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One of your players show you this and says it's their character this game.

what do.

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Pfff, whatever. I've played a much more sexualized clown before.

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we're not playing pokeymon tho

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Guess it's going to be a clowny game.

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P.S. this is a warrior not a bard.

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Why is misty dressed as mr. mime? Or is this a mr.mime mimicking Misty?

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I'd play that halfling/human bard.

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A little out of place because of clothing. Proper dress and there is no problem
Doesn't fit the theme very well. Would rather you not play.
100% legit no problem

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Bury their body in the woods, where no one will ever find it.

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Allow it if the player manages to make me laugh while staying in character.

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I ridicule him because in cyberpunk that's pretty prude

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Sexy as fuck, but yfw she decides to make baloon animals out of yo dick!

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Looks par for the course in Mutants & Masterminds.

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WoD, I'm assuming they're a changeling or something. Not an issue.

Anything else, I tell them it's probably tone-inappropriate but I'll hear them out.

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shit I'd run a SS13 game

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masturbate in front of them

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Ha, sure. Lets see where this goes.

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It says here on the sheet he's playing a paladin.

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What's the matter big boy, don't like clowns?

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Weld him into a locker.

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Dick on table. This is my fetish.

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Character called Giggles the Slutty Clown.

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i kindly tell him to fuck off

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...I assume that's an out-of-combat outfit and they have a set of armor somewhere?

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no that's their armor.
It's magic armor.
don't gotta explain shit.

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Glamered armor, dude

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It's like you've never heard of illusion magic.

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> Shadowrun
The shit runners will do for those free points from the distinctive flaw. Well, hop in the van between the cowboy and robot ninja. We've got shit to do.

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We're Playing Deatwatch today, Frank. Yes your murderclown Shaman/Face for Shadowrun was an original idea, but no, murderclown Space Marine simply doesn't fly.

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He can be the Noise Marine bad guy, don't be a dick

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Damn, I was hoping to see some hideously brightly-colored plate armor with big clown sabatons.

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What, you disallow Custom Chapters?

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This is your shitcurity. I mean, paladin.


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We're doing a traveling Circus/supernatural bullfuckery game now. Thanks player A.

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Fuck clowns

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>murderclown Space Marine simply doesn't fly

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The sororitas chapter of the Slutty Clown has a long and valiant history, Steve! Stop belittling my people!

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If that's shitcurity, who is HoS ?

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I can see it now.

>We're playing Dark heresy, right? And you said I could make up my own Minor Order of sororitas, right?


>Here's my character sheet

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Because the Harlequins are Eldar.

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Just call her a Death Cult assassin, problem solved.

God knows there are a billion and a half of those.

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I've seen weirder bullshit. Had a player finish binge reading the Drizzt books and wanted an offshoot of the Salamanders with pointed ears.

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this was great

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Give her a circumstance bonus in Intimidation.

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I think I contracted a weird-ass fetish from this thread.
not again 4chan!

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You know that in Deathwatch, you're supposed to be playing a Space Marine?

If it was Dark Heresy or Black Crusade, then yeah, a real (Eldar) murderclown or an imitation wouldn't really raise an eyebrow. Maybe not even in Rogue Trader...

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I do want to do a masked magician character, similar in design to Spade from F-Zero GX/AX

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That's the male model used for the same spell.

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>not having a clown fetish

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Welcome to hell. It is nearly impossible to find decent clown girl porn.

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so, do you have any?

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"Where's the character sheet?"

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It's not the best, but not the worst either.

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does she at least use her mouth to inflate it first?

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Cu-cu-cu-cuh yeah, baby!

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If I click on this, will I be put on some kind of list?

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I've been searching for years and I think I've found 1 decent video.

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>what do.
The dungeon is 50 lvls. He will die. Problem solved.

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You're posting on 4chan. You're already on every list that matters.

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Well, the idea is to discuss with the entire group who is going to play what, so we don't have a completely mismatched parties. It's the best way to ensure everyone has fun.

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I ask if she's the type of clown that likes to squirt, likes cream pies, likes taking a hard one to the face, or can fit a half-dozen men inside her.

