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Post cards that give you feels.

Pic related.

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>inb4 love song of night and day
>inb4 Feeldon
>inb4 Ajani holding Elspeth's cloak
>inb4 spooky ghost Anafenza

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the Karn one is spot on, he is a legendairy Failure, everything Karn ever did, every conscience decision he ever made for himself, were so utterly devestating that millions died.

Karn is, by and large, the most destructive "good" character in the history of Magic, even Urza left fewer corpses in his wake, billions upon billions have died because of Karn, and people are STILL suffering for his choices.

if there were ever a character that we'd be better off without, it would be Karn.

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I miss you already Elspeth.

Gideons cool and all, being a sort of Kamina, but I liked the tragic, guilt-wrought Heroine that Elspeth was.

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There's really only one correct answer.

2nding Reckless Cohort, Wandering Ones.
Abandon Hope and all the LSoN&D ones are up there too.

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Shit how did I forget about him. Agreed.

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Feldon.. reconstructing your waifu as a robot is not bringing her back.

do it like the other guy, recreate her as an angel of vengeance with magic.

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>Thinking Elspeth is dead forever
>Not looking forward to Elspeth's journey through hell

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If urza created karn, wouldn't he be responsible?

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Wandering Ones is Feel Central Station, man, holy shit

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>his reflection is kissing the automaton on her artificial and lifeless lips

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Wait, is Iona ded? The flavor text on the Vial implies she is

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>you now realize her FtV:Angels version was a preview for BFZ

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We should have gotten a card depicting Iona throwing down with Ulamog either in RoE or BFZ where she gets her shit rocked to depict just how fucking screwed Zendikar is.

You've got this gigantic house of an angel depicting hope that just ends games

And she barely scratches the Eldrazi and where her ability is meaningless against them

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Not if the GATEWATCH have anything to say about it!

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Not really flavor text feels, but Guay's art for Path to Exile gives me some heavy Morte d'Arthur vibes, for some reason

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Everytime I see or hear that, I think of gate crash from return to ravnica

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We know man. Why you gotta say it?

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Because last time people didn't know.
Also, their faces form a heart.

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I like the art on a technical level, but dislike the card it's put on. It doesn't really fit "path to exile"

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>Gatewatch captures Ulamog
>>He's not a bad guy, he's just hungry.
>They talk to Kozilek
>>Is a NEET in Zendikar's core
>>>He's shy and uses tricks and puzzles as his sole means of interacting with people
>Emrakul left the plane
>>She's on sabbatical

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It would have been a great fit for Rest in Peace as well, but based Terese had that one

What other cards could that art have worked well on?

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Good feels.

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man... Hanna was one of my favorite characters.. Barrin got shit on a lot. First Rayne then Hanna, then BOOM cause he was sick of that shit.

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Badass feels

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NOTHING will top the invasion of Dominaria.

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>Kamigawa is Feel Central Station, man, holy shit


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>new feels cards for old feels


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Something that interacts with a graveyard most definitely.

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man i just bought some kamigawa booster one week ago and dropped hero's demise foil

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Fuuuuuuuck. Yeah, his entire story too. Like Mr. Freeze from Batman sad.

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No dead children yet?

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I kind of hope we wont be going back there, wizards hasnt been too big on flavor and design there past years.
From how they are working atm id guess that a new kamigawa would be full of anime girls and cringeworthy shounen main character quotes

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I found the art combined with the flavor text always to be particularly heroic

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Not really that kind of feelz, but I love to drop this bad boy.
>Heavy Artillery Online

I also run Titan Forge just so I can day "Standby for Titanfall" before I shit out tokens.

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Fug, forgot image.

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I didn't know

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This was the first card I ever got, a friend of mine gave it to me in middle school and then taught me how to play.

I always loved the art and whenever I see it I get the nostalgia feels of that time.

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>Gave you some shit-tier life gain enchantment
>Also got you into MtG
I don't think your friend liked you very much.

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You have no idea, anon. He used to explain the game for me and a couple of friends and whevever we played he cheated by changing the rules. He isn't my friend anymore, years after he turned to be a fucking asshole.

As for the card, I saw the art, asked what it was and he gave it to me.

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Oh man wandering ones

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muh nigga

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>Wandering Ones and Reckless Cohort

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I'll give you a feel if you know what I mean

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Any card from Lorwyn/Shadowmoor really. Because it reminds me of pre-NWO magic. An era we can never go back to.

