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Pitch your setting idea in 10 seconds or less.

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Ok, it starts with this really, really hot chick. I mean, she's like, super-busty, and she needs to

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Apocalyptic Hellgate: London/DOOM-esque near future where the techno-Templars and Freemasons fight demons.

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It's Texas 100 years after a cataclysmic social upheaval which includes a robot uprising, a plague, and civil wars. Also, magic came back because somebody opened up the portal many Native Americans worked very hard to close.

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Try not to get raped to death by giant viruses.

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Rise of the Great Ones in europe with no monsters

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Slice of life in an infinite dungeon.

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A world controlled by ascended creatures in a higher lane known as the Ancients, and humans/elves/etc are just tools as part of the world is dragged into the higher plane with the world being shit/depressing.

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You boat around to a bunch of fuckin islands and they're great

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A century ago your people fled to another continent. Many died in passage and order broke down. Now new kingdoms rise in a new world.

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Fantasy setting where only men are on earth. Everything is extremly manly with pooltables and hotrods everywhere. Then woman came from pace (venus to be precise) and changed everything for better or worse.

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Warrior puppets from Taiwanese wuxia puppet-shows.

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Tribal natives live in a world with advanced societies but stone age tools and religions. Magic and monsters is everywhere but its k because you'll reincarnate if you die so just chill out bro.

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The goal is to die in a way that scores the most points.

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woops, didn't mean to quote.

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Androids must restart human civilization 1000 years after their extinction/conversion into a new race of plant people called the Greens.

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No, you might be on to something.

Warrior-puppets who wish for death. Only when their mortal strings are cut can they be free.

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High Fantasy world in the middle of resource loss based societal collapse.

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I'd kill for a Hellgate: London RPG, but it'll never happen.
Though I guess it could be run using GURPS or Savage Worlds.

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Everything in this thread mashed together into one setting.

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I was thinking more along the lines of a bunch of demons that get reincarnated at the start of each session and try to cause as much damage as possible before they die.

they can then redeem points for luxuries back in hell or purchase gear / abilities based on their performance.

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The warrior-puppets are forced into a new body should there body ''die'' until they unlock a highscore.

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>Human only campaign, in high medieval setting, elves and fae are demon analogues. Intrigue and

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Stone-age techlevel intelligent gorillas try to survive in a jungle full of deadly predators.

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Or until they realize that their strings are their worldly desires and attachments, and that they can cut their own strings by seeking emotional-detachment through meditation.

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The Cultist have succeeded in summoning a celestial body that ecplises the sun every 8 years causing people and animals to randomly transform and devolve (evolve?) into beastial creatures. The setting is a modern day earth 30 years after the initial eclipse.

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Modern day, every human being has superpowers, but they need to be trained like any other skill.

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Bronze age alien sophonts crossing temporally drained seas for trade and war.

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dark sci-fi fantasy cyberpunk noir with magic crystals that turn you evil

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They get a choice when they cut there stings. They may move on or become judges for the next batch of warrior-puppets

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Magi-tech dwarves, goblins and ratmen, mutant telvanni-ish wizards, jihad elves, 8ft vikings with dragon ancestry, vampire monarchies and a decaying empire propped up by its still powerful Church.

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Medieval dark fantasy, five dragons are awakening and they're eldritch abominations whose mere blood is sufficient to taint, mutate and warp mind, flesh and land forever.

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>8ft vikings with dragon ancestry
I like this idea. I think I'm going to steal it.

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It's a wuxia puppet show like link related:

...but the puppet-show is also a hellish nightmare-show like link related:

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Diesel Punk British Empire.

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Ancient magic empire fucked up and got caught out of phase wotg reality when their slave races revolted. They exist as life-eating ghosts, trying to break through into the real world and kill errybody.

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Giant Oni women own everything.

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City Scape, metropolis style. The place has almost everything in it though because no one can survive outside of the giant dome protecting the city for more than a week. That is because every single day, the seasons change. So within 20 days you have already seen winter 5 times.

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LHC causes apocalypse that fundamentally changes physics, disabling anything better than medieval technology. D&D rises from the ashes of earth. My players get to play D&D in post-apocalyptic Earth.

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Floating utopia city divided into rings above grungy wasteland powered by soul energy and ruled by a despot Queen

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end the thread here

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Love is the primary currency.

In order to buy things, you have to spend your love of a particular person or thing, but you also allocate love you receive to people or things as well.

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40k but everything is lolis

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Start with a more or less typical DnD setting. As society and science advances, magic becomes weaker and harder to mantain (first and second laws of ethermodynamics).

