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Who is your closest friend, jumpers?

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My right hand.

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Can it be you anon?

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-Background: Changed (900CP) -I am a denizen of the Zone.
-Scavenger (800CP) -Waste not, want not.
-Zone-Touched (Free) -Mental maps are awesome.
-Xenotechnology (400CP) -Learning other tech stuff is pretty nice.
-Marked By The Zone (100CP) (Discount) -A mind that's tough to read, and psychic resistance? Don't mind if I do!
-Basic Tools (0CP) -Always come prepared!
Dice Rolls: Zone Japan
-End Choice: Next Adventure

-Background: School Kid (900CP) -BACK TO SCHOOL FOR ME.
-Fighting Spirit (Free) -We push on! Awwww yeah!
-Mechanic (800CP) -I'm fixing up machines and Medabots alike! This is going to go far.
-Heir To A Family Fortune (600CP) (Discount) -I'm also going to be rich as fuck. It's me.
-We Have The Technology (0CP) -I will build ALL the shit. Me. I will do it.
-Basic Medabot (Free) -Not basic for long!
-Medawatch (Free) -Time to robattle!
-5 billion yen (Free) -I'M A RICH BITCH.
Dice Rolls: 10 years old
-End Choice: Next Adventure

MACHINES AND ROBOTS. FUCKING MACHINES AND ROBOTS EVERYWHERE I tell you, shit is gonna be cash. I'm just vacationing around this time.

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Ah well. Guess I just gotta get me some better martial arts.

...wait, shit. Does generic spirit energy with no real explanation count as (metaphysical) biology?

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Jumpers, show me your Halloween costumes.

Pic related. Because the only thing that could make Harry Potter better is mustaches.

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My only companion.

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Thanks for all those answers.

>Pets or companions
I'd rather keep it as a pet, but it might be hard getting it to fit in the warehouse. They don't get some sort of 'you can bring this along' thing like the LoT does, do they? I mean if you get an Ultrasaurus I don't think it would fit in the warehouse. I'm looking at getting a few Zoids, and my imported companions each have one, so they'd take up a lot of space.

A few more Zoids questions. The list of BLOX on the wiki (linked from the jump) has Jet Falcon, which looks really cool. It's not on the BLOX list in the jump itself, or the Zoids list at the end of the jump. Is it ok to buy it as a BLOX unit?

Depending on if I can have Jet Falcon I think my Zoid build is done, but now I'm moving onto companions. Since it doesn't say they can't buy items it'd be fine for one of my companions to buy a White Box AI and some Zoid Cores to give themselves a couple of that bat Zoid as minions, right? Oh and I want some companions to have their own Organoids, if that's ok. I know some jumps restrict companions from buying items and I don't want to be scummy and have them do that if it's not ok.

Out of curiosity, does Perfected ZOS require Standard ZOS, or are they different enough (1 permanent vs 3 temporary) to be standalones?

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Best friend? Definitely Ariel, the coolest cat I know.

>> No.43383637 [SPOILER] 

(Masters of Magic)
-Race: High Elves (900CP) -Generate Mana by living! This is good.
-Background: Drop-In (Free) -No personality fuckery.
-The Weight Of The Years (Free) -Euuuugh. Fuck this.
-Place of Power (Free) -Garden. That Is All.
-Node Mastery (800CP) -Increased magical power from sources, and no issues with conflicting energy? YES.
-Channeler (600CP) -Halved cost for magical effects. Yes.
-Runic Aid (Free) -Oh this is fucking amazing. I LIKE crafting.
-Artificer (500CP) (Discount) -Extra goodies for creation! Nice!
-Alchemy (400CP) (Discount) -Magic to gold and gold to mana? HA.
-I Am The Fortress (200CP) (Discount) -Retain benefits of my place of power anywhere WHAT.
-Runemaster (-100CP) (Discount) -Halves costs of magic and time to learn? AND my crafting? Holy fuck.
-Chaos Link (-300CP) -Oh dear. Well... might be something to learn.
-Sorcery Link (-500CP) -Once again, something curious to learn.
-Nature Link (-700CP) -And with this, Node Mastery is achieved.
-Ascendency (-600CP)
-Ascending From Hell (0CP)
Dice Rolls: -
-End Choice: Next Adventure

>retain the benefits of a place you marked as a place of power
>get extra mana out of sources
>reduced costs on enchantments
>generate mana on my own



E̶̛V͜͜͏Ę҉Ŗ̷Y̷̛T̷̢H̸̨͞Í͞N̨G ̛͟Y̢͘O̕Ù͟͝ ͏͟C̀͜ARE͢ ̴̕͜A͞B̶̷̴O̵̧U҉̵T̛̀͡ ͠͏̧W͠IL̵L͏ ̢̀͘C͡H͘͝ÀN͏G҉͝͝É͢

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Is there a way to get companions aside from buying them with CP or poding them?

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Anon, come now. This may be our chance to get a time-traveling ACU Lot.

>> No.43383730

See pic

Some drawbacks in some jumps and a good amount of dirge's scenarios offer companions

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> That Text
So... am I speaking to Red right now?
Or should I refer to you as "The Garden"?

>> No.43384072

>Only one level of three different Links
>Unable to cast anything except Common spells and drastically-weakened versions of your other tricks
>Ascending from Hell
Nice knowing you, Red.

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Are pods in the warehouse buildable? or are they beyond the jumpers knowhow of construction?

>> No.43384179

They work on fiat and you can't build that.

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Found yet another Zoids question. The wiki says the Schneider C.A.S. has an energy shield, but the Jump only mentions the blades. Is this an oversight and Schneider does get it or intentional to keep the C.A.S. just the blades?

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All the magic.

One word: Robots. Robots is how.

OI. Now see here, I'm not one to lobotomize myself and go straight on for some singular concept! I pride myself on being varied, and to mindlessly go forward on a path, never changing and never straying with no regard to anyone around me is something I could never forgive myself of doing.

Plus it is the antispiral's limit, to shoehorn oneself so blandly.

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Yeah, those are... bad odds. The only loophole I can see is that as she only has one link in each of the three realms, she'll be back to full power as soon as she finishes learning all three domain's common spells. Hope she's a real fast learner (note to Red: Runemaster's halving of learning time will not apply to spells of those links).

Robots which will also be affected by Ascendency...

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The pods in the warehouse are basically glass tubes, or however you want to fluff them. They cannot be replicated, because they're just a spot for you to have someone stand for the Benefactor to send them along with you.

>> No.43384369

At least "the limit of normal human potential" still allows her to be a pretty dang smart/cunning Overlady. But she's _really_ going to have her work cut out for her, because she's basically going to have ALL the other wizards gunning for her as soon as they find out about her existence.

>> No.43384394

>Robots which will also be affected by Ascendency...
And as long as they can shoot a single metal object through a person who may have metal armor that's a fourth of an inch thick or smaller, they'll suit my purposes fine. I don't have to go for the big guns, I don't have to go for something flashy or hammer things down. I just need to get a good running start to even the odds and help the other high elves while I study my ass off. And so that may not do jack squat against summons or powerful mages. That's fine. I literally just have to stall them until I accumulate even a tenth of my abilities, and then it's production/zerg time.

Honestly, who gives a shit about railguns when a makeshift gunpowder bomb or an early-stage hunting rifle will do the job?

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People with style.

>> No.43384438

Gotta be a tie between Alice, Trisha, and Mera.
All three have been with me since near the beginning, and I have a bond with each. Trisha and Mera both share a soul bond with me, and me and Alice have a psychic connection from the time my Jumping began.

>> No.43384620

Me, myself and I. Why would I need anyone else? Not having anyone to relate to is rather bad for your mental state it turns out.

>> No.43384759

>posting worse girl
Val I expected better from you.

>> No.43384805

I don't have close friends, I have a friend at the moment (Selvaria Bles). Soon I'll have a few more friends, but none I would consider close to. They're more like close subordinates, than true friends.

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I generally have no issues with how people choose to have things follow them, whether it was the Estate from XIV, other synthesis items, or in this case Zoids. Whatever best fits your narrative is probably best in this case.

Initially when I had built Legacy together, I had actually intended to make Battle Story as well into a separate jump, which would have a more complete list. The reason for this was twofold - one being that Legacy is a very "story confined" world in that nearly all the Zoids are "snatched out of time" (Very few local Zoids) and second being that Battle Story literally has every damn Zoid. That being said, I'm a bit busy already with a task list, the need for another Zoids jump isn't exactly there, so in lieu of that I don't really mind if you deviate.

>Companions with Items.
I don't really care in this case. Granted, how you manage companions with companions is your call, but generally I'd advise that if you're going to have companions with their own companions, don't go overboard anyways - honestly you'll find that having a MASSIVE amount of companions/minions can become a real pain to manage. As I said before, in cases like these I generally err on the side of what fits narrative best.

They're different items.

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You're right, how could I ever miss the chance to post Mugino?

>> No.43384837

Bleh. Should've hit this too. I took the Schneider blades as strictly the blades because that's the most iconic part. You'll find that most of the other CAS are literally just "specific" parts as well and not "everything" that would normally come with the armor system

>> No.43384869

So the purchasable options are overpriced and we should give you the middle finger and obtain them in-setting because the only ones you made available to us were the downgrades, stripped down versions?

>> No.43384888

I can't like her, she's just so DUMB.

Like, even canonically. She only learned to get her powers to the point she has them now because she kept frying herself.

Her mastery of her power is just the result of negative aversion to her own goddamn power.

>> No.43384890

If you want to act like a total asshole, no one's stopping you. Just know you're an asshole.

>> No.43384914

>You're an asshole for obtaining things in-setting when available.

>> No.43384921

To be fair her power is very limited in applications. Blowing stuff up, and making a shield. Isn't very useful considering she has to hold back or blow herself up and it's unidirectional with no rapid fire.

>> No.43384929

I think he's referring to the "give you the middle finger" part. Perhaps you meant that in jest, but tone is hard to convey properly in text.

>> No.43384935

Without a doubt, she's reckless and dumb and super easy to anger. Cute and classy as hell though, not to mention it's pretty funny watching her lose her shit when she gets mad.

>> No.43384943

Who is your waifu then?

>> No.43384973

Misaka worst.

>> No.43384985

>Zoids (and other things) coming along
Thanks for yet more answers. If it's alright with you how it works then I'll assume something like an extra hanger that can only store Zoids (and only active ones at that, parts and tools have to be kept elsewhere) plugs onto the warehouse.

I feel a bit iffy about taking it if it wasn't intended to be an option, but if you're fine with it I won't look a gift horse in the mouth.

>Companions with items
Cool. And no worries about too many to manage, I only run with the companions I can keep active, so some of them having pet organoids isn't much of a hassle to track.

Righto then.

Ok then. Might just have a Blade Liger instead then, since with limited ammo and no other melee add-ons (there's a melee upgrader but you need the blades there to begin with) I want some good melee ability.

My thanks once more. Should be done soon so I can stop asking so many questions.

