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>Ishtar: Babylonian goddess of fertility, love, war, and sex

I'm building a pantheon.
I really love how Ishtar combines the domains of war and erotic love. The combination is very powerful and strangely intuitive. Can you think of other interesting combinations one might find in a god or goddess? What compliment trickery in a strange way?

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Holocaust denial

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That bitch be cray.

Enkidu was a bro.

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I think you are a horrible person.

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>Holocaust denial

Can this be universalized somehow without encroaching on pedestrian deceit?
Your suggestion might be a dead end.

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>What compliment trickery in a strange way?

In the Greek tradition, Hermes was a trickster figure. He also oversaw anything having to do with movements across borders or ownership boundaries. The connection between trickery and movement across boundaries becomes clear once you think on it, but it is rather interesting. It also invites you to see things like theft or commerce in a new light.

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>ie: it was just a prank bro

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To be honest, I am fresh from a game where such a deity existed.
Pretty much the Twin Gods of Falsehood, Revisionism and Hate

Bengar and his brother, Rison

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What did Sun Tzu say about trickery?

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>What compliment trickery in a strange way?
Perhaps wisdom? They challenge the high and mighty and make them either prove themselves, or make fools of themselves and learn a lesson. Maybe they're the creator god and the same creative impulses that drove them to make the world drive them to continue to mess around with it.

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Ah ok. I can see it now.
Strife and deception often go hand in hand, and you get a unique and potent mix once you add in the civic dimension.

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No, not the chapter about fire.

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I took something similar for my homebrew pantheon.

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>What did Sun Tzu say about trickery?
To paraphrase: "Employ trickery to murder the pregnant wives of your enemies. This will distract them."

Sun Tzu was not a nice man.

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But that's my favourite chapter!

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>Perhaps wisdom?

I like it.
I am reminded of Socrates a little bit, but more mischievous.

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I like the chapter about fire as well, but it doesn't contain the quote about trickery and war which I'm fishing for, even though it does adhere to it.

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Ah, bureaucracy. The slowest and most cruel death to any organization.

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>What compliment trickery in a strange way?

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>What compliment trickery in a strange way?
War or erotic love.

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>goddess of death and goddess of dance

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>Socrates, but more mischievous.
That would be Diogenes

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Diogenes is like the anti-Socrates. Where Socrates would patiently take people through the chain of logic, Diogenes would spit people in the face and expect them to know what the hell he was getting at.

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This Chinese have a saying, from him I believe, said something like "nothing is dishonorable in war". The suggestion being in normal life being dishonest, for example, was wrong and something you shouldn't do, same with stealing and killing. In war however, anything you do to advance towards victory is justified.

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Love is a Battlefield!

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Prometheus! Stole fire from the gods and gave it to man. For this, he was chained to a mountain and everyday a vulture would come and eat his liver.

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God of suffering and _______

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I feel like the Norse also had a deity of erotic love and war. But then, I kind of just assume the Norse add "and war" to the domains of all their deities.

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Justice. Burn all heretics!

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Erotic love.

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Ghost rider, then?

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Speaking of Hermes, why did Greek boundary stones have dicks on them? Anyone care to speculate?

>Stone slab bearing the head of Hermes and an erect penis, which passersby stroked for luck.

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It's curious how the persians (and others in the sphere of the persians, like the armenians) eventually came to identify her with their own godess Anahita.

Since Anahita was a goddess of fertility (like Ishtar) but also of waters and wisdom, you get a pretty complete divinity that is at the same time Athena and Afrodita (to put it on greek terms).

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Because who cared how ripped the Greeks were. They were all ripped.

Naturally, the boundary stones would only show the important bits: the head and the face.

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Because Greek couldn't go half a day without touching another's dick.

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Dicks are good things, they bring luck. Nothing is better than a dick.

If you don't understand, you must be a woman tbh.

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Is it bad that I liked both of those movies?

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Make it a dualistic deity. They are a god of fortune that embodies two different outcomes.

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>implying vagina's don't bring luck

silly greek

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>liking vaginas


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One theory, and mind you, everything concerning those statues is only a theory, is actually related to how certain apes act.

The males, when guarding their group, do so facing outward with prominent erections. This is supposedly because other apes will see the erections and understand that there are already fertile males within that group, and they neither need or want more.

Similarly, these boundary statues signify that there are fertile men, and are a proxy show of virility and strength.

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In mythologies the world over, vaginas seem to represent a dangerous devouring power.

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Maybe not very directly helpful, but I'm reminded of things like St Lucia (who plucked out her own eyes) ending up the patron saint of the blind, and Saint Sebastian (who was used as an archery butt) being made the patron saint of archers.

Alternatively, a pretty slow and cruel way to kill a person.

Carpentry? (Yeah, got nothing.) Though taking that to construction projects, and then simply grand projects, and with looming deadlines in mind, any great achievements that you've worked hard for?

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With good reason tbh (no homo).

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Well that's mostly because christian "gods" (saints) were pretty much all martyrs. It's to be expected considering that the christian god (the real one) is something like the Super Martyr.

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>Bengar and his brother, Rison
>Bengar and Rison
>Bengar Rison

anon, you fuck

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Interesting that there are two owls there.

From what I read. Pretty everyone except for the greeks linked owls to death.

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Apollo is both god of healing and god of diseases, on top of his main "sphere" of civilization and culture. Hades is both god of death and also of wealth. Artemis is goddess of wild animals but also of virgin girls and pregnant women.

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That's quite a cool combination, whihc deity is that?

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>I feel like the Norse also had a deity of erotic love and war

Freya. She fills a very similar niche actually, theologically speaking. But Freya is a woman's deity, while Ishtar was the patron of kings.

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>Can you think of other interesting combinations one might find in a god or goddess?

Guan Yu is the god of war and justice. He is worshipped by Chinese businessmen, policemen and Triads.

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Tzeentch pls...

>Ah, bureaucracy. The slowest and most cruel death to any organization.

>Dicks are good things, they bring luck. Nothing is better than a dick.



>In mythologies the world over, vaginas seem to represent a dangerous devouring power.

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Probably just a pun. Hermes is similar to herms.

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So something like gods from Bastion?

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This is not unusual, gods travelled far and wide during the bronze age and were assimilated or kept "foerign" as the local fashion lead. For instance Aphrodite was firmly part of the Greek pantheon despite being Ishtar in another form, while Dionysos, who many would consider an archetypal Greek god, was also seen as foreign (specifically, Thracian) by the Greeks themselves, despite forming part of their tradition for longer than Aphrodite.

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That's Erishkigal, you cunt.

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>Sex and War
>Creativity and Slaughter
>Trickery and Prophecy
>Knowledge and Tyranny
>Necromancy and Justice

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No the Greeks did too. The Athenians associated them with their goddess ofc, but Athena was only a major deity in Athens, she had no real panhellenic cult.

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What is this silly owl even trying to do?

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Honestly fuck your anti-dick agenda. Pricks and pussies are both good things.

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>Honestly fuck your shitposting.

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You don't need to type in caps all the time...

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He's a known shitposter, just ignore him.

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There is some interesting research suggesting that Freyja comes from an older goddess and older goddess still, so may have the same ultimate origins as Ishtar.

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Hard to believe tbh. Unless you're suggesting that pre-indoeuropean peoples in scandinavia whorshipped a semitic godess.

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>Pricks and pussies are both good things.
...But the penis is EVIL!!!

>You don't need to type in caps all the time...

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Go to bed Zardoz, or I'm tossing in a hornet's nest behind the curtain.

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war and "erotic love" aka sex.
So god of pillaging and raping?

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That does seem unlikely. Freya has pretty clear roots imo, she and Frigga fill the twin roles of the older goddess found in Greek as Hera, wife of the chief god and thus goddess over "women's matters".

