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Fetish edition.

The usual disclaimer that some of these links may not work applies.

=GURPS Resources==
If you want to learn the basic mechanics of the system, get GURPS Lite for free at www.sjgames.com/gurps/lite/

Character Templates. Think Character Classes.

GURPS 4th edition Books:

4th edition Character Sheet utility:

Combat Examples. Very useful for new players and GMs! Check out how different options effect things.

GURPS Murder Simulator, a fun tool to simulate shooting people in GURPS.

GURPS 3rd edition PDFS. Unreliable. Try again if they don't work.

What Skills should every PC have? Good idea, moderate execution.

Combat Cheat Sheet

Random utility

Magic System comparisons
http://pastebin.com/4Wk6gB2D (HTTP)

Planet and star generator:

Innate Attack Calculator, missing some modifiers:

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"But why GURPS?"

1) The splatbooks/worldbooks are universally written by people who know what they're talking about. The Fantasy book is written by archaeologists and historians, the Space book is written by astrophysicists, the Guns book is written by gun experts, etc. The factual mistakes are few and far between, and almost always acknowledged later. They give great advice on how to make believable worlds, how FTL affects society, how magic changes warfare, how real supernatural elements change secret societies... or how to ignore all realism and make whatever setting you want in a way that players can't take advantage of. They're great reads, even if you don't use the system.

2) GURPS has rules to handle anything. You don't need to use them all (why bother with rules for asphyxiating in a vacuum in a game about biker gangs?) but they're there. So if a game doesn't go where you expect, and your party of adventurers buy a wagon and start managing a merchant caravan company, there are books to support that style of play in a systemic way, integrated with the core rules in a way that makes sense. This also makes it great for crazy blends of game. Dungeonpunk with automatic firearms? Yes.

3) GURPS by default uses "heroic realism". This is when the odds on the heroes' sides but reality doesn't bend for them. Two bullets will knock a human unconscious (but not immediately kill him - this is fairly realistic) but hitting a moving target more than 100m away in a firefight is hard as hell. It suits games that go for a realistic or gritty feel and gives a break from the slightly cartoony damage sponges in games like D&D but can be customised with optional rules to change the feel from "Fuck You, There Are No Heroes and the World is Shit" right up to "The Heroes are Good and Always Triumph Over Evil". Incidentally, what makes it heroic realism also makes it the best game on the market to play a game about Operators Operating Operationally.

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I love Sorcery!

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Alllrighty, how do I stat liches for your usual DnD-like fantasy power level?

I guess high points Wizard + Skeletal Undead without brittle quality is a good start. What else?

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I kinda want to try sorcery on my mage which is more of a witch anyways, but the character is built as a mage so Im afraid it would ruin her build totally to switch...

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Unkillable 3, with a "equipment based" limitation applied.

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Also likely some modifier for it being a somewhat valuable object which thy often are.
IRC, never had anything to do with liches though.

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What is a good magic system to work into a more realistic, historical based setting. I want it rare and hard and dangerous to learn and use. Of course, still worth learning and putting effort into it as it is the only source of supernatural effects.

I think something like RPM, but it seems to lack the scary bits.

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>it seems to lack the scary bits
What about botches? If your skill is low, and you try to do anything fancy, the whole ritual will blow in your face in some spectacular ways.

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Oh yeah, there is that...

Anyone tried the optional rule for fright checks when casting or learning spells?

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I'm thinking, in my low-ish, dark-ish (Conan-esque?) fantasy game I'm mulling over to just use standard skill-based magic, with the following limit:

Magic is ceremonial by default. Casting times are 10x longer, a mage can take a -1 to reduce this by 1 (up to -10) and can buy off the time/penalty for (X) points per level.

I'm thinking of allowing a bonus of +1 to roll for each step you "downgrade" your casting ritual. Also maybe a few bonuses available for "magic implements".

How does that sound? What is a good cost for (X)? Was thinking 3-5 points.

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Perhaps you want another system?
Ritual path magic might be better. Mages arent exactly damage dealers as it and most spells are situational utility spells anyways.
10x casting time will just downright make them useless IMO.

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I'm on a mobile so I can't check - how detailed are the writeups of symbolic and syntactic magic? Vs, say, 4x5 from fudge? I assume symbolic has a big old pile of power limiters or something, aside from time.

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And for when I have a chance, is it just the titled books (Space, spirits, fantasy, thaumatology) that talk about how that kind of development interacts with a world? Or are there seperate splats? I take it none of them really reference the other, like space faring civs and magic fruitcakes together.

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The Dungeon Fantasy Lich has Unkillable 3 with limitation "Only killable in no-mana areas" with the suggestion that it is using some item to produce high levels of mana. According to the CER metrics introduced in Pyramid 3/77 it has offense rating 100, protective rating 59, and total CER of 159, this makes it one of the strongest enemies of all the DF supplements at the time of writing.

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I just made this for a conversion project I'm working on... trying to redo some FF1 NES dungeons as GURPS dungeons, in hindsight, the dungeons are really boring, so I need to make a lot of embellishments to GURPSize them, like indicating parts where the lighting is low, making some areas secret, adding traps and acrobatic/parkour features, etc.

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Yeah, may be.

Our current game is ending and we aren't sure who or what will be run next. GURPS (and maybe 3.x D&D) is the only system everyone seems to know, so I'm trying to avoid teaching a whole new system.

Unfortunatley, I don't have a lot of practical play knowledge of GURPS' magic to be very familiar at what I want, so I'm kinda shooting in the dark.

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Maybe threshold/Umana? Or a Umana variant of RPM?


Two words: "Calamity Checks"

>Pyramid 3/77

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Ritual Path Magic in it's default is pretty good for slow flexible magic (a 40 point advantage can make it significantly *Faster* but still prohibitively slow for fighting.)
Instead of buying a list of spells from a menu, you buy experience in certain elements called paths. Using formulas in the book, you can calculate energy for spells on the fly and figure out what paths are required to cast those. Each gathering of energy takes 5 minutes (or 5 seconds with the 40 point advantage) and by taking a -1 penalty you can speed it up by 1 minute (second).

At low to moderate skill levels, nominal spells take 20 to 30 minutes (seconds.) To counteract the time constraint, there is a built in mechanic for storing rituals in "charms" to be used nearly instantaneously later (eg: I can spend 30 minutes making a fireball charm talisman in my off time, and when I need it in battle, I can near instantly have my fireball by ripping the talisman in half)

You have a chance to fail at every energy gathering iteration (it is only a complete failure on a critical failure) but as stats work out, when you have a 98.5% chance of succeeding times a 98.5% chance of succeeding times a 98.5% chance of succeeding, ad nauseum, it begins to approach dangerously unlikely.

Costs can be mitigated by a subjective discount system (GM discounts cool sounding rituals accordingly) or an *almost* objective system (Spell elements are aligned to horoscopes and astrology according to the thaumatology book, performing sacrifices according to the listings there give specific discount amounts)

The system is super flexible and can emulate fantasy literature wizards and magicians that can do almost any type of spell which a menu of spells might not contain, but it is balanced by being very slow.

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Im thinking of a weapon for zero-g melee.

A powerfist like contraption that grants a figther the ability to crush or tear their opponents.

At its core the weapon is just an mechanic hand which reacts to the wearer but contains powerful servos that gives the wielder enourmous strength as he grips the opponent.

How would you rule such a weapon? TL 10 without superscience.

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Here's the CER table from the issue.
It makes it helpful to gauge how difficult an encounter is likely to be, and if you follow the rules for giving CP based on whether a fight was easy, average, hard, etc, it kinda gives you a metric to know in shorthand whether a fight was hard, or will be hard, and whether it is the difference between being worth 0, 1, or 2 cp. (Though the article says, it still defers to GM Fiat because stats aren't always right)

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So I'm slowly gearing up to run a GURPS game again. It's been a while though, so I'm trying to work my under-developed GM'in muscles back into shape.

I'm wondering about fun ideas to throw at people or have in the background. The setting is Tl 4-5^, and sort of loosely inspired by the Italian Civil Wars / 30 Year Wars. The PC's have just been hired by a down on its luck free company ( the current captain won it in a game of cards ).
The company also has a letter of merit as a Tax Farming Company, customs inspection and general public safety group.

So far they've been involved a in a manhunt for The World Most Wanted Criminal, based on the piracy incident in 1695 where someone did indeed spark of the first international manhunt because of piracy.

Rival mercenary companies? Murder investigation (How to make that fun? Maybe a food riot? Maybe a mysterious count from somewhere called "Cristo" has just arrived in town with his personal fortune and is slowly hunting down a series of rivals?

essentially, any fun ideas for historical stuff or novels I can mine for events set ca. 1400-1800?

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So I want to run a GURPS Rogue Trader game. My players and myself love character creation for Rogue Trader with the 'origin path'. If you aren't familiar you start at a point on the top level of this big chart, which is homeworld, then you move down the to the next level which is birthright I believe, and choose the one directly below or diagonally. You continue this until you reach the bottom layer which is your career, gaining traits and bonuses and background the whole way down. At any point where two or more players intersect that is a point in their backstory where they know each other.

We really enjoy a "flow chart" style of character creation instead of personally hand tweaking every nut and bolt. So I want to replicate this using templates with all the math already done by me and in hidden in the background, so they don't see that the 'shiplorn' Trials and Travails is actually a 50 point template and here is how the advantages and disadvantages add up to 50. How should I go about this?

Also how many points should all these add up? Rogue Traders and their crew are some of the richest, most powerful people in the Galaxy, in The rpg a starting Rogue Trader character is equivalent to a Dark Heresy character with around 5000 experience, and a 40k GURPS conversion (which is very helpful, but I still want to tweak for the needs of my group) placed Dark Heresy characters at about 200 points, so Rogue Trader characters should be around 500?

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Quick question

Is there anything useful for a thief/rogue character for baroque fantasy setting in Fantasy, or I'm good with just Basic Set?

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Pick related. Because I forgot it and I suck at explaining things.

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I guess you could do lots of mini packages and it may even be interesting.

Like make each option a 20-50 pt package and use that to add on to a 100 point home planet package or something.

It would be handy for people who know the setting, but not the system.

However, it would take a substantial amount of work to put it together to ultimately limit character creation. Part of the joy of GURPS is not having such limits and just spending points on whatever works for your guy and the story you have in your head. Adding artificial limits on how you spend your points...

Again, it is valuable for new players I guess, but it is a fair amount of work to set up.

GURPS Fantasy has a bunch of 100(?) point "classes" in it if I recall, may want to take an idea from them.

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Make a small set of advantage packages that you feel cover the different backgrounds.
And seeings as rogue traders are those badboys who fly all over the place doing all kinds of crazy crap, yeah 500 pts is fine. Especially in the 40k universe where everything is deadly.
Also on points, as long as you have shit you can throw at them you can deal with the points I gather.

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Okay, how do I do this? Like would the ability to be better at crushing things be strinking strenght of some form?

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I'm stupid. What does 1d,2d,3d+1pi etc mean?

>> No.43464479


Damage, mostly. 2d+1 pi(ercing) means that you roll to 6 sided die and add 1 to it. This is the amount of damage you did.

Someone takes 2d+1 dmg: I roll 4 and 3 so: 4+3+1=8. Damage types are in the campaigns book IRC.

>> No.43464696


I'd say the grab and crush is probably best modelled as a Constriction Attack, which is my go-to advantage for a damaging effect which follows a grapple. If you need it to be extra strong, then Striking ST (One Attack Only) seems like a plausible way to do that, although you could make a case for Arm ST as well, I guess.

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>Here's the CER table from the issue.

Nice *saves*

Wanted to know how you calc CER and stuff tho.

>> No.43464977


and pi is the type of attack which has multipliers.

>> No.43465005


So, uh. Constriction Attack with the striking ST advantage. The race I use it with has ST 20 on their template. But still say I add Striking ST +5 for its graplling. How would I stat this as and advantage?
And how should I price this as an item?

>> No.43466990


If memory serves, Striking ST stacks with normal ST for, well, striking. That's why it costs instead of being a disadvantage.

So, ST+Striking ST bonus+5

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Quick question about Technical Grappling: does Force Posture Change count as "default[ing] to ST"? Technically it doesn't, as the defaults only lists DX and unarmed grappling skills; at the same time, effectively it does because the quick contest uses the higher of Trained ST or Force Posture Change technique.

I think they didn't include ST in the defaults to avoid abuse of Technique Mastery, but RAW this means entangling weapons cannot trip or take down opponents in any way besides crippling their leg with a Wrench Limb attack; you can't just pull it out from under them.

