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This is how I Paladin

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You paladin as a shitty teenage character in a shitty movie they had the fucking balls to charge full price for?

You're a shitty paladin mate.

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>Don't feel
>Don't let them see
And that's how I Rogue

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sixty dollars for a movie

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At least the ass was pretty good. Not 60 bucks good but maybe 30.

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Show us the ass, we shall judge.

This is how I Paladin

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Best I can find. Just pause it when you see ass. The parts with Sam in a towel ,Ashley's butt and Peter Stormare hamming it the fuck up were the only good parts of the movie.

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This is how I ordinary peasant midwife.

Or psion.

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this is how I barrier mage.

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You are doing it wrong

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This is how I Paladin

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True or false: Heavy Rain is a better movie than this one.

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You're a man of good taste.

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>This is how I Paladin

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deal with it, cunt. it was fun and people love it.

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False. Heavy rain had a shitty convoluted story for little to no reason and terrible characters. At least this one had good faces.

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>idiot normies who are ruining video games love it*


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But did you rike it?

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This is how I Healslut

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This is how I paladin. (Or is that ranger?)


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It was a joke, anon.

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what movie is this?

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Until Dawn.

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>People didn't find until dawn fun
Fuck you /tg/, playing through this with some friends and some beer was a blast.
Mike for next silent hill protag.

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>Researches every target to confirm whether or not they're evil
>Stages a public event for each kill, explaining to the general public why the target should be killed, as well as what the effects of their crimes are on the taxpayer
>Doesn't kill anyone other than his target
>Doesn't involve innocents
>Is more than willing to die for his cause, and in fact has multiple times

Is there any paladin who comes close to being as good as Akumetsu?

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What game is this

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Until Dawn.

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>more than willing to die for his cause
>and in fact has multiple times
oh, okay, so he is willing to die for his cause because he's in a dumb universe where death means fuck all and he can just be brought back

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For a moment, I thought that was a page from Kamen Rider Spirits.

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>brought back

Hoo boy

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This is how I Disguise

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This is how I Fighter

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this is how I warforged

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Senpai, that skeleton costume won't work on me!

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This is how I Lawful Neutral.

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>he's in a dumb universe where death means fuck all and he can just be brought back

Confirmed for knowing nothing about the setting.

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this is how I Combat Maneuver

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This is how I plot hook

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At the end of the series he sacrifices himself so that his QT childhood friend can live.

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This is how I wizard

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Yes, that was my reaction based just on 'has died multiple times'. Not knowing anything else about it, being capable of dying multiple times implies being able to come back to die again which at least to me ruins the idea of death being final.

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I see your plot hook and raise my own.

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This is how I Fighter

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This is how I Bard

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Memes are so lame.

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this is how i rogue

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>Not knowing anything else about it...
Yes, yes, yes, we understand.

Make yourself at home. You're likely to be here for some time.

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Kindly remind yourself that overconfidence is slow and insidious killer.

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The Phantom Tollbooth is a god tier piece of children's literature, and no i want to read it again.

>This is how i Disguise check.

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This is how I angel

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I like this :^) smily. It reminds me of a snowman!

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This is how I Barbarian

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>People shitting on Until Dawn even thought it perfected the David Cage formula by removing David Cage.

Fuckn' hell peeps, there's looking a gift horse in the mouth and then there's giving it a colonoscopy beforehand.

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Spoiler heavy, but

In the setting he's in, death is final, but an insane crime boss found a way to backup memories and made a bunch of clones to train in every single field and specialization, then transfer his memories as well as theirs into a supersoldier body to make himself the greatest person on earth at everything. Unfortunately, the clones rebelled and stole the equipment and notes for both the cloning and memory backup. The clones then decided that the most expedient way to change the current government would be to expose their abuses of the system publicly before killing them, but to avoid looking like a garden variety murderer, Akumetsu released a statement about his "One life, one kill" policy, that every time he killed someone, he would die.

Whenever he makes a kill, explosive charges in his skull go off not long after, and destroy his head completely.

He then makes a new clone, and grafts the old memories onto the new clone.

Later on in the story, shit hits the fan and he is forced to destroy the lab, and all the equipment, and each of the clones are permakilled one by one, until the final clone, who is the childhood friend of bestgirl, chooses to let himself die permanently in order to use the chemical makeup of his body to make a clone of her and transfer her memories so that she doesn't die permanently from a bullet wound.

