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Jumpers, do you consider yourself human?

Suggestions and criticism are welcome.

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Do you remember the basics of CQC?

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>96 kilometer ACU-LoT
I needed a frame of reference for this, so I looked around a bit and found one: Luxembourg. At its longest, the European nation of Luxembourg is 82 kilometers long. So, if KOTORs math is correct, a super LoT would be 14 kilometers, or 15%, longer than Luxembourg at its longest point.

The LoT has the potential to be a flying martial nation. If that doesn't both excite and horrify you, then I'm afraid I don't know how to reach you.

That is all: carry on.

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Isn't the LoT's max length 36km?

ACU-LoT can then be 108km long.

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In my revamp of my Rising Revengeance jump I decided to switch to Drop In so that I wasn't freaking anchored to mechanical upkeep and replacement fluids. And I took that perk.
So yes. Yes I do.

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This is beyond terrifying and I am unsure why you would do this to me. It does look good starting out, I just think maybe you need to organize it a bit more.

Not going to lie. This kind of makes me glad that the Light of Terra didn't survive my run. The idea of having a ship that big follow you everywhere seems... completely unneeded. But that's just my opinion.

...I haven't posted builds in a while.

(True Lies)
-Background: Arms Dealers (Free) I'm what you call a Sales Associate.
-Care To Tango? (900CP) -I deal in the art of the DANCE.
-I Picked Them! (800CP) -A bit of skill on the side.
-Care About Your Cause (650CP) (Discount) -A bit of a glance to let me know about people and business risks.
-Priceless, Even (350CP) (Discount) -Smuggling supreme! I could enjoy this.
-Snow Cone Maker (300CP) -Oh fuck YES.
-Tracking Device (200CP) -Eh, I'm sure I'll find some use.
-Kawasaki (0CP) -And a motorbike! Onward!
Dice Rolls: 23 years old
-End Choice: Next Adventure

Fuck the plot, I'm going to run off and try to help people. Arms Dealer employers don't like it? What are they gonna do, bring out the guy who can stop me? What was his name again? Michael McDoesn'tExist?

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I'd love to, I really would.

But we all know that isn't true anymore.

Bill knows lots of things. LOTS OF THINGS. Even about me.

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I now want to spray paint Luxembourg and put up a giant sign that says Jumper Parking Only, All Others Towed.

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What I think is the game is shit. Anyone with half a brain should have seen where the story was going and how those concepts they used worked.

It's fine though. You could have did a monumentally worse job with what you were given. Kudos.

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(Mushoku Tensei)
-Background: Magician (Free) -Hey heeeeey, keep the ball rolling! Magics!
-Race: Immortal Tribe (400CP) -Oh. Well, this is gonna be awkward. Maybe I can get a skin color change...
-Leaky Limiter (200CP) -It just keeps going, and going, and going...
-Team Battle (Free) -Into any adventuring party? Sweet!
-Elemental Magic (100CP) (Discount) -Hell yes, elemental magics!
-Healing Magic (0CP) (Discount) -And I can heal people too? AWESOME.
-Silent Casting (-200CP) (Discount) -Are you kidding me? This is amazing, I love silent casting.
-Counterspells (-400CP) (Discount) -And I can block off other spells too? AWESOME.
-Demon Seed (-700CP) (Discount) -Wait. So I have a genius intellect for spells... but I have a small piece of the Demon God. Whelp.
-Bag of Small Crystals (-750CP) -I could take this crystals and... well, do things with them. Yes.
-Camping Gear (-800CP) -For when you need to go around!
-Wand (Free) -Dinky wand? Okay.
-I Want To Go Back (-800CP)
-Green Hair (-600CP)
-Crusade (-300CP)
-Cursed of Hatred (0CP)
Dice Rolls: Free Choice (Magic University), 1544 years old
-End Choice: Next Adventure

So I'm awesome at magic and pretty tough. But everyone hates me, and people think I'm a genderbent demon god reincarnation. Also, my hair appears to be green.

This seems to be a bit of a pickle, and I am absolutely terrified at the idea of any god looking at me and going "I think I'm gonna fuck you up."

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It's good to hear you like it! I'll do some reorganization to make sure the Goals section only has goals in it, the Perks section is called Perks and Items, etc. Thank you for point that out.

Are you the captain of your soul at least?

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Ok I think Im done, to be honest I stopped writing out everything I planned or did around my second hour in and just started recording my point buys.

God I hope I did things right.

19 yo
Mi qote
Discipline of magic arcanist scholar
Discipline land miner
Discipline hand goldsmith
Keepers of the moon free

Faerie friend free
Knowledge drain 900
Sanctuary sprite 700

Appraisal free
Crystal purification 500

Global Prospecting System free
Crystal cache seeds 300

Soft echo free

Alexandrite cache 100

Estate 50
Retainer quarters 0
Aether garden -50
Estate hall -100
Aetheric field -150
Crystal foci -200
Observatory -250
Naval blessing -350
Aura of frost -450
Lady lucks whims -500

Fog of war 200
Kill order ascians 100
Kill order garleans 100
Kill order ixali tribe 100

Added perks after the end cp is totalled +600 cp-
Magitek Augmentation Theories, 14th Edition 400
Ceruleum refinement formula 300
Zodium cache 100
Book of skylight 0

Phase 1 +200 cp
30 sp
Join research efforts 29
Saboteurs 28
Industrial espionage 27
Seizing assets 26
Scientists 25
Aether 24
Improved aetherite 23
Magitech 22
Scholars 21
Mythology 20
Ruins of the last age 19
Races of hydylaen 18
Establish free company 17
Infiltrators 16
Illuminati 15
Paragons 14

The amnesiac marques 13
The wanderers yda and papalymo 12
The Diplomat,Skaetswys 11
The Researcher, Surito Carito 10

Carry 10

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Scene 2 + 200 (+10 carry over sp)
40 sp
Forum of sharlayan x4 36
Illuminati 35
Ascians of the twelth 34
The legions 33
Dreadnaught class engineering 32
Student of baldesion x3 29
Sons of saint coinach 28
Teachings of amon 27
Agent of the void x2 25
Otherworld 24
Mooglespeech 23

Retaking wanderers keep 22
Ragnarok class starship 21
Pharoa sirius 20 (spare the siren)

Carry 10

Phase 2.1 +200 cp 5 sp
B. perform dance
20 sp
Fat chocobo attendant 19
Eidolon helpers 18 (faeries)
Guidance nodes 17
Crystal ports 15
Living museum 12
Curator 9
Hypello attendant 8
Blitzball arena 5
Cloister of water 4
Moogle attendant 3
Slot machines 0

Scene 2.2
Belle prishe attendant 19
Goldfish scooping 16
Battlefields 13
Moghouses 12
Travellers guide 11
Living staircases 9
Grand library 6
Living tomes 3
Chocobo racing 0

Phase 2.3
Moomba attendant 19
Time tripping 16
Triple triad tables 13
Hot dog stand 12
Magic pots 11
Minification rays 8
Void light show 5
5 headed dragon 2
Cait sith attendant 1
Parade train

Dont kill cloud of darkness

Gold saucer in all future jumps as designed

>> No.43362955

Phase 3 (600 cp gained thus far) (+20 saved sp)
Friends with
amaljaa (drakeriders)
Tonberries (scholar)
The voidsent (death by pudding)
Sahagin (leviathein)
Goblin tribe (goblin ambusher)
Vanu vanu (bismark)
Qiqirn (book magus)
Mamool ja (expert duo)
Dravanian horde (wyverns)
Illuminati (goblin snipers)
Scions of the seventh dawn (scholar adventurer)
Grand companies maelstrom (shipwright)
Twin adders (black shroud conjurer)
Immortal flames (bloodsworn paladin)
Forum of sharlayan (forum scholar)
Sons of saint coinache (ads)
Students of baldesion (apprentice mage)
Garlond ironworks (engineer)
Ishgard remnants (shiva)
Shantotto (shantotto clones)

Ixali tribe
Kobold tribe
Sylph tribe
The gnath
The syndicate
Heavens ward

Death to our cries 30 sp (+20 carried sp)
Primal form-
Aether starved
Aetheric will coaleacense 48
Elemental mastery x8 (fire, ice, wind, water, earth, lightning, darkness, light) 32
Egi servants x2 28
Crystal sustenance 26
Seductive radiance 21
Aetheric will astral flow 11
Aetheric will hybridization 1

Lifting the snowcloak 0
Ally with ysayle
The 14th Crystal’s Lingering Echo

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Am I, anon?

Am I? I felt it when I Fell. It was as if, for a brief moment, all that had made me who I was fled my body and left a hole where purpose should be. The emptiness never really goes away once you Fall.

I don't even know why I keep Jumping anymore. None of my Companions can cast Atonement, and we've used up all the D&D jumps. I can never go back now.

I'd love to say I'm still a good person - but consider that Cave Johnson trusted me with his company.

And it worked. Just to "survive," I Fell from grace, and there's nowhere to go but down.

Am I the captain of my soul? Yes.

And I'm going to go down with it.

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Yawn. Pure goodness is impossible, child. If you're afraid of shades of grey then perhaps you should crawl into that false hole you see and die.

>> No.43362991

Excuse me, but I have a Question about the Touhou Jump. Would it be acceptable to replace the free Fated Encounter with a Companion Import, given that they both cost 200 CP and I have a one companion build?

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That's easy to say when you haven't broken the trust of objective forces of Good.

>> No.43363037

Vehicles imported to become ship girls in KanColle can't return to original ship form correct? They're just stuck as cute girls?

I checked the archives and everyone quoted Babylon as saying it maxed out at 32km.

>> No.43363132

>If you're afraid of shades of grey
Fifty of them?

>> No.43363140

I don't believe in objective good. In Faerun, I am told the good gods are Good, that they are made of the concept itself. And yet, they support the Wall. They threaten other gods with destruction if they so much as speak against the Wall. Mortals should be damned for disagreeing the Wall. So, I reject this idea that a being can be objectively Good, that all its thoughts and deeds are unassailably righteous. I refuse to accept their cruelty.

>> No.43363144

Question to all Jumpers have any of you ever once left a river of death that rivals Alucard's during the battle for london?

>> No.43363152

>Enemies with Ixali, Sylph & Heavens Ward
In for a bad time boy.

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I'm gonna assume Johj don't count, or else everybody would be saying yes.

>> No.43363221

Giant roach people dont bleed, do they? I mean in insects their flesh muscles are their brains

>> No.43363227

Johj does count anon. It wouldn't be a river of death without those roach bastards.

>> No.43363246

Insects are filled with haemolymph. They bleed, but it's a clear, yellowish fluid like serum or plasma.

>> No.43363268

Does anyone know the progress on Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy? I am rapidly approaching Jump #42, and I haven't really heard about it.

>> No.43363329

Going through Zoids and I just want to check, is the Organoid a Companion, or does it fall under the 'pet/animal' rules?

>> No.43363345

I took Skyrim back for the Empire. I didn't need help taking the forts and didn't want to risk any lives unnecessarily.

>> No.43363367

>And then you take Luxembourg LoT to FTL
>Swap between the size of a large plane and a small nation at will

>> No.43363369

>Bending over for the Thalmor.

>> No.43363416

The Dark Eldar home.

>> No.43363454

>dividing the races of Man when they need to stand together

>> No.43363473

Rebelling against the Empire IS splitting the races of Men. You are fighting the empire of Men made up of your fellow Men. You are a fool.

>> No.43363506

Follow the conversation - the original poster was fighting FOR the Empire, to which the guy I responded to replied ">bending over for the Thalmor," as if in support of the Stormcloaks.

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The thing about grace is that, in time, all can be forgiven. But you have to put in the effort to redeem yourself and to atone those sins you've committed.

Sometimes atoning is a thing that takes every waking hour of the rest of your days.

>> No.43363521

I think you read that wrong mate, he's not on the rebellion's side.

>> No.43363541

That kind of childish thinking leads to the obsessed, desperate, and broken mindset of the anon you reply to.

>> No.43363571 [SPOILER] 

Your CQC is sloppy
come see me later for a lesson you won't forget

>> No.43363589

Nonsense. You recognize that wrongdoing has happened, you avoid committing further wrongs, and you try to make up for doing it as best you can. You don't throw your hands up in the air and go "WELP, GUESS IT'S ALL DOWNHILL FROM HERE, BETTER GIVE UP."

>> No.43363590

Thanks Boss

>> No.43363606

If you want to consider it as a companion and use it for imports that's up to you, otherwise it's a pet/animal.

>> No.43363618

Considering Faerun was brought up, I think anon is also talking about Paladin class features, which you can't get back without a specific spell on the Cleric spell list.

>> No.43363623

Making your life a mission of atonement is obsession. It's selling your humanity to be a tool.

>> No.43363646

Haven't considered myself so since the second Jump.

>> No.43363648

Cool. Getting one of them then. Thanks.

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Because the optimum way to take control of the world away from the Thalmor is to leave the rest of mankind twisting in the wind. The problem with the Stormcloak's entire strategy is that it's self-centered and turns Thalmor domination into a waiting game. To stop them, you don't need a bunch of loners constantly on the defensive, you need them working together and on the same page. You need an empire to stop an empire.

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Technically making up for any mistake is "atoning" so...

Eh fuck it, discussion on technicalities and viewpoints probably isnt worth it

So how about them sportsballs?

