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Hey fellow dudes of /tg/, Kingdom Death has just begun shipping copies, mainly to the big $$$ backers right now.

Bros, Kingdom Death is a horror survival game focused on the highest quality of art in the hobby. The game is centered on co-op play versus AI events/monsters (AI cards), managing a settlement, tech choices, etc.

For the gentlemen of /tg/, the true gamers, Kingdom Death offers amazing art, amazingly beautiful miniatures, and some of the classiest designs in all of gaming. Let's discuss this without devolving into an argument on if it's too objectifying or some other fake made up buzzword.

KINGDOM DEATH IS FUCKING SHIPPING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Holy shit! Are you excited /tg/?

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/tg/ is saved, gaming is saved, /tg/ is saved, gaming is saved, /tg/ is saved, gaming is saved

I'm so glad an awesome, true to gamers, game is coming out once again!

Bros, gamers, dudes, it's happening.

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Such a good game.

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>inb4 135mm base, that thing is HUGE
>inb4 hotglue
>inb4 Foron
>inb4 Gorm anus

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From the comments page of KS
Hey guys, as a backer at king's level I was asked by some to inform when I received post info... Below is a copy of what I got messages today:

Tomorrow morning we have a scheduled fedex pickup. We shall be handing over your game + your survivor level rewards for an overnight express delivery!

(Your other rewards will follow over the course of this week.)

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PdF when?

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Hot Asses
Hot midriff
hot face
Hot breasts

10/10 GOTYAY

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Long time probably, I would be surprised if any backer scans it all up.

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Well, it will be at least a year before I can actually get this game, so it's not like another pospone would have hurt me, but I'm happy for you guys.

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I'm on the preorder list, so it'll be awhile yet for me.

I hope they release the PDFs soon though so I can start learning before it arrives.

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Why is that?

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I just want to see an unboxing of the 18lbs of pussy and ass core box

would not be surprised if there are tons of QA problems with weird mistakes though, hopefully it's smooth.

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Subtle advertising, no really, I'm sure nobody notices.

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Will it be fun?
Will it sell like crazy once it's out?

1000+ cards alone

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ur right dude
Got to get that massive market for a game not out yet that already did a huge kickstarter by mentioning tits and asses over and over

Is someone going to see this thread and then spend 370 dollars on KD? Nope. Especially not when it's just shipping and no reviews are out.

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So is every model in this a scantily clad busty chick? I mean not complaining... just wondering.

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Unfortunately the actual models you get with the game and the ones meant to be played with the game are reasonably dressed and about as modest as they can get in a setting with few resources. The cheesecake is just a marketing scheme and the sexy models have to be bought separately.

While some people move to defend the game on this basis, and the naysayers are wrong about it being all tits and ass, I'd honestly have preferred it to be more obvious fapbait. No shame here, I appreciate a good game but I think any game is made better by the inclusion of inappropriately naked women.

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Priorities are elsewhere. Need to support my "little" brother through one more year of college. I'm generally not very selfless person, but this one should be worth it in the long run.

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>1000+ cards alone
someone better start looking for the right size of sleeves

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My feminism is saying that this is quite the disappointment for what could have been a vibrantly unique setting for a well-balanced wargame, and the constant ridiculous cheesecake is nothing less than exploitative and juvenile. Showmanship of such a base level never, ever makes up for content.

My lesbianism is seeing lots of dat ass and dem hips and is sorely distracting, though.

It's a struggle. Life is a struggle.
I'm going to default on the side of stealing the figurines, chastising the game, and masturbating furiously in private.
>tfw no hotglue gun

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Fuck, I completely neglected to include sleeves in my budget for this game. I better start stocking that Magic credit.

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you can borrow mine

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Looks dumb.

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>Will it be fun?
Who knows, who gives a fuck?

>Will it sell like crazy once it's out?
Are you completely retarded? Have you seen the fucking pricetag? It'll be a miracle if that thing sells even 100 copies post release.

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Not actually a war game, but for all it's worth, the game part and the sex part is pretty firmly separated. You can just play with a practical painted clean mini while hate-shlicking to the titty minis.

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>Are you completely retarded? Have you seen the fucking pricetag? It'll be a miracle if that thing sells even 100 copies post release.
that's what I'm hearing every 40k release since 2000's

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Unlike 40k Kingdom Death doesn't have a following of beaten wives that can't find the exit, or 12 year olds that don't know better. KD has the recruitment pull of a roadkill.

