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You swallow hard as you cradle the dying Magical Girl in your arms. The Magical Girl that is - and at the same time, not - your sempai. Forcing yourself to remember that fact, even as you tend to her final moments alive.

Dismembered, blinded, with her costume so encrusted with dried blood you couldn't even tell where one stain ended, her once-luxurious long black hair falling down the sides of her face in matted, stringy snarls - you still couldn't help but choke out a sob as you see how miserable, how pathetic this simulacra of your sempai has become, and how bleak the end of her journey will be. An end no one in her shoes would ever deserve, especially when all she wanted to do was to save the one person she loved the most.

"...I'm here, Homura-chan." You finally manage to say, just barely masking your voice enough to sound like how you remember the Blessed lady sounded, in all her amber-eyed benevolence. An echo of her own final benediction to your sempai's fragments, back in Siberia. "I'm here. It's alright. You can rest now. Everything's going to be okay."

As soon as she hears your voice - as soon as the first word of mimicked divinity leaves your lips - the twitching, gasping fragment in your arms relaxes. Not the lifeless slackening of something finally surrendering to the pull of death, but rather a gradual untensing of the body that spoke of a deep, profound relief.

A relief that can only be from the utterly-unshakable belief that true salvation had indeed arrived, mere moments from midnight.

You're not sure whether to feel happy or wretched that your half-baked deception worked. Probably...probably both, to be honest.

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"Thank...thank you." Homura breathes, one that ends in a feeble, red-misted cough. "Just...just let me catch my breath and I'll be back on my feet again."

You force yourself to smile and nod, even though you know she wouldn't be able to see either gesture. "Alright. Just take your time." You say as soothingly as you can, your free hand reaching for one of hers and giving it a squeeze. Ignoring how cold and limp her fingers felt in your grip. "Can you tell me about the Nameless One? Where is she now, Homura-chan?"

The dying fragment lets out a breathless huff of bloody air, and it's only after you see the bitter smile on her lips that you realize she's laughing. "She's...tenacious. Even outnumbered and outgunned, she's repelled nearly every attempt we've made to breach her final stronghold. ...Every single time we think we're making any headway, we end up getting murdered in an ambush of her own making, or stumble into a chokepoint riddled with explosives rigged to blow." She pauses her for a moment, the smile on her face widening. "She is...she is still one of us, after all."

Another cough wracks her frame, this time strong enough to nearly make you lose your grip of her. Blood dripping freely from her lips now, welling with every word, darkening her already-smeared costume even further. "...It's useless, though. We have her surrounded. It's only a matter of time before the Nameless One succumbs to her wounds."

...Ngh. That means you don't have much time to get to your sempai, then. If she dies here...no, you don't even want to think about that right now.

Not here. Not now. You didn't pull her out of the hell in Siberia for her to die in a place like this.

"That's...that's good, Homura-chan. That's very good." You manage to say after a moment, forcing your voice to remain level. "But where is she? Where is her...her final stronghold?""


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The dying fragment of your sempai blinks her bruised, sightless eyes up at you. "...You...you don't know, Madoka? It's...it's the bastion built upon our many failures." She seems to hesitate here, before smiling again. "...Oh. But then, I'm forgetting how things are mutable here, in this godforsaken place..."

She coughs again, and when she speaks she's nearly inaudible - her voice now less of one and more of a barely-intelligible wheezing, forever at the edge of a last breath. The voice of someone who was, by all rights, living on borrowed time. "The Nameless One is...is making her final stand in a black tower north of here." The dying Magical Girl lets out another sigh. "You...you can't miss it. The rest of us are laying siege to it."

"...Sounds like Kong, all right." Wendy murmurs beside you, the American seemingly regaining her composure after earlier. "Probably picking off targets at the very top at her leisure, with all the entrances, exits and stairwells rigged with shaped charges." She glances down at the dying Homura in your arms, before shaking her head again. "...Let's move, Green. We know where to go. We can't waste time fucking around here."


"..." The Callidus turns her back on you, making to walk away. "Don't even fucking argue, Green. That isn't Kong and you know it."

"...Madoka?" The nearly-dead girl in your grip whispers. "Madoka, I...it's getting harder to breathe, I...I don't think I'm getting any better..."

You look back at Wendy's retreating back - the Callidus clearly walking North - and then back at your sempai's dying fragment.

What do you do?

[]Put her out of her misery.
[]Hold her until she dies.

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>[]Put her out of her misery.

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>[X]Put her out of her misery.
With the DEagle, of course.

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>[x]Hold her until she dies.

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>[X]Put her out of her misery.
Can we put her to sleep or at least make her experience a comforting moment before hand?

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>[]Hold her until she dies.
While killing her would be mercifull, that is not Midori´s style

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>[X]Hold her until she dies.

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[X] Hold her until she dies.

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>[x]Hold her until she dies.
The other option would be better but i can't see Midori do it.

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Wait a moment. We discussed that here the Homus are having a battle-royale. But it seems that the other Homus are attacking only Chiaki instead The situation is far worse than we believed.

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[]Put her out of her misery. Use your knife, don't let anyone see you have the Deagle.

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We always suspected that factions would form, especially between previous Homura's and the previous Chiaki's.
The Chiaki faction would be overwhelmed by pure numbers, without assistance from the personalities in the Golden DEagle; we always knew that.

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>[] Cut her hair and bring it to Shempai

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This encounter kinda feels like a Rick and Morty episode.

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[x]Hold her until she dies.
It's not about doing the correct thing, it's about doing the right thing. This is unfortunately more in character.

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[x]Hold her until she dies.
We can run to make up for time.

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[]Cut her head off and bring it to Shempai

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Well, call me dumb, but I never guessed that factions will form like that. And then, what? What are the Homus going to do after Chiaki dies? Having a true royal battle?

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>[X]Hold her until she dies.

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>[]Put her out of her misery.

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Most likely they'll get absorbed into the Transcendent One.

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Put myself out of my misery

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I just want that ponytail back.

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>[X]Hold her until she dies.
The aftermath of shooting her would probably be PTSD for Midori. So let's not do that.

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>not wanting to give the green moebitch some good old fashioned shellshock
Seeing how her superior's got more than anyone else in the entire universe, she ought to share the weight.

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She would be even more useless then. Do we really want that?

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Yes. Maybe then we could get some Murderface time instead of another fucking Midori quest.

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Indeed that sounds nice. Shellshock it is.

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I´m afraid the option to hold the Homu won
Which is the option IC, as much as you don´t like it

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Who gives a shit about IC decisions? Nobody, because if we did there would be no Midori.

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How are we going to get the Golden DEagle to Chiaki?
She's presumably at the top of a trapped tower surrounded by hostile Homura's.

We can't just walk in; we'd get blown up by some of the traps in there.

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Give her a few kind words and a swift one where it won't hurt. Best thing you can do in this sort of situation.

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Are we even supposed to give it to her?
After all, the doll was speaking of the "staff" or whatever and was clearly using metaphors.
Maybe we're supposed to shoot her?
Maybe we're supposed to summon the spirits inside the gun?
Maybe we're supposed to get the spirits INSIDE the gun?
Maybe we're supposed to throw it at her?
Maybe we're supposed to woo it, sleep with it, then go to hell and back two times to save it when it does retarded fucking decisions?

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Well, if we take Manuke words into consideration, then we simply have to put the gun in her hands, and ... something will happen. The problem is entering the explosive-covered tower

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And then, how do we know who to give it to?
Is the Transcended One the Homu talked about Chiaki, or is she actually the Transcended One?
Well, Chiaki is actually the Transcended One, but only kinda.

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We just have to look for the only one who is not Madocrazy.