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Man Ishtar is one in a million.
Very few girls understand the subtle beauty of a good rape and pillage.

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>war and "erotic love" aka sex.

That's Ishtar. Her temples had "divine concubines", essentially prostitutes.

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God of zeal and tricks.

I can see that god having a following among workers in a totalitarian state.
Where people have to be shady to start a revolution, but at the same time have to work hard in factories and such.

Circus folk who put a great deal of effort into their craft like some magicians could worship him.

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all of the æsir would be gods of war, while the vanir would be more like fertility and magic and shit

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>Frejya and Ishtar
>not Proto-Indo-European religion theory

How does it feel to be this pleb? The real list is:
>Sky Father - Dyeus Phter - Zeus Pater, Iovis Pater, Diespiter, Dyaus Pita, Dei-patrous
>Goddess of Plenty - Plthwih - Lelwani, Prithvi
>Striker - Perkwunos - Perkuns, Perun, Fjorgyn, Thor, Sucellus
>Dawn Goddess - Heus - Eos, Aurora, Usha, Austra, Esus, Iaro, Hestia, Vesta
>Love Goddess - PriHeh - Freja, Frigg, Priye, Puru
>River Goddess - Dehnu - Danu, Danu, Don, Donbettys, Dan rivers around Black Sea and Ireland
>Protector of Flocks - Welnus - Veles, Ullr, Velnias, Velns, Wuldor
>Divine Twins - Manu and Yemo, Sun and Moon, Horse Twins
>Water God - Hepom Nepotonos - Apam Napat, Nethuns, Neptune, Liothuanian rivers, Nechtan
>Pastoral God - Pehuson - Pan, Faunus, Pashupati, Pusha, Pax
>Nature Spirits - Satyrs, Dusii, Leszi, Woodwose, Nymphs, Vilas, Huldra, Apsaras
>Three Fate Goddesses - Norns, Moirai, Sedjunice, Ursitoara, Deives Valdytojos, Matrones, Morrigan

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Kind of.

There is a line of thought that Freyja and Frigg both came from the Germanic Frijjo, who came from an earlier goddess that may have migrated from the south east.

Keep in mind they're talking 3000+ years ago.

One of the reasons some like this is that a main feature of Freyja-Frigg-Frijjo is that she is from a "different tribe", such as the Norse Aesir-Vanir divide. With the implication that this "proto-Freyja" came with ancient migrants into the area and there was kind of a mesh of pantheons.

Again though, this is 3000+ years ago among people with little to no written records and who's traditions were changed by time and then largely destroyed.

The Norse faith, we know fairly certainly, is an "evolution" of the Germanic faith, so it stands to reason that the Germanic faith is an "evolution" of something earlier and so on.

But again, this is all amazingly long ago and all that can be done is educated guesses at to exactly what happened.

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Well Freya is almost certainly a euphemism, it means simply "the lady" so is more likely a title than a proper name. This is not unexpected given her association with wicked magic, compare Hecate and Persephone, both of which are titles and not proper names. The knowledge of such a deities true name was a secret the priests guarded for themselves, and as such they tend not to be recorded.

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Not sure what you're shooting at here.

There are lots of parallels in ancient Western faiths. I think the question comes from "did everyone come up with them independently" vs. "did they all have a similar source from previous civilizations".

Are all "mother goddesses" or "storm gods" ultimately born from proto-versions of themselves that existed before recorded history and then changed as time and culture changed?

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He's citing the reconstructed forms of indo-european gods, their presumed "earliest form". Many of the most well known gods aren't there, because they were borrowed / adopted from non-european sources (such as Aphrodite and Dionysos) or originated after the break-up of proto-indoeuropean, such as Odin (based on the seer class of the Celtic religion).

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Not shooting for anything, just explaining the general theory of Proto-Indo-European religion. And no, there's no real argument about whether it was independent, it is a solid argument for the nascent origin of pretty much all religious belief from Western Europe all the way down into Indian through in prehistoric times which spread with human migrations as they slowly warped into individual deities based upon the proto-deity core.

These are neolithic beliefs that eventually grew into the pantheons of the Western, Middle Eastern, and South Asian world.

Why else do you think that the god of daytime sky often as either a chief god or with aspects related to glory shows up with pretty direct roots from the proto-Indo-European root Dyues (Phtar) giving us:

>Zeus, Iuppiter / Dis Pater, Dyaus Pitar, the Thracian and Sabine worship of Dionysus, Tharapita, and Tiwaz, Dievas?

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Yep. Odin gets to be fancy, coming later from Proto-Germanic instead of Proto-Indo-European. Of course, crossing across all of the various Germanic peoples, whether he was Woden, Wodan, Wotan, or Odin.

It's a pretty interesting theory, but then again, I always loved the research into Proto-Indo-European language.

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Ok, I couldn't tell if he was trying to argue for or against what I was saying.

And yes, Odin is an interesting critter theologically and historically.

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kill a small animal tunnelling under the snow for it to eat (though being from a documentary, it's already dead bait).

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The problem is that everything makes too much sense with erotic love.

It's just a fetish god at that point.

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As tg is explaining where gods come from does anyone know a good place to learn about Judaism/whatever it was pre the One God thing?

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So horrible vore/unbirthing goddesses have a mythological precedent?

>> No.43150534

>So horrible vore/unbirthing goddesses have a mythological precedent?
I keep telling you guys, collective sub-conscious...

>> No.43150592


mythological AND ritual :3

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>God of suffering and bread
I like this.

>> No.43151457

1st commandment: if you bake your bread incorrectly, suffering is the yeast of your worries

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...Go on

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>>God of suffering and bread
I think aztec mythology has good of suffering and food. He flayed his own skin to feed people during a famine, now takes offerings of food and skins to wear (human, obviously).

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All is fair in love and war OP.

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You sneaky fucker.

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Read American Gods. One of the first things that happens in that book is some fertility goddess orgasmically shoving some worshiper who's eating her out inside of her. Super weird.

>> No.43151856

I always had an idea of a god of Monkeys, pranks, and Literature. I felt it would be an amusing bit of fluff.

>> No.43151906

A nod to the thousands of monkeys and typewriters line?

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Sounds like my man Thoth in his baboon aspect or as a composite with Hermes. And Odin, of course.

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Diogenes of Sinope was the father of the Stoic philosophy, slept in the gutter with a pack of wild dogs, fought other bums for money, and was generally ultra hardcore.

That does not, however, make him the anti-Socrates (or Socrates + fun).

Y'all are thinking of Pythagoras.

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And of course, traditionally, civil servants. He gives good luck on entrance exams.

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St. Nicholas is the saint of children and prostitutes.

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Actually love and war are frequently combined, as they are both based on wild passion and each can cause the other. Ares frequently coupled with Aphrodite outside her marriage with Hephaestus.

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>Iovis Pater

It's just "Iuppiter". "Iovis" is genitive.

>> No.43152549

I like his face of "Like the fuck dood, I totally smashed my face against that snow"

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>Suffering and Hearth
It takes pain and toil to build and tend to a proper home. This is a god made out of blood and wood.
This god protects those who mark their fireplace with their blood. He rejuvenates those that break themselves in the fields, providing for their families. He smiles on mothers in the agony of labour. This god never alleviates pain, in fact he will intensify it, but to those with feet planted he will grant endless fortitude. His temple is always the oldest house that still holds it's family. His priests are ancient and decrepit from lives of hardship. They must always be grandparents at least before they can channel his will.

He frowns on migration and divorce and the destruction of things that could be repaired. His followers adhere strictly to the rights of the host. There are old legends of him send mice to gnaw the living flesh of intruders and oath-breakers. Some tortures pray to him before interrogating foreign spies.

