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>> No.43371705

>took a break
>someone fixed the Stalker jump

Thank god. I'm starting a new chain just for this occasion.

>> No.43372214

Jumpers! Tomorrow is the omni-versal spook day! How have you prepared?

>> No.43372272

I have NO IDEA. I honestly just like seeing the costumes and everyone trying to plan things. I'll likely just be plain.

More builds.

(Cho Aniki)
-Background: Hero (Free) -What is this place. WHERE AM I.
-Wanderer's Luck (Free) -Oh, um. Neat?
-Heroic Physique (900CP) (Discount) -Not too swole. We're going gorgeous and moderated.
-Mind Over Matter (700CP) (Discount) -Oh my goodness YES. Ability to gauge what happens if I changed natural processes is good.
-Pixie Dust (400CP) (Discount) -Oh. Ingest it to make body shaping and changes even more effective? Don't mind if I do.
-Bottomless Stomach (200CP) -So it's like a secondary Food Immersion. Huh.
-Protein Master (-400CP) -Huh. I... huh. So an energy to increase healing and fitness if posing or eating or working out.
-Honour Bound (-300CP)
-Trouble Magnet (-200P)
-Titular Hero (0CP)
Dice Rolls: Free Pick (Cat Maid Cafe)
-End Choice: Next Adventure

What is this place. What is this madness. I don't know what's going on, but I know I'll at least be busy with trying to be a hero here. Not sure how well THAT will work out considering I'm not being sneaky this time, but oh well.

Also, modifying a Well of Eternity with Pixie Dust + Protein Energy. This totally won't go wrong.

>> No.43372301

I'm going to give children candy, of course.

>> No.43372388

I have a bunch of candy that looks like ecstasy that looks like candy.

I predict FUN in my close future.

>not being sneaky
>Picture is Houtengeki's Mokou
Geez. I'd never have guessed.

>> No.43372400

I haven't, due to personally issues I'll be skipping Halloween this year. Which sucks since it's my second favorite holiday

>> No.43372401

Firstly I'm giving out candy,Toriko Candy secondly 120 children are having Video related happen to them only nicer via a combination of my Dream Demon powers and secretly implanting them with quantum cufflinks imbued with my wife's quantum evolution power.


>> No.43372438

I do dragon things like hoard candy and dare children to come and enter my cave. They leave with fucktons of candy because they keep asking nicely.

Damn children being well behaved. I was so intent on giving them a good karmic scare.

Fear and Stalker was the oddest because a bunch of old men dressed as authority figures came in. With fully loaded weaponry too! Rude. They didn't even ask nicely for the candy. They got sent home without any. Meanies.

>> No.43372444

Quantum Cufflinks don't contain the power, they just remove the limiters preventing use of a power. Though it says you can loan them out, despite being locked to a particular power. So I'm not sure how that's supposed to work. At the very least, the "virtual objects work weird when brought to meatspace" rule means that you're probably not going to give them Quantum Evolution even if that is how it works. Instead they'd get some weird warped version of it.

>> No.43372453

By consuming many pumpkin-related beverages, of course.

Sure, there's absolutely NO chance that this will cause photosynthetic giant Pillar Men with butterfly wings to spontaneously somersault out of that arcane protein shake, gracefully flitting around after spending a few months developing in a larval stage.

We mean, it's not like said well is attended by and empowers an existing swarm of harvest spirits right? There's just no way you'd let some sort of humanoid catalyst for growth near a substance from a realm where all logic has been replaced by muscles!

Why, it's inconceivable to think /anything/ could possibly come of sprinkling that into a nexus of mystic life energy! It's not as if you've used it to nurture some sort of plant person already, have you? Like say, a Mazone? There's no way you've done anything with the Wells that might just leave enough psychic resonance nearby to transplant a template onto foreign material you dump in there!


Oh wait

>> No.43372486

Awaken my Masters.

>actually spiking candy to give to children
>being this much of a soulless, self-absorbed twit as to justify poisoning candy you are GIVING TO INNOCENT CHILDREN

>> No.43372516

That's not What it says it does,Can the creator Call yes or no on this?
The candy is not Poisoned if anything its steroided And extra yummy. Where are you getting the idea that it's poison from?

>> No.43372522

Yeah, the majority of people suddenly infused with Gourmet Cells die from it. Of those who survive, they usually become horrific mutants even if they do get superpowers out of it. You have to introduce the Gourmet Cells to their bodies slowly, so unless he's spiking not just the candy but all their meals for the next year, they're going to get fucked up.

>> No.43372549

Was That was never mentioned in the manga or the anime!? I was just trying to make candy extra yummy!

>> No.43372560

>Quantum Cufflinks (200CP): These xenobyte bracelets are indestructible and allow you to choose a unique jumper power to keep in VW, can be bought twice. Perfect for holdouts, backups or gifting.


>Items or effects that target data in VW and cyberspace have odd effects in reality/meatspace. For one, they seem to pass through anything organic/living. Another thing is that they read 'intelligence' or 'souls' as data, with effects ranging from mild paralysis to comatose.

So they give you a power to keep, not one that gets infused into the object. And once outside of cyberspace they don't interact with flesh, and if you try to hook it directly into the soul you're likely to cause neurological damage.

>> No.43372595

No, it got mentioned during the AIR arc, as the explanation of why everyone in Hex Food World looked like a yokai. They're the descendants of the twisted mutants that resulted from the Nitro being hasty in creating their servants. And the "most people just die" thing is explicitly stated, too.

>> No.43372605

I usually just dress up in a flamboyant costume and scare people. I have so many fear perks.
Then somewhere past midnight I rob a candy store.

In real life, no one celebrates it around where I live. I think everyone just does that "take your kids to the mall" tradition.
Th-that's fine... t-too...

This is going to end in a super powered eldritch plant monster with pecs bigger than its head riding around in a half-moon, Red. Mark my words.
It's going to shoot lasers from its nipples, Red.
Nipple lasers, Red.

Tiger. Print. Speedo. Red.




... y'know.
That sounds like something I would do, in one of my more spiteful moments.
But the difference is...

I wouldn't act like I was doing them a favor.

>> No.43372657

Okay may have been mistaken about how that Worked.
Really? okay I'm figure out a new plan then because I'm not going to go around killing kids.
My intent was extra delicious candy +superpowers+the fun parts of the movie little monsters,And I got it all wrong. But yeah I Get your point. not everyone has the tolerance for this kind of thing that I do.

>> No.43372742

Isn't ingestion gradual enough to not cause issues? It's injection or similar that causes the horrific mutations as I recall. Admittedly the other issue of it being good enough to cause psychological addiction is another matter.

And yeah the make kids trip balls and mutate horrifically is just inexcusable.

>> No.43372768

I plan giving away homemade treats that I personally made. Probably will be the best thing these kids have ever tasted. My candy will start wars.

>> No.43372774

Actual best plan.

Make small lagann style halloween themed bots that run around with cute mannerisms and sound effects.

When caught they play a celebratory jingle and release candy like little pinatas that don't explode.

Kids get to keep them afterwards. Halloween gets a tag like game that wins you candy and little robot toys.

The candy is just normal candy. Thats all kids want.

>> No.43372870

I read that as my candy will start child wars.
Now I am imagining kids making huge mock battle for the candy.

>> No.43372880

Ingestion is gradual enough if you're not trying to do it all at once, thus the "spike their candy and all their meals for the next year". But if he's trying to give them superpowers with the candy it would be a high enough concentration that I'd be worried.

>> No.43372888

I just go for an actually haunted (but carefully bound to avoid harming visitors) house and give out the huge candy bars. Or the half pound peanut butter cups. I assure everyone the house runs on very good special effects. Sometimes I have a golem or zombie as the one managing the door.

