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EotE, d6, Saga/d20, X-wing, Armada, Imperial Assault, and everything else Star Wars

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Lightsaber Maker:


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Most of the ships that shipfag has statted
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Danon's repository of uglies (illustrated edition, v1.0)

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Reminder that Flight Officer Mechazawa hops on one transparisteel leg.

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How would you run a Tie Swarm in x wing today? Still normal ties, new ties, or a mix of both?

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Same as always, all pre-wave-8 named TIEs. Gonna be tough to choose fighters when i get that gozanti though

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Is there a more PR friendly name for the Death Star?

I am running an AoR game and have and it hurts the credibility of any well-meaning, but misguided loyalist NPCs I would have if they would be in a position to know about it.

>> No.43047094

the Mark I Expeditionary Battle Planetoid

>> No.43047107


Why would it hurt the credibility of a loyalist NPC? They're fucking loyalists.

The Nazi had crazy-awesome names for their stuff too, so do a bunch of real military outfits.

>> No.43047116

A guy in my local group won a tournament recently with this list. Fel does what Fel does best, while the TIEs chain PS from Howlrunner to have a good shot at shooting first, or at the very least getting simultaneous fire on enemy aces.

Another X-wing question for everyone: how are people dealing with TLT swarm lists? The 4 y-wing build has been popular in my local meta, and while there have been a few lists that can hold their own, I'm not sure what most people are flying that survives.

>> No.43047127

Mobile battlestation spun into a sentence should be better than death star if they are trying to be nice.

>> No.43047144

It's meant to be a tool of fear and power that immediately destroys a peaceful planet, which is why when it's revealed to the greater galaxy that it garners so much sympathy for the Rebellion. There's no real sugar-coating it.

At best, you could probably go the "Palpatine is not dead" route and make it seem like it's Rebel propaganda in some way, but that'd be difficult for even the Empire to do since an entire planet was destroyed and Rebels obviously don't have the power/resources to take out planets and blame the Empire.

>> No.43047168

The Peace Moon

>Is there a more PR friendly name for the Death Star?
No, because it's supposed to be scary.

>but misguided loyalist NPCs I would have if they would be in a position to know about it.
Everyone knew about it, that was the point. That's why they blew up Alderaan. The Death Star was a terror weapon and that doesn't really work if you hide it from people.

I think people forget that there were plenty of otherwise honest and decent people who were totally on board with Nazi politics. Cripes, some divisions actually straight up had skulls on their uniforms
inb4 "nazis/hitler/germans did nothing wrong /pol/ bullshit

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My fellow hutts, how do you prefer your slave girls?

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shit, I have to doodle this. One sec

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Imperial Planetary Ore Extractor?

Straight Outta Rogue Squadron

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Jiggly, don't need a reason

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A guy I kinda know is trying to start a Saga Edition campaign, but he seems like he might be really anal and railroady. What Do?

Also I'm getting sick of X-Wing: Most Wanted being so hard to find cheap.

>> No.43047319

Mini mart has them for 27.57 but they're currently out of stock

>> No.43047324

>he seems like he might be really anal and railroady.
Give it a shot and then drop it if your fears come true?

Surely you can afford to dedicate two or three sessions just to see if he is better than you fear

>> No.43047329

You could try it out and then just tell him you're not interested anymore if he turns out really bad. But you might be better off just avoiding it.

Also, if you're in the US, CoolStuffInc has Most Wanted for $27.49 before shipping.

>> No.43047375

Cool Stuff's 8$ shipping to where I am which neutralizes most of any savings I could get

I've been waiting for Miniature Market to get them back in stock for like a month :\ They even sent me an e-mail givine me extra points for my birthday and nothing to spend them on :(

If mini mart doesn't get them back in stock soon I'll probably just get it from Cool Stuff, but I don't wanna spend 100$ there to get a good price, spending a bunch of cash this month on my Jedi costume for Halloween and the movie release.

>> No.43047424


I'm definitely gonna sit down and at least see how it goes, but I don't really know anything really cool to do in the system, my understanding is that SAGA is like somewhere between D&D 3.5 and 4e mechanically.

His grand campaign starts us 15 BBY and working with the beginnings of the Rebel Alliance.

I'm not looking to play a Jedi but being a little force sensitive never hurt anyone right?

>> No.43047440

The Iserlohn Fortress

>> No.43047541

First time I've drawn a Magical Realm parody. Does it look alright?

>> No.43047569

Choppy, but acceptable

>> No.43047578

the text is a little messy/blurry but beyond that 10/10

Funnily enough this is the second magical realm pic i've gotten someone to do in these threads.

>> No.43047582

I like a healthy mix of Twi'lek, Human, and Togruta. Maybe something exotic – I'd go right into uncharted space just to collar some Chiss wimmin.

>> No.43047596

I'll take any dias candy as long as she used to be powerful. Enslaved Jedi, Sith, Nightsisters, politicians, military girls, etc. Need a real trophy of my power and magnificence, you know?

>> No.43047605

Thanks, I'll try to clean up the text.

I think Star Wars lends itself to that kind of meme well. Surprised it took this long.

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>> No.43047629

It is a very rich well.

>> No.43047633

Numerous to hand out like party favors to loyal minions

>> No.43047638

10/10 crimelord, would work for.

>> No.43047663

If you're working for a hutt, you probably start to want a twi'lek slave girl as well, and you're less likely to kill the guy hooking you up with sweet booty.

>> No.43047673

If I got my pick of the litter, I'd definitely pick a girl from whatever the fuck Nema's species is. Just so I could name her.

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Does anyone ever explain how slavery remained viable in a technologically advanced interstellar society where droids can do any labor for nothing by maintenance costs and without any of the hassle? It's not like Dune or 40k where robot rebellion has made them taboo or something. Droids are everywhere, and for some reason slavery isn't obsolete yet.

>> No.43047785

>for nothing but maintenance costs
typo there, sorry

>> No.43047829

I guess you'd want droids for the insanely hazardous stuff that people/aliens couldn't possibly survive in- high radiation, zero-gee and toxic atmospheres.
But intelligent beings do have their advantages, they don't nearly need as much supervision as a droid does to do their work and can do a fair few of the more delicate and finesse tasks like husking precious seed pods, filleting meat, massages and all those kinds of things.

Plus, they might just be for all intents and purposes- cheap.
Roll up on a civilisation, blasters set to stun and fill the holds with unfortunates. Fly back to wherever and sell them.
Course the upkeep in terms of food, housing and the like 'might' be more expensive, but on low-tech planets where a droid technician could be a rare skillset, parts aren't available, oil-baths and diagnostic gear just isn't readily available, I guess slavery makes sense and still gets shit done.

>> No.43047836

Well, remember that slavery has been illegal in the Republic since forever, and even the Sith didn't utilize it for their entire history. In KOTOR, slaves of the Sith seem more like the quaint pastime of noble douchebags rather than an institutionalized thing. The only long-term slavery we see for most of the series' history are women enslaved because of RotJ Leia setting such a sexy trend, and the Hutts enslaving people for any and all reasons because, let's face it, the Hutts are slithering assholes.

Other than that, I know they tried to shoehorn a droid rebellion into the setting's ancient past, but obviously it didn't affect much since Star Wars droids have not only been commonplace for thousands of years, but they're also some of the most human and emotional robots in any science fiction as long as they go without memory wipes.

So, I think the prevalence of slavery in Star Wars is the same as it is in real life. It's illegal in most of the Galaxy and very much frowned upon, but there will always be a market for selling sapient women into brass bikinis.

>> No.43047850

Don't forget the Death Star, anon. The Empire worked I don't even know how many sapients to death to build a battlestation that probably would've taken one decade, not two, if they just stuck with a fuckton of droids. That was all labor, not sex slavery.

