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No filename thread? UNACCEPTABLE!

Filename thread.

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This stupid gay raid really needs to stop.

Or, at the very least, don't let it leak out of /b/, you dumb faggots.

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What gay raid rally? I was just posting a filename pic.

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>Level 20 Charisma

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so how is the Stormsurge?

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Well, you're just a piece of shit then.

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Seriously do we need an eternal filename thread for you to repost the same shit ad infinitum?

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What the fuck is that?

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Jonestown after the Kool-Aid.

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Jonestown. Horrible, horrible thing. But goddamn if that filename isn't appropriate.

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Lelouch is a Paladin, though

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I know that this is an actual thing.

I've seen other pages from it.

But I still cannot bring myself to believe that anyone would put effort into a The Colonel vs. Nega-The Colonel one shot comic.

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I unabashedly love the damn thing

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>can't believe somebody would make advertising when paid to make advertising

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>This stupid gay raid really needs to stop.

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Big improvement

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>Just in time for the holidays! The perfect teaching tool for your little future Commisar!

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Anything of Konrad?

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ooooh new episode of that coming out soon, thanks for reminding me.

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....well he did keep the head

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Old classic.

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>Not "Sith Army Knife"

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Only sith deal in horrible puns!

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man what the fuck are these from

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SVU. Ice-T actually said every one of those things.

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I should note that the gallery contains some NSFW images.

But all of them are hilarious,

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> Detect Evil
> Guy says he can tell
> Guy can't actually tell

Seems more like Bluff.

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no he didn't. they're internet jokes based on the sort of bad writing the show generally has.

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Little do they know, somebody's already stolen all of their bullets.

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Newest addition to my folder.

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I don't get it.

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Those are Vocaloids, which are Japanese vocal music synth software packs with this whole community around them. The songs will often tell some sort of story, but since it's all done by different people, it's all fanon folklore -- the actual vocaloid characters (each corresponding to a particular voice pack) are used like something of a cross between actors being cast in hollywood and Commedia Dell'arte archetypes. If you want to know more about it there are scads of music videos and YouTube and nico nico.

I'm assuming the statblocks the filenames are referring to are the Vocaloids, and the NPCs that use those statblocks are the characters the vocaloids portray in the various songs.

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The golden retrieve face makes it for me, I swear.

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That wouldn't be very funny, though.

Describing exactly what's going on in the filename is really boring and defeats the purpose.

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Who ever that fucker is, he is a little fucking bitch.

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Are you the tile fucker?

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thank you thank you thank you
I was just wondering how I would waste the last two hours

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>tile fucker
Oh boy, you're in for treat anybody that hasn't heard of Tile Fucker.

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Not /tg/ and not funny.

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Whoa! So this is where the Apple Cabin stuff is from!!

I suppose I could have just image searched it years ago...

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>Level 20 Charisma


>> No.43195251

Those are mascots at a sports game.
Vocaloids are anime robot girls with colorful hair.
What are you on m8?

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Jesus this is too funny I don't even want to correct you.

>> No.43195294

I'll bite.

Do you know how reply chains work?

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... I have made an error.

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It happens.

>1 commoner every round or 2 commoners every 2 rounds.

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>not "Esoteric Knowledge (Crime)"

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It's a pretty common thing. People laying tiles do it so you know that it's laid by hand and not some factory made linoleum.

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>Not posting superior OperatorChan version
You fucking faggot.
I agree, gay is wrong, all LBGT+extras that keep popping up just need to be fucking burned at the stake....all of them.

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You all need to be fucking banned, keep your fucking faggot shit on the faggot board(s). Of which THIS IS NOT ONE OF THEM.

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you best be joking nigger

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/tg/ stands for "totally gay." Maybe you haven't been here long enough to realize.

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>20 CHA

>> No.43197853

>always the same unfunny joke

If you really need to talk about it, keep it in one of the containment boards made for that. Either /lgbt/ or /pol/.

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The fact that this upsets you enough to actually caps lock on it--and there's nothing you can do about it--is quite possibly the best part of my morning so far.

I'm going to go kiss my partner good morning. This is some good stuff. You're the best.

