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>> No.42884272

So, how about them Thorian morphs? Anyone think it does/does not work?

Also, jumpers, what sort of Morphs have you collected?

>> No.42884395

Konohagakure : rolled
-100 clan born
-000 Basic Ninja Training
-100 Chakra Enhancement Specialization strenght
-100 Chakra Enhancement Specialization speed
-100 Fine Control
-000 You Have Reserves
-400 Plot Armor
-600 Singular Reality
-400 Uchiha
-600 Senju
-400 rinnegan
-200 uzumaki
-200 wood release
+300 hunted (every village except konoha)
+100 Verbal tick (I end my every phrase with bro/brah/brehs)
+100 Angst
+200 Low Priority
+200 Dysfunction Junction
+200 Boiling Blood
+300 Blood-Lust
+600 No Chakra Coils
+100 Super Pervert
+100 Reviled

Ok this jump will probably be pretty bad BUT I'm confident I'm stronger than any ninja out there so it should be fine. I'll be a colossal dick hated by everybody the whole jump tho, maybe worse than Sasuke. I wonder how this will effect my personality

>> No.42884473

>No Chakra Coils

That is a permanent condition, not a temporary one. This means you won't EVER be able to use:
>Chakra Enhancement Specialization strenght
>Chakra Enhancement Specialization speed
>Fine Control
>You Have Reserves
>wood release

The fuck out of here with that shit.

>> No.42884496

what are you talking about, drawbacks stop working after 10 years

>> No.42884582

Nuh uh, that one's permanent because I say so.

>> No.42884604

Is Dread from Kancolle toggleable? It'd be bad for my diplomacy plans if if I unconciously made everyone uncontrollably afraid of me

>> No.42884633

Of course it isn't toggleable, why would it be? The most negative interpretation of your perks is always the right one unless stated otherwise.

>> No.42884825

Some people think all perks are togglable.
Partly it just makes it easier to keep track of that shit.

>> No.42884846

Would a specific [email protected] or Love Live! jump be preferable to a generic idol jump?

>> No.42884881

I honestly only care about [email protected], and even then, I only care because of the franchise's characters. The set up of Love Live bothers me though.

>> No.42884890

Generic is fine.

>> No.42884966

Say if we go Sailor origin in the Sailor Moon jump, is it alright to design our own powers as long as they're equal to the example one? The given one doesn't really interest me much

>> No.42885085

Guess it's also because some perks don't play nice with others.

Like you can only be destroyed by having your physical core destroyed with that perk from Soul Calibur but you're also a swarm of insects due to Nightmare Before Christmas. No idea how that'd work and there's countless examples like that out there so it's just conceptually easier to play it like you can turn off perks. Also prevents you being face-meltingly attractive all the time.

>> No.42885119

And things like "You are small and Cute" alongside "HUEG!".

>> No.42885139

That is not an option in the jump, no.

>> No.42885165

You weren't even the same anon were you

Don't see why not, Visser 3's morphed stranger things.

>> No.42885210

I know it isn't, hence me asking for the creators opinion on whether it would be okay to do so.

>> No.42885513

Am I?

>> No.42885679

I want my [email protected] waifu so I'm inherently against generic idol.

>> No.42885734

Well that is a stupid way to be. Especially since lots of perks simply dont mix well.

>> No.42885746

Not him but I think toggles are stupid too. I prefer my perks mix in interesting ways instead of just 'hurr dey switch off like an electrical breaker'. It's just opinions, of course.

>> No.42885752

If there is a [email protected] jump I demand a [email protected] drawback or companion. I want a chibi flanderized version of myself.

>> No.42885806

No, that anon is not, but if you don't get chakra coils while you're there, you're not going to be able to use things that depend on chakra outside of that setting, now are you?

>> No.42885815

If I take a magic instrument in percy jackson can I give it to someone without it trying to come back?

>> No.42885823

Drawbacks wear off after the jump. Dipshit.

>> No.42885837

Let me put this another way. Say you've got a zero-point perk called chakra coils. You can take a drawback to make them defective for 300, or you can take a drawback that means you can't take that perk at all for 600.

Are you telling me you can retroactively buy a perk?

>> No.42885851

It's not a perk. It's an innate part of your existence in that setting. You get them and they're suppressed by the drawback. This is how it works. You can be retarded if you want, but nobody is going to agree with you.

>> No.42885865

Yeah, Returning works off of what's convenient for you. If you need to hand it off to someone it won't return until they're done with it or you need it a lot more than they do. Theoretically you could find a way to designate someone else as the new owner but that will be somewhat hard to do.

>> No.42885868

Okay. Have fun playing over in fantasy land. Why didn't you get jinchuriki while you were at it, so you can triple-down on the emo?

>> No.42885902

Not him but it is a drawback so would go away after the 10 years. You get chakra reserves immediately by taking the jump and they're taken away by the drawback. Drawbacks stop after the end of the jump though so you no longer have no chakra reserves (which everyone gets by merit of taking the jump in the first place).

>> No.42885925

I'm feeling kind of down because I really like Job Offer and Stars and Stones from Dresden Files, but I like being an awesome wizard better.

Is there anything from anywhere else I could acquire to gain similar abilities?

I don't think you understand how drawbacks work. Like if you lose an arm, you get it back no problem next jump.

So presumably you get the normal amount of coils you would normally have had next jump automatically, since you earned CP for 'em last jump.

>> No.42885944

Let me put this another way. Say you've got a zero-point perk called having both arms and you can take a drawback that means you can't take that perk at all for 600.

Are you telling me you can retroactively buy a perk?

>> No.42885958

See >>42885851
Also you're just repeating yourself at this point.

>> No.42885973

Hey now, no fair using my argument. And that only works if you didn't have two arms going into a jump, frankly.

>> No.42885984

There is no zero-point perk for chakra coils though. Like arms it's a basic thing that everyone in that universe has. Taking the drawback doesn't stop you from getting that basic thing. With what you're saying it'd be like if taking the crippled drawback from Pokemon and then never having a limb.

>> No.42885996

But if you don't have it while you're in that universe, why would you get it once you LEAVE that universe? THAT is my point. You don't go in with coils, you'd get them while you're there, but you chose to have none.

>> No.42886007

Because you have a template. Who you are in that setting. Everyone in that setting has chakra coils, same as every human has two arms. Drawbacks are applied on top of that template, and are taken away at the end of the jump.

>> No.42886010


There is no zero-point perk for chakra coils, anon. That's what I'm trying to say. They're like arms. Or your liver.

Like, you retroactively receive 'em after the jump in the state you would have got 'em. For lack of a better explanation Jump-Chan installs them in you.

Look, plenty of people have taken that drawback and then gone on to use chakra to do shit with after that. Back when he was around Ninjanon never said anything about that.

>> No.42886014

because you got it at the start of the jump like everyone else and then it was immediately taken away

>> No.42886016

You do get it simply by jumping there, all life there has them.

>> No.42886018

No jump-maker has ever said anything otherwise about any similar drawback. I think anon is trying to troll people.

>> No.42886038

Well damn. I sure feel silly then.

Back to my primary question, d'you guys think I can use the Disney deal maker pact power to gain portions of power from beings of power?

>> No.42886047

If it's something they can give to you. Like Ursula magically took Ariel's voice with what the perk is based on, so it does seem likely that they could sacrifice aspects of themselves to you. If that includes power then probably. If it's external like Divine Magic I doubt that'd work.

>> No.42886052

Actually I wasn't trying to troll anyone, I was being sincere, but I'm clearly outvoted so I'll cede the point.

>> No.42886070

>If it's external like Divine Magic I doubt that'd work.
Well, sort of. They could probably give you the training, skill and such needed to cast it, just not the divine favour for casting it to help.

>> No.42886075

Sure, they could give you knowledge of how their trade works, but you'd be shooting magical blanks.

>> No.42886095

Oh well, I...guess that's better than nothing.

Seriously though-gimme a shoutout if anyone spontaneously remembers a great perk for bargaining a package of mystic power or letting a being go against its magical nature.

>> No.42886130

isn't that basically what the contract perk in Changeling: The Lost is for?

>> No.42886158

Legend of zelda
Hero of time era
Twili 850
Thief king 1150
Deadly dungeon delving 1250
Drop in
Round thinking free
Temple raider 1150
Mimic 850
Adventure bag free
Mirror polish claw gauntlets 550
Evil bane claw gauntlets 250
Magic instrument ocarina 50
second adventure pack 0

Gotta grab lots of samples of the creatures here, flying plants, golden spiders, giant lava dragons and amoeba beasts. I WANT IT ALL. Staying away from hanons gonna be tough but I think I can do it. If not I will spam meteors till I escape. Gotta ductape my new claw gauntlets into my current claws, these things are cool.

Lastly I have got to figure out how bomchus are made.

>> No.42886179

Changeling contracts or maybe achente from no game no life.

>> No.42886200

I'd imagine it would be like taking levels in Cleric then pissing your god off enough to lose casting. Not very useful, until you can find a new, more "you"ish god, or start going all Ur Priest.

>> No.42886235

Nah, that's different. Gotta be an actual aspect of reality rather than just an incredibly powerful being, like Hours or the Hearth or the Forge or Flowers. And even then in-game they're represented as 5 clauses each of which represnt a very specific ability, each of which comes with a either a catch or a ban depending on how good the contract is and all of which cost Glamour to use.

I'm looking for something more intuitive, and that can apply to individuals like demon lords or elemental spirits rather than abstract things like "the sky".

Aschente only allows you the right to challenge things through games if the other being agrees.

>> No.42886242

Bans are pretty much just Hearth, because even the True Fae can't negotiate from a position of power with Fate.

>> No.42886247

In the Mass Effect jump, how much of a given material would there reasonably be in the Conflict Minerals package, and would it include eezo?

>> No.42886252

Aschente also lets you steal aspects from people they bet. It's how it works in-setting. If a demon bet his power you'd get it from him if you win.

>> No.42886271

Yeah but you can make a pact with people too instead of the big contracts.

>> No.42886286

Yeah but those just give some boosts based on the Pledge, not a full on power transfer. You might be able to boost your skill with weaponry by swearing to protect someone but that comes from the Wyrd, not the person you're protecting and it's limited to mundane skills and abilities.

>> No.42886382

>letting a being go against its magical nature
Dresden Files is your friend.