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Well that's gay

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this is how I cloak

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This is how you Ant

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This is how I hacker

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Reminds me of a Sherman tank commander I saw talking in some documentary. They were rolling around in Italy, when he thought there was something peculiar about a haystack. So he told the gunner to put an HE shell into it, and what do you know, a panzer IV. Then as the panzer was waking up they put a few AT rounds into it, and that was that.

A big green brush out in the middle of a sand pit is not a good camouflage.

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they aren't the ones ruining video games, you're the one getting pissy because you dont like what most other people do.

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thats kind of a pointless statement, my man. everything is a meme. in fact, you using language right now and talking is the usage of memes, the meme in this case the meme in question is the english language. the word lame is a meme, considering it used to mean incapable of walking and now refers to anything negative.

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This is how I cleric.

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This is how I necromancer

My brother of Nigerian descent

>so he is willing to die for his cause because he's in a dumb universe where death means fuck all and he can just be brought back
>D&D in a nutshell

Also that guy doesn't get "revived", he stays dead after each death.

He just happens to have an army of Clones and tech so that each one who dies will send thier knowledge and experience to the next new batch of Clones. Hell, not a single one of them is an original, thier all a bunch of multi-mind Ubermensch Clones.

Akumetsu was a fun read.

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"I don't like X" is a general statement, not an intellectually sophisticated assertion or argument. It has no merit beyond being informative of a person's tastes, likes, and dislikes.

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This is how I lich.

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This is how I prime minister?

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>I will answer to your "passive-aggressive" comic by making a passive-aggressive edit of it in paint.

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did you eat paint chips as a kid

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I don't see what that has to do with anything.

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You have excellent taste.

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This is how I Planescape

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>Overtly passive agressive comic that is doing exactly as it criticizes and makes frequent use of buzzwords

Please stop, the irony is killing me. My sides are on fire, why would you ever do this?

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Asspain makes a man do crazy things.

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Punisher 2099 was a blessing.

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That's how I Blackblade Magus origin story

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>Let me try that again.
>This is how I Ranger.

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This is how I internet

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This is how I Warlord

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This is how I Druid / Barbarian Grappler

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this is how I undead bard

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I think it's openly aggressive.

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I like how nerds can't just accept that opinions aren't facts.>>42458825

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it might explain how >>42458825 got so retarded

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This is how I Warlock

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This is how I Animal Messenger

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This is how I Call of Cthulhu investigator.

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This is how I Bard

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This is how I Paladin

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This guy's slang is fucking exquisite. I want to play a game with him if this is how he talks in character

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This is how I Shadowrun Campaign

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>talking in character
You mean to tell me there are people who play CoC that aren't just in it to kill Big Squid?

>> No.42467732 [SPOILER] 

Has anyone ever succeeded in killing Big Squid?
They're pretty damn big.
This is how I Nyarlothep

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This is how I demolitions expert.

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This is how I Paladin

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My group managed to do it. Not Henderson levels of dumb though.

Just a retarded DM and lucky rolls.

Played a foreign exchange student from Saudi Arabia. Allahu akbar'd the fuck out of big squid because of failed SAN. DM allowed exploding dice with explosives.

>mfw I roll 6 sixes

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4e Avenger class is all about that.

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>This is how I Paladin

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I like how faggots can't accept that opinions are only valid if they are derived from objective truth.

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Not bad

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My sides

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Did I just watch somebody die?

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This is how I ancient evil

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Ugh that game was shit

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This is how I Call of Cthulhu

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This is how I warlock

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This is how I bard

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Except that the game wasn't objectively bad, therefor your opinion is completely subjective.

objectively the game direct player interaction and multiple branching paths, or you know, things that make it distinct from being just a 60 dollar movie.

Also objectively, the game had high production values, and was generally well received by both critics and players alike.

These are objective truths.

You saying "I don't like thing" is purely subjective, especially when the "facts" you use to back up your argument are categorically false.

I didn't like the game either but trying to sell your opinions as truth is fucking stupid.

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This is how I bard

>> No.42469202

This is how I BBEG propaganda.

>> No.42469242

This is why I never pregen dungeons.
Pic somewhat related.