>> No.43047933

Spice mines of everywhere much?

>> No.43047979

Laser Moon, the galaxy's only moon-sized laser tag arena and family fun center!

>> No.43048113

It is a matter of status, especially among the Hutts. Also, slaves can adapt and respond to situations intelligently.

>> No.43048138

Who are the BBEGs of your campaign, /tg/?

>> No.43048172

How well can the FFG RPGs be combined? Are FaD characters vastly better than EotE characters, for example? I want to run a FaD game, but I'm not sure if I should allow anyone to roll a non-Force user.

>> No.43048181

Works fine

>> No.43048199

They blend well. Some rules override others, like for example lightsabers in EotE are stated absurdly well where as they toned that down a bit when officially making a skill to actually wield the damn thing. I think F&D characters might get more to them in terms of powers, and a lightsaber is a devastating weapon even with the retcon nerf to them, but thematically the games all work well together. Our group has had no problem saying "pick from any of these 3 books"

>> No.43048201

Each player got to make their own Sith Lord to challenge our party down the line, and also to occasionally switch over to and play against, since all the Sith at the time are competing with each other even more than they're fighting the Jedi. Mine, known to most of the Galaxy as "The Sarlaac" is a powerful Hutt secretly controlling most of the Cartel behind every other Hutt's back while positioning himself against the other Sith and the vestigial Republic and trying to find a good replacement for his apprentice (we killed both of his so far, and he's possibly trying to tempt our PCs into trying to join him). Most of the galaxy thinks of him as little more than a powerful crime lord and he's the only Sith Lord we haven't physically encountered yet as his space station is impossible to find (we tricked our DM into revealing it's orbiting Sleyheron, but our PCs haven't figured it out yet).

All around, he hasn't been the most antagonistic villain for us so far, and the other Sith Lords have actually tried to kill us, but my DM's playing him just as I intended, as an extremely patient and far-seeing schemer with a mastery over a vast network of droid soldiers. And organic soldiers. He's also by far the oldest Sith Lord in our game so far.

>> No.43048205

Lightsaber Inflation may suck, but that was a pretty fun scene.

>> No.43048299

That's good to hear. Also, is there any upside to being a Dark Side force user in FaD?

>> No.43048364

Yes. So force powers are hard to explain but you roll a force die based on your force rating to use a power. There's an equal amount of black and white pips, but white get some pips clumped together in packs of 2. Basically what I'm saying is you're more likely to roll black than white. If you get a black side you can treat that as ammo for your force power if you're desperate, but it's considered tapping into the dark side.

>> No.43048381

I see. So it's somewhat easier to generate dark side points then?

>> No.43048416

You're more likely to get a single DS pip than a single light side pip, but the Light gets more doubles

>> No.43048430

Yes, the dark side is the easier but sometimes less powerful way is basically what they're going for here. I don't know the full details, never played force sensitive myself but that's the basic requirement to use a force power as I understand.

>> No.43048434

Gotcha, so it's a quantity vs. quality thing. Dark side gets more results, Light side gets better results. That makes sense.

>> No.43048448

Remember, darkside = quick and easier, but not necessarily more powerful

>> No.43048610


To spin on from this question:

Which canon or legends character would you want as a slavegirl, and why?

>> No.43048876


>> No.43049003

Wookiees are the practical choice. They don't die from overwork, but rather transition to shag carpeting for the officers quarters.

>> No.43049117

Sexy droids are expensive, sexy tailheads aren't. It's a matter of convenience as well. If there's a city full of random dickheads ready to be enslaved en mass, then why bother transferring large quantities of droids there when you can just use the locals?

Sith and Hutts also do it because they're just that dedicated to being dicks.

>> No.43049215


Since the PCs decided to back up the Sith Empire during the Old Republic era, the Republic.

Currently they're committing war crimes on Korriban, 1 PC shot a kid in the head and then raped a twi lek. He then defended it saying he's a Trandoshan merc so he should be allowed plus it's a battlefield so he's allowed to do it saying that no one could recognize him underneath his armor.

Then his friend shot the kid's mom in the head to end her pain and let a Sith Soldier choke and rape to death the twi lek that the Trandohsan had earlier.

All the while the Mandolorian just looked at them like what the fuck, and then made a mental note to leave them for dead if they're caught.

Out of all of them, the Mando has the highest sense of morality.

Meanwhile, the Republic is mobilizing their newest weapon to fight the Sith.

Spartan I Wookies in power armor backed up by Jedi handlers.

>> No.43049220

Each time you try to use a Force power, you roll Force dice equal to your Force rating. Usually you need at least one Light Side pip to show up, but you can use a Dark Side pip if you gain 1 Conflict. You also gain Conflict for doing bad stuff, ranging from 1 point for inaction in the face of evil to 10+ points for murder. At the end of each session you lose morality equal to your conflict, but you also gain 1d10 morality. Morality starts at 50, and you only actually fall to the Dark Side when you reach 20. Once you've officially fallen, you can no longer use Light Side pips at all, you still gain Conflict for using the Dark Side, and it fucks up the way the party's Destiny Points work.

It's complicated, but the long and short of it is that you can draw upon the Dark Side now and then without ever actually falling. You can steal and Force choke people and still actually go up in morality if you roll well.

>> No.43049697


>Anime Biggs

>> No.43049843


>> No.43049909

Laser Moon.

>> No.43049957

What's the most edgy thing you've seen in a Starwars Campaign/Adventure ?

>> No.43049964

An Imperial Inquisitor out to find the Grand Holocron of the Sith. Set after Episode VI, my players just got interrupted and had a nice chat with her regarding the whereabouts of Byss.

Taking a lot of inspiration from Dark Empire for this one minus Palpatine clones

>> No.43049998

>hating on Shev clones

>> No.43049999

It works well enough. Force ratings prevent Jedi fuckery at the start, the the revised lightsaber rules aren't game breaking.

I'd personally advise picking only one background quality (Obligation, Duty, Morality) and just stick with that for the game. Makes running it a lot easier.

>> No.43050001

Miraluka slave girls.

"She senses your throbbing boners using naught but her connection to the force!"

>> No.43050032

>Liking Sheev clones

>> No.43050043


>> No.43050054

Good Taste Anon

>> No.43050197

I don't know what exactly the trade off was for having only skin where their eyes should be, but I'm willing to bet it's how every female looks smoking hot.

>> No.43050216

Worth it

>> No.43050243


>not liking Dark Empire

>> No.43050255

If I specialize in Niman, how high are my chances of dying in battle with droids and spacebugmen?

>> No.43050352

If you half-arse it as most Niman users do because you're more interested in dilomacy/scholarship etc. then quite high. If you actually put effort in or even master it though, it's just as good if not better than any other single style. Good breadth of techniques, exotic styles like double-bladed sabers, dual wielding, a lot of focus on integrating force powers into your attacks etc.

If you're asking about crunch-wise though, I wouldn't know as I've not played a jedi in Saga/WEG, nor gotten around to playing FaD yet.

>> No.43050356

Nigga I adore DE but I'm running a game for people who can't into Legends. Clones of Palpatine is hilarious but too silly for this game.

>> No.43050428

Its mostly a jab about how any Niman practitioner who took part in the Battle of Geonosis died

We all know Soresu is the form of champions.

>> No.43050447

You're more likely to Job to Blue Armored Space Moai Samurais

>> No.43050458

Yeah, figured that was part of it, but assumed you may have also been considering it for an upcoming character or somesuch.

Soresu + Shien or Soresu + Makashi feel like they would be pretty OP if you go full blademaster and master 2 styles.

>> No.43050558

Speaking of, are all human Mandalorians also Moai? Canderous wasn't

>> No.43050814

Yes in canon it was called the DS1 Space station to those outside the need to know.