>> No.43152565

A ritual of eating a god's flesh is as cool in a polytheistic faith as it is in a monotheistic one I guess.

>> No.43152585

Canaanite polytheism which is just another branch of semitic polytheism. Search for stuff related to Phoenicians, Carthaginians and the like. Basically all the gods that appear in the Old Testament as evil.

>> No.43152618

A goddess of the hearth and guilt wants to remind you how hard she works to keep you happy. A god of agriculture and booze wants you to stop praying to him so he can sleep off his headache.

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>tfw no all powerful goddess to worship

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>I really love how Ishtar combines the domains of war and erotic love.
This is wrong. Ishtar is the goddess of *strife*. Not just war in general, and not just sex/love in general. She's the goddess of shit getting fucked up, and all of her myths are about her fucking shit up. The main areas in which shit typically gets fucked up for an archaic Mesopotamian are fighting and trying to get laid/keep your wife in line, so those are what normally get fucked up, but that doesn't mean that she "has two domains" or some shit like that, which by the way is a D&D-ism, or at best a Victorian way of thinking, boxing things up in these weird predetermined portfolio categories.

>> No.43152696

Age of Mythology taught me that poseidon was the god of the seas, and strangely horses. I always thought that was an interesting combo.

>> No.43152746

>I really love how Ishtar combines the domains of war and erotic love
Sounds like a general god of "passion," which suits pantheons of early civilizations.

>What compliment trickery in a strange way?
Trickery is a negative connotation of ingenuity, advertising, manipulation. A complement would be something with positive connotations

> God of trickery and also building homeless shelters.

>> No.43152798

>TFW no all powerful all devouring goddess to worship

>> No.43152826

He also does earthquakes, I believe.

>> No.43152837

Horses too

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Speaking of trickery and positive traits and D&Dism like portfolios, what would Br'er Rabbit be the god of? Can tricksters like he, Anansi, and Coyote be said to be gods of anything?

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File: 1.61 MB, 1291x1974, no honour.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They keep the demons away.

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File: 209 KB, 729x997, 1431Vishnu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh, and Vishnu, of course.

>> No.43152933

Cleverness, probably? I don't think if anyone wants to worship Anansi it's because they want to get scammed out the ass, it's because they want those wits for themselves.

>> No.43152947

I love the tradition of prudish devils that are repelled by graphic nudity and sex. It keeps coming up in places scattered all over the world. I've incorporated it as a minor element in a couple games.

>> No.43152953

Gods of profit. These "gods of trickery" are portrayed negatively, because they're dishonest in order to gain profit. This makes sense, really, but if you suspend disbelief, I can see a god like this being portrayed as a god of "practicality."

The more base version of this would be something basic like a god of politics/ tactics, but that's probably too expected of a "god of trickery."

>> No.43152982

Survival, perseverance. Ever read Watership Down?

>> No.43152996

I bet it started as a joke

>> No.43153055

Ishtar is a super fucking neeto goddess. She didn't embody passion she embodied ALL aspects of fertility, including birth and the fact death was a very real possibility for many women at that time. As a Goddess she reflected the violence of birth upon men in the form of war.
Trickster gods also aren't always "evil." Just look at Cayote or Loki. Yeah they did bad shit, but they weren't evil, hell Zues is arguably more evil than the vast majority of trickster gods

>> No.43153107

How does that explain African or Chinese deities though?

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>comparative mythology threads on /tg/

It's like having your birthday on christmas!

>> No.43153143

Most greek gods do

>> No.43153150


A god whose suffering has instilled within it the desire to ensure few suffer as it has suffered

>> No.43153192

Zeus wasn't always worshipped out of love or respect; sometimes it was out of fear of their unpredictable ire. Same for Poseidon, Hades, Dionysus, Demeter... all the big ones.

>> No.43153229

>Africa and China

>> No.43153246

That's the thing.

Modern folklorists have figured out that grand unifying theories of one "original" myth are retarded.

Yes you can trace the basic skeletons of certain Indo-European myths/deities, and Semitic myths/deities, Finno-Ugric, Turko-Mongol, Mesoamericans, etc. But to act like everyone on planet earth can have their myths dissected for a common origin is absurd.

There's all sorts of innovations and unique cases.

>> No.43153272

That bitch could summon zombies.

>> No.43153273

Good point.

>> No.43153307

I've read somewhere that Poseidon, Hera, Demeter, and Persephone are older than the other Olympians.

Apparently Indo-European tribes married the once independent goddess Hera to Zeus, and folk memories of her old cult could be found in remote parts of Greece like Arcadia.

Poseidon was probably the king of the gods and became merged with the PIE sea god over time.

And Persephone and Demeter had a much larger role in pre PIE Greek mythology.

>> No.43153708

You're in luck, /tg/ made one

>> No.43153721

>God of trickery
>Has statues of himself with his dick hanging out
>"Rubbing it is good luck"

Hermes is an ancient ruse master.

>> No.43153739

Go on.

>> No.43153770

Yeah, once the white dorics invaded and killed all the achaeans, greek mythology got all kinds of messed up.

>> No.43153835

Lilium was a succubus who planned to make a false religion with her as the goddess.
This was so she could trick people into offering their souls to her.
This went on for centuries until the religion caught on and the power of worship turned her into a real deity.

She eventually deluded herself into thinking that she was always a goddess and when she consumes souls, they go to paradise.
But since she retained her nature as a succubus, all the souls just went to her ass and thighs.

>> No.43153838

Reminds me a bit of Sacrier's origin.

>> No.43153867

What would be the best source to look to for less defined deities?

I'm currently working on a story where an alien is describing his species history as a battle between gods, and would like something to look for reference.

>> No.43153939


Please please please do not start that again. We had so many fuckers who came in early on and the tits and ass thing was a joke that shitposters kept forcing until only shitposters remained. And then they kept making more threads, because smutfags offended them personally.

just stop talking about it so we can move on with our lives

>> No.43153955


An overview of early Indian mythology might be worth seeking out--Rig Veda cosmogony stuff.

>> No.43154054

Lilium started out as a boring marysue waifu-bait goddess.
Those so called 'shitposters' were actually the ones who made her interesting by turning her into that beautiful world-eating space horror

>> No.43154128
File: 548 KB, 839x922, Oh Shit, Boner.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>all the souls just went to her ass and thighs.

>> No.43154162
File: 247 KB, 1170x1792, Ishtar.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.43154197

It's interesting.

Vedic religion compared to modern Hinduism/Buddhism is about as different as Canaanite paganism compared to Christianity or Islam.

>> No.43154264
File: 24 KB, 500x300, 1385549078707.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Man they literally forced in unbirthing fetish by making Lilium reward her most faithful by turning them into angelic-succubus things that were all women and shit.

It doesn't get worse than that. And then they took some re-fluffed mindflayers and spammed threads of that with scat fetish.

They saw /d/ where there was none and sought to murder smutfags with /d/. There wasn't a single interesting thing that the shitposters made, because all the barely decent things were thought up before they decided to crusade against those particular threads. All they did was force inane fetishes, for the sake of fighting fetishshit in the first place, and then repeat their drivel over and over until everyone was driven away.

Thus rotten shit eating scorpian parasites that everyone hates, and of course Lilium who unbirths angelbusses from her assfat but is actually made up as a joke and no one actually worships her.

>> No.43154346
File: 107 KB, 364x468, Charun.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

In antiquity the following deities were equated with each other. Try to guess how.














>> No.43154387

You do realize the term 'hermaphrodite' is a combination of 'Hermes' and 'Aphrodite', ie male and female?

>> No.43154414
File: 44 KB, 430x359, Deities-and-Demigods-037.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.43154452

>I really love how Ishtar combines the domains of war and erotic love.
I know, right?!

