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Let's read some words and wait for Thog.

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to be honest
im fucking glad roy grew a pair, and used his int to finally figure something out

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Okay, pretty cool.

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There ya' go

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out of curiosity and not having time to do it myself.
How many pages it took roy to realise that vampire durkon was not durkon?

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has it ever been said exactly what happened to Roy's brother or do we just know he died in an accident when he was very young?

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Wait a second. Did Roy ever tell Durkon about his dead brother?

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Well they've been adventuring together for a long time now, longer than with anyone else in the group.
It probably came up at some point off-screen
Well, page.
Well actually it's a webcomic so screen still applies.

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not on panel, but the way Durkula phrases it in the comic he's obviously heard the story.

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Well, it has to be something about that story that tipped off Roy about Durkula's true nature. Either it's knowledge of the story itself or a detail Durkula got wrong.

Maybe Roy's brother died of cold, sickness, or anything other than being torn apart.

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LOL now durkula is gonna go GAS form and be like *gg* :D

ofc if ne1 wanted 2 interfeen and kill durkula and sakrifise tehmnself 2 save da world that'd b fine 2..........................

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mfw (and thread theme)

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Or possibly Roy realised that the real Durkon would never be so cruel.
That was how I interpreted it.

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Or it's just that he finally realized the real Durkon wouldn't do something like bring this back to torment him. Doesn't necessarily need to be a contradiction.

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This moment would be a lot better if the comic didn't take for fucking ever to update.

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We know that he died in an accident relating to his father's experiments; nothing else.

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I think it's that he's focusing on the PHYSICAL part of it. How many pieces his father was found it.

Durkon's never really cared for the unimportant physical details. He's all about the emotional. How it made people feel, how he can make people feel better.

He'd have never 'Always' wanted to ask that even if being a vampire did make him evil. He'd have needed to have heard the story while a sick bastards to Always have wanted to know.

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Edit: Brother, not father.

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BEARD DAMAGE! That's a penalty to WIS at least, if not also CON.


No, by the sound of it the demon in durkon has been tricked by the real durkon, we shall find out how exactly soon.

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It's been established that Durkon's vampire has trouble discerning the commonality of Durkon's memories.

Durkon fed his vampire a ton of memories where Roy professes his feelings of guilt, and one of Eric's death, a death that Roy does not feel guilt over.

The vampire assumed that all of these memories were ones of Roy's guilt, which is the final tip off for Roy.

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I... what? Had 5 words a minute anon taken up speed typing?

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This sounds right to me. Roy's been lying to himself for a while now, and he just realized that while Durkon might be spiteful to Thor, and he MIGHT be angsty enough to do something like try and end the world, he would never be so pointlessly petty and cruel as to bring up the story of Roy's brother SPECIFICALLY to mock and disconcert him.

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There's four possibilities as I see it:

1) Roy never told Durkon the story, but durkula asked inner durkon something like "did he ever tell you about his brother dying?" and inner durkon went "aye, of course".

2) Roy did tell durkon the story of how his brother died, and inner durkon told Durkula a different version of the story to trick him, (a side possibility is that it wasn't his BROTHER, but a cousin or something)

3) Durkula's delivery is wrong and Roy succeeded in a spot check or spot motive check or something.

4th) and finally, there's the possibility that Roy and Durkon came to some arrangement after the whole "nale pretending to be elan" business wherein if either of the other two is replaced by a fake in some manner, Durkon's "tell" to confuse any memory stealing shenanigans would be mentioning Roy's brother.

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What seems the most likely is the following: Roy told Durkon the story of how his brother died, but Durkon misfed Durkula the incorrect following information: Eric Greenhilt was found in multiple pieces, rather than having died with a whole body.

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All of these are terrible guesses. It was his brother, Roy saw him in the afterlife.

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Has Roy ever used the anti-undead powers of his sword before this?

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1 and 2 cannot happen since the vampire can directly access the memories even if durkon is less forth coming with it. Kinda doubt number 4, but hey who knows? Nimber 3 is likely, but I think it's more in line with >>43161658 than anything else.

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Only 2 is negated if we know the brother died.

All other statements are plausible

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Durkon cannot hide information from or lie to the vampire spirit. It accesses his memories directly. The only caveat is that the vampire doesn't seem to understand cause and effect.

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Against Xykon; he also used the antispell technique, but it turned out it was just an illusory Xykon.

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Vampire Durkon has free access to all of Durkon's memories. What he doesn't understand is behavior patterns.

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He doesn't know all the memories, though, he has to go looking and then actively watch them. He could conceivably miss something.

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Yes, he used it against Xykon during the Azure City battle. It also procced against Sabine, though I don't think it did extra damage to her.

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He does have as much time as he requires because the memory viewing occurs at the speed of thought. However, as acknowledged above, Durkula doesn't quite grasp the connections between memories and thus it's highly possible that he was misled by Durkon.

