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Anyone else out there like trolls that aren't just hideously evil/ugly/bestial?

I kind of want to play a troll.

Does anybody think they are kind of hot? In a scummy rockstar kind of way?

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I did much roleplaying as a Troll in WoW but now I'm burned out on them.

And the fact that WoW rp was a constant slide downhill.

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Aren't wow trolls just a bunch of jamaican stereotypes?

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>Isn't wow just a bunch of stereotypes?

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It's Jamaican + Haitian + Aztec-Mayan stereotypes to be exact. For me the most enjoyable to come out of Warcraft.

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No. The only trolls I like are the hideously evil/ugly/bestial, particularly the classic AD&D and 2nd ed designs with the sharp features and soulless black eyes. WoW trolls get out

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I just make mine giant long fanged elves with earth elemental abilities.

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More quality trolls.

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Rest of it is trash but I like the Aesthetic of Trundle from LoL

Less Lanky more Giant Caveman

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Looks like a fleshy flavor of undead.

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It doesn't stop being a troll when it becomes undead. Though the regeneration might end.

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I just play my trolls as having giant rocky demonic deathfuck bodies, but pretty much human faces that most other races feel comfortable with, to play on that whole effect of finding it easier to relate to something with a similar face even if it has a very inhuman form.

They're a fun sort of primordial giant-alike race to play and NPC.

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I keep forgetting trolls were looked terrifying in 1St edition ad&d. Thanks man.

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You'd think it'd make them hard to raise. Or maybe make them an especially nasty kind of undead.

Hell, maybe there are no undead trolls because if you do manage to make one, it becomes a G-virus cascade problem where the thing just gets meaner and bigger and badder every time you allow it to regenerate.

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Actually I do something similar: long-fanged, long eared elves with elemental abilities. They're basically a race of predators who adapt their innate magic to the environment that they are in.

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The moomintrolls is pretty comfy races.

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They were my preffered part of WoW, but I stoped playing short after the first expansion.
They did something cool with them?

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Regeneration unbound by its natural biology, the troll begins to mutate rather than replace. Constantly growing stronger, and more aggressive.

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Original "curse of rot bearing" Trundle was way better, in my personal opinion.

New trundle should have just been a new character with a similar toolkit.

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I like Discworld trolls - basically just sentient stone golems, who get stupid when they're exposed to heat.

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Ehh it's always been debatable imo. Old Trundle was interesting but since Riot has no interest in exploring the jungles he would never appear in fluff again. New Trundle Gets to be king (really deserves a skin where he's wearing King Tryndameres clothes in troll size) and got much better voice lines but ended up getting screwed over by Riot not knowing how to react to Liss winning the Frejlord event.

Either way the game itself is a wreck and I just read the lore and watch the videos in hopes of something cool happening with characters I used to play.

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>Anyone else out there like trolls that aren't just hideously evil/ugly/bestial?

Yes and no.

Physically I have a very demanding expectation of what trolls should look like and it's most in line with how they're depicted in Drakar och demoner (Swedish Demons and Dragons).
Pic related.

CULTURALLY I unapologetically base them off of the worst stereotypes German, Russia, Slavic, and Eastern/Northern Europe has to offer.

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I prefer Bauer-esque fairy tale trolls.

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I like Ian Miller's troll from A Tolkien Bestiary

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Why even include the spoiler man

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All these make me feel sad the O&O will never get translated because I always like this interpretation of trolls.

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Some people just can't keep their fetishes on the down-low.

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He read that one WoW fic offa adultfanfiction.net where the trolls gangbang that haughty Bloodelf.

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>I just read the lore and watch the videos in hopes of something cool happening with characters I used to play.

Anon. Those days are over.

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Maybe because trolls are hot?
I just dig a skinny guy with a happy trail

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Anon, seriously, nobody needs to know what you're spoilering here. Do you do this in your games?

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I was trying to get people to post more cute/approachable looking trolls like the OP picture in a way that was funny.

Also the answer to your question is no. But I do want to build a folder of cute, hot, or generally not shit-ugly trolls because I'd like them to be a playable race in my upcoming game.

Does that explain everything?

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My trolls are born as small goblin like amphibious creatures.

Anything they regenerate comes back mutated and larger, thus over time they become massive and unique.
Among the delinquent troll youth of the great city males often lop off their dong in hopes of a more interesting one returning. Many a troll will lament the loss of a particularly useful or interesting bit that fails to regenerate similarly

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For you my friend: http://www.hentai-foundry.com/pictures/user/DrGraevling/103705/A-Taste-of-Voodoo-pg.-09

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>Anyone else out there like trolls that aren't just hideously evil/ugly/bestial?

