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We all know that giant spiders are a very common enemy in the fantasy genre, both tabletop and digital, but is this justified? How would a spiders act to humans if they were the size of a dog? And how would they act if they were the size of an elephant? Would they really be this extremely dangerous infestation of human eating abominations, or is the threat much more limited than is often depicted?

Pic only tangentially related, no need to thank me arachnophobes.

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>Pic only tangentially related, no need to thank me arachnophobes.

Epic meme. For the win.

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Arthropods aren't very efficient at such a large size, these spiders are thick hairy mammals with bones to support their large frame. They don't sit perfectly still and quiet for hours, instead they function as highly aggressive, violent mammals. In the regions unlucky enough to have them, they are the apex predator and can clear out villages.

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They'd suffocate/collapse under their own weight.

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>Dog sized
Depends on how poisonous they are. Most spiders aren't. But given the increase in size, any poisonous spider would be a threat to humans. And the ones that already are would be catastrophically lethal. I think they'd be less of an issue than wolves are because spiders hunt alone.

>Elephant Sized
I don't think they'd be much an issue. They'd be too big to live near human population centers. Places like the savanna where Elephants do roam wouldn't conducive to them. They'd be deep in jungles, forests, or mountains. But there they would absolutely be the apex predator. Their webs would cover the whole mountain in a way, but spread out enough to only target game large enough to be worth eating.


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There was a time when lions were considered natural disasters.

Giant spiders are an interesting case, when they bread and release hundreds of young into an area they'd depopulate entire regions.
Apart from that they'd be no more of a nuisance than bandits while killing fewer people than malnutrition.

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Build their civilization about worshipping drow, using drow symbology in all of their architecture.

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bird eater and large have been noted in amazon, fucking australia and more jungled area's. not impossible and as >>43253870
said they focus on eating stuff slightly larger than themselves.

so, say, a dog size would probably eat dogs and rarely humans, just like how a bird eater eats birds, their catchable and not too much of a threat.

I have archnaphobia but at least its justifiable.

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Most settings containing giant spiders have some degree of magic, so it's not unreasonable to assume they have some sort of fantasy compound that strengthens their carapaces.

For space setting including giant spiders they could just come from higher oxygen, lower gravity worlds.

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>Depends on how poisonous they are. Most spiders aren't.
More accurately - all spiders are poisonous, but very few to an extent that is dangerous for adult human.

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Let's all take a moment to consider the similarities and differences of "poisonous" and "venomous."

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It's like this with giant insects:

Ants and Bees would allied, as neither competes for the other's resources and both are affected by the scourge of the wasp.

Spiders would live on the outskirts of the bee/ant empires, working as mercenaries to hunt down wasps so they can turn in their stingers for the bounty.

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I can't help but feel that if they were dog sized we would have domesticated them. Spiders have a whole host of useful abilities; sized up to the size of a dog they could be used as effective guard animals, be 'milked' for silk or venoms, their vibrational senses would be invaluable for tracking/search & rescue, and undoubtedly some people would keep them as pets.

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Most spiders are venomous, not poisonous. It's an important distinction.

Poisonous = If you bite it, you die.
Venomous = If it bites you, you die.

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It depends on if their intelligence were "sized up" to match. Spiders are mostly instinct, they'd probably be nigh impossible to tame without a massive boost in thinking power.

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Venom is injected, poison is absorbed or consumed.

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Spiders are actually really aggressive creatures. Put ten spiders in a decent sized room, they will hunt and eat each other, and then go about devouring/mummifying everything smaller than they are.

If a giant spider exhibited the same behaviour, they'd be fucking dangerous. An elephant sized spider would basically mean a several kilometer wide region of 'Fuck No'.

Imagine adhesive steel cable wrapped around the entirety of Manhattan. Imagine something nesting in the centre which could feel the vibrations and instinctually know whenever anything touched any of this cable.

If we're upscaling the other features of the spider without regard to the square cube law, the exoskeleton would also be tough enough to deflect anything short of .50 cal. The hairs that they fire as irritants would be about 10-20cm long and over 1cm thick, and cause extreme pain, horrific bleeding, and horrible lotus pattern wounds that would be ridiculously vulnerable to infection if they didn't just kill you outright through organ damage and muscle death. The fangs are the least of your worries, but they'd be able to punch through car bonnets. Nothing much more than that, though. Still enough to fuck up your shitty non-armoured dermis and inject enough venom to melt your organs in a matter of seconds though.

Long story short, giant spiders: Don't even fucking try, just consider the area lost.

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Spiders are actually fairly smart, their intelligence is mostly limited by their tiny size.

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Pls don't generalize https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Social_spider

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>Spiders are actually fairly smart, their intelligence is mostly limited by their tiny size.

>upscale spiders
>breed attack spiders


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Social Spiders are almost always tiny, it's a developed behaviour designed to compensate for their size.

Except Harvestman Spiders, who do it mostly for warmth.

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>Would they really be this extremely dangerous infestation of human eating abominations, or is the threat much more limited than is often depicted?

Yes. Yes they would.

They're a predator species that multiplies exponentially (in their original spawning), have at least rudimentary trapping capabilities, are venomous, and are no longer too small to consider us prey.

Their webs alone (assuming the scale up with size) will create damn near impossible to traverse zone of land. You can burn them down, but the sticky protein will still coat the geound for some time, as it doesn't truly burn (flame sort of melts it).

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I think people are missing out on a feature common in most insects/spiders that would make them incredibly dangeros to human life.

They'd be incredibly fast compared to us. Tarantulas can easily reach 15km/h as it is right now. Imagine how fast they'd be if their "footspan" increased to that of a dog.

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I'd imagine that, if arachnids grew to that size, they would no longer be able to operate on hydraulics, and would require some kind of internal musculature, like crabs.

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Bigger also means more mass to move, so it's not a 1:1 speed to leg length scale.

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I want to use one as a mount.

It has it's own fucking anti-personnel weaponry.

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>if arachnids grew to that size, they would no longer be able to operate on hydraulics
That is a valid point.
On the other hand - MAGIC!