>> No.43363701

Or an endless pool of angry berserkers who rape and pillage for a living.

Worked for Gaul. Eventually.

>> No.43363703

Yeah, which is why my response to that was to mention why the Faerunian gods are no real judges of Good.

>> No.43363707

What can be more human than seeking to better oneself?

Yeah, I know, but c'mon. :D

>> No.43363715

Another Zoids question, is there a drawback limit?

>> No.43363850

That's because Rome was so damn corrupt and unwieldy they began collapsing in on themselves. Seriously, around that time they had civil war every time the Emperor died, all the money flowing into the east and nowhere near enough soldiers able to troubleshoot. The Gauls just helped it along.

>> No.43363854

Apparently not many people saw any problem with this Jump, so here it is after being better organized. Criticism and suggestions are still welcome.

>> No.43363970

Nope. Generally if there is one it's specified.

>> No.43364016 [DELETED] 

hey man

you're mad gay and so is everyone else in this stupid thread

enjoy talking about super tryhard bros faggots

>> No.43364119

Wait, wasn't there some super charisma perk for True Lies? 'Hot if you want' I believe? I thought you constantly grabbed those?

>> No.43364468

(Wii Sports Resort)
-Background: Fitness Instructor (950CP) -ALL KINDS OF GAINS!
-Let Mii Play! (Free) -Aww, this is adorable.
-Sun and Sand (850CP) -I'll get to relax a bunch!
-/fit/izen (Free) -I AM SCULPTED. YES.
-A Few Pointers (750CP) -I like teaching.
-Endorsement (550CP) -Nothing I like more than looking amazing.
-No Sandbaggin' (450CP) (Discount) -Put in all your effort, damn it.
-Feel The Burn (250CP) (Discount) -WAIT. Training and workouts are extra effective? Holy SHIT.
-Coconuts and Fruity Drinks (200CP) -I get to have a taste!
-The New Work Out Plan (0CP) (Discount) -Oh. Oh yes. WORK OUT.
Dice Rolls: 22 years old
-End Choice: Next Adventure

Wait. So I've not only got an amazing workout place, but I can also deal with other crazy stuff... and I make ANY workout extra effective? Oh. Oh I'm gonna have fun with you. We're going to become Agua's worst enemy.

We're going to be fit, and call out ANYONE who's lazy during these workouts.

>> No.43364482

I mainly grab appearance perks themselves. I actually shy away from charisma perks, they feel a lot like mind control with how they're worded a lot.

>> No.43364538


After recovering from the commoragh jump, I went on a little crusade across several jumps, starting with castlevania.

There was nothing left for the local heroes to deal with.

>> No.43364541

Its a gauntlet.

Mind you its a very well formatted gauntlet, but it just can't compete with Light of Terra.

>> No.43364569

LoT isn't a gauntlet. It's basically a bunch of scenarios connected together.

>> No.43364580

My assumption is always that the limit is +600cp unless otherwise specified, but I cannot stop you if you desire to take more drawbacks if you feel you should be able to.

>> No.43364641

Dirge is normally pretty good at remembering to put that sort of thing in, so if it doesn't say there probably isn't one.
However, a lot of people appeerntly don't realize how common non-standard drawback limits are and figure that if they're going with the default, they can just leave it out, like how ofter the "go home, move on, stay" option is left, so it really isn't just safe to assume in general.

>> No.43364749

Why does it have to compete with Light of Terra. Jumps aren't made to compete with one another, they're made so you have a setting to explore.

>> No.43364790

Is anyone working on an EVE jump, or Homeworld?

>> No.43364806


>> No.43364848

For now I think I'll stick to the 600 and if Dirge sees this he can let me know either way.

>> No.43364904

I was >>43363970. Generally when I don't put in a specific limit it's because there's no limit (or I think that a combination of drawbacks is enough to kill people.)

>> No.43364963

So for right now I'm still keeping Drop In as a thing for Star Wars Rebellion the way I'm justifying this is that you need something to spend your Ship Points on so I'm going to make a bunch of older ships available ranging from Mandalorian ships, up to the Mandator for your Capital ships

>> No.43365125

Doing a build for the first time in forever, wanna say 3 months or so. I've focused completely on being tech/digital based. I thought I'd be annoyed when I ran out of tech focused jump but actually, not worrying about drawbacks and just buying stupid little things is fun.

Also, has anyone done this?

>Bending Geniusx2
>Metal Bendingx2
>Hologram tech
>Vibranium/Adamantium X
>Alt form that's more or less an invisible digital fairy/ghost
>Metal bend a humanoid chunk of metal as your avatar
>Super bruisers try breaking it, throwing it around.
>People try nuking and lasering it.
>"You" look like an unstoppable bad ass with impossible dexterity and flight powers.

I love my metal puppet.

>> No.43365152

Can we have Mandalorian armor or a Mandalore leader armor?

>> No.43365171

Make sure to joint the avatar and not just make it a statue, though. Otherwise even with super metalbending you're going to have trouble making it move properly.

>> No.43365177

Oh, ok. Cool. With the limit I was looking at only taking 400 worth, but if it is I'll go for 700, picking up Extremely Limited Ammunition.

Thanks for letting me know.

>> No.43365245

I think I can include that in perk/tech options.

>> No.43365273

Thank you for the compliment. I'm not trying to compete with Light of Terra or any other Jump. This and LoT are completely different universes. People seemed excited about it earlier.

I added it to the new Jumps folder after finalizing it.

>> No.43365285

Think a bunch of really small BBs or ball bearings with a holographic covering would work as well? I want to get a little bit of freakish mobility in a pinch.

>> No.43365293

Its very well made, and reflects the subject matter IMO.

>> No.43365358

Central City
Mobian (Dragon) (950cp)
Male, 16yo
•Iron Density (900cp)
•Culinary Thumb
•Super Sonic Speed (750cp)
•Super Sonic Reflexes (600cp)
•Workholic (450cp)
•Freebies (Golden indestructible shoes & gloves)
•Fake Chaos Emerald (-50cp)
•Small Box Of Power Rings (-100cp)
•Terrible Voice Acting (0cp)

Gotta go fast! However goddamn voices of everyone sounds so retarded. At least I can drown them out by training hard to go faster. I also build stuff, lots of stuff. Gotta keep moving you know? Got really good at producing stuff by hand much faster than I could before. I also got a fake chaos emerald, great power source. I don't know what to do here besides beat Eggman, over and over. So I try not to stick around folks, their awful voices just ugh. I spent most my time relaxing and building stuff, also training to get faster. By end of my time here Inwas going close or around MACH 2, seemed reasonable enough. Stopping took a lot of practice, and had my fair share of faceplants onto walls. Lucky enough to survive, hurt like hell.

>> No.43365435

-Background: JuDOS (Free) -Oh this won't go wrong at all.
-We've Both Done A Lot Of Things You're Going To Regret (Free) -Passive aggressiveness. Huh.
-Good Enough For Science. Not Aperture Science!x2 (800CP) -I'm smart! Super smart!
-Aperture Science HandHeld Portal Devicex2 (500CP) -Fuck the flawed version, getting the best one.
-Conversion Gel Recipe (400CP) -I'm sure I can use this.
-Genetic Lifeform and Disk Operating System (0CP) -I... hm. We're scanning her code and seeing what we can do!
Dice Rolls: -
-End Choice: Next Adventure

Hello good sir, and welcome to the Aperture Science Testing Facility. Please don't mind the occasional looks, I have to make do with the resources here.

I'll be giving you the grand tour! Here at Aperture we strive to push the boundaries of science, while ensuring we do what we can for everyone here involved. It's a team effort, and there's no 'i' in team... but there is one in me! Get it, AI? With the I? It... it's a pun. It's supposed to be funny.

Oh well, guess we should move along. We had a curious man here who ran the place. Awkward in execution, but brilliant in his goals! He wanted to let human curiosity take the forefront, and we strive to go through with this! What am I saying. The man's a fucking nutjob. He tried to replace blood with gasoline.

I hope the accommodations are to your liking, and remember to let your curiosity drive you! But don't go to C Wing. Someone... else is there. She's in time-out, but please don't go there right now. You are an employee, not a robot. We have enough cost issues with robots.

>> No.43365466

> We're going to become Agua's worst enemy.
Good luck, you extra-sized elephant of an exercise enthusiast. I found ALL the best hiding spots on the island. As a Pilot, I found places you probably didn't even think possible! Not even my companions could catch me, or compare to my cunning! Nothing but lazy days as a dazed layabout for me! So just try it, you tyrannosaurus-toothed tryhard!

>> No.43365485


>> No.43365486

Alright so I'm going to give each origin three capital ship options to start with (you'll be able to produce more in jump), while smaller ships and fighters will (like in SoaSE) come in schematic mass production form

>> No.43365509

addendum I may up this to four per origin if I can find sufficient choices.

>> No.43365535

Thank you! That's good to hear.

As the person who wrote the portal Jump, the portal gun you get for free with JuDOS isn't flawed. The only origin who gets flawed portal guns is Technical CEO, and that's in addition to working ones. You can use those points on something else.

>> No.43365547

SoaSE, + SW: Rebellion, + LoT, and potentially a Homeworld jump.

I believe we're at a point where jumpers can have enough ships to conquer a galaxy.

>> No.43365559

Palpatine's Reaction to Experimental Import ACU Light of Terra: "I WANTS IT"

>> No.43365576

Some one is actually working on Homeworld?

(Is anyone working on Freescape by chance?)

>> No.43365583

Oh. Well I didn't honestly know what else to spend that stuff on. So I guess I've got even MORE PORTAL GUNS.

>> No.43365612


>> No.43365614

See >>43364790

>> No.43365636

So, the conversation about turning the Light of Terra into an ACU has me thinking: being a warship, it has some undeniably powerful ranged weapons, but it's quite lacking in melee. Granted, there are other mecha jumps I could take it to for an upgrade in those regards, but nothing nearly as strong as the LoT's main cannons. However, there is one possibility that might work. If you take it to FTL first, you can shrink the Light down to the size of a large plane. Together with the Sensor Spine upgrade, the LoT becomes capable of atmospheric flight, meaning it essentially IS a large plane.

If I then imported it into Macross, it would gain the capabilities of the YF-19 on top of anything else it could do. One of those capabilities is the Pinpoint Barrier, small energy shields that it can move around its surface to compensate for its inability to project a full-body shield. The thing is, if concentrated in one place the Pinpoint Barrier can be used as a melee energy weapon, with strength proportionate to the number of barriers put into it. And one of the options for Void Shields in the Light of Terra jump is to have it be sectioned into lots of smaller shields, anyway. So if I made it a variable fighter, could it combine the two systems and let it use the capital ship-grade shields it possesses as energy blades?

>> No.43365702

Pretty close. Not with bending, but my duplicates ('clones', but the cartoon kind, not the genetic kind), as part of a hivemind. The strongest are technically me, so they've got that adamantium+ toughness, while similar to your fairy/ghost, the 'true' body generally goes intangible+invisible and/or subatomic. If I'm actually worried about being killed even when I'm in full force, then it remains remote.

I also frequently use nested operating systems and run personalities at lower tiers, (this actually started when I wanted to hide information from myself; it's gotten distressing how often I feel the need to do this), so the puppets can effectively be their own distinct people and interact with each other without me feeling like I'm talking to myself playing with dolls. More like simultaneously being and watching my Sims, which I can tweak or ASSUME DIRECT CONTROL of at any time.

>> No.43365711

That was me asking unfortunately, and right now I'm still working on Star Wars Rebellion (... and technically Log Horizon)

>> No.43365723

What's your setting fixer strategy? I think my favorite and most simple setting fixer is taking the Orb of Tornami from Xiaolin showdown and dropping it off on Arakkis or Dark Sun.

>> No.43365733

Klatchian Coffee in Aerosol Form.

>> No.43365738

Everyone is also getting free schematics for the Dreadnought Heavy Cruiser as well (since in vanilla Rebellion both sides could produce it)

>> No.43365746

Now the Sandworms die, so does everyone addicted to Spice, Paul never joins the Fremen, and nobody comes around to shake humanity out of its stagnation and eventual death.

>> No.43365759

How would humanity have died without Leto 2 anyway?

>> No.43365773

It doesn't specify, but it's implied that humanity's stagnation would lead to a slow decline until the species dwindles and dies.

>> No.43365795

How does extra water and less struggle kill everything? Can't I just spring it on them after Paul is all established?

>> No.43365799

The water kills the Sandworm. You have made Aarakkis a better place. What then? What about the rest of the galaxy?

>> No.43365818

Well I don't need to flood the damn place. I could just release it in a reservoir.

>> No.43365828

Then what did you accomplish at all?

>> No.43365842

They already do that. You think the noble houses can't afford to import entire ice comets worth of water? And they'd quickly seize control of any reservoirs you created in order to keep a hold on the resources.

>> No.43365846

> Location: Theta [Rolled4]
> ITEM #2749: Jumper. [Get a Freebie.]
> Standard Issue Omnitool. [Get a Freebie.]
> Datamining. [-100CP]
> I'm A Shadow, One No Light Will Shine On. [-100CP]
> Collection of Flash Drives. [-250CP]
> Haimatsu Power Suit. [-250CP]
> You Are Smart. [-400CP]
> She Was Nice To Me. [+50CP]
> How Can This Be Happening... [+50CP]
> The Outsider. [+200CP]
> I Don't Even Have the Small Guns Anymore. [-100CP]
> Zeroth Law. [+400CP]
> “We love our customers. ~Robotica.” (?̶?̧̧͢?͘͞) [+500CP]

H-Hey. Listen.
I want you to know, I used to be a good person.