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Against the mummies in the desert

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Somebody want to be an ootsbro and dig up any relevant previous pages re:Roy's-brother?

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Why is his sword green?

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Starmetal and/or magic

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The real question is why are his eyes green. This is more than just a reflection of the light of the sword.

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Or bullshit, like half this combat.

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Not just his eyes, Roy has a whole green aura going on.

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starmetal radiation?

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That's pretty generous

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Starmetal and/or magic. Magic items don't only do neat stuff for themselves, they can also boost their wielders directly.

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Level up in madeup overpowered class?

>> No.43162521

Probably not, there's plenty of previously existing overpowered classes that he could do this with.

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Am I wrongly assuming that the black punches are vampire's level drain ability? because if they're that, shouldn't Roy have like a -10 to all rolls, and -50 to HPs?

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When Durkula was looking for some typical swear that Durkon would use he was shown a long memory of his mother saving a dude from a cliff. Durkula commented that this "trick" failed since he can take his time looking at the memories.

Perhaps when Durkula wanted a memory about Ron's brother Durkon showed him a memory of Roy telling the "fake story" like >>43161766 suggested in 4)

Or something like that. Maybe Ron told Durkon two versions of what happened to his brother, like if he didn't want to admit the truth first he told a fake story and only later told the truth once they got to know each other better. Either case, my bet is that Durkon used some memory that was related to the subject but had things wrong.

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Yeah, but this is the first time his sword has done this, normally it's just his sword that glows green.

It's not impossible that this is just Burlew being artsy with the sword effect.

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How many times has been Roy energy drained by the vampier bad touch until now? 3? 4?

>> No.43162586

Also, all his wounds healed. Obviously something to do with the Star-Metal

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There's been an art changeup since the last time his sword's green shit kicked in, and depending on what exactly triggers it, it's getting a hell of a lot more triggered this go around.

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Guys, call me crazy, but I think Roy is going to win.

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That attack really fucked Durkon up, like holy shit

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I'm willing to bet he's been secretely taking levels in Paladin, at least enough to get Divine Grace, and maybe the aura of courage

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Probably not, Roy has been pretty autism about staying a single class Fighter

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Nah. This is straight-out "Durkon would NOT fucking say that, no matter how embittered he was about becoming everything he hates."

Roy was being spectacularly dim about it, but everyone has a line, and Eric is Roy's line. Which, having a (thankfully non-dead) little brother of my own, I can fully understand.

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He wouldn't risk it. Imagine if they have a special paladin club in the afterlife? He might encounter Miko again.

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You can't use a 2hd weapon in grapple, Roy, sorry, you'll have to come up with other thing.

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He's a high level fighter, maybe he took Weapon Mastery.

>> No.43162678

Spiral Power

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>Miko getting in to Paladin club.

Hilarious. That bitch fell so hard she probably ended up in the chaotic evil afterlife.

>> No.43162691

Might have been something that let him bypass Undead's immunity to crits.

>> No.43162699

I don't remember Weapon Mastery allowing you to do that.

>> No.43162709

Maybe he is thinking of Monkey Grip?

>> No.43162713

it allows you to do grapple people with arrows, using a greatsword in a grapple is significantly less silly and broken than that

>> No.43162726

I think that was from the potion he was drinking.

>> No.43162738

Monkey grip doens't work like that either.

>> No.43162747

This is the correct answer.

>> No.43162748

In the panel right before he still had some damage showing

>> No.43162751

That would be because I am dumb and forgot the feat I was thinking of is called Weapon Supremacy.

"You can wield your weapon against a foe who grapples you without penalty and without first making a grapple check. In this situation, you can take a standard action or a full attack action as normal."

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Miko isn't a paladin anymore.
Lawful neutral at best

>> No.43162761

Not bad.

>> No.43162773

>Prerequisite:...Fighter 18th level
I don't think Roy is allowed to have that feat

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I'm still mad that she fell too hard to get turned into Tsukiko's Revenant Champion. Fuck Crystal vs Haley, Roy vs Miko would have been hilarious.

>> No.43162816

Thog make comic. Not very funny. Thog sad.

>> No.43162828

What's that green fire? I thought he was a fighter, not a spell sword.

>> No.43162834

It's called weapon supremacy. PH2.

>> No.43162845

That's not the only caveat.

Durkon can feed in memories that satisfy the vampire's curiosity, but the influence of which ones comes from him.
It's very possible that the vampire asked Durkon for fodder to torment him with, and Durkon responded by giving him something that he absolutely promised Roy that he would never bring up or tell a soul about.

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>it's getting a hell of a lot more triggered this go around.

>> No.43162851

For every blowjob you give to your DM he reduces the level requirement by 1

>> No.43162854

>Upon venturing to Azure City and allying with Lord Shojo, Roy agreed to help on the condition that his weapon be repaired. He learned from the Azure City blacksmith that the sword was not forged of starmetal, yet the piece of starmetal recovered from the dragon's lair wcould be used to create a starmetal alloy. The improvement increased its accuracy and damage were increased by 25% - essentially turning the weapon into a +5 greatsword - and imbues it with the occasional ability to glow with a green energy that is particularly harmful to the undead.

