things but yet have enough insight to not kick events off slightly to the left so that everyone dies about every two years.

Toriko is fucking insane power level but its fairly straight forward 'fuck we took a wrong turn at dbz' sorta power. Dresden Files requires you to both be stupid powerful, lucky, setting and plot savvy, and intelligent enough to fuck off in 100% the opposite direction of one Harry Dresden and the city of Chicago and the entire western hemisphere for good measure.

Big G God clearly favors Dresden because there's no other way anyone in that world survives.

>> No.43538737

Only when you're dealing with the angels, Mothers, implicitly some gods, MAYBE dragons, Demonreach and its prisoners, probably the Oblivion War entities at the height of their power and the Outsiders as a whole.

>> No.43538744

Oh, that's easy, by NOT taking the Gehenna drawback.

>> No.43538768

Really, the entity I'm most scared of accidentally fucking the setting in half with is Ivy. Any time something written or information stored on in any way taken out of my warehouse they instantly know it all.

I picked up the entire series of Dresden Files on ebook in the Hollywood Jump. I have them locked in a very very secure part of the warehouse in fear of the day I roll the setting.

>> No.43538775

This, and this is generally a good contrast between shounen and western fantasy. Shounen has huger powerlevels thrown around regularly, western fantasy gets balls deep in conceptual fate stuff.

There are exceptions, of course. Like Buffy and type moon although type moon takes a very...direct approach to conceptual fate stuff.

>> No.43538801

Type Moon is the glorious and retarded fusion of shounen power conceptual fate.

>> No.43538861

Duct Tape Fusion from Zim, where do I get the Duct Tape? After the items/creatures fuse, what happens to the Duct Tape?

>> No.43538880

The duct tape is always there.
You get it wherever duct tape is sold.

You're just literally duct taping two things together.

>> No.43538893

>where do I get the Duct Tape?
The store.

>what happens to the Duct Tape?
It stays there. Removing the duct tape also removes the fusion.

You don't really get the joke here do you.

>> No.43538933

You got that second part right
It's The bonding agent That fuses These things together. it's really not a very good perk,Lots the episode and you'll understand. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uvC8YTtzehk

>> No.43538942

For stuff like the Dresden Files I tend to be in the eternal state of two-to-five minutes behind the plot cleaning up and mitigating non-plot essential damage.

Because wanton magic fights in a large aquarium aren't justice. Those fish didn't do anything wrong.

>> No.43539005

I feel I've seen this before.

>> No.43539039

I wouldn't know, man. I literally just thought of it after 400+ jumps to compare and contrast

>> No.43539138

On my closet back home...waiting for me to wear it again.
Damnit O sweet patron of mine, you should have let me taken my hat damnit.

Truth be told around here you wear a hat because the sun actually is damn hot in the summer and the period before, thus wearing hats around here(home) is less cool and more practical.
My hats was still damn cool tho.

>> No.43539195

Jumper, have you made your own Riders or Kaijin yet?

>> No.43539216

Damn. Thought it was actually something useful.

>> No.43539285

Its plenty useful. Its just ridiculously stupid.

>> No.43539290

Another Zim question, Aggressive Genetic Fusion. Any good, and how long does it take?

>> No.43539360

Don't forget the Narnia perk/background that makes you a literal star

>> No.43539378

If I recall correctly, it took Dib the better part of a day to turn into bologna. This is likely to be one of those things that's silly more than useful.

unless you really like bologna.

>> No.43539420

There's no reason to believe it DOESN'T actually work as the jump states, so an actual fusion probably occurs at some point, because that's what the jump says and stupid_dog hasn't ever put in a trap option as far as I know.
But it's literally duct tape.
I also somehow doubt it's a "pretty" fusion. Like, you're probably imagining combining a sword and a spear into a more powerful sword. And I'm imagining you making a sword with a spear grafted onto it. Technically it is both things combined with both their powers working in tandem (even if some of those powers are magic), but it's also really stupid.

Invader Zim is really stupid. You should keep this in mind.

I mean, unless stupid_dog actually weighs in on that it's unknown, but hey.

It's pretty good? Dib was turned completely into bologna in the span of about 24 hours or so.
Just... make sure you don't accidentally stab yourself with some DNA, because that's how Zim also got turned into bologna.
They didn't manage to fix it, either. They had to rely on negative continuity and ended the episode as bologna.

It's pretty stupid.

>> No.43539441

Believe Stupid Dog is on record as stating the perk actually works.

>> No.43539541

So if you do the fate/jump and tskuhime and purchase reality marbles in both jumps they just wouldn't work ?

>> No.43539564

This is for the main run rather than the one I've been posting in here recently.

Jump Number Something, probably reasonably early: Redwall

Riftscar Island
Serpent 600
Active Camouflage
Mad Eyes
Treetops and Timber 700
Music and Poet Extraordinaire 900
Dirty Fighting
Bully Pulpit 1000
The Freebootin' Way 1200
Master of Hordes 1500
Companion Import 1550
Wildcat 300
Eye of the Tiger
Dirty Fighting
Sturdy Haversack
Infinite Cheese 1600
Basic Weapons
Musical Instrument
Child of the Storm 1300
Endless Hordes 1000

Wondering how I have the booty or the cheese if I start stuck on a plank of wood. Figure the wood could easily be my guitar though, don't know how I'd play it as a snake really.

Two questions about this:

1) To what extent can we choose what sort of snake we are? I'm guessing we'd have the same size and skillset regardless but it'd be nice to know the extent to which we can choose cosmetically. Not a lot of snakes in Western Europe mind so if it's the same idea as birds (anything in Western Europe) we're pretty much all adders.

2) What do snakes eat in Redwall? Is it just other animals or can I get by on a vegetarian diet? I'm not vegetarian normally and wouldn't be here (due to a lack of memories and a shitload of vermin all over the place) but I'm just curious.

Chose Wildcat as my companion import as I figure on an island full of ferrets an amnesiac serpent and an amnesiac wildcat marooned would probably start working together as we'd assume we were part of the same crew. Other more common vermin might just go native and I might try to eat a goodbeast. Eye of the Tiger is also a good perk for your assassin/secret agent types.

Child of the Storm is fine, figure not having any memories of anywhere but Redwall is probably good so that I don't totally lose it due to being surrounded by fucking stoats all the time.

Endless Hordes sort of just makes the place more of a shithole.

>> No.43539570

Duct Tape fusion will fuse things and is not a trap option for robbing you of CP with no benefit. And the fusion will probably not be pretty, so I advised against trying to fuse dissimilar items in the past unless as a means of horrible experimentation. Removal of the duct tape will not undo any fusion that has taken place though it will stop it from progressing further if you want a truly ugly fused thing.

>> No.43539577

I think the creators said they'd just make the one you have stronger, like if you were stacking a strength perk

>> No.43539614

I am my own if that counts

>> No.43539638

Yes...there are plans to make something like that, those plans are not yet done, but its a close thing.

>> No.43539665


From what I remember the tsukihime jump maker went 'maybe you have two or something' and Val (who made the Fate jump) basically ruled that it would just be like what >>43539577 said.

>> No.43539677

So absolute blade works?

>> No.43539717

I dunno, you get a Reality jewel that's twice as strong I guess. That's how stacking perks generally works

>> No.43539827

Also in the Redwall jump it refers to Riftgard Island as Riftscar Island and I only know that's not what it's called because I looked it up.

