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Why are barbarians a class instead of a race?

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Because it's not genetic.

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>posts a fashion model in lingerie with a toy sword

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In EverQuest, Barbarians were a race. Barbarians were like an older race of Humans (Humans evolved from Barbarians) who lived in the northern tundra and practiced shamanism and believed in the survival of the fittest and such. They were stronger than humans (the strongest non-monster race) but not as intelligent or charismatic, not as numerous, and not as adaptive (not many class options).

Eventually, EverQuest introduced a class that was like the Barbarian class. They named that class Berserker. You could be a Barbarian Berserker.

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>being this retarded and being able to turn on the computer

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In a lot of classic fantasy, it kind of is. Robert E. Howard made a pretty big deal about genetic differences between human races, for example.

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Because not all settings require Barbarians to come from a specific culture/race, and it's easier to try and make stuff which is not setting-specific. You can restrict being a Barbarian to difference races if you want, but that's your decision.

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Because both humans and orcs can be barbarians, and they're staple classes to both?

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"Yeah, what kind of fail barbarian is half nude and has a physically attractive body?" - an absolute retard

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Why not make an optional barbarian background for every race? After that, you can chose if you want to be a warrior, rogue or whatever.

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Nobody went around calling themselves barbarians either so its not a race.

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Relevant people did sven.
Now fuck off back to your side of the wall, you fucking retarded dipshit barbarian and go play in a fucking puddle of your own shit and urine.

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If you change class to barbarian do you have to go to rage school and buy skimpy outfits?

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>Because not all settings require Barbarians to come from a specific culture/race...

But most of them do. Barbarians are generally defined by the fact they come from a barbarian tribe. You are born as a barbarian. It isn't something that you can learn later in life.

As for non-human barbarians, most non-humans who make sense as barbarians are inherently barbaric. A barbarian orc is not meaningfully different to any other orc except in terms of game mechanics. All orcs are barbaric. For a few races there are barbaric and civilised types, but they are usually considered sub-races (like wood elves, who are effectively the barbaric version of elves).

If barbarians aren't considered a race, then you have the absurd situation where the majority of people in a barbarian tribe aren't barbarians. If you really, really want a character class based around being angry, call them 'berserkers' or something.

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Because in the mid to late 90s, being a Barbarian became cool and it stuck and infested loads of tabletop gaming.
In older D&D editions for example, being a Barbarian was a kit you could attach to most classes that just said that you were from a barbarian tribe, you had some natural proficiencies with shit related to being a barbarian, but you also were a crazy mother fucker who couldn't read.
3e then took the Berserker fighter-kit and made that into its own class called the Barbarian.

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Yeah, sadly this. AD&D had the best system for barbarian-ism in any game I've played. It being a template was the best answer, and in latter games keeping it as an Archetype would have been better than making it a class.

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I guess that would depend on the setting, but usually, it seems like any race can be a barbarian, that there are barbarian dwarven tribes and barbarian elven tribes and barbarian human tribes and barbarian orc tribes and mixed barbarian tribes.

Honestly, I feel like "barbarian" shouldn't be a race or a class. It should be a background. That makes way more sense to me. I think you're right that berserker works better as a class than "barbarian," though.

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Berserker was such a fun fighter-kit.

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>...usually, it seems like any race can be a barbarian, that there are barbarian dwarven tribes and barbarian elven tribes and barbarian human tribes and barbarian orc tribes and mixed barbarian tribes.

Is that an actual thing in any setting which wasn't written for D&D?

Barbarian elves seem to be a fairly common thing, but they usually aren't anything like D&D barbarians and D&D already has rules for different elf cultures.

I guess Warhammer has (or had) Savage Orcs and Forest Goblins, which are even-more-barbaric than normal greenskins.

I'm pretty sure I've never seen barbarian dwarves outside of D&D.

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>massive quads for leaping
>big ass glutes also for leaping
>not wearing much
>covered in bitches

Could not be more barbarian if she tried.


actually some of them did adopt the mantle of "barbarian" - people forget that "barbarian" is the greek term, the roman term was "germanic".

