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I'm running a Bloodborne/Innistrad-esque gothic horror campaign soon, and I need art. Characters, locations, monsters.

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I know this name, and am slightly hype over incoming DLC

I do not know this name, in what way does it relate to bloodborne?
in what ways is it different? setting quirks?

additionally I am stealing your art assets while being unable to provide compensatory art of my own...

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Innistrad is a Magic the gathering set, and also the name of a plane in which said set is set. Pretty neat dark fantasy-y world. Created by a vampire planeswalker, once ruled over by an angel named Avacyn, artificially created by said planeswalker , until she and her fellow angels sacrificed themselves to seal all the demons of the plane in a massive silver artifact called the hellvault. Without her influence, the plane has become lousy with werewolves and vampires, mad scientists combine necromancy with dark sciences to create horrifying abominations, and the church of Avacyn desperately tries to fight back the dark with their rapidly failing powers. It's a pretty neat setting.

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Not op but innistrad was a Magic expansion that used hammer horror themed art. Werewolves, Vampires, swamp-lurking baby eaters, etc. Very cool art.

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>not posting the superior gif version

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Maybe because some people don't enjoy seizures.

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>in which said set is set.

>Created by a vampire planeswalker, once ruled over by an angel named Avacyn, artificially created by said planeswalker , until she and her fellow angels sacrificed themselves to seal all the demons of the plane in a massive silver artifact called the hellvault.

query, wording;
>created by the angel or the vampire?

query, word; planeswalker;
>or does knowing what this is have any bearing(if not then ignore.)

>It's a pretty neat setting.
it seems as though it is.

suggestion; research; light skim;
> perhaps you could look a the WarMachine faction "Cryx" for additional setting elements. they seem to fit with the other aesthetics you've described

query; word meaning; hammer horror;???

no comment.
artificially, non-chemically induced altered mental and neurochemical states though, these are things that can be enjoyed, at least occasionally.

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>plane, angel and hellvault created by vampire

>a planeswalker is basically a super-wizard. They used to be more like gods but got depowered a while ago for plot reasons/to better be able to have adventures

>hammer horror refers to the classic style of gothic horror, named after the horror movies of Hammer Films in the 50's-70's, such as Christopher Lee's Dracula, Bride of Dracula, Curse of Frankenstien, The Mummy, etc.

Also, you type weird.

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what are they, some kind of pussies?

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>created by vampire

>Also, you type weird.
not in all cases, styles are adjusted based on thread, interest, and intended audience; this has, in an of itself been an experiment as well as a data-search.

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A few other interesting facts about said vampire. He's one of the oldest beings in the multiverse, and was partly responsible for sealing away the MTG's equivalents of Cthulhu/Azathoth/etc.

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it can be imagined what he thinks betimes.

>"I have grown bored with this[universe], I shall create another universe that I may entertain myself with; igor, prepare my dice cascade!"

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I thought Sorin was FROM Innistrad, not that he made it.

It was already lousy with Werewolves, Vampires, and Mad Scientists combined with Necromancers before he made Avacyn.

Also Only Avacyn was stuck in the Hellvault, because one of the Demons pulled her in with them

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Maybe. I've not been into magic that much since Alara, so I was just going off what I'd gleaned.

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I only just got into it, but I've thrown myself into it hard.

Made myself an Angel-themed deck via Tabletop Simulator.

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Sorin made avacyn to protect the humans so that him and his vampire homies wouldn't run out of human blood sources.

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Does anyone else think this pic looks like Hermione Granger with a fake beard? It can't just be me...

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I can definitely see the resemblance, though it's a little bit too masculine looking. More like one of her ancestors, or at least her on several years worth of hormones.

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It's her dad, before he became a Dentist

Also to "protect the balance of mana" or some such nonsense.
Innistrad is a plane with a wealth of all Mana, even if Black is the strongest. The "Monsters" were close to wiping out Humans, the only conduit or source of the White Mana in Innistrad.

That could have fucked the plane hard

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>bloodborne themed horror campaign
so you're gonna start with D&D then half way through switch over to call of Cthulhu?

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I think the trick for OP will be to make the switch and not have the players notice for a few sessions.

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This is very important, yes.

So, how would you all transition from gothic horror to cosmic horror?