>> No.43468362


It does, it stacks but its more about how to make this into an Item.
Im thinking of seeing what the closest items to the components cost and add it together.

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Bumping because of this

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I just literally did a ctrl + F for thief... there are a few paragraphs that describe techniques for thieves to grab weapons out of a wizard's hand, a technique for stealing purses by quickly cutting a strap with little resistance, a little bit saying that smart thieves steal away from home for sake of reputations, and about three templates about thieves who specialize in stealing specific things; included there are typical "monthly wages" for those types of thieves.

If you didn't need fantasy before, that much information doesn't seem to make it worth it to me.

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What GURPS books should I download for a hard early middle ages fantasy (low magic) including the basic rules? Never used GURPS before.

>> No.43468948

Thanks! I will check that out.

And yeah, I know that that is the main appeal of GURPS. We just don't really care all that much about the specific little things. Even back when we played 3.5 dnd we though just assigning skill points was a miserable, choice fatigue inducing mess. I do enjoy getting under the hood of systems though, a trait that draws me gurps and do be forever dm. However I share my group's philosophy for character creation and want to make it as easy as possible for them.

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Low-Tech is a great addition; as it's an equipment book with few extra rules to confuse players/the GM, it can be used by even the greenest groups without worry.
Martial Arts, while it has great rules for bringing that "hard" aspect to combat with its gritty realism rules and has a large number of style perfect for medieval-era not!Europe, may be too much for a new group. Learn and master the basics first, then introduce this book.
Thaumatology has a bunch of alternate magic systems. Depending on your definition of low magic, you might find something in here. If you want, though, you can post more details on the kind of magic you want and we can try and save you some legwork.

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Basic Set, because well, duh
Martial Arts, because you are gonna hack things
Magic, because well, duh
Thaumatology, because it's better way of handling magic, trust me
Low Tech, because that's what your setting is going to be
Fantasy Tech for flavour

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Magic is most commonly found in the great enemy, the Fey, nature spirits who use nature as a weapon. They'll spawn horrifying flesh monsters, mutate wildlife to suit their ends, spawn plant golems, sap souls, and are very powerful illusionists.

Magic for the mortal races (Men and Goblins for now) are far more limited and they are restricted to things similar to Norse pagan seers or early Christian priests, calling in miracles or using prescience by runes or signs found in nature. PC's basically are much more like LOTR when it comes to magic, with it requiring rituals, prayer, holy items, etc.

>> No.43469412

There's a booklet called Divine Favor, it's about praying to get stuff. Might be of use to you.

>> No.43469417

Action 4: Specialists may have done the heavy lifting for you. It lists a ton of 25-point and 50-point mini-templates you're supposed to add onto a basic "you can survive in an action-packed modern adventure" 100-point template. They range from specialist training (Hostile Extraction, Disease Control, Forest and Jungle Training, Amphibious Operations) to more general background templates that would fit more character types (Bon Vivant, Bushwhacker, Criminal Past, Sailor). I think that's worth looking at; even if it doesn't do everything for you, I'd bet you can find quite a few useful templates and take a note from the rest.

>> No.43469533

Semi-related with those

Any particular advices or "must have" elements for cat burglar? TL7, 250 points, 125 disadvantage limit

>> No.43469697

Out of curiosity, just how much does GURPS cover? Is there a book for prehistoric life? Troy?

>> No.43469811

Low-Tech (and excellent companions) covers bronze to early gunpowder ages well. I believe there is a book about cave men and shit, but it isn't something I'm into so not 100%.

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>just how much does GURPS cover
Just check the pic

>> No.43469855

For prehistoric life, there are GURPS Dinosaurs, GURPS Ice Age (both 3e), and Lands Out of Time for 4e. As well as Big Lizzie, which is a dinosaur/western themed scenario for 4e.

>> No.43469906

>For prehistoric life, there are GURPS Dinosaurs, GURPS Ice Age (both 3e), and Lands Out of Time for 4e.

Jesus fuck.

>> No.43469945

That's exactly what I'm looking for. Between that, the Basic Set templates, the fantasy ones mentioned, and this handy dandy 40k gurps conversion I think I'm well on my way.

>> No.43469987

>125 disadvantage limit

>> No.43470269

Dude, not exactly helpful. Besides, disadvantages are optional.

>> No.43470362

A question for my fellow GURPSfags: how many points of disadvantages do you usually put on your characters and how many do you think would make most characters unplayable?

My players usually seem to go for about 30 points (including a few quirks) and I'm not too strict about enforcing them and I usually run games which are pretty low-pressure; for example several PC's took pacifism or other combat disadvantages and I responded by making combat mostly optional and letting them talk their way through a lot of stuff.

Even so, they typically do have issues with their disadvantages and I really doubt I could handle a group with twice as many disadvantages on each character.

However, published books seem to treat 50 points in disadvantages as standard. That seems profoundly crippling for a lot of character concepts.

>> No.43470487

30 is also my sweet spot, and 50 usually my playable maximum

It's also helpful to consider inherent disadvantages all players will have for the sake of the game. Usually dity (if they all work together for a large company/army/megacorp) or enemies (earned through play) or weirdness magnet (they are the primary characters in the game narrative, usually)

Often the most debilitating disadvantages for a pc are ones he role plays against, or fails to roleplay/bring up himself. A merchant with hemophilia who never gets into combat, or maybe a color blind mercenary fighter. These are point crock disadvantages; free points because they don't really penalise you but grant bonus points

>> No.43470535

My players tend to buy specific ones; impulsive, greedy, overconfidence and bloodless. They always roleplay them, and only often resist if they know there will be major implications or fallout in a given moment. Sometimes they even "fall on the sword" and just roleplay it out with the flawed action.

Are they doing it right? Or wrong?

>> No.43470813


The obvious skills are: climbing, forced entry, lockpicking, search and stealth.

Slightly less obvious ones:

Acrobatics or Jumping will help you survive when you fail your climbing roll or help you get over obstacles quickly.

Animal Handling (Canines) is useful for dealing with guard dogs.

Architecture tells you the weak points of a building and helps with finding hidden rooms. Surveying might help.

Connoisseur (Art or Jewelry) is good for identifying what to take.

Electrician is good for cutting the power and for knowing which bits of wall are safe to cut through.

Escape is the skill for squeezing through narrow gaps. The Flexible advantage is helpful.

Observation is good for staking out a location, as is just having a high Perception.

If you need to defeat electronic security systems you probably need some combination of Traps, Electronics Operations, Electronics Repair and Computer Hacking.

For getting through the toughest barriers, you can use explosives or acid. Chemistry is essential to manufacture them, while Demolitions or Hazardous Materials let you use them with minimal risk.

To sell stolen goods you probably need Streetwise and possibly Merchant; a number of Contacts will also be very handy.

Absolute Direction and Night Vision are extremely useful when navigating through a dark building.

>> No.43471367

Depends on the kind of disadvantage. There are, generally, two camps for disadvantages to fall into: limited options and mechanical penalties.

Limited options are the ones that GMs fear, as they are a pain to include. Your character can't cross water or can't lie or has to drink or something like that; the disadvantage means some avenue accessible to others is not accessible to you. GMs have to twist their campaign around there or risk everything going off the rails.

Penalties are easier to deal with. Your character's an ugly social outcast with a bad eye? That's just a handful of penalties to social rolls and vision-based Per rolls. Bam.

75 is my go-to limit. Enough for a handful of doozy disadvantages and a smattering of lesser ones.

>> No.43472053

I'd add perfect balance to that probably.
I'd say maybe holdout or gizmos to have ways to get small tools in and valuable treasures out.

Depending on who you want to be, if you want to take a social engineering route, consider Fast-Talk, Acting, and disguise.

If you are talking a kinda flashy campaign where you are facing a nemesis cop/detective over and over, at TL7, you probably want to be really good at driving.

Like the other guy said, you should have background skills to know if what you are stealing is worth it.

You might also think about forgery if you are worried about being fooled, or want to fool someone else.

>> No.43472618

Doing a fantasy pirate game soon and considering adding what are essentially devil fruits from One Piece. My question is how do I represent that devil fruit users are paralyzed when in contact with water? Thinking of doing it as a weakness to a common element (sea water) but I'm not sure.

>> No.43472700

I'd go with Quadriplegic (Only in contact with water, -10%) [72]. That limitation would normally give a larger 'discount,' but if it's a high-seas adventure, the setting might as well be Waterworld; the threat of falling in the water is omnipresent.

>> No.43472922

Hmm yeah that would work thanks.

My plan for the devil fruits is make them a package: Unusual background maybe 20 points or so and the paralyzed disadvantage. Of course this makes it a -50ish disadvantage but the idea is that they spend those points on their powers.

>> No.43472958
File: 49 KB, 552x401, I aint even know whose song this is dont tape question mark.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Mysterious data and documents as plot devices and macguffins

>> No.43473087

>You might also think about forgery if you are worried about being fooled, or want to fool someone else.

Apparently real high-level thieves will sometimes produce copies of a work of art (or rare artifact, etc.) they are planning to steal, then set up several buyers, steal the piece, give the genuine item to one of the buyers and forgeries to the rest and pocket several times the item's value.

>> No.43474636

What's the best TL3 melee weapon for a high-powered martial artist character?

Options I'm considering:

Hatchet and Sickle: very cheap base cost, so easy to upgrade to fine quality. Hatchet is throwable, sickle can be used to hook or impale, both offer decent cutting damage when upgraded to fine.

Jian: it's relatively expensive and low damage, but has reach 2 with thrusts and gets fencing parries when used with Rapier skill. Could be paired with a small shield or something like a Rondel Dagger or Knife Wheel wielded with Main Gauche skill.

Long Knife and Kukri: low damage, but can be used without penalty in close combat. Cheap enough to be made fine, somewhat offsetting the problems with low damage. Knife skill is Easy, meaning you get +1 skill compared to a similar build with other weapons.

Quarterstaff: good base damage and nice bonus to parry, but I'm fucked if I need to fight in tight spaces and it only does crushing damage. Can't be made balanced and gets no bonus for being fine.

>> No.43475144


I've always been a fan of the dueling halberd, incredible damage with Swing+4 Cut or Swing+3 Imp, and a Thrust+3 Imp in case you need to parry. Also relatively cheap at $120.

You're good as long as you don't put yourself up against a wall, if you do, you're in a tough spot regardless of weapon. Get the perk for switching grip as a free action and keep them at range, so their only options are move & attack or All-out attack or extra effort if you use that rule.

>> No.43475272

I'm a fan of spear with the staff skill for backup; with Form Mastery you can switch between the two skills freely as often as you want, meaning you can attack as a spear but defend as a staff. Tight spaces still will be inhospitable (though Close Combat on it's own isn't bad; jabbing with the butt or doing a two-handed shove with a long weapon is great with spears. Just don't get stuck in a crevasse and you should be fine), but the long spear's low cost means you can make it an Armor Piercing Fine Balanced Long Spear for about as much as your baseline Thrusting Greatsword. If 2,3* is too much reach, the normal spear comes out to $640, less than your baseline jian.

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Does someone have idea of how to stat a drill in GURPS? Is there a drill in some sourcebook?

>> No.43475873

GURPS High-Tech has a Rock Drill, Power Drill, and Hand Drill.

>> No.43476085

Wow, thanks a lot, anon. I still hadn't looked at High Tech, but I was right on the money about drills causing Huge Piercing damage with Armor Divisor (2).

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i DM every weekend but i still consider myself to be a general idiot, do i even have a chance of understanding/effectively using gurps?

>> No.43476287

I think of once you get into the mindset that everything is optional and it's more of system to make a system than an actual system, it is fairly idiot-proof. It's incredibly time intensive for the gm though. Although once done, you can run damn near anything at any level of complexity. It can be lower than Fate levels of simple at its core mechanic (3d6 roll-under). Or so complicated it basically becomes a simulation of gun physics. Or anything in between.

But seriously, it's a fuck load of work. Especially when you care about presentation like I do. I don't just give a list of which rules I am using and reference pages for skills and equipments. I like to write it ALL up. I may be autistic though, so there is that.

>> No.43476298

Yes, start by getting GURPS Lite it's free and is basically GURPS for dummies*.
*Not to be confused with the actual GURPS for Dummies. Which you also should read, it's a good book and will help you GM better.