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Might as well not call them troll, if you're not going to have them act or look like troll.

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I didn't want to be the one to bring them up, but I do kinda like some of the less human depictions of Homestuck trolls as a monster race, not posting any as most of what I got is porn but I wouldn't say no if someone wanted to play a troll that looked kinda like one
I would say no if they kept spouting Homestuck memes though

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Stealing this.

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Trolls are, by there very nature, ugly, brutish, and weird.

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What do you call them if they're mostly just weird?

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>Orcs HAVE to be ugly, bow-legged, gray skinned always evil monsters
>Elves HAVE to be tiny fairy-like creatures that make shoes and bake cookies
>Angels HAVE to be spinning wheels with eyes

Naw, fuck off.

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No, but

>Orcs have to be savage somehow, more violent than other races, and ugly
>Elves have to be more connected to magic, be more beautiful, and be semi-ageless
>Angels have to be divine beings

If you make one of those things that isn't those things, there's no point calling them that.

If I made an elf that was in every way an orc, and vice versa but demanded you call them orc and elf you would say it was dumb.

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With the incredibly varied nature of things like Trolls and Elves, this statement is idiotic.

A Tolkien Troll and D&D Troll have literally nothing in common, aside from stupidity. Yet both are acknowledged to be Trolls.

You're perfectly free to create and name your ideas however you want, no matter how Autists feel about it.

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Well they did never do something with them I liked lore-wise. The Troll instances and raids tended to make them seem like pushovers. and the new Capital they got was so lazy and ugly it was an insult. When they got druids the lore for that was stupid... to be honest, all the time I played Troll, I don't even know if I really know Troll lore anymore because of the mental filters I had to use.

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>One of the most diverse creatures that exists in European mythology can only be this one interpretation that I like.

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If it makes sense within the setting, then sure.

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Except, what's the point of calling them trolls if they're nothing like the generally accepted notion of what a troll is?

You can use the name sure, but it would be like pointing at a giant bird and calling it a dragon.

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And? In a setting, it could very well be a Dwarf.

In the Elder Scrolls, Dwemer are called Dwarves, despite having nothing Dwarfy about them. Explanation: They were first encountered by Giants, who called them Dwarves. Other races first learned of the Dwarves through the Giants, and the name stuck.

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Except there's plenty dwarfy about them.

>Live underground
>Industrious craftsmen

Those are all extremely common dwarf tropes that dwemer all have.

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>Dwemer are called Dwarves, despite having nothing Dwarfy about them

>Their ruins are just massive mazes of metal, contraptions, and fucking mazes
>The greatest of the artificers and craftsmen in the world, to the point of nearly building a god-making-machine
>They accidentally wiped themselves out with that very machine.

I'm sorry, I find them quite dorfy.

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Someone once said the Forest Trolls sound more like Afrocubans.

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>Brutish/savage It doesn't wear clothes and look at it's hair

Yeah, it pretty much checks off all the boxes. Except that it's still also a bit of a stretch.

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I don't know, I played german version and have know reference how Afrocubans sound on top of that.

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I kinda liked the Druid lore being basically "All Troll magical Classes are just slightly different types of Loa Priest, Oh and hunters are too sorta I guess."

Which is gonna make the Druid, Hunter, and especially Shaman and Priest class halls awkward.

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>the only thing OP wanted about his trolls to be different was they aren't butt ugly
>you claim that this means they can't be called trolls
>"why call them trolls if they aren't trolls, trolls have to be ugly"
>one type of troll from actual mythology is supposed to be incredibly attractive female that tries to seduce humans, the Hulder


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I don't really remember it because I ignored it so hard after initial review, but my problem was basically that it was not Loa connected enough, funnily. And how it associated the Raptor Loa that did the stuff with the emerald dream. Before Loa where more of their own distinct thing.

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The green dragonflight went to Sunken Temple so it seems they did cross over with the dream here and there.

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Fuck that sounds bad.
They fucked with the Zandalary trolls? They were one of my prefered parts of the lore.

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Danty trolls aren't trolls at all.

Norwegian trow is as good as it gets.

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Well the green flight doing stuff and moving places as a faction isn't the same as a Loa chumming with non-Troll druids and Ysera.

