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These two are my favorites.

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That's not a feminist.

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This is amongst my favourites.
Does anyone have more epic fuck ups?

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Why must you break my heart?

This story gets me so sad and angry because it reminds me of the worst feelings from a painful campaign in the past where the DM acted like this.

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I'm sure she called herself one, and I'm sure people on 4chron call her that....


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This one never fails to make me smile.

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I like how the dm rolled with it and then at the end quietly denies the character.



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It's wonderful

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Wait, is he speaking in character at the end or not?

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To be fair, it is similar to the new feminist attitude that makes actual feminists start calling themselves humanists to distance themselves.

Posting my favorite short one to stay on topic

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I believe OOC to explain the IC emotion.

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Wow, I haven't seen these before.

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>nonlethal chain lightning

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I know in Pathfinder at least there is a metamagic that won't modify spell level at all that turns all damage nonlethal.

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I just think of it as a taser. It's not as bad as non-lethal fireballs.

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Thank you for that.
That one's a keeper.

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I came here to laugh at you

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Hey, hey, hey Apple! Hey Apple


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Way to be remembered, GM. Waaaaaay.

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Too big for a screencap but I liked this a lot

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on a scale of 0 to 10
0 being a tryhardfaggot
and a 10 being the best ever possible,

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>I'm sure she called herself one
I'm sure Stephenie Meyers calls herself a writer, what of it?

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Holy shit my sides have failed a fortitude check

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More like a fanatical misandrist.

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Needs blood, bruises etc on the arms to indicate dislocation.

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That is actually a pretty good way to play a paladin.

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/tg/ was better when these threads didn't exist to self-congratulate into total oblivion by living in the past rather than the present.

Sage for shit thread.

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Per 3.5 onward, you can make all magical attacks "nonlethal"... Because *the rules never specify that magic cannot be used as such*. Remember folks, omission from the rules of 3.5 is the same thing as permission of said rules!

in pathfinder, taking the "nonlethal" spell feat actually *increases* saving throws of those spells.

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>Nobody misses you

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Oh cool, I was hoping one of these threads would be around. I love catching up on some good /tg/ stories every few months.

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That's a problem of 4chan as a whole.

People need archives to live in the past. Now we're stuck there.

This site has always been best when it lives in the moment.

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That always cracks me up.

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Posted like a true newfag. He's right. Auto-archival and screencapping is a cancer that has sucked most of the genuineness out of this website. It's not that he hates fun. It's that YOU hate fun, and you're strangling fun in its crib while laughing.

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>you're strangling fun in its crib while laughing.

that actually sounds pretty fun

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You'll have more fun if you let the fun grow up a little, fuck.

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>Screencapping is a cancer
>Screencapping has literally always been a part of 4chan's culture and is one of the main reasons behind its continued existance
>There are more dedicated writefags, drawfags and fagfags in /tg/ than ever before
>Being this retarded

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>>There are more dedicated writefags, drawfags and fagfags in /tg/ than ever before
But they write QUESTS, they don't count!

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I think this is really the thing to keep in mind.

If there were three of these threads going on at a time I'd complain about people stuck in the past, but they're not really that frequent and never go by that fast anymore unless one person decides to dump a whole folder.

And I've seen plenty of non-screencap storytime threads about recent happenings over the past couple of months.

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Screencapping used to be absurdly uncommon. There's a reason you hardly ever see any screencaps of posts before 2010, retard.

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>All this mad.


>Using newfag in 2015

Greetings newfag, how are all the cocks in your mouth?

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No true Scotsman, m8

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I'm genuinely upset that this doggy-player hasn't show up yet and the grand bitching didn't start.

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I like to imagine both.

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Pretty appropriate for Halloween.

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Why is it always the furries

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In my experience scalies are worse. I could weave you a tale of one but it isnt really /tg/ material

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>In my experience scalies are worse
It's the same thing.
That's like saying feces ain't shit.
They both want to fuck bipedal animals

>I could weave you a tale of one but it isnt really /tg/ material
You can't just say that and not tell a story.
Besides, everything is /tg/ material.

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I know a lot of furries, and they just treat it as a way to see porn. The scaly I met was treating it like this is his life and every fursona is some kind of fragment of his being. Like everything is a part of him.

Shortest version is
>Meet him in some shitty MMO game, its the first guild ever made inside it and apparently number 1
>He speaks the loudest and laughs at his own jokes, that kind of person
>The other two people with him were quiet and reserved
*years and years of cancerous shenanigans go by, other stories, etc.*
I decided to go back and find out about this guy
>Get into contact with one of the two quiet types at the original guild
>Find out that he used his power to force both of them into sexual vore RPs or else be exiled from their original guild (They used to be the leader)
>They were both underaged, the younger of them around 13

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Oh shit, this is new to me, and it's awesome.

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Is that all? It's really nothing. Stupid kids were too obsessed with their game and didn't know better. I don't really think they suffered that much and probably live their usual lives now.

There are far worse examples of furries out there, on that you can believe me.

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thats bretty goood

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Why did that party have like 900 people.

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Link to his bitching.

