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Didn't see one in the catalog so here we go. Let's get all your favorite stories and screencaps. I'll get the ball rolling by dumping a few.

Also, there's one I'm looking for about a gaudy halfling wizard whose party turns on him at the end and he just wrecks them since he made all their armor.

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I love you shoggy

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This next one is a bit long but worth the read. Also, I've got most of them so any requests let me know.


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I do so love this story.

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That looks like one of those collages that makes a picture.

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I know you're shitposting about tg's fondness for overlong stories, but I'm honestly curious wtf the source of that is.

I don't think it's just repeating, so that's gotta be am entire goddamm novel.

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Perhaps a pair of silken shoes that will guide the cleric towards a goal by following invisible lines of fate. But, since fate is a spiderweb, and reverberations are always going and making subtle changes to the web, sometimes the shoes walk in different directions...

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All Guardsmen party. Or so it seems from the pretty recognizable I Want You image

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The Tale of the Flaming Gnome Flail

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anyone have the sad story from yesterday?

about the cyberpunk girl who couldnt let go of her boss?

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Bard father is the man I want to grow up to be.

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part two.

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Ah, so a quest thread series. That makes far more sense than someone posting all that in one giant dump.

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From the now-complete Shadow Quest.

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Actually All Guardsman Party is a storytiem thread where Shoggy regales us with the latest exploits of his Dark Heresy game; A bunch of Guardsman drafted into the Inquisition.

Meanwhile, all I have is this...

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Not a quest thread, just the greatest campaign to ever happen.

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yes! this is the one, thank you so much anon.

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Not to mention it was one of two games to spawn the "ALL X" memegames.

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Man, you Guardsman fags are so easy to impress, it's pathetic.

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Oh, i'm sorry, that was only the intro.

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part three.

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Most of them are coming from Reddit and other places. While Shoggy claims to not be a redditor, he posts his stories there, at GITP, and a separate website to ask for "writing critique."

Last thread people were actively announcing that reddit brought them here. It was terrible.

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False. Shoggy's DM who runs the campaign post on reddit.

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part two of heretics

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Of course. Because Shoggy tells no lies. And he'll just put his name, reply to this post, say "Its true its my GM" and then there will be a dozen posts of "I LUV YOU SHOGGY" and "WHENS THE NEXT STORYTIME"


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>Most of them are coming from Reddit

I was wondering about that. Their antics are just so... juvenile. Have you seen what they do if you post that "I want you" image? They go apeshit.

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part three

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Shoggy stated his DM post the campaigns on reddit in the third thread. The third fucking story. It wasn't an issue until the most recent thread.

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Requesting the Fantasy Steve Irwin caps from anyone not busy shitstorming of namefags.

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There is something so beautiful about that story that resonates with me. - I fucking hate forum RPs.

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Please stop posting. As in, never post ever again.

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So I'm not the only one who doesn't get the hype. I thought it odd that I haven't seen literally a single bad thing said about that circlejerk of a campaign.

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Anyone who says anything bad about it gets shouted down and apologetic posts directed at Shoggy.

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If you go into a thread where a bunch of people like a thing, and you say that the thing is bad, then they're going to defend it. That's human nature, anon.

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Whats the setting for this story? its bloody brilliant.

have some drow immigrant stories.

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I suspect Shadowrun.

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thats the barbian brick story, lemme see if i can find the drow immigrant story. its gold

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Nah SS13, trust me on this, I know things.

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I've got a few I didn't see in the thread. I'll keep going.

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This one is kinda feels-worthy too. Necromancers are the coolest.

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All my favourites have been posted including good old Hassan.

>ctrl+f "britbong
Have an entire /tg/ novel.


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Look, stop trying to make your writethreads a "thing", you're about as TG related as the quest threads.

We understand that /lit/ is a hellhole, and won't force you to go back there, and we don't care if you sit around in your own thread and circlejerk eachother about how you could all be best selling authors if you only had the time. Just please stop trying to insert your stuff into best-of threads. It's embarrassing for everyone.

I'll grant you a pass on this one though. Even if it's pretty weak, at least you got the subject right.

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Wow, this is the saltiest cap thread I've ever seen. It's like we're channeling /v/ today or something.

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I think the best part is that the OP image of the "/tg/ stories" thread is an obvious /co/ cap.

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I wasn't going to mention it...

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>antasy Steve Irwin caps from anyone not busy shitstorming of namefags
Wait wut?

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Think he meant over

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love it.

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it's a shame the last time he came around /tg/ was full summer mode...

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this one?

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No, I think he has two mixed up. You have the lich one, but the armorsmith for a group of thatguys is a separate story.

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Well then, why don't you regale us with a "better" storytime?

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Oh come on, you're really going to restart this bullshit again?

Have a cap about insane techpriests.

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oh right, this is the one

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You're a fucking wizard.

I bow to your organizational skills when it comes to caps.

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Posted it right before I did.

This one is one I capped so I don't think hardly anyone has it.

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What the fuck.

That's probably the closest depiction I've seen to what an actual Slaanesh incursion would be like.