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All the monsters were never the normal horror monsters they know and were just the players minds trying to make sense of the horrible monstrosities before them. Their true forms cant be seen through stereoscopic vision, only trioscopic or higher (though they can be felt). Never explicitly say what a monster is, just vaguely describe them to the players and let them assume their own conclusions. If possible describe them to each player individually, a little different each time. As the game goes on they should slowly realize something is wrong, then you can start revealing the horrible truth.

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God, my fucking eyes.

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I suggest you make a sect of hunters/slayers/whatever who get some badass things to deal with the monsters in your setting.

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take this, it is our order's most closely guarded the most powerful weapon of the hunter; The gun

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In your typical Sleepy Hollow-era setting, demons, werewolves, ghosts (gheists), and vampries fight to consume and control the pitiful ordinary human beings who live on the plane. Other humans fuel either horrific zombie outbreaks or create maddening zombie chimaeras from human corpses because when you fight monsters it's best to use other monsters. The state of your body after death dictates the state of your afterlife; a body blessed and buried will mean your soul rests peacefully; revived in any manner and your soul is trapped in torment in your body, while burning or otherwise destroying the body means the soul returns as an often-suffering and furious ghost.

Sorin Markov was born on this plane as a Vampire, and he understands that eventually the monstrous creatures will reach peak humanity, after which mankind will continue to dwindle until it is no more and all other life/unlife will die out because they have no more food. So he creates an immensely powerful angel with his powerful early-era Planeswalker powers to safeguard mankind, just enough to give them hope and keep them thriving while leaving them weak enough to be consumed on a regular basis.

It had a lot of neat 17th-century Holy Roman Empire aesthetic choices in its art for the humans and vampire. The zombies are either your typical fantasy zombies or Dr. Frankenstein-style creatures, while the gheists range from benign to horrifying depending on their color since they could be found in all 5 spectrum.

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Sources you should use: all of the Mythos & Dreamland stories, and all of the short stories about Solomon Kane.

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I got some stuff on that. I got a countries in my setting based off England, Revolutionary America, and Roanoke with a lot of Innistrad influences.

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I wish I bought Mikaeus when I had the chance.

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This artists needs to study composition

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You're correct. Innistrad is a natural plane.

Sorin just created the angel Avacyn.

There were two main reasons he made Avacyn.

The first and most minor reason was to maintain balance on the plane and prevent his dickass relatives from getting carried away with their gluttony and feasting themselves into extinction by sucking every human dry.

The second and far more important reason was to troll his family and every other beastie that goes bump in the night on the plane.

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We're at, like 70% spooky in that picture.

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OP, are you me? I've been wanting to build a setting like this for ages.

Dumping vampires as it's the biggest grouping I have of characters.

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Is that Steven Colbert?

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Out of vamps, but I think I have a few others that might help.

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I'm tapped.

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This is dope. Thx everyone.

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Similar to bloodborne, I would stick with some tropey stuff based on humanish monsters (vampire, werewolves) make them weak to the traditional stuff, then make all the reasons behind it secret cosmic beings.

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Did anyone else laugh at the file name XD

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Almost done, I think. Sorting for relevant images.

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And that's basically all I got without going too far outside the basic aesthetic, I think. Hope this was helpful, OP. I'm a big fan of the flavor as well.

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perhaps you keep a secret insight count for all your players? it affects certain perception checks.

(player gets a note; says they hear sound)
hey, did you just hear that?
it sounded like a woman sobbing.
if they insist on investigation they'll find some horror scene

(pass note to player 'as you enter the room you can no longer see')
"hey, who turned out the lights?"
it turns out the lights in the building are the illusion, and all that they reveal is likewise an illusion.
if the endarkened player lights a torch he'll see what lies beneath, at least, in this house....and potentially what hides in a corner of the ceiling.

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Yep. Stealing this mechanic for my next campaign. Thank you.

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you're welcome to it; I stole and adapted it myself, but if you're doing that perhaps you help out OP by coming up with other ideas?

cause I'm not creative enough to do it myself, and I like this idea that I stole from bloodborne enough to want more of it...

>as Insight rises monsters behave differently towards the characters.
>normally solitary creatures will work together to abduct, but not kill the character.
>normally hostile forces may ignore them
>crazed cultists focus on them "KILL HIM BEFORE HE SEES TOO MUCH"

perhaps potions that temporarily raise insight "plus 5 insight for d10 days"; what you don't tell the players is the temporary negative insight side effect at the end that lasts half as long once the potion wears off; and you don't tell them when the potion wears off...

flailing for ideas here guys, insight ideas, AND other generic horror...

