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Soulknife doc got updated:
>All the archetypes get their version of crystal hilt, they have to be separate because ~~precedent~~
>You can now essentially buy an extra bladeskill for 16k
>Five new soulknife-only powers

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I want to marry Cheliax!

>> No.42306641

Still waiting for the DTT to be cleaned and released

>> No.42306643

Oh, also

>No initiating support for the Strategos


>> No.42306675

You can always use this http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?435098-Using-Path-of-War-as-a-general-fix-to-martial-caster-disparity-issues

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YES. Split for crystal warrior got better.

Although the crystal apparently still has no feats whatsoever and can't actually ever hit anything because its entire to-hit is purely "BAB+2Dex" forever, making the level 7 ability quite useless.

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Someone tell Chris there's no Adaptive Blade PRC in UPsi, only Adaptive Warrior.

>> No.42306930

Using it is one thing, convincing DMs is another matter entirely.

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Hello there, Bazzy.

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best way to do a natural attack rogue, anyone?

>> No.42307275

Be a druid or alchemist.

>> No.42307299

but that's not a rogue.

>> No.42307312

Vivisectionist alchemist, you are a rogue but better

>> No.42307316

Vivisectionist is a Rogue+

>> No.42307350

We already have one alchemist in the group and we need trapfinding.

>> No.42307365

Stalker that specializes in the Broken Blade discipline.

>> No.42307383

can't play the hybrids, DMs not allowing them

>> No.42307385

Trap Breaker Alchemist.

Or, hell, take the trait that gives Trapfinding. Literally the last niche the rogue had, in a trait.

>> No.42307400

Would it be broken if the Occultist class had Magic Circles, Binding Circles and Fast Circles at 1st,3rd, and 5th levels respectively?

>> No.42307407

Play a Ratfolk, take the adopted trait and get what was it tusked? for a bite attack, or a ring of rat fangs, then get a tailblade. Should add up to.. 2-3 primary natural attacks and a secondary one. Make sure it's an unchained Rogue too.

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I'm talking about the PoW class, not Slayer.

The Vigilante archetype gets trapfinding.

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>We already have one alchemist in the group and we need trapfinding.

If 3pp is not allowed but your DM is willing to judge races on a case-by-case basis, then go with a strength-based Slayer (Slayer Talent into Trapfinding) Lizardfolk: http://www.d20pfsrd.com/races/other-races/more-races/standard-races-1-10-rp/lizardfolk-8-rp


Then go raw Lizardfolk Rogue for the bonuses to natural attacks.

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It's a campaign trait for a different campaign. >>42307383
also I'm mistaken sorry.

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You didn't say that now did you?

Make a Trap Breaker or Crypt Breaker Alchemist. You can double-up on Alchemists easily provided they build sufficiently differently with archetypes and discoveries.

Or just take the Trap Finder trait with any class.

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If even fucking hybrids aren't allowed it sounds like the DM is only allowing 1pp.

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>can't play the hybrids, DMs not allowing them
>not even hybrid classes allowed
Quit. Quit right the fuck now.

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The Trap finder trait is a campaign trait, yes, but there's nothing actually stopping you from taking a campaign trait in a different campaign, particularly one that lacks any sort of connection to important NPCs.

Also, You didn't address the Trap Breaker Alchemist, and if you don't like it there's always Crypt Breaker as >>42307424 points out

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Wow wait you can literally do vivisectionist/trap breaker alchemist. What the hell. Why is there even a rogue class.

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Is this a campaign you really really want to play? Is it a DM you know very well, players you know very well?

Because this sounds like it's becoming one of those campaigns that will never amount to anything more than "okay," and let's face it, if you are going to be spending 4-5 hours a week playing this campaign, you deserve something more than "okay."

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we've played for a year, this is a backup character. The GM isn't comfortable yet with the power of some of the hybrids, but he's beginning to loosen up on them.

>> No.42307506

The Urban Ranger or Trapper archetypes for the Ranger.

>> No.42307528

>The GM isn't comfortable yet with the power of some of the hybrids, but he's beginning to loosen up on them.
They hybrid classes witht the exception of the Arcanist aren't that powerful.

Most of them just aren't shitty.

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I see that catfolk get natural attacks too, and the rogue sneak attack die can become a d8 if you get a rogue talent that's catfolk exclusive

>> No.42307559

Because Trap Breaker and Vivisectionist don't work well together. You gain trapfinding and lose the ability to disarm traps and place landmines, the main abilities of the archetype, on top of losing other abilities you could trade out for different archetypes.

>> No.42307588


You really need to ask yourself; do I want natural attacks and a d8 to sneak attack if it means I have fuzzy tits or a barbed dick for the entire campaign?

>> No.42307605

seeing as that doesn't become a part of our general RP, sure why not.

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Hey Hell's Rebels folks - what do we know so far about the Hellknight order of the Torrent? And how would a worshipper of Ragathiel fit in there?

Pic...slightly? related

>> No.42307708

We know they're basically the Sacred order of Liam Neeson in Taken, their goal is entirely based around rescuing people and most likely they'll be backing the rebels when the time comes.

>> No.42307781


So they're LG and they get people back....so as revolutionaries they're likely to be less about "overthrow house Thrune" and all about "overthrow Bazzy"?

>> No.42307868

Pretty much.
I think book 2 involves the Bazster kidnapping their leader, so the rest of them flip their shit and are all FUCK THIS, FUCK THAT AND FUCK YOU and back the revolution.
Or some shit.

>> No.42308113


Of all the campaign traits, that one is pretty damn broad. It's literally "you like exploring tombs and dungeons and are good with traps as a result" - the only connection to the campaign is that it notes you've gone to the city of Wati to use those skills.

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Did... did he just not only say the equivalent of "fuck what PFS says" but also say to print out his post (which he says people shouldn't do) and use it as evidence? And "one MORE thing" that frustrates him?

He must be pretty mad at PFS.

>> No.42308228 [DELETED] 


Yeah, most of the staff at Paizo don't really give a shit about PFS, even though it's a massive part of their revenue stream and player base.

Source: my PFS venture captain

>> No.42308326

So when is Crane Wing getting fixed?

>> No.42308434

it'll only grant a +2 dodge bonus that turns off, that'll fix it so those dirty martials don't get anything

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Which classes get Alchemy, again?

>> No.42308634

You mean the class feature? Alchemists and Investigators.

>> No.42308673

Just those chumps? Damn. Thanks.

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>> No.42308759

No, what he's hating is that apparently PFS players haven't "updated" to the new age parameters he set.

>> No.42308788

They're two concepts (bomb-throwing madman; creator of brews magic and mundane) in one, and it's effort to divorce the two.

>> No.42308907


>> No.42308913

To expand on that, each concept suffers for it, because they didn't think "hey, let's make a subsystem and introduce like three classes for it, one with 9 levels of alchemy and one that's about demolitions and one that's about transforming into a big monster" and now anyone who wants to do only one of the three can't do it as well as they might have in an ideal world and has to ignore class features.

>> No.42309020

>The three-modes-in-one makes Alchemist one of the most versatile and varied classes
>Call it a negative

Alchemist is the poster child for good T3 in core.

>> No.42309043

I see what you mean, but the fact that your big monster guy can also throw bombs in a situation where he needs them (or the opposite) makes the class extremely variable and not a one trick pony.

Don't know how I would feel about a 9th level alchemist though, on one hand there's passing out infusions of 9th level personal spells, on the other hand the class probably wouldn't be able to do anything else since extracts usually target yourself only and you can't be a combat monster and have 9th level casting on top of it.

>> No.42309056

So instead of a t2 class and two t4 classes we got one great t3 class and this is somehow a bad thing? Especially when there are archetypes that allow you to trade away things like mutagen and bombs, if those somehow don't fit your concept?

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Why is it that Pathfinder General doesn't have a bin for all the released materials like so many other /tg/ General threads?

pic unrelated

>> No.42309175

>you can't be a combat monster and have 9th level casting on top of it
Yeah, it's not like there are two classes in CRB that do exactly that.

>> No.42309179

A) fine, let's merge the bombs and mutagen and have archetypes that trade the other away; B) are you sure a class with such limited scope of spell list is still going to be t1? (reminder: the tiers are not only a measure of power but versatility, and it's the odd numbers that are versatile, like anyone with a spellbook/formula book)

>> No.42309187

Probably because all the released material can be found for free on numerous websites, unlike most other RPGs.

>> No.42309307

How many spheres of power pdfs is there?
and could someone link them pls?

>> No.42309312

Would you be able to direct me to one, because the only one I ever found stopped providing them about a year ago


and I haven't found an equivalent since. Maybe my google-fu sucks, maybe I'm outdated on where the hip new places are to find them. I don't know, but I would be extremely grateful if you direct me to a good spot to increase me collection which hasn't been updated since Oct 2014 expect for the occasional stray PDF I manage to grab.

>> No.42309325

I've been too busy with work for the past six months or so to have any amount of free time. I'm finally changing employers and will have free time again. What have I missed?