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Hell fucking yes please

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Yeah, I am assuming we're just ignoring the square cube law here and just scaling everything up.

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>Spider shows showing off all the exotic spider preeds
>Moe as fuck jumping spider corgi analogues.

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Oh, well in that case, just set up anti-magic fields around settlements.

"Oh my god, a giant spider's coming toward town!"
"Don't worry, it'll crush itself under its own weight when it hits the border."

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>They'd suffocate/collapse under their own weight.
Not necessarily, but this does raise the point that an arthropod of that size would have to go through a hell of a lot of molts and, given the general vulnerability that comes with molting, Giant Spiders would probably be few and far between...

>I can't help but feel that if they were dog sized we would have domesticated them. Spiders have a whole host of useful abilities; sized up to the size of a dog they could be used as effective guard animals, be 'milked' for silk or venoms, their vibrational senses would be invaluable for tracking/search & rescue, and undoubtedly some people would keep them as pets.
>It depends on if their intelligence were "sized up" to match. Spiders are mostly instinct, they'd probably be nigh impossible to tame without a massive boost in thinking power.
>Spiders are actually fairly smart, their intelligence is mostly limited by their tiny size.
Yeah, in most fantasy settings this isn't off.
Wizards especially will magic out most issues in the process, and probably be source of many different variants (including Waifu).

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They probably operate similarly to how dragons fly- you would think it'd require magic, but it doesn't

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>every town can afford a giant AMF
/tg/ never changes, even when it would be for the better.

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Do people use this strategy on all the giants and flying dragons and all the other big cool stuff in your settings too? Because it seems anticlimactic. Anti-magic fields are a silly concept anyway.

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Carbon nanotube exoskeleton.

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If you scaled a shrew up to the size of an elephant, that wouldn't work either. We'll have to assume there are some anatomical differences.

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>Moe as fuck jumping spider corgi analogues.

Not quite, but probably pretty close...

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No, I just don't bother trying to explain shit at all. Giant spiders work because they work. Now roll initiative.

But when people try to explain shit that clearly needs no explanation, it's fun to point out why their attempted explanation causes more problems than it solves.

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Little known fact: unlike let's say ants, spiders are extremely weak compared to size. Human sized spider would be easily beaten to death by unarmed man.

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In a world with giant magical spiders running amok, yes, every town that exists can afford a giant AMF... because any town that couldn't doesn't exist anymore.

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>anti-magic fields
Are there anti-physic fields in your setting as well?

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Every town can afford a giant AMF though, the ones that couldn't no longer exist.

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AMF is a very high level spell. It is incredibly, INCREDIBLY unreasonable to say that normal villagers could pull together the gold to convince a wizard of that magnitude to give a shit about them.

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Not him, but I don't see why there couldn't be. For instance, it could be done by pumping out garbage psionic 'noise' to disrupt psionic ability.

I mean, it ultimately comes down to how psionic or magic work in your game.

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>anti-physic fields
It's a fantasy setting. Arguably, the entire universe is anti-physic field.

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intended for >>43254595

D&D and probably most D&D-esques have a "Reverse Gravity" spell, so probably.

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He said "anti-PHYSICS" not a "anti-psionics".

though my general go to is that "Silence" spells cancels out magic while "noise" spells cancel out psionics.

The real trick with "anti-magic fields" is stopping magic while also allowing other noises.

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>Oh, well in that case, just set up anti-magic fields around settlements.
Could be a different kind of magic or magic-like force that the AMF doesn't work on.

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Harvestmen are not actually spiders, they are a type of mite.

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It'd basically be like the spider in Limbo?

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"Dammit Ulfreg, he's doing that thing again. Make him stop."

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all i read was napalm manhattan

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Go away ND

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Reminder that spiders are the abominations of the natural world and should all be smited, especially if they're giant.

Spider apologists gtfo.

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What is it about spiders that so many people are afraid of? Is it just that they look and move weird, or is it the dangerous venom some have? In either case it seems like there are plenty of insects and other arthropods that should be just as bothersome, though, so the common focus on spiders appears odd.

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Pussy ass nyugga.

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Wow, coffee really is bad for spiders. Explains Gwen Stacy's death.

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I think that as they grew webs would be less used for trapping as much as staying above competing predators or setting up ambushes to attack prey.

I like that anon's idea about giant hairy mammals. I could see spiders acting not dissimilar to wolves at that level, but faster, more mobile (jumping, climbing through trees etc.) And 300% more spooky

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What if it bites me and it dies?

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The eyes and mouths are very alien, and the movement is almost surreal.

>> No.43258242

Then you're a Chuck Norris Fact. Which, as of 2015, is not a good thing.

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That's Allergic.

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Coffee has a similar effect on their nervous system as booze does to humans. That's why people joke about drunk spidergirls being at Starbucks.

>> No.43258270

It amuses me how most of the drugged webs basically look more or less normal, just kind of half-assed to varying degrees, missing some parts. And then there's the caffeine web, which is just a mess of more or less random threads.

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Unlikely. Human adaptation makes us smell like poison to animals while tasting like we're already rotting.

But theoretically we shouldn't be poisonous for real. You may have something bad in your blood, or on your skin.

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No you idiots, it means you're poisonous.

>> No.43258352

>Something bad in your blood

You just reminded me I'm a West Nile Virus carrier.

>> No.43258378

I don't think that kills insects though.

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I wonder if this is what inspired Rachnee getting drunk off caffeine. It seriously fucked up that spider.

>> No.43258414

It is literally stated on the page when she takes the drink of coffee that it is why.

>Best girl

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>Best girl

You, I like you.

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There's a drawback. Huge families, crawling all over the place.

>> No.43258735

>Best girl
But that isn't chuni dullahan.

>> No.43258736

Are both venom and poison considered toxins?

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Suu, or the Harpy from the short comics who doesn't have a 3-second memory.

>> No.43258785


>not enjoying the fruits of your labour with best grill

Vicious in the sheets but a loving mother to the results.


I've seen seen heresy.