DS1 sounds better than Death Star !!!!

>> No.43050878

Headcanon wise, I've always imagined Mandalore as Space Japan in terms of history and culture. So I always pictured them as Asian under the helmet. Canonwise, they're actually blond hair, blue eyed ubermenschs thanks to TCW.

>> No.43050899

>PR friendly name for the Death Star?
Imperial Friendship Planetoid

>> No.43050922

>The Love Star

>> No.43050924

>you want space japan instead of space norway

get out of here weeabo

>> No.43050948

If I wanted space Norway, I'd make it Hoth.
Unless they retcon'd them to Space Vikings, then I'm all down for it.

>> No.43050951

>The Love Star just rolled in and fucked the shit out of Alderaan

>> No.43050980

Well, they kind of were space vikings in KOTOR and such.

>> No.43051052

I never got a Viking vibe from them, but now that I think about it, yeah I can see it.
Also, if Mandalore was once home to a culture of expert ship makers for their vast space pirate/viking fleets, MandalMotors makes more sense now.

>> No.43051131

Sabine and Bo-Katan aren't blonde.

>> No.43051144


Honestly, classic legends mandos are kind of a mish-mash of many raiding/warrior cultures. They're a little space viking, a little space mongol, little space sparta. Maybe even a little samurai, with the way they treat their armor and the need to wear it.

>> No.43051215

Pretty much all the backround people on Mandalore are. At least 98%

>> No.43051241

If you could wipe the entire slate clean, what would you do with Mandalore /SWG/ ?

>> No.43051302

Keep them as having been that weird 3rd player in the jedi-sith wars, but make them culturally stagnant. Like, everyone else moved on, but the mandalorians are just this world full of hard core traditionalists that are just waiting on the edges of their seats for a proper war between the jedi and sith to fuck right up. Meanwhile, certain families or individuals who get tired of training for a war tehy think won't happen, leave to make use of all that training they got (bounty hunters). THese are regarded poorly by their more faithful kin.

TL;DR I want my mandalorians to WORSHIP the concept of getting to fight a pair of rival cultures they have pretty well outlived.

>> No.43051416

That sounds just sad...

>> No.43051429

Galactic coherence monitoring station

>> No.43051455


Honestly, I'm okay with a lot of the concepts behind the Protectors/Traviss-style mandos, if you remove how much masturbating Traviss did about them.

They have an ancient culture of war and conquest. Their armor has (or had) some quality or significance to be known around the galaxy as "mandalorian armor". But to counterpoint Jedi and Sith, they usually have strong family or clan ties. They constantly train for war, but when there is no war to fight for Mandalore, Mandos are okay getting paid to fight with other people. They have a big cultural chip on their shoulder about Sith/Jedi (who they often regard as two sides of the same thing), and love chances to fight either. Because they're a scattered, almost nomadic people, they have to have a culture which reinforces and teaches itself - giving you something resembling Resol'nare, some quick cultural basics you can teach anybody and they're "mandalorian".

>> No.43051457

Pretty sure Jango's actor was from Kiwiland, not from Easter Island.

>> No.43051464

The people of Mandalore are proud and strong, warriors of great renown. Joyous in battle, despairing in defeat.
Once they had enough might to best the Republic, and they did so in their gleaming armor that seemed to reflect any blast that struck it. It is said that their warriors could even stand against the mystical powers of the mysterious Jedi Knights, but none who live have seen such a thing.
When not fighting, they farm and experiment with smithing, shipwright-ery, and occasionally with trade. Though they are known to raid more than engage in open exchange.
But that was a long time ago, when the Jedi roamed the galaxy in adventures and committing deeds of great derring do, or turning their great skills to selfish ends. Now the people of Mandalore live much as they always have; they farm, they build ships, and they even trade openly. Though yes, neighbors are still faced with the occasional raiding party.
The way of the warrior is part of Mandalore's glorious past and some still follow it to no shame of their kinsmen. Many of these strike out to find a good fight, others find coin in the hunting of others, and some take up a great cause.

But there are those who ape Mandalore in their ways or their armaments who have not earned them and do not honor them. If they were still as warlike as their ancestors, these peoples might have been run down, but the galaxy has been too peaceful in that of late.
Perhaps they have truly changed, perhaps Mandalore only waits for one more big war to awaken again.
I guess modern day Scandinavia, kinda

>> No.43051488

The Orbital Pan Galactic Department of Human Resources

>> No.43051550

I cant spell for shit.

>> No.43051587

Peace Moon

>> No.43051687

>Peace Moon
Yep, think that's it man.

>> No.43051771

>Mandalore is Space Japan
>Mandalorian warriors are samurai, but they act like actual samurai
>Meaning they're rowdy gangs of roving thugs getting into pissing contests with each other and bullying the peasantry for not being nearly as honoroable as them.

Man do I want that. I'd probably actually like Mandalorians then.

>> No.43051862


Honestly, in my opinion Dark Empire basically makes Anakin's whole redemption arc totally fucking pointless.

>> No.43051863

The warriors of Mandalore are a noble and ancient order, but incredibly few in number.

Their population is artificially inflated in propaganda from the Mandalorian government to deter invaders.

>> No.43051883

Consider an Epsilon new TIE instead of a Backstabber or Dark Curse so your swarm can do bullshit maneuvers.
Otherwise, same.

>> No.43051938

You can threaten to throw Fett into your pleasure den and lock him in with the girls at night.

Best answer though? Be like an Indian prince, and have all your bodyguards be the mothers of your children. One of the last free Indian prince's female bodyguards were so dedicated to him the remaining 20 guarded his corpse and wiped out almost 300 men, rifles VS swords. The British chose to blow his palace up rather than face them again.

>> No.43051970

Actually the space work was specialists. IG-88 really slowed production by spacing them.

>> No.43051984


>> No.43051995

Yeah, most places seem sold out. I think I saw some at my local Barnes & Noble, but then you're paying full retail.

There's a shop nearby me that sells X-Wing stuff and at a 20% discount. Need to swing by sometime and check out their stock.

>> No.43052009

Just finished reading Aftermath.

Was wondering what people think about this mysterious Admiral at the end. Thrawn or this Snoke newcomer? Personally, I hope it's the blue guy. If only because it means they'll need to bring in Pellaeon too.

>> No.43052028

Could be anyone. General vibe is Thrawn, since Snoke is a Force user and thus likely an Inquisitor.

>> No.43052166

>If only because it means they'll need to bring in Pellaeon too.

But we have black-titty Pellaeon now.

>> No.43052175

DS1 was usually explained as prisoners and slaves from Despayre. IG didn't have anything to do with that one. But yes about the DS2. Poor, poor contractors.

>> No.43052216 [SPOILER] 

Sev'Rance Tann
She can give me advice on military tactics while her body decorates my lair.

>> No.43052274

>best space wizard girl

>> No.43052290

I was thinking more of Imperial WWII Japan, but this too in the early years.

>> No.43052309

The only correct answer right here.

>> No.43052321

Can't argue that.

>> No.43052346

Or during the "Peaceful " Years

>> No.43052360

>Species gets genocided and driven off-planet by prehistoric humans
>They make this whole new culture based on fighting back against humans
>Later, a bunch of humans join, completely missing the point

Mandalorians are space weeaboos

>> No.43052394

Well, if Mandalorians weren't ruined for me yet, they are now

>> No.43052490

>completely missing the point
Is the best way to describe most EU

>> No.43052539


>brown-hair blue-eye masterrace
>superior 'Tales of the Jedi' era style
>helped fuck up the galaxy worse than anyone save Anakin and maybe Revan and thus deserving of punishment

>> No.43052569

>But we have black-titty Pellaeon now.