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You mean how we differentiate Chiaki? She is the only left-handed and short-haired Homu.
Let´s be honest, the only real clue we have here are Mnuke´s words. We have no other plan. Let´s give Chiaki the gun and pray that the situation will solve itself

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But didn't our Chiaki grow all her hair back with the transformation into Homusatan? Or did it get trimmed again and I forgot after 30 threads of Midori fucking around?

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She cut her hair again

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Ur mom

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What is the 14th officio?

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Ay io

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Damnit Cosgrove.

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It´s the first time I see a one-word post totally unrealted to the thread getting so many responses

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Welcome to MGNQ.

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The best.

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It's crap like what you just pointed out that makes me wonder why I don't just read the archives and forget about participating in this absurdity for the sake of what little is left of my sanity...

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A shit.
Arturia Pendragon a superior.
Deal with it, non-canon slut.

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We make Wendy enter naked, holding a bottle of Kong in one hand and painkillers in the other with "SENPAI PLEASE FUCK ME ALREADY" written across her boobs

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Sssssshhh, anon. You are already one of us. Resisting is not going to do you any good. Just embrace it a jump to the abysss

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People are bored and waiting for Decu. What did you expect?

>> No.42328317

Well, pretty accurate, anon

>> No.42328325

That wouldn't work, Wendy's main feature is her ass, no one would believe it's her if she tried to use her boobs as her main weapon. Boobs are Midori's thing.

>> No.42328331

I expected lots of sex.

>> No.42328336

>for the sake of what little is left of my sanity...
>He thinks he still has sanity.

>> No.42328347

She will, in one of her orgies.
Being non-canon is no skin off her nose, or cum off her clit in this case.

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Fate/Extra is canon.

>> No.42328363

Why is Nero such a slut?

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If you ever get around to writing it.

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A complete lack of any penetration.

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Well, we could be having a conversation about the best course of action in this terrible situation that Midori and Wendy are in. We could be discussing about the plot in the quest, making theories and planning future actions. Hell, we could be having a very interesting discussion about important topics like phylosophy, economics or politics. But here we are, discussing who is a slut.
can´t say I wasn´t expecting it, though

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Too much best to be contained.

>> No.42328392

As far as I'm concerned, her being a slut is a point in her favor.

>> No.42328393

Said by the faggot that can't even spell "philosophy" right and uses the wrong fucking apostrophe.

>> No.42328407

I probably won't.

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Got nothin' on the original

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Ugh, all this waifu arguing while we wait for Decu to update.

Its gotten tired, I tells ya.

Let's bitch about Husbandos instead.

Like this mindbroken slut.

Wait, Sabre's been in world. Does this mean a genderflipped version of this guy is a Eversor somewhere in quest?

>> No.42328415

Slutting is at the core of philosophy, economics and politics.

Without sluts you wouldn't be here.

>> No.42328416

Apologies, anon. I am a non-english speaker, and sometimes I made mistakes. What apostrophe are you refering to?

>> No.42328441

And you should stop talking about your mother all the time.

>> No.42328445

Didn't she fuck up massively during walrus piss night?

>> No.42328450

> waifu arguing

Yeah which is why we circle jerking over Saberclones instead.
And a genderbended Lancelot would be unf

>> No.42328453

Bah, just ignore teh wanna be ghramhar nahzi. Whvo charves abvout spelving anywhvay?

>> No.42328457


I think that was Modred.

And yes, she ran away screaming after charging up her ultimate attack.

>> No.42328479

That was her youngest sister, Mordred Pendragon.

I mean it's easy to make the mistake.
They all look the same.

>> No.42328483

What was her punishment for that, again? An "internship" with Nero?

>> No.42328484

That was Mordred, yes, and she sucked ass. Arturia was busy somewhere else holding back an undending horde monster witches during WPN.

>> No.42328485

Saber strawberry predates Saber blueberry

>> No.42328493

I do. I spend a lot of time learning english, and I hate to see that I made stupid mistakes. To be honest, 4chan has helped me a lot to improve my english. That´s why I ask english-speakers anons to correct me, so I don´t made the same error again

>> No.42328505

Yes...yes she would

>> No.42328506

She went rogue, probably picked up a golden weapon by now.

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>> No.42328535

She hasn't been caught yet.
She's gone rogue, and is likely to have received a Golden Weapon by now.

>> No.42328537

>an "internship" with an extremely lewd and slutty magical girl

>> No.42328542

Since you asked: it should be "English-speaking anons" instead of "english-speakers."

That said, your grasp of the language is very impressive! I could have mistaken you for a native speaker.

>> No.42328544

You mean accident.

>> No.42328565

No. If I remember correctly from ask.fm, she returned to her Officio, and was severely punished for cowardice. Right now, she is a disgrace to the eyes of her colleagues, and is working hard to earn their trust again

>> No.42328567

Where did it say she went rogue?

>> No.42328570

Error is a slightly less natural but still totally valid word in that context. The actual error is the use of "made" (past-tense) instead of "make" (future-tense).

>> No.42328572

>"severely punished"
>"a disgrace"
>"working hard" to "earn" their "trust" again
Oh my.

>> No.42328577

Shh, I am trying to train him to do it wrong.

>> No.42328579

That's about half the 14th though. They have yearly "Who's the biggest slut" competitions.

>> No.42328586

Well, thanks for your help and kind words, anon

>> No.42328603

What's the grand prize?

>> No.42328610

Your own harem

>> No.42328611

>That hot girl like to have sex.

Lovecraft has nothing on that sheer level of terror.

>> No.42328612

A day long continuous orgasm.

>> No.42328618

How big are we talking here? Is it perhaps the entire Officio?
That wouldn't be too different from Kharn's reign as Warmaster.

>> No.42328626 [DELETED] 

Actually, Nero is much better than Arturia in Grand Order. And she is a four star, and Arturia is a five star.

Both have really good skills. Arturia has worse stats. Nero's NP is extremely dependable.

Arturia's thing is that Excalibur is really strong in theory, but complete shit in practice. It's damage increases both with weapon level and overcharge. Problem is that she is a FIVE STAR SERVANT, meaning she is REALLY RARE, and you need to spend the card of the same servant to upgrade a NP once, so you would need to spent many, many shekels to get enough quartz to safely roll SIX Arturias and get Excalibur to level 5, and THEN in the actual battle you would have to have Arturia charge her NP bar to 300% and have her go last in a NP chain (which is actually really difficult to do). Then you would have Arturia as strong as she is supposed to be in canon.

Arturia is just so bad, holy shit. Fuck Arturia.

>> No.42328631

So who else has a golden weapon? The 17th? Mami?

>> No.42328633

More of who is a better nymphomaniac sex goddess.

>> No.42328644

thread 208

>And Mordred? You can't help but see Enyo flinch as you say the name. Where's Mordred?

>"Escaped." The raven-haired Marshal says after a moment. "Unfortunately, the Princess is intimately-attuned to her armor, as is every Black Templar, and thus knows how to evade our conventional tracking methods. Regardless, we have already sent out teams to retrieve, to see that she answer for her...transgressions."

>> No.42328646

Decu confirmed she got rid of it.

>> No.42328650

Madoka is not nearly frightened enough in this pic, not by a long shot...

>> No.42328656


>> No.42328659

Isn't that what I said?

>> No.42328668

In thread 285, there is a post with theories that has a list of the owners of the GW, from the threads and the write-ups

>> No.42328669

Is f/go any good or do people just play it for cute girls?

>> No.42328672

Actually, Nero is much better than Arturia in Grand Order. And she is a four star, and Arturia is a five star.

Both have really good skills. Arturia has worse stats. Nero's NP is extremely dependable.

