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So I'm playing a Lawful Good paladin for the first time. Do you guys have any advice for being lawful and good?

>paladin thread

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Love little girls above anything else.

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Oh god, someone please post the powder-keg of justice screencap.

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But seriously, play 'em as an Alexander Anderson from Hellsing.

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Laws that hurt people aren't good and can be freely ignored if it means chaos won't ensue.

People that believe laws are bad are misguided.

If ever a ye walk upon a maiden naked in stirrups in town as punishment, don't rape her or get all weird and wizardy.

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nvm, found it:

The best way to play a paladin

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Be a hero not a nazi.

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Honestly just remember that you're both lawful and good and you should be fine.

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OP here, I'm trying to play him like cooper from twin peaks but the thought alone that the CN group has to endure a lawful goodie shoe paladin make them despise my character. I try to be as cheerful and understanding as possible. One of them got annoyed that I refused to hit a enemy that fell down.

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If you have to ask yourself, what would be the good and what would be the right thing to do, you're doing something wrong.

If you have to make a choice between good and practical, choose good. That's what makes a paladin what he is.

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Don't make friends. Seriously, they will fuck you over 9 times out of 10 most of the time unintentionally.

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Remember that "Lawful" in the context of alignment doesn't mean that you are shackled by laws. It means that you are consistent and have firm beliefs rather than doing what's convenient.

Being lawful good doesn't mean that you are law-abiding, it means that doing good is your priority, the thing you always strive for even when it's difficult or inconvenient.

A lot of people read "lawful" and see law-abiding, and end up playing characters that honor the letter of the law more than the spirit, or let people get away with doing evil by hiding behind the law, and it's wrong.

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or Judge Dredd.

That's lawful neutral.

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You are a pillar of both society and civilization. You're the guy who'll hold the door open for someone then chase a burglar down a moment later. Typically you'll shun rogue-types but you can be convinced to work with them if it's for the good of the (whatever).

Carry that kind of attitude with you even in combat. Dive in-between an ally and an incoming attack. Buff your friends, hinder your enemies. If someone hasn't given any indication that they're what you'd call a bad person, be more lenient. On the other hand if it's clear to you that they're evil (in your eyes) come down on them with the fury of your god/deity.

Remember that good and bad are usually subjective so try to set some parameters for what you deem good or bad. Paladins are usually pretty set in their views, as are LG people. Be as set in your ways as possible while still being nice.

Depending on how you usually play, LG can be a fun change of pace or an endeavor into sickeningly sweetness that'll make your teeth hurt.

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Don't be a dick.

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As long as your character believes that his enemy is evil and that it's necessary to fight him, there is nothing that says you have to be merciful.

Being lawful good generally means that you avoid killing when possible, but it also means that the times you DO fight, you consider it necessary to rid the world of your foe.

Killing a downed enemy is not worse than killing a convicted criminal, and you consider both of those okay as long as he deserves it.

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Do not mistake mercy for weakness. A bandit may claim mercy, but the dead deserve their vindication as much as the living.

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Remember, the difference between a hero and a villain is the lengths they're willing to go to accomplish their goals. A lawful good PC would not torture for information, but a lawful evil one would.

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I think this gives a good, general way to play Lawful Good without falling into crappy stereotypes.

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You are who you choose to be.

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good read, thanks anon

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They make me feel like I'm the only one around.

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It's not the load that breaks you down. It's the way you carry it.

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ok so i am going to my first DnD session what do i need to know?

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Don't forget to tip the DM. 10% is fine, 20% if the session was really good.

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You've already got a damn fine role model my friend.

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I'm not OP, but does anyone have any other stories where they we're with a party of not all good people and they still successfully paladin'd?

I've always wanted to play a pally but my groups loved to murderhobo

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Shit, awhile back we had a thread about playing Paladin's in evil settings and there was some pretty inspirational stuff, but of course I forgot to cap any of it.
Here's just a generally interesting Paladin story though.

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>that screencap
Someone has adware.