Or some combination of the above.

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Dave stop clowning around. This is a sexy mime game. Sexy clowns is next week.

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I need this to happen in my game. Christ that was funny.

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This is meant to be a happy game. No one should be thinking about to Fools Guild.

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illusion magic or a class that wears little to no armor anyway like wizards

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>Whimsical Wendy Wonderful
>Mage fluffed as a magical clown
>Powers used for fun as well as for good
>Unorthodox team mom personality
>Goofy and silly but not stupid
>Honk honk

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>The sororitas chapter of the Slutty Clown
>I can see it now.
>>We're playing Dark heresy, right? And you said I could make up my own Minor Order of sororitas, right?
>>Here's my character sheet

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this tbh

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>sexy mime game
>the Patrician of your home city has just issued an edict that all mimes are to be brutally and publicly executed
>you need to evade the Patrician's forces and escape the city
I'd play it

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How would you make a game about clowns?

What about an entire setting with Clowns as a race?

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>players mush remain in character and pantomime everything to each other and the DM

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Does anyone have the screenshot of clowns tormenting Vampires?

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Take cookie cutter fantasy
replace wizards with clowns
warlocks with mimes
barbarians with circus strongmen
goblins and orcs with circus freaks
dryads with lion tamers

Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Present:
Circuses and Winged Elephants

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Oh lawd yes.
Let me tell you now boyo.
You know those gals who can tie knots in cherry stems with their tongues and then they give you that look? This one's making poodles and toy swords and shit.

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I could imagine clowns as something of a magical race that lives off of ambient happiness or something like that.

>> No.42437876

i meants druids not dryads

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We don't talk about Clowns, ever since the genocide. Worst tragedy of our era, alongside the silent massacre of millions of mimes

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That sounds awsome.

Of course the makeup stuff is their actual skin, right? Do their noses still honk?

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Thieves are stage magicians, who, in addition to their usual slight of hand tricks, can also summon rabbit familiars and endless streams of handkerchiefs.

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I read this partially in his voice. It was weird
>implying the mimes didn't ask for it

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Yes makeup is skin and noses still

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Great character. Lets play.

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Kings are Ring Masters of the Circus.
Dwarves are those dudes who get fired out of cannons
Elves are Acrobats

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I'm more than fucking down if they pull something like this.

>> No.42438244

I was looking for somebody who could be those guys fired out of cannons, good call. Elves as acrobats totally fits, too.
>A wizard is to his starry hat as a clown is to his painted face
>The jugglers wield balls on chains, torches, and swords

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Why would it be weird? His standup specials were super dirty.

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I've seen a few of those, but I find it hard to imagine him saying specifically
>this one's making poodles and toy swords and shit
It sounds a little more rambly than I remember his standup being. I feel like he would have delivered a different punchline, something with more exaggeration. That's more his style. I dunno, maybe I just have to watch more of his stuff, I might not have the right feel for it.

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The Slutty Clowns sadly got cut from the final version of "The Warriors".

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Hm? Sorry, I was busy designing this NPC, what did you want to tell me?

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that's one hell of a puffy vulva

>> No.42438519

is that a penis or a puffy vulva?

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it's a guy

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That's my fetish

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Oh, damn.

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It's not a guy
It's a trap
not gay

>> No.42438668

It's not gay when it's a feminine penis

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>implying Pathfinder isn't all about slutwear and useless armor

>> No.42438698

>for the continuation of the species
>clowns, actually
>doesn't want to do lesbian, masturbation, or anal because "it's a waste"
>"the more the merrier!"

>having sex with a clown for the sole purpose of procreation
looks like I'm not going to heaven anymore

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Yes it is. Embrace your nature instead of denying it, anon. You're on /TotallyGay/ after all.

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>Give her a circumstance bonus in Intimidation.
maybe if you are the biggest fruit ever.
the bonus is obviously to seduction

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If she wasn't askin for it she wouldn't wear so much makeup.