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That's kind of part of the issue. Made worse by the fact that even D&D barbarian races don't fit with the barbarian class.

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>Barbarian fashion corner of every well-equipped adventurer store
>"New season's loincloths now in!"
>"50% off last years chainmail bikinis"

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"Wood Elves" are generally rangers/druids, and they're the "wildest" elves - of course, when it's elves you can handwave "well obviously these elves have been living in the woods for so long they've grown away from the high elves to become Wood Elves" a bit easier than "these humans who've lived in the cold north have grown to become Barbarian Humans."

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The crown in this pic is extremely familiar to me, but I can't remember where I saw it before. Does anybody know where this model comes from?

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Because the first time they were introduced, races WERE classes i.e. Dwarf was a class. The race/class dynamic came later and the designers wanted to keep the ideas they had for barbarians, which were to numerous for a race benefit. Later editions followed suit.

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True, but I don't think he would have had a "Barbarian" race, were he alive today and of a mind to work on a Conan RPG. He'd have Cimmerians, Kushites, Hyrkanians, and so on, but not "barbarian."

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>Obvious Bait
Mongols, Zulu Warriors, Celts, Aztec Jaguar Warriors, and Apache are all 'barbarians' but difference races.

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>Barbarians are generally defined by the fact they come from a barbarian tribe.

Okay, but that Barbarian tribe could be from the cold steppes, the misty hills, or the deep jungle. Thousands of miles could separate two tribes of barbarians, neither of which have any contact with each or or even remotely similar cultures.

It doesn't make sense for barbarians to be a race.

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Man that is a lot of equivocating between different things. A barbaric person is not a barbarian, they are merely violent, brutish, and unsophisticated. You can have barbaric hunters, cooks, nobles, sheriffs, and other professions from both civilized and tribal areas.

Orcs are barbaric, but not all of them are powerful warriors who call upon their inner rage/the spirits of nature/the need for war aka barbarians. In fact in most tribes the vast majority won't be barbarians, the warriors of tribal groups. They will be cooks, crafters, foragers, hunters and so on.

In addition, the word barbarian, in contexts other than RPGs, literally only means ancient people that don't come from any of the three "great" civilizations of ancient times, the Greeks, Romans, and Christians . In the context of RPGs it means an untrained warrior who calls upon some reserve of savagery to fell his opponents. This could be expressed as rage, as an adrenaline junkie in battle, or as being empowered by nature spirits of killing.

So yes the class is inappropriately named, but it has several decades of cultural inertia behind it and you aren't going to change that. Its has a consistent definition of brutish and savage warrior who calls upon nature and rage in both video games and TTRPGs. Besides only autists who hate evolving language get upset about that sort of thing.

So yes, its a class and not a race and it makes perfect sense if you arent a moron.


Except you're wrong. Wood elves are not the "wildest" elf race, that would be Wild elves. And they are mostly barbarians and rangers. The more intellectual among them are druids. Wood elves also have a high rate of barbarians along side rangers and druids.

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>reading this thread
>bar bar bar bar bar bar

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That's because the different races in Conan series WERE sort of different races, they then all interbred and became modern humans.

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Why are you wearing Celtic inspired scale and carrying a celtic inspired shield?

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i think you're taking the name of the class too seriously

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>bar bar bar
>bar bare-ian
>point buying eased
>but I never was very pleased
>prioritising con, str and dex
>as I fill out your sheet

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They're all one race: the human race.


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Could make it a background.

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That is what it looks like to me. I played 1e and migrated to 2e. All of my RPG theme for Barbarians come from the Conan books.

I pretty much stuck with that and mostly skipped 3e/4e/pf other than a few convention games. So my exposure to the Barbarian class in 5e came as a bit of a shock, as you might expect.

It has nearly nothing to do with its earlier builds or earlier themes.

It is actually the one part of the game I am really disappointed in. But that has more to do with 'old school' and not seeing how the class has migrate in theme over the years I guess.

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>Could not be more barbarian if she tried.
She could be spilling/covered in the blood of her enemies.

