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You are Lieu--No, you are Captain Anode, of the Maverick Hunters Fourth Overland Unit.

Or whatever's left of them, anyway.

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You look down at the promotion papers again, clearing your head, still feeling out of sorts, like you should be going someplace, or doing something, anything that isn't sitting around.

You turn and crane over your shoulder as best you can again, trying to get a better look at one of your two upgrades.

It's hard to believe this is it. Solstrike Saetos, now in convenient backpack form. You haven't tested it yet, but already, you feel... good. As soon as you sat up on the repair bed, after having made your decision, feeling them integrate into your systems. You might be crawling your way out of a hellhole, but you've got a hell of a nice boost to do it with.

There was something else, though, something that immediately sprang to your lips, first thing when you awoke. Where did the capacitors come from?

The Lifesaver only shrugged and replied 'your lab.' A quick call home didn't answer your questions--they only told you that they had repurposed a part from a weapons project they were working on. The rest was classified, even between you and them. There's no way they should have been able to drum up another capacitor on demand. Something's up.

But now... now, you have time. Time, and a nervous, restless energy, even despite the wave of fatigue that's washed over the base in the hours since the attack.

>Go find someone. (Specify)

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Hey folks. Ripped my way through the backlog in about three days to catch up on this (friend of Hunter Command & Cain Labs, still late to the party). Got inspired to write some fanfic, so...yeah. Feedback welcome.


> Find Emerald

Our bro could use a friend. We could use our bro. Hell, find India while we're at it, distract selves and others from sorrow with shiny new toys.

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It's super unlikely we'll find the guy, but there's no way he didn't leave some sort of message(s) for the rest of us.

Beyond that, seconding >>42864970's vote

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Were they scavenged among one of the casualties, maybe?

Or maybe it comes installed with a Maverick Virus.

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Let's see how India is doing.

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Maybe we should check up on India, see if they actually managed to put her back together yet.

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As much as I'd love to check in on our buddies and generally raise hell, it's still a bit soon after the attack for that, I think.
Also there's kind of a war on, now, so we may want to actually go find out what needs doing or how we can help.

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I'm pretty jazzed about this. It's funny, we've had a million and one inspired games (which will never not be my favorite thing about MHQ), but no direct writing, dramatization of storytimes excepted. It's pretty rad.

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> Find Emerald

We need no more surprises, so lets find our friends and get any further bad news out of the way before we get down to business.

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Find Emerald. We must see our bro and see if he is alright. Then we find india to see if she has legs... possibly by using a forest gump line in the process. After that, the bravely broken, grach and the like.

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Damn near forgot about our minions. We should definitely check up on them.

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Find Emerald and any other officers. If anything, let's get a proper headcount.

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You decide to go looking for Em--India's probably still getting repaired. Besides, she didn't lose a brother. You still don't know what to say, or do, or anything about that. You keep feeling a brief flicker of horror and dread imagining it could have been Cathode--and then it just shuts down and forces your brain shut, rather than even consider thinking about it.

You find him in his lab, seated before a space cleared on one of the damaged tables, one of his sabers disassembled and lying in disarray across it. Rolling a tool back and forth, you get the idea he's managed to do nothing at all for however long he's been trying.

"Hey," you greet. He looks up at you and nods faintly, then returns to staring a hole in the countertop, rolling that little spanner back and forth, back and forth.

"You talked to Sapphire?" you try.

"Yeah," Em replies tersely. You don't think you've ever seen him shut up this long in his life.

"How's she doing?"

"Better than me," he admits quietly. "Not sure how. The two of them have been together their whole lives."

"...And you?" you ask.

"I'm mad," he says quietly. "I dunno. I need to... something. Anything. You know, they still won't tell me how he died."

"They probably don't even know."

He leans back, eyes on the ceiling. "Yeah, maybe. So I've got--well, it's not a plan, but it's what I'm gonna do." He leans back in his chair and looks back at you. "I'm going after every single ex-Seventh officer I can get my fucking hands on, and I am going to get some answers."

Something about his tone gives you a vague worry.

>Try to talk him down from that line of thought.
>Try to redirect. He's still sorting things out.

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>Try to talk him down from that line of thought.

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>Try to redirect. He's still sorting things out.
Not without a plan, you're not. In case you haven't noticed, Fourth is in shambles. Literally half our officers are either dead, incapacitated, or Maverick. If you're going on a manhunt, you're doing it with Fourth's support, but Fourth can't do anything until you and I help get its shit together. You feel me?

How bulky is our new back unit, or is it rather svelte?

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>Get him to promise to not do it alone. We got his back.

>> No.42865351

>Try to talk him down from that line of thought.

Raging vengeance is how we become the mavericks. Don't throw away Diamond's memory by becoming something he would've had to hunt.

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Eeeeesh.. this will be tricky considering he can't fly or use range attacks. Maybe if that throwing saber vwes idea works, but not right now.

>Try to Redirect.
Offer him some spar, training time. We got a new jump jet and capacitor we want to test out and the both of them need to keep sharp in their training. Besides, they're a team. Got to stick together and help one another in these hard times. Sure the soldiers would like something to watch at the range as well.

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I think Diamond was the one designed to take down Emerald, so that might make it hurt a bit.

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Woah there. Do NOT use diamond as a mean to deflect the idea. When you are dealing with grief that just makes things worst. Redirect him. Make him focus on something else than his rage, but do not directly push his buttons.

>> No.42865364

>Try to talk him down from that line of thought.

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Good, it'll get the point across. Em was there for us after Jagwire to remind us that we're supposed to be better than that. What kind of bro would we be if we sat back and watched him make the mistake we almost did?

>> No.42865380

The kind who didn't just lose a brother. The situation may be similar but is really different. Emerald is a lot more stubborn than us and we know from experience he is not one to back down. Want him to not do it? Redirect him and not use his own weakpoints on him.

What kind of bro hits their bro over the head with a issue while they are down?

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"Em...I know your pissed off, hell I'M pissed off, but you're better than that. Look, the brass gave me a shiny new captain promotion, maybe I can dig up something for you."

>> No.42865413

He's a captain too though. We are the same clearance level. If authority would give us anything it would give him the same thing.

>> No.42865441

Which is why we have to redirect him and point that anger towards something useful, like rebuilding the Fourth. Hence >>42865341.

>> No.42865461

I can agree with that. We should redirect his thoughts. Training, poking at our new capacitor, anything but the diamond button or no better than button.

>> No.42865532

>Try to redirect. He's still sorting things out.

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>> No.42865639

>Try to Redirect.

Mike, Blare's info will be up sometime next week, I got slammed with a ton of work and barely got online the last fortnight. Can't even access the hub or IRC atm. Sorry for the lateness.

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Your first thought is to try to warn him off that--if Diamond was built to kill him, then anyone built like him will have the same advantage--but you stop yourself. He must know that, with how much he dwells on it. Letting that go, you decide to try to deflect to something else.

"...What happened after we split up, Em?" you ask.

He chuckles bitterly. "Search and rescue. For whatever good that did. You see that casualty list?"


"Bast was one of the ones I 'saved.' That apparently didn't take. At least a few made it out. I think."

"You said you only just got back during the fighting?"

