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>weird fleshy nightmares

Reminder that with Emapthic Environment and Universal Rector, you can spread a Warp presence on other worlds to let Fleshmetal infect things through.

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>Tried to be the best dog. Various issues expressed because I was trapped in a house
So... you get kicked out of Silent Hill because the entity(s) in charge get sick of you making the wrong kind of messes on their floors?

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Reminder that this is literally the worst idea ever.

>> No.42901622

Where my Norse jumpers at?

>> No.42901628

No, it's more like I was a dog with all the emotional problems I had as a human and nowhere to go but further into my own head. So, it's more like I'll be forced further into thinking about how I can't be a good person, much less dog.

Time as a puppy is not good for your sanity if you have a human mind, basically.

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I'm really fond of Norse mythology, I've picked Norse whenever it came up and the same with Runic magic.

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You should have become an Incubator.

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It's time to tango jumpers.

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The world they made in those myths is just fucking beautiful, even if it was partially made from a giant's corpse.

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Same, I've even gone so far as to use a hammer whenever I'm given the choice of an iconic melee weapon.

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Are True Lies roughly equal to False Truths?

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Child of Loki and favored of Odin reporting in. If creating a new programming language based on the original 18 runes is wrong, we don't want to be right.

That or he ends up running the place, and by the end of the 10 years he ends up in an advanced control room when suddenly James Sunderland shows up

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It was something like Jump 4, and I just figured life as a dog would be easy. Then I couldn't even get the simplest things right, and I couldn't apologize or really make it right. It was basically a long lesson in self-control and then suddenly losing self-control because there's a ball or maybe you just saw something run along the floor maybe?

Pretty much put me off from any BERSERKER type perks.

So, somehow I made Nintendogs into a guilt complex and pokemon into abandonment issues, but I also somehow turned Supernatural into a show about people learning to love each other and move on from their issues. I think my Benefactor must be very confused.

>> No.42901758

As a Child of Loki, it is my duty to keep things interesting, and the audience guessing!

Family reuinions are weird, tho'.
You don't know what it's like to have an eight legged horse as a half-brother.

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Even weirder when you realize your dad was the mother.

>> No.42901780

Just bring some sugar cubes.

>> No.42901789

why not carrots?

>> No.42901843

Because then you have to bring a stick, and we all know that's just rude.

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Captain Planet question, as it's past midnight and I'm being an idiot:

I took FIre as my Element, as a Planeteer. I'm trying to avoid replacing any of the existing Planeteers though, so what's a good alternative element to take via Multi-Talented that fits their 'element theme' but at the same time A) preserves the group dynamic, and B) meshes well with Fire?

Especially when purchasing Mastered Material Engineering and Pollution Palate?

>> No.42901926

Why not be Lightning or Sun?

>> No.42901927

Well that was fast.

>> No.42901962

>Drop-In, age 23
I've actually seen this movie a few times, and don't have much of an urge to fiddle with it outside of a few subtle adjustments to avoid property damage.
>2 Polyglotism
I'll go with Arabic and Hebrew, because their aren't very many jumps set in the Middle East.
>Care to Tango?
I can dance if I want to. I can leave my companions behind.
>Reckless, Wild Luck (-150)
Won't hurt, though as I try new things it actually gets worse with time.
>They were all bad (-300)
A better detect evil? Don't mind if I do.
>Hot if you want (-300)
Works wonderful with Natural Makei[ Artist from Career Model and it means I can stack beauty perks freely without it becoming a drawback. Very nice.
>Espresso Machine (-50)
If the espresso never gets cold, that means I can always be armed and full of caffeine. A wonderful combination.
>Velcro Wardrobe
Okay, why not?
>Sodium Amytal (-200)
Truth Serum? I suppose if I need them to confess to someone else, which I probably will.

So, I'm an over-caffienated, beautiful-when-I-want-to-be chippendales dancer that knows all your sins and criminal dealings. Thank you, RoboAnon.

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Drawback: Last Action Hero (1200)

Spy, Age 28

Polyglotismx2: Old Babylonian, Eskaleut (Free)
I Picked Them! (Free)
They Were All Bad (1050)
Reckless, Wild Luck (750)
Care to Tango? (650)
Hot If You Want (50)
Espresso Machine (0)
Tracking Device (Free)

Welp. There's definitely no need for the Anti-Spiral avatar this time round. And being an Atlantean god-king or Russian is out of the question too. Better manifest as something more comprehensible.

We...guess we're going to be like a mix of Q, Jimmy the Shoeshiner and Blofeld: An enigmatic sidekick who seemingly knows absolutely everything, can build eldritch gadgets with his eyes shut and may or may not be using Tasker as a pawn in a global conspiracy to seize control of the entire world by comprismising Omega Sector. All in the name of everlasting peace through a delicate series of checks and balances, of course. And fostering an empire in the shadows to bring less scrupulous elements under our domain.

Y'know what's even more awkward, though? Running into alternate versions of Odin and Loki over, and over, AND OVER again. Some of whom are cute girls.

Which is still less awkward than FF13 where alternate Odin was a horse-dude.

That was just.

Maximum overawkward.

>> No.42902023

... Okay, I can see Lightning working. Especially with the Lightning Generators I've been making from Girl Genius (yippee for them being autonomous too). But how the hell would one involve Sun in Mastered Material Engineering aside from solar power?

... How the fuck would Pollution Palate work for that too.

Hey, they're better suggestions than what I was thinking though. Thanks anon!

and I most assuredly do not want to consider how either would be aided by Elemental Pollution.

>> No.42902063

>Sun + Elemental Pollution

Aside from shit definitely getting brighter, no idea. Although the thought of a cloud of lightning spreading like wildfire is kind've hilarious.

>> No.42902272

So, uh, what's there to do in Star Trek, really - that is, if you don't plan on having any Federation ties?

>> No.42902327

If you feel like trawling through episodes there's quite a lot of backwater planets and shit to hang out on, many of which have their own gimmick of the week.

Find your very own green space babe. Arm wrestle a Klingon. Program your own holodeck. Bug the shit out of Q.

>> No.42902357

Use your perks from other jumps to go Just As Planned once a season and throw the Enterprise for a loop. Put Picard in a political no-win scenario. Steal Riker's clone and pod him. Introduce him to Tasha Yar's Romulan granddaughter. Hijinks WILL ensue.

>> No.42902451

Approximately how strong is a Fate servant with A-A+ Strength?

>> No.42902481

There's literally a measurement scale in the pdf man. This is the one jump you do not need to ask this.

>> No.42902496

Well don't I look silly, should probably do that first next time.

>> No.42902512

Taking another look at that-exactly what does an Anti-Planet Noble Phantasm even look like? How does it even work? Wouldn't the prana/mana/I can't into Nasu magic units expenditure kill you?

All I can imagine is an ancient hindu Death Star.

>> No.42902526

NPs are at most able to city bust, at least in Jumpchain.

>> No.42902533

...you're patently wrong. It literally says Anti-Planet, Anti-Country etc right there on the supplement. More to the point, I'm asking how such things even work.

>> No.42902564

This has to be a troll. A lazy one, to boot, if it can be disproved just by reading the text of the relevant document.

Become the greatest space pirate in the universe, of course!

Also, tribble underground fighting rings. You know you want to.

>> No.42902600

That's what Val herself has said in the past. Said that since the only two Anti-planet things are held by BB and Angra Mainyu they wouldn't be purchasable.

>> No.42902654

I don't think you understand how proof works. You can't just claim the creator said something that contradicts the very text of the document, provide nothing to back that up with and expect people to believe you. This is like me spontaneously claiming that no, you can't turn into a kaiju in PacRim on a gibbous moon.

More to the point, I mainly wanted to know how the NPs of this scale operate.

>> No.42902722

An A rank strength is 50 X as strong as strongest human or maximum human potential. Currently a quick search tells me the current record for lifting weight above your head is 580 pounds, so an A strength servant can lift 14.5 tons, A+ would double that making it 29 tons

>> No.42902742

He is technically correct, in a vague way that kind of mis-phrases what I've said. I've said in the past that EX rank has an upper limit of a nuke in terms of power (Something more like Little Boy rather then the Tsar Bomba too) since that's the max of them we've seen in series and I think that it's far too low a price to offer literal planet busters for as well. The only existing Anti-Planet Noble Phantasms to my knowledge are held by BB, who I had to outright ban everything she does because of how ridiculous it is and an awakened Angra Mainyu.

To answer your original question however, an Anti-Planet Noble Phantasm is simply a Noble Phantasm that targets an entire planet at once with whatever it's effect is. Pretty simple, most of the types just describe how many/what sort of target range it has.

>> No.42902788

That's fair enough.

I don't remember when an awakened Angra Mainyu appeared though, are you talking about Dark Sakura?

Forgive my lack of imagination but could you please explain some examples of what something that "targets the entire planet at once" would materialise as? Is this like the manipulation of global warming, the Gohma capstone in Asura's Wrath or something else?

Furthermore given the csale is it a prerequisite to purchase such things at EX rank or could you hypothetically have a D rank Anti-Planet Noble Phantasm?

>> No.42902824

Would that actually make Anti-Planet Noble Phantasms pretty weak, then, since they're applying their energy over a much larger area?

>> No.42902857

Another thing I can't conceptualise: Are there any meaningful differences in the damage output of an Anti-World, Anti-Country, Anti-City, Anti-Populace and Anti-Planet contract if their output is capped at a nuke?

Let's say I have an Anti-World NP at EX Rank called World Murder, which summons a fluffy pink elephant with a built-in jetpack called World Murder who goes into a bersek rage and starts savaging the world. Would it have any meaningful differences in damage output with an Anti-Country NP called Country Murder that also summons a fluffy pink elephant only it targets the country instead of the Nasu concept of a world, or an Anti-Planet NP called Planet Murder which summons a fluffy pink elephant that attempts to attack the entire planet?

>> No.42902887

Angra Mainyu CCC is the Noble Phantasm of the Demon Kiara Sessyoin. Cursed Cutting Crater is BB's Noble Phantasm.

The given examples of an Anti Planet NPs basically read as (And these are really fucking confusing by the way, Nasu goes all out on these) that they can basically do whatever they want with any sentient being or warp reality. http://typemoon.wikia.com/wiki/Angra_Mainyu/CCC and http://typemoon.wikia.com/wiki/Cursed_Cutting_Crater are the pages if you want. Keep in mind these are the two potentially most broken beings in all of Fate and potentially all of Type Moon, as their other powers include Auto Winning, Complete Invulnerability or Infinite EXP. Not even kidding here, so these two are really not great examples.

It is certainly possible to buy Anti-Planet NP, My personal view of them is that anything below EX rank is simply not going to have enough power to do anything noticeable and even then your looking at some minor-mid strength effects at max.

I personally agree as said above, but this is just my opinion.

Type doesn't really seem to affect damage output no. Just rank is what seems to effect that. Hell, there doesn't honestly seem to be much of a difference between Anti-Army and Anti-Fortress, since they both often have the same size and number of targets.

>> No.42902917

I see, thanks for the clarifications.

It sounds like my options for an EX Anti-Planet boil down to either a poor man's Marble Phantasm that is basically a Servant-strength version of airbending without any hope of the more ridiculous things 30% or above Arc can do, or becoming Captain Planet.


...alternatively, I kind of want to do my own fluffy pink elephant idea just to confuse everyone involved.

>> No.42903398

Why does Care to Tango take a few months to learn a single dance, when I Picked Them gives immediate combat training? I mean, depending on how much time you dedicate to learning it a few months seems rather normal. And yes, I saw the attention grabber part, was that meant to be the primary part of the perk?

Huh, I kept this open so I could add any other critique and yet... I don't have any. That's the only bit of the jump I have anything to say about, other than "Good jump!".

>> No.42903416

Now these fifteen years in a van, do they have to be continuous or can you put in eight hours Of work a day For 16425 Days Or something?

>> No.42903440

What are some of the most magic elements or materials in jc? So far I have uru, octiron, wood from my divine ambrosia trees, and sapient pearwood. I want to make a jumper version of the wand of orcus, or just a really badass staff.

>> No.42903464

The latter.

The drawback is built so that in theory, one could stay in that world for a limitless amount of days.

>> No.42903477

You are vastly Underestimating the recklessness with which I drive and the manners And Degree to which I can upgrade a van. Time to Reinvent docwagon.

>> No.42903504

Sorry bub. But the drawback stipulates that it's going to be repetitively boring and keep you out of any action.

>> No.42903569

Orichalcum in Shadowrun.
There a couple of perks to let you make physical things using souls, those are generally pretty magical.
Ensoul from Card Captor Sakura is stupid useful for that sort of thing.
Also just body parts of any powerful supernatural creature.

Other than that there's nothing I can think of off the top of my head that would work across the board, a lot of the time it depends on the magic your using to make the thing.