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I think that a Bob Howard classification system for the people in his setting would probably group them into the stage of development they were in like Savage > Barbaric > Civilized > Decadent > Degenerate > Savage where everyone is constantly falling back into sub-human savagery before clawing their way up to civilization and eventually collapsing into decadence and eventually becoming savages again.

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In my system anyone who learns how to channel their rage into explosive combat power can be a 'barbarian'. This is represented by taking a rank in one of several character progression 'kits'. For the full Barbarian experience there are also wilderness survival kits, shamanistic ones, and totem worship of animals to gain their strength.

Pic related is one of my players' characters transformed into dire bear form, she's probably going to take some form of Rage ability at higher levels.

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Dude, barbarian women are like the only time you can consistently get away with warriors that are mostly-nude titty women, stop bitching.

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>tfw her biceps are bigger than yours

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Actually you pretty much always can, provided you don't play fantasy games with predictable narcissists who are mad that no one wants to play their fire emblemXgame of thrones yaoi homebrew.

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I like this

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Time to start lifting, honey

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>She could be spilling/covered in the blood of her enemies.

Not if she's killed them all and slavs haven't been invented yet and kebabs are as yet but a dream of a turkish sheep farmer holding a poker.

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What is her name? I've got a boner in my heart for her, jesus christ.

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dude, that's just chinups, no weights required

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>What is her name?

Anon, I'm going to show you a magic trick.

Are you ready?

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Conan never strolled around half naked in novels.
He had proper clothes, corresponding to local culture.

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Pic related

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any uncivilized shithead can be a barbarian
it's like saying illiterate people are their own race

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But...they aren't, fucking normie.

By all means hers might be more toned but she's still pretty twiggy

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>tfw her biceps are bigger than yours

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Her quadriceps aren't really huge.
And glutes pumped for practical use don't look like that either.
But primitive tribal cultures are know for extensive clothing and garments, only exept those who are living in warm and humid climates.
I know it is fantasy, so boobarmor is always justified because of the target audience of wankers, but saying that being half-naked for barbarian is more justified is just silly.

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>of the three "great" civilizations of ancient times, the Greeks, Romans, and Christians
What about Egypt? Babylon? Persia? Ancient China?
Is this stormfront? Why so much "MUH HERITAGE" of a sudden?

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Because we aren't playing first edition anymore where it's the same thing.

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I'm a bit baffled by Aztecs being there too. How are Aztecs not civilized? They had a huge empire and lived in massive cities.

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Because niggers and Slavs would be offended.

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>Huge empires throughout centuries
>Strong influence on international scene
>Contributions in various fields
Stay proud, Cletus MacPlebeian.

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because it these 3 civilizations called everyone who didnt know their language or customs barbarions you sad sack of sjw!

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...great now I'm trying to figure out how a conspiracy of "The Illiterati" would work. Like, is that the only way to render yourself immune to Fnords, and if so who writes all the fnords?

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Because anybody can get really, really angry. It's not some elite trait that only a small part of the population can do.

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He was writing in a time of eugenics and phrenology.
God I love him, though.

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That's LEGION. LORICA. you filthy savage.

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The image would be so much better with shota twins at her feet.

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That filename, my sides and my heart

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>0 results

Sweet magic trick

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He really is god-tier reading material.

Even the stuff that hits a touch close to home on the PC front is fucking amazing.
I'm not SJW but I did end up glancing over my shoulder as I was fucking cracking up when reading about the Mad Voodoo Nig-nogs and Black Heart of DARK ZIMBABWE in The Gristly Horror.
To be fair though he isn't totally kind of Whitey as well, if you've ever read the Horror in the Mound.

But yeah, god I wish I hadn't read all his stuff already, just so I could go back and read them again, the Worms of the Earth is just such a good concept, doubly so when you realize that its implied they're [/spoiler] The serpent folk of the Krull saga, who were driven back by the Picts, having become debased to the point of true horror by the time Bran Mak Morn finds them and surviving through to the modern day deep under the earth of wales. As a Welshman, that shit is just fuckin' cool. and historically accurate

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>Lesbian Barbarians

Boner imminent.