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what a dickhead

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I like it, but what if we just wanted to include clowns as a fantasy race/culture and not create an entire circus-setting?

Are clowns intrinsically magical beings, or are they humans with a strong tradition of costumed comedy? Do they have cities? Do they travel around like real circus folk do? Do they have a clown culture?

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and here we are again

>> No.42438836


And here I was sure that this was just fishing for pics of that cute clown from spain.

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No. See: >>42436349

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>Are clowns intrinsically magical beings, or are they humans with a strong tradition of costumed comedy?
>Do they have cities?
No, they have circuses.
>Do they travel around like real circus folk do?
They ARE real circus folk. So yes.
>Do they have a clown culture?
To even ask such a question is to demean all clowns everywhere. How rude.

>> No.42438866

>implying that Clowns are even remotely understandable by mere mortals and aren't eldritch beings

>> No.42438907

This all actually gives me an idea to start writing a tabletop game in a Circus setting.

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throw her out the airlock.

>> No.42439006

i ask if her tits make honking sounds when squeezed

>> No.42439073

Of course they do.

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Clowns are an intrinsically magical race, but are they from our world, or some sort of other dimension?

Do they have a culture of their own, or are they nomads and wanderers that infiltrate other races? Or perhaps something like Tieflings, they are a race touched by some god of mirth and scattered throughout the realms.

What powers do they have? What magic can they call upon?

What about their food, clothing, taboos, and other cultural traits?

Hair color? Nail color? Biology? Voices? Do they honk when you fuck them?

Tell us man. We need to know.

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>Clowns are an intrinsically magical race, but are they from our world, or some sort of other dimension?
no one knows, they are mystical and seemingly eternal.
>Do they have a culture of their own, or are they nomads and wanderers that infiltrate other races? Or perhaps something like Tieflings, they are a race touched by some god of mirth and scattered throughout the realms.
They both have a culture of their own, and they are nomadic wanderers, they travel in circuses.
>What powers do they have? What magic can they call upon?
they have all the powers our clowns have, magic tricks, balloon shaping, squirting flowers etc, however their balloon animals come to life (temporarily), the flowers can squirt any manner of liquids, and the magic tricks are real.
>What about their food, clothing, taboos, and other cultural traits?
>Hair color? Nail color? Biology? Voices? Do they honk when you fuck them?
nigga, they're clowns. what the fuck do you think they look and sound like. And of course they honk when you fuck them.

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This one https://archive.moe/tg/thread/42100912/

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I have never been so terrified and aroused at the same time.

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Clowns come from Clown College, which is in our world, but the only way to get in is to attempt to become a clown.
Clowns come and go as they please. Many kinds of people and creatures become clowns, but once they are a clown they simply are a clown, no matter what kind of insectoid or humanoid or elvish anatomy they have. The signifier "clown" is worth so much more to them than anything purile as the race they were born as.
Clowns, according to their experience, begin as mere novices: juggling, pratfalls, and pies are the mainstays of a clown acolyte.

However, any clown, no matter their experience or ability, has a Face. Some clowns embellish their faces with more elaborate designs as they become more practiced clowns: some clowns, from different Colleges, find this objectionable and believe that a clown's Face must "remain true." Some colleges even have only few Faces, of which legends are told, that are passed down over generations for hundreds of years without alteration, accumulating renown of immeasurable heights. Outsiders aren't expected to understand, but it's a question of huge importance for many clowns. Of course, the fraternity of all clowns worldwide is a higher priority for all clowns of good faith.

There are clowns of yore that attempted to forcibly alter the order of things one way or the other, permanently. Their faces are preserved in glass, behind curtain, and under lock and key. They are not to be viewed by anyone, for the ultimate punishment for a clown is for their memory to vanish from the mind of those they entertained.

The hair color and general costume is of similar but lesser importance as a clown's Face. (The hair and general costume of inherited Faces goes unchanged between generations, of course.)

They totally honk when you fuck them, too

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What the fuck?
Gropey is normaly here by now.

>> No.42439598

He probably is.

>> No.42439667

do they also spray you with water like one those fake flowers?