>> No.42903608

So just go jump 8Bit and you can get right on turning that into stuff.

>> No.42903631

I can't think of that many, though lyrium from dragon age comes to mind.
Elder scrolls has a few particularly magical materials, it seems like there are also unique magical materials found in each of the Daedric Realms. Though I would suggest likely just going for ebony, but there might be some interesting metaphysical implications of an item made of unique materials from each of the Daedric realms, and something from each of the Aedra.
Crystallized Aer from Tales of Vesperia is pretty high up there. It's required for the core's of all blastia, and is the basis for almost all magic in setting. Though as for making a wand, it may be a better idea to just apply the Rizomata Formula to the thing, as it's the grand unified theory of magic in the Tales of Vesperia setting. Strangely though of the three items in the game that have the Rizomata Formula, only one of them seems to even have any crystallized Aer.

>> No.42903744

Souls. See Blazblue, Devil May Cry, Bayonetta, Dark Souls and Demons' Souls for excellant opportunities to make the most out of human resources. And some superhuman, inhuman and subhuman resources.

Songstone, while not strictly speaking magic in the context of its own setting, is pretty much indistinguishable.

Lyrium-now in original flavour green and corruptive red versions thanks to Inquisition.

The Great Crystal from Crystal Chronicles, if you ever need to jerryrig a device to jettison negative human emotions into deep space. Just make sure you have a way to keep them from combining! You may also be interested in myrrh, which apparently boosts the crystals.

Thanks to Spyro, you yourself can become a magical resource with the right body perks.

Dust from RWBY has a variety of applications, not all of which are fully understood. Mainly the blasty smashy kind of magic though.

The Gulug Stone from FF9 takes this quite literally, with its primary effect being to store, release and deposit the ability to use magic in those nearby.

Mistborn has a variety of enchanted metals that are the basis of the local magic system, including one or two that are basically a god's remains.

FF14 is a goldmine for these though: Apart from the various Materias, there's Alexandrite for spiritual interference, Zodium for reinforcement of other materials and probably others we've overlooked.

>> No.42903905

Forge of Souls in God of War.

Allows you to turn souls into metal, and with lots of practice, other spiritual energies and metals into metal.

>> No.42904009

>Takes Low Battery
>"Wait a minute, I run on electricity!"
>Cyborg jumper experiences frequent systems failure for ten years

>> No.42904581

The hell does "With TUNED: Panzerkunst or Maschien Faust are free if you meet the prerequisites." mean in the GUNNM jump?

>> No.42904876

Exactly what it says, you get those free as long as you meet the prerequisites.

>> No.42904902

Oh wait, yeah I'm seeing where I read that wrong.

>> No.42904913

Fuck, I could be wrong, but from where it is it looks like its a synergy between Berserker and TUNED.

>> No.42905270

Just started on the Vampire the Requiem jump, what's up with he clans? It's got the 1ed (Masquerade) clan descriptions instead of the 2ed (Requiem) descriptions.

Also all the no vitae needed powers now requiring vitae.

Has Manyfist answered these questions already? Can someone point me to the answers?

>> No.42905297

Where can I get some good sixth sense/Esp type perks?

>> No.42905408

"They Were All Bad" might be one of the best perks I've ever picked up. No more worrying about whether I've showed mercy to the wrong person or not; no more worrying about whether that bad guy I killed could have changed if I spared him like he asked. Seriously, up until this Jump I'd say you couldn't buy that piece of mind - but it looks like you can.

>> No.42905431


>> No.42905448

It's... True Lies. The Jump I linked. It's right fucking there.

>> No.42905478

The Force. Just jump KOTOR and you get it for free.

>> No.42905618

NTR the Enterprise.

Speaking figuratively here, not literally. Just show up and save the day right in front of them right before they're about to do it. Do that for a good decade for chuckles, and be kind of obnoxious about it.

>> No.42905795

Holy shit you are fucking dumb

>> No.42905832

Railgun has relatively high powered ones.

>> No.42905840

>Join the Klingons and destroy the Federation.
>Join the Romulans and destroy the Federation.
>Become an interstellar mercenary.
>Explore the galaxy.
>Study some of the crazy super-tech that exists in the setting.
>Relax on earth.
>Start your own faction.
>Uplift random planets.

There's tons of stuff to do in Star Trek.

>> No.42905890

Which Series? Because both specifically have a background for if you want to fuck off and ignore the Federation.

>> No.42906037

>Study some of the crazy super-tech

This. So much this. Hell not even all of it. I just want the damn holodeck and replicator.

I'm going to combine the two and have a holographic restaurant where I can change the theme on a whim and make whatever I need.

Where did I put that pepper? Ah, fuck it. Computer! I need pepper! Thank you, Computer!

>> No.42906234

For companion brute hybrids in the Killing Bites jump, it says they the animal and combat focus is up to us. Am i to understand that as those are free? Or at least if i buy the Phylum Upgrade or Otherworldly Genes for one that it's free for any others i might have?

>> No.42906925

>"I'm sorry, but the Federation's Prime Directive explicitly forbids us from. . ."
"Yeah, but my Prime Directive is FUN! And you know what sounds like fun? Giving you primitive screwheads all. The. Tech. You. Want!"
>"They are not . . . primitive screwheads."
>"Actually, if it saves our planet and cures the plague we messaged you about we're okay with being called primitive screwheads."
"Woo! Suck it, English. Now, who wants a side of transhumanism along with their panacea and world rejuvination?"

>> No.42907389

>that touhou jump secret requirement
Is that even possible? Hell couldn't you just wait till mokou and kaguya off each other and then eat their liver if you wanted the hourai elixer that badly?
And is there something on par with the hourai elixer in any other jump?

>> No.42907401

jumper match
age 22
computer wizard
boot camp
shoot stright
bug sweeping
fake papers
random gun cache
pistols, rifles and shotguns
special vehicle
alpha protocol

>> No.42907414

>Is that even possible?
Technically no, but fucking hell I've seen so many genuine tries it's almost heartbreaking.

>Eat their liver
Don't know if that'd work, and you'd have other vultures on hand as well.

>Something on par with Hourai
Not that I'm aware of.

>> No.42907436

Who the fuck wants the hourai elixer? I just want the ability to destroy all barriers.

>> No.42907456

It'd be useful for surviving the annihilation of the universe apparently.

>> No.42907464

I could just jump to another setting if I did that, post-spark.

>> No.42907487

>The barrier power

How the hell MoeAnon got convinced to make that a reward instead of offering it for CP I will never bloody know.

>> No.42907498

Because it was considered too strong even for Touhou.

>> No.42907519

We're talking about the guy who claimed Blacklight would, at a certain point, become strong enough to allow you to eat Azathoth.

I don't think that factored in.

>> No.42907541

Where did he go? Wasn't he working on MuvLuv at one point; what happened with that?

>> No.42907566

There's a balance of "Getting yelled at." and "Getting vocal support.", and offering the power to break down any sort of barrier, even conceptual ones, would probably tip that balance much to far towards "Getting yelled at." to make it through.

>> No.42907570

As I recall, prior to actually adding it someone caught him discussing the jump's on Spacebattles where he apparently was intending to add in the Hourai as a CP purchase and called him out on it in thread. Following this he apologised for discussing it off-site and claimed he was going to throw it in as a post-spark reward all along.

Make of that what you will. I ain't here to pass judgment. I'd dig through the archives to find the quote but these days the search function keeps disappearing.

>> No.42907580


Doesn't the hourai elixir make the drinker completely immune that anything that might modify their body and soul from the time it was taken?

If so that seems like a trap option. For example imagine being a cyborg and wanting to upgrade yourself do to finding better tech, only for the changes to keep reversing every time you try.

>> No.42907588

Dropped off the grid, it seems. A while back he showed up, claimed to still be working on it, and then disappeared again. Life probably got in the way I myself had to skive out on /jc/ for more than a week due to IRL things.

>> No.42907620

Pretty good. I love it!

Drop In

Polyglotism - Arabic and Chinese: Well, what are the most important languages in the world?
Care to Tango?: Thank you kindly.
I Picked Them (100): Hm, should I shunt this jump to the start of the chain...?
They Were All Bad (300): Delightful. You could say I collect perks like this.
Hot If You Want (300): Obligatory charisma perk. Shaddup.
Twenty Times a Day (600): Nifty. Sure.

Espresso Machine (50): Oh. Ye...
Snow Cone Maker (50): Gads. You know not what you give me. Infinite food, that ALSO breaks physics? Mwahahaha!
Sodium Amytal (200): Telepathy just doesn't quite have the same effect as making the person say the truth out loud sometimes. The fact that it seems to work by the jumpchan fiat, thus working on anyone, is also quite a feature.

My Horse Is Tired (100): Running is awesome, don't you know?
Last Action Hero (200): Spy movies plot armor is overrated.
In the Van for 15 Years (300): Let me just tell you about my romp through the InfiniCon...

Quite a conundrum - the perks are somewhat low tier, and yet the van drawback gets me more payoff mid-chain... Thank you for this one.

Liver would work, but you'd have to enlist Eirin's help to have any hope of avoiding the problem >>42907580 posits.

>> No.42907643

He was working on Muv-Luv, which is sitting at... 90% completion I think?

No idea where he went, but I know he dropped a few jumps (one of which got picked up by dirge_, think it was that hypertech future thing with an empty room the size of Saturn).

... I must've been away for that, holy shit what all happened?

>> No.42907664

>90% completion

So... in before someone pulls an SRW and finishes it only for the jump-maker to return and go 'dafuq happened'?

>> No.42907670

>Guys we're not having any drama! How can I shit up the thread!?
>I know! Let's bitch about past drama! That'll help me vent my unending butthurt and self-loathing on others!

>> No.42907694

Hopefully not.

That mess was a headache.

>I'm going to bitch about people's bitching instead of offering any topic to drag the salt train off it's tracks!
>This will surely help and make me look like a paragon of posting!

>> No.42907717

Not sure what to say beyond that. It was, I believe, last year in autumn if I remember correctly. A lot's happened since then.

Calm your tits, anon just asked a question. We're all chilled here.

R-right guys?


Calm down too.

>> No.42907744

Dude, there's... no salt, at all.

Aside from the one anon earlier bringing up a little bit of salt in that MoeAnon DID go behind everyone's backs and take stuff to SpaceBattles for finalizing.

And then another guy who we seem to ALWAYS get who brings up Tera's old shit.

So you? Take the stick out of your ass and stop seeing only what you want to see.

>> No.42907748

Question about Dark Souls, what would happen if I were to light the First Flame with fire drawn from the Pyre of the Seraphic in Age of Ice?

For that matter, what would be the best kind of magic fire to relight it with?

>inb4 fiendfyre

>> No.42907766

The First Flame burns souls. Unless the Pyre has souls you're not propping it up.

>> No.42907774

>lighting the First Flame

I believe it requires a live sacrifice due to burning souls, anon. Hence why Gwyn offered himself as the fuel, and why the option for end-game is the Chosen Undead either going into the flames or not.

(Or if one mods the game, Solaire igniting it.)

>> No.42907782

Right. I'm just gonna kinda rerail shit back on track and give one final question, since it's the last thing I need to do (RE is 95% done, I'm just looking for last minute stuff to throw in).

Is there anything you all would want to see for customizing viruses or parasites? Yes you can import them. Yes you can mix them.

>> No.42907819

The sci-fi setting in question which was dropped was this. I've mildly figured out a solution with regards to the "perk vagueness" issue which largely revolves around making a "jump summary" in the notes with a boiled down version of each perk (no fluff, only effects) which I'm trialing with some of the WIPs in progress. Blame! hasn't been subjected to this process yet.

Hence, yes, Blame! is largely in WIP and is pretty barebones as it stands.

>> No.42907835

>animal and combat focus is up to us. Am i to understand that as those are free?

>if i buy the Phylum Upgrade or Otherworldly Genes for one that it's free for any others i might have?
Not sure about this one, but I think phylum upgrades and Otherworld genes have to be purchased for each companion separately.

>> No.42907872

Mutation rates maybe? I want my virus to do what it's meant to and not have everything go all Birkin on me.

>> No.42907873

What's a quick list of stuff you already HAVE in the Customization Table?

That way I know I'm not retreading ground you've covered already.

>> No.42907883

Ohhhh shit. I knew I forgot something. The Pyre does turn things into fire elementals for what that's worth?

Alright-ideas for kindling anyone?

Macroscale viruses please! Or mammalian parasites. Either work. I need them...for reasons.

Keep on truckin', Dirge. I wanna get all up in that bleak cavalcade of bleakness and biomechanical things.

>> No.42907894

Ooh, you've started in on the scenarios. Nice, I always like seeing what you come up with for those.