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Ye're late m8. Seen already. I just wanted him to come here and start one big bitching again. Too bat.

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What's wrong with big groups faggot? You never run an army assualt campaign?

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Im not late, I was just providing the link for anyone else that wanted to read the thread without typing it.

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I still hung out with that guy for years and there are other worse stuff, but i was just telling the short story

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I tried to DM a big group and it was a fucking nightmare, but I'm not very experienced with DMing overall.

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Do not trifle with me, worm!.mp3
Do tell about his other stuff, come on! Tell us EVERYTHING.

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>Tell him about an early access game
>Show him one gameplay video
>tell him its closed beta, and the only way in is to get founders
>Within 5 minutes, he pays 250 dollars to get highest founders
>He will go on to pay 700 dollars on that shit game
He claimed he earned money on the stock market, but we were all convinced its just rich daddy money.

>Without his help we became the best guild in this different game
>He worms his way to becoming the leader through one persons inept decision
>destroys everything
>Acts like its other peoples fault because other people trusted him to not fuck it up

Upcoming: The Tale of the Waffle Hut

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Well, yeah, that's one shit of a faggot.

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Dont bring your bitch to the waffle hut
>Game has this clan v clan events, we had won every single one
>When we were at the top, we had to create a filter to stop shitty people from joining us to just coast through victories and drag us down
>We create a complex recruiting process
>Not too difficult, can be defeated by reading comprehension
What does it all mean?
>Scaly comes in with his new sub scaly friend
>Its this vore relationship where he is the dom so he orders this other guy around
>demands free art because its a dom thing
>He gets this guy to play the game, so he needs to get an invite
>They get him to do the recruitment process
>he fails
>he overreacts when randoms say
he is banned from ever joining and goes nuclear in chat
>He flips his shit yelling at everyone and everything
>eventually people pacify the raging dragons
As it is said to never bring your bitch to the waffle hut

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>Tell him about an early access game
>He will go on to pay 700 dollars on that shit game
>700 dollars

fucking scam this retard out of all of his (or as much of his parents) money as you possibly can and get rid of him
if he is using his parents money, even better, scam it out of him, bring it up to his parents and return all the money to them on the one condition they stop supporting him

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That has to be the best game of Everyone is John I have heard of thus far.

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Love that one.

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>Screencapping your own story and not even having the courtesy to disguise it

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Dividing scalies from furries is silly, they're both absolutely same shit with only a different animal preference. It's like excusing all, lets say, otter furries as angels while it's wolves and foxes that are always shitters.

>The scaly I met was treating it like this is his life and every fursona is some kind of fragment of his being.
So, you just had sane other guys and only run into the crazy that liked lizards the most.
Hell among the other guys may have been scalies too but you wouldn't know because they don't rant about it on every minute at you.

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It's the wolves, the dogs, and the endangered species that are shitters, everyone knows that

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>They both want to fuck bipedal animals
>I know a lot of furries, and they just treat it as a way to see porn.

So I gather that my experience is rather unique: A female furry who abhors any kind of sex and actually holds a strong dislike for yiffers.

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Could someone tell me what game they were playing in this?

>> No.43404249

Mutants an Masterminds, most likely.

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>inb4 redditor steals screenshots from this thread and posts them on r/4chan

>> No.43404290

holy fuck I did he really expect anyone to read all that shit?

>tranny wants to turn all the women into hemaprodites and kill all da men
>lol i kill her

You're both cancer

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So, 10 out of millions aren't good people. You're going to find lunatics in any social movement.

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>not including foxes
As an actual furry who walks among you, I am disappointed in this negligence.
Also anything that's an impossible hybrid. Fuck them too.

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>Hitler was the only genocidial national socialist

>> No.43404432

We didn't pack up the entire Germany into prisons, did we?

>> No.43404452


Germaine Greer's been un-personned by the movement for not being sufficiently supportive of transgenders. I wouldn't be surprised to learn most of the others have as well for various reasons.

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Never seen or even heard of fox furries.
What do they do?

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We bombed a fair bit of it into rubble and let the Soviets rape the rest.

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>Too many letter in a storytime
>Calling BroBarian cancer

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Wow, cherrypicking: the jpg
this shit does you no credit mang

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> implying men aren't machinistic walking dildos

jeez now I feel like I've been living life all wrong

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Have you seriously not heard of the Veil of Madness?

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/r/ing the story of that rogue who started stalking an NPC and got his whole group to take interest in her daily life

>> No.43404814

Man, that almost certainly led to an infection.

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Here ya are, Anon

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many thanks.

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Does anyone have the story of the guy who went to a LARP, got exiled by an asshole king, became a bandit monster and fought some asshole and his healer girlfriend?

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My personal favorite

>> No.43405090

I kinda feel sorry for Clockwork Man.

>> No.43405099


Oh man, I remember that thread. He is the guy who went all weird while fucking, right?

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>Never seen or even heard of fox furries
You missed the first big generation of deviant art furries. It was wolf, fox, cat, dragon as far as the eye could see.

>> No.43405242

This will always be my favourite

>> No.43405244

Clockwork man propelled my sides into orbit.