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> Age: 25 [Rolled15] (3&5&7)
> Origin: Drop In
> Dynamic Entrance [-50CP]
> Call In The Squad, Robo [-100CP]
> In a Blast of Smoke [-100CP]
> Collector [-100CP]
> Mechanic [-200CP]
> Disguise [-200CP]
> Tactician [-200CP]
> Why Was This Dropped Here? [-200CP]
> We Have the Technology [-300CP]
> Basic Medabot [Get a Freebie!]
> Medal [Get a Freebie!]
> Medawatch [Get a Freebie!]
> Mysterious Cloak [Get a Freebie!]
> Signature Outfit [Get a Freebie!]
> Spice-A-Roni [-50CP]
> Rubberobo Costume [-100CP]
> Annoying Rival [+200CP]
> Are Those Real Bullets? [+400CP]

Okay. So.
Here me out.

My plan is to use the Rubberobo Costume to Disguise myself as a generic member of the Rubberobo Gang, despite no prior experience or interview, wherein I will gain access to their science, and copy or steal it for my own use as appropriate.
This is brilliant because the only people who can see through my Disguise are children, and the Rubberobo Gang is composed mainly of adults who should know better.

So because I am doing this and because the Medabots technology is now super deadly, I will gain incredible science powers.
Me and my Medabot.

There is no way this can possibly go wrong.

>> No.43385001

>Slutty bitch Misaka
The shittiest of tastes.

>> No.43385027

Uh, quick question for the SOMA Gauntlet author.
>Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthugha PATHOS II n'gha-ghaa naf'lthagn.
Is that a typo? The translation would be "In his house in PATHOS II Cthugha lies dreaming"
Cthugha = fire deity, pictured
Cthulhu = squiddy face that sleeps in R'lyeh under the ocean.
Is our doom the eternal fire, or that which lies dreaming?

>> No.43385042

Hold up, upon reading it again the Energy Emission Units ARE a melee weapon. Sweet! Thought they just upgraded existing ones. Don't mind me!

>> No.43385057

It could be worse. You could have Vento including "not considering me to be best girl" in Divine Punishment's definition of "harm". She's the reason I had to upgrade myself to an anaerobic biochemistry.

>> No.43385061

This shit's going to go wrong incredibly quickly and Malefor's going to laugh at you when it does.

>> No.43385083

Silly OAA, what are you doing in SOMA? What, potatos, for me? Aw, you shouldn't have!

>> No.43385130

Speaking of OAA, any update on how he's doing?

>> No.43385206

Honestly if that's how you want to interpret it I don't really see a point to debating with you. If you strongly believe that every CAS can be attached to any Zoid because you say so, then there's nothing stopping you in the first place, so go ahead and obtain everything in the setting.

>> No.43385214

Things are slowly getting better. Slowly, but surely. It hasn't been an easy journey for him so far, especially financially.

With any luck we should start seeing things soon.

>> No.43385246

Thinking about it, if I have the Energy Emission units as side mounted blades would they be like those of a Blade Liger, or could I have them be like the pincers (the side blades) on Schneider, or the adjustable blade(s) on the Murasume or Mugen Liger?

>> No.43385272

I think you're free to mount them however you want.

>> No.43385286

I can smell the salt. If it annoys you so much, don't offer options on GEAR of all things that's intentionally gimped.

>> No.43385332


>> No.43385335

Cool. I think I'll go with the Mugen Liger's blades then, it's very useful having the sort of flexibility of attack they grant.

>> No.43385341

Ah, that cute little buzzword you think dismissing all criticism instantly so you don't have to argue.

>> No.43385355

Yeah, especially on something that doesn't actually have arms. Honestly, wielding swords by side-swiping the opponent with them is really inefficient.

>> No.43385363

Does the 100CP drawback Stranger From a Foreign Land make your companions, who already trust you, distrust you, or is it just for the people in setting? I'd think it's just the setting being a 100CP, but the wording makes me think I'd have to regain their trust... That could be an interesting story, so I'm fine either way.

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>> No.43385379

No. I'm quite literally telling you that following your premise that you can get CAS in world and attach it to every Zoid, you should just take everything and skip the purchases.

Seriously, just forego the whole process of looking at purchases and take things you like. It's a single player game, no one really minds if you're going to assume you can get everything as long as you don't stick it in their face.

I figure if you're going to take the Schneider CAS as an example of "gimped" gear, you're probably in a whole different class anyways - no sense arguing with Jumper omnipotence.

On the other hand, if this is about you being angered that I've once again made a horrible jump (Which is an opinion you're entitled to), there are still plenty of Zoids universes to explore, so why don't you just make a jump that has all the options you want to see and release it?

>> No.43385393

People in Setting.

>> No.43385397

Nope. It's not that I'm so strong it doesn't matter, personal strength never entered into it. It's that you're selling an nerfed piece of a equipment, that's worse than the canon version. There's no motivation to buy the version you offer as it's worse.

>> No.43385407

Please don't start an argument. He's just going to keep whining and you have better things to do than to get so passive aggressive at someone that you could make a new olympic pool who's just going to keep making jabs.

>> No.43385412

There's the bit that you can attach it to any Zoid. The normal Schneider CAS only works for the Liger Zero. So there is some motivation. Whether it's worth it is debatable, but it's there.

>> No.43385413

Finally got a chance to read through this, why did you change the two 300cp Drop-in perks? I loved the original ones because they had practical applications in nearly every jump you could visit, these new ones are basically just "Free Running-based luck boost" and "Generic puzzle/trap making."

I also liked Event Chain, it was really creative and had a lot of interesting applications.

>> No.43385419

>Hi I don't have any mechanic perks at all

>> No.43385421

Now I'm assuming that given your intense focus on this point, you're actually an expert on the subject matter, so I'm gonna have to ask:

Have you actually considered what the canon version does versus the jump version? They're two separate things.

>> No.43385428

Okay so If I'm understanding Forged Alliance Scenario correctly: Beat teh Seraphim part of the reward is the complete techtree for the three human factions yes?

>> No.43385429

Exactly! It's people like you that it's beneficial for.

>> No.43385435

>CAS are literally just "specific" parts as well and not "everything" that would normally come with the armor system

>> No.43385440

For both games, too. So you get all those nice upgraded units and experimentals from Supreme Commaner 2. Which is very tempting to me, because I want that Cybranasaurus Rex.

>> No.43385444

the what

>> No.43385447

Well that significantly effects my build strategy then.

>> No.43385452

Fairly certain it's meant to be Cthugha, not Cthulhu. Since Cthulhu's pgrase goes "ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn" and Cthugha's goes "ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthugha Fomalhaut n'gha-ghaa naf'lthagn". Note the difference in the last few words.
Also, the translation would actually be "Gone but not forgotten, Cthugha sleeps/waits at PATHOS II, [promising] death to one and all." if the mythos wiki is to be believed.

>> No.43385456


>> No.43385469


>> No.43385475

It's not JUST beat the Seraphim remember.

>> No.43385486

Unifying humanity is something, you might say I have some experience in.

>> No.43385490

It's a Cybranasaurus, not a Tyranosaurus. It can walk on as many limbs as it wants to.

>> No.43385492

Ok, I'll grab that then and hope I'll be able to get people to trust me enough to not shoot me in the back when I'm winning their wars for them.

>> No.43385541

Tell me your secrets! For I've found that getting humans to work together is very difficult.

It's like trying to convince an Ork he has enough dakka.

>> No.43385555

Just because there's a [Tyrant]-[Lizard] [King] doesn't mean there can't also be a Cybran-[Lizard] [King].
It just means that there's competing monarchies. Which means that things are about to get medieval.

>> No.43385557

To be honest if it ended up with an anon going to make another Zoids jump I'd be pretty happy with the end result. Though at this point it seems like I just triggered some sort of strange reflex inside the guy and he's not really looking to make another Zoids jump.

Alright, at this point, you're basically lashing out, so let's lay out the details:

Zoids Legacy Schneider CAS
Effects: 5 Blades/2 Laser Blades + E Shield Capacity.
Limitations: Restricted to Liger Zero due to the nature of the CAS system being developed for feral Zoids. Removes the use of the SLC, restricts the loadout of Zero, hence why you don't see a Panzer/Jaeger/Schneider hybrid anytime in Legacy or NBS.

Jump Schneider CAS
Effects: 5 Blades/2 Laser Blades
Limitations: Removed.

Those are the differences. If you consider that offensive to you, don't take the option. Though honestly I'd advise you don't take the jump in general, since my jumps tend to aggravate you a lot it seems.

>> No.43385561

There is never enough dakka anon
You can't teach a ork lies like that

>> No.43385579

Those differences mean nothing with a mechanics perk, which lets you refit the thing without spending precious points.

>> No.43385593

Also I just noticed, are you assuming I'm someone else? That's hilarious. All dissenters are the same person now.

>> No.43385619

All dissenters are me.

>> No.43385631

Anon why

>> No.43385634

All dissenters are you.

>> No.43385636

There's only one dissenter and that's me.

>> No.43385657

All dissenters are (You).

>> No.43385664

You Can (Not) Dissent.

>> No.43385677

I Am Dissent.

>> No.43385680

So...are you suggesting that in the future I should assume that people taking jumps will have specific perks? I'm kinda curious, where should we draw the line with assumptions?

Nope I was just hoping you were going to make another Zoids jump. This goes for every anon here.

So...how about it?

>> No.43385682

I don't understand your point. If you are capable of acquiring, reverse engineering, and redesigning parts to fit them in any Zoid you want them to be in, then what's the point on spending points on parts even if he caved in and added whatever it is you wanted added?
Your argument basically boils down to "If we assume that I have the skills and resources to make the options you've offered me pointless, then the options you've offered me are pointless". Which is both true and meaningless.
Not to mention that it's been long agreed that jumps shouldn't be balanced on what you might acquire in other jumps.

>> No.43385702

The argument is that the purchasable version is inferior to an in-universe one, giving me more motivation to spend points on a mechanics perk (don't remember one here) or hire someone to do it with more disposable income. Gear either needs to be very good or have special bonuses to be worth paying for frankly. And that's what I originally said. The best course of action is to not bother buying it, and instead get one from someone's Liger.

>> No.43385706

I am Spartacus.

>> No.43385710

I Am?

>> No.43385718

Your Father?

>> No.43385723

Not every jump has to cater to you, and not every jump is going to have every item appeal to every person.

So it's only your opinion that you're trying to cram down our throats, and you're coming off as an asshole over it.

>> No.43385724


>> No.43385727

No, that's not true! That's impossible!

>> No.43385732

It's not catering to me, because I would have never bought one at all. Not all arguments are from personal greed, you silly bitch.

>> No.43385742

Search your feelings, you know it to be true.

>> No.43385751

I don't know what you're even arguing anymore.

>> No.43385753

You said you were going to the store to get ice cream.

>> No.43385758

I think it's a bad purchase.

>> No.43385763


>> No.43385771

Your opinion and you're welcome to it. Now stop being such a whiny bitch about it and find some other purchase if you hate this one so much.

>> No.43385777

He told me that he was going to the corner store to get scratchies.

He must have won since its been five years.

>> No.43385780

Nobody ever told you that you had to argue with me.

>> No.43385784



>> No.43385790

No one said you had to DISSENT.

>> No.43385795


>> No.43385798

Expressing dissent is allowed as is expressing all other opinions.

>> No.43385807

I am the real Slim Shady. All you other mother fuckers just imitatin'

>> No.43385810

My opinion is that chocolate is delicious.

>> No.43385816

Strawberry > Chocolate

>> No.43385827

Do those natural zoids pre-modification exist in this universe?