>> No.42907919

I've been sitting here trying to think why modifying yourself post hourai elixir would or wouldn't work and I've come to the conclusion there isn't any real solid answer. I mean everything says the soul is made invincible via being completely separated from reality - yet if they are separate from reality they shouldn't be able to exist in it yet they do so really it's a paradox.

>> No.42907958

>mfw this was supposed to be a short jump
>mfw like the cataclysm of science that engulfed the solar system, it's getting bigger and bigger
>mfw it isn't even finished growing
>MFW its girth

my body is ready

>I've come to the conclusion there isn't any real solid answer

Magic in a nutshell, folks.

>> No.42907973

Adding on to what these two have said:

Option for it to have a different effect based on the organism it infects (e.g. it affects humans differently than birds, etc.)
Capable of surviving extreme conditions
Mutation Rate - as one anon said
Option to have it preserve intellect and sanity instead of destroying it?
Ability to divide it into two strains, a la Plagas and it's Subservient / Dominant strains?

Posting more when I can.


>> No.42907978

How powerful would Gram from Magicka be against other dragons? I mean, in a world where dealing over 9000 damage is an achievement, the thing deals 18 million by stabbing a dragon in the ankle.

>> No.42907996

How about shortening incubation time? For example, I personally plan to purchase the t-Veronica virus, and while it's amazing, it takes 15 years of cryogenic sleep to properly incubate and leave the infected as the same sapient individual they were beforehand. So being able to take my t-Veronica and speed that time up, so that proper cryogenic growth could occur in ten, or five, or less, years would make it a much more viable virus,.

>> No.42907999

...I'm very hesitant, but alright. Here's the WIP of the customization table thus far: http://pastebin.com/2FFPqx5m

Keep in note, I will likely have a 'Setback' section as well that people can take to complicate their mutagenic stuff for additional CP... but I'm thinking due to how ingrained some of these negative effects ARE in some of the mutagens, that you might need to pay to remove them. That's why for now it's a 1000 'Gene Point' budget.

Take a look, tear through it, etc.

>> No.42908016


>> No.42908049

I would like a joke perk to make it so that the plague is guaranteed to infect Madagascar no matter what. Madagascar is the natural enemy of the pandemic.

>> No.42908093


Greenland is the scourge of the new game. Cold bastards.

>> No.42908098

I suspect it would depend on how similar said dragons are to Fafnir i.e. glorified firebreathing lizards

So-Smaug, most of the DnD ones, the DS Stone Dragons or Eragon dragons? Go nuts. Elder Scrolls or Dragons' Dogma? Shit's iffy because dragons aren't all firebreathing lizards but it'd probably still hurt lots. A chinese Lung/Long or Ferrovax? It's just a regular old sword.

>> No.42908106

>Mental Clarity being 100 GP

I... I dunno. Crucify me later but something that huge in this world where all the viruses and parasites seem to induce insanity / bestial tendencies / bloodthirst? That seems like something you'd pay huge GP amounts for.

>> No.42908138

I would like a 0 cp drawback that makes Madagascar completely immune to infection no matter what. The ports shall never be open.

>> No.42908144

Oh no, no. I wasn't suggesting mental clarity at all.

I was suggesting a type of virus or parasite where each individual virus/parasite is the size of a puppy.

>> No.42908156


Yeah, that was the goal of some of these projects too, and they faaaaaaaailed. Badly. A price bump on that seems reasonable.

>> No.42908164

I... actually.
Mis-quoted there. My sincere apologies.

>> No.42908189

Just to note, t-Veronica managed to succeed whereas most failed.

Though worth noting, Plagas doesn't have the brain damage effect as bad (peasants are stupider but still sapient at infection), or not at all (control Plagas don't reduce intelligence whatsoever), so parasites have better track records with that.

>> No.42908195

Nothing said on it so I'd consider it to be the equivalent in any other world. Something that dragons do not want to fuck with period. Sufficiently lolwut dragons like fall from heaven's ice god avatar might not go down in one hit but it won't be something they can just shrug off.

>> No.42908205

Also, there's the Tyrant Parasite that explicitly boosts the intelligence of virus infected. So again, parasites.

>> No.42908307

Unbelievably heartening.

Just one question - it seems that at some point in the scenario, we are barred from our powers and possibly a warehouse. Could you elaborate as to whether it truly happens and if so, when?

>> No.42908457


It happened in Biomega where you couldn't just toss Yion Green into the warehouse to stop her temporal warp. (This scenario in progress works on the premise that she completed her time/space jump)

Here I need to check, but I don't think it'll happen. The time flow in the scenario is a bit wonky (Some of the flavor text near the end reflects this) but generally there's nowhere that severely limits your abilities. There's a part that will affect Safeguards with TOHA Heavy Industries (but that's what canonically happens in story anyways).

>> No.42908491

>requested price bump
...I... really? Huh? I was trying to give a somewhat lower price so people didn't complain too much about how EVERYTHING EVER is expensive as fuck. But I mean... you sure? What would be a good price for that? I also wanted to make sure parasites didn't get the better end of the deal and make people mad.

>> No.42908539

Eh, I didn't speak out beacuse I'm not as familiar with RE as some. Didn't feel it's my place to make a call. But I guess 300 CP sounds fair; sounds like a solidly mid-tier advantage but not an ace in the hole like the 600s series often is.

>> No.42908551

>Veronica isn't listed in preserving mental clarity
Requires special procedures, but c'mon, it can.

>> No.42908556

The thing is, the top-tier abilities I'm ranging at 300 gene points. So you would rate it as top-tier then?

>> No.42908596

Jumpers why aren't you unleashing your inner snoop and not smoking weed everyday? or at least enough to make clouds?

>> No.42908600


Shit. See, this is why I don't contribute to jumps I know jack shit about.

Okay, I changed my mind. 200 GP.

On the one hand, I dimly recall the final boss zombies were often the sapient ones like Wesker. On the other hand, tentacle hand-mouths are badassier in every way.

...fuck, I don't know what I'm doing. I'll just go away now and let y'all make up your minds

>> No.42908618

That's because I'm not using special cases. Otherwise everything ever on this list would be fucking borked and there's no way I could balance it. So it's priced by how it affects your average person.

'Mental Clarity' and 'Themed Mutations'/'Adonis', however, would get rid of the incubation time required. You could literally be like Alexia right out of the gate.

>> No.42908645

Sapient bosses? Wesker had Progenitor, Saddler had Control Plagas (parasite), Alexia had t-Veronica with special incubation. She-Wesker had Ouroborus/t-Phobos combined and was going insane. Nemesis had the Tyrant Parasite giving it back its intelligence after the t-virus took it. I think everyone else that was a final boss was non-sapient.

>> No.42908674

How do I make my own Lisa Trevor?

>> No.42908708

So if you took the Biomega scenario first, is this your Yion or an alternate timeline's version? It's a little unclear. Niardi apparently doesn't remember you, but then again she's a posthuman brain-hive and that could easily be explained as the version of her in the Jupiter Room budding off from the Biomega version before you encountered her.

>> No.42908718

By going to another jump and using that stuff.

>> No.42908796

Are you going to offer the progenitor flowers with special soil so they contain the virus? Seems like a good expensive item.

>> No.42908854

You got a full blown Progenitor sample. I'm certain you'll be fine with that.

>> No.42908857

have u ever entered a jump purely to dick around with everyone, not maliciously dick around but more like act really fucking weird and befuddle people a lot and destroy your enemies by being fucking weird

>> No.42908912

Are there any perks that let's you transfer someone soul from one body to other? And are there perks that let you do experiments on souls?

>> No.42908996

There's an item in Buffy.

>> No.42909000

Well, a small part of my reason for doing the gurren lagann jump was to fuck with the expectations humans of the setting had for beastmen. Does that count?

>> No.42909068

Question about the purchasable AI-can you buy two of them, so's you can have a White Queen as well as a Red Queen? I ask because the Red Queen is kind of a homicidal bitch.

>> No.42909089

Tales of Symphonia, Throne of the Soul.

Actually, since you're just moving the soul instead of making a new body for it, Indescribable Thing will probably cover it.

>> No.42909134

Most of the traits just seem kind of underwhelming. Lacking actual physical descriptions of what the infectees will turn out like makes it feel like the virus does a lot less than it actually does. I'm guessing it'll be fluff for when it's done or we're expected to fanwank our own super unique and special monsters.

Also: Will we be able to use Combination Station to fuse additional viruses gotten through Double Is Deuce?

>> No.42909140

It's the Video Game version, so it's not a homicidal maniac. It may snark at you, though.

>> No.42909174

Yes, I'm going to be adding a LOT of fluff. This is literally bare bones here, I can always fluff shit up on my own. Options of what people want, though? I gotta ask you guys.

Also, yes. That was literally the intent.

>> No.42909246


Then...if you get two, can one of them be the helpful but socially awkward AI who does her best and the other be the sarcastic asshole? Because I kinda want to have two Queens just to watch them bicker over science.

>> No.42909268

>Silent Hill song lyrics

Dirge, I just want you to know

You mah nigga, now and forever. Though I'm also wondering about >>42908708

>> No.42909402

...you know what. Sure. Why the fuck not.

>> No.42909409

i want to pick a super serious setting where i can do this and get away with it. im thinking of going to cartoon settings to get weird shit. like spongebob.

>> No.42909459

what's a good jump to raise a kid in, because i want to raise children for the jump. I'm thinking Winnie the Pooh. I'm going to teach my kid magic and Hamon too, so keep this in mind as well.

>> No.42909466

Black Bullet.

>> No.42909551

listen here wiseguy

>> No.42909569

Getting away with it is the hard part I imagine.

>> No.42909572


>> No.42909588



There's nothing I'd really want that isn't just the gimmick of a specific monster.

Bandersnatch's stretchy arm, Monster Plant's monster vines, Iluzija's dumb camouflage thing, Ultimate Abyss' spoopy illusionary fog.

As much as I'd like to build my own super-powered clusterfuck, the virus is supposed to make something that isn't a one-off special snowflake.

Oh yeah. The goddamn leeches from RE0 and...ugh. Thinking about the game is painful, but the t+G-Virus. I'd like those to be on the list of purchasable viruses.

>> No.42909600

I'd say maybe pokemon depending on your interpretation of it... if it wasn't for first jump only restriction.

>> No.42909668

well, the thing is I want to have a setting where it would be easy to raise a kid in, but not really soft like a sugarbowl setting. Something with a decent amount of conflict, but nothing too harsh or serious.

I don't want to make the kid soft, per se. Being soft in a jump can have extremely dangerous consequences obiviously. Also, I have The Arrowhead, so I can give my kid a stand too.

>> No.42909728

You know what? I'm gonna go through stuff, try to add as much as I can. Because I'm gonna pad this shit out like crazy, and those are all good ideas.

>As much as I'd like to build my own super-powered clusterfuck, the virus is supposed to make something that isn't a one-off special snowflake.
You gave me an idea on something. Hopefully it pans out well.

>> No.42909857

Your call on whether the two are AU, the same, or if Niardi is even real or a construct of the crazed Yion. Go with whatever fits your narrative best.

>> No.42909895

I think I accidentally the whole world with nanotech. How can I rebuild all of one piece in 3 years?

>> No.42909943

Cool. I can finally rescue Yion, that will be nice. Sorry it took so long, kid.

>> No.42909948

You monster.

>> No.42909974

I put the fires out!

>> No.42909981

1. Go back in time via Gargoyles.
2. Record the world as it is with the Bastion tech.
3. Do the thing.
4. ????

>> No.42910006

Well I guess you didn't leave everything in
one piece

>> No.42910020

If I go human in zim do I get an arm control nerve in my belly? Opposite if I go irkin do I get the ability to manipulate other peoples arm control nerves from inside their bodies!?

>> No.42910031

Did you make a system restore point or take a snapshot of it before everything went to hell?

If you didn't, tough luck. Hope you like space pirates.

I distinctly recall someone working on Metroid for a long-ass time. Was there, or am I hallucinating due to my desperate craving for TUBEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES.

>> No.42910036

put the nanotech in reverse

>> No.42910044

Never heard of Metroid being worked on, anon. It was the voices in your head

>> No.42910052

Someone is but they're super busy with RL stuff from what I remember

>> No.42910059

I had a painting made, but I drew mustaches and manly beards on everyone in the picture. And it was just a picture of a boat. Most of the pirates on it were women.

>> No.42910071

That actually is a good point. What kind of engineer makes nanomachines without reversible computing?

>> No.42910108

To be frank, I've never heard of any nanotech with that capability on a global scale. It's all or nothing, grey goo or being limited to reproducing limited scale objects.

>> No.42910128

How do you think I arrived at this point. You forget to put in a reverse code one time!

>> No.42910152

How about some kind of biological data relay system? Not a full on hivemind but something that reports back on what an infected subject is undergoing.

Gathering delicious combat data would be much much easier then.

>> No.42910166

You fucked up, anon.

Live with your mistake.