Arturia's thing is that Excalibur is really strong in theory, but complete shit in practice. It's damage increases both with weapon level and overcharge. Problem is that she is a FIVE STAR SERVANT, meaning she is REALLY RARE, and you need to spend the card of the same servant to upgrade a NP once, so you would need to spend many, many shekels - we're talking a few wages here - to get enough quartz to safely roll FIVE Arturias and get Excalibur to level 5, and THEN in the actual battle you would have to have Arturia charge her NP bar to 300% and have her go last in a NP chain (which is actually really difficult to do).Then you would have Arturia as strong as she is supposed to be in canon.

Arturia is just so bad, holy shit. Fuck Arturia.

>> No.42328682


>> No.42328688

It's in his ask.fm somewhere

Well some of them are clearly better at it than others.

>> No.42328695

But what happens when you lose?

>> No.42328704


>> No.42328721

It's okay. I am getting tired of it now, but it's not a bad game, and the story actually includes some cool new Nasu fluff. A lot of stuff is no longer a taboo, like real dragons. One of the big bosses of the main story is Fafnir himself, which is really cool.

But it's much better if you play a bunch of friends to play it with, otherwise it will be really lonely (and underpowered, because no strong supports means no 40AP exp dailies)

>> No.42328725

You get held on the edge for an entire day.

Some girls lose on purpose.

>> No.42328738

Even more important, what is the ratio of normal to more "well endowed" girls in the 14th? You know, the ones that get an "extra package".

>> No.42328739

Trapped in a hole in the wall.

>> No.42328766


>> No.42328767

We don´t posses enough info to discuss that, but we know for sure that the ratio of whores must be HIGH

>> No.42328782

Whoring should be tax exempt.

>> No.42328792

The ratio isn't static and some girls take the line and play jump-rope with it.

>> No.42328793

But a proper magical whore needs nothing but semen to sustain herself.

>> No.42328803

I have to admit that I'm really not getting this one. Whatdoesitmean?.png

>> No.42328808

But how many of them are functional?

>> No.42328811

Even if they didn't get that well endowed they can still tale two doses of solution-f and double stuff it.

>> No.42328824

How many doses of it can you take at once?

>> No.42328834

See shadowrun's rules on cybercocks.

But without the loss of magic.

>> No.42328840

In the 14th, solution-f is just the beginning. You know that one Officio that does bio-mods and stuff? They trade with them, a lot. You do the math.

>> No.42328845

A horror manga about a mountain who has multiple holes in the form of people, and those same persons feel that they need to enter. I don´t remember the name

>> No.42328858

So the 14th is /d/ and Slaanesh' personal harem at once?

>> No.42328873

Slaanesh isn't actually a sex god.

>> No.42328886

Slaanesh is the god of excess and pleasure, we know that.
This is a pretty clear case of excess.

>> No.42328898

You'd have to ask Deculture. I think most of this is just making stuff up.

>> No.42328909

enigma of *something* fault

>> No.42328915

I'd bet Decu would be 100% behind all of this.

>> No.42328946

/d/ probably has nothing on the 14th, but the only way to know for sure is to go there and find out the hard way. Even the 20th girls that infiltrated the place would only reply with naughty giggles, and are always under suspicion of being double-agents after the fact.

>> No.42328962

>Arturia is bad

>> No.42329020

Nah its tzeentch. All those schemes to get laid, changing partners, telling lies such as "I love you", body alteration with breast implants, and the thorny cock of tzeentch.

In one 40K book it explains how some tzeentch cultists ritualistically cut off a body part as a sacrifice to tzeentchm who gives them a better part if he feels like it. One of if nopt the first example of this is how a sorcerer sliced off his dick and got a huge thorny cock in return.I am not making this up.

>> No.42329040

>Her NP does roughly double the damage of her buster
wow so strong

>> No.42329050

Does this mean that Khorne approves of guro-fags and Nurgle of necrophilia?

40k, never change...

>> No.42329081

You're part of the harem.

>> No.42329092

Nurgle is the god of raw sex, Khrone is the god of skull fucking and pms sex.

>> No.42329136

Y'know, sometimes, I wonder if Decu takes as long as he does between posts because he likes to watch the shit-posting people do between quest relevant stuff...

>> No.42329139

>153 / 26 / 33 / 1
>OP post only

>> No.42329140

is Khorne the god of hatesex?

>> No.42329143 [SPOILER] 

That's all I ever wished for.

>> No.42329152

We can use our cloaking ability to get close to the tower, assuming that the Homura's haven't trapped their own areas. We could probably follow the trail of bodies and already expended traps to get up to a given floor, but then we'll need some way to get the rest of the way up to the top.

>> No.42329163

Betrayal is tzeentch's domain.

Khrone has hardcore BDSM.

>> No.42329166


I thought he was also doing other things while he was doing this.

>> No.42329171

Holy fucking shit I made it for the first time


>[x] Hold her until she dies. If it takes too long, let go gently with a hand in hers

>> No.42329184

The "voting's over" post, motherfucker, do you see it?

>> No.42329234

Almost two hours after the voting closed. Wow, I dunno if you're genuinely this blind, or if this is some convoluted trolling attempt.

Good show anyway, it got me another laugh for the day.

>> No.42329239

Busy ERPing with his secretary, Cooldown.

>> No.42329247

You mean playing MGSV.

>> No.42329257

Most likely he just arrived and voted right away without looking

>> No.42329263

Fuck. My bad.

>> No.42329269


What ?

>> No.42329271


>> No.42329296


>> No.42329313


>> No.42329323


>> No.42329326 [DELETED] 


>> No.42329329



>> No.42329330

I wonder if he unlocked demon snake yet.

>> No.42329353



>> No.42329361


A signal of "enter forbidden" is not an street name

>> No.42329375

>Getting mad because someone voted past the voting time

Is-... Is this some genuine autism in action?

>> No.42329403

What about 'getting a laugh out of it' sounds like getting mad to you anon?

Though I dunno what to say about the other guy.

>> No.42329407

No, the genuine autism is when you assume that someone is mad where no one is, in fact, mad.
Therefore you, good Anonymous, are autistic.
Autistic. I'm not even sure it's an insult anymore. It's way past its proper use time.

>> No.42329408


>> No.42329428

Psssst, it's GORGEOUSU

>> No.42329439

Hey, does anyone have that pic with the Decu summoning that had the image of a neckbeard shouting ONE JOB in the middle of it? I used to have it but lost it because of shit.


>> No.42329440

Are there any Disgaea or Neptunia characters running around in this?

>> No.42329461

Is Decu familiar with those fandoms? Because if the answer is yes...

>> No.42329463

Not hearing of them at all

>> No.42329473

>>42327425 >>42327488 >>42327490 >>42327497

You decide to hold her until she passes.

It's...you know it isn't her. You're not stupid.

And she even made it abundantly clear to you that she got herself into this condition by doing her level best to kill the person you were trying to rescue.

But...even with all that...

"...Madoka?" The dying Magical Girl wearing your sempai's face speaks again, for what sounds like the last time. "I'm...I think I'm going to rest for a bit. Is...is it alright if we stay like this...? At...at least until I fall asleep?"

Furiously blinking away tears, you smile and nod, before forcing yourself to speak as you hold her broken frame the slightest bit tighter.

"Of course, Homura-chan. You didn't even need to ask. We can stay like this." You reach down with one hand to brush her matted, blood-encrusted hair away from her features. "And I'll still be here when you wake up. I promise."

Mercifully, the fragment had no other reply to that, other than a smile. A smile that of relief, of contentment, of a long-denied peace finally found - after a lifetime of fighting and killing and having nothing else to show for it.