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hey OP, would you mind me posting something i draw from a nightmare related to bloodbonre+ its story? (i am not a drawfag but i usually draw my nightmares)

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it's bologna!

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What sort of drawbacks would you use for a potion that grants "Blessed Ignorance", or something that permanently or temporarily removes insight?

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I like this idea. What would expand insight as we can't just crush skulls and suck it in. Poring over the notes others left behind? Actually stopping to examine dead or defeated enemies and insight is gleaned from some fragmented understanding of the things you've killed?

Would seeing clearly be better for than letting your brain keep that thin buffer of sanity?

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The give faith and religion a literal healing power. By giving yourself over to the gods, the ones who sought to protect the mortal races from the celestial horrors, you can cleanse yourself of dread understanding and be brought back to blissful sanity.

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fuck it so here it goes.

I had a dream about someone in obscure darkness. He , the foe, wears a long cape and a really long cylindrical lead helmet. He is also lit on fire, he would slowly approach the player and then proceed to hug him burning him to a crisp.

but there is more...

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The character could find it harder to keep a grip when presented with anything that would fuck with their ignorance. Like the Doubting Thomas Flaw in Savage Worlds.

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Whoops. My apologies. I misread your question.

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The only triggers I care about. Epilepsy triggers.

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I'm not OP, but I want to see....

at high insight you notice that a patch of wall is in fact a shoggoth covering an alleyway, it never attacks groups, behind it you find dozens of bodies, their heads ripped off as though by some titanic suction and their fluids drained to the drop.

perhaps a night of uncontrolled somnambulism?
>the character awakens in a cage, or surrounded by the corpses of what must have been an angry mob, pitchforks still clutched in their hands some torches still barely flickering...they seem to have been slain by something not larger than a man, but immensely powerful

or a drop in actual perception ability to match. or at worst requiring them roll for a random negative quality...

>What would expand insight as we can't just crush skulls and suck it in
sanity checks. every sanity check, REGARDLESS OF OUTCOME has a chance of increasing insight. sanity checks from certain sources raise that chance further.

reading notes left behind is good OP or other GMs running this setting may have alternate notes for the high-insight players with extra stuff.

certain items have a hidden insight generation stat, seeing as insight is a thing only the GM knows about.

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Personally, I was thinking along the lines that having some Insight would allow you to fight/understand the Eldritch better by knowing how they can be beaten.

Perhaps a balance between No Insight and Too much Insight.

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the dude was actually a silhouette/shadow? to that thing once you turn on the light

with enough insight, you would see its true form. I don't know how to fully explain but. this thing is made off asystematical bones, it has very long legs, sharp claws and oddly large skull with no neck. some of its limbs simply floats around the main hollowed body.

Like the previous dude, this thing is lit on fire.

Sorry for this shitty donut steel. Good luck OP


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perhaps perks like realizing that the beggar in the corner is in fact a giant spider...

it counters the perception damping effects of most things.

which, now that I think on it would make it equally good for a horror game in just about any setting..."hello, welcome to bigbugburger, home of the bigbugburger, can I take your order please?"

this, I like this; someone will also probably steal it...

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meh, I drew lots of nightmares (none related to Bloodborne but this one). I can share them if you want

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Okay, here’s my idea. Insight should be acquired in two ways. If the players encounter an unusual or otherwise challenging phenomena, like an endless staircase or painting which keeps changing while you stare at it, they will acquire 1 insight point. This is the typical “insane things dive you mad” method.
The second way should be objects or items which grant the players temporary “boons” to their abilities with no visible drawback. Items like a tome which, when read by a fighter or martial class, will increase prowess in battle from a brief period of time, or a profane idol which empowers spells for a short period. Meanwhile, each time the players use the item, the receive insight points, more depending on the strength of the effect. This provides the player with a choice. Do they want short term gain for long term suffering, or should they remain weaker now, in exchange for long term ease?
Now, all this is good, but it is pointless without payoff. The world should be populated by creatures and things which only become visible when the player has a certain amount of insight. These things do not necessarily have to be hostile, but viewing them for extended periods should result in gaining yet more insight points, via the first rule. That way you can create a runaway insight gain, similar to the act of descending into madness. The GM should keep a running tally on the number of points each character has, and factor that into how they perceive the world.
This also allows you to screw with the player’s heads. If you have a large amount of very hostile creatures, who don’t interact with mortals only because mortals can’t perceive them, and the monsters are therefore safe, the moment one player becomes aware of them, they will have to either fight the creatures that nobody else can see, or spend their entire life pretending they don’t perceive the gibbering mass of rotting tentacles standing right behind them.