>> No.42910174

Or you could you know use the Earth sized mass of nanomachines to build another world with the same layout as Earth. and if it is a strictly mechanistic universe . You can even have them arranged the molecules of the elements that make people back into people. That's why I am very Very careful with my with nanomachines.
Realistically, the only problem is the amount of computing power necessary to govern a planet sized mass of nanomachines, little blobs that only know how to turn carbon into more little blogs are much less processing intensive.

>> No.42910202

Replace girl with world and you have my reaction

>> No.42910242

-Connection Chip (100CP): Not everyone wants to deal with nasty parasites in order to control their weapons of mass biological destruction. Sometimes they want a more... stable solution. This computer chip can be planted in a B.O.W.'s brain, and as a result linked up to a computer through which to control your minions as needed. Or even just to gather combat data. Just beware they don't mutate to the point where it breaks the chip.
I'm already ahead of you, anon.

>> No.42910247

Shit, I think your only hope at this point is to do things the American way: Keep doing the wrong thing until it becomes the right thing.

Until at last, long after you Spark the whole thing reforms into Blame! jump


You are vastly underestimating the computing power you'd need. Especially if the destroyed setting had magic, souls or other things that can't be replicated with deterministic variables in it.

>> No.42910257 [SPOILER] 

Revel in the slaughter.

>> No.42910280

Not exactly what I was hoping for but fuck me I'll take it.

One step closer to my vile plans.

>> No.42910282 [SPOILER] 

Embrace the new flesh, anon.

>> No.42910366

So what ya guys did for Madoka jumpchain?

>> No.42910386

Killed all the younglings. It was the only way.

>> No.42910413

From your point of view, were the younglings evil? Did they underestimate your power?

>> No.42910437

I plan on using resident evil to engineer a virus that will make all the kyubei aliens to feel love and sadness. Only love and sadness. They love the little magical girls and feel SAAAAAD when they do anything to cause them harm in any way.

>> No.42910447

Sadly for him, they had the high ground.

>> No.42910478

No because I got to the strongest two first. Was easy after that.

>> No.42910487

And now the universe dies. Yay?

>> No.42910517

Not really, now they have to get off their asses and find a real way of stopping it. They didnt seem to upset with anything when someone popped as a witch and destroyed the world in the first place.

>> No.42910540

They're not maintaining the universe's life. They're extending, as they believe themselves great enough to survive long enough to see it fade.

The same will happen to nearly every other world you visit.

Unless you yourself shatter entropy as they've done.

>> No.42910548

What if there is no other way than harvesting little girls' emotions? You probably didn't even bother thinking about that before you decided a few children matter more than the entire universe.

>> No.42910571

I was mostly askig about what origins and such you chosen

>> No.42910582

That's essentially what reversible computing is, bancho. Most computing systems scramble over data when it's done being used, effectively destroying it. Reversible computing instead "uncomputes" the data, restoring it to its original state before the program was executed by running in reverse. Makes for much more energy-efficient computers. With nanites that would mean that they'd be able to extrapolate back from the deconstructed state back to the original. Of course, entropy would mean that errors would creep in here and there when you're working with such a large system, so it probably won't be a perfect reversal. But it would be better than leaving it with just a big pile of grey goo.

>> No.42910595

Bravely Default. All the villains have tragically poor communication skills. The plot could be stopped in its tracks by a 15 minute conversation. I had no plans on making it better.

Slice of life?

>> No.42910600

> Kyubey now feels despair
> Start contracts among themselves
> Goal is to make Kyubeys sad so they can turn into witches which creates emotional energy to prevent heat death
> Little girls are recruited both to trigger the despair by being mean to them and to help kill kyubeys so the the kyubey's energy can be harvested

>> No.42910634

They didnt stop madoka from destroying earth so why does it matter anyway, they wanted it to happen.

>> No.42910653

>Earth is destroyed so why does it matter?
>Who cares about the rest of the universe?

>> No.42910655

how the fuck did you accomplish that.

>> No.42910671

Uncontrolled self-replicating nanomachines - a classic Grey Goo scenario.

>> No.42910683

Build nanobots, rolled d 1000 for how well it goes, rolled 6. Decided I forgot an off switch.

>> No.42910708

They elected not to expend the resources needed to defeat Badoka.

They still have several other planets and civilizations to acquire energy from.

As we are human, we dislike that. It is only natural.

But it is not, in any way, proof of malice.

>> No.42910709

Ummm. Yeah. Actually.

You dont care about my planet being destroyed fuck you in general.

>> No.42910715


Something with a decent amount of action, but slice of life is good. I could just take the Monsters perk and have my kid fight the monsters.

>> No.42910729

Childish and selfish you are.

>> No.42910732

Anyone got an updated Jump List? The ones on the Drive are outdated.

>> No.42910768



>> No.42910769

More selfish than destroying a planet to slightly extent the life of your own when its full of sapients? Those things are evil. They purposefully orchestrate pain, suffering, and chaos on a global level. Yeah screw the kyubei.

>> No.42910816

No, there's nothing selfish about one planet ACCIDENTALLY being destroyed in the process of using it to fuel the entire universe's continued existence.

Your planet is not more significant than everyone else.

>> No.42910847

So what I'm getting here is:

"You overestimate your own importance" vs. "sacrificing even ONE planet is sacrificing one planet too many!"

Is this a correct analysis?

>> No.42910861

>accidentally blow up plan
>refuse to fix it
>while using it as a fuel source
>nothing wrong

Are you high?

>> No.42910887

Narnia. You can pick your starting time and place, so pick Cair Paravel after the Pevensie children have been crowned.

Star Wars. Again, pick the right place and you can have just the right amount of soft vs serious.

>> No.42910890

So they should use their own planet then shouldn't they? What makes their world more valuable than everyone elses?

>> No.42910913


>> No.42910915



>> No.42910927

The same could be said for the incubators, who are unwilling to even slow down and harm species minimally in fulfilling their goals. They try comparing us to cattle, but the goal with cattle is to reach a sort of equilibrium of profit and species survival. They're more burning down the barn for the insurance.

Yeah, they know exactly how powerful the witch was going to be. They can read the potential of a magical girl. They just didn't care if it meant meeting their goals.

>> No.42910945

The entire universe is worth more than you.

They can't feel emotions so they can't experience the despair needed.

And why should they? Again, one planet is worth far less than the entire universe.

>> No.42910947

Slice of life. And hey if you leave them you can visit every ten years!

>> No.42910983

They do not have emotions.

The entire process requires the sorrow of a living being to create energy.

How are they going to use their own planet to do it?

>> No.42910984

that makes sense! thank you very much!

>> No.42910991

>They can't feel emotions so they can't experience the despair needed
Doesn't anons idea solve that problem?

>> No.42910997

During the actual jump? Set up a Facebook group for magical girls to talk to each other, encouraged a few to seek psychiatric help while framing their actual problems and healed a few of those really low on grief seeds using Soulfire. Engineered a Mystic Code that attached to and refilled Soul Gems with the concept of mental wellbeing. Kyuubey was actually pretty cool with it because it ment their energy collection scheme would yield more energy per mahou shoujo.

After the Return? Convinced Kyuubey to make a contract with us for the schematic of a Song Science-tech perpetual energy machine with a far more consistent output than the current scheme in exchange for phasing out the interplanetary harvests. Because at that point Homura had still spent centuries time travelling and because waste not, want not, we still arranged things such that Madoka shattered entropy. Albeit far, far ahead of schedule by simply telling her about how she could totally wish to become God.

Spent the rest of the ten years hunting those weird glitch demon things as a co-angel of Madoka along with Homura.

It's probably for the best we went there fairly early on, she would've been incredibly disappointed to see what we eventually became


Achievement Unlocked: Heads Will Roll

>> No.42911011

Yeah but my idea was literally infect them with a virus that gives them all emotions.

>> No.42911016

Except it's not one planet. Entropy is an ongoing process, you can't stop it with a single injection of energy no matter how massive. The cycle will never end. The Incubators will go on destroying world after world all in the name of preserving the universe, never admitting that they're the only thing that will be left when they're done. They're the selfish ones, not us. Why should we die just because some aliens have decided that 10^18 years is an insufficiently long lifespan?

>> No.42911070

>And why should they? Again, one planet is worth far less than the entire universe.
Because, the one planet had sapient beings and didn't have to be destroyed. There is no evidence that they couldn't have just taken longer to meet their quota. The existence of a quota at all combined with Madoka being an anomaly in the system actually disproves that. Kyubey's decision was entirely selfish. Zero planets had to be destroyed, but he decided to anyway and got what he deserved.

>> No.42911096

And again, what's wrong with that? All other worlds will be able to live longer for the sacrifice of the few. It's selfish of you to deny the rest of the universe life because of your irrelevant monkey feelings.
Maybe Kyubey flubbed his job. That's an open debate. But the system itself is sound and reasonable.

>> No.42911123

I just sort of ignored everything and whacked Witches over the head with a mallet.

It was... fun?

>> No.42911157

Is this it?

>> No.42911172

The problem is it sacrifices all worlds not their own.

>> No.42911192

Where's Soulfire from?

Yes, but did you choose regular Origin or the one where you pay more for powers but no risk of becoming a witch?

>> No.42911207

They can't, because they don't feel emotions.

>> No.42911231

I know a couple that kind of let you do it. Tales of symphonia lets you grow bodies and transfer souls in to them. So does Lord of light, and Kara no Kyoukai lets you transfer souls in to artificial bodies if you get good enough. If you go black magic in Dresden and get really good you can swap souls with someone in the middle of combat, don't expect to have many friends though.
Also I don't know if it helps but Rosario + Vampire has a couple items that let two people swap minds.

>> No.42911242

Actually not true, they can feel emotions but whenever one shows they have enotions it is treated like a degenerate and/or killed.

>> No.42911247

Dresden Files.

>> No.42911254

How the hell did you steal my plan before I even did the jump?!!!!!!!!

>> No.42911262


Your forgetting something very important.

The incubators are idiot savant morons that lack an understanding of concepts like common sense, sanity, and 'maybe this is a bad idea'.

These morons thought it was a good idea to tamper with a cosmic force they barely understood do to the stories of some to them random magical girl that might have been delusional.

Your probably more likely for them to decide "Hey we should try to give absolutely everything emotions. Then the universe can be one giant thing that feels nothing but eternal love-sadness that will last forever."

Your more likely to get them to research a new method by making up a random story.

>> No.42911264

The latter.

>> No.42911282

Missing some newer Jumps, Arpeggio, True Lies, and a few others. Newest I've found though.

>> No.42911284

To be fair we don't know enough about their culture(?) to tell what exactly they do with any that do exihibit emotions.

That is, if they even have one. I get the impression that much like the Anti-Spirals, as a species they've self-modified entirely around the objective of energy collection.

>> No.42911291


Out of those two, I'd pick Star Wars - exposure to various levels of technology, a more nuanced metaphysicality, and a much larger universe to help expand the kids minds and prepare them for jumping. Narnia has barely discovered windmills, has because-deity-says-so-magic and is literally a flat Earth with a dome for a sky.

>> No.42911297

>And again, what's wrong with that? All other worlds will be able to live longer for the sacrifice of the few. It's selfish of you to deny the rest of the universe life because of your irrelevant monkey feelings.
But it's not "the sacrifice of the few". It's the sacrifice of all, the process can never stop. And no species is going to see a longer lifespan for it. The lifespan of the universe is 10^18 years, statistically speaking every species in the universe will die out long before the heat death affects them. No one benefits from it but the Incubators themselves. Hell, is it ever stated that they're actually doing it for the good of others? Kyubey's a master of lies by omission, I wouldn't be surprised if he just let the characters draw their own conclusions about it saving the universe and the Incubators are actually defying entropy for some other reason. I should rewatch the end of the series, see what he actually says.

>> No.42911300

How much of other Megacorp's attention if I went full Adam Jensen and just did a shadow war against a specific one?

I'm fairly certain I have enough incognito/disguise perks to last against an AA Mega, doubt my chances for the AAAs.
>.webm related

>> No.42911315

Right, but that's like saying humans have three legs. It can happen, but naturally we don't.

>> No.42911329

The species yet to be born will benefit.

>> No.42911356

Till they harvest it

>> No.42911363

... I... hung out with Kyubey, mostly.
He didn't like me at first, on account of multi-dimensional shenanigans, but I wasn't really trying to mess with him, and it was impossible for him to "turn the other magical girls against me" when I had no intention of helping them or interfering in the first place. So eventually we fell into a relationship of mutual apathy.

See, you get dropped in long before any of the real "plot" happens, so I didn't have any preexisting interest in the people there. I also can't think of a way to fix the world any better than what actually happens in canon, so I'm not going to. And further, I just... don't hate Kyubey. I think he's pretty cool, even if I acknowledge that he is a total dick.