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This board is called /tg/ - Traditional Games
Nowhere in that does it say /lgbt/ or /pol/
For fucks sake, can we call upon our new Japanese overlord to bring some fucking containment to this site? I'm tired of seeing /lgbt/ or furries where they're not supposed to be.

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I'll play gay characters and there's nothing you can do to stop that. And then I'll post storytime of their manly romances.

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I can't wait for you and your partner to be purged. The lgbt purge will be a glorious day, I can only hope it comes during my lifetime.

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I'm sorry for your autism

>> No.43197970

Oh, yeah, just like fusion. Only 50 years away!

>> No.43197976

>I'm a troll

We already knew that. At least have the sense to troll in a more appropriate board.

>> No.43197989

Dammit... Update shoggy, we miss you

>> No.43197994

Nice falseflagging, tumblr.

>> No.43198000

I'll be 71, still kicking it and still able to light your faggot kind on fire.
Now this person, this person gets it, continue to preach the ways!

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You're linking to the wrong argument starters, faggot.

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>I'll be 71, still kicking it and still able to light your faggot kind on fire.
>tfw the moron didn't even get the joke

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No, that's where fags like you need to go with your shitty propaganda.

>> No.43198030

hey man, I'm autist as fuck and not as dumb as that motherfucker, he's got next-level autism.

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>the purge is coming
Just like gay marriage would never ever become a thing in America.

You are a treat.

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No, actually, I legitimately hate the lgbt movement. It is unnatural and wrong, even more so than some of the more strange fetishes (tile fucker). Lbgt people shouldn't exist. I'd rather rather lose a girl to a straight man than have faggots breathe my gloriously straight air.

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>implying propaganda means "bad"

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These /b/ fags need to really just stay on /b/.

Hell, most of these files don't even have /tg/ related filenames.

Fuck off with your lame propaganda.

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>unnatural and wrong
>both completely human concepts largely removed from reality and only about your teeny widdle feelings

>> No.43198064

>gays are bad
>i would rather get cucked
Also tilelover is a hero.

>> No.43198072

>mfw the actual moron didn't realize I ignored it
Haven't actually been there, only here and /k/
I don't care if I have to start the purge myself, it'll happen.

>> No.43198079

>falling for bait

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>> No.43198087

>i'll do it myself


>> No.43198088

If you really just want to start an argument, take it to /pol/, faggot.

That's why people hate it when you faggots decide to just spam your propaganda, because it makes people tell you why you're wrong, and then you spend several hours performing damage control.

Just keep your stupid political distraction controversial shit in /pol/.

>> No.43198112

You know what falseflagging is, right?

>> No.43198126

>If you really just want to start an argument, take it to /pol/, faggot.
Kettle, black, pot. >>43189090

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>> No.43198141

Who actually said I had a chance with a girl in the first place? I mean come on, I'm shitposting in /tg/, possibly the most neckbeardian of boards.
While I would agree, if it wasn't for this thread, I couldn't shit it up.
>both completely human concepts largely removed from reality and only about your teeny widdle feelings
aww I bet you think you actually have the ability to choose what's right and wrong. Have fun staying wrong faggot.

>> No.43198150

holy shit this is fucking hillarious

I'm not even mad it's so fucking fun to see bad b8 end up going so well through samefagging and shitloads of newfags. It's like seeing a poorly designed car missing half its parts managing to keep going down the track through sheer random luck.

This is a good thread.

>> No.43198152

>post female gays
>"aww yiss hot lesbo action"

>post male gays
>"hurr keep that to your faggot board"

Feeling a little biased, anon?

>> No.43198156

The issue isn't people taking an issue with someone posting a stupid controversial topic outside of its containment board, it's people posting the topic in the first place.

>> No.43198165

>aww I bet you think you actually have the ability to choose what's right and wrong.
I'm sorry?

>not enjoying debate
If there's one thing I agree with >>43189090, it's those threads being shit.

>> No.43198174

I have to agree. While I initially came to this thread and was triggered by the presence of actual-faggot shit on my supreme board, the moment I started shitposting this thread became gr8 b8 m8.

>> No.43198179

This is the worst thread. You /b/-tards need to just fuck off.

>> No.43198197

"This is the worst thread. You /b/-tards need to just fuck off," says the Summer newfag, age 12.

>> No.43198234


I literally don't have a reaction image which can accurately portray my laughter at this moment


jesus christ this is too good. I can't even tell how many levels of b8 are happening anymore.