That is, until the setting's equivalent of WW2 and the launch of the first A-bomb, when it's discovered that the violent splitting of the atom is the only thing that can restore raw magic to the world.

In other words: fantasy cold war.

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Humanity is resides among the stars and has two genetic off-shoots. Alien monstesr are part of a hive-mind species that are invading settled planets. Go fuck 'em up.

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Wouldn't people end up with more and more unallocated love, because they just don't care anymore?

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Post apocalyptic world destroyed by being covered in the literal blood of literal god, turning all the mundane boring Tolkien fantasy shit into a ridiculous collection of floating islands, planes, and space turtle riding bands of adventurers.

It kind of exists

see the french comic Dungeon

But then the loli's die, and there is no one to dick them

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Vintage fantasy, humans are gypsies. Low-magic, guns, fantastical.

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Giant wall cuts off most of the USA, the civil war is a lot more shit, monsters are coming over the wall, his Majesty the President needs your help to defeat the confederate arch-magi, are you a bad enough dude to do it?

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Living swords trying to stop the rise of personal firearms.

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Postmodern hard scifi setting, with a dashing of soft science, in a world reclaimed 500 years after a world war. No Magic. No FTL. Humans Only. Final Destination

Also body horror

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Why would you not want to feel love for someone?

Humans are inherently social creatures after all.

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European or American gypsies?

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Maybe they're split into two different categories of humans, and one acts like each.

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Stereotype fantasy world where mortals get selected unsolicited by gods to act as their champions in a world-wide battle royal against other god selected champions.

Champions gain favor (and additional benefits) with their god by defeating or out-performing the other contenders. However, their god will gain notoriety for having such a badass champion that the other gods will begin to take notice and actively assist or interfere with other champions of higher reputation to improve their own champions standing.

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It's Vampire: the Masquerade meets Space Jam.

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Massive galactic community with lots and lots of aliens where humanity is the warrior race who has lost their home planet to war and are now small populations of effectively traveling fleets of pic related with a few particular garden worlds that no one fuck with because we're too strong to smash but not strong enough to expand quickly.

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>European gypsies
I'm going to assume you've only ever met the American variety.

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Some wizards find the key to immortality which basically anchors time and stops asshole outsiders from turning back time in the hope for a more favourable outcome.

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Civilisation persists in massive cities, Orcs roams the wastes outside.

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Dark age/medieval setting but with no magic or magical creatures.

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Who's responsible for the trope of dwarves carving their faces into everything they create?

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Kinda boring.

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It's like the world, but it isn't

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Be a shadowrunner-equivalent in a setting that's a clusterfuck of Halo, Mass Effect, and Eclipse Phase

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It is but I am tired of all the castles and magic and dragon shit to the point that something without the magic and dragons is now appealing to me

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But there's got to be a twist, anon!

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black crusade party investigates a massive space hulk infested with genestealers. out of the 7 ships, 5 are imperial. one is xenos and last is adeptus mechanicus.

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Modern setting set in our world except super heroes just started to be a thing five years ago.

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Britain, 2024, war in Europe, everyone has gopro because warcrimes

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shadowrun 5e: elite used car salesmen.

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I really like the sound of this and want details.

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High Fantasy setting on the border of industrial revolution. Lovecraftian Horrors, oppression of the classes and loatsa racism towards desert elf extremists. Racial purges are coming.

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Hotel California. Goes without saying that it's demonic.

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Become a Puppetmaster! Control "Puppets" in arena fights for the amusement of all. Puppets are actually people.

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It's just an idea I came up with while watching Gamer.

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I like those

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It works.

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Water/jungle moon of an industrious planet recovering from a major war.

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Applied political philosophy and metaphysics cage match.

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I just want to explore the concept of humanity developing on an earth like world and exploring different historical possibilities without magic and jizzards being thrown in, is that too much to ask

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>Dark age/medieval setting but with no real magic or magical creatures

If it's a medieval setting there are bound to be tones of superstition and superstitious folk. Probably a handful of "wizards" too.

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the year is +2569 Human Chronology
Humanity is arrayed into a coalition of regional, planetary, and interstellar states. The not-Sangheilli went from modern-day UK to Somalia due to a massive civil war. The not-Unggoy and not-Kigyar are broing it up because the they're home planets were a binary system. There's an entire nation made up of uplifts and smart AIs. All this is overseen by the Coalition of Interstellar Nations, a group that is a more effective UN run from an artificial planetoid created by the precursors that is essentially a combination of the Citadel and Extropia. They are connected by a series of wormhole gates and quantum-entangled communications arrays. No artificial gravity, no reaction less drives. Spaceships are equivalent to Eclipse Phase, as is all the cybernetics and bioware. The players are just straight-up shdowrunners, taking various odd jobs throughout the tiny portion of the galaxy that is inhabited.