>> No.43372896

It may take a while to set up, but i'll be damned if I wont give the local kids something worth remembering. Video very much related.

>> No.43372898

giving kids superpowers is never a good idea.

>> No.43372902

And then you give them the Best Lasertag Gear EVER, and make their Halloween one of their happiest childhood memories.

>> No.43372915

That too, whats Halloween without some kids fighting for candy.

>> No.43372981

I'm sure it can't be that baaaaaa

>> No.43372986

Okay okay New plan.
>> Samhain proceeds as normal
>>Kids go to bed
>> noises in their sleep wake them up
>> Ghost Far too adorable to be scary Is doing their Chores
>>Ghost is Actually solar powered utility fog,Helpful "ghosts" make kids having to do chores a thing of the Past.

>> No.43373040

So pretty severe global panic in most any place that actually has Halloween and you up the rate of lazy entitled assholes in the world going forward. Good job jackass.

>> No.43373042

Wow, that only causes societal collapse in a couple generations as kids lose pretty much all sense of responsibility. Keep it up and you might have an actually okay idea eventually.

>> No.43373047

Spyro eating children now?

>> No.43373062

Wild Hunt.

>> No.43373065

Besides Children taste bad.

>> No.43373069

>Implying this isn't several jumpers during Commorragh

>> No.43373088

I don't have any candy, and dressing up is so meh when you've been a lot of different shapes and forms.

>> No.43373090

So you've ate at least one to know that they taste bad?

>> No.43373091

Give out delicious candy modified in the most VILE way possible: making it healthy and nutritious! Also it may or may not give harmless, temporary Halloween-related superpowers.

>> No.43373102

Mass True resurrection on all The kids pets/Grandparents/Parents relatives that have died within the past ten years? I mean it's supposed to be a Reunion with the dead anyway.
I am literally the devil and that place was Far too evil for me, if ever there was somewhere that deserve to Be burned it's Commorragh.

>> No.43373109

>Harmless Superpowers

Any superpower is harmful if you have the right attitude.

>> No.43373113

He could have like, nibbled on a leg or something?

>> No.43373118

I accidentally ate a kobold once, he lived but he tasted awful. I kinda equate Kobolds to children they act pretty similarly

I also kinda licked a kid trying to show I'm friendly. Tasted awful.

>> No.43373130

Sounds about right

Doesn't mean I had to enjoy the genocide.

>> No.43373137

Until you've tried the whole thing, you can't really say if you like something or not. Maybe children's legs taste bad.

>> No.43373143

So, I am thinking about that 1600 SOMA drawback.

Neither Amnesia's nor Penumbra's eldritch horrors are actually malevolent, when you think about it. The protagonists are the assholes.

I mean, Tuurngait saving humanity by infecting them all makes sense, but doesn't make the whole thing any scarier than the original SOMA.

How does one fluff the whole thing to make it worth 1600 CP?

>> No.43373163

>Licked a kid to show I'm friendly.

>> No.43373183

Turning companions/friends who had a hard life growing up into kids so they can go trick-or-treating and try something they missed out on.

>> No.43373204

I was trying to be a good dragon for my master in Nintendog jump. She took care of children a lot and kids where scared of me. So I tried to get to know them better.

>> No.43373205

Mm, I know the Afterbirth DLC for Binding of Isaac came out today, but I think I'd rather continue work on White Knight Chronicles jump for now since the DLC has a lot of new items and features to discover. Progress on the WKC Jump is coming along nicely though.

>> No.43373221

Did you master put peanut butter on something for you to lick?

>> No.43373231


>> No.43373239

Be honest, you're playing Afterbirth aren't you?

I know I am.

>> No.43373250

>Reminder than Spyro took the Power is Attractive Power
>Then went to Forgotten Realms, with all those Dragons who want powerful spawn.

Spyro is "friendly" with Dragons.

>> No.43373271

Sounds uncomfortable

>> No.43373310

N-no why would she do that? I mean I like peanut butter and children often played pranks on each other by putting peanut butter on each others stuff and leading me to lick it. One time they smeared peanut butter on some kids backpack and lured me into cleaning it. Kid refused to touch the backpack when I dragged it back to him. None of the kids liked me much to say the least.

p-pls no bully. Or I'll tell Jumpchan on you.


>> No.43373327

I'm sure they did

>> No.43373335


I wish I had the money to get it right now man T^T

But yeah, I'll probably be playing when I can actually get it, but Rebirth will do for now. (I'll be checking out videos on Youtube and the wiki and stuff once I'm done with WKC for my information on new stuff, items mostly.)

>> No.43373336

Point on the doll where the bad dragons touched you.

>> No.43373366

Where is that perk even from?

>> No.43373371

I've been meaning to ask what does the Drop-in line represent. Will we all be getting Knights or is it restricted to one background.

>> No.43373408

Oh my. How scandalous. I didn't know you lived such a risque lifestyle, spyro.

>> No.43373427

Spiral it's perfectly normal for someone to not be attracted to anything, or attracted to dragons, especially if they are Dragon. dragons are awesome!

>>bad dragons >> bad dragon

You did that on purpose didn't you?

>> No.43373454


Drop Ins are based on the PC, in that it's all about being ignored or working behind the scenes.

Everybody will be able to purchase Knights, though it will be expensive since "Incorruptus" as they're called in the games are the most powerful things around. Fortunately one purchase, you'll be getting 1000JP (Jewel Points) to customize your Knight as you wish.

>> No.43373478


Well, the PC (who was ignored most of the game) and some Meta stuff thrown in to round it out.

>> No.43373492

You know, I'm really liking this trend of customizing stuff using complementary Whatever Points instead of regular sippies.

>> No.43373493

I read that in his voice, fuck you.

>> No.43373523


I didn't realize my mistake till I looked over the jumps I did previously. Now I can't imagine it like anything else. Pls mr spy man I didn't intend to become a draconic variant of you.


>> No.43373525


As far as trends go, I'm digging this one too. I spent like a week playing around with viruses and stuff in Updated Resident Evil, and the servant stuff was a ton of fun when I visited Fate a while back.

>> No.43373565

Shhhh Spyro, just let it out. Don't repress the memories anymore. It's the only way to heal.

>> No.43373589


>> No.43373672

>posting him


>> No.43373723

The lady doth protest too much, methinks.

>> No.43373736

(SCP Foundation)
-Background: Researcher (900CP) -Huh. Fun. I think.
-Clearance Level Upgradex2 (700CP) -I like knowing things.
-Clearance Level 5, "Thaumiel" (500CP) -I will know ALL the things.
-Murphy's Law (Free) -Hrm. This could be neat.
-Bottle of SCP-500 (400CP) -I'm rather fond of this.
-Regenerating Bottle of SCP-006 (100CP) -OH. OH WHAT I'M GONNA DO WITH YOU.
-SCP-143 Sapling (-100CP) -Into the Garden you go.
-SCP-914's Manual (-500CP) -OH the things I want to do with you. The THINGS.
-Acquisitions Department (-300CP)
-Die, Monster! (0CP)
Dice Rolls: Free Choice (Site-19)
-End Choice: Next Adventure

>SCP-107 makes it rain liquid
>SCP-914 refines a bunch of stuff
What happens if I took a sample of each Well I've made, put it all together, put in some power crystals and turned it on 'very fine'. I'm sure we'll find out soon enough!

It might rain somewhere else soon.

>> No.43373737

Didn't we get married?

>> No.43373758

Okay He is not cool with it anymore, lets us drop this. Don't make me redirect things onto my weird sex stuff.