>> No.43539828

Ahhhh thanks what's your personal favorite marble you use if you for?

>> No.43539866

Still working on making my own as is. Pretty fun doing so but I'm kinda running into the issue of not knowing my character well enough. Started really considering how it'd manifest which is hard work. Can't wait to finish it though

>> No.43539901

I'm shit at names but I just named it after my original it keeps others in a sort of stasis where there stagnated and can't escalate to anything big and advance my own abilities drastically

>> No.43540075

What is the single best perk in Jumpchain?

>> No.43540089

Changeling - Common Sense.

>> No.43540094

This. It's surprising how many jumpers don't have it.

>> No.43540220

Eating whatever you want without getting fat is like a gift from the gods.

>> No.43540323

Okay this is a hard one, too many good perks ya see?

And it depends on the criteria for best.
There be no such thing like a single best perk, thats a lie.

>> No.43540348

Because common sense the perk doesn't help when you lack it irl. They might get it but in all likelyhood nothing will change because the writer of the chain still lacks it. And it's changeling so there's also that.

>> No.43540385

Jojo- Summon Steamroller.

>> No.43540518

Common sense isn't fun.

>> No.43540536

Is there any barrier super spin can't break through ?

>> No.43540581

The one that prevents me from love.

>> No.43540595

Considering it broke through an infinite dimensional distortion achieved by a separate Stand with absolute redirection of misfortune which in turn was powered by Jesus' corpse?

The only thing I can think of is literal omnipotence.

>> No.43540678


>> No.43540736

Prior to its elimination Save Point was pretty much incomparable.

Now it's a bit more open. Like Riding a Bike from SAO is up there though, for the way it multiplies the effectiveness of literally everything else you gain.

>> No.43540793

Probably one of the ones that totally changes what you are and comes with a load of powers.

That one that makes you an immortal in Underworld or a Maker in Darksiders. Stuff like that tends to get a lot of things bundled in with it.

>> No.43541107

In the environment of jumpchain? Real Eater (Medaka Box)

If I could only ever have one perk? Prototype (Prototype)

>> No.43541121

They don't appear to be bound by fashion sense either.

>> No.43541237


I'd nominate either Survival Training from Pokémon or Saitama Likes You from One Punch Man..

The former gives you the skills needed to survive almost anywhere, which is really useful when your being sent across the multiverse to go on adventures.

The later makes things that are stronger than you respect you and want to be friends if they meet you. There's probably some limit to it, but not having to worry as much about things stronger than you seems really useful. Oh and like the name implies your friends with Saitama a.k.a. the overpowered main character of One Punch Man.

>> No.43541268

He is not overpowered.....everyone else is simply nerfed.

>> No.43541458


>> No.43541469

It would be more accurate to say that the disparity between the OP and the nerfed members of the empowered in OPM is a vast, vast gulf. Of course, the OP characters are in a clear minority.

There's a girl who can crush miles-wide spaceships with her mind, without appearing to exert significant effort.

There's a cyborg who blows MGR Raiden out of the water on top of having

And...there's a guy whose superpower is literally owning a bicycle without a license, and shouting about justice every now and then.

And in the rogues' gallery, there's an expy of Frieza who can punch a dude to the literal moon at full power.

There is also another villain who gained superpowers from eating too much crab, and whose superpower is being a weird crab person who can be killed by an ordinary salaryman.

>> No.43541491

*on top of having built-in energy blasters in his hands that can level a city block or a mountain, I forgot which

>> No.43541521

No, you're confused. He doesn't own the bicycle without a license, it's actually registered. He's too by-the-book to break the law.
He has no license to operate any automobile, firearm, heavy machinery, or other similar things. Hence the bike.

>> No.43541686

Any perks that completely negate anything magical no matter how powerful ?

>> No.43541693

Ohhh. Right. Yeah, that's him.

I don't suppose you've kept up with the ONE webcomic? Who's shaping up to be the next punching bag after Garou?

>> No.43541737

The closest 3 I can think of still have a few flaws:

Thousand Master from Negima (only works on direct forms of magic, not abstract fate manipulation, summoned constructs or rocks propelled by fireballs)
Empty Night from Dresden Files (As above)
Imagine Breaker from Raildex (Will ruin your life, can never be turned off. And based on the way it works, may not function against magic considered a fundamental part of the universe you're in)

>> No.43541758

>Who's shaping up to be the next punching bag after Garou?

Tsumaki, actually. Saitama and her are going at it right about now, and Saitama's powers have been explained a tiny bit more. Still barely explained though.

>> No.43541774

Thousand Master is the "Boost your magic" perk. I think you're thinking of Twilight Imperium, which is the "Block magic" one.

>> No.43541802

On a shelf in a HP Trunk, a Moody style one that is as big as a walk-in closet on the inside, with my Hat Collection.
I like Hats OK.

>Collecting Jinx as a waifu
Kind of Want

Not Quite Correct. You also gain a point in any discipline they have they is higher ranked than you have in that discipline when you diablerize someone. So there is still a point, for a short while.

Of course

>> No.43541803

The Maddest Science Yet from Tenchi. It's literally Clarktech to the nth power. A goddess uses it to clone herself and do a bunch of other bullshit.

You take that perk and there's very little you can't do.

>> No.43541931

>The Maddest Science Yet from Tenchi.
The whole supermago scientist tree from Tenchi is win.

If I could only pick one tree, it'd be that one.

>> No.43541996

Fug, you're right

This is your brain on multitasking and hunger

I dunno man, Strong Spark from GG and Newton Is Rolling In His Grave both seem like it could give that a run for its money.

>> No.43542060

>Strong Spark from GG
It produces some amazing stuff, but you have no control over it. Strong Sparks in GG literally go into their own world and produce whatever their fever madness tells them.

>Newton Is Rolling In His Grave
Dunno where that one is from.

>> No.43542105


Johnny Test.

And I just thought of Anartist from SCP if you have either a lot of patience or ownership of a time-stasis field for longer projects.

>> No.43542200

Absorption Eyes from Mushoku Tensei

>> No.43542278

are there any perks that allow you to create new land, or expand an existing space?

>> No.43542313

There's a whole tree in Populus for that.

>> No.43542518

So for some reasons i keep bringing back at least a wife every jump, what's the best way to have the harem get along? my companion situation is getting out of hand.

>> No.43542538

Overlord, Sekerei, Twilight, and Familiar of Zero all have perks that will help you out.

>> No.43542556

Collar of Khorne
Gift Twilight Imperium
Magic Resistance (Ravenloft)
Templars (Dragon Age & Dragon Age Inquisition)
Dwarf (Dragon Age Inquisition)
Blank/Pariah (40k Redux)
Image Breaker (Raildex)
Counter Spell (Shadowrun)
Anti-Magic Zone (Forgotten Realms Jump)
Magic Resistance (Forgotten Realms Jump)

That's the few I could come up with that gives you resistance or out right immunity to spells. You can get around spell resistance pretty easily. It doesn't effect illusions, nor does it effect Conjuration spells, nor using magic to hurl an object at you and allowing gravity to do it's thing.