So mostly I collected grief seeds on my own, occasionally antagonized magical girls for no reason, talked to Kyubey about existential bullshit, and ran away whenever the big fuckoff drawback witch reared its head.

I'm pretty sure the other magical girls all saw me as some kind of antagonist, but honestly I wasn't paying all that much attention to them.

>> No.42911385

Yeah, but they'll never get to run out the natural lifespan of their species, since the Incubators will eat them first. Is it better to have lots of short lived civilizations or fewer long-lived ones?

>> No.42911386

I wouldn't be surprised if it's a chicken-and-egg thing; the Incubators' tech is so absurd they outlive every other species in the universe, so cosmic heat death is a legitimate problem they'll have to confront one day and an academic one for every other species that'll have long since died out before then.

So they are genuinely trying to save the universe because they're also the only ones who'll meaningfully benefit. Then again you could argue that assuming abiogenesis is a thing life as a whole benefits by having more time to spontaneously evolve new sapient species.

>> No.42911389

And the species that have yet to be born then will benefit. The point of heat death is that the universe as a place continues to exist, but there's not enough energy left, or its too spread out, to continue forming stars, planets, and life. To defy heat death is for there to continue to be enough energy to fuel these processes. If you simply wanted the universe as a place to continue to exist with no life in it, then there'd be no need to fight heat death.

>> No.42911428

The former, because it is theoretically infinite whereas the later will only exist for a comparatively short time. Because one value is an infinite, more life will benefit from it as a whole and always will when compared to any finite.

>> No.42911434

There are other universes, though. What makes this particular one so important? If you can't argue for the Earth staying living and vibrant when other planets will remain and survive, you can't do it for universes, either. And at least this way the universe will be much less full of suffering in the time it exists.

>> No.42911461

One universe continuing to exist does not infringe on any other universe so bringing that up is entirely irrelevant. It's not a case of 'if this universe lives this one dies', but one of 'they don't effect each other so it doesn't matter'. For the rest of that, see >>42911428 infinite time means infinite suffering and infinite joy, always eclipsing any finite.

>> No.42911483

Right, I'm just not convinced it's infinite. I think you're going to get diminishing returns, since as long as the universe has a net surplus of energy it's going to keep expanding and need more energy to remain the same energy density. I'd have to do the math on it, but I'm pretty sure you'd eventually reach the point where you can't harvest energy fast enough to keep up with expansion, causing the universe to succumb to entropy once more.

>> No.42911510

The thing is, species don't have to be harvested. They literally have quotas and then can leave the planet without witches if they felt the need. Pipe-bombs kill witches. You can have both, but the incubators are short-sighted.

>> No.42911517

That's a theoretically exercise and we're out of the realm of canon in that regard. At that point, we'd have to acquire more data to do a cost/value analysis.

>> No.42911528

My point is that new life will arise no matter what the Incubators do. There will always be fertile, energy-rich places for it to develop in. So why does it have to be this particular universe where life continues to be born? Why not let it run its course and then pick things up in another world instead of make it last longer at the price of incredible suffering for its inhabitants?

>> No.42911561

would bringing a pokemon that uses Sunny Day and pulling it on Dio help me in any way? Like I pull him out at night, whip out the pokemon, and then BAM Sunny Day.

Assuming he doesn't use his stand to stop time. This is Part 3, of course.

>> No.42911574

You are wrong, because if the universe dies then there will not be places for life to develop.

The fact that other universes exist is irrelevant to a creature who cannot hop dimensions as you do, because for all practical purposes their universe is the only one that may as well exist. There is no 'Well you can just leave when it dies!'.

>> No.42911666


>There are other universes, though. What makes this particular one so important?

This creates a question. Are the incubators even aware of the possibility of their being an infinite multiverse(technically several) that isn't just 'and then time reversed and we get to take advantage of stuff that never occured'?


Technically we don't know if they would care about which universe lives if they had stable dimensional travel.

It's entirely possible that you might be able to get them to stop if you started spreading dimensional travel tech that can keep getting to universes that are less dead.

Unless your in a nonsense setting like worm an infinite multiverse and stable dimensional travel basically makes heat death nearly irrelevant.

>> No.42911689

1. After reading the description, yes.

2. When you think about it, it's disturbing to realise pokemon can control the weather with that level of precision.

>> No.42911875

Pokemon are pretty fucking broken, even ignoring the dex

Remember, a couple hundred Unkown (or however the fuck it's spelled) warped reality too the degree that they created life. And artificially aged up a little girl.

Just by fighting, a trio of birds fundamentally altered weather on a not insubstantial scale.

Add in the time travel and God shenanigans and the Pokemon could conceivably break quite a few jumps.

>> No.42911878

/vp/ was annoyed by it, too.

The Gen 5 Weather Wars were fierce. Drizzle, Drought, Sand Stream, even Snow Warning - abilities like that just thrown around like it was nothing.

>> No.42911901

How survivable are the Fate/ jumps if I'm a genius but nothing really else?

>> No.42911924

Hence why I completely put it to the side as a jump. If i'm gonna be breaking things over my knee I want to at least put some time into earning that ability first.

>> No.42911925

Huh, this makes sense!

I'm having three kids, one of them is going to be a stand-using magical girl with hamon with a mega-evolved pokemon, another one is going to be a stand-using gunslinger who also uses hamon and also likes to blast people with energy, and another one is going to be a nerd that can plug himself into computers with his stand and manipuate technology. He's also going to be a witch.

I'll pick Star Wars first then to raise them in, and I was thinking KOTOR? Or the Clone Wars?

>> No.42911926

Any Magus worth their salt also probably counts as a genius.

>> No.42911949

You are doomed because magic beats tech there. Anything you make can also be copied because gilgamesh already owns it.

>> No.42911978


As far as I'm aware Brutus hasn't done a drive update, so I haven't updated my master excel file (which is that thing linked there). I put in a bunch of hidden specs and such into the file, but those are all on sheets you can't see on gdrive.

>> No.42911982

I have Gift of the Twilight Imperium. Does that help?

>> No.42911991

That's probably why pokemon is a first jump only thing, because it can be broken if you exploit them enough.

>> No.42912010

I think you're confusing Fate with Dresden Files, Anon.

And Gilgamesh is one guy. One guy who you might even never meet if you're summoned into the right Grail War. One guy who's repeatedly hoisted up as a super special OG Servant who's very much the exception to all sorts of conventions, up to and including somehow being able to resist being subsumed by Angra Mainyu through sheer narcissim.

>> No.42912022

You misunderstand, gilgamesh literally has a copy of everything ever created by man. Your only saving grace is he is an idiot who hurls swords instead of laser beams.

>> No.42912049

His ability gates of babylon contains literally everything invented by man.

>> No.42912087

Against the blasty stuff? Sure. The trouble is, Nasu magic can be surprisingly subtle and indirect. It's actually pretty ridiculously bordering on sympathetic magic by shounen standards.

>> No.42912098

Depends on your strategy and the layers of buffer that you have. You'll need to be on the ball with establishing holding, shell, and shelf corps early on or persuading owners to work for you. Otherwise the corp will throw everything at you and the others at best will remain neutral or decide to take a slice for themselves.

Ideally, you'd want to position yourself to a point where you could easily step in and replace the AAA without rocking the boat too much. But you also have to keep in mind that there are a shit ton of cosmic level players who are in it for the duration and have plans centuries in the making that may involve your target corp. Knocking over a dragon's dominoes isn't the way to a prosperous life. But if you've got the skill, subterfuge, and luck you could probably get the majority of shadowplayers to back your move with an incentive or two.

My kind of game.

>> No.42912127

Just make a deal with a dragon. It's literally the best idea ever.

>> No.42912142

Key note, everything already invented by /nasu/ man. Jumper is not from /nasu/ Earth. Gilgamesh does not suddenly have phasers in his GoB just because Jumper has been to Star Trek.

>> No.42912143

...you're really missing my point, dumbass. He's one guy. Out of all the people in Nasuland. Who you might not even ever meet. One. Freaking. Guy.

>> No.42912148

Pokemon is a fantastic starting jump.
There's a lot of choice in what you could do.
You could go on a quest to capture God.
Or you could just dick around in the wilderness for ten years.

Personally, I did the trainer thing for a few years, following around Ash in a couple regions. Then I hooked up with a nice Kalosian girl and settled down to open a gym, and did that for the rest of my trip and return.

>> No.42912175

If you take part in the grail wars you will meet him.

>> No.42912194

Key(er) note: Gilgamesh is so narcissistic he view fighting seriously against anyone he doesn't identify as a divine-level threat or a worthy opponent (Saber, F/Z Rider who has a Reality Marble full of servants) as incredibly humiliating. So unless you stand out he'll just shoot swords at you unless sorely, sorely provoked.

>> No.42912208

Pros and cons to both. But if you jump CW first, then you can grab a history dump and go KOTOR with "future" knowledge of the best places to be and the worst places to avoid.

>> No.42912222

Just don't overdo it. Last guy that did it got a rod from god dropped on his head.

>> No.42912256

...you do realise he gets defeated in canon by someone else, right? Usually Shirou. And again: Not. All. Of. Them.

Other anon also raises a valid point: He's nowhere near sensible enough to apply what he has smartly. Heck, he doesn't even understand the controls for the more technologically advanced items in his cache.

>> No.42912299

Not all of them but enough, and if you are changing things who is to say that doesn't change?

>> No.42912350

makes sense, take my kids time traveling! awesome

>> No.42912390

Anon did mention he was a genius.

If he has ANY IQ POINTS AT ALL he should know better than to run up and scream "HEY GILGAMESH! LOOK AT ME, I'M A BIG TARGET RUNNING IN YOUR DIRECTION AND I THINK SABER IS A BETTER KING THAN YOU EVER WERE" and think of a way to survive him indirectly. Or just avoid him. That is an option too. Gilgamesh doesn't make a point of noticing mongrels.

>> No.42912494


Or you could go for one of the grail wars where Gilgamesh isn't a participant.

>> No.42912575

Is there a way, through use of stasis pods or such, to get King Protea from Fate/Extra CCC Foxtail?

Is there a way to make her not restricted to her simple thoughts and desires?

Is there anything in any jump that would allow you to limit her abilities or at least allow her to change size?

Yes, I want to find a way to waifu KingProtea.

>> No.42912604

Or. Go to the war where he is a participant, and as he's an Archer, replace him and his Master by making your own Archer servant.

And then proceed to throw a middle-finger at wherever the fuck the Throne of Heroes is kept.

>> No.42912746

So reading over tales of symphonia I have a few questions on exospheres. So if I use it once then stop using it am I still at risk of the whole soul omnomnom if my mind or will wavers? Or is it that it's just while in use? This is putting aside the key crests for the moment, fully intend to make one to go with the sphere. Next question is what happens if I fill an exosphere using dark binding or the like? Do they have a capacity on number of souls they can hold?

>> No.42912764

Best plan. Just wag that finger at the sky, I'm pretty sure the throne's in the root somewhere.

Is Fox Tail even canon?

>> No.42912802

She has to fit in the pod and you'd have to get her disconnected from the whole plot deal. Which I am completely unaware of. You'd also need to get her a body given she is data on the moon.
I guess if you're good enough at hacking her mind given she's data?
Grow/Shrink Ray from Carnivore. Balance Bangle from Monster Hunter. A diet.

>> No.42912805

Exspheres actively suck up your life/soul/energy/generally try to kill you while you wear them. It's not like they're going to instantly kill you, but it seems like it gets harder and harder to resist them the longer you're using one. The side effects build up. So you're going to be effected by that as long as it's touching you, think of it like a horrible little poisonous leech sucking away at you.

>> No.42912992

Alright, I got too worked up into trying something with the previous chains. I think I'll start with one concept, Sonic Marine/Musician then I'll start branching out from there.

Male, 17yo
•Actual Starter
- Eevee
•Physical Fitness (900cp)
•Combat Training (850cp)
•Savant (550cp)
•Psionics (-50cp)
•50,000 Poke Dollars (-100cp)
•Swarmed (-100cp)

You rarely get a second chance at life, much less a completely new life. My old life wasn't that great, but unexpectedly I had waken up to be nearly 10 years younger. Not only that I was no longer in my world, and I only had the vaguest dream like memory of how I got here. Only thing I could remember was "The Benefactor" as she called herself, and her porposal. It was a simple one, entertain her or be returned home.

I had no idea it involved throwing me into other worlds. However I ran with it. My starter Pokemon, was Eevee. I had already played Pokemon games and watched the anime, and it quickly got pretty boring. Battles weren't that interesting to do, and no way I was gonna dress up for contests. However, I had always wanted to play an instrument, but I was never coordinated enough or musically inclined. However I found that all that was no longer the case.

So the next ten years I had spent wandering around the pokeworld, playing music, battling on the side. During this time I had also developed telekinesis and telepathy, but I think all it did was attract swarms of Zubats. Goddamn Zubats, they were so freaking annoying.

