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Hey /tg/

I am really digging the monster design for Legion in Castlevania.

It's a big monster that breaks apart as you beat it, spawns bits of itself, and has a weird core, that shoots laser beams at you.

Can you think of any similar monsters in your game of choice?

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The corpse balls those giant bug monsters rolled up in Berserk, but they weren't actually monsters. Only example of a big corpse ball I could think of.

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Aw yeah, I fucking love Legions. Particularly enjoyed the design from CotM.

As far as similar monsters, there are some oozes that split into smaller oozes when you hit them, but I can't think of anything else.

Actually, there's also this walking cemetery monster that's basically corpses, dirt, and tombstones in a giant, shambling form, and it drops zombies from itself.

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Necromentals? Those are fun. Anyone they kill they shove into their bodies to make more zombies. They also recycle.

I usually make my own. The MM/equivalent is great for encounters and whatnot, but for "boss" type monsters or BBEGs I make my own 95% of the time.

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.... Circle of the Moon's legion?

Isn't he just a floating regular enemy in that?

Are you sure you are thinking of CotM?

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What can I say? There's just something about a floating group of heads with tentacles coming out its mouths that appeals to me.

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I guess.

It would work as a core of mainstream legion, for sure.

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>Can you think of any similar monsters in your game of choice?


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The Rotten One is only similar to legion in that he is made of corpses and you have location damage.

Also, he appears to be the butcher from Diablo 1.

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Actually, the monster I was thinking of was the Corpse Gatherer, but there's certainly a lot of similarities between the two.

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I remember throwing some earth necromentals at my party last session, they handled them rather well actually. Was surprised how short that fight was considering the fight before was three bonedrinkers and took a bit longer. But everything went fine, barbarian dropped his pet rock but again all fine.

He didn't question how it got to the other side of the room from the necromentals though, guess he just dropped it

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In Dungeon Crawl there is or was until a few versions ago a Necromancy spell called "Twisted Resurrection" that creates a huge, deformed undead monstrosity. In earlier versions you had to collect the corpses manually and plop them down on the same square, which you would then stand over and cast the spell, but they later changed the way it worked so that it caused all corpses in LoS to start crawling towards each other and combining.

The monsters created with this spell were called abominations, and hostile ones could be found in the wild if you got banished to the Abyss.

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Fuck you! Ball Of Arms Man is no monster, he is a HERO!

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Tiny art bump i guess

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I just realize this would be a pretty cool Halloween costume.

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