He nods, picking up a small emitter lens and tumbling it over the back of his hand like a coin idly. "Two days," he says distantly. "I was stuck there for two days, half dead and on ym own. I have no idea how big that place is, but it was a fucking maze. I went through a one-way door looking for... I don't even fucking know what I was looking for. I thought maybe I could find some more captured hunters. If I hadn't gone through that fucking time lock--maybe I would have been here sooner. Maybe I could have made a difference."

"You couldn't have known, man," you offer. "And wondering about how things could have gone won't help anything."

"Yeah, I know," he mutters. "I know." He falls into silence again for a moment, leaving you to examine the floor lamely. The faint clink of him rolling the emitter lens around stops. "They let me go."

You look back up at that. "What?"

"Just before I got here--I managed to find a beam-in pad I could hijack. I ran right into a fucking army of them. No way to get away from that many, no way to take them all. They had to have known. They let me go," he repeats, chuckling bitterly and throwing a hand out at the damage all around the room. "So I could come back to this. Too late to do anything about it. Too late to do anything to stop this."

From that, to this, to his brother. Jesus Christ...


>> No.42865694

They should've done the smart thing and killed you where you stood. Instead, they were retarded and sent you back to us. Now you're here. Now you can help us clean this place up. And once we go back on the hunt, you can tell those Mavericks how big a mistake it was to let you live.

As if they could kill you, anyway, you stupid missing-half-his-chassis-but-still-slapping-shit fuck.

>> No.42865706

And we'll take advantage of that. Gather whoever hasn't died, regroup and bounce back stronger. Who cares if they did it for kicks? Count your blessings, and surprise them the next time they pull this shit by being stronger than they ever imagined.

>> No.42865730

Then we make them regret the decision, but in ways they don't expect. We learn, we grow, we teach those who remain to better handle the situation. Emerald could probably teach the soldiers a whole lot about sword fighting, including ourselves.

They want us to be broken? Then let's deny them that. Offer Emerald a spar on the range. Help Anode and the others improve so that we can smack them for their arrogance. Besides, it's a good way to blow off steam for the both of us and he can see our new jump jets made from fresh solar chicken!

>> No.42865738

We'll soon enough make them regret letting you live, but for now we need to fortify and rebuild.

>> No.42865766

Who knows how Mavericks think? More importantly, who cares? They made a stupid move. A very, very stupid move. You're going to make them regret that very much. I'm going to help you. Now, let's pick up the pieces of this mess and start anew.

>> No.42865935

wait they let him go?? did he cattch maverick virus

>> No.42866001

Yes, you have solve mystery!!! 100% job!!! Do not past GO, do not 200 dolla.

>> No.42866003

No need to witch hunt there. There are many reasons to let a broken soldier to return home. Paranoia and hopelessness tend to help the enemy more often then the allies. Either way we need to train up everyone, rebuild, and get everyone adjusted and ready for what comes.

>> No.42866030


>> No.42866035

Good evening, Cain

>> No.42866043

I thought I felt my skin crawling.

>> No.42866112

"...Their fucking mistake," you declare. Em looks up at you blankly. "You're going to carve a fucking swath through them, Em. And I'm gonna help."

After a moment, he nods in silent gratitude. At least a little reassured, Em returns to his task at hand--repairing one of those damaged weapons from that long, long op where everything went so, so wrong.

You help clear some more space, get the wrecked lab something resembling organized.

"Can I ask you something, Anode?" Em asks after a few minutes.


"How are you doing in all this?" he asks, shaking his head. "I mean--I never got your take on what happened on your end."

"Cath and I teamed up and got sent deep into the facility. We killed this real piece of shit. After that..." Well fuck it, it's not exactly classified any more. "After that, we ran into Doppler himself."

He stops his work. "No. Fucking really? What happened?"

"He goddamn skewered me, is what happened," you reply darkly, thumping your mended stomach. "Ripped my fucking capacitors out."

"What then?"

"I don't know," you reply uneasily. "Cathode said her CO bailed us out. Lucky as hell."

"Mm. Oh, and I almost--" he sighs, having reminded himself of something he was trying to avoid. "I almost forgot. I talked with Saph. We're going to be holding a service for Diamond, Private, probably just us. We'd... if you'd like to, we wanna have you along. I think he'd have liked that."

>Sure, of course I'll go.
>I don't know. It doesn't feel right.

,,,And you never did answer his question directly. How DO you feel?

>You talk a big game, but you feel pretty fucking vengeful, too. Seven and Tanker are going to pay.
>...I lucked out, and even I'm barely holding together. So many good people gone. It's maddening.
>Other? Detail appreciated.

>> No.42866144

>Sure, of course I'll go.

>...I lucked out, and even I'm barely holding together. So many good people gone. It's maddening.
>I don't care what Frog says, Schwarz is still out there somewhere.

>> No.42866151

>Sure, of course I'll go.

>...I lucked out, and even I'm barely holding together. So many good people gone. It's maddening.
We (and Cathode) should be dead, several times over. Two Philosophers, a G-rank, Doppler himself, stolen capacitors, the raid on HQ. Now we're a Captain. Fuck everything, dude.

>> No.42866174

>Sure, of course I'll go.
of fucking COURSE we'll go, man.

>trying not to think of all the what ifs. What's done is done.
>a bit scared. I STILL don't know what Doppler wanted with me, and what he'll do with my capacitors.
>Whenever I think of revenge, I think back to Saetos giving me his data no strings attached, and wonder if I'm going to be a pawn if I go through with it.
>But hey: brand spanking new capacitors! Checkem.

>> No.42866183

>Sure, of course I'll go.

>...I lucked out, and even I'm barely holding together. So many good people gone. It's maddening.
>Still holding out hope that Schwarz is still alive and kicking.
Still reeling in all the crazy. Not much to do but live it out.

>> No.42866190

>Sure, of course I'll go.
He was a bro and helped us out along with being our bro's bro. why would we NOT go?

>Other: It hurts. We do miss those friends we lost and worry for those missing, but wallowing won't help. When we get the chance, justice WILL be given, but we will have to stay strong and help those who survive. After all, the 4th is family. You got to look after your family.

>> No.42866196

Addendum: Joke that our pranks against Seven are what turned him Maverick.

>> No.42866201

Seconding this.

>> No.42866205

Yes, of course you will go.

>> No.42866227

>After all, the 4th is family. You got to look after your family.
This. Camraderie among soldiers is taken very seriously in the armed forces. Cathode may be blood, but Em is close enough.

>> No.42866245


>...I lucked out, and even I'm barely holding together. So many good people gone. It's maddening.

>>I don't care what Frog says, Schwarz is still out there somewhere.

I'd have to see a body before I'd believe that man was dead.

>> No.42866248

India's that asshole cousin who's always almost getting arrested.

>> No.42866373

Is that a request?

>> No.42866415

better a body than a broken core and a "get well soon" card

>> No.42866479

You better put him down in front of us, because otherwise he just faked his death and became robot dog Batman.

>> No.42866489

> You better put him down in front of us

>> No.42866493

>I have been trained in Zero's secret art of constant revival

>> No.42866503

I bloody hate both of you so very, very much.

>> No.42866504

Why do you guys do this to yourselves?

>> No.42866517

"I'll go," you reply immediately. "Of course I'll go. We fought Saetos together. He brought the bastard down for me. It's the least I can do."

Em takes another deep breath and exhales slowly. "Thanks."