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This is how I bard

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This is how I bard.

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biblical angels a best

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this is how I 18 cha

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This is how I Psion

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this is how Dragon Age is not expected

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What game is this?

>> No.42469725

Goddammit, I should've expected it.

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Until Dawn.
Basically, it's like those "adventure" slasher flick games from way back with actual live action scenes, only, you know, not live action, and some minor gameplay elements, with a lot of branching and winding story paths based on your previous choices/gameplay successes and failures.
I'll never play it because I'm a sucker for perfect runs

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Gonna need a source on that, m8.

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Alan Moore's Neonomicon.
With the exception of those panels I posted, it's all shit

>> No.42470030

>Alan Moore
This, unlike >>42469656, doesn't surprise me.

>> No.42470031

Yeah, it was pretty crap. Had some fun art and that's basically it.

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This is how I sorcerer.

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Godamn, I miss that manga... fucked up tho it very much was.

>> No.42471918

This is how I epic monk

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I'll see your plot hook and go all in.

>> No.42472290

>won because of a house rule
tsk tsk

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This is how I Oathbreaker

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So you would pretend to sacrifice your life for someone else only as a psychological ploy to get them to die for you. And if they do take you up on the offer and somehow you survive, you will betray them and get them killed later?

You are a shitty Paladin.

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This is how I paladin

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This is how I paladin.

>> No.42473187

Also occasionally like this.

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>an't accept that opinions are only valid if they are derived from objective truth.
Got a bit of bad news for ya there, hoss.

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I'm gonna need source on this anon

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This is how I gurps

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You could always go Swordless Run Link!


>> No.42475533


B-baka, i-its not like I wanted to smite you or anything!

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I think you mean Josh. Psychological baggage, comes with his own nightmare visions.

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Funny, because that's how I blackguard.
>Van Buren was a far better game. Search you heart, you know it to be true.

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Kamen Rider Den-O, here have the scene with the music that goes with it

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The only good thing to come out of it were Lets Plays that took the piss out of it,

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This be how I jedi

>> No.42480113

I cannot stop laughing

>> No.42480339

favorite character by far of the men in black trilogy

>> No.42480386

The only thing in your post that actually constitutes an intrinsically positive quality is the assertion that the game had high production values, in which case, holy fuckin' kek

>> No.42480599

A sequel with Mike having researched how to better fight monsters could be pretty cool

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The cutest hag.
Almost every page of that comic makes an amazing out-of-context image.

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This is how I cleric.

>> No.42483584

This is how i cleric.

>> No.42483734

clearly never heard of Paladin of Slaughter. What, you thought LG was the only alignment to ever get pallies? at least 6 other flavours available.

>> No.42483796

This is how i party face

>> No.42483976

The fuck? Since when archie does that kind of shit?

>> No.42484173

Were I to ask "the fuck?", would I get a meaningful answer?

>> No.42484403

Depends on your definition of meaningful I suppose.

>> No.42484426

I'll give it a go:
The fuck?

>> No.42484486

Xavier: renegade angel. You can find some on YouTube, give it a try.

I can't stand it.

>> No.42484512

Yeah, that.


>> No.42484871

thats not how games work, you anus.

>> No.42485985

Those people are casuals with no taste.

>> No.42486168

It quite clearly is a game.
You can lose it quite easily.

>> No.42487056

>calling people casuals
>implying you have taste objectively better then other people.

stop it, /v/.

>> No.42487418

This is how I Paladin

>> No.42487832

Love the one guy who passes his Wis save.

>> No.42487974

I dunno, the part about her spending several days sexual marathonning with the fishman was pretty good

>> No.42488685

This is how I wizard.

>> No.42488874

this is how I hunter: the vigil

>> No.42489765

Of course, you don't reach the rank of Head Detective without having high saves.

Also this is how I face

>> No.42492383

this picture is tiny but FIERCE

>> No.42493583

Don't Prank Me Bro

>> No.42493709


Ha, now this is a paladin. Fuck support, fuck logic, fuck sanity. We achieve success through our own success or failure, not through some divine bullshit.

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Heavy Rain was terrible, you must be retarded to choose anything by David "That Guy" Cage.

>> No.42494969

Why do retards fuck around with animals like this?

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