Seriously, unless said guy is super tough. Throw heavy object at him/her anti-magic field or magic immunity...etc. Won't work as you're not using magic to hit your target but allowing gravity to hit as you help out.

Which is why you gotta carry a gun, or sword.

>> No.43542568

How the fuck do you swing that? Are you just mass producing blue feathers?

>> No.43542573

I would also recommend the perk from Fallout.

>> No.43542655

technically yes but I've used that only 4 times out of my 23 companions.

>> No.43542715

Are there any perks that let me keep my professional titles, like doctor or professor, across jumps?

>> No.43542735

Yes. Several.

>> No.43542754

>mass producing blue feathers
such cheese

>> No.43542756

Say don't you have two fleetgirls in your harem? How did you get them as companions again?

>> No.43542781

What are they?

>> No.43542782

NGE has something under Items that makes you always keep credentials.

>> No.43542803

Oh my Children. Let me show you magic What >>43542538 said of course.
But there is also Kantai Collection, Skies of Arcadia helps but doesn't directly have one, Fallout has one, Negima, Rosario Vampire, Slice of Life helps, Red Alert,

I also think that Persona and Cardcaptor Sakura, have ones as well.

As a side note, I REALLY need to re-organize my jump-order.

By going to Kantai Collection? Or am I misunderstanding the question?

>> No.43542957

Off the top of my head, Tenchi and Tomb Raider have perks like that.

>> No.43543053

Alright, thanks. To be honest I didn't even think I'd get an answer.

>> No.43543071

As a side note, there may be perks from jumps I haven't taken yet, or ones that were made during my absence.

>> No.43543251

I know we all joke about there's no such thing as too much, but with charisma and harem perks I am pretty cautious. At some point, you have to ask yourself if the companions that are with you, if the relationships you're in, are about you or the metaphysical roofies that you're constantly pumping out.

Don't get me wrong, I advocate for charisma building, but there's a downside to it and if you aren't smart about it you could find yourself surrounded by a bunch of automatons.

>> No.43543376


blue feathers?

>> No.43543437

It's from Harvest Moon. It lets you companion anyone so long as you marry them. Couple it with Minecrafts Item Duplication and you've got unlimited companions.

It doesn't get talk about a lot due to some of the strong opinions about it.

>> No.43543644

The archive on the creation of the Harvest Moon PDF speaks for itself. Note the time stamps.

>> No.43543655

>It doesn't get talk about a lot
it's probably the most talked about perk combination in the threads

>> No.43543711

Uh...no? I don't recall it getting a mention in the last 50 threads or so as opposed to real eater/hamon etc

>> No.43543741

>The thread where KOTOR became the bad guy
Shit, that was a glorious little shit storm, wasn't it? It's a shame, too, that discussion let the blue feather thing just cruise by.

>> No.43543771

I wouldn't describe any shitstorm as glorious, no.

Personally never bothered with the blue feathers. Breaks suspension of belief to think I'd be that interested in marriage after centuries.

>> No.43543786

Not even close.

Not Even My Final Form + perk combo is the most talked about, easily. It's referenced as used from time to time, like when someone asks How'd You Get X, but out and out discussed? Nah.

>> No.43543860

Can someone remind me-where can I get an item that refills with unlimited alcohol? Not a bottle of one type of inifinite alcohol but an item that refills alcohol infinitely; I can't quite remember where it's from

>> No.43543889

I'm pretty sure Pirates of the Caribbean has an Unlimited Rum thing, I think...

>> No.43544047

Go to Harry Potter. Get a Refilling Spell. Enchant something with it. Done.

Don't depend on CP buys.

>> No.43544179

what if he's asking because he actually wants CP buys?

>> No.43544269

>Refilling Spell
Huh. What'd happen if you cast that on a person?

>> No.43544339

Their body fluids fill up repeatedly

>> No.43544359

Wouldn't that, y'know. Be worse than the Unforgivable Curses if the spell actually worked like that?

>> No.43544404


>> No.43544407

Plenty of Harry Potter curses can be used for strange and inhumane punishments if used inventively

>> No.43544452

>Their body fluids fill up repeatedly
>CoC intensifies

>> No.43544484

Cthulhu is worst deity

On the one hand, pretty sure it'd be banned if it could actually do that

On the other hand, an untrained boy wizard turned his aunt into a balloon so.

I dunno.

>> No.43544515

Maybe they just have a lot of easily usable fixing spells.

They already have medicine for regrowing bones.

>> No.43544527

Er, that is-banned by the Ministry of Magic, not banned by Jump-Chan.

Oh fuck you captcha, a fruit salad isn't a bananana

>> No.43544529

>Not Shub Niggurath
Let's just agree to disagree here.

>> No.43544559

>Not Azathoth

He ain't called the Blind Idiot God for nothing.

>> No.43544568

yeah but from day one we already knew that wizards in Harry Potter and magic in Harry Potter pretty much lacks common sense. wizard genetics best genetics

>> No.43544573

You know what, nevermind.

I mean, I still disagree with you but I just remembered Nyarlathotep exists

>> No.43544588

>I just remembered Nyarlathotep exists
How do you forget a beauty like that?

>> No.43544625

Generally I assume Harry Potter magic is relatively direct and you can't use spells for unintended targets. You can't use reparo on a person, the cleaning charm solely benignly cleans stuff and can't be used to kill intestinal flora still inside a person and so on. Now it might be possible to develop spells intended for those sorts of effects but they'd be different from the standard one and labeled as dark in a heartbeat. But that's just my view of things. Feel free to fanwank differently.

>> No.43544656 [SPOILER] 

By drinking.

Lots and lots of drinking.

And even if conventional alcohol has no effect at least the act of pretending helps take your mind off the unthinkable horrors that are the Outer Gods

>> No.43544677

What >>43544656 said. Mostly by going to the liquor store and buying everything immediately.

>> No.43544774

Hey! I get that you and Nyarly-poo are going through a rough spot, but I will not listen to you badmouth her. Honestly. Maybe you two should get some counseling, or maybe go somewhere nice. Oh. You could go on a sexy couples retreat, those are great for reigniting the spark.

Quiet, you. I'd tell you not to stick your nose into other jumpers business, but, well, that'd be kinda like kicking a dead puppy.

>> No.43544780


>Ash Mead: A Magical Drinking Horn, it refills automatically with the alcoholic beverage you have drank before, of your choice. whenever you desire. Using this item for anything other than providing you and your friends endless drinks will result in it becoming forever lost.

Banner Saga.

>> No.43544781


Nothing at all.

Refilling charm just wouldn't work if it wasn't used on a receptacle for liquid.

How does the charm know it's being used on something it shouldn't work on?

It just does. This is Harry Potter magic we're talking about and you can invent a spell that specifically insults Severus Snape.

Spellmaking seems to run as much on intent as anything else and it can be really arbitrary. Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if the Refilling Charm only works specifically on things your average person would consider a drink.

Trying to come up with a mechanical explanation is stupid.

>> No.43544810

Well, shit.

I guess I'm going to have to come up with my own spell: Zone of Unintended Consequences and Unfortunate Innuendo.

