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These guys are basically gundams in 40k right, how do other armies stack up against them?

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On a tactical level? They can hold their own.

On a Strategic level? They're completely and utterly buttfucked.

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They are an example of the myriad of minor powers that exist within 40k. They have a small number of star systems, a population that the Imperium could loose between the sofa cushions without noticing, and the kind of crusade the Imperium sends to deal with an everyday warboss or a half-strength marine chapter gone rogue is the biggest war they've ever known.

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>basically gundams

I don't think you really appreciate how big gundams are.

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How have they nor been completely eradicated yet?

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This used to be the case, but was retconned over time. Don't get me wrong, it was the more compelling story, but GW wanted the blueberries to be as amped up as the big boys. The Tau are a star ascendant to please the young boy fanbase, as marines before them did.

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Because they keep selling models>>43122077
>The Tau are a star ascendant to please the young boy fanbase, as marines before them did.
Implying there is any army left that isn't specifically designed to do anything other than pander to 14 year boy power-fantasy-self-insert. That's their bread and butter, and it's how they stay affloat.

>Muhrines: Perfected male form power fantasy
>Eldar: So much smarter than you, nerds always win in the end power fantasy
>Chaos: Just discovered death-metal. edgier than you power fantasy
>dEldar: Even edgier than that than THAT power fantasy
>ImpGuard: CoD-Style RL military fetishism power fantasy
>Tau: Animu plucky underdogs destined to win power fantasy
>Nids: Unstoppable primal force power fantasy
Only one I can't really fit into this paradigm perfectly is 'crons, and even then it's probably because I'm not trying hard enough.

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'Crons are for people just now realizing that they are mortal, and feel fucking awful about not being able to live forever and more likely than not, dying anywhere between late middle to late venerable ages rather than young, and want everyone around them to share in their despair.

Well, that's what Oldcrons were.

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Makes sense, though I would dissagree with your assumption that longing for immortality is exclusive to kids who just developed the capacity to actually understand mortality.

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convenient warp storms, see "Damocles gulf crusade"
>Adeptus Mechanicus: nerds always win in the end power fantasy, or maybe tranhumanist power fantasy.

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Also terminator fans.

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Tau are Japan flavored but culturally and strategically they're like if North Korea had an actually good standard of living.

Fairly comfy, good tech, fanatically devoted to their leaders.

Convinced they're the center of the universe and are respected and feared by all, when in reality they're so much of an afterthought almost nobody gives them any attention anymore and the only reason they haven't been wiped off the map is because genuinely, nobody gives a shit.

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Farsight is basically a big sendup to Char though, I find that kinda cool and I'm not even a Tau fan.

Well I was back when I was a kiddie playing Dawn of War but they kinda soured for me over time, but I did think they were pretty cool way back when.

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>culturally and strategically they're like if North Korea had an actually good standard of living.
Culturally and Strategically
More like a Bukkake of Asia actually.
>Nip Warrior Class
>Chink Scholarly Ruling Class.
>Indian Castes.
>Greater Good = Confucianism.

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I suppose, I was more looking at what I see as their core, defining traits.

A highly structured and controlled society with slavish devotion to leadership and enforced cultural uniformity.

And total strategic impotence while being convinced they're the top dogs that have everyone else quaking in their boots.

I remember one book where they meet a human raised in Tau space who's genuinely convinced the Tau Empire is big by 40k standards and it's only a matter of time before they unify the whole galaxy.

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Eh, you would have a point if every single part of those things was retarded.

But those things, separate or together, aren't retarded, the Tau make them so.

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>tfw a Hive-world has more population in it's underhive than the Tau have as a species.

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I like how even the writers for the Tau acknowledge that if it wasn't for authorial fiat (Warp storms) the Tau would have been eradicated in their second book.

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Heh, the Damocles crusade didn't even bring in the massive guns. A warp storm cut them off from titan legion reinforcements and the second wave of troops.

That's right, the Tau were beaten back massively by the first wave of troops. If it weren't for that plot armor warp storm, then the entire Tau empire would have died back then.

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Sounds like the perfect time to declare victory for the glorious Tau Empire!

Huzzah we lost almost all our gains and only survived because the Imperium ran out of fuel for the tanks they were driving over us! We're so awesome!

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More or less. Tau think they're so special, but they only exist because the Imperium has decided that they're useful Nid bait.

No, seriously, no other real reason.

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I would make the argument that Eldar are more weeaboo than the Tau. Basically given their design aesthetics and their cultural values. Compare their robots to Tau robots and you'll see what I mean.

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Every thread there is one butthurt Imperialist who whines and moans and says the Tau are "Worthless and nothing compared to the Mighty Imperium."

The Tau are literally the Ordos Xenos biggest problem besides the Necrons because the Tau are the ONLY Species willing to adapt themselves to the situation.

Look at how the Tau adapt to the Imperium forces. They have Riptides and other large suits now, designed to carry weapon systems to blast apart the "Big guns" of the Imperium, while the static gunlines of the Imperium have been shown to be literally worthless in the face of the Tau.

Let me put this into supreme perspective. Eventually, the Imperium is going to be Poland vs a Nazi Germany.

The threat of the Tau is not what they are today, but what they are tomorrow.

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>Nid bait.
Tyranids prefer the term "useless appetizer"

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>The Tau are literally the Ordos Xenos biggest problem besides the Necrons
And Orks
The others kinds of Eldar

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That's most certainly true, but we're stating what they are NOW.

While they WILL be the biggest threat the Imperium has in the long run, right now, they're naive idiots that shouldn't really exist.

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The Tau don't even RANK among the top 10 of problems for the Ordo Xenos.

The Orks, the fucking Slaughth, the rare Hrud, the Rak'Gol, Genestealer cults, and many more are above the Tau as far the Ordo Xenos is concerned.

Go feel speshul somewhere else.

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>While they WILL be the biggest threat the Imperium has in the long run, right now, they're naive idiots that shouldn't really exist.

Not really, no, that's reserved for the Slaughth and possibly a medium-sized Enslaver incursion.

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Unless they tech reaches the point where it surpasses the Necrons I don't see that happening. They're a slow growing little corner of space that has barely managed to survive the most half-assed of campaigns from the Imperium.

Okay so Tau have Riptides, big whoop we have Knights and Titans so we see your giant robots and raise you more and bigger ones.

The Tau are a threat sure but really they're just the biggest of the little guys, don't want to be ignored too long or else they could become a more serious threat, but right now they're pretty far down the list of priorities to the point where the Imperium is comfortably fighting them with whatever troops happen to be laying around rather than any serious mobilization.

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First of all, that's not even true. They aren't that much of a threat today.
But the point is moot, because the Tau don't have a tomorrow.
Literally every faction except for Dark Eldar, but they can piggyback ontop of Eldar are on the verge of achieving their win condition. Even if everyone else fails miserably, the Necrons and Tyrannids just have to wait out for theirs.
Without a retarded ex machina that will boost their tech, size, power and force projection to unrealistic levels in just a few decades, maybe centuries, they will all be killed off.

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>The Tau are literally the Ordos Xenos biggest problem besides the Necrons

No, pretty sure thats the Nid's and Orks anon, simply because the Nid's are near unstoppable and getting worse and worse the longer time goes by and the Orks because they're literally everywhere in the galaxy as opposed to the Tau who are in one place, and the Orks can relatively quickly start a Waaagh and cause problems.

Tyrannids > Orks > Necrons > Tau.

Gratz, you're more threatening than single system, newly discovered sub-races in the fluff.

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Excuse you? would you like a tissue?

Seriously though, what? Is that a typo?

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As expected from /v/ tier imperiumposters.


These are not things you waste the Ordos Xenos time on, they're fairly easy to understand and you send a standard army or crusade against and you slowly grind them down, simple to understand.

The Damocles Crusade pointed out the massed point and click Crusade method did NOTHING because the fledgling Tau Empire, with it's mostly untested armies, managed to push the Imperium to a halt and then managed to capitalise on the grinding halt by taking more worlds.

The fact that you come up with no real solid arguments, every single one, and just try to downplay the Damocles Crusade as "A shitty Crusade" is proof enough you people are just shitty /v/ memeposters.

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What the fuck is that picture? Nazi Terrorist Space Elves?

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Remove Mon-Keigh Eldar Strong

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Walking worm colonies that gain a narcotic high from eating human brains.

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Nope, they're actually alive because everyone is too damn busy. Oh and out pure luck. Remember the warpstorm? Yeeeah, that angry purple vortex was the thing that let them live.
After that, both Imperium, Nids and Necrons are too busy to go cleanse them. Orks are surprisingly too weak, for nids blue faggots have allies, and eldar are too busy being eldar to try and waste many a lives on some fishies.

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Daily reminder that the Tau are literally right in the path of the Tyrannid Hive Fleets.

Have fun with that Space Commies. Hope you enjoy being Squatted.

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They also absorb knowledge from it and run the vast majority of the worlds out near the Halo stars, and have been fucking with humanity since before the Age of Strife, oh, and they breed entire enslaved species as food and war-fodder as a hobby while they play Shadowrun and Syndicate against each other.

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Are you serious?

Damocles was hampered by warp storms and supply issues, had no proper train of supply or reinforcement and was composed of whatever ragtag forces happened to be in the area.

So yes, congratulations, the Tau managed to squeak out a technical victory by throwing the whole back of their Empire into fighting whatever scattered, under supplied and unsupported Imperial forces just happened to be nearby at the time.

I suppose they generated the warp storms that crippled their reinforcements through the sheer power of their love for their mind controlling overlords.

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But..the Damocles Crusade was the rough equivalent of a bunch of assholes taking their back-yard toy soldiers and throwing them at someone.

It WAS a shitty crusade, a shitty crusade that almost won if it wasn't for author fiat / warp storms.

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>Crusade tries to crush a well entrenched position.

You know what're you're arguing right now?

You're whining that the Russian forces died fighting the Finnish in the mountains, and then using the ineptitude of the Russians to say the Finnish forces were shit.

what the fuck do you think a Crusade is? Do you somehow think Damocles was a "lesser Crusade" just because the Tau won? Are you all fucking morons?

The Warp Storm caused a stalemate, it didn't save the Tau, and seeing as the Tau are STILL EXPANDING into IMPERIAL Space, it seems like they won the Crusade war by gaining ground.

You people are literally making excuses as to why the Bureaucratic nightmare of the Imperium acted like the bureaucratic night of the Imperium.

You're literally trying to downplay the Tau just because you're butthurt about them.

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So are you saying the Tau are Japan, the Imperium is Mongol China, and the warp storm during the Damocles Crusade was the typhoon that wrecked their fleet?

That implies there's going to be another warpstorm when the second crusade is launched.

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>Crusade slapped together by a butthurt priest out of any Imperial forces that happened to be in the area, to destroy at most like 10 Xeno planets
>encounters an actual empire that are leagues more advanced than expected
>still manages to stalemate them into a peace treaty
>not to mention all the Warp storms and the Tyranid assault that forced them to reroute everything
It's you who doesn't have an argument faggot.
And without resorting to massive retcons and ex machina plot armor there is no way you can rebuke my point here >>43122627.

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tfw black templars alone fucked up the tau but realized they had better things to do

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>Literally goes into full shitpost mode as soon as facts are laid out.

You think Crusades are ALL these huge well organised armies?

You people are legit butthurt the Tau are an emerging threat.

Go ahead, tell uncle anon where the blueberry touched you.

As for your "Point"

The Tau DO have "Ex machinas" that will boost their tech, power and force projection.

It's called their R&D divisions and gaining resource heavy worlds from the Imperium. In the third Sphere expansion we saw the Tau Army gain things like the fucking Riptide.

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>Damocles Crusade

So they "won" a Crusade that the Imperials pulled a lot of men and equipment out of because they had to go and stop Hive Fleet Behemoth at Macragge and signed off on a cease-fire becasue the Nid's are a far greater enemy.

Lets just ignore the fact that this imperial act actually lengthens the time it will take before the Tau are turned into Tyranid biomass.