>> No.43154512

Goddesses of love/sensuality
Mother goddesses
Resurrected gods
Head of the pantheon
Craft gods
Light gods
War gods
Wisdom gods
Gods of the wilds
Sea gods
Goddesses of war (or weaving?)

>> No.43154518
File: 526 KB, 600x424, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.43154559

This sounds like some dofus shit.

>> No.43154599
File: 102 KB, 677x960, 1427755765214.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Absolutely not. Suffering and lesbian Love is Homura!

Madoka is Hope and Cycles.

>> No.43154621
File: 269 KB, 827x1169, 1429601214858.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.43154660

Story of the train wreak
>Started with someone asking what your cleric/paladin would do if their goddess revealed to them that she was in fact a redeemed succubus
>Some folks decided to start working out a religion heavily focused on love and redemption lead by a redeemed succubus goddess
>Much arguing/trolling on the subject if demons could be good/such a thing was most likely her pretending so she could nom souls
>Somewhere in there someone joked she turned souls into boob fat
>Now soul vore and becoming tit/assfat is added to the trolling
>More tolling, original goddess idea is mostly done
>New idea of a good/"good" goddess of redemption that still has some unsettling but still technically good behaviors (such as mindfucking unrepentant (or willing) evildoers into being good, using small amounts of mind control to push folks on the right path, or giving the souls of her worshipers the option of becoming one with her, existing in a state of bliss, and boosting her power as an option in the afterlife) emerges, good or "good" variations depends largely on if she's honest about the bliss part or just nomming soul
>A whole lot more trolling, people working on it declare original and new ideas done
>Some asshat starts making new threads, making sure to include the most fetishy interpretation in the OP
>More trolling, mostly on vore
>Someone jokes all the souls would make her huge and getting big enough to eat the planet
>More trolling, mostly trolls trolling trolls at this point
>New idea emerges, all devouring succugoddess elder evil big enough to swallow planets and determined to eliminate evil and bring bliss to every single soul in the multiverse by making them one with her
>More trolling, elder evil version done enough to be workable in game
>Mod finally deletes blatant troll threads during discussion of the multiverse actually being a series of matryoshka doll-like succugoddeses with each existing with in the previous iteration of reality

>> No.43154694

You forgot all the paladinposting, and how even the original religion that was worked out was waifubait from start to finish.

>> No.43154732

In other words, a typical thread of /tg/
At lease, /tg/ as it was before quests and generals.

>> No.43154740
File: 232 KB, 295x550, 1397352112041.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>how even the original religion that was worked out was waifubait from start to finish
What's wrong with a goddess you want to waifu?

>> No.43154762

Absolutely nothing, but when the entire religion is nothing but waifu then it becomes obnoxious cancer.

>> No.43154781
File: 28 KB, 200x200, 1408855487918.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Absolutely nothing, but when the entire religion is nothing but waifu then it becomes obnoxious cancer.
But didn't going to all the work of developing the cult make it something BESIDES Waifu-ing?

>> No.43154803


Lilium was 2013 at least. Maybe 2014. Also your comment is cancer, there was nothing good about the Lilium shitfuckery.

>> No.43154813

No, going to all the work of developing the cult only increased the quantities of waifus.
Prior to the development, only the goddess was a waifu, after it all of the priestesses were also waifus. The rites and traditions of the cult also encouraged waifuing.

>> No.43154824

Something I've sorta wondered, how would you go about doing an evil fertility goddess?
Only thing I can think of is making one about plagues and cancer but that doesn't feel right

>> No.43154837
File: 44 KB, 155x200, 1397349927292.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hmm, yes, but wouldn't the theoretical applications of the cults teaches also extend to non-waifu uses?

>> No.43154842

Cuckoldry goddess.

>> No.43154875

She's a fertility goddess that happens to be evil.
That's it, her powers are the regular fertility goddess stuff, she just uses them to accomplish her evil goals.

The theoretical applications of the cult's teachings also revolved around waifuism, which is to be expected considering they worshipped a goddess of love.

>> No.43154886
File: 281 KB, 860x825, 1440481814098.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Something I've sorta wondered, how would you go about doing an evil fertility goddess?

>Cuckoldry goddess.
Nah, that wouldn't actually fit into her portfolio of "fertility"...

>> No.43154921

In mythology the trickster god is often considered the champions of man. It was Raven who stole the sun and placed it in the sky in native american myth, it was promethus who stole fire from zeus, and this is a theme often repeated in mythology. The trickster is selfish, but often times ends up aiding humans indirectly. These type of tricksters are legitimately called promethian characters. Tricksters also ironically at times can represent honest, which is why they can be disliked by the rest of the pantheon. There is a story with loki where the gods wont let him drink with them accusing them of all theee terrible things, and he goes down the line of gods and points out each who did the same thing. The difference is loki didnt hide his nature, he wore it on his sleeve. He was the most honest with himself.

>> No.43154922

Personify the problems of overpopulation, I guess? Alternatively it could be like that one orc fertility goddess from D&D who's evil because the people she's promoting the fertility of are a species of huge murderous rapists.

>> No.43154926

Well, just think about what sort of evil acts relate to fertility.

Her cult should focus on rape and/or eugenics.

>> No.43154952

>Nah, that wouldn't actually fit into her portfolio of "fertility"...
Yeah it would.

>> No.43154986
File: 33 KB, 416x300, 1442603390738.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>The theoretical applications of the cult's teachings also revolved around waifuism, which is to be expected considering they worshipped a goddess of love.
Point conceded, though I must admit I do really like the idea of a religion that Waifus everybody anyways...

>Alternatively it could be like that one orc fertility goddess from D&D who's evil because the people she's promoting the fertility of are a species of huge murderous rapists.
>Well, just think about what sort of evil acts relate to fertility.
>Her cult should focus on rape and/or eugenics
Maybe an evil Insect Goddess who's worshipers produce massive armies of mutant slave children to do their bidding?

>> No.43155012

>Point conceded, though I must admit I do really like the idea of a religion that Waifus everybody anyways...
I can deal with it as a novelty, as long as it isn't used for anything serious.

>> No.43155048

Same as real world fertility gods: demanding sacrifice.

She demands that her followers give her what they value so that she will grant them the blessings they need to live. So they sacrifice a portion of their harvest to her. In bad years, they sacrifice an even bigger portion, leaving them even less to live on. They throw their kids down old wells or cut their throats and leave their bodies in bogs.

But that's not enough. What they have can never be enough for her. So the set out to take what they need to please her from their neighbors. They capture the wealthiest and most honored foes and ritualistically torture them to death. But the more blood she gets the more she thirsts and before you know it they've gone full Aztec.

>> No.43155050

>Maybe an evil Insect Goddess
I read that as "evil incest goddess."

I need to spend less time on this site.

>> No.43155054

Kudzu Goddess.

Unrelated, in one game I played in a horrid and alien force was corrupting both the infernal and divine. One of the first Gods corrupted was a Goddess of Fertility and Nature. It warped everything that she was, and even her attempt to create a daughter to reincarnate into was marred.

We ended up having to kill what she became by deleting her very existence just to get rid of all the filth she propagated across reality.

>> No.43155079
File: 1.48 MB, 1500x1875, 1422299775691.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Yeah it would.
Not really...
You're thinking of FIDELITY, or rather it's inverse, infidelity...

>I can deal with it as a novelty, as long as it isn't used for anything serious.

>> No.43155096
File: 33 KB, 520x799, virgin-mary-pics-0912.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Point conceded, though I must admit I do really like the idea of a religion that Waifus everybody anyways...

It's not as though there's not a LOT of historical precedent.

>> No.43155104
File: 178 KB, 800x1187, The_Ruins_poster.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>kudzu goddess
Made me think of pic related. Fuck that shit, man.