>> No.42439710

They use fake flowers, yes. But they prefer acid.

A nicer clown might use Holy water.

>> No.42439935

no i mean do her tits spray you with water or milk when squeezed

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I like this.

>> No.42440550

Honk. Honk. I would cause so many honks. It's nice to know that my fetish for clown girls weren't limited to the Murder Clowns from 40k.
>slutty clown Sortias
I love 40k. It made me appericate clown girls.

>> No.42440705

I hope she likes bananer cream pies

>> No.42440735

>clown girl sprays milk when her tits are squeezed
Yes please.

>> No.42440753

>not playing a circus troupe in Call of Cthulhu
I actually did that once. We had our ringleader, the generic fat well-dressed guy as our negotiator/palm-greaser/whatever, our juggler and trapeze artist doing most of the more illicit investigation, and the strong man who also doubled as a lion tamer as our muscle and undercover cult member.

>> No.42440769

Chocolate and strawberry.

But really I'm more curious about fabricating a race of fantasy clowns.

>> No.42440848

>choclate and stawberry
I like chocolate milk and I'm neutral on strawberry. Does it come out a stream at the same time, or does one nipple give you chocolate milk while the other gives you strawberry?

>> No.42440932

I think we can all agree one flavor from each breast.
Share with a friend!

>> No.42440985

I would tell him that he can make a clown character, but be advised that if he thinks it is an excuse to be dumb and do stupid shit he will be dissapointed

>> No.42440993

Perfection. Now back to creating a race of fantasy clowns.

>> No.42441067

In the 1950s we laughed at clowns
In the 1970s we were annoyed by clowns
In the 1990s we were mortally terrified by clowns
In the 2010s we want to fuck clowns

>> No.42441109

>In the 2010s we want to fuck clowns
Sexy clowns. What happens in the 2020s? We become clowns?

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>> No.42441166

Impossible, we already are clows, judging from this farce...

>> No.42441291


I say that I blame /tg/ for developing my clown fetish. I can't get my gf to put on that much makeup.

>> No.42441319


I like this idea. Thats why I posted >>42439090.

Like, a fantasy clown would dress differently from an IRL clown.

And apparently clowns are some kind of template creature, from what >>42439349 said. So you start another race, then become a clown

>> No.42441320

This. I played a clown in a Mutants & Masterminds game once, it was fun.

>> No.42441380

Have you ever read Making Money by Terry Pratchett?

>> No.42441433

Dear Diary: Today was the day I made a porn folder titled "Clowns".

I don't think I ever expected my life to end up this way.

>> No.42441445

I think you're being a little unfair as far as CoC goes. Remember, this is before TV, before the 2-car household, and in some cases before talkies. Entertainment pretty much boils down to "whatever is going on in town"

So a circus coming to town is a pretty big deal. They'll likely have a freak show, a fortune teller, acrobats, exotic animals, clowns, and all the disgusting/troublesome carnies you can imagine.

In fact a circus is a no-brainer if you want to introduce odd or strange people.

>> No.42441453

I think the first time I found myself attracted to a clown was that episode of Malcolm in the Middle where the teacher was a clown for some school function or something.

>> No.42441482

>insisting that players roleplay all the minutiae of a botanist.

>> No.42442042

When I turned 21 my dad took me out for lunch. While we were eating this redhead with a big red nose and white face paint was in the restaurant making balloon animals for the kids. My dad jokingly called her over and asked her to make one for me, because it was my birthday.
She made me a dinosaur, for free even. I fell in love. I never saw her again...

>> No.42442085

accept death

>> No.42442122

this story made me legitimately sad

>> No.42442167

>I never saw her again
But that's just the way things are, in AAAAAAAALBUQUERQUE!

>> No.42442217

Your post just had me laughing out loud for a solid minute. Congratulations.

>> No.42442220

Who drew that? Source?

>> No.42442382 [DELETED] 

Congratulations, anon!

>> No.42442413

she's talking to his penis, right?

>> No.42442419


>> No.42442493

I don't think so. Unless his penis is invisible, tucked between his legs, and slung over his left shoulder from back to front.