>> No.43385828

I am the real Slim Jim.

>> No.43385836 [SPOILER] 


I don't see you standing mother fucker!

>> No.43385841

I'm kinda curious, if you would have never bought it at all, why are you ragging on somebody else considering it? I mean...it's their imagination game, so can't we just let them have their own fun and clap/applaud along?

Do we always need to speak up and say "Your build isn't optimized - this is the best solution and you should stick to it."?

I think I've said it thrice now, but if my jumps really aggravate you that much even for things that you wouldn't take at all...should you really be wasting your time on them? I would think you'd want to do something that actually gives you some sense of satisfaction rather than randomly critiquing amateur writing on....4chan of all places.

...Really I'd feel bad if I was wasting your time when you could be doing things that are more fun for you.

>> No.43385842


>> No.43385844

Banana > Chocolate > Strawberry

>> No.43385855

I wasn't targeting their build.

Why are you acting like I said anything about anything but this one option?

>> No.43385858

In addition to what >>43385723 said:
Your argument could only possibly hold water if E Shield Capacity (aka the only difference between legacy and jump versions) wasn't something on offer in the jump. But it IS on offer. Which means two things: That you just have to buy both options to get the legacy version, and that you're ultimately bitching at the jumpmaker to give you a discount on stuff you don't even want or plan to take because those 30 (20 for small zoids) extra cp you'd have to spend are just beyond the pale.
All the while being a giant asshole about it. Is it any wonder so many anons bitched at you about it?

>> No.43385860


>> No.43385872

Those are nasty.

>> No.43385886

My original companion, Carbink. Currently on a quest to turn her into a magical girl and thus a Diancie.

>> No.43385895

Your filthy Carbink is nothing more than a dirty, lower class peasant. It will never reach the beauty and power of upper class Diancie royalty.

>> No.43385902

literally Jesus.

>> No.43385905

Most don't actually. The amount of "Natural Zoids" not locked out by temporal barriers is kinda small, explained by the fact that nearly everybody was ripped out of some different time/space.

Taking the Liger Zero for example, if you don't consider the single random chest you find the data as canon, then...hope you hit the right timeline to encounter a protagonist that has one? There's....two of them basically.

If you're talking about Feral Liger Zeroes, they don't even show up.

>> No.43385912

Question, Zoid Data has a cost of 0 for the Small category. Does this mean we can get the data for all the Small Zoids from the list free?

>> No.43385933

Was one option really worth this much time and circular argument? I mean: we've really achieved absolutely nothing after all this.

At this point I think you'd be better off criticizing the jump as a whole or something.

How did you even consider bringing this up in the first place?... You have a pretty interesting thought pattern I have to say. Though again...my stance remains the same, you should probably just stick to doing things that lead to you having fun. Unless of course this is what you derive enjoyment from.

>> No.43385941

It was worth the original comment I made, but not the continued debate. People replied and that started the momentum up to this point.

>> No.43385950

I meant

>> No.43385961

To be honest, getting a whole bunch of S data seems great and all...but what are you actually going to do with all of it? End of the day you're still going to have to build them all.

My initial thought process was mostly "Well, if this *was* going to be the only Zoids jump, I should probably let them have a freebie out of it" but I could just as easily cap it or make everything more expensive if people don't like free things.

>> No.43385988

Hey, I'm fine having to build them, I was just planning on paying for them and now I see that I don't have to. Thanks yet again!

>> No.43385994

Sleepers show up but are generally in very limited Zoid frames. They're disposable mooks basically. You're not going to find Wild Liger Zero/Berserks running around, no.

Unless you take the drawback, Ferals (True Wilds) don't show up. I suppose you can consider the Death Meteor/Death Saurer a Feral? Tough call there cause they pull the same stunt in NBS and the Death Saurer there is a bit more..."sapient".

I dunno how canon you'd consider the hacked in time walls in the "bonus" segment of the game, but there are some strange Zoids in there. (It's hacked in 'cause it was used in a basic exploit of the game that made it ridiculously easy.)

>> No.43386016

Sounds more like Bill Cipher is trying to take her over, if you ask me.

>> No.43386024

I really need to read that jump because this is getting mysterious to me.

>> No.43386025


>> No.43386054

I see.

I always feel bad for them because it seems like in all timelines they've basically gone extinct.

>> No.43386073

In the anime timelines that's sort of true, but in most of NBS they play a pretty prominent part of the storyline. (Chaotic Century is a bit of an exception since it's like the children's version of NBS)

Granted, NBS's storyline is substantially more grim...so the feral zoids don't fare too much better there either.

>> No.43386231

Is Robo-Anon on I have a question about the Supreme commander Companion option and Import option amongst others

>> No.43386319

Since they're from different series I don't think we see if this works, but could you have a Lightning Saix with the Jaeger CAS get a BLOX unit to make it even faster?

>> No.43386353

On second thought BLOX don't really work quite like that, and aside from flying I don't know how much faster it could get anyway. Never mind.

>> No.43386492

Don't forget to buy gold.

>> No.43386595

So, looking at the whole argument over gear, it is pretty clear that there are a number of different philosophies regarding what should be given as an option for gear and what shouldn't.

A lot of jumps have basic items which would either be standard equipment or easily obtained from enemies at some (usually) minor cost. Unless the rest of the options are similarly low powered for the points, this seems like a waste, and even then it doesn't add much to most chains. Yes, a mundane assault rifle is usually fairly useful, but it's not going to be the highlight of somebody's jump.

In-between is either rare and notable equipment or customized versions of stuff. I'm personally pretty down with this, but it has to be something I'll consider using outside the jump, either for coolness factor or because there's nothing quite like it easily obtained elsewhere.

The last is items that are arguably better than the perks they're being compared with. The usual weakness is that they can be taken away and used against you, but it's still very nearly a no-brainer. I'll take these, but sometimes they feel wrong.

Just generally, I'm not sure if 'will people actually take this, and is it so good everyone will take it?' is actually figured into most jumps once you get to the gear section as it seems to be almost an afterthought in a lot of them.

>> No.43386603

When I list basic gear as items I give it to backgrounds for free.

>> No.43386701

Just so you know you can add the Schneider to your free Zoid using your free points.

>> No.43386796

I don't think that's the same anon.

I don't think there's a "right way" of making items in jumps. What seems wasteful to one person isn't to another, and not everyone plays a chain in the exact same style. Personally I'd rather have a wider variety of options available to cover a wider variety of individuals than to cater to a specific group.

That being said, I don't think mundane items are necessarily a bad thing. Some people need mundane things, and not everyone should be expected to be a crafter, or a builder, or a farmer of any sort.

Truth be told, I'm not sure that optimization is a necessary element in jumpmaking. If you design a jump with not so much a jumper in mind but just an individual, then honestly, anything is better than nothing. An individual going in with no abilities/skills will find different things more appeal than say a jumper at 50 jumps in, but that's just common sense.

But that's perhaps an inherent flaw in jumpchain. Because people have gotten so used to things carrying over and the ability to just steal/craft things at will, they approach future jumps with a different mindset than somebody who would use the jump as a standard CYOA.

>> No.43386850

To be blunt, Dirge, if it's something you can just go down to the shop to pick up for cash injump it's probably not worth putting it up for sale for CP, an irreplaceable resource that can get you stuff that's just... better. I mean, if you had an infinite catalogue, sure, throw it in, why not, but when you're trying to keep a section down to a few pages you should probably exercise some discretion in picking things to offer. So, sure, basic food and water might be worth offering in a jump set in a zombie apocalypse or a desert planet or something, but otherwise the "stacks of cash" option is about as mundane as you'd want to get, and even then it's usually basically a minimum-price filler item.
Obviously this applies less if you're making a several-hundred-page page, of course.

>> No.43386873

>if it's something you can just go down to the shop to pick up for cash injump it's probably not worth putting it up for sale for CP
To head off any "but people love (infinite snack item of choice) options!", "literally enough coffee that you can sail the titanic on it" or "make your own moon out of ice cream!" are not things you can go down to the shops to pick up. Not in most settings, anyway.

>> No.43386893

Are there any perks that extend your (durability) powers to what you are wearing / have equipped? Just because bodymod makes me look nice in the buff, doesn't mean I don't prefer clothes or want to have to buy a new set every time somebody tries to cut / shoot / immolate / explode me.

Basically, I want the Superman "my invulnerability aura extends to what I'm wearing" perk. Any jumps have that or something like it?

>> No.43386903

>Not making your moon out of cheese.

>> No.43386911

Hey, I didn't say anything about only making one moon.

>> No.43386948

I honestly haven't seen *that* many jumps where completely mundane, everyday items are put in, and yet at the same time I could see reasons why jumpmakers would put them in.

Something like an elixir/phoenix down might be something you could buy in any standard Final Fantasy universe shop, but for some people, the convenience of having a couple dozen at the beginning of the jump makes a substantial difference in terms of the narrative they'll follow.

Personally I see no harm in offering mundane items considering there's never been a set limit as to how many items you can put on offer in a jump. Hell, I generally aim for 1-4k worth of items for small jumps.

But to be fair, I see the process slightly differently, since I don't really see it as "Buy stuff with CP" so much as "these are different choices to fit your narrative".

I've had jumpers that will buy stupid shit just because they have a fixation with it, even if it's completely useless - but it was in character. I dunno how many people really follow that though - so yeah, just personal opinion there.

There's a bit of a feeling I get, comparing the older jumps to the newer ones, that there's been a substantial level of powercreep going on in /jc/ as new jumpmakers adapt to the constant need for more "Infinite XX", and...honestly I dunno how I feel about that.

>> No.43386980

It's more that people are okay with more settings getting jumps. In the old days, most of what was in your jumps currently would not be allowed at all. People have over time decided that those restrictions were too lose, and have allowed more settings to be made into jumps. It's a good change, and it's definitely extended the lifespan of this thread. If only setting where a guy with a machine gun could still kill you were allowed as it was at the start, people would've gotten bored and this probably would've died a while back, if from the dearth of those than if nothing else.

>> No.43386991

>were too lose
Too strict.

>> No.43387081

While I understand your point, what I meant to say really was that as the mechanics of jumpmaking have changed over time, a lot of things were accepted as standards and kinda set as the guidelines.

Things like companion imports for instance, grew significantly from jump 200 onwards. We've seen substantially more "infinite"/"refilling" items. We've started seeing more capstone boosters after it was first introduced. After Babylon wrote the very first scenario jump in LoT, we saw a good number of those pop up.

These aren't bad things by any means, but sometimes when I look back at the "original" guideline to jumpmaking, I just kinda wonder what a new jumpmaker faces/thinks when they take to making a jump. I guess versus what I thought when I made my first jump.

It also kinda makes me speculate whether eventually, every jump is going to have "baseline" mechanics standards. I mean we've largely adjusted to the 1246 system, but I suppose that's because it works well.

>> No.43387093

Not like there's a lot of basis in complaining about more detailed jumpmaking you know. Quality was not a hallmark of the early days either.

>> No.43387142

>I've had jumpers that will buy stupid shit just because they have a fixation with it, even if it's completely useless - but it was in character. I dunno how many people really follow that though
Probably quite a lot, really, but filling up the item section with tons of trivial stuff designed to appeal to a bunch of named Jumpers with their own ongoing fixations is a pretty shitty thing to do.