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....they are? Ask the opinion of Muslim, Persian, Russian, and Chinese civilizations. You'll see.

The furry hatted steppe nomad with his Fu-Manchu stache is right up there with the Viking and the fur-wearing berserker in the category of "Popular Images of Barbarian Peoples."

>"Were the Mongols a race of angels, they would still be an abomination. Were the name 'Mongol' written in letters of Gold, it would still be a vile name."

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>>42888128 here
Wrong faggot.
Jewels of Gwahlur explicitly states he wears a loincloth throughout, mostly because anything heavier would have weighted him down when he was having to climb up the cliffs.
Tower of the Elephant, same situation; Conan wears what's appropriate for the area around him in most stories basically.
And Vale of Lost Women has him just wearing tribal shit which is never explicitly stated to be a loincloth, but he's basically in bunga-bunga land.

You are right in that he tries to wear armor when he can though which is what I'm guessing you're getting at.
But it is pretty much archetypical for barbarians not to wear much, no matter their gender, that was the style of the time and we've inherited it.
>Cave Girl
>Bran Mak Morn
>Kinda Krull, its implied before he became King in a civilized land and they got him to put on some pants

Don't make it a gender issue.

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>actually some of them did adopt the mantle of "barbarian" - people forget that "barbarian" is the greek term, the roman term was "germanic".

None of the Barbarians thought themselves as barbarians. They saw themselves as a dignified people and not brainless nignogs others thought of them.

Furthermore Barbarians always strove to be something other than what they are. Germanics tried to live like Romans, Mongols tried to live like the Chinese, and so on. None of them adopted the Conan-the-Barbarian style philosophy of LOL CIVILIZED PEOPLE SO SOFT UNLIKE ME MADE HARD OF THE ELEMENTS. They always wanted something better.

Ironically the people who had that line of thinking was Hellenic Era Greece. LOL ASIANS SO CIVILIZED & HEDONISTIC UNLIKE US WHO ARE IN CONSTANT WAR AND DISIRPRINE

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I thought he was mildly racist, much less so than I expected for the era he wrote in- He was a contemporary of Lovecraft, after all, but while most of the savages were black-skinned nubians, a lot of the civilized folk were too, and he didn't seem to sort good/bad based on skin color exclusively.

And then I got to the Picts, and jesus does Conan (and presumably Howard) hate Picts.

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A barbarian thread? YES! You guys might be able to help me. There was a pic of a woman(a real woman) dressed as a barbarian, in brown leather bikini armor, she had a coin purse on a chain across her chest, and had long blonde hair, and was looking off slightly off frame at something with a somewhat disgusted look on her face. She is hold a sword too. The pic look like something out of a old vintage magazine or book. I could save it, as I was using a pc at work during a break.

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Oh he's certainly no Lovecraft with his frothing hatred for the Nigs and Conan is pretty much everyone has good people and bad.
Hell, Solomon Kane is progressive as balls for the era, look at the Black Shaman who's Solomon's BFF, they actually have a talk in his native language about how his magic might be pagan, but its how he uses it, not where it comes from that defines if it is evil.

And Howard doesn't even hate the Picts really, 2 of his great heroic characters, Bran Mak Morn and Brule the Spearcarrier are Pictish and are baller as fuck.
Conan hates the Picts, but that's a matter of culture and shit.

But yeah, his works vary from pretty good even today to fair for its time, in terms of how racist they are and no one should really let it colour their opinion because they are so fucking good.

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>And Howard doesn't even hate the Picts really, 2 of his great heroic characters, Bran Mak Morn and Brule the Spearcarrier are Pictish and are baller as fuck.
Sheeeit, really? I need to read more of them.

Know what I'm getting at the library next time.

>> No.42888816

Gutenberg project has them.
Go forth my son, Bran Mak Morn, as I said, is my favorite.