Well, I only did some cursory research into furries when my then girlfriend turned out to be one (and asexual), but I am not familiar with the DA side of things.

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Based Shoggy.
Also, All Guardsmen Party deserves a mention in this thread.

>> No.43405447

Anyone has story about paladin as dense as typical animeh protag?

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oh god, the tears.

This thread is awesome.

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kek'd hard

>> No.43405617

>screenshotting his own posts.

>> No.43405719

>duty free shop
Aren't duty free supposed to be cheaper?
Since it is duty free.

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>> No.43405728


They jack up the price to absorb most of the difference because they know it is cheaper still and there's no competition.

That is for things like cigarettes and alcohol hat are harshly taxed. For things that aren't they still jack it up and it becomes noticeably more expensive for no reason.

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I remember reading that one years ago. Reminds me of the story about the Gazebo - this, by the way, explains the Munchkin monster The Gazebo. http://www.dndadventure.com/html/articles/gaming_stories.html

Actually, that link has the Head of Vecna story. It was so popular, it made it into Planescape: Torment, where Morte the Skull occasionally informed Fall-From-Grace that he was the Head of Vecna.

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Where, the frick, is motherfuckin' Sir Bearington?

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>There are more dedicated writefags, drawfags and fagfags in /tg/ than ever before


>> No.43406150

You can dislocate your arms without bruising and dislocation you know.

>> No.43406178

>You can dislocate your arms without bruising and dislocation you know.
>dislocate your arms without dislocation
>dislocation without dislocation

While you probably mean dislocation identifiable by vision, you might want to work on your wording.

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>> No.43406211

You'd have to be some kind of tactical genius...

>> No.43406378

I'm a retard.

>> No.43406392

Anyway they're covered by clothes.
If you're bleeding enough to get through the trenchcoat, that some worse shit than dislocation.

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>> No.43406636

One of my friends tried to claim he did this.

>> No.43406643

> 352 page pdf
> not even finished

I am super hype about what happens next. The main reason I turned up here today was because Shoggy mentioned that it might happen this weekend.

>> No.43406917

How does it work when a player goes solo in a group? How could they go through with this elaborate plan and the Druid not know anything?
Genuinely curious

>> No.43407031

I wish Reddit would leave.

>> No.43407264

A friend ran two games in the same campaign: one online (on the DnD Online Games forum, which is now RPG Crossing), and another at a table. I presume the GM ran two tables, at different times, with the players obviously sworn to not talk about what happened in their session. Honestly, I've no idea how viable the idea would be over a long period of time; it was probably designed to be a short campaign in any event.

>> No.43407274 [DELETED] 

There is no conspiracy to make tradition games politically correct. Characters in fiction and gaming communities simply change with respect to the latest cultural values. But you fedora-tipping cancerous fucks always blame imaginary SocJus boogeymen when people start hating you for the shit that you do. As long as you continue to refuse act like decent human beings, people will keep noticing.

But of course, you will keep blaming imaginary "SJWs", "poseurs" and "normies" when you the public hates you for the scum you are. And let's not even get started on how you all react to games becoming more popular and easily accessible.

>> No.43407370


I am a bit curious as to why you would try to post that in a screencap thread, of all places, but then I noticed that you also posted it in a filename thread across the way.

So...precisely what has gotten your panties in such a twist that you're trying to spam an aggressively PC post across multiple, irrelevant threads?

>> No.43407415

Ooh, he posted it elsewhere too?

I would've understood if he slammed it down onto the guys raging against feminists, but as it is right now I'm confus.

>> No.43407417

Drag the bait around and see what bites?

>> No.43407484


I think /tg/ tries to give scalies a lot more slack than they deserve, primarily due to our bizarre thought processes regarding:

>dragons and dragonborn
>lamiae and naga
>medusas and gorgons (I think, I saw a thread about those yesterday)

And so on. Brings to mind the question of what exactly defines a scalie in the first place.

>> No.43407538


I've only spotted it in two threads so far:


Any other hits? Let's make a game out of this: spot the troll!

>> No.43407541

Probably because the obnoxious ones are the only ones who are obvious about it.

>> No.43407711

>Brings to mind the question of what exactly defines a scalie in the first place.
IMO, as said above: absolutely same thing as a furry.

Of course, the lower levels of furry are vague. At which point does a guy playing a werewolf becomes a furry? At which point a dragonborn becomes scalie?

But at the high level, when you have "my TRU SELF is a purple-gold sparkly dragon"? That's a definite furfag even if no actual fur is involved.

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>> No.43409122

Read the first few pages, good shit. I'm going to start a D&D campaign that way. I've been wanting to run something along the lines of 'last of the heroes that stood at XYZ'. This works.

>> No.43409713

I really want to know how this played out.

>> No.43409734

You can simply ignore this thread samefag.

>> No.43409843

but if I act like a rational human being about things, who will tell people they're having fun wrong?

Besides as we all know /tg/ is supposed to be relevant to MY likes and desires and MINE ALONE, but you retarded faggots just can't get that through your thick skulls.