>Personally I see no harm in offering mundane items considering there's never been a set limit as to how many items you can put on offer in a jump. Hell, I generally aim for 1-4k worth of items for small jumps.
Again, the "mundane stuff is wasting space" thing is obviously less of an issue if you're making jumps with several hundreds of pages, but most people don't make jumps that long, for a number of reasons.

>Something like an elixir/phoenix down might be something you could buy in any standard Final Fantasy universe shop,
That would be something of an exception, since while it's available injump, it's also very much not mundane (even in setting fluff, considering deaths still happen fairly often) and not easily available in the vast majority of other jump. In those cases buying them would be as much about getting a Jumpchain Warrenty Respawnin Supply as getting access to any at all. Also, last I recall the majority of the FF jumps don't even offer those, so.

>> No.43387146

Huh? I'm not complaining at all about detailed jumpmaking. Like I said, I have no clue really how I want to feel about this progression, just that I've noticed it's there, and I'd be curious to know how new jumpmakers to come would be affected if say, they looked at WHFB first instead of Pokemon.

>> No.43387159

Well, they'd be confused as shit, for one thing, since Pokemon is basically the "here are the rules for how this actually works" jump.

>> No.43387163

>buy stupid shit just because they have a fixation with it
>named Jumpers

I'm an unnamed Jumper and I do that all the time, the fuck are you smoking

>> No.43387181

Outside of that we generally point new people to Pokemon always, WHFB is actually rather old at this point, most people would come in looking at jumps like Supreme Commander. Pretty standard jump for now, all told. I think the 1246 scheme and special customization sections are the only trends that are widespread, everything else is a personal style long-term jumpmakers have picked up with limited diffusion. So it's not like someone is likely to think "I have to put in a scenario and also this and also that and also", they'll either try to copy pokemon or the new 1246 style with exposure, and go from there.

I am also (currently) unnamed and I by stupid shit for fun or interested all the time.

>> No.43387199

>Don't add cool but useless shit, only min-maxers and power gamers matter.
>If someone really wants something they should take up a 9-5 and buy it with real money instead of adventuring and having fun.

>> No.43387202

Researcher 900
Area 14 armed bio containment area 14
Scp 682 (drawback)- 1500
Acquisitions dept. (Drawback) -1700
Scp 2400- 1100
Clearance upgrade 2- 900
Clearance 5- 700
Murphies law free
Sufficiently advanced 400
SCP-2412 (Cassandra) 200
Scp 143 sapling 0

Ok Im putting 2400 in my warehouse which already has the narnian time clock (currently running at 5.2 times normal time) for x728 days per 1 day outside.

This gives me the unique opportunity to build, I will build a marvel of science! A computer of such power and capacity that it can run a simulation of an entire galaxy and never slow down! Complete with AI helper "spirits" whos job will be to guide the new inhabitants

With cassandra acting as my secretary and aid and my level 5 clearance I will make a list of all the safe scp's (the sapient ones at least) and all the useful scp's like 914 (which Im studying to recreate anyway) and I will try to actually help the people the the foundation has screwed over wherever possible. Scp 85 (cassandra the drawing of a girl) I will release from her paper prison through wish magic from dnd.

Then when my time here nears the end I will enact my plan all the sapient non violent scps will be virtualized using a mix of code lyoko scanners and star trek transporter beams and technology from my space ships uploading them into a virtual copy of Earth with all the supplies and tools they will need to start a new life. I know its a crappy thing to do but in most cases its better than being tortured and experimented on by the foundation.

Using transporter tech I will also magpy any of the useful scp's that I have earmarked (not that there are very many) and get genetic samples of some of the more flamboyant species like the ruffled lizards that eat pocket change.

The computer now housing the scp's I will put into a slipspace bubble and launch away from earth to become an island unto itself. Hopefully they will have happier lives than they did locked away in this hellhole.

>> No.43387210

Ok, "named" should probably have been "well-known/destinctive" but the point was that most Jump-makers are probably not planet-scale psychic who know all the interests of everyone in Jumpchain, so you can't really just say "well, hey, I'm making a jump set in X nation, so I'll just throw in an autographed collection of bobblehead dolls of minor historical brewers from that country, I'm sure there's some anon that has a hobby of collecting that shit!"

>> No.43387211

Anon please. I am a power game and I disagree with him. Want to know why? Because even though I'm interested in gaining power it's not the ONLY thing I like. I have personal interests that my jumper still has, so there's tons of goofy, fun, and interesting stuff I pick besides just growing stronger. We're not all one dimensional.

>> No.43387213

I'm not well-known distinctive and I doubt that anon is either.

>> No.43387217

...Why named Jumpers? ...Come to think of it I never even thought of names for a couple of my jumpers, they just jumped as "identities"...

That being said I don't think it's good to make anything designed to cater to anyone at all. I only expect a minor subset of individuals to go through my jumps, but I wouldn't cater to them specifically due to it. It skews the way the writing goes along.

Considering I've made 12 of the FF jumps, I'm probably partly to blame for the elixir/phoenix down thing, but honestly, it's kinda like sliding scales of mundane here. As long as it fits the setting, there's a purpose, and people can use it to further their story, is it really bad if it's mundane?

Like a man who abuses the respawning supply warranty for 50 CP toilet paper to hand them out in public washrooms...That's probably not a good example.

>> No.43387226

I'm not saying "don't add cool but useless stuff" I'm saying "don't add stuff because you think there might be one jumper that has a personal obsession with it."

>> No.43387229

Nobody has ever done that paranoid ass.

>> No.43387235

>hat being said I don't think it's good to make anything designed to cater to anyone at all. I only expect a minor subset of individuals to go through my jumps, but I wouldn't cater to them specifically due to it.
Yes, that.

>> No.43387242

>Building for Master of Magic
>Roll Nomads (boring humans.)
>At least I have my second roll.
>Roll Orcs.
>Kinda sucks but maybe it won't be too bad. Let's read up on them.
>Pig Orcs.

>> No.43387247

Oh, so you were yelling about that thing that literally never happened, that is so much better.

>> No.43387288

That part I never noticed. Do people really notice particularly distinctive styles? Nowadays I can't really keep track considering we probably have around 20 - 30 active jumpmakers. It'd be interesting to see what would happen if we all went as anon.

Probably (imo) the most distinctive out of everyone really is Babylon with LoT whereas the rest of us kinda work off a similar framework.

>> No.43387299

Yep, for most of the stuff you mentioned as being extra mechanics? I instantly knew whose jumps you were referring to.

>> No.43387311

Leaving aside the fact that people adding shit they shouldn't to cater to someone has totally happened before, the post wasn't saying "why do you keep doing this " it was saying "this isn't really something you can predict for more individual tastes, so it's not a good example here." Jesus, so much skimming and crying.

>> No.43387332

Tyrion Lannister And I have been inseparable ever since I destroyed that power he was imprisoned in,His wit and Cunning really balance Out my Explosiveness and tendency to act In haste.
I would say we should probably run but I don't think There is any possible distance that would be safe.

>> No.43387348

>this isn't really something you can predict for more individual tastes
>tons of trivial stuff designed to appeal to a bunch of named Jumpers with their own ongoing fixations is a pretty shitty thing to do
Yeah, that's totally a reasonable way to say that.

>> No.43387404

Yes? If you can't predict individual fixation, the only way to purposefully offer that would be open-ended offers or just catering to the well-known Jumpers, which Dirge agreed would be shitty, and is thus a bad example. What's your point?

>> No.43387471

So I finally saw Jurassic World and it got me thinking. We have dragon jumpers and giant jumpers, butterfly jumpers and jumpers with no noses, Pokémon jumpers and skeleton jumpers, but how many dinosaur jumpers do we have?

For those who aren't dinosaurs, how often do you transform into one? How often do you create dinosaurs. Tell me your dinosaur stories.

>> No.43387475

I've been a dinosaur twice, but it's hampered by a dearth of dinosaur-based jumps.

>> No.43387604

It was really kind of a sidetrack to everything else that was happening, but way back in FF13-3 when we engineered a new line of biomechanical sentry lifeforms. They were based off tyrannosaur DNA from Jurassic Park, with splices from the deviljhos of Monster Hunter, Heracles from Toriko for good measure and a few blood samples from Malefor. In short, they were our answer to the Indominus Rex.

The final components were Mantra cybernetics attuned to Violence, and a splice of mindworm DNA to engineer them into a hivemind of sorts to better upgrade their intelligence and ensure their obedience as town guards for outposts during the Nova Chrysalia Rejuvenation Project.

Also, we took fuzzy so. They looked like pic related.

Really the biggest problem was calibrating the Mantra limiters until the final battle with Bhunivelze. That was until the final battle, when in response to Bhunivelse unleashing every single Ereshkigal in a zerg rush we shattered their limiters and-y'know when you throw bread on the ground at pigeons?

It was like that, but with planet-sized dinosaurs and fungus dragons.

There was also the time the Emperor of Man ressurected the dinosaurs as a show of force after betraying our trust and rejecting our perfectly sensible plan to have the Imperium of Man undergo ascension into Anti-Spiral perfection, but that's another story.

>> No.43387761

I'm going to Jump SCP next. How viable is this for an Ethics Committee course of action with O5 clearance?

The poor woman we're torturing is going to be set free. Whatever thing she's pregnant with is getting sent to another dimension. Her nightmare is over. Her consciousness is going to be transferred out of her body and into an identical one if that's what it takes.

We're not going to try to kill 682 anymore. We have it contained, and I have a weapon that can kill it if we need to. We're going to do is expose it to other SCPs and use its adaptions to contain them better.

No more killing D-class for the fun of it. We have a phone number that can order test subjects, and after it's investigated we're using it to order nonsentient robot people from now on.

Somebody tell Dr. Bright he's being promoted.

>> No.43387785

I think most of that is great except the second one. That will only end in pain.

>> No.43387792

How much power does an 05 have?

>> No.43387826

Alternatively, we stick it in a virtual world indistinguishable from reality. Or hijack a debate between the two reality warpers with CHAN MIO from Nichijou to put it in another universe. If all else fails, I'll take the brain filter perk, clear the site and surrounding area, and show it a picture of SCP 96.

>> No.43387837

Basically all of it, except over other O5s or the ethics committee. The ethics committee has total power over ethics, but it's unclear what else.

>> No.43387848

Impossible to determine, since there could be anything behind dem blackboxes.

>poor woman

See, this assumes whatever's in her is a global or universal threat at worst and not a multiversal one. There are a few allusions in other SCPs/tales that it's either the reincarnation or offspring of something called the Scarlet King, which may or may not be the gigantic horror referred to as the Devourer of Worlds sealed in 2317 which will apparently inevitably break free in 30 years. Killing whatserface's child may or may not be the thing that releases it in turn depending on how you interpret the hidden poem on her page given that 2317 is, in fact, bound by several chains apparently composed of the bones and sinews of another Devourer entityi, it's all very unclear.


Cross SCP testing of Keters is generally held to be a big no-no with the Foundation for risk of Bad Things happening frmo them interacting. At least 1 other SCP-some sort of malevolent mask which may or may not be an advisor to the Hanged King-has tried to approach 682 in the past as an ally.

Expect vigorous testing before they believe your weapon ca kill 682 permanently.