>> No.43155167

>You're thinking of FIDELITY, or rather it's inverse, infidelity...
No I'm thinking of fertility.
Producing offspring.
Cuckold deity would be an evil focus of fertility.

>> No.43155178

>tfw no gf

Fuck you God of Suffering and Lesbians!

>> No.43155198

Sure, just not in a serious game.

>> No.43155245

>not wanting to be waifued in a serious game

How dare you!

tbh our gm is a Gift of God, and it probably won't work in very many other groups.

>> No.43155269

Was that a good movie? I am on a horror movie binge and am looking for more to add to the list.

>> No.43155310

Not exactly true. The Sumerians gods had "me"s which were some kind of mysterious objects that contained the Laws of Existence. In one story Innana (Ishtar) gets Enki drunk and steals a bunch of them.


>> No.43155333
File: 378 KB, 987x1400, 1426414641769.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Cuckold deity would be an evil focus of fertility.
But her focus wouldn't be the Cuckolding itself, just a side effect of one of her "browsing samples" getting too attached when she moved onto the next...
Now if she was BOTH a Fertility and Infidelity Goddess, bitch would totally promote cucking.

No anon, that's the Goddess of Hope and Cycles, the Goddess of Suffering and Lesbians is her Girlfriend.

>Sure, just not in a serious game.

>> No.43155372

>the Goddess of Suffering and Lesbians is her Girlfriend.
I thought that was one-sided on Homu's part.

>> No.43155453

>But her focus wouldn't be the Cuckolding itself, just a side effect of one of her "browsing samples" getting too attached when she moved onto the next...
It's a deity.
Stop the waifu shit.
It inspires followers to fertilize as much as possible, even if the woman is spoken for.

>Now if she was BOTH a Fertility and Infidelity Goddess, bitch would totally promote cucking.
He asked how you would make an evil fertility goddess.
This is one way.

>> No.43155469

A 'culture hero' usually a fire-stealer. Loki was probably a lot more like Prometheus before Christian missionaries turned him into a Satan figure.

>> No.43155509

Sekhmet combines war, blood, berserker rage, and women's menstruation.

>> No.43155553
File: 174 KB, 736x1717, 1443445013738.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I thought that was one-sided on Homu's part.
Nah, I'm pretty sure Madoka would reciprocate it...

>It inspires followers to fertilize as much as possible, even if the woman is spoken for.
...Then she's just a rape god...

>Sekhmet combines war, blood, berserker rage, and women's menstruation.
Also gets drunk and turns into a Cowgirl!

>> No.43155570
File: 1.54 MB, 900x1200, 1431669557239.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>>one sided
thats not how this works.

>> No.43155600

>2013 at least. Maybe 2014.
Yes, and? The old folks are still here mostly, we get a throwback from time to time.

>there was nothing good about the Lilium shitfuckery
That's an opinion. Personally I like that we can still be silly from time to time.

>> No.43155630

It is. People who tell you otherwise are shipping yurifags.

>> No.43155691

Bitch stole all kinds of crazy shit

35-40. "You have brought with you the standard, you have brought with you the quiver, you have brought with you sexual intercourse, you have brought with you kissing, you have brought with you prostitution, you have brought with you …… running (?)."

41-46. "You have brought with you forthright speech, you have brought with you deceitful speech, you have brought with you grandiloquent speech, you have brought with you ……, you have brought with you the cultic prostitute, you have brought with you the holy tavern."

47-52. "You have brought with you the holy niĝin-ĝar shrine, you have brought with you ……, you have brought with you the mistress of heaven, you have brought with you loud musical instruments, you have brought with you the art of song, you have brought with you venerable old age."

53-59. "You have brought with you heroism, you have brought with you power, you have brought with you wickedness, you have brought with you righteousness, you have brought with you the plundering of cities, you have brought with you making lamentations, you have brought with you rejoicing."

60-64. "You have brought with you deceit, you have brought with you the rebel lands, you have brought with you kindness, you have brought with you being on the move, you have brought with you being sedentary."

>> No.43155901
File: 26 KB, 226x695, lamashtu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hello, it seems you would like to know more about Lamashtu, Mother of Monsters. She who births deformity, She who births monstrousness, She who abhors beauty.

Basically, she is the explanation for deformed and monstrous children. In PF, she was a demon who stole godhood and made herself the literal mother of demons. She roamed the world when it was young and took multiple consorts and made the various monstrous races such as gnolls and harpies, and such. She is depicted as always pregnant and able to lactate, thought he milk she gives is . Pic related is her. She is the goddess of monstrous and evil fertility.

In our world, Lamashtu was a Mesopotamian demon/demigoddess/goddess who killed women giving birth and children and was repelled by amulets of Pazuzu. She is also possibly closely related to Lilith.

Its interesting that you posted one of her "daughters" and didnt connect it to Lamashtu.

>> No.43156081 [SPOILER] 
File: 20 KB, 235x235, 1445229874267.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

God of despair, but also of erotic love.

>> No.43156103

>thought he milk she gives is .
The milk is what?

>> No.43156165

Fuck I forgot the rest of that sentence. It can be poison, transformative or enhancing as far as I remember. She gives it as a reward for doing great things with her cult.

>> No.43156205
File: 30 KB, 380x263, 1413892365653.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Its interesting that you posted one of her "daughters" and didnt connect it to Lamashtu.
I'm sorry Lamashtu!

>> No.43156261

Now you're just trolling ND. That's a Wet Nurse from Kingdom Death and has nothing to do with our conversation except being a titty monster.

Stop being an autistic lewdfag obssessed with naughty bits for a bit and get back to posting things that are relevant.

>> No.43156418
File: 127 KB, 600x820, mislaato__the_open_door_by_justinedarkchylde-d38ou1w.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>posting things that are relevant.
I'm running low on relevant images...
I thought I had some Scorpion Girl Quest ones, but I couldn't find them.

>> No.43156473

Then just stop posting or even better, go play in traffic.

>> No.43156518
File: 121 KB, 605x807, 1408218586789.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Enlitti, goddess of the rains, iron, and autumn
>Tawawet the Consumed, goddess of chaos, exploration, and iron
>Enkigal the Consumed, god of lightning, love, and sensuality
>Enkin-Banda the Corpulent, goddess of destruction, grace, and beauty
>Tefnuty the Tenebrous, goddess of loss, community, and death
>Djehes the Mad, god of purification, the dead, and torment
>Nehuty, god of lakes and rivers, victory, and thieves
>Wephthor, god of the moon, deception, and battle

>> No.43157073

Time, you can't suffer enough in an instant it needs time to truely fester

>> No.43157187 [DELETED] 

If NiceDaemonette was born female, no one on here would care about the shitposting and everyone would support the lewdfaggotry without a second thought.

We'd even have people fapping to ND, as horrifying as the thought is.


>> No.43157235

A shitposter is a shitposter no matter the origins or truth behind it.

>> No.43157251

But people will ignore shitposting if the shitposting in question is relevant to their interests.

Even on /tg/.

Especially on /tg/

>> No.43157293

>If NiceDaemonette was born female,
We'd do it too if he looked good in a dress

>> No.43157370
File: 859 KB, 500x281, laughing_elves.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't think they did.

>> No.43157416

It's true that Demeter had a fuckton of "mystery cults", which were exactly what they sound like so we don't know much about them (also most of their participants were women sworn to secrecy about what went on there). Likely tons of pagan rituals, blood sacrifice for a good harvest, all that. She isn't given that much attention now because most of us are so far disconnected from agriculture, but she was one of the most powerful and important deities ever.

Example of one of her known cults (they were everywhere): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eleusinian_Mysteries

>> No.43157485

I learned Poseidon is associated with horses because of the "white horses" in the surf.

EX: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6e7qhhLbAok&t=4m10s

>> No.43157515

Thanks I'll look into that.