>> No.43409876

>Never seen or even heard of fox furries.
Dude consider yourself luck and move the fuck on.

Fox and wolf furries find a way to stand out in a fucked up, shitty, fetish-culture as extra fucked up, shitty, and fetishy. It's like they're the cream of the crop in a shit-harvest.

>> No.43409926

I remember that thread.

The whole thing turned into a shitfest about whether or not the GM was a shitter for not letting the players ignore the given plot points about the litch.

>> No.43410333

Just one thing for starters: YIFF is a fox sound originally.

>> No.43410334

>> No.43410355

>Never seen or even heard of fox furries.
Strange, I thought foxes were like the default setting for furries.

>> No.43410560

Which is hilarious because ACTUAL wolves are selectively monogamous.

>> No.43410561

Not /tg/, but does anyone have the "IT WAS ME BARRY" Flash image?

>> No.43411455

These threads have literally been here since I started on /tg/ in 2008

so I guess /tg/ was 'better' for all of one year, congratulations

>> No.43412943

There were screencap threads back in 2007 too.

Not a lot of content to work with but the evidence is there.

>> No.43412963

Shit, I saw that one recently, I wish I'd saved it.

>> No.43413651

That would be wolves, as far as I'm aware.
Might be a regional thing, though.
At least the only fursuits I've seen in and around Munich, my ex's included, were all wolf-ish.

>> No.43414858

Didn't that guy have a pokemon campaign where they beat Misty by throwing a magikarp or something at her? I vaguely remember being in that thread.

>> No.43415748

Only other time iv seen a fuckhuge PDF here was that one about LARPing adventures and that was great so im gonna give this a long read

>> No.43415940

Someone requested Sir Bearington?

>> No.43417170

This version is much better than the PDF: https://09cd64678bddc0198cca7fef0df8ce7b359fff2d.googledrive.com/host/0B3Z9sXPTD9rpN2owNGdVWmdFWXM/agp.html

>> No.43417201

>imgur filename
>unfunny overused screencap

>> No.43417499

>> No.43417572

>> No.43417595

>> No.43417619

>> No.43417649

>> No.43417667

>> No.43417907

>> No.43418221

The cauldron is a portal to a faraway planet in the grim darkness of the far future, where exploding frogs are the least of the party's worries.

>> No.43418984


No, but we did put all the Nazi leadership on trial.

>> No.43419205

This is a best of /tg/ not a worst of /tg/ you fucktard.

>> No.43419247


>> No.43419308

>> No.43419374

>> No.43419389

>> No.43419445

>> No.43419469

>> No.43419537

Please someone tell me there's more like this, MY sides hurt and I want more of this feeling

>> No.43419559


>> No.43419678

I remember that thread.

>> No.43420237

>> No.43420768

And thus that crazy vampire secured immortality through story, for you will always remember your encounter with him, and everyone you tell the story to will remember the crazy vampire of pies as well.

>> No.43420823

Does anyone have the screencap of the Kobold goddess who hugs all the kobolds who reach the afterlife? Been looking for that for ages

>> No.43420959


>> No.43420980 [SPOILER] 

Thanks mang, have a skeleton

>> No.43420993

>> No.43421056

well I know what I'm rolling next time.

>> No.43421236

>> No.43421327

>> No.43421461

>> No.43421647

>> No.43422023

Anyone have the story of the guys who make Dragon Riders and fuck up all the teenage weeaboo dragonriders?

>> No.43422047

bump for this shit

>> No.43422116

I could not stop laughing at this one, god damn.

>> No.43422330


>> No.43423509

>DM had a soundtrack of camp-town ladies in fucking ribbits saved JUST. FOR. THIS

>> No.43424112

>> No.43424260

What a dumb story.

>> No.43424468

Good ol' Edgardo. May your legend live on in eternity.

>> No.43424595

As the story that trolls repost and pretend is worth reading, to trick unsuspecting people into wasting their time reading concentrated garbage.

>> No.43424621

t. Xer0

>> No.43424630


>> No.43424643

Another spiffing presentation of "Reddit on /tg/".

>> No.43424850

Edgardo is not good

>> No.43424888

Neither is that atrocity.

>> No.43424923

It's a fine story. It's also another story in a long line of stories that part of /tg/ has latched onto as the best story ever despite merely being pretty okay.

>> No.43425020

The story has some good elements, but overall it's not fine.
Also, I strongly dislike how edgardo's author sounds like a bitter asshole in it.

>> No.43425514

>that last pic

>> No.43425657

Yes, we get it, you're new.

>edgardo's author sounds like a bitter asshole in it.
Oh gee i wonder why, I mean, it wasn't like he was essentially getting fucked by the DMs

>> No.43425669

No, it's shit. Even by greentext standards.

>> No.43425681

Meh, to each their own.

>> No.43426098

>> No.43426402

>> No.43426504

It wouldn't be overused if it wasn't funny in the first place

>> No.43426583

That's not how dumb shit works, retard.