>blames /b/
I love you guys

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There is right and wrong, natural and unnatural. When it comes to which is which, there can be no doubt and we as humans are inbuilt with what's right and wrong, which some exceptions (lbgt, sand niggers, criminals).
You cannot actually say it's subjective, because it's not.
Not really, I like girls and seeing more of them. I know too many of them that would do your pic related as a joke, so I see non-porn lesbo action as joking.

>> No.43198251

>look mommy, I'm trolling!

Fuck man, here's your response. Now just stay in /b/ with your baby-tier tactics.

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>> No.43198274

>humans are inbuilt with what's right and wrong
Did you choose to ignore every bit of science you ever came across or are you just that dumb?

Why are you quoting yourself?

>> No.43198279

obvious bait, stupid /tg/fish. Achievement completed.
Back to b/

>> No.43198302

>I can't even tell how many levels of b8 are happening anymore.
Well, I'd guess between GRVIII BVIII MVIII and Bait of Babylon times 35, but either way, it's pretty fucking funny that this shit is still going.

On another note, what's your pic related from? It looks kinda like Wakfu

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>> No.43198320

>It looks kinda like Wakfu
That's because it is.

>> No.43198321

Wakfu season 2, from one of the best characters who has criminally low screentime.

>> No.43198326

>mfw gays et al. also have the right to keep and bear arms
>mfw you get btfo by gay bisexual transfluid genderqueers with pink AR-15s festooned with Hello Kitty cell phone charms while they scream MUH PRONOUNS

>> No.43198330

Last time this was posted the recommended filename was "Johnny poses with his Stand, Gorillaz"

>> No.43198335

>Did you choose to ignore every bit of science you ever came across or are you just that dumb?
I'll take "What is trolling the shit out of these newfags" for 500 Alex
Seriously man, if you think I'm dumb, you're even worse off because you're believing the bullshit I'm spewing.

>> No.43198339

gay people really smarter than straight people.

>> No.43198346

Oh, so it was just a case of pretending to be retarded? Also, Poe's Law.

>> No.43198405 [DELETED] 

Thanks guys, I should schedule time to watch that here in the next few days, at least something good came from this thread.
I too have the right to keep and bear arms as I already do. Weekends I'm not at the local game store, I'm at the ranges. So your argument of me getting BTFO by the actual-faggots is moot because keep in mind, actual-faggots don't actually like guns, they're all about their pronouns and Shillary Cunton, so if they owned guns, they'd be kicked out of their actual-faggot groups for not supporting the whole liberal cuck culture.

>> No.43198439

>gloriously straight air
you really had me going for a second

>> No.43198494

>Jap/Chink/Gook-shit name
>London School of Economics and Political Science
No where in that does it say school of psychology so IntoTheTrashItGoes.jpg
What is Poe's Law? I don't actually remember Edgar Allan Poe coming up with any literary laws.

>> No.43198552

Can confirm that >>43198247 is right, humans are inbuilt with that bar some cases of lgbt and criminals. The sand niggers part I can see, but he could have been less racist about it.
Psychology Ph.D. faggots BTFO

>> No.43198553

>>Jap/Chink/Gook-shit name
>>London School of Economics and Political Science
>No where in that does it say school of psychology so IntoTheTrashItGoes.jpg
you are homophobe.

>> No.43198588

pics or GTFO

>> No.43198612

I hate you all and would gladly murder each and every one of you if I had the opportunity.

>> No.43198620


>> No.43198659



I'd gladly put you into bondage and made sweet, sweet love to you, anon.

>> No.43198679

>> No.43198706

>actual-faggots don't actually like guns
>not liking phallic weaponry
I'm sorry, but something shaped like a dick boring a hole into your mouth just makes my dick throb so fucking hard.

>> No.43198726

>Psychology Ph.D.
Armchaid psychology doesn't qualify, Anon.

>> No.43198785

>phallic weaponry
Sorry faggot, guns aren't phallic, your dildo is. Guns are the way they are because that's what works mechanically.
Dumbass liberal arts faggot.

>> No.43198802

Nature proves faggots right again, I guess.