>> No.43258802

>implying Ranche wouldn't lasso those children
>implying she wouldn't teach Honey how to do so as well

Also >>43258785

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Dullahan gives herself head, she's a slut.

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God that'd be terrifying
>late at night legs all over your face
>desperately fight instinct to smack thing on face which feels like a creepy crawly but is actually daughteru

>> No.43258836 [DELETED] 


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Reminder that her claws are sharp enough that she can accidentally disembowel you.
Reminder that disemboweling live prey is how her species still feeds.
Reminder that sex with her is simulated facefucking a giant spider, since her "palps" are gripping legs and her vagina is located between them.

Not dealbreakers, but something to remember.

>> No.43258858

You'd get used to it eventually.

>> No.43258896


Truly she is the one to give your heart and soul to. Such a waifu would be as loyal to you as you are to her - to the death.

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Who saves spiders from the vacuum cleaner? I never let a spider bro go, though I worry why I have so many.

>> No.43258977

This coming from the fags who think the girl that tried to rape him a dozen times shortly after she moved in is best girl.

Your spider waifu is not only a horrible spider monster, she's a whore too. Even horse pussy is better than her.

>> No.43258978

Vacuum and cats. The two things every spider must fear.

But seriously, with enough spiders you'll never see another insect.

>> No.43258992

Here's a thread for Monster Masume discussion. Seems we need one.

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I dunno man.
Every summer of my life til I was nineteen I went to Colombia and without fail at least once a week something got on my face in my sleep and I always slapped it away, never chilled out about it

Rachnee would have to tie my ass up after I slept

>> No.43258998


As opposed to a snuff film fetishst? Yeah i'll pass.

>> No.43259026

Took me a.second to understand that oic

>> No.43259027

are we talking like, intelligent spider people?

Because people have brought up interesting stuff about HUGE PILES OF KIDS.

Does this mean that a caring spidermother could be responsible for a village-tier mob of spiders?

Not actually a village, since they're all just a big family, but whatever.

>> No.43259040

Rachnea, or the generic Arachne from the short comics?

That's the question.

Rach is hugely into the BDSM scene, while comic Arachne is just a nymphomaniac who is using her lover for nutrition.

>> No.43259078


Plus almost by deinfition a matriarchal society given the trend of sexual dimorphism in spiders.


Rachnea - short comic grills are just and exuse to draw /e/ tier sex.

>> No.43259092

Funny that you mention cats and not dogs as my cowardly Alsatian is afraid of spiders. The beast could probably tear a bear apart and runs from spiders. I fear I have pampered him.

>> No.43259104

Well, you'd never end up with Rachne then.

You'd think Rachne would teach Shibari.

>> No.43259142


Spiders are very unpredictable and that triggers the flight instinct in most beasties. Then again msot dogs are somewhat trained to be wimpy as opposed to vicious killing machines on command.

I love my doge, but it really doesn't have much of a spine as it has not been trained to.

>> No.43259147

Spiders are the kind anti-insect option.
They're what you get if you hate bugs and don't mind getting the less effective discount model.

If you REALLY want those bugs gone, you get fucking wasps. But people usually aren't that desperate.

>> No.43259164

It's just smart to be afraid of spiders, to any creature that doesn't have encyclopedic knowledge of all spiders or complete venom immunity.

Poison spiders are a common enough thing that fear of spiders is ingrained in fucking everything.

>> No.43259183

Interesting question.
Smaller animals almost always have larger litters than larger ones. Humans only really have small litters because we're descended from a species that primarily swung from trees, which require a female to physically hold their young meaning 1-2 are all that can be supported.

But there's no large egg-laying animal to really go by. Plus spiderfolk may not lay eggs.
Dinosaur nests suggest a 2-6 size depending on species.

We also have to question how many times they can give birth. If they can perpetually lay eggs and don't have to feed their young with the young not devouring them, you'd have a fuckhuge amount. But if they have a short lifespan and reproduction includes caring for their young which don't consume them, then you'd have much longer reproduction time.

All of these factor into how much they can breed.

If we go by Dungeons & Dragons, anything goes. There's species who's only natural predator or prey is adventurers. But generic spiderfolk from a more logical setting? Probably much closer to humans, with wide territories if feral.
I'd imagine some varieties could be domesticated too.

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I said Lala best girl, not Mero.

Lala is just a harmless chuni. She's also the least violent in the whole group. Yes, the Dullahan, the being that's supposed to herald death in Celtic legends, is the least violent in the group. She's also the purest, I can't think of anything she's done that was intentionally lewd.

Step it up spiderfags.

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>> No.43259309

She's also not really in the running. Way to pick a second tier girl.

>> No.43259312

>I can't think of anything she's done
Me neither, she's practically a background character.

>> No.43259322

Wasps are pure evil. Do they have any redeeming qualities? Killing is not one, not for them at least.

>> No.43259348

She's a drama queen who has to speak Shakespearean until something starts fondling her. She's also pretty vicious and doesn't hold back on talking shit.

>> No.43259382

> West Nile Virus

I thought this shit is a blood centre meme or something. Every time I donated blood I had to tick that I don't have it and I never ever heard anyone have it.

>> No.43259428

>do they have any redeeming qualities
I argue killing IS a redeeming quality, since that is literally why you keep them around.

>> No.43259431

>Gothic Lolita
Literally worse than Steampunk.

Pick real waifus.

>> No.43259437

That's the gist of it, yes.

The territory of a giant spider would be a death zone. You can't get armoured vehicles close enough on account of webbing, and sending soldiers in is basically just feeding the thing. The best thing to do is airdrop insecticides, though the quantities required to kill off something so huge would be enough to render the area uninhabitable for months anyway.

>> No.43259483



Makes me wonder - whats the lifespan of a giant spider? A few months when the average human is productive for 40+ years means nothing, but if said spider only lives for a decade or less thats an easy tradeoff.

>> No.43259504

My grandmother has a pet tarantula.

It has been alive for 25 years. It is older than I am.