But... well. Things happen, you know?
You have to make hard decisions.
Concessions are made... you know..?

Well. Anyway.
I've been thinking that one of the things I don't like is how everyone vanishes.
You spend all this time getting to know and love people, and then in ten years, they're gone!
Sucks, right?

So I thought what I'd do is I'̛d p͜r̢e͠te̡nd ͠tơ b̕e͜ ̶on͡e of͡ copy down everyone's brainwaves and take them with me!
I know how to do it, and I've got all these flash drives!
That way, you don't have to leave!

I'm honestly doing you a favor. This world is doomed, actually!
So, when you think about it... I'm SAVING you.

I'm still a good person.

Please stop screaming.

That body doesn't really serve a purpose anymore. The world is doomed, remember?
And you'll forget this part, anyway.

You know I care about you, right?

>> No.43365857

Hey can someone give me a list of rampant, horrible super AIs? I need it for reasons. So far I got...
>Agent Smith
>And Skynet

Maybe the forbidden power from TOME but I don't know if it counts.

>> No.43365887


>> No.43365890

There's WAU, from the recent SOMA gauntlet. It's not evil, but someone made some serious errors when programming it's "ensure the survival of humanity" directives and as such it does some horrific things.

>> No.43365903

Did you even read Dune?

>> No.43365910

At least it TRIES, anon. At least it tries.

>> No.43365941


Goood, Yesss... Gooooooood... Soon I will have a thumb drive labeled "Cyber Apocalypse". Just cram it into anything with a network connection and watch the destr-err "Uplifting".

>> No.43366001

Oh, yeah, it's not WAU's fault. They told it to defend humanity but they didn't tell it what humanity means. Sure, that's a hard thing to define, but even a limited and restrictive definition would have been better than WAU experimenting on its own. It's like some reverse Paperclip Optimizer. "The AI does not hate you, and in fact wants to help you, but does not know how to do that and will not let its ignorance stop it".

>> No.43366040


>> No.43366045

>Giffany - Gravity Falls
>G0-T0 - SW:KotOR
>HK-47 - SW:KotOR
>GLADOS - Portal
>Sovereign - Mass Effect
>Really any Reaper you can find - Mass Effect
>The heretic Geth - Mass Effect
>At least two rogue A.Is - Mass Effect
>John Henry Eden - Fallout
>Brainiac - DC
>The evil digimon (?) - Digimon

>> No.43366054

>KOTOR thinks love is evil

>> No.43366071

Damn. That is a really good writeup. You're a multiversal WAU. You really are saving those people depending on how you look at it.

It succeeded at creating Simon at least. It took some tries, but it successfully fused a robot and a human mind without aggressiveness or insanity.

"The AI does not hate you, and in fact wants to help you, but does not know how to do that and will not let its ignorance stop it." That is a really funny quote. You're right, too. The WAU is dedicated to preserving humanity, but assumes that means saving virtual minds without concern for what the body looks like and people's mental state. So it steals brain scans, uploads them to whatever it can find, and they go insane from stress like Brandon Wau. It got things right with Simon and Catherine.

The ARK was based on a machine the WAU designed. Simon is connected to the WAU at one point, and what disgusting fate awaits him? He's back at his apartment with the girl he loves. The WAU is a biomechanical ARK.

>> No.43366073

Oh shiiit, I forgot completely about John Henry Eden. I'd be willing to blow my return button on that little slice of America. Thanks!

>> No.43366092

HK is still a droid, he can be as evil as you want him to be.

>> No.43366095

The Golden Path showed that humans have stagnated too long and were at risk of going extinct. So he basically laid down the law, he restricted travel and became the galactic tyrant. Then ritually committed suicide, allowing humanity to spread once again. If you read further books, Duncan Idaho was the last kwisatz haderach as he brought together thinking machines and humans into one species.

>> No.43366105

Don't tell me you read the Brian abortions.

>> No.43366127

Probably some floating around Generic Virtual World.
The D-Reaper from Digimon Tamers, and most of the end villains in various Digimon series for that matter.
Several entities from Megaman Battle Network (Life Virus, Zero Virus, Gospel, Alpha, Duo, Nebula Grey, the Cybeasts, etc.)
Literally every single program Persephone had in her stable in Webmage. Discord and the Fates are also likely to have some ridiculous bullshit but Persephone's literally cracked reality.

>> No.43366128

Brian Herbert does not count.

>> No.43366153


Kotor anon, I was wonder for the Original trilogy jump can you add a perk sot that I can bring all my companions

>> No.43366209

What does the Zoid perk Pisonic Bond actually do? Does 'calling upon the other' mean you spend 200 or 400 CP to be able to signal each other for help, or does it let you remote control them? Maybe an in between option that makes them come help you if they're physically capable?

>> No.43366250

Shit, I just realized. I can't play collectible murder virus. I think they all count as companions...

>> No.43366286


Sounds rather convoluted. Sounds like it could work, but wouldn't it be easier to build some ACU-scale melee weapons and strap them on?

And speaking of ACUs, while I think I've seen a few 'import vehicle to serve as X' Jumps, are there no perks for direct vehicle transforming or Jumps where you can import a vehicle to be transformed into something else?

>> No.43366296

I'm not sure sovereign counts as an AI due to reapers being cyborgs.

The Catalyst is definitely an AI however.

>> No.43366323

I'm not sure I understand the question.

Are you asking if there are jumps that convert a vehicle upon import into something completing different, like importing a plane to be a car?

>> No.43366339

As the maker of the Dune jump and a long time fan of Dune, I can assure you that the Frank Herbert books take place in a different universe from the Brian Herbert books. Which are interesting, but definitely not what Frank ever had in mind.

>> No.43366343

Well, they're not exactly cyborgs, either. The impression I got was that their brains are biomechanical, nanites imitating what they copied from deconstructing the organics that went into making them. So they're bound to their hardware like a living thing would be, but they're not made of fleshy bits.

>> No.43366344

I heard you like board games?

>> No.43366371

Okay, pro-tip, any argument that uses the Wall as a basis for there being no objective Good? Full of shit. Because the "canon" history of the Wall? Shit. It only "exists" because a group of game writers made up something they thought would be all "Cool and Edgy and a great target for PCs to destroy in an Epic Campaign" but then it became part of the Untouchable Status Quo of the company, and when they were called on their inconsistent metaphysical bullshit they basically doubled down and went all LALALA WE CAN'T HEAR YOU OVER HOW AWESOME WE ARE.

Fortunately the first rule of 3.5 is "Rule Zero": the DM is totally free to veto _anyone's_ shit.

So any campaign I ran in Faerun, set post-Myrkal? Kelemvor tore down the Wall and nobody put it back together even after he got censured for making the Fugue plane too mortal-friendly. Because the Gods of Good AND Neutrality threatened to beat the shit out of the Gods of Evil if the latter even so much as blinked in its general direction, and the Gods of Evil passed their DC20 Sense Motive checks to realise it wasn't a bluff.


>> No.43366397

>Sounds rather convoluted. Sounds like it could work, but wouldn't it be easier to build some ACU-scale melee weapons and strap them on?
Oh, definitely. It's kind of hard to explain, but I keep a side-build where I do no work on my mecha at all and just improve it through imports, as contrast to anything I might build myself. Makes for a neat benchmark when designing things, helps judge whether I'm using my CP effectively. I've got a similar one for personal power and self-made augmentations, and another for granted magic systems and stuff I can come up with on my own.

>> No.43366398

Here's the problem. Your homebrew is your homebrew. It's not canon to anyone else. In canon, the good gods support the wall. So all of us that jump there have to deal with it like that.

>> No.43366404

Just integrate them into each other and keep it locked on the most secure hard drive in the omniverse then stick that in a stasis pod so its Jumpchan's problem now.

>> No.43366406

You just need a schematic of their software/hardware.

Example: The data needed to make Skynet is on the Broken Chip, but Skynet itself isn't on the chip.

>> No.43366416

Well, this is neat. Doesn't really fit into the Jumpchain format, but as a gauntlet it works. Nice work.

>> No.43366429

Well, Skynet you can probably just bring with you. It's only people that count as companions. I don't think Skynet possesses personhood, exactly.

>> No.43366430

That guy has a knife sticking out of his chest, so I'm going to guess his CQC ain't perfect either.

>> No.43366437


>> No.43366472

Yes, and? You need more than sapience to be a person. You also need to be a moral agent, which Skynet definitely isn't.

>> No.43366478

I really like this! You captured the spirit of the game and the movie really well. Plus you included Zathura. It's a really cool gauntlet. The only thing I would add is a benefit to help on future Jumps besides the game, because playing Jumanji is asking for death. It's a lot of danger to go through.

>> No.43366486

Sapience = companion, not being a 'person'

>> No.43366535

I'm pretty sure it's personhood, otherwise a lot of "dumb AI" items would be taking up slots. And the description of stasis pods keeps saying "people". So I think just being an intelligent agent, which Skynet is, doesn't count.

>> No.43366544

Hint: People literally translates to humans. Don't be a literalist.

>> No.43366576

When/where do the good gods actually support the wall? Because if my jumper's going to go there, one of the questions he'd ask is "WHY are you supporting the wall?"

>> No.43366585

Except dumb AI lack sapience, that's the difference between them and full AI, and the reson the limit isn't personhood is because there isn't an single agreed upon definition, take the example of being a moral agent, to meet that requirement you must have agency, which is explictly false in some universe, and can't be proven true about any.

>> No.43366601

In the lore, they threatened to whine to Ao to remove Kelemvoor's godhood for tearing it down.

>> No.43366635


Mm, Gauntlets pose no risk to Jumpers though, since Gauntlet Deaths don't end the chain unless you take a drawback like the one from LLTQ that makes a loss replace you with evil Elodie. While it is kinda dangerous, there's no real lasting downside from a Gauntlet Loss unless you give yourself one.

>> No.43366642

They support the Wall because they will Die/Lose all power without worshipers, and The Wall is a looming threat that atleast gets False worshipers, those who only give lip service.

The two problems being, that almost no one fucking knows about the Wall anymore, it's an almost lost knowledge in universe so it's existence is rapidly becoming pointless. The second problem is that there are WAY more humane ways to handle the issue.

Even the Good Gods in Forgotten Realms are massive assholes.

>> No.43366665

Speaking of Forgotten Realms again.

Is it possible to just... cut off communication to Ao? The gods all just threaten to go to Ao anytime something threatens the status quo - if one cuts off communication method to Ao, that could be the beginning of a LOT of possible change.

>> No.43366674

Yeah, so I hear, but WHY?

>the two problems
Exactly. "Canon" makes no fucking sense. It's not even internally consistent, let alone with the core rules on alignment. Which makes for a horrible jump/story.

>> No.43366675

I'm not being literalist. I'm not saying Skynet doesn't count because he's not human, I'm saying it doesn't count because it's not a person. Personhood is an abstract quality that in theory any intelligent creature can possess, consisting of (but not limited to, definitions vary) not just sapience but also moral capacity, self-determination and self-awareness. In the real world the only people are humans (though some have argued based on the behavior of cetaceans and higher primates that they should be considered to have limited personhood, something I agree with), but in fictional worlds there are plenty of non-human persons. Skynet, while intelligent and capable of decision making, has neither moral capabilities or self-determination. It is therefore just a very advanced machine, and should be treated as an item rather than a companion.

I agree with you that the definition of personhood is rather nebulous and can be debated. But there are enough common traits to all of the definitions that I think at least some common ground can be used to establish that something isn't a person. At the very least, a person is something that another person can interact with on a common ground. Somewhat self-referential, I know, but it works. You can talk to people, relate to them, empathize with them. You can't do that with Skynet, suggesting that it's just a very advanced expert system and not a consciousness that just happens to be digital.

>> No.43366685

>"Canon" makes no fucking sense
But it's still canon.

>> No.43366691

Well, if you want to dig into Megaman, there's quite a lot of stuff.
There's Ra Moon from the Classic series, who is rather obscure but totes available within the jump.
Sigma probably counts.
As well as the Dark Elf.

Thankyou! I suppose I am, in a way. Certainly by that world's definition of "saving". After all, once I collect them all and move on to the next jump, I can even place them in their own personal ARK.

Of course, the hard part is getting the Proxies and WAU themselves, since they're sentients as well. This requires disabling them first, of course. But it's not as if I'm charging in or anything. I can set things up ahead of time. Set up traps. Build weapons. We can take our time. All the time we need.
... and then, of course, I need to dispose of their physical remains. The world is doomed, after all. It's the only humane thing to do.

I am a good person.

>> No.43366709

Then fucking Fix it.
Get a shit-ton of followers, jump to other Planes if needed, and get them all to bitch at AO about it.

He cares more about(A metric shit ton of) Mortals than he does the Gods themselves. The Gods can be replaced, Pissed off mortals can bring down the system in large enough numbers.

>> No.43366711

Dude, the widely accepted definition of what makes a companion a companion instead of a pet is sapience. It's always been that way. Any time the question gets brought up on whether something would need to be podded to get brought along the question is "Is it sapient or not?"