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>> No.43162864

Starmetal anti-undead powers

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This is not a game, is a story, sorry that narrative triggers your autism.

>> No.43162970

If he's so smart, and everyone knows the rules of the game they're in, why did he pick the worst class there is?

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Daddy issues

>> No.43162984

I just said

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Roy is smart. His player, not so much.

>> No.43163012

Because their family was named after that greatsword and dammit, he was gonna be a Greenhilt.

>> No.43163015

because fuck contributing to caster supremacy! Viva la revolution!

>> No.43163023

I wonder how badly triggered the level autism thread in the forums is.

The battle of whether Xyklon is 21 (min) with the appropriate feats and items or 26 (min) still rages.

>> No.43163030

Would have been ironic if undead Miko got a redemption arc.

>> No.43163074

Can't you see it? he has tons of homebrewed overpowerd bullshit that makes him far stronger than a cleric of his same level which is ALSO a vampire, he probably can beat 20th level wizards by hundreds. The GM loves him.

>> No.43163085

Yes. Unless the door was slammed on her face, again.

>> No.43163095

>far stronger than a cleric of his same level
He was getting his ass kicked until this very minute.

>> No.43163112

I played a game like that before, dm loved monks and was sick of monks being shit, I didn't know this at the time and it was my first game of 3.5, so I picked monk because I liked the idea of a punching dude, ended being uberstronk, I think the dm overcompensated too hard

>> No.43163122

so how many pages of wordswordswords did it take for roy to figure this shit out

>> No.43163124

Nah. If a martial gets to shine it's not a bad think. Hell, my barbarian regularly does 180-ish damage per round when raging.

>> No.43163125

He should be ded since 1st turn, somehow he kept passing the DCs of dominate, and other spells like it was nothing, he even made Durkon turn into fog and escape for a little

>> No.43163153

Did Thog do well?

>> No.43163158

Dealing damage is not a hard thing to do if you're martial, but my monk was literally ignoring mind control powers (no roll needed) jumping so far dm ruled it as flying, and quivering palm as AoE before 10th level. Also my stats were like 20 Str, 20 Wis and 18 Dex, I thought monks were uberbroken till I played a different game with different people.

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goddamnit, Thog, the /r9k/ Durkon is shredding my sides to pieces.

>> No.43163199

>How many pages it took roy
Well, it's not like he had any reason to suspect such a thing.

>> No.43163207

took me a second.

>> No.43163220

He could be a closet junior Muscle Wizard.

>> No.43163224


Who the hell is Greenhilt? I do vaguely recall a Bluepommel. He was... he was... hmm. He wanted something.

>> No.43163249

I feel that things are getting pretty spoopy for some reason.

>> No.43163277

>chaotic evil
Considering that Soon said that the horse could visit her in the place she's going to, I doubt she ended up in hell or anything.
Probably a neutral place, maybe lawful neutral.

>> No.43163279

Is this the single most autistic thread on tg? Nsy, perhaps all the realm of 4chan ?

Its a comic sperglords, narrative trumps mechanics.

>> No.43163290


The check on dominate is easy. The check on hold person is moderate. That they kept working on Belkar was more of a running gag to his abysmal wisdom score despite being a ranger, and deference to story, than a plausible outcome.

Roy's stats and saves are high all around. /tg/ just likes to masturbate about caster supremacy and gets confused when it doesn't pan out.

>> No.43163296

Never gets old.

>> No.43163313

here's your reply

>> No.43163317

Someone call a chronomancer...

>> No.43163331

Oh, we have this every once in a while, people forgetting that there are no players and stuff.

>> No.43163385


Here's me acknowledging your reply. I guess.

>> No.43163394

Roy feels a bit of guilt - he knows intellectually that it's not really his fault, but he still feels it.

I'm pretty sure it's what >>43161630 and >>43161631 are saying

>> No.43163397

The narrative is framed by the mechanics. We don't know conclusively why every character says every line or performs every action, but understanding D&D 3.5 mechanics is one way to try to try to figure it out.

>> No.43163426

>Is this the single most autistic thread on tg? Nsy, perhaps all the realm of 4chan ?
There's at least two D&D edition wars, two That Guy threads and one Xvs40K power level thread on /tg/ right now. So, no. Not even slightly close.

>> No.43163448

Has Carnac had all the cancer he's spread over the years manifest in his own body yet?
Then no.

>> No.43163449

Doesn't pan out because it's a comic and narrative leads the outcome of the story, not mechanics, mechanical wise martials can't do shit unless they're ToB martials.

>> No.43163451

It looks a great deal like Roy's injuries vanished too.