Lets not bother with the fact that Imperial troops who were destined for the Damocles crusade but stuck in the warp for 100 years actually went on to help the Tau defend themselves from a Tyranid attack.

Lets not mention that at the same time as the Damocles Crusade the Imperium happened to also be dealing with Waaagh Gazhghul, Hive Fleet Behemoth and Abbadons 13th Black Crusade on Cadia SIMULTANEOUSLY.

The Imperium "lost" that (I wasn't aware a cease-fire counts as a loss?) because they were dealing with other, far greater, threats elsewhere in the Galaxy, the actions of one of which is actually prolonging the lifespan of the Tau Empire.

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>You will never be this butthurt over a fictional race in a poorly written franchise

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It's almost like the Tau are a small but expanding threat and that what the Imperium thought would deal with them was utterly inefficent.

Almost like what I said above, where they are not Today's threat, but Tomorrows.

I will never understand how people can get so invested in one side so much they actually need to adamantly defend their few losses because it hurts their pride.

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>being this butthurt about nobody giving a shit about Tau
>implies everyone else is in the wrong
Why the Damocles Crusade doesn't prove shit has been explained to you to death.
As for my point, you haven't rebuked it. Answer me how will the Tau survive any of these, which can all happen in a few decades max
>humanity unlocking their psychic potential and the Emperor being reborn
>Grazkhul leading the biggest Ork WAAAGH yet, possibly getting Gork and Mork too
>every human in the galaxy becoming a Chaos portal after the Emperor is killed by Abaddon or the Golden Throne fails
>Eldar raiding under Ynneads rule
Even if they all fail, they still have to survive all of those wars for a century or three at most, until
>Necrons awake en masse
>Tyranids main fleet arrives
The Tau don't have a tomorrow and they never will. Only their today was retconed to be more believable as to why they survived, even if by massive plot armor

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A race that's barely out of infancy has already caught up with the other races in terms of technology. If they're left to their own devices they could far surpass the Imperium fairly quickly, but as it stands now they're not much more than a stain on the Imperium's empire.

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It's is exactly that.
Tau owe their lives to warpstorm more than ones, I remind you.
The first time when they were discovered they were in middle of stone age, barely managing to use fire and tools. And survived by the grace of the fucking warp storm nomming already dispatched fleet and lingering ther for SIX THOUSAND YEARS.
And the second time were during Damocles Crusade, blocking reinforcements.

And yeah, because Imperium has more pressing matters with just about everyone else, Nids and Chaos in particular.

>> No.43122991


>shouldn't really exist

says who?

How did anything come to reach any type of dominance? How did the eldar reach their peak? Humanity? Whatever the Necrons were before they became Necrons?

Should anything really exist in this setting? or in real life? Should you really exist? Should I? Should 4chan? Your mom's tits?

Shut up.

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>Tau owe their lives to warpstorm more than ones, I remind you.
Remind you of any real-life cultures?

>> No.43123053

There weren't any convient warå stroms during the Damocles Gulf Crusade. You're probably confusing that with the fact that the Imperium was originally planning on colonising the Tau homeworld back when the Tau were still in their equivalent of the stone age, but a warp storm forced them to abandon the idea.

The Damocles Gulf Crusade does show why the Tua are still around, though. The Crusade was intented to wipe them out, and was doing a good job at it, liberating the Imperial planets they had claimed and easily pushing into the Tau space and wiping out minor Tau-held planets. However, once they hit the first major Sept World (Tau equivalent to Imperial sector capitals) they ran into difficulties. The planet was highly populated and heavily defended, so the battle turned into a protracted slugfest between the two sides, with the Imperum initially making gains through their sheer numbers. However because the Tau core worlds are very close together and the Imperium had to bring reinforcements from the other side of the Damocles Gulf through a long a very dangerous warp route, the Imperial forces acturally started to lose the battle of attrition, being unable to send new troops and vehicles fast enough to replace their losses. Eventually the emerging threat of the Tyranids forced the Imperium to relocated the forces meant to support the Crusade, and the Imperial troops still holding on the Tau planet were forced to negociate a ceasefire and retreat, but that that point they had already been getting pushed back by the newly arriving Tau reinforcements for some time.

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Yeah, go on.

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Dude the Tau are the only Race that don't have a Galaxy map that show their influence. They are literally an arrow that show a point. And they are both in the middle of the advancing hive fleets and nieghboorhood of Imothek. They don't really have a future.

>> No.43123083

I think the Tau are like a super defensive faction.

Sure, they have small numbers, but their tech and position made it so they basically can't be invaded. Chaos can't penetrate them because they don't have warp sensitivity, so they basically have to invade from the outside.

Which is incredibly difficult because the Tau have the best technology (other than Necrons, which they outnumber). They can also throw drone after drone after drone at their enemies and know how to retreat and be defensive.

They have the high ground (in space), and it gives them the massive defensive advantage

And good luck getting enough of the Imperium to unify against ANY threat to them, let alone the Tau.

The Tau, as a faction, are the future rivals of the Imperium. The Etherals are basically who would become the Emperor of man (psychics who, when faced with a greater threat, will meld together to form the Tau Emperor). Their technology is advancing the same way humanity's did.

Eventually the tau EMpire will become a bloated mess, like the current Imperium. The point of the Tau is that they are a threat to humanity, poised to replace humanity, as their numbers increase and the warp shifts from being a bunch of human dreams to being a bunch of Tau dreams.

Humanity was once in the position of the Tau. Probably had related philosophies and social structures, too.

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>the finnish forces
>who were riding the coat-tails of nazi germany, with tons of supplies, equipment, personnel, and training
>who had the only winter worse than russias on their side
>managed to beat the russians

The difference here is that the Tau had all that going for them and still only managed to not get utterly destroyed. It was not the supreme victory you think it was.

You're dumb.

>> No.43123122

Long story short, the Tau coreworlds are close together and behind a very difficult to travel area of space (it wasn't a specific warp storm that screwed up Imperial reinforcements, but the fact that the area pretty much constantly had unreliable warp routes and minor warp disruptions), making it easy for the defender to reinforce their forces fighting on one planet, while the invader will have to deal with long an unreliable supply lines. Post-DGC it would be even worse for the invader, as the Tau upgraded their frankly laughably bad starfleet (it was composed primarily of merchant- and exploration vessels outfitted for self-defence; Imperial Navy, being composed of proper warships, tore throught them like wet tissue paper) into a proper battlefleet that actually can go toe to toe with Imperial ships.

>> No.43123126

That's bullshiy. Go re-read the Damocles Crusde.

Stop lying. The lore outright says it was a massive crusade.

The crusade was pulling off before words of Behemoth reached them.

Once again, Imperialfags show that they don't read the lore beyond bolter porn.

>> No.43123141

>Tau have the best technology
Not really, they have some of the best consistent deployment of technology to troops, but they've not got peak technology to rival the Eldar, better equipped units of the Imperium, or even some orks.

>> No.43123170


They shouldn't really exist because they were saved from extinction repeatedly by autor fiat.

First a warpstorm, then another warpstorm followed by Behemot attacking Ultramar, then the Dark Eldar decided to save them because they were amusing, then the Necrons awakened in the path of an incoming hive fleet, then the reinforcements of the Damocle crusade showned up an hundred years late and saved them from another hive fleet...

They literally owe their existence to plot shields.

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>> No.43123201

I still refuse to say that Tau Pulse Rifles are better than the Lasgun.

Yes they're more powerful and deadly on the battlefield, but they're also fuckhuge long rifles with a low rate of fire, only useful for exactly what they were designed to do, accurate marksman fire at optimal range.

They don't have the mobility or rate of fire for close in engagements, may not be as reliable as the Lasgun and certainly require ammunition resupply rather than just recharging the power packs from literally any source of energy.

They're more deadly in laboratory conditions and best case scenario but I'd still probably pick the Lasgun to actually equip an army with, more versatile, rugged, and much easier to supply.

>> No.43123202


>>humanity unlocking their psychic potential and the Emperor being reborn

Won't happen. Humanity is already at their potential. Saying they would reach more potential just because is you assuming it'll happen just because. The entire setting is revolved around the decline of humanity. EVERYTHING is about other species coming to get humans. Including the Tau.

>>Grazkhul leading the biggest Ork WAAAGH yet, possibly getting Gork and Mork too

won't happen, because a single Stall in any Ork Waaagh means infighting. The Orks will always be stuck in a self defeating cycle. Which is fine, that's what the Orks are for.

>>every human in the galaxy becoming a Chaos portal after the Emperor is killed by Abaddon or the Golden Throne fails

Except Chaos comes from Humanity. So if every human was killed off, Chaos would die off, too, only to be replaced by the thoughts and dreams of whatever other race becomes as numerous as humanity at that point (which is implied to be the Tau in 30,000 years).

>>Eldar raiding under Ynneads rule

They'll either stabilize and take much longer to become a massive Empire, and become a small defensive region like the tau, or go extinct. The Eldar's extinction is constantly implied in this setting.

>>Necrons awake en masse
>>Tyranids main fleet arrives

only possible legit scenarios, but it's implied that these 2 groups will stalemate each other for all eternity.

You think these kinds of threats didn't exist while humanity was growing? You think a simple storm didn't save humanity from some other empire countless times? This happened constantly in REAL human history. The only reason Europe isnt' called Napoleonland is because of a storm.

>> No.43123209

Actually, they do. They are stated to be among the powers of the Eastern part of the galaxy and galactic maps shows their Domain what the hck are you talking about?

First of all, there are no major hive fleets near Tau space. Second, Imotekh is gearing for a war with Ultramar. Only the Imperium and Orks stand in the way of the Tau supremacy over the eastern fringes.

Also lets not forget the prophecy about Farsight. I'll get to it later.

>> No.43123213

>the only reason they cant be invaded and destroyed is plot shielding
>the only reason the things that could invade them didnt is ass-pull plot shielding

It's almost like the Tau are complete shit and were written underpowered in one of the most overpowered settings in fantasy, and continually need retcons and deus ex machina to ensure they don't get wiped out by the vastly superior enemies they face.

>> No.43123223

And even then if somebody would have claimed that that victory showed that the Finnish are a coming threat for Russia they would have been laught out of the building.

Winning a defensive war against a superpower occupied with a lot of more other things =/= being a threat. Otherwise Vietnam would have conquered the USA by now.

>> No.43123226

>Almost like what I said above, where they are not Today's threat, but Tomorrows.
>Implying the Imperium wont just bitch-slap them when they don't have 3 other major wars going on.

The Imperium CANT let the Tau live, all this Space Communism, "For the Greater Good" bollocks is directly opposed to their own philosophy and ideals.

Doing whats best for the biggest number of people? Fuck that. What if its opposed to the Emperors Will? What if the "Greater Good" directly contravenes something the Emperor decreed was not to be done?

Imperial Doctrine and Tau Doctrine are fundamentally incompatible, the Imperial command cannot allow these heretics to live.

>> No.43123237

>First of all, there are no major hive fleets near Tau space

Yet. oh thats right, the Imperials are keeping them away.

>> No.43123243


Pulse carbine.

>> No.43123249

Lets put aside the stupidity of anons and lets get some in-verse opinions on the matter.

>War is not a binary condition. Despite superficial appearances to the contrary it does not begin or end with a single discrete event. There may be catalysts and culminations, but their antecedents and consequences– cultural, material and even metaphysical– extend through times past and future like ripples in a river that flows two ways. Accordingly, the war between the Imperium and the Tau Empire did not begin and end with the Damocles Gulf Crusade. That conflict was the first great blossoming of our enmity and it will not be the last, but we have now entered a subtler phase of the game. Fifty years have passed since the crusade. Nothing has changed. Everything has changed.

>Here on the margins of the Damocles Gulf we are embroiled in a cold war, an intricate game of deceit, manipulation and coercion waged against a master player. It is a delicate struggle, but never make the mistake of thinking it any less inimical to the Imperium than the voracious depredations of the tyranids or the bleak pogrom waged by the necrons, for the tau are playing for the hearts and minds of mankind. If they triumph our species may survive, but its destiny will not.