>> No.43373762

This is why Justice is in the Ethics Department in his Jump.

>> No.43373826


I and my companions didn't #REKT the setting by blowing up the most powerful lead corperation out of fear of what he would do with highly advanced tech leaving a huge power gap. NOPE not at all.

>> No.43373848

Blowing up your spouse dragon is one way to get a divorce I guess...

>> No.43373852

Is mibbit down?

>> No.43373869


>> No.43373877

You're mistaken about how a lot of shit works.

You're mistaken, period.

>> No.43373879

mibbit is messing up. Use the kiwi link

>> No.43373897

Yes it is. Use kiwi IRC instead



>> No.43373959

You think I'm bluffing? we switch for all roles, all of them. the only thing we haven't tried permanent snuff and corruption

>> No.43373976


Well if you hadn't given a certain someone hyperadvanced magitech and nanomachines, Shadowrun wouldn't have been bad.

>> No.43373979

You're an embarrassment to your people.

>> No.43374006


>> No.43374018

Eat lots of chocolate and hand out candy to our holders. However we're in Morrowind currently so it actually passed a little bit ago on the 13th, what with it being the Witches' Festival in the month of Frostfall so now its mostly just eating the leftovers.

We decorated our mushroom tower appropriately, imported pumpkins, and jazzed the whole affair up with some illusions and minor destruction spells. Was fun for all the little Telvanni kiddos.

The chocolate here tastes a little funny though, had to import it all the way from the Valenwood. Could have probably found something similar in the Black Marsh but I don't want the kids to be poisoned. Other staple candies include sugar soul gems, scrib jelly taffy, various candies derived from sweet ash yams, puffed marshmerrow, and then pokepuffs as an exotic treat.

>> No.43374076

Actually that was fun. The one my friends recommended was the less fun one. As it turns Lofwyr into Sinbad 2.0

I am a silly dragon


>> No.43374093

Perfect. Thank you for the idea.

Shite, thanks for reminding me!

Not even that flattened continent I see you tucking away?~

>> No.43374114


>> No.43374119

>Red going for SCP-914

Saw it coming a mile away. Along with a certain someone going for SCP-2814.

>> No.43374128

Hey, since you're around, SpyroAnon, got a couple quick LOSS questions. Was looking at it again: I think the last time you updated it, you may have accidentally cut something. Specifically, there're notes about crystal clusters you get at the end of the jump, but the actual bit where it mentions you get them is missing. (IIRC it used to say they grow in your warehouse and grow back at a rate of something or other)

Second: Shape customization supplement question: Says you can take unnatural size twice. If once moves a dragon's max from mountain to mountain range scale, what does twice do?

>> No.43374144

If he's not Rayquaza he definitely tried to sleep with Rayquaza

>> No.43374166

But your promised that we'd be together forever...
Listen to your heart SpyroAnon!

>> No.43374219

Oh dear you're right I'll be sure to put it back in.

One boosts to Mountain size. Two boosts to mountain range size.

>pic related

>> No.43374237


We have made love in every combination of our altforms

>> No.43374283

Tera, here's a hint for you: stop trying to interfere with other people's interactions. You have all the social skills of a darkspawn with rabies.

>> No.43374290

Power Suit for Saints Row, what does it look like? I can only find the big clunky mech.

>> No.43374304

People actually view his posts? I just hide him every time I see him. Everything works out.

>> No.43374336

Please try permanent snuff, it's really great. Trust me on this.

>> No.43374344

That's part of the plan,I'm trying to help the guy out By getting people to not tease him. >>43374290

>> No.43374346

This is what it looks like

>> No.43374406

You know, I completely forget. We had a 'Stalker' jump that was posted a bit before, but someone else had made a 'Metro 2033' Stalker jump. What's the consensus on that?

>> No.43374420

I don't think anyone was actually teasing Spyro, at best a little friendly fun. Spyro is actually likable.

>> No.43374445

No, you're not listening to me. "trying to help the guy out By getting people to not tease him" is interfering, the thing I just advised you to not do. You're not helping anyone with the shit you're pulling, especially not Spyro.

>> No.43374448

Different settings I believe. Like Bioshock and Bioshock Infinite being different jumps.

>> No.43374450

It's alright Bancho. I don't mind. It's just harmless teasing. I'm not actually being bullied.

>> No.43374462

We totes have to remarry, it'll just be me, you and Sinbad.
It's not working very well.

>> No.43374468

I couldn't tell and it was just trying to help, I will back off.

>> No.43374484

Oh. Sweet. Shit isn't awkward then.

>That's part of the plan
Not a great plan.

>> No.43374499

>One boosts to Mountain size.

Wait, what? I must have misunderstood this then:

"The average dragon is the size of a one-story house, with some variances. If given hundreds of years of time, dragons can eventually grow to the size of mountains."

I thought that meant mountain size was the default "maximum size reached after hundreds of years", one "unnatural" taking that to mountain range size?

What's the default max size (as in after centuries) for a LoSS dragon then?

>> No.43374539

Red right now the most powerful thing I have for dealing with the thread is that the thread doesn't like me And likes it less when I discuss Lewd stuff,If I'm going to fight the thread I have to use every trick in my disposal. negative reinforcement works on you Neurologically typical People

>> No.43374565


It was just an example.

If I remember their default size is a 3 stories tall. The default size cap is increased to a mountain size with one purchase. And mountain range with 2.

>> No.43374566

We know you couldn't tell, Bancho. You never can. That's why everyone always tells you to stop. At least you didn't try to castrate anyone this time, just mutilate our eyes.

>> No.43374629

Just stop talking. People like you better when you're not constantly being a stupid cunt waffle.

>> No.43374654

Judgement call:

Can a "Remove Curse" (3.5/Pathfinder) potentially remove a Jusenkyo curse (Ranma)? If not, what about "Break Enchantment"?

>> No.43374661

Sounds like such a happy marriage though. Little house with a white picket fence, bunch of dragon babies or whatever your spawn will be running around.

>> No.43374678

People like him?

This is news to me.

>> No.43374682

Which SCP is tha-

>A mask which allows for handling fire like one handles liquid or solids

Sweet Salty Christ no.

You ever think that... instead of being contrarian, the best option might be to go and stay go?

>> No.43374684

STALKER is about you surviving "The Zone" which is around Chernobyl and the surrounding area.

Metro 2033 is about you surviving in Moscow Underground & ruins of Moscow after nuclear war.

Fans have made connection between the two, but they're completely seperate.

>> No.43374689

No no, they just like him better. Like goes from a 1 to a 2 on a scale of 1-10

>> No.43374696

Cataclysm might be fun. Lots of neat mechanics.

ADOM is fairly generic but a classic.

TOME (not related to the current TOME jump) would work.

Caves of Qud would make a good jump considering how odd it is.

Gearhead RPG would make a decent if generic mecha jump.

That's just off the top of my head.

>> No.43374717

would if I could but I can't so I won't

>> No.43374718

lot of the dev team from STALKER, but yeah, Metro is adapted from a different book series

>> No.43374798


I could see it happening.

Woops sorry it was 4 stories the default. One story is if you stack Size minus twice.

>> No.43374816

Once again ladies and gentlemen:

-scroll to bottom of page
-find [Settings], click it
-hit Filters & Post Hiding
-Check the box next to 'Filter & highlight specific threads/posts'
-click [Edit], should get a smaller box popping up.
-Hit Add, copy-paste his tripcode into the box labeled 'Pattern'.
-Go over a few boxes, checkmark the ones labeled 'Auto' and 'Hide'
-click out of that window, hit 'Save Settings'

>> No.43374817

STOP. TALKING. Seriously, every time someone says that they find something you say horrific, write it down. If it happens three times, it is probably not acceptable. If it happens more times than you can count, just stop. Autism does not stop you from observing previous data to generate a conclusion, goddamnit.

