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R8 my map.

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Decent tbh

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You need more details.

A map usually has.. You know.. Details.
It's purpose is literally to help someone find their way around.

Without a compass, scale grid, towns, tunnels and other shit it's kinda just a drawing of a landmass.

As far as landmass drawings go, it's okay. 7.8/10 Too much water.

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There isn't much to go on. Some mountains, some plains, some sea. From this much information alone, I can't find any major geologic flaws. Looks natural enough, too.

There seems to be a lot of ocean, though. If the sea will come into play fairly often, you should pre-define ocean currents. They can determine which directions are easiest to travel across the sea, as well as weather patterns.

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I want tonlive on that catcher's mitt peninsula. That's the place to be.

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>major geologic flaws.
What's a geologic flaw? Besides rivers flowing uphill I mean.

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Why those gigantic beaches?

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Just anything that doesn't make sense. Deserts are an easy pitfall. Every desert needs a cause. Either they are extremely far inland or they are right behind some mountains. There's other things that can affect rainfall, but either of those solutions are good enough explanations for a desert.
It is also important to remember that old mountains are generally the tallest. They have very straight and rigid rivers flowing down from them. Later on, in the plains, rivers are very windy and sluggish in comparison. There's conditions that are to be expected for most sorts of biome really.

This guy brings up a good point. I was under the impression that those were symbolically coastal areas (very flat and about at sea level, but having actual grass and wildlife) but not actually just miles of sand. If that is not the case, then that much inland sand would be a desert without cause.

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Does anyone know the best way to do hex maps? Is there a program out there that does such wonders or is there a trick to doing them in GIMP?

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is serviceable

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so i've managed to slap some countries on this map and i've come up with a scenario. Obviously i want to come up with some original cultures but expies will have to do for now. i've got the *idea* of the name down, so when i want to switch to original cultures, i can translate/etc

the scenario is as follows: the empire of Aurelia used to cover all of these countries like a gross rome sort of thing; now however it's splintered over the Braemen (people from the Pale Brae) claim over Scarbatrose (the brittany looking peninsula); the king of L'Roc dies without a strong heir and the Pale finds this an excellent time to invade to take what should be rightful Braemen land (the peninsula has switched hands since basically forever)
the Aurelian crownlands attempt to resolve this peacefully, but the rest of the aurelian provinces disagree on what should be done and everything just sort of breaks. Where I like going from here best is having the adventure party find a young female heir (later to be found a joan of arc type figure) of L'Roc in a small village or something, and stop what is essentially a world war.

what does /tg/ think?

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Hey /tg/ I posted a thread yesterday with my issue, but still have no solution.

I am looking to name my two seasons which are made of up Autumn/Winter and Spring/Summer.
I am trying to avoid light/darkness and life/death analogies.

pls halp

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What do other words in your setting sound like?

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I don't have any custom languages. So far it's all in english.

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then try something like harvest, versus something like new leaf, or some allusion to growing.
just lump the two together because why not?

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Fair enough, I will consider some possibilities.

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Just call them Winter and Summer, derp

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Then what's wrong with "Summer" and "Winter"? What makes these two seasons distinct from our four. When you think about it, Summer and Autumn are the seasons of cooling while Winter and Spring are the seasons of warming. We only have good cause for 2 seasons, marked by solstices but threw in a couple of extras separated by equinoxes. In your setting, what defines these seasons.

From the sounds of it, you're going from equinox to equinox. Your Autumn/Winter is the bottom half of the temperature loop. You could use a something like diminuendo to represent this. Likewise, crescendo could represent the spring/summer which is centered around the hottest time of the year.

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Yeah equinox to equinox, for not particular reason. I do like the rise/fall duality. I will look into that, thanks.

I like that a lot, thanks.

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I have two seasons divided into three parts each, Low, High and Wane.

Low, High and Wane.

Wane Winter/Low Summer is Spring

High Summer/Wane Summer is Summer or Autumn, this can change depending on weather and stuff. It can get really hot or not really that got.

Low Winter/High Winter is Winter.

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Coastal deserts exist, though. Not that I'm discounting what you said, but there are factors that could potentially turn a coastline into an arid desert. It can happen.

I don't know how large they can be nor what circumstances need to be met, but in a fantastical world I would assume that the average person wouldn't balk at the idea.