>> No.43476335

GURPS being difficult is a meme.
GURPS is by default quite complex though, but
a) you can tune it to your liking (however, you need to know the options before cutting them out)
b) dnd, for example, is at least as complex, but less consistent and more ad hoc, and nobody seems to notice that

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thanks bros

alright, this is where i start to ask stupid questions. So far as i understand it, everything works under the 3d6 system? I was hoping to create a d20 style game very similar to 5e, but i just dont see how complex a game can be when the only system is 3d6

>> No.43476838

GURPS Dungeon Fantasy covers this pretty well. You can think of Templates as classes.

>> No.43477790

Your question seems odd. Or you know something about task resolution design that I don't.

Firstly, the dice used in a system in no way are indicative of the complexity of the system. Be it one d6 only, or the whole range of Platonic and Catalan solids and other isohedra. Their point is to simulate a random variable - you can use a tablet or computer for that, but dice are used for various reasons.

One d6 is probably of too low resolution (16%+), so we want to use something different - d10 gives us 10%, d20 - 5%, 2d6 is trickier (2.78% is the lowest, but other probabilities are not multiples of that), 3d6 gives 0.46% for lowest, but the same applies.

3, 0.462962962963
4, 1.38888888889
5, 2.77777777778
6, 4.62962962963
7, 6.94444444444
8, 9.72222222222
9, 11.5740740741
10, 12.5
11, 12.5
12, 11.5740740741
13, 9.72222222222
14, 6.94444444444
15, 4.62962962963
16, 2.77777777778
17, 1.38888888889
18, 0.462962962963

You can google up what normal distribution is and why 3d6 can be more beneficial. For one, it has significantly less variance than 1d20. Also it means that modifiers (like +1 to Lockpicking) mean more and it's less bloated.

tl;dr - 3d6 is quite rich in what it can model, I suggest you read Lite rules, some combat examples, and some info on Gaussian distribution (or, rather, the distribution of a sum of r. v.)

>> No.43478287

>i just dont see how complex a game can be when the only system is 3d6
I'm sorry but you might just be too retarded for GURPS.

>> No.43478656

Sounds like the plot of quite famous Polish criminal comedy, where bunch of thieves pulled perfect heist to seize the only da Vinci painting in Poland and sold it to the buyer... and another buyer... and another, five times in total. Because the old hazelnut wood cabinet had 5 drawers, they've got 5 boards to make on them perfect copies of the original, sold them for absurd cash, while returning the original to the museum and ending up with pile of money and nobody to chase them.

>> No.43478703
File: 6 KB, 235x206, miss the point.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>i just dont see how complex a game can be when the only system is 3d6
Compared to what? Mentioned by you d20?

Are you fucking kidding us?

>> No.43479020
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i prefaced by saying im not a clever man, no need to be rude

i was taking into consideration for a d20 system all of the different dice one could use (d4 to d20) seemed more complex than only using 3d6

>> No.43479117

GURPS uses 3d6 for success rolls mainly, like how d20 system uses d20s. It also uses nd6 with modifiers for damage, making it more versatile in the same way DnD uses d4 for daggers ans d8 for longsword. GURPS daggers give -1 to your damage but you can deal piercing damage. (Not fully certain if I'm right here.)

>> No.43479220

Let me get this straight.
Game is more complex, because it requires specific set of dice, instead of just being made with actual Math in consideration and thus being able to pull everything using d6?

Truly, you are not a clever man, at least probability-wise

>> No.43479282

>125 disadvantage limit
What the fuck? Is the campaign about cursed people or what?

>> No.43479313

Say /tg/, in the Basic Set it says that the Innate Attack skill is used for the Innate Attack advantage, until there everything is alright. But the description of the Innate Attack skill also says that it's only used for ranged attacks, which makes me question: what skill is used for an Innate Attack advantage with the Melee Attack limitation?

>> No.43479331

Brawling by default. You can change this without a point cost (I think).

>> No.43479444

There is also a perk (Psychic Guidance) which allows you to substitute the roll for a Missile spell skill roll.

>> No.43479515

Also nice trips.
But mostly, what?

>> No.43479671

That pertains only for Projectiles, though, not Melee.
By default, to throw fireballs you 1) cast it, rolling against your Fireball skill; 2) throw it, rolling against your Innate Attack skill.
Psychic Guidance perk (costs 1pt.) allows you to substitute the second roll (against Innate Attack) for rolling against your Fireball skill (again) to throw it .

>> No.43479754

Gotta stack my cursed+unluckiness+weirdness magnet combo in there somehow, you know.

>> No.43479850

I'd be concerned that people would make unplayable characters who have no capacity to actually "adventure" or whatever.

>> No.43479903


>Survive tooth and nail through demonic invasion.
>Phew I actually got to the register this time...

>> No.43480311

They're doing it right. It's a character flaw: it's something the character *Should* do, whether or not they *want* to do it.

>> No.43480312


>"That'll be fifteen thirty, sir."
>Go for wallet
>It's not there

>> No.43480375

Couple of questions on DF 5: Allies.
1. What am I losing by skipping 'Summonable, +100%' modifier?
2. Why do all animals have 'Wealth (Dead Broke) [-25]'? Seems it was added just to lower the point cost, couldn't one also add negative Status and such? Feels a bit munchkiney.

>> No.43480383

>it's now the Urumi of Blessed Destruction, stolen from the twin gods of war and terror hundreds of years ago.
>they're still rather cross about that
>have fun

>> No.43480391

>Ask the guy behind me in the queue for three dollars
>Comment on the nice trenchcoat good style
>Martherian, the Swarming Mass, The Crippingly Shy Swarm of Sentient Spiders, offers a few cob-web covered notes
>Get my soda
>also get sixty-eight exciting new spider bites.

>> No.43480413

It's munchkin-ish, but it's also a component of GURPS in that animals don't own any amount of money or wealth, so they are dead broke.

It's the same reason most animals get a very large chunk of points for their lowered IQ scores, which they then use to buy a lot of other things but still come out as a pretty low cost. In some sense it's techincally munchkinny, because why not just make "bestial" worth [-40] and then stipulate something like "IQ doesn't allow for advanced cognition, sapience or intelligence or any skill requiring intelligence but is 10 for purposes of perception and will".

But that's the way GURPS works.

>> No.43480443

Does Summonable mean you snap your fingers and if you make the Frequency of Appearance roll, they are just there?

Without that, if you want your Ally somewhere you have to contact them and get them where you want them to be and hope it turns out you need them.

>> No.43480496

>However, published books seem to treat 50 points in disadvantages as standard.

Where? Most templates have 35 points of disadvantages at most.

And personally I don't like taking most of the mental disadvantages.

>> No.43480583

Don't the templates specifically "short" you disad points for you to customize?

>> No.43480620

No, and the generally recommended disad amount is between 15 and 25% of the total points.

>> No.43480628

Um... Is there anywhere a template for werewolves? Or I need to make one?

>> No.43480686
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Fantasy, Horror, Banestorm.

Probably some others.

>> No.43480705


monster hunters 3 - The enemy

>> No.43480727
File: 67 KB, 432x393, 1440757067393.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not seen that one, is it a more powerful version?

>> No.43480819

Monster Hunters is like the Resident Evil and Underworld movies. Cinematic, high-powered monster slayers hunt down evil creatures of the night in the modern world. But, GURPS being what it is, templates are pretty much universal, as long as they're setting appropriate. A Werewolf from Monster Hunters will work with Dungeon Fantasy, and *could* work with, say, Transhuman Space, if you really felt the need for Martian colonies to suddenly have an issue with Werewolves savaging colonists who wander out into the outback during a full moon.

>> No.43480845


yup. stronger version. But you must also know Monster Hunters are based on 400 points creation so everything has some sort of steroid. Speaking of which Vampire Master or Vampire Lord is thing to be afraid of.

And this is why I love GURPS. It is great at emulating monster tropes. Slowly moving zombies that are unfazed by gun fire. Vampires that move with preternatural speed and break spines like they were made of paper.

Only system that allow me to emulate fashioned sword and sorcery style like Conan. Powerful wizards that destroy armies but one sword strike and you can kill the bastard mage.

>> No.43480850
File: 2.17 MB, 3242x1741, 1433814488084.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I know Monster Hunters is high powered, that is why I wondered if that werewolf template was more powerful than the others.

Speaking of, friendly reminder there is no god.

>> No.43480874
File: 1.78 MB, 2000x2200, NOPE.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.43481064
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Pfft, I'm an idiot and didn't read the question properly. Yeah, it's a more powerful template.

>> No.43481093

That's not really how that works though. More and different types of dice does not make a game better or more complicated. Everyone thinks your retarded, but it's okay, I was weaned off of d20 once too.

But I guess I the simplest way to explain the 3d6 system and it's benefits over d20 is the bell curve. This word is thrown around a lot but if you don't know what it means, or appreciate its value in rpg design you could just think are all jacking off to muh bell curves.

So a d20 has of course 20 sides, which means the chances of getting any particular number is 5%, statistically it will average out to an average roll of 10, but you won't actually be rolling around ten every time. So you unless you have a stupid high modifier to something like +30 you can't be sure you'll pass because the d20 is too random. The classic example being an arm wrestle between an 8 strength wizard and a 20 strength barbarian. There should be absolutely no way the wizard can win but if the wizard rolls a 16and the barbarian rolls a 2, the frail wizard obliterates the barbarian because the actual stats don't matter as much as randomness of the d20 roll.

However in 3d6, the average roll for each die is 3, added together that's 9. The average human stat is 10 and it's a roll under system, which means the average human can succeed a normal difficulty task. Not to mention there are a lot more ways to add up to these middle numbers 8-12 than a single die resolution, meaning your results will be weighted towards the middle instead of the extremes (3 and 18, the best and worst results have something like a 1.6% chance, significantly lower than other numbers.). So now, let's take the same barbarian and wizard. The wizard rolls a 9 this time, and the barbarian rolls an 11, since they want to roll under their score the barbarian wins by a lot, and the wizard fails, losing.

I'm at work so that's pretty choppy. But I want to help, I'll post more when I can.

>> No.43481176

A d6 average is 3.5. The average 3d6 roll is 10.5

>> No.43481262

I did not know that. But I really don't think it effects my point too much.

>> No.43481363

Your point is that it's less random, which is true, but your explanation as of why is slightly retarded. Or, well, completely, since it doesn't actually explain anything.

>> No.43481606

Man, how do I price spaceship fuel? Like FTL is free but delta V aint. So how the fuck do I price it?

>> No.43481637


Well, no.

Mathematically the average roll is 3½ but since no dice in the history of the world uses half integers as sides, the actual average roll is 3-4 - better expressed that there's a 50 % chance of 1-3 and a 50 % chance of 4-6 (which is how you get that 3½, since you're not actually saying that you can somehow magically roll 3½ on your d6 but that you've got a fifty fifty shot of hitting the median number)

It's entirely reasonable to state that the average roll is 3 since what most people mean when they say "average" is "median", and about half the times your dice will roll 3 or less and about half the time it'll 4 or more.

His explanation of why it's less random is neither retarded nor particularly odd. He literally just explained how the GURPS dice end up in a bell curve - "there's a lot more ways to add up into these middle numbers" is what a bellcurve *is* - and that's why using 3d6 gives a slightly more reasonable result than a flut curve of equal statistical probability of 1-20.

There's no need to be a twit, you know. At least that anon was trying to be helpful and explain why the dice mechanics are somewhat better suited to some cases of dice rolls. his explanation is entirely valid.

>> No.43481725

The problem is that if you say a d6 rolls 3 on average, which is "kinda true", you're also saying that 3d6 rolls 9 on average, which is definitively not true.

>> No.43481775


But it is true. Mathematically so.

Except technically it's 3.5 and 9.5 respectively. Those are the average values.

In the case of 3d6, an outcome of 9 and 10 is statistically more likely than any other outcome. See >>43477790

Do you know what an "average" is?

>> No.43481812

Yes. Sorry, I'mm gonna sound like a pretentious, bragging prick now, but I have studied statistics and probability at University level. and the most common outcome of 3d6 is 10 or 11, an average of 10.5.

>> No.43481840


Spaceships 1, bottom of page 46?

>> No.43481970


Thats nice!
Im looking at GURPS space to figure out what the delta v costs between planets should be and such. Not finding all that much.