>> No.43052682


She won't need eyes where she's going.

>> No.43052683

So my group is trying to work out the Jedi Trials for our campaign and I was wondering how any of you have handled them? Padawan or Knights, have any of you made up your own trials or just tried to stick with the trials on the wook? What happened to any PCs taking them?

And out of curiosity, in case you've played dark siders, did your campaign feature any similar trials of any kind? Any Sith trials to go from apprentice to lord?

>> No.43052722

>Any Sith trials to go from apprentice to lord?
Yes, you have to kill your master.

>> No.43052728

good man

>> No.43052730


I believe the "Traditional" Sith Trial for passage from Apprentice to Lord is usually killing off your master.

>> No.43052732

Rae Sloane is basically set up as the new Pellaeon.

Jango isn't a Mandalorian in canon. The canon Mandalorians we do see tend towards the Scandinavian look, favoring more blond hair, lighter skin tones, but there are some who stray from that - Bo-Katan is a redhead, and Sabine is of course Space Asian.

>> No.43052735

you didnt mind Boba being Space Jesus for Mandalorians?

>> No.43052741

not yet but I imagine the trial of going from sith apprentice too lord is either peacefully departing away from your masters side, or just stabbing him in the back.

>> No.43052743

What's your player's fears, in character and out ?

>> No.43052755

Free and looking for revenge

>> No.43052769

so, uhm, do you guys ever play a rpg here in /tg/?

>> No.43052774

It's an abusive love-hate relationship.

>> No.43052776

remember kids, Mandos are the best pre gunpowder infantry in the world!

>> No.43052780

Three not-Sith who fancy themselves the heirs to the Empire, each of whom were personally wronged by Palpatine in the past and each of whom think they can run the Empire better than the others.

What they're actually doing is serving an ancient Dark Side entity who seeks to resurrect herself with a physical form by continuing the cycle of pain and war that powers the dark side, which was weakened by Palpatine's death. Even their deaths benefit her by letting the next in line take over and continue the cycle.

>> No.43052786


>Obi-Wan makes an offhand comment in ANH about the Jedi protecting the Galaxy for 'a thousand generations'
>EU writers declare that the Republic has existed for 25000 years (and remained pretty much technologically stagnant to boot)

>Imperials in the OT are mostly white males due to Star Wars being made in 1977 and using mostly British extras
>EU writers declare that the Empire is sexist and racist for no other reason than 'they're evil'

>The first Rodian and Transdoshan shown in the films are bounty hunters, the first Twilek shown is a sex-slave and the first mention of Bothans are as spies
>EU writers declare that Rodians and Transdoshans are all biologically-wired to be uber-hunters, Twilek women are considered universally sexually appealing despite the vast aesthetic diversity of the Galaxy's races and the entire Bothan civilization is made up of spies and Littlefinger-esque schemers


>> No.43052791

TCW Shaak Ti isn't nearly as attractive as TFU Shaak Ti. I was heavily disappointed. Then again, they made Padme unattractive, so whatever.

>> No.43052798

I play Saga Edition religiously. How bout you Anon ?

>> No.43052820

I mean here, in /tg/. Play a game utilising the dice option. When I first came in /tg/ the board was all about that.

>> No.43052824

I find the Galaxy of Hats charming, if incredibley stupid. But lovably stupid.

>> No.43052844

The Jedi in my campaign were fractured and outcasts from the Republic (set a while before the movies) and the padawan trial was basically ripped off from KOTOR. You have to recite the code, though I tried to have the master NPCs trick the students or test their wisdom on it. Then build your own lightsaber, and I wish the Gathering episode of TCW was out back then because I would have ripped that off as well. Instead I kind of rushed through giving them crystals without any trial of the soul within, which in retrospect was extremely fucking boring. And finally they had to face a dark side challenge in a cave, some of which was facing dark side ghosts of themselves and others were fighting corrupted beasts.

The Knight trials were more fun for me to write because I skipped the 5-trial system in canon and went for a rip off of the Quarian Pilgrimage from Mass Effect. A padawan must go on a journey into the galaxy alone while their Master remains in the temple and meditates, guiding them through the Force or at least making sure to keep some track on their students while they're alone. The goal is for the padawan to find something, anything that can help to reconstruct the Order, while helping anyone and everyone in need along their journey, until finally, the Force will guide them to another Jedi temple and their pilgrimage will be complete. Then they get knighted.

>> No.43052847


>> No.43052875

You're talking about quests.

Quests are cancer.

>> No.43052876

She's just so pouty, I love it

>> No.43052908


>> No.43052917

Space Moses.

>> No.43052918

And rather than make Hutt a title they make it a species, every one of whom has that exact job, because species and jobs are basically the same thing for aliens in Star Wars

And now that I think of it, everything said about wookies as a whole in A New Hope suggests that they're mostly complete assholes, maiming and killing people for petty reasons, and Chewie is an exception for being a mostly good guy. But because the law of Star Wars demands that every alien species be identical to its most famous member, now all wookies are good guys and that stuff about maiming gets swept under the rug.

>> No.43052933

Quests and the accompanying shittyness put paid to that a long time ago

>> No.43052944

I play X-Wing Miniatures in-character. That count?
It's roleplaying a /tg/ game.

>> No.43052967

>Rae Sloane is basically set up as the new Pellaeon.

Pellaeon can't be sassy black girl, he must be Dr Watson.

>> No.43052972

I came to the wrong fucking neighborhood didn't I ?

>> No.43052973

There's more named asshole or psycho wookies than heroes in canon.

>> No.43052988

Yes, and we'd appreciate it if you'd leave.

>> No.43052992

What've you done with spaceships and droids? I fucking love the rules Saga has for those. Decent modification rules are something that FFG's games sorely lack.

>> No.43052999

Fight back. Use your anger.
It gives you focus. Makes you Skubber.

>> No.43053002


Pouty and kinky.

You know about her "special" training ritual for her padawans, right?

>> No.43053010

But she's already him in all but name, gender, and personality.

Hell, she's also an admiral reporting to the TRUE Fleet Admiral.

>> No.43053017

Well, I got the feeling Han was completely joking about the arm-ripping over a simple game of space chess thing. Chewie was just kind of laid back and sarcastic about it like "yeah, I'll totally do something like that, nerd."

Though, we've gotten a couple of evil wookies since and I'd love to see more. Lobacca didn't last long enough after selling the rebellion out to the Trandoshans before Chewie sliced and diced him, and I've still never added that psychopath Hanharr to my party in KOTOR 2 because Mira's my preferred choice and I can't play Dark Side in that game without cringing at the dialogue choices

>> No.43053026

>that stuff about maiming gets swept under the rug
That's just the arms. Mind the lumps, don't trip.

>> No.43053031

Rolled 45, 83, 44, 70, 58, 16, 25, 7, 77, 43, 92, 84, 97, 45, 85, 100, 97, 97, 31, 95, 74, 86, 100, 1, 23 = 1575 (25d100)

I'm confuzzled teegee

are rebels shit in armada or is the MC80 suddenly fixing everything

>> No.43053035

The same techniques pioneered by Shaak Ti, improved and codified by Phasma?

>> No.43053040

Considering the BDSM leather and emotional torment we find Maris Brood in, anything's possible

>> No.43053053


I 'm talking about games played here, that's why the dice option is there. It was awesome, there were talented people here with their own unique and exciting artwork (I believe the game was called Iron Hands) and it was exciting playing. I meant an original star wars game played here.

>> No.43053080

You knew what you signed up for when you started a quest, and when you kept that quest's trip on while posting in /swg/. There will always be a portion of people in here who vocally dislike you and what you do, and another portion that will do so silently.