>> No.43198814

The fun part about all of this is, there WAS a filename thread that was up when this was started. By looking at the catalog OP YOU COULD HAVE FUCKING PREVENTED THIS YOU TURBO FUCKING FAGGOT.

>> No.43198823

Penises are the way they are because that's what works biologically.

Doesn't make them not phallic.


>> No.43198835

>guns aren't phalic

>> No.43198836

So desperate to be right, you actual-faggots are pathetic.

>> No.43198851

if you do, post pics please

>> No.43198861

Wait, I thought /tg/ stood for Totally Girls. Aren't we all little girls here?

>> No.43198874

That too.

>> No.43198875

I laughed a bit too long at that retriever's face.

>> No.43198903



I love and respect my slaves, While disrescpecting them.

>> No.43198915

But he doesn't want

>> No.43198919

A penis is phallic because its a penis.
A gun is not phallic because it's not shaped enough like a penis.
penis == phallic
gun =/= phallic

>> No.43198926

Go back to file names instead of pissing at each other.

>> No.43198957

You're right, I was getting tired of all the actual-faggots. Their arguments were getting bad anyways.

>> No.43199058

Mod should ban OP for baiting.

>> No.43199063

>> No.43199087

>> No.43199112

>> No.43199140

>> No.43199151

I'm not sure if this is /tg/ enough...

>> No.43199161

He opens his mouth wide for tentacles

>> No.43199165

>> No.43199186

>> No.43199196


>> No.43199206

That filename sounds like it belongs in a /k/ libtard thread.

>> No.43199245

>> No.43199254

>at the local game store
>implying you have money

When the gays come for you and your beat-to-shit 91/30 with your sticky-cased milsup cartridges, and you see the pink AR-15s in their hands, you will know the depth of your folly.


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>> No.43199283

>> No.43199284

>> No.43199287

>> No.43199292

That's alright anon. We respect your privacy.

>> No.43199301

>> No.43199319

I didn't know Chobits had an S2!

>> No.43199350

>> No.43199372

no, it's SEKAI SAEMO

>> No.43199383

It's the cultist of vi, right?

>> No.43199393 [DELETED] 

I don't have an appropriate filename for this, I just wanted to post it because I thought it was funny. Suggestions for /tg/ related filenames welcome.

>> No.43199395

>Posting pics of him with worstgirl
Even Uehara is better.

>> No.43199411


>> No.43199439

I Googled the name plastered on the cryotube, and Google says Pandorum, but I'm not positive on that.

>> No.43199476

It's Pandorum

>> No.43199504


>> No.43199532

>> No.43199555

>> No.43199621


>> No.43199725

>> No.43199767

>> No.43199788

>> No.43199846

>> No.43199853

>> No.43199873

>> No.43199893

>> No.43199920

>> No.43199950

>> No.43200015

>> No.43200072

>> No.43200081

>> No.43200098

>> No.43200116

>> No.43200121

>> No.43200134

I'd argue that's more lawful than anything.

>> No.43200144

>> No.43200173

>> No.43200194

>he continues to dance after he's made the nutshot

>> No.43200203

>> No.43200211


Yes, anon. Yes. YES.

>> No.43200231

>> No.43200272

>> No.43200300

Who are you to decide what is or is not /tg/?

You know what? I disagree with you. That makes me and the poster vs. your whiny self. 2 to 1. We win, it's /tg/ now.

So shut your dicksheath.

>> No.43200309


>> No.43200324

>> No.43200327


What's wrong with the P-90?

>> No.43200329

My inherited M1 Garand says otherwise.

>> No.43200379

>> No.43200381

wrong board m8

still kekked though

>> No.43200410

Be careful you don't cut yourself on your edginess, chum.

>> No.43200442

Oh man, now I want a homebrew setting where I can play a cleric of the cult of vi.

>> No.43200444

...Wait, is that Jean Reno?

>> No.43200447

Accepting atypical gender identities is not good, it only propagates more evil.

>> No.43200471

Not him but I'm going to continue to fight to repeal it. Probably won't happen, this kind of stuff doesn't get undone after it goes through, but I can try.

>> No.43200485

that sounds like a light novel title

>> No.43200501

The sooner we stop replying to babby's first trolling attempt, the sooner the horrid little thing will leave /tg/. Just hide the posts.