>> No.43259509

>Gothic Lolita

The closest thing to gothloli in MonMusu is Mero, and that's really more of a "literally royalty" thing than actual gothloli.

>> No.43259567

Killing is a redeeming quality for spiders, but wasps are such cunts that they lose their bonus points for it. I just find them horrific, I am biased. Kisses for spiders, kickses for wasps.

>> No.43259590

Mero and Rachnera both dress in gothic lolita clothing.
Lala just has the goth style.

>> No.43259632

You're stupid and you should feel bad for how stupid you are.

>> No.43259773

I let a house spider live in my room specifically to deal with bugs.

The fucker kills wasps sometimes. I cheer her on.

>> No.43259787


Not everything with dark colors and lace is gothloli, anon.

>> No.43259956

>her eyes
>that expression

>> No.43259969

Well, like I said, then you're in the demographic for a less effective, but more livable pest solution- spiders.

Wasps are for people with hate in their hearts for insects.

>> No.43259991


>> No.43260003

>Wasps are for people with hate in their hearts for insects.
Wasps are for stupid people. If you want to destroy everything you love in an effort to destroy everything you hate, flamethrowers, nukes and tumblr are all safer than wasps.

>> No.43260072

they had a mine in eso that had spider like creatures that the miner need for chitin to make armor

>> No.43260075

HEY! Stop bullying dulla!

>> No.43260088

>feels like a creepy crawly but is actually daughteru


>> No.43260162


Lala was made for bullying.

>> No.43260168

If the spider retains its proportional strength? Oh god
Even with the weight scaling and a skeleton system its still at 2-3x weight. Also losing the fatal weakness to ruptured legs makes it tremendously more deadly.

Here is the thing, it will retain its combat pattern.
If you step into the web without assistance or fire? Dead.
Its deadly for the first 2-3 pounces, but it has no endurance after that.

A spread out squad of spear men could technically kill a elephant sized one. And by squad i men 10-15 men, at a maimed list of 4-6.

>> No.43260186

I hear ya, I was overcome by my revulsion to wasps. I don't hate insects (excepting fucking disgusting centi/millipedes) so a spider bro is for me.

Off topic but if I have to select one more street sign then someone will have to die.

>> No.43260199

I don't remember for sure, but I recall that scene was Rachnera fingering her after tying her body up to fuck with Kimihito.

Also, found a fucking goldmine of images.


>> No.43260207

Chitin armour is popular in TES.
The Dunmer, Falmer and Maormer all make use of it, the Maromer even going so far as to have chitinous boats.

>> No.43260218

Shit, meant to link >>43260075

>> No.43260226

We need a monster girl general. Now even threads about giant monsters get screwed by this shit.

>> No.43260253

I feel a campaign coming on........

>> No.43260255

1) I recognize that species, they're Cross Orbweavers. My house is covered in them at the moment, there's a very fat one I've been watching.
2) Why would you disturb them?!

>> No.43260286

To be fair, it would've helped if OP had used a proper giant spider pic rather than a monstergirl.

>> No.43260291

let it go, anon. Sometimes things you don't like are mentioned in a thread, sometimes things you do like are mentioned in a thread. No need to demand everyone else walk on eggshells around you just because you don't like thing. It's damaging to the community as a whole.

>> No.43260311

She loves it.

>> No.43260363

To be fair, I think he was suggesting that there is enough content for them to have separate threads.

>> No.43260371

>proportionally 2-3 times size of human body
is she made of cardboard?

>> No.43260420

Well it's not hard to just leave the thread when it's no longer interesting to you.
But I've seen this specific derailment seen so often that it seems to me that there is enough interest for it's own thread.

>> No.43260436

Well chiton is extremely light. That's why scientists are testing artificially produced versions as building materials.

>> No.43260569

doesn't matter
also doesn't matter.
Let threads take their natural course according to what the people in the threads find interesting.

now, because this conversation isn't actually that interesting, I'm going to make effort to be done with it here.

>> No.43260640

The real question:
Do these enlargened spiders have livers?

A FUCKING LOT depends on this.

Bugs don't have livers because they can afford to get away with it, what with having ten billion other copies around. But with larger animals, there will be less around, and so individual resistance to poison, disease, fungus, and etcetera becomes more important.

Long story short, bigger spiders need livers or else I hope you like some kind of awful plague spider kept alive by magic for the purposes of being an encounter that forces you to get cure disease.

>> No.43260684

>Elephant sized
>3x3km of web covered forests or any terrain
>But evolution means the web blends in with a lot of the natural environment
>only real solution is to burn the patch of land in hope of driving it away, or hoping it dies from burn wounds

Tarantulas only die because of fungi, or because they get a mold they can't break out of properly.

Their lifespans is already in the 20-35 range.
So assuming they are not parasite prone, a elephant sized spider could have a lifespan of 100-200 years.
Most likely, most of the spiders will be dog sized if they are large. And some legendary spiders will reach bear size.
And the elephant sized one? You build a alter and call it a God.

>> No.43260687

Now, I'm fairly certain that someone will correct me, but to my knowledge, Spiders digest outside their bodies.
That is why they wrap their prey in web. They fill that up with their outside-stomach-acid, and then when the prey becomes a fine paste, they eat that.

So the big question is: Could they eat a non-sectoid being in this fashion?
Or rather, would it give them the nutrients they crave? Not talking about Electrolytes. These are Spiders not Plants.
I'm willing to bet that insects and humans have massively different nutrition values, plus the exoskeleton might be crucial in the digestion progress.

Basically, I think large spirders would have about as much interaction with humans as Vultures do on a predatory level, and at most protect their territory. Though then again, since their entire method of food aquisition relies on everyone walking straight into their territory, even that is doubtful.

>> No.43260690

I agree with you, but remember the lessons of /b/. The place would devolve into a hellhole of shitposting and dubs. Granted, that is not really applicable in this instance, but boundaries have to be made.

>> No.43260909

Mygalomorphae do a form of liver. And lifespans up to 20-30 years.