>> No.43544824

Also in addition to Ash Mead and the POTC Refilling Rum, options include:

>Evangelion, Nectar of the Gods: This is a sixpack of beer, with a strange mishmosh of mythological and religious iconography as a brand name. Regardless, it’s really good beer. It’s so good in fact, that you can get buzzed after two cans, no matter your alcohol tolerance, and falling down drunk after four. You will never get a hangover from this The sixpack will replenish itself once an hour. One Katsuragi Misato might swear her everlasting devotion to you, if you share this with her.

>9 to 5, Party Animal: This person can score a nearly endless supply of drugs and alcohol. They won't be a coworker, just a friend you know and if you're an odd jobber offering them a cut, they won't work their fair share. Fortunately, they make up for it by being friends with benefits, regardless of their gender. After this jump, the Party Animal gains very slight psychic and nature based powers, much like a level one Druid in Pathfinder with some telepathy and mage hand. Too many complications may kill them.

>Mob, Liquor Cabinet: There’s no good being a mobster if you have to slum it all the time. You’ve got a nice liquor cabinet filled with the highest class of liquor, which seems to never quite be empty. Of course, not everyone appreciates the same luxuries, and you might not have a liquor cabinet at all; it could instead be a wine cellar stocked with your choice of vintages, or a humidor always containing the finest Cubans. Or perhaps you just have a steady supply of cocaine? Anyways, make sure you don’t run out, and don’t have to send your goombas on resupply runs TOO often.

>> No.43544881


>> No.43544924

So, doing some research for my jump into Naruto. I remembered Kaguya being mentioned in the thread before so I looked her up. and I find...

>Kaguya is the progenitor of the Hyūga, Kaguya, Senju, Uzumaki, and Uchiha clans, as she is the mother or grandmother of each clans' ancestor and originator of their unique abilities.

on a wiki. Then I remember that I've got "Reverend Mother" from Dune, which allows me to browse backwards through my ancestors' genetic memories. And hey, I'm going Senju, so she's in there.

Can somebody who knows Naruto better give me an idea of what that'd let me know/give me the ability to learn or do?

>> No.43544931

You can kill someone with the basic levitation spell.
The Wizards have no common sense, and many of their laws make no sense.

>> No.43544944

>You can kill someone with the basic levitation spell.

>> No.43544965

Pick them up
Drop them
Pick something up
Drop it on their head

It's not hard.

Move-over, a 12 year old can summon a venomous serpent, and that's OK but telling the Serpent not to bite someone is bad juju

>> No.43544977

There literally aren't enough words in the multiverse to explain how wrong you are, so.

We're just going to point out we've been married to a far superior cosmic entity for aeons.

And that the last time we thought we'd slain The Crawling Chaos, we left it banished under a reanimated mountain of dead magical girls.

>reigniting the spark

We see what you did there. We're perfectly happy with waiting until our journey ends thank you very much, however long that may take.

>> No.43545002

Kaguya has the ability to steal chakra, hair manipulation, dimension creation, use off all six paths (need rinnegan for this I think but Naruto got the 6 paths ability from old fart Hagromo)

Oh and she can teleport.

>> No.43545014


>> No.43545036

And are those abilities I'd be able to tap into by gazing backwards into her genetic memory within me? or would I just be aware that she had the ability to do these things?

>> No.43545050

Hell, we see the levitation spell being used offensively in-character, so it's not even like this is fanon. Remember when Ron knocked out the troll?

>> No.43545065

You know have the memories of every one of you ancestors, including Kaguya.

Justu-wise, it gives you very little unless you have the chakra to back it up. You'll know how to do all justu they were able to do at the time they had kids, but you might not be able to do them due to chakra limitations or lack of the actual kekki genkai.
If you have the ability to change your genetic structure, things are obviously different.

>> No.43545079

You'd know how to do those things if you had her unique biology. But you don't have her unique biology. You might be able to learn some of the principles of senjutsu, though, since she uses that, too.

>> No.43545103

Actually I find the theory that Nyarly and Antispiral are in a relationship unlikely, and found what I consider a much more likely alternative.

Note the following

1. Nyarlathotep is the soul of the outer gods one of which is Yog-sothoth.
2. Yog-sothoth is basically a multiverse
3. Antispiral Anon is a multiverse
4. Nyarlathotep spends a lot of time around Antispiral Anon.
5. This probably takes up a lot of Nyarlathotep's free time when not doing messanger work for the Outer Gods.
6. Antispiral Anon acts oddly negative to Nyarlathoteph and the other Outer Gods despite being a similar entity.

In conclusion Antispiral Anon is clearly Nyarlathotep's bratty little brother, whose embarrassed about how big sister Nyarlathotep keeps trying to hang out with her younger sibling.

Sort of like Dexter and Deedee from Dexter's Lab.

>> No.43545144



Is your chakra level something that can be increased through training and usage, or is it more of a fixed attribute about you, and you've either got enough to do something, or you don't?

>> No.43545153

That actually makes me think. Would it be a bad idea to use Brains and get Kaguya as a companion?

She gives off Yandere vibes...

>> No.43545168

>An older sister can't want her little brother
You clearly have never watched anime

>> No.43545181

study and training increase Yin-spirit and Yang-life.

>> No.43545182

It can be increased through training. Naruto never does, since he's got what amounts to a nuclear reactor of chakra in his gut, but all the other characters do.

>> No.43545185

So what`s the best jump for acquiring an army Or the means to build one?

>> No.43545204

What kind of army do you want?

>> No.43545209

Jump Red Alert for drones to make stuff you have schematics of. Then jump Clone Wars for CIS schematics.

That's one way.

>> No.43545227

Supreme Commander. There is no abstraction when it comes to scale in that game. If a unit takes a minute to build in real life, that's how long it takes to make in character. An ACU can pop out a world-conquering army in about twenty minutes.

>> No.43545229


>> No.43545234


There's a slight problem with using Reverend Mother for this.

According to the notes you only get the genetic memories of ancestors from Dune.

>> No.43545236

OPM Spoilers
Its actually not his power that is explained, it is tatsumaki's and fubuki's power that is explained. Saitama's resistance to it is actually just implied to be a furthering of the natural human resistance, and thus still explains nothing. Well, we know what the AC part was for now, but he already told us, most people just ignored it.

For reference, directly telekinetically moving saitama is nigh impossible for the weakened/injured Tatsumaki as a reference, but she has no issue in the same state CREATING A FAULT IN THE GROUND WE CANNOT SEE TO THE BOTTOM OR SIDES OF. This resistance does nothing to stop her from moving him like a rag doll with air pressure though.

The closest thing to more explanation that we have is that all humans do have Ki in OPM. And hilariously Tats was so strong that she did not realize this weakness of her powers untill she encountered stronger opponents that approached her in powerlevel.

>> No.43545252


it looks like it won't actually net me all that much, since I'm not willing to tamper with my body to the degree necessary to match her particular biology, but I'm thinking that knowing that she can, and HOW she can do these things will have some utility.

as >>43545065 points out, I've got those memories of ALL my ancestors, including the first Senju, and since I bought my way to Wood Release, that's probably going to have a lot more direct applications.

a big part of jumping Naruto is that I realized I didn't have much in the way of wood-manipulating powers, and I wanted to change that.

>> No.43545268

Use an Animus from the Assassins creed jump. Poof problem solved.

>> No.43545279

Wait how do aircraft carriers work in Kancolle?

>> No.43545290

Fairies, son.