-– Aion Escher, Grand Master of the Damocles Conclave, Ordo Xenos

Apparently, the Inquisition or at least parts of it think that the Tau Empire and its ideals are as threatening to the Imperium as the Tyranids and Necrons genocidal campaigns.

>> No.43123271

Nope, the major hive fleets are on the other side of the galaxy fighting Orks, Imperials, Eldar, and Necrons.

Orks are holding off the bulk of the Hive Fleets.

>> No.43123289


They were saved once according to lore. by a warp storm. Who cares anyway? Shit like that happens throughout history constantly. The British defeated the Nazis because of teh English Channel, and nothing else. Napoleon lost because of a storm before Waterloo. life exists on earth because some water splashed on our rock before life began. Everything in history hangs by a thread. Your criticism of the setting is irrelevant.

Or maybe, the Tau are actually psychic, but aren't in tuned to it yet because there isn't enough of them, and their collective fear brought on the storm without them realizing it? This is a fictional setting, anything could happen and everything is legitimate.

>They literally owe their existence to plot shields.

Literally every race.

The Eldar shouldn't exist, but their plot shield Resurrection crystals saved them.

Ork have plot shield spores.

Imperium has plot shield: The Emperor

Tyranids have the plot shield, "There is an infinite number of them outsiiiiiddee"

Necrons have plot shield of "too edgy to die".

can this plot shield meme end? the only reason it seems more significant to Tau is because Tau have a shorter history, AND are the newest faction in the actual game, and had to be retconned in. It's not like the setting is consistent anyway. ANYTHING could happen at ANYTIME.

>> No.43123304

>Lets not mention that at the same time as the Damocles Crusade the Imperium happened to also be dealing with Waaagh Gazhghul, Hive Fleet Behemoth and Abbadons 13th Black Crusade on Cadia SIMULTANEOUSLY.
Um, the Damocles Crusade happened in around 740 M41. Hive Fleet Behemoth did indeed arrive at roughly the same time (745 M41), and was one of the reasons why the Crusade was called off (the resoruces spend fighting the Tau would be better spend preparing for the coming of a another Hive Fleet), but the rest of the evenets you mention didn't happen at all during the same time.
Ghazkull launched his Waagh! and kicked off the Second War of Armageddon (the first one was fought against the forces of Chaos led by Daemon Primarch Angron) in 941 M41, almost 200 years after the end of the Damocles Gulf Crusade. He returned in 998 M41 and caused the Third War of Armageddon (which is still ongoing in the current endpoint of the timeline). 40k timeline currently ends with Abaddon just starting his 13th Black Crusade in 999. M41.

>> No.43123316


>The threat of the Tau should not be underestimated on the basis of their non-overtly aggressive nature. Their ever expanding empire continues to push deep into Imperial space and such effrontery must be met with the requisite force in order to push these aliens back into their own space. At present there is no specific policy of extermination aimed at the Tau, and it would take a major effort on the part of the Imperium to destroy the Tau empire, if indeed such a thing is now possible. With the exception of some radical Fire caste commanders, the Tau do not appear to regard the Imperium as a threat and conflict usually only erupts when the encroachments of the Tau become intolerable to local system commanders.

-White Dwarf issue 262

According to the lore, the destruction of the Tau Empire would take a great effort from the Imperium, and Imperial commanders do not think it's a sure shot.

>> No.43123321

Regardless of whether pulse rifles are better than lasguns the standard firewarrior probably has a good bit more tech on him than the standard guardsman. Obviously though this tech has a specific purpose, and firewarriors are given this shit because the tactics and 'philosophy of war' the Tau use is different to what the Imperium uses.

That's why the Tau aren't looking to develop space AKs, whereas the space AK is vital to the Imperium.

Still, the Imperium has conversion beamers, and all sorts of shit from the DAoT, not to mention bio-engineering and all sorts of other science shit. Even Orks have teleporter technology, as shitty, unreliable and outright dangerous as it is.

Tau can equip their front-line troops with pretty good stuff, but it doesn't suddenly make them have the best technology in the galaxy.

>> No.43123333

Still a situational weapon, just change its situation to close range rather than long range.

The Lasgun can't do either as well but can do both pretty good. Tau weapons seem designed around doing one thing great and nothing else, a military designed around the best case scenario order of battle and maintaining the plan.

Guard seems built around the assumption that everything has already gone to shit and if it somehow hasn't then the enemy is up to something sneaky.

>> No.43123353

What? No, the Tau empire lies directly in the patch of the Tyrannids and the Imperial core.

As you can see in this map here.

Where on earth did you think the Tau Empire lies, and where did you think the Nids were coming from?

Dunno how the Tau can expect to survive long term, either the Nids will eat them, or they will make a deal with the Imperials to defend against the Nids, but given that the Tau Doctrine and Imperial Creed are fundamentally at odds, I don't see the Imperium honoring that on a long term basis.

The Imperium certainly doesn't want its citizens thinking they can do anything aside from the will of the Emperor.

>> No.43123364

>Which is incredibly difficult because the Tau have the best technology (other than Necrons, which they outnumber)

Dude, the Necrons have more tomb world than the imperium has planets.

>> No.43123373

They don't Don't be stupid. Those Hive Fleets (Kraken, Behemoth, and Gorgon) have been defeated.

In 997 41K, there are no major hive fleets near the Tau Empire. Seriously, know your lore.

>> No.43123384

>the major hive fleets are on the other side of the galaxy

Fuck no. Hive Fleet Gorgon, a small splinter of Hive Fleet Behemoth has already attacked Tau space. The Tyranid hive mind now knows where it can find a nice big lump of extra special blue biomass in a nice concentrated area...

>> No.43123389

Tau can afford to equip an army with them. Because they're close to their wordls as opposed to the stretched as your momma's ass Imperium.
Pulse weapons pack up far more sizable punch, reload quickly enough and tau don't usually run out of ammo because of above reasons.
But they are the masters of plasma weaponry so it's okay.
The Imperium actually employed Volkite weaponry as their main weapon instead of bolters in ther Crusade-era.
And Volkites are basically deathrays.

>> No.43123420
File: 9 KB, 210x241, 1421364521187.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Humanity is not at it's potential. It's evolving constantly, this is why the number of psykers is increasing. They can evolve naturally or the STC AdMech is trying to reclaim can speed everything up. If it works then the Emperor can now lead a new Great Crusade of uncorruptable human armies that are all also psykers.
Not if the leader is Grazkhul. Especially if he manages to get Gork and Mork.
The fluff says that once the Emperor dies, every human will become a vessel for Daemons. Chaos wouldn't kill all of humanity.
You're saying that a race that believes are better than everyone and who will become even more arrogant if their god is walking among them won't genocide everyone else? The Greater Good doesn't fit into the Eldars empire.
>Necrons and Tyranids
Nowhere is it implied. Most likely scenario is that is that Tyranids will kill of everything and then fuck off, leaving the Necrons to rule over a dead galaxy. Or the Necrons manage to kill of the Tyranids, because they wouldn't be gaining biomass. Not to mention their ultra space tech. Both factions will destroy or rule over the entire galaxy.
>Real human history
>equating 40k factions to real life factions
I won't even go there, that's a whole new level of autism

Basically your arguments are NUH UH THAT WON'T HAPPEN BECAUSE I SAY SO. Take that weeb cock out of your mouth please.

>> No.43123428

>Tau have the best technology (other than Necrons, which they outnumber)
Eh, both Eldar factions and the AdMech probably have better tech than the Tau, and the Necrons outnumber the Imperium.

>> No.43123430

Oh my god. The idiots are crawling out of the woodwork. First of all, Gorgon is not a small splinter of Behemoth, you lying bastard.

Second of all, check the map. There other galactic map and Tau lore. There are no major Hive Fleets near the Tau Empire. Only some splinters of the defeated Kraken which the Tau have either killed off or driven off.

>> No.43123448

Eldar can destroy entire planets like Imperium, tau can't.

>> No.43123456

It's perfect

>won't happen, because a single Stall in any Ork Waaagh means infighting. The Orks will always be stuck in a self defeating cycle. Which is fine, that's what the Orks are for.

Yeah, surely Gork and Mork possessing Ghazkull and screaming "Hey Boys this one is our chosen follow him or be crumped!" It's not something that just happened. Just as the Archdemon of Octavius, the largest ork empire in the galaxy, didn't just become an underling of Thatcher. Also Ullanor and the Beast. Fuckhuge Ork Empires happens with extremely regularity in the galaxy, and they are not something the Tau can deal with.

>Except Chaos comes from Humanity. So if every human was killed off, Chaos would die off, too, only to be replaced by the thoughts and dreams of whatever other race becomes as numerous as humanity at that point (which is implied to be the Tau in 30,000 years).

You really think that the Tau would survive a Daemon-infested Galaxy for how long it would need for Humanity to die off? they don't even believe in daemons for fucks sake.

>> No.43123463
File: 1.53 MB, 2904x1687, wh40k_starmap.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>They don't Don't be stupid. Those Hive Fleets (Kraken, Behemoth, and Gorgon) have been defeated.

And given that the Tyranids are supposed to be an extra-galactic threat, coming to our galaxy from another galaxy from a fixed direction, and that all the rest of the hive fleets turned up on the Eastern Fringe, where would you say it is likely that the next wave of Fleets turn up?

Pro-tip, its not the far side of the galaxy.

>> No.43123466 [SPOILER] 
File: 79 KB, 900x600, 1445099319811.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Volkites are basically deathrays.


>> No.43123470

Actually, they can. Farsight exterminatus'ed Ork worlds during his reclamation mission.

>> No.43123477

>tau can't
I'm pretty sure they could, actually. They just don't mount those kinds of weapons on their battleships.
Which is probably a good part of the reason why the Imperial Navy is better than theirs.

>> No.43123489

Judging by the tyranid codex, the tau will obliterate them. Nid realize this and ignore them as much as possible, except for splinter fleets that try to keep them from expanding.

>> No.43123499

>how do other armies stack up against them?
This 110% depends on the toy sales. If Tau outsells Army X, the next update will represent their gain in ability. If Army Y outsells Tau, then the next update will represent that.

Thinking GW's fluff is consistent, well-written, able to stand on its own legs in any way or anything beyond a way to distract sweaty neckbeards long enough to make a new marketing gimmick to engender the desire to consume more products with their brand on it is a joke.

>> No.43123500

The newest Hive Fleetscame from below the galaxy and from north(ish) of the galaxy. You don't know where the Tyranids aregoing come from so all you have is speculation.

But the fact remains, there are no major hive fleets near Tau space and this allows them a chance to kick the Imperials in the balls.

>> No.43123502


>Basically your arguments are NUH UH THAT WON'T HAPPEN BECAUSE I SAY SO.

But your arguments are the exact same thing. Except you used the autism meme to fit into 4chans cool kids club.

>> No.43123503

One thing that always amuses me is how close the Tau mentality and motivations are to the Great Crusade.

A bunch of self centered jerks convinced they're the most enlightened, intelligent people in the universe coming to save you from your own foolishness and cultural stagnation by peaceful negotiation if possible, and violent subjugation if necessary.

We are here to liberate you from your barbaric culture and replace it with our own, better culture. We will teach you your proper place in the universe and instill into you a reverence and love for our glorious leader who has saved you from yourselves.

If you fight back then we must use force to liberate you from your own foolishness, once your cities are laid to waste and your populations subjugated we can properly reeducate you in the true workings of the galaxy, and even forgive your foolishness once you know your place.

All we ask in return for our beneficence is your utter and complete devotion in all things, so that you might help us continue to advance our glorious march to total galactic dominion.

All for your own good of course.

>> No.43123514

whenever someone asks this question, here is how you answer:

There are single space marines who have participated in the taking of more worlds THAN THE ENTIRE TAU EMPIRE IN THE ENTIRETY OF ITS HISTORY

>> No.43123527

It seems you are don't know what plot shield really is.