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Maybe the 3 Insight levels could have their own benefits and drawbacks.

With No Insight, your mind is as healthy as every other regular man. The main problem is that you have to jump through mental loopholes and hold dissonant beliefs in order to stay ignorant to the eldritch that you refuse to understand (which in turn makes them harder to defeat). Story-wise, you know the least and are furthest from the truth.

With some Insight, you've seen the horrors for what they truly are and are somewhat closer to the truth.You can also overcome the challenges that the Eldritch present be it physical or mental. Downside is that balancing Insight is difficult due to the challenge of 'filtering' how much of the truth one can take (i.e. One wrong page of information read can lead you straight to too much Insight).

With too much insight, you are pretty much insane to those who do not understand the whole true nature of the world. You can defeat the Eldritch with ease, but now the world if filled to the brim with Horrors that they can only perceive.

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>Items like a tome which, when read by a fighter or martial class, will increase prowess in battle from a brief period of time,
it's not the tome with the effect mind you, its the litany it requires you to recite before or during combat. eventually the fighter memorizes the litany. then someone in the know translates it and the fighter finds out he's been chanting power out of a profane and dark entity...accruing insight every 3rd or 4th time he recites it in earnest...

>or a profane idol which empowers spells for a short period.
but the residue of these spells on the wizard begin to accrue to raise the insight?

this is almost starting to seem like putting insight and sanity too close together. I like the idea of having insight not be directly attached to sanity.

like, character sees some shit, passes their sanity, but gains insight. they can react calmly then and be more rational about dealing with the things they see.

just because you see the horrors does NOT mean you succumb to horror and if anything insight should work to buff(slightly) whatever roll is used for sanity. because you understand on some level, what you're seeing.

now I'm thinking of Tiffany Aching with her First Sight and Second Thoughts; because second sight is too common...

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Okay, here's my idea. Insight points should be gained using two methods. First, there is the classic "exposed to strange magic/objects" method, where seeing or encountering something which is otherworldly or extraordinarily powerful will cause the players to gain insight points.. Things like paintings which keep shifting from one image to the next, showing horrible futures, or a profane idol of an ancient god, which whispers ever so quietly to you in the dead of night.

Second, they players should be able to gain insight in exchange for temporary power. There should be certain magical items which provide powerful, but temporary, buffs with no visible drawback. Each time they are used, the players gain a number of insight points based on the power of the effect. This allows you to set up some nice choice moments. Is it worth getting +5 to STR for the next hour at the cost of some of my own sanity? Do we need to cast this spells so badly that I would risk later consequences? You could even deliberately push the player into situations where the HAVE to gain insight points in order to escape them.

Now, as the GM, you should keep a running tally of how many insight points each player accumulates. You should also populate the world with many objects and creatures which require a certain threshold of insight to view. When the players see these things or are exposed to them for extended periods of time, they should gain further insight points. Hopefully, this will lead to a runaway insight gain, similar to the effects of descending into madness. This also allows you to set up some fun encounters. Perhaps there are very dangerous, deadly creatures that are normally invisible and harmless to mortals, but become violently hostile when they realize they've been seen? Maybe the gentleman doctor who lives down the road is actually a collection of worms and maggots who have taken over the form of the doctor, but continue tending to his patients.

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Sorry, I retyped it because the formatting was horrible. I like where you're going with the ideas, though. I'm just designing this from a purely mechanical standpoint right now. Fluff will come later.

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another idea for you OP based on another nightmare.

your party will stumble upon a limbless dude who is planted in the soil. he is staring at the skies in a place with great vista. he is docile and harmless.

with enough insight, you will peek into the horrors and nightmares in his eyes. stare for too long and you will lose your sanity.

good luck OP

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or perhaps, with enough insight you realize he isn't a corpse; and with more, you realize somethings looking at him...

all good, though keep in mind, this is a horror system we're discussing, fluffs a big part of figuring the mechanics...

need to be careful if your setting and plot and such depends on certain levels of insight at certain times or places though. I'd say keep things low and slow, at least for a while...

and the invisible creatures that attack only if they know you can see them reminds me of an SCP...

a pair of old cardboard 3D glasses. if you wore them you'd occasionally see monsters. you could interact with them, so long as you didn't try and describe them to anybody else. because then they'd tear you apart, and not stop hunting you if you got away, till you were dead.