>> No.43545293

... whaaaaat?! Fuck. You're right. Rip off. I want a refund.

>> No.43545306

oh...Oh...OH MY.
I like this.

Skullgirls..teh army companions are one hundrend people and the second in command shall control them for you.

Import them about three times in order to get some strong enough dudes to help you.
Not quite an incredibly elite army, but i recon between certain things it should help you.

>> No.43545344

What the-

...you know. As horrifying as that sounds, that IS marginally better than being shipped.

And that IS worryingly similar to a theory we once dreamed up in our darkest moments, after a lot of conceptual booze: That the crushing despair we experienced in Ravenloft, the constant antagonism we've faced from the Black Pharoah and its kin throughout the ages and our own plans for apotheosis were all part of a massive gambit on Nyarlathotep's part to finally bring into existence a being like itself, an anthropomorphic personification of multiverses wielding multiple divine purviews and capable of straddling the line between man and eldritch abomination, in order to finally have someone who could understand and interact with it on an equal level after an eternity surrounded by blind idiot gods. And plucky Japanese teenagers, sometimes. A create-your-own-worthy-opponent sort of deal

Which would be ridiculous, of course. We mean, it has to be. We have multiple perks for bullrushing through the schemes of gods and monsters alike, and we refuse to accept that the sum total of our transcendence has been to become the culmination of its entertainment.

>> No.43545378

Soooo how did you amass such power?

>> No.43545410

As opposed to your unknowable and eery benefactor's entertainment? I mean, if you want to build your opposition, would you really trust anyone else to do it?

>> No.43545461

In fact, who is to say that Antispiral's jumpchain isn't just Narly wearing a wig. Or even that they made some sort of deal in order to give Narly a playmate.

Shit fits way too well.

>> No.43545515

Well, I know where I'm going next.

I still feel ripped off by Dune though. the "stopping aging" part of that I already had, so I essentially bought a 500pt level ability that just lets me read the past minds of a bunch of cranky space nuns. And it's only in the fine print at the end. I'dve never bought it if I knew this going in.

>> No.43545544


True, but it doesn't garuntee it. Plus if that was
going to occur it doesn't rule out this being from before that. Afterall Nyarly is clearly trying to spend time with her bratty little brother for some reason, but it could also be completely platonic eldiritch horror stuff.

You know like trying to get her little brother to help build a dimensional gateway.

Plus Antispirals dislike just doesn't seem like relationship problem stuff, it seems more like well the kid that doesn't want to spend time with their siblings.

I mean really they threw the equivalent of dolls at her to get her to go away. That's the kind of response a kid that wants their sister to leave their room would be more likely to use than someone having relationship problems.


To be fair you are a magic mad scientist eldritch horror which is really damn similar to what Nyarlathotep is.

You even have several forms/masks you use for interacting with lesser beings.

>> No.43545599

Adorable suicidal Fairies.

>> No.43545614

Has anyone succeeded in Waifuing Jumpchan? If so please regale us with the story.

>> No.43545630

One does not waifu the benefactor. The benefactor is waifuing us.

>> No.43545659

>We are jumpchan's equivalent of writing fanfiction

>> No.43545666


As the person who pointed that limit out I want to mention one other thing.

While the notes limit the perk to that universe it doesn't have a limit to how far back you can have the memories go.

In theory it should be possible to get memories going back to the beginning of human history with enough effort. That's a lot of information, some of which could be potentially useful.

Although I do find it only affecting the ancestry from that universe a rather odd limit.

>> No.43545688

Warhammer fantasy, age of ice or LoT

>> No.43545694

>Thinking one can waifu the Benefactor.
You are amusing anon. Especially since we have no clue if she could be even effect by the power she gives us or just see us as toys that do silly tricks for it.

>> No.43545709

>Although I do find it only affecting the ancestry from that universe a rather odd limit.
Probably because there are a fair few jumps around where "lost knowledge of ancient times" is a purchaseable option.

>> No.43545748

Honestly? I'm kinda okay with that.

>> No.43545771

about to crash for the night, see y'all tomorrow

That is...a long story lasting aeons, and comprising a lot of research and resource acquisition ranging from the Darkhallow to the Eye of Magnus to nicking a certain ritual in Supernatural while posessing Power of Dominance. The highlights, which are by no means comprehensive, should be hopefully explained in the following pastebins provided anyone can bother to spend enough time to read 'em al] so in a nutshell by:

http://pastebin.com/ej8szZ0j Nanomachines, son

http://pastebin.com/kQ0601rR Tools of the trade

http://pastebin.com/Y76PhTg1 Clean, renewable energy

http://pastebin.com/duAnfz3X This is the one about becoming a universe

http://pastebin.com/7fGYMqAJ Cultivating second/third circle souls

http://pastebin.com/2XLisSNN Expanding one's arsenal

http://pastebin.com/HDryC3uY Broadening one's horizons

http://pastebin.com/TJadX6rH Amassing human resources

http://pastebin.com/jkT14Y37 Kung fu fighting

http://pastebin.com/79h9mHA9 And keeping track of time

This is an unfair comparison; Jump-Chan doesn't visit eldritch madness on you, she just presents you choices and lets you deal with the fallout from them. And besides-by our reckoning she looks to be something far different than any of Nyarlathotep's thousand forms. Something on par-no, surpassing-Azathoth itself.

Hint hint: Each of her eyes is a reflection of us. The rest of her looks like everything in existence happening at once.

It was around Tsukihime that we considered the whole he who fights monsters thing, decided we didn't care and started to unfetter ourselves from any nostalgia of being human.

Wasn't immediate, easy or smooth sailing, but we aren't all surprised by where our road has finally taken us..

>> No.43545784

My favorite early interruption of jumpchain was that you don't actually travel to other worlds, it was just jumpchain setting up a glorified puppet show of each setting just to see what you would do.

The constant waifu options in most jumps was her trying to get you to take a fucking hint.

>> No.43545794

>A thinly veiled self-insert going setting to setting, waifuing everyone and gaining ultimate power.

That would explain so much.

>> No.43545841

>Waifuing my best friend
No, it is not done

>> No.43545861

there's plenty of purchasable things you can achieve on your own though.

I wonder if that's limited to just human memory, or if precursors to humanity are in there as well.

>> No.43545898

the plainswalker spark grants world walking, unlocks all restrictions on whatever abilities we have and overall boosts our power?

anything I miss?

>> No.43545931


I stopped at human since that seemed where the potentially useful stuff would end, but well it only says ancestors and technically ancestry does stretch back to the beginning of life, or at least the beginning of memories.

>> No.43545984

My Benefactor interpretation is Jumpers are a FarmVille clone for omniverse level beings. You go do some stuff every so often and come back to see what happened and manage things again.

>> No.43546036

>Waifuing a supremely powerful divine being
I went through a phase where I would sacrifice small animals to her every so often, and try to spread the word of the One True Chan, does that count?

>> No.43546055

>One true chan
You fool it is four chans.

>> No.43546076

The Four Faces of Chan

>> No.43546133

For some reason this reminded me of the Erfworld jump.

Jumpers! Those of you who went to Erfworld. Did you join an existing side or take the option to start your own? The Four Clan.
If you chose The Four Clan, who did you chose as the two free Casters? Specifically, what type of Caster were they, and what did they look like?