Let's put this way. If the tau were introduced as energy beings able to create matter from nothing and able to make stars explode with thoughs, or if they were retconned in the setting to be a huge empire situated beyond the light of the astronomicon that is just now moving into imperial space then their survival wouldn't be plot shields, because their existence would have been justificated.

Plot shield is when the the story goes repeatly "the tau would have been destroyed, but RANDOM APPENSTANCE saved them!"

>> No.43123530

>tau are gundamus!

I hate this meme

Eldar are far more Gundamlike. right down to Psychic Pilots

>> No.43123536


>You really think that the Tau would survive a Daemon-infested Galaxy for how long it would need for Humanity to die off?


because the daemons will infest the Imperium first. As the Imperium dies off, the daemons that exist because of the Imperium will die off just as quickly.

There is a reason tzeentch is manipulating everyone into endless fighting instead of everyone killing everyone off.

The Daemons will self destruct as they reach the border worlds of the Tau.

>> No.43123573
File: 16 KB, 151x239, Grey_Knights_Terminator_90s).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

According to the Grey Knight's prophecy in "Fire and Ice" this will happen :

>Farsight picks up the Dawn Blade and stares into the warp rift where he sees the Eye of Terror in all of its glorious evil
>Farsight's is thrust on the path of destiny
>a Massive war between the Tau Empire and the Imperium will erupt
>The Auns will fail but Farsight will lead the Empire to victory
>In his victory, Farsight will succumb to madness and become the monster "Mont’shasaar". hinted to be Chaos related
>This the the fate destiny decreed for Farsight

The defeat of the Imperium is set on stone (of course, the good guys can't lose). However, there is a chance that Farsight can prevent himself from becoming a monster. The Grey Knight contacted Farsight and the Two became travelling companions. They visited a thousands worlds and fought against the evil of Chaos together hoping to find a way to alter what fate has decreed.

>> No.43123582


but then why write that the tau were threatened at all? A guy writes "some (plot weapon) threatened the tau, but the Tau were saved by (plot armor)".

They wrote that in to give the setting of the Tau more battles. Why even write in the threat/plot weapon at all? It's their fucking setting, they could've made up a billion other reasons the Tau managed to form an Empire.

Plot armor basically means "I don't like it" on this forum.

>> No.43123595
File: 168 KB, 1080x1227, Commander Farsight.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Funnny you say that because I have a friend that actually fields a Gouf Custom as his GK Dreadknight

>> No.43123598

daemons can propegate by the expansion of chaos itself

how are people to retarded to remember this

the daemons wont kill the chaos forces, the chaos forces get bigger as the imperium grows smaller and through THEIR emotions generate daemons

daemons dont need good guys or even humans

khorne is 51% ork

>> No.43123604

Right now they arent, i think everyone can neutrally realize this fact that individual ork waaghs have proven more devastating in the short term. Its the long term that the Tau are a problem.

Pound for pound the ground forces of the Tau are better than the Imperium, this isnt up for dispute. And when you consider the costs of raising and training a space marine versus a fire warrior (who fundamentally are actually quite similar) the fire warriors are far more efficient to create. Fighting the Tau is basically like fighting an up gunned Raven Guard legion, more so now that the Tau have inferred almost the entire Codex. A standard chapter unable to think outside the codex will be run around in circles.

They dont have Titans, but really they'll just design a MXXXX SHATTERSUNSHADOWSWORD with a bigger gun. Psykers is the one huge advantage the Imperium holds over the Tau but since there are humans now living with the Tau, it might not be long before they gain some access and potentially dip into warp travel as well.

Or you know, a Tau world becomes a Deamon World.

What I would argue is the greatest threat of the Tau is the Greater Good creed. Worlds of the Imperium are almost entirely shit and if propaganda starts filtering through about how great Tau worlds are and that you dont even need to abandon the Emperor its allure is just as insidious as the lure of Chaos. I would argue its prob much stronger because its a lure for a positive live rather than one of depravity.

If the Tau are left too long to fester they will eventually figure out faster than light travel, improve their space fleet (realistically the imperium should have wiped the floor with the Tau and just bombed them from orbit but lol plot) and act as a draw for rebellion.

>> No.43123608
File: 461 KB, 636x273, GORGONZOLLA.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Calls someone an idiot.
>Doesn't think Gorgon is a splinter of Behemoth.
>pulls the "know your lore card".

Try reading the Tyrannid Codex (page 20) before looking like a fool. Here the image attached is a crop of the page.

>> No.43123610

The Tau have a lot of parellars for the Great Crusade and the DAoT humanity. The Ethereals suddenly showing up to unify the warring Tau tribes on T'au is similar to the Emperor suddenly shwoing up and uniting the warring techno-barbarians on Terra. The Ethereals have apparently been aware of the existence of the warp and Chaos for a long time but kept it secret (finding out about that is one of the main reasons Farsight went rogue), which is pretty much exactly what the Emperor was doing with his "Imperial Truth" thing (deny the existence of Chaos and bas all forms of worship to deprive the Chaos Gods of worshippers). The whole being optimistic and rapidly advancing your technology is pretty much how humanity used to roll during the DAoT, before increased appearance of psykers, robot uprising and Eldar fucking a god into existence screwed them over.

>> No.43123616

like really, there was a salamander who was in campaigns on 500 worlds. FIVE FUCKING TIMES THE SIZE OF THE TAU EMPIRE

>> No.43123622

Minus slaanesh, daemons actually lack overtly edgy characters at least. Designs perhaps, but they're otherwise more interesting than a lot of people on /tg/ seem to make them out to be.

You can boil any faction down to its most basic components visually and call it stupid, but daemons usually end up with the shit-end of things when they're not being WACKY and as a result a lot of the characters aren't quite so one dimensional

>> No.43123623

The only random thing that happened in the Warpstorm. The other things you mentioned are just events that affect the fates of a single of a single planet or two.

If you want to talk about plot armour, then see Ultramarives vs Behemoth. The Ultramarines wouldn't have been able to defeat Behemoth without the help of (Eldar, Necrons, and Orks) and the bullshit the Imperial fleet pulled.

>> No.43123639


daemons are formed by the thoughts and emotions of mortals.

If all those mortals are killed, then nothing will give birth to the daemons.

This whole setting is about back and forth, positive and negative, up and down, order and chaos, yin and yang. One can't exist without the other. One CAN'T delete the other.

>daemons can propegate by the expansion of chaos itself

But if there is no order of the Imperium, how is there chaos to propegate into?

>> No.43123643

Farsight is basically Char Aznable.

>Rebel against main government.
>Hero to the average trooper.
>Still loved after doing very questionable things.
>Incredibly skilled pilot.
>Close combat prodigy in a very shooty faction.
>Own personal vendetta against ruling faction.
Last and most important.

>> No.43123649

It's well established that the setting in 40k is everything going off. That's why it stopped advancing the timeline. Because in the 42th millennium factions will be killed off. And every faction has a sure way of surviving to enslave or destroy everyone else. But they have to work for it, except for Necrons and Tyranids (technically even the Imperium) who only have to survive for a little while longer. Except for Tau...
So it's not the same.

>> No.43123659


When did this happen?

Also does anyone else notice how the Imperium can buddy buddy with the Tau on a relatively consistent basis in the lore? Even more than the Eldar

>> No.43123661

>"was first thought to be a splinter and not a splinter fleet on its own right"

Only only are you an idiot but you can't read as well. The lore outright states that Gorgon and other other relatively small Hive Fleets like Naga are not splinters of Behemoth, you absolute moron.

>> No.43123675

>Judging by the tyranid codex, the tau will obliterate them.

That's funny, you must have a different version from me because in mine it saws that despite Gorgon being defeated several Tyranid ships escaped back into the void to take their collective experiences of the Tau back to the Hive Mind. Literally stating (of the Hive Mind) "...it has tasted the flesh of the Tau, and now it hungered for more". [Codex Tyranids, 6th Edition, Page 20, Paragraph 1]

Seems the Hive Mind likes eating blue balls.

>> No.43123677
File: 174 KB, 725x1155, 21562-5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And I love all of that

>> No.43123686


Well fuck, I feel like an idiot not seeing this now.

Maybe the Tau had their own shamans that reincarnated as the Ethereals but their psyker power was focused on mind control.

>> No.43123690

Actually, the Tau do which is survive. In the WD that came with the 6th ED Tau release it was said that if the Tau survive long enough, they will blaze through the galaxy.

>> No.43123712

Not only*

The Hivemind hungers for the Emperor more because Leviathan is heading towards Terra.

>> No.43123714

Because they're far better than that guys says, but God forbid somebody interrupt his spess mehreen fantasy.

>> No.43123715

This is a symptom of power creep in what is supposed to be the underdog faction. That's why you get chucklefucks posting about how "adaptive" the tau are when they get fuck-huge suits despite the fact that they're supposed to be resource strapped and very much so cognizant of it. Fanwankers want to believe they're now on par with the imperium when they forget that fluff-wise the tau would completely implode if they were ever facing an enemy to the scale of a Dominion of Fire or even a fucking hive fleet.

>> No.43123717

Ethereals are (or at least were) hinted at being put there by an outside force.

>> No.43123718

the daemons wont kill chaos mortals, chaos HAS ITS OWN MORTALS and if it began to win there would only be MORE AND MORE. if I have to reword that sentence again im not going to spend more time on you

khorne is 51 percent ork, and slaanesh is at least 2/3 eldar. they dont even need the imperium or chaos

>> No.43123731

I don't think the Etherials are psykers, their ability seems to be physiological, I think it's some kind of scent repeated from a gland that makes almost all Tau physiologically compelled to obey any order they personally give them.

I wonder if the reason Tau all wear full face helmets is so that the Etherial can push a button and infuse their air intake with that pheromone so they never refuse important orders.

>> No.43123732

>But if there is no order of the Imperium, how is there chaos to propegate into?

Chaos is not literal "Chaos" you mongoloid, it's a catch-all term used to describe the factions and denizens that are heavily involved with the Warp.

There are such things as Chaos xenos, you just don't see them because the Chaos-humans fucking hate them only slightly less than the loyalists do.

>> No.43123737

These kinds of threads are absolutely retarded because the general consensus of 40k is

"Single space marine kills infinite amount of anything else since they are the best"

Million daemon princes? Few bolters take care of it. Billion ork warbosses? Chainsword solves. Star systems full of Tau battlesuits? Acid spit wipes them all out in a afternoon. Then the space marine goes to have his usual evening prayer to the emperor and money falls to the GW coffers.

>> No.43123746

>Also does anyone else notice how theo Imperium can buddy buddy with the Tau on a relatively consistent basis in the lore? Even more than the Eldar
Nope, in fact eldar trust humans so much that allow them go to Black Library.

>> No.43123750
File: 161 KB, 510x546, empcup.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Holy fuck, these Tau players are special snowflakes when anyone criticizes their chosen race.

Hilarious thread in that regard, 10/10, would laugh again ... learn to take a bit of banter lads, you don't see Space Wolf players throwing a fit this hard every time someone calls them a fur-fag.

>> No.43123751

When Farsight disappeared from the enclave to become a hermit. That's when the Grey Knight found him and explained things to him.

>> No.43123757

chaos its just its name faggot... not intrinsically the force of "chaos" itself

>> No.43123766


Of course, Prophecies in 40k are SO fucking reliable when the Big Daddy behind every single fucking one is a dick that contradicts himself at every opportunity.

>> No.43123768

Under supervision and because Ahriman was threatening it. Mister Inquisitor betrayed their trust and ran out of there.

>> No.43123777


Like 3 max ever

Not even the Emperor got into the Black Library or am i mistaken?

>> No.43123793

It was not only Chevak, Draco, grey knights and illuminati were there.

>> No.43123797

not really related but when it says the black library is protected by fell handed guardians are those the harlequins or something else?

>> No.43123808

where is the screenshot of that ultramarine killing a Craftworld single handed?