>> No.42913024

Jumpers, did you enroll your pokemon to get a proper education at any point?

>> No.42913073

Nope, but I plan to enroll a temmie in one when ever the hell the undertale jump comes up.

>> No.42913084

Technically, I've imported them all in settings where I was in school before.

>> No.42913114

They got their education on the road, certified by the school of hard knocks.


>> No.42913175

i had my blastoise learn how to be a proper maid and cook after i gave her a human form and she is very fat and cute and she is my battle maid

>> No.42913181

Oh, was unaware of proper plot of Fate/Extra.

Anywho, what exactly IS Carnivore. I tried googling for it but it doesn't seem to be manga or any such thing, unless it is known under different name

>> No.42913253

What magic systems are teachable?

>> No.42913293

God I hope that jump will have the option to get new companions. How could I not want that?

>> No.42913311

LEt's see. During the events of InFamous my Pangoro companion went to University of Texas. Infamous having occurred after three jumps wherein he'd learned a decent amount.

Played college ball. Could've gone pro if he hadn't decided to stick with me.

>> No.42913323

Time to power entire worlds with the endless energy of espresso!

>> No.42913410

looks like the extent of it
assuming mankind is the only race subject to the incubators

>> No.42913413

Nah, I left 'em in the pokeverse. Though if I had taken them as companions they would have eventually been uplifted like my other proper companions.

>> No.42913518

Same. I didn't even know someone else was working on an Undertale jump though.

I have one in the works myself which is about half-doneish. Can show off what I've got if anyone's interested but more than happy to hold off on it if the anon's still working on theirs.

>> No.42913520

>Fighting/Dark type
>college ball
>University of Texas

For the love of god, do not give him nanomachines.

>> No.42913547

The anon announced it first, so you gotta give it to them.

>> No.42913606

No problem with me there.

>> No.42913680

If you complete both the KOTOR and the Clone Wars jump you get the ability to give anyone force powers so I guess that counts

>> No.42913689

Greetings jumpers! It is I! Captain! Just did a micro update for the the updated version of Samurai jack and True Lies. Though a few days ago I finally got the time to do the major update and skimmed through the last....12 or so threads to make sure I didn't miss anything and i'm "pretty" sure that Arpeggio of Blue Steel is on that list too.

Of course that doesn't mean that I didn't miss anything so if you stop something out of date and have the updated version feel free to throw it up onto the drive in the upload folder.

As always! Keep on Jumping!

>> No.42913723

I say just show it. Haven't seen anything from them since they announced it, but then I have missed a few threads.

>> No.42913744


>> No.42913759

Charmer (500cp)
•Strength 1 (450cp)
•Endurance 4 (300cp)
•Appeal 2
•Shape 2
•Sense 1 (250cp)
•Endowed 3
•Evercleansed (150cp)
•Gender Swap (0cp)

•Electricity (140cp)
•Heat/AC (130cp)
•Plumbing (120cp)
•Workshop (110cp)
•Medbay (90cp)
•Portal (60cp)
•Stasis Pod X 2 (20cp)
•Food Supply (10cp)
•Loft (0cp)

Here's the body mod & warehouse. I got to pick what body I wanted as well where to stash all my stuff. I gave up my Pokemon before I left, they would be happier without me.

>> No.42913800

I'd be interested in seeing what you've got, regardless. Last I heard, that anon was having trouble thinking of perks and stuff for the jump, and hasn't announced any progress whatsoever beyond a desire to make it, and at least two other people ALSO expressed a desire to help make that jump, so maybe at the very least we can pitch in and show off our ideas.

Maybe we can all make a pretty good Undertale jump by ~WORKING TOGETHER~

>> No.42913828

Metapods, Jack!

They Harden in response to physical trauma!

>> No.42913874

Not yet I haven't.

Then again, they'd probably insist they don't need one.

>> No.42913885

Technically, yes. In the sense of they were given a human alt and have gone through schooling at least once.
But as Pokemon? Not really.

>> No.42913889

>Build: Heavy
>Type: Charmer
I swear, if you don't call yourself Big Sexy and refer to yourself in the 3rd person you are a fucking failure.

>> No.42913910

Harry potter
Pure blood 900
Middle class 850
Clean blooded free
Non verbal specialty 650
Parseltongue 550
Wandlore 250
Wandless magic -50
Wand free
Dark arts cache -100
Prisoner of azkaban 200
Bully teacher 300
Natural potioneer 0

My plan is to join voldemort around book 4, start spreading loads of dnd magic (mostly anti memory wipe spells and teaching guides to muggles) and then when voldemort thinks he is all awesome for his stupid complicated ressurection spell I let him watch as I use my dnd magic to turn into a lich. Then betray him. Because fuck voldemort I have magic relecting armor.

>> No.42913932

Fair enough then. Worst that happens is they find it and tell me to drop it, which I don't mind. Best case it helps them make theirs faster.

>> No.42913935


>> No.42914050

>Option to be glorious goat.
Liking this already.

>> No.42914068

No Charmer, but I did take a height increase.

I might have to start doing this.

>> No.42914140

>The Jumper Chronicles: Tales of Big Sexy

>"Warden, the Darkspawn are overwhelming King Cailin! Duncan is down there!"
>". . ."
"Nah, don't worry about that Blondie. Big Sexy is on it. Imma drop some rods from the gods on those punkasses."
>"I. . . What?"
"Yo, Terra. Big Sexy says: make it rain, my bitches."

>Many years later
>". . . And that, little one, is the tale of Big Sexy and the Fifth Blight. 'Twas a short, but memorable blight, and the origin of the Most Dope Order of Big Bling"

>> No.42914249

>Jumper takes a few jumps before this
>Jumper just flies back up the hole

>> No.42914277

>Jumper takes a few jumps before Platoon
>Just kills Hitler
See, it's not fun when anyone does it. We KNOW it's possible to become strong enough to laugh at a lot of settings. That doesn't make you clever for pointing it out and it doesn't discredit the place as somewhere fun to spend ten years.

>> No.42914294

I have a dream.

That one day every Pokémon in this Region will control their own destiny. A nation of the truly free, dammit. A nation of action, not words, ruled by Strength, not Disarming Voice!

Where the arena changes to suit the individual, not the other way around.
Where Huge Power and justice are back where they belong: in the hands of the Pokémon!
Where every 'mon is free to think - to act - for himself!

Fuck all these limp-dick trainers and chickenshit gym leaders. Fuck this 24-hour radio spew of trivia and celebrity bullshit! Fuck Kalosian pride! Fuck the media! FUCK ALL OF IT!
Kalos is diseased. Rotten to the core. There's no saving it - we need to pull it out by the roots. Wipe the slate clean. BURN IT DOWN! And from the ashes, a new Kalos will be born. Evolved, but uncaptured! The weak will be purged and the strongest will thrive - free to live as they see fit. They'll make Kalos great again!

In my new Kalos, Pokémon will die and kill for what they BELIEVE! Not for PokéDollars. Not for trainers! Not for what they're told is right. Every 'mon will be free to fight his own battles!

I suppose now's a bad time to mention that after Generator Rex, he did get nanomachines? And also has been having my team's techie improve on a Nano-Forge so that he could further augment himself?

>> No.42914303

That looks about similar to what I was thinking, too, although I feel like the race options are too expensive. Boss Monster should definitely cost more than the others, but I feel like none of them are really strong enough to justify the 100/100/300 cost. If it were me, I'd probably shorten it down to 50/50/200.

My ideas for perks were stuff like...
> "Ability to spout puns"
> "Various science-y/Alphys-y/Gaster-y things"
> "Magical fire/spears/bones/etc"
> Generic willpower
> Generic empathy/getting along with people/FRIENDSHIP!
> Some ability to ignore time shenanigans (such as the one in Code Lyoko)

With Drawbacks like...
> Inability to stop spouting puns
> Social anxiety

... some ability to companion-ize canon characters (including Papyrus, Sans, Alphys... Flowey... etc, etc...)

... and maybe an optional scenario where if you MURDER EVERYONE, you can take the original Fallen Child along with you as a companion.

Sadly I don't have this written down anymore. I feel like I thought of other stuff and I've already forgotten it.

I like the Overtale option.

Man, I hope the guy making the jump sees this.

There's a magical barrier that blocks the way, although a sufficiently powerful jumper could maybe bust through. I mean. I don't really know what a sufficiently powerful jumper couldn't do.
It'd be pretty boring, though. Other than the monsters, Undertale's world is mostly just regular earth.

>> No.42914325

With the massive amounts of sequels and continuity shenanigans that exist, how close did you come to basically creating a time paradox?

>> No.42914367

I'm immune.

>> No.42914391

That wasn't the question

>> No.42914411

Not at all! At least, not yet.

I hope.

>> No.42914422

Infinity not close?

>> No.42914514

Magic doesn't seem that hard for humans to use, since seven of them were able to rig up a self sustaining barrier to contain an entire race.

Fallen Child should have some kind of manipulation/mercy ability. Path to Friendship.

Fallen Child capstone as some kind of allied, nonjudgemental force with precog that influences and guides your actions; basically gives you the benefits of save scumming without conscious control of it?

>LV and EXP
I don't know. Maybe this name is best reserved for a drawback?

Drawback that forces you to take the route you'll have the hardest time with emotionally, or else end the chain? ...No.

>Megalovania/A Bad Time
At the start of a conflict, you can ignore cast time, cool down, and resource pools recharge instantly so you can chain super attacks together. Moment you repeat a tech, perk wears off for that fight.

You've caught someone- or someTHING-'s attention. You'd make a good partner, wouldn't you?

>> No.42914538

Reminds me of a fake easter egg.

>> No.42914552

I'm not familiar with the game, but am I reading this right when it says that the primary source of water is also the Garbage Dump? That can't be healthy. Is everyone in the underground very sick?

>> No.42914581

PMD (2)
Pokemon Square
•Exploud (Whismur) (700cp)
-Ability (Soundproof)
-Boom Burst
•Free Skills
•Multitalented (600cp)
•Synchronized Souls (300cp)
•Map Surveyor (100cp)
•Hyperkinesis (-300cp)
•Partnerless (0cp)

It would seem that I had once again waken up in a strange place. This time I'm not human, which is quite obvious as I have these long ears and somehow I'm able to breathe through them. "The Benefactor" did say that the choices were subconciously selected, or maybe it was another memory edit. I don't know, but I'm a Pokemon now.

I wandered into town, and quickly got myself situated with the world. I joined the Wigglytuff's Guild to help find out why no Pokemon was evolving. It quickly became apparent that time gears have been stolen. Took nearly two years to find out who had been stealing the time gear, and getting stuff back to normal. I found I had a large amount of free time, which I dedicated to evolving into an Exploud. I explored the world around me working on developing my abilities. I had wonderful time here, but when it was time for me to go, I gave a final concert. It was earthshakingly awesome.

>> No.42914610

Would this be a bad time to point out that you just made a rousing speech about the French?

>> No.42914611

What good are harry potter wands outside of the jump?

>> No.42914620

The Monsters of the Underground are beings of magic and hold their bodies, made of dust, together through magic.

It makes them very vulnerable to attacks full of killing or hateful intent, incidentally.

>> No.42914627

In what respect?

>> No.42914656

Of course following through with that is going to lead to a really bad time

>> No.42914657

I would assume they're good for magic. They don't stop being useful for Harry Potter magic just because you finished the jump.

>> No.42914661

In any respect. What can they be used for, can you give other people potter wands or something to let them cast magic?

>> No.42914700

Not really. Harry Potter magic is genetic. You have to be born with it. And more than that, there may not be any compatible creatures to make the core.

I mean, theoretically you can, but it'd take a not insignificant amount of fanwank.

>> No.42914704

I think I'm just going to slaughter my way through all the monsters. It's how I played the demo, it's how I'll play the jump. Probably will be my first run through the game too when I get around to it.

>> No.42914793

You could always give people the gene and use a core from any other creature with a hint of magic, they are all over the place.

>> No.42914830

I don't think that's the case, no. The primary source of water is the area called Waterfall, which... well, it's basically a cavern filled with streams, showers, and waterfalls. There is a dump in a lower level of that area, but that's a fairly small section of Waterfall as a whole.

>> No.42914846

The RE jump update has customizable viruses, so if you could figure out a way to attach the genetic marker for magic use to a virus you'd be good to go.

>> No.42914939

Well, like I said. It was just an idea I was toying with so there was bound to be changes and such. That said I agree with the repricing of origins. Pun spewing is pretty much mandatory now as far as I'm concerned, and way more useful than it might seem at a glance.

It's harder for humans than monsters at the very least. More so since it seems to have become something of a lost art outside of the underground as far as I can tell.

>> No.42915037

For continuing to use HP magic if you didn't buy the Wandless perk?

Otherwise, for kindling?