>> No.43426709

You're getting mad when an anon straight up asked for the image itself. Litteraly kill yourself

>> No.43426727

>Doesn't explain further besides a single sentence
>doesn't even elaborate on how he thinks it works

Way to inform us, anon. I sure am convinced by the explanation you provided

>> No.43426979

>babies want to be babied

I really don't get how this "Everyone needs to explain the simplest of concepts or be deemed unable to provide an explanation" came about.

It's a bizarre form of trolling, where you hope to just tire out everyone by demanding they put effort into explaining concepts that should be redundant and well understood.

At the point where you can't come up with your own ideas as to how or why not everything that a handful of people like isn't particularly meritorious eludes you is the point where the only reasonable response is to call you an absolute and irredeemable idiot.

>> No.43427089

>I can't think of an explaination, so I'm just going to insult you by calling you a baby!

Anon, you made a statement, and didn't explain it further, it's a subjective matter. And, shockingly, people's opinions differ, your opinion may be different from my assumption. So, in order to discuss this, I had to ask you to elaborate on your opinion

Anon, just admit that you don't find that image funny, it's fine, comedy is opinion based.

No reason to be a salty asshole about this.

>> No.43427165

It's ironic you make this post after you fail to wrap your head around the concept that the annoying screencap you see everywhere is everywhere because it's popular, and it's popular because people at one time found it funny. You're one of those idiots that thinks everyone else is an idiot and so I guess there's no point arguing with you since clearly you are the smartest and most correct person in the room right now.

>> No.43427203

this one hits hard.

>> No.43427221

>trying to be smart
>make yourself look dumber

Here's some advice, babycakes. You're dumb, and your inability to correctly interpret or understand what people are telling you, to the point where you convince them that you're simply not worth the effort, makes you lose valuable instances where you might have actually learned something.

You're trapped in a spiral of stupid, generated by your own ego, and the only hope you have is to actually learn how to read instead of glancing at text and just using a fragment of it as a starting point to run your mouth.

>> No.43427253

No, you dumb fuck. It's not even about that particular screencap, it's about your insistence that just because people post something, that it happens to be funny.

If there was any truth to your statement, you'd be arguing that frogposting is the height of comedy.

>> No.43427321

Anon, we're saying the image is popular because it was considered funny AT ONE POINT by the majority, or at least a lot of /tg/

The same goes for the majority of screencaps, people consider them funny, or request things that they find funny, and so they post them

an anon requested bearington, and the thread supplied.

Anon, I know you have the attention span of a dead gold fish, but you have to read posts all the way through, otherwise you look like a giant tool

>> No.43427363

>Anon, we're saying the image is popular because it was considered funny AT ONE POINT by the majority, or at least a lot of /tg/

Never the case.

What you're trying to say is that just because a handful of people repost something, that means it has some sort of inherent value.

No, you dumb fuck. It just means that some people repost it.

Stop trying to speak for anyone beyond yourself, and never try to claim that the majority of /tg/ likes or dislikes something as if you had some way of verifying that.

You retard.

>> No.43427407

>> No.43427409

Anon, you're trying to claim the majority of /tg/ doesn't like the image. You're making a blanket statment you don't want me to make

The people that post the image consider it funny, therefore it's posted in the thread for funny screencaps.

and even then, it was a goddamn request, someone asked for it because they wanted to see bearington

>Stop trying to speak for anyone beyond yourself, and never try to claim that the majority of /tg/ likes or dislikes something as if you had some way of verifying that.

You get that projector out of here anon, we watch movies on regular screens

>> No.43427414

I'm a retard.

>> No.43427455

>Anon, you're trying to claim the majority of /tg/ doesn't like the image. You're making a blanket statment you don't want me to make

No, it's called burden of proof, you retard.

You made a statement without any proof, and hoped to pass it off without contest. Denying that statement is not making a blanket statement, it is demanding that you show some measure of evidence if you want to make such a wild claim.

Fuck, I know you're stupid, but really, this is basic stuff.

Your rush to try and get someone in a "Gotcha" moment just made you look even stupider.

>> No.43427496

>> No.43427529

You're arguing about comedy, which in of itself is opinion based, just because you do not consider something funny, does not mean anyone else might think the same. It doesn't even make it a fact.

The bottom line is, someone considered bearington to be funny, therefore they wanted it to be posted in the thread for funny screencaps

Funny is a synonym for comedy. you are not the sole arbitor of comedy.

>No, it's called burden of proof, you retard.
You made an actual generalization that /tg/ didn't like the image, I made a statement that it was popular at some point because it was considered funn by a few, or many people

>show some measure of evidence if you want to make such a wild claim.
It's posted in nearly every "Best of /tg/ thread, therefore has a bit of popularity still among some people. I never said it was universally liked, just popular to post.

>Fuck, I know you're stupid, but really, this is basic stuff.
That really strengthens your argument, goddamn, I sure am intimidated by your ability to swear

Posting another screencap to keep shit relevant

>> No.43427563

>Oh gee i wonder why, I mean, it wasn't like he was essentially getting fucked by the DMs
True, but he pretty much sounds like an asshole in general.