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>Lesbian Barbarians
Those are called amazons anon

>> No.42890675

>>Lesbian Barbarians
>Those are called amazons anon
But amazons love femdom and /ss/ too much for them to be lesbians

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I generally think of (fur clad) Barbarians as kinda weird outside the whole Conan world.

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Because, whatever those assholi at the Forum would have you believe, the ability to speak real language, rather than just going "Bar-bar-bar", is a class feature, not a race feature

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>I think other people give a shit about how I define things

>> No.42891391

I guess it's a good thing we're not required to copy shit that other people created.

>> No.42891411

Are you okay?

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>> No.42891440

>This is what some people wrote in a book, so we should copy it and never come up with any ideas of our own

>call them berserkers

No thanks, I'll call them barbarians.

>> No.42891459

Making it a class is better.

>> No.42891463

You mean Basic, etc, the edition where *everyone* is a shitty stereotype?

>> No.42891511

Why would barbarians be a race or a class? You don't have urbanite, suburbanite, or hobo classes.

>> No.42891563

No one cares.

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How can you fail at google 1.01

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What do you mean "get away with"? Who are you trying to appease?

Pic related, a non-barbarian woman in skimpy armor.

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File: 1.63 MB, 360x270, RATTLERATTLERATTLE.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>red sunja

More like red tsundere, amirite?

>> No.42891600

They weren't white.

>> No.42891608

>Why are elves a class instead of a race?

>> No.42891687

>Who are you trying to appease?

>> No.42891759


Because there's things like "golden dwarves" and "high dwarves" in some setting who are completely and utterly the same as any of the other dwarves, except they have a specific culture and history - like the thing that differentiates golden dwarves from other dwarves is that they live at a particular depth so that when, this one time in the forgotten realms' history, all the underdark monsters and drow basically went NOPE because of illithids or arboleths or something popping into existence or being eaten by something suddenly and so everything else tried to en mass invade upwards, the golden dwarves were less effected by this than other dwarven communities. So are unjustifiably smug and almost elven in their pretentiousness and sense of superiority.

The same can be said with quite a few "sub-types" of elves.

So having say "Northern humans" or "barbarian humans" as a race makes a lot more sense in that context.

>> No.42891813

>the roman term was "germanic".
No, the Greeks used the term barbarian to refer to anyone not Greek. The Romans only referred to the Germanic tribes as Germanic, and iirc they also used the term barbarian (or some slight variation on it) to refer to non-Romans.

>> No.42891835

That sounds like a 3.P only problem and you just described ethic groups at best

>> No.42891846

Because being an angry nigga knows no boundaries of race or culture

>> No.42891851

Thank you, blessed father. I shall ride forth and conquer.

Seriously, I didn't realize he was old enough to be free. Is book copyright semi-sane, or did they just not get renewed/covered?

>> No.42891853

Because that would be racist, anon.

>> No.42893691

I could see a barbarian race, in fact many settings have them, but there needs to be allowances for barbarians not of that race to exist

>> No.42893710

Because all of the following races can become barbarians:

>> No.42894268

Surely you are anon's keeper, the finder of lost newfriends.

>> No.42894944

Copyright law is based on Mickey Mouse. Literally. As in, every time Mickey's first cartoon appearance gets close to hitting public domain, Disney's friends in the legislative branch start lobbying to extend copyright again. So anything pre-Mickey might hit public domain, but you can be sure nothing after that ever will.

>> No.42897584

Someone needs to take down the mouse

>> No.42897610

I dunno, I'm pretty sure the Picts and Cimbri went into battle naked. Not saying they hung out naked, mind.

>> No.42899413

Image results are tailored to one's search history, just cause you get one doesn't guarantee everyone will get a hit

>> No.42899764

Ice the Mouse!

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>Honestly, I feel like "barbarian" shouldn't be a race or a class. It should be a background. That makes way more sense to me. I think you're right that berserker works better as a class than "barbarian," though.


As a class, I strongly feel that Fighter needs more credit. It's fine for a warrior character to have a theme, like berserker or heavy shield or mounted, but there's zero reason for everything to be subdivided into it's own class.

Maybe Paladin and Ranger, since those are basically hybrids, but even they could done with backgrounds and multi-classing.