There's also evolved dinosaurs on Mars.

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Five random anons have been given one realm to shape to their liking. It somehow starts to spread into Earth.

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Rapture, future, angels in space with plasma swords, demons in power armor. Humans stuck ind middle.

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Oh wow did not think of accounting for that, thanks mate

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Shadow of the Colossus meets Demon Souls.

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So there is this ancient machine build around the earths core a

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50,000 years in the future, Earth is sundered into two hemispheres, joined only by a thin spire infested with Tucker's kobolds armed with AKs and laser guns. One hemisphere is 'civilized'. The other is a recently discovered frontier where to a portal has been discovered.

Heroes brave the wilds and remnants of civilizations that have sprung up in he ten thousand years since the split.

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Undead/living kindom uniting other races against an empire of magical immortal slavers.

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It's the War of the Roses with even more politics, murder, and plotting, but then it turns out the Turks have dragons and all of Europe shits itself.

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>10 seconds or less

asoiaf game?

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A planet infested with a robotic ecosystem. The PCs play as animal-mimic robots.

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Self-mutilating mages battle for ultimate cosmic power amongst the ruins of a continent-shattering ancient war.

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Endless legend?

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Shit gets fucked by stupidity, it's up to you, a team of Wizards to fix EVERYTHING. The economy, the gods, the world itself. System is 3.5

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there's no sky

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Fireworks are the only way to protect ancient china from the shadow beasts, so firework performers are local heroes.

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Totally underwater fantasy, inspired by Planetary Romance.

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Walking dead zombie style apocalypse except the survivors get inhuman skills and borderline superpowers. Zombies become easy but the violent cannibalistic other survivors also get here powers.

>> No.42567465

Some random murderhobos traverse fantasy Australia to find wizards to help stop a dragon apocalypse.

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An old legendary saint dwarf ex-queen pitches a group of heros a job proposal to re-establish an old order in an attempt to have fun again.

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STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl meets Turok: Dinosaur Hunter

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A mix of Shadowrun and Metal Gear with a slice of Stargate.
It also has lots of Gods.

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You play as hunters of the supernatural in the late 1600's during a salem witch trial styled world where holding onto your sanity is your best chance of survival.

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High Magic Stone/Bronze Age. Players are demi-gods looking to kill and replace one of their heavenly lords and rule the universe.

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a crazy wizard sends a gemcutter, a miner, an asshole, and a druid on random escapades.

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Monster Hunter meets Pacific Rim.
You are Kaiju. You hunt things that are bigger than you and humans build out of their remains HUEG robots to aid you.

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So Dominions, right?

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I have no idea what that is.

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Bloodbowl + The Running Man = Competitive Dungeon Running

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noble-dark 40k where you turn the tide.

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1984 with sentient trains

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Hellblazer meets Illuminatus with a bit of 5e thrown in for taste.

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you are an elf working for santa, but the earth is in an ice age and also its not santa its satan

That was complete stream of consciousness how did I do?

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A long time ago, high elves fucked up everything ever.

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Global cold war with groups of various super soldiers carrying out black ops against the other countries. The means these soldiers are modified varies heavily and each soldier is effectively a custom creation of the government. Methods used include machinery (nanobots in your bloodstream to repair injuries, replacing eyes with cameras capable of zooming in, recording what you see, and seeing in infrared), genetic modification (genetic modification to for example make you 7 feet tall or unable to produce myostatin so you gain muscle much more easily), drugs (steroids and similar shit), hormones, and superior wargear.

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It's a custom setting, but the goal was essentially the same. However, the high elves did shit like eat their own babies to live longer.

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So do people defend their homes against the elves or are the elves a resistance group or what man?
I have a lot of questions

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Reverse shadowrun

High fantasy world has timewarp drop a sic fi city with or without people.

Or just aliens. Or space humans come back from hibernation

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a winter horror game with a holiday twist?

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So you guys are Columbus but your in the sky using magic boats with a political situation that is not-'post ww1 germany'

>> No.42570081

Urban decay with dance battles to resolve gang conflicts

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Dieselpunk human guerrilla rebellion against rocketpunk alien overlords. Rocketeer vs. Emperor Ming and H. G. Wells' Martian Army.

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you stressing over the holidays already?

How about a game where you play as a 4th grader in elementary school and a popular new japanese show and trading card game has come out. You must navigate bullies stealing cards, teachers confiscating them, while playing your friends and gathering cool point with the other kids for having good cards or whatever and you're on a search for the ultimate rare cards to take on the kids from the other schools.