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One last one because i feel like i want to share.

This picture is kind of related to dark souls, the 'humanity sprites' near manus.

In my dream, it was rooted to the ground and had something inside it. i really didn't know a skull? an unborn child? an eye? feel free to interpret it if you want. might inspire you in your quest OP

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Also, bonuses against things that might cause fear effects or damage sanity if those happen to be things in your game. Not because you're braver, but simply because you don't comprehend the entire horrifying visage thanks to your relative ignorance.

>> No.42558786

random setting-stuff

the safest place aside from the church is the distillery. the men there; they can distill just about anything into a flammable liquid, and they even recently started a drinkable/not drinkable differentiation in their stills instead of just using all of them for everything.

"if you can't kill it with fire, then you just aren't using enough."

this is inspired in part by M;tG and while I may not know much about the lore of that (multi?)'Verse I can assume that some inspiration can and will be drawn from that game yeah? what can we pull from that for stuff?

I'm not actually the OP...

I'm not even sure he's still around...I just had an idea and started spouting my shit all over you guys...

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perhaps the players find these sign all over the place, scribbled in chalk on walls and floors. certain NPCs can read them, and if spoken to rightly can teach the reading to the PCs

>> No.42559424

I regret my decisions.

What system is OP thinking of using? I always love a thread dedicated to my favorite genre but I feel the system might help us help them.

>> No.42559472

no idea, the insight mechanic of late discussion could conceivably fit into any game with a sanity check system...

>I regret my decisions.
I take it you looked closely.

>> No.42559560

So what's a good plague-esque alternative to Bloodborne's beasts/werewolves? I was considering taking inspiration from the plague of locusts and making it very insect theme. Bodies used as hives for insects, or people transforming into insects themselves, and of course having to deal with enormous insects like blood-bloated mosquitoes and ravenous flies.


I'm actually not sure what I'm supposed to be looking at.

And before someone tells me to, I did look closely.

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>Bodies used as hives for insects,
I present to you the "oh God SPIDERS" thread...

and specifically the farming spiders
>Consider farming mimic spiders.
>What are those, you ask?

>The adventurers come across a city. It's known for its exports of silk. As they explore it seems to be extraordinarily beautiful, pristine, and wealthy. They see no homeless or poor people anywhere. Those that live there are prosperous. There are no bandits or monsters nearby. Indeed, the place has a magnificent education system - colleges for mages, warriors, and many others.

>As they investigate they learn something disturbing. Those who reach a certain age are taken away by the elders. At a certain ceremony they reveal the truth. The older people are hollow puppets, literally, and paralyze the human there. Then they lay eggs inside of them and use magic to erase their memory. Over the coming weeks and months the spider colony devours them from the inside out. The human body becomes a living puppet. They retain the memories of those they devour, so the imitation is nearly perfect. However when the time is right they open their robes and the skin empties - each one is a living swarm of hungry spiders.

>These spiders do not survive by merely devouring their hosts. The hosts are the disguise they wear to get them close enough to devour monsters, bandits, and the like. Oh, and wandering adventurers that learn too much. Did I mention that the entire local brothel consists of them? No? Well when you when looking for ale and whores and thought the sensations were a bit odd you should stop to consider what you stuck your dick in.

>These spiders have all the capabilities of the people they eat. They farm humans as hosts, and they wear their skin as disguises to let them devour their prey.

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I'm going to be GMing a dark fantasy game starting soon and can I just say thank you all these images have been great for inspiration.

this reminds me of a post I say which went:
>I told my players we were just using the gumshoe system without any of the lovecraftian stuff, I actually was
>then my players thought we were playing D&D, we were actually playing trail of cthulhu
>then they thought we were playing world of darkness, we were actually playing trail of cthulhu
>then they thought we were playing exalted, we were actually playing trail of cthulhu
>I am no longer allowed to run trail of cthulhu

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>post I saw
I have to start proofreading these, this happens a lot

