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lets have a toast for golden times in /tg/.

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Also, happy birthday 4chan.

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>no reply
i see. i guess you guys really rather post in generals.
at least CYOA isn't as popular? not sure if its a good thing.

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I don't think many generals are good thing. discuss many games with your fellow /tg/-goers, don't close in a single game. sure, a thread can start by discussion of a game, but why lock it into a single topic?

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I was going to post some caps, but then you decided to be a little bitch.

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are those the kind of guys that surf /tg/ nowdays?
fuck it.
fuck everything.

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*fruitless self bump*

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I don't think you realize how much power spite can have. You decided to be a bitch instead of posting caps every few minutes. If you'd just silently done that, you'd have eventually gotten some people posting stuff. But you didn't. Cause you're a bitch.

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You are a whingy little child.

The reasons for generals are obvious: a place where conversations on a topic can be had without dividing them into their own threads where (thanks to certain other threads that I won't specify) they will get bumped very rapidly off the board.

I will now not contribute to this thread. Good luck whinging.

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i'd selfbump if selfbumps still worked. once i reached 2nd page, i begun having doubts.

generals are cancer. don't pretend you don't know that.

anyway stop whining, start dumping.

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Threads like these are cancer. Sage in all fields.

Have fun watching your thread fall off the board.

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Such a thread once a while isn't cancer yet.
>have fun whining
well, if you insist.

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baaaaaaah why no one posting :(

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wait, wasn't I at page 3 just now? how come im at 2?
anyway, here another picture so the person who mocked me can enjoy.
having fun? fucking leach, don't lurk here.

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Why are you so mad?

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because /tg/ isn't the paradise it once was, so i feel cheated.

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*futile self bump*

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>self bumps works

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I have about 200 screencaps. If this thread still exists in 30 minutes when I get to work I'll start dumping. If there are any requests let me know, I'm fairly certain I have everything at this point. Also, I love generals and quest threads (when they're good).

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I have 382, bitch.

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We have "best of /tg/" threads like twice a week. Not that I disapprove, but there's no need to be a cunt about it.


Have my personal favourite for the road.

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mother of god, someone actually made the composite terreract?
whelp thats that,

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Well I only save the ones that are generally well liked. But fine, dump by yourself.

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wow, that's one of the worst screenscaps I've seen in my life. congratluations, OP, I vomited in my mouth a little.
please stop posting

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That was yesterday faggot.

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I go for the ones that suit my personal taste.
Please do post your own, there's a few in this thread I haven't seen.

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it's like 10 am bro

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For shame, anon.

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None of these caps are good

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OP is a fag but post for the rest of us anon.

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Oh my good god yes. I fucking love it.

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To be fair, a bog-standard RPG wouldn't do shit to a reinforced concrete tunnel.

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This is awful considering the current migrant crisis in Europe. The shit those Iraqis get up to...

I need another beer.

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Now that's a lot better.

Have some seasons greetings. That finger will be white this weekend.



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Golden Gaytimes in /tg/?

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You know you can change the captcha settings to be text and house numbers only?

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Here's a new one from the Everyone is John thread.

Not sure where it ranks quality wise, but at least it's new.

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Or bypass it entirely with a pass.

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>Straight Lich that everyone honks is gay

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>spending money on 4chan

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That was an interesting read and it's certainly helpful for those who don't know what the fuck "Everyone is John" is.

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>fall for your own lie

this exist on reality

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Average /tg/ thread.

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I feel like this is a reference I'm not getting.

Captcha, telling me to match the picture on the right and not having a picture is mean.

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Bless you anon.

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Someone post the "Rincewind as a Villain" one

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So stupid. Aluminium does not have the strength of even copper, much less any bronze, iron, or steel. It's light and would make a good training armour (I have a set of aluminium lorica segmentatum for practice sword combat) since it doesn't buckle beneath wooden training weapons, but against the edge of any metal sword or axe, or against the thrust of a metal spear, or against the crushing blow of a mace or hammer, it would crumple like--you guessed it--tinfoil.

Young's modulus: 70 GPa
Shear modulus: 26 GPa

Young's modulus: 110–128 GPa
Shear modulus: 48 GPa

Iron (pure):
Young's modulus: 211 GPa
Shear modulus: 82 GPa

Bronze and steel not shown because the numbers are variable, but both of them are better than any of the above metals if well-forged. Picture is relevant.

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Is that canon Horse?

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>Post one thing
>Get a "bless you"
I feel so fuzzy inside.

Time to post the two /pol/ish screencaps I have that arn't nescecarily directly /tg/ but still kinda fantasy.

