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how many wizards use their spells to transform themselves into little girls?

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>implying wizard would take corporeal forms and not astro project themselves to acquire even more knowledge and power.

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Probably around 12.986% percent or less.

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How many wizards are on 4chan?

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Hard to say, since most wizards are little girls.

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>implying the wizard isn't a creepy old bastard with a sick fetish

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>prioritizing fetishes over phenomenal cosmic power

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Who needs phenomenal cosmic power when you can be the little girl?

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Is this a Chicken/Egg scenario?

Do Wizards because little girls because there are lots of little girl wizards, or are there lots of little girl wizards because they became girls?

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>Not using phenomenal cosmic power to indulge your fetishes.

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I'd like to imagine most

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>Do Wizards because little girls

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the first step to wizardry is a being male and maintaining your purity for at least 30 years. A wizard is male so there are lots of little girl wizards because wizards became little girls.

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None magic doesn't exist

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That probably depends on where you set the power/experience threshold for calling them "wizards" rather than "hedge mages," as you need to have a fairly strong command of sorcery even to attempt this kind of thing and that brings the percentage down considerably if you mean all magic-users.

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Since wizards need a positive IQ to function I would say 0 wizards would do something as stupid as put themselves into a weak and dimwit body.

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Where does this idea even come from? Sounds more like a cleric or monk type of deal. Wizardry seems like it should only require studying strange secrets and rituals with an unhealthy degree of obsession and possibly having some nebulous inborn spark of potential.

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it's a

meme you dip

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Guys. You're forgetting the most important requirement for wizardhood: having no sense of right and wrong

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Isn't transforming into a little girl the only reason to start studying wizardry?

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>turning into a little girl
>not wanting to shoot fireballs, make minnons, and even control space/time.
Are you serious?

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>not wanting to shoot fireballs, make minions, and control space/time, all while in the form of a little girl
Do you even wizard, bro?

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all the best wizards have beards, if you see a little girl with a magnificent beard then she is probably a great wizard

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Hat would be the benefits of this? Staying in your normal body means:
>You have a developed brain which lets you understand next level higher thinking
>Your body is useable for tasks requiring height and a modicum of strength higher than a child's
>Every one of your wizard colleagues and professors and arch-wizards thinks you're too immature and lust-focused to be a proper wizard.

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Only degenerates think this would ever happen. Keep your fetishes to yourselves please.

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Agreed. Pedophiles should really stop deluding themselves into thinking stuff like this is okay.

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Using magic to transform yourself into a little girl isn't the same as raping children, yo.

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So what's the end goal of turning yourself into a little girl besides fetish reasons? I'm open to opinions as you defend this blatant fetish.

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how is it a fetish to want to be something non-threatening and innocent? therapeutic reasons, mang. it'd help with studying and whatnot and maybe prevent an overworked mage from having an aneurysm. just because you become the little girl doesn't mean you start flicking your bean and rubbing undeveloped breasts.

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Avoiding responsibilities.

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>implying astro projection isn't a common wizard fetish

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Makes sense. Doesn't mean 90% of people don't think it's a weird goal with questionable motivations.

Now THIS anon makes sense

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Wizards are notorious voyeurs.

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>Avoiding responsibilities.
Question answered forever.

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As long as no one possesses the means to detect your deception, the form grants you the passive advantage of being both a child and a girl. People will be inherently and doubly protective of you. No one will take you seriously, and you'll have to sacrifice some agency in order to maintain the lie, but you can still play the fool and pretend to be an incompetent sorcerer. I can think of countless ways to exploit this situation.

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We have a winner.

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I want to be pretty.

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>Able to turn into just about anything
>Chooses little girl
>I-it's not a fetish, officer! Honest!

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>Type 3: A small boy holding a teddy bear. Acts as an orphan and pleads "can I come with you?", allowing the unit to be taken inside defended and fortified targets. Their mouths can expand and contain razor-like teeth and they have buzz saw blades embedded in their hands.

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Well sure, for the purposes of infiltration or deception. We're talking about a wizard, which is probably an old man (takes years to become a wizard, more years for the ability to polymorph himself, wimyn don't become wizards), turning himself into a little girl while in his tower.
>He could be some-
Why wouldn't he be in his tower? What is he doing, adventuring? That'd be stupid.
>There's evil afoot!
Then why is he dicking about polymorphing himself when there's work to be done?

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Martyrs of Laivatiniel?

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You never wanted your servants to braid your hair, or to kick your little feet because all the chairs are too big for you? Maybe the grizzled old man just wants to feel some youthful optimism, like he's the protagonist of a Miyazaki film. Maybe the dusty tomes and quiet halls are beginning to eat away at his soul.

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Pathfinder sure is weird.

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>Be powerful wizard
>Transform into a woman
>Live life in easy modo forever

I'm pretty convinced most female archmages are just men who realize the above.

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Force of will m8, those wizards with the strongest fetishes have the strongest magic.

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>women archmages
>implying they can break the glass ceiling when everyone's an asshole.

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You know those LNs like Log Horizon, Overlord etc. where someone gets transported to a fantasy world as their MMO character?