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Dunno if this was mentioned, but the best ways to create an atmo of horror (at least in my group) is to leave no NPC unchanged. Even if you describe them first as normal, try and leave room for ambiguity. Like, say, make sure to comment on the out-of-season scarf the tavern maid is wearing. Then, down the line, you can pass a note to someone who's got a good Perception check or who's chatting her up so they notice the scarf writhe a little bit. If asked about is, she hurries away with some excuse. Eventually the mutation gets reviled, which may be as benign as just being an extra mouth or could be that it's a demonic parasite that craves the flesh of sapients. But the point is, at no point should the PCs feel like NPCs are trustworthy or above suspicsion. Keep the stable of, heh, stable and sane NPCs to the bare minimum, and make the PCs figure out for themsleves who's on the level and who's a baby clubbing cultist.

>> No.42561045

I'd agree with you on one provision.

you keep your sane, stable, ORDINARY people to a short list.

the aforementioned worm-swarm doctor can be sane and stable, but that doesn't make him less horrifying...

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>"hey, who turned out the lights?"

>> No.42562161

Well, I guess this is something I'm going to have to use. Perhaps as the body becomes more rotten, the disguise less practical, and the spiders more voraciously hungry, they might lash out of their host at nearby prey? Or just become a mass of spiders congregating around a decomposed skeleton.

>> No.42562282

I was WAITING for someone to notice the reference...

perhaps they go in search of bandits on the roads to act as replacements?

some of the other stuff in that thread was Pretty bad too...

like the healing spiders...

>> No.42562362

Considering the setting is not!Yharnam I was intending on having them prey on the poor and homeless in the lesser districts of the city. Bandits and travelers might work if anything ever happens outside of the city though. The spider motif could easily be substituted for some other kind of swarm too. Locusts, wasps, even rats at a push.

And oh gosh, the healing spiders. That's how you terrify a party.

>> No.42562438

indeed, that thread was fantastic.

it's why I occasionally go back and comb the archives...good shit sometimes, just happens.

so, you the OP?
what was the system you were using?

>> No.42562442

>> No.42562477

>> No.42562574

>> No.42562595

No, not the OP. Just someone who happened to be thinking up a similar premise albeit with more of an insect motif. It's what drew me to the thread in the first place.

Although I actually haven't decided on a system yet. I'm tempted to use D&D 5e since it's a system my usual group knows, but I'm sure there are settings that could emulate gothic horror better.

>> No.42562710

Systems, sorry. Not settings.

>> No.42562805

you might try WoD. it's super lethal, and that lethality carries well into horror. and once the basics are known character gen takes like 15 minutes(I did a couple of blind tests like this with several test subjects.)

but it doesn't have a lot of good monsters pre-statted which is it's downside in this case. but with the splats you could probably work it out easily enough

it does supernatural damage and damage types phenomenally well, (called Aggravated damage in system) the Agg damage system means that everything has a weakness even if that weakness is usually fire.

some of the deeper stuff for the splats may give you what you need for almost everything.

Geist Changeling and maybe some Mage for the surreal shit
Werewolf and Vampire for the obvious reasons
Promethean gives you lots of construct monster ideas
and Hunter gives you the option of letting your players be better than mere meaty blood-sacks

>> No.42562897

Look in the bushes

>> No.42562928

Woop de doo, it's a cat. How terrifying.

>> No.42562954

looks more like a big dog or a bear.

>> No.42563395

>> No.42563514


>> No.42563598

That is brilliant and you should be an author/some kind of creator, if you're not already

>> No.42563659

dude, I stole that from Bloodborne like, straight-up jacked...

not spoiling full extent, but insight does more than just allow you to summon allies...

>> No.42563701

The Old Hunters soon.

>> No.42563732

I've always thought that pyramid head-like diabolic warriors would make great Hellknight Signifers in Pathfinder

>> No.42563782

What system, where are you, and who do I need to kill to get in?

Baroque gothic awesomeness. Swords, pistols and tricorns for all!

>> No.42563801

Ravenloft is a good source for this type of setting.

>> No.42563806

I'm not the only one who bows to the doll every time I'm done talking to her am I?

or does the victory gesture at her after beating a boss?

I don't know his lore beyond snippets of info but I'd be inclined to agree.

>> No.42563899


>> No.42563953

I love you

>> No.42564065

Pyramid head is basically an external manifestation of the main character (of Silent Hill)'s guilt and subconscious desire to be punished for his sins

Any sort of warrior with some kind of strange/alien-looking headpiece that completely obcsures their face is a welcome sight in my book

>> No.42564077

I have such a damn boner for "Sword and stake" style gothic adventure/horror...