>> No.42915058

You could also buy wandless from SIMS3.

>> No.42915060

Viruses...that spread and create nanomachines?

>> No.42915131

Nanomachines are already kind of virusy. That's sorta like having a porsche chariot pulled by a pair of ferraris. I just don't know what you're trying to accomplish there.

>> No.42915141

Not really, it exists as part of the witch option, but it removes restrictions from that option, nothing in there would make it affect HP magic.

>> No.42915172

Does anyone else fight for the supremacy of mankind in all settings? None of that touchy feely 'harmony' or 'working together' shit, all other species are under the boot of humanity or they're dead.

>> No.42915189

You could Conjoin Conjures to stick it with HP magic.

I mean, it's convoluted that way. But it's an option.

>> No.42915196

New Chain, and the dice send me to Marvel. Fug. Might as well at least try.

>Year: 2, 1990
>Location: 2, NYC
>Background: Age 26, Drop In free
Energy(Generic Magic Blasts) free
Toughness 100
Body 100
Healing Factor 250
Shapeshifting 250
Body+Helm of Xorn(effect of Helm incorporated into skull) 400
Combat Training 200
Lots of Money 50
Blade free
Unstable Molecule Uniform free
4th Wall Reliant +150
Changed +200

Get out of NYC and go to a smaller city. Stick to street-level heroics and stay the hell away from the big names, and generally try and keep as low a profile as I can manage without being boring.

Am I doomed?

>> No.42915199

I disagree. Both systems of magic are wand dependant, both use common terms for magic users and have overlap for the types of skills they practice.

I don't think it's a stretch at all to say that wandless from SIMS works as well in HP as it does in SIMS. Cross jump perk interaction is a thing for jumpchain.

>> No.42915207

Wow, I'm still going on about this.

I think at some point I'd thought of too many perks over too wide an area that I wanted to include, so I'd thought about including both class and race options (so you'd be able to choose human/monster and then something like... Wanderer?Shopkeeper?/Fighter/Mage/Scientist), but, as I said, I've already forgotten half these things and wow, I should REALLY be writing these down.

Of course, I also feel like a soundtrack is almost mandatory here. So many other jumps get them, and the soundtrack is a huge draw here, so I feel like something would be missing without it.
Maybe the soundtrack has a tendancy to change pitch and tempo or remix itself to match its situation, as it does in the game. I dunno.

Ah, and I just remembered, one high level drawback I'd been thinking was something along the lines of Gaster's situation, like:
> W.D.F. [+600CP]: Due to a mishap, your powers have been scattered across the dimensions! You're now far weaker than you were before, at a mere fraction of your previous abilities. And if you don't find a way to recollect them before the jump's end, you'll go onto the next jump without them, never to see them again until you find a way to return.

... then sit back and watch maybe all of one person take that drawback, if that.
Cuz I enjoy that sort of thing.

> Pun spewing is pretty much mandatory now as far as I'm concerned
Oh man, it would be SO FUN. Can you imagine?

>> No.42915223

god no, I admit to some anthrocentrism in those settings, but barring a pure evil race I'd rather have peace

>> No.42915232

Not necessarily, but I think that helmet/body combo that you have pretty much rules out you ever having or using telepathy. You can take off a helmet, you can't take off your skull.

>> No.42915235

But it's your duty to lift your species above all others.

>> No.42915243

The problem is wandless isn't a perk in sims 3, its an upgrade to a perk that remove the restrictions that would otherwise have.

>> No.42915259

Nah. I get in some degree why that's a thing in the 40k verse. Stockings and vipers and all that. But it's still cringeworthy and inefficient. You get more bang for your buck if you build cooperative models and processes for people and other sapient beings to follow.

>> No.42915268

Shit yeah.
Manifest Destiny and all that rot.

>> No.42915311

I'd call that a problem of semantics, if that. It's a purchasable option to allow you to bypass the need to use wands in a wand-necessary magic using class. As said, it's not a stretch to say that it applies to other wand-required magic systems.

I'm not trying to make a ruling, neither jump belongs to me, but just offering up another way of looking at things and building your jumper.

>> No.42915313

Humans are still my 1st priority
they're just not my only priority
also >>42915259
bloody conquest of the galaxy isn't worth it even purely in terms of human lives lost

>> No.42915327

I take it that 'species under the boot of humanity' includes fellow humans, am I correct?

>> No.42915340

They'd never listen, and they regardless take up space that could be used by humans.
No, why would it?

>> No.42915358

>They'd never listen, and they regardless take up space that could be used by humans.
Not necessarily, and not necessarily. But you do you, single player and all that.

>> No.42915372

Alright, let's play it this way, can you point me to a single example in any jump where an upgrade that removed restrictions from a perk applies to any similar perk from other jumps as well?

>> No.42915373

Not actually. Marvel's said it doesn't block your own psychics, so you can still use your telepathy, and depending how strong/skilled you are you could pick up whenever someone tries to talk to you.

That and some people consider perks toggable, but that goes in the "houserules and fanwank" territory, so...

>> No.42915381

If it's a setting where non-humans are irredeemably evil and purposefully try to destroy or suppress humanity then yes.

Otherwise, no. I'd much rather try to help everybody make peace and accept each other, especially so if it's a world where the aliens/robots/fantastical races have unique abilities that humans lack.

>> No.42915404

Well, the issue there is that you have issues with 'humanity' being unified to begin with, so sooner or later you run into... let's go with 'complications,' wherein your enemies are not xenos, but instead fellow humans.

Or in those cases, do they suddenly not count as 'humans' if they bar your path?

>> No.42915406

Not really?

None of my closest friends are human, I've been everything from a submarine to a Pokemon for far longer than I was ever a normal person, and I don't feel like being a jerk to everyone else for the sake of something I can't really call myself anymore.

This is what the Chain does. Takes all the definition from you, until the question stops being "who am I?" and becomes "who am I NOT?"

>> No.42915408

Nice. I hadn't heard that from Marvel, so that's good to file away for future use.

>> No.42915413

...I'd take that drawback. Sounds fun.

Not efficient. Not fun. Not worth. No. I can see no redeeming qualities outside of those a xenophobic fuckhead would go for. Then again I can punch just about anything into friendliness thanks to my abilities.

I wouldn't be surprised. After all the only way this probably works is if you don't let other people have options. I wouldn't be surprised if you had to 'quiet' them to keep things from devolving into a horrible mess of fail.

>> No.42915435

If humans fight each other for human reasons then that's only fair. However yes, if humans betray their species to defend others then they're no longer human. How could they be? If they betray themselves so? Clearly they want to be non-humans so bad, they may as well count as that.

>> No.42915512

Off the top of my head, I can't think of one. In this instance I think that the evidence of absence fallacy is relevant: just because I can't find an example of what you're talking about doesn't mean that the interaction is flawed.

Like said, I approach it in terms of similarity: both jumps have magic that require wands to use, both jumps have CP purchases that provide a way of getting around the need for wands, it stands to reason then that a method of mitigating wand necessity in one jump may provide a means of mitigation for the other. Much in the same way that we allow mana buff perks to operate freely between different styles of magic, I think this purchasable option applies to similar circumstance.

But again, I'm not arguing for a fiat ruling or that it /must/ be this way.

>> No.42915520

>If humans fight each other for human reasons then that's only fair.

Ah, so humans are only allowed to be 'human' if they fight for... Now what do you call 'human reasons'? Fighting to keep their home? Their way of life? But doesn't this interfere with your 'unified humanity' and 'Manifest Destiny' directive, because wouldn't that land - or planet - be better used to serve your organization? Or their people serving as your troops or workers?

And what about if they disagree with the direction your government takes? Are they still human then, or do they become 'filthy xenos' if it suits your regime?

At what point does the definition of 'human' become 'those who bow down to my ideology and control'?

>> No.42915544

I only ever advocated human supremacy, not human unity. There's an important distinction there that you missed.

>> No.42915546

... So power and item combining can go both ways? How tough would you be if you bought Toughness + Adamantium X + Vibranium X ?

>> No.42915580

And how is it any better than any other form of 'supremacy movement'? Which as history shows never ends well, I might remind you. Just ask the KKK.

>> No.42915587

Speaking of perk interactions: I have a question.

For those of you that have in part or primarily made a charisma build type jumper, have you considered the implications during a D&D style jump?

There are several CHA based caster classes and kits, and some of the charisma perks in /jc/ are fairly powerful. So if you shackled one of them to a CHA-based casting system, you could wreck face whilst still being the prettiest motherfucker in the room.

So, to recap, who here has used charisma perks to power CHA-based D&D casting?

>> No.42915592

Except human 'supremacy' would need to indicate some form of unity, because one group of humans could EASILY undermine another group's supremacy for any number of reasons NOT falling under 'aiding xenos.'

>> No.42915621

All non-humans dead or under human dominion, it should be obvious. Regardless of if they serve me or not, they will still have non-human competition removed. More land and resources for them and everyone.

If they aid non-humans, then as I said before, they decided they'd rather not be human. And they will be obliged.

>> No.42915637

Technically I did since I became a Sorcerer.

>> No.42915653

So you're trying to justify genocide. As Raiden would put it, you're batshit insane.

>> No.42915674

I don't think giving your own species supremacy needs justification. It's a goal that, by default, you as a human should strive for.

>> No.42915690

Well evidently it does given you keep trying to justify it when people keep poking holes in it.

>> No.42915702

Freedom is the right of all sentient beings.

>> No.42915718

And then what happens if a group of humans has land that you want then?

How _easy_ would it be to weave the truth just so, to make them out as murderous aliens interfering with your manifest destiny? Because hey - history remembers the victors, and why should they be remembered with any degree of sincerity if they barred your way?

>> No.42915721

I think conjurers and elementalists use CHA, too, so you could summon some giant ass elementals if you had the right perks.

>> No.42915729

No, what they're trying to do is justify doing otherwise. And they are failing.
What gives a robot the right to decide what humans should do?
Me? I don't even need land.

>> No.42915737

Dogs and llamas don't have a right to freedom.

People and other sapient beings do, though.

Optimus didn't pay attention in school.

>> No.42915756

If I wanted to make some bullshit power armor in the Doctor Doom style with all sorts of magic, and science incorporated to guarantee safety from most things, what material, magics, and sciences would i use? Pic unrelated.

>> No.42915770

The burden of evidence falls on you, and all you are saying is 'because' and 'just do it'. It doesn't help that you have your head so far up your ass that you won't acknowledge a counter point in any reasonable fashion.

>> No.42915797

>What gives a robot the right to decide what humans should do?
Well, he died for our sins. Traditionally, people tend to let inhuman beings lecture us on morality if they do that.

>> No.42915798

What evidence do you require? And for what? You seem to have become confused about what we're discussing.

>> No.42915804

>mfw this is what counts as 'humanity'
It's about that time.

>> No.42915821

You sure you want to emulate Dio, red?

>> No.42915833


Theirs a slight problem with this unless you allow for at least some leeway. Humanity has a history of at least thinking it's working with non-human sapients in a role that isn't exactly 'human supremacy'. It's also something so common that you basically have to genocide most of humanity and then brainwash the rest to get rid of it. There's also the fact that what counts as human is something that isn't always agreed on.

The people that believe the fairies will start cursing people if you pave over that rock formation? Non-human collaborators.

The people that believe you should give thanks to the spirit of the animal killed for the meal? Non-human collaborators

The people that are concerned about environmentalism because they think the planet is alive and dying? Non-human collaborators.

The people on the side of post-human super soldiers that became cyborgs because humanity needed a better weapon but think the cyborg deserve equal rights? Potentially non-human collaborators.

People not protesting a cure for death and not trying to stop genetic engineering? Potentially non-human collaborators.

The people that believe your a God sent to uplift humanity? Potentially non human collaborators if you took any option that makes your humanity debatable.

>> No.42915850

Marvel cinematic universe

>> No.42915853

You don't get it, anon.


>> No.42915859

See the following jumps:
Tenchi Muyo: SO and SoL
Maoyuu Hero and Demon King
Ar Tonelico
Wheel of Time
Lord of the Rings
God of War
Cardcaptor Sakura
Viking Saga

Grab the magic, science, and crafting perks there and you should be set.

>> No.42915869

Why not? She is already a terrible person.

>> No.42915873

Slight update to True Lies that can be found on the PDF in the "to be sorted" folder.

With "Care to Tango", mastering other dances no longer takes months but days.

>> No.42915922

The validity of the belief you seem to be trying to shove on us here. If you can't give a half-decent argument for it and give actually facts and not childish remarks like 'it doesn't need justification, just do it' then no one is going to give you the time of day, much less consider your opinion remotely valid.