>> No.43374827

Get candy that gives a perma buff to them (no side-effects).
Also some bitching gear for when they grow older.

Why do they get these things you say?
Well....if they managed to reach my home considering how dangerous i made the woods surrounding it they deserve it.

>> No.43374834

I seriously think he's just using autism as an excuse, because nothing I've seen from him even indicates it.

But for srs, following >>43374816

>> No.43374836

Oh, okay. So that bit in the main jump info wasn't the "default size cap" but more "size if you're both ancient and extreme relative to the inhabitants of the world but still potentially 'naturally' happening on rare occasions?"

(Might want to clarify that bit then, since to me at least, it reads like "pick random dragon from this world, age it by several centuries, and it'll typically reach mountain size")

Anyways, thanks for clarifying that.

Also, I just have to note: The two of you are cute together.

>> No.43374877

Ah well, Enchanted Arms will probably have to wait then.

>> No.43374892

Tis ok Spyro if you want to settle down and have bunch of hatchlings there's nothing wrong with that. If you don't it'll be there, because unlike humans dragons don't have a biological clock that starts to break down after their prime biologically speaking (late teens & early 20s).

>> No.43374897

> Woops sorry it was 4 stories the default.

Wait, what? I thought 4 stories wasn't the sizecap, just the softcap after which growth slows to a crawl?

Oh, wait, okay, so the rule is that for default 2 stories is softcap, 4 is hardcap. For one unnatural size, 4 is softcap, mountain is hardcap, and for two then... I guess mountain is softcap, mountain range is hardcap?

(Have I finally achieved comprehension of da rurrs?)

>> No.43374924

Accademically, I know that. But personally, him saying "LOL Autism" is the equivalent of someone blaming GTA for them robbing a convience store and giving People one more reason to say that video games cause violence when it was really just them wanting money or to kill someone, because they are terrible people.

>> No.43374941

Dragons in LoSS are very human like in mannerisms and personality. Strangely only the main villains are dragon-like in both size and design.

YES thank you for interpreting my terribly defined rules.


>> No.43375006

He seems pretty small for a dragon.

>> No.43375009

Wait wha-

>OAA getting the Mask
Oh fuck me running.

>> No.43375018

Woo, I cracked the code. Thus, by the laws of the ancients, the two of you must marry!

>> No.43375034

Is anyone else getting tons of repeating numbers next to people's names?

>> No.43375061

Who is this golden dragon?

>> No.43375079

Spyro is always been a small fry.


>> No.43375093

Like this? Because that would be a Tripcode. Also, welcome to 4Chan.

>> No.43375113

No it was a just a bunch of (40) repeating about twenty times.

And I've been here longer than you, shithead.

>> No.43375160

I apologize then. Also, no need to be rude.

>> No.43375173

You were both being rude.

Welcome to 4Chan.

>> No.43375239

It's spelled "4chan", nerds.

>> No.43375263

I'm betting it's phone autocorrect because that's what mine does.

>> No.43375460

> phones are the enemy of 4Chan

>> No.43375485

death to asgore

>> No.43375494


Note that at the moment, the side-effects of the mask include:

Devotion to the Sun God
Transmutation of the souls of your victims into a screaming vortex of white fire
And finally, unity with the Sun.

All within the span of a day or two.

>> No.43375509

Why doesn't he just sign up with the satanic fire goddess in Age of Ice, jeez.

>> No.43375561

Easily accomplished. There's only one ending where he doesn't.

>> No.43375602

I'm just saying I don't like the guy.

>> No.43375703

And I'm saying you have ample opportunity to kill him.

>> No.43375709

I played the game, anon.

>> No.43375731

You didn't know that? Phones allow a whole new dimension of shitposting due to the user being impossible to ban without resorting to banning an entire ip range.

>> No.43375743

How is that different from normal OAA?

>> No.43375788

Well, the "devotion to the Sun God" is a bit of a reversal of the normal state of affairs.

>> No.43375819

Does it have to be a specific sun god? Because if you could get him devoted to Ammy his religion would require him to help people and be lazy instead of hurting anyone.

>> No.43375836

Wait what, I always thought the megalomania was meant to be in jest?

Has he always actually been an asshole?

>> No.43375867

Well for one thing, he isn't in a relationship with a satanic fire goddess

That I know of anyway

>> No.43375904

Eh, I suppose the sadism doesn't fit. But other than that and maybe megalomania it's pretty close.

>> No.43375946


Well it's described here: www.scp-wiki.net/document-2814-gamma

And more on the sun god thing is here: http://www.scp-wiki.net/scp-1428

>> No.43376008

>Devotion to the Sun God

Sun god: "Yay, sempai noticed me!"

>> No.43376012


No one cared who he was until he put on the mask.

Don't be a dick, anon. He's not nearly as bad as some people.

Oh well. Builds.

(Supreme Commander)
-Background: Cybran (Free) -Machiiiiiiines. I like machines.
-Analog Control (900CP) -Oooooh, machines by instinct is nice.
-Quantum Mind (800CP) -Oooooh, this is kind of neat.
-Burke Blood (200CP) -ALL THE APPEARANCES.
-Machine Intellect (Free) -More intellect. MORE.
-Cybernetics (100CP) (Discount) -Easier integration and seamlessness? I LOVE this.
-Brackman Intellect (-200CP) (Discount) -Super intellect and AI workings? Even merging with an organic mind? Don't mind if I do.

-Docking Bay (2000MP) -Um, cool? Whatever.
-Advanced Allocation Resource System (1900MP) -Production rates are good.
-Enhanced Construction (1800MP) -Building more shit!
-Increased Speed (Free) -I like going faster!
-Increased Rate of Fire (1700MP) -Shoot them up!
-Personal Shield Generator (1600MP) -You know, it never hurts to be careful.
-Import (1400MP) -THE SINANJU SHALL BE GLORIOUS. I'm shrinking it down soon though.
-Molecular Ripper Cannon (Free) -I'm gonna wrangle you and take you in.
-Jump Jets (1200MP) -It's just a hop, skip, and a jump!
-Personal Stealth Generator (1100MP) (Discount) -Some stealth is good.
-Personal Cloaking Generator (950MP) (Discount) -But THIS stealth is even better.
-Microwave Laser Generator (700MP) (Discount) -BUUUUUURN IN GLORIOUS FIRE.
-Enhanced Quantum Disruptor (500MP) -Any energy weapon has its range doubled? NICE.
-Nano Repair Systems (0MP) -Combined with DG Cells, this mech will be wonderfully hard to kill.

-Not Enough Resources (0CP)
Dice Rolls: 25 years old
-End Choice: Next Adventure

So I'm gonna use Mini/Eff from Worm and take a shot while at it to shrink the ACU Sinanju back down to normal size. Because 90 meters is too much.

>> No.43376028

>What is Seras post Pyre?

>> No.43376060

A pile of ashes?

>> No.43376100

>Red saying something is too big
Who are you and what have you done with Red?

>> No.43376126

>The only way to get a Hoopa is to go to fucking McDonalds.

>> No.43376156

Er, isn't Supreme Commander still in WIP?

>> No.43376199

>not tricking the nintendo zone with homepass and your phone

But seriously, americans got that deal waaaaay better than europe got. Fuck, at least you guys have McD's fucking everywhere compared to scattered game stores that ran out of codes.