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>golden times

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This reminds me of the time my uncle beat my teacher down. Good times.

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I support this.
I don't think that I have read it myself.

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do you have the creepy wall campaign screencap as well?

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Top fucking kek

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I THINK this is the one.

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This is one of the best thing to ever come out of /pol/

I'd say the very best thing, but I'm too much of a weaboo to not love Ebola-chan

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Holy fucking shit
I love it

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Stealing. I've already got my players on the first phase, even.

I'll dump a few now, too.

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Are you a wikifaggot, or just a standard faggot?

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Out of curiosity, Metalologist-kun, could you construct mock space-armor out of it? One of my dreams is to do a Starcraft Marine cosplay using actual metal. I know there are plenty of substances that can be sprayed, painted, and formed to be like metal but fuck that, I want metal.

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>I saw this one dude wear chainsaws for armor and he died
I heard this in a stoner's voice and laughed. The visual of the "dude" in question is further killing me.

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I was there. Also in that thread:
>The definition of futa (of course)
>Mathematical debates on the gayest/straightest porn (duh)
>What loli is
>What loli is not
>The definition of child porn and pedophilia
>And why fucking children is bad/evil
I believe there was also someone who equated the color purple with Nazis. I believe this because that someone was me.

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I fucking love this one.

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I have quite a few questions.

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I took it as a party's necromancer and fighter that had gotten married.

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I was there too. The argument about the morality of fucking kids eventually morphed into a discussion about philosophy and sexual ethics which spawned the posts shown in the pic. The thread then quickly devolved into about 50 straight posts of nothing but bone puns, before finally coming full circle and returning to the original topic about dice right before falling off the board.

It was one of the best examples of how /tg/ works that I have ever seen.

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I believe self-bump works only after someone else has bumped your thread

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Do you have the thread where the Bear Romance novel was discussed?

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Do tell

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HFY alien sexy times?

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>5 races
But there are only four! Also this almost makes me cry. And reminds of Sacrier Goddess.

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I wonder if that's how the Black Knight came to be where he was, except instead of obsessed with the sword he became obsessed with stopping people from passing.

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Heh, I remember that.

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wish there was more like this

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This is the gayest thing I've read in all of these threads. It reads like it was made by a 12 year-old.

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And it's only just beginning.

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And the conclusion.

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I feel like this is one that the tripfag screencapped himself, not very funny.

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No, there are five races in that post, Picard. How many races do you see?

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Do you have the story of the freeform RP three guys went into about dragon riders, and it was like a high school but they played as grizzled old mercenaries?

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I love it.

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Started off lame and then got awesome

But that's not fantasy at all, that's a direct quotation from a paper published by two experts on relativistic theory. They published a novel detailing the ramifications of their revelation called Killing Star. Very good book, but very grim.

A few years back some new studies came out that showed that electromagnet waves dissipate into simple noise well within our solar system, so hopefully we're a little more shielded than the scientists thought when they wrote that. But if one planet is issuing a lot of noise...

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well, since we're doing songs

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This is awesome!

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incidentally most kobolds worship dragons

shit god

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the joke is that the necromancer is not, in fact, an eccentric asshole but the fighter's nagging wife

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I don't get it. Explain?

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Think carefully.

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I very much want an update on this....

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Some dumbass on /x/ (the Paranormal board) asking about magic.

A bunch of fa/tg/uys tell him about D&D spells.

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Oh damn that's good, I love it.

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Great ice creams

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Please tell me /tg/ made rules for this

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Does anyone happen to have "Not another story of a Paladin falling"? Seem's I've lost it.

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Ah, I remember. Back before constant Quest threads, pushing actual threads about /tg/ topics off. It wouldn't be so bad if 2 out of 3 quests wasn't some anime or video game fanfic.

I hope our new overlord makes a board for online message board games like quests and the thread games they sometimes run on /b/.

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Wicca is so stupid how do we know they weren't actually describing their spells?

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I'd gess that the most difficult part of it would be deciding how the gravity works. In fact, the same is true for the "simple" 4d dungeon. There are two ways that I can see on going about it:

It is based on some absolute gravity sense. That means that, if someone were to go from the center room to the top one, then to the west, the door you end up would be the top door of the western room.

Which means you would fall, because all the rooms have gravity based on the center one.

Or, you could make it so that gravity is dependant on through which door the person entered the room. That means that, if you left the center room and went to the top one, then went west, now the central room would be below you, since you have just rotated your gravity axis.

The problem is, that is a fucking bitch to note where everything is in relation to one another, and which gravity is affecting who.

I can't see a third way to do it (unless you make everyone float around), but I am open for suggestions

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