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I'm not saying it will sell on scale comparable to 40k or mainstream boardgames, but it will find audience big enough to keep the company in business.

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The company will probably stay in business the way it did before KD, by selling boutique miniatures of cowtits and monsters with a more affordable pricetag.

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I haven't received my extras yet. ;_;

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exactly, KD's best asset is it's fapbait

they just need to embrace it 100%

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Once people get the base game will the sale of expansions save them?

I'm sure it can keep it's little niche up. Maybe just rely on kickstarters or something. The IP might be worth something eventually too.

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>> No.42523075

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It's models like this that make me regret not backing up when I could. Then again, my main tabletop gaming pal is moving out soon so it would be hard to find players for dark souls-meets-monster hunter

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yeah the girls are great in that mini

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Not with that shade of pink, no. And I was talking about the knight

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Do you get any more neckbeard than this?


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I feel this should be a general picture one of these days. I feel it's appropriate.

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>The quality of posts is extremely important to this community. Contributors are encouraged to provide high-quality images and informative comments.

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So ask yourself this; why does this thread exist then? Hmm?

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I actually backed this game before I even really knew there was so much lewd. A picture or a model, sure, but then the updates kept flooding in of more pinups and boobmonsters.

Never really was sure how to feel about it, but, it was all extra shit to buy, so who cares.

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I want a set of those stickers.

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Because it's about a tabletop game

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haha nice meme

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It's art, sculpture, and beauty.

Sorry you can't appreciate it. Guess all those old ancient roman statues of naked men should be torn down.

Anyway there are enough superior gamer bros to keep this game alive. Go to a different thread.

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true art

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I just felt that it's pretty acurate of the game, because: a.)It's weighs alot and b.)It's full of fucking cheesecake.

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Not that box. It's just full of monsters, cards, and armor kits.

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OK ts still heavy right, like 17 pounds?

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perfectly placed crotch stinger

>> No.42524195

flower knight

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I love the cheesecake but the knights are really what gets me, fuck. I can't wait until they go back on sale, I need them all.

Also that's a wonderful Dung Beetle Knight.

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That model is from a different game.
Yes, it's a twilight knight. But it's a model for a different game.

The Core Box doesn't have any cheesecake unless he snuck something in with the two bonus models.

>> No.42524219

Got my wave 1 shipment in, having a lot of fun putting the miniatures together.

These seem better than the pin-up box I got earlier - They're less complicated, have nice lines, and so far haven't been a pain in the ass. Plus every other messenger has a sculpted base, which is tits.

Gonna love painting them, they're fantastic minis. Can't wait for the full game.

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Keeping nimble and dexterous by wearing less obstructive clothing

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What are those wings from?
Yep, it's a monster.

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pinup female version of visionary

>> No.42524301

ammo slave

>> No.42524334

painted version.

Have to say this is a really nice miniature and I love how well it depicts the character. You really appreciate the posing and emotion of the figurine. Absolutely great and we need more of this type of mini.

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>It's art, sculpture, and beauty.
The one on the left has a half skirt made of dicks.
The one on the right looks straight out of Queen's Blade.

They're not unimpressive sculpts, but you're comparing this shit to the ancient master works? Geez.

>> No.42524354

amazing what a great miniature painter can do

What a scene.

>> No.42524433

>> No.42524464

This is a niche work of art product

"ancient master works" are pleb compared

>> No.42524519

Incidentally, weren't some marble statues painted over? I heard that some of the colours were waaay too thick.

>> No.42524619

Well dick dress aficionados, congratulations, it looks like you might beat Robotech out.

>> No.42524793

please tell us what amazing taste you have in games. What do you play? MTG?

>> No.42524858

wave 1 unbox video, it's not the core game.


>> No.42525059

If that's your photo, how'd you get what looks like an iridescent effect on the armor?

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Right, I forget that advertising doesn't work and nobody virals on the internet.

>> No.42525343

just googled kingdom death
There is no way to tell viral from fans. so you might as well go into every /tg/ thread and post the same stupid VIRAL VIRAL shit.

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>There is no way to tell viral from fans. so you might as well go into every /tg/ thread and post the same stupid VIRAL VIRAL shit
What's next, you can't tell a troll from an honest poster, a samefag from another anonymous, or a shitposter from a regular poster? Git gud and lurk moar, faget.

>> No.42525921

"Viral marketing" isn't something Poots would do.

In fact, the less attention his games gets(outside of the folks who really like it), the better because of the content. Word of mouth is his go-to source of income.