"And... I don't know how I'm doing," you admit. "It's insane. I think the only reason I haven't gone to pieces is because there's just so much bullshit, all at once. It's fucking unfathomable. Dodo and Conda--I never really got to know them, and now they're gone. It bothers me."

"Dodo was tough to know, in his own words," Em offers. "And Conda... Conda kept to himself. I think he used his work to try to... settle up accounts, you know? Maybe you don't."


"Fuck it, I guess it doesn't matter now. Conda was maverick built. Frog and Seven bailed him out. He always acted like...he had a lot to prove."

"He did," you reply, voice tight.

"Did he ever," Em agrees. "You know Seven was one of his only friends?"

"Think Frog mentioned that, yeah. Christ, what a way to go. Fucking Seven. I just thought he hated me."

"Fuck him. Fuck him to death," Em growls. "He was here when I started. No one knew. Schwarz kept telling me..." his voice softens. "What do you think? About Schwarz?"

"I know Frog's given up, but--I just can't see him vanishing without a fight," you reply.

"Even after Garm? Wisent was on that list, too." You wince--that's right, he was. Kiloton, too. A lot of names you recognize.

"Yeah, even after that. I mean--the only person older than Schwarz is Crankshaft."

Em turns back to his work, looking vaguely nauseous. "I guess."

>> No.42866529

> You better put him down in front of us

I see.

>> No.42866532

"...What do YOU think?" you ask.

"I think that Schwarzhund taught me everything I ever fucking knew," he says immediately, voice thick with emotion. "And--and with Diamond, with Frog leaving, with everything--I have you and Sapphire left, and nothing else. I think he's gone. I almost hope he is, if the mavericks are capturing our best."

>What about your family?
>I didn't know you were that close to Schwarz.

>> No.42866537

>>Sure, of course I'll go.

>>Other? Detail appreciated.

angry. really, fucking angry. so many good peopel are gone, and it's still going to get worse, and it's for no fucking reason.

I'm going to do everything I can to make sure this fucked up plan the Mavericks cooked up goes down in flames, and takes as many psychotic fucks with it as possible.

>> No.42866561

>What about your family?

>> No.42866563

Sauce on gif?

>> No.42866577

>What about your family?

>> No.42866582

Not like that!

>> No.42866585

>I didn't know you were that close to Schwarz
No need to talk about his family. Not like this. Just be there to support and hell if he doesn't have a family we'll have him be a part of ours.

I mean, our parents liked him, he got along great with them, and even did some tech stuff with them. Hell, he can help us teach the berets so they can be a part of his family. As I said before, the 4th is a family, we just got to slowly help him there.

>> No.42866588

>What about your family?
Maybe not now, but you should go see them.

>> No.42866597

what DOES it take to kill a reploid? Robot Masters get taken down and revived, just fine.

>> No.42866600

You wave a red towel at the atomic bull and you are suddenly surprised that he'd rip you a new one?

This is /tg/! One of the main rules when it comes to table tops is you DON'T GIVE THE MURDER HAPPY DM IDEAS.

>> No.42866616

Robot masters were also more code than sentient. Rebuilding code is easy, trying to bring back an entire person is not. It's why reploids brought back in boss fights are pretty much blank slate killing machines.

As for how easy? Look at skip jack and dodo.

>> No.42866619

>What about your family?

>> No.42866623

But that still comes with the caveat that they usually can't do the exact scenario you mentioned.

so.....be elaborate?

>> No.42866670

Who says they won't? A honor code? Predictibility? Hoping that by saying it the thing won't come true? Because those tend to not work. Never assume they won't do the scenario.

>> No.42866758

It's GMs like Cain Labs that is the reason for muderhobo PCs. No family = no targets.

>> No.42866804

You make it sound like a lack of family means a lack of targets.

>> No.42866806

No family = you're the target. Where do you think I got this reservoir full of orphan's tears? They don't just sell them.

I sell them, of course, but THEY don't.

>> No.42867017

"...What about your folks?" You ask.

You're actually a bit startled at Em's response.

He laughs. High, hollow, and loud. "Oh, yeah, them. Sapphire told me we should talk to them. They actually called me first, you know that?"

"...And?" you ask warily.

"And they were so very eager to tell me that they just got off the line with the hunters," he spits bitterly. "Turns out, their last project was so successful, they've been tapped to launch a whole new one!" Voice going dark, he hunches back over his workbench, returning to his repairs. "Lost a sibling? Don't worry, we'll just build you another."

"Jesus," you mutter.

"You ever look back on something with new perspective, and suddenly, you get that feeling that you kinda got screwed?" Em asks rhetorically. "I'm doing that now. So much hand-wringing and concern and shit, for a bunch of assholes who never gave a shit about what I did. Call me cynical, but I'm beginning to realize that I got fucked over. That I've been fucked from the get-go, and I was just too stupid to tell.

"So yeah," he finishes, clicking the last piece of his saber in and fastening it, before unceremoniously tossing it across the room into a small pile of them. "That's what about my folks. Figgity-fuck it. I'll deal with them later. Right now, family begins and ends in Geneva."

>Dude. That can't be healthy.
>You know what? Yeah. Fuck 'em.

>> No.42867035

>Dude. That can't be healthy.

Em, buddy. Give 'em a shot. Humans are shitty to even other humans sometimes, not always on purpose. If you reach out and they slap your hand away anyway...well, our folks like ya.

>> No.42867039

>You know what? Yeah. Fuck 'em.
>You got Sapph, me, and the fourth at your back. We're your fucking family.

>> No.42867062

>Dude. That can't be healthy.

A lot went into you, and that might mean they THINK they know you and Diamond because of you, but they don't. But that shouldn't stop you from understanding THEM.

>> No.42867082

>You know what? Yeah. Fuck 'em.

>> No.42867084

>because of you
*because of that.

>> No.42867099

>Dude. That can't be healthy.
>They don't understand. Humans are pitiful and dumb like that sometimes. It's not malice, though.
>That said, I hear you. If nobody else's got your back, it's us.

>> No.42867109

>Dude. That can't be healthy.

>> No.42867116

>You know what? Yeah. Fuck 'em.
Yeah, the 4th has your back, but hey there is more than us. India has helped, our parents helped and aren't total dicks about it, and I'm sure the berets will help as well.

>> No.42867141

Remember guys - our parents being super cool is not necessarily common. The folks that design reploids are engineers and computer scientists. They get extra vaccines when they sign up for the PHD.

I doubt they were being malicious. They'd probably be crushed when they realize how callous they came across.

>> No.42867158

No.. his parents do not seem the sort to care if the flashbacks are a look into them. They don't see Em as a person, just a tool. Fuck them though, our parents can be his parents.

>> No.42867167

>Dude. That can't be healthy.

Telling a Maverick Hunter to stop giving a fuck about the people that built him doesn't sit well with me.

>> No.42867206

All the more reason for Em to reach out at them and call them on their shit at least once. If they don't at least acknowledge it, then they can fuck off. Not even change, just acknowledge.

>> No.42867216

Malicious intent might not be what they did, but they don't regard him like he was a person. Thats the thing. They aren't bad people, but they are bad parents.

Really, fuck em that way but I do believe his family is there. Not only that but with all the shit happening you want to say he has problems? No fucking shit he does. Thats why we will support him and not act like a worry wort.

>> No.42867219

That's part of what I meant. Even if they don't see Em as a person, that doesn't mean we stop treating THEM as people. Understanding and acknowledging what they do, not just vaguely dismissing it as being assholes, is not quite as good as a family relationship but it's still better than what we've got going right now.