>test subjects

Relying on SCPs to be a reliable benchmark of normalcy is another no-no with the Foundation. For what it's worth, it's generlaly accepted that the Foundation as a whole tries to be utilitarian with the D-Class and the researchers who kill them "for the fun of it" are reprimended.

>promoting Dr Bright

The list.

That is all.

>> No.43387919

>hidden poem
What? Where?

>> No.43387932

In that case I'm coming back with several forms of infinite power post spark. Thank you for that information before I destroyed the multiverse! I'll know what I need to do after I read the reports on what they're doing and why.

Helpful advice! Instead I won't ask. I'll use technology to move it past the event horizon of a black hole or inside my unbreachable warehouse test chamber from Portal to kill or contain it. Let everyone panic about it disappearing. I'll use perks to keep people from knowing I did it.

Could I suggest a way to build the robots myself in ways that don't seem anomalous?

If I can't take him as a companion, I'm enjoying his company while it lasts.

>> No.43387934

So, for those of you that have jumped Trek and who used you own spaceships there: how did you deal with the Borg? Was you tech able to defeat theirs or did you run? I ask, because it seems like their tech was always powered by plot and stand up fights with them were a losing proposition.

>> No.43387946

A quick tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W0u-__5wuEs

And a tumblr link for those who can't view the source:


>> No.43387976

I out-teched them and used anti-plot perks against them.

Turns out Star Trek shields aren't designed to withstand 40k weaponry. No amount of adaptation can repel an alpha strike from a Gloriana-class starship, and I happen to have a perk to specifically call an alpha strike where and when I desire. And then when I got bored of exploding their cubes, I started Grey Goo'ing them because my nanites were better than theirs.

They're only as strong as they are when you play like they do. Think outside the box that Trek wants you to be limited to. Change the rules. Break out of the constraints you're limited by. Use things they can't adapt to.

>> No.43387997

Could just make a fuckload more chains with minecraft fuckery and make them better with unholy heights fuckery to bind it in inlimited chain works.

Or put a broken one through 914 and see what happens.

>> No.43387998

>read the reports

Best thing to do before preceding, really. Personally we're leveraging our transcendental command over stasis and knowledge of abjuration to seal many similar beings indefinitely, or in the case of the Scarlet King leveraging Glorious Repairs and Endless Recycling to restore the chains.

>unbreachable warehouse test chamber

Oof. Waste of a perfectly good test chamber but independant transdimensional travel is one of the few things 682 doesn't seem capable of. We recommend against the black hole; during the test log 682 was reduced to quantum foam and appeared to enjoy the process.

>suggest a way.

Er...actually? We'd like to introduce you to the Olympia Project: An attempt at creating a humanoid life form to assist the Foundation using multiple SCPs. At the very least O5 clearance may let you pitch the idea if you include some procedures to test for anomalous behavior.



Well, if you really crave shenanigans for some reason pods are always an option.

In most tales it's implied Bright eventually goes murderously insane from his immortality and he has two family members who are in constant pain from being SCPs, so-guy needs all the happy moments he can get, really

>> No.43388017

Actually, we don't have Cheat Mode. Too many better things to spend CP on. And I haven't thought much about unholy heights ever since people mentioned the perks don't exist in canon


>expecting 914 to produce reliable, safe enhancements all the time, especially with other supernatural items

>> No.43388044

I never said it would be safe. I was curious as to what it would do.

>> No.43388050

Double dose of Zoids question, wherein one leads to wanting an answer to the other.

First off, is the only way to get a companion a Gil Vader to side with the Guylos Empire in the Scenario?

Secondly, the only other single Zoid that matches the Gil Vader in speed is the Storm Sworder FX. How do you get a Variant of a listed Zoid? I thought it might just be free choice but the CAS forms of the Liger Zero are listed so I figure there's a cost somewhere I'm missing.

>> No.43388054

That's how you get Keter class objects.

>> No.43388090

Would kinetic weapons work well in Trek? It seems like everything they do is energy based, and 40k does kinetic weapons like a champ.

I know we've talked about how kinetic weapons would work well in SW, but how about ST?

>> No.43388092

Reminder that the Devourer's true object class is "Apollyon".

A 914'd chain might well be that as well, which apparently stands for "we can't do jack shit about this one" judging by the "containment procedures"

>> No.43388100

Are there more Apollyon class objects or other objects that don't fall into the standard three?

>> No.43388105

Has anyone else noticed 4chan get a whole lot spoopier? There's a skeleton doing the running man in the corner of my screen.

>> No.43388112

Well, birds are kind of related to dinosaurs, so it counts. Right?

Or at least, that was the logic that I used when I took an Acrocanthasaurus as an altform in Jurassic Park.

>> No.43388142

I like it, sadly it doesn't work too well with my addons, but at least I can see the colors and the skellingtons

>> No.43388147

Inertial dampeners are a thing, but if you accelerate fast enough, you should be able to do damage anyway. I'd favor high-c-fractional objects preferably a kilo or more in mass, that way you get lovely amounts of collateral damage because it goes off like a bomb on impact, doing both direct and indirect damage. Just be careful if you're going to use that in an atmosphere, because it'll have a hell of a shock wave. Unless it's too high a fraction of c, in which case it'll detonate immediately on impact with the air. (On the plus side, momentum should carry the explosion directly through your targets.)

>> No.43388151


Yeah, the colors are really nice. A lot easier to look at. I kinda wish we could keep these colors year around.

>> No.43388162

>SCP jump gives you the option to join an organization besides the foundation
>The Shark Punching Center isn't one of the listed options
Why even live?

>> No.43388165

Have you tried the Tomorrow theme? Or whatever the equivalent is in default. Gray background with pale, dull blue links, and white text. Much easier on my eyes.

>> No.43388170

There's a 3D one bobbing around in mine, yeah. It has eyeballs too. Spooky.

It...seems to be the only canon one so far. There are a few called Thaumiel but those are SCPs the Foundation has cleared for containing other SCPs.

To clarify, 076 is NOT a Thaumiel in the current timeline because they couldn't control him well enough to prevent him from going on rampages.

>> No.43388173

Picard raped face with a Thompson, so I'd say they're at least effective in boarding actions.

>> No.43388186

You could break off and join up.

>> No.43388212

He enjoyed being reduced to Quantum Foam? In that case, I'm sending him into the core of an O class supergiant or outside of a supernova. One of the drink machine tests revealed that extreme heat is capable of killing him, and they think the thing that produced it was the inside of a star.

Done. I'll complete it with the help of Dr. Gears. If anyone would want to make sure a project involving an artificial person didn't create suffering, he would. We're not replacing human suffering with robot suffering. Thanks for that really useful advice.

That's really sad. I'll make sure he doesn't go insane, and that this particular thing written about him is largely optimistic. Who else will keep Jumpchan entertained while I'm spending my time dealing with suffering? I'm going to be writing paperwork and building things miles away from any SCP.

#54 is being taken off the list. We'll fight the war on suffering on two fronts!

>> No.43388226

I think it'd count. That said, the archaeopteryx was my favorite dinosaur as a kid, and we knew it had feathers back then, so I may be a tad biased. Just a bit.

>> No.43388266


I have not! I'll try it sometime, thanks.


Mine is blue and spinning now! It was doing the worm a few seconds ago.

>> No.43388300

Kinetic weapons would probably do the most damage do to how weird shields are in star trek.
If you know a ships 'shield frequency' you can set your weapons to emit the same type (or was it opposite, it's been a while) to pass right through them (As seen in Star Trek Generations). It's this that allows the Borg their 'immunity' as they're just adapting to the energy frequency setting. Less advanced weapons such as powder explosives and kinetic guns would be something they couldn't adapt to.

Really, the answer to killing Borg is to go with less advanced technology.

Hell, it's been shown many times that one can get into hand-to-hand combat with Borg drones with the only problem being their cybernetic making them stronger. But Klingon blades can still cut them and, in one-on-one fights, beings like Data can overpower them.

>> No.43388341

There's also.



Pretty sure the Borg can't do jack shit against magic.

Fae-blooded from Gargoyles ought to do the trick.

>> No.43388363

Also, remember that the Borg were prevented from take over the Enterprise in First Contact do to Data releasing a chemical that quickly destroys everything organic (while living inorganic material perfectly unharmed).

The Borg Queen was submerged in it, managed to pull out by grabbing Picard before being pulled down by Data. That should have been enough time for the fricken Queen to adapt to it if it was possible to, but clearly it doesn't.

In short, the Borg are only so strong because no one tried throwing a big rock at them.
I would stake money on the Orks being able to defeat the Borg.

>> No.43388393

Oh yeah, I forget about that.

And considering they had problems with other dimensional Creatures such as species 8472 (which would wreck the Borgs asses before Voyager got involved) the Borg would have absolutely no defense against magic and would be unable to assimilate it.

>> No.43388429

I have a skull playing a trumpet. It's kinda neat.

>> No.43388514

They launched it towards the sun but apparently decided the sun couldnt kill it when it came back on fire. (Because in no way could a space ship catch fire!)

>> No.43388532

It does? where does it write that?

>> No.43388542

You had one job!

One job!

jk, I doubt I could have put that much work and quality into SCP, too wiki item based. Good job! Maybe organize it a bit better.

>> No.43388599

In pretty sure the foundation is run by raving idiots who dont like to talk to one another.

>> No.43388719

>that spoiler
Unholy Heights isn't that bad, actually. Let's examine the perks.

A New Arrival... the gender retcon is ludicrous, yeah. IMO this is the WTF perk that gives the jump a bad name.
Ultimate Disguise... is a bit surreal, and IMO underpriced, but the premise of the game does include your bunch of monsters trying to hide and work and live amongst the nearby human settlements (when they aren't dining on them).
What Was That About Dimensional Barriers... fits, because the game's tower defense has you calling upon your apartment denizens.
Not Suspicious At All... is similar to Ultimate Disguise. I would have swapped the prices.
Let's Make It Bigger... is based on your in-game ability to upgrade both the quality and quantity of rooms and even the number of floors.
King of Hell is... well, you play The Devil. Who for some reason has spent his life savings on buying an apartment block and becoming a landlord.
But They're So Fluffy... probably a reference to the baby chickens, which are cute and fluffy right up until they eat someone. ALL the monsters are drawn in this adorable chibi style.
Helping Board... is all about the quests you can send your tenants on.
Let's Give It a Boost... related to how you can upgrade the quality of each apartment's furnishings which improves their effectiveness in making your tenants happy.
New Costume... meh, it fills a 100cp generic perk space.
Almighty Janitor... despite regularly having heroes come to wreck the place, and some of the less sanitary tenants, the hotel stays in amazingly good nick.
Such Strange People... you have to keep your tenants happy, different monsters have different likes and knowing who likes what is half the game.
Stop Raiding Me You Bastards... you get a knack for defending places, big or small - which you have to do in the game - plus some More Dakka to do it during the jump.

The items are based on furnishings you can buy for your tenants and the companions are based on the tenants.

>> No.43389100

Really? Oh. Huh, fair enough. Honestly I had no idea who to believe and who not to because I've never played the game. But yeah-mainly it was A New Arrival, Not Suspicious At All, Let's Make It Bigger and Let's Give It a Boost that made me raise an eyebrow.