>> No.42900371

>What do you mean "get away with"?
>Pic related, a non-barbarian woman in skimpy armor.

>Implying that your image isn't blatantly unacceptable

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>The only vulnerable parts of the woman are the breasts, the vagina and possibly the butt and clavicles

Does this mean the power of the uterus can be counteracted by a monk subclass known as the cuntpunter, that specializes in various vagina-centric attacks?

>> No.42900696

Dude Christians were the Taliban of antiquity. And a religion not a culture.
The third culture in the Mediterranean you are looking for is persia.

>> No.42900850

Because barbarian can be of different races. Even stereotype is split between human and orc.

But hey if you are doing a setting in which the only races are variants of humans then you can make an all-barbarian nomads. Except for shamans.

>> No.42900853

Nope, that's pretty much the case with any great empire in history.

>> No.42901839

Take it up with the people who wrote the definition at Google, dictionary.com, and probably a few others. In fact going through the various online dictionaries, I'm finding that the definition is basically that it describes either a people different from your own and who are viewed as inferior or as someone who lacks refinement, learning or artistic/literary culture.

So basically everyone here who thinks it describes anything like tribal cultures or Orcs or any of that are just as wrong. There is no actual barbarian people, but only cultures you find, in your opinion, inferior to your own.

>> No.42903444
File: 150 KB, 679x886, Boris%20Vallejo%20-%201977%20-%20My%20Lord%20the%20Barbarian[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.42903603
File: 1.01 MB, 830x1138, 1354829219661.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This thread is shit, time to dump barbarian qts

>> No.42903614
File: 507 KB, 394x900, 1354696979693.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.42903645
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>> No.42903668

Yes. YOu even have vancian rage.

>> No.42903680
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>> No.42903685

They really never had anything as bad as Sharia law, though. Its not a good comparison.

>> No.42903697
File: 298 KB, 900x1289, 1355141433047.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.42903768
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>> No.42903954

Because barbarians tend to live in clans or tribes, which are usually small compared to racial factions and normally are not unique racial representations (it's most often "the barbarian tribes, not tribe, and having every tribe get it's own racial entry would be inefficient unless they were the focus of the campaign).

>> No.42903987

>Barbarians are generally defined by the fact they come from a barbarian tribe. You are born as a barbarian. It isn't something that you can learn later in life.
I disagree, there's plenty of room for someone who's "gone native" and abandoned civilization by choice.

>> No.42905291
File: 129 KB, 900x630, inquisitionvictim.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>They really never had anything as bad as Sharia law, though

You sure about that?

>> No.42905375

Yeah but look at sweden and you will see that it isnt genetic at all.

>> No.42905380

the inqusition were relatively good by the standards of their time, tbh

>> No.42905389

The Inquisition is an organization and not a set of religious laws

>> No.42905390

Because the word barbarian refers to a type, (or class, if you will,) of person, not a nation or race of people.
Barbarian is just another way of saying foreigner. Your question is stupid.

>> No.42907316

Learn your history

>> No.42907411

Inquisitors were like sharia enforcers.

>> No.42907602

See >>42907316

>> No.42907891

I'd play a fire emblem x game of thrones yaoi homebrew.
Roy and Rob on the wall! Dragon cavalry! Hot dick on ass action! Marth and Jaime hate fuck rivalry!

You know it'd be fun if you went in without half a shit to give and played game of thrones through a lens of a hyper-gay fire emblem game WHERE FRIENDSHIP ALWAYS WINS.

>> No.42908482

Second this guy, if anyone knows what he's talking about. I'd kinda like to see that picture.

>> No.42909066

idk why are you a giant autist instead of aborted

>> No.42909158

Because all life is sacred.

Unless it belongs to people that are outside my societal demographic.


>> No.42909209


>> No.42909306

open in private they you bonelord

>> No.42911578

Because it's a way of life, not a race

>> No.42914730

Still doesn't work

>> No.42915227


He said Aztec janguar warriors, not all Aztecs. I don't know anything about them so I am not sure what makes them so barbaric though.