>> No.42867265

So.. why not a third option then?
Agree that they aren't good people, but they are people. They aren't perfect. However, still offer ourselves as his family along with our mothers and fathers? They do like him.

>> No.42867336

Seconding this.

>> No.42867343

nothing wrong with that, but he should still make peace with his own origins.

>> No.42867398

This is not exactly a good time to make peace though. He's high strung and in a bad mood. You are trying to push a conclusion with a guy who gives no fucks. That doesn't work. He will make peace in time, but right now we need him to get back on solid ground so he can not go even further into being a recluse.

>> No.42867502

I suppose, but I don't want to be a hypocrite and dismiss them now but take it back later. The message becomes a lot weaker.

We got his back for sure, though.

>> No.42867559

Then dismiss their actions and not them. They are not good parents. That is true, but that doesn't mean they aren't good people. We will be his family in either case and will be there when he wants to tell them that they are shit parents. If they turn around then good, but we should be there for him along with our own little family. He comes first, those guys are second.

>> No.42867634

Not a problem. Just let me know if there is anything I can do to make things easier on you

>> No.42867785

You frown. "I know how you feel--I think," you add hastily, as he looks up sharply, "but you gotta try to shake that feeling off. I'm sure they didn't mean any harm."

"Yeah, I know," he replies. "That kinda makes it worse to me, not better. Pretty hard to have malice for someone beneath your concern." Em punctuates the sentence by standing the next saber he's working on up and banging it on the table once, three plates springing off where they were loosened.

"Maybe," you admit carefully. "I don't know them well enough to say and I'm not gonna pretend otherwise. But even if you never see them again, you've got Sapphire. And you've got me."

He looks up again at that, expression softening just a tick. "...I know. It's the only thing keeping me going."

"She's coming to Geneva, right?"

Em nods. "Yeah. Not much to do here, but it'll be nice to be able to see her now and again."

"You know, last time she was here, with Diamond...the two of them told me to look out for you. And right now, you need it."

Em closes his eyes. "Maybe. I think I need a little alone time now, though."

"Sure. You know where to find me. Whatever happens, I'll be there."

"Thanks, Anode," he says quietly, turning back to his work.

Departing the lab, you shake your head. It occurs to you that with Frog transferring, and only Crankshaft older, Em might have just become the Fourth's next Schwarzhund. And with most of the high-ranks gone... you and him are the new core of the unit.

If this is how Frog felt every day, you can't believe he held out as long as he did.

>> No.42867795

Your next trip is to check on India. Her bottom half is being reconstructed--found and repaired, or remade from scratch, you don't know--but India is still half the hunter she used to be, laid up in bed, staring a hole in the far wall--not distant and hollow like Em, more sullen and intense.

"Hey," you try.

"I'm alive," she breathes, "because I wanted a pair of tits."

"...Uh. What?"

"When I got my endo, I went top of the line. They had to replace all the plating anyway, so I figured why not trade up, right? Get the very best money can buy. My skin's tougher than the armor I wear over it now." She chuckles and leans back with an awkward flop of her disembodied torso. "Only the best for the hero of Vienna."

>> No.42867839


Of all the things to save somebody's life, a pair of synthetic tits is probably the strangest. It's like the stories you always hear about bullets being caught on pocket bibles, except twisted as fuck.

>> No.42867840

To be fair, the ass wasnt bad either

>> No.42867879

"That really was a fantastic endo job."

[innuendous jokes intensify]

>> No.42867909


seconding this

being saved by something like a high end boob job just seems to fit inda.

>> No.42867935

seconding this

>> No.42867937

..ok, that gets a chuckle and a IOU of several dozen body puns.

But seriously, I take it her thoughts are about what Seven said? She did tell us that he did a shit load of bad stuff, so maybe she feels a bit like she was a bit too full of bravado? That or she really hates seven now.

>> No.42868001

"I'm glad it helped. Hate to not have you around."

>> No.42868013


>> No.42868118

Seconding or thirding all of this. India's not really the kind to get mushy - I think she wants to snark at her misery, to make it less miserable. We can definitely help her with that.

>> No.42868150

>Can't be the best without tits.

>> No.42868208

Both of these.

>> No.42868237

> Ask for her doctor also. The last one we visited was involved with organ theft.

>> No.42868243

I guess this is Anodes chance to one up her by getting his OWN tits then!

>> No.42868418

Addendum: >You're getting a replacement ass as good as the last one, though, right?

>> No.42868700

I really shouldn't be allowed to use photoshop.

>> No.42868783


>> No.42868920

Yeaaaahhh, you probably shouldn't quit your day job.

I'm sure Cain Labs thinks it's beautiful, though!

>> No.42868955


>> No.42868996


>> No.42869007

>Saved by your tits, eh... so *that's* how zero keeps coming back from the dead. I always wondered.

>> No.42869039

"What? Don't tell me you're mad about tit."

She shoots you a look that could set hair on fire.

"Well, the bottom half was pretty good too," you offer helpfully.


"It's like the murderbird said. Can't be the best without tits, after all."

Despite herself, she cracks a smirk. "Anode, you are about to become the first maverick hunter in history to have their ass kicked by half a woman."

"Be sure to keep it for yourself, you still need one," you offer cheerfully.

"The fuck you doing here, nub?" she asks.

"Checking on my favorite half-pilot," you reply. "Seriously, everyone's a goddamn wreck around here. I'd like it to stop, please."

She snorts. "Get in line."

"Any idea how long you're legless?"

"Not really," she replies. "Probably a few days, at least."

She's being oddly... civil, almost. You get the feeling things are worse than she's willing to let on--F-word hangup, and all. You look around the room--sparse, boring, you're about to offer to get her some magazines or something when you notice something. "The hell's that?"

"The hell's what?"

"Over there, looks like wadded up paper."

"Oh, that. It's nothing, don't worry about it." Raising an eyebrow, you go and collect it from beneath a spare rolling bed, stuck between two of the wheels. "You really don't have toooh, hell, fine."

You uncrumple it... and see your name.

The letter is written by hand, on quality (if now crumpled) paper.

>> No.42869064

Feels incoming! (probably)

>> No.42869066


"Lieutenant Anode,

I regret to inform you that in the wake of the devastating attack on Maverick Hunter headquarters, and given the loss of your primary armaments in combat against maverick forces on mission with Special Unit Zero, my office is unable to justify the expense of paying for their replacement. Without them, given your operational parameters and combat record, I am required to rescind your combat officer commission. This is a time of brutal arithmetic, and it is my responsibility to plan the best allocation of our resources both now and in the future. At present, you no longer qualify as a resource - leaving you in the field without repair would be a liability for you and your fellow officers, and investments have to be placed where they will reap dividends immediately.

You are hereby honorably discharged from the Maverick Hunters. Official documentation is enclosed, and you will receive additional notice regarding transition services and options for civilian acclimation. You have earned a lifetime pension for your service to the organization. On behalf of the Maverick Hunters, you have my gratitude, and I’m sorry that I can’t do more. If you have any questions, please consult your commanding officer or myself.

General Rhodes
Maverick Hunter Commander"

Behind that, another.