And the Sunken Temple was a place of Hakkar worship, who isn't a Loa (according to old lore which I prefer) but a Nether entity, possibly a Demon.

Hakkar not being a Loa further explained the opposition of the Zandalar to him better. And his corruption of Loa High Priests. But Blizzard then kind of forgot about that because hey, his model is a feathered snake, totally troll, therefore Loa.

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They're just Elves who live underground and are good inventors. Only Some have beards. They lack the most critical of Dwarfly traits: BEING SHORT.

And that's fine because it still makes sense.

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They havn't included more Zandalar, as far as I know. The new capital is echo isles.

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Find me a picture of a dwemer man without a beard.

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It makes sense,Eco islands were the part than the trolls got when conquering Durotar, they did go for a Jungle troll look at it at least or full orc horde?

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Zandalar's King Rhastakhan gave all his boats to an annoying priest called Zul (The guy's name was literally "The Great" as far as I can tell. Okay that translation of Zul' is headcanon but it fucking makes sense)

Then when the Cataclysm swamped most of the island (Or all of it they've left if vague) Zul had all the boats AND his prophesy of doom had come true so most of the Zandalar went to work for him, rounding up the various other tribal remnants for a few last ditch efforts at getting a successful homeland.

SO far I THINK the only NAMED Zandalari troll to go evil was Jin'Rokh the Breaker (The Dire4 troll who gave out the warrior and Heretic (Paladin) sets. He got this cool lightning and water themed powerset, got absolutely huge, high rez, and some rocky plates on his back like Warmahordes Dire Trolls.

It's jungle troll, it's not too big but it's pretty cool.

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It's jungle Troll, yes. And I was just criticizing how ugly and lazy it is build, just copy-pasted assets, mostly the straw huts and 4 towers from Zul'Aman that are useless and you can only fly on, because they have no stairs or a interior to speak of.

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You are talking MoP? I quit at the release of that.

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Which four towers?

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Very thin ornamental ones, green stone, quadratic base with bridges between them.

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these in the background


>> No.42985172

Yeah I found them, just slightly recolored for the tropics.

They seem more ornamental. Ah well, Wow is just like a miniaturized themepark of the whole world, it simply serves to inspire not to be everything.

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This thread is one of the better ones on /tg/ recently if only because it brought me to the person who drew this art.

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The gnomes are still shafted, and their reconstruction effort is equally lazy. I just hate when stuff is done halfassed. I would have preferred no new city to the shitty one.

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That's a Zandalari dire troll? Pretty meh, why all those osean growths fam? Whats the deal?

>> No.42985715


She does WoW troll art in a very unique style (without making them look like elves-with-tusks, which is endemic to tumblr WoW artists), and has pretty neat interpretations of Scandinavian trolls.

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He's amped up on Mogu juice and juju and is a raid boss, so of course he's all huge and deformed.

The Mogu are the BBEGs of Pandaria and are all about fleshcrafting and sorcery.

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I like how she made the male and female trolls look a lot more alike instead of the huge different you get in WoW. Also, wouldn't it be more fitting to say that WoW elves look more like tuskless trolls due to them just being a stable group of mutated trolls in the first place?

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It's amazing how badly WoW has fucked up Warcraft. Like not only did they deliver on the Lich King thing in an incredibly shitty way, it turns out nobody needed to be fucking worried about the Lich King because a couple of islands away there was this place with crazy Panda guys who could totally have kicked his ass at any time.

And now the next expansion is literally the endgame threat of the entire Warcraft universe. What will they top that with, in the next one?

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Well, those mogu sounds pretty good.
Looking at the Zandalar I like them, but I also i have some kinds of mixed feelings. The robes, the color and tallness are right, no hair and those bones growth not so much (did the mogu fuck with them or what?).
Also poor trolls got fucked hard in the lore, people go out of they way to destroy they cities for shit and giggles, theres even one big Troll city apart of Echo isles now?

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Also what happened with the Ice trolls? Are they all dead now? In the Dorf mountains too?

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It's what they get for listening to the fans who want to not move past the lore of the RTS games or have Azeroth expanded on storywise. Because so many people were pissed about Pandaland and the tumblr SJWs called it evil white imperialist cultural misappropriation, they've gone back to lining up old lore bosses for players to punch around because that's what makes them happy for 8 minutes before they start crying about a lack of content.

Nothing on Azeroth can ever change or grow, it just needs to have a weekly lockout timer that regularly drops gear with zany shoulders and purple names.