>> No.42442577 [DELETED] 

Rolled 13 (1d20)

>> No.42442583

For me, it was an antique store I used to pass when I was a kid. Hanging in the window was a picture of an adorable harlequin doing a handstand in a skirt but no underwear, smiling without a care in the world that her bare ass was exposed to all the world.

Man, in retrospect, I got a lot of fetishes out of that painting. Wish I'd bought it before the store closed down. THen again, maybe it's better that I didn't. Imagine trying to explain why you have a picture of a sexy clown going commando hanging on your wall.

>> No.42442651

Nope, just the materials are wrong. Mostly the jorts.

>> No.42442907

...I wish you'd at least taken a photo of it or something. That is my fetishes as well.

>> No.42442949

I'd rape him until he died of internal and external bleeding.

>> No.42443023

4chan - bringing strangers together through fucked-up fetishes.

>> No.42443092

It's probably a bad sign that I feel like this particular constellation of fetishes is barely fucked-up at all, at least compared to some things I see every single day on this grand old internet of ours.

>> No.42443137

>This thread

>> No.42443191

I'm a vore fetishist. This shit is vanilla.

>> No.42443451


Have you tried to find it online? It was probably a print.

You might be able to track down a copy.

>> No.42443522

If they looked like this >>42436293 I would.

>> No.42443535

Scratch that.
Pic related was probably the first clown girl that did it for me.

>> No.42443557


>> No.42443833

There was a carnival adventure module for CoC that ended with the performers being some sort of cult and a shitload of cthonians and other stuff from the dreamlands or something. I ended up not using it because tentacle creatures end up in magical realm 100% of the time in my group.

>> No.42443889

Kick the player for being a cancerous magical realm weeaboo.

Then ban the OP for shitposting on /tg/ for the same crime.

>> No.42443933


>> No.42443953

>magical realm

Goddamn those are some buzzwords

>> No.42443971


>> No.42443976

I work with them to figure out what region and culture would have a clowning tradition. My gut says somewhere in Karatšja, but I'm not sure.

>> No.42444039

tumblr link in the last image

>> No.42444103

Right state, wrong city

>> No.42444302

So has anyone ever done a Circus themed adventure party?

Clown = Bard
Acrobat = Rogue
Lion Tamer = Ranger
Strong Man = Barbarian
Fat Lady = High Defense Fighter

>> No.42444312

>> No.42444329

>Fat Lady = High Defense Fighter

>Bearded Lady = Dwarf Fighter

>> No.42444343

>> No.42444367

>> No.42444432

Mimes don't say no.

>> No.42444455

/r/ing more pics of slutty clown traps

>> No.42444465


>> No.42444496


>> No.42444536

>I have never been so aroused
I'd fuck her brains out while she called me papi.

>> No.42444538

...If you squeeze it, does it honk?

>> No.42444576


>> No.42444750

Even holding hands?

>> No.42444812

What the fuck did you just do to my boner!?


>> No.42444850


>> No.42444875

I'll only allow it if they come dressed in-character

>> No.42445016

>> No.42445061

too far, anon

>> No.42445072

It's like the bimbo fetish but with unbridled optimism and honking..

>> No.42445076

>a trap
>on the trapeze

>> No.42445113

>honk indeed

>> No.42445127

so...pretty much the same?

>> No.42445137

>bimbo fetish
I mean, what they do is do dumb things so you can laugh at them, but people don't actually think clowns are idiots, right? It's all an act they're doing for people.

>> No.42445162

Is it bad I want to see him in pain? Like grabbing his balls and squeezing as he gives out a painful honk or seeing him rack himself on the trapeze wire?
I don't normally go for this sort of thing but I think it'd be rather fun to do it to that little clown

>> No.42445210

is it bad I wanna squeeze its ass while some one gets sprayed with seltzer water? I also secretly hope a 6 year old kid sees this and just cries them self to sleep

>> No.42445223


>> No.42445226

Maybe? That's a bit disturbing to me. And makes me realize my instinctual headcanon is that anything you do to honk a clown certainly doesn't hurt them. That is just too silly of a sound to accompany serious pain.