>> No.43427605

Not that guy but I am going to just say, whether the image was reposted for its value or just sake of trolling, I enjoy said image and believe it to be funny. It has at least some value in this moment to me. So it all depends on the situation as to why the image is posted.

>> No.43427653

Fuck, you are stupid. This is getting tiresome, as I said it would, because you are not just stupid, but tenacious.

First, learn to read. Stop trying to redirect the argument, stop trying to dodge what's actually been said, and stop insinuating things that have not been said.

>The bottom line is, someone considered bearington to be funny, therefore they wanted it to be posted in the thread for funny screencaps

Who cares? Re-read the posts you were arguing against. and you might recognize that's not even the topic being discussed, you retard.

>I made a statement that it was popular at some point because it was considered funn by a few, or many people

No, you made the statement
> by the majority, or at least a lot of /tg/

If you've got proof, show it. If not, you're going to have to be content with that most of /tg/ doesn't give a fuck about the story. No one ever said anything about disliking it, but you're going to have a hard time arguing that most of /tg/ doesn't ignore it. Very few people like it.

>It's posted in nearly every "Best of /tg/ thread, therefore has a bit of popularity still among some people.

It only takes one person to repost a story in every thread. Or, to ease that burden, a handful of people. And no, that's not a sign of popularity.

If you're really that naive, or are pretending to be that naive, than you might as well shut up now before you make yourself look any dumber.

>That really strengthens your argument, goddamn, I sure am intimidated by your ability to swear

Call it a wake-up call, you fucking retard. Nothing seems to penetrate your thick skull.

>> No.43427739

you're from /v/ right?

>> No.43427740

Not that anon, but two things. One, again someone asked for it so kindly shut the fuck up. Two, if you're not gonna provide anything worth while or post caps kindly fuck off to another thread. If you're such an expert on proper screen caps you post one.

>> No.43427747

If you guys are going to keep up this argument at least add a screencap.

>> No.43427772

One, learn to fucking read.
Two, stay out of arguments you don't understand.

I understand you're not bright, and are just getting overwhelmingly defensive and reacting because you think someone kicked your Bearington Bee's nest, but pay attention before you make a fool out of yourself again.

>> No.43427777

It's funny how I'm simply saying things to you, and you find it so goddamn upsetting that you have to shout and scream through a keyboard

let me break this down for you, since you've bashed your head against the desk in rage so hard, that evidently you killed half your brain cells

>No, you made the statement
>> by the majority, or at least a lot of /tg/
Okay, you got me there, I mispoke (Typed?) but you're harping on a single sentence, what I mean is that people like it, so they post it in the thread. If people didn't like it, or were utterly indifferent towards it, it wouldn't be posted.

>It only takes one person to repost a story in every thread. Or, to ease that burden, a handful of people. And no, that's not a sign of popularity.
That handful of people still consider it valuble, as small as it's value may be. Are you seriously insisting because something is posted by a few people, it has no value, even to them? You're not the opinion police, anon

>Call it a wake-up call, you fucking retard. Nothing seems to penetrate your thick skull.
Woah man, calm the fuck down,

>> No.43427826

What a dumb post.

>> No.43427865

Look, I'm glad you're starting to understand just how stupid you are, but it's not really to your own benefit if you still keep parading your ego around, and backtracking when you should just be bowing down.

I'm hoping you just got confused. Hoping you're just genuinely stupid. If that's the case, you're excused. You thought the argument was about a mediocre story being posted, and that being called a crime.

It's not a crime to post a mediocre story. It's not even a crime to say you like a mediocre story.

What is a crime, an intellectual sin, is to try and claim that it's good because it gets reposted, it gets reposted because its popular, or any of those other doubtful statements that try to insinuate that there's some way to measure the value of a story beyond what it contains in itself.

>> No.43427949

If anyone is refusing to budge here, it's you, I gave you a little leeway by saying I mispoke. But you're the one who keeps insisting they're right.

>It's not a crime to post a mediocre story. It's not even a crime to say you like a mediocre story.
I'm glad we agree on that

>it gets reposted because its popular, or any of those other doubtful statements that try to insinuate that there's some way to measure the value of a story beyond what it contains in itself.

I'm saying it gets reposting because some people consider the content of the story valuable, or funny. which is why people repost screencaps in general, they want to share content they find valuable, or funny, with other people

>> No.43428105

>I'm saying it gets reposting because some people consider the content of the story valuable, or funny.

Stop telling me about other people. Stop. What the fuck is wrong with you.

Who are these other people? You know who they are? Their names, personalities, their reasons for doing what they do? Do you know anything about them at all?

No? Then shut up about other people.

What I'm saying is you've got guesses as to why it gets reposted. The only thing you really know is why you would repost it, and that's really all you're allowed to talk about, instead of proposing ideas that are basically just an attempt to play a game of numbers.

Could they post it because they think it's funny? Maybe, but they could also post it because they're hoping to make a legacy out of the story, to inflate its popularity. They could also be posting it as some weird trolling attempt, or because the story was written by someone who died and had been close to them, or any number of other reasons.

What I'm saying is that none of that matters. All that matters is if the story is any good, and that your arguments fail to support it in that regard.