Not to mention the rabid fan boys will do his advertising for him. Hence word of mouth advertising.

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>> No.42526253

I like to live on the edge.

>> No.42526925

Another kd thread where prudes try and shame people on the internet who have no fucks left to give about tiny plastic titties.

Can't you people just leave shit alone that you don't like. Or wait you HAVE to troll shit you can't or won't enjoy.

Fuck you enjoy the product Poots has offered or fuck off back to wherever it is you came from, id love to go over the details of this kickstarter/ history of KD. But every thread there are prudes/trolls uncomfortable/irate about some one somwhere enjoying a idealised female form.


>> No.42526953

>Can't you people just leave shit alone that you don't like. Or wait you HAVE to troll shit you can't or won't enjoy.
this is not problem of this specific thread, this is a problem of board as a whole

>> No.42527400

You could probably get something similar with stippling inks over blotchy metallic paints, then thinned matte varnish to knock back the ink shine a bit

>> No.42527449

Might be some sponge action going on as well

>> No.42527610

Naw man, I'm fine with it, because I thonk I know what I'm getting when I bought this product, I make fun of it, because their are some silly things in this game and pin-ups. But I don't hate the fact I or my friends bought it. (Even though I could of bought a decent tablet for the price).

>> No.42528175

will kingdom death save gaming?

>> No.42528178

Oh, and really dilute metallics between layers of inking. I'm talking super dilute. Separate grains of metallic color. That way you're getting layered shimmering in various tones.

>> No.42528269


About as likely as your Aegis saving Door-kun.

>> No.42528389

Why do people hate KD?

scared of strong women?

>> No.42528435

Aigis a cute.

>> No.42528498

Anon, they clearly aren't strong women though. Massive, soft thighs and tits, slender arms. It's cheesecake through and through. Which is fine, but don't try and say it's about stronk independent womyn.

>> No.42528499

The ancient masters were fucking hacks. The Renaissance masters were god damn glory, but the ancients were shit and their sculptures are shit and their paint jobs are shit and their eye jewels and bejeweled clothes are shit, and the Italians have been shit from birth until now regardless of what they call themselves. The only reason they're relevant at all is because they're old and shitty, useless, backwards Europeans had no one else in their bloody histories to glorify.

>> No.42528541

show me on the pizza where the italians touched you

>> No.42528544

In the legitimate models, there's strok women here and there. And noodly boymen, too. Everyone's fetish shines through. It's Hell, baby.

>> No.42528611

There is literally nothing wrong about objectifying objects.

>> No.42528893

>every fucking thread

>> No.42528925

Just don't engage.

>> No.42529005

>> No.42529187

Yeah you are right. If I make one snide comment in every 100th MTG thread multiply that by every buttmad anon. Suddenly I'm part of the problem.

>> No.42529203

Who would make more money in a year

a KD girl
a Random tumblr girl


Get money, get power, buy elections

KD women = power

>> No.42529225

that's old though, the base game is gonna be $400 retail or something right?

Is there a non-mini version?

>> No.42529360

More base game stuff.
Look at all that tits and ass, yep, can't get around it remotely.

It does say pledge level - $100.

It's preordering for 270 now.

No plans for a paper-only version, though Poots is aware of the interest.

>> No.42529404

He should probably think of a paper only version just in case it becomes pirated/pdf'ed. Maybe something like a rules compendium / card package.

Probably not though since it's such a niche that it loses value without the minis and just becomes benign.

>> No.42529610

>He should probably think of a paper only version just in case it becomes pirated/pdf'ed.
So he should make it even easier for people to pirate and ignore the largest part of his business which is mini production?

>This is how poorfags think.

>> No.42529712

By the by, is there anyone on the West Coast of Canada interested in getting in on a game?

I'm going to be setting up as many groups as possible once I get my box. You will have to pay/order your own sprue if you want a custom survivor though.

>> No.42529750

I'm about at the Vancouver/Burnaby border and I've already ordered a copy for myself and some friends, but I'm very interested in getting to know more players.

>> No.42529808

How does it become easier to pirate if he releases a version sans minis or with reduced mini count?

I doubt a pdf version will appear on torrents anytime soon though for this to matter.

>> No.42529866

Because if everything's on paper, it can just get scanned.
Scan the pieces; scan the cards; scan the cheaper, non-bound rulebook; etc.

>> No.42529943

Cool man, I'm right in the heart of the west side myself. I can drop a thorw away if you want. Not that there will be much to talk about until we get our boxes.