My Thinkamancer was Yatsuba, my Dittomancer was Dubsguy.

>> No.43546235

Anno 2070, Supreme Commander, any RTS-based jump. All have great robotic and traditionally based weapon production capabilities. You can make everything from power armor to battleships.

Geneforge, Resident Evil, and Starcraft all have great options for biologically-based armies.

One of the Mario jumps, Soul Eater, and Erfworld all have great options for making magical golems.

>> No.43546420

I straight-up stole three fully-loaded MTT's from a CIS depot during the Clone Wars. a few weeks of upgrades and reprogramming and I've got me three hundred battle droids ready to rock.

Added to that an air force of Sentinels from The Matrix Jump and we can usually hold our own in small-scale battles.

>> No.43546495

Get retainers from Kirby,Import into gravity falls and give them Trembley Before me,Now Keep importing them Having them accumulate more and more power.

>> No.43546514

I always interpret them as personal charisma boosters, not absolute relativistic effects.

>> No.43546557

There's also infinite Sake in Okami.

>> No.43546588

A question about Soul Eater:

If I take Strong Soul as a Witch, would it empower my magic in any way?

What benefits does Monster Cat give a Witch asides from 9 Souls? Does that just mean I can live through 8 lethal attempts on my life? Am I forced to make my magic plant themed? My original plan was to go with Plasma based magic, but if I go Monster Cat would I be barred from any other magic other than plant based stuff?

>> No.43546648

Keep in mind Witch magic has to be animal familiar type stuff, so even with Monster Cat you couldn't go plasma.

>> No.43546678

Is there a way to become neigh-omnipotent with clever perk combinations?

Have any one of you min-maxers ever attempted to?

>> No.43546716

Obviously, there's simply so many perks and non perk powers and items and etc that there's sure to be combinations. Only known one person that went above the 'nigh' part though, though you sometimes see combos that reach nigh omnipotent.

>> No.43546728

Sure you could. You just need an animal for which plasma makes sense. Medusa has snake familiars but her magic is vector control, since the vector arrows look kind of snake-y. So for plasma magic you'd want an animal that had really bright and vibrant colors.

>> No.43546743

>Only known one person that went above the 'nigh' part though,

Out of sheer curiosity, what combination is this?

>> No.43546756

You can't do plasma as your totem but the actual magic is fairly flexible. Could easily see a bombardier beetle or fire ant witch having some plasma stuff. Remember, Medusa was snake as her totem and was possession and vectors mostly for her magic.
Monster Cat would change your totem to a plant, which admittedly have less options that can be justified as giving plasma magic.

>> No.43546768

That Valeria anons enhance thing and some thing she added to it, asked her a month ago in IRC but I forgot since then

>> No.43546789

Not really, Mab has Spacial/Dimension and Ice Magic, Medusa has Vector Based magic, etc.

Asides from that, other witches have only have magic that's tangentially related to their familiar.

I went with a Pistol Shrimp as my familiar (originally), and it creates bursts of plasma when it snaps it's claw, so that seemed like enough of a justification for Plasma-based magic.

>> No.43546923

Two, if that Contract of Perfection ASA mentioned is any indication.

And before you ask-apparently the dude who made Changeling OK'd it ages ago >>http://archive.4plebs.org/tg/thread/40398311/#40405291

>> No.43546933

That reminds me of the one where she IS all your companions, so the waifu options were literally how she got into your pants.

>> No.43546986

I'm a fan of the fixer-upper explanation.

>> No.43547085

It tastes great with steak sauce.

>> No.43547113

I hate 4chan references so I had to join an existing side.

>> No.43547156

Cat does nothing for you put let you become a cat and have plant instead of animal.

>> No.43547184

The Mother, the Sister, the Lover and the Hater?

>> No.43547230

Quiet Waifu, Angry Waifu, Nice Waifu, Crazy Waifu

>> No.43547265

Moot, Yotsuba, Chinese Moot, and Anon?

>> No.43547281

And together they form

>> No.43547353

No no, Chinese Moot would be Based Wiafu.

>> No.43547609

Bombardier Beatle?

This makes me want a Book Starship Trooper Jump for that kickass power armor.

>> No.43547675

Just jump Legacy of the Aldenata, the armor there is way cooler.

>> No.43547714

Allows access to Magic the Gathering magic, which is extremely potent. Turns your body into a sort of projection you can reshape at will. Also with enough setup you can make your own plane, which has all sorts of uses.

>> No.43547841

Can I combine the spin from jjba with the spinning piledriver from the generic fighting game

>> No.43548207

I don't see why not.

>> No.43548257

+Spinjitzu (Ninjago)

>> No.43548314

So what does it have for those that haven't read the series?

>> No.43548345

Does mélange maintain its addictive qualities outside of the Dune jump? I'm wondering if I give it to someone from another 'verse to try and expand their consciousness am I ultimately fucking them over by making them an addict.

>> No.43548372

Well, there's no reason for it not to retain them.

>> No.43548387

It probably should. It's a biological quality, after all, just like how zerg DNA is gonna stay evolution-y after the jump. Why wouldn't it?

>> No.43548406

The Armored Combat Suits are pretty broken. Weapons measured in the terawatt range, armor and shields that can survive multiple nuclear explosions, reactionless flight, stealth capabilities, super sensors...name it and they probably have it. The downside is that they're almost impossible to build. The technology in them is so complex that it can't actually be manufactured in normal space-time, it needs a Sohon adepts (basically a psychic) to be present throughout the manufacturing to tell the laws of thermodynamics to shut up and sit down.

>> No.43548532

I think you arrive well before that.

>> No.43548570

And now I am curious if anyone took Magpie magic.

Anyway, any suggestions for an animal with stingers? Wanted something in the lines of Piercing magic, but the only animals that come to mind are scorpions (already taken), wasps and stingrays.

>> No.43548780


Journey to the West has an infinite bottle of wine, and a refilling bottle of Ambrosia - divine alcohol.

Touhou has a Sake Bug Gourd, which turns any water in it into sake, and a magical dish that improves the quality of sake drunk from it.

>> No.43548817


>Designed with Galactic aid, the suit is nigh indestructible, able take massed fire from the 1mm railguns and hypervelocity shotguns used by the Posleen and only at risk from sustained 3mm railgun fire. Able to run for up to three days off a massive battery, and capable of boosting running speeds to over 70mph, strength to the point users can easily lift tanks, and including antigravity lifters and many other interesting features, this is the pinnacle of armor technology. It also includes a nanite biolayer called the “Protoplasmic Intelligence System”, which has an intelligence of its own just short of sapience to help the suit adapt to your movements, reduce kinetic impacts, provide medical care, and other functions, as well as an AID dedicated to helping the suit’s user automate functions and run the complicated sensor and communications suite. In addition to your suit and its internal armaments (an integrated blade or two, a pair of automatic grenade launchers firing antimatter shells up to 1200 meters, nothing too important), you have a M200 Grav Rifle. This weapon uses a tiny pellet of antimatter in each “bullet” to fire a depleted uranium teardrop at a significant fraction of the speed of light, destroying pretty much anything in its way and depositing the rounds in orbit, where they will eventually be a navigational hazard to ships and satellites. It also fires 600 rounds per second on full auto.