>> No.43163461

did Roy just tap into his swords power for his own body? he's clearly powered up with glowing eyes and an Aura and the ignition of it healed him completely

did he become some sort of Soul-Sword or something?

>> No.43163476

inb4 Mr Scruffy is empowering him.

>> No.43163478

it also appears if Roy is flying.

>> No.43163496

(Greenhilt! Greenhilt! Greenhilt!)

>> No.43163498

Roy finally gets a power up, after literally his entire team got one.

and its the coolest one of the bunch.

>> No.43163507

thog try make another edit
it not coming together very well

>> No.43163516


"So this.. is starmetal power"

>> No.43163518

Starmetal gives Roy an amount of smites per day if conditions are fulfilled.

There, I figured it out.

>> No.43163522

I need someone to shoot a Yaranaika face onto giant Durkula.

>> No.43163555


>> No.43163564

I'm pretty fucking sure that the activation is tied to Roy's emotional state. Whenever the sword glows, he's angry. He probably couldn't bring himself to feel anger towards Durkon. But now he knows it's not his friend at all and he's fucking pissed.

>> No.43163569

no, this is something more, we've seen him use the green sword shit before.

its somehow empowering roy himself.

also if you notice, Roy is not being held in the last panel at all and is still there.

>> No.43163584

I think its more determination than anger, it also healed him, which shouldn't be possible.

now its time for Roy to Save the World!


>> No.43163605

Is it possible that he's all green because it's a green aura and he's in the middle of it?

>> No.43163638


it healed him, gave him flight(temporary?) and an aura, it has never shown to do this, as its just a sword so it only affects itself.

Roy is doing something new

>> No.43163658

I spat out my tea. Thanks, homo.

>> No.43163689

>Roy a man from a storied family is using a holy power on his body to fight a Vampire

I just.. I just KNOW I saw this somewhere else.

>> No.43163690

Determination works too, I suppose. On Xykon or Sabine, he can focus on trying to kill them, while holding back on this fight. It makes sense.

>> No.43163715

So is the Greenhilt sword enchanted with (P)LUCK?

>> No.43163717

You know he'd fucking wear the hat, too.

>> No.43163762

Roy just took a spontaneous level on Soul Blade.

this is Roy's true form, he is one with the Greenhilt blade.


>> No.43163797

Belkar confirmed for showing up next panel.
You don't just slip something like that in for no reason.

>> No.43163826

It's not necessarily flight, seeing as how it's a still shot of one moment in time. It's probably just showing us that he hit Durkon while still being held by him, and he's about to fall like normal in a second.

>> No.43163853

I would prefer if it were flight.

it could work if he did become a Soul Blade as him becoming one with the Greenhilt would give him quite a boost.

>> No.43163931

>one of the clerics finally steps up to help

>> No.43164000

Why are people saying he's flying? He broke out of the grip and about to fall down.

>> No.43164033


>> No.43164039

> he's not flying, he's just falling with style

>> No.43164040

Wouldn't Elan be Whammu? You know, being an invisible naked man and all.

>> No.43164057

He even has the fucking Lisa Lisa scarf.

We animu now

>> No.43164062

they hope he is, since he's clearly being empowered somehow by his sword, maybe he got flight too.

the most likely conclusion is he's just about to fall, but he PROBABLY did somehow gain levels in Soul Blade.

which would pretty much make Roy the strongest member of the team now.

>> No.43164075

if we went fully anime Roy would have figured out long ago he'd have made a vastly better warblade than he did a fighter

>> No.43164077

>The Hero Appears...


>> No.43164094

Soul Blade, even.

his obsession with his family sword would allow an incredible power bond between him and it, and it being a high level magical weapon just compounds it.

>> No.43164099

I'm calling it, this is the part where Roy throws away his 'muh Fighter 20' pride and start focusing on becoming the warrior it takes to win.

>> No.43164127

Soni chu what?

>> No.43164137

soul blade seems like a good option for him
was just making a little joke about warblades being basically fighter 2.0

>> No.43164145

>> No.43164161

Levelup in the prestige class "Fighters don't suck!"

>> No.43164173

it literally exists.


>> No.43164183

its homebrew

>> No.43164230


>> No.43164259

I'm reading the description for the soul weapon and it says the original weapon is destroyed. Would Roy be willing to sacrifice his grandfather's blade?

I remember grandpappy Greenhilt saying Roy still saw it as the family sword, rather than his own.

>> No.43164276

it just lives on in Roy as a Soul Shape.

>> No.43164373

This, also, using that line

>> No.43164403

W-who would do this? Why? Is there any more?

>> No.43164593


>> No.43164704

Because the comic started as soon as 3.5e was a thing, and people hadn't realized the Fighter is steaming garbage yet.

This is also why V is a blaster caster.

>> No.43164744

V is a blaster caster so that he can't solve the whole story with one day's spell slots.

>> No.43164754

>if you had kept me safe

For shame.

Great show otherwise, though.