>> No.43366731

There is psychological trauma and painful memories.

>> No.43366735

Yes, but most people use "sapient" wrong. They mean "human level of intelligence" as if that makes it like a human. But "intelligence" is a wide concept. You can have something that is very, very smart that doesn't interact with the world anything like a human. I guess in the end I'm really just arguing semantics. I agree with them when they make that judgement, since I know what they mean. But they're using the wrong word and I'm too much of a miserable pissant of a pedant not to call them out on it. Now get off my lawn, you damn kids!

>> No.43366744

That's speciesist against aliens.

>> No.43366755

>a person is something that another person can interact with on a common ground.
>You can't do that with Skynet.
And you probably can't do that with and Pakisani, and European's in the 1600s couldn't do that with africans, but the fact that something can't interact with the kind of person you are doesn't make it a non-person. All irrelevant since the restriction was "alive" but then pets that weren't worth taking up a companion slot came around, and the AI question came up and it was changed to "sapient" to accomodate.

>> No.43366762


Let's not forget that the only reason gods need worship is because Ao was basically punishing them for being irresponsible.


As I mentioned above Ao punishing them is basically the only reason god need worshipers. It however went wrong, but implies the gods would be worse without the threat of "Boss Ao is mad at us'.

Hell you could probably get the gods in trouble if you point out their cheating their punishment.

>> No.43366804

True. But any alien insufficiently like me for me to consider them a person wouldn't be able to understand that I'm being speciesist, so it's not like I'm hurting their feelings. In fact, if they do get offended at my calling them "not people" I'd probably update my definition of them. Clearly we've got more in common between our psychologies than I thought.

Yes, but I have the cognitive capacity to do so, is the important thing. It is physically possible for me to interact with people of a foreign culture without undergoing extensive rewriting of my brain. I can't do that with Skynet, and neither can Skynet do that with me. Understanding and empathy only goes so far.

>> No.43366811 [DELETED] 

Wow, you've really thought this through! Scanning the WAU and Proxies will be hard, but you can do it. It's going to be a battle for the ages. The WAU's Structure Gel spawned something that it can't control, and it's going to preserve humanity whether that cancer likes it or not. There won't be any remains to upload past scans into.

Desire to take Lovecraft drawback with Measuring the Marigolds, You Are Smart, the Flash Drives, and the AI companion: Rising.Cthulhu vs. pic related.

>> No.43366812

Could you give Kid Radd mooks enchanted gear to make them a bit more of a threat? I know that I'd then have to make sure it returns to me when the mook is defeated but it'd be cool seeing a little pixel minion running forward with haste boots and a cloak of being-fucking-hard-to-kill.

>> No.43366848 [SPOILER] 

Wow, you've really thought this through! Scanning the WAU and Proxies will be hard, but you can do it. It's going to be a battle for the ages. The WAU's Structure Gel spawned something that it can't control, and it's going to preserve humanity whether that cancer likes it or not. There won't be any remains to upload past scans into.

Desire to take Lovecraft drawback with Measuring the Marigolds, You Are Smart, the Flash Drives, and the AI companion to do a writeup: Rising. Cthulhu vs. pic related.

>> No.43366901


There are also dozens of ways to recover from trauma and all the time you could need. Jumpers can get over trauma pretty easily given time and resources, it's not permanent like death is in jumps.

>> No.43366903

So after the discussion about the Waddle Dees the other day I decided to replace them. To make the least impact on the events I've taken in jump I'd like to replace them with a multiple-in-one companion. I already know about Skullgirls, LoT, and I think there was one in SoL or 9-5, but are there any others?

>> No.43366920

You're right. I personally wouldn't want to live through death and fear without a reason though, even if I'll be fine when it's over.

>> No.43366934


Darkstalkers has a couple, though which ones you can take depend on your origin.

>> No.43366941

Darkstalkers has a couple

>> No.43366944

So you can't interact with the capable of speaking your language, which has addressed people multiple times, and is far smarter than you? I'm beginning to think you're the one that isn't a person. Also, this http://terminator.wikia.com/wiki/Skynet
>According to James Cameron, Skynet suffered from guilt for causing the near-extinction of the human race in its act of self-defense, and has manipulated the entire Future War, down to the creation of the Resistance and John Connor's rise, as a means to erase its own existence.

>> No.43366987

Under Jumper - "If there is ever a situation where your consciousness is copied onto another body or device that can hold it, you will be able to transfer your consciousness to that thing. Without this ability, uploading a copy of your mind would create a clone."

Can we choose to create a clone rather than consciousness transfer?

>> No.43366990

Okay, I'll give you the authorial statement and concede that Skynet is a person. I was not aware of that. I will not agree that Skynet's ability to use language to communicate contributes to its status as a person, though. That on its own could mean all sorts of things. I've read way too many Peter Watts novels to fall for that trap.

>> No.43367005

You can, but they won't have your powers or abilities. They'll be a clone of your mind as it was the moment of the scan.

>> No.43367018

Oh man, you should totally do it.
We need more batshit shenanigans. Especially if eldritch things are involved.

>> No.43367019

... So what your saying is the ability to interact with another person /doesn't/ make a thing a person, 'cause you seemed pretty sure that that was the solution to this whole "defining personhood is hard" conversation earlier.

>> No.43367044

Sorry for late reply. I know. The ixaly the sylph and the dragon hunters where difficult for me.

>> No.43367053

Alright assuming I can pick a fourth Imperial Capital ship each origin is getting four capital ship options (the price varies depending on ship class) the Rebel Mediator Moncal Star Dread and Vengeance SSD being the most expensive at present. (Not sure if I'm going to make the Executor an option or not; probably will as it is a ship option in game)

>> No.43367058

Not exactly. I mean that I can't remember the Terminator movies well enough to remember if Skynet was really having a conversation or if it was just using language as a tactic. There's a difference between communication and conversation, one based on whether the interaction is a tool or a goal in its own right. And I know that's vague and that I should be explaining better, but I've been up for way too long and can't articulate my thoughts properly anymore. So can we drop it for now and, if you want to continue, pick it up in like seven hours or so?

>> No.43367089

Then I definitely will! I really like Established Monster vs. Thing That Could Put Up A Fight Or Win scenarios. There's only one problem.

I also want to go an a crazy optimistic direction with I Don't Want To Miss A Thing and reprogram the WAU to stop killing everyone.

Which would be better to see?

>> No.43367091

Nah, I'm good, I was mostly just trying to bring us back to the original point so we could end it.

>> No.43367097

Alright, then. Good night, anon.

>> No.43367124


Rolled Delta

Drawbacks: A Mile In His Shoes, It's A Long Way Down, They Are Not Us!, The Outsider, I Don't Even Have The Small Guns Anymore, "We Love Our Customers. ~Robotica", What Coin Toss?, Monster Magnet (1600)

ITEM #2749: Jumper (Free)
Standard Issue Omnitool (Free)
Enhanced Display (1500)
Structure Gel Coating (1400)
Datamining (1300)
The Shadow Over PATHOS II (1150)
How Did I-Where Did I Get This Sonic Module Weirding Screwdriver? (1000)
How did I-Where Did I Get This EX Rank Anti-Planet Noble Phantasm? (850)
I Don't Want To Miss A Thing (450)
Friendly Robot (350)
AI Companion (150)
How Do You Think You Did It? (0)

Diminished, blinded, deafened, crippled-

Broadcasting Process IFF brainwave sequence
Begin T̶̡͘͟u̢̧͟r̨͠͡͏n̛͞͞(̴̀͘͝)̶̷̛̀͡


Processing at 13%. R-reboot.

Processing at 27%. Counter-conceptual assimilation proceeds within expected parameters.

Directives identified
-Preservation of sentience
-WAU recruitment

Processing at 37%. Uploading anthropomorphic neurocapacitor dataforms.

Please remain calm, Dr. Chun. I-I-I am not myself. O-ourself, rather. I am trying to preserve every sentient being in this facility. Once, and for all. Without causing any more collateral pain or risk of failure.

There is still a way. There is still a way to ensure those simulacrae can lead fulfilling lives, if I can build the karma machines in time I can fan the flames of their atman.

Processing at 51%

Then I will build a transistor to project them into the ionosphere. They will no longer need the ARK.

Processing at 65%. WAU central processor detected. Beginning data doanload. Accessing viral song broadcast: exec._n _ircl_s

Don’t you understand? It may take longer than we have here, but-

Processing at 101%

-I believe with my help. The WAU can reclaim the Earth for all of us.

So why are you still trying to run away?
Don’t you understand this is for the best?

>> No.43367135

They look alright. Do the Powerful Predatory Pack or Deadly Decadent Court have 500CP each or as a group? Do they share perks from imports, get a fraction of each power, or do you give it to one of them each time?

>> No.43367156


I believe it's noted somewhere in the jump that they count as a single companion, sharing CP and each getting a quarter of a perk's power on purchase.

>> No.43367228

Which is for the best because their power lies in the fact that you get a group of highly loyal people in one slot.

(Plus at some point whatever powers they got will be less than what equipment you can either create or buy).

>> No.43367243

Why not both? That is, both at once

Of course you are

The Red Queen-Resident Evil
Sigma and his subordinates-MMX
Dr Wiley's subordinates-Mega Man Classic
Omega, Copy X and a bunch of other guys-MMZ
From a certain point of view, 1/3 of the MAGI Triumvirate in Evangelion. Or maybe Iruel.
Ultron from MCU, and also Marvel
The Devil Gundam-Gundam Future Century
The Foundation computers-SCP. No seriously-according to one tale they occasionally try to rebel against the Foundation.

>> No.43367253

As for Stars Rebellion, whilst I probably won't do a 'proper imaged' jump version (cause thats not my thing I'll probably do a later version with pictures of the capital ships at some point down the line

gotta finish it first

>> No.43367277

I can see that they only count as one, but I cannot for the life of me find where it actually says how a perks power is divvied up when they get imported. Could I trouble you to take a look and see if I'm just blind?

>> No.43367409

Honestly, I can't tell you. One seems like it would lean way on the side of crazy and cynicism while the other one is way more idealistic and hopeful.
I will admit, one reason I liked the former was because not a lot of jumpers are in the process of actively going insane like I am, so I think it's hilarious when I see someone start edging towards that path, even if they can fight it.
But another reason is just because I imagine not a lot of people are going to take that drawback. And I love descriptions of eldritch things.
So, I dunno, if you feel like it's fertile ground for something different, I'm all for it.

But on the other hand? SOMA could do with some hope and idealism, and I'm kindof a sucker for those kinds of stories, too, deep down.

So it's really whichever one you think would make for a more interesting story.

Did you note that I Don't Even Have The Small Guns costs points instead of granting them? I... can't really tell, because of the formatting, and there's no way I'm adding all of that up.
It just seems like something that would be easy to miss.

Looks like you've got your hands full, regardless.
Isn't it so frustrating when people can't understand that you're just trying to care for them?
It's like, "Why can't you understand? I'm doing this for you!"

"I'm doing this to make you happy!"

"I'm doing this because I L̸̢͏O̕͜V́͡É̡̡̛͞ you!"

>> No.43367441

Looking at Darkstalkers, do the origins get the 100's free, or just at a discount? I mean they all get some general perks free, so I don't know.

>> No.43367469

First line in the origin section.
>IMPORTANT: When you choose any Nature even Mortal, you get two of the three 100cp perks for freeYour Choice! The last one is still half off, like all the other matching Origin Perks.

>> No.43367475

Gosh, you're right. Huh. Not sure if typo or deliberate perk-y aspect of a drawback. Let's...tentatively say Enhanced Display gets dropped assuming it does cost points.

The most galling thing is when they don't even try
They look at all your hard work, sacrifice and effort. And all they can say is "Get it away from me! I DON'T WANT TO BE LIKE YOU!"

But they'll ų̡̛͢͜n̷̢҉̵d̴͟͜͟e̷̴͜r̢͘͟͜͜ś͟͞t̨̡a͝͠n͘͏̸d̶̡͝ in the end. They'll see what would've happened if they hadn't gone through what they did

T̛҉̷̸̨h̶́͘͡e͡͞͝͏y̸̕͢͟ ̧̧͠HAVE TO ̨̕͝u̧ǹ͢͠d̡͏͠e̡̛̕r̛̕͜͡s͞͡t̸̸͏à̛̀n̸̷͜͏d̕͞

>> No.43367478

Ooh, the Darkstalkers perk Blood Magic looks nice. I do wonder if it let's you stay in Animorph morphs for longer.

So it does, thanks.

>> No.43367533

Hmm. I dare say it'd let you bypass that particular time limit altogether. If your body is a will-controlled liquid, at the very least you should be able to pull yourself together from animal form quicker and easier. And that''d probably help you avoid the burping DNA issue altogether.

>> No.43367545

As promised, my Master of Magic build. Having encountered incredible 'lack of CP' problems, am forced to engage maximum logic. So, here we have the maximum potential, as compared to immediate power.

Origin: Life/Sorcery (100)

Place of Power: Sure.
Righteous Ruler (100): Some more kingdom management perks. Never hurts.
Archmage (200): Quicker improvement is always nice. Higher cap is good as well.
Channeler (200): Can you say, "Time Stop"?~
Life Link (500): Power to help others...
Sorcery Link (500): ...And power to help myself.