Your options are take it on the chin and just don't engage with them, or ditch the name. Either or, it's really not worth talking about, as at best it wastes posts on dead end conversations, at worst we end up with yet another derail.

>> No.43053096

Smuggler Wookie is just fucking insane. He's Spartacus, but less about liberating and more about finding a worthy foe.

He's also down with flirting, even if you can't romance him.

>> No.43053098


I meant Shaak Ti yeah.

Taking her padawans off for a lengthy period of personal training all by themselves on her forest homeworld.

>> No.43053104

>play games
>on /tg/

this isnt GAIA online

>> No.43053111

And now because of TCW and NuCanon, she never had any known padawans to begin with.

With a name like "Maris Brood", it was inevitable. She is a qt though.

>> No.43053119

you 're a newfag, that's all.

>> No.43053125


So not like him in appearance or personality, in other words nothing like him.

>> No.43053131

>Darth Vader uses the Force to choke someone to death
>EU writers declare that "Force Choke" is an ancient Sith spell only used by EVUL even though Yoda as much says the Force doesn't know the difference between a rock and a windpipe and that Luke used the exact same technique (non-lethally) to get past some mooks

>Anakin Skywalker was a bastard who killed children, brought about the rise of the Empire, and used torture to both extract information and to bait his own son into a trap
>EU writers declare his daughter (whom he tortured twice) has named her kid after him.

>Luke stays his hand after beating Vader because Jedi don't give into anger and kill in revenge.
>EU writers declare Luke has not only killed in revenge but was justified in doing so, and that he has straight up fallen to the dark side.

>> No.43053136

Im actually just too lazy to erase it from 2 days ago....
Yes im that lazy.. But its a Starwars Quest so I decided fuck it, its fine.

>> No.43053139



what next? gonna give A Wings astromech droids?

>> No.43053149

Edgy as she is, I would like to see Maris return to canon, even if they change her backstory or relationship to Shaak Ti.

Heck, since TCW gave us a tribe of Dathomiri with a huge Zabrak population, you could definitely make Maris a Nightsister. Also dat Bull Rancor.

>> No.43053158

I followed quests once. All of the ones I liked either turned into shit or died. Mostly they're just way too animu or people wanting to be the little girl. I have no problem with anime or playing cross-gendered characters, but when /tg/ collectively does it, I can only cringe so hard.

>> No.43053169

She has the exact same role he does. The only difference is that she's a black woman, not an older white male with a glorious mustache.

>> No.43053174

dont forget force lightning

Jedis have their own "good guy" force lightning!

>> No.43053178

I played as a walking talking arcade machine noble. Fun times

>> No.43053189


>that disney defending

the shill is real

s, how aboutwe start our own game?

>> No.43053201

the only reason we have the dice function is cause either

>hey teegee roll up a character!


>hey teegee, its time for a new quest where youre a guy trying to fuck 10000 girls!

>> No.43053207

Threadly reminder that Disney killing the EU was a good thing.

>> No.43053214

How about we don't, because /tg/ is a terrible place to run games. If you want a game, go hit up or start a gamefinder thread.

Also, all of that actually did happen in the EU. It's not shilling if it's deriding the awfulness of it all.

>> No.43053232

that is what it has come to.

There were excellent times had here. Iron Hands is one, the collective playing of Lonewolf when the copyright became public and the books could be found on the internet...half of the board was games.

>> No.43053273

>And now because of TCW and NuCanon, she never had any known padawans to begin with.

Most of the jedi council have no known padawans in canon. Yoda, Obi, Luminara and uh. I dunno if there are even any others.

>> No.43053306

>You will never put your mouth on your master's head and blow her horns

>> No.43053318


My players were early NJO Jedi (Jedi Academy Era), so their "trials" weren't formal, but they did undergo them in spirit over the course of adventures, mostly in excavating an old Jedi Temple.

They followed the wook outline; Skill was a set of fairly standard athletic challenges, requiring someone to display multiple physical talents. Courage was fighting a set of training droids armed with Ancient Swords. Flesh was a door which was like the gom jabbar, but with less poison. Insight was the most complex, there was a pool of mirrored water with something important in it - they solved it the second way, by being calm and reciting the Jedi Code, rather than to figure out how to search the pool they couldn't see into.

I brought spirit back in later, when they cracked open a Rakatan vault and found dark side wooj inside and faced mirrors of themselves in a skill challenge like the one in the adventure in the back of FaD.

>> No.43053321

>Obi-wan has no known padawans
I don't know how to tell you this, anon...

>> No.43053333


Those three are the ones that have padawans, you ninny.

>> No.43053343


That confused me too, but I assumed he meant Jedi who -have- had Padawans. Yoda has a whole list of them.

>> No.43053346


>you will never go with your master to her home planet and then be insanely flustered as she strips out of her stuffy jedi robi down to her undies

Force Unleashed Shaak Ti, man. Hnnngh

>> No.43053348

then you better learn how to communicate in english nerf herder, because your post implied the opposite

>> No.43053394


Plus she's much hotter.

>> No.43053438

>people hating on quest
>All the ones I liked either turned to shit or died
Ghostbusters: Japan, never forget
Also, Drift: The Line

>> No.43053459

>Not Original 2D Clone Wars Shaak Ti
You were so close Anon... So close.

>> No.43053476

We like you.

We just don't like board quests.

Fuck that, CW Shaak TI was fugly as hell.

>> No.43053539

With the back of her head looking like this?
Nope. Never. Not even once.

>> No.43053549

Not for me, thnx. I didn't like hoe they drew her. Her chase scene with Grievous was fucking sweet tho.

>> No.43053551


You're funny. I like you.

>> No.43053562

What ever you say Anon

>> No.43053597

Thanks, I really appreciate it

>> No.43053629


She wasn't barefoot in the movies, was she? Because she was both in the Genddy series and in Force Unleashed.

>> No.43053638

The problem with quests is not necessarily the concept itself, but the quest player base; if I finally got my shit together and ran Harpoon Quest like I've been meaning to, the first thing they'd do is scour the ship for female crew members, and immediately attempt to waifu the youngest one. Failing that, they'd be like to look for the most effeminate male and do the same. Also, their obsession with edgeyness makes me VERY wary of letting them near star wars

>> No.43053658

Huh, strange, that hasn't happened to me..
>inb4 it will.

>> No.43053663

I don't recall the films or deleted scenes ever depicting her state of footwear, so you can assume whatever your magical realm desires.

(Also, holy shit, is something wrong with captcha? I just went through 30 fucking "multiple selections required" sets of images)

>> No.43053720

Also you can feel safe in knowing that im the least edgiest person ever. Like I only play neutral-lawful good alignments in tg and vidya.

>> No.43053766

Why do female Mandos have visors that are more bird like?

>> No.43053801

I think that's just supposed to be uniform for the Nite Owls. Wimmin outside of that group might have normal mando helmets, and Sabine's is either a special case or a repainted Nite Owl helmet.

>> No.43053805

Well, that's probably why. A big part of what makes quests go to shit is a "whatever the crowd wants it gets" approach to questrunning

>> No.43053950

Makes sense, but one inconsistency really bothers me. Is Mandalorian armor supposed to be full self contained and usable in space/poisonous gasses/etc but then there's some Mandos with exposed skin? Is it an inconsistency, something thats variable from one person to another or reflective of their purpose some work as bounty hunters who probably don't need as much protection as mercenaries and soldiers?

>> No.43053987


Well, in Saga, beskar'gam comes in like, three levels of coverage (one for each armor proficiency level). I can't remember if only the heavy offers full environment seals, but I could see mandos having different levels of armor for different tasks. Scouts an assassins are lightly clad, heavy hitters like the ol' Supercommandos are loaded in the full plates and seals.