>> No.42886383

The kind of people I'd like to make a bargain with probably aren't the kind who'd risk so much in a children's card game, tbh.

>> No.42886399

Anon, that IS my problem. I skipped over that perk and its friends because I spent the jump being the bestest wizard ever.

>> No.42886733

man there's tons of other jumps that give you magic though, and a lot of them a lot more powerful than DF magic. You're much better off spending the cp on the other stuff imo

>> No.42886841

You don't understand, I can get POWERFUL magic anywhere like you said. I'm looking to get UNIQUE advantages that are normally unavailable, like making a pact with Alaya to become a Counter Guardian; the DF version of the perk lets you keep the package of powers to future worlds so. Yeah.

>> No.42887331

Well, I guess I COULD uncap my secret stash and tell you to go to the Obsidian Tower and Ghostbusters, but you'd probably be against these perks.

>> No.42887395

Any there any jumps that have an infinite pizza option?

>> No.42887403

The Room, after a fashion.

>> No.42887416

Devil May Cry

>> No.42887433

Devil May Cry. You can get infinite sundaes as well.

>> No.42887453

Alright, I only asked because I'm thinking of adding the option to one of my jumps.

>> No.42887681

Every time i bring out from the warehouse my army of super robots i feel like i'm cheating, am i the only one who keeps running thousands of heavily upgraded ultron-sentries?

>> No.42887749

Yes, you monster. Everyone knows to use terminators b/c they blend in easier, allowing you to remain undetected until establishing yourself in a position where you cannot be stopped.

Step up your game.

>> No.42887815

Many generic jumps hint that the component works all co-exist, so I'd prefer generic.

>> No.42887816

And interlude with the lady.

>> no innuendo intended.


>> No.42887821

Can companions take drawbacks? I'm trying to find a way for them to get S-class magic in Fairy Tail, but they only get 400 CP.

>> No.42887828

In my experience they don't, rather they spinoff a setting based on shared elements.

>> No.42887849

Only if the import option says that they can.

>> No.42887854

No, unless the jump says they can.

>> No.42887871

Unless otherwise stated, Companions cannot take drawbacks, no.

>> No.42887926

You could always use the 100/100 CP transfer houserule. Haven't heard anyone object so far.

>> No.42887942

News to me. What's that?

>> No.42887958

You transfer 100 CP to a companion. They usually don't get discounts unless they already had them.

>> No.42888037

Arcueid, Sion, and an assortment of other magi or church agents from Nasuverse. The 8 kings and blue nitro from Toriko. Various monsters from across Greek, Norse, and Hindu mythologies. Eva Unit 01 from Evangelion. The basilisk from Harry Potter. A multitude of famous historical figures across history for laughs and pranks. The frost god's avatar from Fall From Heaven. Alucard from Rosario To Vampire. Sun Wukong from Journey To The West.

Wank something as either they are all toggleable or not. If it really bothers you that much take real eater from medaka and use it on toggle from infamous so instead of just your infamous power it works for your perks across the board.

>> No.42888098

From memory, your companions get a discount on the magic you choose. If you pay 800cp to roll on the S-class magic list, your companions then get a discount on rolling on the S-class and can pay 400cp to roll on it.

>> No.42888103

Alright let's try this.

>Fariy Tail

>Drop-In [1500]
>Evil Twin [+200]
>Bounty [+300]

>C-rank Magic [one free]
>S-rank Magic [900]
>Friends [300]

>Drop-In [700]
>Transfer [+300]

Nope. Even with the discount of anything I bought, that's 100 CP short.


>> No.42888120

Oh wait. Discount is halve, not 100 CP less?

Alright, it works then. Great.

>> No.42888125

Specific [email protected]

>> No.42888176

Double-checked the pdf, you would have to have your companions give up their C-rank magic to afford S-rank, since S-rank is 900cp to roll. Then it would be 450cp-100cp=350cp cost to get S-rank magic. Unless you want to do the house-rule method of giving them cp.

>> No.42888239

> Unless you want to do the house-rule method of giving them cp.

How about "Animal House" rules?

>> No.42888242

Right, but is it half of what I pay, or half of what the chart says?

If I roll for S-class and get Demon Soul Take-Over, then does my companion get to roll for 350, or do they have to buy Demon Soul Take-Over for 500?

In addition, for a Slayer magic, do they have to use the same element as me?

>> No.42888270

I THINK it's that it's literally the same magic as you, not rolling on the list that gets discounted.

>> No.42888297

Right. Turns out I know jack shit about my mythological figures.

The Hermit Arcana in Persona states that they typically take the form of hermits or manipulators, or those who would hide behind the scenes. Is that basically a Trickster archetype (which opens up my options a bit) or does that fall elsewhere?

>> No.42888335

I think it means your Persona has a beard. Probably a goatee.

>> No.42888345

I actually haven't asked the creator that. I had just seen people in the past use the idea that your companions get a discount on what you have to get a discount on rolling for S-class magic. Oh, and I just noticed that my notes have the cost as 400cp, I guess I originally put it down as (900cp-100cp)/2 rather than (900cp/2)-100cp.

>> No.42888350


Do I at least get to choose the style, because some goatees are abominations to the very concept of facial hair.

>> No.42888376

As long as it's possible at all, I'm fine with it.

Just don't want to fuck up.

>> No.42888582

Honestly, seeing as Nidhoggr, Lamia, and friggin' Mothman have been used for the Hermit Arcana in Persona 4? You ought to be good just using a monster of some sort.

>> No.42888702

anyone know if gold skulltulas in zelda are really gold?

>> No.42888724

So Bleach Drop-in option what can i do. can i achieve any from of power from training like unlock fullbringer or quincy power later in the jump?

>> No.42888735

What's a good setting for some freeform shapeshifting?

>> No.42888779

From what I understand, you have to be born a Fullbring, Quincy, or Shinigami-related thing in order to begin unlocking those powers. So my estimate?


>> No.42888805

Although you could die, get warped into a Hollow.

But dying's a 'you-go-back-home-chain-done' issue, so... Yeah.

>> No.42888903

You could become a Shinigami, but that isn't unlocking it, that's getting someone to give you it. There are the Blueprints though that you could use to give yourself a set of powers. Though you could buy the fullbringer powers as a drop in, they are the only powers that aren't restricted that way.

>> No.42888987

Doubtful. They've probably just got a shiny carapace. They wouldn't be the first.

>> No.42889015

If a person goes to naruto and buys the option that gives you 100k yen a year, do you still get it each jump after naruto?

>> No.42889036


>> No.42889080

I don't think so, no. And it would be ryo, not yen. Sengoku period and all that.

>> No.42889105


Rolled The Alley - This roll doesn't really add anything for me. The first bonus is useless since I'm going full cyborg from the start and won't need survival gear.
Doctor (Free) - Smarty pants.
Medicine (Free) - Doctor business. It always amazes me just how good I am at this despite never ever using it. So many jumps, so much medical knowledge.
Cybernetics (150) - Basic scrapyard cybernetics. Good early on, but quickly outclassed on its own.
Biotechnology (300) - Not really interested in drugs. Bio is obviously pretty equal to cybernetics considering the stuff Venus gets up to, but it seems that on its own I'm at the level the 'natural' Earth mutants. Main attraction then is the straight upgrade to cyborg technology that seems to be on roughly Tipharen level.
Karmatron Dynamics (450) - I'll have to tackle individual components.
Macro Karmatron Theory - Seems to be mathematical prediction run amok? I can't imagine I'd use this much, not least of all because I'm rarely in a setting long enough to justify it, especially with all the infrastructure.
Nano Karmatron Theory - This is much more practical. Most of the nanotech I've picked up is not so chaotic, but there's no harm in being able to deal with what randomness does crop up. Not least of which is, of course, the Imaginos I know how to now make. Speaking of.
Imaginos v1 - This right here makes me very competitive, front line. At its base it may not be the best in the solar system, but its ability to evolve and gain in potential means it'll catch up. In the short term, its the best on Earth, nothing in the Scrapyard or Tiphares is its equal.
Berserker (900) - What I suffered to buy. Berserker Mode seems to be a superweapon, presumably before Venus was full of horrible egg monsters obsessed with raw genetic engineering for fashion. Base mode seems more like a good rank and file (for space) body, and better than tech in the Scrapyard for sure. But mainly the appeal is the combo above to an even better body.

>> No.42889109

In Underworld, the Tragic Love Affair drawback gives you a possible companion(if they survive) Do they get any of the perks of their back ground tree? The drawback basically says they can have any background but hybrid(depending on your own background). Curious as to what they get.

>> No.42889112

How do I become a skeleton?

>> No.42889120

Single Style (Free) - Wing Chun seems closest to my personal style. No harm in listing what's free, it's a damn shame I couldn't afford anything better. I'll have to hope I can pick them up later.
Money x2 (Free) - Why not.
Medic Equipment Package (Free) - Nothing I'll ever use, really. Like I said, I don't ever do any actual doctoring.
Wastelander Equipment Package (Free) - From the 'bonus'. I am never going to even see this, let alone use it. Not going home.
Civilian Equipment Package (Free) - I guess having a home doesn't hurt, but those drawbacks mean I probably shouldn't use it.
Cyber-doctor Equipment Package (Free) - This is a lot more useful. Being able to fiddle around and repair my cybernetics is definitely valuable.
Heirloom Weapon (Free) - Make it a melee of some kind, a sword maybe. Won't see any use though.
Rocket Hammer (Free) - I like this, so maybe I'll crack a few heads with it. It's going to lose effectiveness pretty quick. though.
Octopus Lips (+100) - Not sure what to go with, I don't have always-present feature to exaggerate like a lot of jumpers.
Bounty (+200) - Start of the suffering. Can't hang around the Scrapyard and I should skip Ido's ASAP so he won't end up hurt. Wonder why he didn't turn me in, though.
My Karma Warrior (+200) - Very, very bad. Desty does not die, so this will haunt me the whole time with his misery.
Witch Hunt (+300) - And there goes any chance of preserving the plot like I wanted, unless I leave the planet ASAP and get beyond Tiphares' control. So long Earth, I hope Ketheres doesn't follow your will and chase me too.

Though the final question is, how the hell did that kid manage to gut an Imaginos?