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Say someone in the party is of an Evil alignment, is playing a Paladin in that party impossible? Would they be allowed to work with an evil individual or would they fall for even associating with them?

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Not my screencap originally, thank god I managed to cut that shit out of my PC early.

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While not necessarily impossible, it would certainly be difficult. It would mostly depend on just how zealous the Paladin is and how vile the other party member is. If the evil party member insists on slaughtering children and burning down churches or something like that, then the odds are the two can't coexist.
However, if the two party members are relatively flexible in their alignments, then it's possible that they could work together. Hell, a Lawful Evil party member and and a Lawful Good Paladin could probably manage something resembling a friendly rivalry. There would certainly be friction, but so long as both members remain respectful towards each other then it should be feasible.
It should also be noted that a Paladin can be as dedicated to his friends as he is to his god and church. While he may think his ally misguided, and will do his best to keep him in check, he is still a member of the party and thus is worthy of your respect, if not support.

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Read "Fear and Trembling" by Soren Kierkegaard.

Existentialist Paladins are best Paladin.

Or just be Death or Vimes from Discworld. They are excellent examples of LG

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Never played one myself. My father only ever played a single LG paladin back in the 70's-80's.

Picture a paladin: all around nice guy, defender of the realm, would drive you crazy just by being so damn nice. Now make him a half-ogre... And the ogre part really comes through... 8'6", bright yellow skin, violet hair, and silver eyes.

Overall he didn't really do a lot that was noteworthy other than run around in a party where nobody else was lawful. One time though, he really shined:

The group had been tracking this group of slavers and managed to capture one of them. They needed to get the location of their stronghold so they tied him to a chair and put him in the back of the local inn. Only problem was the half-ogre paladin was morally opposed to torturing a prisoner and while having done nothing noteworthy up to this point, was a vital part of the group who was not opposed to beating the crap out of someone who crossed his morals.

A few hours of intense questioning later, the paladin present the whole time. At this point the whole team is getting fed up and the paladin's still not flinching about the torture. The paladin crosses in front of the prisoner and says, "Look. My code shuns torturing a captive and my presence in this room all night is the only reason why my companions here haven't tortured you to kingdom come... The only problem is... I've been drinking a LOT of water tonight and I REALLY need to go to the outhouse. So... I'm gonna take care of that, my friends will untie you, and when I get back, you'll have one last chance to tell me what we want and then we'll let you go."

Came back a few minutes later, the guy's bruised, bloodied, missing teeth, fingers broken, one arm's crooked, and untied as per the paladin's word. Paladin asks his group, "What happened to him?" Rogue answers, "We untied him and he just started tripping all over the damn place! He told us what we wanted, though."

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>He just picks up a D20, looks at the DM and says "I wish to roll intimidate."
Intimidate is not a class skill for Paladins, so he likely fails the roll.

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>implying fin isn't an edgy asshole

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>Or just be Death or Vimes from Discworld. They are excellent examples of LG
this guy gets it.
Or Granny Weatherwax, the latter of whom is the perfect example of good principles over all.

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High charisma+circumstance bonuses, anon.
Have you ever played an actual game?

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Best paladins are fatherly types who've had enthusiasm tempered by the evils of the world, but are no less devoted to protecting good and destroying evil, while understanding not everything is black and white and valuing compassion and understanding, the ability to heal and guide, more than martial prowess.

Tirion and Uther are great paladins, even if Blizzard is shit.

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A while ago, I played a Lawful/Polite, Vengeance Paladin as pic related....

The "hunting my father's killer" thing worked rather well, as the whole party were survivors of a village massacre anyway.

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We are not the destroyers of evil, boy. That is not, and has never been, the purpose of our order.

We are peacekeepers. Wardens of the realm. Defenders of the good in humanity.

More than slay demons, we must hearten and comfort the downtrodden, reminding them that they are, and always will be loved.

More than assuming the role of our God, and passing judgement, deeming someone worthy of some greater kingdom in the beyond or not, we must bare our hearts to the wicked and protect and nurture what good lies dormant in their heart, as it does in the hearts of all men. And if they refuse the path to common morality, and endanger the lives and souls of even the common peasant, then so be it, we must send them to their ultimate judgement before their time, and repent for the necessary crime we committed.