>> No.43053988

speaking of mandos...

someone should post that image of Boba's actor. pretty hilarious to see "Steve from the office" playing one of the most coveted characters in nerd culture.

>> No.43053995

Jesus H tittyfucking christ on a shishkabob, lose the fucking trip already

>> No.43054003

I'm sure it's just variable customization. The trick with mando armor, though, is some artists and authors in the EU have tried to depict it was uber-invincible sealed and powered Pess Mehreen armor that can resist even lightsabers, while others depict it as it looks in the movies – metal, leather and cloth, basically just space versions of fantasy adventurer gear plus jetpacks and gadgets.

>> No.43054025

Every suit of mando armor is 100% custom; some may prefer full-sealed, while others prefer lighter, with exposed skin. It's 100% personal preference

>> No.43054062

.........naaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh. I'm good

>> No.43054066

Thinking of starting up an Imperial Navy quest. Any advice for a first-time quest runner?

>> No.43054072

>be insanely flustered as she strips out of her stuffy jedi robi down to her undies

Kanan has.

>> No.43054074

? Or do you mean the one of him with the mustache in Jabba's palace?
Longpost is long.

>> No.43054103


>hurrr hurr hurr i see ur titties

>> No.43054114


Don't be afraid to take write-ins, but also don't be afraid to tell people to fuck off when their ideas don't work with what you've been previously established. Have vague direction, but leave it open enough the anons can actually make decisions.

>> No.43054137

try to keep chargen as crisp as possible. Shit can take a while if you leave too many options open. If you don't want to go the "majority vote means everyone on the crew is a loli futa" route, try to work dice rolling into deciding which anon's suggestions count, or just slap your players around and don't let them get too crazy.

>> No.43054152

Well it has to be at least somewhat useful for them to even bother wearing it still, not Space Marine level "useful" but fully sealed in an era of galactic space travel seems like something they would do.

>> No.43054164

And this is why tripcodes are absolute cancer.

that's not how you use ellipses, faggot

>> No.43054179

>no glorious mustache

No, I don't think so.

>> No.43054207

>people are more mad about one tripfag than the debauchees who've been turning this into a fetish thread.

>> No.43054227

>TFW you'll never know the warm touch of another on your cold shell, because you're a droid and droids aren't loved.

>> No.43054241


Well, again, depending on the continuity, beskar can be super-invincible, just wearing it over chest and head is pretty solid.

In Rebels, the armor is tough enough that Sabine takes one in the head and one in the chest from a pistol, and while the impact floors her she's able to walk it off right after. It's a sight better than Laminate, where taking one in the torso at the very least incapacitates you - even if you're not dead.

>> No.43054242

Well, Sabine got her blaster bolts deflected right back at her helmet and bosomplate, so it's at least shown to be more resistant to blasters than Stormtrooper plastic. But yeah, sealed against poisons and gases is probably a normal feature for mandos.

>> No.43054253

It's like you don't know where you are anon. Plenty of folks would be /d/lighted to tell you though, I'm sure.

>> No.43054424


She has a mustache, just not on her face.

>> No.43054448

Allright, I made it. Be gentle, I haven't GM'd anything in fuckin' forever.


>> No.43054455

This will always be canon Boba Fett in my eyes.

>> No.43054475

I have a bunch:
2: going in with a defined character is an infinitely better idea than board chargen, which will produce such snowflakes/sues/edgelords that you would be struck blind by looking at such reckless faggotry
3: do as much as you can to avoid waifus, for they are the bane of quests; I would honestly recommend simply having the protag be happily married; it would be pretty odd for an officer of sufficient rank and age to command a Warship not to be, and it would eliminate waifuposting
4: decide at the start if there's going to be a main plotline or semi-sandbox. for a naval campaign, both are possible
5: ignore write-ins which wouldn't make sense for the PC (this will help immensely when the edgefags come around)
6: keep the area of operations well-defined; if the ship is only authorized to operate in one sector, the chance for the players to get on the train to shit-crazytown is minimized
if you've any more questions, just ask

>> No.43054493

YFW you find out he's really a professional golfer

>> No.43054499

Steve from the office got to see so much ass at Jabba's palace, these dancers, Leia's ass

>> No.43054515

>My fellow hutts, how do you prefer your slave girls?


>> No.43054592

Yer a faget.

>> No.43054748

Well that's acceptable.

>> No.43054820

Found online for star wars

>> No.43054835

>letting Wendig write more books

>> No.43054871

Contract for three books.
Just cry into your blue milk in silence until its over.

>> No.43054916

...Dammit. Now I want a chibi-probe droid.

>> No.43054928


Well, Wendig's worst problem in a literary sense is he's dull, so maybe we can fix that. At worst, they turn out a trilogy of bland books which give us facts but aren't worth much to read otherwise.

>> No.43054945

Naw, he thinks everyone who hated the book was just a homophobe or EUfag.
He learned nothing.

>> No.43055030


>> No.43055039


Well, let's hope his sales grow increasingly poor as it goes on, and Disney finds somebody who actually understands what "feedback" is.

It's rare, I know, but I'm sure they have enough money to manage it.

>> No.43055056


>> No.43055084

Salv wants to come back. A few other EU authors do as well. Disney hasn't approached them yet, but its probably coming.

>> No.43055095

>Crazy Red Hair
>Excellent Shot

Yes please.

>> No.43055111


>> No.43055133


>> No.43055139

Just let Stackpole reboot X-Wing already, Disney.

>> No.43055150

Fuck Salvatore. I lost pretty much all respect for him after listening to a podcast interview done with him where he spent time bashing Robert Jordan's work right after he died. Don't like Wheel of Time? That's okay. But don't shit all over it right after the author dies.

>> No.43055157

Fell over laughing, mate

>> No.43055158


>> No.43055176


>> No.43055193

>Salv wants to come back
FUCK no, guy has never written a good book in his life.

>> No.43055211

Never read anything by him. What's wrong with Wendig?

>> No.43055212

Last one.

>> No.43055242


See >>43054928 and >>43054945

Or just ask for a round of opinions on Aftermath.

>> No.43055248

All I can think of is how much her life must be misery having to keep her lekku from dragging on the ground or getting stepped on or otherwise smashed.

>> No.43055254

He doesn't understand Star Wars.

>> No.43055257


I liked Aftermath personally but I know his writing style threw a lot of people. It's this weird third-person present tense. It grew on me but a lot of people hated it.

>> No.43055302

to be perfectly honest, his writing reminded me of fanfiction in a bad way. that, and the goddamn present-tense that he likes. that shit is just shit

>> No.43055305

He hasn't written anything other than Aftermath worth mention is why.

Shitty diction, present tense narrative, jumps around abruptly in perspective, made half the cast have only a single character trait; "gay".

His foreward is painfully evident of how twippy he is.

When people complained he accused everyone of being just homophobic in continual hissy fits. He ignored gay people complaining of course.

Since a bunch of aftblasted EUfags spammed all Disney Star Wars products with negative reviews he claims that's all there is even though his is the worst reviewed work and the critics shrugged at it.

>> No.43055315

aftermath wasnt terrible but it wasnt the best. In fact it was mediocre.

It was no stackpole or zahn novel

>> No.43055336


I'm still dismaying that the new Battletech stuff is involving him.

>> No.43055345


>> No.43055366

I'm not
it'll be much better than the shit that was the DA novels, even if it's stackpolian sillyness of the highest order

>> No.43055420

I'm really hoping we get a NEW Saga book out of Episode 7. Probably won't happen, but I can dream.

>> No.43055439

>sperging out that someone didn't use "transparisteel"

I'm sure Wendig has demonstrated plenty of ignorance about the universe, but forgetting--or even refusing--an awkward, made-up term that's not even ever mentioned in the movies is not a good example of how he "doesn't understand Star Wars"

>> No.43055456


>> No.43055488


What, like the RPG?