A smile that didn't fade even after she finally died, five minutes later. The breath leaving her lungs one final time, five minutes before she went completely still.

. . .

. .



>> No.42329474

Yeah, you're right.

>> No.42329502


"Took you long enough, Green." Wendy greets you with a growl as you finally catch up to her, the American Callidus not even crediting you with a look. "I told you to just fucking leave her back there, and what do you do? Are you going to fucking cuddle each and every one of them to death? Is that it? Is that what you want?" She shakes her head irritably, before finally turning to the side to glare at you directly.

You return Wendy's look with a hard one of your own, the effect slightly diminished from your eyes reddened from all the crying you didn't do. ...It just didn't feel right to leave her, you attempt to explain. To just leave someone like that, cold and alone in their last moments alive--

"So?" Wendy's scowl deepens at this. "I died. Once. Did I fucking cry and bitch and moan when some big-titted nurse neglected to usher me off the mortal coil by burying my face in her cleavage? Did I, Green?"

That's...that's different! And you weren't even there, how could you tell if--

"I didn't!" The American audibly snaps. "The fucking point is, fine, there's a time and place for everything. This place - wherever the fuck it is, maybe Kong's broken brain or something - isn't it. Especially when the person you're trying to give a happy ending to was actually someone trying fucking kill the person you were supposed to be fucking rescuing in the FIRST PLACE!"


>> No.42329510

Neptunia is autism. Like, Black Rock Shooter being in is bad enough, and it got in on style alone. Neptunia is full retard. You might as well throw a Nogizaka Haruka expy in at that point. We have got to mantain SOME level of not being a complete trash heap.

>> No.42329521


You open your mouth to reply here, the both of you continuing to march through the featureless, bleak landscape - but decide better of it to let Wendy wear herself out instead. It's...it's not that you've given up or anything, of course. Just that your unexpected bout of crying at the end - obviously triggered by the all-too-real horror of havving a facsimile of your sempai dying in your arms - you feel that it helped let you release the emotions that you'd been doing a great job of clamping down on for quite some time. Emotions that you've been pushing back ever since this entire mess with your sempai started, all in order to find a way to get her back intact.

Feeling the fragment finally breathe her last - you're thankful that Wendy wasn't around then to see you. Or hear you. You doubt you've ever cried that loud or that hard ever before. Clutching that broken body with yown hands, feeling how disgustingly light and frail it was due to its injuries - it brought all the fear, the helplessness, the agony flooding back to you, and you couldn't clamp down on them fast enough to prevent - as Kyoko and Sayaka had so glibly put it - the waterworks from starting. So you let it instead, letting it wash over you in a tidal wave.

And you came out of it drained. Drained, but...feeling a bit better, at least. Better enough to deal with whatever else you have to do to bring your sempai back.

...And true to form, Wendy does give up on her tirade soon enough, most likely recognizing your silence for what it is. It's only when what looks like the tower that the dying fragment described appear on the horizon - a black tower, surrounded by what appears to be whole Officios of Magical Girls, each one involved in some sort of concerted, if somewhat disogranized effort to lay siege to it - that she speaks up again. And when she does, it's in a rather apologetic tone that makes you turn back to her in surprise.


>> No.42329563


I'm not sure what is wrong with Black Rock Shooter in this actually.

>> No.42329576

But... how is a huge THORNY cock better than a normal-sized non-thorny one?
I mean, ladies might like sizable ones more, but I think covering 'em in spikes mitigates the appeal somewhat.
Or entirely.

>> No.42329577

Dude, this is a quest that incorporates, but is not limited to:
Madoka Magica
Warhammer 40k
Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni
A certain scientific index
Touhou, of course
Fate/input weeb crap here
Idolmaster and Hatsune Miku kind of as a part of that
Whatever else that I can't remember off the top of my head
We're waaaaaaaay past the "trash heap" point.
... but I agree, Neptunia is fucking terrible.

>> No.42329578


"...Sorry. It's this fucking place." Wendy murmurs. "...I didn't want to watch Kong die, either."

You give her a long look, before shaking your head and giving her a small smile. It's fine, you tell her. You understand completely. You can talk about it later though, if she wanted to.

There's a time and place for everything, after all.

You hear the American Callidus choke at this, but you try your best not to look too smug as you turn to look at the tower in the horizon. For a structure in this kind of place, you thought it'd be taller, at least. But it's no taller than a simple office building, ten, maybe twelve stories high. Completely black, all hard edges and right angles, ramrod straight. A straight line stabbed into the ground, bisecting the sky.

Somewhere in there is your own sempai. The real Chiaki. And you have to get to her before it's too late.

You shake your head as your gaze goes lower, to see the horde of...of sempais laying siege to it. There's got to be four, five Officios' worth of them running around down there, easily! Even if you had the idea that there was going to be a lot of them trying to take the real sempai out, just the sight of the horde - and the idea that each one of them was a perfect clone of the girl you're currently trying to rescue - is enough to make your knees weak.

"...Wish I brought a camera along." Wendy says beside you as she beholds the scene herself. "...Can you fucking imagine it? Enough clones of Kong to fill ten fucking Officios?" She shakes her head. "I can't even start to wrap my brain around the fucking concept."

Neither can you, you assure her. To hear about it is one thing, to see it is...it's completely another, all right.


>> No.42329603

>Hating cute console girls doing cute console girl things

Yo what. The Rebirth games were pretty fun too.

>> No.42329604

>Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni

>> No.42329610

Cool people doing cool things. No story.

There is nothing about it to subvert or work with. Decu took visuals and painted them onto characters that have something going for them already, because the show has nothing else going for it but visuals.

>> No.42329615


"...Yeah." Wendy shakes her head, before nodding towards the tableau. "Anyway. How do you think we should make our way inside? My opinion, we have two options: try to sneak in undetected, or disguise ourselves as one of them, piggyback our way inside with one of their insertion attempts, something like that." She thinks for a second. "...Up to me, I'd go for infiltration. They're probably too busy worrying about getting inside that they won't notice us sneaking into the building."

That...that makes sense, but...hnn. Maybe there's an easier way...or a faster way, at least.

How do you want to try and get into the tower?

[]Sneak inside. The Homuras will probably be too busy to notice two Callidus sneaking in.
[]Disguise yourself. Less chance of you being discovered, and not to mention they may actually help you get inside the building.

>> No.42329617

Midori's appearance is based off of Shion/Mion
Kharn originally dressed as Makise Kurisu

>> No.42329627

>[x]Sneak inside. The Homuras will probably be too busy to notice two Callidus sneaking in.

>> No.42329638

>[X]Sneak inside. The Homuras will probably be too busy to notice two Callidus sneaking in.

Sneaking mission

>> No.42329639

>[X]Disguise yourself. Less chance of you being discovered, and not to mention they may actually help you get inside the building.
I wonder if any of the homus can use their time stop ability?

>> No.42329640

>[X]Sneak inside. The Homuras will probably be too busy to notice two Callidus sneaking in.

>> No.42329649

That shirt is hardly unique to stein's gate.

>> No.42329653

>[X]Sneak inside. The Homuras will probably be too busy to notice two Callidus sneaking in.

Simple is probably best here, and trying to pretend to be a Homu won't end well I think, especially for Wendy. No offense to her, but her only homu experience is Murderface, and that's not a really good example.

>> No.42329665

>This guy

>> No.42329670

>[]Sneak inside. The Homuras will probably be too busy to notice two Callidus sneaking in.
We are the sneaking class.

>> No.42329675

Try to ask the personalities in the Golden DEagle if they can get a fix on Chiaki's location in the Tower.

>> No.42329680

>[X]Sneak inside. The Homuras will probably be too busy to notice two Callidus sneaking in.
It is what a Callidus does best.

