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Looking for cute and funny stuff, not so much the badass grimdark stuff

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How's this for cute and funny AND badass?

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Nice picture you got there. Especially like the size.

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your sarcasm is noted and being used constructively

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I chuckled.

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>ded gardsman still whole, head attached to body. no blood evident anywhere. apparently sleeping old man.

1/10 would not capture for chaos

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Noticed this comic had a few updates, thought it was pretty cute

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You're assuming Captain Khorne there did the killing, and isn't just stepping over the heart attack victim to get to the still gushing meatsacks.

On the topic, not really funny, kinda badass in a way I haven't seen 40k in awhile. Almost like it knows it's a parody of itself.

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my adoraboner is getting out of hand

I Can't Believe My Sororitas Is This Cute!

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>Dat Smiley face

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spacemarinebro is probably the best drinking buddy.

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name of the comic is Bolter to Kokoro by the way

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Thank you

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I'd probably be more into 40k if it were actually like this

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23/37. a bigger comic than i thought, but worth dumping if it made someone d'aww

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It did. Thanks for reminding me it exists

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Definitely my favourite depiction of orks.

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aaand that's it for now. In the grim darkness of 40k there is only tsun. We find the closest thing to dere we can, and we made do.

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This was adorable, thank you.

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i love these
are there more of these?

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Lutherniel on DA does this, if you didn't get your cute fill.

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Based Luth. I still need to commission him after being blessed with an art request done by him.

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So she killed him?

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Thanks, finding good stuff there.

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comic still being updated.

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Oh. Because all things considered, the only way it could end is badly. I've never heard of anyone living a happy life in 40k.

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It's a rock off then.

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Bah! I've heard enough empty boasting!

Come! Show me what passes for cute psykers amongst your misbegotten kind!

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you just can't see them smile because of the masks

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In the grim darkness of the far future there is only hugeness

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That Penitent Engine is the best part.

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Well, at least it's not a Cullexus lady...

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But you have to love a girl with a good head on her shoulders. Right?

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>space marine with a straw
my sides

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Sir, I thought the OP was looking for cute and funny stuff, not lewd.

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She IS cute.

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I'd just rather things be more on the funny and cute than lewd side. Otherwise people might get the wrong idea.

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>having so many fleshy bits left

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Feelz incoming!

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Fuck. I should rewatch that show.

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so much heresy here

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and that's all I have, surprisingly. I thought I had more.

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This is both cute and fucked up because it seems totally plausible in the Black City.

An Archon having his Haruspex make a whole petting zoo for his daughter from his prisoners.

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>later that day she was consumed by tyranids and turned into raw biomass

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Happy birthday cutie.

Even if it's the birthday of Lady Aghasta, your cover, and you had to assassinate everyone who came to the party.

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I thought it was a boy but otherwise yeah, I agree totally. I'd love for Dark Eldar to have an oddly human, family-loving side.

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Oh yeah, I forgot that Eldar men have top knots.

Works either way.

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Totally. It'd make me laugh if the male Dark Eldar were actually all about cute things as children, where the girls were always kind of haughty and rude, but not evil.

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Best I could find in a few minutes. Loving this thread, a little respite from grim darkness that 40k usually is. Also, my DH group in nutshell. Subtlety wasn't their strength.

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One personal favorite of mine, and then to sleep.

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Well, the old lady was lucky they did not send Perty's boys to do the job

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This is an edit, but I feel it still counts

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>please send porn

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I'm tired of 40k being grimdark as fuck so I welcome this thread

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Night Lords omnibus managed it, almost, only to better crush your soul in the epilogue.

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anyone knows what they're saying?

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>only 2 purity seals
yeah nah

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>Praise the Emperor before I fucking purge you

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Koutei heika banzai!
Koutei heika banzai!
Ko-koutei heika banzai!
*fidget fidget*
Koutei heika banzai!
Koutei heika banzai!

Chaplain(?) may I have a few words

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And yes, the repeated phrase, does mean praise the emperor

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The Emperor doesn't need purity seals. He's the fucking Emperor, you don't get more pure than that.

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Then why does he even have two to begin with?

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fashion statement

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Clearly Cain goes after only the finest female behinds. Seducing him like that won't work.

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I don't think getting seduced or not will change what fate has in store for his orifices there.

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To purify the seals.

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Love this comic strip, one of my favorite pieces of 40k fanart. These guys seem like total bros living the good life in the name of Big E.

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>Are you SURE we're not going to get into trouble for this?

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Thank you, I was missing that part.

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Technically relevant.

Space marine is best boy.

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Space Marines get all the bitches.

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What I really love about this comic is a really human (for lack of a better word) look at the eldar. Something about the exarch trying not to tell the eldar girl about what happened to her mom just gives me feels.

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I have a translated version, but I can't post it because we're at the image limit.

>Praise the Emperor!
>Praise the Emperor! You are not praising the Emperor hard enough!
>Praise the Emperor!
>We're praising the Emperor as hard as we can!
>No, Marine! YOU are not praising the Emperor hard enough!

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that's the beauty of 40k, anon! it's so big, you can make it whatever you like!

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That's what /tg/ just assumed. >>42956608 is the correct translation.

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I feel like this is parodying something

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fucken saved. Lotara confirmed best mortal in 30k

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What chapter is that Terminator from, BT?

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i'm assuming it's Deathwatch, since the others are grey knights and sisters, the militant chambers for the other two major inquisition ordos

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Where's his hat.

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Kaptain Krunch Khorne Flakes

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The beer is so tiny.

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Nice pic, but I don't get what you're quoting.

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