>> No.43055519

No.. The comic book.

>> No.43055529

So what has Disney retconned? I'm not just talking "what did they say they won't be held to" which would be everything, but what has been written over by new media? Most EU post episode 6 is of course dead as can be. Outside of that, the only big thing off the top of my head is the origin of the A-Wing isn't canon anymore with them appearing in Rebels.

>> No.43055563

You what. There's just not enough still-canon material to touch upon Legends canon yet. Only thing I can think of is that they touched upon and relativized KOTOR canon by diminishing the role of the Mandalorians to a massive degree.

>> No.43055582

>Player writes up a droid PC
>Ask what motivation
>Invariably wants to find a way to use the Force somehow


>> No.43055601

>made half the cast have only a single character trait; "gay"

One main character is gay along with two minor characters with the homosexual tendencies of the latter two being limited to the knowledge that they are married. The other three main characters, the half-dozen villains and a number of secondary characters are either explicitly heterosexual or their sexuality isn't noted.

>When people complained he accused everyone of being just homophobic in continual hissy fits.
>Since a bunch of aftblasted EUfags spammed all Disney Star Wars products with negative reviews he claims that's all there is even though his is the worst reviewed work and the critics shrugged at it

So you didn't actually read his response at all did you? Seeing as the previous falsehood I just called bullshit on suggests you're one of the dinosaurs scared of anything remotely gay it would make sense.

>> No.43055660

Maybe his motivator is broken.

>> No.43055668

>Mfw I know how he could
Fucking iron knights

>> No.43055698

All this mandelorian talk just reminds me of trying to pin down who batman is as a character. Even before the big wipe, they were never consistent between all the people who want to suck their dicks as space marysues to the people who want to simplify them down to just space mercs from a warrior focused planet.

>> No.43055728

It seems pretty definite that Force Unleashed 1/2's events didn't happen. Kyle Katarn's stuff is probably completely gone, though we'll have to wait until Rogue One to know for sure.

Make him find tons of Jedi/Sith books/holocrons he'll never use. Make him encounter an evil force-sensitive that promises him that he'll learn to use the force, but ends up just using the PC to further his own evil deeds.

That's still a living being, just using robotics to be able to move around. Not an actual droid.

>> No.43055736

If he wanted to make a Force user he should have written one. He wrote a droid instead.

Fuck the Iron Knights.

>> No.43055765

He actually does do it a lot though. I actually missed the glass reference, but when mentioning races or ships he either reexplains the entire thing like a wook entry or leaves it unknown.
Its a bit odd to get the spec and model of one craft, and have a different one just be a ship.

>> No.43055771

>inb4 Maris is the result of Ventress and Savage hatefuck

>> No.43055843

You know, that would be one of the rare times I don't cringe at something extremely fanficcy. Especially since Ventress lives just long enough to pop out a Maris. I guess the only problem is Ventress and Savage kind of lose any spark they had as soon as Maul shows up. Would've loved more episodes of Ventress hunting him for that bounty and fucking his brains out while big bro Maul was busy forming his army. Savage can enjoy the simple pleasures in life. Like hatefucking bald women.

>> No.43055868

Both A-Wings and B-Wings, plus the TIE Advanced, appear much earlier. Likely squints will too.
To borrow a term /co/ likes to use and get triggered over, most of it is "dubious" where nothing has overwritten it but it still isn't canon until it gets a mention in a new material and that outside of what is canon is also unknown.

We know the Zann Consortium and Black Sun both exist for example as both were in Uprising. We know Xizor does as well. We have the YT-2400, and Sabine's story hints as Imperial occupation of Mandalore.

Shadows of the Empire isn't canon, but parts of it are and Disney may very well make it canon again.

>> No.43055889

Yeah, I'm sure he does, but in the case of the "glass/transparisteel" thing I actually can't blame him. Star Wars EU is filled with asinine terms for things that don't need them and can be easily described with basic terminology. It's a not-so-common common convention of good writing that you avoid bogging down your reader with made-up words that can be easily be replaced with common terms and phrases. "Transparisteel" is a perfect example because like I said it's awkward to say and is totally meaningless beyond being a word some fuck made up so he could pat himself on the back for "solving" one of the thousands of things in Star Wars physics tells us shouldn't exist.

Which sounds more concise?
>Osee Doh'natstehl gazed out through the transparisteel viewport into space.
>Osee Doh'natstehl looked out the window.

>> No.43055914

Go back to school, Wendig.

>> No.43055937

Dark Forces 1 could still happen.
Nine different characters stole the Death Star plans afterall.

>> No.43055942


Let's not forget that people in the Star Wars universe frequently refer to weapons as 'lasers' despite the bolts moving slower than most arrows.

>> No.43055945

>Both A-Wings and B-Wings, plus the TIE Advanced, appear much earlier. Likely squints will too.
>To borrow a term /co/ likes to use and get triggered over, most of it is "dubious" where nothing has overwritten it but it still isn't canon until it gets a mention in a new material and that outside of what is canon is also unknown.
Then why set the fucking series before ANH, instead of afterwards? It wouldn't have suffered in any way imaginable.

>> No.43055975

Daily reminder that lightsabers are actually plasma sabers.

>> No.43055981

There's a line to walk between flavor and being overladen with jargon. But you can go too far and suck all the flavor out too.

>> No.43055998

Because the wagon-train style storytelling relies on the Rebels not having their shit together as a united group yet, and the Empire still having loyalty from the Republic rather than fear of the Empire.

>> No.43056022

Reminder that Wedge hops on one glass leg.

...Yeah, nah. Just doesn't have the same ring to it.

>> No.43056024

They still could have used Spearheads and Tempests instead of A-wings and B-wings.

>> No.43056038

Because the origin of the rebels is an interesting setting and they're taking full advantage of not needing to cater to old EU as long as it doesn't conflict with the original movies. No one said where A-Wings and B-Wings came from in the movies.

>> No.43056049

Is there a good online dice roller for EotE that multiple people can view?

>> No.43056061


Nice counterargument; it really changed my opinion of you.

>Zann Consortium... in Uprising

Shit, I didn't know that. I heard Uprising wasn't really worth playing.

>> No.43056093

>the Zann Consortium
Aww shit

>> No.43056118

Google Hangouts and load up this: http://game2.ca/eote/

>> No.43056120

To be fair, the pre-Disney canon is they were an evolution of the Jedi Starfighter design, which had retconned the "response to Interceptor" story from before the prequels anyway.

Plus Ackbar still creates the B-Wing. It just predates the X-Wing now.

Not to mention both are still just prototypes. They could just go into mass production only in respone to later TIEs.

>> No.43056184

Transparisteel is probably transparent metal rather than glass. Hell, the real world has transparent aluminum now, right?

>> No.43056199

Uprising is okay. Really repetetive, but its an iPhone game so standards shpuld already be low. It has good visuals at any rate.

But yeah, one of the companions is a Zann Operative and the flavor text says he is working for you since he was stranded by the Imperial blockade while pursuing a Black Sun agent.

Anoat became canon again too, among other things.

>> No.43056200

>Ackbar still creates the B-Wing. It just predates the X-Wing now.
This triggers my autism in a terrible way. The B-wing is such an outlandish and specialised craft, while the X-wing is just a logical progression from the Z-95s and the ARC-170. The rebellion was much more in need of better space superiority fighters than attack crafts in their first 20 years.

>> No.43056206

>I heard Uprising wasn't really worth playing.
It really isn't; it's piss easy, no real depth to the combat, and it takes forever to progress through the story missions because they try to force you to be a certain level/have upgraded gear first. I'd recommend just flipping through videos on youtube to before and after story missions (when the story progresses).