>> No.43482124
File: 63 KB, 1725x428, differentDice.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If someone absolutely wanted to use funny shaped dice, and use the numbers 1-20, you might get close to the probability distribution with 1d8 +4d4 - 4 (but that feels like a pain to roll and I hate d4s.)
It has a standard deviation of 3.20, versus 2.96 for 3d6, which is pretty close. Higher standard deviation means that there is a higher likelihood of rolling a number at the extremes (which someone might write off as adding the possibility of getting a 1,2,19, or 20 not being zero)

If you want to convert other common rolls into funny dice.
1d6 - 3 can be a coin flip (because dice rolls are as function of max(1, roll), we need 1d6 - 3, not 1d-2)
the 1d6-3 has a standard deviation of 0.76 versus 1d2's 0.5
at high numbers of dice 1d6-2 is more correct though.

There is no such thing as just 1d4, but at high numbers, you can convert a 1d6-1 to a 1d4. the standard deviation for 1d6-1 is 1.71 versus 1.12

1d8 can be made from 1d6+1. The d7 has a standard deviation of 2.27, A bit higher than 1d6.

1d10 can be made from 1d6+2. a 1d10 has a standard deviation of 2.87, which is almost as high as a 3d6, but with a much lower average relatively, so it is much less consistent.

>> No.43482251


>> No.43482474

I'm also an idiot trying to explain something to an idiot.

>> No.43482565

How about "It's good because it's less random, thus more predictable. It's less random because you use three separate rolls, and so success or failure doesn't hinge on a single die resulting in most 3d6 rolls being close to the expected average. I can post the math if you want.'

>> No.43482609

It's good because it's less random, thus more predictable. It's less random because you use three separate rolls, and so success or failure doesn't hinge on a single die resulting in most 3d6 rolls being close to the expected average. I can post the math if you want.

>> No.43482624


there there. Not everyone can see the salvation that is GURPS. You tried your best but this one doesn't want to hear. Your explanation was simple. He is either pushing your buttons or he really is an idiot. Let him enjoy D&D and Pathfinder. We will continue to thinker with our toolbox to cherrypick best options that help us story-tell the campaign we envisioned.

Since I started using gurps I don't need to learn a new system with each game genre I want to GM.

>> No.43484167

Bumping, because few idiots arguing about bullshit almost killed this thread

>> No.43484281

I am trying to use the templates and races in a modular way to create different enemies quickly to emulate FF1... an Ogre came out ridiculously powerful by using the ogre race, and the brute henchmen template.

>> No.43484495

You can just make your own, Ben.

>> No.43484535

Question: how to adapt Dark Sun magic-style for GURPs

>> No.43484555

>2) GURPS has rules to handle anything.
excluding alternate universes with different physics from the ground up

but this is one of the most unkown genres

>> No.43484587

I could... "Anonymous," but I just kinda want to create a lot of monsters to start with, and then fine tune them later for balance. Just posting some OCish stuff to stoke conversation. (This one is actually taken from DF2 I think, but I'll use it as "Ochre Slime")

>> No.43484650


Perception 7, Will 7. It's very easy to sneak past and even with Magic Resistance and Fearlessness, it can be easily affected by anything that is resisted by Will; it can probably be scared off with a simple Intimidation check from a moderately skilled opponent.

But in a fight, it's fucking lethal.

>> No.43484677

You should use these instead.

>> No.43484725

Oh, that looks like a really useful resource, thanks! I've been using this bestiary online for some guidance too, but just looking at that for thirty seconds looks like something I've been sorely missing. Thanks, friend. c:

>> No.43484734


There wouldn't be much of a point, right? Because if the universe is fundamentally different the rules would be too, no point in having two completely separate systems within one.

>> No.43484748

Anyway, I don't think you should bother with stating too many enemies until you have charsheets. If your brute ogre got angry, it wouldn't make a nice fight for your 400 points rulers, administrators, merchants and civil servants.

>> No.43484822

Maybe Threshold-Limited Magic with a custom calamity table which deals damage to the environment instead of the caster?

>> No.43484852

I've got most of the character sheets, I'm trying to introduce new players to GURPS the gentle way with DF, so I already know these monsters are way too powerful... but I'd rather make tennish slightly off things now and spend a little bit more time rebalancing them later... one person is really rally dragging his feet though on getting his sheet done... there's always players that think that planning a dungeon is something I can do in a few minutes after they arrive to the first session a half hour late.

Also, my girlfriend will be GMing the "main" campaign, so I'm just making a gentle dungeon crawl so she can see the notes I have, and know what kinda effort might be needed for the main campaign... and it's making me a little antsy because she promised me I could actually play for once next month instead of GMing, and she hasn't even finished reading the Lite book yet...

>> No.43484877

RPM has the ability to blight the world around you to power your spells. Might be useful.

>> No.43484945


Thanks. :D

>> No.43485004
File: 71 KB, 357x212, Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 12.42.23 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Dark Sun has two magics, psi and traditional magic that can suck life out of the surrounding land for an extra boost, right?

There are a couple ways to approach psionics. By default, psionic abilities in GURPS are powers, specialized advantages. This makes psis have a strong but narrow focus; they can only afford a handful of abilities, but those abilities are very reliable. However, there's no rule you can't take a more D&D approach with psionic abilities having traditional spell lists. This trades out reliability for breadth, as its cheaper to buy a bunch of spells, but since those spells are skills, you have to roll to use them and there's a chance you'll fail. There are a tone of ways to do psi.

Similarly, there are a bunch of ways to do magic; you could choose any magic system you want and combine it with pic related. You can always change up the values though (even the most gifted mage can't drain more than 16 acres at a time with the rules provided; it would take quite a lot of casting to turn the entire world into a blasted hellscape. Making it Magery^2 instead would speed things along. You could also allow a Thaumatology roll to temporarily boost the coverage).

>> No.43485551

If I am some kind of shapeshifter, with the Alternate Form power, and I have Unfit (-5pts) and my other form has Fit (5pts), the Fit overrides the Unfit while in my alternate form?

>> No.43485558

I was thinking more of a "world as magic pool" aproach, you know, but the process of absorbing mana would drain the the "lifeforce of surrounding area, but not permanently and not at once.

What i mean is, if you sued the magic ina dense jungle, a few tree would die along with some insect on the surrounding area, but the effect would be progressive but that´s the only kind of magic there is.

This would take a few centuries to completely blight a large forest.

And that´s why magic would be forbidden due to its dangerous nature and to avoid the entire continent to become a desert.

Can i do that on GURPs?

>> No.43485593

Maybe Defiling could be done with UMana?

>> No.43485669


Another approach i was thinking of was that the method of absorbing and using mana from the world, would incur into progressive blighting of the land.

Meaning each time you do some ritual to absorb mana you blight the surrounding area by a small but perceptible amount, and each time you use it, the effects would be the same, but larger.Like as if the mana "reject" the nature and nature reacts by...dying.

>> No.43485762

A shared global FP pool that drains the planet? Sure.

The thing about GURPS is that you don't have to stat out universal constants, *especially* if they only have overarching plot effects. Everyone has access to the same gigantic pool of FP, and magic can only draw from that? That's a campaign option, what you say goes. The only reason you would need specific rules to stat this out is if it's NOT the only type of magic (i.e. some can cast from personal FP, some cast from global, etc.; you'd need to do something to keep the two magic's balanced), if the effects are instantaneous (no one can use the land immediately after casting), or if it bites the caster in the ass specifically (the blight manifests in some sort of backlash against the caster).

Make mages have Secret (Casts planet-strangling magic, possible death) [-30] and you really don't need more than that.

>> No.43485889

You mean that if i want to describe "longe-term" effects of magic wielding for the campaign, i can make it so to be "abstract" instead of being well-defined effects measured by the rules?

That would make things easier on my side.

>> No.43486077

Ask yourself if you REALLY want to track all spells cast by all wizards across the setting. If the answer is yes, stat the pool out.

>> No.43486087


Castle Falkenstein has something like that, where background mana can be exhausted by a few wizards flinging spells around and IIRC there are some long-term consequences to too much drain.

>> No.43486165

Basically. While it might sound cool to figure some sort of mechanic for tracking blight (some conversion of FP:penalty to Survival, Farming, and other skill rolls that rely on the greenness and liveliness of the land, for example), at the end of the day there's no difference between that and GM fiat from the players' perspectives. All that effort thinking up and tracking all that stuff can be put to better use, like making the adventure itself more fun. Blight reaches a tipping point when it's best for the plot/game.

>> No.43486242


That´s a good point.

There is really no need to stat everything out, since i can make it on the storytelling side, my only problem with that the campaign im planning should take at least a few centuries "in-game". Meaning the PCs will die and people will go on as their descendants dealing with a slowly degenerating world.

For example, in the 2° or 3° generation, crops would begin to degrade progressively, that means less food and the society beginning to collapse and this would make it harder on characters who are magic-casters, since they will need to rely on less magic, more wits and mostly, more secrecy to survive in a world turning against them. So the player mission should be to figure how to "retore" or at least "stop" the world ending (much like the preservers in DS) and of course, you could be a "evil" or "neutral" who´d use the magic for their own goals and objectives despite the consequences.

"at the end of the day there's no difference between that and GM fiat from the players' perspectives. "

What do you mean by "GM fiat"?

>> No.43486583

So one wizard doesn't tip the overall balance, because the majority of spellcasters are environmentally challenged cockmongers. No need for stats beyond a tuned down natural magic option so the effects of even a single spell are apparent, if not necessarily significant.

Another thing you could to is lower the mana level of the setting between generations, so not only the planet's fucked, but wizards need to drain more and harder to maintain the power of their spells.

>> No.43486949

A fiat is a formal declaration or arbitrary order. A GM fiat is the GM just deciding something via Rule 0.

Shitty GMs abuse their fiats ("rocks fall, you die!" being the big one, but any instance of no-save bull is also an abuse of GM fiat; villains escaping regardless of PC efforts is popular too), but GMs always have to fiat SOME stuff. In this case, you as the GM decide when the blight of the land starts having significant plot impacts. You don't have to track values or leave it up to dice. You decide. Yes, the actions of the players influence your decision (if your group THAT GUY makes a wizard and abuses the FUCK out of an unlimited energy pool by slinging around 300-energy spells like nobody's business, you might have the Mad Max duststorms happen a lot earlier than initially intended), but it's always YOUR call.

And from the players' side of the GM screen, there's no difference anyway. Whether bad shit starts going down because blight_value >= tipping_point or because you think now would be a good time to start it, the world is going to shit because magic is draining too much of the land and the party will have to deal with it either way.

>> No.43487242


>Another thing you could to is lower the mana level of the setting between generations

Sounds like a very good idea.

>> No.43487332

This guy came out really weak compared to what he looks like in the game just by putting skirmisher + body of earth (I took out some of the features of body of earth) so I threw on some stuff like extra attack and enhanced dodge. finally as a "Hill Gigas" I decided a spell to throw rocks was ok.

>> No.43487806

The effects are visible, but its like watching a sunset, you might nto notice the progressive advance of the sun towards the horizon, until its almost below the skyline. Meaning, some mages may discard the effects of magic as "insignificant" without taking into consideration the larger effects of this on the enviroment.

And yes, the mana pool is being constantly drained the thousands of mages, but this would be g the question, why at the beginning of the campaign everything is relatively fine with the environment and the suddenly (on a geological scale) everything´s going to shit. So i was thinking that magic would be a "new thing" on the setting, much like petrol was a new energy source on the second industrial revolution, but even more serious, because the damage magic deals is permanent, unlike pollution. So most people, at the beginning of the campaign has little to no knowledge of the shit magic does to the world.

Ah, i see.

So you´re suggesting i should determine a "timeline" of how fucked up the planet is doing? maybe one day the PCs will wake up and all the grasslands are dying or there are less insects around to bother them, small but sure things to warn the PCs that something is fucking the planet up but nobody knows exactly what or why.

>> No.43487825

Look at all your physical stats and advantages; you lose those, and gain all the stats and advantages of the new form

>> No.43488061

Timelines work, and they're a good compromise between tracking everything mechanically and making it entirely arbitrary.

>> No.43488328

Gigases (gigasi?) are high-attack giant motherfuckers. Why did you go with the Skirmisher template? Skirmishers are light, fast warriors more akin to duelists and scouts that bare-fisted giants. Brute might work better.

>> No.43488388

Woah, wait, they are replaced entirely?

So a default werewolf that has +2 DX and +2 HT, if I recall, when you turn into wolf form, you just have 12 DX and 12 HT and 10 ST? Not your normal ST, +2 more DX and HT?

>> No.43488460

Nope that Anon's wrong. Only your RACIAL TEMPLATE is lost. If you are a bog standard human without your ability to shapeshift, you don't lose anything by default.

Instead, I think you need to buy off the disadvantages before adding advantages. So going from your natural Unfit [-5] to your alt. form's Fit [5] adds TEN points to the template, +5 to get rid of Unfit, +5 more to add Fit.