To clarify: I'm /fully aware/ these aren't going to be changed ever because yadda yadda grandfather clause etc (and now that I've checked my build for UH, I seem to have taken Boost even though I've kind of forgotten about UH for the rest of my chain) but it sounds like Let's Give It A Boost and Let's Make It Bigger would've fit better as being able to enchant things to make people feel super comfy vibes instead of overall enhancement and a Sims-like ability to remotely manage/manipulate/rearrange your dwellings. Or something, I dunno. Not like it matters now anyway.

By the way, is Fallen London/Sunless Sea still in the works? Shit be whack in those settings. Don't suppose the pastebin WIPs have been updated?

The O5s tend to be fairly distant, but this isn't inaccurate regarding some of the researchers. Particularly the big names before the site as a whole was revamped to put less emphasise on crazy researcher shenanigans.

Although Dr Clef is notable for making a cameo in SCP 2000 as a skeleton with a note attached to it questioning why the fuck the Foundation keeps building and rebuilding the SCP, which is implied to be basically the Bastion

>> No.43389104

Look on the bright side, anon. No lack for bacon during your jump. Eh?

>> No.43389152

Any good perks that would allow you to teleport or summon a Companion to your location? Could FF Caller/Summoner magic be used for that purpose?

>> No.43389162

Nintendogs is nice.

>> No.43389189

I think dark souls was meant to have one.

>> No.43389235

Your explanation for a few of the perks would absolutely make sense? If the jump actually presented them in such a way.

For instance:
>Let's Make It Bigger
Yeah, you upgrade the apartment - but there's no space-fuckery involved at ALL unlike what the perk suggests. You don't cram more and more apartment space into a fucking broom closet, you upgrade the entire apartment's size and the outside building gets larger and larger.

>Let's Give It A Boost
The apartment upgrade system is related to making the tenants' happy, which over time improves the tenants' stats. This perk doesn't suggest any sort of connection to that, and the game certainly doesn't have this 'combine three of a thing.'

>Not Suspicious At All
... This one just makes no bloody sense. You have, on the Quest Board, bloody influential monks from a church trying to evict you from the building via punches. You're suspicious from the get-go.

Also noted that you didn't touch on the Angel origin at all.

Beyond that, everything else I have to agree with - and nobody was really knocking on the items or companions. But a few of the perks just seem like... either complete afterthoughts, tack-ons, or something the jump-maker wanted and then slapped in after finding a setting nobody was really into making. But it could've been a helluva lot worse - as we can see from A New Arrival whose fucking idea even was that I mean really.

Also no reference to Vongole. FOR SHAME.

>> No.43389269

Party Handling System from FF7. Has a 12 hour cooldown though

Yep. Elite Guard.

On an unrelated note, we'd try to explain precisely how it feels to use that when one has a Pink Tide in FR jump when facing off against an Elder Evil.

But honestly?

There are no words.

Just. None to adequately describe what watching an Elder Evil suddenly being surrounded by billions of magical girls who promptly inflict maximum overbefriending on them feels like.

>> No.43389287

Nice build, though I do agree that you're going to have a difficult time of it with "Ascendency". It's by no means a 'slam dunk', but I think it is plausible you could pull it off, depending on how quickly you can reach the heights of your power as a wizard (note that it says when your "magic power peaks", not when you learn the small number of spells you have access to, so that includes binding nodes, increasing skill, etc.)

The garden trick sounds neat. And yes, as someone else pointed out, Runemaster does not apply to all magic, and definitely not to the magic of the three links you chose.

If you really can't stand either, can I recommend starting on Myrran for the 100CP? That is a surprisingly powerful advantage, especially if you are considering paying 100CP for a different race anyway.

>> No.43389305

It will certainly be an advantage, but don't forget that all of those hyped up wizards have access to plenty of ways to either make their troops immune to non-magical weapons, or summon things that are.

>> No.43389321

The Art of War perk in Hellsing says your IQ doubles, is this your base, perkless IQ or your IQ including all accumulated intelligence perks?

>> No.43389346

I don't know the answer to your question, but keep in mind that since IQ is based on a distribution of a human population, it can't measure anything outside of what is normally possible in a human being. So, doubling IQ may be meaningless if it's putting you in the 300s or something.

>> No.43389382

Hey clover, can I get some answers for >>43385413

>> No.43389424

>Orks make a wrong turn at sector albuquerque
>Wind up in Star Trek Universe
>Encounter Borg cube
>Decided to do what Orks do, ram the ship
>Borg beam aboard, greeted by 20,000 orks
>Borg try to assimilate Ork tech
>Too primitive for them, Orks too primitive to add to the collective.
>Borg try to destroy Rok Ship
>Too late, Mekboys managed to convince Warboss the Rok is red. So it goes faster
>Orks ram Borg cube and start spilling over into it
>Orks win, and immediately start "fixin" things.
>Federation Starship Enterprise, Captained by Jean Luc Picard encounters Orky Cube.
>Cube has paint of Gork n Mork (or Mork n Gork)
>Has crude guns sticking out of everywhere
>Jean Luc Picard does what he does best, try to negotiate
>Hilarity ensues
>Enterprise escapes
>Waagh in the Star Trek verse!

>> No.43389467

I would pay to see a movie of this

>> No.43389507


Orky tech is more or less clap to believe so....nothing to reverse engineer and if they land on a planet you get might get it infested.....trully a movie worth making.

>> No.43389538

Don't forget the spores. Ork fungal biology means anywhere they land, squiggoths and other small orkoids will pop up everywhere. Which is going to be a bitch to clean up if a bunch of boyz manages to infiltrate a Borg cube

>> No.43389541

In english? Grimlock no speak to good.

>> No.43389692

And it seems that the humid, dark, and hot climate inside a Borg Cube would be perfect for fungi.

>> No.43389971

I am now dis ent

>> No.43390072

God damn it carlos

>> No.43390120

>New chain, roll for starting jump instead of the default Pokemon
>Pick KOTOR from rolls, least bad choice from settings I know
>Take companion perk, gonna need it to survive here
>Roll for companion survival, 7/8 die, roll up survivor
>End up with Mandalorian Twi'Lek Amazon

>> No.43390498


Cursing it with some form of blindness and exposing it to SCP 173 may work as well - it was apparently afraid of it, until 683 grew enough protected eyes to keep it locked.

>> No.43390748

Gilvader is unfortunately scenario only, since it's not even meant to show up in the first place in Legacy. (I picked the Zoids strictly based on their original factions in NBS when I considered extras)

If it's a variant like in the case of the SS FX to the SS (The FX is like...two booster rockets), I don't really care. In the case of the CAS, it's shown that even the "Zero" is technically a CAS part improved from the feral Zoid so there's a bit of a difference.

Like technically you could grab a Gojulas and pick the Ogre.

>> No.43390947

How do you deploy the Pink Tide exactly? Unless you pod them all, don't they each take up one companion slot?

>> No.43391016

Some jumps allow for more than 8 companions. FR is one of them, so is DAI. Usually it comes with a drawback or the like, but it's doable.

>> No.43391049

Well you see, FR jump is this odd little oddity of a discount for aristocrats called Your Companions Have Arrived which-here, let's have a look:

"You may import all of your previous companions, each gains 300CP that can be used on backgrounds, classes, races and perks. You may improve their starting CP at a rate of 1CP for every additional 2CP spent"

Which incidentally upgrades them all into erudite-archive-warblade multiclassers with all the CP we had left over! So that was fun for everone! Well, not fun for the Elder Evils. Probably. Almost certainly. We mean, alien intellects and all but we're positive nothing enjoys being torn into like a cow being eaten alive by piranhas with lasers for teeth.

But hey, the Elder Evils don't count as people! They're just P̶̨̢Á̵̵͢͞Ŗ̀̕͝A̴̧͟S̶̢͘͟͠Į̶͢͡Ţ͡Ę̶͠҉̴S̶̵̀͜͢ ͘͝T̢͟͝H̶̡A̸̡̧T̸͟͠ ̛̕D̸̶E͞҉S̸̡͘E͏̸̡͟͟Ŕ̸̵̨V̴̀̕͜Ȩ̨́͘͏ ̸͜F̕͢A͏̸̛Ŕ͟ ͜W̶̸͢͞͠O͢͡R̷̢͟͟͝S̶̴E͏̢̢́ so nobody will care if some mysterious stranger from out of town suddenly H̸Ò̶̷͟͡Ļ̷̕͢͝D͏̷̡S̨̧̛͘͟ ̸̴͢T̵̸̕H͢Ę̡M̴̴̕ ҉̀͘͘D͜͏Ó́͘͜W̢͟͞N̸̢͢ ̛̕͞A̴̵̧̛N̡̧̧͜͡Ḑ͏̵̵͞ ̛̕H̡͟͠Ų̷̀͏͜R̶̛͏T̴̨̡͟͞S͜҉̛͠ ͏̸́͘T̷̛H̶͘̕͜͢E̢͢M̧̢͘͜͟ ̷̵̧͢F̛͜͢͝O҉̶̨̨͘R͟͠E҉V̕͢E҉̴R̶͝

HA. HA. HA. Oh, Forgotten Realms. That was one helluva party. GREAT catharsis after Ravenloft, we tell you.

>> No.43391065

What happens to companions who arent with you? Do they get time stopped or something?

>> No.43391102

Pretty much yes.

>> No.43391114

Towards the end, there's a 0 CP drawback that lets you be a member of another organization.

>> No.43391336

Is there Legend of Zelda jump ? I can't find it and someone was posting bulids for that jump.

>> No.43391344


>> No.43391354

There sure is. Here, have the one I saved

>> No.43391424

The name in the drive is "The Legend Of Zelda", in all caps, and is too large to really see the Zelda part of fit.

>> No.43391436

About Gunnerkrigg, is Child of the Court supposed to have two capstones, or is it a typo?

>> No.43391451


>> No.43391638

So I want to upgrade the LoT with better FTL, but I'm torn between Macross Space Folding and HALO Slipstreaming.


>> No.43391693

Okay, so which is Court's and which is... Magic Student's?

I think its 'Your little world'=MStudent, and 'It was worth it'=Court, but I'd rather not assume.

>> No.43391716

Again, Futurama has the best speed in the chain available.

>> No.43391746


>> No.43391765

I would suggest Stargate for FTL, unless you want to use the system from Futurama, which makes about as much sense as anything else in Futurama. But in Stargate the more advanced Hyperdrives can let you travel millions of light years within hours.

>> No.43391798

Er, what's so good about it compared to the other options?

>> No.43391824

You should look into Inertialess Drive from LoT it's under Necrons rewards.

>> No.43391830

Since I took the Everyone is dead and the borg have pretty much won option I really should be thinking about this but I am pretty sure the answer is going to be magic or possibly trolling.
I figure I can use magical purification blast from Generic magic girl to free them from the collective. Failing that I can upload a virus that is the embodiment of /b/ in to their collective consciousness. It will aim to use up their collective processing power as it creates new internet memes to send itself like tribbles playing keyboards and then gets in arguments with itself where it calls itself worse than Hitler.

>> No.43391912

You don't move in the universe, the universe moves around you.

Also, in Futurama ships moved so fast that the speed of light had to be redefined. Make of that what you will.

>> No.43391937

They took a day trip to the edge of the universe.

>> No.43391953

Doesn't it take about a week to go to the edge of the universe and back?