>> No.43261016

>You will never bully a dullahan girl
>It will never culminate in you stealing her head
>You will never sexually torment and tease her, leaving her flustered and not too unhappy with this outcome

>> No.43261050

>So the big question is: Could they eat a non-sectoid being in this fashion?
Of course. Various real life spiders include birds, lizards, and small mammals in their diet.

>> No.43261094

Rachnera wears BDSM mistress gear.

>> No.43261137

>bullying the dull ham
To what end?

>> No.43261545


The only thing I notice when I see this picture is how both sets of eyes are off-set and the left pair are larger.

>> No.43261613

>one-eyed monster as a sniper
That seems inefficient, considering depth perception and everything

>> No.43261764


>> No.43261838

that's not how depth perception or guns work.

>> No.43261839



It's fucking nothing, unless you are one the less than one percent people that develop neurological problems because you already had some other bad shit in your blood, or maybe you had a small fever that broke in an hour.

>> No.43261841


>> No.43261878

You look into the scope with one eye anyways.

>> No.43261990


What the hell is that picture from? Because it's creepy as all fuck and I know it's not real.

Like, I don't even give a fuck about spiders, even the really fucking ugly ones, but god damn that lands right in the middle of the uncanny valley.

>> No.43262061

Charlotte's Web according to goggle.

I think it's cute.

>> No.43262113

Don't worry. Lions are infamously afraid of lizards. Small creatures be crazy, mang.

>> No.43262127

They tried too hard to give her feminine traits, and it ended up coming off as creepy and unsettling.

>> No.43262146



>> No.43262183


>> No.43262270


Just need to find a fresh pair!

Fucking a new pussy every week!

>> No.43262307


I was hospitalized for a week actually.

>> No.43262329

>Human adaptation makes us smell like poison to animals while tasting like we're already rotting.
Wait, what? Can I get a source on that?

>> No.43262332


>It's fucking nothing.

>> No.43262336

Ace, though that was hardly a small lizard.

>> No.43262351

Hospitalized for blindness, seizures and and several other issues.

>> No.43262358

I think you are just racist against spiders.

>> No.43262400


>Unless you already had some other bad shit in your blood.

99% of people are perfectly fucking fine when they contract it, less than half of the remaining experience anything worse than a fever.

>> No.43262461

Why are you so adamant that he didn't have complications? It is possible. Seems weird that you seem angry about it.

>> No.43262483

Not sure about the smell like poison and taste like rot thing, but it known that humans DO NOT taste good to animals, it's why most predators will stop attacking humans after the first bite. For the most part they have to be well on their way to starvation or too old/weak to hunt other prey before they'll try chowing down on people.

>> No.43262489


I'm not even the same person.

>> No.43262550

Apologies then anon.

>> No.43262662

>humans DO NOT taste good to animals

Human meat tastes like tough and poorly cooked pork. It's not good tasting compared to meat fit for consumption, but it's not disgusting enough for only starving animals to bother with.

Unless predators simply have too refined of a palette to lower themselves to eating humans.

>> No.43262775

There was a neat giant intelligent cybernetic spider in one of the Shannara books. Claimed an entire ruined city as its domain. Gave me the willies when I was a kid.

>> No.43262831

Thats because humans is not easy prey. Its lanky and tall. And it has impressive bone/weight ratio
On the top of being a predator group animal.
And living sheltered with fire, tools, and traveling on other animals. Or other structures.

>> No.43262846


>> No.43262863

It's a mix of not providing a good amount of calories per pound, most predators specializing towards certain prey and not finding other animals that tasty compared to their preferences, and humanity's tendency to aggressively hunt down man-eaters in the area actually providing evolutionary pressure against large animals preying on humans

TL;DR, we are bland, non nutritious food that tends to form angry mobs if preyed upon

>> No.43262878

I think the only drawback is she didn't have a heartbreaking song in that one.

>> No.43262914

According to Monster Musume, they have preservation techniques to not rot now.

>> No.43262974

Humans have a very high strength to muscle weight ratio, but this leads to us being rather skinny so it's usually not worth the effort to hunt, combined with how villages will hunt down know maneaters, our upright posture and "broken pendulum" method of walking being bizarre enough to trigger "Strange thing, AVOID" instincts in most animals, and tool use, for most predators hunting humans is at best not worth the effort, at worst a way to get yourself hunted

The only real exception to this I know of is tigers, and even then they'll only go after lone humans, avoiding the fuck out of villages or large groups

>> No.43263239

If you're talking about that monster in the first book, I was never sure what that thing was. For some reason when I first read the book, I thought it was a hairy giant human with tons of cybernetic parts.

>> No.43263908

Because hunting a pack hunter, as a pack hunter or solo hunter, when said pack hunter is larger than you?
Thats why

Muh hunted to extinction is something i rather doubt even happened by contrast
The more common causes are displaced to hunger, hence famine to extinction

>> No.43264153

If anybody do wonder, the one of the few extermination of a animal that can hunt humans, would be extermination of wolves in Norway/Sweden.
Which took 200 years of effort, and would most likely never have been completed if not for import of industrial produced wares to finish the hunt.
If it wasn't for such a large effort, it would never have happened.
So without a industrial method: No extinction to man hunters.

Said extermination: Had large negative effects on said eco system.
Because there is no animal in the same size category as the wolf, that regularly hunts large prey in that region of the world.
Which is also why environmentalists and biologists where happy over Russian wolf tribes migrating.

>> No.43264219

I think you misunderstand me, I don't mean "Something ate bob? Hunt everything like it to extinction", I mean "Known man eater in the area, get everyone together and kill the beast" which is a thing that happens

>> No.43264286


How do you think?


>> No.43265132

>And the elephant sized one? You build a alter and call it a God.

>The only thing I notice when I see this picture is how both sets of eyes are off-set and the left pair are larger.

>Thats because humans is not easy prey. Its lanky and tall. And it has impressive bone/weight ratio
And this is why I always have issues with things showing large predators even bothering with people; We've got barely any meat and are mostly bone and gristle!

>> No.43265243

I didn't need to know this.

I think I'm gonna be sick actually.