>> No.42530042



Just add me on Steam and hopefully one of us will remember the other once the boxes are in.

>> No.42530135

You just misunderstood "paper", I meant everything sans miniatures. Not an alternative version printed off a random home printer.

$370 is a steep entrance price.

>> No.42530161

I know right.

I added you, my image is a deranged pineapple.

>> No.42530230

There's lot of little bits and doodads, that's what he means by pieces. It would probably cost around $100 just to print all the stuff though.

>> No.42531026

>$370 is a steep entrance price.
And it'd stay around that price to do another version without minis.

>> No.42531229


Are you guys just going to leave the miniatures unpainted instead of ruining them with your shitty paintjobs?

>> No.42531293

It's definitely a possibility.
I'm more excited about getting my teeth into the game, especially online with /tg/.

>> No.42532280

that is so kawaii uguu. Keep on imagining Lina Inverse.

>> No.42532282

b u m ppp

>> No.42534491

>his business which is mini production?

I've got bad news for him then

Nothing like trying to get into an over saturated niche market where your prices are shit

>> No.42534510

By your definition, these women only have their power because it's been temporarily gifted to them by men. Ergo, it is men who have the power, and women only grasp for scraps.

>> No.42534527

Kingdom Death, The Game, looks cool. Kingdom Death, the Physical Product, looks awfully annoying. Having to glue minis together then take them apart in order to change their armor is a really bad idea. I'd be much happier if they replaced the minis with cards. As is I can't justify buying the game.

>> No.42534621

>Talking like you know shit.
I guess that's why his minis sell out almost instantly.

Tell me more about your amazingly successful business venture anon.

>> No.42534669

Not that person but I care about gameplay, not pretty minis. Playing a game because it has pretty minis is a really foreign idea to me. Like, I play a ton of euros and in most of them everything is little wooden blocks of various colors. Also cards.

I'm willing to bet KD would make more money if it was sold for a tenth of the price and replaced the minis with cards.

>> No.42535014

>he can sell 100 models to neckbeards online

cool, he also barely makes rent and hardly eats

>> No.42535032

>amazingly successful
>doesn't have enough money to ship everything

lol, kickstarter is just a way for stupid people to lose money by trying to start their "AMAZINGLY SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS VENTURE"

>> No.42535043

But then people wouldn't ignore how shit the game was, they need their fancy resin to justify playing boring shitty 1000 card games

>> No.42535055

>the game isn't an excuse for cheesecake minis

kek, people still think this way?

>> No.42535149

I think the game looks really cool and has a lot of neat ideas. It just isn't worth a billion bucks. I wouldn't pay 400$ for Diplomacy either.

>> No.42535410

I would pay $400 for my favourite game (alien frontiers)

Where like the colony markers were 32mm cheesecake titty girls and different for each of the 5 player colours.

The moon rocks could be titty-astronaut-miner girls

Like it would come with a clear plastic fishbowl helm which bolts onto a collar and then they're in a space bikini with rocket boots and a pickaxe.

Now I kind of want a $400 cheesecake alien frontiers, fuck

>> No.42535568

I wish I had real life friends so I could get and play this. The game itself looks positively atmospheric and thrilling.

>> No.42535621

You don't have real life friends because you find the rape monster KD "positively atmospheric and thrilling"

>> No.42535724

I thought I wasn't in /v/

>> No.42535783

It makes me uncomfortable being a human being when other humans decide to throw away hundreds of dollars for literally the sole purpose of fat tits and thighs on three inch high plastic models.
If you need porn, there's something called the internet which has pictures of indecent ladies baring extreme ankle shots.
Otherwise I don't understand it; it's even more expensive than warham, and from what I've read - which isn't a hell of a lot, granted - the game itself isn't all that great.

>> No.42535908

>I don't like how other people spend their money

TBH people buying miniature sexy ladies is fine.

They're not hurting anyone, they're not oppressing anyone, they're positively affecting the economy. They work, get money, give it to another guy, who makes miniature women.

Meanwhile ISIS kidnaps and rapes women, then sells them into sex-slavery.

Getting upset at miniature plastic thighs is discraceful when there is actual suffering in the world.

>> No.42535957

Getting upset at buildings getting blown up is discraceful when entire galaxies are actively exploding at this moment tbqh fam bruv

>> No.42536027

What do those exploding galaxies have to do with human suffering and the oppression of women?

>> No.42536071

Does this game sell individual pieces? Some of these models are tremendous and would apply to other games.