>> No.43164774

>that realization
>that glow effect
>that everything


>> No.43164794

>green aura
>stronger attacks
Shit guys, Roy's a medabot with a rare medal!

>> No.43164805

I've got this.

>> No.43164821


Actually the comic starts with the conversion of all the characters from 3.0 to 3.5, so the characters were created back in 3.0 - this has been a major plot point before, as V makes a point of noting that his banned school of magic didn't include teleportation when he first made his character.

>> No.43164865


Fuck that's super confusing. Give me back my words please!

>> No.43164956


>> No.43165004


Maybe for you

>> No.43165007

thank you

>> No.43165062


>> No.43165122

>"Aye, tha I did. But ye never asked fer tha memory when we agreed that would be our sekret sign."

>> No.43165202

>What's that green fire? I

Gamma radiation, he is going to turn into thog

>> No.43165426

More likely it was

'You promised me a memory that'd hurt and demoralize him!'
'And I gave ye one. It just happened to be one he'd know I'd ne'er use on him.'

>> No.43165477


Didn't Burlew state that he's not really using the mechanics anymore?

>> No.43165502

Never stopped the autists.

>> No.43165578

Yep. He only uses them as vague guidelines.

>> No.43165607

So what about this PrC is overpowered? The stuff you get at 5th level is strong, but I doubt Roy just got 5 levels worth of Soul Blade all at once.

Sure, getting your damage die to scale up by one (or two) is pretty strong, but again, I doubt Roy just got that many levels at once.

More than likely this is the Starmetal reacting to Roy's emotions so strongly (partly for failing Durkon, partly for not realizing it's Durkula, partly for having to admit that Belkar was right) that it's unlocking more stuff (like the ability to somehow drain negative energy, convert it into positive energy, and heal the wielder equal to the damage you dealt).

>> No.43165624

seems overly special and powerful for what it is, just undead burning metal.

and nothing is overpowered about Soul Blade, it would just make Roy actually a threat.

>> No.43165644

Also keep in mind that there was a short crossover between 3.5 OotS and 4e's OotS in one of the books. In 4e, Roy was actually a Warlord, and when he asked 3.5 Roy about why he was a Fighter and not another class (I think it was Warblade, the Fighter-like class from Book of 9 Swords) Roy said he wanted to take it while in Fighter College but his dad wouldn't pay for the extra credit hours.

>> No.43165646

One hundred and one.

>> No.43165697

>Roy said he wanted to take it while in Fighter College but his dad wouldn't pay for the extra credit hours.

>Intentionally gimping your son
>After your father put you through your expensive-ass wizard college
I'm not mad.

>> No.43165727

Eugene was kind of a dick.

>> No.43165754

>What's that? You want to follow in my dimwitted father's footsteps instead of mine?
>You want to be a Fighter instead of a master of the universe?
>Alright you little shit, you can go be a fighter! Nope! YOU WANTED TO BE A FIGHTER, AND THAT'S WHAT YOU'RE GOING TO BE.

Roy and Eugene had a relationship built entirely on hate and spite. It's honestly kind of sad.

Eugene booted from LG heaven for ignoring the deva and burning her file when

>> No.43165779

>Eugene booted from LG heaven for ignoring the deva and burning her file when
Not soon enough.

>> No.43165795

This should be to >>43165754.

>> No.43165887

eugene is GOAT

>> No.43165927


Hasn't he still got the jump ring?

>> No.43165932

There are like four other classes that can use greatswords, and they're all better than fighters.

>> No.43166010

What if Durkon fed Durkula a memory where he first learned some of the details about Roy's little brother, but conveniently failed so show him another, later memory where he learned more, including the number of pieces he was found in?

>> No.43166021


V is a blaster caster because she made poor life choices and didn't realize that there are much more efficient ways for a wizard to deal with an encounter. He outright says it after losing to Zyklon.

>> No.43166031

Rich confirmed that Durkon can't show fake memories to Durkula.

>> No.43166041


He can't show fake memories, but can he omit some?

>> No.43166048

>she made
>he outright

You're not helping, anon.

>> No.43166054

Who said anything about them being fake?

I'm suggesting that on one occasion, Durkon learned about Roy's little brother, but wasn't told all the gory details. Then, on a later, completely unrelated occasion, Roy told him everything. And Durkon only showed Durkula the first memory.

>> No.43166062

I don't think so. I'm curious as to how Roy figured it out.

>> No.43166075


We're probably going to learn how in the next strip when Roy unloads on Durkon.

You can't kill someone without monologuing with each strike.

>> No.43166081

Rich has confirmed that Roy spotted the vampire acting out of character, not anything else. Durkon is not that malicious.

>> No.43166097

Since we're making animu references, then it's because it's a Conceptual Weapon, so it's all cool.