>> No.43265823

That's why classic monsters fear humans so much

Beast men? Blood sucking corpses? Child eating magic hags?

Nothing a crowd of pissed off villagers can't fix with lots of rope and fire

>> No.43265840

Did not look at pic originally and your post made me. Thanks a lot for that.

>> No.43265884

Unless they really can't, but then a mostly-human gang of adventurers generally show up and can deal with.

>> No.43266198


Giants technically aren't reliant on magic to exist, it just takes magic to feed them in any adequate fashion.

>> No.43266287

I was under the impression they also had the square-cube problem going on. Is that not actually the case?

>> No.43266339

Rolled 9 (1d20)


Roll for spider lore:


>> No.43266423


Depending on how you proportion them exactly, a humanoid giant in the 12-15 ft. range is indeed possible, but they'd be rediculously suseptable to being injured from tripping and such, and more importantly, would be unable to sustain themselves assuming they originated with a hunter-gatherer lifestyle. There is reason why pygmies exist and giants don't.

>> No.43266455

>Spider on marijuana is too lazy to finish its web.

>> No.43267944

>Mummy description

Well I didn't need to sleep tonight.

>> No.43269433

>Being scared at the bog standered "suck soul outta human male"

>> No.43270016

Seriously, what's with all the squeamish people on /tg/ all of a sudden?

>> No.43270036

Slimes also suck the moisture out of men in Monster Musume.
Yet we see three examples of positive relationships with them, and no negative ones.

>> No.43270367

/tg/ stopped having tons of freaky, freaky fetish threads, the newfags that used to leave squeamish about them now don't

>> No.43270475

So should we go back to that? Monster anatomy and the like?

Treekin breeding involving womb splinters, bee fellatio, old gay zombie couples, etc?

>> No.43270793

>Implying she sticks to men

>> No.43271002

I am fond of the classic drow spider filled vagina pasta

>> No.43271031

What's a good excuse for a thread about it?
How about spiders being in the womb during pregnancy? Who use their mandibles to snip the foreskin of males prenatally. Which brings the mother to orgasm.

>> No.43271153

Drow actually fertilize multiple eggs at once. Spiders feed on the embryos that are somehow malformed or too weak to survive.

>> No.43271416

There's always that chad-zack thing, or whatever it's called, where drow always have multiple child pregnancies but they also have fetus murder orgies in the womb that leaves only one and said murder orgy gives the drow one hell of an orgasm

>> No.43271484

Start a new thread.
We need to horrify the newfags with such things.

>> No.43271541

Caffeine is actually produced by plants as an insecticide. Humans can manage it since the ED50 is a couple magnitudes lower than the LD50 for humans

>> No.43271571 [SPOILER] 


>> No.43271671

Why she can't stand up and take back her head?

>> No.43271700

The disconnect between the body and head which defies logic is a recurring joke.

>> No.43271787

I will use the Questionable Mace of Cold-resistant Spiders and Living Katana of Spiders Magic against the bees.


>> No.43271870

Holy shit, that's terrifying.

>> No.43271983

You wanted to say terrifyingly awesome.

Why can't modern systems add a weapon that is covered in spiders?

>> No.43271985


>> No.43272132

>Are you trying to troll or are you just that much of an autist?

>> No.43272203

Then you're poisonous.

>> No.43272212

Thanks for that clarification actually, I had a bit of an 'Oh!' moment reading that. It was pleasant

>> No.43272797


>> No.43272808

Giant spider, you say?

>> No.43272809

Apparently one problems spiders have is they run out of oxygen really quickly. The reason they seem to move in short bursts is because they have to catch their breath after each one.

If they maintained that up to giant monster size, it'd probably be a significant enough drawback to prevent them from being an unholy nightmare that leaves entire regions barren.

>> No.43272815

Since a guy brought up wasps.

>> No.43272838

>that spider is bigger than Earth

>> No.43273174

>"Something ate bob? Hunt everything like it to extinction", I mean "Known man eater in the area, get everyone together and kill the beast"
Thats a event that didn't really work out the way you think it did
We don't hunt manhunters.
We hunt territorial predators that breach our human area.
Which means we leave manunters the fuck alone.

Nevermind that enlisting for a extermination watch squard is a modern concept. And we seem to only use it against bears for some reason. And bears are still alive and hunting humans.

>> No.43274512


Something like this.

>> No.43274679

Generator spat out this in response to your post, anon. Seems fitting.

>> No.43274885

>Rachnea, or the generic Arachne from the short comics?
Rachnera is the one that changed the least between the short comics and Monmusu, in both personality and appearance. I'd even go as far as to say that she hasn't changed at all.

>> No.43274995

>Find huge hive of wasps
>Take it home?


>> No.43275086

He just wanted honey!

>> No.43275099

I'd say the lamia in the one shots acts exactly as Miia would without the stress of competition driving her mad.

>> No.43275309

Darling's six identical brothers when?

>> No.43275342

>Catch giant eagles and small dragons.

>> No.43277104

>stealing her head

Though often called "headless", each of them in fact do have a head, but it is usually kept hidden away, for it is their greatest weakness, as whomever possesses it can command the Dullahan like a puppet, to do anything short of suicide - but only as long as they keep it with them; the moment they lose it, the entity's wrath is guaranteed to fall upon them, even unto death...

>> No.43277502

>Jumping spiders are the corgis of the spider world

I never knew how bad I wanted this.

>> No.43278845

What was the generator's name again?

Would like to make some crazy artefacts.

>> No.43279051 [DELETED] 

>/tg/ stopped having tons of freaky, freaky fetish threads, the newfags that used to leave squeamish about them now don't
A shame really...

>So should we go back to that? Monster anatomy and the like?
>Treekin breeding involving womb splinters, bee fellatio, old gay zombie couples, etc?
It's bad enough the actual freaky Porn Board is having a Mod Meltdown:

>Darling's six identical brothers when?
That WOULD explain why his house is so damn big...

>I never knew how bad I wanted this.