>> No.42536104

He had a limited run for some things but you missed it so you're fucked

>> No.42536176

I don't think they're in a common scale.

>> No.42536309

as much shit as I give this game, I'm almost tempted into pre-ordering it...


$275 for 37 guys and a fuckload of cardboard. Fuck that.

>> No.42536373

I don't get this mentality. Why does he hate money?

>> No.42536447

He wants to make his game, not money.

Of course that means people need to pay $400 to get 37 miniatures and $50 to get the monsters.

Literally worse than GW prices.

But this is the price for titties.

>> No.42536460

You can't see the big picture, and for that I pity you.

Signed, God.

>> No.42536516

>arguing about humanity exclusively

>get whined at about exploding stars

fuck you god

>> No.42536560

Yeah, the kickstarter price was great, so I kicked it. If I saw it on the shelf for retail I'd laugh and walk away.

>> No.42536656


Not even great, it's like, super expensive, super premium, board game

It's not good value

>> No.42536692

100$ for a board game is pretty typical these days. It also came with plenty of kickstarter extras. Seems great to me.

>> No.42537640

Oh right, I forgot that he priced Monster level on kickstarter such that he couldn't afford to make the game.

Carry on

>> No.42537680

It wasn't the price that caused issues for him. It was the fact that he made too many add-ons. Seriously, that's one of the biggest downfalls to kickstarters - they try to add to many things so people keep throwing money. Eventually the weight of all those additional things slows down the entire project.

That, and he made the choice halfway in to change miniature material.

>> No.42537823

He's mentioned doing everything without the miniatures would still be around $200-300 retail. There is a massive amount of paper in the box.

>> No.42537872

They are- 32mm.

He does do specials that are 54mm, which are usually identified as that size.

>> No.42537920

The Phoenix alone is on a >100mm base. You have several large monsters included, plus god knows how many bits left over. GW fanboys love bits right? That makes the price reasonable right?

>> No.42538009

You get like 9 heads left over from the sprue pics that he's shown so far.

It's still $400 for 37 models, so much much worse than GW prices

>> No.42538037

Is that including the size of the models? A Riptide is on a 100mm right? Runs about $60?

>> No.42538077

Going off memory-
Phoenix is on a 100mm
6-7 of the monsters are on 50-60mm
The 2 humanoid monsters should be on 20-30mm.

Then 28 humans on 20-30mm.
What does that translate to in GW prices?

>> No.42538123

Nevermind here it is >>42538077
Phoenix on 100mm
Watcher and Antelope on 50-60mm
Butcher, Kings Hand, Kingsman on 30mm
White Lion on Biker base
32 Humans on 30mm

>> No.42538166

20 humans on 32mm is $70 CAD
Pheonix is $60 CAD
6 50mm monsters is $120 CAD

So... 285 CAD?

Assuming you don't buy discount bundles.

>> No.42538389

How much money would it cost me about to get a really good paint job commissioned for the entire survivor level figure set?

>> No.42538442

I should have Kickstarted this game when I had the chance. It's fucking gorgeous

>> No.42539269

>no painted nipples

>> No.42539573

That's what's making you uncomfortable?

Dude, stop being such an American middle-class sheltered fucboi.

>> No.42539821

>My feminazi-ism
Fix that
>My lesbianism
that too, be normal you fucking filth

>> No.42539913



>> No.42539924



>> No.42539990


>> No.42540442

>He should probably think of a paper only version just in case it becomes pirated/pdf'ed.
He's said that most of the cost is actually printing now.

>> No.42540560

Because resin molds are expensive to make and deteriorate quickly. And once one batch of minis has sold out that may or may not have saturated the small market that he has.

>> No.42540581

And shipping has doubled in price since.

>> No.42540620

>really good paint job
Well, that depends on your sk-
You know that saying, 'If you have to ask you can't afford it'?

>> No.42540651

Bullshit, people do it for $2 per infantry sized mini. For quality that gets 9/10 at CMoN. If there's like 30 bodies + 6 or 7 monstrs, you're still well under $200.

>> No.42540671


>> No.42540780

>people do it for $2 per infantry sized mini. For quality that gets 9/10 at CMoN.
You got that right.

>> No.42540861

Okay, you got me, it's almost $3 per mini.
>10 Polish Zloty equals 2.68 US Dollar

>> No.42541047

When in God's age is poots or whatever gonna restock the fucking knight models? The cheesecake is nice, but I could use actual food.

>> No.42542222

He do an encore of some of them not that long ago iirc.