>> No.43376202

It's finished and the maker has it as a WIP because they're going to image it. Zero reason not to make builds.

>> No.43376225

A videogame store is better than horrible fast food made from diseased African cows.

Also what is this homepass and phone method you're talking about? I didn't think there was a way to trick the 3DS like there was for the DS.

>> No.43376275 [SPOILER] 

You don't even need to buy anything at there bro, just chill in the parking lot if you desire that hoopa and take out your 3DS. Its not even physical codes.

Or just inject

>> No.43376301

I'm a NEET with expired tags.

>> No.43376307

Supposedly it's a PDF? Or the guy claimed it was complete? ... if he responded it'd be nice, but for now I'll post the pdf that was posted.

Okay, let me level with you.

I do like my tools and materials at a certain size. For mechs, I'm rather keen on the sizes they use for Gundam series on average, or even the size of the mechs in Geass or Full Metal Panic. Weeaboo shitstainer alert. Hell, Titanfall was amazing for it too.

It's kind of why I was glad the Light of Terra ship got destroyed in my run. It kind of feels better and easier to maintain if stuff can still fit in the warehouse. Like, the actual warehouse, not some attachment or whatever. I kind of like being able to go into a city with my toys and not completely crush a building with people inside just by accidentally stepping on them. Or being within a mile of me firing any weapons. If I'm going to fight with mechs or ships, I want the damage to be controlled. Plus... well, make a ship or mech TOO big for oneself and it feels like overcompensating.

Yes, this is despite me stacking height perks upon height perks. Because when you have a default form/sizeshifting, there's no issues with secretly making yourself a giant amazonian demon that towers over skyscrapers.

>> No.43376328

Any reason you didn't import the necron fortress from the LoT? I thought that would be the number one thing to import for Deadlight breakers.

>> No.43376342

1. It's neither a ship or a robot.
2. It's pure fucking shit. I hate this thing so much goddamn.

>> No.43376346

Just wait for wonder trade then, you're out of luck unless you walk or ask someone you know to take you to a McD's so you get your pokemon on. /vp/'s had hoopas for months because they don't give a fuck and just injected them in and traded them out.

>> No.43376379

It's actually a pretty nice fortress since it has alot of necron weapons attached to it if I recall. Babs said it has gauss cannons and such weapons all over it.

>> No.43376393

Do you know anyone who will be going with more than one Gen 6 game? Because its one hoopa per gen 6 game. If they've got like, X AND Y, or X and one of the ORAS or something they can pick up two hoopas and trade one to you.

>> No.43376394

>glad the Light of Terra ship got destroyed
I have seen Chaos Gods filled with less HERESY than the words you have just spoken.

Shame on you Red. Shame on you.

>> No.43376424

Where you at bro, if you around Cincinnati I'll give you a lift.

>> No.43376426

Because it ruins the idea of a good defense if you're turning it into an offense. Plus it feels slightly scummy.

The necron fortress is more for when I want to drop inside, have a gaming night, and yell outside "GOOD LUCK, I'M BEHIND FIFTY VOID SHIELDS"

>> No.43376469

The PDF was made to make it easier to read as it's not the easiest to read off of pastebin, especially for those reading off of phones.

However, it is technically done. I'm just slowly working on an Image version.

>> No.43376576

None of my friends live around here.
Nah man I live in the rural South.

I'll probably ask someone to drive by McDonalds, I just hate doing that.

>> No.43376589

>2. It's pure fucking shit. I hate this thing so much goddamn.
Really? I didn't get that the first six thousand times you mentioned it. I bet if you keep complaining, Babs will start making jumps again.

>> No.43376602

So if you import A giant robot it has to stay a giant robot? or am I reading that wrong?

>> No.43376606

Aaah, alright.

Well what the fuck am I going to do with it?

In my 'very personal and in no way meant to be shared' opinion, having a giant ship like that just sort of completely tells the Warehouse to fuck off because you've got a bigger one. With guns that can erase most worlds and an entire crew at your disposal. All of this for free, no less. Well, for a given definition of 'free' considering you go through absolute hell.

I'm sure that's fun for a lot of people, but for my jumprun it's not really fun for me. Plus I'm not really a fan of being authoritative, so suddenly going "here's a giant flagship you command" seems like the exact opposite way I'd go.

>> No.43376611

Too bad those are bog standard shit weapons, the stupid thing can barely move, and the non-breakers rewards are all a hundred times better.
Anon asked why Deadlight breakers wouldn't import it. I told them.

>> No.43376617

>None of my friends live around here
Yeah but, do they exist in a place with internet so that you may one day use the trade function?

>> No.43376645


>> No.43376678

Doesn't stop it from just being plain bad and worse than the non-breaker rewards.

>> No.43376698

strap more rockets and dakka on it then. Oh and don't forget to paint it red.

>> No.43376699

I can do one better.

I sliced up the LoT for it's various systems and raw materials.

>> No.43376718

I think a friend has ORAS but she stopped playing it a while ago. Oh well. Either way, #worthlessparasiteproblems , that's enough of that.

>> No.43376750


I am disgusted.

Also for some reason I thought for a sec your friend played the JoJo All-Star battle game.

>> No.43376754

You are almost as bad as the chaos gods.

>> No.43376755

Then why am I using the shitty fortress for that and not the LoT?

>> No.43376759

If you import something smaller than 80m, it gets turned to that. If it's larger, its height isn't changed (unless you take experimental which will increased its height by 3x).
If you want to decrease its height manually after that, nothing is stopping you.

>> No.43376772

>I am disgusted.
You should be.

>> No.43376795

Because it is a ram now that you could use on planets.

>> No.43376801

Why am I ramming something instead of having the LoT shoot it?

>> No.43376839

I don't know what you have on your LoT so I have no clue if you had the planet cracking torpedoes and I was talking about planets not other ships.

>> No.43376843

Recycling is never a bad decision.

Still heresy, but at least it's environment-friendly heresy.

>> No.43376856

The thing always has macrocannons that can blow shit up from orbit.

>> No.43376867

Why not shoot rams at it?

>> No.43376882

I met Can I turn a robot into a tank Or something? I know it gets bigger But my giant robot isn't working for me as a giant robot. Also how tight is your definition of ship? my Rollerhogg can Fly through space And it takes One person to pilot it Plus I've been looking for a way to get it big enough Me again with the whole 90 Feet tall thing.

>> No.43376891

because there is only enough rams in the universe before the planet is flooded with ram meat.

>> No.43376913


>> No.43376921

Meant to link to >>43376882

>> No.43376937

>it takes One person to pilot it
Not a ship.

>> No.43376947



>> No.43376951

After returning home you find out that your Jumpchain adventures was a popular reality TV show filmed and hosted by Jumpchan. How do you react?

>> No.43376962

Dude, there are spaceships and boatships that only require one person.

>> No.43376971

>"How the fuck did this bullshit make it on the air."

>> No.43376979

Speaking of the fortress, would Vista's power from Worm allow you to get it places quicker? I mean, it isn't teleportation, you're just making the distance between it and the goal shorter.

>> No.43376981


>> No.43376983

>"Hold up, Imma let you finish, but I'm the greatest reality show of awl tiiiiimmme"

>> No.43376990

"How the fuck did someone record my adventures without me noticing and why has no one been sued yet?"

>> No.43376991


>> No.43377002

We give Elodie an exasporated look.

She gives us an equally exasporated look.

And simulatenously, we say at once

"OH, YOU!"

Cue laugh track.

Also then we go behind the scenes, chase down whichever fucker was playing Nyarlathotep and suplex him out of basic principle.

>> No.43377019

But that bird is made of fluffy feathers anon.