>> No.42889134

You have literally many jumps wherein you can be an undead, and it doesn't specify the exact type. You can be skeleton. Shit, there's a Nightmare Before Christmas jump where you can be a Skellington.

>> No.42889142

>mythological beasts
>Unit 01
>sun wukong

Did you find out how to enhance the morphing tech? The baseline tech only works on organic carbon based multicellular animals; they can't even morph plants.

>> No.42889146

Drink your milk

>> No.42889163

I miss Skeleanon.

>> No.42889249

as for slayer magic, no they don't need to have the same element as you.

>> No.42889385

I think shoggoth can shapeshift at will. But Im not sure about size differences.

How do you think I misstyped a picture captcha?

>> No.42889388


>> No.42889400

From FMA, by the way.

>> No.42889421

So i can just buy the fullbringer powers without the background or will it be more like Orihime powers as she attualy is just a human

>> No.42889476

I think you would be recognized as a fullbringer, but maybe not. As for Orihime it's not clear if she is a fullbringer or not, it seems like she might technically not be, but for how her power works she may as well be a fullbringer.

>> No.42889583

She's not a Fullbringer. We still have no fucking clue what she is, but it's likely related to the Soul King, what with the causality manipulation.

>> No.42889585

Most people run on the assumption that perks are togglable.

I get that you're likely trying to be sarcastic, but that isn't helpful.

>> No.42889632

>I saw someone say they do it once so it must be the prevailing opinion.
Yeah, no. It's a valid way of thinking, but you can't pretend you have the strength of numbers without better data.

>> No.42889671

You and who? I don't, and in fact I rely on perks being all working together.

>> No.42889691

Yea but she summons the spirits of items to use her ability the same way a fullbringer does. Though she doesn't seem like she would be powerless without the hairclips as a fullbringer would be without whatever they use.

4chan, captcha, I can't have "mistyped" that, you accepted it, captcha just talk to 4chan damn it.

>> No.42890059

Nightmare before xmas
29 halloweens old
Danny elfman soundtrack free
I am the pumkin king! Free
Spindly 900
Master of fright 600
King pumpkin free
At least I left some stories they can tell 400
The who when they call whos there 200
Finklesteins monster -400
A longing that youve never known -200
Here in an instant gone in a flash -100
Kidnapped 0

Time for some skeleton funtime! Gonna go day of the dead on this 24/7!

>> No.42890387

Okay I've been looking through the Naruto jump and I've run into a few problems.
1. How would I go about negating the effects of the Infinite Tsukuyomi?
2. How bad an idea is it to go Senju with a bloodline limit that isn't wood?
3. If I choose Senju and go Orphan would I have any immediate relatives or would Tsunade be the closest?

>> No.42890455

>1. How would I go about negating the effects of the Infinite Tsukuyomi?
Illusion immunity perhaps? The illusion/reality barrier in Naruto is flimsy.
>2. How bad an idea is it to go Senju with a bloodline limit that isn't wood?
Not a bad idea, Senju are absurdly strong and tough, have ridiculous amounts of Chakra, and are innately talented at all fields of ninja arts. You're basically paying to be a physical and chakra powerhouse plus all around master at the wider ninja arts. You don't need Wood Release to justify the price.
>3. If I choose Senju and go Orphan would I have any immediate relatives or would Tsunade be the closest?
Your closest relative is Tsunade. You can decide how close you are to her, though. I've seen some people choose to be her nephew and the like, and clan borns going with being her kid.

>> No.42890595

You would also be related to Naruto(and Karin) rather more distantly. Also Sassgay exceedingly distantly.

>> No.42890631

Hey Red, quick question: Does Telesma from Raildex count as a form of spiritualism for the purposes of Temple of Thought? Going by the wiki entry I get the impression it might be too weird to count, but I just wanted to doublecheck with you since it's the stuff beings like Archangel Gabriel are comprised of.

>> No.42890695

>Though the final question is, how the hell did that kid manage to gut an Imaginos?

Desty Nova supplied the knife of course~

>> No.42890747

Makes sense, I like incorporating drawbacks into my background too. And it fits into his whole keikaku with me.

Though I have to hope he doesn't get too much from my Imaginos cells, else Alita's is going to get a powerboost for her first Imaginos body. Small impact at first, but you know about those butterfly wings.

>> No.42890842

>not companioning Alita
>not taking the Regenerator Nano and Karmatron Dynamics right off the bat
>not having Sohon, Soulfire and Temple of Thought as well
>not starting your journey by rebuilding a girl to surpass Metal Gear

>> No.42890870

ASA You know you are an outlier and not a benchmark right?

>> No.42890917

I like Alita, but I just don't have much room for more drawbacks. Legitimate Existential Angst is like my worse nightmare, full stop. Though I do think I have all of those perks you mentioned myself, except perhaps Sohon. Where's that from again?

>> No.42890957

It's from Posleen Wars.

So far it is also the only form of spiritualism in all of jumpchain that is directly linked to nanomachines.

>> No.42890994

Ah, I should pick that up when I get around to building for that jump. Just from reading over the perk it seems interesting.

Though that reminds me, Nanomaster from Iji is going to get so, so much use during GUNNM. I love it when old perks I haven't used in a while suddenly rise to the top again.

>> No.42891201

You're talking to someone who's let his jumper's strength go to his head.

You may as well just stop right there before you get into a clusterfuck.

>> No.42891219

I don't know why you and Tera are trying to cause trouble when two other jumpers are talking to each other. Cunts.

>> No.42891342

Question: Since Alice's Adventures in Wonderland gives me daisies instead of CP, can I choose to keep those daisies if I don't spend them? Possibly to replant them?

>> No.42891349 [SPOILER] 

My mouth tasted like copper for a second there. I thought I bit my tongue, but then I realized something. It was Irony.

>> No.42891374

That's a cute idea. Not the guy who made 'em, but I'd like it if that were true.

>> No.42891380

Carlos I know that's you.

>> No.42891460

Yeah, but I need the permission of either the jumpmaker or greater /jc/ at large if he can't be found. I do plan to include them in my garden as a nice little touch, and would like to bring it up when we talk about warehouses..

>> No.42891537

>> No.42891588

I'm not trying to start anything. Why does everyone accuse me of doing that on purpose?

>> No.42891599

How do I fall for this shit every time?

>> No.42891625

You cheeky shit, every fucking time.

>> No.42891643

Perhaps they just don't want to believe you really are just that stupid? Take it as a compliment.

>> No.42891652

You little fuck, if you keep at it I'm going to tell everyone about that time. You know the one. The one with the fish.

>> No.42892141

Yeah, I thought that whole trip was pretty fishy, but we came together in the end.

I sure had egg on my face for that one!

>> No.42892178

Well played Carlos, well played.

>> No.42892272


>> No.42892342

You sir, are on point with the puns.

>> No.42892377

Carlos you are a boy who makes fun of everyone and doesn't mind being part of everyone in the process, I respect that.

>> No.42892438

Wait, we don't have a magic school bus jump ?

>> No.42892464

Sadly no.

>> No.42892583

It's called Dr. Who, you just have to run off with Melody Pond

>> No.42893447

Because you haven't made it yet.
So get cracking.

>> No.42893496

Crack is bad for you.

>> No.42893696


>> No.42893792

Only if you're doing it wrong.

>> No.42893811

Terror mountain
22 yo
Xmas shoyru
Scholar 900
Studious free
Arcane education 800
Accelerated arcanum 600
Archimage (shadow) 200
Lucky Maractite Peophin Coin free
Basic arms free
Fyoras rod -200
Its just a carrot 0
Its real I tell you! 300
Bag of motes 2- 200
Neodaq 0

Ok here We go. I WILL PROVE JELLYLAND IS REAL WITH ROBOTS! at least thats the plan. I wonder if jelly is bad for electronics...

>> No.42893901

I can confirm yes.

>> No.42894139

Would you guys rather see Phantasy Star, Phantasy Star Online, or Phantasy Star Universe?

>> No.42894186

Which gives the most content-bang for your buck, without you (presumably the jump-maker) going insane?

>> No.42894197


Oh, I miss it so.

>> No.42894243

All of them, really. PSU and PSO have easier to look up info, but overall all these series are easy to make into jumps.
If I do PSU I'll probably base a lot of it on PSP 2 since that was the best/most complete. Though I'd let you pick when you come into the setting probably. That okay with you?

>> No.42894263

Works for me.

>> No.42894435

I've heard it brought up on occasion, and I've considered doing it a few times, but I don't think anyone has claimed it.

>> No.42894485

Are there any good settings to pick up some good rune magic? Something I can carve into a block of wood to make a kickass staff?.

>> No.42894515

Nasu, Viking Saga (the original, plus you can get Odin's hax runes), buncha shit I can't remember holy fuck

>> No.42894734

Any idea as to how big the power boost while in the dark for Apparitions Stalk the Night in Touhou is?

>> No.42894830

Depending on how hard you fanwank, Harry Potter.

Also, Log Horizon has a subclass that explicitly does that.

>> No.42894866

King Arthur has rune magic in the form of of maleficium. It says that it lets you do anything as long as you know the right runes. Also Fuinjutsu from Naruto is just a chi version of rune magic.

>> No.42894926

>Log Horizon

Wait, is that finally done?

>> No.42894964

WIP I think.
But it's only a matter of time.

Don't think it's in the drive though.

>> No.42894980

Which place is best for being a saturday morning villain

>> No.42894993

No its not done, but there are subclasses in log horizon.

but I'm trying to avoid bloating it to a hundred pages.

>> No.42895001

Power Rangers

>> No.42895013

A Saturday morning cartoon, of course.

>> No.42895017

Captain Planet.

>> No.42895041

Squirrel and Hedgehog.
You can be a Saturday Norning Cartoon villain while beating up North Koreans. Literally no downside.

>> No.42895199

I think Generic Sugar bowl has an entire background for it. DC with the joker pulls a boner might be good too. However remember you can always troll a more serious setting by being a Saturday morning villain. They may face palm and think your crazy but as long as you are having fun who cares.

>> No.42895220

So. about Dark Souls, what's the verdict on what would happen to us if we go the route of Manus?

>> No.42895253

So. Rolled Viking Saga for the first time.

Reading over it even once... I'm...

There are no words to describe this level of sadness and disappointment.