>> No.43548837

So, I'm about to jump Five Star Stories. Here's the question, do I import the LoT and give her the max size boost? Should I really create a 216km long Gloriana Battleship?

>> No.43548857

Depends. Have you installed a quick 'n easy transportation ship inside your LoT so's the crew don't literally spend generations going from one end to the other?

>> No.43548859


>> No.43548868


Interesting, but clearly a nerf so that Saitama has a chance of winning.

>> No.43548888

>... whaaaaat?! Fuck. You're right. Rip off. I want a refund.

Just ignore it - it's clearly a terrible idea, so you're not required to care.

>> No.43548992

Light rails ala Song Magic and I've got a Bifrost I've been building since MCU on board, so yeah.

Thankee, kind meme.

>> No.43549013

I think you mean Supreme Commander, anon.

>> No.43549035

I think he already went to Supreme Commander. That gets you to 96 kilometers. Then you get the 125% size increase in Five Star Stories for 216 km.

>> No.43549050


Shit, smart move. Figured it'd make for a better weapons deployment system, though. Rip out the main gun, replace with bifrost, project ammunition at velocites strong enough to pierce dimensional barriers.

>> No.43549071


I'll be doing a Gundam run after FSS and the LoT will be my Gundam.

>> No.43549078

It lets you import a mecha, not a battleship.

Unless a change was made that I was not aware of.

>> No.43549087

You can import any vehicle as a mech for 400cp.

>> No.43549113

And I supremely fucked up my quoting there.

I musta missed a change then.

Oh well. Carry on.

>> No.43549152

Yeah, that's what I did, too. Though I went to FTL to get it shrunken down to just 40 meters tall, with all its power intact. I figure that it will be more manageable that way, fit into more combat scenarios. Also, a mobile suit only twice as large as normal with the power of something the size of a small moon is probably going to be more intimidating than the moon-sized mecha itself.

Presumably he took the upgrade in Supreme Commander that lets it turn into a robot, too.

>> No.43549159

Thanks. The Bifrost is mainly for troop movement. For weapons I like to go with magoscience weapons hybridized from Tenchi and Wheel of Time and 40k's kinetic weapons.

If Gundam has any weapons that'd make sense on a capital ship I'll grab those, but I haven't looked at those docs yet.

>> No.43549416

Your quads speak the truth. It's moot though, I've picked up the Assassins Creed item that gives me the same essential capability. I figure my experience with the first, helps with the second.

>> No.43549612


For reference, here's a 200% larger version of one version of the Light of Terra.

Along with a 19km Super Star Destroyer, the regular sized Light of Terra, another Gloriana-class battleship, the Citadel, and a Mass Relay for reference.

>> No.43549647

>One battery of guns is the size of a mass relay
Jesus fuck
You could just straight up dissolve a planet with that thing, no need for exterminatus.

>> No.43549674

The Nova canon by default could already blow up planets.

>> No.43549679

Hnnnnng. Want. As if it wasn't big enough already. It'd be fun to take something THAT size to a Star Wars jump.

>> No.43549697

So what all do we have in terms of 'soul projections'? Exchange 'soul' for term of your choice.

So far I know we have:
-Stand (JoJo)
-Persona (Persona)
-Hunger Demon (Toriko)
-Reality Marble kinda-sorta? (Type-Moon)
-Imaginary Self (via Problem Sleuth's Combat Operandi: Abstracted Thought)
-Ancestral Guardian (Van Helsing - although arguably this one kinda doesn't count)

>> No.43549726

>Drop out of the warp in front of the Citadel.
>Asari: I am bizarrely turned on right now.
>Turian: Let's not try to enforce the laws.
>Salarian: Did not see that coming.
>Batarian: Hello friend please don't kill us.
>Krogan: These guys seem like an excellent fight!
>Quarian: If only we had that kind of firepower...
>Human: what's with the huge ass eagle?
>Sovereign: who the fuck are these assholes?

>> No.43549786

>Turian: I am bizarrely turned on right now.

>> No.43549799

>What do you think it will take for them to let me calibrate those guns?

>> No.43549867

I prefer the Longer Than Corsica, But Shorter Than Sardinia frame of reference.

>> No.43549938

>Longer Than Corsica, But Shorter Than Sardinia
Holy shit.

If it was in orbit, could you see it with the naked eye from planetside?

>> No.43550062

Question about Inukami.

Am I seriously being paid 300 CP to be the superpowered fluffy tail. 200 CP to be the nine-tailed version?

>> No.43550079

With a ship that big you can kill other ships with just your /thrusters/

>> No.43550100

Soul Calibur, buy the 'pick an existing character's fight style' perk. pick ZWEI's fight style for 300 (or whatever price it is for a magical-based one).

There you go, giant wolf-moon-thing-projection.

>> No.43550152

Oh, yeah. Think about this: The ISS, at an orbital height of 409 kilometers, is visible to the naked eyes as a bright dot. It is 108 meters long. The ACU Mortar Head Light of Terra is nearly exactly 2000 times its length. You'd be more visible than the moon. Move to higher orbits and you'll become less visible, but you'll still be one of the brightest objects in the sky.

>> No.43550153

>yfw you accidentally run over a Zentradi fleet and it feels like the lane dividing bumps on the freeway

>> No.43550258

That's my plan for stopping the Atmospheric Cleansing Operation. Show up in the LoT, transform into robot mode, and let the Zentrans draw parallels between it and the Macross. Then ask them if they really want to see what my version of the Macross Cannon is like.

>> No.43550280


>> No.43550351

I cant help but think a KSP jump with that LoT would throw off the orbits of several planets/moons. Poor Kerbins.

>> No.43550366

Kitsune start out pathetically, desperately weak compared to inukami. You need a thousand years to catch up.

>> No.43550393

Your fucking point defense weapons would rate as main ship-to-ship batteries on anything else.

>> No.43550416

So. I need to jump Civ and we're good to go?

>> No.43550430

Sure, if you want I suppose.

>> No.43550436

Is it possible to build a main gun for the LoT that works off of one of the C'tan powers we can get like the black flames or Nuclear Fire?

>> No.43550467

See: >>>/sci/7647710

Honestly? You might not be able to park it in orbit without fucking up the tides or causing other planet-side issues.

>> No.43550553

>Kerbals going FUCK YEAH

>> No.43550571


>> No.43550573

If you ain't crashing, you ain't trying.

>> No.43550636

Time to get schwifty.

>> No.43550673

>LoT crashing into Kerbin
>All that ammo igniting
>Warp drive detonating
>Whatever fucked up magitech onboard going haywire

>> No.43550689

You know your ship is awesome when landing planetside can be construed as an extinction level event.

>> No.43550768

And it all gets replaced in an hour (LoT) by the grace of Jumpchan.

>> No.43550797

I'm noticing a trend here.

>> No.43550809

>Alright guys, I know that when we tried to fly it we caused the end of the world
>But let's try again

>> No.43550826

Is there any spaceship import option that lets me freely redesign the imported spaceship anyway i want?

>> No.43550837

Kerbals remind me of big headed space obsessed orks.

>> No.43550864

The best kind of orks anon.

>> No.43551013

And even if the Kitsune start out worse than Inukami, if I went Inukami I'm being paid /300/ CP to be super-powered individual with a dog-tail.

>> No.43551014

You JUST realized Kerbals are Grots/Gretchin who somehow don't have any Orks around?