They fleshed out the Zandalari as the official troll progenitor species - all the other trolls in the world are the result of the basic design + environmental factors. They then went on to expand the lore and all that shit, only to have the trolls become one long running joke.

They've spent the last ... what? Three? expansions systematically murdering their own gods and culture with the "token troll dungeon".

>Classic had Hakkar and Zul'Gurub
>Wrath had the Drakkari sacrificing their own Loa to save themselves from the Scourge (didn't work - and the Zandalari showed up to basically take back the spirits of the murdered Loa and the remnants of Drakkari culture so it wouldn't be lost when they wiped themselves out)
>Cataclysm saw the loss of the Zandalar island because of flooding and earthquakes, so the trolls all got together in one big trollmoot (the Darkspear disinvited themselves because Vol'jin saw it was gonna be shit) and decide they need to summon Hakkar again to save themselves
>MoP brought to light that thousands and thousands of years ago before the Sundering, the Mogu and the Zandalari were allies, so the Zandalari offered to resurrect the terrible Mogu Emperor in return for safety from the aftermath of the Cataclysm

And they're probably gonna do something stupid in Legion.

>> No.42986487

The Frostmane are still holding on tenaciously in Dun Morogh, I think. The Winteraxe are basically gone save for one throwback mention in the Wrath version of Ring of Blood, and Wrath also introduced the Drakkari who were marooned on Northrend after the Sundering because they were so violent and degenerate that the fucking frost trolls kicked them out of Dun Morogh.

>> No.42986545

And I totally forgot about BC with Zul'Aman and the Forest Trolls basically doing the same thing the Drakkari and Gurubashi did - fuck over their Loa for power to save their hides.

The Gurubashi and Amani Loa actually got double-murdered by players because they re-purposed ZA and ZG into 5 man dungeons at the end of Cata.

>> No.42986556

Funny how they had the most advanced region in WoW, completely urbanized.

>> No.42986613

Fucking hell man, why the hate-boner with them? It could have been so cool to explore Zandalar or make something more with the rest of the trolls, heck some Ice or forest tribes going horde or something even, big as fuck Drakkari and bear riding Amani could be cool to see instead of more orcs...
Also why are they thinking killing the loas would be a good idea? It doesn't make sense.

>> No.42986669

>It doesn't make sense
That's basically it.

The writers' boners for orcs are too huge. And it's so weird because almost every single problem in the world is due to orcs, but anybody that tries to point this out is swiftly revealed to be insane or whatever the fuck.

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The Drakkari? Yeah they were the ones to get the first injection of non-jungle themed architecture. Lots of crazy step pyramids and canals and shit. It's a shame they're all zombies now. Bye byyyyyye.

Because Blizzard can't do anything serious with NPC trolls. The Darkspear got an injection of awesome lore and thematics with Cata/MoP/WoD, but the non-player tribes are basically reduced to mustache-twirling Snidely Whiplashes.

almost every single problem in the world is due to orcs

More like nelves. But the end of Cata and WoD felt like them basically trying to retell WC2 and 3 the way they would have liked to twenty years ago ... and for the players who literally weren't born in time to play the RTS.

WoD was the orc campaigns of WC3 with the serial numbers filed off. And it's a shame, because it could have been an awesome chance to set up orc culture beyond what we knew about, but right on the heels of

>a year of SoO

and Warchief Taterhead was just too much orc at once.

>> No.42986778

The Drakkari? Reading the wikki it said than they only had one big city, and even then it was as savage place etc.
It seem than now the Horde has Vol'Jin as big boss, it could be cool if he could unite the other trolls tribes into the horde... They are so abused poor things.
Also no mentions about the Dark Trolls.Were they a dream or what?

>> No.42986799

Who is the artist?

>> No.42986809

And the greatest thing about WoD was all the Draenei lore they should have fucking gotten in BC.

Everybody goes "hurrrr orc expansion and Horde bias", but the Alliance experience in WoD as far as setting and visuals was like 100 times better than the Horde.

The last known tribe of "dark" trolls (the ones from that Dancing Troll Village flyover setpeice in Ashenvale) were wiped out by the nelves because Garrosh conscripted them to fight for the Horde.

>> No.42986830

To be fair, they do actually seem to care about the Darkspear Tribe and Vol'Jin.
I mean, they made him the leader of the Horde and made him the votive for the 'Fuck the stupid Orcs' sentiment.
Granted, the Darkspear are pretty much always in opposition with all the other Trolls, so they still make sure the other Trolls are big dumb bad guys, but still, the Darkspear Tribe isn't totally shit on, and if you're considering a sort of 'playable' Troll, the Darkspear are pretty compelling.
You get the 'oldest best ancient civilization' angle combined with the 'exiled by our own people' angle and the 'freedom-fighting against the abusive leading race of our coalition' deal.