"This letter is to inform you that your automated requisition for reconstructive assistance has been denied. Damage to primary systems and loss of primary armament require more cost investment in both time and resources than is warranted by expected individual readiness adjustment at this time. Documents detailing evaluation criteria and results can be made available on request. Attached is a form for appeal of this decision if you feel it has been made in error."

>> No.42869084

You stop reading and look up at that. But... your capacitors. You have them now--without them, they were going to--

You look up at India, who is pointedly looking away. "Indy, you--"

"No," she says flatly. "Just--no."

>No, really. What the hell is this? Why do you have this?
>You like me. You liiiike me!

>> No.42869104

>No, really. What the hell is this? Why do you have this?

>> No.42869118

>OhmG, I knew you didn't have the capacitor to resist me.

>> No.42869127

>You like me. You liiiike me!

Indy and Anode s-i-t-t-i-n-g in a tree~

>> No.42869139

Goddammit, I HAVE to second this. Curse you.

>> No.42869151

>No refusals. You get hugs.
>Also, capacitor jokes.

>> No.42869232

>You like me. You liiiike me!
>But seriously though, thank you. Thank you.
>I'm going to hug you now. This is not negotiable.

>> No.42869256

>Be touched. India a bro

>> No.42869281

This, followed by
>No, really. What the hell is this? Why do you have this?

>> No.42869335

>No, really. What the hell is this? Why do you have this?

>> No.42869382

India is getting a hug. She helped us out there big time.

Also the simple question of "Why?"

>> No.42869440

>You like me. You liiiike me!
>But seriously though, thank you. Thank you.
>I'm going to hug you now. This is not negotiable.

About to have to leave for a couple hours but this is a very nice post to leave the thread on, looking forward to seeing the rest later.

>> No.42869468

>You like me. You liiiike me!
>But seriously though, thank you. Thank you.
>I'm going to hug you now. This is not negotiable.

>> No.42869538

>I knew you didn't have the capacitor to resist me.

whatever else we end up saying, we must mix this pun into it.

>> No.42869557

Hmm. First time I catch one of these live.

>You like me. You liiiike me!
>But seriously though, thank you. Thank you.
>I'm going to hug you now. This is not negotiable.

>> No.42869720

>You like me. You liiiike me!
>But seriously though, thank you. Thank you.
>I'm going to hug you now. This is not negotiable.

>> No.42869722


>> No.42869842

>Hug her. Be touched as hell.

>> No.42869932

This >>42869232

>> No.42870031

"Ohm, man," you begin, a wide, manic grin growing across your features--for the first time since this nightmare started.

She looks back at you. "Was that a fucking--"

"HUUUUUUUGS," you declare, brooking no argument.

"FUUUUUUU--" India's wail of dismay is interrupted by your crushing bear hug. After a solid minute of tormenting the poor girl, you relent, leaning back from over her bed.

"...But seriously, Indy, what the fuck?"

She sighs. "Still got a few friends left on this side of the grave, one of them tipped me off that they were going to decom you."

"I should have known you didn't have the capacitor to resist my charms!"

"Enough with the puns, Romeo," she grouses. "That fucking hurts."



"So what, they brought you that letter, and you--what? Liberty couldn't have built another capacitor on that kind of turnaround."

"No, but I had a hunch. They happened to have another project they were working on that drew off the same tech. I, uh, bought it from them, at less than cost. Still cleaned me out, heh. I'm broke as a joke."

That makes sense--you know your family would have replaced the capacitor, but that would put them millions in the hole and behind on whatever other obligations they have--they probably will already be getting into some hot water for delaying whatever project they pulled this one off of.


"Mnugh?" She asks, pillow over her face.


"...Mungh," she replies sternly.

"You realize I will never let you hear the end of this, right?"

>> No.42870053

"Dammit, Anode," she replies, flinging the pillow at you. "I didn't do it for you." She pauses. "...You know what I mean."

"Not really, no," you shrug, pulling the thing off your shoulder spike where it landed.

She looks away again, annoyance leaving her voice. "It's just--I know what it's like, all right? Having your job, your--your purpose--pulled out from under you. No one deserves that, Anode. If you leave, you should do it on your terms."

A few good jokes slip and die in obscurity at that. She's about as serious as you've ever seen her.

"Thank you," is all you manage.

"Yeah," she replies, waving it off vaguely. "Bloody hell, what a week."

>So how are you doing? I'm making the rounds today, apparently.
>So how are you tsundere? Are you my senpai now or something?

>> No.42870087

>So how are you doing? I'm making the rounds today, apparently.

>> No.42870113

>So how are you doing? I'm making the rounds apparently.

So tempting to go for the sempai bit, but let's ut the poking for a bit.

>> No.42870118

>>So how are you doing? I'm making the rounds today, apparently.
the mood is dead so I don't think we should joke until we're about to leave, then we can let one more out before we go to see whoever we're going to see next... Also we now owe fucking Indy BIG TIME.

>> No.42870127

>So how are you tsundere? Are you my senpai now or something?
I'm weak...

>> No.42870129

>So how are you doing? I'm making the rounds today, apparently.

Any other time I'd pick the second option. Why must you torment me so?

>> No.42870150

>So how are you doing? I'm making the rounds today, apparently.

>> No.42870158

>So how are you doing? I'm making the rounds today, apparently.

I still ship it.

>> No.42870179

>So how are you doing? I'm making the rounds today, apparently.
So wait, we were basically decom'd by HC, Indy bought a project from our parents that could be fashioned to close-enough capacitors, and she repurposed them to be our replacement capacitors, netting us not only safety from being discharged but also a promotion we would've gotten anyway?

>> No.42870196

>So how are you doing? I'm making the rounds today, apparently.

How about just before we leave we call her lieutenant and then while she is confused show her the other letter that says we out rank her.

>> No.42870248

We're about to be discharged, we get replacement capacitors, and now that we can justify our existence, we got the promotion that was waiting for us. India did way more than she knows.

>> No.42870251

>So how are you doing? I'm making the rounds today, apparently.

>> No.42870253

Sort of. It was another set of capacitors like your own--newer, and improved with what they learned from the first go-round. Promotion to Captain was going to happen anyway, even if you were discharged.

>> No.42870254

>So how are you doing? I'm making the rounds today, apparently.
For now, but before we leave:
>You know, between the gruffness, the endo, and the giving of unreasonably large gifts... you make a damn good Shwartz!

>> No.42870256

Pretty much!

>> No.42870306

Ah-ha. So instead of building new capacitors from scratch, Indy took the new capacitors they were currently working on and gave them to Anode. Now they're out their current project, but they got a nice little windfall, and their prodigal son doesn't get decom'd.

>> No.42870307

Guessed something like this. It, plus what happened when we visited home, makes me think that Diode Unit 3 is in the works.

>> No.42870356

I wouldn't say Triode (get it?) is currently in the works right now, but improving the capacitors is still a good project to work on in any respect. If Anode and Cathode were getting a baby brother/sister, they would've at least gotten a hint about it.

>> No.42870372

We're going to be the best big brother ever!

>> No.42870431

probably going to be 'transistor' as it can fit to the rule of three
'emitter, base, collector'

>> No.42870499

Depends on whether or not our younger sibling is planned to be a S+ or not.

>> No.42870548

>Thread is already coming up with names and planning for Anode/Cathode's would-be baby sibling

>> No.42870605

Don't forget we have the human sibling being born soon!

>> No.42870620

Do what now?