Also, aren't elevation and wind direction also factors in whether or not an area is going to have a hot or cold climate? Higher up (and also further from the equator) will be colder and such.

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>old mountains are generally the tallest

Uh, no... the youngest mountains are the tallest. The Appalachians are 480 million years old, so they've had more weathering and erosion compared to the younger, 80-million-year-old Rockies. The Himalayas are so sheer and contain the two highest peaks in the world thanks to it being an active zone where two plates meet - hell, Mount Everest is still getting taller every ear.

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Yeah, I mentioned that there were other factors, but those are based on far-off circumstances that can be beyond the scope of the map such as global currents.

I misspoke there; nice catch.

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I came here to shitpost my Piccolo Dick shaped map, and I ended up with some actually good advice. Thanks guys.

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Thanks doc.

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No problem. I make it a point to try to respond to jokes with legitimate information.

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So Worldbuilding handles creation stories right? Does anyone have any (either real life examples or their own) creation stories that are actual stories, rather than say, summaries or "this was done, thus the world" ?

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I have a (sort of) creation story shared by peoples of a small region of a vast world.

When the world was new, there was a Tower, and everyone in the world lived in the Tower. Every race of man lived in a different floor. There are differing accounts of how it was made. Some say it was naturally just there, some say a single man built it, or some ancestor built. It's not clear, but there was a Tower. One day, either the gods, the ancestors or the spirits got angry, or there was a terrible war, or a terrible storm, and the Tower was blasted asunder and each level was cast across the world, it explains the isolation of each race from each other until trade and expansion.

There may have been a Tower, I'm not sure yet. I'm thinking it's some cell memory allegory for the fall of the matter that allowed life to spring up on the planet from space.

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Why is she so perfect, /tg/

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I can't get a satisfying shape of my continent

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I dig it

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Maybe add some more smaller islands. One thing never see is long coastal sandbars like South Padre Island, Texas.

Maybe add an inland sea. Could eventually connect to the ocean or be an alkaline lake at the bottom of a basin.

Maybe some less uniformly jagged coasts. Sometimes there can be smooth sections of coast.

Interesting shapes though, it's fine as is just offering ideas.

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those are some good ideas and i will try make good use of them

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You might want to consider what direction the main winds come from. They'll create a small range of desert behind the mountains where they block the progression of the rain.

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>literally just a map of Europe turned 90 degrees to the left.

I feel so ashamed that it took me so long to realize that.

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What I've got so far. Still need to figure out the climates and terrain, and then after that need to put down people and places.

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Except...France and Spain somehow melted?

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Upon closer inspection you can see that it's shopped to be more "condensed". Not sure whether this was intentional or if it was an attempt to fit it all into one picture.

Though I do have to say with how long it took me to realize that it was actually just a sideways Europe that it would probably make for an "OK" map to put a setting in

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Iceland and ireland are also fucked with there, and probably a few others.

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What do you guys think of my map (It is still a WIP)

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>Weird, jagged coastline
>Who designed this, an alien?
I won an award for those.

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This is a very nice map. What did you use to make it? :)

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Very nice. Looks like pic related.

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You can also pick a local map, and zoom in, making it a continental map.

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Looks like Inkarnate.


Which I have learned is completely free and takes no download so now I am going to go fuck with that.

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Sounds like a spaceship crash

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I'm 87% sure you've just flipped the scandinavian coastline on its head and inverted the water/land

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Ah yes, the glorious Kingdom of Serbia.

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i got some good feedback last time i posted. ive messed with it a bit since last time. Gotta add rivers and shit next.

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This looks like an old Final Fantasy map. Kind of uncanny-valley-ish, but also kind of cool and appropriate for a fantasy map.

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You've gotta do something about those forest stamps. You need to stop using the same one, over and over--it looks terrible. If you absolutely must use a stamp like that, put it in a transparent layer a few times, and move all the individual trees in it around so it's not so uniform.

But really: Just draw them yourself. I don't care how bad you think you are at drawing. Your drawing will look superior to the same mountain and trees stamped everywhere.

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Fair enough. Im not to fond of the stamps myself. atm im using them just to get a general idea of where i want things to go. i cant seem to get the rivers to "look nice" either. Im not pleased with any method ive used so far.

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player-use copy of a city map for a DH game. City is inside a cavern, on an ice planet. I've got a master copy that was hand-drawn, so I can actually remember what is what.

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OP admitted that it's actually a silhouette of Piccolo dick.