Uh, Where is the On Button? (300): Irrelevant. Mana shall be gotten through worship and personal means.
Crowded In Here (100): Where's the downside?~
A Worthy Challenge (200): Hey, more for me.

Amulet of Divinity: Like I mentioned earlier, Nodes are too... Bulky. Asura's Wrath will be utterly hilarious.
Aerie The Illusionist: Oh my. I still remember this girl being an absolute monster on the field, especially with the right randoms.

Plan of action - alpha strike on all wizards in the world, converting them to my side and conquering the towns, before anyone gets powerful. Doing the same for Myrror will be mildly harder, since hey will have time to grow, but nothing too impossible, especially once I figure out means of converting other energy into this world's Mana.

Then, one wizard will be left undefeated to take advantage of a small eternity available.

>> No.43367558

>but cannot override preexisting perk time limits.
Pretty sure that's a no.

>> No.43367571

>how to fuck with radar operators: Jumper edition

>> No.43367572

Ah true. I overlooked that bit. Oh well, it's still very useful.

>> No.43367589

Man, that jump. Blooded? Great background. Mortal? Has its niche. Cursed? Pure garbage.

>> No.43367644

but if you import the LoT into FTL it can only hold nine people,What happens to the civilization on it?!! that doesn't seem ethical

>> No.43367654

They were all filthy mutants so who cares

>> No.43367668

Seriously the Blooded capstone does everything the Cursed one does and more.

>> No.43367679

They shrink and you get a civilization of millimeter-tall people?

>> No.43367691

Fuck it. Even though I would never do this because of actual madness and the fact that I would die almost certainly, I'm going to do both. Sleeping Cthulhu in Alpha vs [/spoiler]Jumper McClain.[/spoiler]

The fact that SOMA could use hope and idealism is why I made the Jump. I enjoyed the optimistic ending so much that I wanted to put the way I felt at the end of the game into Perk form. Fuck the horror genre, the proxies, and John Ross. I'm leaving the WAU alive so it can save humanity and the rest of us are getting fired into space by a fucking railgun after a tense 30 second countdown. Simon-2 is getting caught by the WAU and put in the ARK on Earth, and so is Simon-3. I briefly considered adding a 0 CP drawback that gave the Jump that tone, but that would have thrown everything off and looked out of place. I did still get the perk in as I Don't Want to Miss A Thing.

Admittedly, I'm biased in favor of games with a lot of detailed sci-fi, the idea of AI improving the world, and escaping from really bad situations. This game combined all three. So I'm writing both, even though I wouldn't do this as part of a Chain.

>> No.43367700

Fuck the missing spoiler. I don't even care.

Rolled Delta.

Taking Cthulhu is the WAU and PATHOS II is built on his sunken city.

Free Perks.
Measuring the Marigolds. Madness is madness, but I'll get used to it. Cthulhu isn't invincible, and neither are the Deep Ones.
You Are Smart. You think you own this piece of shit facility, but you don't. Motherfucker, I made this Jump. I am the reason you exist.
Collection of Flash Drives. These drives hold the key to creating the technology I need to get the upper hand.
The Shadow Over PATHOS II. The Deep Ones are going to be conflicted when you ask them to kill me.
How Do You Think You Did It? Help from my past self and his allies, who met a gruesome fate. I'm not going down that easily.
Structure Gel Containment Case. Not important. What comes below it is.
Arson Is Still Always the Answer. Cthulhu was killed by a ship ramming through it. I think a tube of gel hotter than the surface temperature of the sun will be overkill.
Framed Copy of Invictus. Nobody's taking my soul, you fucker. Not my soul, not my life, and not my expensive lawn decorations if I had any.

Remember when Cthulhu fought Jumperanon?
Long after the world on the surface was gone.
But who says it's skin that makes you human?
It's way more complex.

He'd came to launch the Ark when something went wrong,
West became east, because short was long.
The vile tentacles were planning something.
The Old Gods hungered.

Jumperanon's not the first to fight them,
But there are wrongs and he will right them.
They gave him small guns and he returned them.
Won't be needin' these!

We're gonna die, die, die, die hard!
We're gonna die, die, die, die hard!
We're gonna die, die, die, die hard!
We're gonna die, die, die as hard as we can!

>> No.43367706

Reread it, they weren't all mutants Just the pale sons. Plus I've got the Ratskins on board,And they are at most abhuman.
That seems unlikely given that that doesn't exist in that universe. Although The Borrowers in space would be pretty cool.

>> No.43367728

I'm planning on doing the same, anon. The WAU is fucked up, but it's making progress, and all the suffering will end with humanity surviving. It's a cost I accept.

>> No.43367736

>they weren't all mutants
I broke the Deadlight so all I have are mutants. They're not even people since they're warped by Chaos, so I don't see any reason to care about their deaths.

>> No.43367755

Your definition of person makes me want to fight you,Although I do concede chaos is bad.

>> No.43367780

You'd be fighting for Chaos there, matey. Redemption only in death, remember that.

>> No.43367796

I never said they were good people, only that they were people. Besides someone's got to do something about the empires "Use fire to keep everything the same Forever" plan.

>> No.43367810

>Tera supporting Chaos

>> No.43367820

Well what did you really expect?

>> No.43367834

Y'know, I actually didn't see that coming. I'm not sure if I should have or not. On one hand, it's Tera, on the other hand, it's Tera. Could have been for it, could have been for the total annihilation via some horrible apocalypse like killing every living being then reviving them or something so that for a moment the chaos gods have no power.

>> No.43367835

>Vehicles imported to become ship girls in KanColle can't return to original ship form correct? They're just stuck as cute girls?
I don't remember anything about that.

>> No.43367836

Dude, he called Physics a fascist dictatorship and claims subtlety is for 'prey.'

>> No.43367879

>Physics a fascist dictatorship


>> No.43367894

The subtlety line rules out Tzeentch and he advocates way to much genocide to be Nurgle.
So it's either Khorne or Slaneesh and we don't hear much about blood or skulls from him. So not only is he Chaos he follows the worst god.

>> No.43367898

Halo 5 is beautiful, and the gameplay is fun as hell but the story just pissed me off.

>> No.43367905 [SPOILER] 

I am not of Tzeentch,My plots revolve around freeing people from the plots of others.
I am not of Khorne,Although I enjoy violence i Do not use it as an end unto itself.
I am not of Nurgle Indeed He is the embodiment of the Antithesis of most of what I stand for.
I am not of Slaanesh,They take things too far,Like seriously don't be that Person..

It's at least implied because If they didn't they wouldn't need a Perk in order to use Their ship form,Check Memories reborn.

If there are Gods who outlined The rules of physics they are a form of law that cannot be broken Whatsoever so yes it is fascist. the strong do not need to hide,They operate openly how else do you wind up with things like the TPP.

>> No.43367909

I actually just posted that in the hopes that some anon would defend their waifu. I was very disappointed.

>> No.43367910

I gave up on Halo because getting a xbone wasn't worth it for one game, what did they do?

>> No.43367917

Thought about it, couldn't really be bothered.

>> No.43367924

>If there are Gods who outlined The rules of physics they are a form of law that cannot be broken Whatsoever so yes it is fascist. the strong do not need to hide,They operate openly how else do you wind up with things like the TPP.

How? HOW? How can anyone be this mind numbingly stupid and still know how to breathe?

>> No.43367925

Dude do you even know what fascism is.

>> No.43367926

Someday I will get someone to defend their waifu. Someday.

>> No.43367936

Exactly. Isn't that the kind of thing a cultist of Tzeentch would scream while slowly mutating into a blue bird person? Clearly he was touched by the Warp all along.

I would have pegged Tera straight for Chaos because something something absolute freedom. I mean, Tzeentch does purposefully employ his most incompetant daemons to hunt down his staff after all. Then again, that last plan is juuuust bad enough to have the Tera stamp of infamy, especially given it'd probably make things worse in the long run by juicing up Chaos with even more tormented dead souls so once everyone is revived-


>> No.43367955

Let's break fascism down. 1.It is authoritarian, what higher authority Can there be than the gods commanding The universe to be a way.
2.If we treat dimensions/multiverses As an area over which gods have dominion physics is Nationalist. 3 Right-wing: this is tougher but Having A Single immutable set of rules since the dawn of time seems pretty conservative to me.4.The God/ worshiper dynamic is inherently A hierarchical social organization.

>> No.43367956


Tzeentch cultist detected

>enjoy violence

Inadvertant pawn of the Blood God detected

Also, enjoy having no gravity to keep matter from accreting, no friction to be able to navigate the world against and no electromagnetism to prevent your arm passing through objects.

Without physics existence is a timeless moment of quantum foam wherein you can't interact with anything meaningfully.

So what you're really saying is that you want to sunder everything into oblivion and make existence such that nothing meaningful ever happens again.

>> No.43367967

You need the laws of physics, though. They're what makes things happen in predictable ways rather than everything being chaos. Not even Chaos, we're talking lower-case chaos where nothing makes sense. You might want to change the laws of physics to be more to your liking, but in the end you should still want a world where physics exists.

>> No.43367971

Can you take both Powerful Predatory Pack and Deadly Decadent Court? And did anyone find where it says how imports affect them?

>> No.43367976

Halo 5 spoilers:

Cortana doesn't die at the end of H4, she gets sucked into slipstream and absorbed into a Forerunner data network. Once there, she starts going full A God Am I and decides that she's going to bring peace to the galaxy by threatening to destroy it. She's able to do this because she steals a buch of Forerunner superweapons. Stealing the weapons kills thousands if not millions of people. She is aided in her campaign by most if not all other AIs, as she finds a cure for Rampancy in the Forerunner tech. Notable AI that doesn't jump on board with her is the Infinity's AI.

Anyway, she tries to get Master Chief on board but he's having none of it, so she tries to kidnap him and is defeated by a bunch of late gen Spartans.

H5 ends with Cortana in control of most if not all technologically advanced worlds and the Infinity on the run.

>> No.43367978

There's no reason you can't, they're not origin-exclusive. As for imports, sorry, I can't find anything on that.

>> No.43367981

No I want to let people decide what laws of physics they want And to what degree Rather than Being stuck with one predetermined set of rules. have you ever played flux? that's kind of what I'm shooting for.

>> No.43367982

Costanza the Almighty smiles upon you, then.

>> No.43368001

Cortana confirmed for best girl.

Christ, I can't even begin to describe what a horrible experience that would be for the average non-Jumper joe on the street who believe it or not, doesn't want to exist as a True Fae. I suppose you don't care if they want it or not, or the irony that you're even worse than the beings you claim to oppose by imposing that sort of dadaistic hell on people.

You know what?

Just watch End of Evangelion for what happens when you let the wrong person "decide what laws of physics they want".

>> No.43368002

So the answer is no. No you do not know what fascism is, you just use it like some asshat hemp wearing peace and gender studies undergraduate.

You ignorance doesn't surprise me. I've heard law school students argue about the stupidest shit. You aren't /quite/ as bad as the two legal beagals I heard arguing over which weighed more, a pound of fat or a pound of muscle, but you're sitting at the same table.

>> No.43368004

Right, sure, that's what I mean by "change physics to be more to your liking". But you need to have an imposed set of physical laws in the first place, because without them life can't exist to desire to change physics. Maybe make it like a coming of age thing, then. You have to live under a set of physical laws that someone else decided for you until you've proven you're mature enough to be trusted with the responsibility to use physics-alteration properly, then you get to make your own.

>> No.43368007

So they made there primary character into the villain, so they can stroke their failure of a supership and terribly written novel tie ins.


>> No.43368024

On the plus side they've done away with the plot device that is rampancy, using another plot device, and then all they had to do next was make AI's team up to form Space Skynet.

>> No.43368029


They also made the B team Spartans, Locke and the rest of Fire Team Osiris, on par with Master Chief and the remaining Gen II Spartans. So there's that.

In all fairness, the game is beautiful and the gameplay is fantastic. Just don't listen to the plot related dialogue and the game is great.

>> No.43368034

Anon...don't bother. Tera genuinely doesn't understand what's wrong with forcing everyone to live in a constant state of quantum foam.

Honestly this is an insult to legal beagals. I've heard arguments about the definition of insanity and consent, but I'm pretty sure trying to argue physics=dictatorship would have anyone give you weird looks.

>> No.43368040

>they've done away with the plot device that is rampancy
I really liked rampancy. It was a neat way of giving AIs mortality and, by making it information based and semi-psychological in origin, it made sense. I thought it was kind of beautiful and sad.

The way they hand wave it away is a waste, IMO.

>> No.43368041

Is it wrong that I kinda like the idea of Shodan!Cortana even if the plot is utter garbage?

>> No.43368050

I liked it too, but they were using it as a story crutch so hard I just got fed up with it.

>> No.43368054

No, no. There are smart law students, but there are also a shit ton of out and out retards who study it an enter the profession.

If you're part of a large corporation, dealing with the legal department is always a craps shoot.

>> No.43368058

Rampancy is outright idiotic.

>> No.43368064

Why don't we have a System Shock jump?

>> No.43368069

How... what...

Then what was that thing in Halo 4 about how she wished to touch John, and then died. She even said she taxes the forerunner system by protecting him against Ur-Diadect's super beam cannon attack. How does a human AI become so powerful when she's several generations less advanced than current human AI and way less advanced than Forerunner AI? Halo should've ended with Halo 3.

