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Hey /tg/ was wondering if I could get a little assistance. Heres the sitch:

>buddy's bday
>we want to throw a surprise for him

We are going to set up a DnD 3.5 birthday thing and we want to have a ready-to-go campaign.

Can anyone recommend a really good pre-made campaign that we can use to just jump in?

I've never used anything pre-made before so I've never looked into anything, but we were hoping that we could find something that might last 4-ish sessions (in case we want to continue into the future) but a great single-session thing is fine too (if there is such a thing?)

Any recommendations for a particularly good one are greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Just play fiasco op. It's a better party game

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>surprise b-day present
Jesus, what did he do to you, shit in your cornflakes?

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The Savage Tide and Age of Worms are both very good campaigns, but they are very long so I don't know how you plan to play a campaign during a birthday party.

Do you mean a short, one-shot game?

There's a website full of 1-page dungeons that make excellent one-shots here:


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Lol, it happens to be the one the bday guy likes, he knows it best. What do you prefer?
They can be longer, I guess I'm just more worried about them being good/worthwhile. Definitely gonna check out those oneshot dungeons tho.

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Tomb of Horrors

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Personally I am disappointed that this isn't the first response.

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Do they even make campaigns designed to be completed in a handful of sessions?

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