Ours is not an order of violence, of anger and blind destruction, it is an order of peace.

We are humanity's hope, and eventually salvation.

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Bide your time. Sure, as a Paladin you can smite and purge all day every day within seconds but it's better to bide your time and wait to deliver the gigasmite. Bonus points if you carry around a Book of Deeds and write every bad thing you see someone do, then track them down and SMITE MOTHER FUCKA later on.

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It's 3.5, so if he has high Cha it's coming at the expense of the other Ability Scores he needs to function as a Paladin. Almost certainly not more than a +2 ability modifier. Have you played it?

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As lawful good you can either strike fallen foes or not

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>In a CN party
This is a hat losing plan.

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Are you sure you have? Charisma is the paladin casting, lay on hands, and smite stat

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>Charisma is the paladin casting
Nope, it's Wisdom in 3.5

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Grow up and get better taste. That's my suggestion.

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http://www.d20srd.org/srd/classes/paladin.htm wrong

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>To prepare or cast a spell, a paladin must have a Wisdom score equal to at least 10 + the spell level. The Difficulty Class for a saving throw against a paladin’s spell is 10 + the spell level + the paladin’s Wisdom modifier.

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Use your eyes

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But read everything else. Lay on hands, smite, divine grace. It's all charisma

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But i guess you meant just casting, responding not to the argument as a whole, but rather semantics, as a child would

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And you'll barely use any of that because you need your spells more than those. If you want your roleplaying to play a bigger part in the way actions unfold than the dice you roll, 3.5 is not a good choice of system.

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>You need spells more than your primary combat power and healing power

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So how's middle school treating you?

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>>42382680Be without fear in the face of your enemies.

Be brave and upright that God may love thee.

Speak the truth always, even if it leads to your death.

Safeguard the helpless and do no wrong – that is your oath.

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Just remember to let the fire inside of you burn brighter than the fire around you, and be a light shining in the darkness

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Your devotion to your god is paramount. If you believe in your god with all your being, you can never fall. Goodness is not something to puzzle out. Given the choice between a bad thing and a less bad thing, you take neither road and figure out who is fucking with you. You put that person on trial before your god, find them guilty, and cut their fucking head off.

Alternative, you can play as my current character, a paladin of jesus (with like 7 INT) that feels killing is wrong, but will happily break bones and snap spines in the name of the Lord, and due to his low INT will just tie them up and leave them to probably die. If he knew, he'd be heartbroken...

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have fun, play how your character would play, and for the love of fucking god do not metagame. If you see someone passing notes, but your character would have no idea what they are up to, do not make an excuse to follow that person. As a DM this pisses me off to no end.

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on one hand, fuck you because Paladins are the best class.

On the other, my nigga for watching Akagi.

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Spot the newfag

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You need to burn like your veins are filled with nothing but gasoline.

>pic related, left to right: Oath of Devotion/Oathbreaker, Oath of the Ancients, Oath of Vengeance

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Michael from the Dresden Files.

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I like that 5e finally allows one to be a LG Nature Paladin.

Or Teddy Roosevelt if you prefer that instead.

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I really should take a look at 5E, I've heard that it's pretty enjoyable.

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I've not seen it myself, I'm stuck as a PF slave, but my close friend has the 5e rulebook and plays it, so he likes to talk about it.

Also from what I've heard from /tg/ its pretty decent. Not as balanced as 4E, but not as broken as PF and much more beginner friendly. Also apparently still has Caster supremacy problems. Though no where near as horrible as 3.PF. If you got to /pfg/ and ask them, they'll always tell you its better to start out with 5E if your new to TTRPGs and not to get stuck in the PF hole like the rest of us.

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Yeah, that's mostly what I've been hearing too. The Caster Supremacy issue isn't surprising, but it's nice that it's been minimized a bit.

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honestly my favorite quote to explain paladins

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You should be nice to undead.