>> No.42329681

>[]Disguise yourself. Less chance of you being discovered, and not to mention they may actually help you get inside the building.
Let them enter in the tower first, so they eat the traps

>> No.42329683

[]Sneak inside. The Homuras will probably be too busy to notice two Callidus sneaking in.
But more importantly, how do we get past Chiaki's traps?

>> No.42329684

None of these are real offenders if you look at it from up above. You only view Fate/ as low tier weeb crap because it exploded in popularity recently, for example.

Except Index. I am kind of mad it incorporates Index personally, but at least Souji is literally not at all Accellerator in any way anymore, and Last Order is kind of okay a character, so I let it slide. Kharn wearing the Kurisu getup was flavor of the year, and a joke because she is a sciencist, she never has it on again.

>> No.42329685

Look at this and tell me this isn't a pretty direct reference.

>> No.42329690

>[]Sneak inside. The Homuras will probably be too busy to notice two Callidus sneaking in.
Green Snake and Burger Snake

>> No.42329697

>[X]Sneak inside. The Homuras will probably be too busy to notice two Callidus sneaking in.

>> No.42329700

[X] Other


>> No.42329701

[x] Sneak inside. The Homuras will probably be too busy to notice two Callidus sneaking in.
-[x] Obtain an eye-patch, a cigar, and a cardboard box (This is important)

>> No.42329704


>the show has nothing else going for it but visuals

If you say so.

>> No.42329715


>[X]Sneak inside. The Homuras will probably be too busy to notice two Callidus sneaking in.

That's what Midori and Wendy are best at anyways

>> No.42329722

I've seen plenty of people wear shirts and ties like that.

>> No.42329726

>Green Snake and Burger Snake
>Burger Snake

Anon, stop doing this kind of thing to my sides. One of these days I won't get them back.

>> No.42329730

>[]Sneak inside. The Homuras will probably be too busy to notice two Callidus sneaking in.
This, but we need to use all our Callidus magic to get by undetected

>> No.42329733

I only view Fate/ as low tier because of all the Fate/stayshit fags in my visual novel generals.

But the ones that take the biggest part are the Warhammer 40k stuff and Idolmaster. The idols are all pretty high up on the character list and 40k dictates half the setting. We would have no Officios, Eversors or any organization whatsoever to the meguca world without them.

>> No.42329735

>[X]Sneak inside. The Homuras will probably be too busy to notice two Callidus sneaking in.
Not to mention if we get mistaken for the legion of Homu we may get ambushed and killed like the rest of them.

>> No.42329737

>no story

It's about the feelings of girls, anon.
Cute, clingy girls who hold hands with other girls and say things like 'I love you' to each other.

Friendship and homolust.

>> No.42329743

>[]Sneak inside. The Homuras will probably be too busy to notice two Callidus sneaking in.
What could we possibly disguise ourselves as?

>> No.42329759

Am I the only one that pretty much just skips over half of what Decu writes?
I just skip over all the sentences describing how the character is feeling/what they are thinking. It's pretty fucking obvious and just pads it all out.

>> No.42329763

Wendy can do that broomstick summoning thing, right? Sequence Break right to the top of the tower.

>> No.42329770


Don't you mean "homulust"?

I think she has set the new standard for that.

>> No.42329774

Midori, disguised as Homu, trying to imagine that working even with magic when you consider the boobage disparity is pretty much impossible.

>> No.42329802

to be fair, she could disguise them as heavy ordinance. rocket boobs.

>> No.42329803

Yes, because we totally won't get shot at by 5000+ magical girls armed with a virtually limitless armory of modern guns. And this likely includes Chiaki.

No offense, but this idea is soooo bad...

>> No.42329806

"Can't we just fly there?"

Failing that, sneaking.

>> No.42329813

Nah. Mato/BRS is more like a puppy than some sort of lovestalker.

>> No.42329816


She did disguise herself as Girl A at one point, but only the face. Presumably it was just a quick disguise instead of a careful one

>> No.42329818

The Idols are actually just a bunch of stock characters. You could rename them and repaint them in the MGNQ anime and nobody would get mad on any side Iori has no fans.

The 40k pretty much only dictates terminology. That can be changed.

Metal Gear RAY can be any other robot or big fat boss, Blueberry Cheesecake Brownie could be removed entirely and nobody would really miss it, because it is flavor of the year again.

But the magical girl show expies? Those have to stay. And that would be a problem above anything else.

>> No.42329827


Disguise as Madoka (Again). Tell the Homus you'll go it alone and let them wait.

>> No.42329833


Maybe she could pass it off as a vestigial Homura.

Or use that mass as another illusion as a third decoy Homura to serve as a sacrificial decoy in case things go south.

>> No.42329838

>I only view Fate/ as low tie but not because of the series.

>> No.42329844

>[X]Sneak inside. The Homuras will probably be too busy to notice two Callidus sneaking in.
The disguise will get us shot by the real one.

>> No.42329848

>[x]Sneak inside. The Homuras will probably be too busy to notice two Callidus sneaking in.

I hope this action brings the dolls into play.

>> No.42329853

Midori is not The Thing anon, or Alex Mercer, or any other bio-bullshit that can split mass like that.

It'd be cool if she were though.

Because magical realm reasons.

>> No.42329859

But anon...
We were Madoka this entire time

>> No.42329861

To add, the quality that I see in this quest is that great majority of this quest's characters do actually pass the Plinkett test despite being to a great degree cool people doing cool things, painted in flashy colours.

>> No.42329864


I'm kind of wondering why they didn't include Matagi, Black Devil or Dragon Slayer now.

But then again the animation budget probably didn't stretch that far.

>> No.42329879

I can't believe most anon's haven't clocked on yet. It's not as if Pinky and based Doll didn't heavily imply it.

>> No.42329886


>What Midori and Wendy are best at
anon it isn't an eating contest

>> No.42329897

>[]Disguise yourself. Less chance of you being discovered, and not to mention they may actually help you get inside the building.
Midori works off expectations, we can probably do this.

>> No.42329913

That would also have meant three more girls with three more stories and hard lives which related to the lives of the girls already present, though.
I think it would have taken at least a handful more episodes to establish them and their counterparts, as well as have all the conflicts of interest and their effects in the real world play out.

>> No.42329918

No we are love.

>> No.42329971

Useless meat!

>> No.42330012


That is true.



>> No.42330016

>>42329897 was me


>> No.42330046

>magical realm reasons

I don't care about your magical realm, but, shit dude, fuckin sword arms

>> No.42330061


>> No.42330068

Does Wendy have all of Madotsuki's powers? If so, can she use the traffic light to stop everyone from moving?

>> No.42330072

Decu stated in ask.fm that some callidus can create weapons from their own bodies, like swords, claws or body armor but is it very extenuating. Some of the best could even morph into a ninja turtle, but is very dangerous

>> No.42330107

Soul Eater confirmed for MGNQ?

>> No.42330110

Perfection in one picture

>> No.42330126

What? Is this a joke? Can you explain?

>> No.42330134


That sounds oddly like Obliterators or individuals affected with the Obliterator Virus.

>> No.42330167

>Warhammer 40k references
>in MGNQ

>> No.42330175

Oblits would be vindicare.

>> No.42330180

Wendy is the main character, Madotsuki, from a game called "Yume Nikki". In the game, she can use various powers, called "effects", to affect the game. One effect turns her into a traffic light, which causes everyone to stop moving.

>> No.42330225

"Dream Diary"? Also, those powers... what? I might have to look into that game lol...

>> No.42330303

It's pretty fun. Basically, you spend the game exploring Madotsuki's weird dreams.