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I didn't know, and not that I've seen that i think its possibly my favourite 'feels' card

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This card always gets me for some reason. I especially like that the assembled heroes are multi-racial. It's the end of the world, the only thing left to do is die, may as well go out as brothers.

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Win I learned

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I recently made a Mardu sac deck based around this, with tons of Auras and "sac to deal damage" effects. I felt like a jerk throwing dead kids at my opponent but it was fun as shit

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Actually a pretty horrifying card, it has a lot of nostalgia as it was the first card I saw in my first ever deck I bought. Divinity of Pride hits a lot of the same feelings.

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God I hope so. That's awesome.

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One of my favorite flavor texts and art from my first Standard (And later Modern) deck.

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it those white cards with the nice art i liked

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a bit drawn out but...

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>That art

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This. Gideon WANTED to play hero. He wanted to be the guy that saves the day. Elspeth had greatness thrust upon her and just did what had to be done.

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Looking kinda Phyrexian there, foreground Hedrons.

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This card destroys lands with starfield of nyx

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The best card to pair with that is Cleansing Meditation.

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>Wandering Ones
I'm actually sad now. That is some heavy shit.

>dat Hisoka calling out Konda for being the asshole he was on Hero's Demise

Kamigawa has god-tier flavor, god damn

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god damn kamigawa is so interesting. Feel like doing a kamigawa cube now

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It's fucking dope, fuck the haters. People hate it because it came after Mirrodin, which was fucking busted, and it had some wonky stuff like "cards in hand matter." And I won't deny it was parasitic, but otherwise it's rad. Legendaries out the ass and crazy good flavor. Makes for amazing block constructed/cube

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>Wizards will never do a block with flavor this deep ever again

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And that single shadow is John Cena

The shadow is probably Jace or Bolas

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What exactly did Karn do?

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Karn became the center of Mirrodin; the sleeping godhead that allowed Mirrodin to be ravaged by the crazed tyrant left by him to "take care" of the plane. After that was dealt with, Karn became coopted by the Phyrexians, becoming some kind of power conduit through which they perfected and spread THEIR crazed tyranny.

If Karn had never existed, basically, all the fucking about in the Mirrodin block wouldn't have happened, and Phyrexia would have died with Yawgmoth instead of coming back to dominate multiple planes in misery and genocidal robot-ness.

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Mirri didn't deserve to die either.

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Honestly, it's this guy for me. Xenagos, the Reveler.

I got into Magic just as Journey Into Nyx was being released. I had been big into the Pokemon TCG before that, so when a friend introduced it to me, I was skeptical at first. Gradually made my way into it and before I knew it, I was hooked. My initial favorite color to play with was green, so I did some research and found a green ramp deck that aimed to output Colossus of Akros.

Not surprisingly, it ran Xenagos.

And I remember absolutely loving it when I cast Xenagos. One of the first packs I opened had a Xenagos in it. It just felt GOOD casting a Planeswalker: like I'd really accomplished something monumental. It was like a huge presence hit the field and it radiated power. I loved playing with Xenagos. Kind of wish I still had the card, but I sold it a long time ago.

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Poor Ertai.. And his girlfriend, too.

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Any good strategies for him beyond throw Wurmcoil Engine clones every turn?
He's one of my favorite cards and I'd like to have options. I'd also like the flavor to match better, but I doubt they'll ever print his wife.

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Continued from here >>43081519, mostly because I feel like sorting this out.

Kruphix is my other go-to feels guy. The whole block of Theros was my first real experience with Magic, so I remember it fondly. Lots of rich lore. Hours spent pouring over the books they published. Busting packs, trying to collect all the gods.

I first discovered Kruphix while reading up on MTG lore on Uncharted Realms. I came across one called "Kruphix's Insight" by Kelly Diggs. To this day I still have it bookmarked. There's some kind of magical mystery about the whole article. Something mysterious about Kruphix himself (beside the fact that he's the god of the unknowable horizon). The way he talks, interacts, asks questions... It's very well written. It made me really connect with Kruphix on another level.

So now, when I look at my Kruphix card and I see the art, my mind always goes back to the last lines of the article.

"Kruphix looked out into Nyx, night staring into night.

>If any of these things come here, to our world, he said, even the gods may be powerless to stop them. And all your prayers, all your pleas, will fall on the deaf ears of a silent sky as this world is rent asunder or remade or worse.