>> No.42870622

"Okay, okay, moving on," you say, giving her a way out. "Given that I'm doing sort of kind of okay and, you know, can walk--"

"Fellate a howitzer," India contributes cheerfully.

"--I figured I would try to check in. Level with me, Indy. You doing okay?"

"Oh, sure, grand," she replies sarcastically. "I got bisected by a gigantic asshole, and--"

"Come on. Level with me. I owe you big, I won't tell anyone you actually feel things."

She smirks faintly at that, before it slides off her face. "I've almost died plenty of times, but never like this. Never face to face with someone... better than me. It fucking stings, is what it does. Makes you think. God knows I try to avoid doing that any more than I have to."

"About what?" you prod.

She sighs. "Believe it or not... I've got someone I keep thinking about. Back up there. The Eleventh."

"Wow, you're right, I really can't believe that."

She snickers. "Me neither. We had a thing once--once--but it was a pretty damn fun one. And I keep on going back to it. And her."


"HSSSSSSSSSSSS!" she interrupts, springing up like a venemous half-a-cat.

"--that thing I just said, or transferring?"

"The fffffffffformer," she replies. "I think. I'm not too good at dealing with this shit, if you haven't noticed."

You give her another mercy out. "So you mean you'd be staying here?"

She sighs. "I dunno. No amount of upgrades are going to make me stop being a pilot and start being infantry. But I don't want to let that smug asshole win," she growls, clenching a fist. "I want to stay here and ride this unit back to the top, just to fucking spite him. I'm in it to win it, now."

>> No.42870643

"Yeah?" You grin.

"Yeah. Which means I'm going to double down on that jet project you got me working on. The turnaround time for the hunters, on a war footing? Damn near zero. If I can finish the plans and get some popular support, I could game them into helping make it happen. I might be broke, but I still have my public rep to work with. That's the kind of capital you need to break rules around here."

She looks back up at you. "I don't know, what do you think?"

Asking someone else for input? Wow, she IS desperate.

>> No.42870684

It's as good a project as any, and you'd still be active even when disabled. Go for it. If you need any more clout, let me know. As *CAPTAIN* (make sure to emphasize), I'll see what I can do.

>> No.42870734

Seems pretty good.

>> No.42870742

>I'm Captain Anode and I approve this message.

>> No.42870760

One of our parents is pregnant.

>> No.42870782


>> No.42870834

Seconding, thirding, whichever.

And holy shit, Indy with squishy, tender feelings!

>> No.42870863

I forget is the father also one of our parents or is it the spouse of one of our parents?
Also don't we also have an older human sibling?

>> No.42870934

She did well to hide them

But it's too late now. Anode is going to be emoting at her for the rest of her life, and there's nothing she can do about it.

>> No.42870983

>I'm Captain Anode and I approve this message.
>I'm going to pay you back for this.

>> No.42871022

>>I'm going to pay you back for this.

>> No.42871079

I don't think the father is one of our own parents. No older sibling either.

>> No.42871175

>If she has non-jet spare time she can also read up/train with us on ground combat. Everyone might as well get better together, yeah?

>> No.42871301

>>Dude. That can't be healthy.
>>You know what? Yeah. Fuck 'em.

>Telling a Maverick Hunter to stop giving a fuck about the people that built him doesn't sit well with me.

That conversation's over, and I agree with how it ended up being handled, but a thought: at some point we should offer to invite Em to Philly, spend some time with a human family that doesn't suck. He invited us to Diamond's funeral, treated us like family; we should do the same. If we can manage (war time, not likely), timing it to go with Cath and Sapphire would be even better.

>> No.42871319

Speaking of jets, check out my sweet new jetpack.

>> No.42871348

How bulky is the new jumppack, if at all?

>> No.42871460

> How about just before we leave we call her lieutenant and then while she is confused show her the other letter that says we out rank her.

This should definitely be how we drop that one on her.

>> No.42871648

We really need to check our bank account, see what we got paid for that G-rank.

>> No.42871732

Time to be the bad news fairy, on behalf of Cain Labs.

You know how it was mentioned around the first special mission with X that they aren't required to pay you extra for those?

You know how they almost decommed you because they have a few trillion dollars in overhead to make up for with a second maverick war to pursue?

...Yeah, RIP.

>> No.42871754


>> No.42871774

It's to be expected

>> No.42871783


>> No.42871814


>> No.42871828

Time to quit the quest then, I guess.

I can take the torturous situations Anode gets into. I can take all the loss of friends. I can take the seemingly hopeless future, that terrible fourth-wall breaking foresight we have that says that everything will only get worse with time. I can even tolerate Cain Labs.

But losing our paid overtime benefits? No. You've gone too far, this time.

Goodbye, FOREVER.

>> No.42871831

Well, shit.

>> No.42871837

This isn't LODSAEMONE anymore.

>> No.42871842


>> No.42871861

Where's "That's one.jpg" when I need it?

>> No.42871894

Hey, look on the bright side.

We're not dead.

>> No.42871895


>> No.42871938

If we were dead, we wouldn't need the money.

Can we restart the quest as a reclusive billionaire playboy reploid who decides to become a Hunter? I think we could make it work.

>> No.42871941

That comes soon enough -- as soon as Cain Labs is done taking our loved ones and valuables away.

>> No.42871946

>Time to steal Mac's identity, max out his credit cards, and drain his bank account

>Ditto for Seven

>> No.42871969

Honestly, not getting paid is probably the least of our concerns. We'll just have to show everyone that their trust in us wasn't misplaced, and get rich the old-fashioned way.

By killing eight thousand mavericks.

>> No.42871981

Does it count as credit fraud if they're a Maverick?

>> No.42872016

Cunning plan acquired.

Plus we can call dibs on Seven's stuff. He might have something nice.

>> No.42872025

"I'm Commander Anode, and I approve this message," you declare cheerfully. "Go get 'em, Indy."

"Pfft, look at you, sounding all posh and proper. 'Go get 'em.' Repeat after me, Anode. 'I am going to fuck them in half.'"

"But that's so lewd," you reply, tapping your fingers together. She snorts.

"Soul of innocence, you are. So protests the guy who pulled me into a kiss once."

"In my defense, fuck you."

She snickers. "Glad things are starting to feel normal again."

"I'm gonna make this up to you, you know," you tell her. "You gave me my career back. I mean, it's a hilariously lethal career that's driving me batty, but it's mine, damn it."

"Are we talking 'make it up' in lifelong friendship, loyalty, and gratitude, or 'make it up' you're going to hide in a barrel and try to go all Cyrano de Cydonia on me when I go put a ring on Lyn's finger?"

You grin darkly. "Don't call it a grave, India. It's the future you chose."

"Damn it."

"So hey, speaking of jets, while I was getting fixed up we finally sorted out that Saetos data."

"What, did you tape a booster to your ass?"

"I can also light me on fire and hit things with myself."

"Ah, taking the intellectual approach." India nods. "Well, go on then. You tested it out yet?"

"Not yet, no. Was thinking of dragging Em along, dude needs a distraction or twelve at some point."

"Not a bad idea, I guess."

"Any tips?"

"What, for jetpacking?" She snorts again. "The Eleventh gives the Seventh shit for doing that all the time."

"Aw, you wouldn't talk smack on a superior officer, would you?" India gives you the blankest of stares. "Okay, fine you totally would. I'm just saying I outrank you now, Lieutenant," you enunciate.