>> No.43377025

>"So. . . Now that you've all seen me naked, who wants to party?"

>> No.43377039


>> No.43377046


>> No.43377053

It was filmed and hosted by Jumpchan.

>> No.43377056

I think Hirohiko Araki is gonna sue somebody

>> No.43377060

"How the fuck have you suppressed the legal teams for so long?"

>> No.43377062

Same as ever before
Collect IRL friends, ask if they wanna go on multiverse adventures and learn magic and shit
then GTFO and never come back, because fuck this place.

>> No.43377067


>> No.43377080

Just smile.
And feast on the fear of everyone who watched that.

>> No.43377089

"Oh. OH! That's why you kept offering me fanservice drawbacks! Did you get my good side, at least? Who am I kidding, 300 jumps of pretty perks and I am nothing but good sides. Let's all go get drunk and kick the shit out of the Kardashians"

>> No.43377139

they let this kind of violence and subversion onto TV!? also>>43376971 , >>43377060 And

>> No.43377190

Right but how the fuck did she get it to air without getting sued is the main part I meant.

>> No.43377200

why is hoppo so cute

>> No.43377219

hoppo is the most adorable daughteru.

>> No.43377233

She is Omni, Just accept it and move on.

>> No.43377293

>All that Violence
>And the Women
>And the batshit crazy plans "for fun"
>And The Posing
>And the Trolling

Gotta agree with everyone else, how the fuck did this shit stay on the air?

>> No.43377310

It's on HBO and airs after GoT.

Your GoT run pissed everyone off.

>> No.43377312


>> No.43377319

That is not a good enough excuse.

>> No.43377340

>expecting a meaningful contribution from Bancho

Just filter and hide, you'll be better off and lose nothing of value.

>> No.43377349

>Joff's older brother who smacked sense into everyone
>Joff once lite my room on fire while I slept
Good Times.

>> No.43377377

All is explained.

>> No.43377381

>Slotted between the pokemon cartoon and reruns
Seems about right.

>> No.43377392

Isn't Joff's actor a cool guy out of character? Pretty sure he wouldn't hold it against you kicking his character in the balls

>> No.43377400

Charisma perks.

LOTS of charisma perks.

>> No.43377420

> "... you... you filmed all the times I was crying?"
> "Yeah, even Steven Universe started making fun of you. They made up a show to compete with Crying Breakfast Friends."
> "... I was going through a lot of real emotional turmoil."
> "It was called Sad Sadist Sadie."
> "... I feel like I want to cry now."
> "Hold on I'll get my camera."

Then I blow up the planet while playing a laugh track loud enough to be heard on every continent.

>> No.43377441

She wanted it on the air so she changed everyone's taste in television, broadcast standards and practices Every document and memory involving Copyright law ,And Changed ownership of HBO to herself Just enough that it fits in.
Oh considering I spent that Decade as the Halfman's Dragon friend who saves the blonde chicks savage husband for no apparent reason and throws most of the book out the window there is a amazing amount of nerd rage at the crossover.

>> No.43377471

It should, I think she even used it that way in canon.

There is the caveat, however, that the more people are present, the less powerful the space-warping. So, it would be more useful for crossing the ocean than for crossing a city.

>> No.43377487

But how can anybody hear a laugh track in space?

>> No.43377509

Sci-fi bullshit, don't question it

>> No.43377512

If there's ever an EVE jump, there should be like a 25 CP perk called 'Sounds in Space.'

>> No.43377517


>> No.43377540

They were crying with you I assure you.

>> No.43377544

I think Kirby's Vacuum Immunity actually gives you that, localized to yourself. That or it was the one from Sonic.

>> No.43377614


>> No.43377616

Necron weapons strip matter on atomic scale layer by layer, nearly instantly. However to the target it feels like eternity.

>> No.43377650

A reminder that Hoppo is the most adorable Egyptian goddess even if that is from a fan doujin.

>> No.43377651

Personal scale, worthless compared to the ship scale weapons I have, absolute crap by the Necron's own standards, and all the non-breaker rewards do that and better.

>> No.43377675

Bastet and Sekhmet are better, lets be honest.

>> No.43377707


>> No.43377711

I said adorable not best.

>> No.43377718


>> No.43377741


>not having an open appreciation for fluff
>not acknowledging it has a time and place, like scales or tattoos or any such things

>> No.43377761

I was talking about the power available in the jump (which IIRC isn't affected by the Manton Limit post-jump) but I couldn't remember what it was called so I just referred to it by the name of the person who had that power in the source material.

>> No.43377768

But Red you aren't fluffy you are huge.

>> No.43377775


>> No.43377786

>Why haven't I been paid for this?

>> No.43377823

>"But Jumper, didn't your realize?"
>"Your payment was inside you all along."

>> No.43377826

What do you think the points are?

>> No.43377842

>And then I shit gold bricks

>> No.43377845

Question about Gunnerkrigg: Which capstone is supposed to be Magic Student's, 'Your Own Little World' or 'It Was Worth It'?

>> No.43377847

Is there a way to transfer or copy abilities from one companion to another?

>> No.43377865

Lip Service from Medaka.

>> No.43377874

Irrelevant. Look at that little thing.

Look at it.

You can't tell me that isn't at least adorable. I may not be fluffy, but I can accept that others might want to be an adorable little puffball or something else instead.

>> No.43377891

Probably loaded with these bad boys.

You could always attach it to the LoT or Pre-emptive Retaliation. Besides it's slow, but nothing says you can't strap an engine to it.

>> No.43377912

>You could attach it to the LoT
Redundant. LoT has more and better weapons.
>Strap an engine to it.
Inferior to the LoT.

>> No.43377914

That is nothing but a big nuisance that keeps killing my chickens at night.

>> No.43377925

But anon, baby chicks are fluffy.

>> No.43377926

>Better weapons
Aren't Necron weapons one of the most powerful weapons available in 40k?

>> No.43377939

These are Necron personal-scale weapons, not Necron ship-scale weapons

>> No.43377944

Why do you think I hate foxes they be killing all the adorable fluffy baby chicks.

>> No.43377961

Those are most likely ship scale weapons babs wouldn't give a necron fortress that isn't ship scale. how else would it fight?

>> No.43377988

> not liking fluff
> not wanting to be wrapped in fluff
> not wanting to hug the fluff
> not liking fluffy dogs
> not liking fluffy cats
> not liking fluff

You and I are enemies now.

>> No.43378028

Thanks for all those answers.

>Pets or companions
I'd rather keep it as a pet, but it might be hard getting it to fit in the warehouse. They don't get some sort of 'you can bring this along' thing like the LoT does, do they? I mean if you get an Ultrasaurus I don't think it would fit in the warehouse. I'm looking at getting a few Zoids, and my imported companions each have one, so they'd take up a lot of space.

>> No.43378048

Eh, I never cared for womanlets anyway.

>> No.43378069

You know I wonder how many people mistaken Konatanon for a child. I mean I think it might not be hard considering how irresponsible Konata is.

>> No.43378141

I mean injump not here. Oh and seeing as how short Konatanon is.

>> No.43378162


>> No.43378187

Given that the weapons came from a Dyson sphere, calling them capital ship scale might be a slight understatement.

>> No.43378253

Thank you Babs.

>> No.43378260

What scale would you call it then?
"Fuck everything in my way" scale?
I vote that.

>> No.43378303

That's not a moon that's a spacestation scale?

>> No.43378308

hey Babylon since the robot skeleton Pharaoh thinks he's my dad he'd be cool with me taking some wargear right?

>> No.43378322

I second this.

>> No.43378366

Will we ever get a Necron DLC ?

please i needs it.