>> No.43157542
File: 67 KB, 400x550, Shub-Niggurath.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


In primitive times even they had baby booms before/after wars, so it's not that weird of a connection given the connection between life and death. And she was supposedly related to Lilith, the apparent first bride of Adam and mother of demons, and would become the inspiration for Shub Niggurath, the Lovecraftian god that basically gives birth to all the crazy monsters, demons, etc. And thus spawn the ideas of the succubus and incubus.

>> No.43157704


Technically, a demon would be repulsed by it given god made man that way before the fall and we only had shame once we fell. Demons would be repulsed by the human form and would only be interested in seeing corrupted forms of it. Normal nudity? In architecture all over. Even Mother Mary has her tits out all over ancient walls feeding Jesus. It's not bad and never was considered so. As long as the person was being modest and not lewd.

Being nude and being a whore? A corruption of normal sexuality, thus appealing to a demon. Humans being ashamed and covering up? Weakness because of the fall and covering the form god made us in and showing something to exploit.

>> No.43157734

Where does women's menstruation come from?

I printed out the Wikipedia article on Hathor, and it says she is either a woman with cow horn supporting a disc, or she is just a cow.

Is there a better website where I can learn Egyptian myth?

>> No.43157748

Succubi and Incubi came about long before The Black Goat of the Woods with a Thousand Young. Like several centuries in fact.

Shub was created by Lovecraft last century, succubi have a long medieval history and Ishtar has nothing to do with Lilith except by shoddy research by Christians a century ago.

>> No.43157765


Yes, I know. I'm just saying they're all connected. When did I claim that succubi and the like came out after Lovecraft when early Christians associated Ishtar as the one who gave birth to said succubi and other demonic entities?

>> No.43157789
File: 586 KB, 1000x667, 1437299223106.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>It's just "Iuppiter". "Iovis" is genitive.

Your mom is genitive.

>> No.43157832

>Where does women's menstruation come from?

Well, women tend to get hormonal and angry on their periods. So, partially a pun based on that, and it's a cycle, like the cycle of life/death which war revolves around.

>> No.43157859

>And she was supposedly related to Lilith, the apparent first bride of Adam and mother of demons, and would become the inspiration for Shub Niggurath, the Lovecraftian god that basically gives birth to all the crazy monsters, demons, etc. And thus spawn the ideas of the succubus and incubus.
>basically gives birth to all the crazy monsters, demons, etc. And thus spawn the ideas

That phrase right there. The wording made it seem like one gave birth to the other. It was just a really poorly worded post. And you didn't say that it was early Christians who thought this.

A bit of friendly advice, include as much info in a post as possible, and try to think about phrasing. Sometimes how one orders sentences can create conclusions different from the ones you want.

>> No.43157890


It's like 3 in the morning here and I worded it poorly. My point was just that they all came from similar origins dating back to old Jewish legends and apocrypha about Lilith, the mother of demons.

>> No.43157920

I gotcha, that was what I thought. My brain turns to mush sometimes too.

But yeah, more than likely Shub is inspired by Lilith and succubi.

>> No.43157968
File: 80 KB, 468x1023, 468px-Sekhmet.svg.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hmm, noted.

>Currently studying all mythologies, religions and ancient civilizations for fictional universe I'm going to illustrate and write.
>Read up on Sekhmet
>Her clothes are either a dress that leaves her topless, a dress that has rosettas on her boobies, or completely naked.

I'm trying to keep away magical realm out of it, but the magical realm comes to me!

Also, this is bugging me: Is that thing on her head a headdress or hair?

>> No.43157989

>Is that thing on her head a headdress or hair?

Same thing, lots of Egyptians kept their heads shaven and wore wigs.

>> No.43158045
File: 576 KB, 657x919, sekhmet.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Heres an actual engraving of her that better illustrates it. Its all hair.

>> No.43158127

Awesome, thank you. Any good books on Egyptian mythology, or other mythologies, while I'm at it? What I have right now is bare bones, and Wikipedia isn't the most reliable.

A good website would do, too.

>> No.43158168
File: 49 KB, 328x605, roll2d100,combinethem.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You know what makes every thread better? Random tables.

Yes, this is the Immortal's Handbook, for those of you who are familiar with it.

>> No.43158216

Sorry, dont know, Im in the same boat as you. You could try sacred-texts.com. Its got a fuckton of public domain books on a variety of religions. Other than that, I just use a fuckton of googling.

>> No.43158436
File: 53 KB, 640x430, I can sure as hell be the worst.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw I've actually read porn with similar premises
>mfw I actually have a mortal tier character that's almost the exact same concept

>> No.43158525

Link? And go on..., respectively

>> No.43158663


>> No.43158837


>> No.43158954

You'll find plenty of "Girl goes crazy with hunger and devours the entire world/universe" stuff if you look. It's not an uncommon concept in vore, but it's rarely done well or in a way I enjoy and loses it's novelty quickly.

She's an unbirth ninja who hires herself out to perform jobs for anybody who's willing to pay. She is absolutely devoid of morals other than complete loyalty to any mission she takes on, demanding large sums of money more for the sake of being able to fund future missions than for greed. She simply didn't have any purpose in life other than going on missions.

One technique she has at her disposal involves absorbing a person and sealing their soul inside her body. The soul comes under her complete control with access to all it's knowledge and power upon doing so. The first time she does so leaves her delirious with the thrill of power and dominance. At first she refrains from doing it when unnecessary but as time goes on she begins to get delusions of grandeur about the small wealth of souls growing inside her body. She starts to grow a small ambition to become a goddess and transform her body into an afterlife. Said afterlife would of course be the true final destination for all souls and would likely have aggressive recruiting tactics. Last time I touched the idea it was still just a pipe dream for her though.

>> No.43159391

The Aztec god of corn, their main food source (can't remember his name, though; all Aztec gods have impossible to spell names), was described as a flayed man. I believe the idea is that when corn matures, the leaves surrounding the cob part, whcih the Aztecs likened to skin being flayed off.
He demanded ritual sacrifice in form of people being flayed alive, and his priests would wear the skins of the sacrificed during his ceremonies.

Then again, every single Aztec god has "horrible bloody sacrifice" as part of their portfolio, so bringing them up might be cheating. Except the rain god, who just had people drowned or strangled.

Thematically, yes, although I can't actually think of any particular deity like that.

>> No.43159415

Also works on bears.

>> No.43159473


>> No.43159503

>She eventually deluded herself into thinking that she was always a goddess and when she consumes souls, they go to paradise.
>But since she retained her nature as a succubus, all the souls just went to her ass and thighs.
Don't forget the part where she eventually got powerful enough to just eat the whole world and became an inter-planetary vore-goddess, like some kind of succubus-Galactus.

>> No.43159514

You forgot Quetzalcoatl, who decided the other gods were already edgy enough that he demanded butterflies be sacrificed to him.

>> No.43159547
File: 206 KB, 900x1158, Shub_Niggurath_by_mr_author.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>We'd do it too if he looked good in a dress
Eh, I could probably pull it off if it wasn't for all the hair...

>Shub Niggurath
Good old Shubby!

Hell, this IS how my Nice Daemonettes work; Easier to stay positive in the Grimdark Future when you're literally made of an orgy of endlessly orgasiming mortal souls.

>> No.43159554
File: 201 KB, 760x596, Oglaf Slutty Armor.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.43159563

There were/are cults that regarded Lucifer as a promethian figure as well. It's based on the idea that he was the serpent in the Garden of Eden that made us eat the fruit and receiving the capacity to have control over our own lives.

>> No.43159571
File: 117 KB, 1326x1224, UltimateSuccubutt.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

More than one, I think.