>> No.42895268

Are you that whiny bitch who created a huge thread-wise shitstorm over the Greek jump for not being a serious and 'respectful' as you wanted?

>> No.42895292

Swat Kats has the Villain background.

>> No.42895297

What? I wasn't around for that, sorry.

But jesus christ, this jump is like- you have one half. Written superbly.

And then halfway through some dudebro from the ghetto comes in and finishes it.

>> No.42895317

You've got the same bad personality.

>> No.42895338

Has anyone shown any interest in a UQ Holder jump, or is that too similar to Negima?

>> No.42895347

what is qu holder?

>> No.42895432

Sequel to Negima, taking place 80 years after it ended, with a few of the same characters but mostly new ones.

>> No.42895452

I don't see anything wrong with making a jump for it, there's no such thing as too similar

>> No.42895487

That would be awesome.

U Q Holder is the sequel series to Negima

>> No.42895527

>sequel to Negima

Honestly, that's where the question of 'is there different enough stuff to obtain' comes in - because I honestly can see people kicking up shit if you offered, say, Gift of the 1k Master or Gift of Chao Especially if they're at a lower price.

Honestly, I'd say it's worth a shot if you can offer a bit of something different. Drama llamas will be drama llamas.

>> No.42895617

The main problem I see with a UQ Holder jump is that it is an ongoing series with unanswered questions and loose ends, along with an unknown amount of the series left. If anyone did put together a jump of it, they would have to be ready to stay around to update it or find someone else to update it.

>> No.42895646

I think the reason we don't have one is because after the Negima jump was made it was decided that UQ Holder hadn't really been going on long enough to bother making a jump for it. Personally while I haven't read it, all I know is that it's a relatively recent series.

>> No.42895650

So here is a question that I haven't seen asked for a while which jumps would you like to see made?

Personally I would like to see the fallowing.

Highlander the series and or movies(the source can be a drawback)
Evil Dead/Army of Darkness

>> No.42895682

Yeah, I was really just wondering if anyone had mentioned it before.

>> No.42895695

It's largely about immortals rather than mages, martial artists, super science and high school.

>> No.42895753

Welp, if you have enough material go for it.

Although judging from >>42895617 and >>42895646 you MIGHT run into the same issue Toriko, Terra Formars, and a few others are having: Stupid, stupid levels of escalation.

>> No.42895761



Which is a decent niche.

The big powers could all be various forms of Immortal. Vampire, Demon, Psuedo-Saveslots (possibly... not this one), Raw Physicality, Phylacteries, etc.

But written so they're actually interesting.

>> No.42895778

Remember kids.


>> No.42895793

Eclipse Phase
Witcher series
EYE divine Cybermancy

>> No.42895830


>> No.42895863

We actually have a Witcher jump already.

God what the fuck even is going on right now that we need this stupid amount of escalation.

Captcha I can't mis-type a god damn school bus.

>> No.42895910


Eh, it just doesn't feel the same as chanting Endbringer names. Maybe if we had some kinda THE ENDING OF THE WORDS IS ALMSIVI-style thing for this stuff, but nah.

I don't know why everything's insane.

>> No.42895935

But anon, he hasn't fought yet.

>> No.42895947

>Garfield, Calvin & Hobbes, or maybe just a generic comic jump?
>Eclipse Phase
>Endless Space
>X-Men: Evolution

Lost would be fun but I can't see it offering much. You could also immediately solve every problem with just Pokemon, the Warehouse and Bodymod.

>> No.42895952


Wait, what?

>> No.42895954

oh, I was looking under W for "witcher" not T for "the"

>> No.42895961

Myth Adventures, The Bartimaeus Trilogy, and The Obsidian Chronicles(not Obsidian Trilogy which we have a jump for). Would all be jumps I would have made, but I can't find my copies of the books, or at least not all of the books.

Personally thinking of doing an Escaflowne jump though, but I'm not entirely sure how to deal with the fact that there are 5 versions, original anime series, movie, shonen manga, shojo manga, and a light novel.

>> No.42895978

roll for which you end up in

>> No.42896050

Aura Battler Dunbine, Golarion (has anyone seen Megacorp?), Pokemon ReBURST, Fighting Foodons, Gaia Online (adding to the storied tradition of SUFFER established by Ravenloft and Johnny Test), and maybe Peter Pan?

>> No.42896076

Wealthy 900
24 yo
Dangerous vocabulary free
Nob 800
Wizard 400
Assassin 200
Money free
Octiron 100
Sapient pearwood chest -200
Watch badge -300
Scumble -350
Unseen university membership -450
Hedgehog song lyrics -500
Dragonriders -300
The hunt is on -100
Yennork 0

All I can say is being human for ten years without the option of shapeshifting out is going to be hell.

I am going to have to get some retributonium ore from somewhere though, that stuff sounds awesome.

Also going to make a wand, a staff, and maybe a set of claw gauntlets out of octiron. I wonder what that will do?

Need to grab up some stygium and keep it out of the light to keep it from exploding.

>> No.42896087


You doom us all with such a wish!

>> No.42896108


>> No.42896169

I want this for pure nostalgia. Holy shit. I was a waifufag over Safiria before I knew what that even was. Don't judge me.

>> No.42896176

Eureka Seven
Girls und Panzer
Hokuto No Ken
Rocket Slime
Saint Seiya
Donkey Kong Country

>> No.42896192

+200 CP drawback where so much shit is blocked off to you without the CP-draining Dragon Amulet?

>> No.42896193

They are quite different setting, and it is more of an issue of where to pull things for perks from, like should I skip the shojo manga for perks due to it being short and only having a couple of things to go with, one of which is kind of out of place with the rest of things. Then Winged Goddess or similar would be a great perk for the movie setting, but would literally be seen as a curse in the series. Only perk I am sure of that would be a big one even if it might not fit all settings would be based on Sir Issac Newton, or Emperor Issac Dornkirk as the character is actually named(though they even made him look like Newton).

Anyway I plan to read through the shonen manga and rewatch the series and movie. I'll either figure it out or I won't.

>> No.42896223

Fighting foodons

>> No.42896236

>Hokuto No Ken
Just so you know, the only reason this hasn't been made is because there is a fuckload of side material that had been made and no one has been willing to go through it, and don't want to make a jump without going through it.

>> No.42896260

Isn't Symphogear already being worked on?

>> No.42896303

>being a vampire pleb


>> No.42896310

So is Girls und Panzer and Undertale.

>> No.42896348

Infinite burgers? Infinite pasta? Infinite garlic bread?

(I want the last one, so it can go with DMC's pizza and that other jump's soda)

>> No.42896379 [SPOILER] 

I didn't say I was a vampire or anything, mind you.

>> No.42896380

It's just Infinite Pizza for Teen Titans.

>> No.42896422


I came here to post this.

We need turtle power.

>> No.42896458

VH may have had the best cinematic werewolves I've ever seen. Underworld had them too catlike, and Twilight was just shit all around.

VH had good classical werewolves.

We need April O'Neil

>> No.42896827

>Girls und Panzer
Being worked on I think.

>> No.42896839

For the Avatar jumps, did anyone else double down? I've been rereading my chain in order to get a better idea of the different tools at my disposal, and I came across my Avatar builds:

>>Avatar: TLA
>Location: Earth Kingdom / National Capital
>Civilian: 15

Tradesman: Engineer
Bending Arts: Earth
Utilitarian Bender
Combat Bender
Bending Genius


In Exile
Into The Inferno

>>Avatar: LoK
>Location: Zaofu
>Wanderer: 16
>Earth Kingdom

Earth Bender
Analytical Bender
Bending Genius

Bending Scrolls: Earth
Bending Scrolls: Fire
Bending Scrolls: Air
Bending Scrolls: Water

Equalists Forever
Lotus Eaters

Now I made these builds with the intent of being a super earth bender, obviously, so I could pretty much will buildings and the like into being. Siege utility also came to mind when I thought about offense. I don’t usually specialize to this degree, I build more for breadth than depth, but this time I just wanted to dive into the deep end.

So, did anyone else do something similar? What are your thoughts on the builds, and what I could accomplish with this degree of specialization?

>> No.42896923

I didn't know I wanted this until this moment.

>> No.42896971

What would double bending genius earthbender get power wise? Diamondbending?

>> No.42897079

Make that Garfield Without Garfield.

>> No.42897107 [SPOILER] 

+600 Drawback: Garfield without Garfield

>> No.42897123


If I'm on the great detective jump and I choose to have a 'friend on the force' companion imported into the local police department, can it be a pokemon?

For some reason a policeman with a Gyarados head is hilarious to me.

>"You're a loose canon, Blastoise, and I want you off the force!"

>> No.42897141

Read or Die. I won't write it myself, though, because I only want to grab Yomiko's powerset and maybe Yomiko herself, and the quality of the jump would totally suffer for it.

>> No.42897153

> Garfield Without Garfield [+600CP]
> Garfield does not exist. He is the deranged hallucination of a madman. That madman's name is Jon.
> Now you are his roommate.

>> No.42897163

I think a true, painful drawback would be being stuck in the Live Action Garfield movie.

>> No.42897186

No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No.
No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No.

>> No.42897194

Generic Edutainment Show jump
Twisted Metal jump
Chrono Trigger jump, with a 0 CP drawback that also makes it a Chrono Cross jump
Ducktales jump
Darkwing Duck jump
Power-Puff Girls jump
Stephen King jump
Rocket Slime jump
Bobobo jump, though you'd need a genius to get the tone right and make it not-broken
Cookie Clicker jump, or Generic Idle Game jump, which has the unique mechanic of gaining IP (Idle Points) while you're doing other jumps, which can be used to purchase items and perks from the jump. These items and perks don't actually help you in any way
Generic Kart Racer jump
Gash Bell jump
Simpsons jump, though it would be challenging to make
Generic Adam Sandler jump

Also, I kind of want to make a Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory gauntlet. The premise is that it would be extraordinarily low powered and easy, merely requiring you to make it to the end of the tour without touching anything, but the reward is "just" a multiple-lifetime supply of chocolate. I'm stumped because I can't come up with stuff to put in it. I don't really want to put powers or perks into it because I'm afraid it would become a free powergrab, but I've been thinking it might work if I put in a clause that says you don't get to keep purchased perks if you lose. Any ideas or opinions?