Man that was some diarrhea

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Not-vikings go raiding against empire, while their homeland is literally waking up and magic has only ever been barely controllable, now it's worse.

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You just described the plot of Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo.

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Demons. Some like to fight. Some like to fuck.

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Airships, dragons, and child soldiers plus military and political intrigue on a continent seething with interbellum subterfuge.

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We actually use The Book of Erotic Fantasy.

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Go the fuck home.

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Giants like things bigger, the book said.

So a frost giantess overused potions or rings or spells that increase size.

Stop her from her lust fueled growth

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Southern European, Moorish, and Arabian empires battle for control of the Mediterranean seabed after 90% of all the water on earth evaporates

>> No.42571296

what is a "temporally drained sea" ???

>> No.42571333

A fabled bard has magically increased his charisma to the point where he's being fought over by giant beasts.

Find him and uglify him before The Lust Wars destroy The Kingdom.

>> No.42571360

So everything is overcast as shit until the the next stiff breeze blows some sand into the air (or a wildfire starts) and it rains like a motherfucker? Or did the water reach escape velocity?

>> No.42571379

The Empire is at its peak, the Not!Mongol Orc hordes are at bay, the frontier is open, and fate is a dick so lets roll some dice and see how the PCs fuck it up.

>> No.42571457

The gates of Hell open and Lucifer rises to claim the Earth.
His invasion is defeated, and mankind decides to return the favor.

>> No.42571506

Dragon Age: Origins?

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Chimpanzee like robots are used mine for resources, fight sea monsters, and perform in professional wrestling matches in an a under water future equivalent to the Gilded Age.

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Giant chimpanzee robots are used to mine for resources, fight sea monsters, perform in professional wrestling matches, and arm socialists in an a underwater future equivalent to the Gilded Age.

>> No.42571656


A handful of people chosen by the gods pilot magical super robots in order to liberate mankind from strange aliens from afar and the shadowy puppet government they've created.

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Giant chimpanzee robots are used to mine for resources, fight sea monsters, perform in professional wrestling matches, and arm socialists in an underwater future equivalent to the Gilded Age.

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A space opera based on P Funk Mythology where everything is on the one.

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40khueg scale. Animu. Fantasy world meets Dieselpunk.

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The gods created the world in 10 seconds.

>> No.42572095

Dragon Quest 7 fused with the Odyssey and World War 1.

>> No.42572418

It's like Earth in the 1700's but different and with fantasy stuff.

>> No.42572658

Underwater world with submarine pirates and merfolk

>> No.42572686

WoD after Gehenna, vampire empire, beaten by catholics and government super scientists, regular people live in a feudalist America cause their shit got all spread thin by various monsters everywhere

>> No.42572691

Kung-fu Deus Ex/Shadowrun

>> No.42572799

It's the post apocalyptic rust belt and adventurers go into overgrown factories, abandoned towns, and thick forests to reclaim resources and sometimes even lost knowledge or on fact finding and surveying missions for a few of the remaining universities or reassembled governments.

Researchers and governments don't go in themselves because of wild men that are a blend of Lovecraftian cultists and meth cooks. Mutants are also a nasty problem but they're pretty rare.

>> No.42572939


Fourteen or so dimensions got blown up and the gods stitched all the pieces with people on them back together.

>> No.42572946

Chicago is in a civil war and a fraction of the original size
Detroit is almost entirely reclaimed by nature
Coal mining country is generally pretty good but everything runs on straight coal. Coal mining guilds run everything.
Indianapolis is the most stable major city.
Pittsburgh is host to a giant clan of cultist raiders that pour out of the city in occasional tweaker crusades.
Churches form anti crusades to turn them back when enough people can be rallied.

>> No.42572965

Investigators try to peel in in the mystery of a presumably dead heavy metal legend. Faes and mythical bullshit.

>> No.42573478

You gotta eat other people to get ahead in life

>> No.42573618

God gives you super powers if you do small favors that changes the world in minute ways.

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Flying western in post-1947 green apocalypse.

>> No.42573797

Fantasy with Orcs, Dwarfs,Elves, Humans and Magic.

>> No.42573857

This sounds amazing.

>> No.42573914

fantasy Roman Empire never died and hates fantasy egypt

>> No.42573938

There is no open spaces, only rooms after rooms after rooms, of various sizes, going on forever. The city, or whatever it is, seems to move or 'evolve' of its own accord. Few to no people, fighting other scrap of rusty stuff with monsters or other people. Alien artifacts, blood cultists, but the worst of it is rooms are going dark, light cannot shine in it anymore, and if you stay in it while it happens, you come back. Or at least, something looking like you.