>> No.42445257

>tfw the clown that lives next door in that shitty run-down house has several degrees in various forms of psychology, a degree in economics, and an engineering degree they decided to go nowhere with

>tfw the clown doing fuck-all in the campaign who performs seemingly random actions has been staving off the end of the world

Fucking 20 int clowns.

>tfw the other clown really is a fucking idiot, and he only can get paid by being an idiot in makeup.

>> No.42445265

"if you're gonna try and play as someone else's oc then try to use one I'm not familiar with"
"that's fine but I talked to the other guys and we're larping now"

>> No.42445323

>is it bad I wanna squeeze its ass while some one gets sprayed with seltzer water?
alright nice I can dig i-
>I also secretly hope a 6 year old kid sees this and just cries them self to sleep

>> No.42445333

I've always wanted to do a jester style bard lady but I've always been afraid I would be forcing people into my magical realm.

>> No.42445356

I never conflated bimbo fetish with stupidity, just unabashed sluttiness, artifical/huge tits, ass, and sometimes lips, and tons of colour, be it makeup, dyes,tattoos, or skin tans.

Would stupid people do that to themselves? Possibly.

>> No.42445369

Depends, how sexy is the clown lady gonna be?
Even if you make her like OP it can be fine, just don't go on and on about her appearance and play any seduction attempts for laughs

>> No.42445381


>> No.42445390

Thank god I finally got a group who wants to play Wraith.

>> No.42445458

While bimbos are stereotypically brain dead, I've always loved the idea of a hyper intelligent bimbo that still talk and acts like an airhead with plenty of "Um..."s, referring to objects with terms like "thingy" "doohickey" and "shiny thing", and other normal bimbo behaviors

>> No.42445477

So like a slutty idiot savant?

>> No.42445529

Sorta, only not focused any one subject, a full on 20 int genius that looks and talks like never made it past high school and belongs on a pole

>> No.42445563

I love that sort of thing too

My dm had a character like that in one of the games I played in once.

>> No.42445567

I see a character with high Int and low Wis for something like this. I'm talking negative modifier low.

>> No.42445596


I kinda envision like a mad scientist kind of talent for his character.

>> No.42445609

>gif related

>> No.42445637


Is the player a hot chick? Then she may proceed.

If the player is anyone else, tell them to get the fuck out.

>> No.42445680

The question that comes to mind is: is she for whatever reason putting up a deliberate act to hide the fact that she's got more brains than everyone else in the room put together, or is she just... like this?

>> No.42445704

Just like that

>> No.42445950

No, give it a chance. It might be funny.

I once had a girl with almost a flat chest playing a character that was supposed to have D cups. She would keep leaning forward with her arms clasped together, like she was trying to squeeze some noticeably round charisma modifiers that she didn't actually have. I couldn't help but laugh every time.

>> No.42445962

So any Joss Whedon heroin?

>> No.42446023

>Honk honk

>> No.42446052

This thread reminds me of Moxxi from Borderlands...

>> No.42446086

Don't try to reason with no-fun people.

>> No.42446189

I can see how.

>> No.42446193

Moxxi is much more like a burlesque girl than a clown.
Which is a related type of entertainer, in the same way that mimes are related to clowns.

>> No.42446295

praise to rainbow

>> No.42446466

Not that this wasn't always a smut thread, but, we're getting kinda close to /d/. Could probably just go over there and dump some good ol' fashioned clown trap porn.

>> No.42446626

I honestly don't see it. No one's really been dumping sexy clown art for a few posts, aside from the Borderlands character.

If I had the time and patience, I'd dig up up that sad story about the sad clown who made sad puns all the time in a CoC game.

>> No.42446717

sad hoooonk

>> No.42446762

Not the one you were looking for, but have some horrorclown anyway.

>> No.42447108

Bard with some levels in Wizard.

>> No.42447143

>this pic

Some men just want to watch the world burn.