>> No.43280761

If they got that big, they might also evolve to have smaller broods. As animals get bigger, it takes a larger investment to have children so it makes more sense to have smaller focused broods than "Shotgun" genetics.

>> No.43280879

>in monster musume world, the mermaid on the Stertbooks logo is a world famous model


>> No.43280883


Plus you could then justify breast-feeding.

>> No.43280977

Would you date a bug /tg/?

>> No.43281007

What about spider bondage?

>> No.43281025

>> No.43281046

>> No.43281049

Depends on the kind but generally (and assuming workable scale and clear sapience) sure.
Also mantises are only supposed to do the head-eating thing in captivity right?

>> No.43281069

>> No.43281119

Or if they're bored, or hungry, or just because.

>> No.43281162

I don't think I get the joke.

>> No.43281170

Just got to keep her well fed, then.

>> No.43281248


I'd keep her well fed if you know what I mean.

>> No.43281291

>Imagine something nesting in the centre which could feel the vibrations and instinctually know whenever anything touched any of this cable.
Spider silk only works so well because of it's size.

At larger sizes, nothing about spiders work. They would need to be different animals in every way, from the webs to the legs to the nervous system to the venom.

>> No.43281321

Strength doesn't have to do with the toughness of their exoskeleton though. I doubt an unarmed man could hurt them much.

>> No.43281520

I'd keep her fed both in the way you mean, as well in the traditional way.

Mantis girls tend to be not satiated well enough.

>> No.43281554

Pictures of spiders can legitimately freak me out.

thank you OP

>> No.43281582

Mantises eat the mate's head pretty often in nature as well. Removing the head actually make the male mate harder, since the nerve-clusters that control the body movement are located in the neck.
Most spiders, on the other hand eat the male only when stressed.

>> No.43281587

>Lala is just a harmless chuni

It's pretty much made clear that the chuni part is just an act because she's actually telling the truth about being a messenger of death.

I mean, she straight up tells Darling that she's going to take his soul after he dies when he's in the middle of a near death experience.

>> No.43281611

>Not in the running
>Already proven she wins

What is the 60-80 years any of the other girls can possibly manage when she'll have him for the eternity afterward?

>> No.43281612

Some moths can drink blood though

>> No.43281686

Read the post

>If we're upscaling the other features of the spider without regard to the square cube law

>> No.43281892

These are all positives.

>> No.43281940

There's no advantage to courage around thing that you can't eat.

There's a 99% chance of like 50 calories vs, like, a X% chance of getting poisoned and dying. A losing gamble for any whole nuimber X.

>> No.43282127

There's so much more than the square cube law there.

And if we're considering some impossible things for no reason, why not other things. Maybe they're friendly. I mean why not.

Maybe they're all a bunch of pacifist super geniuses.

>> No.43282174

>Oh what tangled webs we unweave

>> No.43282211

>They all crawl back together and snuggle up

since when are spiders adorable?

>> No.43282626

>Posting less-pornographic images than the rest of the thread

>> No.43282909

Don't be a shitty little pedantophile. You know perfectly well what they mean by up scaling a spider's recognized traits.

>> No.43283061

I like these buge comics

>> No.43283115

How does fat bug work even

>> No.43283167


Squishy thorax for plenty of lewds. Also: ask /d/.

>> No.43283214

Thing is, the same is true of most pharmacologically active plant compounds. It's interesting that caffeine has such a dramatically more pronounced effect on spiders than other drugs.

>> No.43283361

The Life With Monstergirls creator actually made a bio for humans too. He says we're extraordinarily territorial, but quick to adopt new beings into our definition of "us". We drove the monsterfolk into hiding in ancient times, and only rediscovered them recently but with our systems of citizenship and sense of community they're now safe to integrate with us (and as a result each other).

>> No.43283385 [DELETED] 

>Oh what tangled webs we unweave

>Posting less-pornographic images than the rest of the thread

>Squishy thorax for plenty of lewds. Also: ask /d/.

>> No.43283388

Can we get a drawfag on it?

>> No.43283441

It's spiders who only eat the males when stressed or in starvation. Some species do it no matter what, but it's a minority.
Mantises eat the male regardless.

>> No.43283505

I used to be afraid of spiders, then I forced myself to look at a pic of them every day. Now they're just fascinating.
It's like a food you absolutely hated as a kid being your comfort food. Watching a spider build a web on either side of your window is just so soothing.

>> No.43283533

Since people started studying them and realizing they're adorbs in their complexity and not just tiny monsters.

>> No.43283877

Then you just don't have the right life experience.

>> No.43286358


>> No.43286621

Have you tried reverse image searching?

>> No.43286825


>> No.43286959

All out weirdest not-quite-fetish threads have found not-safe-for-work happiness over on /aco/.

>> No.43287068


>> No.43287204 [DELETED] 

No they fucking haven't...

>> No.43287273


REMOVE /aco/, SAVE /d/

>> No.43287397

Seriously, /d/ is now just non-stop dick threads

>> No.43287439

Isn't that what it's always been?

>> No.43287498 [DELETED] 

>REMOVE /aco/, SAVE /d/
No, just allow Western art back on /d/, /aco/ can remain for vanilla, while /d/ is back to being the weird fetish board.


>> No.43287588

Not really, it's still mostly a vanilla board

I'm fine with /aco/ having weird fetish threads

>> No.43287677


/d/ mostly died after the last /b/ raid fuck knows how long ago. There is a reason why there are no /d/iscussion threads anymore and all the shitposting the board neveru sed ot have.

>> No.43287686 [DELETED] 

>I'm fine with /aco/ having weird fetish threads
I am as well, but this arbitrary split of content is killing /d/...
The mod is throwing out anything he doesn't like on this flimsy justification.

>> No.43287950


It's set up for a recurring joke.

>> No.43288121

Futa should just be on one board, it shouldn't be "Oh, doesn't look anime goes to ACO"

>> No.43288186 [DELETED] 

Plus some of the weirder fetishes are suffering because there just isn't a lot of content for them period, so such a stupid divide between East and West is starving them.