>> No.42574068

The Spirit of Fire decides that Man has abused the power he granted, and reclaims his blessing; forges grow dimmer by the day, flames refuse the company of oil, and even flint and steel fail to summon sparks. How long can Man survive without his most sacred discovery?

>> No.42574158

40k with less niggers and more nazi monks

>> No.42574441

Hard Science fiction asteroid mining gold rush.

>> No.42574530

As I like lots of Chinese stories and movies, it makes me consider the idea of players-as-rebels. The government is corrupt, maybe the "king" just got usurped by his evil brother or whatever, and the players are some kind of now "illegal" faction.

Maybe one if the rightful heir, or they're part of a now outlawed religion, whatever. Need to be sure there is a strong hook that they give a damn in there somewhere.

Would need to come up with a clear picture of the "kingdom" it takes place and maybe a bit about neighbors as potential allies or enemies.

In concept it's pretty neutral though, you just need some kind of "nation" to set it in, from Iron Age tribes to modern nation-states could fit this in.

>> No.42574537

Civiliation takes place on floating chunks of earth in the sky, society is mostly sustained by whalers that hunt sky whales in steampunk air ships

>> No.42574563

Everyone, everywhere died twice and only the PCs can relate to that.

>> No.42574600

Nature God became mad and wants to kill all humans which are defended by a machine god

>> No.42574753

Gods create humanity on a world created by elemental lords, gods and lords fight each other over ownership of Humanity.

>> No.42574795

Do you force the players to take a side in this or have them pick as a group?

>> No.42574981

Shadowrun verse, someone discovers FTL, players crash a megacorp ship on a planet of blue space elves.

>> No.42575015

outlaws have to save a village from cultists.

>> No.42575016

asshole, wank, fucker

>my tourette's kick in if im supposed to explain something in a really short time

>> No.42575094


>> No.42575113
File: 79 KB, 500x423, bruh.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.42575162

13th century fantasy with elements of horror, mystery, and adventure

Using pathfinder. NO WAIT COME BACK! PLEASE

>> No.42575184
File: 141 KB, 900x582, archipelago_world_map_by_torstan.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Multiple nations hold contests and tournaments to impressive the universe's god while attempting to get the upper hand on each other.

>> No.42575210

A metaphor for internet dating gone wrong.

>> No.42575237

The inhabitants of a fantasy world doomed to be destroyed in a celestial event escaped and are now trying to tame their new primordial home.

(Knights, megafauna, strange alien ruins)

>> No.42575298


>> No.42575596
File: 305 KB, 675x874, boxhoc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nations settle deputes with magical sports. Victory for Glorious Homeland!

>> No.42575613

Whoops, thought it was "ten words or less"

Oh well. Concept mostly stays the same.

>> No.42575642


The Nature God is the "big bad", so the players are either neutral, on the side of the Machine God or are looking for a way to cure him of his madness.

>> No.42575762


>> No.42575825
File: 235 KB, 900x778, 1430928834911.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The world has turned into a giant swamp because of an arcane ritual gone wrong some 7k years before, and there is a slime the size of a mountain in the midle of it, and it's slowly growing.

>> No.42575869

Bits of the Multiverse are being forcibly relocated to a single world. Animals spliced into walls. Shit's fucked.

>> No.42575890

Fascist xenophobic human empire trying to stop the awakening of the Masters of Necromancy

>> No.42575915

England 2030, 5 years after the race war. The EDL leads the charge to retake London from the paki's and sand people. 40k levels of grimdark.

>> No.42575934
File: 50 KB, 313x470, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The Raid series of movies if they took place in Silent Hill.

>> No.42575942

Generic fantasy world where every elf suddenly becomes a pyromaniac and starts burning forests down.

>> No.42575955


>> No.42576125

The world may of ended due to the stars engulfing the planet but business is as usual with the elemental plane of fire moving into some new real estate.

>> No.42576164

Yuri Chaos Lolis.

>> No.42576229

There is no magic but prayer.

>> No.42576246

The concept of drag does not exist in aviation, the first octowinged plane is built. A crew of brave airmen has to keep the wings in working order.

>> No.42576337

Bronze Age barbarians travel to a land based on the Far East, mainly India and China. They do a few jobs there, get used to the place.

And then Hindu mythology kicks in, ridiculous power levels and all.

>> No.42576496

I can get behind this!

>> No.42576534

High-tech magic-driven civilization floating on an ocean wracked by violent magical storms and volcanism.

>> No.42576720

Magical high fantasy nation vs. Mechanical steampunk nation vs. Organic futuristic nation, with some technological overlap between magic/machine/biotech.