>> No.43166199

>Roy as a Seiba
>Haley as Archer
>V as Caster
>Thog as Berserker
>A squad of Azure City ninjas as Assassin
>Miko or Hinjo as Rider
>Absolutely nobody as Lancer because D&D polearms suck ass

>> No.43166206

He looked up to his grandfather, who was a fighter.

Given how awful a father Eugene was, Roy's grandfather was the only father figure he had.

>> No.43166215

I like it

>> No.43166219

>Haley as Archer

She has abs?

>> No.43166229

Didn't he never actually met his grandfather before he died? That's just kinda doubly unfortunate.

>> No.43166230

Pooh. Forum autists ruining everything again.

>> No.43166245

Link to forum post?

>> No.43166267

With all the ranks in Acrobatics, I wouldn't be surprised.

>> No.43166272

Giant Overbearing Asshole Thaumaturge?

>> No.43166299

>Absolutely nobody as Lancer because D&D polearms suck ass
But apparently popular in-universe since when Roy went to buy one as a substitute for his sword (maybe he could be lancer? he has the luck of one) the shop was sold out of all of them.


Even the ones which appeared in non-core Splatbooks.

>> No.43166317


>> No.43166371

>>Absolutely nobody as Lancer because D&D polearms suck ass

3.X perhaps, but the pole-arm expert in 4.0 was even sheenier than the spiked-chains wielding half-ogre.

"Enter my threatened area? Then I get to attack, move a square freely, push you a square, that makes you move inside my threatened area, here have another attacks, what's that? I pushed you again? Why yes you MAY have some more."

>> No.43166393

You know, if he did that.
Couldn't Roy just attack any other priest/bodyguard, and get the entire meeting to team up on him and Durkon?

>> No.43166405

Thog edit.

>> No.43166410


Yes, but Roy's barely holding his own against one poorly optimized cleric who outlevels him, against all of them he'd just be dead

And he may be a hero, but he's not an hero.

>> No.43166433

Yeah, all of Eugene's kids post-date his father's death, but Roy's heard all the stories (from his mother, though how she learned them I have no idea, given Eugene and his dad didn't get on)


>> No.43166438

"Durkon would never say something like that. I was an idiot to assume he's the same person."

Well, that was easy.

>> No.43166473

Well, yeah. But Durkon definitely couldn't take all of them either.

>> No.43166476

Interesting. Then what might this bit of foreshadowing be for?

>> No.43166491

Maybe, but I don't think that's necessary. Durkula just sees memories as infodumps, he doesn't get how experiences carry through time and shape people. If Roy was really down when he told Durkon the story, Durkula will think of that, and how desperate Roy was for Durkon to not be dead, and expect taunting him to just induce paralysis (helped by Dominate). The idea that that's crossing a line Durkon wouldn't, or making Roy angry enough to fight seriously, won't occur to him.

>> No.43166499


The vampire doesn't understand causal links (how one memory can lead to another) or puns

Clearly Durkon's been assaulting him with dick puns

>> No.43166501

Excellent question.

>> No.43166587

They're also specifically best friends.

>> No.43166593

So the lazy D edits are actually Durkon trying to subconsciously reach out to us?
Dear god...

>> No.43166622

>They're also specifically best friends.

Things like this are why I curse first-generation webcomics

They always start with Silliness and then decide they want to do something more plot related and previous incidents become embarrassing when the work is read as a whole

8-Bit Theater and Sluggy Freelance (which granted was never very good in the first place) also are victim to this

>> No.43166631

not bad

>> No.43166655

To be fair, 8-bit kept up the silliness for the majority of it, even if it did put in serious stuff later.
That's not even mentioning the decade-long brick joke.

>> No.43166687

>That's not even mentioning the decade-long brick joke

The way it was framed in the setup (with blood splattered on the hem of White Mage's robe, indicating that she'd get FUCKED UP or killed) indicated that it was going to be at least a little serious, even if the payoff took literal years

>> No.43166718

I was talking about the Arcade Power "Four white mages? It would never work" brick joke.

But that is a secondary one yes.

>> No.43166733

>Durkon never gets raised
>quirky magic pixie elf girl becomes their new permanent cleric

>> No.43166772

Or, it could be as simple as 'the real Durkon would never use this against me'.

>> No.43166823

8-Bit's seriousness was only for like, what? 20 something pages? It was all in service of a greater joke, anyway.

It's one of the few first-generation webcomics to really give a middle finger to the "silliness to seriousness" concept.

>> No.43166831

>2 couples, an Elf of ambiguous gender and a sexualy frustrated halfling with poor impulse control.

Sound like a great plot.

>> No.43166869


It's that the Vampire will trip up because the only thing he's sees is what he wants to see. So he can grab the memories of Durkon fighting a big monster, but does not see how the first memory informs the second, or how both inform how Durkon acts now. Meaning that he eventually had to trip up, because his impersonation of Durkon is too shallow, and he's too shallow to see that.

Which makes sense. He IS a Vampire, and they're all about Selfish pride and vanity. Monstrous narcissim.