>> No.43391962

Futurama takes at MAX a couple of hours to go to any other Galaxy in the universe

>> No.43391973

It's fast enough to let the main characters travel to the edge of the universe within a matter of hours or days, and it's fueled by dark matter. Or at least it is at the beginning of the series, I forget what they replace it with later on.

>> No.43391994

Whale oil. Jumping Dishonored for the Trans would be a good idea.

>> No.43391998

>dark matter

That sounds hard to refuel in settings with magic. Any ideas on making more?

>> No.43392015

Buy a Niblonian, they poop Dark Matter

>> No.43392019

Supreme Commander has a Dark Star generator, so if that produces dark matter then you're good to go.

Any known drawbacks to the Futurama drive? I know that ST warp drives fuck up the universe, that's why I'm not a fan of them.

>> No.43392031

Minecraft Equivalent Exchange.

>> No.43392043

Nope. they did that in one morning. with time to spare.

>> No.43392069

It doesn't have any drawbacks innate to it, besides the fact that Dark Matter is really heavy and hard to shovel into the engine.

>> No.43392082

You just need a robot to move the stuff.

>> No.43392117

Spooky update for Horror Movies here.

Main things are that there are two more perks, some little additions to the existing items and a change of font (again) to make it more legible.

Another change is that you can choose to either go to Generic Horror Movie Land or go from one horror movie to another like in Sitcoms which is explained in the note.

>> No.43392161

He should also be good at bending, just in case something like that comes up.

>> No.43392184

Now I can finally jump Night of the Lepus like I was always meant to

>> No.43392194

What kind? Metal, wood, earth? I don't think dark matter counts as an element.

>> No.43392206


>> No.43392218

>go from one horror to another
>you could theoretically go to The Human Centipede
>or Funny Games
>Or The House That Dripped Blood on Alex

"Jumper, where on earth did you get giant rabbit DNA from?"
"It's a long story"
"Actually wait no, it's a pretty short one. I just sort of decided to go to the giant rabbit movie world"

>> No.43392275

Night of the Lepus will always be the apex of horror movies. Nothing could ever be more scarier.

>> No.43392307

So, I have to ask.

Where would I have to go to be in Scary Movie?

>> No.43392309

For the enchanted sword from Samurai Jack, what would be the best alignment to select for it?

>> No.43392331

Chaotic Neutral

>> No.43392348

>Night of the Lepus
>Not Night of the Creeps
Alien Space Slugs >>> Giant Bunnies

C'mon, Babs, you're better than this.

>> No.43392370

True Neutral

>> No.43392376

Orange Blue

>> No.43392381

Eh, Fry a normal human can pick it up. It's just heavy. A Jumper should have no problems.

>> No.43392404

Oh, hey Babs, seeing as you're here... I was wondering, can you pick up more than one pyschic discipline in LoT's DLC?

>> No.43392449

you got the cp, you can buy 'em.

>> No.43392463

Excellent. Thanks

>> No.43392486

I have a question of my own, is the LoT strictly a Gloriana class or was it left ambiguous enough that I could fluff it being an Emperor or Retribution class battleship?

>> No.43392498

KOTOR, why in the fuck do you want a downgraded class? You could have all the traits of those classes and more you know. Gloriana is just "Custom Primarch flagship".

>> No.43392524

More seriously, just pick your own alignment for it. Good if you're good, evil if you're evil. Chances are most of the things you fight will be the opposite alignment of your own.

>> No.43392538

What if you can't decide an alignment is the question.

>> No.43392559

I'd like for it to have the same size and capabilities but the Retribution class looks cooler.

>> No.43392572

Good, because you can get evil's bane in Legend of Zelda. Then you just need something to help you slay neutrals.

>> No.43392574

No Gloriana looks remotely the same.

>> No.43392655

>Pro Skub

This loser

>> No.43392695

Either good or evil, chaotic & other uncertain alignments like neutral will probably cause the sword's IFF to mess up.

Or you could just pick evil and then steal Jack's sword.

>Then you just need something to help you slay neutrals
Give the sword to Zapp Brannigan.

Not from the pictures I've found, but I may be wrong.

>> No.43392736

You are. Sanguinus' Gloriana was 12km. Angron's was 26km. The size difference alone should tell you how different they are.

>> No.43392740

Gloriana are Custom KOTOR, they can look how you want them to.

>> No.43392748

Technically a Gloriana, but since they were all basically one offs it can look like whatever Imperial ship you want. There's no reason somewhere along the way someone put a decimal point ten spaces to the right and what should have been a much smaller ship ended up becoming an utter titan.

Thinking about it, I'd be very very surprised if there wasn't a bit of fluff somewhere where that exact thing happened.

>> No.43392751

Mine has spinners and crushed velvet interior.

>> No.43392781

The Gloriana are all custom ships and you are likely just seeing the Iron Blood, as that one seems to be the most commonly found example for Gloriana. Also a lot of the ships don't have images of them, but some do, just look up some of the actual ships themselves.

>> No.43392794

Awesome, thanks.

>> No.43392846

You are correct sir

>> No.43392848


>> No.43392872


It's a big ship - you can't go wrong with alternatives in case you run into countermeasures.

>> No.43392889

Here's Pride of the Emperor, Emperor's Children flagship.

>> No.43392958

Here's Endurance, Death Guard's flagship.

>> No.43393274

Dude you're basically having to rebuild the ship from a hulk, I'm sure you can tweak appearance as needed.

>> No.43393482

You could even put a saucy Sororita on the prow. N-not that anyone /would/ do that, just, you know, if you wanted to get that traditional look you could. For tradition.

>> No.43393521

...Damnit. Now I must do that.

>> No.43393525

That is now the name of any bar I establish: The Saucy Sororita.

The Choir is going to kill me

>> No.43393589

I know this was answered when Sins first game out, but drawbacks in sins apply points to both technology, and ships right?

>> No.43393756

You know, in some places the figurehead was thought to bring luck and be a guiding spirit. Emperor knows you need something like that when traveling through the warp.

It would be idiotic to NOT have a figurehead of one of the Emperors Daughters.

>> No.43393849

Or. You genetically engineer yourself to poop dark matter. So you poop your own starship fuel.

>> No.43393887

If Dark Matter is a natural substance in Futurama, wouldn't Artificial Alloys work?

>> No.43393931

I got rid of my need to poop a long time ago and I'm not starting now, no matter how ridiculously valuable my poop is.

>> No.43393985

I guess? Problem is some of us might not have it and producing it is probably still a time-consuming and complex process

>> No.43393986

Speaking of, I managed to finagle up a size chart showing some common-ish super ships in relationg to a Gloriana-class battleship.

My personal version of the Light of Terra is also included as an example of how large one can get while in the jump.

And yes, I did splurge and buy 18 Macrocannon batteries for it.

>> No.43393992

>time-consuming and complex process
Giving your Nibelonian a sandwich sure is hard.

>> No.43394038

Never knew we were nearly Citadel size.

Wait, Citadel's length is nearly 45km, not 38.

>> No.43394048

So what you're saying is that rolling up in the LoT would make the Citadel collectively shit their spacesuits?

I'm down.

>> No.43394073

Worth noting that the SUPER ULTIMATE weapons in a lot of settings, even as bog standard as Star Wars, are many times this size.

I mean, just look at >>43361594

>> No.43394078

"How fast does it go?"

"Your space ship how fast does it go?"

"The Citadel is a space station."

"So how fast does it go?"

>> No.43394100

Not only that, but such a ship could one shot the citadel with some of it's lower end weapons.

>> No.43394102

> just a sandwich
Try a whole pig. Those little fuckers eat a LOT.
Though on the plus side you don't have to cook the pig.

>> No.43394110

It's smaller when it's open.

>> No.43394114

Bring in the ACU-LoT and the entire damn galaxy will shit its pants.

>> No.43394127

Still pretty small, actually. Big for Mass Effect but not in general.

>> No.43394141

Judgment call requested:

Collection Helper from Sims 3 is an item: "You gain a GPS that allows you to easily locate different types of collectable items within any settlements you visit."

The question is: works on Pokemon? If not, any ideas as to how this could be made useful?

>> No.43394153

A Pokémon is an animal arguably a person but most certainly not an item

>> No.43394166

>Hey faggots, wanna race for pinks?

>> No.43394172

A max-size LoT is only outclassed by mobile space stations and small moons.

It'll terrify the vast majority of settings.

>> No.43394197

Wouldn't the LoT still worry about boarding party and such?

>> No.43394212

The LoT is practically a city. Unless you decide to bring a boarding party the size of an army, I wouldn't worry much and let the Imperial Titan-scale point-defense take care of it.

>> No.43394223

Pretty decent number of spaceships bigger, actually.


Somehow KOTOR can post larger files than me.

>> No.43394225

At 32km, it's less "boarding party" and more "invasion"

Which is why I covered mine in flak guns and other point defense weapons.

>> No.43394287

The boarding party would almost certainly have to travel several kilometers to do anything of note to the ship. Besides that there are a lot of defense systems you could have inside, and point defense weapons to stop any boarding parties from getting close. Then any boarding party has to get through the void shields which iirc can themselves stop teleportation, and should actually work on most out of setting forms of teleportation.

>> No.43394328

Pagan God 400
660 yo
In my name you pray free (blesses a workshop or forge so that those who work in it find it much easier to make things allowing them to create higher quality items- cost: sacrifice something of quality that they have crafted by hand)
Force of nature- Earth 200
Restoration -0
Trickster -200
Dont have the heart for it -300
Friends below- Aes -500
Virgin detector free
Salt -600

Busty asian beauties +100
Enemy of hell +300
Demon blood addiction +200

So My cassandra bot from scp is getting a new name, she is calles Aes from now on (apparently thats brass in latin) since she reminds me of the brazen head from myth that would give wisdom to wizards and gods.

She needs a non gynobot body to go about in so mow shes a demon! And Im addicted to demon blood! This is not good!

But I think I can make it by eating demons that are hunting me (possibly trapping one and continuously draining and healing it for sweet sweet demon blood)

Oh and Im a total perv for busty asian babes. Thats not so bad I can still function with that. Time to have shenanigan filled fun as a deadbeat crafting god! And to start out Im gonna try to temper a bunch of demons via ffxiv primal form.

>> No.43394339

Thanks again. Guess I'll give that companion a Storm Sworder FX then.

>> No.43394365

Most of those are stations actually. Very few of the ships are bigger than 30km.

>> No.43394393

But there are ships.

>> No.43394456

>But there are ships.

>> No.43394479

The Ship is All, the Ship Moves.

>> No.43394609

Interestingly, I also just found this.
>The embodiment of Palpatine's plans for extra-galactic conquest, the Imperium would have been as powerful as a Death Star, but much more mobile. Equipped with a small fleet of capital ships, thousands of fighters, and innumerable support craft, the Imperium would have had virtually unlimited range since it would also have carried several World Devastators to produce needed supplies. With this ship, the immortal Palpatine would have spread the Empire across the universe. Rumors suggest that the crew would also have been "immortal" as well, thanks to cloning equipment that would have been onboard.

It sounds impossible for Star Wars, but if a jumper were to staff the ship with Cybertronians, install A.Is to manage the systems, put in some teleporters and retrofit it with a better FTL...

>> No.43394621

Can this be the reward for Star Wars Legacy Scenario?