You'll end up like them one day, you know.

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Goddammit, that's the Monk's quote.

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I always loved paladins.

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Was getting caught by nearly decade old bait part of your plan?

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>not being a Hero Nazi

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Follow the law.
Don't twist it for your own idea of good.
If the law is bad then make a movement to change it through discussion and avoid violence.
If violence is the only answer then make sure you have legitimate reasons to follow through with it.
Basically be a reasonable police officer/volunteer.

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well my party consists of:
CN Dwarf Druid
CG Half-Elf Witch
CN Half-Elf Summoner
NG Fetchling Ninja
LG Human Figher
LG Oread Paladin (Me)

Only the Dwarf and the Witch were bothered me, the summoner didn't care.

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It amazes me that people need help with this. Just figure this shit out for yourself.

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I've seen that bait unironically used once before as a support. I don't take chances anymore after that, because you can never be too sure how dumb someone can be.

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>the summoner didn't care.
Then he's playing his alignment properly, and the other two are just being annoying.

Personally, even though he's over used and overhyped, I kinda view Deadpool as a good CN. He gives no crap and is mostly in it for the money or because its cool/beneficial to himself. And even though he prefers to go solo, he's not above working with the more Lawful characters to save the day, because he knows its far smarter in the long run to team up with the hero's and not screw everything over.

And no, he's not CG, his morals are far too loose for that. While he may avoid hurting kids or civilians, he's still not above killing targets, bounties, or people who just plain annoy him, and can be a bit excessive about it.

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get a kick ass uniform
train 24/7
gas the humanoid vermin
if you are every challenged on your righteous crusade remind them that you are following divine orders. And orders are orders

so remember 14/88 gas the gnomes race war now

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Commencing dump of paladin stuff

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one of my favourites - Advice to a young paladin

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Being a paladin means continuing the fight

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Being a paladin means sacrificing some things

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Being a paladin means sacrificing A LOT of things...

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Have fun.
The character comes before the oath.
Don't put up with any bullshit moral quandaries the DM may come up with to fuck you over, you're not the judge or the jury. You're the god damn executioner, and you can only ever smite in the right. You wanna worry about that shit then roll a cleric.

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But sacrifice is good. There is more always more to life.

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Don't forget why it is necessary

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We are the last resort of gods and men

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But we are not murderers. We are not weapons.

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Be nice, be resolute.

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>Do you guys have any advice for being lawful and good?
you do what is right, even if you know you cannot win. Because it is the right thing to do...

you know what, I think this guy might help explain it:


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We are heroes.

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Be steadfast, for there are those that would call you 'monster'.

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Be gentle, for there is enough harshness in the world

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Be glad, for you are fortunate.

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Be humble, for you are small.

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Know that every breath in a lifetime of helping others is a treasure.

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Know that no fight is lost until the last.

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Read the Old Testament and behave exactly like that.

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Finally, know that evil is insidious and well hidden.

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It is in goodness that paladins find greatness.

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always remember these words...

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and if you follow no others, follow this code:

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>Tumblr - the mentality

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>paladin/LG thread
>it's not about le edgy purgebot characters

Today /tg/ was surprisingly not shit

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I thought that would be "Every thing is rape, no exceptions" or something

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Alright, thank you fellow men, I will heed your advice in rough times

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With all due respect you seem confused. Lawful good is about order. They might not support evil laws, but they respect laws. They don't choose selfishly which to follow and which not to, they choose which to follow to promote the most lawful and most good future. What you describe is NG. Having a code doesn't make you lawful. Being predictable does not make you lawful. A serial killer is CE, despite being very predictable and having something very close to a code.

Lawful good = you promote order and good equally. You must balance the two. Order takes the tangible form of laws. Laws are intrinsically impersonal. To be lawful good you have to be a little evil on a personal level, but saintly on a societal level; situationally of course.

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A discussion that happened on the board a week or so back. Worth the thought.

>being a faggot

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>Hating Goblins makes you evil.