>> No.43166919


I thought the brick joke was that the last comic has them embarking to find that Armor of Invincibility they were looking for in the first comic?

>> No.43166961


That's the OTHER one

>> No.43166965

I still don't get the connection.

>> No.43167017

There are like four major Brick Jokes at the end.

The one when BM and Fighter fought, from way back on the Airship
The Whitemages one
And the Armor of Invincibility.
And Thief stealing his Upgrade from the future.

>> No.43167019

His mother taught him to only help someone if they specifically ask for help.

Roy taught him otherwise.

It's possible that there's a deeper connection that's flying right over my head, but the second memory could not have happened without the first.

>> No.43167030

Between the stories in the strip or the forshadowing?

>> No.43167049

Memory 1 shows Durkon's attempt to help worsening things.
Memory 2 shows the above having an impact on Durkon as a person, in that he wants to be helpful but is now being too lacking in assertiveness or being way too conscious about helping others.

You know how when you see an event and then recall another one that reminds you of that? It's essentially what's happening. But the Vampire just think those two memories are random, rather than related. From the looks of it, the Vampire doesn't 'get' how events affect one's character development. He just sees boring memory in 1 and ooh, cool battle in 2.

>> No.43167059

the cat's out of the bag now.
Unless Durkula runs away, Durkon's getting rezzed when he gets pasted.

>> No.43167247

>two couples

Whats-his-face is only there as her guard, and he's tired of dealing with her. He's got a wife back on the Western continent.

>> No.43167268

>Which makes sense. He IS a Vampire, and they're all about Selfish pride and vanity. Monstrous narcissim.

And undead in the OOTS verse have an inability to grow beyond their starting state.

>> No.43167271

>hanging out with an accident-prone elf for years
>implying anything didn't happen

I mean it's either him or the tiger

>> No.43167307

>or the tiger
Once you go barbed you something something I'm not good at off the cuff innuendo

>> No.43167328


Once you go barbed you never go to Tarbes

Because your savagely mutilated lower body is too frail for transcontinental flights

>> No.43167333

Elves are sluts who crave being filled with cock.

>> No.43167344

>implying Belkar will live through this arc

>> No.43167357

>implying they won't find his corpse at the bottom of the mountain with Mr. Fluffy then elect not to raise him

>> No.43167359

my money's on the tiger

>> No.43167411

Another joke about reach and/or trip builds, I believe. Much like the charming (half?) ogre with spiked chains Roy fought way back when.

>> No.43167458


>No, by the sound of it the demon in durkon has been tricked by the real durkon, we shall find out how exactly soon.

No, Burlew said Durkon didn't trick the vampire in any way: Roy just realized the real Durkon would never have said something like that, not even after becoming Evil.

>> No.43167463

>Implying that he will come back alive.

Belkar has breathed his last.
inb4 HE becomes a vampire, but it ends up being pretty much the same as he was before, because nobody's death god planted an evil spirit inside of him

>> No.43167501

Well, that's just the dumbest shit, then. Just like everything else in this comic.

>> No.43167520

he does and the evil spirit is actually less of an asshole than real Belkar, if slightly

>> No.43167534

Can someone explain me why the vampire can't understand cause and effect or whatever is wrong with him?

>> No.43167582

It's like when you're skimming something to get to a good detail, you cut away all the useless chaff so you can get what you're looking for. Durkula doesn't care about the emotions or personal trappings around the memories, just how he can use them.

>> No.43167583

Man, Burlew has really gone out of his way to sabotage this scene.

It started off so well.

>> No.43167588

To live is to grow and learn.
Therefore, the dead can't do either.

>> No.43167596


>undead in the OOTS verse have an inability to grow beyond their starting state.

Basically, they can't grow as people, and they don't understand it when they see it in others. It's mostly 'cause they're not really alive, just shallow mockeries of life.

>> No.43167610

Wasn't that lizardfolk vampire a huge fucking exception to that? He lived long enough to have a personality, make friends, etc. and be a pretty chill guy most of the time, and even comments that even if you were to raise him his pre-undeath person was a totally different guy.

>> No.43167669


It's a native trait of vampires

>> No.43167681

He WAS a different guy, after his death he was possessed by a Nergal spirit that was chill and all that from the beginning and never changed as far as I know.

>> No.43167702

He WAS a different guy, after his death he was possessed by one of Nergal's vampire spirits that was chill and all that from the beginning and never changed as far as I know.

>> No.43167717


Are you a vampire?

>> No.43167732

Well i go to /v/ and according to >>43167669 it seems to be a vampire den.

>> No.43167751

Well what did you THINK the v stood for?

>> No.43167765


>Basically, they can't grow as people,

But they can gain levels.

>> No.43167827

A god plants a spirit in him, but it's so revolted that it goes on strike, giving Belkar his body back

>> No.43167828


>> No.43167981

"Halfling are supposed to be jolly! Why isn't he jolly? WHY ISN'T HE JOLLY?"