>> No.43488551

The way I read it your alternate form rules out opposing disadvantages at no extra cost. It does say that when traits clash Alternate Form traits take precedence. So it would only cost 5 points.

>> No.43488695

That is what I (original question poster) thought as well, but was wondering if you more experienced GURPSians would know if that is right or not.

I was essentially looking at a sickly type person who turns into a strong animal form and curious how some of those would interact.

I'm also looking at "Lame" for the human and not sure what would happen to that when turn into animal form, it would keep "Lame" unless it has a specifically counter advantage/disadvantage, yeah? Don't think "semi upright" or the "long/quadruped" would overwrite it.

>> No.43488706

I chose Skirmisher because I already had another Giant Brute (an ogre) and I thought it might lend to more variety to have lithe martial arts expert giant and hulking brute versus two hulking brutes... I think his attack is a little underwhelming though. I chose skirmisher specifically for him because the sprite looks kinda like a bare handed fighter. I did add some extra strength after the fact though to try to take advantage of the fact that he has high judo. My intention is to make it a slightly neutral encounter that can be resolved by peaceful means if the party pursues that route...

To give a tiny bit of context, I'm retrofitting the Cavern of Earth from FF 1 as a GURPS kinda intro mission for one GURPS virgin and one RPG virgin. There is an interesting area in the Earth Cavern called the hall of giants which just has infinite random encounters on the NES (and it's supposed to be a good place to grind, but I wouldn't know, I didn't need to because the difficulty curve in that game is so broken.)

GURPS being a bit more sophisticated than that, I want to take the "Hall of Giants" which sounds like a pretty important landmark and dress it up as something with religious significance or something. So, maybe I thought to myself, I can make it into a dojo/shrine with a lot of giant like monks that protect it, and the only reason they would attack people wandering by is if they did so ignorantly without respect to the holy ground they are trespassing upon.

As an aside, I'm trying to take good notes on this planning to give to my girlfriend who wants to GM so I can play, so I'm trying to annotate it with notes like, "I put in this challenge to use this guys background skills" or "I decided it would be interesting to use terrain with lots of pits and high walls to give the thief a chance to shine through parkour skills."

>> No.43488822

I think in this case you would have to add "Not Lame [10], [20] or [30]" to the template specifically. That's how I'd rule it as a GM.

>> No.43490306

Is Basic Move yards/sec unrealistic in your typical combat scene? I feel like the 1 second combat clashes with the maneuvres and the whole scale feels off.

>> No.43490325

Got a new player in my cyberpunk meets elder god game!

He's playing a triple agent Chinese psychic; loyal to the empire, working for the triad mafia, betraying them again for the empire homeland security division.

And to introduce him to the party, homeland security is insisting he gets attached to extraterritorial swat, so he can assist in the safe extraction of a defecting triad member (who is also a member of the secret anti-cthulu society HYDRA, but also infected with an elder god brain slug!)

The party will need to extract him from a hospital/Chinese sanitorium, which is being picketed by Chinese nationalists who had the "political prisoner's location" leaked to them by himself.

And when the players go for the extract, he will spring a trap involving all the members of the sanitorium (patients and staff) revealing their elder sign taint.


>> No.43490364

Nah, but it takes more suspension of disbelief the more participants are in the combat. Twelve guys going in sequence can fuck up your mind, with actions and reactions, etc.

I move groups of similar enemies in one initiative rather than roll 7 times

>> No.43490439


So World record sprinter can move about 12 yards/sec. This is while sprinting (+20% to basic move), and probably boosted by a critical success Athletics roll.
The average,untrained human moving 5 yards a second running/fast walk doesn't seem so of to me in that case. But I might lack a proper sense of scale for these numbers.

>> No.43490559

It's not impossible, but ~5yd./sec is full tilt running, which is exhausting to just drop in and out of on a dime. If you use Last Gasp rules for combat exhaustion, doing so is fucking tiring. A relaxed pace is more sustainable.

>> No.43490690

You are all potatoes

>> No.43490716

GURPS Potatoes when?

>> No.43490741

I thought there was a tuber conversion table in GURPS Asparagus?

>> No.43490786

Can't find it.

>> No.43490825

Aww great. I bet it will come along after Vehicles 4th ed then...

>> No.43490831


>> No.43490856

You're the guy with the crazy mishmash setting, right? You fought the giant tentacle thing you mentioned last gurps general?

>> No.43490950
File: 295 KB, 776x1030, 1446394881531.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah, had a stupid cliffhanger in the middle of the session week before last though, because of an emergency room visit for my wife.

Came back the next week, the party decided grenades and directed energy weapons were telling way to go for disposing of elder sign monsters.

Also, instead of investigating a plethora of backstop clues I was going to give them, they decided to burn everything down with diesel fuel and some thermate.

Cyberpunk cthulu investigators are even more paranoid than old timey ones it seems. Go fig.

>> No.43491419
File: 393 KB, 1920x1200, bc71f4cc135978cad0ef9a2307823ce8-d771y3s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

sup /gurps/.

I am currently doing all the wonderful background work for a sci-fi campaign and I'm wondering.

Is it better to create hyper extensive weapons and armor tables of stuff I statted up myself, or should I just let players pick stuff from existing books. I feel like the "good GM" thing to is to essentially create an entire equipment supplement for the setting, but maybe it isn't. What do you all think?

>> No.43491944

I did mix and match for myself. The game is tl9, so old current day stuff still floats around with the new and special hyper dense vibroblades.

I made some standard issue bits that certain military groups used, so I knew what baddies of a certain flavor would have, but most pc stuff was straight off the shelf from ultratech

>> No.43492334

Hey I did that too!
Standard issue modified 1911's with apds ammo and solid state ammo, plastic and fibreglass ak's that tended to shatter if struck wrong, and mono wire firing 40mm single shot grenade launchers (named "torture hammer" but due to Chinese character ambiguity, and targeted attacks to the groin, are also known as "kekold hammer" or "cocktail knockers")

>> No.43492416

Sorry that should be
Tortise hammer
Kekold hammer
And cock knocker
Respectively; phone autocorrections

>> No.43492629
File: 68 KB, 1024x447, pulse_shotgun__1_by_remotecrab131-d6qj4uf.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think that because my setting is kind both a more distant future and because it doesn't *xactly* contain the actual Earth in it I'm essentially going to have to re fluff even fairly conventional guns.

I think I'll just stat up a gigantic pile of weaponry. My current intent is for there to be a fairly wide range of weapons used by different people. Civilian settlers like conventional guns that are mechanically simple with cheap ammunition, planetary military forces like more sophisticated guns that shoot caseless ammunition, some alien empires from distant parts of space use gyrojets or directed energy weapons etc.

>> No.43492692

What the hell is Vin Diesel doing in that image?

>> No.43493018
File: 44 KB, 720x480, 1383943828290.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

On this subject I thought about giving one group of enemies weapons that have the radiation modifier. Has anyone ever dealt with putting players up against stuff that has affects they might not immediately recognize like that?

>> No.43493211
File: 83 KB, 599x503, YTg0b6Q.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

being an unlicensed character model?

yes; I have both a memetic mind virus hitting my setting, as well as radiation. I'm using fluffier "fallout vidya" style radiation, and mutants, but the sinister "you've been dosed" problem still arises.

As long as your bookkeeping is kept up, you can actually start instilling a sense of dread as your unknown notes pile up, and they fear what part of them will succumb to necrosis or violent hemmoraging...

>> No.43493428

I don't know magic rules very well, so before I scour Thaumaturgy, where do you think I should start with Defiling and Preserving in a Dark Sun game?

>> No.43493999

If you're doing a straight dark sun game, be very familiar with dark sun. Gurps will run what you give it. So make rulings as you would, knowing the fluff of the setting you love.

>> No.43494205

I took Ultra-Tech's TL9 slug-throwers and added lenses to them to represent the different approach manufacturers would take on the same weapon. There's four classes of semiautomatic pistol: Holdout, Medium, Heavy, and Magnum. Simple enough. But say you want something with more stopping power. Weiss-Yang Armories's Raijin-Thur 15mmCLP Heavy Action Pistol would fit the bill more than VKO's Big Boy 15mmCLP Burst-Fire Pistol, even though both use the magnum pistol as a base.

>> No.43494337

A template based off of Gargoyle and Killer, and then I took the concept of fire-breathing and using a halberd from Dark Souls, plus added in some aerobatics for dodging.

>> No.43494644

That... That was oddly inspiring. Thank you, Anon.

>> No.43495091

It's how things should work; you like a thing, you use GURPS to make it happen.

>> No.43496671

What I do is take the tables with premade gear and use them as a base to make tons of individual variants with specific names and backgrounds that differ by a small margin from established stats.

>> No.43498023


I've been coding a random weapon generator for a while now. I've got a pretty robust program that randomly generates beam weapons, using the beam weapon design article in Pyramid. If I had something similar for guns, I'd add that functionality in and make it available.

>> No.43498073


Is it good enough for uploading?

>> No.43498157

>using the beam weapon design article in Pyramid.
In which edition is this?

>> No.43498437


It works well enough, the problem is that right now it's a barebones Python program that takes input from, and prints to, the IDLE shell. If you don't have Python installed, you can't use it. I can upload the code if there's interest but I'm currently in the process of overhauling it. I just learnt how to use classes and functions so I'm trying to make the program less badly-written by using them.

My eventual goal is to make a UI where you can either randomly generate with set parameters (only TL10 weapons, no superscience, no grav beams, whatever) or just pick properties of a weapon you want and have it spit out a statblock. But I currently have no idea how make Python programs into executables or how to make GUIs.


Pyramid #37 Tech & Toys II. The article is Eidetic Memory: Blaster and Laser Design.

>> No.43498550

Check Guns, Guns, Guns.

>> No.43498556

Or, even better, GURPS Vehicles, Chapter 9.

>> No.43498578

>Guns, Guns, Guns.

Where is this?

>> No.43498585

It's not a GURPS supplement. GURPS' own weapon design rules are in Vehicles.

>> No.43498608


I did take a look but I didn't get around to implementing anything because they're both for 3rd Edition. I started with 4e, so I don't quite grok the Accuracy and Snap Shot stats in 3e enough to figure a conversion, and the TL differences are a little confusing. Plus I think they changed the definition of how much a single GURPS$ is worth. From what I've heard, prices of an item of a given TL decreased as the world's TL increased, whereas 4e just gives you more money as TL increases.

While I have time this weekend, I might go back and take another look. I did like the system, especially because the systemic nature of it makes it easier to code.

I'm also working on a random armour generator from that Low-Tech Pyramid article, but that's not close to being done yet.

>> No.43498666

Acc is the bonus you get if you aim for a turn before firing.

SS is... a little weird. I think this passage means the skill you're rolling against when it says 'to-hit roll'.
>Snap Shot Number (SS): If your adjusted "to hit" roll is greater than or equal to this
number, you may fire without aiming, yet incur no -4 snap-shot penalty, as long as the
target was in view at the beginning of your turn. Snap-shooting is relatively easy with
some weapons, very hard with others. Larger, closer, and slower targets are easier to hit
with snap shots . . . and a skilled shooter can succeed with a snap shot where an
unskilled one would have little chance.

>> No.43499264

Do you guys think halving the default penalty between broadsword and two handed sword would be fair for longswords and other things designed to be used both ways?

>> No.43499366

I generally interpret the skills as 'using a sword one handed' and 'using a sword two handed'. Someone competent with longswords should have both skills. If they don't they take the default. No need to change anything.

>> No.43499539

The way it is in the book does not represent how much overlap there is though.

You don't need twice as much training to be as good at swordfighting as a guy who uses a purely one or two handed sword in real life.

>> No.43499567

There are rules for buying skills from defaults in the basic set.

>> No.43499590

This. Less than twice, and yes, learning two methods of combat takes longer than learning one.

>> No.43499660

I am aware of that, the point is a -4 to use the same weapon with an extra hand is absurd.

Especially since there is no such penalty for the spear.

>> No.43499709

Have you ever tried swinging a sword around? That extra hand makes a whole lot of difference.

>> No.43499793

On the other hand, the dude who learned to use whatever sword he's talking about would certainly have learned to use it one-handed and two-handed.
I'd let a PC get away with using two-handed or broadsword only with a perk, whatever way he grips his fancy sword.

>> No.43499804

Tactical Swordplay when?

>> No.43499871

Bug Dellorto about it, he'd probably write it.