>> No.42897196

Well, I was told that genius only applied to the bending purchased in the jump genius was purchased, so when I decided to go earth I bought genius twice.

Assuming that it gives the same bump in power and control each time, that means I'll be moving quite a bit of earth around if needed. TLA states that you can move hills instead of boulders, so instead of hills I can toss mountains, I imagine.

For fine control, I see it as a good way to make both construction and destruction easier. Maybe with time I'd allow something along the lines of alchemy, turning one form of earth into another.

Part of the reason for me posting was to get ideas on the build. I really like the potential for using it with FMA Alchemy, ala Truth.

>> No.42897198

Solution: Obtain invisibility and telepathy from elsewhere, play everyone is John IRL.

>> No.42897220

You are a terrible person and I love it.

>> No.42897228

>LA Garfield movie
Okay, it sucked, I'll give you that. But that would also give you ten years with Jennifer Love Hugeti.. Hewitt.

>> No.42897250


Didn't that get a spin-off called Read Or Dream?

The answer is 'yes, it did,' but my real question is whether this would be an alternate setting or a drawback?

>> No.42897254

>Implying there wouldn't be a drawback that makes you Jumpchan's hallucination.

>> No.42897266

>Cookie Clicker

Please no.

>> No.42897282


>Jumpchain Without Jumpchain
>The hallucinations of a very lonely goddess

>> No.42897291

I think most people took the opportunity to grab another element, tbh. I can't remember seeing someone take the same element twice, let alone genius.

>> No.42897305 [SPOILER] 

Why, I'd jump it.

>> No.42897316

I'd rather go to the shark one.

>> No.42897326

I did, I took fire twice so I can burn everything.

>> No.42897345

I took Earth in TLA but I'm kinda regretting it because it screws you out of Lava bending. It's the only type of bending that loses functionality if you take it in one jump over the other and its lame.

>> No.42897391


>> No.42897422

I think it's because it's based on genetics, somehow.

>> No.42897425

Lava bending is genetic, it's impossible to learn if you don't have the genes, unlike all other bending (without your element, anyway). Since it only shows up in Korra you can only buy it in Korra, so if you go Earthbender in ATLA only you can't get it.

>> No.42897428

Earth+Water for sheer power and utility. With the specializations from each you'll have something to bend for almost any scenario.

>> No.42897439


>> No.42897458

You are a shark in a swirling blue sea.
The dolphin pods that work with us speak of an star-spanning empire of their kind.
They ask where our empire is. And they smile.

I'd jump it.

>> No.42897479

So what's your take on double earth, double genius? Is it a wasted build, or would doubling down on both give a significant power and control boost that made it worthwhile?

>> No.42897498

I really wish I had devoted the same amount of time I had with cookie clicker, but my computer was broken and it lagged after letting it run long enough. Still, it's weird and it has sharks so it's better.

>> No.42897508

man, would double fire be like having the firebending power of sozin's comet all day every day?

>> No.42897563

>Take Double Fire-Genius
>tfw Sozin's comet shows up

>> No.42897573

Nah. went Firebender in ATLA, and Waterbender in ALOK.

Get snazzy duality / opposites theming, and I can bet you I'll likely find some method of combining the two.

>> No.42897590

I very nearly did fire twice, but then I saw lava in Korra, so I ended up fire/earth.

>> No.42897600


Feeeeeel it burn toniiiight.

>> No.42897633

You are kind of a one-person siege. You can walk up on a castle or emplacement, turn the ground all around it into lava to destroy the defenses, then solidify it so a force can capture it.

Afterward you could just wave your hand and create new walls, and fortifications. Honestly, you'd probably be a nightmare for the fey given your ability to more or less summon and shape cold iron.

>> No.42897662

At that point, I think you're less an earth bender and more a moon bender. You could probaby start bending planetoids and shit. I mean, not really, but kinda.

That too

>> No.42897671

>Power-Puff Girls
This should also be a Deter's Lab & Justice Friends crossover.

When I read Siege utility in your initial description, I immediately pictured giant stone trebuchets powered by earthbending. With double genius perks and practice you could probably build an entire city out of a mountain by yourself. As for combat, I wouldn't want a guy who could open up sinkholes or create volcanos. You may even be able to create liquid metal by by combining lavabending & earthbending.

>> No.42897717

>Double Fire Genius with Combustion, under Sozin's Comet


>> No.42897758

Sweet, I was hoping for that kind of utility. Thanks for the help, KOTOR.

>> No.42897791

Let's make that even crazier.

Do you think Hamon would do anything?

>> No.42897829

I also have Volcarona powers from Pokemon Mystery dungeon and pyrokenesis from teen titans, in addition to Hamon

>> No.42897838

>Pyre of the Seraphic
>go Sunbro and Pyromancer in Dark Souls
>Fire Friend in Populous
>Fire Ant in SimAnt

>> No.42897844

Hamon'd probably work better with water bending. Isn't it about sending out waves of energy? And the manga itself showed off how good it was when used with water.

>> No.42897854

>I wouldn't want...
to mess with a guy.

Why not add Extremis from MCU for even more fiery overkill?

>> No.42897866

Don't forget Extremis. Firebending is at least partially based off body heat IIRC.

>> No.42897893

Breathing is extraordinarily important for Firebending, and it has a close relationship with the sun, so I that's probably why people think Firebending would benefit from Hamon breathing.

Waterbending would probably benefit from it too, however, if for no other reason then because water is a really good medium for Hamon waves.

>> No.42897894

Don't Marat in Codex Alera also have a high internal temperature?

>> No.42897896

>The Pyre that one fucker made with every, every form of magical fire he could collect dumped into it.

Thing is, Hamon does have Crimson Overdrive which does spark fire. Although it does work excellently with any form of liquid, not just water.

>> No.42897952

Ya'll's are forgetting some DYING WILL FLAMES up in here.

>> No.42897985

>and then he ate it

>> No.42898071

So what we've learned:

>Fire is the easiest element to combo for, followed by Wood, Metal, Earth, and Water, in that order
>Air is just outta luck

>> No.42898083

It's not fair.

>> No.42898116

You're forgetting Light & Shadow in there, which there's a TON of stuff for those too.

And to be fair, you're not... not exactly going to find 'enchanted oxygen' over all the fucking magical trees, magical flames, magical minerals, and magical waters. Like, you'll find stuff that controls storms? But enchanted oxygen ain't really a thang.

>> No.42898158

that being said, with Hamon's connection to breath, I could totally see SOME synergy there.
Also, at least in kanon, airbending is where it's at when it's time to go big.

>> No.42898194

There are some decent ways to stack Air damage, but that sort of combo simply lacks some of the versatility of the others.

>be any Pokemon that has or can obtain the Aerilate ability
>Sky Dragon/God/Devil Slayer in Fairy Tail
>Double Genius Airbending
>Wind in Spyro, along with True Elemental Affinity
>Go Egyptian in Age of Mythology for Tornado
>Gas-Gas Fruit
>Hamon for breathing
>Archmage (Wind) in Neopets
>Thu'um (a couple of Shouts involve wind)
>Conjoined Conjures from Sakura, Temple of Thought from Binbougami

But that's just raw damage.

>> No.42898198

And because of a decision made a couple thousand years before, along with horrific burning agony he also promotes growth & life through fire.

Like some kind of fucked-up Prometheus.

>> No.42898207

Oh, no, I'm Water. Being on the bottom of the pyramid isn't much more fun than not being on it at all, you know.

>> No.42898222

One could also use Forgotten Realms race cheese to become a large, powerful Air Elemental, then take This Is, In Fact, My Final Form in SAO, but would that actually make oxygen/air/etc a part of your biology without also going Magical Body in Elona?

It just doesn't say.

>> No.42898276

At least you're still on the ant pyramid.

Honestly, I think all the cool/neat gases are in sci-fi settings, and those are often really difficult to get to.

>> No.42898300

Don't forget electricity/electromagnetism.
>Electrokinesis [Infamous]
>Electromaster [Certain Scientific Railgun]
>Lightningbending [Avatar]
>Electric types [Pokemon]

>> No.42898306

Lightning is fun, but not really all that useful.
Unless you can figure out how to ride it.

>> No.42898329

Lightning is for combining. Goes great with Metal, Water, and Fire as far as combinations go, and thematically fits together with Air.

>> No.42898345

>Jump 67, Ghost in the Shell
Drawbacks: Run Rabbit Junk (1300)

Background: Drop-in, Japan, 22

Skills: Discount Well Read (1250), Discount Less than Lethal (950), Multi-Tasking (850), The Rumor Mill (550), Human Calculator (450)

Gear: Plug Gun (350), ARM Suit (50)
>50cp wasted, how sad

In which the hacker known as Exsurgent unearths some serious dirt on the government and befuddles with his cyberwarfare abilities despite a complete lack of apparent cybernetics. (technopathy, telepathy)

>> No.42898391

You know those cartoons like Tom and Jerry where you have set characters who are in a new situation every weak? Like, in one episode they're in suburbia, but in the next everyone is a cowboy? I'm sure there's a term for cartoons like those, but I think a jump like that could be fun.

>Can pull out mallets and other simple objects from behind your back
>Perk that lets you order things from ACME
>Drawback where you can't talk, it gives you exactly enough points to buy a perk that lets you pull out signs from behind your back
>Wily drawback where you're the character who exists for the sole purpose of getting hurt repeatedly

>> No.42898395

>Fire, then Light & Lightning (as very often things for one have some bearing on the other two as well, see Firebending), then Wood, then Metal (which has more types of supermetals), then Earth (which tends to also boost Metal, but there isn't as much magic stone as there is magic metal), then Shadow (which I'm assuming to include elemental shadow, but not physical/concentrated EEEVIIILLL ), then Water (and Ice), then finally Air at the bottom without even an Ant or Esper ability to its name (though Air stuff tends to boost Lightning, too)

Well, okay, once Wakfu finishes the Ninjago update, I guess maybe Speed will be at the bottom? Or maybe Poison? Smoke gets too many hand-me-down boosts from Fire, as well as having a Conduit power and Devil Fruit for itself. But then, most Air stuff boosts Speed, and some Wood stuff affects poisons.

Behold, the revised list!

>> No.42898436

I like to combine Light with Water so I can refract, reflect, and focus it.