>> No.43551089

I'm sure there is a game somewhere with space ship customization where the at would be appropriate

but to my knowledge a jump hasn't been made yet.

>> No.43551091

They start out weaker due to the time required to get stronK. So for jump purposes you're going to be out of your weight class more often than not and somebody is holding your leash who you have to obey. Hence the cp.

My suggestion is if you go fluffy tail to use Narnian Time to advance your age to 1000 years in that form or barring that to be well prepared and have a plan to kill everything before it kills you.

>> No.43551117

Why go fox fluffy tail when you could be superior tanuki fluffy tail?

>> No.43551130

That'd be an issue normally, except...

>You can make a previous companion your master.

It suddenly becomes a non-issue.

>> No.43551132

The idea is the same behind why being a Servant in Fate is a drawback. You're forced into doing someone's bidding for 10 years as their utter and total slave. losing power over yourself and your fate.

>> No.43551155

Somebody needs to get on a Warship Gunner jump pronto for blue water navy.

>> No.43551157

See >>43551132

This is not a new or exclusive thing.

>> No.43551161

Again, same issue. >>43551130

It's a non-issue unless you Companionized assholes.

>> No.43551184

Again, see >>43551157

This is not an exclusive thing. Your complaints about this setup are a complaint about how it's set up in many jumps, not just this one. Therefore you're fighting an uphill battle and you shouldn't expect to force your view on us.

>> No.43551213

You don't get points for being a servant anon, it's a 0cp thing.

>> No.43551219

Well, if it was blue water navy, I'd suggest Wars-


>> No.43551251

Still a drawback. Inukami is also older than the current Fate jumps and thus a pioneer of this this system.

>> No.43551257

Not CP, no, but you do get 1000 SP to spend on Servant abilities, though.

>> No.43551258

He's... not complaining?

Who the fuck would complain about being given points for being super-powered fluffy-tail?

Why the fuck does it always gotta be complaining, anon?

>> No.43551263


Now up-sized to include the ACU and Five Star Stories increases. It's near the Death Star.

>> No.43551274

He sure comes across as complaining about that.

>> No.43551337

I swear some anon would try and make the LoT as big as a fucking halo ring I just know it,

>> No.43551359

I think anything larger than this outpowers the LoT by such a factor that it'd actually be weak for a weapon of the size.

>> No.43551422

The normal 35KM long LoT can destroy a planet with a Nova Cannon, it's definitely stronger than the Death Star, or the Citadel

>> No.43551423

Until you weld a Halo to the LoT and proof it against attacks the do damage against Neural Physics.

>> No.43551429

Anything larger probably makes LoT useless simply by not having enough power in the system to load one shell, or a lance firing putting out so much heat it kills any crewmember in a kilometer radius, or completely separate societies developing in different sections of the ship.

>> No.43551448

Well, technically I'm pretty sure an anon used a virus or something and made it even bigger then a halo ring last night

>> No.43551457


So the Nova Cannon's power is magnified to what level?

>> No.43551458


>> No.43551464

>completely separate societies developing in different sections of the ship.
This is a plot point of something that happens in the Basic LoT

>> No.43551475

I meant compared to shit like the Halo Rings or Unicron.

>> No.43551486

That's why Fleshmetal is so useful. Make the thing one giant living organism, no need for crew.

>> No.43551498

Magic and AI.

>> No.43551523

>I must maintain the ship
>No John, you are the ship
>And then John was a crewmember

>> No.43551573

Wouldn't the Kancolle jump fix the crew problem?

>> No.43551601


>> No.43551605

But it'd also turn her into a human-sized shipgirl, and it prevents her from turning BACK. If you gave her Memories Reborn, she'd get the true form as a Stand (essentially), but... yeah.

>> No.43551627


Here's the comparison of a normal Light of Terra, and ACU Light of Terra, and a ACU Mortar Head Light of Terra.

>> No.43551632

You now have a giantess girl who has the power to destroy world and the emotions of a human being/woman. DONT PISS IT OFF! Hell hath no fury like a woman's scorn they say.

>> No.43551638

I disagree with that interpretation. In every single other import, their previous body is retained as an alt form. Her ship should be an alt-form here.

>> No.43551651


... I want a Mythical detective Loki ragnarok jump now...

>> No.43551655

but it's rendered completely useless once you get a don't-have-to-eat perk or become a shapeshifter

>> No.43551671

a what

Even if you don't have to eat doesn't mean you can't do it for enjoyment. And when you do, you don't want to get fat from eating too much.

>> No.43551673

Yeah, but the Light isn't a companion before being turned into a shipgirl, so it's unclear if that would apply to it.

>> No.43551682

I'm not getting you.

>> No.43551688

Nah. Shipgirls seem fairly loyal and easy to waifu. Give her the D Cannon and things will be fine

>> No.43551732

>easy to waifu
Unless you're Naka.
Poor poor Naka.

>> No.43551742

wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Mythical_Detective_Loki_Ragnarok

>> No.43551764

I'd er on the side of yes, but since I think we've had this discussion before I'm mainly just saying this to present an alternate interpretation to the anon instead of arguing.

>> No.43551782

Fairly loyal yes. Easy to waifu also yes but jealousy is one thing I feel might be something people would have to worry about especially since you have a centuries old ship that has alot of war experience and not counting machine spirits.
But I am most likely thinking of the worse possible scenario here.

>> No.43551852

LoT probably adores her jumper given how shipgirls tend to think of their captains. Unless she is treated like disposable garbage there is no risk.

>> No.43551891

Again it's a Imperium ship I don't have high hopes even if it was imported into Kancolle but again this is just my pessimistic side showing when messing with anything from 40k.

>> No.43551909

She'd probably have the devotion of a Sororitas. She is a Battle-Sister, and you are her God-Admiral.

>> No.43551916

I'd like to point out that shipgirls have attributes that corrospond reasonably well with history. Yamato runs a nice hotel because she never got deployed, Kongo loves tea because she's half-British, Kaga and Zuikaku hate each other because CarDiv1 and CarDiv5 were rivals, and so on.

What would that translate to? Easy: LoT would have a major split personality. And each personality could love or hate you depending on the tribe's opinion of you. So, uhh, be careful.
Or I could just be reading too much into it and she would actually be a perfectly normal super busty Amazon. That's possible too.

>> No.43551959

I think her personality would be dependent on what upgrades you give her.

Imperial Guard would be devoted and loyal, Necron would be Egyptian Terminator Rei Ayanami, Tyranid would be a furry dream, etc.

>> No.43551969

Kind of adorable

>> No.43551982

Tau would be?

>> No.43552020

Super weeb

>> No.43552044

HA I had a feeling. Now to figure out what Space marine, tech priest and Eldar would be. Oh and DE.

>> No.43552093

>Space Marine
Jock girl. Totally fitness obsessed.
Geeky but not like the Otaku Tau.
Exactly as they are in canon.

>> No.43552105


Space Marine is Steel Rain All Day Everyday

Tech Priest is tech priest

Eldar would be tsundere, alternatively looking down on all the mon'keigh and worshiping your ass like it don't have Slaanesh written all over it

>> No.43552110

So Bitchy and Know it all?

>> No.43552128

Spot on. The worst sort of Tsundere.

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