There's one where the protagonist was experimenting with an appearance-altering item when that happened: http://darkfishoftherevolution.wordpress.com/

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I'm not reading your creepy fanfic anon.

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>Not polymorphing into something freakishly strong, then using Alter Self to return to your original form while keeping your ability scores.

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The answer is obvious you dip. See >>42857263.
>Party breaks into BBEG's tower
>Epic fight ensues andthe BBEG gets shrekt
>Rescue a bunch of peasants he had prisoner
>One is a little girl
>Party take prisoners back to city and go party
>Wake up next day and city is being attacked
>Less expected than the Inquisition.jpg

And that Anon, is why the wizards want to be the little girl. They don't get expected by 'most' people. This plan works in reverse too.

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>Glass ceiling
>Female mages band together to complain about it
>They ban necroMANcy because it's a patriarchal construct
>They enforce a 40% female quota on all mages councils

Not sure how to feel about this.

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Wizards don't have to worry about life being easy mode or not, since they can literally conjure shelter, warmth, have unseen servants do their chores for them, etc. Magic missiles don't miss, either, so you'll never run out of squirrel stew. Maybe you're lonely or whatever, but magic can't fix autism.


The only advantage I can think of is that LG guys will probably go easy on you if you're bad. Just look at sentencing and the state of female prisons in our society. My grandma went to prison for drug dealing, and I visited and the place looked like a fucking boy scout summer camp. No bars or barbed wire anywhere.

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>female mages turn themselves into men
>end up fucking the male mages who turned themselves into girls

problem solved.

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Because no one suspects women for being monsters,
Remeber the United States just exictued the 21st women in our history as a nation.

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Case in point.

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>My grandma went to prison for drug dealing
Storytime now. Because I just imagine a stereotypical old granny selling kids cocaine.

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I feel like becoming an immortal titty-monster is the best option.

Imagine it.

>king needs magical help so he goes to see the Royal Mage
>walks into her chambers
>she's on the couch drinking beer
>"Ara ara, if it isn't the handsome young king here to see little old me!"
>invites the hesitant king to the couch
>"Now what can big sis do for you, your majesty?"
>king getting beet-red from body contact while explaining
>Mage starts leaning over on him, smiling in that sort of half-drunk-half-sincere-all-sexy way
>"are you sure you want to depend on me? I'm just an old Mage after all..."
>King awkwardly tries to compliment her in an escape but ends up getting pressed into her boobs
>lewd things happen
>King leaves 20 minutes later with a scroll and a funny walk

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Okay fine, so she's a hyper type-A entrepreneurial workaholic, and she thought she'd make some extra money on the side hustling meth. Two things went wrong: one, she got hooked on her own supply and sprinkled the stuff in her coffee on a daily basis, and two, her supplier was an idiot, got caught and ratted her out. The pigs also slapped my mom with conspiracy charge just because she talked with her own mother on the telephone and they were obviously bugging the line. I mean she knew about her little business, but wasn't involved in any way. Cool fact: I was almost orphaned because of this nonsense. One time when I was visiting grandmama, I saw her pushing around powder on a scale with a razor blade, and I was like, "Isn't that a bit much for sugar... I didn't know baking was so involved." This was like 1991 thereabouts. Mom said she always stank really bad. I mean it's a drug, not a nutritional supplement. Right, so I went to visit the prison and mom and I ate at a diner on the way and I caught a stomach bug and shat and puked my guts out for days. She had to buy me a new pair of pants. Absolutely majestic.

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>Maybe the dusty tomes and quiet halls are beginning to eat away at his soul.
Total bullshit. The dusty tomes and quiet halls of a wizard's library is the comfiest setting.
Being a little girl there only makes it better.

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Holy shit.

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>My grandma went to prison for drug dealing, and I visited and the place looked like a fucking boy scout summer camp. No bars or barbed wire anywhere.
I can't wait for feminists to start complaining about this. I literally cannot.

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Personally if I was a wizard, I'd rather turn other people into little girls. I'd just make a bunch of cursed coins and drop 'em in the street for shits and giggles.

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They're called minimum security prisons, and men get sent to them too. There are maximum security prisons for women too.

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>There are maximum security prisons for women too.
And you're not questioning the fact that a meth dealer gets sent to a minimum security prison? Merely the possession of meth gets you 1 to 5 years, which may be justified in a minimum security establishment, but making and dealing it gets you 10 to 50. It's not exactly comparable to stealing a Mars bar at the gas station.

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Non-violent offenders who in processing display that they aren't at a substantial violence or escape risk are often sent to minimum security prisons. There's a judicial bias towards giving women more lenient sentences, but it's not as though minimum security prisons are a women-only thing, or that maximum is a male-only thing. It's worth noting that this is indeed something feminists complain about.

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>It's worth noting that this is indeed something feminists complain about.
>Feminists complaining about women getting too lenient sentences
Citation needed
>Inb4 Christina Hoff Sommers
Most of her books are about men, she's a feminist in name only.

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C'mon guys. Wizards. Little girls. Let's try to stay on track here.

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I concur, I want /pol/ to and stay go.

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>No beards
Nice try Gnomefag

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that fuckign artist I swear

him and his "female clone army vs female clone army" fetish....

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