>> No.42309326

I don't understand where you're going with this. Tier 3 is supposed to be the ideal point of balance, right? Why try to fix something that isn't broken?

>> No.42309355

Because if I'm ignoring class features because of the class closest to my concept still doesn't quite suit it, and I'm suffering for it, I say that's broken.

>> No.42309377

d20pfsrd.com and archivesofnethys.com have pretty much everything. Nethys is more complete, but isn't as easy to navigate.

>> No.42309400

Okay, what's your concept?

That's also not a great argument, it's like complaining how a Wizard has too many spells because you have to ignore most of them to fit your concept of a wizard who exclusively shoots laser beams.

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>> No.42309516

How many primary natural attacks are too many? At level 11 I'm looking at two claws and four slams for 2d6 damage each, for Medium size.

>> No.42309561

For conservative numbers, see how many natural attacks an eidolon tied to a summoner of the same level is allowed (5 at 11).

>> No.42309586

I browsed through archivesofnethys and I can't find what I'm looking for. I'm looking for things like adventure paths and maps and so forth.

>> No.42309602

Also, if I wanted to do that, I'd be a cryptic, dummy.

>> No.42309613

If you don't mind playing a Gnome, the Saboteur archetype would work well.

Another option is Mindchemist, which trades out your normal mutagen for a mental stat booster which you can flavor as pumping up your brain to better spot weaknesses or increasing bomb damage to objects. Trap Breaker also could work since you could take the Demolition Charge discovery to destroy things, place land mines, and use bombs to disable devices.

>> No.42309624

APs are not OGL. These you have to actually hunt for (ie ask here or on 7chan).

>> No.42309634

So, what would be the effect of applying this to Pathfinder? Would it radically change the balance of classes?

>> No.42309658

Oh okay. I just googled around and went to demonoid for those pdfs, plus the chan 3 doors down might have a batch or something on their /tg/ board.

>> No.42309660


No more radically than it changed the balance of classes in 3.5e

ie: basically not at all, because most campaigns don't even reach level 6 in the first place, and the salient imbalances emerge as early as level 1, so you'd have to enforce tiers anyway

>> No.42309676

It's not spectacular, but there's also the Fire Scion 3pp PRC for a little more bombing potential.

>> No.42309685

Isn't E6 fairly common?

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How did your last session go, /pfg/?

>> No.42309719
File: 359 KB, 933x1352, wizardly seduction.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Unaware of it's existence, I shall check it out and demonoid as well. Thanks mate. Here, enjoy my favorite picture.

>> No.42309731

>B) are you sure a class with such limited scope of spell list is still going to be t1?

I said t2, not t1. And while alchemy is generally not as strong as magic, Paizo has yet to create a single class with full casting that's NOT at least t2, so that's where it would probably end up, because obviously if it's entire thing is casting, that's where Bulmahn would insist it has to be.

>> No.42309798

You did say t2, and I said that the versatility of formula books pushes it to T1, even with the limited scope. The alchemist can recover from poor choices.

>> No.42309821

Well, actually, I said it would push it to t3, because potions don't have the campaign-breaking power that defines t1/t2.

Replaces mutagen, and not with something I wouldn't ignore.

Hmm, sure, I can see it.

>> No.42309880

Oh, and to expand on why it would be t2 and not t1 like prepared full casters, it's because, at least in it's current form, alchemy simply doesn't have the oopmh of spellcasting - without bombs or a vehicle like them(which you said you wanted to be a separate class) there would be few to no AoE abilities that deal damage, allow crowd control and so on. You'd probably get a few game-changing tricks, but the inherent limitations of alchemy would make it pretty hard to make a class that manages to do all or even significant portion of the t1 tricks available on other full caster's spell lists.

Of course, in this vision, Paizo would most likely introduce ways to get around those limitations via archetypes and discoveries(like they have, to an extend, already done with allowing alchemists access to summoning and construct creation and the like).

>> No.42309959

You could also take the cognatogen discovery with saboteur, and since you can only maintain one cognatogen or one mutagen at a time you wouldn't really be ignoring anything.

I'm not really a fan of the Saboteur, but for demolitions Bore Bomb is pretty much exactly what you'd want. Your DM might even allow it to work with other races.

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Playing an OC campaign. We had fournd a baby dragon in the woods and were taking it back to its home up a mountain. There we found its folks that were friendly enough, but the mother dragon was caring for a very sick father dragon.

Last week the father dragon died and turned into an undead, we put him down with the mother's help, but she was wounded and infected and begged (somatically mostly) to be put out of her misery before she came to the same fate. Party started deliberating, but in the middle the barbarian lopped the mama dragon's head off, then ran to apologize to baby dragon. While she was doing that, we explored a tunnel and ended upon coming to some dragon eggs.

So this week we opened up staring at the eggs trying to figure out how to get them down the mountain carefully. We only have one caster in the whole party (a sphere magus) who magicked them back down the mountain. No sooner did we get back and start hunting for breakfast than an eerie music came across the forest and put everyone to sleep, eliciting a strange vision of the prince's dead friend wanting him to play and then a shadow man stabbing him in the back, then everyone awoke to find him actually stabbed in the back. The magus and paladin barely had time to get off some heals before a whole band of catfolk popped out of the woods demanding (in Cat, which no one present spoke) we come with them and binding everyone's wrists.

Yeah I got no clue what's even happening anymore.

>> No.42310030

Alright, fair. I suppose so.

Hmm, I suppose that is an option. Thanks.

>> No.42310332

>Pretending levels 2-5 don't clearly showcase the encounter-solving differences across the tiers

>> No.42310376

Oh gods, my group would've gone full "Dungeon Meshi" on those eggs

>> No.42310479

About to build a Privateer Warlord, I know the very basics of Path of War. What could be a fun build for this?

>> No.42310567

Also starts at level 7 too.

>> No.42310741

A lot of the disciplines aren't specifically limited to ranged or melee attacks, although there's often specific maneuvers in one or the other that are melee restricted.

Since there's both traits and traditions (they're kinda like a mini paladin-oath) to let you swap things out, look at all the disciplines; see what interests you.

A few that are worth a good look at in my opinion:

>Riven Hourglass
It's all about hastes, slows, adding or removing statuses (sometimes no-save, or "exactly like this status but not actually this status so no immunities), and bonus actions eventually. Great stuff.

>Silver Crane
Heals on hit, flight, incredible incorporeal/posession mega-hits, the kind of shit your paladin would salivate over. Very good stuff, as long as you're not hunting angels.

>Elemental Flux
some of the finest most versatile stances, mostly elemental stuff, good even if not a mystic

The specific ranged stuff could fit quite well, but I get the feeling if you wanna be 'pirate', you're thinking old firearms (your cone could be rather incredible with those boosts) and 1h switch-hitting?

A Healing pirate might be pretty cool, or scatter-cone exorcist

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>Itch my finger for the new psionic classes
>wanna build characters, everywhere, every concept i have seeded in my mind
>No tools like Herolab
>No campaigns to play

I could build an entire Hero League with all the concepts i have ;_;

>> No.42310909

I already have multiple concepts for the psitech pilot as well.

>> No.42310945

Why would you ever use it?
Psitech is scheduled for playtest next week, but it's being written by Ssalarn, so...

>> No.42310984

Because its handy. That's it.

>> No.42311036

So I'm to look forward to a month from now?

>> No.42311049

Does anyone know the proper way to format martial maneuevers in a stat block? Like how sorcerer spells are formatted:
4th (X/day) - spell 1, spell 2
3rd (Y/day) - etc

Do maneuvers prepared just get marked separately?

>> No.42311060

I do all my stuff in notepad then transcribe over.

>> No.42311061

Alright, decided I want to make a Privateer Warlord that dual wields pistols. What feats do I need to be a successful gunman?

>> No.42311074

I've been waiting for aegis-like vizier archetype or veil since January. It didn't make it into first akashic book that's to be released on September.

>> No.42311099

... is this a "guns everywhere" campaign? This is VERY Critical to know since we need to know where you start (literally!) featwise.

>> No.42311147

It's a Skull and Shackles campaign, pretty sure there's plenty of guns.

>> No.42311159

There's akashic customizations at least, and in many ways vizier CAN aegis things up: you're wearing veils like you would the astral suit in many ways.

>> No.42311191
File: 14 KB, 294x472, maneuvers.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There is no 'proper' way as far as I know but with the three martial characters I've built so far, I've found this format quite nice for cramming into a myth-weavers sheet.

Would probably move them to their own page though if the maneuver list gets unwieldy enough.

>> No.42311247

We need to know if it's SPECIFICALLY "guns everywhere" rules or not. Best way to know: Are you paying full price for early firearms or are you paying 1/10th?

Let's assume that's not the case:
If not, what you require is firearms proficiency, stat to damage, rapid reload, deadly aim and rapid-shot of course.