Yoko's 14 years old for crying out loud.

>> No.42447176

Does anyone have a screengrab of gropey the clown? Particularly the one with the "missing elephant"

>> No.42447196

But it's basically just a recolouring, not a redesign.

>> No.42447200

>> No.42447257

That doesn't make it okay.

Especially not the making her a clown part.

>> No.42447261

>All this sexual clown art.

/tg/ was one of the last places I expected clown fetish to pop up. /co/ at least I can understand because of Harley Quinn.

*tranqs boner*

>> No.42447336

Flee from this place, anon.

Flee, lest ye be consumed.

They'll destroy us all.

>> No.42447362

I'm not sure I would be okay with even a regular clown PC

>> No.42447386

The law may say no, but my dick follows the rules of nature.

>> No.42447410

It would require me to trust the player a lot, to be sure. A clown character could easily become annoying in their goofiness rather than funny if played badly, even in a light-hearted game.

>> No.42447480

wait, seriously?! That's what the animators think a 14 year-old looks like?

>> No.42447496

Anime man...anime

>> No.42447511

The official like is her village had lost track of time and was operating under a 400 and something day calendar, she's over 18 solar years old but she's 14 village "years" old

>> No.42447514

And she barely changes in appearance at all by the time she's 21. Besides maybe being taller?

>> No.42447526

Line, not like

>> No.42447602

Clown/Neckbeard hybrids thanks to the events of the 2010s.

>> No.42447640

Time for a changeling: the lost game.

>> No.42447692 [SPOILER] 

Protect yourself.

>> No.42447720

Ahmmm what are they called in english? Tangerines? clementines?

>> No.42447739

What is the significance of these tangerines?

>> No.42447776

One hell of a Black Crusade character

>> No.42447791



>> No.42447832


>> No.42447852

Clowns hate 'em.
Messes with their equilibrium.

>> No.42447924


How to make Patriotic characters go insane in CoC.

Or anyone, for that matter.

Play this on loop, max volume. Make them hear it from everywhere, all the time, so loud they cannot even speak to each other!

>> No.42448035

Those are tangerines.

>> No.42448143

They aren't tangerines. They're tangelos.

>> No.42448200

clown eggs

>> No.42448323

Eat her out
ask GM if she tastes funny

>> No.42448372

I wasn't expecting that, but now I feel like I should have.

>> No.42448598

Clowns hate Tangelos.

>> No.42448799

>she gets down on her knees in front of you
>unzips your pants
>starts pulling out a long red handkerchief
>it's tied to another long yellow handkerchief
>go through three rainbow's worth of handkerchiefs as she lets out the occasional amused honk
>finally done
>holds up a section of the handkerchief rope about two handkercheif's long next to your junk, screwing up her eyes and sticking out her tongue as she tries to put one end of it near the base and the other near the tip
>the hankderchiefs have plenty of slack
>gives another amused honk and gets up and walks away

>> No.42449006

I'm so erect right now.

>> No.42449051

Oh hai /d/. What are you doing here?

>> No.42449066

Wait, really Even with Gropey around?

>> No.42449113

clowning around

>> No.42449257

how would a clown girl react to attempted non-consensual handholding?

>> No.42449268

a surprised and slightly lewd honk

>> No.42449350

I'm sorry anon, it was supposed to be funny.

>sits on a chair and opens her legs
>gives you a 'come closer' finger and points down with the lewdest "hoooooonk~" you've ever heard
>oh shit yes
>get on your knees, bend a little closer, and just look up at this beautiful clown woman who you're finally going to be with before looking back down at her -
>pie to the face
>she pulls it away and draws a little mustache in the cream all over your face
>pats you on the head with a honk, gets up and walks away

>> No.42449441

So, she got a cream pie from the dude prior, shoved it into the next dudes face, and drew on him with the "leftovers"?


>> No.42449486

No anon that's not what I meant I swear, she took a real cream pie and when he was looking away she shoved it in his face.

Goddamn I am bad at turning lewd into humor.