>> No.43499971 [SPOILER] 
File: 1.05 MB, 700x1050, 1446821202950.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There are many, many ways to grip fancy swords. And yes, the dude would've learned both ways, and so have two skills and techniques for each. Making him a damn sight more versatile of a bottom than a guy who only knows broadsword.

>> No.43499991

Why was this woman named after a brand of cat food?

>> No.43500008

Because the whole thing is a big, veiny joke.

>> No.43500034
File: 81 KB, 620x420, ningyo hime.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


There is no conspiracy to make tradition games politically correct. Characters in fiction and gaming communities simply change with respect to the latest cultural values. But you fedora-tipping cancerous fucks always blame imaginary SocJus boogeymen when people start hating you for the shit that you do. As long as you continue to refuse act like decent human beings, people will keep noticing.

But of course, you will keep blaming imaginary "SJWs", "poseurs" and "normies" when you the public hates you for the scum you are. And let's not even get started on how you all react to games becoming more popular and easily accessible.

>> No.43500051

How can you be certain.

>> No.43500105 [DELETED] 

Fuck off Shill.

You just posted this on at least three other threads without any reason. Get your normie-loving SJW-shilling bullshit out of /tg/.

>> No.43500118 [DELETED] 

Beta uprising now?

>> No.43500340

>can be customised with optional rules to change the feel from "Fuck You, There Are No Heroes and the World is Shit" right up to "The Heroes are Good and Always Triumph Over Evil"
Which rules?

>> No.43500352

Kind of... strange question/request for help.

I'm going to run a survival-themed game. The idea was simple: they provide me with written bio, I make their characters based on that bio, they have absolutely no choice but play with what they've got.

Which rise few questions and I'm not even sure where to look for answers or how to solve problems I've got from this:
1) Is there any general skill about tinkering? The type of skill a cheap, unlicensed repair man would use - nothing fancy, nothing specific and can work at jury-rigging, but anyone with specific expertise would be much better in that field
2) Is there any skill that could represent knowledge gathered from watching TV? In tune of "I know what I'm doing, I saw that once in House!"?
3) Is Lame (Crippled leg) a proper disadvantage to represent someone who sustained a career-ending knee injury, but can still walk and reliably jog, just not run?
4) Masonry covers... well, masonry. Is there anything about construction in general? I'm not talking about Architecture, but the kind of skill representing know-how of a construction worker - woodwork, metal construction, carpentry and so on... or would it require a set of skills instead of just one.
5) Is there any other way of creating a trauma/emergency nurse than high First Aid, relatively high Diagnosis and some Sugery to that?
6) How does exactly Pharmacy (Herbal) works? It covers only pharmacognosy in the most literal sense or can it be used to synthesise simple chemical medicine with proper Chemistry to that?
7) Any other skill than Armoury (Small arms) for maintaining a rifle?

>> No.43500375

Action and Horror, mostly.

4: You can get skill packages, look at the Skills section of the Basic Set.

>> No.43500382

Oh, and one more.
8) Homeless bum falls simply under negative Status and/or Social Stigma or there is something else I've missed?

>> No.43500398

Don't forget to take Dead Broke or whatever.

>> No.43500452

1) Electronic Repair, I think.
2) I think that's just a straight IQ check.
3) I'm pretty sure that one's a quirk.
4) Set, I believe. That or Professional Skill, maybe.
5) Magic? The Healing Advantage? Other than that, probably not.
7) Soldier and Guns if you're just maintaining, I believe.

>> No.43500511

I was thinking more about MacGyver type of deal, only cheap-ass and not as cool. I would say "your classic repairman, the brother-in-law", but not everyone is Polish to get the joke.

>> No.43500535

>1) Is there any general skill about tinkering? The type of skill a cheap, unlicensed repair man would use - nothing fancy, nothing specific and can work at jury-rigging, but anyone with specific expertise would be much better in that field

You can use a variety of different skills. Electronics/TL, Professional Skill, Electronic Repair, Jury Rigging.

>2) Is there any skill that could represent knowledge gathered from watching TV? In tune of "I know what I'm doing, I saw that once in House!"?

That's an unskilled roll and you know it. Trivia, maybe. Or Connoiseur [TV].

>3) Is Lame (Crippled leg) a proper disadvantage to represent someone who sustained a career-ending knee injury, but can still walk and reliably jog, just not run?

Quirk. And a paddlin'

>4) Masonry covers... well, masonry. Is there anything about construction in general? I'm not talking about Architecture, but the kind of skill representing know-how of a construction worker - woodwork, metal construction, carpentry and so on... or would it require a set of skills instead of just one.

Professional Skill [Construction]

>5) Is there any other way of creating a trauma/emergency nurse than high First Aid, relatively high Diagnosis and some Sugery to that?

A proper one? No, but you can substitute lower TL skills or Professional Skill that'd work similarly to Soldier (a broad base of relatively simple operations).

>6) How does exactly Pharmacy (Herbal) works? It covers only pharmacognosy in the most literal sense or can it be used to synthesise simple chemical medicine with proper Chemistry to that?

Chemistry is what you'd use for chamical medicine. If you want to use herbal components for chemical medicine, you take Herbalism or Herb Lore as well.

>7) Any other skill than Armoury (Small arms) for maintaining a rifle?


>> No.43500537

2) That's what defaults are for.

>> No.43500575

That's the Weapon Adaptation perk; you can use a class of weapons with another weapons skill if the default is -4 or better realistically (GMs can let it be super-cinematic, though, and let people adapt their halberds to the Knife skill if they want).

Stuff like bleeding, Last Gasp, and limited defenses play up the gritty aspect, as does keeping track of all the penalties. Low point values also contribute. Flip all that around, though, and things become a lot more noblebright. No bleeding, play fast and loose with penalties, allow higher point values, and use rules like TV Action Violence and Stormtrooper Marksmanship Academy to make the game less gritty.

1) It's the various specialties of Engineering being used AT DEFAULT LEVEL. A decent mechanic or repairman would have mediocre levels of Engineering with relevant specialties automatically, enough for him to do light tinkering.
2) That's allowing a default.
3) So... no using the sprinting rules? Probably a quirk.
4) Set of skills. That's why construction workers work in teams.
5) Reliance on equipment to make up for/supplement those skills.
6) Pharmacy (Herbal) work with basic herbal know-how. They can do basic things like boil, mix, dry, blend, etc. It's home remedies, essentially.
7) It's assumed anyone with Guns also knows how to maintain their weapon. Armory is for full-out modification and repair; it's not necessary for regular cleaning and dis/re-assembly.
8) Negative status and negative wealth is all you need to be homeless, but most homeless also have other attributes (addiction, diseases/conditions, etc.)

>> No.43500581

>1) Is there any general skill about tinkering?
I'd put 1 point each in a number of relevant "tinkering skills"
>2) Is there any skill that could represent knowledge gathered from watching TV?
Jack of All Trades Talent? It's in PU3 - Talents
>3) Is Lame (Crippled leg) a proper disadvantage
Yup, basic move for a regular human is move 5, if this guy has move 2 or 3 and has trouble in melee combat, it's spot on.
>4) Masonry covers... well, masonry.
A set of skills, I think. I'd use a talent for it, carpentry, masonry, etc. are closely related, at least in the context of building a house.
>5) and 6)
Sorry, can't help you.
>7) Any other skill than Armoury (Small arms) for maintaining a rifle?
IQ based Guns lets you do basic maintenance like cleaning, etc., Armoury (Small arms) is for making actual repairs and modifications to a weapon.

>> No.43500722

A real dilsomancy splat would have at least one bad dragon toy on the cover.

>> No.43500848

>Jack of All Trades
Thanks a lot! Was looking exactly for something like that.

>> No.43500950

Any supplement for an Aztec setting?

>> No.43501273

Low Tech + Swashbuckler

>> No.43501744

1) There isn't a general skill, but low levels in several skills will help, as will a relevant talent, a limited version of Wild Talent or Jack of All Trades. There's a perk called Dabbler which lets you buy very low levels in several skills. I'd say a stereotypical tinker would have a level of the Artificer Talent, a few skills with 1 point in them and a Dabbler perk for a few others.

2) Realistically that's not having a skill but maybe getting lucky with a default roll. A more cinematic character would have Wild Talent or Jack of All Trades.

3) No move bonus for sprinting seems like a quirk. I think that's what Bowlegged used to do, but now it seems to be a penalty to jumping instead.

4) Probably a set of skills, although you could argue for Professional Skill (Builder) to cover most of it. I think Masonry covers bricks and concrete, Carpentry covers stuff like plyboard and metal structures are probably part of Smith. Electrician is it's own skill and plumbing is probably a separate professional skill. Bricklaying and the like is probably a specialism or one-task-wonder for Masonry.

5) I think most nurse training is in the Physician and Housekeeping skills (while doctors, weirdly, probably have more Diagnosis). Although an emergency nurse is very different job to most nurses, most of their training is likely to be the same with the addition of building First Aid up much higher. Diagnosis might not be that good; an emergency nurse usually deals with people who know what is wrong with them (typically wounds and poisoning from a known source) and refers the less certain stuff to a doctor. They are also likely to have high levels of Administration (able to file paperwork quickly, accurately and under pressure and get what they need out of hospital bureaucracy).

6) I honestly have no idea.

7) Soldier. Also consider the one-task-wonder perk.

>> No.43501999

>My eventual goal is to make a UI where you can either randomly generate with set parameters (only TL10 weapons, no superscience, no grav beams, whatever) or just pick properties of a weapon you want and have it spit out a statblock. But I currently have no idea how make Python programs into executables or how to make GUIs.

I know that feel. I have a cludgy world generation program. All the parameters it can take is garden or non garden world. Still, learned a lot making it.

>Dicts, dicts everywhere

>> No.43502040



I'm just got that issue and I'll try making one and we can compare?

>> No.43502102


8) Social Stigma is only if he qualifies (often with Criminal Record); just being a bum is generally 'only' low Status (assuming a modern setting; medieval vagrants probably do qualify for a social stigma just for having no home). Low Wealth will be typical and the homeless have a much higher frequency of things like poor education, disability, chronic health issues and mental health problems which can all translate to Disadvantages in GURPS. Especially consider Language (lower than native written even in your native language), Odious Personal Habit (Doesn't Wash), Compulsive Behaviour (Wandering), Social Stigma (Ignorant or Uneducated for school dropouts), Dyslexia and/or Innumerate for those with learning disabilities... really any mundane disadvantage would be appropriate. Being homeless is also likely to cause some disadvantages; Chronic Depression, Low Self-Image and Paranoia for the mental strain and possibly Unfit for the physical stress of malnutrition and exposure.

However, not every homeless person is completely crippled with disadvantages and there are several skills and advantages which you can pick up living rough; Combat Reflexes, High Pain Threshold and Fearlessness are probably more common for the homeless than other groups.

Urban Survival is basically the skill of coping while homeless (assuming you are in a city; plenty of them will also have other Survival skills) and most people in rough circumstances will soon pick up Streetwise and
Scrounging. Holdout is useful to avoid having your possessions swiped by criminals or the police and Forced Entry is useful for getting access to somewhere to sleep.

The homeless need some form of making a living; beggars will have Panhandling and possibly Acting or Fast-Talk, thieves will have Filch or Pickpocket, muggers will have Intimidation and maybe some combat skills. Traditionally, 'hobos' would have practical skills for construction or farming and wander looking for work.

>> No.43502568


>Dicts, dicts everywhere

That's what I was doing, up until I was taught how to use classes and functions in C++ and started porting it over to Python. Classes are like dictionaries but more readable, useful and powerful.


Samefag? Huh? Also, what issue? Making what?

>> No.43504446


>Martherian, the Swarming Mass, The Crippingly Shy Swarm of Sentient Spiders

Is this GURPS or Dwarf Fortress

>> No.43504480

Forget it, Jake, it's Weirdness Magnet.

>> No.43504586

Here's a completely worthless fodder zombie, guess it can be used for horde encounters.

>> No.43505786
File: 44 KB, 495x308, GURPS 23.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.43506014

Why that pic, Anon?
There's nothing special there.

>> No.43506540

Here's the Giant Spider from the familiars section without the Familiar disadvantage. It's pretty weak to start, but I almost think that's more useful; I feel like scaling a weak enemy up to be super dangerous is easier than scaling a strong enemy down to be manageable.

>> No.43506636

How got Gurps a reputation for being overly complicated?

>> No.43506711


The one for the 4e books no longer works, unfortunately, apparently SJ Games sent a DMCA notice. Anyone have a pdf of the Sorcery book to share?