>> No.42915866


Let me put this in terms 4chan can understand:

Have you ever made someone so mad that they did something dumb?

Sure you have, maybe you poked them enough that they yelled at you during class and got in trouble with the teacher for disrupting the lesson, maybe you got them to rage quit a videogame... Maybe you taunted them into dropping their guard and giving you an easy counter attack.

Angry people are stupid sometimes, and a barbarian will never pretend to be any smarter while calm than he will be while having a bad day. That's his culture, angry without pretense of civility. However, the barbarian as a class is about how to use anger effectively.

They get additional rage uses, so they don't burn themselves out. They also learn to gain power from rage, channeling it into a single powerful blow instead of a bunch of weak fury swipes like an angry cat. Also, while being hit normally makes a mad person madder, barbarians shrug off such damage even without armor.

Your original post only seems like a paradox because you've confused 'race' and 'culture.'. A barbarian is a culture and a class the way a military unit has both a skill set and a heritage of tradition. 'Race' deals with inborn features, and no one is born with big muscles. If you're fat and lazy, it's not because you weren't born in a barbarian tribe, you can get plenty fat eating roast meat and quaffing ale. Americans are fat and lazy because they have options like Italian pizza delivery and Japanese TVs, but taking those options is still a choice. A barbarian tribe can have a lazy neck beard who does nothing but carve figures and play dice games, but he won't be considered a "real barbarian," except by every lowland scholar who considers "tribals" to be fat and lazy idiots who never made an effort to learn a written language

>> No.42917684

>Lesbian Barbarians as a race
So... How would you stat them?

>> No.42918650

The guy leaning on the seated guy's chair is like, "Man, this is boring. We're getting nothing but lots of screaming."

>> No.42920192

They guy in front of him to the left just looks annoyed, like "god dammit frank, let him answer some questions before you ask the next one"

>> No.42920194

"There's GOT to be a better way to do this stuff..."

>> No.42920331

A barbarian is as much as a race as a wizard. While genetics can determine a disposition, if a smart person doesn't study they can no more be a wizard then if a barbarian doesn't workout.

Really a barbarian if just a buff insane person.

>> No.42920583


Actually, aren't a lot of fantasy wizards basically inhuman?

Gandalf isn't a human who learned to cast spells. He was 'born' a wizard.

Merlin isn't human. He's the son of a demon.

Harry Potter wizards are basically a separate race to normal humans.

Sword and Sorcery style wizards are usually hinted at being something other than human. Thusula Doom is probably a serpent man disguised as a human, for example.

>> No.42920630

you're right about wizards.

Even in Conan, Cimmerians are just inherently tougher and stronger than anyone, although I think it's a lot more about where and how they were raised.

>> No.42920678


>Implying the drunkard pit-fighter who is one day from retirement and never hard any formal training in combat isn't a Barbarian
>Implying the vagabond warrior-philosopher who goes into a howling blood frenzy in combat isn't a Barbarian
>Implying there's a race out there who are always angry, all the time.

Are you sure you want to be this stupid?

>> No.42920774

Are you really such a D&D fag that you define 'barbarian' as 'angry fighter' rather than someone who comes from a tribal society?

>> No.42921034


If we are talking about the Barbarian class, that obviously implies D&D. And classes are just that, classes. Tools for creating characters. Mechanics don't make a character. They're just a tool that tells you how the character fights and what they do.

Don't be a cunt.

>> No.42921076

True, it's unacceptable. It should be without the bra and pants.

>> No.42921115

what would be an exxample for a degenerate culture in Howard's work?

>> No.42921155

I'm trying to imagine how a class change to barb would work in-universe. Some warrior chick getting instructions on how to rock a fur bikini from her barbarian teacher

>> No.42921178



>> No.42921197

>Gandalf isn't a human who learned to cast spells. He was 'born' a wizard.

no, wizard was a role he took on when he was already thousands of years old. He's a Maiar though, so still inhuman

>> No.42921315


Those black bastards the Picts in Beyond the Black River, or those other black bastards who live in the ruins in Red Nails.