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shit rendition of italy and greece/10

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I imagine that was the intentional reference.

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Literally just the Aegean.

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I fucking hate you /tg/
Thanks doc

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Can't unsee

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This looks like a kiwi sitting on a cow or dog's head.

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rate my map matoes

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>using nordland's coat of arms
i've always liked the shape of this, really

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The generic city of happy merchants stealing things surprises you?

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>Design a continent without knowing how big things actually were, assuming that it was just the size of Central America
>Want to get someone from A to B within three days
>Curious as to how long it would actually take
>Go to Google Maps and plot out an equivalent (in the sense of geological features and actual distance) route; from Yuctan Peninsula to Texas
>500 hours of walking
>Realize horses aren't much faster than regular walking
>Realize even if they did Pony Express style riding, or hell, even if they invented bicycles, they couldn't travel so far in a week

How big are your settings, /tg/? England sized? America sized? Completely global? Do you have ways of faster travel than what would typically be available?

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>FTL can only done by organics, it temporarily knocks out computers for unknown reasons
>Every 1000 light years of FTL is 1 year real time passed, but a week on the ship
>Military power is restricted by an ancient race with all the big boy guns
>The Ancients can seemingly change reality at will and have lots of ridiculous shit
>They're the only race that's post scarcity, but there's like, twenty of them
>Even still, no one fucks with them because they'll show up and blow up your star
>"Petty" Wars are still permitted though

>Gods are objective nowadays, the Ancients can make catalysts for them to manifest
>Each race's God represents them to the Ancients and are the only beings able to instantly move and clone themselves and what not
>This has done away with politics because the Gods are a perfect democracy of the species by nature
>You can actually call up your God and speak with a clone of him
>Gods lost their awe but not their respect
>Enact their will by ordering their people around, this works because people listen

>Main baddies are the only other "race" as old as the Ancients
>Silicon based life that doesn't have a soul
>They're an endless horde of machines designed to expand and maintain their creator's VR dyson sphere
>The Ancients stay bombed them and left the machines confused and scouring for useless information
>The Silly Cones have mastered the deterministic sciences, but can't prod into the science of the Gods
>They're one of two races able to FTl without warp gates

>Humans are the other race capable of independent FTL
>Humans due to a freak accident and a long story, actually split their God in two
>There's a God for humans still proximal to Earth, and one for the humans that got lost in alien space
>Their evolution has been diverging heavily over the generations, Terrans being more peaceful, and Drifters being mercs


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My fantasy setting was 1-1 earth just with magic instead of only humans.

That said, I stole the Ways from Wheel of Time, and filled them with Drow.

Stone Hedge is one of the biggest Way Stones. Also under the orcish city of Carthage, the arcane wasteland that was Istanbul, Ry'leh Giza, The Dragon's Layer in Mt. Vesuvius, and the Labyrinth under Crete, not to mention whereever-the-plot-needs-it.

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No one can. It's impossible. Our brains are wired to recognize the real earth, and so even realistic fake worlds will never look 100% good to anyone.

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Okay, so I know how rivers, deserts, mountains, and continents in general work, but how are forests made? Where do they tend to pop up? Where should you put them in a realistic world?

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Forests grow pretty much everywhere they can. It's basically default terrain type. Unless there's a reason it should be something else, it should be a forest.
Forests don't grow in deserts for fairly obvious reasons. There's also grasslands, savannas, and shrublands.They're similar to deserts, but less extreme and are often found between deserts and forests.
Too much water also inhibits forest growth. Areas near bodies of water are usually wetlands or meadows instead of forests.
Then there's the tundra, the cold and short growing season inhibits forest growth.

Otherwise read through this. It goes over conditions that cause forests to transition to other biomes.

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Serbia and Zadar, possibly BorĨa, where's the Great Bosnian Pyramid at?

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I'm looking for some tips and maybe suggestions about some natural features on this continent.

It's based on a piece of land we used to play on when we were kids so that's why it's one big piece of land

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Nice idea. The setting seems a bit rigid though. The Ancient and Gods stuff seems cool but doesn't leave much room for interesting little bits, complex cosmic politics etc. Having one race be the dominant power in the galaxy (or close to it) seems a bit boring to me.

>Organic FTL

I'm doing the same. All my ships have to be organic to travel FTL; either they're fully sentient or they're a load of biomass a pilot has to plug their nervous system into to get to travel FTL.