>> No.42542346

Knights are incredibly popular and are generally sold out in a few hours, if that.

>> No.42542388

I'm just waiting to see if what previously resin only models will be made in plastic with game rules.

>> No.42542579

CMoN does not have $2 commissions for 9/10 models

They have $2 commissions for primed models.

>> No.42543083

just got my email confirmation of shipping . fedex or whateve says i'm getting a 22lb package in three buisiness days.

>> No.42543133

I said quality that gets 9/10 on CMoN. Of course I wouldn't recommed commisioning it _at_ CMoN.

>> No.42543148

>over 20 pounds of plastic and cardboard

>> No.42543168

>this thing is MASSIVE

>> No.42543177

You're still wrong, I know several 9/10 painters and if you want them to paint 40 guys to THEIR standard it's a couple grand

>> No.42543188

Good thing I'm not late.

>> No.42543310

All of this bullshit makes me kind of glad that I didn't buy into the Kickstarter and just took 70 bucks to my FLGS and bought Descent and Wrath of Ashardalon, just for the miniatures, three years ago. For the monsters I actually want I'll just go ebay hunting, someone is bound to put up that shit at some point.

>> No.42543345

Basically "Whores: The Game"?
I know you are being ironic, but damn.
What if someone sees you "playing" with those minis and "reading" those rulebooks?

>> No.42543359

Oh, sure, I'm not questioning what people you know might charge. I was assuming we're looking for how to get it done for cheap. And human labour, even talented labour, can be very affordable whan you shop at right places.

>> No.42543382

>really good paint job

These two are mutually exclusive

>> No.42543402

Nearly every kickstarter is late. I mean look at how much money star citizen got and it's like 2 years behind the original schedule.

>> No.42543548

Putting aside the delay and the fun I had with the miniatures I could use the last few years, it's also the whole shipping costs mess and the fact that the survivor miniatures don't look all that amazing. Yeah, not bad, certainly. But not worth the wait and price in my book.

>> No.42544096

I still haven't even received my wave 1... No confirmation e-mail or anything.

My friends across the globe are getting theirs via UPS. Apparently Adam's shipping them to the wrong addresses for the entire lot of them.

>> No.42544264

I got mine a while ago.

>> No.42544399

Howdy not!Guts.

>> No.42545146

Considering the price tag, I don't think anyone who doesn't already have friends on board for playing and fighting against whores will be worried about who sees.

>> No.42546494

I see people reading 50 shades of grey and watching porn on the bus.

No one cares.

No one.

>> No.42547389


>> No.42547467

Nope. You just have to go to poorer places.

>> No.42547472

Does the cheesecake make the game creepier for anyone else, too?

Not in the sense of 'ew what nerd looks at fantasy titties', but the sexiness stands in direct contrast to the abominant horrors that they're up against?

>> No.42547501

It would if any of the pin-ups were actually necessary to play the game, but seeing as they are not, I am not bothered by it.

>> No.42547519

Would have rather it been more about a dark souls like game, honestly.

>> No.42547527

Not what I'm getting at. The fact that there are scantily clad lantern-slaves or the phoenix dancers or whatever makes the horrific beings that are also kicking around even scarier.

I kinda like it.

>> No.42547736

So has anybody else put their wave 1 minis together yet? Because goddamn I have not seen so many tiny fucking pieces on a miniature in, well, ever? I don't know if it's my model cement or something else but these things seem to be prone to not staying put.

>> No.42547794

about on Malifaux level

>> No.42547818

Do not compare these to Malifaux models, the KD models are annoying but the Malifaux models are on another level of hell.

>> No.42548370

I really like the way that paint looks.

>> No.42548779

found it for you anon http://studiomcvey.highwire.com/product/smm34-u-fildyr

>> No.42549375

Is there some technique other than putting a tiny film of cement on it and then holding it for eternity that I may be missing here?

>> No.42549503

>Having to glue minis together then take them apart in order to change their armor is a really bad idea.
You.... dont have to do that.
>I'd be much happier if they replaced the minis with cards.
The cards are the only thing with mechanics. The mini itself is just a marker to show where you are on the board. The game DOES NOT use WYSIWYG.

Your actual gear comes from the cards in your Gear Grid, not your mini.

>> No.42549618

What, you don't like a half inch tall piglet with more pieces than a Space Marine Dreadnought?

>> No.42549800

This would be so much better if it released it's cards as a book of tables, have a great setting and core rule book, and didn't try to be a boutique board game.