>> No.42577047

A new age of primal dragons, stripping the earth like so many locusts, has come and passed. Now what remains of the world crawls its way back from beneath the ash of dragonfire and the carcasses that once howled them across the sky.

>> No.42577110

"I will convince her of the impermanence and untrustworthiness of her magic and guide her onto a path to achieve her ends at a slower path. She will be not unlike the glacier, which I suspect she will be remembered or referred to as by historians, as I edge her toward a more natural means to put more of her in the world while also rendering her otherwise helpless and dependent,"

"Sir, are you some kind of enchanter or bard?"

"I am but a simple cook, sire gifted two fold for this task. First I possess a palette that is both sensitive and silver; second I too have a preference for increasing dimensions,"

>> No.42577122

No Gods. No Humans.

Only one God, saints and different races claiming the title "human race".

>> No.42577606

Warp drive in the Cold War.

The Nazis are coming back with friends.

>> No.42577622

The universe melted and creation is reforming off the corpse strongest god there ever was.

>> No.42577634


Fanmade map?

>> No.42577651

Magical roughly WW1-2 societies exist. Geo-politics with Middle Eastern Lich tyrants terrorize his neighboring countries and what is basically Slavic Tibet facing off against orc like barbarians lead by magical giant from a race before man are the things that go on.

>> No.42577665

The PCs are all Fae who for various reasons have to collect, raise, and teach kids who all have abusive pasts or abandonment issues.

SoL goodness and feels ensue.

>> No.42577747

Feed the rage

>> No.42577768

Ever heard of Dunbar's Number?

>> No.42579176

Setting 1. A post-apocalypse world, Bakshi Wizards style, but without elves and other magic folks. Religions are weird: druidism, all worldwide religions mashed together, satanism, and some other really strange ones.

Setting 2. The world is alive. Or half-alive. All races are its symbiotes and parasites.

Setting 3. Cyberpunk. With magic. Magic is Unknown Armies style or similar, it's a cyberpunk magic. There are no elves, orcs, dwarves, etc. There may or may not be vampires, demons/half-demons.

Setting 4. Primal Fantasy. There are several races that are all different breeds of humans (or most of them), cool anachronisms everywhere.

Setting 5. Steampunk. Modern world with magic. Laws of physics and reality in general are different, alchemy works, impossible steam machines work too. Religions are evil. Might be Lovecraftian.

Setting 6. Pocket-sized fairies live in the human world. They must keep their existence secret to most people, but they use humans' industry products for their purposes. Also, there are wizards who hunt fairies for potion components and animals who hunt them for fun and food.

>> No.42579221

Post apocalyptic island world where war no longer exists but the memories do, and the secrets are causing rifts.

>> No.42579349

The weird and cool bits of TES with a lot more sci-fi and surreal elements, and a weirdly post-apocalyptic theme subtly hinted at.

>> No.42580064
File: 199 KB, 700x700, 945cf4bd34536bf433301d50d4dfd745.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Everybody was kung-fu fighting: Humans, harpies, Centaurs, other mythological creatures...

>> No.42581018

Everyone has to travel through a high radiation zone by ferrying themselves in suitcases that connects their brains to large robots.

>> No.42581273

monster waifu dating simulator also giant robots

>> No.42581625
File: 401 KB, 1200x820, 1423396849998.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The necromantic apocalypse had already come. Only demi-humans live now as the entire undead population of humans roams the earth.

>> No.42581649

who cares
I'm the only GM around here

>> No.42581944

Players get duped into testing life preserving tech with promise of free vacation, get frozen for 500 years while humanity flees earth, and must now journey through space to get a refund.

>> No.42581959

Not in the slightest actually.

>> No.42582023

Lady Blackbird, is that you?

>> No.42582123

Medieval, Post war, magic is a rare but natural resource, a terrorist cell has control of it. YOU are the terrorist.

>> No.42582149

I have a boner.

>> No.42582259

Humanity living in the shadow of a non human post-apocolypse. Great mage cities still exist with nonhumans in them, but now humans are the dominate species, and it is effecting the local gods slowly but surely.

>> No.42582453
File: 21 KB, 300x300, 1439310491157.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.42582623

You're in a deep sea diver suit, trapped at the bottom of the marianas trench with no memory of how you got there or why the pressure hasnt exploded you.

>> No.42582657
File: 197 KB, 900x810, Greenskin Orcs.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Humans lost a war long ago. Orcs took a lot of their shit, fun times ensued.

>> No.42582670

The church is secretly evil demons all along!!! And the necromancers are fucking bureaucrats. Decide who is better.