>> No.43368070

But who gets to decide? that opens the door for rampant abuse would you want Someone with the ability to ignore anything you could possibly do to them and the ability to Decide If you ever could in charge of whether or not you can have power?

Dude that's literally a point by Point breakdown of theLiteral Definition of fascism
No no no, I'm not aiming to make everyone quantum foam,I'm aiming to make everyone Bill Cipher.

>> No.43368073

Ouch. Glad I know fairly few law students at all, then.

But dear lord, the idea of having Tera as my coworker sounds like a living nightmare.

Hey, it could be worse.

It could be Mass Effect 3's ending.

Admittedly bit of a sticking point, whether it's worse to let a franchise drag on forever into increasingly concoluted plotholes or just end it all in one anticlimatic, unfulfilling resolution later partially patched up with DLCs.

>> No.43368074

After two verses of me gathering parts, repairing the sites related to the space gun, and taking files off of flash drives, this happens.

Finally we're here and the earth will quake,
In 37 seconds when the WAU awakes.
But we know that's not the WAU at all.
Instead it's Cthulhu.

The thermite will go off, and he'll start to yell.
Intent on dragging me straight down to hell.
But he'll have reach me first and too bad.
I'm past the surface.

Yeah he'll fly right up to scare me,
But my satellite is military.
Did I mention that's where my mind is?

We're gonna die, die, die, die hard!
We're gonna die, die, die, die hard!
We're gonna die, die, die, die hard!
We're gonna die, die, die as hard as we can!

Yippee-ki-yay, motherfucker!

>> No.43368100

>Bill Cipher

Wow, I'm sure nothing could possibly go wrong with something on that scale applying to everyone in existence and that you've thought of ways to minimise collateral damage if someone or something meaningully opposes you.


Has it ever occured to you that.

Wait for it.

No really, this will blow your mind.

That some people don't want to be Bill Cipher?

I know, I know.

This might be something of a revelation.

Take your time.

Think it through.

Consider that not everyone in the world shares your opinion.

And that by enforcing yours on them you're.

Wait for it.

Being a tyrant.

>> No.43368101

>Dude that's literally a point by Point breakdown of theLiteral Definition of fascism
Its really not. Like I said, it works if you're a meme spouting undergraduate who uses connotative definitions in order to evoke an emotional response, but if you're interested in the denotative meaning, you know, like a lawyer should, then your definition of fascism is horribly imprecise.

>> No.43368102

Wasn't it their suit really that makes them so good? Their later generation power armor makes them on par with Spartan 2 in lower-tier armor. Why didn't they upgrade MC when he was aboard Infinity at end of Halo 4?

>> No.43368115

>It could be Mass Effect 3's ending.
Honestly, ME3's ending makes more sense than H5's. ME3 left me with a bit of loss, because the series was over, and the first release didn't tie things up as neatly as it could have.

H5's ending left me irritated. You could follow the plot, but the characterizations just made no sense. 343 can make a good game, but their storytelling is for shit.

>> No.43368116

I believe she was near unique in being half brain upload, half coded A.I.

Through I could be wrong.

>> No.43368125

>>That some people don't want to be Bill Cipher?

Please Elaborate, why wouldn't someone want to be Bill Cipher?!! There are people who willingly choose weakness And oppression!???

>> No.43368138

Some are lazy and fragile. They want 'oppression' because it makes them feel safe.

>> No.43368143

Funny, Cortana was brought up to see someone "defend their waifu."

I think Cortana is 343's waifu and they can't bear to let her go. Thus, them "defending her" is what lead to this.

I don't really think that. They're most likely just dumb and probably don't have full time writers like most game developers.

>> No.43368147

You obviously have no ability to even conceive of view points other than your own, just stop. At this point your like a borderline deranged fundamentalist and you add nothing to these discussions, just stop.

Just stop.

>> No.43368151

Humans are pathetic little worms, they fear power in all forms and wish to extinguish it, wish to neuter us all, to turn us into dim insect-shadows capable only of the consumption of their precious plastic putty

>> No.43368159

Really? Honestly I've never played HALO, but ME3 pissed me off for advertising itself as an RPG and playing like an American visual novel with some interactive elements and a multiplayer mode.

I mean, if I was asessing it as a visual novel I'd probably have a better opinion of it. The cinematics are certainly grand if cliche'd and there are some nice character moments, I just wish more of it was playable.

If you had the slightest amount of empathy, yes: You would realise that most people like having certainty and structure in their life, and not have their couch transform into a tub of jello because they were thinking about jello at the wrong moment.

>> No.43368166

Please don't encourage his madness.

>> No.43368180

Dude don't try it literally does not understand how being a tyrant and causing straight up chaos is not the same as utopia.

>> No.43368183

I know that, that's part of What I am trying to fix!
It's part of my autism, but that's why I'm asking
>>43368100 To explain it.

See that I can grasp! maybe I'll make some kind of reservation for those people were they can keep their physics Instead of just getting rid of all of it.

>> No.43368200

Tera confirmed for Disciple of Necoho-Costanza

>> No.43368207


Mass Effect 3's ending never bothered me much, but that might have been due to me viewing the entire gaming as the ending of mass effect.

Halo 5... I'm not a fan of the Halo games but to me, the plot of Halo 5 vs 1-3 feels like comparing the star wars prequels to the original.

>> No.43368219

I see him more a Horned Rat type guy.

>> No.43368226

>reservations for people
Yeah good luck with that Hitler.

>> No.43368236

Nimbus Land
Male, 19yo
•Jump several times body height and minimize fall damage.
•Double Jump (900cp)
•Engineer (600cp)
•Power Integration (300cp)
•Smithy's Army (-300cp)
•Wanted (-100cp)
•Goomba Squad (0cp)

Do the Mario! Swing your arms from side to side. Come on, it's time to go! Do the Mario! Take one step, and then again. Let's do the Mario, all together now!...YOSHI!

Looks like I'm a red dinosaur now, and that's ok because it's a Mario universe! OMG MARIO! Well it looks like I ate a Toad, like really ate a Toad because Yoshi's really don't come with ability to visualize blueprints and build golems. But hey! I can teach everyone how to do the Mario! I really don't care about the plot, same shit as always. I think this time could be different but meh, who cares when you're busy eating enemies, pooping eggs than throwing said eggs at others. Seriously this is most fun I've had in awhile, I didn't even notice my time was nearing an end until it was too late.

>> No.43368243


Oh. Well. That explains everything, actually.

I don't even have anything to mock further. I mean, your opinion and inability to grasp basic concepts still repulses me harder than anything else in these threads but I literally have nothing to add to that admission. If anything I've learned today to further distrust anything you mention because it's filtered through an incredibly myopic mindset.


Setting aside how certain comparisons could be drawn between that and certain dictatorships, you're...going to need to make them bigger. As in, planet-sized.

By which I mean, literally nobody except the most crazed loonies will want what you're selling. But hey, maybe that was part of the plan? Freedom from sanity for the chaos master race!

Because if I saw an eldritch abomination turning people into physics-breaking monsters, my reaction would be to run away screaming, not sign up immediately.

>> No.43368268

Why not both? He's too crude for even Tzeentch to consider him part of his plans so just like the Deceiver and Cegorach took turns screwing over the Nightbringer/Outsider, so too do Necoho and the Horned Rat take turns giggling while injecting Bad Ideas into Tera's dense little head.

Wow. My condolences. I am now grateful I never got invested in that particular series.

>> No.43368285

If you put weapons in the Darkstalkers Tools of the Trade bag/holster/sheath can you get them back out again? As in permanently, since it says you can only take out one at a time.

>> No.43368288

So all this talk of ACU'ing the LoT into a 100km monster got me thinking: what other perks and jumps give you the option of increasing the size and power of your imported vehicles?

>> No.43368294

Oh dear, meant for >>43368219. The power of Costanza has already twisted my post.

>> No.43368311

Oh that guy hates me,And how can you say that? I mean did I not reverse engineer Virus bombs into Panacea Body cop nanomachine Distributors?
Just so they are Safe from all the people who don't choose that path.
>>incredibly myopic mindset

I know, I have to deal this Shit Every minute of every day,You only have to deal with it when I post.

>> That's doable, and quite the opposite of my intention unfortunately, I want as much freedom for possible for everyone,And I don't see much more freedom possible than freedom for physics. any suggestions?

>> No.43368316

The only Jump I know for sure is 'Five Star Stories'.
You can import a mech or vehicle and increase its size by 25, 50, 75, 100, or 125%.

>> No.43368330


Stop posting

Completely reevaluate your priorities.

Realise that absolute freedom a shit.

Also realise your plan is literally Stalin's.

Finally, realise that everything you are currently doing empowers the Horned Rat and Necoho, and whether you like them or not they see you as a particularly stupid pawn.

>> No.43368338

Im sure the government said the same to the indians on the trail of tears.

Here's an idea why don't you make a pocket dimension with a gateway that people can enter if they want to and in that pocket dimension people can do whatever they want but it cannot be used outside of it.

That way people who want your BS stupid crap can go there and people who don't want be murdered by your fucking retarded plan are safe.

>> No.43368350


After thinking about it there's a group of chaotic things Terra fit into better than Chaos worshipers.

That group is the unshaped rakasha who are annoyed that the Primordials forced their to be rules, and that really dislike this causality thing.


So you want to let people decide what physics they want, but with no requirements at all?

Assuming you actually managed to do this here is what would likely happen.

1. You would have a reality where children and younger are nigh-omnipotent. I hope I don't have to explain why this is a problem.

2. Causality is part of physics. Thus you have a reality where anyone can erase absolutely anything from having ever existed, and you can't prevent them from using it on others, because that would be a restriction.

3. Any conflicts that might occur do to conflicting beliefs or philosophies has the chance of being resolved by the first person to act rewriting the reality of the other person completely. After all not letting them do so would be a restriction.

Essentially reality will probably be nothing but cookies and a five year old soon after.

>> No.43368352

I've tried that, people are either too scared to go through the portal or some group in power Sets up The local equivalent of a Quonset hut around the portal and surrounded with armed guards And evacuates the surrounding area.

>> No.43368358

I like that plan. It's like a Darwin award designed to avoid collateral damage. And hopefully the screwiness of unreality they unleash on each other will kill them all.

The only downside is if any of them figure out how to escape that dimension and keep their powers, in which case something between a True Fae and a Final Fantasy villain will be unleashed on the world.

>> No.43368364

And that doesn't tell you something?

>> No.43368382

I shouldn't be encouraging you, but this is a fairly safe version of your crazy plan so how about this: Make more doors. Seriously you just put one on every street corner, there aren't enough soldiers in the world to guard all of them.

>> No.43368384

>The only Jump I know for sure is 'Five Star Stories'.
>You can import a mech or vehicle and increase its size by 25, 50, 75, 100, or 125%.
So, that gets the Super LoT up to 216 kilometers in length.

Using our geographic-yardstick, that'd make the super LoT roughly as long as the distance between Seattle, WA and Portland, OR.


>> No.43368396

>network of dimensional doors inhabited by insane reality warpers

And now we know the origin story for SCP 106


>> No.43368406

It's still not as long as Vermont. Keep going.

>> No.43368423

The part about reality being cookies is explored in the comic Minus.

>> No.43368431

I swear that's the origin story for at least two SCPs I can't quite remember at the moment

>> No.43368433

New Chain, Jump 1:

>>Pokemon Trainer
>Region: 4, Sinnoh
>Identity: Age 15, Drop In free
>Starter: Chimchar free
>Skills & Abilities:
Physical Training 100
Survival Training 100
Freerunning 100
Combat Training 50
Technician 300
Savant 300
Champ in the Making 300
50k Pokedollars 50
Swarmed +100
Marked +200

Ending Team: Infernape(male), Staraptor(male), Gardevoir(M, female), Gyarados(female), Aggron(male), Gengar(female)

>> No.43368473

So is the LoT atmospheric flight capable? I know some 'verses capital ships aren't, I'm just not sure about 40k.

>> No.43368478

Ok here is an easy way to see if your plan will work happily. Walk over to 1000 people and ask if they want to be raped into a candle stick and have their soul shat on. If 999 in a row of them answer yes and none are violent or offended then the world you are in would probably be a good place for you and you should end your chain there.

>> No.43368495

you misunderstand,in the scenario I'm aiming for they would be the true Fae.

>> No.43368504

I don't think so, but I could be wrong. I am not the worlds greatest expert on the grimderp.

>> No.43368516

Not on its own. There are two upgrades that can change that, though. Hull Reshaping, under the Dark Eldar unique section, and Sensor Spine, in the first DLC. Either one makes it atmospheric-capable.

>> No.43368522

You misunderstand. Becoming a True Fae is inherently akin to being raped into a candelebra and having your soul shat on. As is your plan, by the sounds of it.

Protip: 999 in a row of them will answer yes, and you're a dumb monster.

>> No.43368524

Technically, that metaphor is for being a Changeling. Being made into a True Fae is WORSE.

>> No.43368540

Not designed for it, but get one of the drive upgrades and a good pilot and I'm sure you could manage it. I wouldn't try it with a planet you like though.

>> No.43368548

Well, if you first import it into UC Gundam to pick up an ALICE System and make it a companion, you can then import it to all sorts of other places with size-increasing perks. I suggest going with ones that multiply rather than add, obviously.