This is because the extradimensional beings that people summon to gain magic powers and go FTL only inhabit sentient beings for some reason.

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There's still corporate politics. But without some kind of overarching Big Brother, all of a sudden everyone is making relatavistic self generating nukes and lobbing them across space before detonating their enemy's homeworld star.

There's also the whole issue with travelling forward in time shouldn't be leap frogging the character's into a time where the problems are fixed.

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Tropical rainforests occur in a narrow band around the equator. Specificallly, around something called the ITCZ, which is a band of low pressure that moves around with the season (it moves north during summer in the northenr hemisphere and south during winter in the northern hemisphere).

It moves further north or south if it passes over land; on Earth it goes furthest from the equator over China, because of how big Asia is.

The smaller your planets axial tilt is, the more rainforest you get. The bigger axial tilt, the bigger the seasonal movement of pressure bands, which have big influence on weather.

An axial tilt of 0 degrees, and you get lots of tropical rainforest, hot desert, and temperate maritime climate like NW Europe. As axial tilt increases, these climates become less common; they disappear at roughly 50 degrees of axial tilt.

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Self generating nukes? Wheres the nuclear material coming from? It's not like making nuclear material is a sensible process.

You could just make it so no-one has the technology to blow up other people's stars. That sounds rather extreme.

How would travelling forward in time - thus removing characters from the plot - see their problems solved? Surely it would make them worse, since they aren't around to do anything about it? That just gives a reason the players should be sparing about using their FTL.

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>River that flows from mountain to mountain
>River that ends in an oasis instead of running into the ocean
>Weird-ass reverse rain shadow
>What the hell is going on in Serbienta
>Lakes are never connected to the ocean

My head hurts.

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This world better have been made with magic, because those mountains make no sense otherwise.

>> No.42830801

Not him, but if you mean the coastal "mountains" they're likely intended to represent sheer, rocky coast that juts up from sea level. If it's a large island it isn't that unreasonable that there only be few places where one could easily make landfall.

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Nah man, it looks like a smiling dinosaur.

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I see lots of mapmaking stuff for fantasy, but what about sci-fi? I'm trying to make a galactic map, but I have no idea about how galaxies are shaped, where stars and star clusters would be, nor do I know of any programs that would be useful.

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Looking at it again, maybe it's not supposed to be coast, but just a massive mountain range with unknown (or simply not shown) lands behind it?

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Thanks Doc

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>half of the campaign is about sailing and submarine exploration

>> No.42830875

Havent you heard about that seed huve idea? You build a ship that flies to a planet, if its uninhabited, it lands, seeds it, and launches two more. If its inhabited, it speeds up close to C and crashes in, destroying everything.

Star bomb is a little exagerated since it's mostly propoganda. The one time ut was used, the Ancients only managed to destabalize it enough to make it release an xray pulse strong enough to slag the dyson sphere surrounding it. Thats how the ancients established their hedgemony. So it's kind of plot important.

Time travel forward would solve big picture problems. I dont want society to progress past scarcity no matter how much they jump. There should always be seedy space bars where the girls are in bikinis, the drinks are triple what they should cost, and half the clientele have rap sheets a mile long. Because thats where the fun is.

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Step one: Download Universe Sandbox
Step two: Spawn two galaxies and watch them collide
Step three: When you're happy with how it looks, take a screengrab
Step four: Do all the mapmaking stuff like labeling quadrants, important planets, hazards, travel routes etc

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>thanks doc
HOLY FUCK, that took me long enough

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I'll give that a shot, see what happens

>> No.42831283

>I don't know how large they can be nor what circumstances need to be met
Receeding water is what did in Australia, where coastal deserts are stupidly common to the point where they take up huge chunks of the seaboard and most of the center of the continent used to be under water.

Sometimes they are actually quite narrow along the water but go very deep inland, it can kind of be hard to spot this by sattelite imagery though because they're more common in the arid parts of the country anyway.

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How do I make my world less real-world-ish?
I tried to imagine a fantasy world recently and it all came to some medieval european archetype again. Some germanic sounding guys in the middle with some nice empire going on. East of them slavs and behind them some wasteland full of bullshit. On the north are stereotypical nords, on the south some rich trader city-states, remains of old civilization and then some arabian stuff going on. And on the west some coast-line and island faggots with typical french and english archetypes.
Maybe I played too much grand strategies but it is somehow hard to come up with some other geographical and cultural map which is not just some perversion of a real world map. How do I mix shit up?