>> No.42898533

>water/light combo to refract, reflect, focus


>> No.42898860

>using elements
>not using glorious nonelemental damage that nothing resists

>> No.42898885

>not dealing so much elemental damage that their resistance is meaningless

But I digress: Nothing can defeat Guinea Lion.

>> No.42898913

... I legitimately thought that was a real creature for a moment there.

God damn you, anon. Now I must Geneforge one into existence.

>> No.42898915

People get bored of just casting Flare, Meteor, and Ultima all the time.

>> No.42899005

Hey guys, I keep forgetting to announce it, but I've been working on a "The Binding of Isaac" Gauntlet. I've been working on it for a few days, writing up tons of stuff, with lots more to go, and was wondering if there was anything anyone wanted in the final version.

I'm adding TONS of items, drawbacks and possibly even backgrounds for people to mess around with as they please. Also, once I'm done with what I've currently got planned, I'll be waiting for the Afterbirth DLC to be released and throw stuff in from that too.

So, yeah, any requests?

>> No.42899017

Then try Wall of Force or Magic Missile, or use the Unrelenting Force shout.

One might also try Hyper Beam, but have Scrappy for your ability so you can blast ghosts with it.

>> No.42899025

Is there going to be a fetus monster background?

>> No.42899064

Steel types still resist that, as do rock types.

>> No.42899066


>> No.42899081


The Backgrounds will mostly be based on existing characters such as Isaac, Samson, Judas, Blue Baby and even The Lost. They'll grant different starting abilities and subtly warp the basement and other floors.

The default "Drop In" origin will be based on Isaac, dropping you into the basement as a child version of yourself with basic, balanced abilities.

>> No.42899115

Lilith Background. Tarot Cards. The Chaos Card. A Drawback that renders you constantly naked, without any outside equipment. Perk that lets you redo the whole thing to get different drops. Something to give you the soundtrack.

>> No.42899165

Obligatory luck perk that references Northernlion.

>> No.42899273


Since it's a Gauntlet, you won't be getting any outside powers, abilities, equipment or companions anyways, but I'm way ahead of you with the Naked Drawback.

Offering the Soundtrack as one of the rewards for being it sounds totally reasonable. It's fairly possible that I'll be making backgrounds based on all the characters, so one based on Lilith when we learn more about her seems reasonable. Active Items, Passive Items and Trinkets will be bought with points obtained by taking drawbacks instead of dropped or found. Ways to obtain tarot cards might be neat, but The Chaos Card might be a bit too OP to just put up for sale.

>> No.42899291


(Nu remembers when he beat the game with The Lost on his first try.) I'll think of something.

>> No.42899337

Funny enough, I meant to type in Eve. I suppose I should fix that now that Lilith is actually a character.

>> No.42899341


beating* it


By "he" I mean NL, just for clarification

>> No.42899368


Oh yeah, an Eve inspired background will definitely get added. I was just mentioning the others by name as examples. Sorry if that seemed to imply only those characters would have backgrounds based on them.

>> No.42899384

Is that why people keep watching him 750+ videos in? Personally I was never that interested in the thing so I only watched a few episodes.

Also relevant.

>> No.42899454

>750+ videos

Jesus H. Christ what?

>> No.42899459

Personally the banter is why I watch him the most. It's almost like a one-man podcast.

And also because he's a genuinely good player. He beat the game with a character that dies in one hit, with an item that makes his shots make explosions that can potentially damage him, and an item that caused his shots to explode whenever they collided with an enemy's shots.

>> No.42899558


Yeah man, it's almost cathartic to just throw him up in the background and check in to see how the game is doing every now and then.

>> No.42899592

Apparently the combination of this balding canadian man, and the Binding of Issac is a good one, or at least has been good for him.

>> No.42899603

How the fuck is this play time possible?

>> No.42899670

His job is making videos for the internet. Since he makes videos in batches and each one takes around an hour, it's not that hard to imagine.

>> No.42899681

But 773 hours is ridonculous.

>> No.42899710

The game HAS to get repetitive at some point, right?


Oh fuck it's an SCP. It controls him.

>> No.42899767

an alternative source of BOI video I've found
seems... interesting

>> No.42899782

and I forgot to put the link in like a stupid person

>> No.42899824

That's actually just for Rebirth, he apparently did 980 for the original Binding of Issac. So more, a lot more
Benefit of roguelikes, they are at least somewhat different each time.
TearofGrace is a strange guy, but sometimes terrible puns can be quite entertaining.

>> No.42899834


Every time you think "maybe it'll get repetitive at some point" they end up releasing a big update, newer version or DLC that adds tons of new items.

Rebirth is the biggest case of this so far, I still haven't seen all the special interactions that are possible. It not only added new items, it allowed old items to properly interact with each other, like allowing Technology lasers or Brimstone blood lasers to home in on targets if you also had something like Spoon Bender.

. . .That was a glorious day.

>> No.42899855

351 items, thousands of rooms, 12 characters, and one character that spawns with a different loadout every time.

I don't think it's getting old any time soon.

>> No.42899984

Hell, the first game had about a third of those options and he still belted out almost a full grand of videos.

>> No.42900079

I'd be interested to see it but in addition to what >>42895617 has pointed out UQ Holder is generally deadlier than it's predecessor and rampant with immortals. Whiiiich brings up the problem of what you're going to do if you offer immortality since the basic fail condition for a chain is death...and immortality would sort of null that and thus pose a problem. How would you deal with this?

History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi
Viewtiful Joe
His Dark Materials Trilogy (Although I think someone was working on it)
Boku No Hero Academia
Mirai Nikki
UQ Holder (I do want to see it.)
Mushoku Tensei (Being worked on afaik)
Is It Wrong To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon
Ubel Blatt
An Updated DxD jump
Rurouni Kenshin
Kyoukai Senjou No Horizon
Odious Manly Genuflection With Terrible Fury: Only True Lamentation
eien No Aselia

>> No.42900103

>Rurouni Kenshin
Fuck yes. This is the only shounen I've ever enjoyed.

>> No.42900108

Not death from age, silly.

>> No.42900127

We already have Pikmin, and someone's working on Rurouni Kenshin.

>> No.42900158

Immortality =/= Invulnerability.

Most of the rank-and-file of the UQ organization, and indeed the man who founded it, are only ageless, not truly immortal.

>An Updated DxD jump
HOLY SHIT I have been waiting forever for someone else to bring in up. I apologize for being blunt, but holy crap there was almost no thought put into that jump.

>> No.42900217

>no thought
Why? It looks all right to me, though I personally don't care much for the background image thing. Is it some new stuff revealed in the series or something?

>> No.42900226

Yo, /jc/, I need some Devil Fruit (and/or perk) recommendations for the Companions I'm importing to One Piece:

>An Exploud
>A Mightyena
>A Mawile
>A Manectric
>An Altaria
>A Scrafty (apparently Conquest mons can be imported as/made into Companions later on? At least that's what the notes appear to say.)
>A Machamp
>A Sandslash

I've already considered giving Sandslash, Machamp, and Scrafty a 100 CP Drawback and the base Haki perk instead of giving them Fruits, but I figured I'd ask you guys about it.

>> No.42900230

>X-Men: Evolution
Marvel Animated Universe a shit.

>> No.42900281

>>An Updated DxD jump
>HOLY SHIT I have been waiting forever for someone else to bring in up. I apologize for being blunt, but holy crap there was almost no thought put into that jump.
forgive my curiosity but as someone who has only seen the anime and ova what happens and why does it need an update?

>> No.42900331

Oy. Quick Viking Saga question. Do these sound like good Supernatural Weaknesses?

>Need fire to live
>Repelled by virginity
>Repelled if I cannot solve a riddle
>Crave / am drawn towards sunlight
>Repelled by running water
>Horrible injuries are inflicted if permission to enter a house is not granted

>> No.42900342

So you're some weird pseudo-vampire with half the weaknesses reversed?

>> No.42900354

I don't need to eat people, that's literally the ONE THING I got going for me.

>> No.42900370

They seem annoying enough.

>> No.42900385


The main problem is that it's patently clear whoever made it only watched the first two anime seasons, rather than reading the books.

There are only options for the three Christian factions, and a bunch of different ways to be a normal person and then die. There are no Sacred Gear options, the Angels and Fallen can suddenly do the same reincarnation thing as the Devils, despite the fact that the Fallen never have such tech, which is basically just makes it so you can be one of those species without taking that background.

The devil piece is the most well put-together part.

So yeah, just needs a lot more stuff about other mythologies that show up after volume four and a section with sacred gears.

>> No.42900397

Add a 'crave / am drawn towards pregnant women' deal to offset the 'REPELLED BY VIRGINITY' and you're good to go.

Or don't. I'm a post, not a cop.

>> No.42900413

Sounds fine by me.

>> No.42900419

>Sacred Gears
There are. Each of the pieces can get one as their capstone.

>> No.42900447

So, in spite of you saying that there was almost no thought in the jump, the only real thing that seems to be missing is stuff about these other mythologies? Could just be the maker of it deciding to focus on the main factions.

>> No.42900453

Pick the element themed fruit, there's no harm in strengthening an affinity.

>> No.42900454

Ah I see, I went angel myself so it did kind of seem strange that I was buying devil pieces. Well I certainly hope it does get updated it seems like there is potential there and it would be interesting to see how the other backgrounds are fleshed out to be unique from each other.

>> No.42900477

And that's good, but there are only three. And the Gears are important enough to the series that it really doesn't feel like enough.

I'm not asking for a Longinus here-something like that is probably 800-1000 CP-but some more variety would help a lot.

>> No.42900512

So I just noticed something cool. Burstone, from the Bastion jump, is a perfect energy storage medium. It can hold unlimited amounts with no loss, making it the perfect battery. It's a natural material, meaning that Artificial Alloys from Anno 2070 can reproduce it. And you can teach other people to make your Artificial Alloys products. So you can just give any world you visit the solution to any energy storage problems. That has some fun potential when it comes to uplifting. Of course, it would also make for the ultimate bomb, since it releases that energy explosively when it's destroyed. Keep pumping energy into it and you could get planet busters that would fit in the palm of your hand. So maybe it's a bad idea to give the tech out so casually.

>> No.42900564

>Mushoku Tensei (Being worked on afaik)

It's basically done, I just want to reread the series to make sure I didn't make any mistakes/left things out.