One by one, the stars in Kruphix's cloak began to flicker and die, until only blackness remained.

>That is what I fear, My Oracle. That is what troubles the mind of a god. Theros is a minnow swimming in a deep, still pond, heedless of the depths, not knowing that something bigger rises up to devour it in an instant.

He faced her, four arms spread wide, a hole of pure darkness set against the starry light of Nyx.

>So now you know. What will you do with this knowledge?

Diantha waited.

"No, Child," said the oracle. "There is nothing. Nothing at all."

She said nothing more, and Diantha took it for a dismissal. She turned away.

Behind her, the oracle stared out the window, past the city, past the horizon, as though gazing into an infinite distance."

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IIRC It was made by Richard Garfield's aunt.

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He's always there when you need him

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What does mana taste like?

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Because MaRo is dumbing the game down, which is fucking stupid. And their development team also sucks.

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Kruphix is the only god (and one of a small amount of blue characters) who is not an arrogant jerk.

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Hanna didn't deserve to die either. Fucking Urza.

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And neither did Barrin. Fuck Urza.

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Yawgmoth isn't dead.

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I thought New Phyrexia was trying to revive Yawgmoth?

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He was confirmed perma-dead years ago.

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R&D was mistaken.

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No, because one was dead and the other hadn't even been born yet, and neither have anything to do with Rath.
It's The Lord of the Wastes, I think

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>oh no, Ugin. The Eldrazi are eating another plane again. What are supposed to do?
>we call the Gatewatch!

Strong together
United forever
They're the best of friends
When trouble's about
You'd best watch out
For the Gatewatch

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>Magic Flavor is becoming capeshit

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Every single department in Wizards has confirmed that yes, Yawgmoth is dead and not coming back.
At BEST we'll get a card depicting him before he got Legacy Weapon'd.
He is gone.
There might be a new Father of Machines, eventually, on New Phyrexia, but it won't be Yawgmoth, and they won't have the amount of sheer power that Yawgmoth had.

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Gideon is their leader
And he loves to party down
Nissa's friends to the animals
Gideon: Yeah when she's not clowning around.
Nissa: I'm nutty!
Cap some thugs
Say no to drugs
Be in bed by ten
But if trouble's about
You'd best watch out
For the Gatewatch

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This is my buddy's favorite card. I bought into modern, but kind of stopped playing for a while, and he got me back into it. I bought into Twin because he showed me how versatile and fun the deck could be. We used to play the mirror all the time just to jam games, drink beer and hang out together. He's moving across the country at the end of the month and I don't know if I'll ever get to see him again. The good old Lavaman is his favorite card, and he's always wanted to get the Torment ones, but never ended up getting them so I bought him one and I'm going to slip it in his deck box sometime before he leaves.

See you around Lavaman, you were the best bud I could have asked for.

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Nice, man.

Can I be your new friend?

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I play him as my commander, and I have some fun ones. I won't make any claims as to how good they are. Bearer of the Heavens as a fail-safe, various token producers, Humble Defector as a build-your-own Divination, Keldon Firebombers in case anyone else was planning on having fun, Living Inferno and Bogardan Hellkite to nuke stuff, Molten Primordial and Zealous Conscripts to steal stuff, and Summoner's Egg to cheat huge stuff into play (Blightsteel ideally).

I also have an infinite involving Feldon. You need Zealous Conscripts in GY + Feldon in play + either Illusionist's Bracers or Rings of Brighthearth & Ashnod's Altar/Krark-Clan Ironworks + either Priest of Urabrask in GY or Gilded Lotus in play. The idea is to double up on Feldon activations, using one to get Conscripts to untap Feldon, and the other to produce 3 mana somehow. If an Altar or Ironworks is involved, then a Coldsteel Heart or Fire Diamond can replace Gilded Lotus. You win by attacking with infinite hasty 3/3s.

>> No.43083478 [DELETED] 

Zealous Conscripts goes infinite if you have the mana.

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it's an awesome card. Your buddy has a great taste.

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Chandra's a sensation
You should never really miss
Jace is her biggest fan now
Jace: If I could only get that kiss
Ugin and Sarkhan
Are crime solving superstars
Sorrin can give you cancer
And turn into a bat
Strong together
United forever
Come and meet your friends
Have no fear
Time's up
Time's here
For the Gatewatch
(Watch out!)

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>add two mana draw a card
>he rememebered something made of the earth transformed by fire, bread
thats some nice flavor

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