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Didn't see one, so let's go

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>Neglecting sacrifices to the dice gods

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jesus fucking christ how is Russia even alive let alone dangerous

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Russia can't into navy by itself.

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I don't think I've ever heard of a navy quote this incompetent before.

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They're literal cockroaches that have an average lifespan of 20 years. They can't be killed easily the same way twice because they plan effectively for it afterwards. Brightside is they don't know how to plan for shit that hasn't happened to them yet.

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Russia's power was all on land

This was also during the last years of the Tsars before WW1 and the Red rebellion happened. Russia was in pretty dire straits.

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I think you mean "positive discrimination"

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No. Reinforcement was the right wording.

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If that's the case then I don't get the joke. Positive reinforcement means offering a reward to condition a behaviour.

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I'd say making my printouts extra good look is reward enough.

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record of loads of war
classic /tg/ anime

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> Russia's power was the land
Fixed that for you. Their army was always shit, they just bog you down with mass wave tactics until winter, when everyone who's not a filthy Ruskie promptly freezes.

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And now i have something new to read.

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I dunno man. Minnesota get around 10f colder than russia. We've had horses freeze solid on cold nights in heated stables before and thats not even the norther half of it.

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t-rex girl is bae
raptor girl is bae too
>MFW they'll never be real

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Some day i'm gonna be a great scientist and i'll make them happen damn it! All the government needs to read is the "better "human" soldier" portion of the title.

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god bless you sir. Godspeed.

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I remember reading about a human hybrids workers project somewhere in the internet. It was something about mixing humans with animals traits while lowering their intelligence, that way they were stronger than humans and intelligent enough to be workers but not as much as to cause a revolution.

Afterwards a law was passed that forbid the mix between humans and animals as a way to bypass human rights for cloning projects.

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so, in other words religion was like "noooooo god doesn't want us to make catgirls!".

God dammit.

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Well, once President Trump declares war on Putin, we'll be sure to load the front lines with Minnesotans.

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And Wisconsinites, and Yoopers.

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I think it had more to do with inalienable human rights rather than religion...

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I'll make sure to wear my biggest viking helmet and bring all the tots and pop i can carry!

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The cheeseheads are only welcome if they bring kegs of spotted cow. Otherwise we'll have fights over why packers suck.

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ya, but they are making something that by definition isn't human anymore.

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The humanzee project perhaps?

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What about us Yoopers? Upper Hand's a pretty good beer.

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shit I love that story. tons of women volunteered to get monkey sperm and most of us can't even find a GF.

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This ought to be a video, with the only sound being "Kyaaaaah!"

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>Fighting the 15th colossus.webm

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I dunno. Something about spotted cow is as addictive as oreos. You can't stop at one and you always want them.

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it's humiliating how much the world owes to these fucktards.

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> packers suck
Kek. Which team spanked their division rival, and which team got BTFO by the depleted forty-whiners?

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All i'm hearing is insecurity.

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I'm a Raidurrs fan. You can't insult me more than my team does.
But I did go to Cal, so I'll always root for my hometown boy, Rodgers. Even if he had been a 90s fan.

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Hippos are terrifying?
Why aren't there much Orcs-like races based on them again?

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That first "?" Shouldn't be there

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Because there'd be no adventurers left alive after an encounter.
It's like asking for Dire Hippos. You're asking for the death of mankind and the end of civilized life.

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It could be worse. Much worse.

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That's Record of Lodoss War, so you can actually find it

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Yes, but the "reagents" involve a human.

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if I inject a pig with human blood is it amoral to kill the pig now? that's a bad example actually, shit... Better example, if I kill a liger the same as killing an endangered species just because tigers are endangered?

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No. But none of the animals you mentioned are human, and therefore do not have the same degree of legislation surrounding them.

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Too terrifying.

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George W Bush signed it in to US law that human and animal hybrids are forbidden.

>I want my catgirls
What makes you think they will be more human than cat? Cats already murder everything they can all the time, a human cat hybrid? Nothing but murder and is smart enough to figure out new ways to murder while the males rape human women with hooked dicks since they are compatible and easier to hold down than female cats and the catgirls just keep on murdering over and over again because it is fun to them.

Say you get one that likes you, it will only tolerate dick for 3 days a month. In the mean time you are going to be woken up with a toddler torn to shred in your lap because your catgirl thinks you are too stupid to know how to hunt for child meat yourself.

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>being this butthurt over a joke about catgirls

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What if I want a doggirl instead?

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>you are going to be woken up with a toddler torn to shred in your lap because your catgirl thinks you are too stupid to know how to hunt for child meat yourself


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>Erasmus Nugent

And now I wanna play a renaissance alchemist version of Ted Nugent

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Turn the pirate green and Orky and we're on the same page.

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An Ork Rogue Trader? Can that happen? Are Imperial Writs issued to specific families or just who holds it?

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I've played as an Ork Freebooter in a game, working more towards the Mercenary force rather than someone there to help.

Then again I play with the odd sort who like to homebrew stuff to the nines.

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Who cares?
Best W40K RPG combined with the best WH40K race is bound to be awesome!

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I understood that reference!

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Explanation please?

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I'm sorry I can't hear u over all of our super bowls and championships and hall of famers and Vince Lombardi

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Good for you Cap.