For stat to damage your best bet would be 3 levels of trench fighter: You get your stat, you get some feats, you don't have to be 5 levels of shitty gunslinger. This saves you the rest of your levels, in fact if you take "practiced initiator" trait you're NOT short for one more level past this (half non-levels get added to initiator level after all, so the +2 means you're full for 4 whole levels).

Multiple attacks means you'll be looking for bonus damage stances and boosts, rather than straight attacks, until way later when there's full-attack strikes (at which point you might be able to pop a pair of full attacks with the right combos)

>> No.42311321

You could probably condense the first three lines into "Maneuvers (Int, IL 5) 6/9" and just check what maneuver level you can learn on level-up, if you haven't memorized it. And if you're actually in play, you don't need to know how many of each level of maneuver you have unless something wants to know that value. You can, when swapping, just trade out an old maneuver for something you do qualify for.

That is, if you're only doing this for your own benefit. If you're trying to make it easier for your GM to check if things are legal, right on.

>> No.42311346

I like to just list known and readied. Since you can recuperate even in battle, it's not like it's "per day".

At the table your best bet is actually cards. your hand is readied, toss'em as they're used, and it's ideal for mystics too who can shuffle that way for drawing.

>> No.42311360

It's not specifically Guns Everywhere but they exist and I can afford it. Privateers already start with firearm proficiency as well.

>> No.42311399

Gareth around?

>> No.42311474

I'm actually working on a custom Darklands AP featuring a fair amount of DSP stuff, particularly psionics and PoW. I'm trying to make them look as easily read as possible to DMs looking to run the campaign.

>> No.42311500

Honestly, I'd say that 'ignoring an aspect of the class to fit the concept' isn't a weakness of a class at all; it means the class has plenty of options and paths that you can take, and that you're just specializing without cutting out the opportunity completely.
I'll use a different system for this example: Fantasy Craft. The combat monster in that system is the Soldier, and it offers you Basic Combat, Melee Combat, Ranged Combat, or Unarmed Combat feats every odd level. If you only ever select Unarmed Combat feats from this, you're not weakening the class or making it broken, you're simply specializing to be even better at the chosen aspect.
The Alchemist is similar; in fact, most guides suggest that out of the three options the Alchemist gives (Alchemy/Extracts, Bombs/Sneak Attack, Mutagen), you should pick two to be really good at and the third should be regulated to emergency back-up. I'd say that's a strength of the class rather than a weakness.

>> No.42311551

Okay that solves proficiency.
3 levels of trench fighter gets you stat to damage with every shot. It also means an extra pair of feats.

From there, you privateer to your liking.

>> No.42311588

"I can make a full build with this option or that option" doesn't mean the class sucks, it means the various parts of the class are good enough that you don't have to just ignore them.

You can build from the one you like.

>> No.42311758

Let's find out.


>> No.42311894
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I don't mind the rules in Pathfinder for drug addiction, but their drunkenness/booze rules seemed off to me. I never had to really bother with them before, but one of my players in an upcoming game wants to play a drunken fist style monk, so it's kind of relevent.

Are there any good alternative rules? 3.5 stuff is fine.

>> No.42311961


Oh wait someone needed me. 'sup?

>> No.42312208

I got a question about one the PoW:E traditions, that's you right?

>> No.42312320

That would be Gareth yes.

>> No.42312363

What does a high (14th) level monk in terms of gear?
>Headband of wis
>belt of (dex-str/con)
>robe of the monk
>Amulet of mighty fists/nat attacks (hopefully cheap homebrew knockoff)

If I'm wielding a Kusarigama a; double, monk, reach, trip, grapple weapon, that unchained monks get because it has the monk weapon descriptor, if I pay the 600 for a double masterwork weapon, can I apply enchantments to only one side and only use that side when fighting/flurrying?

>> No.42312473

Alright well then

I've got a player whose character is a half-construct race that doesn't eat or sleep or basically anything that would make wilderness survival a challenge.

He wants to join the Acolytes of the Arrow. I feel like "survive in the wilderness for a fortnight with nothing but a bow, some arrows, and your wits" ends up being a meaningless challenge when all he has to do is find a cave or built a shelter, and sit still for two weeks. Sure, I could make it dangerous with encounters and minor natural disasters every day or two, but that ends up looking pretty obviously damn contrived.

Do the Acolytes have a different/altered test for such races?

(Also, can an Acolyte take a different element of Solar Wind, or are they all Fire?)

>> No.42312541

...Would a group of survivalists even accept someone who doesn't have to even try to survive?

>> No.42312563

To be fair, with the stats and abilities of most characters, by level 3-4 its a trivial affair as well.

The fact that the guy's a natural probably changes very little. This is a challenge for "commoners" or "warriors" or "experts" or "aristocrats", not real classed adventurers.

>> No.42312566

They'd be more likely to strand you somewhere where survival is a more active challenge; monster-infested mountains, a haunted mine, something along those lines. The goal is to test one's ability to survive with little resources but many challenges. Alternately, or in addition to this, they could make him responsible for something that /does/ need to eat, sleep, and breathe - a puppy, for instance, or a more senior Acolyte who is along to observe and won't actually /help/ (added bonus: you gotta carry the old bastard around).

They have no issues with anyone learning the variants of Wind.

>> No.42312579

I'd say so long as he can prove he can 'provide' for others hell yes. The duties, etc they might have them do are just made easier, so as long as he can prove he can do them, why would they refuse it?

>> No.42312632

Wait, so Solar Wind can be any element?

>> No.42312656

There's some options in Expanded that let you learn non-fire variants and even one that lets you swap it on the fly. You'll find them in the link in the OP.

>> No.42312668

I love the second one. I'm 100% gonna saddle him with the wizened offspring of Yoda and Les Stroud.

>> No.42312696

>les stroud
>not bear grylls
Good man

>> No.42312741

While I'm asking questions about construct players..

Can a Psicrystal be a member of a Vitalist's Collective? If yes, can healing from Reconstruction be shunted from Psicrystal to Construct? This came up in our game yesterday, and nobody was really sure. The Psion brought up the Psicrystal's immunity to mind-affecting, but we're not sure the Collective is mind-affecting.

Bear Grylls would have us set up just outside the city and commission a team of bards to paint us from angles that hid the well-travelled roads ten feet away.

>> No.42312876

How do you make the gunner crystal a viable attacker anyways? I know they're just meant to be a secondary set of shots, but by 20th you're looking at a 22 bonus vs 36 or more AC: your first shot needs a 14 for a single little crystal... forget the third shot ever hitting too.

>> No.42313014

Went to sleep before this conversation finished last time:
Since it's been established that vampire fangs can be finessed, could it be possible to make it official that LotN vampires can choose between STR and DEX?

>> No.42313217

>Les Stroud

So, Ray Mears?

>> No.42314154


Collectives are not mind-affecting abilities. Note that you only require wisdom 1 or higher.

Reconstruction-based repairing can be shared between the psicrystal to a construct within the collective.

>> No.42314250

Best feats for a two-handed warpriest of Ragathiel going into Hellknight Signifier? I already have weapon focus, should I go for tower shield proficiency?

>> No.42314734

So, /pfg/, I have some funky news.

My GM, who is fairly notorious for not even entertaining the idea of including 3pp, is going to be in a short AP I'm running for our group in which they're playing DSP classes.

In addition to this, he is now gestating the idea of a campaign start in which the players roll d100 to see if they end up with one of a few of the mutations from the Drakainia spawn list (with that sweet, sweet 100 = mythic tier roll included) with the caveat that it's rolled prior to chargen.

I'm so happy right now. I've pulled him out of the dark, at least a little bit.

>> No.42314767

> he is now gestating the idea of a campaign start in which the players roll d100 to see if they end up with one of a few of the mutations from the Drakainia spawn list
Is that list actually any good to start off with? I thought that 1-10 was "NPC is stillborn and already dead, sorry Drakainia"

>> No.42314866

What he told me over the phone was basically a rough idea, but his thought was 70-79 gave Poison Glands, 80-89 gave Chameleon Scales, 90-99 gave Impenetrable Skin, and 100 gave the mythic tier. Below that would be one of the others + [essentially] feral child, and 1-10 would be reroll, and if you rolled 1-10 again you start as normal.

Our group is 4 people including the GM, so it's pretty likely that there won't be a massive disparity either way.
This is also something that probably won't happen, but the fact that he's juggling the idea around is a sign that he's moved past the "I don't like that people never want to play core races/classes" thing that's pervaded since the ACG came out.

>> No.42315054

If you plan on duel wielding pistols, make sure to grab the 'Sea Combat' ploy so you can actually reload them.

>> No.42315641

Seriously? No one knows huh?

>> No.42315826

How do I spin to win, /pfg/?

>> No.42315901
File: 59 KB, 580x356, 1431745075822.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>two-handed warpriest
>tower shield proficiency

>> No.42315904

Various whirlwind attack maneuvers in PoW. Mithral Current has a fun one.

>> No.42316038

Maybe he has a feature that lets him shield-bash with a tower shield with two hands, and that's what he's got Weapon F-- no, it's just absurd.