>> No.42831517

For high fantasy worlds, I like ideas that just throw the normal concept of a planet out the window.

One of my favorite examples of this is the JRPG Xenoblade Chronicles, where the world is just the standing corpses of two enormous giants, one mechanical and one biological, who fought each other to the death long ago. And they're HUGE; the area you start in is just one a kneecap. Directions like north and south aren't used and there are no continents, instead people use directions like "the town is on the left arm" or "it's near the head".

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File: 1.71 MB, 1600x1200, Land of the Giant's Hand.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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Abandon all cultural archetypes. Purposefully don't include stereotypes of Germanic/Slavic/etc anything, because you will just end up copying the real world.

Don't struggle to include an example of every biome. You don't absolutely need to have a desert area and a forest area and an area with snow on the ground all the time. If the need for one comes up, just add it in later. Be adaptable.

Look at some cool landscapes for inspiration. Joshua trees are pretty cool, why not have a massive sprawling arid forest of Joshua trees, punctuated by towering plateaus? All the towns are up on plateaus to stay away from whatever grubby animal monsters live down there. Hot air balloons are a common form of travel. Whatever. Just grab whatever and run with it.

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Except they're standing (which leads to some pretty spectacular views), and there's literally no other land in the world. All known biological life exists on the biomech, the other mech is just unknown land, except it undeniable exists since you can see it from pretty much anywhere except the back of the biomech.

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File: 45 KB, 600x337, Xenoblade_Chronicles.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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The way they actually work this into the world instead of just making it backstory is what I especially like. The town you start in is located on the back of a leg, and has gigantic AA cannons to deal with scrap and gigantic chunks of waste (yes, practically mech poop) falling from the torso.
This is a view of a kneecap (which is a huge open area), with the mechanical giant far, far in the background. At night, you only see it as a dark silhouette against the night sky, and some glowing red eyes.

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Its just unknown land beyond that mountain range, like >>42830851 said.

>> No.42831693

Is that fucking Europe rotated 90 degrees ccw?

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That's the joke.

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From summoner wars alliances. It made me puke a little in my mouth.

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File: 1.78 MB, 1280x720, DD3_Midgard_Map.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Better than old Warhammer Fantasy, anyway.

And the map in Drakengard is literally just Europe flipped upside down.

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Were they fucking serious?

>> No.42831733

isn't that just earth

>> No.42831738

>>What the hell is going on in Serbienta
I don't see anything wrong with it

>> No.42831739

Dead serious. Read the names. FAR ESTA. NORTH MERRIC. SOUTH MERRIC. Jesus what

It's the worst thing about the new summoner wars set. There's a lot of good things to say about SW and this is not one of them. Nor is their deviantArt tier character art.

>> No.42831757

Noooo you don't understand. It's "Itharia". See, they have Vartica. Not Arctica.

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Look at these rivers. I'm trying to figure out what's going on here, but I'm so confused. Maybe they're sentient, so they don't follow gravity?

>> No.42831799

Well I guess for some high fantasy you can go batshit on this, but for some consistent not-so-high fantasy world it somehow always ends up in Europe 2.0
Well, I try to, but it just comes to my mind when I imagine specific situation, for example names of people and places or architecture, or some mindsets, and how it all relates to each other. I'm from Yrope myself and it's hard to imagine some sort of "neutral" cultures not based on some other cultures or just imagine everyone being some weird variations of one specific culture.
Maybe I should just draw some random map first and then just randomly place things and just roll with it, I don't know.

>> No.42831801

How would they run "normally"?

>> No.42831811

ment to reply to >>42831780

>> No.42831812
File: 300 KB, 1100x848, T4MAP2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Of course you can take that sort of "I'll just take a location from the real world and alter it slightly" to it's logical conclusion - hell it's one of the reason post-apocalyptic settings are fairly easy to make, because you just take a real world map and alter it logically according to the type of apocalypse.

>> No.42831818

they really got lazy after a certain point eh

>> No.42831830
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On second glance, maybe it's not that impossible, but those are still some weird-looking rivers. But hey, at least they make more sense than the rest of the rivers.

>> No.42831841

That map is just Japan interpreting the USA, though.

>> No.42831865

Araby isn't much better.