I would play this as a P&P game and it would be a reasonable cost and justify the miniatures.

>> No.42549824

Poots may or may not be releasing an RPG set in the same universe later on (which may allow you to be from a settlement you created in Monster).

>> No.42550000

>Upcoming Expansions/add ons;
Sunstalker/Warriors of the Sun.
Flower/Dung Beetle/Lion Knights.
Twilight Knights scenarios.
Great Game Hunter.
The King.
Nightmare ram.

Forge God/Priests.
Lion God.
White Knights.
Gold Smoke Knight.
Lightning Knight.
Infant Sunstalker.
Flower Witch.
White speakers.

>> No.42550010

Is this new pasta?

>> No.42550038

It's a board game

>> No.42550046

Lion god is already an expansion from the KS, and the infant sunstalker is part of the sunstalker starting point for a settlement, essentially.

Also we know for sure their will be a 'fox entity' that guides a settlement in the art of building swamp-tunnels and stuff.

>> No.42550086

>Lion God.
Right, I wasn't sure if it got confirmed.

Is the infant really part of the sunstalker xpac? Do you get a big one too..? That will run it at around $100~ if so..

I'm not including any teaser stuff like the mountain man.

>> No.42550140

Nah, the sunstalker expansion doesn't come with an infant sunstalker miniature, but from the art at least it seems that it involves survivor babies and sunstalker babies being linked at birth, so a miniature of the infant wouldn't necessarily come with more rules.

>> No.42550156

Which kind of glue are you using? A cyanoacrylate (superglue, zap a gap) or a solvent based (polycement) glue?

I'd normally suggest going to Home Depot and buying a can of MEK (Not MEK substitute. That shit doesn't work.) and keeping a little bit in a bottle to apply with a horsehair or sable brush, but the KD models look like they need a bit of filling material, so you'll probably want to just buy polycement.

>> No.42550307

>> No.42550465

Please sir, I'd like some more.

>> No.42550520


higher res or do one page at a time

>> No.42550536

I feel like kd could have been dark souls the table top game, but instead they are just going full lewd/hr Geiger so no one can take it seriously

>> No.42550547

I wont be shredding up my book because FUCK THAT SHIT.

However if there are no quality scans in a timely manner, i would be willing to transcribe the rulebook in its entirety and put it up on google docs or something.

Might take a while though. also im dyslexic, so expect some errors

>> No.42550553

Anyway some people have the rules already

Mark your fucking spoilers if you are spoiling game events etc. Although I doubt anyone on /tg/ was part of the big backers

>> No.42550581

Don't put yourself through that hassle, I'm certain they'll release an official PDF in reasonable time.

>> No.42550588

>Although I doubt anyone on /tg/ was part of the big backers
You are clearly unaware of the clout that the /tg/ dollar has.

Also I backed and pre-ordered a copy, so I might end up ripping apart my second rulebook to scan.

>> No.42550615

I guess, but no one has posted in here about being in this early wave. I think a reasonable thing would be a few high def pictures of some of the basic rules. I just want to see the overall quality of rules/writing etc.

>> No.42550653

Not my image, sorry.

Plenty of people can take it seriously. Stop projecting how you feel onto others.
The majority of people in these threads like the game enough, thats why they are in the fucking thread.

Most of the haters are trolls. Not because you have to be a troll to dislike the game. Disliking stuff is fine and perfectly normal. Going into threads about a game, full of fans of that game, just to say how much you dont like the game? Yeah. Thats pretty much the definition of trolling right there.

But the cast majority of people on /tg/ couldnt give a shit one way or the other. The niche of people who would be interested in the game, and would be willing to shell out for it, but not willing to do so because of optional side minis the creator sells that are not part of the game? Yeah, not a very big sized group there dude.

>> No.42550684


Poots has already said, repeatedly, that he will not be releasing the rulebook in PDF form. For much the same reason that FFG offers PDFs of their rulebooks for Descent, but not the scenario books.

>> No.42550707

I'm not saying I don't like the game, I'm saying I think it looks good, and It's probably fun, but a game where you get a bunch of soft core porn miniatures when you google it's name, is going to have a hard damn time getting a player base.

>> No.42550741

It's a board game, not an RPG, it'll probably do its best making money by maintaining a small market and selling expansions once every so often.

>> No.42550889

Apparently retailers are asking to carry it, so you'd be wrong bruvlem.

>> No.42550896

Yeah cause we all know how hard a time pokemon had growing when the first google result was literally rule 34.