>> No.42316102
File: 900 KB, 1000x1713, pZil8Tq.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is variation on the Oradin build I've been kicking around. This is focused on a similar niche but with a slightly different setup. I'll be using the Unsworn Shaman and here, but the core build could be any shaman/warpriest mix. Most of the Shaman Archetypes don't help much.

The core Oradin is set up for healing as a non-dedicated melee healer relying on Lay on Hands as a swift action to heal and Life Link to absorb damage while doing whatever else you'd like with your action.

This variant is similar, relying on Life Link from the Shaman Life Spirit and the fervor ability of the Warpriest, it will sacrifice some BAB and Paladin Grace for saves, but pick up a few tricks that might make it fun to play.

As with the Oradin, once the minimum Life Link levels are gained for Shaman you are free to level any remaining levels in Shaman or Warpriest, and like the Oradin, if your focus is on using Fever to heal you'll want to stick with Warpriest much of the rest of the way.

Unlike the Oradin, this build is Wisdom focused and VERY versatile. It has access to basic shaman and witch hexes, a familiar, a Shaman Spirit (or two if you go to 6 in Shaman), Warpriest Blessings, scaling Warpriest damage, and a better casting progression than Oracle or Paladin.

For Stats WIS>CON and however you'd like to proceed. You will want at least a 12 in INT and CHR if you plan on using the Lore Spirit to access the wizard spell list.

How does it work?

Unsworn Shaman is the best choice followed by the vanilla shaman. The other archetypes aren't good. I'll assume Unsworn for this post.

>> No.42316130

There's a few feats or initiators that would let you do it though.

>> No.42316134

Level 1 Focus here is on utility with and extra hex aimed at Slumber Hex and Minor Spirit (the Unsworn hex) Healing Hex. At level one this is pretty similar to a witch with the full spell book and medium armor with no spell failure. If you GM thinks extra hex for an Unsworn Shaman is another Minor Spirit even better. The FAQ is vague.

Level 2 is also Shaman. Here we finally have Life Link if we want it, but no real reason to go there yet since the Unsworn Shaman switches Spirits daily. Lots of good stuff to pick from here like Battle Ward, Lore for a wizard spell or two, Bone Lock (staggered on a fort save), or whatever utility power seems fun that day. Also, while Minor Spirit alters Hex it does not replace Hexes gained at level, so you get a new Hex at level two as well (your GM may argue, if so you could just play a vanilla shaman with Life Spirit).

Level 3 is the start of Warpriest and perhaps landing on Life Spirit. With Healing blessing you are now empowering your personal heals and can use life link... almost there, but still healing as a standard action so not amazing. That extra deflection bonus or DR from Spirit Hexes may be the way to go for the party. If you went Sacred Fist you can ditch your armor (if your WIS is high enough) and pick up flurry. Your BAB is lackluster, so you may want to just Slumber or healing hex if you are fighting undead. If you went Divine Commander pick up Boon Companion. You and your familiar can chat while your wolf eats face.

Level 4 and the build is online. Fever allows not just for swift healing a la the paladin, but we can also swift cast any warpriest spell we have memorized (on us or shared spell recipients) if no healing is needed. We can now heal as a swift or BUFF as a swift, and our use of this ability is 1/2 the warpriest level + WIS (our main stat!). We will make great use of Peals of Power here.

>> No.42316163
File: 37 KB, 372x337, Judicial dueling shield.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A judicial dueling shield build?

>> No.42316171

How we proceed. Focus on Shaman casting? Much like the Oradin you lose out on swift healing pretty quickly but we may need additional Shaman levels to cover the party with Life Link. So from here in split progress between Shaman and Warpriest until your sweet spot.

For Shaman Level 4 nets a 2nd Minor Spirit, 6 nets us a second spirit, 7th 3rd level spells (which could include wizard spells with the Lore Spirit) if you choose.

For Warpriest level 3 gets a bonus feat, and level 4 channel energy and sacred weapon. Channel may seem pretty sad, but it also opens the Extra Channel feat which due to the ACG changes grants 4 extra uses of Fevor! 5th gets a 2nd fevor d6 healing (probably best to just memorize cure spells for swift casting) and 7th gets us sacred armor.

You pick up a minor channel from Shaman's Life Spirit, but even with 2 channel pools it may not be worth the focus on that. Still, it is good in a pinch.

This build, while having a lower BAB and worse saves than an Oradin has much more flexibility and is very strong at low levels where slumber and low level spells rule.

At level 12 an even split gives us BAB 4+4 = 8 compared to the Oradins 6 + 4 = 10. The suggested 4/8 is 6+3 = 9 vs the Oradin 11. For saves we just can't compare to the paladin's Divine Grace.

This build isn't really feat starved, you can customize any way you'd like. Extra hexes are pretty good but your hex DC will drag a bit, so offensive hexes will suffer. Your BAB is OK but not melee front line OK, saves are good except for reflex. Your HP is weaker than an Oradin (all d8) so CON is a MUST and really consider extra HP where you can get it.

>> No.42316201

Good warpriest archetypes

Sacred Fist - WIS to AC and CMD, flurry (but not awesome BAB), a Fort based evasion, ki pool, and scaling damage via weapon focus in shuriken (neat!).

Champion of the Faith - Alignment piercing and smite for a low rent paladin. Your CHR is probably lacking so not as awesome as it sounds, but no Lawful Good restriction, so if you want a neutral Oradin with Smite here you go.

Divine Commander - Trading blessings for an animal companion is good, or maybe great. With Boon Companion you are at full level even with a four level dip in Shaman. Handing out a teamwork feat and getting a alignment template for your companion are pretty awesome as well. If you go this way you should probably be small for the wolf.

What is neat?

While you are in town swap out spirits to add WIS to INT or CHR skills and lots of other cheese.

You can use Minor Hex to access Fetish (Craft Wonderous Item) or Cauldron (Brew Potion) for free item creation feats. With Lore Spirit you can pick up a few wizard spells to make sure you can craft any item or potion you'd like. Who doesn't like freebie item crafting?

You have a familiar which you can use for all the usual familiar shenanigans. Use the Protector familiar archetype to split damage with it, or mauler for a combat buddy (risky, but could be worth it), or Sage so you never need knowledge skills, or School Familar (divination for two initiative rolls, or illusion to never need to concentrate on illusions).

You can pick up Prehensile hair for a WIS based hit/dam attack, this is made amazing with Sacred fist and Flurry. Weapon focus could be applied to hair for all the warpriest bonuses as well. If you decide to do this you can dump STR. This is available from level 3 on if you go Sacred Fist but only Shaman level minutes/day.

Let me know what you think, or if I should try to write up a more in depth guide. Thanks for reading!!

>> No.42316230

Does Golarion have a creator god? I could have sworn Aroden was but I was mistaken. What gods are older than Aroden?

>> No.42316363


James Jacobs certainly seems to think he's divine. Maybe he counts.

>> No.42316482

deicide is the only answer.

>> No.42316504

>What gods are older than Aroden?

Lamashtu, Desna, Sarenrae, Asmodeus, Erastil, the list goes on.

The absolute oldest is supposedly Apsu and possibly Asmodeus.

>> No.42316518

To be fair, Deicide is ALWAYS an answer. Not always the only one, but never NOT an answer either.

>> No.42316545

Aroden was just a shitter human. Golarion was colonized by aboleths, and all the Great Old Ones have been around for a while.

>> No.42316805

The Great old ones predate the concept of the humanoid form.

The outer gods predate the concept of form.

It's pretty definitive that a deity is older than a god when they predate not just their species but their entire biological KINGDOM.

>> No.42316992

If Trapfinding and natural atttacks are what you are after go Aasimar Lunar oracle. Either grab the Wrecker curse and pick up Dispel magic to deal with magical traps later on or the Seeker archetype for full Trapfinder set.
Pick up Gift of Horn and Claw and spend some early level Favored class bonuses on it to have it progress at 1.5x speed
Dual curse and grab Wolf-scarred or just pick it as default and enjoy 3 natural attacks (2 being +2 weapons with Magic Fang to available to boost them)
Grab the revelation to get CHA to AC and Reflex saves and save your DEX points for some damage via STR (extra fun later on as you can get beast shape and not loose any AC from the lowered DEX while getting bonus Nat Armor)
You can also pick up an animal friend from a pretty decent list of animal companions.

>> No.42317210

Far as I know, all the oldest gods had a part in creating the world, so all of the core except for Nethys, Cayden, Iomedea, Norgorbor, Lamashtu, Irori, possibly Gorum and Urgathoa when they tossed Rubbadub in the hole and shut the door on him.

>> No.42317293

>now its Reyn Time.jpg

>> No.42317400

Heresy! Aroden was the very first among the gods, the highest of all godly forms!

There's evidence of this in the great book of Aroden, where you can see that Aroden was the very first among the gods, the highest of all godly forms. This supports the statement of Aroden's priests and stories, who claim much the same thing.

Pretend-gods like the great old ones are cheap knockoffs based on Aroden, who were written up just recently.