Stop talking about what people you don't know think, as if you had any way of truly knowing their reasons. This is an anonymous image board.

>> No.43428138

>> No.43428223

Then why are we arguing in the first place? This entire fucking discussion was based around what other people do, personally, I don't like bearington, but you don't get to be the retarded post police.

If we're not allowed to talk about other people in this discussion, we're just arguing opinions now, and it's going to be a big circular clusterfuck that'll derail the thread even more

lets just fucking quit while we're ahead, this is a stupid discussion made by two salty, stupid people and leave it at that

>> No.43428252

>> No.43428411

>Then why are we arguing in the first place?

You thought you could make some pretty egregious statements and posit them as facts, when those statements are the exact kind that people would hope to take advantage of. We cannot extend the benefit of the doubt anymore precisely because people are inclined to abuse the anonymous and non-restrictive nature of this board, and that's why its imperative to speak only for oneself and to evaluate everything under the understanding that it's only too easy to manipulate impressions.

In the future, it's best to stop trying to promote a "numbers game" mentality that attempts to translate effort and obsession into some measure of quality.

>> No.43428755

I've heard foxes mating.
Screams that sound like a banshee caught its tit in a zipper.

>> No.43428794

This thing gives up on the pretense of being about an actual campaign pretty quickly, doesn't it?

>> No.43428973


Aren't banshees incorporeal?

Why would you have a zipper of ghost touch...

And gloves of ghost touch since banshees usually have ghost clothes....

>> No.43429046

They stink, steal, avoid contact with humans and communicate exclusively through high-pitched screams. They are one MtG collection away from being the nature's assburgers.

But they look cute so yeah I'd fuck one

>> No.43429159

Is it weird that I would totally want to play some tabletops with that guy?

>> No.43429200


>> No.43429297

Choke on all the dicks you begged for in that alleyway, pisspiggy. Your post was as useless as you are yourself.

>> No.43429322

Those aren't leading feminists. Even if they were (and Dworkin and Greer never, ever were) those are quotes without citation, without context, and without relevance. It's cherrypicking at its most transparent, and you should be ashamed for having that image stored anywhere.

>> No.43429445

Man this argument sucks, you suck, everyone involved sucks and you darken the world with your words and thoughts.
Kill yourself.

>> No.43429598

Does anyone happen to have "Not another story about a paladin falling?

>> No.43429605

>My ex's fursuit.
Okay. Story, please.

>> No.43429853

>20 tens and an eight
Holy fuck

>> No.43429939


> "Everyone needs to explain the simplest of concepts or be deemed unable to provide an explanation"
>a bizarre form of trolling

TIL the entire field of epistomology is a form of trolling.

>> No.43430018

Do you understand why your post is stupid?

It should be fairly obvious, but then again, you did just make that post, so the answer to that question may elude you.

>> No.43430257

Is there more to this?

>> No.43430284


>> No.43430625

Fuck all of you niggers.
I still have my fluffy doe. My doe is best doe.
It is somewhere on the attic. I loved it so much, but as soo my mother started working again and parked me infrontof the TV, I have lost interest.
Please don't do the same to your children. It sucks.

>> No.43430697

That sounds like you've been assuming alot there.
almost as if you were basing that claim on facets of your own personality, for lack of a reference.

>> No.43430792

You sound like you're trying to sound like you're a lot smarter than you actually are.

That, and your arguing about something on the assumption that it actually happened, when there is no such possibility.

>> No.43431413

Thanks a bunch!

>> No.43431451

No, I'm not assuming anything.
I could break it down for you, by word choice, phrasing, and other factors but I don't feel like reading it through it and pulling out all the little things he says and does that just make him come across like an asshole.

Aside from the pointless swearing where it is unnecessary, one instance I remember without reading, because it's a little funny, is that he specifically mentions that A Guy Called Squid insisted on being called "A Guy Called Squid" and then proceeds to never refer to him as that for the rest of the story, despite being his "best friend."

(And I don't mind all swearing, just stupid swearing)

this too

>> No.43431716

You probably need to just shut up. Forever. Start using a trip so people can filter you.

>> No.43431809

There's an unfinished pastebin doc of the rules if you look around but it kind of takes the magic away.

>> No.43431889

Nonlethal spell is a Metamagic feat from the Book of Exalted Deeds in 3.5.

>> No.43431898

Dead God, that's so fucking good.
Would play that!

>> No.43432027

>shut up. Forever.
Your argument is empty and without merit.

Edgardo's author remains an asshole.
Whereas you seem to be just misguided.
If you believe I am the only one who is not a fan of Edgardo, merely look back in the archives for every single time the screencap has every been posted.

>> No.43432350

After reading this and a thread written in response to it, I very much want to play a game that involves this concept.

>> No.43432399

Anyone got that huge story about that LARP that was taken super seriously? It was obviously fake, but it was so fucking good.

It was the one where he went up against a huge Arnie-tier barbarian guy with a zweihander and almost lost, and then teams up with a rogue girl. They wore bags of horrible ass shit that burnt when they were burst to signify wounds.