>> No.42900584

I'm gonna need a source on that energy battery and planet buster bit. Nothing against you, anon, but weirder shit's been claimed in these threads.

Captcha, I can't mis-type potatoes.

>> No.42900604

It's in the jump. Look at the items, the entry for Burstone explicitly states that it has infinite capacity and releases it all at once when destroyed. I'm just inferring the planet buster part, admittedly, but it's a logical conclusion.

>> No.42900623

Huh, so it does. My apologies for the doubt.

>> No.42900626

No problem, I understand.

>> No.42900639

>maybe it's a bad idea to give the tech out so casually.
You have to combine the item with a perk from a completely different jump and then spend time and resources pumping energy into the Burstone pieces that you manage to grow.

I'd hardly call that just handing it out.

If the calamity doomsday weapon was powered by burstone, he could be correct about it's planet busting potential.

>> No.42900671

I don't mean the jump giving it so casually to me, I mean me giving it so casually to other people. I can see that coming back to bite me, as the gift I gave in the spirit of bettering mankind got turned towards producing weapons more destructive than had ever been before created. I'll need to be careful.

>> No.42900695

Brave Little Toaster
Gummi Bears
Phantom Tollbooth
Samurai Pizza Cats

Reaching way back into my childhood for these.

>> No.42900710

That reminds me of something from stargate, at one point they got a Zero Point Module from a Goa'uld, who had put some compound on it that would explode when you ran electricity through it. The ZPM itself was stated to have a 50% charge, and that the blast would be roughly the same size as the solar system. So get or find a way to make some ZPM and you could make some really big booms.

>> No.42900763

A secret ending where you get Isaac's mother as a companion post jump.You can pick which nightmare world to drop her in that way.

>> No.42900804


That is. . .damn. That's something to think about.

>> No.42900805

I can't wait for Silent Hill, but it'll probably be a minute yet.

>> No.42900815

For my own infinite energy, I just make Mystcraft worlds with extra suns, and no night, then set up the most efficient solar farms I can. Funnel that energy across dimensions or transport batteries when you need them and you're good.

That's also how I get material resources, just make a world, mine it out, profit!

>> No.42900880

>Silent Hill
I honestly don't know how a long jumper, or anyone past 10 or 20 jumps, is going to survive that thing.

>> No.42900906

They won't. Anyone who jumps it is insane.

>> No.42900920

Well, this isn't energy generation, it's energy storage. So your scheme would still benefit from having Burstone capacitors, means there's no wasted energy from when you're not tapping the solar arrays.

>> No.42900931

Same way anyone survives horrific mental anguish and torture.

Either be so desensitized that you're laughing your ass off instead of screaming, have no emotions and then just no emotional response whatsoever, or rushing through the whole thing to avoid your brain melting.

>> No.42900932

I don't know much about Silent Hill. How does it attack you?

>> No.42900945

It's literally your own personal hell that torments you for your sins, porportionally to your sins.

>> No.42900953


Er, no. It can be _recharged_ infinitely, not store infinite amounts. From the jump:

>Burstoneisan excellentcapacitor,capableofstoringagreatdealofenergyanddischargingitslowlywhen providedwithanoutlet.
>Burstoneactslikearechargeablebatterywithnomaximumlimit, capableofstoringimmenseenergywithoutdifficulty.

So it's fantastic for your flying cars (and your flying tanks) but you're not going to blow up a planet with a single crate.

>> No.42900955

... So what we learn is.

Only the Edgiest of Jumpers will be able to survive?

Far as we know, the Jump-Maker is going with the 'inner demons' definition of what Silent Hill does, meaning it... well. It targets everything negative about you. Every niggling concern or worry, and creates horrible monsters based on them.

And then there's the Pursuer, basically our personal version of Pyramid Head. Hopefully sans rape-y tendencies.

>> No.42900970

Oh, ew, what the hell did that PDF use to format the text.

>> No.42900971

>be so desensitized that you're laughing your ass off instead of screaming
Isn't that a sure-fire way to get stuck in purgatory forever?

>> No.42900972

I would imagine the rape-y tendencies would be jumper dependent, like the rest of it is.

>> No.42900973

>Hopefully sans rape-y tendencies.

We both know there's no hope of that.
No hope.
Only pain.

He's still fucking evil for that companion import pitch. Free import for all Companions but they ALL get thrown into their own segments of the town? Fucknonononono.

>> No.42900977

Well, sometimes. Other times it tortures you for someone else's sins due to getting confused. I always like to think the town gets embarrassed afterwards. "Shit, this guy wasn't there for that murder, he's got no idea what this symbolism means. Aw, fuck. I screwed up, here. Okay, I'll just throw some vagina monsters at him and hope it distracts him too much to notice."

>> No.42900985

Then it seems the best way to avoid your troubles is to accept your sins and concerns and deal with them. Aren't there more than a few perks to deal with those things?

>> No.42900987

wouldn't that just be saying the person has to be insane in order to survive the mental trauma?

>> No.42900990

Silent Hill is, at its core, an entity in another dimension reaching into ours. That's the basis, and it just resulted in the town being a little odd, the original entity was probably completely neutral if it was aware at all. But from chronic cult fuckery, it's picked up an evil intelligence and weakened the barriers between its dimension and ours. Is it the same being corrupted? Is it a new one alongside it? Who knows? But what now happens is that Silent Hill reaches into your mind and manifests your thoughts, dreams, beliefs, nightmares, and inner demons. Does it want to teach you a lesson and make you better? Does it want to use your nightmares to kill you? Who knows what it wants? If it's two entities maybe they want different things, because in the end both happen, and the only way to get out is to confront and defeat your inner demons.

Worth noting though, that psychic individuals can exert some influence in Silent Hill. Use the town to manifest their own thoughts, beliefs, and ideas in twisted, horrifying ways. It's what happened in the first game.

>> No.42900991

>Only the Edgiest of Jumpers will be able to survive?
I honestly doubt that. I haven't seen the jump, but based off of the lore an edgelord won't survive it any easier than anyone else.

>Either be so desensitized that you're laughing your ass off instead of screaming, have no emotions and then just no emotional response whatsoever, or rushing through the whole thing to avoid your brain melting.
Depending on what type of SH the jump is, those could lock you there indefinitely.

>> No.42900999

The town doesn't just want you to learn from your sins, it wants to punish you for them.

>> No.42901001

I don't know if the perks are good enough I think people would jump it.

>> No.42901003

If I recall Perks like those are disabled during the jump if I recall what OAA said.

>> No.42901008

Not necessarily. My take >>42900990 is that there's either two entities, or the Cult corrupted the original one.

>> No.42901011

... No?
When asked in IRC, his answer was basically 'shrug, if you're all squeaky clean then SURELY the Town won't find anything horrible, right?'

>> No.42901016

It says it has no maximum limit. If that's meant to refer to how often you can recharge it instead of how much it can store it's a poor word choice. "Never loses efficiency" would have been a better way to phrase it.

>> No.42901022

It's rapey, Japanese inspired Ravenloft with lots of disturbing sexual imagery. Remember the lol, best of luck in Ravenloft discussions? Get ready to have those again, only they'll be more nebulous in nature because SH doesn't have the detailed lore that Ravenloft and the Dark Powers have.

>> No.42901029

alternatively, if you managed to face your shadow in Persona, you're relatively set at that point

>> No.42901030

Neither of those theories mean the town doesn't want to punish those drawn to it.

>> No.42901034

Just uninstall Jumper Emotions.exe and have a mental resistance

>> No.42901035

Ignore what I said then. I wasn't sure if that was OAA or another anon who said that.

>> No.42901038

That description literally means infinite storage. Through it may be prudent to check with the jump creator to see if yo are correct.

>> No.42901041

I think it was mainly Harry that had to deal with sexual imagery, because he had a lot of sexual issues. Probably won't be like that for some others. Depends on if you have sexual issues.

It means that some part of the town MIGHT want you to learn from your sins, in addition to some part of it wanting to murder you.

>> No.42901048

That'd be a tick in your favor, but there's a quasi-cosmic, in the sense of karma, that wouldn't make it a sure thing.

>> No.42901050

James, not Harry. Harry didn't face any of his own issues, the town was stuck on imitating Alessa's fears when he was there.

>> No.42901051

wouldn't that still lead to problems?

>> No.42901053

Shadows aren't really anywhere near the same level. Most shadows only relate to a single issue, often even a single event that troubles the person.

Or it might be that neither of your theories are right.Or hell, none of the posted theories are and it's something different. Whatever the case is, the games have shown that the town is quite willing to go well beyond the point that would be needed to teach someone a lesson.

>> No.42901058

Honestly? The game's 'purpose' for Silent Hill has changed from game to game. Sunderland was purely punishment, and the two Pyramid Heads he fights both kill themselves when his desire for punishment ceases. Other times, it varies up.

It's fucking confusing, really.

N...Not necessarily.

Accepting your Shadow just means you're promising to work through your issues, not that they're entirely cleaned. The social links in Persona were a part of shrinking the gap between Persona/Shadow and the person, if I remember correctly.
Honestly, I really want him to come back just to see what he's done. Silent Hill was going to be CONFUSING to do no matter what because of how nebulous it is and how inconsistent the Otherworld / Fogworld / Entities are. I know he went with the 'Personal Demons' issue.

>> No.42901064

>Depends on if you have sexual issues.
Given the prevalence of harem and sexual perks, and how the thread blows up when sexuality is discussed I'd put solid money on Sexual Issues being a theme for many jumpers.

Now whether they'll admit to that and play it or not is open for the debate, but all the same my comment stands.

>> No.42901068

yeah, but if you can deal with them, then you probably at least have what it takes to deal with other issues when they get tossed in your face

>> No.42901073

All I gotta say is:

There's gonna be a Shiba Inu companion. I'm happy. Even if that thing turns out to be the true mastermind behind Silent Hill.

>> No.42901075

Well, that's a bit silly. I suppose I'll have little recourse but to enforce my right to survival.

>> No.42901077

Right right, brain was getting mixed up thinking about Alessa.

The prevalence of those perks doesn't reflect on everyone as not everyone took those perks.

>> No.42901087

Hence why he said 'many,' not all.