>> No.43378387

He's not the Pharoah, he's the head general. The Phaeron is someone else.

>> No.43378395

Nah, best to make it a separate jump like the Eldar are apparently getting

>> No.43378425

'Don't pay attention to my small penis/breasts' scale

>> No.43378437

I think Tau, Chaos and potentially Orks are the only others that could use a faction jump. Necrons are kinda overpowering.

>> No.43378438

I needs that too.

Babs however is my Drug.

>> No.43378440


>> No.43378442

Well, I wouldn't aim them at the planet I was on at the time, put it that way.

You do get a staff of light along with your troop choices.

>> No.43378456


>> No.43378459

Mine's Mir or Dirge depending on the day of the week, but it's nice to cut 'em with some Babs. I used to do Koolerkid and Obfuscation too, but then I ran out.

>> No.43378498

>A bottle of Vodka is placed in the aft storage compartment of your ACU
>Imported Light of Terra.

That's a long walk for one bottle of Vodka.

>> No.43378518


Fair enough,But no chance I could at least get An extra Gauss Flayer? Also Can the spider Eventually start making stuff? A Tachyon Arrow Or Even just a Dispersion shield Would be pretty sweet.

>> No.43378533

It would be a hilarious or action filled adventure if you still have xeno creatures in the ship.

>> No.43378559

I just need to compare power levels here:

ACU-LoT vs Culture GSV, would the LoT actually put up an okay fight?

>> No.43378568

And the creatures have discovered that it never runs out, thus they are not only all drunk but have started a religion around it.

>> No.43378571

>oh by the way can i get all the free shit in the world because i want it?

>> No.43378574

Babs has already said that your scarab buddy can build any infantry weapons for the Necrons. You also get Staff of Light.

>> No.43378576

Culture is bullshit. Light speed reaction Hax

>> No.43378610

>maybe if I whine hard enough I'll get more shinies

Just leave.

>> No.43378627

What's the point of taking Kwisatz Haderach Candidate from Dune for someone unfamiliar with the setting.

>> No.43378631

>We have a Skies of Arcadia jump
Why don't people talk about that more?

>> No.43378648


>> No.43378663

I'm not whining for more Shiny things I'm Trying to find out what shiny things I can get.
I had forgotten this...
It's a willpower boost Sufficient to count as a half step in human evolution.

>> No.43378672

It makes you partway to being the Chosen One. On its own it grants you incredible luck, and if you overdose on melange you'll become one with the universe and turn invisible to scrying as a result. And you'll probably get a fair bit of reputation for it, if you leverage things properly.

>> No.43378708

Nobody can see you in any kind of vision shit. Pre or post, you're invisible to people who try to see you. They can see the results, but not you. It's very useful, especially in Dune when lots of people have small prescient events.

>> No.43378753


>>Someone forgot to put the cap back on
>>the lower decks are now flooded with vodka
>>mutants have adapted to living in a sea of vodka
>>the genestealers have evolved russian accents and ushankas

>> No.43378778

do they still steal jeans?

>> No.43378813

well you see, it's like pirate radio
but she went and did it with television
>Do not adjust your set, for the next 90 minutes this station belongs to jumperTV

>> No.43378826

No, they steal track suits.

>> No.43378887

How evil.

>> No.43379030

>Slav Tyranids

>> No.43379066

Could your ACU use the Conversion Ray on other things you have built so that they get scanned into the SupCom production facilities and you can make them using your ACU or factories?

>> No.43379074

Has anyone noticed that all of RoboAnon's Jumps have alcohol or drugs in it?

Vodka for Supreme Commander.
A mini-bar for True Lies.
Nuke for Robocop.
And Radiation Pills for Terminator.

Okay, the pills are stretching it, but they are still technically drugs.

>> No.43379090

Does no one read the notes of Jumps?

Uploading schematics of your own technology is something you have to do either manually or through the Conversion Ray tech, but it is very possible. Some tech might require you to upgrade the ACU computer software to understand previously unknown things like Magitek. This is significantly easier if you are (or something like) a Symbiont or have an AI companion."

>> No.43379117

... I read them, but had forgotten that by the time I got to making my build. Thanks for pointing that out.

>> No.43379135

>Scan a router
>Each new modern world you visit, hunt down the heads of various shitty ISPs and literally bury them alive in routers

>> No.43379200

Kill the Comcast of every world and replace them with something that actually works. You'd be a hero!

>> No.43379267

> Oh and seeing as how short Konatanon is.
Contrary to popular belief I am not actually as short as Konata, and instead hover around the "merely below average" line for whatever species I am for the jump. So, like, for humans, I am maybe around five feet? Which is a height that real full grown women come in.

My hair isn't even blue unless the setting is particularly game-like or anime. In more "normal" settings, I tend to go with black. Y'know. Because it's normal.

Given my relative attractiveness due to perks and below average height, it's actually far more likely that I get mistaken for... a teenager. On a fairly frequent basis.
Which is something I am actually all too familiar with in real actual life. So it's mostly only annoying when I have to show my license at a bar or something.

It's just that I'm kindof married to this avatar now, really. And there's nothing better fitting, for that matter.


During SoA, I briefly defected from Valua to join Vyse, then betrayed them and ran off shortly after Ixataka, whereupon I stole the two Moon Crystals he had collected and threw them in my warehouse, never to be released.

Really pissed off Galcian that his plan stalled. And also Vyse. Took them a while to realize I wasn't on either of their sides.

But by that point I'd already fled to Dark Rift with the Black Moon Crystal.

You'd think the smart thing to do would be team up against me, but no. They didn't do that.

>> No.43379284

'Effective immunity to scrying of all types' has some hilarious(and useful) implications for later jumps.

>> No.43379331


Perhaps, *perhaps*, in terms of raw energy output.

Otherwise, not a chance - the LoT is likely to have actual clockwork components, scribes who copy from computer onto parchment and then have birds deliver them to places, fires broadsides like it thinks it's wet in space, and relatively low levels of automation.

Making it an ACU may or may not change that.

Personally I wouldn't think it would just magically make all those problems go away so generously, especially as we know little of SC spacecraft (and it's very likely they use meatbodies anyway) - and ACU's have always retained the human element.

Instead it would probably just stick *better* - but not necessarily more *powerful* - weapons over it, massively improve its durability and let it spam custom ordnance and escort craft.

So its reaction times will still be human, so even if the LoT is as powerful as a GSV, the Mind is running 200,000x faster and with dominating efficiency.

It's no contest.

>> No.43379352

One more Zoid question. The list of BLOX on the wiki (linked from the jump) has Jet Falcon, which looks really cool. It's not on the BLOX list in the jump itself, or the Zoids list at the end of the jump. Is it ok to buy it as a BLOX unit?

>> No.43379371

Hmm. Depends if it's actually a curse, rather than an unusual transmutation effect that the locals just call a curse. For the former, Remove Curse or Break Enchantment would work. For the latter, Break Enchantment or a Targeted Dispel would work, depending on the level of the effect.

The Springs are roughly minor artifacts? So the DC to beat for removing/breaking/dispelling would probably be around 30.

>> No.43379529

I can't be the only one who wants to use all the ship/vehicle imports and shipgirl stuff etc on their Tenchi Tree Ship instead of their LoT. LoT is mindless, Tree Ship is already a sapient person, she'd appreciate all of this a lot more.

>> No.43379590

I can understand the normal imports, but Shipgirl makes the LoT living, which is why it's a popular choice.

>> No.43379632

Can this mess with worm path to victory bullshit?

>> No.43379658

Probably, since that's a partially precognitive effect. Not that you'd need it to, you get immunity to PtV for free in the Worm jump.