>> No.42317518
File: 194 KB, 663x537, 1431227602694.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Aroden never claimed to be the first, or even greatest, of the gods, though. In fact, he wasn't really even a true god until the final centuries of his existence.

He was always the God of Humanity, nothing more.

>> No.42317555

Something may have flown over your head there friend.

>> No.42317663
File: 39 KB, 374x347, 1437890955086.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Wait, what kind of sarcasm were you trying to go for there? I interpreted it as "Aroden and followers see themselves as best" but your reaction makes me think it might have something to do with Paizo insisting their Original the Pantheon is better than the Great Old Ones.

>> No.42317778

So Aroden is Vectron

>> No.42317863

Anyone doing any games I could join?
I know this isn't game finder, but that thread is empty.

>> No.42317962

>Anyone doing any games I could join?

Search on Roll20.

Be sure to check "Show games with Mature Content" as that is un-checked by default.

>> No.42317969

I need a little clarification on UMD

>If you ever roll a natural 1 while attempting to activate an item and you fail, then you can't try to activate that item again for 24 hours.

Does this mean that the item itself cant be used for the duration, or my pc is kept from using it.

>> No.42317978

I did, and I couldn't find anything that fit what I was looking for.
Also I can't bring myself to publically post in a comment some character I made up hoping they accept.

>> No.42318030

Aroden is probably the coolest deity in Golarion and they went and killed him off.
I'm hoping we get some juicy bits about him in #100.

What class would best to represent a follower of Aroden trying to rekindle his faith or follow his teachings? Sorcerer with the Destined bloodline? What Oracle mystery would work best for HUMANITY FUCK YEAH the God?

>> No.42318078

>implying I want anything to do with some neckbeard's weeaboo ERP fantasy

>> No.42318106

Imperious Bloodline sorcerer could be fun. You could also be a dude who tries to recreate the effects of cleric spells with magic items too.

>> No.42318157

>I did, and I couldn't find anything that fit what I was looking for.

What are you looking for?

And the sting of posting a character in public goes away when you realize what most other people post is either embarrassing schlock or pretentious, cliche-riddled overwritten drivel. Of course, you might fit into one of those categories, but from your perspective you're the sane one!

>What class would best to represent a follower of Aroden trying to rekindle his faith or follow his teachings?

Nothing's stopping you from taking Aroden as your deity, anon, especially if you're playing something that doesn't explicitly require a church (and Aroden still kinda has a church).

Devotee of a Dead God is a trait that's perfect for this
>You simply cannot and will not accept that your god is dead. Your faith in his teachings and religion are stronger than ever.

Not only does it give you a +1 to Diplomacy AND Knowledge (Religion), it makes one of them a class skill.

Personally? I think a Warder or perhaps very lawful Fighter would best represent a follower of Aroden, someone that wishes to become a holy warrior for his Lord, but cannot become a Paladin due to... Well, being dead.


Mature Content hardly means it's going to be a weeaboo ERP fantasy, in fact most campaigns with Mature Content just have it on to deter kids or warn people that hey, this game has blood I think.

>> No.42318231
File: 607 KB, 595x603, sleep tight seraras.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>What are you looking for?

Anything where I can be a Summoner/Lich/Necromancer, the two games I found that seemed like a good match both have "We're only looking for Paladins or Clerics!"

Also I don't want to put work into a character and then not get into a game

>> No.42318295
File: 1.63 MB, 1366x768, delicious.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That girl's got a screwy head.
>Look serara, I got a ring that took 30 raids to obtain and a whole bunch of food. we're married now

or Pic Related:
>Aww, they're so cute!
>I hear they're delicious.

>> No.42318325
File: 135 KB, 1920x1080, P7L0fPR.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Serara a cute

>> No.42318378

Do you have to worship a deity to be an Oracle?
Are there any ways to get usually divine spells on your arcane list?

That's a perfect trait, where is it from? Ultimate Campaign?
Why can't you be a Paladin? They don't need to worship gods for their power.

What about an Inquisitor? Is there anything in Occult that would fit a follower of a dead god?

>> No.42318410

Oracles don't have to worship nobody.

Some random high power just gives 'em power and off they go. They can't even take it back afterwards, any more than any deity could strip spellcasting.

>> No.42318414

How would I go about using Black Seraph disciplines as a warder?

>> No.42318460


It's quite easy.

>> No.42318519

There was an anon who basically rolled up a Paladin of Aroden a while back.

The character was rather shallow, so that became his big defining trait - he knew he was easily replaceable, and feared that his quest might be pointless.

>> No.42318540

Thanks, man. Appreciate it.

>> No.42318596

How would it work to fluff an Oracle as having inherited a fragment of Aroden's power when he died? Or maybe a Witch that had a dead god as a Patron?

>> No.42318622

Easily. Both Oracles and Witches sources of power are incredibly vague, so it can come from wherever, really.

>> No.42318720

in case you're being sarcastic:
There's a trait to swap a known discipline for any other of your choice.

Traditions are little oath things that give a small bonus *and* let you swap a known discipline for the one of that tradition.

And archetypes outright can change what's available, like how a Warder gets access to Solar Wind by going hawkguard.

>> No.42318747

Any suggestions on Mysteries or Patrons that would fit well?

>> No.42318771

No, I was being serious. I ask a few too many questions here and navigating the pfsrd is a pain sometimes

>> No.42318788

I made an encounter that involved a ship lost in time, full of undead who didn't know they were dead. They had a couple of clerics of Aroden. Their magic didn't work, and they were quite confused.

>> No.42318796

No clue on that end. I dunno too much about Golarion gods.

>> No.42318950

Sorry, but do you know the name of the trait I can take?

>> No.42318953
File: 44 KB, 229x231, 1435394769702.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Any suggestions on Mysteries or Patrons that would fit well?

Witch Patron: Transformation.

You are a retelling of Aroden's story.

>> No.42318998

Unorthodox Method: You may trade one of your classes disciplines known for a different discipline known of your choice. You gain the new discipline's skill as a class skill.

>> No.42319113

Being the follower of a dead god of Humanity, I think Life, Lore, Ancestor or maybe even Time would be good.
>You are a retelling of Aroden's story
Noice. Fate would be good too.
What familiar would work for that?

>> No.42319198

>What familiar would work for that?

Snake or lizard for the ouroboros.

Hawk for the nobility.

Pig, for the +3 to diplomacy and being delicious.

The end goal of Aroden Reborn is to return to godhood (which the player can do) and/or get freaky with Iomedae once she realizes who you remind her of.

>> No.42319237

>there will never be an AP like this called God's Graveyard

>> No.42319283

If anyone wants to, here's a oozy race I've statted up. I'm not quite happy with it, but I don't know how to make it so that it fits a 0-LA race's capabilities while remaining distinctively oozelike.


>> No.42319320

Didn't the 3.0 Arms and Equipment guide have rules for it?

>> No.42319327
File: 24 KB, 376x400, Revolver shotgun.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>TFW almost no one makes new shotguns for pathfinder rules
>You'll never get a trench gun
>You'll never get new shotgun shell types
>You resort to mashing items together and hoping for the best.
>All with a x2 crit mod and piss poor damage

Shotgun life is suffering.

>> No.42319342

Gotta get the share link, otherwise it'll just say "unauthorized" for other people

>> No.42319348

I'm making new shotguns, if it helps.

>> No.42319415

Your PC can't use it. (If you roll a 1 and succeed, though, because it's a skill check and you can still succeed on a 1, you can keep using the item as normal.)

>> No.42319461



Does that work?

>> No.42319525

Absolute oldest is a toss up between Apsu, Asmodeus and Pharasma. Pharasma is supposedly the strongest of them.

Sarenrae might be of similar age, but she wasn't a god back then, only an empyreal lord. And before that, a regular old angel probably created by Ihys.

>> No.42319565
File: 21 KB, 510x342, Drilling.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It does, trust me, it does.

I personally suggest a drilling/combination gun.

Perhaps some heavy-hitting slug rounds that do proper damage.

>> No.42319596

Well all shotguns I'm making have the Zero Range quality, which let you make melee-range attacks with them with double their damage dice.

Does that sound appealing?

>> No.42319632

>double damage at melee range
>seems like something that could be combined with Vital Strike
>let's do it

>> No.42319669

Hell yeah.

Probably won't be multiplicative, but Shotguns are a thing I want to work well with Vital Strike.

It's one of the reasons I'm making them all have a larger amount of small damage dice, as well as to sort of represent the many pellets.

>> No.42319703

Sounds good to me.

I do love guns as close combat weapons.

Would they still provoke?

>> No.42319755
File: 15 KB, 236x200, 8a675e41f95fcb461f700018f04f0d79.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Parrot, you're doing the gods' work.

>> No.42319833

I'm glad you like the idea.

They probably wouldn't provoke, really. The way I see it, using it in that way isn't really a ranged attack, plus you wouldn't be so hard-pressed to aim.