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All i'm hearing is overcompensation. We don't need all that to know we're great.

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>sad panda
>forbidden lore

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Probably because you're not.

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You know how chihuahuas bark the loudest right?

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Sorry, no clue.
Is Lore the name of a panda?

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That's not an explanation, it's a restatement.

It's an image that pops up when people try to access the exhentai website. There's a process you can perform to get around it. The process isn't well known to what appears to be half of the anons who try to use an exhentai links. Hence the forbidden lore part, spoofing the "concealed information" aspect of the situation.

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Ah, that explains a lot.Thanks.

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Favre, Starr, Rodgers.

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Bark, puppy, bark.

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is there an actual strike witches RPG?

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I remember hearing something about one. I don't actually know anything about it, except it has fighter pilots and magic.
Try 1d4chan maybe?

On a more related note, I'm running out of images. Someone post some more.

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I got u fam

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Morals and ethics are 90% from upbringing and education. Children are born with close to no remorse, no empathy, no inhibitions. Society must beat it into them before they grow old enoungh to actually act on their own. Same can be done with animals. Or human/animal hybrid.

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But what about the animal instincts and cats natural tendency to act purely without thought? Literally their brain stops working and runs on the most basic instincts at any time for no reason we even have proved this. Thats why they just randomly spaz out occasionally. You now have a human size huge clawed hybrid that will occasionally have a brain break and do whatever it feels like doing just because it wants to with no self control.

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More lawful evil with good intentions tbh

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I think he's a weird example, I just have it labelled as Lawful Good as b8. I think Lawful neutral is the closest from other people's perspective, he has a strict code and he will adhere to it, period.

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Part of it should be migitated by the human heritage (not that people are pinacle of responsibility, but you know what I mean).
The rest by selective breeding & conditioning. It's not like we tried very hard to come up with obedient cat. Because if you want obedient animal, it's so much easier to just get a dog.

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dive into the sky.

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>responding to years-old rorschach alignment bait

It's not too late. Just stop responding.

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>admonishing me for responding
>when I'm the one who posted it

Come on, I'm a namefag, you can't even use the anon excuse

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Who else?

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What's he even trying to make?

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There are the Giff from Spelljammer.

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Would that kit have one of those fucking insufferable pieces whose sprue is bigger than the fucking piece itself

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JJ Frenchie, why you gotta be so good? But why you gotta delete all the content on your deviantart?

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that dude looks fucking swagtastic. Look at the rest of those cheeki breekis looking on in awe and shame at his shinyness

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The clitoris and female brain do exist so i'd assume so.

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Man if thats actual metal and not shint plastic he could be wearing $4-5k right there for shit that fits. Its like rolling up in a ferrari when everyone else around can barely buy a crapsmobile.

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cheeki breekis are not at awe, they're pondering how to shank him and stake his shit

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I remember that one.

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Welp, that's a note made for my next fantasy campaign.

>semi-aquatic large-sized hippomen replacing "orcs" in all temperate river, lake, and swamp environments: check.
>favored weapon: forked spear

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A big fire, probably just for the hell of it.

A man after my own tastes.

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Since when has this ever worked in any sci-fi or Fantasy story about these kinds of things?

Sorry mate, but as soon as a species is both sapient and capable of self-determinating agency, its protected under the rights of the UN.

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>Ramuh's staff has the head of Ixion on it

huh, nice little call out to 10

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I've got a string of these Shadowrun ones, so please bear with me.

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Here, maybe this will explain it

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Ha I get it.

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This one here. This is funny.

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My sides

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Blue board

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That's just fowl.

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It's not porn when it's SCIENCE!

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Just because you're wearing a white coat, doesn't make it science.

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What game is this?

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No, but the $150k a year grant for doing noting at all does.

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You're not using the grant for science, you're not using it to figure out how to quote correctly...

You really are a waste, anon.

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Well... uh... that's my thesis. Yes. That's what I'm studying. Proper quoting techniques and we've just had a breakthrough. So I'm going to need my next six year's worth of grant money up front now.

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Much appreciated.
That's what they get for hassling the cleric.

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Publish or perish, fucker. You're institute won't give you any more money until you prove you can bring something in.

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This movie was so fucking great. I think it would be fun to run a short campaign based on it.

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The sequel's even better. Wish I had a good name for this one.

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Animate Object in D20 Modern?

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I like it.

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>The 8492nd Squadron doesn't exist

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Fuck that project. I've had to spend way, way too much time explaining to my dad that a human and a monkey can't interbreed. He still insists that they do in South America.

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>Reestablishing stealth

>> No.42526559

Looks more like elephant.

>> No.42527059

Emperor above it's like if someone made Nubby an astropath.

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I definately need the sauce on that.

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Time for me to rewatch this, great movie.

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>I know this game
>I know this exact scene
>I'm not the only person who play the shit out of this series

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Little witch academia 2?
Is it out yet?
Where can I watch?

>> No.42533422

IT was released for the Kickstarter backers, but it's popped up on the normal torrent sites.

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Oh AoE II, so many hours...

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I can't remember the name but was it about samurais, englishmen with loli princess trying to "bring culture" to japan and having 4 in-game days to do shit?

Because that game was kind of crazy.

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Fighting a ravid.

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Omg that is perfect

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IIRC Jin Roh the Wolf Brigade

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