>> No.42330345

Yup. The game is kinda weird at time, but it will explain a bit about the influences behind Wendy.
Don't spoil yourself with the ending it's way better if you play through it in the game.

>> No.42330350

Oh boy we may get a whole three updates. Decu's on top form today.

>> No.42330390

She kills herself.

You know you want to look.

>> No.42330418


It's been described as being similar to LSD:Dream Emulator and Earthbound.

>> No.42330427

I hope this is not how Wendy will end

>> No.42330480

The scene is very dream-like, though, so she probably did not really wake up, but the implication is very clear. If she had to return to the real world, the distance is such that it would kill her.

>> No.42330679

Nicole Touchdown also originates from yume nikki, as do some of Wendy's quirks (like pinching her cheek to wake up).

>> No.42331009

Wait I thought she was genderbent Travis Touchdown from No more Heroes?

>> No.42331028

It's his kid.

>> No.42331049

I think it is Travis mixed with that blond girl from Yume nikki

>> No.42331117

I'm surprised we don't have Zero from Drakengard or Keine from Nier in this yet or some reference to them.

>> No.42331203

That'd be neat.
**personally waiting for more bayonetta refference though**

>> No.42331247

Man today is a fuck up after another. Disregard asterisks.

>> No.42331254

here's a comparison, decide for yourself

>> No.42331262

Spoilers on 8?

>> No.42331270


I thought she was in this as a weapon reference at one point.

Alternatively it would be interesting to see what Kharn would look like as Bayonetta.

>> No.42331285

huh. never knew she had art.

>> No.42331296

I remember a drwing that decu made depicting moemura as a lvl0 witch and bayonetta as a lvl99 witch. I thaught that meant that this timeline Homura would be a reference to bayonetta

>> No.42331388

Yep. Was introduced to MGNQ through a friend, read all of it in 2/3 weeks and began lurking on /tg/.

Having a twitter and following decu helps.

Kharn as bayonetta sounds just about right actually.

>> No.42331580

Wendys name even comes from a yume nikki quest, I think. Or heavy coincidence

>> No.42331604

Nah, Wendy's name comes from 'window', which is the translation of 'Madotsuki'.

The fact that it also alludes to Peter Pan is a bonus.

>> No.42331756


>> No.42331825


Nyan Nyan!

>> No.42331855

>>42329627 >>42329638 >>42329640 >>42329653

You decide to echo Wendy's choice of action here. Sneaking in would probably be the best way to go about things. From how it's looking at in your vantage point, it does look as if the assembled horde of Homuras would be too busy to notice two Callidus slipping in after them. It'd be easy enough to infiltrate with all the commotion.

"...Thought so." Wendy nods, before squinting at the crowd of Homuras surrounding the tower from all sides. "Now we'll have to figure out how to actually do that. We half-ass this, and we got ten metric fucktons of Kong crashing down on us like a bad day." She shakes her head. "...Shit, is that a fucking tank? They're actually going to try and roll a fucking tank inside there? How...how is it going to fucking work? You won't even be able to shoot the main gun worth a damn in that kind of space--"

You have no idea, but it sounds like what your sempai would do anyway. Especially when she's about to lose her temper.

"...Point." Wendy murmurs. "...Anyway, let's try to get closer without being seen. We do that, we can probably find out when their next all-out assault will be and how. That'll be the time when we can get in without them knowing."

And so, for the second time in what seems like a day, you decide to use the skills you've long since abandoned after you got good enough to accurately imitate someone. ...No, you're not complaining. It's actually nostalgic in a way, relying on the abilities drilled to you during basic Callidus training, rather than continuing to use illusory magic as a crutch.

Of course, it also has the unfortunate side effect of bringing your poor life decisions to light. Specifically, the decisions that involve shutting yourself in your room and drawing nothing but magical girls all day, with only soda and junk food for sustenance.


>> No.42331861


Either that or shes named after this fellow.

>> No.42331880

What the hell is that thing?

>> No.42331892


...Anyway. After a few moments of sneaking around and cautiously inching forward, you find yourself hiding behind some stacked ammo crates, while Wendy concealed herself behind the wrecked, rocket-pockmarked corpse of a Panzer IV Ausf.D. The faded logo of a goofily-drawn anglerfish standing out from its gray-painted hull.

Just a few metres in front of you, close enough to eavesdrop on, is what appears to be an impromptu strategy meeting between the more senior-looking of Homuras. Homuras that look suitably battle-hardened, weary, and determined - a stark contrast from the others that look fresh from contracting. ...One of them is even sporting a prosthetic arm, painted crimson. A shard of black shrapnel sticking out from her forehead - at least, until one of the other Homuras irritably plucked it out, revealing it as some sort of tape-on prop.

...So it's just not clones, you realize. It's other versions of your sempai.

"Alright, alright, settle down." One of the Homuras clears her throat in an attempt to catch the others' attention. "We've confirmed that the Nameless One is holed up at the top floor. That's where anyone one with sense would hole up in, considering this is a ground siege and all.

"Now, it's easy enough to get into the building. Hell, the Nameless One probably should've rolled out the red carpet, with how she's neglected securing the entrance and the lobby." The Homura taking the lead jabs a finger at what looks like a rough sketch of the tower. "But as we've had the direct displeasure of discovering that many, if not all the floors between the roof and the lobby have been rigged with traps set to detonate remotely. Now, that would just be easily solved with a few ECMs being thrown down, but they're also rigged with motion sensors, so..."


>> No.42331920


One of the other raven-haired Magical Girls speaks up. "The tower itself is a conundrum. Each floor is divided into nine equal-sized rooms, and those rooms switch around each other without any warning at all. So not only do we have to deal with getting blown up, but also by getting so irrevocably lost that we open ourselves up to one of her ambushes." She shakes her head, heaving an irritated sigh. "I think we may need to cut our losses here--"

The obvious leader of the pack - a Homura with what appears to be a network of scars etched across her face - shakes her head. "This is our one last chance to get things right. We can't give up now." She glares at each other in turn, before shaking her head again. "Now, like I suggested earlier, the next assault should involve an direct aerial attack, one that drops operatives directly onto the top floor. One of us is busy trying to see if they can procure an attack helicopter from their own collection, and she's one of those types that compulsively stole anything that she thought she could get away with at the time, so there's a good chance we should be airborne soon."

"Something's going our way at least, then." One of the Magical Girls grumble, to the murmured assent of the others.

"Besides that, we're still working on smashing through one of the floors with an actual tank, as well as the usual spate of ten-person kill teams sent in thirty minutes." The scarred Homura shakes her head. "Not one has come back intact, only stragglers she left alive to come back and tell the tale. But from the reports of the survivors, we ARE getting closer and closer. It's just taking time."

More murmurs of agreement, while some took the time and opportunity to curse the Nameless One underneath their breaths.


>> No.42331973

Well, it looks a direct-fuck-you-assault is going to happen soon

>> No.42331998


"I know, it's not much to go on, but that's what we have." The scarred Homura shakes her head. "We just need to keep trying, and trying, and trying. One of us will get it right eventually." She laughs. "Just like our primogenitor did."

More laughter, and it's here that they finally break apart, the meeting obviously concluded. In their inattention, you make your way over to Wendy, the bulk of the busted tank enough to conceal the both of you.

"...So that gives us two options, then." Wendy mulls this over. "Either wait for their chopper to get ready and be operational, get on board somehow, and drop ourselves down when we get the chance - or slip in after one of their kill-teams and go from there. The thing with the shifting rooms is fucked, though. ...Then again, it's just like Kong to come up with shit like that."

Oh? Your sempai would actually go that far...?