>> No.42397592

Evil is evil from different things. Don't kill desperate people who commit crime because there is no other choices left. Don't let traitors, sadists, mass murderers walk.
Lich who revives bones and lives in his lonely castle far far away from people - not bad guy
Woman who manipulates her husband into killing himself to get all his money - SMITE

>> No.42397656

The lich would depend on the setting. Certain rituals demand "acts of great evil" to complete, and certain hold undead to be radioactive.
But this is just me being a sperg. Your point is sound.

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To be fair, it could be Lolth's quote too.

It's a rather generic quote, where "perfection" is anything anyone has ever been fanatical about.

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Yep that's what it said.

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Ask yourself, if you think that dropping atomic bombs on Japan was ok- you're good to be paladin.
If no than you're "right" paladin and should better be playing healslut priest

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Not really. His point is flawed. Necromancy is evil. All acts of it are evil. A little necromancy is tolerated in neutrals, but otherwise? Smite that lich or fall.

>> No.42398743

Not really. Forgotten Realms for example has GOOD aligned liches, canonically. Secondly, even if the lich in question IS evil, Paladin's don't fall for not smiting every evil they see.

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what is necromancy?

>> No.42398971

It's not /tg/-related, but the Necromancer in Diablo II is one of the main characters, and was one of the few not to get his ass killed or corrupted.

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We just don't know.

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Justice, not Vengeance.

Hope, not Fear.

Honor, not Zealotry.

Protection, not Lordship.

Life, not Death.

Inspiration, not Hubris.

Determination, not Stubbornness.

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Find out the laws of the land.
Find out the role of paladins of enforcing the laws of the land within the kingdom/empire you're in.
Follow the laws and as appropriate enforce the law, dealing out as much compassion to innocents (ie those that don't detect evil) as possible, including appealing for and advocating for mercy when allowed by the law.
Punish the evil to the extent the law allows for your station, but do so regrettably and if possible offer redemption through church sanctioned Atonement to those who seem to have lost there way instead of actively pursued cruelty.

>> No.42400338

^ This is how you paladin. Don Quixote it up and be the flower of chivalry. Disregard pecuniary gain, acquire glory.

>> No.42401733

>legs ain't broke, nigga

>> No.42401972

>My legs are OK.

>> No.42401983

Something too many people seem to forget is that discretion is the better part of valor; they forget that just because you cannot fear is no reason not to still understand the value of your own life.
Being a paladin used to have a wisdom requirement for entry, and there was a reason for this.

Just because an evil exists, does not mean you have to act - right now. Do not over tax yourself on the little evils you can delegate to. Do not get yourself killed attempting to end a great evil you are not yet prepared for. Understand your own weaknesses, and apply your strengths.
But do not let doubt cripple you- being a paladin is walking a hard road, and >>42399216 illustrates the careful balance that must be kept.

>> No.42402171

Personally, I wish other casters like Wizards had to rely on multiple ability scores for Casting, much like how Clerics used to need both Cha and Wis before Pathflounder changed it.

>> No.42402304

>discretion is the better part of valor

People keep forgetting just which Shakespearean character actually says this. Really, what self-respecting paladin wants to be like Falstaff?

>> No.42402549

The line is remembered for what it is because folks consider it be genuine wisdom, even if it comes from the lips of a genuine coward. Were we to joust with platitudes and cliches, the natural counter-point might be "fortune favors the bold," but as ever, reality (or fantasy, as it were) is a nuanced beast.

In High Fantasy settings especially more so than real life, being one willing and able to step out of the norm and face adversity is admirable and can lead to great things. But, and again for fantasy more than reality, being a thickheaded fool who doesn't know how to choose one's battles will end with oneself dead or ruined far faster than had one simply kept their head down. Walking into a dragon's cave or a lich's lair unprepared is a sure way to death (or worse), and it is part of every paladin's duty to ensure their own preparedness for the evil's they can anticipate, and their ability to react to those they could not.

>> No.42403570


>> No.42403883

>But seriously, play 'em as an Alexander Anderson from Hellsing.
always how I played my clerics

>> No.42404950

I think that's True Neutral, anon.

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