>> No.43123809

>grey knights


>> No.43123830

Tau forces aren't better than Imperiums.
If the Imperium was as small as the Tau, but kept their tech level it would mean that every Chapter had a few Titan Legions to throw around while the whole of IG would be equipped by DAoT tech.
Lasguns and bolters are only standard issue because they are easy to mass produce and reliable.

It doesn't work like that. Chaos won't destroy itself.

But that's not true at all you faggot. Just because we don't suck Tau's unexistant cock doesn't make /tg/ view other factions at such extremes. It's only the Tau fanboys who love their special snowflakes and have to defend them.

Got a citation for that? I only remember Ethereal propaganda or Eldar prophecies about them. Regardless, every other faction got their end condition made more possible in recent fluff, the Tau only got a few retcons that explain why they are even alive.

>> No.43123839

>Won't happen. Humanity is already at their potential. Saying they would reach more potential just because is you assuming it'll happen just because. The entire setting is revolved around the decline of humanity. EVERYTHING is about other species coming to get humans. Including the Tau.

No they aren't. Humanity's potential is becoming like a stronger version of the Eldar. The end-game for humanity is when everybody is a Beta or Alpha Psyker and able to solo entire armies.

>won't happen, because a single Stall in any Ork Waaagh means infighting. The Orks will always be stuck in a self defeating cycle. Which is fine, that's what the Orks are for.

There is no fighting with Ghaz. He's mind-controlling the Orks in his WAAAAGH to end all WAAAAGHS as the Prophet of Gork and Mork. The only way the WAAAGH stops is if he finally is killed.

>Except Chaos comes from Humanity. So if every human was killed off, Chaos would die off, too, only to be replaced by the thoughts and dreams of whatever other race becomes as numerous as humanity at that point (which is implied to be the Tau in 30,000 years).

No, Chaos is older than humanity and quite possibly older than the universe, the three main Chaos Gods being the primordial truths of the universe, only Slaanesh is spawned by life. Chaos not only has connections to other universes in the Warp to draw power on, but enough humans exist in the warp to provide more than enough power as well. Chaos is self sustaining now- the only way to defeat it is to get a more powerful version of the GEOM.

>They'll either stabilize and take much longer to become a massive Empire, and become a small defensive region like the tau, or go extinct. The Eldar's extinction is constantly implied in this setting.

Considering there's billions of Craftworlders and Trillions of Dark Eldar, extinction is overhyped nonsense.

And dear god do not talk about history if you're going to drool on the floor like the mongoloid you are.

>> No.43123842

No, they are not.

The Path of the Eldar series says the guardians of the Black Library do not trust the Harlequins because of their fickle nature. Harlequins are rarely allowed to go inside and only for important things

>> No.43123844


>Muh Alpha Legion
>Hey Alpharius, Omegon, trust these shifty fucking Xenos sorcerers and their shifty fucking prophecies!
>Prophecies turned out to be false as fuck and put there by Tzeentch
>Holy shit! A being known for dicking around with Hope, prophecy, plans, and fucking with people shits out new prophecies or alters existing ones!

>> No.43123851

>Tzeentch sells some fish the brooklyn bridge by just letting him peek for a second at what this chaos stuff is about
>Farsight leads a pyrrhic war against the empire assuring the destruction of both empires
>Chaos is now well known throughout the tau empire as all their propaganda implodes on itself in the wake of the war

>> No.43123864

As a followup to this, the Great Crusade people and the Tau were also totally oblivious to the possibility that what they were doing might be wrong, or that anyone might have valid reasons to oppose them.

The modern Imperium at least knows that it's doing bad things because it's a bad universe and they have to do necessary brutal acts to survive.

The Tau are just happily oblivious to the evil they do and genuinely believe that it's all for your own good no matter how cruel or dark they get.

>> No.43123869

>Considering there's billions of Craftworlders and Trillions of Dark Eldar, extinction is overhyped nonsense.

There are unknown number of craftworlds out there and lore says clearly that the Eldar are a near extinct species. Do not make me drag the screencap here.

>> No.43123879

Tau are not blanks, they are just blunted. Meaning they have a soul, but it's like a corpse starch to the daemon. They are still edible and possessible, even if the have some resistance to warpy effects.

>> No.43123882


I can't wait until the Tau have one of their worlds explode into a Daemon world.

I just can't.

>> No.43123895

These fucking Tau players shitting this thread up make me ashamed to play Tau.

I like the fact that they're an underdog in the galaxy, who just happened to get a bit of power because of co-incidence. I like the fact that they honestly have no hope of expanding much further into Imperial space, because doing so would earn them a righteous bitch-slapping by the Emperors forces.

I play them because they're the plucky underdog in a galaxy of old murderous bastard empires, of which even the youngest race have been doing the murderous bastard thing for tens of millennia longer than the Tau Empire has existed.

Some of these Tau whiners in this thread seem to think that Farsight could wipe out an Imperial Crusade with a mere glance. THEY CAN'T. Tau only exist because all the other crazy bastards in the galaxy currently have other more important things to oppress than the Tau, and the Tau had better hope to fuck that this situation continues for a long time.

Get with the setting of the game guys for fuck sake, the whole think is a Grimdark fantasyland. Nothing is supposed to be hopeful and cheerful. No-one is supposed to be able to win outright against other powers without a major effort or twist of luck.

THAT'S THE FUN PART OF THE GOD-DAMN LORE. Everything is hopeless, no-one can win.

I suppose it helps that my last army was Dark Eldar and I'm used to being GW's bitch. !2 years for a new codex....

>> No.43123910

It would be hilarious to see the propaganda they'll use to cover that incident.

>> No.43123926

Tau battlesuits are not even remotely as mobile, dexterous, and powerful as mobile suits. Something like the Hyaku Shiki or the Kshatriya - or even a well-piloted Qubeley - would tear through dozens of Riptides with supreme ease. The only mechanized units in 40K that come close to mobile suit maneuverability are Eldar wraithknights/titans, which appear to function a lot like Evas, just monumentally less powerful.

Farsight is a Char, though.

>> No.43123928



>> No.43123941

A large part of why the navy is better is because of experience, rather than equipment (though equipment also helps). I'm not sure if it's a result of the whole short lifespan thing, but air-caste canonically don't have the grit to beat out a technological or physiological disadvantage like the humans do.

>This 110% depends on the toy sales.
If that were the case, tyranids wouldn't be such a punching bag IN THEIR OWN CODEX. The fluff has always been pulled-out-of-a-hat tier.

>> No.43123953
File: 270 KB, 602x404, 1437908006181.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>people are still equating Tau and GC era Imperium
The Emperor knew from firsthand experience that aliens can't be trusted. He also knew about Chaos and had a plan how to stop them. Not to mention the main goal of the Golden Crusade was to reunite already existent human colonies under the Imperium. The Imperium had every reason, at least in their minds, to do the shit they have done.
Tau Empire is basically just conquering everyone because they are barbarians.

>> No.43123957

The prophecy has been accurate so far. The Imperium is gearing up for a massive war with the Tau (Tau 6th ED codex and 7th ED lore). They are preparing to throw everything they got in the east at the Tau. Farsight is finally stepping from the shadows and readying himself to be the sword and shield of the Tau (Farsight Enclave supp)

The prophecy is clear on the matter. The Imperium will be defeated but from its defeat will either rise a corrupted monsters that will doom the Tau or a savoir who will unite the Tau and turn them into an great ally against Chaos.

I have faith in Farsight.

>> No.43123973

Those vague statements mean nothing when we know that the larger Craftworlds have populations of the billions, there's still an Eldar civilization in the fucking webway of all things (not Dark Eldar, but waystations and general vagabonds), and the Dark City is so fucking large even assuming each Dark Eldar takes up a massive slice of territory there's countless trillions of the fuckers.

The only thing holding down the Craftworld Eldar is their need for Tears of Isha to protect the souls of their children. So they can only breed in a ratio to how many spirit stones are available.

>> No.43123982

>Tau forces aren't better than Imperiums.

We dont live in a vacuum, the Imperium is a grossly overextended empire and is attacked at every corner. The Imperium cant afford to equip everyone with power armour with titan support, especially not to deal with a galactic insignificant threat like the Tau.

What they can pull together is inferior pound for pound against the Tau whose technology and training are way ahead of non SM elements.

>> No.43123987


The prophecy those Xenos gave to the Alpha Twins was accurate up a T, it's the E that fucked everything.

Just as planned.

Accuracy up to a point doesn't mean shit if the points after that are completely different.

>> No.43123992

Shit up.

If you read the thread and know you lore, then you would know that some of the posts contain wrong information. We are just correcting them and having a civil discussion. If you can't handle it piss off.

>> No.43124046

Only Iyanden was stated to contain billions and it was stated to be the greatest and most populated craftworld.

Loremaster Gav says that major craftworld pops are in the low tens of millions.

>The only thing holding down the Craftworld Eldar is their need for Tears of Isha to protect the souls of their children.

Seriously, did you forget that exceptionally long gestation time for Eldar babies that's stated in the Dark Eldar codex?

>> No.43124067


Well to be fair we know quite a bit about what the Emperor thought and intended and alot more from his closest confidants.

We know very very little about the thought process of the Etherals, the cloest we have to the truth is from Farsight who himself is a renegade.

>> No.43124072

The prophecy about the Eldar and Imperium joining forces, both led by their respective gods in a last battle against Chaos is also coming true.
Eldar and Imperium ally more and more in the desperate times ignoring that they then betray each other most of the time, but whatever. Eldar have some plans on how to get Ynnead back and Imperium has the psyker STC

>> No.43124095
File: 314 KB, 1420x810, Imperator_Titan_vs_Ork_Mega-Gargant.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>We are just correcting them and having a civil discussion.
>If you can't handle it piss off.


>> No.43124096

i think it's fairly difficult to rank them in the fluff because all 40k fluff is written from the standpoint that whatever faction being spoken of is the greatest, most potent, most powerful, most amazing of all factions and their victory is both deserved and inevitable, and all other factions and/or races are literal trash compared to them that only exists because said deity-tier faction cannot be bothered to grind them into past at present.

on the table, the proliferation of d-strength weapons and power creep has left the tau somewhat weak compared to many newer factions (which is the true inevitability of the 40k setting, of course). this new update may help them gain ground, but they'll be behind factions like the eldar (as will pretty much every other faction, let's be honest).

their new toys, suit options, and models are really impressive, and should be fun on the table.

>> No.43124108

The population of craftworlds fluctuates from writer to writer. Some say high billions, some say low millions. Both are canon, apparently, because GW is too afraid to draw real lines in the sand between what is bullshit and what isn't.

High billions make much more sense, though. They wouldn't be able to fight relevant wars if they didn't have those kinds of numbers.

>> No.43124123
File: 571 KB, 1024x512, 1424114280116.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

go home xeno scum

>whose technology and training are way ahead of non SM elements
At least for training, tau are roughly guard level. And although they are definitely ahead of most guard, tech-wise, much of that is because of GW taking away old gear because of reasons.

Give me my targeters back losers.

>> No.43124147

>because GW is too afraid to draw real lines in the sand between what is bullshit and what isn't.

That might change.For example, GW gave us the total number of all Bloodthirsters in existence.

>> No.43124176


Could be but Im not convinced.

There are prob around 1 million space marines out there and even a 100 marine force can change the tide of entire wars. Its not unrealistic to expect the same for a highly advanced alien species who are psychic and can predict some of the future.

>At least for training, tau are roughly guard level

Correct me if I am wrong but I operated on the assumption that Fire Warriors are basically Tau raised from birth to become soldiers. They dont have the super tau genetic engineering as the space marines but the training and psycho therapies should make them easily leagues ahead of almost all IG except maybe the Cadians.

>> No.43124191

>The prophecy about the Eldar and Imperium joining forces, both led by their respective gods in a last battle against Chaos is also coming true.

This eerily reminds of what happened in WHFB. You know how it ended.