>> No.43379663

With curiosity as to who the audience was, due to the whole "no time passes at home" thing. I'm guessing other ROBs?

>> No.43379668

Maybe, but my thought process is that, while you can make the LoT into a girl, the Tree Ship already is one. Thus it's doing her a bigger favor in giving her a human body she can use to walk around in.

>> No.43379671

>Killing off Valeria's comcast trash mobs
Do it enough and you'll start gaining a chance for the boss to show up so do it at your own risk.

>> No.43379697

Fortunately there are no potatoes. I think I'm safe.

Lucky this isn't a horror movie or I would have just jinxed myself.OH GOD HELP MEEEE!!!!

>> No.43379699

Assuming she wants one. Why would a God-Tree lower herself to take human form?

>> No.43379717

>My hair isn't even blue unless the setting is particularly game-like or anime. In more "normal" settings, I tend to go with black.

I have such a hard time deciding between the two, personally.

>> No.43379731

Tree Tsunami seemed to enjoy getting to live as Sasami.

The trees aren't arrogant towards their human partners and bond very closely to them, so I doubt any would view it as 'lowering' herself.

>> No.43379735

Only till you screw with people.

>> No.43379750

Do not mock Him Who Is Not to be Named. Long has he slept and his salt with him.

>> No.43379760

You're still immune to it, they just don't know you're immune to it. They can start working around your blind spot once they know it's there, but Kwisatz Haderach Candidate wouldn't help with that anyway.

>> No.43379782

It's too bad that giving them human form in Kc takes away their ship form. It'd be sweet to have a 1st Gen tree ship that could slip between ship and shipgirl forms at will.

>> No.43379804

I disagree with that view, personally. It's an alt form. That'd be like saying importing your pokemon as a catgirl loses them their pokemon form.

>> No.43379817

Also if you don't wanna import, the Cabbit ship can do that. Ryo-Ohki eventually gets a human form (in addition to her rabbit, ship, and mecha ones) she can switch into when she wants.

>> No.43379833

Does turning vehicles into shipgirls make them companions, or do they stay vehicles?

>> No.43379859


>> No.43379871

"Fighting Children is boring. Fighting a chaos god? Sounds fun!"

>> No.43379876

>Him Who Is Not to be Named
What does Crux have to do with this?

>> No.43379911

No, that's He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named

Common mistake, but completely different.

>> No.43379965

Is that female lucario in human form? Hnnggg.

>> No.43379975

Depending on if I can have Jet Falcon I think my Zoid build is done, but now I'm moving onto companions. Since it doesn't say they can't buy items it'd be fine for one of my companions to buy a White Box AI and some Zoid Cores to give themselves a couple of that bat Zoid as minions, right?

Out of curiosity, does Perfected ZOS require Standard ZOS, or are they different enough (3 temp vs 1 permanent) to be standalones?

>> No.43379989

Culture GSV roflstomps the ACU-LoT but, during the after-action where it reverse engineers everything, does appreciate the sweet protocrafter (and darkstar / paragon if there) tech and is puzzled by the weirdness of the 40k tech (until it realises the LoT was built in a universe with a Warp and Gods and has a panicky little BSOD).

>> No.43379996

Oh and I want some companions to have their own Organoids, if that's ok.

>> No.43380014

Yes. However Contessa has ways around being immune to her PtV. She starts in with the hypotheticals. Only thing that makes you immune far as I know is Spanner in the Works.

>> No.43380036

It's being nerfed next version so she can insta-kill you with ease.

>> No.43380044

SupCom gives you mass-production of instantaneous communications tech. Comcast? Pfft. Howabout total economic takeover of any world with a stock market?

>> No.43380048

So, I'm about to start my Gundam run. What's a good order to take those jumps in? I'm not at all familiar with the series, and I'm a mid-tier magitech jumper.

>> No.43380070

What is Gundam Anon working on now anyway?

Pft as if the Stock Market doesn't do crazy things when I enter the world.

>> No.43380090

>Yes. However Contessa has ways around being immune to her PtV. She starts in with the hypotheticals.
Bear in mind that it's not that hard to make her get this kind of thing hilariously wrong and go completely off-base with it.
Like her modelling for Scion, which IIRC she didn't realise was actually just a meatpuppet being projected by the entity behind the dimensional curtain. All that time spent working on making an army to kill him, and none of it was worth shit because even if they could destroy "him" that body could immediately be replaced.
Funny, given why they went to so much trouble to keep Manton alive.

>> No.43380100

But Many, lucarioanon is already taken.

>> No.43380101

Last I heard, Gundam Anon was working on Gundam 00. Still hoping for it

>> No.43380108

That would be nice.

>> No.43380197

Nope, went Tenchi Tree Ship here too. Actually, went Cabbitship AND Treeship. The former is my runabout ride (so it gets the Star Trek Defiant kind of tech), the latter is my space mansion (so it gets the Star Gate Atlantis kind of tech).

Hey, Roboanon, if I import my Cabbit and Treeship as Companions into SupCom, can they Import themselves as their own SCUs, would they have to import each other instead, or would I have to import two other Companions who'd then Import the Cabbit and Treeship as their SCUs?

>> No.43380207

There's a perk in Musician that lets you avoid being sued, probably used that

>> No.43380225

I like that picture.

>> No.43380233

I am indeed working on 00. I've just been in a bit of a slump as of late, hopefully I'll be able to get it finished sometime sooner than later.
Sorry for the wait, though.

>> No.43380238

Take the Universal Blind Spot perk from Half-Life, which messes up attempts to work around your immunity to being scried.

>> No.43380247

Any help on >>43380048?

>> No.43380307

He has 10 hands there...

>> No.43380329

It's cool, no rush or anything.

>> No.43380337

Honestly none of the jumps are connected continuity-wise with each other. G is a super robot show while the others are more realistic.
I'd personally say Wing's not a bad start-off point, UC as well. Be mindful in case you end up rolling Victory in UC though. Dark stuff be ahead. AGE's got some good tech as well, and G has ki techniques and fighting for something similar to magic I suppose.

>> No.43380570

Since you're here: What exactly does It's All In The Mind from G Gundam do?

>> No.43380657

Basically, you can teach people beyond mortal limitations, but not things that they can't do because of lacking anatomy or something similar.
For instance, you could teach a normal person a special way of running so they could sprint atop clouds, but you couldn't teach them to breathe fire if a gland or something was responsible for it and they didn't have it.

>> No.43380810

Okay, so I'm guessing it's intended for crazy martial arts in general.

This is mostly so I know if I should find other ways to power up my companions, but:

If I took the physical perks in DMC without actually having a single drop of demonic blood in me, leaving it as unexplained bullshit, could I eventually teach other people how to swing hard enough to mow down demons too?

I feel like I already know what the answer to this is but there's no harm in asking.

>> No.43380853

>Okay, so I'm guessing it's intended for crazy martial arts in general.

Just watch

>> No.43380889

So wasn't Worm going to get an update? What's the status on that?

>> No.43380921

He said he hoped to get it done this weekend, so fingers crossed.

>> No.43380937

That's clearly mayonnaise he's putting on the toast,anon. Possibly he's making a BLT.

>> No.43380940

Truly the greatest proof of his evil

>> No.43380978

Cours' they let you keep a power. What are they going to do in meatspace? Not let you keep a power?

Sure, they can gift powers to people. Said so, didn't it? (Only two per customer, for the customers power only)

>> No.43381060

Oh, yeah, the thing.


Anyone else having trouble uploading pdfs to 4chan with appchanx? Had to switch back to regular. And 4chanx doesn't show captchas for some reason

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