She just smirks wider. "Do you have ANY idea how much work I put in to getting demoted over and over again, Anode? Imagine, for a moment, what I had to do to stay an LT after Vienna."


Oh god.

>What now?

>> No.42872032

And using their identities for credit fraud?

>> No.42872104

>Grab the Bravely Broken
> Get this fucking base back together until ordered otherwise and/or it's as clean as it's gonna get without repairs.

>> No.42872117

Check up on the berets

>> No.42872126

>Check your schematics
>LLN-PD-A-CC02-D "Capacitor is Dildos"

>> No.42872131

Terror level: High

>Check in on the Berets

>> No.42872132

>Gather hands.
>Start getting things put back together.

>> No.42872133

What >>42872104 said. Let's head for the range, get a quick test of our new gear, and actually get started on the cleanup of this base.

>> No.42872150

>Acquire Berets, be awesome

>> No.42872180

Think we could launch ourselves high enough with our jump pack to get a decent bird's eye view of what we need to work on?

>> No.42872210

>Is there something you need to tell me about being promoted?

>> No.42872232

This sounds like a perfectly sensible plan that I can totally get behind.

>> No.42872292

Wait i can get not being paid the normal hazard pay i could even understand not getting a pittance as acknowledgment because bureaucratically it is an all or nothing deal but if they aren't going to even give us a token bonus they could at least give us an award for special services just a cheep 2 zeny piece of brass to show we dun good that's all. Fuck i am annoyed command really is dildos.

>> No.42872298

This cannot possibly go wrong, and I support this 100%.

>> No.42872328


Put out a Bat Signal, or light the bonfire, raise the flag, put our a torch, or whatev. Certain Someones who are out and maybe MIA and maybe reploid canines need to know that it's a safe place to return to.

Possibly literally a bat-signal, it's Anode's style and it'll make people got WTF for the right reasons.

>> No.42872331

Well, you DID get a promotion to Captain. You actually have a salary now, it's just Rhodes gives negative fucks about money matters and leaves that for the eggheads and finance guys.

>> No.42872384

And if we need a powered launch to get some serious height, Anode could Raikousen up a wall before igniting the jets for LIFTOFF.

>> No.42872429

Ok on some level I get that Rhodes is detached from that but he seems like the kind of reploid who gets how much shiny 2 Zenny bras is relay worth in terms of moral, pay or not.

>> No.42872430

Why don't Lt's get salaries? And what's ours?

>> No.42872436

Who decided to clean out our bank account to fill the Hunter coffers on the original plan of us being decommed.


>> No.42872474

We got improved capacitors, a long-awaited upgrade from the Saetos data, a promotion, and the ability to KEEP OUR JOB. Is that not morale-boosting enough?

>> No.42872508

You'd be amazed what a simple "hey, you did good" can do.

>> No.42872523

Seven spends the rest of his life getting tracked down by repo men.

>> No.42872536

Nah, your actual account wasn't touched.

Captain comes with an assumption of taking up more non-combat duties, while Lieutenants generally skate on just doing their 'main' job, the actual maverick hunting. As such the pay scale is based on the targets retired, and any additional duties you might take up will take the form of additional income or be noted as grounds for a possible promotion.

Oh, sure. But when it comes down to actually going 'hey, here's your salary and job expectations and such' with the promotion, he very literally has People For That so he can do other command tasks.

Also, bear in mind the Doppler attack is the worst thing to befall the hunters since Sigma. These are very unusual times and he's not allowed to make every call he wants.

>> No.42872554

The only thing more tenacious than a Hunter with a grudge.

Debt collectors.

>> No.42872592

Almost forgot--as for your salary, we'll get to that.

>> No.42872687

>Also, bear in mind the Doppler attack is the worst thing to befall the hunters since Sigma. These are very unusual times and he's not allowed to make every call he wants.
Bonus points for Anode, as he had a direct run-in with hekk doktor himself and that Doppler's capacitor theft directly led to Anode (almost) getting the ax.

>> No.42872712

Re the whole money/medal thing i get why Rhodes cant step in now and do anything personally that makes total sense. what boggles my mind is that we offed a G and an S got word out that Doppler was Mav saved commander X and no one even acknowledges that we went above and beyond I would think the eggheads would at least make sure that goes through. (no a form letter promotion dose not count, especially giving that they would have retired us).

>> No.42872781

Well, you DID get promoted and you've been a hunter for like, two months tops.

Also stand by, eating dinner. We got through a lot of the stuff I was looking for anyway.

>> No.42872785

Still catching up, but I just want to say that you're fuckawesome, OP.

>> No.42872820

Aw, shucks, thank you!

>> No.42872821

Also we're more or less literally fresh out of the repair bay, maybe they're gonna do a quick little 'have a medal, now get out there and kill some mavs' ceremony. It may be rough times, but you don't just form letter a commendation.

>> No.42872864

I think we got our new Captain decals with the letter, to be put on our chassis immediately.

>> No.42872869


There's a pretty famous serial killer who got a job as a repo man, and stopped killing for about a decade or so since he was getting so much personal gratification from his work.

When he got fired he went back to killing pretty much immediately.

>> No.42872875

Are we one of the fastest promotions on record?

>> No.42872895

Captain Fullmetool needs his new badge as well.

>> No.42872929

Oh, almost definitely. Anode has tackled a lot for someone so young. Such is life as a protagonist in a story on this timeframe.

>> No.42872970

That's a promotion, I'm talking about a 'you did good' type of medal.

>> No.42872971

Zero and X are looking at Anode's file
>Zero: He's another one, isn't he?
>X: Not again, we've got enough protagonists going around!

>> No.42873176

Im not super up on military things but it is my understanding that you usually do get a form letter telling you that you are getting a special commendation and that there will be a ceremony later usually the letter says when.

>> No.42873189

So I just had a thought regarding Emerald.

Since Diamond was designed to act as Emeralds counter should he ever go Mav, With Diamond gone, Emerald will either A: Decide to finally stop fucking around and upgrade his armor, or B: Become even more adamant to leave him self more fragile than a wet cardboard box to make up for his lack of 'insurance'.

>> No.42873203

No time for ceremonies. Doppler's gone Maverick, and the Hunters just survived an attempted decapitating strike.

>> No.42873205

>On the plus side, he's a from a side series that we won't have to share screen time with. And he's dealing with shit that would otherwise be heaped on us.

>> No.42873217

Maybe more importantly, they survived it with X on hand. He get kidnapped in canon. I can't imagine Doppler's too happy about having to face the kid down.

>> No.42873218

Let's sneak into his quarters at night and duct tape extra armor to him..

>> No.42873220


>> No.42873801

Test post!

>> No.42873813

I can agree with this.

>> No.42874024

You back out of India's room, a new appreciation/fear of her wily, Piloty ways, and decide to go drop in on your troops.

The Berets are at the range, Flak throwing you a wave while leaning against a long metal tube almost as tall as he is--looks like it might be that blackout rocket launcher you had designed. Susan salutes when he sees you.

"Nice to see you again, Lieutenant. Or, it's Captain now, isn't it?"

"That's what they tell me. How's the team?"

"They're keeping together." Susan drops his tone. "Dunno how it is for the officers, but for the enlisted, it's pretty hard. We all see ourselves as a brotherhood, you know? And a bunch of us are traitors, and a bunch of us are dead."