>> No.42582724

Fallout-esque post-apocalyptic shithole with mutants being discriminated against, remaining pure humans living in great walled cities with decent tech-level, and tons of mutants everywhere but those cities

>> No.42582823
File: 474 KB, 1600x1000, 1422670344552.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's a new age of exploration! Found new colonies for !NotVenice! Contact lost colonies, unknown civilizations! But war is brewing back in the Old World of !NotEurop!

>> No.42582894

In this setting sea level sinks 100-200m biannually.

>> No.42583014



>> No.42583022
File: 140 KB, 700x843, Condemned_Colors_by_me_by_danimation2001.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Good to hear someone does, can't find any players for the damn thing in my local geek community. People jump on pathfinder and 'You all play dragons' but I suggest a modern action horror thing and everyone disappears.

>> No.42583318

Kinda, yeah. Lighthearted campaign with a rags-to-bitches story for the PCs.

Think Cool Runnings meets Quidditch via the pilot episode to Beavis & Butthead

>> No.42583385

"Racial Holy War" done right?

>> No.42583479
File: 41 KB, 374x374, 1441301637504.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>giant virus

>> No.42587234

wouldn't this just be eberron?

>> No.42587302
File: 1.01 MB, 397x283, cleaningbetweenears.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tourette's manifesting in a text post

>> No.42587337

I can get behind this
What would the martial art styles for people with claws, hooves, etc. look like?

>> No.42587406

Nazis getting eldritch magitech causes time-travelers to give the US cybernetics and other high-tech, while an alien hivemind pod lands near Moscow, making the USSR biotech hivemind commies.

>> No.42587523

Forgot to mention that the magitech is fueled by tortured and despairing Jew souls.

>> No.42587599

Its a brand new fantasy world.

the catch? the players are the crew of a small crashed spaceship. There ship can never fly, but it could serve as a makeshift base. They have some supplies, but they are dwindling. They have energy weapons...but they cant replace their spent ammunition.

...and the whole world saw their ship hit the ground like a fire from the heavens and kingdoms are on their way to claim whatever treasure fell from the sky.

then I leave it to the players. They have dwindling resources, dwindling time, and no immediate allies. What. Now?

>> No.42587810

A bronze age setting shaped like a bowl with the world tree in the centre.

>> No.42588166

Tokusatsu-like society of warriors guide humanity from the shadows and defend them against horrors from beyond space and time. You are one of them, and so are your mates.

>> No.42588379

Heros must save world from meteor, but cause a lich to wake and a demon portal to open

>> No.42590718

The Lich and the Demons better be enemies

>> No.42590750

Late 19th/early 20th century shadowrun.

>> No.42590755

There are a bunch of hellportals in south america that are letting magical paracites through and you gotta stop them

>> No.42590803

metal gear solid 4 but in the space-future and everyone is a robot

>> No.42590826

Unfortunately midway through creating my setting I realized it was just Destiny mixed with Mass Effect mixed with Star Wars, and don't want to use it for fear of being accused of being unoriginal.

>> No.42590862

Giant mecha airship jousting. Like a centaur style design, an airship with a mechs body stuck on the front with a lance + shield. Oh, and fuck physics because this is a whole new level of mechanical implausibility.

>> No.42590878

A planet was being terraformed. This terraforming was done a huge series of interconnected biodomes all run by a single AI. Something bad happened and terraforming stopped halfway and all the humans died.

it wasn't the AI's fault, because of its preprogrammed 'pro-human' mentality it has sent off several drones out into the world and damaged research facilities hoping to save people or atleast find out what happened. It will not stay idle.

>> No.42590996
File: 189 KB, 1920x1080, ED-209.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Robocop and temintator mixed with 40k

>> No.42591011


>> No.42591014


>> No.42591048

Barbarian spirit shamans vs imperial alchemists

>> No.42591081

isn't that just 2000AD

>> No.42591112

Add in Judge Dredd, too.

>> No.42591115
File: 71 KB, 620x349, doe a deer a level 3 deer.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I actually oneday want to run a campaign that only uses the normal animal stats I always see in monster manuals but always over look.

Everyone expects dragons, but can they handle Three angry Deer and a swarm of crows?

>> No.42591392

Eidolons representing the 12 astrological signs are being collected by an evil force

>> No.42591442


The Apocalypse is Silent Hill.

>> No.42591519

Post-apocalypse where professional sports stadiums are discovered and people worship the mascots as gods, and even take on aspects of the mascot if applicable.