>> No.43124268

Marines, too, vary in effectiveness depending on the fluff. Sometimes a thousand Marines can cleanse a planet with ease. Sometimes they get their shit kicked in by a Guard regiment or just by overwhelming numbers of Orks.

Generally the rule with Marines is that the more detailed the fluff, the less effective they are. If it's an offhand note in some blurb, their cocks destroy planets and they strange greater daemons between their supple space thighs. If it's an in-depth story, they take monstrous casualties and barely pull through against much lesser odds. There are exceptions both ways, but this is generally how Marines work in the fluff.

>> No.43124288

Lemme guess. Was it coincidetally 888?

>> No.43124299

Tau often seem like they'd be more at home in the Infinity universe, fighting the EI or the Tohaa.

CB sculpted Crisis suits would probably look amazing.

>> No.43124304

Probably because the tau can be reasoned with and are most likely to honor treaties

you can't trust them because they're still trying to take your land and brainwash your citizens but at least they don't want to fight if they can avoid it and at least have some semblance of civilization.

>> No.43124309

>but I operated on the assumption that Fire Warriors are basically Tau raised from birth to become soldiers
You've got that right, and yet they're still (arguably) worse off than your average guardsman thanks to their deficiencies close-up.

This isn't a serious knock on the tau, and they do make up for it with tech. Guardsmen are just trained and drilled rather extensively despite their expendable nature.

>> No.43124314

the tau believe they should be first among equals in the universe because their way of life is superior to those of other species (most of which they encounter are either all-war-all-the-time or in some state of barbarity). humanity believes that they are destined to rule the universe as super beings at the feet of a self-created messianic deity, and that this destiny demands that all other races in the universe, as impediments to this great and promised future, must be exterminated.

of course they are at odds with one another, their ideals and visions of the future are diametrically opposed.

>> No.43124320

>Eventually, the Imperium is going to be Poland vs a Nazi Germany.

Hahaha, what the fuck am I reading? The Imperium is Poland and the Tau Nazi Germany? How the fuck does that comparison even make sense?

Poland had like 1/3rd of the population of Germany; the Tau have like 1/100,000,000,000th of the population of the Imperium.

The Imperium is Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union combined, while the Tau are Communist China, with the Eldar being Japan and the Orcs Nationalist China maybe.

>> No.43124344
File: 126 KB, 500x395, LaughingNecronWhores.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Remember that time a Tau sept world was getting shit-stomped by the Nids that had become immune to their Ion weapons. When suddenly the Necrons showed up and wiped out the Nids in short order. The Tau than threw a massive party for the Crons, only for the Necrons to murder them all.
Because I do

>> No.43124346

Those proportions are totally fucked.

There's no way that Fire Warrior could fit in that Crisis Suit. He'd have to be balled up in foetal position.

>> No.43124348


I'd just keep real life comparisons out of it guys because they're inevitably stupid.

>> No.43124371
File: 53 KB, 532x813, Eight hosts.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's 16777216 thirster.

>> No.43124372

Orks are football hooligans/chavs, flavored with a little bit of the European conception that "Barbarians" exist only to pillage and kill, and live only for war. That "barbaric" label encompasses a broad range of cultures and time, most of which don't transfer over to Ork Kultur, since it's a pastiche.

>> No.43124414

There is a Xenology, which says that this ability is chemical-based. BL is canon now and book itself does deserve some attention.
Altough it is very strange that the effects wear off immidiatly following the death of the big fishy.

>> No.43124440

The Ion thing. You are confusing another Ka'mais with another planet.

Also the Necrons who invaded the planet were Anrakyr's legion. Anrakyr (and other Necrons lords) sometimes spares the living depending on their mood. Anrakyr wasn't in a merciful mood that day but he quasi-apologized for the Ethereal before killing the planet.

So what's the issue with approaching the Necrons with civility?

>> No.43124470

One thing that gets me is that people are emotionally devastated by the tau, but while there's probably at least a big fucking battlesuit for every space marine out there and they have similar battle doctrines (don't stick around for counterattacks, go for the killing blow, etc) they're perfectly okay with a force utterly dwarfed by the tau in numbers accomplishing similarly disproportionate victories.

>> No.43124480

The Xenology is written by a madman so what's in it is suspect and full of inaccuracies.

The Inquisition despite captured dead and living Ethereals failed to understand what makes them have their effect on the Tau.

>> No.43124483

...except for the commanders and stuff, who don't wear helmets?

>> No.43124485

Sounds like something Tzeentch would come up with. Tau are actually in fact a big chunk of JUST AS PLANNED?

>> No.43124495

Although Tau are still a toddler with a rattle sitting on the ground in the corner of the monster-truck crash-derby arena, I agree with you on the plot weapon/plot armour point.

It's like saying "Skywalker would totally have been killed if it wouldn't have been for the Force!"

>> No.43124520


So bad writing compared to bad writing?

>> No.43124535

I just remembered something.

In FFG's Deathwatch there is a story where a Tau commander felt the death of the Ethereals while on the battlefield. Here is the kicker, the Ethereals were on the other side of the planet.

I guess this confirms that the Ethereals are psychic.

>> No.43124547

>Warpstorm blocking way to Tau space for 6000 years

>> No.43124566

This doesn't. Tau are also stated to be blunted. Who does this compute with that massive a control?

>> No.43124587

I'm actually referring to the fall of Cano'var, though it is old and might have been updated.
The issue with approaching the Crons with civility is that they believe themselves to be superior to any other species, meaning they would never accept the Greater good.
In my mind the fall of Cano'var shows that the Necrons can destroy the Tau on a whim and the Nids can become immune to Tau weaponry.

>> No.43124601

>Nids can become immune to Tau weaponry

Which is silly by the way

Why arent tyranids immune to las gun fire?

And speaking of, where as the space marine evolved nids? Wouldnt that be a sight to see on the battlefield.


>> No.43124602

The Tau are blunted. The Ethereals are mysterious.
The Tau can still be affected by psychic abilities so I don't see the problem.

>> No.43124650

Guard are just there for people who like watching their own men die.

>> No.43124659

>space marine evolved nids
Tyrant Guard.
This must be VERY odd kind of psychic. If the Ethereals can control tau like that, than the Imperial and other psykers should feel it and possibly can do likewise.

>> No.43124660

The Tau actually have all the hallmarks of a Tohaa-engineered (or uplifted) species.

Sudden, explosive, mysterious technological and societal growth that coincides exactly with their time of need. Obvious biological disadvantages and advantages that suit them to a particular role within the Trinomial. Extreme aggression that can be tempered and negated via an ridiculous level of vulnerability to pheromone-based control.

If they were in Infinity they'd be a Tohaa or auxiliary race. Or one they uplifted but forgot about. Or a Triumvirate experiment.

They'd definitely be more at home.

>> No.43124667
File: 583 KB, 1024x1266, tzeentch_tribute_by_pyreshard-d7mw8qs.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>6000 year Warpstorm protecting their existance
>blue dudes, Tzeentch's favorite color
>Mysterious Ethereals who turned up out of no-where and have REALLY GOOD IDEAS.
>Tau warfare doctrine based around changing and evolving to new threats. Tzeentch loves change.
>Tau dont have a good connection to the warp, meaning other Chaos gods are uninterested in them.

Sounds like Tzeentch's doing to me.

>> No.43124675

Dude, you butchered the whole thing. The planet name was named Ka'mais. You can Google it right now. Cano'var is a different planet that's nit related to war with the Tyranids.

Secondly, approaching the Necrons civility is a wise thing especially when they have a massive aramda above your planet. Necrons are not mindless monsters, they have been known to show mercy at times.

Thirdly, the Tau and Tyranids in that war out adapting against each others weaknesses and strengths. The Tau came out on top of the adaptation race.

>> No.43124704

FFG fluff is often contradictory to main 40K fluff.

That said, it could be some kind of extremely exotic pheromone manipulation. Or a spore based form of control where all the spores are linked and respond to changes in their network over vast distances.

The most likely explanation, though, is that FFG do what they want, and what they want is not always in line with what BL and GW consider canon.

>> No.43124756

>And speaking of, where as the space marine evolved nids?

Those are the Tyrant Guard, you gibbering retard.

>> No.43124758
File: 89 KB, 504x720, 14388575579190.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think we should report this discovery to the authorities.

>> No.43125004
File: 340 KB, 2000x1473, 1368054486896.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Did someone call for heresy exterminators?

>> No.43125065

Crons are the "I got my army painted fully" power fantasy.

>> No.43125314
File: 216 KB, 245x367, 1243682707.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.43125455

>Imperium has the psyker STC

I missed this. Where is it? The Admech codex?

>> No.43125486
File: 53 KB, 187x184, 1234567890.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


You know, I was considering collect a Tau Army but you lot have got some good points for thinking otherwise. Could you recommend me a race to collect? Something that has personality and can have a laugh, such as the Orks since they seemed pretty cool.

>> No.43125516

This actually makes a certain amount of sense as a plot.
Tzeentch's main rival for supremacy among the Chaos Gods is Khorne, who's followers have excellent resistances against Tzeentch's main weapon, sorcery.
So Tzeentch, seeking to mend this hole in his defenses, sets into motion a plan to create servants of his that use no sorcery at all and fight from long-range, denying Khorne's followers the advantages they seek.

>> No.43125580
File: 131 KB, 500x555, Rak'Gol_Marauder.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I wish they had used the Rak'gol as their example of a small Xenos faction instead of the Tau.

>> No.43125627

I wish they'd made a bunch of small Xenos factions instead of focusing on Space Marines all the time.
Like, Tau, Kroot, Rak'gol, H'rud, Slaughth etc...

>> No.43125658

The Necrons are an off-brand version of the first 15 minutes of Terminator. I guess GW realized that there was one 80s sci-fi franchise left that it hadn't gloriously plagiarized and decided to correct.

Thinking about it, it's pretty hypocritical that we constantly point out that Tau are anime robots when Tyranids are figuratively the non-union Mexican equivalent of Xenomorphs and every other army in the game was conceived on similar lines.

>> No.43125666

I'd love for some kind of 'random assortment of minor factions' Codex.

Not like the Tau, they're dominated by one race with a few allies.

I mean a lose sort of catch all for an organization of a bunch of other xenos races to represent all those finicky little groups and dangerous factions that could band together.

>> No.43125716

Did you count in the fact that the axe the Bloodthirster carries houses the spirit of another bloodthirster? It's possible those thirsters have their own axes with their own spirits contained in them.


>> No.43125767
File: 114 KB, 948x698, Rak'Gol_Scout.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Likewise, it really pisses me off to no end that 4 of the 15 different armies marketed by GW are just different Space Marine flavours.

They started out that way but are significantly different now. Unlike Tau/Tyranids which have stayed truer to their roots, so to speak.

True. But a lot of minor Xenos races could never get along. Rak'gol for example. They kill all other species with equal abandon. Plus their main goal seems to be turning planets into giant radioactive wastelands for no understandable reason.

>> No.43125971


>Tau are blue
>Tzeeny is blue


>> No.43126020

>Plus their main goal seems to be turning planets into giant radioactive wastelands for no understandable reason.

>> No.43126029

Psyker STC?

What in the hell?

>> No.43126058

There's an STC databank that has the blueprints for every Psyker tech STC. Which for all anyone knows could include how to make more Navigators.
Which would cause the Navigator Houses to start fucking with the AdMech's shit, which would be funny.

>> No.43126081

You would think, but nothing about their physiology suggests they're immune to cancer and such. Resistant maybe, but not immune.

The theory presented in game is that they deliberately give themselves cancer so they have more flesh to stick crude bionics into.

>> No.43126087



And whence does this fluff even come from?

>> No.43126210

Cult mechanicus codex if I remember correctly, or skitarii

>databank that has the blueprints for every Psyker tech
>plot twist: It's actually a 40000 terabytes macro of laughing eldar whores

>> No.43126256


It is also in a Daemon World. Chances of it being corrupted by the Warp are astronomical high.