>> No.42319985

>every player is a gestalt magus/warpriest or magus/unchained monk or kineticist/magus or warpriest or monk
>skill points per level based on highest mental attribute
>one class of your gestalt gets to change their class' mental stat to charisma


>> No.42320030

So who came first, those three or the Old Ones/Outer Gods?

>> No.42320046

Now that Wizards are competent again (4e was also fucking good), should they buy up PF so Paizo don't fuck it up anymore?

>> No.42320101

I question what Paizo has that Wizards would want.

The setting's nothing overly special. The people working on it are driving their own short bus. And the rules are all OGL anyway.

>> No.42320146

Presumably Pharasma, Groetus, and Azathoth might all be the same age, with Asmo, his brother, and Yoggy coming soon afterwards, followed by Apsu and Nyarly

>> No.42320169

Wasn't Asmo and his brother stated to be the first?

>> No.42320227

One of my players is a Reanimator Alchemist and he wants to make Frankenstein style flesh golems. I figure a great way to handle this would be to basically just give him Eidolons, but rather than making him dip into Summoner or gestalt, which would not fit the character thematically, I think it makes more sense to tie it to money.

Anyone have a good idea for how to do a Evolution Point to GP conversion?

>> No.42320228

I dunno. Considering that Asmo was able to kill his bro, that implies that Death, thus Pharasma, must've been around.

Also the fact that Pharasma and Groetus are the cosmic reset button, so its probably smart for them to be the first thing installed

>> No.42320229

According to Asmodeus.

Don't believe his lies.

>> No.42320240

Where should I set the next adventure for my players, Southern Numaria or Sevenarches in the River Kingdoms? Or maybe somewhere else?

>> No.42320264


>> No.42320290

Land of the Linnorm Kings. Because afawk no official AP will ever touch the place, and it seems ripe for an adventure.

>> No.42320312


>> No.42320315

Land of the Lin-

Beat me to it.

>> No.42320319

Why not set it everywhere?

Make it a grand tour of all the best spots in Golarion!

>> No.42320329


Not to mention it's got a fuckload of rules, quests and unique regions you can use for Land of the Linnorm Kings.

It is really one of the greatest, and most untouchable, regions in Golarion probably because of how high-octane the place is.

Aww who am I kidding, they aren't doing an AP in Ulfenland because they're going to use it for another AP featuring the Runelords, by far the most fascinating and beloved piece of lore in Golarion.

>> No.42320349


I mean, the rest of the party is vigilantes, a wizard and an oracle so he needs to be able to be big and tanky. I'm planning for him to be able to do either tank or DPR. Bastard swords are versatile, after all

>> No.42320409 [SPOILER] 
File: 100 KB, 500x375, 1441511369013.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can it involve a magical semi-intelligent yellow cairrage piloted by an eccentric female archmage and her Lizard Familiar?

Cruisin down on Main Street
Feel relaxed and feeling good

>> No.42320442

I dunno. Part of me feels like Frizzle would just be an inordinately high-level Expert, albeit one with a bunch of magic items and an artefact vehicle.

>> No.42320449

Sounds interesting, but a bit far away for the level 5 party centered in Daggermark, maybe a bit later down the line.
This is WAY too far away. Unless they get transported there while in Numeria or something, hmm.
Unfortunately my players don't want to see cool places unless they're getting payed for it.

>> No.42320462

Why would you not?

>> No.42320528


Thank you to anyone who has provided input!

I'm still working on it, but I feel better about it now.

>> No.42320547

>Frizzle can alter reality
>no one knows where she comes from
>she has a familiar always by her side
>her magical vehicle can take her anywhere she wants
>she sends people on perilous journeys but forces them to get themselves out of trouble
>to those who are worthy she grants great knowledge
>Ms. Frizzle is a young Baba Yaga

>> No.42320573

But she has a familiar, and seems to always know what's going to happen.

Plus count how many students she has, and how many schools of Magic there are. Notice something?

Nah, Frizzle has far too many Uncles and Aunts she's always mentioning to be Yaga. Though she could be one of her nicer descendants.

>> No.42320576

>witch's hut grand hex
>The witch can animate a hut, small house, covered wagon, tent, or similar construction as an animated object
>covered wagon

>> No.42320588


I can accept this too.

Doesn't even have to be young Baba Yaga, really. Baba Yaga does what she wants, and I get the feeling that she'd be a little friendlier to kids, since they have the potential to not grow up to suck. Doesn't mean she won't put them in incredible peril though.

>> No.42320661

i could totally see Baba Yaga putting kids in massive peril from time to time to force them to realize their potential.

>> No.42320720

It's an experiment.

"What happens when I train children into adventurers....then release them into the modern world's job market?"

Could you imagine these poor bastards trying to get by in admin or retail?

>> No.42320760

Well then. There's an AP and a half.

the PCs are Young, and are whisked off by Baba Yaga for dangerous chicanery.

>> No.42320789

But well, Carlos is doing fine, even if he did change his appearence and name to Moot

>> No.42320902

Care to explain this?

>> No.42320914


We need to go deeper.

>Half the campaign is set in Golarion
>Baba Yaga transports them to a near-future Earth
>Session ends, DM tells the group they've got three weeks until next session
>Tells them to check their E-Mails for a pdf which they'll need to use to update their characters for the new setting
>It's Shadowrun

>> No.42321084

So how would this game start, do you think?

Each PC starts as a kid with 1 level in commoner. Then Baba Yaga picks up up, lets them pick from 'sets' of stuff to use, and kicks them out of the bus with an objective?

>> No.42321216

>Then Baba Yaga picks up up, lets them pick from 'sets' of stuff to use, and kicks them out of the bus with an objective?

Baba Yaga *literally* sends them to Rusty Dagger Shanktown, where they must spend the next week killing rats. Big rats.

At one point she sends them on a disgustingly long fetch quest to retrieve the treasured fork of Taldor's Emperor. The PCs can offer her a completely normal fork at any point during the quest. She will accept this, as a fork is a fork regardless who owns it.

>> No.42321283


She says they have to get her a fork. Then when they ask further, incredulous, she mentions the emperor's fork, but never says she wants THAT fork. Just that she wants a fork and the Emperor has a fork.

>> No.42321329

Asmodeus is strapped to a chair and cannot escape

A guy offers him a way out
The catch? He must choose to forever be Lawful Neutral or Neutral Evil
What does He choose?

>> No.42321387

He chooses Neutral Evil then chooses not to honor the agreement after 5 minutes.

>> No.42321514

the guy in question would probably strap him back to the chair again
I don't think asmo wants that

>> No.42321516

If Asmodeus could kill Ihys, by definition Pharasma was around. Whether the soul cycle and such was all set up back in those days is another question entirely. Could be that it's a Death of the Endless type thing. Destiny is technically older, as is Lucifer and so on, but Death is still nearly as old.

>> No.42321521

I have a witch I am using mostly as a hex and caster in my group which has quite a bit of players (Rogue, Bard, Fighter, Barb, Cleric, Summoner, and my Witch) though I'm looking to take leadership at 7th level to pick up a crafter based cohort. Is there any recommendations for what class I should make the cohort?

>> No.42321532

It's rather straight-forward actually. They don't gain feats or stats (other than intelligence), nor do they get to share yours - only share their alertness with you.

So contrary to, say, a regular monster, a Psicrystal gains no combat feats (like, say, Point-Blank and Precise Shot), and does not improve in its attack stat (Dex) in addition to the regular enhancement and training/buff bonuses things get as they go up.

Now, they're not *too* far behind: Obviously they should not be as accurate as their owner, as they're a secondary weapon. But the 'ranged attack' is very quickly falling off in its initial shot (the iteratives, forget it), and at highest levels even the touch-ray is a little iffy in its accuracy.

A level 20 psicrystal will have a total of +22 to hit, for example. On average ranged attack against appropriate monster CRs will hit on a 14 or 15 within the first increment, and the rest will only hit on natural 20s.

Honestly I understand it's a secondary combatant, so if it could just get another 5~ish to hit over 20 levels that would be more than enough. At least get the first attack up to a 55% or so hit chance. As is, I've even forgotten to roll for it entire sessions and seen no noticeable difference in combat capability whatsoever.

>> No.42321548

>needing to lie
Far more insidious and cunning for him to tell the truth than to just lie. Lies get found out.

Whether you'd believe the truth if he told it to you, now that's a better question. See: the demiplane Book of the Damned. Learn the truth about, say, the nature of the multiverse? It's so horrifying that nobody believes you and anybody you tell it to risks insanity.

>> No.42321582

oh yeah, to be clear: that low accuracy assumes the target isn't, say, in melee with anyone (including the owner, which could being several AoO and "who takes the hit" questions to the table). It has none of the ways (particularly at higher levels) that even level-appropriate CR monsters are going to have of getting through basic concealment/miss-chance/cover/darkness/etc. In practice, it's somewhat less good than the theory above, in other words.

>> No.42321595

Baba Yaga does what she wants and gives absolutely no fucks.