>> No.43200508

fine too

>> No.43200554

I am inclined to agree with this poster. /tg/ has never given a fuck what people do to get off. Hell, /tg/ and /k/ and /d/ have massive overlap. Either this is an uninformed false flag, bad troll, or some kind of /pol/ bleedover.

I'm just not buying that we have people on /tg/ that actually give a fuck about all that.

>> No.43200556

Jean Reno fighting yokai in medieval japan while the regular hero fights them in modern Paris was the highlight of that entire console cycle for me. They even had Reno voice himself in the intro. Onimusha 3 is amazing.

>> No.43200585

>> No.43200587 [DELETED] 

2v2, because if we don't dictate what is and isn't /tg/, then we get those /lgbt/ fucktards in here again. Scroll up, you'll see why we need containment.

>> No.43200603

>> No.43200618

Good to know that there's another rational person that frequents this board. Continue fighting the good fight!

>> No.43200633

>> No.43200646

But I am eternal, I am here forever, for I play 40k and D&D you cannot remove me, for I am not kebab.
>I'm just not buying that we have people on /tg/ that actually give a fuck about all that.
Pay up, we exist.

>> No.43200651

>> No.43200670

Nana is not the worst girl, Nana is a Good Girl.

>> No.43200685

No problem. I'm not a stormfronter, keep in mind, I just don't like this specific thing.

>> No.43200701

>> No.43200725

>> No.43200757

>> No.43200774


Oh god my sides. You're so pathetic.

>> No.43200791

What's pathetic about having a political opinion?

>> No.43200808

>> No.43200852

>> No.43200914

>> No.43200926

>Correct response to tumblr

>> No.43200932

>> No.43200962

>> No.43200988

>> No.43201012

>> No.43201020

>I'm not a stormfronter

Then what are you even doing with your life?

It's time you woke up

>> No.43201030

Your showing that this is a falseflag attempt even more with this post.

>generic thisisbait image.jpeg

>> No.43201052

>> No.43201093


>> No.43201094

>> No.43201127

Whoops, didn't mean to link. Sorry!

>> No.43201153

>> No.43201179

>> No.43201195

Behold, the hopes and dreams of the human race

>> No.43201214

>> No.43201246

>> No.43201284

Penny Arcade is shit

>> No.43201289

>> No.43201313

Please contribute the the thread.

>> No.43201345

>> No.43201608

>Not "Vestal stress reaches 100"

>> No.43201701

>not "Virt is banned"

>> No.43201730

I know a lot of gay guys who hate Shillary. When she said women were the primary victims of war, she pretty much turned every gay with military service or a military family against herself.

>> No.43202331

But anon, women ARE the primary victims of war, because if they lose their husbands sons there's nobody to support them and take care of them :^)

>> No.43203523


>> No.43204652


>> No.43206354

>Disobeys constantly
>No intentionally to get punished, just because she can't follow directions properly.
>Sulks whenever it looks like Kaoru isn't following her like an obedient puppy
>Screws up on multiple occasions and Kaoru has to cover for her mistakes so that she doesn't get publicly exposed as an exhibitionist.
>Doesn't want to even acknowledge that she knows Kaoru while at school

Literally anyone else is better.

>> No.43206841

Oh shit that's right, fuck yes! It's almost time!

>> No.43208136

So formulaic.
>Animal in image
"Druid" in filename.
>Related to sex
"Bard" in filename.
>Punching/martial arts
"Physadept" in filename.
>Excessive firearms
"Streetsam" in filename.
>Overpowered character
"DMPC" in filename.
>Something unlikely happens
"Fate Point" in filename.

"Nat" skill checks


Bad 40k memes


>> No.43208348

Cry some more.

>> No.43208380

And you complete the checklist with
>"shitposter" in thead

>> No.43208928

Please, fuck off.
Really, if you just want to spew propaganda, keep it in /pol/.

No one cares what you get off to, as long as you don't bring it up.

>> No.43208974


you're doing gods work, linking that.

>> No.43209108


i listen to my dick
you listen to yours

yours tells you to post gay shit
mine tells me to call you a fucking faggot. and also that lesbians are hot.

my dick > your dick

>> No.43211779

>complaining about a bias
> on the internet
first day on?

>> No.43213050

Now post the Simpsons version

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