There almost like Menzoberranzan for WoW. But they look cool instead of like goth fags, and they have an actually interesting and cool culture instead of, again, goth faggotry.

>> No.42986877

The Winterax may still be around "Off Camera" the problem was that they were only in Alterac Valley rather than the overworld Alterac Mountains so when they were removed from the PvP zone they sorta stopped existing. I figure they're still there.

Winterax I could see going Horde.

And Zandalar may not be ENTIRELY gone, it may just have lost most of its agricultural productivity when the main valleys flooded. Say only deep enough that the tops of temple pyramids still stick out? Have a few loyalists making a living on the mountainsides.

Azjol Nerub was more urbanized.

>WoD was the orc campaigns of WC3 with the serial numbers filed off. And it's a shame, because it could have been an awesome chance to set up orc culture beyond what we knew about, but right on the heels of
We did get some interesting cultures, sadly most of them had been subsumed by the Iron Horde. I liked the Shadowmoon, Laughing Skull, and Thunderax tribes a lot.

Brann Bronzebeard theorized that the Twilight's Hammer and Ragnaros drove them underground and off mount Hyjal. They may have moved back down into Ashenvale in small numbers too. (In the short-lived WoW Magazine that died because it cost way too fucking much)

The Dancing Trolll Village were Shatterspear, they were Jungle Troll Refugees (Possibly granted the land by Dark Trolls) that were peaceful Till Garrosh recruited their most sadistic monsters and bootstrapped them to power.

Hell, Vol'Jin got a book by fuckin Stackpole that I still haven't read. Does he fuck a Selonia-- Er Botha--- Er Worgen?

>> No.42986889

I still don't like that they stopped the cannibalism.

>> No.42986957

Azjol Nerub was sadly mostly cut from the game.

Woot? Vol'jin fucks Worgen?

>> No.42986971

Yeah, the Darkspear got a lot of interesting stuff in the most recent expacs.

...minus the entirety of WoD when roleplayers were using the HORDE FOR THE ORCS OOH-RAH bullshit to stand around and call them the niggers of Azeroth, anyway. That was fun.

Ohhh that's right, they're Shatterspear. Either way they got wiped out and one of my favorite little "easter eggs" pre-flying Azeroth is gone.

The Laughing Skull and Shadowmoon were two of my favorites too. And if I wasn't utterly sick of WoD and the frozen shithole that is the Horde garrison I'd be finishing up the Laughing Skull grind for the mask.

>> No.42987076

The Nerubian thing was sad.
>Woot? Vol'jin fucks Worgen?
It's a joke about some of Stackpole's Star Wars works. His main POV Character fucked one of pic related till they learned they were allergic to each other.

Then in his Rogue Squadron comics I think ...Hobbie? Screws and incredibly poorly drawn bothan.

>> No.42987080

Having the Winterax in the horde could be cool, also most implicated Raventusk. In the Northernd expansion they did expand in Drakkari lore? Anything cool about them apart of murdering they loas for nothing?

>> No.42987154


What the community turns the lore, good or bad, into is often a whole other story...

The first rp server I played on treated voodoo the same as nether warlocks, even if they themselves where trolls.

>> No.42987451

Huh? What do you mean? The Drakkari did survive Wrath and the ones who followed Zul to Pandaria managed to re-claim either freedom for or control over their undead brethren in the Post-Arthas timeline.

Wait ALL Voodoo? Not just Voodoo Warlocks?

>> No.42987479

>not having a shit-ugly player race

>> No.42987742


All voodoo, if you did voodoo you were the dedicated bad guy. At least for the time I played there in WoW Vanilla.


Many players won't play a race that is shit ugly.
When I make races I try to have a base form that can be appealing or ugly depending on the individual.

>> No.42988100


I would say that trolls can be pretty or ugly, but most are average. As in the average is not shit ugly.

Though then again, I have playable angels and demons, so those can be the automatically pretty and ugly races, trolls can just be in the middle and badass stronk.

>> No.42988120

I like to imagine that the body growths were kinda a jab at Warmahordes for having civilized Trollkin and larger kin.

"If you can market an idea similar to ours we'll do it right back with the rocky growths!"

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