The American Callidus blinks at you, before nodding. "Yeah. She can get very paranoid about shit if you let her. This kind of excessive precaution is normal for her." She glances up at the tower. "And I bet she's got something to address her weak spot from up top, too. But there's the off-chance she missed it, so..."

So it's the helicopter, then? Navigating the building sounds like a hellish maze to deal with, so--

Wendy shakes her head. "...Navigation's not even an issue. Your Soul Gem's attuned to hers, right?"

Yeah? What about it...?

"Then you can use it to track her down. See what route we have to take to get to her." She hesitates for a moment, before forging on. "...That, or the Golden Weapon we stole. Either way, one of them has to work, right?"

...Hnnh. That's possible.

"Anyway. Still your decision, Green. You decide, I'll follow."

What do you do?

[]Take the helicopter route.
[]Take the Kill-Team route.
[]Other. There must be another way that you're missing...something on hand you can use...

>> No.42332021 [DELETED] 

>[]Take the helicopter route.

>> No.42332024

>[X]Other. There must be another way that you're missing...something on hand you can use...
TINY PETE! SHOWTIME! At the best opportunity to use it, anyway![/spoiler[

>> No.42332045

>[]Other. There must be another way that you're missing...something on hand you can use...
Do the soul-gem tracking thing now. It seems like the Murderface thing to do to set up an automated tower of fuck-you then go hide somewhere else.

>> No.42332052

>[]Take the Kill-Team route.
There's certainly nothing else!

>> No.42332053

>[]Other. There must be another way that you're missing...something on hand you can use...

Disguise ourselves as ammunition and get in the tank.

>> No.42332058

Who Homu here?

>> No.42332072

>[]Take the Kill-Team route.

>> No.42332074

>[]Take the helicopter route.

>> No.42332076

>[]Other. There must be another way that you're missing...something on hand you can use...

Following a kill team sounds pretty dumb and getting in a helo sounds even dumber

>> No.42332088


Oh fuck I forgot we have the watch still. Tiny Pete time! Either use him as a distraction or ride with him to the top using his jump pack

>> No.42332091

>[]Other. There must be another way that you're missing...something on hand you can use...
Wendy summons her broom. Both of them use Callidus magic to make themselves and the broom invisible. Get in the broom. Fly to the building. Find Chiaki.

>> No.42332099

I'm seconding this, sort of. Midori still has the beacon from the meeting with Annie, so we can sneak in the building, then use Tiny Pete to both help deal with the Homus, and alert Chiaki that we're there for her, since the other versions of her shouldn't have access to this kind of tech, seeing as it seems to have popped up only in this version of the universe... not to mention that Pete is pretty distinctive.

>> No.42332104

>[x]Other. There must be another way that you're missing...something on hand you can use...

Try to contact Manuke

>> No.42332113

I'm >>42332072 and I'm changing my vote to support this >>42332045

>> No.42332127


>> No.42332130

>[x] Other

Use soul gem atunement first. Then ask the stooges and as last resource, use Tiny Pete.

>> No.42332140

>[X]Other. There must be another way that you're missing...something on hand you can use...


And what is Tiny Pete supposed to achieve? Get spotted IMMEDIATELY and eat shells from 360 different directions?

>> No.42332143

>[x]Other. There must be another way that you're missing...something on hand you can use...

>> No.42332149

>[]Other. There must be another way that you're missing...something on hand you can use...

>> No.42332157

Midori doesn't know about the stooges.

>> No.42332168



The double dubs have it. Tiny Pete!

>> No.42332178

>[]Take the helicopter route.
Unless it's a Hind. If it's a Hind it will be shot down.

>> No.42332186

>[X]Take the helicopter route.

>> No.42332196


I'll also support this: >>42332045

Plus attunement and whatever. Try to see if we can use those without being noticed.

>> No.42332215


It's a shade from Nier.

A few of the bosses in Nier have names from Peter Pan and other classical literature.

>> No.42332224

Voting for this: >>42332045 and also for slipping in after the Kill-Team once we've confirmed Chiaki's up there.

>> No.42332225

>[X]Other. There must be another way that you're missing...something on hand you can use...
It's finally time.

>> No.42332226

This. Totally.

>> No.42332227

Midori isnt stupid. One of the weapon shades helped her last minute, she must be somewhat aware that there must be one in the Deagle too.

>> No.42332232

>[]Other. There must be another way that you're missing...something on hand you can use...
Take Tiny Pete and go through the dungeon ourselves.

>> No.42332243


>> No.42332261

[X]Take the helicopter route.
But be smart about it. Ask Wendy whether she has a backup in case we get shot down. Prepare to deploy Tiny Pete against whatever trap Chiaki's got set up on the top floor.

>> No.42332275

>Midori isnt stupid.

>> No.42332292




>> No.42332297

Well, helicopter will be going into unknown territory and chiaki must have prepared for aerial assault.
Kill team sounds like team suicide
[X] Tiny pete. It might also jostle her memory.

>> No.42332300

Shouldn't you be busy dropping fire on twitter or something?

>> No.42332301


>> No.42332305


Might also be interesting to see how Kharn looks dressed like this.

They both have a lewd personality so.

>> No.42332320

[]Other. There must be another way that you're missing...something on hand you can use...

Tiny Pete

>> No.42332336

>Disguise ourselves as ammunition and get in the tank.

I voted for "Get Fucked" and i regret nothing

>> No.42332351

I didn't post that.

>> No.42332354

I really, really hate votes like this one. There are just too many possible courses of action and diverging opinions to really settle with a vote. There's picking the routes, and there's a 'when to use what' part to either side. Since Soul Gem resonance, Tiny Pete, DEagle Spirits and Wendy's broom all have their moments where they could be useful in this fuck up, but the problem is picking an order, which not to use at all, so on and so forth...

Bleh, I'm not even gonna try...

>> No.42332384

uh oh
this could be a Get Fucked kind of decision

>> No.42332412

I simply want a magical girl with quantum abilities. Her only ability is to make a divergence on a choice of her choosing, with both possible routes being equally valid and possible until she manually removes them from the timeline. Kind of like an advanced precognition.

>> No.42332431

[x]Other. There must be another way that you're missing...something on hand you can use...
Midori's gem is still attuned to Chiaki; she can attempt a direction pulse to her.

Also, ask the spirits in the DEagle for an option.

Finally, what about scaling the outside of the tower?

>> No.42332436


>> No.42332438

This IS a Get Fucked kind of decision. It's technically speaking worse than that, because our only support is Wendy.

>> No.42332460

inb4 chikuwa

>> No.42332466

That seems a little OP, you'd have to add some limiters like 'can't have multiple choice divergences at once' or 'use of the ability increases the chances of abnormalities in the timeline'

>> No.42332480

But so is unlimited timestop with readily accessible hammerspace OP, and look where we got ourselves.

>> No.42332537

yeah, and the quest put limits on those things, too
>unlimited timestop
>readily accessible hammerspace
Has only been giving us what we want fairly recently, after we got the Deagle on our side. Plus we have no idea what's in there.

>> No.42332543

>unlimited timestop
We lost that pretty much immediately due to Pinky.

>> No.42332760

She looks like she's having a stroke.

>> No.42332810


Isn't that how Erika always looks?

>> No.42332862

She swings between that and smugly erotic.

>> No.42332877

I don't know, I haven't played lakeleopards.

>> No.42332883


Or she's got a case of the Dreamworks face.

>> No.42332911

Donkey's eyebrows are level with each other, and Cars is fucking Pixar.

>> No.42332932

Not entirely sure what you mean anon

>> No.42332947

It really is.

>> No.42332972


So I noticed.

>> No.42332982


True enough, though she's got the expression down pat.

>> No.42332995

I thought all of her faces were smugly erotic.