>> No.43126291

>Won't happen. Humanity is already at their potential
Nope, in one of the rulebooks they specifically say humanity is beginning the painful transition into a psychic race. Humanity's endgame is that everyone is a psycher.

>> No.43126351

>psykers STC
>daemon world

Nah, everything is going to end up fine
don't read the last 2 words before this spoiler

>> No.43126354

Nope, not seeing it, calling bull on this. >>43126256 Maybe what was meant was that psyker titan that shot daemons, which can from a corrupted STC. Some novel iirc. That was destroyed though.

>> No.43126368
File: 289 KB, 1372x637, removenow.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

the tau do not belong in the 40k universe

remove tau


>> No.43126369

Fluff or gamplay?

Fluff: Bloated up to hilariousness by some writers.
You thought SW were Mary Sue? Try Tau. Not even as an joke like the Necrons. Just Mary Sue.

Gamplay: Strong, it's shooty edition and they are dakka incarnate. Add some underpriced units here and there and that's it.

>> No.43126388

>so they have more flesh to stick crude bionics into.
That doesn't make any sense. If you love robot parts just put your brain in a jar and you can have as many as you want.
>capable of being corrupted by Chaos
You know the way to the Servitor assembly plant, Heretek.

>> No.43126429

The fluff is written from a unreliable narrators, that are either lying, making shit up, propaganda, or misinformed. This make the nature of 40k suspect at best. Also a good tool for the writers, I doubt many of them have knowledge in astrophysics or ruling space empires. Writers are bad at math and have no sense of scale.

>> No.43126443

You should try it once in a while. It's fun.

>> No.43126446

Listen, no one ever said the Rak'gol were very smart.

There's also no definite reason given why they irradiate everything. There are a lot of theories floating around in and out of universe but nothing has been confirmed other than they love nuking shit and give zero fucks about radiation shielding.

>> No.43126512

With the eugenetic-thing going on and government breeding-programs, it is weird how the Tau have not genetically-engineered Firewarriors to be better at close combat, or use cybernetic upgrades.

>> No.43126585

>to be better at close combat
Which is only useful if you haven't shot them yet, and it's easier to saturate an area with pulse, ion, and rail munitions.
>or use cybernetic upgrades.
Tau likely have "normal" robotic prosthetics, and their suits do use neural links. Most cybernetic shit you see done with just one arm would necessitate a near body-job anyway, so it's cheaper to not make them superhuman implants.

>> No.43126622

Is it possible no one told them radiation is bad?

>> No.43126638

I fish they'd turn the Tau codex into something like that. Since the Tua are supposed to ally and integrate other xenos, it'd be a good codex to stick various minor xenos races that wouldn't have enough stuff to be worth making into a proper army. Would also make the Tau somewhat more relevant to the setting. The Tau Empire itself is tiny, but an alliance of Tau and several other minor xenos empires could be significant power in Ultima Segmentum at least.

>Listen, no one ever said the Rak'gol were very smart.
Their tech makes Orks look like the Tau, so that's an understatement if I ever saw one.
They seem to be a slave-race of the now extinct (maybe, it's pretty heavily hinted that they may be dead but not necessarily gone) Yu'vath, so they may be acting on their last command to annihilate the enemy (which would be anything not serving the Yu'vath).

>> No.43126640


They have cybernetic implants, but are not as evident. Puretide Chip is one of them.

>> No.43126736

I kinda prefer the theory that the Rak'gol just found Yu'vath technology and used it to make interstellar travel and are looking for more to bolster what they have.

Or a few Yu'vath are still kicking around commanding/creating them in some form.

>> No.43126765

Tau vs Tohaa would be a great face-off. So long as you ignore that the Tohaa probably have nearly as much territory as the Imperium without being a bureaucratic mess.

>Tau: "Greetings, we are the Tau, we come to enfold you in our benevolent Empire, so that all may serve the Greater Good!"
>Tohaa: "No no no, we are the Tohaa, and we invite YOU to enjoy the security and warmth of our Colonial Expanse, and thus know the Greater Good!"
>Tau: "Oh you."
>Tohaa: "Oh YOU. Btw you got any Digesters?"

>> No.43126818

Omnicopaeia, from the Skitarii codex. An STC that contains a fuckload of psyker knowledge, but it's located on a Daemon world. The AdMech is amassing a giant Skitarii army to take it back.
You are referring to the DAoT super Titan, who's AI got unknowingly possessed by a Daemon who didn't realize he was a Daemon. From the Grey Knights trilogy.

>> No.43126874

What if the Tau come up with a Time Machine and begin appearing in 30k?

>> No.43126937
File: 30 KB, 450x599, 14434497259370.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They would've had their blue asses handed to them.

>> No.43126974
File: 1.84 MB, 328x268, 1419572538577.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>what if a minor xenos race showed up in the middle of the great crusade?
gee I wonder

>> No.43127012

Thanks for clarifying.

>> No.43127019

>Or a few Yu'vath are still kicking around commanding/creating them in some form.
There isn't much official fluff beyond a few in-universe theories, but I went with the idea mentioned in one of the books that most of the Yu'vath had left their physical existence behind and fucked off into subrealms they created in the warp long before Angevinian Crusade showed up. Halo Devices are Yu'vath tech, and they're supposed to not only mutate the user's body but replace their soul with something alien, so maybe they're actually conduits that let the non-corporeal Yu'vath possess living bodies.

>> No.43127051


It doesn't contain just a buttload of psyker knowledge, it contains ALL STC technologies with a psychic component. You know what lost technologies operate with psychic components?
>The Astronomicon
>The Golden Throne
>Webway Gates
>That device that pulls knowledge from the warp

Such a wealth of knowledge could usher in Mankind's psychic dawn, turn humanity into a powerful psychic hivemind organism, channel the Astronomicon into a weapon to fuck over the warp, ascend the Emperor into a chaos God... Basically, it's a setting-breaking plot device, and if 40k gets the AoS treatment, you know that this is going to be a pivotal element of it.

>> No.43127081
File: 36 KB, 555x611, Plasma mastery.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You imperials should be ashamed.

>> No.43127170

That's really a nice way to say "I don't want to get hot"
Also explains their females

>> No.43127237
File: 57 KB, 415x440, 1439504872680.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>can't even get their plasma to S7

>> No.43127288

Plus the US didn't lose in Nam, people just got tired of spending resources in a war that they saw no benefit on waging (plus pacifist sentiment, that some theorize not only helped stop it but also screwed thr war effort).
No I'm not american.

>> No.43127323

It would be a waste of resources for the Imperium. The Tau expand into Human territory peacefully through their philosophy. That's a matter for the Order Xenos. Any military resources would be better spent against the Tyranids or Greenskins.

>> No.43127408
File: 86 KB, 440x413, Gets Hot!.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


A Plasma weapon in the hands of every Fire Warrior, mounted on damn near every Drone, and a reliable, more powerful variants mounted into Suits and Vehicles.


If the philosophy don't work, they Thug Life their way into controlling it. The people don't want to sign up for the Greater Good newsletter, it's given to them at the point of a Pulse Pistol.

There are sometimes different arrangements setup, some have trade agreements, some species get Mercenary status and a Rewards program for loyalty, some become autonomous vassal states, and some might, in fact, be mind-controlled into it. But overall, you're working for the Tau, with the Tau, or against the Tau. The Water Caste works with the first two, and the Fire Caste deals with the later.

>> No.43127475
File: 33 KB, 278x242, 1408008684762.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>more powerful variants mounted into Suits
>"more powerful"
What's interesting is the Tau can't even claim to have the best railgun tech, thanks to the existence of the Nova Cannon (which is in some cases technically a plasma railgun).

>> No.43127577


More powerful than the Pulse variant, not more powerful than the Imperial variant.

>> No.43127588

Because the imperium of M41 doesn't have the resources for that. They're too busy with Armageddon, hive fleets, thirteenth black crusade, etc

>> No.43127605

>Nova Cannons are also notoriously difficult to operate and inaccurate, which is why many Naval captains prefer to use traditional torpedoes instead.

And like many examples of Imperial tech, it's unreliable and dangerous.

>> No.43127609

>These guys are basically gundams in 40k right
/m/ here, technically Tau mecha have more in common with VOTOMS or Layzner than Gundam. The heads have more in common with variable fighters from various Macross entries as well.

>> No.43127614

What about the Necrons and Dark Eldar.

>> No.43127635

Shorter-lives means that the Tau probably breed like rabbits. They can replace all their top-tier shiny toys much easier than the Imperium.

Meanwhile, every high-tech toy lost by the Imperium is an irrecoverable loss. Many warmachines take centuries to build or can't be built at all for all the knowledge is lost. They can only afford losses because they have a lots on stock in forgotten warehouses.

>> No.43127660

Only if you ignore safety and work it in excess. Memes aside, imperial plasma is perfectly safe. However, the risks of overheating are often outweighed by the benefits of literally doubling your fire rate.

Nova Cannons are no exception.

>> No.43127721


You forgot that the scarcity of Techno-Priests specialized in plasma tech, probably means that many plasma weapons are badly-maintained.

>> No.43127730

They are not.

The fluff states that they are unstable and that the Imperials are cautious in using them. Reloading them is difficult and dangerous. A simple manufacturing mistake would make them explode. Other than stopping power, it's an inferior of plasma weaponry.

>> No.43127752
File: 115 KB, 694x268, Eldar Plasma.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The Eldar wholly agree.

>> No.43127777

Nova Cannons are too big to mount on anything smaller than a cruiser, and even then as a spinal mount that runs along the lenght of the entire 5 km long hull. Considering it's the only mass-accelerating weapon Imperium really uses, it seems their railgun tech doesn't scale very well.

>> No.43127805

The descriptions of the Imperium sounds like a massive Holy Roman Empire barely hold together by lose laws, surrounded by far more coherent smaller kingdoms that can act more quickly, and better run.

>> No.43127830

Actually the cogboys have their own special kind of advanced plasma weaponry since FFG times.
The Phased Plasma rifle. Judging by it's stats, it looks actually the same as tau pulse tech.
Nobody without mechanicus implants can use it though, and they are not giving the schematics to anyone outside anyway. It's SACRED.

>> No.43127834

I agreed until you said they outnumber the Necrons.

They probably have more tomb worlds than the Tau have Fire Warriors. They certainly have just as large a population as the Imperium, only every single one of them is a murder-bot.

>> No.43127838

isn't that a star wars thing?

>> No.43127847

Yes and no. Back before they abstracted everything, plasma could be fired on variable settings. High power (S7) required a recharge, low power (S5) didn't. MK-1 plasma guns (used by chaos) fired at high power every turn, but carried the risk of overheating if you rolled a jam.

Then 3rd edition rolled around and made everyone use the MK-1 style. The fluff for the guns didn't change, overheating just became more common on the tabletop as a way of balancing out the much more powerful weapon stats.

User error undoubtedly still exists and is the cause for much of the critical errors with plasma weaponry, but in the fluff, this isn't limited to just the human factions.

>> No.43127854

They aren't though, that is again hyperbole from Codices/rulebooks. IOM Plasma only overheats if you're a retard and fire it too much without allowing it to vent heat. Once it reaches critical levels the gun vents automatically.... and covers you in plasma. But I can only recall one Guardsmen suffering this fate in some ADB book, and that was because he panicked IIRC and wasn't venting heat.

>> No.43127880

Actually, it' stated in the Necron 5th ED codex that there are millions of Tomb Worlds. The 6th ED Tau codex that there are billions of Tau and Kroot warriors fighting in the Third Sphere Expansion armies.

However, the 7th ED Necron codex says that the Necrons are as numerous as the humanity. Meaning that there are trillions upon trillions of Necrons.

>> No.43127881

>A simple manufacturing mistake would make them explode
This is true of ALL advanced tech. Most simply lack an in-game representation of it for one reason or another.

and it's not like tau are strangers to temperamental equipment that kills the user.

>> No.43127917
File: 455 KB, 732x311, Boom.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's not hyperpole when something like (picture related) happens.