>> No.42449537

I just want lewd AND humor

>> No.42449845

No. You can imagine all you want, but we're going no father than teasing situations and innuendos!

>clown girl suddenly presses up close against your side with a sultry honk
>begins circling her finger around your stomach while you stand there in mute shock
>she reaches down and grabs your huge cock, hard
>brings the rubber chick back up to wave in front of your face, making it squawk once more
>you try to remember why you were carrying a rubber chicken as she walks away, wiggling as she practices some acrobatics routine to herself

>> No.42449994

Goddamn I hate clowns. I hate them so much. I don't know why I do, but they just set of a "Nuke it from orbit" part of my brain that I try so hard to ignore but goddamn do they make me angry.

>> No.42450051

i love mutants and masterminds!

>> No.42450134

Damn. I'll have to go elsewhere to find erotic clown fiction then, but I don't have a regular source for that kind of thing.

>> No.42450155

>> No.42450168

Would you hate fuck a clown?>>42450134
I feel a brother

>> No.42450217

The idea is features exaggerated for comedy, but it's like something with a different kind of eyes emphasized the wrong parts while crafting its human disguise. A clown is a racist caricature an alien would make.

>> No.42450312

... holy fuck I recognize that character.

it's the OC of a guy named Aeolus, a circus bimbo called Giggles The Slutty Clown.

>> No.42450362

Maybe /wst/ will do something for you if they ever come back up. I might even write it.

Come to think of it, I remember them doing something with 40k Harlequins a bit back. Would you like that? I think I could track it down.

>> No.42450579

>Come to think of it, I remember them doing something with 40k Harlequins a bit back. Would you like that? I think I could track it down.
Maybe? I mean, depends on the content, but bring it up if it's not much trouble.

>> No.42450598

OP here, I just want everyone to know, I made this thread as a joke, and it has instead far suppased anything I could have imagined. Thank you all. I'm proud of you.

>> No.42450622

>erotic clown fiction


This is the only thing I've ever found of such a thing - alien clown dickgirls that transform people into more of themselves.

>> No.42450639

this is 4chan. and /tg/ at that.
dont expect things. its easier on the mind.

>> No.42450640

Nah, it was an easy find.



>> No.42450670

Funny, I think I happen to have read this one before. A bit surprising since I didn't go in the WST very often.

>> No.42450744

>MFW I actually had a girlfriend like this who studied psychology.
>Introduced her to AD&D and some D6 very basic systems.
>She introduced me to female flexibility in bed.
>MFW I never knew to which extent I was being played. I just know that everytime we fought for anything we ended up fucking and I'd forget almost completely about it.

>MFW I found out that she was really a bimbo genius addicted to dick
>I was only played because she was paranoid that I would cheat on her.
>She was the one that ended up cheating in the end.

>Still broken inside to this day.

I have no appropiate faces to this.
Niggas, just don't, these females have more issues than normal, they take the bimbo facade because they fear rejection to an extent that belittles robot board. Not even kidding.

I've been with crazy knife yandere types too and they're easier to handle by a large margin. It's that bad.

>> No.42451140

Gropey's not here, though. Especially not if the thread is about clown /girls/, y'know?

>> No.42451630

Classic blunder, if they are paranoid about you cheating it means they are most likely cheating themselves or are about to

>> No.42452233

>what do

Call the cops.

>> No.42452327

>Call the cops
>Because reasons YOU get put in titty prison
>Yes, that's a prison in her tits

>> No.42452486

I need the sauce of this

>> No.42452988


>> No.42453342

every time

>> No.42453805

That's too cute, Anon.

>> No.42454412

my mom was a magical party clown and in Mensa, a lot of the other people up at her old alley,that's the term for a local clowning Guild. were capable of figuring out stuff She couldn't effects and performance wise,pylon the physical challenges of constant motion,energy an activity for hours on end with the acting skills necessary to always smile and seemed happy and up and you'll find clowning is one of the most difficult professions there is, and this was just birthday parties not hospital clowning.

>> No.42454760

>my mom was a magical party clown and in Mensa

Now there's a sentence I'd never imagine could exist.

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