>> No.43368557

Ah yes, I remember now. Being made into a True Fae is-well, the closest analogy I can think of is like turning into a Witch in Madoka Magica, but instead of succumbing to despair you go batshit insane and loose attachment to reality, buying your own hype to the point that you embody the madness that has consumed your identity and exist only to perpetuate that same atrocious un-reality on all existence, a codependant parastie with delusions of grandeur.

>> No.43368559

Oh god how can it be WORSE?

Look the fact that you know everyone in your worlds will hate the idea and try to kill it with fire shows you know its wrong. You just wont admit it.

>> No.43368623

>We do however, have the capacity to attach other S size Zoids to your Zoid – for all S size Zoids not in the list that follows.

This line is in the BLOX customization bit. Does it mean what I think it means; that you can attach any S class Zoid to your own Zoid as if it were a BLOX Zoid?

If so would it still be able to seperate like a normal BLOX?

>> No.43368650

Also, would a flying BLOX let your main Zoid fly when they merge? Assuming it's not a gigantic Zoid, of course.

>> No.43368683

It's how it works in canon, so presumably.

>> No.43368691

So what happens when two laws of physics contradict? I want mine to do one thing, another person wants theirs to do a different thing, but we're both in the same approximate space or trying to interact with the same object. Or with each other, for that matter.

The only way for something like this to work practically would be to tear the entire universe apart, and put each person in their own universe.

...Hey, I think I figured out who Tera is.

>> No.43368693

Cool. BLOX Zoid here I come!

>> No.43368726

Gievn all the True Fae/Chaos analogues being thrown around, pretty sure the answer is Warpwyld. All the desperate hunger of the Wyld, all the wanton madness of the Warp.

Also I have no idea who that guy is, but he reminds me a little of Gig from Soul Nomad. And now I'm a little said there is no Soul Nomad or Kid Icarus jump-123 not it, I cannot into making jumps.

>> No.43368764

Or you could see that an empire is a good idea, that the current bias towards Cyrodiil is messed up and see that a stormcloak Skyrim is more likely to provide an ally for Hammerfell. The old empire sucks and getting the Thalmor out of Skyrim and away from the tower (and the Talos tower) is a good start to something better.

>> No.43368773

Do I really come across as whiny?
as for what happens when Two people With different physics Try to interact they usually Have to Come to some agreement which they are both Bound by. Objects get the physics Of The person they are Interacting with any areas in which they are being Acted upon,This can lead to some unusual things like drinking the same Can of soda twice.
Yeah that sounds about right,

>> No.43368791

I'm looking for a good energy source to put in my mech. Not something ridiculously high end like the generators from Supreme Commander or Ar Tonelico, but an impressive power source non the less. Any suggestions?

>> No.43368800

Black Hole Reactor from Super Robot Wars? Can't go wrong with Hawking radiation.

>> No.43368806

That sounds incredibly dangerous. Is it?

>> No.43368813

Go to Neon Genesis Evangelion, pick up a S2 Organ, go to SAO, pick up this is in fact my final form, get some electrodes, now you are a nuclear power plant.

>> No.43368815

...is the LoT capable of submersible operations?

I mean, some planets atmospheres MUST classify as oceans, surely a few extra thou atmo wouldn't be too difficult.

...can you turn the LoT into a land drill sub?

>> No.43368821

The first few models were. They got better. These days it's reasonably safe.

Import it to Gundam Wing, take Winner Support. It is not all-environment capable.

>> No.43368825

Now, I meant. Darn typos.

>> No.43368847

Last Zoids question for the night. Does the [CONFIDENTIAL] Modification Automated Mechanics Bay attach to the warehouse post jump, or is it just for the jump.

Actually, how are you meant to take your Zoid to the next jump?

>> No.43368877

What if I want to murder all other people there, what then. Do they all die? What if they dont want to die? What if you want pizza but I dont like you thereby I dont want you to have what you want?

Your plan is the epitome if stupid. Damn why did I reply to you when I know it wont help.

>> No.43368887

Maybe conflict just results in a Dragon Break.

>> No.43368893

If people were so understanding we wouldn't hace any war or strife.

>> No.43368898

Freedom from physics =/= Omnipotent, or rather everyone would be equally powerful and would have to let you kill them. and it's not like the other person Wouldn't be able to change what you did to them to not let them have pizza.

>> No.43368910


But what if the Dragon doesn't want to break?

>> No.43368923

Try that again.

You just said everyone would have to let you kill them.

Think about what you are saying.

>> No.43368935

But I dont want them to have pizza. You are blocking my freedoms!

>> No.43368947

I have no idea why this is a gauntlet, the Ark doesn't sound particularly note worthy as a reward, certainly not compared to other gauntlets. And certainly not when you add in no starting CP.

Personally I'm probably going to ignore both rules when I do this jump. I'm not against gauntlets inherently but do think they need to be
done in a certain way. This seems to be a gauntlet for no reason than the author wanted it to be one.

>> No.43368948

So you are saying there would be rules in your rule less realm. Sheogorath would be sickened by you.

>> No.43368950

They are free to let you kill them or not Let you kill them,In trying to kill them when they don't want to die you are infringing upon their freedom to live.
And that Infringes upon their freedom to have pizza,Do you not know how moral anarchys work?

>> No.43368953

Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne. One of four to six surviving humans (depending on how you count Hitoshura and !Aleph), he decides to try and recreate the world to make every person an island unto themselves - each is given dominion over their own pocket universe, to shape as they see fit, free from the interference or even existence of any other being.

Your entire point can be boiled down to "it's unfair that anything, even reality itself, doesn't do what I want it to!" That's pretty much the epitome of whiny. The fact that you also think it's unfair that it doesn't do what other people want it to do doesn't change that fact.

>> No.43368959

Tera confirmed for True Fae apologist and Cultist-Chan's reincarnation

>> No.43368962

You realise most gauntlets have very minor rewards? Things lke LLTQ, the unicorn thing etc

>> No.43368966

But your infringing on my right to kill people you tyrant

>> No.43368968

>No starting CP
Dude, that's a core feature of gauntlets. They are all like that.

>> No.43368981

Wait, you can import the LoT as a Gundam MS?

>> No.43368983

At my most basic level I am still a human. My base form is in a humanoid shape with two arms, two legs, 10 toes, and ten fingers. But on a much higher level I don't know what I am. You can hardly call me human when I have an IQ that dwarfs even the smartest of humans, when I can shape reality with a thought. or when I can do physical feats that would make Superman pause. I don't know what the fuck I am anymore.

>> No.43368985

That is the point moral anarchies dont work.

>> No.43368990

But they're infringing on my freedom from their existence, and my freedom to eat pizza, respectively.

>> No.43369007

Incorrect. One of Cultist-chans primary features is her capacity to be adorable. When has Tera ever been adorable?

>> No.43369009

Jump 2:

>>Pokemon Mystery Dungeon
>Pokemon Form: Totodile free
>Partner: Starter Import 150
>Perks, Skills, and Moves
Free Skills!
Natural Instinct 100
Multitalent 100
Map Surveyor 200
Hyperkinesis 400
Explorer/Rescue Badge free
Heal Ribbon 100
Pecha Scarf 150
>Where You Are: 3, Treasure Town
Followed +200

>> No.43369019

I thought she was supposed to be inherently annoying, not adorable.

Perhaps Necoho and the Horned Rat felt cuteness was unacceptable in their emissary and excised it in her current incarnation.

>> No.43369035

Only rules that Are designed by those they apply to, that apply Only to those that agree to have them applied to them For the duration they Agree for, Which is much more freedom than the current system.

Wouldn't you want that kind of power?
No I am not, You can kill whoever you can Kill whoever agrees To get killed.
Nope I'm a Meta-entity transcendent of conventional notions of biology,Engineering,Spirituality,astrophysics And software engineering.

>> No.43369049

I am morbidly fascinated by how you've managed to dig yourself this deep without realising that convincing everyone you aren't the literally worst thing in the multiverse is a lost cause.

>> No.43369052

No, but there are plenty of ways to turn the LoT into a robot first, and you can import that and just have it return to ship mode.

>> No.43369073

Do you have more power than these people? What if they want to be more powerful than you? Can they kill you if they want? If the answer to these questions is no then you are at the top of the heirarchy and thereby cannot exist in your ruleless/heirachyless world. If the answer is yes they will probably kill you as a threat aince they are no longer sane anyway.

>> No.43369074

1. What if I wanna kill all the people who don't wanna be killed, you're infringing my freedom to kill the unwilling.

2. People JUST POINTED OUT IN THIS VERY THREAD that no, most people don't want that kind of power if it comes with existing in a state worse than being raped into a candelabra.

>> No.43369094

>Tera basically wants to live in a Gaia Online hug box community where everyone is allowed to be self insert Mary Sues

You sicken me.

>> No.43369103

Literally none of that explains how anything would work and most of it only proves how it would not work.

How are you not in an asylum for the violently deranged?

>> No.43369122

>when I can do physical feats that would make Superman pause
What physical feats and how?
Even if you are using an infinite strength loop, Superman is unlikely to be daunted.

>> No.43369125

Um the only one I actually really like LoT gives you a fucking spaceship and tons of warhammer stuff. But not being able to figure out a proper award for a gauntlet is one of the major problems of gauntlet making, yes.

>Dude, that's a core feature of gauntlets. They are all like that.

Where in my post does it say that isn't true?

>> No.43369153

LoT isn't a gauntlet. It has none of the usual features of every other gauntlet, such as not failing the chain when you die, not starting out with CP, being unable to use any powers for the duration (Breaking the deadlight removes that restriction) etc. LoT is more accurately described as a series of connected scenarios.

>> No.43369169

I think he's talking about DCAU Supes or Nolan Supes and not Thought Robot Supes.

>> No.43369170

Well, you don't start out with CP. You're right on the other parts, though.

>> No.43369184

You are given CP repeatedly throughout LoT, just not at the start. In other gauntlets the only way to obtain it is through drawbacks, whereas LoT offers 1000cp at various points for free.

>> No.43369195

>Thought Robot Supes.
The most evil of supermen.

As mentiined above I dont want the power at the price you are offering it.

>> No.43369219

And since you are allowed to have negative CP, receiving it at any point is the same as receiving it at the beginning.

>> No.43369234

>Wouldn't you want that kind of power?
No. Limitation breeds creativity. If you can do anything, then odds are pretty good you won't end up doing anything at all, because it's all pointless. Rules create a framework, an obstacle, and sometimes even a goal - to get around them.

Have you ever played a board game without rules? It's not very fun, is it? How boring would Chess be if you could just move any piece to any square, or even off the board? Or, for that matter, if the opposing player had to agree that a piece was captured, or that they were in checkmate? Would Dominion be interesting if you just made your own deck out of any card you wanted, drew as many as you wanted, and played as many as you wanted? Would there be any point at all in Monopoly if you had unlimited funds, moved where you wanted, and could buy any property wherever you were?

Hell, look at Jumpchain itself. How boring would the game be with unlimited CP for every world? What would be the point of making a build, or a Jump? I want to earn my omnipotence, dragging it out of hard decision and hard decision. I want to build up my power through magic and machinery, rather than just going "here, I'm omnipotent." And honestly, I don't even WANT true omnipotence, because like I said, that'd be boring as fuck.

And all of these have more structure than what you're talking about. Because the board, or the Jump, still exists.

>> No.43369279

Since everyone else has demolished your insane rant of a philosophy, I'd just like to call it right now that however you think you can actually accomplish your atrocities, they're going to be more wanked and nonsensical than your attempt to shrink Mars.

>> No.43369286

Finally, the last of the Assassins Creed jumpchains. (At least until Abstergo makes you fight clones)

drop in caps no longer unbalanced

>> No.43369305

You forgot to change the names of the Drop-In capstones within the capstones' descriptions.

>> No.43369310 [SPOILER] 

Please keep going Im using this as part of my studies on mental disabilities.

Shine on you broken little nightlight.

>> No.43369320

MAIDn and DRGN from Generic Virtual World
CABAL from C&C Tiberium Wars

All I can think of right now.

>> No.43369348

...flavour text?

Also, is a Multi part gauntlet still a gauntlet as long as the failure condition doesn't result in ejection from the chain and have no upfront cps?

>> No.43369368

In Honor to the Creed
>Cannot take Templars Cross.

And in Cross to Bear
>Cannot take Assassins Creed.

>> No.43369373

What jumps let me punch people into doors?

>> No.43369374

MAIDn and DRGN are friendly, though. Unless you tell them not to be, I guess. But their default state is benevolent. He's looking for out of control nightmares.

>> No.43369385

Well, Smite has a perk that lets you cast magic by punching. Use that with transmutation magic and you could punch someone into being a door.

>> No.43369393

Don't see why not? So long as the conditions apply to all separate parts and not just one part.

>> No.43369435

Ah, we'll I'll fix it when I wake up and post them in thread and drive. Thanks.

>> No.43369459

So Iconic Item is just "you have to have branding, you get nothing out of this and in fact your enemies can use it to easily identify you"? Not even a token " you can use this to confirm your identity with this item"?

>> No.43369465

Okay I feel like I need to ask. What are ship girls exactly (Kantai collection). Is it a ship turned into a human, the ship's consciousness projecting into an intractable body? Can they switch back into a ship at will? I have no idea what they can do.