>> No.42921316

Human Species you chucklefuck who didn't pass elementary school level Biology education. Not race but species.

>> No.42921354

He buys a baggie of weird mushrooms. Gets listen and survival as class skills so he can find more mushrooms.

>> No.42921379

No they're not. She's just small generally, eejit. Her muscles may look big proportionally, but it's just because the rest of her's a shrimp.

>> No.42921384

You have different flavors of elves living in the mountains, forests, and underground. Does that also not make sense?

>> No.42921504

>people forget that "barbarian" is the greek term, the roman term was "germanic".
Nope. You are wrong.

"Barbarian" comes from the Roman word "Barbarus" which is the Roman word for foreigner. It is also them mocking foreign speak.

>> No.42921520

>ille ignotus
>nescit "hoi barbaroi"

>> No.42921534

βάρβαρος (barbaros) was before Barbarus, you baiting cock mongling fucktable.

>> No.42921551

I did this irl.

Best decision of my life.

Free drugs that you literally find on the floor is almost enough to make me believe in a benevolent god.

>> No.42921583

wait, when people say this they don't mean the waffen SS do they

>> No.42921590

EverQuest had a pretty cool setting honestly.

>> No.42921614

Note how you yourself refer to those as 'flavors', rather than 'races'.

>> No.42921637
File: 1.33 MB, 2326x1599, 6zeve8L.jpg.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Straight shots. Or "something" shot.
It's child molestation, but it's done by an adult woman to a young boy so that makes it okay and acceptable.

>> No.42921638
File: 168 KB, 1024x768, 1415759183576.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I really like the setup that a lot of pulp fantasy used back in the day, with the stories taking place in a present which was basically the post-apocalyptic version of the world. Once there had been shining, civilized empires, but then some cataclysm had struck and now everybody's struggling for survival against hordes of monsters and such. Basically like Dark Sun except without the ecosystem being fucked and the psionics.

Barbarian elves are such a cool idea.

>> No.42921644

I've always wanted to run a game in Norrath, but I feel like I would forget many details since it's been so long.

>> No.42921651

Holy, fuck, auto correct,
"Straight shota" Shota. Not shots.
I mean, horny hot slutty chicks love shots too, but that's something else.

>> No.42921701
File: 152 KB, 1021x830, hey kid wannass2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not sure it makes it okay and acceptable, but the reverse (adult male/little girl) combines:
1. Big hairy dude that takes up more visual space than the girl
2. Much smaller girl character with not much in the way of sexual characteristics.

Basically while they've evolved into their own fetishes the common origin of futa, tentacles and ss is the quest to take up less space in hentai with the man.

>> No.42922250
File: 279 KB, 1196x1260, sauce.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>but it's done by an adult woman to a young boy so that makes it okay and acceptable.
No, you dork. It's okay and acceptable because it's 2D. Loli isn't my thing, but you'll never hear me cry that loli should be banned unlike some PC cucks. As long as nobody is getting hurt (ie. as long as no actual statutory rape is happening) it's fine.

Or are you going to argue that those who enjoy rape porn somehow enjoy rape?

>> No.42922270

>child molestation
Once you've started personifying objects, in other words drawings, that's when you should seek psychological help.
Just like feminists need psychological help for personifying imaginary digital characters to wage sexism arguments.

>> No.42922298

>caption that isn't cuckery, buggery, mtf or misnamed preexisting chars

Rare as fuck. Nice catch

>> No.42922307
File: 270 KB, 688x558, atheist morality.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Or are you going to argue that those who enjoy rape porn somehow enjoy rape?

They'd probably enjoy giving...

>> No.42922384


>> No.42922437
File: 6 KB, 390x470, Oh-You-Make-Me-Cry-Laughing-Meme-Rage-Face-[2].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>It's actually a combination of raping her and beating her down to her last hit opint
It's been years since I've read Goblins, and I forgot how edgy this character was.

>> No.42924275

Not really , there are quite a few like that

>> No.42926592

The whole comic is edgy

>> No.42926996


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