You wince. "Anything I can do to help?"

"Maybe. There was something else. Some ugly business during the attack. You remember Mike?"

"Grach's handler, yeah." You nod.

"A bunch of the humans they rescued decided to leave, because they didn't trust us. As Reploids, I mean." He shakes his head. "Really stupid. I'm not too broken up about it, but Mike's taking it pretty hard. They didn't make it. Grach's been trying to tell him it's not his fault, and I think it's working, it's just... rough."


"Just be there for him. He hasn't been telling anyone, but he had a... call it a brother unit, one of us, named Oscar. Oscar went mav. Don't bring him up."

"I won't. What would be best, just try to treat him the same?"

Susan nods. "Don't BS us, and we won't BS you. I mean, you're already back, in one piece, and gearing up to hit the mavs back. That's all we really want or need, as long as you don't march us off to die."

"'Scuse me," an unfamiliar voice interrupts. You turn and see a Reploid you've never seen, standing at a respectable, non-eavesdropping distance. Flanking him on either side are a pair of Berets--and Looey, eyeballing the stranger from underneath the bleachers behind him.

>> No.42874048

The Reploid wears black armor, styled like a suit. Purple hair--single-piece metal styled after hair, rather than free-flowing synthetic fiber--rests under a matching hat, studded with a symmetrical gem pattern where the helmet optic on most Reploids would be. He isn't wearing hunter insignia. "Don't suppose you'd be able to give me a hand, officer."


>> No.42874086

"Against all odds, this /is/ a military institution. Can I get some identification?"

Be professional.

>> No.42874092

>And you are...?

>> No.42874098

"And who are you supposed to be?"

>> No.42874102


>> No.42874123 [DELETED] 

"Depends on what we're playing, and who I'm playing with."

>> No.42874127

This right here

>> No.42874146

>Who, what, and why?

>> No.42874149

Yeah, this.

>> No.42874151


>> No.42874169


>> No.42874180

Ok.. what exactly is it he needs? Unless it's a poker hand. Think that was more Schwarz thing.

Haha, dogs playing poker.. I miss him.

>> No.42874185


>> No.42874193

Flanking how? "He's the boss" flanking or "We found this guy" flanking?

>> No.42874198

fuck it, going with this.

>> No.42874200

He is Spider/Redips[/spoiler] mercenary stealth operative and Final Boss of Command Mission.

>> No.42874241

yeah.....how is he here so early? I thought Axl was the prototype, when did this dude get built?

>> No.42874267

Oh fuck it's Spider... Why is he here, shape shifting reploids are not a thing yet!

>> No.42874300

>Oh look....Royal Straight Flush
>The rest of Hunter Base blows up
>Whelp, time to go.

>> No.42874370

Well to be fair, didn't that line change into things it had the DNA for? Meaning that Spider could have been a hunter who got killed in the line of duty before Redips took the identity?
That said, not saying to trust him. Just saying that meta knowledge may be used against us here.

>> No.42874384

In Command Mission there where hints that Spider/Redips was the prototype and Axl was actually the test-type for the new generation reploids.

>> No.42874447

Last time our last choice was between the following:


It looks like choosing "The Ghost" made us meet Spider.

>> No.42874482

But how can you be a ghost if you're not dead yet?

>> No.42874498

Anyone think he's our new CO or a new officer at least? Making us responsible for Command Mission as we likely drive him batshit crazy?

>> No.42874592

"Well, maybe," you reply guardedly. "This is a military base, that just got raided not a day ago. You are...?"

"Pardon my manners. The name's Spider," he replies, throwing a casual wave with one hand. "And that attack is the reason I'm here. I'm what you'd call a mercenary, I guess. Hunters are in a bad way, and they've bought out my contract. These gentlemen here were kind enough to guide me in so I could find my new boss."

You turn to one of the Berets, who nods, producing a datapad. "Got his paperwork here, sir. It all checks out."

"Well, then," you shrug. "Pardon the paranoia, it's in season. I'm Anode. Welcome to the Fourth." You have to stifle a chuckle at saying it unironically--especially with the dilapidated state of affairs the buildings are all in. He raises a brow at your suppressed snicker. "Never mind, long story," you say. "So, you must be looking for Frog."

"Hammer Frog, yep."

"Well, you've got the right unit. Or what's left of it. Thanks, you two, you're relieved." The Berets flanking the newcomer salute and depart. "I guess you can come with me, Spider. You ever worked with the hunters before?"

"It's come up out in the field once or twice--usually I hunt bounties, see, and it turns out that there's a bit of an overlap between maverick hunter targets and Reploids you can legally hunt down and retire. Fancy that."

"So, what kind of combat rank do you rate?" you ask.

"Haven't a clue, sorry," he says with a shrug. "I'll be testing at some point. Oh, and I guess my first job is actually something like a bodyguard."

"Yeah? For who?"

>> No.42874611

"For you, champ," he says with a little theatrical flourish. "The hunters are holding a memorial service tomorrow. Not to sound callous, but with no real attachments, I'll be helping the Swiss army watch things, let you all say your goodbyes."

You turn back to the squad. "You guys need anything?"

Flak shakes his head (clocking himself with his new rocket launcher). "Don't let us keep you, sirs."

"Sir and mercenary," Susan corrects dryly. "But yeah, we still have some work to do here. We can catch up when you're back, Captain."

With that you leave. Spider remains tactfully silent until you've left the range (pointedly ignoring Looey scuttling up and along the wall and hanging over the door to watch him depart). "So, ah. Friendly one, is he?"

You laugh. "That's just Susan. He was suspicious before all this went down, don't take it personally. And don't ask about the name."

Spider closes his mouth, having clearly been setting up to ask just that. "Ah."

>> No.42874615

His Hyper Mode in CM was the ability to turn invisible.

We may be looking at Spider before his start of darkness. (i.e. before he visited the location that was researching the chameleon ability)

>> No.42874685

And I think that's going to be our thread for the day. Next thread will be the memorial and some final squaring-away of business.

After that... you're back on the job.

Thank you all very much for reading, and give that fanfic of ours (>>42864970) a quick read--like I said, I was pretty damn stoked to see it.

>> No.42874704


>> No.42874706

So which one would've been the original STEEL MASIMO?

>> No.42874738

Good, because >>42864970 was a good read and I want more from you dammit. Feed my addiction.

>> No.42874747

I'm guessing the Knight or the Lancer.

>> No.42874832

It was very good.

>> No.42874950

For some reason I didn't think any of the Command Mission crew would be knocking about this early.

>> No.42875043

Well, they're left sufficiently broad and open to interpretation that I can get away with it.

... I mean, you know, aside from the whole "I could disregard canon at any point I choose and plan to do so as suits me" thing.

>> No.42875108

Thanks for running.

>> No.42875213

Thanks for running Hunter Command

>> No.42875244

Thanks for running.

>> No.42875247


Hey, are Emerald's makers going to be coming to the funeral/memorial for Diamond?

Because if they aren't, he'd definitely take that as affirmation that they don't give a shit.

Could we get in touch with them -- and/or with Sapphire -- and figure things out about that?

>> No.42875291

Save for the Rebellion members, Cinnamon, Axl and Steel Maximo 2, there is no real reason that the CM characters could not pop up now.

>> No.42875462

I hope we can ask him about being a solitaire robot.

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