She's literally the wizard all wizards could be like. Except she's a witch.

>> No.42321961

>DM asks for backstories on us, our cohorts, and our minions
>He says he'll optimize our NPCs better the better backstories we write
>And by optimize, he usually means fiat things to make them more fun
>So far I've turned in eight pages
>The others have turned in a few pages each
>DM is almost solely using my plot hooks and side NPCs
>Another player got rape murdered by his cohort because he's an evil fuck as per backstory

I don't know how I feel about this anymore. I just like writing and making interesting characters.

>> No.42322000

revel in it. A GM who actually uses player written material is a rare treat. Just... be wary of NPCs that are a bit more unpredictable, like Mr. Rape-murder over there.

>> No.42322040

>Another player got rape murdered by his cohort because he's an evil fuck as per backstory
Seems like you DM doesn't understand what a cohort is.

Is the cohort evil, or was the character evil? Seems like a really, really stupid idea for them to be paired together, especially since if you take a cohort that's different alignment from you your loyalty score or whatever it is gets lowered.

>> No.42322056
File: 2.86 MB, 387x291, BBYWaUr.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Consider yourself lucky.

My DM thinks it's hilarious that one of our players named his character Guy Fieri and keeps trying to derail the campaign with shitty jokes and internet memes.

What I wouldn't give for a DM like yours.

>> No.42322069

Evil lich kidnapped a kid and got him addicted to super drugs, then used that addiction to force him into being a super ninja.

The antagonist broke the addiction and Super Ninja immediately turbo nuked the lich.

Everyone except the player saw it coming. I just didn't expect it to be my nemesis that did it.

>> No.42322093

This so much. For once I wish the other players in the group would put forward a serious character, and not based off a League of Legends character or some shit.

>> No.42322101


>no ring of ki mastery

>> No.42322114


>> No.42322160

Just to elaborate, the lich survived by our intervention.

We're now planning the most anime thing possible.
>Rapemurder McGenocide can sprint at 50 mph, through solid stone
>No one can catch him, except him
>Lich is currently creating two dozen simulacrums of Rapemurder
>We will then construct a giant underground lair thicker than he can run through
>Lure him in with the lich as bait
>Collapse the tunnel behind him
>Have the other two dozen Rapemurders drop down from the ceiling

I'm actually planning to befriend the shit out of him on the side because he's really useful and the lich is kind of really evil.

>> No.42322215

>make character jadwiga/have jadwiga blood because family originates from irrisen
>didn't know at the time about the whole all jadwiga get abducted/killed by baba yaga every hundred years
>mfw gm kept asking me about how I felt about baba yaga

>> No.42322258

Psicrystals have hit dice equal to their master's level in psionic classes for effects related to hit dice.

Feats, BAB, and level based ability score bumps are all effects based on hit dice. A level 20 psicrystal has a BAB of +20 (because it is a construct, and constructs have full BAB- it's not super relevant since it uses the Aegis' BAB, but it's there), 10 feats, and 5 ability score bumps to distribute. They're also diminutive, which comes with a +4 bonus to hit and AC.

A 20th level psicrystal with no equipment or buffs dedicated to it and all 5 level bumps in Dexterity has a to-hit of +29, or +31 if they've been given their inherent bonuses.

Like, Crystal Warrior still isn't great, but you're lowballing psicrystals a little bit.

>> No.42322329
File: 224 KB, 910x512, Dead_Army.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Okay, so, is there a way to play the whole "Lord of the Undead" deal in Pathfinder? 3.5 had the Dread Necromancer, but so far I haven't found anything comparable or, hell, even close in Pathfinder.

>> No.42322394

They did in 3.5, but in pathfinder psicrystals and familiars don't get stat growths or feats.

The crystal is probably not diminutive when it is part of the armor. That needs to be defined better, along with what happens to armor sundering

>> No.42322431


>> No.42322432

If you're going to argue that they don't have feats and ability score increases, you need to first argue that those things aren't effects.

"Effect" is not a defined game term. In English it's "a change that is a result or consequence of an action or other cause", and feats and ability score adjustments are unarguably consequences of hit dice.

>> No.42322442

the Gravewalker Witch is pretty good. Permanent control of mindless undead, even ones you didn't raise, and at-will attempts to control intelligent undead.

>> No.42322445

http://www.d20pfsrd.com/classes/core-classes/cleric/archetypes/paizo---cleric-archetypes/undead-lord or http://www.d20pfsrd.com/classes/base-classes/oracle/mysteries/paizo---oracle-mysteries/bones maybe http://www.d20pfsrd.com/classes/core-classes/wizard/arcane-schools/paizo---arcane-schools/classic-arcane-schools/necromancy/undead or um http://www.d20pfsrd.com/classes/base-classes/oracle/mysteries/paizo---oracle-mysteries/juju

>> No.42322475

Thanks guys. I keep forgetting that so many classes are modified at a base level by archetypes, and I've barely even looked at Oracles or Witches. That'll show me.

>> No.42322482

Hm... Reading it;

>Use the crystal warrior’s base attack bonus, as calculated from all his classes, and the psicrystal’s Dexterity modifier to calculate the psicrystal’s attack bonus. Treat its Dexterity as if it was under the self-propulsion effect.

BAB and +2 Dexterity appears to be all you get no matter what. Psicrystals, like familiars, do not have HD, and so get nothing related to HD. For 'effects' (not abilities, etc) related to number of hit dice, use the master's.

A Psicrystal or Familiar gets to count as, say, a 15HD familiar with a 15 level owner, but is not actually 15HD, it just counts as much when, say, measuring the effects of cloudkill on the thing.

Familiars same deal and the witch abilities imply that's the only way you're getting any feats (the witch ability).

>> No.42322497

But they don't GET hit dice.
They count as having that much when something checks how many hit dice they have.

It's like virtual levels from spellcasting knack or the like: it replaces loss of caster levels to multiclassing but in no way gives you class abilities, saves, or anything of the sort.

>> No.42322537

It isn't all Jadwiga, though. Baba Yaga only takes the ruling queen and her daughters, I think. Granddaughters and so on are fine. There are plenty of leftover Jadwiga from previous queens. They occupy a lower rung on Irrisen's nobility than the current queen (Jadwiga Elvanna), but they're still around.

>> No.42322552

Alright, cool. I wasn't really feeling like making deals with devils and whatnot to avoid getting yaga'd

>> No.42322554

Familiars have the same wording and also receive feats and ability score adjustments. There are a few mongoloids on the Paizo forums that insist otherwise, but there's no actual rule support for that interpretation.

>> No.42322610

actually they don't.
Even example monsters with familiars don't.

>> No.42322634

>thinking a devil deal will get you away from Dear Grandmother

She's a CR 30 super-spellcaster who can take on and flatten 100% of the statted demon lords. You're fucked unless you're dealing with a full on god, and even some GODS avoid crossing her if they can help it.

>> No.42322635

Note that cohorts and animal companions however DO have actual hit-dice, and thus feats and stat growth.

3.5 psicrystals (unlike familiars) did in fact grow this way as well, but their wording was different.

>> No.42322653

I'd like to see her take on Azathoth Or the Nicktuku

>> No.42322682


>> No.42322698

There's a 2 level fix in Eldritch Guardian (fighter archtype) for the feat thing.

It allows you to share all of your combat feats with your familiar. Also gives you a familiar.

Well, it won't help your psicrystal in the least, but you could get a pretty nasty pet.

>> No.42322699

World of Darkness thing. Baba Yaga is a thing there as well, and a creature of the same bloodline as her kills her

>> No.42322825

What could beat her then?

>> No.42322862

Nothing that the GM doesn't explicitly give you.

This is somebody who, after becoming immortal and nearly unkillable, decided she wasn't unkillable enough, and removed her metaphysical death from her body. She cannot die until that death is returned to her first, THEN you have to kill her.

>> No.42322874

Whoops, I meant who. Gods like Asmo, Pharasma, Rovagug, etc?

>> No.42323010

Paizo gets things wrong what a shocker news at 11

>> No.42323061

As noted by JJ's waifu being 38pb in a base 15pb system AND has an artificially inflated will save.

>> No.42323108

This isn't one of those cases.
Animal Companions, Cohorts and Mounts all get feats, as well as actual hit dice. They even have that on their tables; familiars and psicrystals do not.

Additionally, the rules they pretty much just copypasta-ripped out of 3.5 were more complete and explained the whole deal on familiars: "as HD" was explicitly for effects based on HD, explaining that this meant things like "does color spray work on it". It flat out stated it does not count for purposes of skills (they have their own way of doing skills), feats, spells, racials,etc.

It did, however mean that if you can stick one of those spell-gaining templates on it, THAT counts.

>> No.42323128

just to add: the reason psicrystals got feats in 3.5 was actually because of the wording there. UNLIKE a familiar, they were intelligent constructs with HD equal to their manifester, which is where the whole feat-leech deal came from. They sucked, but they got feats, and you could make those feats your own.