>> No.42915929

Well one of the best tech perks would be Chosen of Death from Lord of Light. BanjoKazooie has a good Magitech perk for making your magic and tech play well together. Marvel has some of the most notable materials; Uru, Adamantium, and Vibranium. You will also likely want some nanomachines for it, so Iji, Gunnm, Generator Rex

>> No.42915945

Why isn't it valid? I've seen nothing else from you except the belief that it's bad because love and harmony.

>> No.42915958


>Build: Medium
>Body Type: Athlete 100
Endurance 3 150
Speed 4 100
Dexterity 2 free
Sense 3 150
Flexibility 1 free
Metavore 100

>>Cosmic Warehouse
Electricity 10
Plumbing 10
Heat/AC 10
Forcewall 20
Shelving free
Stasis Pod x3 60
Free Space 30
Food Supply 10

>> No.42915966

Pick up a Spirit of Intellect in the Dresden Files Jump, and learn to make your own Foci through the meaning the materials have rather than relying on supposed magical properties of woods and cores.

>> No.42915971

Well to be fair, I've probably left my humanity a LONG time ago.

But then again, I define being 'human' as different from being a 'person'. Is there some significant overlap if we were to look at the various definitions available? Hell yes. But just because you're not human doesn't mean you're automatically a dick.

I dunno, I guess it's important to make that distinction? But every side can have its fanatics, so I'm probably wrong. The important thing at the end of the day is to be a good person.

>> No.42915985

Humanity: a nice place to start out, but too confining an address for an extended stay.

>> No.42916025

>This is what the Chain does. Takes all the definition from you, until the question stops being "who am I?" and becomes "who am I NOT?"

I dunno about that. I stopped defining myself by my meat and started defining myself by what am I to the world around me and within myself. I help people, I am a helper. I could rule people, but I am not a ruler. Yes, even when I rule.

>> No.42916027

On the contrary. I think trying to elevate your species above any other species does require justification. If there is other intelligent life out there, why is it not worthy of equality with humanity? Why is the human species deserving of more?

This is especially true if the human species by itself cannot achieve more on its own. If it needs you, a being from beyond the Stars, to elevate itself, then it's clearly unworthy of being elevated.

>> No.42916044


Not that anon, but a big issue is that it's basically impossible. After all anything capable of enforcing it probably doesn't qualify as human, and letting something inhuman enforce things is technically not human supremacy.

>> No.42916051

It's also bad because in order to even go that far you humanity stops being humanity in the process and become more like Daleks. Unless you have a VERY loose definition of humanity.

Also because there are non-human races that can wipe you out from reality without beating an eye if you stick to the limits of humans. That's a pretty good reason.

>> No.42916056

>All this talk of if you're human or even yourself anymore.

Robocop, "Anon, it's you!"

>> No.42916062

>I stopped defining myself by my meat and started defining myself by what am I to the world around me and within myself.
I'm right there with you in the beginning, you kind of lose me in the middle, but you pick back up toward the end.

The meatsuit is a fun, useful component to who I am, but it's just something I do and I wear. I am will; I am action and intent, more than anything else.

>> No.42916072

Yes, but how many lives have you lived? How many faces have you worn? Unless you've contracted some form of overpowering Space Madness (or bought a perk that rewires your brain significantly), I doubt after long enough you can even retain a singular identity, having lived so many lives. Who are you NOT?

Is Jumper an "I" or a "we?" These are the doubts that haunt me/us, and perhaps you should be worried as well.

>> No.42916080

Because it is not human, but you are. All life seeks what is best for itself, true? That includes humans. Doing what you can to make your species supreme and thus improve their situation is thus a natural thing.

I have been human half a thousand times and will be half a thousand times more.

Humanity evolves is still humanity.

>> No.42916089

All identities are the life of one. They are all part of one whole that is I, and I is what it will thus be.

>> No.42916097

You ignored the rest of my point. You can't cherry pick, you fuck.

>> No.42916109

>Humanity evolves is still humanity.
That may be true in an existential sense, but not in a biological sense. Eventually evolution will change humanity enough that humans will no longer recognizably be human.

So what then? Do you find one level of humanity and freeze them there?

>> No.42916115

Which point is that, anon? There are three of you.

>> No.42916126

Anon, are you aware of a concept called Cladistics? A category should include a lifeform and all life descended from it in cladistics. So yes, in a biological sense, we could group what's descended from humanity under 'human'.

>> No.42916138

>Yes, but how many lives have you lived? How many faces have you worn? Unless you've contracted some form of overpowering Space Madness (or bought a perk that rewires your brain significantly), I doubt after long enough you can even retain a singular identity, having lived so many lives.
Alternatively, just go Drop In! Problem solved!

>> No.42916158

Your logic doesn't follow. All life seeks what's best for itself, but why is what's best for your species best for yourself? I think a universe with a plethora of sapient lifeforms living in harmony is much better for me than one where there's just one subjugating the others, or wiping them out. More art, more science, more knowledge, more beauty, more life, more options. Why not be as greedy as I can and embrace all life?

Unless you can demonstrate that good for humanity equates to good for me, then your argument isn't logical.

>> No.42916159

The third one. You claim that humanity should do what's best for itself. Marching blindly forward and trying to enact supremacy, only to be erased from reality by some manner of lovecraftian elder being i'd say that runs contrary to 'what is best'.

>> No.42916172

Because at its core, what is best for the species is to continue to exist. And thus, securing that existence and having the most room to spread that existence.

Very few universes have those, and if they are there then that's why I exist to help.

>> No.42916183

Fringe taxonomical method please go, we don't serve your kind here.

>> No.42916189

A person isn't a face, Anon. Memory is just data, and commonly corrupts even in my real life. If I lose all my memories, I am still me, just with less guidance.

So, my identity is the future I build and the present spent working toward it. I help people, and in the future maybe things are better. Who cares about a tissue configuration in the face of that?

>> No.42916213

Is that what they call "Picking up and more and more widespread support" these days?

>> No.42916219

This. There are beings out there you need to basically stop being whatever screw head definition of 'humanity' you hold in order to stalemate against, much less beat.

So by that standard, you are a hypocrite of your own beliefs if you think you have the ability to counter them. You aren't human anymore. You are something more.

>> No.42916232

I have chosen the human race in every single jump I've gone to. I've never been anything else.

>> No.42916251

See, you completely ignored what I said. What's best for humanity isn't necessarily what's best for ME personally. So why should I put my species above my own interests?

>> No.42916259

And how many jumps have you done? What perks have you taken? List them, and we'll decide just how 'human' you are.

>> No.42916262

All origins, identities, and people I have been, am, and will be are simply layers of paint and lacquer.

There's a fuckload of them, and sometimes it gets muddled and the colors clash and it's obvious the painter didn't know wtf he was doing at some points. But underneath all of that, there is always the base. The main identity.

>> No.42916274

Then are you saying you are selfish?
You want me to paste 500 builds for you?

>> No.42916288

>All life seeks what is best for itself, true?
Make up your mind as to what your argument is, then try this human supremacy bullshit again.

>> No.42916300

The interests of the individual are meant to be interests of the species at their core. The things you want are incentivized by instincts to result in what spreads your genes and thus your species.

>> No.42916303

>giving a shit if someone wants to be the God-Emperor and is dedicated to the idea

You're fighting an uphill battle fam

>> No.42916309

See >>42916288

You've lost credibility.

>> No.42916322

Stating "You lose!" isn't an argument, or a counterpoint, or a symbol of anything other than that you didn't understand what I said in the first place.

>> No.42916365

My jumper in a nutshell.

>> No.42916410

Jumpers, if you had a theme song for you, your party or your journeys, what would it be?

>> No.42916412

I for one don't give a shit if they want to go God-Emperor.

Given that most of us here seem to have an higher interest in cooperation with other intelligent species must count for something then if the interests of the individual reflect the core of the species.

What even is your point in bringing all this up anyways? It doesn't seem like you care to hear anything to the contrary at all, or try to bring others over to your beliefs. Are you just saying it to say it?

>> No.42916421


>I have been human half a thousand times and will be half a thousand times more.

Permanently enforcing things basically requires enough power to have absolute control over every aspect of the area humanity is occupying.

Most of your supporters probably won't consider you human at that point.


Allowing transhumanism creates a slight problem with your ideology. Unless your omniscient or have enough research perks that you might as well be their is the question of if the non-humans are non-human or not.

In settings with a long enough history it's entirely possible that several non-human species are the result of groups of humans evolving into something else.

Targeting them for removal and/or subjugation but not future cases of humanity changing is a contradiction.


This becomes a lot less valid when you don't have to worry about the problems that make spreading genes important.

Or are the interests of humanity some random person gaining potentially god-like power from making a deal to serve as the entertainment for a bored mysterious probably inhuman being until a dormant inhuman power within them ignites and they become an interdimensional being whose very form is nothing but a matter of will and preference?

Also if it's just genetics that are important it would be trivially easy for a sufficiently long term jumper to just make everyone human.

>> No.42916427

Most of you have betrayed your species then, and no longer count as human. Hell, most of you have literally been non-human often enough. So you obviously are no longer human.

And if you'll look at the original post, it was just asking if anyone else dedicated themselves to human supremacy.

>> No.42916435


>> No.42916447

And you are pretty alone in that.

>> No.42916453

I saw one post that might have implied the same.

>> No.42916468

Would you consider Jump-chan not human? I would. What plan do you have to be superior to her that isn't going to make everyone hate the shit out of you in these threads?

>> No.42916482

It changes depending on how batshit insane I am during the jump in question.

>> No.42916498

She's a non-factor as she exists outside of any reality I would be in.

>> No.42916506

He's saying you lose because you're incoherently ranting about how humanity is totally the best and you should just kill or subjugate any other species. You're rather clearly the sort of person who reads humanity fuck yeah threads with a hand in their pants and completely misses the implications of genociding sapients. You're basically advocating Nazism on a larger scale with your moronic incoherent arguments that totally fail to account for the fact that humanity isn't some unified hive mind with each individual body as a tool of the species.

Your argument is moronic, creepy, and frequently nonsensical. It's also extremely close to Nazi propaganda only with species in place of race.

>> No.42916516

It would be a mix of these two:

>> No.42916531

There goes Godwin's Law.

>> No.42916541

So, when you're preaching your human supremacy, do you wear a hood? Is it white? I get the feeling that it would be white, and maybe pointy.

>> No.42916586

Thing is it's actually applicable here. I'm not just calling him a Nazi for the hell of it. He's actively advocating genocide of sapient beings for the crime of being different from him.

>> No.42916589

>OH she exists but she isn't in the way so I'll give her a pass.

Hypocritical. You can't just ignore non-humans out of convenience because you arn't confident you can outdo them and then talk about wiping out the rest. That's not true supremacy. You need to be able to be superior to beings like her as well.

>> No.42916598

Hi, /pol/.

You looking for a new home? I heard you may get evicted. That would make me sad. No, really, it would. I might even cry real tears.

Maybe you and /r9k/ can find a place together?

>> No.42916635

Man no matter how dumb you think a post is, the guy whining and trying to redirect them to another board/site always comes across s the most retarded.

>> No.42916651

The issue is that a being outside of the universe explicitly does not take up space or resources that could be used by humans.

>> No.42916658

And yet they are still superior and a potential threat.

>> No.42916673

Implying you would only want humanity to stay restricted to a single universe, or multiple and not eventually move outside of the universe.

>> No.42916685

There is nothing outside the universes.

>> No.42916689


>> No.42916692

Safety Dance. No particular reason, I just like it.

>> No.42916703

How do you know that? Besides, isn't more room for humanity also a valuable resource?

>> No.42916715


>> No.42916716

There's literally no space. As in, nothing can physically exist there as the concept of space and room do not exist.

>> No.42916729

Again. How do you KNOW that?

>> No.42916730

I really miss the literal video of that song. It was so great.

>> No.42916743

Because science.

>> No.42916751

Citation needed.

>> No.42916767

Look it up.

>> No.42916785

The one making the claim is the one who needs to provide evidence. Citation is needed.

>> No.42916810

It's still good form to cite your sources.

>> No.42916813


The Doctor Who multiverse has the Swimmers giant life forms that live within the void between universes, and Magic the Gathering has the Eldrazi that are native to the Blind Eternities the space between universes that planeswalkers pass through when moving between planes.


Ah yes modern science. The result of research into one universe that seemingly lacks various forces a jumper takes advantage of casually, and that's major theories for explaining the universe are not completely compatible.

It looks a little incomplete.

>> No.42916837

Isn't the jumper's spark explicitly a Magic the Gathering planeswalker spark? That means there is space between realities as far as jumping is concerned.

>> No.42916841

Nice Tumblr tactic, there. Make a spurious claim, then when someone asks you to cite your source you state that it's not your responsability to educate people.

Well done, xir.

>> No.42916854


Because the company that owns the song is greedy enough to block a parody version on youtube.

>> No.42916873


It's slightly upgraded from the canon version(at least in terms of travel limits), but it is called a planeswalker spark.

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