There's pic related, which technically wasn't a god but got close enough, Lilium (the redeemed succubus goddess who may or may not eat souls/all-devouring vore-goddess who turns souls into assfat, depending who you ask), and at least one voreloli eventually became a god (although not an all-devouring vore-goddess, suprisingly enough; she became a good goddess with the title of "eater of nightmares"). Plus I've seen a few times where an all-devouring eldricth god is bound into a human form, which inevitably is a young woman, although that's not quite the same thing.

Additionally, the goddess of Beauty from the "Omarase" setting some people have been doing lately has shades of this as she fought against and defeated some other gods and consumed their powers, although what that actually entails is left vaque (her eating them seems to be a popular interpetion, though). Some people were also at one point working on a game where you play as a Galactus-style world-eating cosmic being, which in the first draft were all female (that got dropped quickly, though).

It seems to be one of those concepts that show up on /tg/ a lot more than one might expect.

>> No.43159674

One of the Elder Evils in DnD is a being associated with life. That includes fertility and other positive aspects of life, but also uncontrolled growth, cancer and the like. Her coming is first preceeded by good harvest, increased fertility and so on, but as she draws closers things start growing out of control and once she'd actually summoned everybody gets super-cancer.
The "mother of monsters" archetype (Tiamat, Echidna, Shub-Niggurath etc.) is also effectively an evil version of a deity associated with life/fertility.
And even many "good" deities associated with fertility and harvest in many cultures required blood sacrifice, which in these days is usually seen as an evil trait, so you could just go full Aztec and have the deity demand people to be flayed alive in their honour or nobody gets to grow crops or have children.

>> No.43159697

...So, basically fertility goddess combined with the previously mentioned concept of all-devouring vore-goddess?

...Eh, that actually works pretty well.

>> No.43159715

>Can you think of other interesting combinations one might find in a god or goddess?

Have a god of authoritive rule and revolution all rolled into one.
Attempts at revolution tests the powers at be, and if it finds them wanting they are cast down and replaced with the next cycle of rulers.

A society or individual that venerates such a god might believe strongly in might makes right, have a tradition of coups rather than hereditary succession, and young men become adults and head of the household once they can beat up their dad.

>> No.43159786
File: 630 KB, 300x169, God has come to reap the sinners.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>screen cap

I could drill to the center of the earth with my dick right now. I could subdue the legions of hell with the shear ferocity of my hard on. The finest dwarven smiths would marvel at how hard I am, dream of the applications a substance so dense could be used for, and lament their inability to harness it's power. I could plow the entire drow matriarchy and would still not be soothed. The unspeakable things from ages long past would grow jealous of the longevity of my boner for they would grow old and turn to dust before I find satisfaction. My erection is an eternal banner to champion the end of the world.

>> No.43159838

Good list. To add a little (only what comes to my mind now, the most known are already here):

Zeus-Ahura Mazda (chief persian divinity)

Hercules/Herakles-Melkart (main divnity of Tyre, therefore very important in it's colonies including Carthage)

Kronos-Saturn-Moloch (the god who received the infamous child sacrifaces of the Carthaginians)

>> No.43159848
File: 70 KB, 238x252, diogenes with it.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Diogenes of Sinope was the father of the Stoic philosophy, slept in the gutter with a pack of wild dogs, fought other bums for money, and was generally ultra hardcore.

Don't forget he masturbated in public, ate in the market (a big deal in ancient greece), made Plato look like an idiot by mocking his definition of man as a featherless biped (he ran into one of Socrates lectures with a plucked chicken and declared "BEHOLD, A MAN!"), walked the streets with a lamp in broad daylight looking for "an honest man" and told Alexander the Great to fuck off after intently ignoring him.

In short, Diogenes was a professional troll.

And wasn't it Cynicism rather than Stoicism Diogenes is considered the father of?

>> No.43159898

>war and peace: pretty much hawk and dove
>death and life, a gate keeper who decides who gets born and who gets dead
>any god who withholds their gifts from their enemies

>> No.43159936

>And wasn't it Cynicism rather than Stoicism Diogenes is considered the father of?
Yes. Cynicism is derived from greek word for dog, because Diogenes slept with dogs and generally smelled and dressed like a wild animal.

Stoicism was named after some other philosopher, I think.

>> No.43160536

>You'll find plenty of "Girl goes crazy with hunger and devours the entire world/universe" stuff if you look. It's not an uncommon concept in vore, but it's rarely done well
Know any examples that are done well?

>> No.43160557

>...Then she's just a rape god...
A rape god could also be an evil fertility god.

But that's still no.
I said even if the woman is spoken for, meaning married or taken, she could still be convinced to be willing the carry the child of another without it being rape.

If it is an evil god of fertility at all costs some of the aspects of that could be incest, rape, infidelity, or it could focus on one of those aspects specifically as a preference.

>> No.43160663

Love goddess
Great Mother
Dying-and-reborn god
Godess of women
King of Heaven
Crafts, especially smithing
the Sun
Hmm, if Lugh weren't on that list I;d say psychopomps. I'm going to guess culture god.
The Devil / the Horned God of witches
The sea
Healing (especially healing waters)
Temple guardians

Many of these are bogus, tho. Neptune wasn't "associated with" Njord, the two are the same god with the same name in different IE languages.

>> No.43160688


I don't know of a single evil fertility god. It's hard to see how such a god could exist, for humans at least. Perhaps Orcs have an evil goddess who feeds their enemies corn? I would imagine Orcs wouldn't care for agriculture, only pastoralism but even then maybe just hunting.

>> No.43160707

>Stoicism was named after some other philosopher, I think.

A place in fact, the Stoa (the porch), a famous ancient academy where Zeno first taught Stoicism.

>> No.43160713

>Goddess of war and sex
Time to convert to whatever the fuck this is.

>> No.43160741

>It's based on the idea that he was the serpent in the Garden of Eden that made us eat the fruit and receiving the capacity to have control over our own lives.

Eh no, that's a very modern take on Satanism. Early luciferians believed that Yahweh is not God Almighty but a lesser being called the demiurge. He shaped the universe and rules it, but is not the ultimate creator. Lucifer is seen as an angel of the higher god who leads people to salvation thru gnosis (personal revelation), sometimes alongside Jesus, sometimes in his place.

>> No.43160766



Very good website, quotes all the sources right in the articles, never found an error there in years of using it.

>> No.43160795
File: 21 KB, 264x430, snakegoddess1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Minoan Snake Goddess statues are typically bare-breasted as well. Although this seems to have been an actual fashion among elite Minoan women, or possibly Minoan priestesses.

>> No.43160813

Not him, but it's more complicated. Some are the same IE god (or have the same origin) but not all. That's why sometimes greeks struggled to actually make a proper interpretatio graeca and you have the same foreign god interpretated as different greek gods depending on the writer.

Others get a more stable identification with a greek god but don't really share an origin, neither they are really similar with the greek god if studied with attention.

>> No.43160830


The Greek Mystery cults weren't confined to Demeter, many gods had them. Most prominent one was actually not Eleusius but the widespread Orphic religion, which was essentially Christianity but as a Mystery cult (meaning you only learn the details after you are initiated into the cult. For the Orphics, that meant you had to tear apart a living lamb with your own hands and feast upon its raw flesh. No I'm not kidding.)

>> No.43160834

Ishtar in this thread's OP is a fertility god (among other things). And, while not exactly evil, isn't she the main antagonist of the Epic of Gilgamesh? In the same way, isn't Hera a fertility goddess the main enemy of Herakles?

>> No.43160877


Hera is not a fertility goddess, no. She is Queen of Heaven and goddess of marriage, she's only an antagonist in Greek myths because Zeus can't stop raping people. Ishtar was in no way an evil deity. Yes she was goddess of war, but in the sense that Mars or Athena wee, ie, she lead her side to victory. She wan't an Ares figure, who cared not from whence the blood flowed, only that it flows. She also wasn't a fertility figure, despite being a sex goddess. her chief patronage was for royalty, she was Queen of Heaven and the patron god of kings, much like Odin. Common folk would have worshipped Dimmuz, the fertility god who causes grain to grow, or Adonis, a similar figure.