>> No.43168203

Video games?

>> No.43168227

Thog find these long pages very exhausting.
Thog losing magic.
Thog wonder if time for Thog to retire.

>> No.43168274

Don't be silly, no one on /v/ likes video games.

>> No.43168299

I like shitty vidya games.

>> No.43168390


>> No.43168400

As wild of a ride as Drakengard is, the gameplay is awful. Nier and 3 are the most playable of the lot.

>> No.43168405

>Caim rhimes with murder

>> No.43168518

Drakengard is one of the few games where I would recommend watching or reading a let's play over playing the game yourself without any qualms whatsoever.

>> No.43168526

Durkula said "always wanted to know".

Durkon would not have always wanted, even before vampirism.

>> No.43168530

>those eyes

Yep, she's gone.

>> No.43168572

You have no idea.

Anyway as for OOTS its about time Roy got to fuck shit up again. He always has to be the punching bag when a fight goes on. I hope he just fucks Durkulas shit up.

>> No.43168636

You know, speaking of Thog, I was at McDonald's earlier today and encountered someone reading aloud to absolutely no one but himself. In the middle of a crowded restaurant.

I think I found five words per minute anon.

>> No.43168691

Shit, this just got way too meta.

>> No.43168791

Sorry man, this might be your off-day.

>> No.43168821

I don't think he's been hit by 5 energy drain attacks yet. Some of the hits were negative energy spells iirc, as they ignore armor.

>> No.43168842

wew lad tbh

>> No.43168861

>how did Roy figure it out?

Don't you lot think it'd be a funneh joke for the tell to be just that Roy saw the two now fairly normal sized spirits floating and bound behind Durkula's eyes?

>> No.43168872


Fighters are definitely not the worst class there is. Hell, a well made fighter (which Roy is definitely not) is tier 4, which puts them ahead of 8+ classes, some of which have minor spellcasting ability.

>> No.43168906

>mechanical wise martials can't do shit unless they're ToB martials.

Someone doesn't understand how the tier system works. Its possible to make a fighter that obliterates equal CR foes in one round, gets +20 to inits and can move and then take two full attack actions and wipe out an enemy party of tier 1 casters in one round... and still be tier 4.

>> No.43168927


It could be a special purpose sword, though those are normally intelligent.

>> No.43168940

I'd be alright with this.

>> No.43168947

Its very unlikely that Rich reads random ass homebrew shit from the bottom barrel of homebrewland.

>> No.43168971

To be fair, teleportation didn't initially belong to Conjuration.

>> No.43169018

Polearms are incredible in D&D. Only drawbacks are:
1. Before 3e, they were less likely to have good enchantments.
2. When you're COMPLETELY surrounded by enemies, which is crazy rare

>> No.43169041

funny + serious is the best way to handle it. This is also how practically all RPG campaigns go.

>> No.43169094

Interestingly, the Nergal spirit did claim to have changed over 200+ years. He may have been lying to save himself or whatever, but seems an oddly specific lie.

>> No.43169112

>8-Bit's seriousness was only for like, what? 20 something pages?
I've been reading it for the first time and 150 pages in it's still silly bullshit, I'm waiting for it to get good.

>> No.43169133

Suddenly I find myself wanting a DMC-style action game where you play as Roy.

>> No.43169159

Didn't he just say that he wasn't the one who'd be resurrected? As in, that he'd changed from who he was alive, instead of that he'd grown over the years?

>> No.43169166

it'd be more like old SNES Prince of Persia, Roy just isn't that good

>> No.43169181

I think in Nergals case it wasn't that he tried to be like his old self like VampDurkon, he was a vampire who had his own development going on

>> No.43169184

The humor does get better but almost the entire comic is nothing but silly shit. It's a comedy, not a drama/comedy hybrid like most other webcomics of its time.

>> No.43169197

>As in, that he'd changed from who he was alive, instead of that he'd grown over the years?

He described his original incarnation as a primitve shaman from hundreds of years ago.

Again, he might be lying, but it seems a really obscure and specific lie. If I were going to try to lie to a goody cleric who wanted me de-vampirized, I would just tell him I have a bunch of vampire minions strewn across the land that'll be freed and go berserk if he kills me, or whatever.

>> No.43169218

>he was a vampire who had his own development going on

Yeah, that's my point. I don't buy that undead can't experience character development or whatever.

>> No.43169264

>Do you know meme gets, Roy?
>always love kirino

>> No.43169323

I guess maybe it could take longer or something. But I think in VampDurkon's case he just didn't study Durkon enough to get what he's really about and was mostly surface fluff

>> No.43169353


I can see why a relationship built entirely on imprisoning someone, working against everything they care for, and founded solely on contempt would make it easy for him to be cocky and make it difficult for him to really empathize with Durkon.

>> No.43169907

>You're a pathetic guardian
Missed one

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