>> No.42323230
File: 39 KB, 668x776, ff12gabranth.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So not pathfinder but 3.5 related, today was my first time playing DnD after like 4 years of no playing, and I decided to make a spellsword mistaking it with a swordsage. I ended up going 3 levels warrior and 3 levels wizard and 1 level spellsword., and I must admit some things confused me. Like I was told I'm a 7th level wizard despite only having 3 levels in wizard unless my total level counts, which if it does was making some of my spells really strong and that added with my greatsword I was easily outputting the most damage when we fought a storm elemental. Just downloaded the players handbook and gonna download the complete martial book later to see if I can get a better handle on my character.

Anyways since I made the character on the spot today and leveled up to 8 making me a 2nd level spellsword I'm not sure if I took proper feats or not, what would you guys recommend? Thought of going down the 2 weapon fighting tree and being a judge magister style character. Also what spells should I be using normally? Kinda willy nilly chose those as well, got magic missile and burning hands of course

>> No.42323266

You're straight up making shit up. Familiars had the same wording ("For the purpose of effects related to number of Hit Dice, use the master’s character level or the familiar’s normal HD total, whichever is higher." See the d20 SRD.) and no modifiers on it.

Nothing you're saying is proof that feats and ability score adjustments aren't effects related to number of Hit Dice.

>> No.42323310

>For purposes of resolving spells and other effects, a familiar has Hit Dice equal to its own or equal to the master's character level, whichever is higher. This effective Hit Dice total applies only when the familiar is subjected to some effect whose resolution depends on Hit Dice, such as sleep, holy word, circle of death, and the frightful presence special attack. The familiar does not gain any skills, improved ability scores, base saving throw bonus, base attack bonus, feats, or hit points from its effective Hit Dice (though being a familiar improves most of these things), nor does the familiar increase in size. For example, a cat normally has 1/2 a Hit Die, and a sleep spell could normally affect eight cats (because sleep affects up to 4 Hit Dice worth of creatures). If a cat familiar has a 5th-level master, however, it effectively has 5 Hit Dice for purposes of how spells affect it and it is not subject to a sleep spell.

>> No.42323362

1) Source? That's not in any of the information for familiars.
2) Pretty obviously not a Pathfinder rule, since it references fractional hit dice.

>> No.42323410

F-fractional... hit die...

But WHY though? Why was that EVER a thing? You could just use a smaller die size...

>> No.42323442

Yeah. 3.x used fractional hit dice for really weak creatures, like house cats and rats.

>> No.42323447

It's not artificially inflated.

Bard 8 is a +6, Fighter 4 is a +1. +7, she has WIS 7 for a -2, leaving her at +5 total. She has +2 against enchantment effects from her Half-Elf elven immunities, and she has a +4 from her bard stuff.

And now that I've had to spend several more minutes than I wanted to spend looking at that horrific Mary Sue, I need something to counterbalance it.

>> No.42323573

Just imagine how pathetically-low it still is for her level. How easy it is to mind-control her.

>> No.42323625


You know, I never understood this. It's a complex solution to problems just as easily solved with a bullet to the skull that requires you to keep expending spells once the duration runs out and in terms of intent is arguably worse than just killing someone.

Any problem solved by mind control is solved more quickly, more simply, and cheaper by going murderhobo.

>> No.42323629

So, fist things first, you should be casting as a 4th level wizard, that means spells learned, spells per day, and caster level are all used as if you had 4 levels of the wizard class. Now secondly, you can't wield a two-handed weapon or a weapon in both hands and still cast a spell without modifying the spell with the metamagic feat still spell, which causes your spells to take up a higher level spell slot and has to be added at the time you prepare your spells. As for what spells, touch attack spells should be your bread and butter. And then spells that help you not get hit, such as shield and mirror image.

>> No.42323660
File: 883 KB, 800x901, 1434424294474.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How can I best punch things, and then have those said things explode when I punch them? Swordsage? Synthesis summoner?

>> No.42323673

Not necessarily? If you want a spy, mind control is good.

Or a fucktoy.

>> No.42323674

Been doing more reading
So baba yaga is witch 20/archmage 10
and tar-baphon is necromancer 20/archmage 10
does that mean they're about the same?

>> No.42323677

>Now secondly, you can't wield a two-handed weapon or a weapon in both hands and still cast a spell

Couldn't you just take a hand off, cast the spell, then put it back, or is that not a thing in 3.5?

>> No.42323689

Not by RAW, but I don't see any reason why you couldn't do that, if all you're doing is casting a spell.

>> No.42323702

Yes. Ungripping a weapon is a free action, gripping it again is a free action.

>> No.42323717

Depends on the DM. If you really want to use a two-handed, your best bet is to invest in a glove of storage, so you can poof your weapon, cast your spell, then pop it back out

>> No.42323719

From Steelforge:

Steeltusk’s Punching Mitt
Aura school; CL 10th
Price 10,305 gp; Slot hand; Weight 2 lbs.

This +2 spiked gauntlet is constructed from shards of chitin, held together with iron staples. On the back of the mitt are a trio of rubies, held in place with thick wire. Three times per day when the wielder successfully hits with this weapon, they may cast a fireball as a free action (CL 10th, DC 16). The spell is centered on the wielder, and they may not attempt to make a Reflex save to reduce the damage from this spell.

Requirements Craft Magical Arms and Armor, fireball; Cost 5,152 gp 5 sp

With basically any decent melee class with Evasion or a way to cheaply pick up energy resistance.

>> No.42323734

>May not make a reflex save to reduce the damage from this spell.

Fire Manas love these things though.

>> No.42323929

Inquisitor Monster Tactician/Infiltrator 4

>> No.42324035

If you were about to Coup de Grace an opponent with a pistol to the head, and as you make the attack your DM smiles and points out that the game specifically states you can only make Coup de Grace attacks with a melee weapon, bow, or crossbow, what would you do?

>> No.42324052

You call him a faggot and punch him in the mouth.

>> No.42324061

With a gun.

>> No.42324072

Tell him he's being a bit of a dick and it was obvious an oversight in writing; there's nothing related to CDG a crossbow can do that a gun can't.

Sure, he could follow the RAW to the letter against all common sense but not only is that a dick move, it also sets precedent for the players themselves to abuse badly written RAW down the line.

>> No.42324153

It'd be cool if you could manufacture it with the shape spell metamagic, so that it deselected the square the wielder is standing in when it goes off.

>> No.42324166

That ruins the fun though.

>> No.42324244

I... had actually not considered that. Hmm. This could get really disgusting, really fast. Like some combination of mind break, slave and ahegao all in one.

>> No.42324303 [SPOILER] 
File: 2.70 MB, 1280x720, 1441528578221.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>implying those are ever mutually exclusive

>> No.42324390


>> No.42324397

>Distill Panoply updates
>the psychic armory may retain her ability to add her Wisdom modifier to attack and damage rolls, or may use her Strength score if she prefers to
>crystal iouns will continue to lend their bonus to distilled weapons

Yesss, so good.

>> No.42324634

So if I'm picturing this right, a psyarmory with mind daggers, improved psionic strike, and the twf chain could attack something like 11 times per round for weapon dice + 5d8 damage per?

That's bonkers, and I love it.

>> No.42324671

Oh wait, nevermind, they caught that and nixed it.

Back to throwing greatswords.

>> No.42324698

>not throwing keen scythes

It's like you don't even want massive crits.

>> No.42324759

Joachim don't use no scythes.


I played this game when I was like 15, and now I can actually play this guy in tabletop, that makes me really happy.

>> No.42324812

Oh, and tecnically Emulate Melee Weapon can't be used with psyarmory anyways, so greatswords it is.

>> No.42324815

Convince my GM that he's wrong about this (or convince me that he's being reasonable):

He really hates any mechanic that says 'you can automatically do this'.
For things like the Sleeping Goddess strikes that give the enemy no saving throw if you expend focus, he homerules the saving throw back in, but slightly harder.
Similar for anything else that has no save.

He also thinks the Cyclops Helmet is completely broken because it lets you auto-20 at any vital skill check once per day, even with the knowledge that 20 on skill checks isn't auto-success.

>> No.42324830

Depending on the power of the condition sleeping Goddess is inflicting, that might be reasonable (a no-save stun is pretty powerful, after all). Expending focus to add, say, +4 to the save would be OK in my book.

The latter is kind of unnecessary, since getting a 20 on a skill-check is rarely as powerful as no-save conditions

>> No.42324867

Strangely enough the cyclops helm is the one we're having a bigger debate about (And no, vorpal weapons aren't even factoring into the question).

I've pointed out that getting an auto-20 on any skillcheck can almost always be dwarfed by an appropriate spell anyway, but he says that it's not the same; those get balanced out by having saving throws or other checks.

The fundamental issue he has is that he thinks being able to say 'I automatically do this vital thing to the very best of my ability' once per day is game-breaking.

>> No.42325210

New thread

>> No.42325694

There's an archetype that does pretty much that in Occult Adventures.

Or just have him take leadership and base his leadership score off of int rather than cha.

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