>> No.43432633

No, it's about how you're willing to talk about it at length. Just ignore it and let it die. Don't feed the Edgardofags.

>> No.43432683

That never got screencapped, because it's fuck huge. It's on suptg though.

>> No.43432915

Oh fuck that's great one.

>> No.43433049

It actually is.

The word feminist standa for exactly that these days, what ever you like it to stand for.

Face it.

>> No.43433585

>> No.43433610

>That sounds like you've been assuming alot there.

>> No.43437221

It was a game ran by one of the creators of Song of Swords, and framed the basis for some of the lore of the setting. Here's another of his PCs' misadventures.

>> No.43437245

And I forgot the pic.

>> No.43437582

>8m square feet dungeon w/ 5500 rooms

Its not a dungeon anymore. Its a campaign setting.

>> No.43437661

>An infinite, world spanning dungeon
>Civizations spring up in the biggest rooms
>The tunnels are feared, lacking any light besides fungus
>Demons adapted to see in the dark
>Blind cave ogres

I'd play it

>> No.43438054

I'm fucking crying

>> No.43438296

Does anyone have the one where someone plays an elf with monk/cleric levels, a weakness to cold iron, and basically makes superman?

>> No.43439931

Jesus christ shut the fuck up
You are shit, your opinions are shit, and I can only hope your rustled jimmies will help you through the day

>> No.43440039

I still have my toy in a box out in the barn on my parents farm. It's all mangled and worn, but it's still recognizable. Whenever I'm home and my parents are having little nephews and nieces over, I watch them play with my old stuffed animals. Sometimes I have to stop them to tell them about the toys personalities and shit whenever they're playing with them wrong.

The strange thing is kids actually accept my stuffed animal headcannon instead of calling me an autist.

I'm 23

>> No.43440642

What if he knows and understands... but posted it anyway because he knows it'll get a rise out of you?
What if he just don't give a fuck?
What if your obsession with pointing out stupid stuff is actually denial because you've been outed as stupid for too long?
Do I look like I give a fuck?

>> No.43440980

>share hostel room with friend's friend at Leipzig Book Fair
>immediately take a liking to her
>feeling is mutual
>turns out she has a partial fursuit
>hates yiffers that keep coming on to her
>because she is asexual
>apparently her first boyfriend was so horrible in bed that her definition of sex is "lie there until he is finished"
>otherwise perfectly normal person

Guess she was a weirdo among furries.

>> No.43441017

Never heard of that, and I've read through the archived thread before. Where should I start looking?

>> No.43441116

Isn't 20 tens just 10 * 20, for a total of 208 after you add the one 8?

Or is there some critical modifier going on I'm unaware of?

Also just a side note, 10^(-20) is a really really SMALL number, basically almost 0.

>> No.43441323

You are a pedantic, pretentious retard, and the worst poster I've seen since virtualoptim.

Reading your insane theory that people post shit for some arcane reason beyond they enjoyed it or thought it was accurate was the most difficult shit I've ever read, in the sense that it worked like a fever dream, powered by its own psuedo-logic that could only be produced by a compromised mind.

I don't even like the Edgardo story, because it takes too fucking long to get to an only mildly enjoyable conclusion, but your argument against that poster has made me like it a little more out of spite against you.

Go fuck yourself.

Also, I hope you have fun with your next game. There's no aggressive zinger or anything there, I just felt it was necessary to make a token show that I don't personally hate you or anything. Undercut some of the assumed hostility in an anonymous setting like this.

>> No.43441330

That's the point.

He's pointing out the statistical chance of that roll occurring.

>> No.43441611

this year, an 80-something year old man was sentenced to life in prison for being a BOOKKEEPER at auschwitz
your point is moot

>> No.43442126

It was a 94 year old man sentenced to 4 years, but your point stands

>> No.43442319

Why do you type like you have autism?

>> No.43442472

I can't believe you goobers didn't post John Cloud Raven, so I'll do it

>> No.43442480


>> No.43442494


>> No.43442509


>> No.43442655

Hey, this hasn't even been posted?

>> No.43442683


I mean you could say that about Storytime as well and his stories are interperertered as gameplay, why wouldn't shoggy be

>> No.43442699

Holy shit dude, they didn't even mention Edgardo. They were talking about Sir Bearington.

Sounds like you got some kind of agenda.

>> No.43442758

This can't be all

>> No.43442811

I just noticed, is the bump limit now at 310?

>> No.43442819


I want someone to make a program that can manage to do this, and I will fucking get a /v/ approved PC just to run that program.

And I will then subjucate my players to that
> GM wizards
> my_moral_compass.png

>> No.43443045

I can't credit this post enough. I actually laughed out loud.

Neckbeard MRAs git wrecked.

>> No.43443103

This is damn good.

>> No.43443567

The content of these threads can be generally divided in three categories (each story can belong to more than one):
a) obviously fake because written by people who domt' have even a passing knowledge of our hobby
b) written by knowledgeable people but still seeming fake/staged
c) absolutely not funny

>> No.43443601

>> No.43443916

I quite enjoyed this one when it happened.

>> No.43444777

It was funny, yeah.

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