But even so, Adam doesnt WANT the game to be big. He doesnt want huge spikes of ever increasing popularity. Do you know hoe much fucking warehouse space that would take to have enpugh copies of the game on hand? He just wants the game to be successful enough for people to buy it, and him to take care of his family. He has repeatedly stated that he wants to make the game he wants to make. Thats it. He has dumped HUGE ammounts of his own money into this to get it working. Because not because he wants it to succeed, but just because he wants it too exist. So even IF the game was not sustainable long term, it wouldnt matter. Adam would just move on to the next kingdom death game, that Monster was made to be a prequel for.

>> No.42550911

Soft-core Porn? You exaggerate heavily. Scantily clad lady miniatures, artwork, and a few topless ones are not even close to "Porn" regardless of what you might think.

Besides, the game itself is a very niche sort of deal, and Poots himself has acknowledged that, many, many times over. The people who are going to buy into it, are going to buy into it, simple as that. Does it necessarily mean large numbers? No, but it's still a pretty damn good success so far as it would seem.

>> No.42550927


All you nigger poorfags asking for a printer version need to shut the fuck up and earn some dollars.

Real talk.

>> No.42551109

I thought that was sort of the point behind this type of horror? Sexual aspects get you aroused in some base animal part of the brain, and the grotesque and horrific parts sharply contrast with that, causing you to feel unsettled by your conflicting views on it.

Also, these things are familiar and primal enough to us to really, really mess with us when we see them in ways that we know are extremely alien in nature.

>> No.42551149

It is, I explain it to people as the Giger Alien. The sexual stuff only makes it more horrifying since it gives you a sense of familiarity.

>> No.42551529


Indeed. And it's not as though this sort of thing hasn't been done before.

>> No.42551687

Stop with the dick sucking. Feels like I'm in a star citizen general now. /tg/ has always had .pdfs scans and downloads for shit. Even in games with /tg/ fanbases you can find .pdf scans of fluff books, infinity.

People will scan, rip apart, and do the other shit. Complaining about it is pointless on here.

>> No.42551762

Poorfag please.

>> No.42552129

Excuse me? Two of the posts you linked have nothing to do with PDF scans and all to do with how Kingdom Death's pin-up miniatures might or might be effecting its sales.

Has a point though, even if it's in a very concise and unhelpful format. If there's a will, there's a way. $400 Bucks for a game (plus modeling supplies)? Budget away 80+ Bucks per month and you'll have the game in five months. Not to shabby really.

>> No.42552403

Five months saving for a board game... Lol

>> No.42552427

Honestly man, it's the same as any other big expense. If it's worth it to someone that they are willing to set aside other distraction in their life and work up to it, then hell, even a year is nothing. Besides, this self contained "boardgame" is way cheaper than say, getting into Warhammer 40K or an equally large equivalent wargame. To each his own friendo.

>> No.42552811

>tfw couldn't back because no credit card
chance missed I guess

>> No.42552907

How poseable are the mini's? I want to know if I should get the Apotheosis

>> No.42553056

I believe all of Kingdom Death's minis are mono-pose besides small tweaks through alternate parts here or there. If you want to change it up, you'd better have some serious hobby skills.

>> No.42553070

Goddamnit. Guess I'm not buying musclegirl waifu the model.

>> No.42553488

Resin minis are not really poseable unless you are good with greenstuff. The plastic armor kits (bodies and weapons) that comes with the game are poseable and swappable between kits.

>> No.42554969

I'm not your friendo, palo

>> No.42555087

>focused on the highest quality of art in the hobby.
>highest quality of art

My, my, the stones on these guys.

>> No.42555754

The resins are definitely not poseable at all.

The armor kits will have a little more leeway in arm position and maybe torso rotation, but that's it.

>> No.42556313

I got two armies for Age of Sigmar off ebay for less than what Monster is priced at now.

Also, when it gets full price it'll be the same price as a 40k or WHFB army.

So yeah, it's not cheaper than wargaming.

In fact, you can get a 6mm army for $70 USD with shipping.

That's about 200-300 guys which you put 10-15 on each base, leaving you with about 15-30 units. Which is one or two armies.

>> No.42556337

>Also, when it gets full price it'll be the same price as a 40k or WHFB army FROM GW

forgot my last bit because of rage.

Spending money isn't bad, and please spend money as it makes you happy. But don't lie about the price of other things.

Considering that a night out at a fancy restaurant is about $60-80, no, /tg/ "expenses" are not all that expensive.

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