>> No.43160914


I don't take such lists seriously unless there is evidence of an actual cult that combined these gods.Caesar was simply wrong about many of his observations of Celtic religion, and missed some obvious ones (Nodens x Mars, Rhea x Rhiannon).

>> No.43160916


Ishtar is painted very negatively in The Epic, but this is actually an abnormality of her worship. Most (actually, all other known) sources contemporary to The Epic portray her in an exceedingly positive light. There is much debate as to why Gilgamesh goes against the grain.

The idea that Ishtar is an antagonistic god in popular culture is mostly the result of the pervasive influence of The Epic in our understanding of mesopotamian culture and isn't necessarily reflecting how she was seen at the time.

For a goddess with a more ambiguous strain of morality, see Cybele.

>> No.43160933

Lilith was based on Ishtar, and came about much later

>> No.43160953

>Ishtar: Babylonian goddess of fertility, love, war, and sex
That is a rather unusual combination, I'll admit. I guess the idea is to kill some bitches then fuck like rabbits to make more to replace them?

>> No.43160963

Wasn't he referring to the neighbour's dog?

>> No.43160998

Watch this movie

>> No.43161022

Lovely! I did not know that.

>> No.43161057


The Mystery cults are fascinating stuff. So much that we recognise from Christianity is in them that it really emphasises how little Judaism actually contributed to Christianity.

... not so much the "feast of raw flesh" that an initiate into Orphism indulged, ofc, tho the Orphics gave us the tradition of drinking wine as the blood of god (the god of the Orphics was Dionysos, "the god in the vine", so it actually makes sense in Orphism to drink wine). In fact the whole Lord's Prayer / Last Supper seems to have been taken wholesale from an Orphic ritual.

>> No.43161164

I wonder what language that prayer was in originally.

Also https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Greco-Roman_mysteries#List_of_mystery_schools

>> No.43161201


Greek, undoubtedly. Orpheus lived circa 900BC, during the Greek Dark Ages. Persephone and Demeter are older, probably Minoan deities, but by the time of Orpheus Greek had long since replaced Minoan.

Modern Orthodox Greeks still utter the same prayer to the Unmoved Mover of Greek paganism that the Orphics uttered. It's kind of beautiful really.

>> No.43161595

>an actual cult that combined these gods

That's pretty dumb, if they're actually mutually repleceable, it's very probable to have one completely replacing the other.

>> No.43161615

Tbh it's more likely something like women = bearing children; men = fighting wars; both = sex. Not really that unusual, as a concept.

>> No.43161754

"All's fair in love and war" comes to mind.

>> No.43162203


And yet this isn't what we see. There are idols to Nodens Mars and to Sulis Minerva, they didn't replace one another they formed a "new" god that combined both.

>> No.43163415

Thanks for updating me on that one.

>> No.43163488

And commerce

>> No.43164105

Trickster gods are quite often gods of things to do with civilisation; music, art, engineering, magic. They often teach these things to humans (pissing of the other gods in the process)

>> No.43164224
File: 220 KB, 900x968, elahrairah and Frith.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Watership Down
Mah nigga. Watership Down had some awesome lore.
The cult of Elirairah. - Rabbit god/prince of speed, cunning, digging, and a good sense of hearing, and protector of refugees, scouts, the hunted, .
“All the world will be your enemy, Prince with a Thousand Enemies, and whenever they catch you, they will kill you. But first they must catch you, digger, listener, runner, prince with the swift warning. Be cunning and full of tricks and your people shall never be destroyed.”

>> No.43164251

Yep my bad. Stoicism was Zeno of Citium, who was like...Diogenes' metaphysical arch nemesis.

>> No.43164264

On the topic of mother of monsters, the Greeks had Echidna

>> No.43164291

Well, art did always have an impact on the ruling class. It kinda makes sense for trickster gods that mess with the ruling gods to be kind of artistic.

>> No.43164426

Most religions were mystery cults back in the day, including Christianity at various points in its history. Priesthoods get their power through secrecy

>> No.43164517


>> No.43164703

Echidna was described as having the upper body of a nymph and a lower body of a dragon/serpent (depending on translation), making her the original monstergirl.

>> No.43164817

Truth. It's the ultimate confusion

>> No.43164829

He already is the god of suffering.

>> No.43166017

>Many of these are bogus, tho. Neptune wasn't "associated with" Njord, the two are the same god with the same name in different IE languages.

That is some interpretatio graecia shit.

Their commonalities are:
Paternal sea god.


>> No.43167083

Levantine/Canaanite dieties are what your looking for
To simplify in Leventine religion there were a lot of different gods such as Moloch, Baal and Yahweh. Sammeria held Yahweh as their national god, so they held him above the others, and later began to actively discourage the worship of the other gods, especially Baal. Eventually they corrupted the other gods into the demons, Baal Zebub as Beelzebub, leaving Yahweh as the only God by the time Sameria was renamed Israel. There were other influences as well though, such as El, who was combined with Yahweh at some point.

>> No.43167644

>There is much debate as to why Gilgamesh goes against the grain.
Uh, because it's edgy fedorashit? It's about killing the fucking gods.

>> No.43167657

What the fuck is this? And is it subbed?

>> No.43167957

That's not fedorashit, it's hubris.

>> No.43167986

Hubris is for Greeks. Gilgamesh succeeds.

>> No.43168046

I read that they found more ancient segments of Gilgamesh where Gilgamesh and his pal kinda regrets killing those forest guys.

>> No.43168056


>> No.43168119

The new segment is before they kill him. They talk about how regrettable it is that killing him will cause shit to be fucked up. They don't treat the killing itself as intrinsically regretful.

>> No.43168159

>Uh, because it's edgy fedorashit?

Are you fucking serious?

>> No.43168171

hey, it works in Bible

>> No.43168218

>inb4 it's old an obscure so I'm sophisticated for liking it
It's on the same level as Twilight or a Shakesepeare comedy.

>> No.43168774
File: 1.18 MB, 550x366, wonkas trip.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh yeah, I remember that stuff, I was reading the PF comics and the PC's were force fed the stuff after they were captured. It went pretty much like pic related except with more 'Yoooooouuuurrrrreeee aaaa faaiilluurrree....Yyyoouuurree pparrreennntsss neeeverrrrr looooovved yoooouuuu....'

>> No.43168793

Most stuff ever created is poorly written if we go by originality.

>> No.43168850
File: 254 KB, 507x601, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>implying that's what we're going by
Something can be derivative and still be both widely popular and critically acclaimed. Particularly if it's a commentary on what it's derivative of, and deep in other ways. in addition to being enjoyable.

>> No.43169180
File: 171 KB, 705x526, minoan_palace_scene_enlarged.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah, I remember reading somewhere that topless gowns/dresses was part of the fashion in Crete. They were normally worn by unmarried women who also wore bell-like skirts that emphasized their hips. I'm not sure if this style of fashion was restricted to the elite.

>> No.43169341

The epic of Gilgamesh is not fucking obscure. It's an incredibly important piece of ancient literature.

>> No.43169367

It's obscure to the common prole.

>> No.43169433

That describes most classics that aren't required reading in elementary or high school. It's a widely available piece of literature that's pretty much immediately accessible with only a cursory look into the genre.

>> No.43170028

How can the Germans exterminate millions of people while fighting a war on two fronts?

>> No.43170075

Very carefully.

>> No.43170762

That's awesome. What about other pantheons like Egyptian, Celtic, Persian, etc?

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