>> No.42901092 [SPOILER] 

>Looks at the Jump Schedule.
>Jump #3: Far Cry
>Jump #8: Iji
>Jump #11: The Dresden Files
>Jump #15: The Binding of Isaac
>Jump #17: Madoka
>Jump #25: F.E.A.R
>Jump #28: 8-Bit Fucking Theatre
>Jump #31: Undertale
>Jump #32: Kara No Kyoukai
>Jump #41: Darksiders
>Jump #49: Silent Hill

Well, at least it will be a while until I have to deal with that shit.

>> No.42901102

If you've any real toughness perk and a above average weapon I honestly think you'd be fine. Near the whole thing is mental. Just run emotionless for the jump with a magic shotgun. Honestly metal resistance from DC would probably be enough.

>> No.42901104

There is a shiba inu companion and a alien drawback if I recall.

>> No.42901106

>The prevalence of those perks doesn't reflect on everyone as not everyone took those perks.
True, but my comment about the frequent reaction to the discussion of sexual matters and how that's likely reflective of sexual issues stands.

That too. I don't think my comments apply to all jumpers, but I think they apply to more jumpers than jumpers are willing to admit to.

>> No.42901111

Good point, but (and I forgot to mention this) I also automate the creation of new batteries. I basically set up a Von Neuman battery farm underground, and a Von Neuman solar farm above ground. I can store more than I make, because Minecraft has some ridiculously large energy storage systems. Well, some mods do.

All that said... the crystals would make it ridiculously more efficient, but also introduce an element of danger that... Wait, these are extradimensional areas... The only people who could get there to set it off would probably have no problems with destroying my current system. Y'know what? I'm going to add that to my system. Thanks for pointing it out, >>42900512

>> No.42901120

Fuck that shit. If you aren't living in a hell inspired by eons of jumping experience, then you're doing it wrong. It's the journey, not the destination that matters.

So put down your books and pick up a gun, we're gonna have a whole lotta fun!

>> No.42901130

Every enemy in the jump scales to you and there's an equal number of floors to how many jumps you've done.

>> No.42901134

I wonder how many jumpers would get violence themed levels in silent hill.

>> No.42901137

The Shadow is basically a grossly exaggerated and warped image of your issues, not necessarily what your real problem is. They'll conceal and hide it from you inside a parody. Hence Kanji's issues with what's considering manly being so well hidden that even most players just jump right to sexuality and gender identity crap because they take the parody at face value. Basically it's a single Silent Hill monster since the town does the same thing.

>> No.42901147

>equal number of floors to how many jumps you've done

Oh fuck that noise on so many fucking levels.
And they're all themed after our actions on each jump, right?


>> No.42901154


>> No.42901158

Considering the amount of settings that are just "Violence and also a theme", probably more than a few.

>> No.42901160

>Not wanting to deal with all your problems.
Anon you must test your entire being. Come on!

>> No.42901162

You get, per jump:

1 Level
1 thematic enemy
1 boss / puzzle / some challenge to complete to progress

>> No.42901190


Fuck this shit, I'm out. I'm the black guy, I know what happens to black guys in horror movies, I know EXACTLY where this is going.

>> No.42901193

I can't wait to hear from those people that jumped Lovecraft and took the Crawling with Love drawback.

/That/ is going to be a fun level.

>> No.42901195

I've been eating around a hundred or so pieces of tinker tech since every jump after Worm. I'm really not worried by near anything.

>> No.42901197

What's the best mind control option? The imperious plus thousand masters is what I've been using but are there any instantly enslave a crowd of people type Perks?

>> No.42901198

>Being forced to face 200 problems you've already dealt with and 200 that are basically the same thing
Ugh, Anon. Just ugh.

>> No.42901203

Oh man.

Off the top of my head I got to say Far Cry, WW2, and Hellsing will be the big ones.

>> No.42901205

So many charisma perks stacked one on top of the other that you could be declared President by walking up to the White House.

>> No.42901208

I don't think you understand what Scaling Enemies means anon.

>> No.42901216

>Jump scales with jumper's power
>I'm not worried, I'm super powerful
Oh, you'd be just hilarious to watch.

>> No.42901220

I'll repeat, anybody that goes there is crazy. Nothing justifies it.

>> No.42901221

Hey, it was OAA's answer to the 'this only makes sense as a gauntlet' questions that came up. He compromised: instead of power loss, everything's bumped up to Jumper level.

Which would you rather have?

>> No.42901224

So for the pokemon jump did you follow the whole 'some pokemon are just straight up by far worse then others' or anime 'believe and train hard enough and any pokemon can be good'? I'm having a hard time picking a starter because of this.

>> No.42901231


>> No.42901236

Combination of the two.

Some like Bidoof? Are just hilariously useless. But in general, you can likely make any Pokémon strong enough to take on Champions through HARD WORK AND GUTS.

>> No.42901241

Both. Training and intelligence makes up for a lot, and can let a mouse defeat an elephant and all that, but there's a bit of a balancing scale and there's a certain point where some pokemon can't keep up no matter how smart and strategic you guys train to be. It's mostly restricted to really weak or unevolved pokemon though, and is a rare thing. Like Metapod or Sunkern, stuff like that.

>> No.42901244

The Anime version, largely because I've found it to match the video games sans metagame where I can train a Magikarp to level 100 and handle most gyms.

>> No.42901246

See? The enigmatic 'Prepare to stay in Raven Hill' shit already begins.

Actually I think it began when the thing was first announced.

>> No.42901258

I have to stop running from my sins someday.

My base Speed isn't higher than Arceus'.

Come what may, there will come a time when I need this - to gain a better sense of who I am, and who I am not. Sometimes a Jumper must suffer for the greater good.

>> No.42901260

Not like it matters, given the fact that they too are going to become interdimensional badasses.
Also, Jumpers. What do you think your hardest Silent Hill Area will be? Is it the world where a companion left you? A World where you were death personified? A World where you were just flat up lonely?

>> No.42901261

Duly noted. Now step aside and let REAL jumper handle this.

>> No.42901262

The pokemon in question is farfetch'd. I'm really torn because I imagine going on a quest to find the leek of all leeks and through sheer GUTS making it a force to be reckoned with but at the same time... them base stats.

>> No.42901265

We're just trying to cope with the fact that OAA will never come back

Hahaha I'm joking of course he'll come back.

>> No.42901268

Farfetch'd has one cool advantage. It uses a weapon. Get that bitch a katana folded over a thousand times and teach it martial arts.

>> No.42901269

Note that the entry only says "no maximum limit" in the rechargeable battery clause, while the two storage capacity clauses say "a great deal of energy" and "immense energy" respectively. I'm going to bet on the storage capacity being non-infinite; I do agree the phrasing could be better either way.

>Companion walks up. "What's the problem, Anon? You seem worried."
>"Uh, I, ah, dropped a nanogram of Burstone while I was walking through the Warehouse."
>Companion laughs. "You're worried about something the size of a dust particle? It could have drifted anywhere."
>"I'd just finished charging it with the energy of ten thousand galaxies."
>Companion expression's is briefly OH SHIT before turning smug.
>"What's so funny?"
>"_I'll_ respawn."

>> No.42901271

Yeah, it seems like everyone misses that bit in the Ameno-Sagiri boss where he outright admits that Shadows are things opposed to truth, and that everything they ever said to the kids was just to get them to give up and accept the superficial instead of the actual. Way to miss the whole point of the game, am I right?

>> No.42901276

Your speed doesn't matter if it's using Extremespeed.

>> No.42901279

It's not even a drama llama thing, dude is just having internet trouble.

>> No.42901283

Atomic Robo
Hellboy comics
The Black Company
Crimson Skies
Flash Gordon
Stormlight Archive

>> No.42901286

Which is why I said I'm joking. I mean, it's not like a tree fell on his house or anything.

>> No.42901290

That was the idea, fold a leek over one gorillion times and train the duck to YO ANIME everything in a glorious quest to upset the food chain.
I am convinced thoroughly now, though.

>> No.42901292

You're in for a rough time with Farfetch'd. I mean shit, it's based off a myth of a duck who carries an onion that WANTS to be eaten.

But best of luck. After all, there's one thing stopping you from making that duck a hero.


>> No.42901295

Yep, I imagine a ton of jumpers go to Persona thinking "I'm so clever, I'm gonna accept my shadow right off and skip on my merry way!", not realizing that the shadow is an ugly lie with only a small grain of warped and hidden truth, so they just ended up fucking themselves over even MORE and making their issues a billion times worse.

>> No.42901300

Anywhere it decides "see this BBEG you killed? Who are you to decide whether they live or die? Where is your humility?"

I still won't regret reducing Ragyo to a fine red mist, which is why I can never go to Silent Hill. I suspect it will require me to apologize for taking it upon myself to judge her sins - and to, in a sense, forgive her.

>> No.42901311

>Every niggling concern or worry, and creates horrible monsters based on them.
This is one jump I think I'll skip, the jump maker should take that as a compliment. Sorry I am not a bad enough dude.

>> No.42901319 [SPOILER] 

> Flash Gordon

You best mean the movie, anon. Because BRIAN BLESSED is my Lord and Savior.

>> No.42901324

>Flash Gordon

Fuckin' right? Those would be bitching. Unfortunately I probably won't have time to get to them, but I'll check in in a couple of months. If no one's working on Barsoom by then, then I'll do it.

>> No.42901331

>What do you think your hardest Silent Hill Area will be?
See: >>42901193. It'd be like Lovecraft: Meet the Parents.

There is no reward great enough to deal with that.

>> No.42901332


Dude, dude, DUDE. . .Farfetch'd Samurai.

Help it learn the way of the leek sword.

>> No.42901343

>The jump-maker should take that as a compliment.

Dude, the guy said in thread at one point that if nobody jumped it because of the horror? He'd consider it mission accomplished.

Nobody jumping it because of shit quality was an entirely other story.

>> No.42901347

But what if you're already a crazy cray monster?

>> No.42901351

>Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: All my Pokes abandoned me
>Nintendogs: Tried to be the best dog. Various issues expressed because I was trapped in a house
>Changeling The Lost: HA. Dealing with powerlessness and victimhood after so long of being a different being.
>Generic Zombie Apocalypse: After the end, fungal zombies, had the cure for fungal infections from Courage. Spent years trying to use conduit based electric time travel

Oh the fun we shall have...

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