>> No.42591556
File: 119 KB, 694x749, 52b456cd4a0322a424edc5c8d7f2190f.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

WW2 with little girls

>> No.42591624
File: 1.76 MB, 1916x1076, vlcsnap-2015-09-18-22h59m37s998.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

80s-Retro-Futurism hommage/parody like FC3:Blood Dragon, Kung Fury, Turbo Kid, Moonbeam City etc

>> No.42591974
File: 346 KB, 604x790, Rifts Chaos Earth Rise Of Magic.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


for Setting 3, check out Rifts, especially the Rifts: Chaos Earth part.

>> No.42592055

Weta Workshop

>> No.42592062

Humanity invented powerful magic in order to fight back against alien invaders. 300 years of magitechnological industry later, the free world decides its time to get terraforming.

>> No.42592195
File: 117 KB, 1280x720, 2480761-clockwork-empires_cr.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This immediately makes me think of Lethis - Path of Progress and Clockwork Empires, the latter game's empire even has a Union Jack like flag.

>> No.42593113


Werewolf Cheerleaders vs. Zombie Nerds.

>> No.42593374


So, current U.S.A.

>> No.42593481


So you've lived near Gary, Indiana too?

>> No.42593543


This is better if nobody knows what caused it, it was more recent, and it's possibly caused by some bioweapon and maybe people can even find modern weapons etc. but magic most definitely exists in some form. And the slime is a shoggoth being fed somehow.

>> No.42593592

Civilized people are mostly gone after the bioweapon/nuclear apocalpse leaving their robots.
Then the fairies and other magical creatures come out of hiding.

>> No.42593789
File: 312 KB, 1600x1000, luna.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

it's set during the rebirth of industrialization on a partially terraformed moon after earth was lost to chaos. the closest thing i could relate it to is desert punk meets naausica

>> No.42593824
File: 185 KB, 684x1000, SS Drow Smile.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Drow Nazis vs Cthulhu in space.

>> No.42594030

My dick is sooooooo hard right now

>> No.42594184
File: 2 KB, 168x182, dat dorf doe.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Inside a player made Dwarf Fortress, pc's must overcome shit like goblin's, trolls, dragons,forgotten beasts,and, if shit get real fucking crazy, the circus

>> No.42594198
File: 275 KB, 671x381, bhaalspawn bhaalspawning.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Torin's Passage meets Lode Runner: The Mad Monk's Revenge meets Tactics Ogre: LUCT meets the First Ravnica book

>> No.42594758


Fantasy Constantinople set between the realms of beastmen and humans.

>> No.42595457

Space knights and wizards riding giant worms through space to fight sentient space squids.

>> No.42595487

Fantasy RPG set in America circa 1760

>> No.42595527

Post race-war fantasy setting as allegory for reconstruction-era America.

>> No.42595548

Hey we're only a hundred years off!

>> No.42595662

A continent that just got out of its renaissance period and is now in the industrial era, with steam engines being designed and built. The continent has few natural resources left from the huge boom in production and is covered with the remnants of factories that have been abandoned and fields of houses or scrap that are either destroyed and forgotten or in the midst of that. Most people live on the street if they're poor (which the majority of them are) or in some sort of housing complex. The continent has few nobles and wealthy people as well, this is because most of them spent their fortunes on business that never took off and then failed leaving them in debt.

To make a living, people work in the large factory houses that still exist in their area. Each person hoping to earn enough that day to survive and be able to afford food that night. Those that don't work in the factories are lucky but few.

They are usually the sons and daughters of the "upper class" even though so few of those families remain. Most of the times the wealthy children are enrolled in schooling academies and are taught numbers, written language and the sciences. Children that are more fit than others are usually put in the policing academies that are around.

The police in this setting are more like its military, each one trained to face the horrors of human depravity and crime around every corner.

>> No.42595867

Weeb giants are being dicks to spider-bird-people.

>> No.42595946


Large scale Space Opera/Sci fi setting wherein humanity is divided into various different nations of star systems representing different nationalities and ideologies. No Aliens. Massive scale, like LoGH scale massive.

>> No.42596190

A planet-spanning Empire (Nationalist China/pre-war Nazi Germany/Edwardian England) who use souls for technology and worship their ancestors have their plane destroyed by a peasant turned insanely powerful witch-king in a giant robot-suit with a serious case of A God Am I. After their attempt to save the world with their own Emperor in another robot-suit, they pack all their shit into shuttles and go to the moon, landing their to rebuild their civilization and explore this strange new world filled with bizarre civilizations and strange peoples. It isn't long before shit goes south...

Would you play?

>> No.42596215

Dark Souls: Tabletop Edition

>> No.42596920

It's the perceived "old world" re-discovering the "new world" and nearly every able-bodied adventurer wanting to brave the dangerous seas to explore this new land.

So basically the Age of Exploration, only with magic!

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