>> No.42831941


It's actually from a JRPG - from back in the day when JRPG's came with fold out world maps and stuff in the box.

>> No.42831950

Thank you, Captain Obvious.

>> No.42831961

It doesn't have to be so high fantasy. In many Discworld books, magic plays a fairly minor part, yet the whole world is on the back of a giant turtle.

>> No.42832158

Did that, wound up with a slowly expanding cloud of mostly uniform star density

So I'll reiterate the question for other fa/tg/uys: what do you recommend for a galctic map?

>> No.42832199

You're welcome, rear admiral snippy.

>> No.42832661

This is my shitty method. Just take a point in history. I took the end of the bronze age, early cities, people working out iron, etc. Find the societies you'll be working with, get your concept of them, try to avoid things like 'greek citystate-but INDIAN'. Try for things like 'fishing-based society, excellent galleys, large deposits of silver nearby, equatorial climate, on the continent, near large archipelago extending out into the ocean'. So, ocean-dependent society. They have supplies of precious metal. They desire naval superiority to their closest neighbours, so they raid primitive tribes on remote islands for galley slaves. Once you have the basics for a half-dozen societies, imagine what might happen over a century.

100 years later, they have a standard silver currency, probably a centralized leadership, greatly inflated population, hegemony over several nearby smaller cities, and probably trading links with one of the other nearby major societies. They might end up with similarities to the greek citystate, but after 15 'turns' of worldbuilding, there can be interesting permutations.

I did this with a bizzare conglomerate continent with a fertile area the size of west africa, three seperate archipelagoes on the north east corner and an Andean mountain range along the northern 'spine' of the continent. I ended up with a Middle-Kingdom-esque empire with constant internal strife containing an area the size of the Amazon, collections of minor states with common-defense pacts in three places on the continent, a group of regularly replaced despots ruling the dirt patches the big players didnt want to conquer, thousands of tribes of cannibal Zen tribals living in the alps, and a HRE-esque decentralized mess in the northern archipelagos.

Any conflicts or bits i was unsure about, i just rolled a d% to decide, e.g. 'how heavy are taxes on foreigners', with 100 being severe and 0 being laissez faire.

>> No.42834115

Any other opinions here?

>> No.42834169

I once ran a campaign in aan area based on where I'm from geographically. One of my players bitched endlessly about the fact that freshwater lakes large enough to be seas was unrealistic. I'm from Michigan.

>> No.42834362
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Galaxies too big, focus in on a parsec or 2 near the center of the galaxy.

This pic for instance shows radio sources in the milky way galactic core - those streaks are dense clouds of hydrogen, nitrogen and oygen flowing along 100~ ly long magnetic field lines.

>> No.42834708

I could probably get away with half the galaxy, nothing less. I'm trying to build a space-opera type setting, with galaxy-spanning empires waging war for good and evil, and all that jazz

>> No.42835328

Oh neat. Can you share any of your species and empires you have made so far?

>> No.42835576

It's still in it's infancy, but I share what I have so far.

I'm trying to do a space opera scifi fantasy, based loosely on 80's artwork and classic science fiction. It's supposed to be over the top, with hermit wizards on backwater planets, space dragons, evil genocidal robots, star feudalism, and necromancers from Malthor V.

Right now I have a "proud warrior race" species, led by dragons. they have a clear-cut caste system, and are all about muh honor.

I have a predominately human kingdom, with is very much just feudalism in space. Heavily influenced by the government system in Dune.

I have plans for a token evil human empire, who's economy is based on constant warfare. If there's nobody outside to fight, they'll fight themselves.

I'm also planning a genocidal robot army. Overthrew and murdered their creators, views organic life as inferior. Very cliched.

I'm also going to throw space elves in, with magic powers connecting them to nature.

This is what I have so far, and I'm always down for more ideas.

>> No.42835715

If I could give you an idea for a thing you can add is planet where after an sciencey experiment all the metal fused with the plants on the planet so now it grows giant metal forsets over the old colony/cities with metal vines etc... (it is an idea for a planet I had for a space game a while back that I never got around to doing)

And then perhaps some faction want control over this planet due to the vast resources that this planet produces. So it can be in a state of constant warfare. Perhaps even trench warfare in space?
But the planet could also be like Catachan from warhammer 40k where everything wants to kill you.

As I said before: I am just sharing an idea I had, good luck with your setting Anon

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