>> No.43506838

Because of Vehicles and some 3e rules.
But it's still completely unjustified.

>> No.43506845

It's complex and deep, with lots of options, some of which are mutually contradictory and need to be considered before play begins.

>> No.43508457

Because most of people who talk about it never played it and only skimmed over the surface.
Thing is, the game is big. But it takes a while to realise that it's a LEGO set of what you want to build, not a game on it's own. So when you treat it as a wholesale game, with all the suplements as obligatory parts, it looks huge and complex.

>> No.43508483

I have come to view GURPS as less a game and more a game engine. If that makes sense.

>> No.43508597 [DELETED] 

It makes a perfect sense, at least for me.

>> No.43508619

It makes a perfect sense, at least to me

>> No.43508914

And this is why it makes sense that it is almost always the perfect first resort, genuinely or ironically, for the question "Which system should I use to run a game based on ___________?"

There really is nothing in the rules that is really complicated; it mostly comes back to worked examples of things you can find in the GURPS Lite book, with a nice dose of research on the side to back up reasonings.

>> No.43508961

Works for me. It's the secret, really. Once you see GURPS as a do-it-yourself kit to pick and choose rules and pieces to use for your own ideal of a game, it becomes really useful and less stressful.

>> No.43509010

But if you just get the books and expect to play, it will be a mess. GURPS isn't particularly difficult to play, but it is more work for the GM. Unless, of course, you're the kind of GM that always tweaks and makes up his own stuff to get things exactly the way he wants it, then it just makes it easier for you.

>> No.43509060

Yeah. It gives tools, but you still gotta assemble it yourself. Even the setting books are more just material to get you on your own ideas, instead of straight up adventure modules. Even their old adventure modules usually came with a mess of setting info to provide more reasons to have adventures in it.

GURPS has always had a weird mindset and approach to the genre, but thank god it was also the one I always worked best with.

>> No.43509349

So ive heard that you can run anything. Or run gurps as a wargame. I came up with a dumb idea of half naked biker chick samurais fighting dinosaurs. What would be the best books aside from the core rules?

>> No.43509394

High tech for guns, maybe for prebuilt dinosaurs you grab ... what is it Lands 9ut of time?
There's also Dino stats in the Romans versus prehistoric book.

>> No.43509671

A hound, which can be easily converted into a 125 point pet for a druid.

>> No.43509744

>Weird mindset
Pick one. Personally I never undestood people who are willing to pay for pre-made scenarios. What's the purpose of playing then? Living someone's else adventures?

High Tech, Martial, Bio-Tech, old Dino templates from 2e, probably Power-Ups too.

>> No.43509920

>Dino templates from 2e
We don't have anything 3e or 4e for dinosaurs at all?

>> No.43509937

That can't be right. I know there's like, two dinosaurs in the 4th ed Fantasy book at least.

>> No.43509945

3e had dinosaurs. T-rexes did like 5d+2 impaling. That shit was End Boss levels back in 3e.

>> No.43509952

Lands Out Of Time has some for 4e.

>> No.43509961


Dinosaurs is 3rd edition and Lands out of Time and Big Lizzie are 4th edition.

>> No.43509971

Some non-official but well-crafted dinosaurs (and other animals) in here.

>> No.43510098

Any fucking clue when Vehicles is going to be out? If I have to use the 3e version again I may do something dangerous to myself.

>> No.43510637

How would you stat an ability that causes the target to bleed, using the standard bleeding rules? Just a Cutting Attack 1 to cause a minor cutting wound, or is there a different workaround?

>> No.43510816

IIRC there's a limitation you can add called "No wounding" which causes an attack to inflict no damage, but still have all its secondary effects, such as crushing causing knockback, burning starting fires or corrosive lowering DR. It could be applicable for cutting damage and bleeding? I don't use the bleeding rules so I'm not 100% on how they work.

>> No.43510849


If I had to use the standard bleeding rules I wouldn't make that ability. A cyclic attack seems far more "right" for an attack specifically designed to cause bleeding.

But you could do a cutting or impaling attack with a follow-up Affliction: Disadvantage: Hemophilia, optionally with modifiers like "limitation: affects carrier attack only" and extended duration.

>> No.43510915

Thanks, I'll look into that

>> No.43511259
File: 50 KB, 602x437, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sell me on GURPS /tg/.

Does GURPS have a splatbook with rules for dance battles?

I'm dead serious. I want to run this for my players and I can't find any system with rules to cover something like this

>> No.43511284

I am not an expert either, but I think this sounds better than
I think hemophilia, just reading it, makes the effects of bleeding a lot worse.

To me, I think what you want is a innate attack (you could make it a follow up if you want it to be delivered by a different melee attack or weapon, or some kinda missile if you want it to be a magic-ish projectile)

You could probably make it innate attack level 0.25 to only make it 1 hp of cutting damage (Base cost 1.75 points, or 2 points rounded up),
add a cosmic modifier irresistible for 300% if you want to make it so that DR won't stop that pithy one damage.
No wounding is a -50% limitation that stops you from doing any hp immediately.
This gives you a total cost of 4.375, or 5 rounded up to just cause bleeding.

But now, if you want to exacerbate it, you could combine hemophilia like mentioned in >>43510849

Add a 10% linked effect to make the cost 260% (or, still 5 points)
and link it to an
Affliction 1 (Base 10 points)
follow-up 0% (means it still ignores the dr like the original attack, but can't be used by itself)
Causes disadvantage hemophilia (+30%)

That comes out to an additional 13 points, and exacerbates the effect of the bleeding caused by the first part. By default, it is resisted by a roll against ht, and it lasts %MarginOfFailure% minutes. You can make it harder to resist by multiplying the cost by x, making it a resist against HT-(x-1), so level two is roll against ht-1, level 3 is ht-2.
Another option is to add some duration, for an extra 60% of extended duration, (making it cost 19 a level) they are hemophiliac for a half hour x margin of error.

>> No.43511387

Oh, thank you. That does sound better.

>> No.43511491

Is GURPS Character Assistant better than Character Sheet Utility? I'm trying to figure out CSU, and it feels like it's missing a lot. Should I just legally obtain Character Assistant, or should I buckle down and figure out CSU?

>> No.43511514

Just thought of another small improvement.

If you make the base attack piercing (5 points per 1d) you can get the base attack to cost four points instead...

AND you get the big benefit if you do the follow up hemophilia affliction that you can cause internal bleeding by targeting the vital organs, which requires supernatural healing or surgery to stop the bleeding... but then you probably also need to take a much larger extended duration on the follow up affliction if you want it to be having serious consequences... but if you don't want the follow up, hey, it saves you 1 character point.

>> No.43511529

There's an advantage in Basic Set that literally lets you murder people by flying the bird at them.

Just houserule that it works with dancing too. A beautiful dance stuns the opponent for you to strike. Alternatively use Feint maneuver and roleplay as having your moves confuse the enemy enough to lower their guard. Combine techniques that allow you to strike from crouched and to make spinning attacks to perform breakdancing kicks and shit.

Read the books. Namely Basic Set and Martial Arts.

>> No.43511639

Like dance-offs or lethal dancing-based physical combat?
Because both should be doable by GURPS, but the latter is probably easier to do off the cuff. You'd need to put in some effort for the former.

>> No.43511668

I like GCA more than GCS. I think it's more versatile once you work out how to build data files. And, honestly, the Mac-style look and feel of GCS is a major negative for me.

>> No.43511813

Alternatively, a dance off can just be a bunch of skill rolls and counting how many successes each side has, sprinkle different skill rolls like acrobatics and sex art for bonuses to your dance skills and here you go.

Martial Arts has rules of running a martial championship. Just edit those so nobody dies in the end and that's it.

>> No.43511825

What would be good gurus material to check out if I wanted to run futuristic planescspe.

A cross between the d20 future campaigns and the dnd 2e planescape

>> No.43512484

Why would not bring able to swim witch is the default everyone else has to buy off EVER be worth negative points maybe one or two in actual waterworld via ignorance disadvantage I understand you want players to take it but if anyone wants to play the badass "normal" will they have to buy swimming to save there friends and be massive underpowered? Having a devil fruit should be a unusual background anyway if you want to just give players +50 points just do it.

>> No.43512755

Not the original requester, but that's a lazy approach. Making it come down to one kind of skill roll over and over again is boring; GURPS's melee combat is more engaging than, say, D&D 3.PF's because while the former gives fighters oodles of options and approaches, the latter always boils down to Full Attack all day e'rry day. If dance-offs are going to be a major focal point of the campaign, the GM should put some effort into making it mechanically interesting (making it descriptively interesting is on the group as a whole). Introduce techniques that have a rock-paper-scissors relationship, write up Dance Styles in the same vein as Martial Styles, add a risk mechanic, do SOMETHING.

Not super familiar with planescape, so take this with a grain of salt. The big thing about Planescape is that a) it's a big multiverse filled with strange and wonderful and horrifying things, and b) there are factions everywhere, proving that no matter where you come from, chances are you'll be a petty cunt willing looking to band up against any other petty cunt. For the former, that boils down to GM effort. Stat up a bunch of things ahead of time AND get good at improvising on the spot; GURPS: Space has a roll-up-an-alien chapter that's easy enough to modify for use in a fantasy game. For the latter, "Boardroom and Curia" and "Pulling Rank" are GURPS splats focused around organizations (i.e. the ever-present factions), so those are worth looking at. Planescape tends to be less murderhobo-friendly than your typical game, so maybe Social Engineering would be useful. If this is a futuristic take on the setting, High-Tech or Ultra-Tech should be glanced at as well.

However, all those books I gave are WORTHLESS if you don't take the time to learn the basic rules first. If you're new to GURPS, worry about adding Social Engineering's more complicated political maneuvering rules after the group has gotten 3d6+Reaction Mod down. Learn the game, THEN add the fun splats.

>> No.43513065

Former of course.

Thanks anons. Gonna go look these up and adapt them to MaidRPG

>> No.43513111
File: 320 KB, 280x480, 1443934607023.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Would changing the roll under system to a roll over system cause any unintentional problems with the system?

I assume you could just reverse the numbers. You can only roll 3-18 with 3 d6, so a 5 would be the same as a 16. Difficulties and modifiers could just be reversed the same way.

Yeah yeah, roll under systems are perfectly fine, but I have some players that don't like it so I'm asking anyways so I can either do it or give them a reason why.

>> No.43513180

Changing every negative to a positive and vice versa should allow you to use roll over instead of roll under, but in my opinion you should just tell your players that it's identical mathematically and it's staying unless they want to do all of the conversions.

>> No.43513446

They like rolling higher to beat things.

The argument was that if a stuck door had a DC of 8 minus modifiers to budge open, why would you need to roll under that to beat it as if you weren't using your full strength. I think it's a weird perception thing where they're stuck on roll over systems.

I could just keep a chart with 3-18 and 18-3 under it for quick conversions. So 5=16, 10=11, etc.

>> No.43513696

That's a lot of work for absolutely 0 payoff just for the sake of some fucktards that cannot comprehend something different.
If they cannot understand LOW = GOOD (literally two words and a symbol, ten characters total with spaces) and demand a rewrite of the core mechanic just to cater to them, fuck them.

And it's not as simple as reversing modifiers either. GURPS's base mechanic is giving you the skill level as the DC, while roll-over systems give bonuses vs. the DC set by the GM. You'd have to rehaul the skill and attribute system, basically. Also, I have a bad feeling about how the conversion will deal with how GURPS handles margins of success/failure/victory.

>> No.43514186

It's no big deal, it's just a simple question.

>> No.43516696


>> No.43516746

I'm running a modern game with kamen rider style transformations for the PC's, but I can't find Alternate Form in any of the 4E books. I see it mentioned in Powers but I don't see the advantage itself. Where the fuck is it?

Also how the fuck do you guys keep track of advantages and shit from more than 2-3 books at a time?

>> No.43516782

>Where the fuck is it?
It's under Shapeshifting in Basic Set

>> No.43516807

>how the fuck do you guys keep track of advantages and shit from more than 2-3 books at a time?
Make a directory.

>> No.43516942

This. Make a master list for the campaign and distribute it to players. This makes sure they only take what fits, and makes all the shit easier to track.

>> No.43516970

Has anyone used the DF Templates lenses (for +50 pt), like Knight-Thief? It's basically multiclassing, right? Is it fun/balanced? Assuming none of the players are munchkins, so sacrificing some power for a more unusual concept is not a big deal.

>> No.43517175


Being pissed as fuck by the looks of it.

