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What are the best Warhammer 40k novels and audiobooks?

i've read the Grey Knights novels
and heard some audiobooks

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"Ahriman: The First Prince" and "Parting of Ways" are great.

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>40K novels
That's like asking for a list of best hangnails or best legos to step on

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First, what faction you want to read about?

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Not OP, but am interested in the same question. I don't care about what faction if the story is good. If I had to pick tho it'd be IG or Inquisition.

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OP here,
I'd like to know more about the Imperial Guard, The Inquisition, and about Khorne followers, like Kharn.

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For the IG :

"Dead Men Walking" & "Fire Caste".

They are very dark novels, though.

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Thx I'll check them out, is Dead Man Walking about Krieg?

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I've read quite a bit. Dan Abnett seems a step above every other author. I would recommend the Gaunts Ghost:The Founding omnibus and Eisenhorn Omnibus. Great intro to imperial guard and inquisition respectively.

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I know that the Eisenhorn and Ravenor books are meant to be good.

I've also heard good things about Gaunts Ghosts and the Ciaphis Kane books.

I still haven't gotten around to reading them but those are the ones that generally get praise. Probably not as good if you're not interested in the personal lives of Inquisitors and Guardsmen though.

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Khorne :


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Wow man, thank you.
I've heard about Eisenhorn before, i'll check it out.
Are the Horus Heresy books good? or should i just check the faction i am interested? i've heard they are a big mess.

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Hey does this thread smell like skub to you guys?

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Next Ghosts omnibus when?

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Ciaphas Cain.

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*grabs you by the throat*
Back the fuck off?!?

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>i've heard they are a big mess.
They are. Pick and choose if you're interested in the factions, but don't expect a whole lot.

Here's some recommendations of the regular novel stock;

The Enforcer series
Double Eagle
Space Marine
The Inquisition War series
Redemption Corps
The Ciaphas Cain series
The Eisenhorn series (the books past the first trilogy are.. hit or miss)

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What does Kharn have to do with the Bat-Signal?

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I've started the Horus Heresy novels. I'm on the third, Flight of the Eisenstein at the moment.

I can recommend the series as a whole thus far, although the quality varies depending on author.

On that note... Do I really need to read all 30+ HH books, or can I skip some? Which are actually worth reading?

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Reddit is that way, friendo.

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Wow you're a fag
The first heretic is very good imo.

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Yeah? I'll have to check it out.

I think that Horus is really naieve; it's obvious Erebus is a manipulative cunt and I don't understand why Horus is so willing to believe the Chaos Gods when they stir shit about the Emperor. I hope other books in the series cover this, otherwise I have 0% respect for the guy.

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ADB's Prince of Crows, then The Longest Night audio.

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Gaunt's Ghosts, definitely. I'm on Sabbat Martyr right now, makes me want to praise the Emprah.

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Know No Fear is good and has some of my favourite lines in whole HH. Unremembered Empire is pretty OK, though it shows through that Abnett didn't like writing it. Vulkan Lives is worth a read only for Vulkan-narrated parts, so I say download an ebook and skip everything that's not written in first person.

Ciaphas Cain is a must. They're enjoyable, great reads and poke fun at the grimdark while staying climatic.

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A couple things to keep in mind. The Horus Heresy series was originally only going to be three books covering Istvaan. After the initial sales, they extended it to be 10 books, however only Flight of the Eisenstein and Fulgrim were written with this in mind. After that, they opened the flood gates to letting anyone write a Horus Heresy book. It was around A Thousand Sons that they realized what a shitty idea this was and so closed ranks and got a better editor. By Fear to Tread there were a lot of problems involving authors schedules and so to fill gaps, short stories and novellas started to be released with the added incentive of an increased price point for lower cost. By The Unremembered Empire, there were plenty of other projects pulling good authors away and so an even stronger emphasis was put on short stories and novellas. Hopefully now with Chris Wright, Rob Sanders, John French, and Guy Haley being given more HH to work on, we might see some improvement.

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My point is, the pacing of the earlier books should not be compared with anything that comes afterwards because they were written with a completely different goal in mind.

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Storm of Iron is rad. Its Iron Warriors vs Imperial Guard. Has origins for Honsou, titan fights, Guard bumbling genius slacker, and Khorne promoting lots of people into vengeful monstrosities.

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>not getting the reference

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