Even this one a little bit.

>> No.42333020

I will never stop finding this funny.

>> No.42333078


She reminds me of Metallia when she smiles.

>> No.42333114

Some are more smug than others.

>> No.42333198 [SPOILER] 

And some are more erotic.

>> No.42333266

I think they're talking about original recipe PMMM homu, not Chiaki

>> No.42333377

in PMMM canon, everything is limited by grief accumulation, so the point still stands. The reason Madoka turns into a witch in some timelines isn't because she's fallen into despair, but just because the price of victory is just too high

>> No.42333400

So like Accelerator, but rather than controlling vectors, she controls the collapse of the wave function?

>> No.42333419

This one's my favorite, though.

>> No.42333821


You look up at the tower from the cover of the ruined tank. Going with the helicopter seems like a safe bet - it'd take you up to the uppermost floor of the tower, no problem, you only need to remain undetected for the entirety of the ride. Slipping into the building amidst the chaos of their full-out assault seems feasible too, albeit a bit more risky.

Just as you make to blurt out your decision, however, it's here that a thought strikes you - one that you immediately berate yourself mentally for missing. ...Your sempai may be obtuse and socially-inept sometimes, and she can be devastatingly callous if she wants to be - but she's not as stupid as people think she is at first.

She wouldn't simply hole up inside somewhere without addressing all glaring security gaps - and an attack from above is definitely one of them, especially in this situation. Maybe she'd rigged the roof to blow up at the slightest sign of intruders. Automated sentry guns, you've heard her murmur something in her sleep about them before - she could have posted dozens and dozens of them all over the building, in entrances, exits, bottlenecks...

You blink again. ...No, that's not possible. That's not...it can't be.

Can't it? This is sempai you're talking about after all, and--

"...Well, Green?" Wendy hisses from her spot behind the murdered Panzer. "Any fucking day now would be nice!"

You glance at Wendy, then back at the tower. Before shaking your head again in utter disbelief.

"Green? What the fuck is--" Wendy begins again, but stops as she sees you draw out your Soul Gem. "...What? Green, you realize you're doing this in the midst of a fucking assault force? What the fuck are you doing?!"


>> No.42333877


You shush her as you hold the glowing bauble close to you, so as to not to attract too much attention. At the same time you concentrate - forcing your thoughts, your will, into the singular purpose of finding Chiaki. Of finding your sempai.

Your Soul Gem glows once. Twice. Three times in succession.

And then, with the sound of a small bell chime, a small ray of crimson light shoots from your Soul Gem. Its afterimage leaving a trail leading not towards the tower, but away from it.

Your breath catches in your throat as you realize just what it means. Beside you, you hear Wendy let out a curse underneath her breath - the American also realizing the truth a couple of heartbeats after you do.

That's...that's it.

You've found Chiaki.

You've found your sempai. Somewhere, in this bleak, featureless landscape, is your sempai. Far away from here.

And somehow, she's taken all her other selves as fools, making them throw their lives away trying to force their way up a heavily-fortified base she isn't even taking refuge in.

"...Goddammit, Kong." Wendy grins, shaking her head in incredulous glee. "Just...fuck. Goddammit."

>> No.42333894

Did...did Chiaki just Iron Cage all the Homus?

>> No.42333902


>> No.42333908

My internal Perturabo intensifies.

>> No.42333947

Chikuwa? New thread?

>> No.42333960


Pausing thread for now! I really wanted to finish the arc this thread, but I just took too long updating! To make up for it let's finish this on Tuesday night! I wasn't expecting you guys to figure it out really quickly!

Thank you for your participation, feedback is always great!

>> No.42334020

Cheers, boss.
>Isn't obsessed with Madoka to a fault
>Knows how obsessive her other selves can get with the big obvious threat
Chiaki best homu

>> No.42334021


Thanks for running, I honestly thought Tiny Pete won, and we would have ended up using him for nothing.

>> No.42334028

>I really wanted to finish the arc this thread, but I just took too long updating!

You've said that for how many threads now?

Just let it flow. We'll come to the end when we come to it. No need to loose sleep over it. We know how much you want to run GuT but you can't if you collapse from lack of sleep

>> No.42334031

Thanks for running.

>> No.42334037

Thanks for running!


Thread has been archived!

Chiaki is a clever one.

>> No.42334041

chiaki's ruse cruise rused all the homu

>> No.42334044

Thanks for running.

Will we get to decide on Chiakis hairstyle after this?

>> No.42334104

Tunnel vision is dangerous indeed.

>> No.42334127


It was very close! I was really expecting Tiny Pete to win! I also didn't expect you to figure out the trick so easily, hahaha!


I'll try!


Thank you!


Thank you for your hard work!


Actually yes! If all goes well she gets the long hair again!

>> No.42334140

I vote twintails

>> No.42334144

>tfw Chiaki out4thed the 4th

>> No.42334146

>long hair again
Hat will be so sad.

>> No.42334170

>she gets the long hair again

>> No.42334183 [SPOILER] 

The mystery of who her father is has finally been solved.

>> No.42334280


Decu went to bed or work or something so I'm here now.

>> No.42334296

this is still my favorite pic of Chiaki thus far so.

>> No.42334309

Who's the best character in Super Midrio RPG: Legend of the 20 Swords? The worst?

>> No.42334343

The good old Iron cage method.

Chiaki is true warrior of Iron!
thanks for the run boss

>> No.42334349

The best is Jade because Group Bleed is ridiculously broken.

The worst is Midori but you can't ever kick her out and she gets some exclusive equipment that's pretty broken if you suck 30 or 100 dicks in a row.

>> No.42334375

in a row?
Misaka has the best anti-boss move, but you need serious timing to use it right

>> No.42334439

Who can you recruit as your party members?

>> No.42334447


What are your favorite vidya genres?

Can you make any good recommendations?

>> No.42334510

Okay, what the fuck. Is it just me, or is there something incredibly hot about pink hair loose, with the bits hanging down in front of the ears on each side? Same damn thing happened with Nonon in Kill la Kill at the end, instant boner.

>> No.42334529

Keep it in your pants there, buddy

>> No.42334549

>reads the last post of the day

Well, this reminded me of the latest Mission Impossible movie, minus the killing of all of those that are being misled

>> No.42334551

Possibly an unconscious cue your mind takes because you're used to seeing girls with maintained hair, so wild hair signals "EXCITING ACTIVITIES" to you?

I've read it works that way with wet skin.

>> No.42334553

I play a lot of JRPGs, admittedly. Fewer than I used to. Those and turn-based strategy, sometimes I need something actiony...I play a lot of fighters with Midori-drawfag, though not as much lately.

Recommendations...basically all of Fire Emblem is good. Final Fantasy Tactics is like a super classic. Uhhh...Valkyria Chronicles is great.

I like Neptunia unironically.

For fighters, Skullgirls is my favorite, BlazBlue might be close but I've only played the ones out on PC.

Mirai, Wendy, Jade, Mittens, Annie...Probably some other people that I don't even know about or remember...

It's not just you. I don't even like that hairstyle unless it's pink.

>> No.42334589 [SPOILER] 

Here's a question, for anybody.

Which free 4-star should I get tonight?

>> No.42334650

>I also didn't expect you to figure out the trick so easily, hahaha!
So very glad I put off doing the ironing to wait for that update.

>> No.42334664

Which Snake is your favorite

>> No.42334678


>> No.42334687

Naked Snake, but I haven't played 4 or any of 5 for system reasons.

She's never shown up in anything! She's sort of the quintessential whipping girl of the Tenth, and ideally would have shown up in Green Green Magica, eventually.

>> No.42335005

What are the most memorable boss fights in the game?

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