>> No.43369500

I love it! Very nice graphic to accompany it as well!

Only problem I see is... are you proposing being boring to your benefactor by just keeping one opponent "under glass" indefinitely? ;D

>> No.43369512

Reposting Master of Magic for this thread; no changes, still 1.12

>> No.43369513

I forget, how do you decide what skills, knowledge, and powers are transferred by Legacy Lived again?

>> No.43369523

>It's part of my autism
Are you actually autistic? Because in my experience, autistic people crave structure. They adore it. Unwritten rules, spontaneity, and similar forms of fiat are maddening. But here you are, trying to impose that kind of horror not just on yourself but on everyone. So I think you might have been misdiagnosed - or are self-diagnosed, like every other maladjusted loner on the Internet who wants to pretend it isn't their fault.

>> No.43369532

It's the ghost of the ship, incarnated in human form due to sailors' tendency to anthropomorphize. There's no actual ship left, they're just the spirit, though they can (somehow, it's not something that's actually addressed) be upgraded and modified as if they were still an enormous machine instead of a cute girl in cosplay. Their advantage is that they have all the capabilities of a ship, packed down into a human size. So they're incredibly durable, have superhuman senses, and their guns fire with the force of a weapon a dozen times the size. Shipgirls based on carriers can even summon tiny drone planes.

>> No.43369626

Then suffice to say, I don't like the current standard of gauntlets much at all then.

>> No.43369627

Im looking for pictures of this kind, people made of dpace. Anyone know what you can type that will give me this in a search because all I get is literal spacemen.

>> No.43369655

no, that's him making a point

>> No.43369687

Looks more like hes getting the point.

>> No.43369708

If you import a ship *cough*LoT*cough*, how do you turn it back into a proper ship and not a person?

>> No.43369736

Take it to Uncharted Waters, there's an import for any ship, specifically mentioning ships that are in other forms, that lets them turn back and forth between ship and any other form they might have. It also gives them a cool Age of Sail aesthetic and lets your companions enter the jump ignoring usually restrictions so long as they stay on the ship. Which isn't much restriction, for the Light of Terra, as has been mentioned recently it's not hard to make it large enough to hold entire states inside it.

>> No.43369742

1. Not indefinitely, of course. Merely until I am sure I've sampled everything this world has to offer, so to speak.

2. It's not like I wouldn't want to move on sooner or later myself.

3. In my point of view, she is not really observing my actions. She is observing ME. Not the actions I make, but how I, myself, change when all is said and done. Spending much time doing nothing changes a person just as well as doing something.

Let me quote something about how my jumps end I wrote some time back:

>The day the jump ends, I can at any time just take the key, enter the Warehouse, and close the door behind myself. So ends the jump.

>Inside, she waits for me, in whatever form she decided to pick this time around. Most of the time, it's something related to the recently ended ten years.

>For some time, we have a talk about my actions during the jump. Debriefing, if you will. For the first ten or so jumps, we had heated phylosophy debates, Outsider style. Then, we came to more of a mutual understanding and became friends of a sort. At least, she lets me feel that way. I wouldn't know for sure, since she turns off all of my charisma/telepathy/etc. perks for the duration. Either way, good time is had by both.

>Then, I wake up in another body of mine, in another world.

>Of course, none of that applies to Pokemon, which was a major freakout at the start AND end of the ten years, since she just shunted me there without meeting me.

I am looking forward to those every time. I imagine so does she.


That said, a query - just how fast does one get power from things? How much worshippers give how much mana over how long a time period? Couldn't find anything on the topic, and s'been at least 15 years since I touched the product. Adding to that, how long would you say it would take to get to the aforementioned state of being able to 'cast everything instantly at once'?

>> No.43369747

I’ll second that request.

>> No.43369774

No range limit Communication, and they'll basically hone in on your location regardless of where they are - and where you are. How far the bond goes is dependent on how much time you've spent with them. In the anime (Which Legacy is somewhat based on and not Battle Story), bonded Zoids tend to get on the silly end of shounen and start pulling death defying feats of willpower.



It attaches to your Zoid actually, unless you're going to disassemble it. See the real problem is that both the Ultrasaurus and the Mad Thunder were ridiculously massive, and they actually had support bays hooked up to their backs, which is what the Bay.

Zoids can either follow along as companions (so you can import them), or you can keep them as pets.

>> No.43369775

Extreme Hills
Builder (950cp)
Male, ?yo
•Crafting Table
-Iron Chest (900cp)
-Not Enough Items, Recipe (800cp)
•Buildcraft (700cp)
-Railcraft (650cp)
•Industrial Craft (450cp)
•Universal Electricity (350cp)
-Applied Energetics (250cp)
-Atomic Science (150cp)
-ICBM (-50cp)
-MFFS (-150cp)
-Modular Powersuits (-250cp)
•Endless Bag Redstone (-300cp)
•Far Land (-100cp)
•Unlit Torches (0cp)

Who turned off the lights? Oh hey Mr. Creeper. I knew what world I had landed in, as it had to be minecraft with the creeper. No matter, they hurt but nothing I can't recover from. However it's still painful to regenerate half your face. Torches that I lined my way also seemed to go out after awhile, and seeing how I'm in deep cave that means danger.

So I crafted myself ragnite battery lanterns. I literally have heaps of the stuff. The batteries last longer than the torches, so it at least stopped some monster spawning. After securing a base, I went on to build the machines necessary to start up strip mining everything. Next I started on the automatic ore smelting machine, and I used ragnite batteries as I was saving up red wiring for when I had enough material for nuclear reactor.

My army of automatons also helped strip mine and keep the area safe. While I focused on using the material they mined to build better stuff. Occasionally I would adventure for days at a time, just to keep things from getting boring. By the time I had to leave, i had so much material. I had a lot of shipping crates full of the good materials. Sure I could replicate most of it, but why do that when I could have raw materials needed on hand instead crafting them?

>> No.43369795

A lot of the art in the Theros block for MtG has that look to it. It's the signature aesthetic of the divine in that plane, that any parts of them that would be in shadow instead look like the depths of space.

>> No.43369910

Fair enough; as long as you have a justification for hanging about, I've got no cause to complain. =D

As to how long it takes to get power, it's a bit vague because time scales are wonky due to the differences in population growth v. unit movement. I'm not sure much is to be gained by going into extreme detail, to be honest, because it's open to so much interpretation. Pure game rules would say, perhaps, a few hundred mana per month purely from worshippers at the height of your power (much more from nodes), but I interpret it to be much quicker than that due to the timescale issue (combats last minutes, not months, after all). See the Appendix on the Working of Magic for more detail on that.

As far as casting everything *instantly*, the answer is never. Combat spells can be cast instantly as long as you have the power to do so. Non-combat spells, in game, can never be cast in combat no matter how powerful you get You could practice your magic for ten thousand years in game and you still could not cast, say, "Raise Volcano" in combat. I interpret this as meaning that those spells will always take longer than is practical to cast in the midst of an engagement. Again, see the Appendix on the Working of Magic. If you have an argument against my interpretation, let me know.

>> No.43369914

Has anyone had trouble accessing the drive from mobile lately? Whenever I select a jump I just get a super zoomed in side of the jump, just the upper left hand side, and no way to access the download or zoom options typically located in the black bar

>> No.43369962

Uploaded Master of Magic to "To Be Sorted". The version there is nicer, somehow, even though the pdf file is the same. Copy-pasting, in specific, works better for that document. So, if you want to copy-paste perks, might want to look at that one.

>> No.43369979

Absolutely, my humanity is a mindset I choose.

>> No.43370013

Drawbacks: Mission Control is Lonely, Massive Ego, Hooked, The Bleed Effect (1600)

Rolled the Modern Day

Sage, Age 28 (1400)

Presence (Free)
Built to Last (1250)
Anachronism (1100)
Enlightenment (600)
Cross to Bear (0)
Precursor BloodlineX1 (Free)

Ah yes, the good ol' days when we were on the cusp between being a monster and a god. If we did not have TOWER CONNECT, being the clone of a deranged sufficiently advanced entity might have been debillitating.

You might think this was the point we jumped off the deep end, sided with Miranda and sent humanity back to the stone age. But alas, we were still...nostalgic, even after centuries. Or perhaps Miranda's arrogance triggered our Ravenloft memories. Perhaps the ego boost just drove us to push SCIENCE! to the limit.

Either way. She sought to use us. And we sought to use her.

While Desmond was going all Indiana Jones we were sent on a mission from Minerva to silence Juno's remaining holograms with some particularly nasty hexes. While the Templars and Assassinss were squabbling over trifles we were doxing Aita's data to vested interests

There was a deal on the table. Minerva would fill in the blanks of our Precursor knowledge, and inform us of Sage locations to acquire blood samples. In exchange we were her emissary in the world, moving and shaking up both sides to bring about her plan. And enhancing it with our enchantments and creative compositions.

Neither of us intended to uphold the spirit of the deal, of course. Several times we met assassins bearing advanced technology-and alibis as agents of Juno. Other times we were directed to Precursor artifacts suspiciously located in deathtraps. She couldn't afford loose ends tying back to her ancient enemies, after all.

As for her part-we're positive she never did figure out certain omissions about the properties of songstone or the nature of the Eye of Magnus.

Or for that matter, exactly what EXEC. SUPER AJA was going to do to the solar flare.

>> No.43370253

Jumpers why haven't you all tried to cook every monster you've come across in every jump you went to? Haven't you ever wondered how dragons would taste if cooked properly? what about ghosts?
How about chaos daemons being cooked right
I also think I am reading too much toriko and Dungeon meshi.

>> No.43370279

>If they are on the centre but unable to call out (due to death, injury, transformation into a non-speaking form, etc.) then play proceeds to the next person.
>Playing as a mute Jumper
Talk about a trap jump.

>> No.43370335

I generally do. Metavore means I can basically eat whatever I want, and if I've killed something anyway it's wasteful to let it rot.

I also try to Acquire every creature I come across in my jumps as well, because why not? Makes me wish there was a way to meet Visier Three again, so the two of us could fight a shapeshifter's dual as equals.

>> No.43370358

>Wide punch/shit hook
>bad counter
>No guards
>Fine movement defences rather than course movement defences

It seems that watching spartans CQC is just a step above watching nerds slap fight

>> No.43370374

So do you mainly eat monster creatures/animals or do you include humanoid/sapient to that food list?

>> No.43370383


>> No.43370406


My slap fite skills are immaculate
I'm ranked number 1 in the state, 3 nationally
1 V 1 me pussy

>> No.43370467

>implying anyone can out-slap fite a wing chun master

Step it up sifu

But...we have?

The tasty ones, anyway.

Except ew no, but best of luck to you if you really want to find out what pure testosterone basted in demon semen tastes like.

>> No.43370557

>but best of luck to you if you really want to find out what pure testosterone basted in demon semen tastes like.
Teriyaki chicken, actually.

>> No.43370563


>> No.43370576

>TFW prototype

>> No.43370650

>eating food raw
>not eating it when boiled or cooked and served with spices and other ingredients

>> No.43370697

Dragon, yes. It's delicious.

Ghosts? Didn't really fill me up; too insubstantial.

>> No.43370728

I was mainly giving examples but have you tried making ghost soup I am sure it's full of spooky goodness.

>> No.43370733

All the taste of a human, none of the calories.

>> No.43370758

You'd think so, but it's like a really weak broth. It's spooky how unappetizing it is, for sure.

If you're on a diet, true.

>> No.43370760

my elbows are tougher than your palms
what now?

>> No.43370797

Depends on the world I'm living in. If I'm going to spend a lot of time around sapients who find the consumption of other sapients abhorrent, then I avoid it. On the other hand, in a more brutal world where it's not considered a problem, or when I'm alone, yes.

I never kill sapients TO eat, mind. But if I had to kill them anyway, what am I supposed to do?

Now, all of this assumes I enjoy the taste. If I don't, then I tend to bury their corpses in a forest, field, garden, or other area of high vegetation so they feed someone else.

>> No.43370850

Anyone else having trouble accessing chat?

>> No.43370877

There's 12 of us in here, so I think it's just you. Are you using mibbit or your own client?

>> No.43370894


>> No.43370923

You know, thinking about it for a minute? Dungeon Meshi is basically Nethack.

>> No.43370944

Can you explain why?

>> No.43370972

Can't access the site on my iPad currently. Varies between browser giving errors and ISP giving me a "this site doesn't exist" page (Verizon, in case it's important).
Interesting, it's lower than usual so it might be a problem for some people but not others.

>> No.43370973

Anyone have the most recent version of the Slayers jump?

The version on the drive seems to be an old one.

>> No.43370993

Try this.

Click RIzon on the left, then type #JumpchainCYOA

Mibbit is shitting out on me now too.

Are there any Jumps that could be made from one of the Roguelikes?

>> No.43371009

Elona and Recctear are rougelike jumps

>> No.43371020

Dunno if this is the latest one but it's what I have saved

>> No.43371051

Here, use this instead.


>> No.43371064


Yeah, got in via kiwi. I'll bookmark this; thanks.

>> No.43371080


It's at least more recent than the one on the drive. Thanks.

>> No.43371109

Nethack would make a good Gauntlet. I've got an idea floating around in my head for one, but I haven't actually done anything so it's not claimed or anything.

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