>> No.43394637

All that and he never actually came up with a method to get past the disturbances in the outer rim. Putting the cart before the horse, huh?

>> No.43394656

So Palpatine planned to go Genghis Khan on the universe?

Let's see the Yuuzhan Vong trump THAT.

>> No.43394677

If I did that I'd probably be yelled at for offering such a stupidly broken reward.

Maybe you should just try to build it or steal the plans in the Original Trilogy jump.

>> No.43394699

Oh I meant in Star Wars Rebellion's Legacy Scenario

>> No.43394827

I'm not the one making that, Rebellion is being worked on by anon.

Actually, never mind. I checked a few more sites and found it's 100% fan made.

But now I want one even more.

>> No.43394854

get serious

>> No.43394860


Those two ridiculous things, a 'Worldship' (whatever that may be), and a normal one from SW.
Some from Star Treck.
A couple from Halo.
Two (maybe more) from B5.
Two from Macross.
Maybe one from Dune, not sure if that's ship or station.
And the Mothership from Independency Day.

Those are the SHIPS on the chart bigger than the hypothetical maximun size for the LoT (32km). There are some others (like Gunbuster), but we don't have jumps there yet so they don't matter.

The rest are stations, fortresses, bases, superweapons, battlemoons, a robot, and a piece of the scenery. And whatever the bubbly thing on the left is, I don't recognize it.

But yes. There are. Though they are the exception, because >>43394456 happens if they don't have teleportation tech.

>> No.43394951

>All this talk about huge ships
>No Rama Jump
>That feeling when you will never steal an entire Raman Node and drive it around the galaxy

>> No.43394952

In addition to all the exterior firepower, and the sheer size of the thing acting as a deterrent, there's also the crew for the LoT. If you grabbed Tuesday, you get thousands of IG by the end of the jump. The LoT is well crewed.

If you use it as a base for the Pink Tide, even moreso.

>> No.43394978

>whatever the bubbly thing on the left is, I don't recognize it.
It's a TARDIS, I've been meaning to label it for a while.

>> No.43394999

What's this from? I've checked Wookiepedia, largest ships were 19km. Not counting worldship of the Yuzhan Vong.

>> No.43395009

>thousands of Imperial Guard
>millions to billions of Meguca
That thing is a fucking nightmare. It'd almost be worth it to /let/ someone invade just so they can carry back horror stories to their respective faction.

Oh. Be even more amusing if you could find a way to make Fisher King from Arthur or something similar work so you could shift the environment around whoever was invading it.

>> No.43395011

>magical girl imperial guardsmen
>trying to imagine Ciaphas Cain in a frilly skirt

I don't.


>> No.43395014


I didn't realize it was fanon, you could totally believe Palpatine would try it though, but you'll be commanding fleets in Rebellion so I had to ask

>> No.43395034

Rule 63, man.

>> No.43395051

Wait, the big cluster of bubbles 900km long in total is a TARDIS?

>> No.43395066

Wait, how would you get around the companion limit for the Pink Tide?
I mean, I know the LoT's crew is allowed to come as long as they stay on the ship, but does that go for Companions too?

>> No.43395068

how the fuck did you get a tardis?

>> No.43395087

Bigger on the inside indeed then...

>> No.43395092

>Oh. Be even more amusing if you could find a way to make Fisher King from Arthur or something similar work so you could shift the environment around whoever was invading it.
Well, someone mentioned that at max size with all the vehicle bonuses it'd be the size of Luxumbourg, so I don't see why not to give that a try.

>> No.43395113

Question, what kind of perks do I need to wield the Light of Terra like a baseball bat?

>> No.43395128



>> No.43395188

Weight of Years
Place of Power
Drop in
Runic Aid
200 Artificer, Alchemy
500 I am the Fortress, Runemaster
1000 Sorcery Linkx5 (7/4/2)
normal Companion Import.
+700 Ascending, Ascending From Hell
Enemy Wizards:
Allen: Artificer, Alchemy, Magic-forged Arms, Runemaster, Warlord, Death Linkx2
Abraxus: Artificer, Alchemy, Magic-forged Arms, Runemaster, Warlord, Nature Linkx2
Nordica: Death Linkx5, Archmage, Infernal Power, Master of Undeath, Zombies are People Too, Chaos Linkx1, War, What is it Good for?
Benedict: Nature Linkx5, Life Linkx5, Mastery of Life, Walk the Path
Alexandria: Sorcery Linkx5, Life Linkx5, Mastery of Life, Do not Meddle…
Edwin: Nature Linkx1, Chaos Linkx5, Sorcery Linkx5, Archmage, Walk the Path
Randolph: Chaos Linkx5, Archmage, Chaos Mastery, Warlord, I am the Fortress
Note the above get their freebie as well.

Ascending really limits my options, but I can still take out some gold, and I still have my mundane skills! So, my very first order of business is teaching the farmers how to reduce their effort and improve their yields. Fertilization, crop rotation, simple reaping machines (operated by the turning of the wheels as they are pushed), bee keeping... it adds up. And with eight equally knowledgeable companions, it added up fast. In the mean time, we help build the village smithy! I'm an expert at metallurgy, architecture, stonemason... well, most mundane skills, and seeing me there working really cheers the others helping me up. And in turn, the smithy helps make better plows, reaping machines, and the like.

>> No.43395223


That year's crop was the best in generations. I didn't learn much, all of my power was spent on enchanting a basic artifact, but we got things done! The next year was similar, though I was a bit stronger, a bit smarter, and could pull out a bit more gold. We built a stables and a marketplace, as a Nomad city we saw a lot of trade. But I could smash my artifact, a basic ring, recoup double the mana I'd spent, and start crafting another. After that, all my Power went into improving my spellcasting skill, while my casting each year was spent on enchanting jewelry to smash into mana, and my gold was spent on improving construction in town.
Eventually, my casting skill grew enough that I could manage to summon magic spirits in a single casting, and I started preparing to conquer nodes. Rings of spell skill, each speeding up my casting tremendously. A shirt of the wind guardian, and a necklace of magic resistance. It took a couple years, but I was ready for combat, and my city had expanded into three, all prosperous, though the new ones were all on Myrran, courtesy of a tower that linked planes. I summoned my own unit of phantom warriors, we slew the lot of them, and I bound the node, took the mana crystals I found, and set off to the next.
I didn’t encounter another wizard for decades, and I was honestly getting quite far from my home town. Every decade or so, I would ‘recall’ to the Fortress, set our priorities for the future, and set off again, usually in a new direction. By the time I started hitting the stronger nodes, I’d upgraded my gear to include haste, magical immunity and bonuses to attack and defend, and banished the more powerful enemies while my illusions took the field. My strength, other forms of magic, and regeneration had started coming back. I only knew I’d run into another wizard, though, because of the drop in power flow. They’d sent a spirit that claimed one of my nodes.

>> No.43395250

Eh, you might have to either fanwank that bit or wait until post-spark.

>> No.43395256

It was a good reason to impose my ‘Aura of Majesty’, letting it slow the trickle of dislike caused by my drawbacks, and return home. My small empire started building more powerful military forces, and I diverted power to developing new spells. I’d done quite well with my initial outlay, and the variety of spells that came back over time, but I would need Time Stop eventually, and running into another Wizard’s kingdom started the timer on that. (It was Benedict, I later discovered)
We’d expanded mostly in Myrran. Wizards were less likely, nodes more powerful, and roads enchanted, at the cost of more powerful wandering monsters. The standing forces were thus fairly well trained, if used to fighting from city walls. The new direction took a while to generate results.
Twenty years later, I had my ability to create Magicite back, and I was on the verge of war with Nordica, and archmage of Myrran. Her undead forces had crowded out the various local races, most of which had come to my cities, and stayed. I’d had to repeatedly counter spells intended to surreptituously weaken or kill portions of my kingdom. Fortunately, Mayhem was also in full effect, so when I destroyed several of her Death Knight squads to declare war, I also earned some five hundred gold. I also had a dozen or so magicite that could summon a Death Knight attack, along with life stealing magic.

I pretty much waged war against Nordica single-handedly, calling only illusionary units, and banishing enemies when an army was too much to handle. Too many of her units could convert those they killed to undead. On the bright side, she didn’t leave many forces to defend her nodes, and I could summon Magic Spirits on the spot, where she needed to send them from her fortress, so attrition favored me fairly heavily. Killing her, once I eliminated her defenders, was simple, and I tucked her magicite away to learn from later, though I carefully omitted the soul binding

>> No.43395272

From there… well, I conquered. It only took so long, with that many nodes under my power, to develop Time Stop… really an exceptional haste spell, and from there I could and did spend relative centuries on autopilot, developing my casting skill as I forged and broke artifacts to pay for the spell. By the time I finished, every enchantment on either plane was either mine or gone, as was every fantastical unit (I myself didn’t keep any). I used my Evolutionary potential to copy an Archangel’s facility with Life Magic (via waveform anatomy), an Efreet’s with Chaos Magic, and a few heroes’ facility with Nature Magic. I conquered each of the remaining Wizards as they attacked, converting them to magicite.

>> No.43395504

Any perks to speed up casting for all my magic?

>> No.43395520

There *is* a ship in chain that basically allows you to bypass companion limits, just that it won't let you actually bring them off the ship. I suppose you could use that as a base, but Pink Tide is a bit of a stretch.

>> No.43395528

voiceless and wantless casting from harry potter
chantless casting from mushoku tensei

>> No.43395697

Have you painted any happy little clouds and trees today?

>> No.43395775

>get Bob Ross as a narrator
>Bob Ross personally coaches you through your combos
>"Every perk on your character sheet is a color on a pallet. Try them all. You'll discover a combo that you never imagined before."

>> No.43395789

Opinions on The Nightmare Before Christmas as an early jump?

>> No.43395800

For all of you who enjoy fighting games


>> No.43395806

safe, useful, and fun

>> No.43395818

There are no mistakes, only happy little accidents

>> No.43396039

So if you imported the LoT into the pirate jump would the LoT retain its ability to hold all your companions after that jump if you used it in spaceship form? Assuming you followed the rules and none of your companions got off, that is.

>> No.43396101

This is why I'm taking ME after LoT just so I can troll the universe by pretending to be an alien ship that got horribly lost.

And I'm going to say that my race consider the LoT an underarmed frigate for extra lulz.

>> No.43396121

So you're from the Fourth Imperium, and are looking for your Planetoid?

>> No.43396201

Very cool! Can I ask where "Mayhem" and the Evolutionary potential perks are from? As well as the "creating Magicite" perk?

>> No.43396228

My Star Trek jumps will be pretty late, so I'll get the pleasure of rolling up on Feddy ships and stations in the ACU-LoT. I plan on having as much fun with that as possible.

>> No.43396253

Mayhem is from Saint's row. Gives you a quarter or a fifth (i can't remember) of the value of the property damage you personally do. (totalled per month)

Evolutionary stuff... Evo, Search for Eden. There's a lot of them, but the one I'm using is Invasive Species. It lets you copy evolved abilities from things you meet.

Magicite is from FinalFantasy 6.

>> No.43396271

Honestly I have no clue, you'd want to ask the original author of the jump, but I think that was the original intention of the item.

>> No.43396292

Planning on showing up near Deep Space Nine and asking for permission to dock?

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