>> No.43517231

Just allow free chargen using the templates as a guideline. That way you can tweak peripheral systems like magic and powers to your liking as well.

>> No.43517572

Is there a reason animals in basic set don't have point values listed while Morph refers these values?

>> No.43517617

In a nutshell: how do you convert skill/stat levels. Your stats all start at 10, which is a 50% chance of success when there's no penalties. But once you hit skills over 20+, 30+, you're going to have problems.

It's not the dice that are important: tell your players to suck it up.

>> No.43517827
File: 129 KB, 530x709, cover_lg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.43517828

Of course we do. But I simply perfer those from 2e

>> No.43517855

Let me get this straight. You want to reverse one of the core elements, that makes 0 difference Maths-wise, only because your players can't think in "low is good" pattern?

Are you fucking insane?

>> No.43517882

Your players are fucking dumb.
Time to wane them off 3.PF.

>> No.43517901

>misspells a four letter word
>calls someone else dumb
>le 3.5 strawfinder

Never return.

>> No.43517942

Not the anon, but if someone insist that GURPS needs an overhaul, because players can't work on the principle of lower rolls being better, that means a truly dumb motherfucker

>> No.43517950

I'll keep coming back and call dumb people dumb, and fuck up whatever words I want.
Get fucked, dumbass.

>> No.43517982

What a fucking bitch this guy is

>> No.43517999
File: 103 KB, 480x640, 1431414690551.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.43518000

So, guys, how can I get into magic in GURPS? And I don't mean ritualistic magic, that shit is simple and easy. I mean the "standard RPG" magic, where you cast spells on instant, with instant effects.
Any "GURPS Magic for dummies"?

>> No.43518038


That's mostly the vanilla magic system in GURPS Magic, except the those spells have sensible requirements. E.g. no throwing fireballs until you can a) control fire, and b) create fire.

If you want something more customisable but still instant, you want spells as advantages. I think Thaumatology dealt with that, but the Sorcery supplements seem to be the best resource of pre-built powers for that.

>> No.43518069

I know there is GURPS Magic. Point is, I find it... lackluster? It's either too slow to be really useful, or is so much situational that in the end you just make a crossbowmen in low TL settings with magic, because fuck magic.
Am I missing something or the Magic simply works like that?

>> No.43518193

Well, think about it that way - can your crossbowman shoot explosions out of his ass? Can he instantly heal his teammates? Can he magically detect lies? And so on. But if you do want to instantly cast attack spells, then you should look into statting them as advantages, such as Innate Attack.

>> No.43518220

Might aswell use Sorcery if you're making magic as adavantages.

>> No.43518406

Sorcery is likely the best fit for what you seem to want: magic as advantages, with decent power and excellent speed: spells are cast in one to two seconds, which is more that enough for combat.

>> No.43518424


Yeah, sorcery is great for pretty much everything except Ultra Tech, and seems to be what Anon wants. Seconding this.

>> No.43518446

Because what ever animal you want to morph into you can make the stat block for and a whole bestiary does not belong in the core book as that's not universal.

>> No.43518468
File: 144 KB, 782x546, 1436490378094.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>go to GURPS general for clarification
>figure it all out while I'm typing up the post
Every. Time.

>> No.43518471

>excellent speed
Are sorcerers supposed to know only one combat spell or something? Spending a second to change the spell doesn't look like a good tactical decision unless you have nothing to hit with your current spell.

>> No.43518516

>I was hoping to create a d20 style game very similar to 5e, but i just dont see how complex a game can be when the only system is 3d6

You missed the point. If you think d&d has complexity and more variety that GURPS you are mistaken.

Here is what comes to mind when it comes to factors you can use in GURPS combat.

- depending on maneuver (attack, defend, move and attack, feint etc. etc) - they all have their bonuses and penalties, modifiers and restrictions on attack, defense, available attack and defend options, restrictions on movement

-depending on weapon it can deal different types of damage and each has different damage multiplier (x0.5, x1, x1.5, x2)

-depending on hit locations you have different penalties to strike them and many of them have special effects, damage multipliers etc.

- there are rules for bleeding out, rules for shock and crippling injuries, rules for mortal rules etc

- there are rules for more realistic injuries

- rules for how pain and injury affect your attributes.

- rules for fatigue during combat (which also got its rules for fatigue based on round to round combat where every combat action costs few "action points/ or fatigue points" - The Last Gasp rules

>> No.43518541


with gurps you can create such complexity it would be better to create a computer game to calculate all the effects that are in play in 1 second. You can go so complex it will take you absurd amount of time just to resolve one sword swing.

Now it you think that is not complex...

>> No.43518570

1) 3d6 roll under is very similar to 5e bounded accuracy.
2) http://www.d20srd.org/srd/variant/adventuring/bellCurveRolls.htm

>> No.43518584

Am I correct in understanding that a Shove is not a valid attack for a Combination (Martial Arts p. 80), since it's not a Targeted Attack?

>> No.43518613

By default, GURPS magic focuses on utility. If you want options for combat magic, look into Thaumatology's alternate systems, enchantment, or magic-as-powers. Dungeon Fantasy has some guidelines as well.

>> No.43518675

>That's what I was doing, up until I was taught how to use classes and functions in C++ and started porting it over to Python. Classes are like dictionaries but more readable, useful and powerful.

Classes are still a bit opaque to me. I know what they can do, but I keep aiming too high and getting fuckoff lost.

>Samefag? Huh? Also, what issue? Making what?

Samefag means I'm the same person who replied.

So I got the Pyramid issue with the beam weapons and shit, and I was thinking we'd both try to make the generation program, then compare and maybe go "Oh that's clever/elegant"

>> No.43518688


Yeah, as a result people are really cagey about posting new archives. But keep coming back to the GG threads and someone will post the mega archive

>> No.43518692


I think it's OK to have an attack which doesn't specify a hit location as part of a combination so long as it isn't allowed to target hit locations.

>> No.43518730

>Anyone have a pdf of the Sorcery book to share?
Thaumatology - Sorcery?

>> No.43518731


Not sure why everyone else is being so negative. Changing GURPS to roll-over is mostly just a case of setting the target number at 21 and adding the dice to your effective skill. Since modifiers apply to your skill, just use them as normal without reversing anything (so +2 is still good). It makes basic skill checks a little more difficult, but quick contests easier. You need to figure out what the critical rolls are, but that's pretty much just being able to count along a number line; 3 is 18, 4 is 17, etc.

>> No.43518752


Here you go. For these small PDFs, it's easier to just post them as attachments.

Has anyone got the new Transhuman Space book or Dungeon Fantasy Barbarians yet?

>> No.43518758

>Are sorcerers supposed to know only one combat spell or something? Spending a second to change the spell doesn't look like a good tactical decision unless you have nothing to hit with your current spell.

Selectivity, basic set, 108. It's easy to miss, and is on the lower right.

Basically it lets you turn limitations and enhancements on and off at will, and to my knowledge it is instant and doesn't take a round.

>> No.43518800


Oh, I thought samefag usually meant calling someone out for pretending to be different people.

You can do that if you want. Let me post some examples of output:

>Graviton pistol
1d+1(∞) cr, Acc 6, Range 88/264, Weight 1.1/C, RoF 1, Shots 85(3), ST 3, Bulk -1, Rcl 1, Cost $4249, LC3, Notes: Styled: gives +3 to reactions.

>Rainbow laser rifle
5d-1(3) burn, Acc 12, Range 1274/3822, Weight 4.3/2C, RoF 10, Shots 33(3), ST 5, Bulk -3, Rcl 1, Cost $6699, LC3, Notes: Expensive.

>Light laser pistol
2d+1(2) burn, Acc 6, Range 190/570, Weight 1.0/C, RoF 10, Shots 694(3), ST 3, Bulk -1, Rcl 1, Cost $480, LC3, Notes:

The shot capacity for the laser pistol is ridiculous because these guns are generated at TL11 and the article adjusts shots for TL. The higher the TL, the more shots you get. In addition to that, the article has a bug with laser shots which gives them around double normal capacity, because the article says their initial TL is 9, not 10. It's proved tricky to solve so far, since I think changing their initial TL to 10 makes them have too few shots.

I also have facilities for generating "shotguns" in the code, as well as decent support for adding new weapon types. As you can see above, it can generate properties like cheap, expensive, styled and disguised, and I have plans to let it add accessories to guns too. I'm also intending to implement "brands" which are just a themed set of modifiers, so one brand might have cheap, rapid-firing but unreliable guns, or another might have guns that are expensive, do lots of damage but fire very slowly.

>> No.43518843

>sorcery is great for pretty much everything except Ultra Tech
What? What is wrong in mixing Sorcery and Ultra-Tech?

>> No.43518959

Point+G$ cost/damage/range gets too high compared to UT weaponry, or 50 points spell utility could be a 50G$ gadget? Not sure what he really meant tho.

>> No.43519140


Point cost, mostly. You actually have to take the extra step most GM's don't bother with and rebalance values in order to make it work for the setting you're playing in. Basic set provides basic values suitable for an "average" campaign, but in extremes like ultra tech, it falls apart.

Take for example what a ranged attack can do:
A bow in TL 4 is at most 1d+5 Imp damage. 3d Imp is Innate Attack with a fairly similar range is 24 points, this is what sorcery does, and is fairly balanced. Sure you pay 24 extra points to get it, but you pay an FP every attack and you don't have to reload.
A heavy rainbow laser pistol (only LC 3) is 4d(3) burn, in order to build that as an advantage you need around 50 points. And that's still only a simple pistol you can get with a license, military rifles and the like are in the 100's of points to build as sorceries.

Beyond raw damage, there's not a big point in building buff spells either, because even a "huge" boost like "+4 striking ST, +4 lifting ST" is a 46 point spell, and gives you less of a benefit than what a $10 000 stealth exoskeleton does (which is LC 4, so anybody can own it)

>> No.43519243

Thanks a lot, will check all of those

And answering the crossbowman question - he can kill things in very reliable way. Which is pretty much the main reason why you make a crossbowman in low TL, combat-oriented game.

>> No.43519632

Nah, you make a normal warrior with a few points in crossbow.

Unless you are physically separated from the enemy or there is some other way to keep you safe when reloading most crossbows fire so slowly its better to take a shot then get stuck in.

>> No.43519713

>Nah, you make a whole party take a few points in crossbow, unless there are TL4+ guns available, then the whole party should take a few points in Guns instead.

>> No.43519803


It's not just ST either, there are drugs which grant you +X to any attribute for a couple of hours for just $25 per X.

Really, the only place where Sorcery has a purpose in Ultra Tech is for granting really exotic advantages like Flight or Insubstantiality, which takes a lot of points.

>> No.43519814


Okay update on the gun generator.

The rules in 3e vehicles are garbage for 4e. I tried to copy the 4mm gauss pistol from Ultra-Tech to figure out a baseline and apparently a 4mm gauss pistol at TL10 does 9d+2(3) cr, weighs 4.5lbs, can't shoot past 1000 yards and has Acc 13. About the only thing that worked was the price - the 4e UT gauss pistol is $1,700, and the 3e vehicles one works out to $1,800.

Obviously, the bore size is to blame for it being so bogus. If the bore were smaller, the damage and weight might be more reasonable, but then the range and price will be far too low. I don't think it's really salvageable, unless someone can tell me I'm doing it wrong.

>> No.43519946

Can't you just use the base values of guns as well, base values, and have your program randomly multiply any of them them by anything between 0.5 and 2?

>> No.43520023

Can't speak for most of that, but I know the loss of snap shot penalties between 3e and 4e equates to a halving of Acc.

Did you factor in the pistol configuration? You probably did, but I have to ask anyway because I didn't know that Vehicles assumes everything is turret-mounted by default, and that threw a bunch of stuff off.

>> No.43520083

Does Innate Attack (p. B61) cost FP to use?

>> No.43520119

No, unless you apply limitation to it.

>> No.43520127


That was my original plan but I'd prefer something more variable.

I didn't actually, I'd forgotten about that. That fixes Acc down to 4 but doesn't affect the damage, weight or anything else.

>> No.43520658

So, Innate Attack (Burning 2 [10], Rapid Fire 3 [+50%]) is effectively a 2d, RoF 3 beam weapon with unlimited ammo for 15 points, except it uses Innate Attack skill, not Beam Weapons?

>> No.43520788

Pretty much. Basically you are spending 15 points on ray gun that has unlimited ammunition and cannot be taken from you. GM is also free to ban it, or demand some kind of limitation for it.

>> No.43520791

You still need a skill to use it. Innate Attack Gaze/Beam, etc.

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