>> No.43127934

>Tau face a crusade that was fucking tiny as shit and all due to one mere butthurt priest that didn't like human worlds trading with Tau worlds and was insignificant compared to what the Imperium can seriously dish out

>Crusade starts off and is already undermanned because it's hardly even an official attack and the Imperium loses this many forces daily and can't even find the fucks to give to file the paperwork over it

>Tau get fucking crushed to shit and lose the vast majority of their holdings before the Imperium sends troops to deal with a bigger threat


Holy shit. Why are Tau fans so fucking retarded?

>> No.43127937

It seems that only the Tau, Orks, Tyranids, and maybe Chaos can actually replace their loses in both the short and the long-run. Everyone else seems to be creatively-sterile, no longer knows how anything works, or can't reproduce at all.

>> No.43127938

But mostly true to the Imperium whose general manufacturing practices and maintenance protocols are below dismal.

>> No.43127963


You know that every piece of fluff is written as a propaganda piece by every side, right?

>> No.43127976

>trillions upon trillions of Necrons
So this means that everyone is pretty much fucked. Is anyone impressed?

>> No.43127990

mmh, I dunno. Advanced tech is usually handled by the mechanicus, who have pretty good standards despite their quirks.

It's the fiddly maintenance required of soldiers in the field that starts causing problems.

>> No.43128005

They just didn't let their guns cool correctly because if you aren't a commissioned officer you are told that the void is exactly like the ocean but without (as many) fish, and in cause of accidental ejection, to swim back to the airlock.

>> No.43128010

No, are you a retard? 6th ED lore (Farsight Enclave) says that the High Lords themselves ordered the launch of the Crusade after word of a new invading xenos race reached them.

Also the Tau codex, Farsight Enclave supp, and the 7th ED Marine codex says that the crusade was massive.

Finally, all TELLINGS of the first Damocles Crusade says that the Crusade was stalemated and the Tau forces were encircling the crusade. The commanders of the crusade were trying to withdraw before words of Behemoth reached them. If the war contimued it's stated that it was possible that the Tau would have defeated the Crusade.

So anon you are either lying or a retard. Choose one.

>> No.43128013


But you know what really happened due to the fluff. I'm not even into Imperials, I'm into chaos. But to act like what happened to the Tau is a victory is like saying if I beat the shit out of someone, mug them, and then rape them in the ass, but don't kill them, then the person I did it to won. That's quite a fucking stretch to call a "victory".

>> No.43128040



No wonder you like lying, you are a Chaosfag.

>> No.43128064

I haven't played Battlefield Gothic. How powerful /capable are the latest Tau ships compared to the Imperium?

>> No.43128107

Pre-1st Damocles (merchant ships) The Imperium fleet easily crushes them.

Post-1st Damocles (New wwar fleet) More or less on par with Imperial ships but the advantage goes to the Imperium.

>> No.43128109


Yeah. I'm lying. I'm part of a fanbase that can't even touch the Tau and had the Tau fuck up one of their cults, but I'm totally lying. I'm realistic and actually read the fluff. My faction gets fucked literally and figuratively all the time and hasn't even touched the Tau yet besides getting an ass kicking. And I can admit that.

Why can't you Tau faggots admit when you've been stomped as well?

>> No.43128137
File: 1.50 MB, 2550x3300, 1336975258242.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Okay, I've kept silent about him up until now, but
>No wonder you like lying, you are a Chaosfag.

Really, Carnac. Fucking really.

>> No.43128155


Their best weapons is, surprise...guided missiles unlike the torpedos everyone uses.

>> No.43128174

So I got the numbers for the Fire Warriors a bit wrong. My bad.


It's a fictional setting designed to give a reason to play with plastic models. What is there to be impressed about?

>> No.43128176

Powerful electromagnetism fucks with things that use magnetic fields to create energy. Who'da thunk it.

You do realize all plasma weapons would react in a similar way, right? That's a field strong enough to cover an entire superkroozer. Not something you usually want to be walking around in.

>> No.43128177

Yes, you are lying. You are grabbing a decade old fluff that has been changed, and butchering it and then presenting it as truth, and then you dare insult people.

There is nothing to admit here, just pointing out your obvious butthurt.


>The Tau 2nd Sphere expansion pushes into Imperial space, and the xenos colonise a great many human worlds. The White Scars and Novamarines Chapters lead a massive retaliatory crusade against them. The Tau are driven back by the heroics of the Adeptus Astartes, who pursue their foes across the breadth of the DamoclesGulf.

-7th ED Marine codex

>> No.43128211

The Tau seem to have all the traits necessary to replace their losses relatively quickly, and at the same time they want to have as few causalities as possible.

>> No.43128221

Yes, really. Can't tell between being serious and joking around?

Now go crawl back to your corner.

>> No.43128238

>says I'm lying

>posts a quote from the 7th edition marine codex that says the Tau got driven back and wrecked

Loving every laugh.

>> No.43128282


That... That quote doesn't actually disprove anything he says.

>> No.43128287

Satan go away, we don't need your multiculturalism here.

Reminder that the dark eldar actually have more allied Xenos than the Tau.

>> No.43128336

I am not saying that the Tau didn't get driven back. If you read my post you would see me valling you out on

A) Saying the crusade was tiny when the fluff says it was massive
B) saying a priest ordered the crusade when the fluff says it was the High Lords
C) saying that the crusade withdrew due to a bigger threat encroaching on the Imperium, when the fluff says that the crusde was trying to withdraw before new of Behemoth reached them
D) Ignoring the fluff about the possibility of the Tau defeating the crusade forces which was stated in the fluff

So a liar on four accounts. You sir are a scoundrel. And by the way, the Tau reclaimed most of what they lost.

>> No.43128373



Dude said it was tiny (among other things), the fluff says it was massive. Got it?

>> No.43128377
File: 890 KB, 1523x1340, TauRailrifle.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>40k "plot" will never advance enough for the Rapid-firing, antitank Rail Rifles to become standard firewarrior's main gun as planned.

>> No.43128386

That little quote of yours says nothing of them withdrawing or who called the crusade.

>> No.43128403
File: 36 KB, 600x620, 99120104030_EldarWraithknight01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Basically the Gundams of 40k
>Eldar are magic psychic bullshit with robots who actually have a humanoid aesthetic and are red

Tau are more like the Knightmares of the 40k world...you know before it got stupid after Lelouch got his batman robot.

>> No.43128438

Not to mention using shit like swords and scythes and whatnot for combat.

>> No.43128447
File: 76 KB, 1801x401, High Lords.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


In earlier posts I cited the sources. So not only are you acting belligerent and you want me to do the leg work for you? You lazy git.

>> No.43128483

Nah, Tau have gone full-stupid "eye that sees the future vs guy who can't do things that would kill him" mode by now.

Next codex they'll defeat nukes by throwing spear nukes at them.

>> No.43128499
File: 123 KB, 800x800, 1412690984114.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I guess GW realized that there was one 80s sci-fi franchise left that it hadn't gloriously plagiarized and decided to correct.
I WISH they would make the atmosphere more 80's-action-movie-Metal-tactic again, but we're stuck with 14 year old power fantasy grimderp. Why do the people who actually buy models hate fun?

>> No.43128525


That's the aftermath of the crusade. You forget warp travel is weird. The crusade is over and the worlds were regained, but the High Lords are JUST hearing about it and are preparing a force to take out the Tau once and for all. Show us a full screenshot, you disingenuous Taufag. It's real easy to cut out context and pretend it proves you're right.

>> No.43128536

or at least not far enough for them to be added to fire warrior squads as a support weapon.

>> No.43128549

>Why do the people who actually buy models hate fun?
How would GW know? Market research is otiose in a niche.

>> No.43128555

>Next codex they'll defeat nukes by throwing spear nukes at them.

Which actually happened at the climax of Code Geass.

>> No.43128591

How powerful are the Necrons today compared to their 3E counterparts?

>> No.43128593
File: 135 KB, 468x775, DAmocles Crusade.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>That's the aftermath of the crusade

AFTERMATH? COME ON. You really never opened a Tau source in your life.

That's the prelude to the Damocles Crusade. The Tau invading the Timbar sub-sector is what sparked the Damocles Crusade.

Can this get any more embarrassing for you?

>> No.43128614

Less powerful due being considerably less united.

>> No.43128634


And on the tabletop?

>> No.43128654


That is all.

>> No.43128716
File: 40 KB, 932x200, New foe.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can we all agree that anti-Taufags are disingenuous and utterly unreasonable?

>> No.43128835


Just as OP if not moreso. Like the other guy said. Decurion formation is cheese to rival all cheese. I can't believe someone legitimately playtested it and said "yeah, this is balanced".

>> No.43128868

Because most of the old models were fucking awful.

Take off those rose tinted glasses anon, RT and the Second Edition's material was just terrible.

>> No.43128945


The models are of higher quality now, but did you see the artwork and lore from back then? It was reminiscent of H.R. Giger in some areas and was incredibly more interesting. It got more tame and felt less mature when they started appealing to kids. They could've kept the adult themes and artwork without just making it feel duller. Granted, the lore is still interesting, but a lot more could've been done with it.

>> No.43129013

Does higher quality sculpts need to necessitate turning everything into a gunmetal grey grimderp snorefest that even surpasses spunkgargleweewee games on the scale of bending over backwards to make the game more grimdark, depressing, and edgy.

Yes, the new models are much better, and the new fluff is much, much, much worse. I fail to see how the two facts depend on each other.

>> No.43129199
File: 3.06 MB, 448x291, That's The Joke.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thank you, Tamaki.

>> No.43129498

Yes, but they were grand in there terribleness.

>> No.43129732


I dub thee Tau-rnac.

>> No.43129734


But...it isn't, not for them, so why would they give a fuck about others?

>> No.43129779


Yeah, say that to the battleships and relic guns that have been going from hand to hand for thousands of fucking years.

>> No.43129781

>If the war contimued it's stated that it was possible that the Tau would have defeated the Crusade.
Except they could get reinforced and press on their attack after regrouping. But conveniently, as with every other attack on Tau, they had to pull off everything to stop the Tyranids.

>> No.43129791

i pray to god you're trolling

>> No.43129828

The attack stalled at not even the most populous or even most militarized tau sept. reinforcements would have meant jack shit.

>> No.43129887

you don't remember TIDF? He's more commonly known as carnac nowadays, but he's been going at it for more than a few years.

Don't be fooled by his affairs with necron, eldar or chaoswankery, the Tau are what started his fatal brain tumor.

>> No.43130297

even without decurion they're damn good.
Though i'd like to remind everyone of the lack of necron upgrades and some cuts/debuffs as well as reanimation protocals being made into an upgraded FNP.
all of these gone:
gaze of flame upgrade
phaeron upgrade
entropic strike got a huge downgrade
no more exile portals for monoliths
c'tan shards lost a lot of powers
mindshackle scarabs nerf'd against spess marines
no more sempiternal weave
timesplinter cloak
abyssal staff
lightning field
harp of dissonance
ether crystals
voltaic staffs
seismic crucibles
tesseract labrynths

Honestly from 2nd to 7th necrons lost a LOT of their customization in HQ and even troop choices

>> No.43130441

the shields losing their reflect abilities was a huge bummer too

>> No.43130647
File: 510 KB, 1280x1069, tumblr_nm2etzK5wN1shal57o1_1280[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


They got a lot of infighting, but at the same time they started war of conquest instead of just waking up and scouring a planet or the occasional incursion. A lot of the galaxy is already under their control, but instead of being a unified force they are more like a lot of squabbling kingdoms.

>> No.43131048
File: 1.09 MB, 1600x1191, 1444022008417.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You're right about the Imperium being a bureaucratic hellscape, however out of all the other factions only the eldar can really be called "better run" and maybe necrons as well.

>> No.43131677
File: 161 KB, 600x1328, img48d40f9d61387.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It may seem so for obvious reasons, but I don't think that particular anon was him. From a cursory re-skim of the top of the thread, I'd say the actual Carnac/TIDF didn't show up until
and so on.

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