>> No.43291213

DA. Came up when I googled her name. Didn't catch the artist, sorry.

>> No.43291724

Fuck off, Western is shit.
God, this is ugly art.

>> No.43291885

What do you expect from a race that doesn't have +5 Masterwork folded tablet pens?

>> No.43293077

My language makes no difference between the two. It's the same word.

Also, isn't the term 'a poisonous snake' or 'a poisonous spider'? When was the last someone said 'a venomous snake'?

>> No.43293273

I've only heard venomous. I've never actually heard poisonous.

Might be a dialect difference. Like how some people in some regions call soda pop "pop" or "soda" or all soda pop "a coke".

>> No.43293335

Outside of a few hick relatives of mine I've only heard venomous, and even then they'll correct themselves if they realize what they've said

>> No.43293611

Poisonous: If you bite it, you'll die
Venomous: If it bites you, you'll die

>> No.43293827

I've heard "poisonous" used to refer to snakes and spiders occasionally, but even in common conversation it's pretty typical for people to use "venomous" and "poisonous" according to the proper different definitions of the two words.

Though this may also be because the bulk of the people I typically talk with in contexts where venomous critters might come up tend to be nerds.

>> No.43293872

No one who's the slightest bit educated says "poisonous snake" anymore

>> No.43293938

Is it possible for a given thing to be both at once?

>> No.43294049

>Reminder that her claws are sharp enough that she can accidentally disembowel you.
She knows this, and is actually the only one so far as to NOT almost accidentally kill 'Honey' due to how careful she is.
>Reminder that disemboweling live prey is how her species still feeds.
While it's mentioned that they do hunt for food as carnivores, there's nothing mentioning live disemboweling.
>Reminder that sex with her is simulated facefucking a giant spider, since her "palps" are gripping legs and her vagina is located between them.
... yeah, got nothing for that beyond 'don't think about it/focus on the upper body and you should be good.'

>> No.43294162


Isn't fucking a normal woman risking your life anyway?

At least with the giant-spider you can comfort yourself about it being a swift death rather than drawn out over decades.

>> No.43294272

yes, necessarily. the biggest a spider can get is the size of a Goliath bird eater, which incidentally doesn't actually eat birds, large centipedes, and maybe a mouse, but nothing like a chicken or other terrestrial fowl. if we are talking full on magic spiders though, the size of a dog and up, they can behave as what ever you need them to, they will have develpoed behaviors not seen in real spiders.

>> No.43294321

>which incidentally doesn't actually eat birds

I call bullshit, I've seen much, much smaller species of spiders devouring birds.

Hell, I've personally seen one hoisting a snake up into a web, I nuked the shit out of that area of my backyard with pesticides and other shit in my NOPE mode.

>> No.43294356

>Goliath bird eater

Those motherfuckers eat whatever is available at the time, their fangs are as long as a human thumb, they may not be venomous but god damn if that bite isn't going to ruin something's day, possibly fatally.

>> No.43294383


>> No.43294404

>six legs

Honestly, I thought it was a basic requirement of living knowing that Spiders had Eight Legs.

>> No.43294415


This is how I know those people that say "Spiderbros" are full of shit and deserve to die horrifically, or are ignorant of how horrific those little monsters are.

I mean, sure they are interesting as all fuck and cool, but if you are ever given the option to completely eradicate them without any ill consequences do it without hesitation.


My uncle has a thorax of one of those, hollowed out and dried, he uses it as an ash tray.

>> No.43294426


I'm pretty sure there were Dog sized Spiders at one point in pre-history.

>> No.43294502

you're thinking of scorpions.
There were dog sized scorpions at one point in pre-history.

This was before spiders were invented.

>> No.43294544


Yeah, well, Scorpions never made underwater colonies to conquer the Relative deep with only a bubble tied to their asses to build large inter-connected networks of oxygen tunnels and pseudo-moon pools.

Fish-flesh is sweet.

>> No.43294788

well, technically, the scorpions came from the ocean.

They were amphibious hunters for a long while before becoming solely adapted to land.

Shit's cool, though I'll be damned if finding interesting documentaries on this kind of thing is hard.

>> No.43294854

meh. I was using the pic more for the coffee(?)-drunk aspect than anything else.

>> No.43294870

What if it bites me and I bit it?


I'll tell you why a lot of people don't like spiders...

Lots of them can kill you or hurt like fuck or give you nasty sores. It's a very common and innate trait people have, it's useful decreasing the risks of being killed by spiders.

Depends on the spider.

I for one, would not like elephant sized trap door spiders, those agressive little jumping spiders, funnel webs, or white tails.

Mostly because all of those spiders are cunts even at their normal size.

>trap door
Doesn't even check to see who you are bursts out of the ground and kills you

>jumping spider
Thinks you moving near it is challenging it to a fight and it jumps on you, killing you instantly

>Funnel Web
Just kills you because it can

>White tails
Elephant sized spider sneaks into your room and bites you leg while you're asleep, killing you

Red backs would be ok, just annoying. Sitting in your house being chill but covering everything in their upscaled super tough Web

So in short, depends on the spider.

Because lots of spiders are stupid, and lots of them are just cunts.

>> No.43295343

>Could easily disembowel you on a whim
>As a result she's extra careful not to hurt you
Even as a Miiafag I must admit this is beautiful.

>> No.43295734


You want a cunt spider?

Brazilian Wandering Spider.

That fucking thing goes everywhere, and it actively tries to bite people.

It's venom will not only kill you and make you experience excruciating pain, but if you have a dick, you die with a diamond hard-on, so hard you will never experience anything like it ever again.

Because nature is a fucking cunt.

>> No.43295739

M67 Zippos. It's the only way.

>> No.43297157

>Could be a different kind of magic or magic-like force that the AMF doesn't work on.
So Ki/Qi? Giant Monk Spiders?

>> No.43297240

Best Arachne.

>> No.43297333

Theoretically, yes. I can't think of any real-life examples, but it wouldn't surprise me if there were one or two out there. Mother Nature is a crazy bitch, after all.

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