>> No.42564193


>> No.42564231


>> No.42564293


>> No.42564366


>> No.42564525


>> No.42564712

Make it a literal poison that players have to drink to keep sane.

>> No.42564748 [SPOILER] 

Just me?

>> No.42564976

>> No.42565078


>> No.42565104


>> No.42565136

Remember Black Opium from Requiem: Chevalier Vampire?

>> No.42565282


>> No.42565316


>> No.42565370


>> No.42565449

>> No.42565584

Those signs are frickin awesome
Do you have more perhaps ?

>> No.42565710

I've started working on a similar setting the past few weeks. I've decided I want to make a sort of large island with multiple provinces, representing England, Germany, Italy, Poland and Norway.

All of these would be subject to one rule, where state, wealth and faith are seamlessly interlocking. An aristocratic theocracy, I suppose. A society where monsters are a "fact of life" for a beleaguered humanity and despite good people, institutions are shot through with corruption.

My problem is, I have no idea how people lived in the 1700s and 1800s and I can't find any decent resources.

>> No.42565722

They are variations of IRL hobo scrawl.

>> No.42565760

>My problem is, I have no idea how people lived in the 1700s and 1800s and I can't find any decent resources.

>My problem is, I have no idea how people lived in the 1700s and 1800s and I can't find any decent resources.

>I can't find any decent resources.

You're so full of shit, I could use you in my garden. No, we won't spoon feed you something so easy to find.

>> No.42565765

nope, sadly I do not, closes I have is a list of the hazard placards that the SCP foundation uses that aren't strictly ordinary...

>> No.42565838

Should have been more clear, it's difficult to find comprehensive stuff about, say, 18th century Poland that A) is in English and B) isn't just history and more about way of life, social attitudes, etc. Wasn't asking for links anyway, hothead. Have a hug and cool down.

>> No.42565846

oh okey than, thx anyway
I see, thx for info

>> No.42566099

I can see why anon would get pissed. You should have been much more specific. Rule of thumb for Poland, Slavic countries, and extremely northern Scandinavian countries, is that they are always behind the curve on the whole, socially and technologically, than the rest of Europe. Poland by a few decades, and some slavic countries by a whole freaking century.

In short, Poland in the 18thC would be a country of extremes: The urban low/mid class and upper class being not quite cutting edge, and the agrarian lower class still toiling peasants.

What country do you live in, out of curiosity?

You're welcome

>> No.42566211

>What country do you live in, out of curiosity?
America. My history education more or less started at the 1800s (unga bunga sticks and stones -> Rome -> knights and castles -> 1776 -> let's talk about the Civil War now).

>> No.42566233

What state?

>> No.42566253

>pastime: bickering

As a pole, I will confirm this as true.

>> No.42566281

Illinois. Rural, southern Illinois.

>> No.42566322


My condolences.

>> No.42566364


If there's something specific you need to know about 18th century Italy, I can help you out a bit.

>> No.42566560

What would you say is the defining event/attitude of 18th/19th century Italy? England is known for colonialism, France for its Revolution, Germany for its instability and unification, Poland for its cycle of downtrodden oppression, and Norway for, if anything, its isolation. But Italy just seems like a country whose best days were already behind it.

England: Enlightenment
France: Liberty
Germany: Instability
Poland: Subjugation
Norway: Isolation
Italy: ???

Again, I'm no historian.

>> No.42566952


Between the Ottocento and the Novecento Italy went through its own unification. The difference with Germany's unification is that the italian one fundamentally failed: it created one State built upon fifty or more different People, all of them unwilling to let go of past enmities and to truly consider themselves italians.

If I had to pick one or two central themes, I'd go with Infighting and Spite.

>> No.42567012

>If I had to pick one or two central themes, I'd go with Infighting and Spite.
Thanks, that's exactly what I was hoping to get. Have a good one!

>> No.42567088


You are welcome, anon.

If you want to add something more to it, don't forget that for a while people actually believed that Italy could be free from foreign powers and united as one nation, which means that a strong underlying theme could be that of Broken Dreams and Promises.

>> No.42569151


>> No.42570285

Currently I think my major themes will be, in the order given earlier:

Mob Mentality
Uncertain Future

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