>> No.43056226

Tell him: Do you as a player realize that your character will never fulfill his dream?

>> No.43056238

>Anoat became canon again too, among other things.
Weren't they flying through the Anoat system in ESB, stating that nothing really exists in the Anoat system?

>> No.43056255

I think that's what it is. It's some kind of transparent alloy made out of unobtanium or something. It's meant to explain why ships in Star Wars have all those big windows (something that is both unfeasible and extremely dangerous on a real space ship).

While some things in Star Wars definitely do require some kind of jargon or explanation to help give it flavor, I don't think the material starship windows are made of is one of them. Glass or transparisteel, I don't see the point of broaching that subject in a story to begin with unless you're going for some kind of Tom Clancy-style deconstruction of everything. Which doesn't really strike me as being very Star Wars.

>> No.43056273

Dude, a Mon Cal creating anything but an outlandish craft should trigger you.
Plus with the EU Gozanti being apparently in regular use now they need an ordinance fighter.

>> No.43056307

>yfw you realize her hand is backwards

>> No.43056310

>It just predates the X-Wing now.

We don't know that for sure. The X-wing's origins weren't mentioned in Star Wars movies either, I wouldn't be surprised if we see them in Rebels at some point.

We're getting an earlier variant of the AT-AT too.

Anyways, Season 2 finally starts back up tomorrow after the earlier season opening tease. Trailer looks like interesting times ahead.


>> No.43056416

>Dude, a Mon Cal creating anything but an outlandish craft should trigger you.
Yeah I know, that's not what I was complaining about. I just liked the idea of B's and A's introduced later in the war because they were more advanced and specialized fighters.
I like that they went for the McQuarrie concept art look for the A-wing. It just doesn't have the 360° rotating cannons yet.

>> No.43056452

>can't tell if backwards or merely poorly drawn

>> No.43056483

>an earlier variant of the AT-AT
>somehow the earlier variant has extra armour to protect the neck

>> No.43056522


To be fair, it also looks like the neck joint is way less articulated, which probably means a narrower field of fire.

>> No.43056529


Well, this B-wing is supposed to be some kind of prototype, so maybe it "Works" but there end up being some serious problems that need correcting, delaying its mass-production for a few years. Possibly minus the superlaser


And a turret on the back! Not that this is gonna help them against Captain Rex and company and his outdated AT-TE.

>> No.43056635


I mean, we know star wars has like, a vast galaxy and all that, but it's around four years between ANH and RotJ. And the ANH to ESB period seems to involve a lot of running and hiding to hole-up. Prototyping phases, testing and mass production should still take some time to get everything rolling out.

I find it odd we're going with A-wings as the distinctive Rebel fighter over X-wings, but it's not crazy that we're getting them. Hell, do you know how many different model numbers with very little actual difference there were for the X-wing in Legends?

>> No.43056641

>And a turret on the back! Not that this is gonna help them against Captain Rex and company and his outdated AT-TE.
The AT-TE actually had some advantages over the AT-AT, including not being vulnerable to cables, wider firing arc, and being usable in space. The AT-AT could wade through deeper water and had better armament and armor though.

>> No.43056676


Ventress dies way too early to have had a kid in Dark Disciple.

>> No.43056687

>Hell, do you know how many different model numbers with very little actual difference there were for the X-wing in Legends?
I know. Oh man, I know.
Ackbar and most of the fleet weren't hiding out at Hoth though. So they had enough time to develop their starfighters elsewhere in the galaxy.

>> No.43056697

Also the AT-AT is a better tank buster as it can strike from above, a job logically limited to air support most of the time. Tanks are most heavily armored, in most cases, around the sides, but are weak underneath and above.

>> No.43056719


Still, given how complex the B-Wing is supposed to be, I could see nearly a decade of R&D going in to getting it working.

>> No.43056779

Good thing its about a decade away from being deployed at the battle of endor, and obviously going through R&D

>> No.43056780

Speaking of the cartoons. I can't help but feel every PC group needs a couple of these stored on their tramp freighter.

>> No.43056800

It can strike from above, but it's underbelly isn't as well armored as the rest of it either. To the standard, I'd shorten it to like 10 m legs, add a double aft laser turret, and a laser turret on either side. Yeah, it's got plenty of armor there, but turning to target anything there is a nightmare.

>> No.43056813

>I can't help but feel every PC group needs a couple of these stored on their tramp freighter.
I agree. Everyone should have a few cartoons lying around their ship wherever they go.

>> No.43056872

Good start, but why not go all the way?
>shorten legs, maybe put on six instead of four
>stronger belly armor
>move cockpit into main hull
>put a remote controlled heavy cannon on the front, and smaller cannons on each side
AT-AT17 Walking Fortress

>> No.43056886


>> No.43056909


I agree more firing arcs would be useful, although I think the biggest problem with the AT-AT would be the legs. Not only are they too tall as you mentioned but the way they're also too straight and don't seem to have any flexibility. It makes it easy to trip them like at Hoth and perhaps more importantly it makes them useless on anything but flat terrain- which sort of defeats the point of a walker in the first place.

I'd give the AT-ATs at least some degree of three-dimensional flexibility at the joints -maybe angle them to begin with like the AT-TE - and redesign the 'feet' to better handle uneven terrain. You combine that with the extra guns you mentioned and those things would be fucking terrifying.

>> No.43056963


Black Sun were already in canon before that since they were in the season finale of season 4 of Clone Wars, complete with Falleen leaders.

>> No.43056993


>Where are we?
>Anoat system.
>Anoat system... there isn't much there.

And then they go to Bespin.

>> No.43057000


>> No.43057082


Well, I'm not sure I'd use the word "complete".

>> No.43057188

jesus... i forgot about that. Can you imagine the chaos that would cause after maul's consortium died?

>> No.43057220

Six legs isn't too much of a benefit. Make them thicker and articulated better.
I was going to say most of those other things >>43056872 posted, but not in the same way, though I didn't think of the obvious of strengthening the belly armor. Making it shorter mitigates that some. A single heavy laser though? It has two as it is. Make it a double heavy laser turret. Wait. For all of the medium lasers, just put them at the corners. That way they can have larger fire arcs.

>> No.43057246

The comic really weighed most of the Chaos on mandos still loyal to him. As soon as the Republic and CIS started bringing the law to the Shadow Collective, the Hutts almost immediately jumped ship and Black Sun and the Pikes were packing it in. Not sure what happened to the Collective since Maul escaped death yet again, though.

>> No.43057307


According to Palps, Maul was basically a broken man and no longer a threat. Even if he wasn't, I doubt the collective would do what he wants after the thrashing they received due to his ill-conceived (as they saw it) plans.

The Hutts/Sun/Pikes probably went back to their usual routine of scheming, stealing, killing eachother, and just generally being criminal assholes.

>> No.43057386

Mfw the thread dies.

>> No.43057456

Better off dead then with tripfags.

>> No.43057484

I'm sure snakes serve a useful purpose. Probably.

>> No.43057542

Zog off back to whatever shit ass board you came from, you shouldn't be reading names anyway since there is no lore discussion to be gad in them.

>> No.43057722

>Not The world would be better off without tripfags"
If you were going insult me, you could have took the initiative.

>> No.43057755

>being this thick
Talking about the thread.

>> No.43058094

New thread

>> No.43058203

Make it!

>> No.43058254


I'm on it.

>> No.43058273

And here I remember someone from this thread saying that they knew the author and he was a good EU fan.

>> No.43058328



New Thread


>> No.43058374

Eh, I liked Transparisteel, it had good feel to it. Heck they even had the whole Lommite supply chain for it!

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