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No, I don't want to start anything, but just so you know, I hate Quests, with all my heart, but I don't go shitposting on them, I simply avoid them or not mention them, if someone doesn't like storytimes because they sound fake or statistically imposible unless you use crooked dice, why not do the same? I mean is it that hard? or just because they don't have the imagination to make up shit and I don't know, actually have fun playing the game?

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Chances are incredibly low but I'll ask anyways.

A long time ago there was a thread about dragons eating their hoards to ascend to deity status, and the topic moved on to whether a lover or spouse is considered part of her hoard.

Then some writefag posted a feelsy story about a dragon putting off eating her adventurer spouse (think it was a kobold) until old age and then retrieving his soul from the afterlife.

I know somebody capped it but I've never seen it posted again. Does anyone have it?

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It's nothing Anon
>Styx - Too much time on my hands.mp3
I'll scrounge my folder, see if I can find something interesting to post

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this one?

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That's the one!
Thanks so much.
I'm actually the writefag and just never got a chance to cap it myself because the internet cut out mid thread. I've been looking for this thing forever.

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Dude, fucking great story.

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you're welcome
waiting for your next writefaggotry

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It's the first and probably the last. Thanks tho.

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here's a rare one

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the filename in that picture of el president uses the wrong "here"

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You had me googling spanish translations for a few minutes before I figured it out... I may be drunk.

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Spend the next 12 hours shitting yourself in shame. Thats right, your penalty for being a shithead is to take enough ex-lax to disable yourself, because that is clearly easier for you to do than stop being an asshole in any other way.

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Well, I found my next charecter

>> No.42283209

It's funny, I read this story waay before I read the book it was ripped from. Still a fun character concept.

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I am very confident this is part two? Chronologically it definitely is, and it seems like there's some story missing since in "part 2" the beautiful interrogator is referenced, and she shows up at the end of "part 3." I enjoy this story-line, where can I read all of it (preferably in proper order)?

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You're right, that's a godawful mess, here's the actual part 3 (darwin -> pilgrims -> psyker the fuck were those chucklefucks posting?)

You can find the whole thing in one on SupTG (which is currently 403ing me when I try to open it, I blame school internet) or at the officialish archive here: https://09cd64678bddc0198cca7fef0df8ce7b359fff2d.googledrive.com/host/0B3Z9sXPTD9rpN2owNGdVWmdFWXM/agp.html

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Yeah, but shoggy fans are the sort of rabid i'd expect from the fans of popular youtubers, not some dude who tells stories.

I mean, yeesh, I like the AGP just fine, but people making threads for 'story when?' purposes?

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>D&D game begins in a tavern, everyone lvl.1
>wizard arrives looking for muscle for a quest recovering an artifact from another dead mage
>makes a snide remark about the 18 strength dwarven warrior, who doesn´t take it lightly and throws a punch
>wizard gets insta critted and goes down to -7 by a single punch, survives the night by GM fiat

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>gotta be am entire goddamm novel.
yea. pdf related
>350+ pages

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I like the new captcha thing.

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I am absolutely stealing this.

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>join game
>everyone but me is neckbeards and furries
>everyone makes brooding edgelords, I make a lolsorandumb character to ruin their serious game
>the DM does nothing to stop me, doesn't even tell me to make a different character
>also did I mention that we were playing a dumb homebrew I can't adequately describe but the point is it had a very arbitrary rules loophole I was going to use for an extremely specific thing I was going to do
>meanwhile my lolsorandumb character keeps ruining everyone's day and killing the campaign's serious mood and the DM still can't do anything about it because DMs have no control over the game or any agency
>final encounter of the campaign
>It allows me to perfectly use the rules loophole to do something extremely random and funny that fucked the entire campaign up
>everyone was so mad! even the DM! who couldn't stop me or just tell me to get the fuck out! because the DM has no control over the game whatsoever!
>never play with them again, feelsgoodman.jpg
please rate and repost on reddit

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>posting this garbage

I want Reddit to leave.

>> No.42288946

These are my favorite, would anyone have the orc or dragon one?

>> No.42288958

>Everyone who does things I don't like is from some outside entity so I never have to confront the fact that not everyone on /tg/ agrees with me
Sick memes, brah :^)

>> No.42289024

I'm just going to post all the rest of those. If I wasn't lazy I'd combine them into one big cap.

You make that sound very "Lizard People", I like it.

>> No.42289028

I'm not certain... but I think this is the same story...

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Last one.

>> No.42289253

Well, that's pretty much how that sort treats Reddit: a convenient scapegoat they blame whenever they so much as stub their toe.

Someone doesn't know our memes? Reddit
Someone is using our memes too much? Reddit
MRAs? Reddit
Feminists? Reddit
Liberals? Libertarians? Moderate green Christian anarcho-syndicalists? All from Reddit
People making threads I don't like? Reddit
People complaining about threads I do like? Reddit

And the best part? Most of Reddit doesn't even know /tg/ exists. They think 4chan=/b/ and they're too scared to go to /b/ because they think they'll get hacked or doxxed or arrested for kiddie porn or something. Trust me, I'd know. I'm also a Redditor
REEEEEEEE all you like faggots
I've probably been on 4chan longer than you

>> No.42289330

>MRAs? Reddit
>Feminists? Reddit
scuse you, those are Tumblr.

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It's a poorly written story that Reddit loves but /tg/ hates. It's less about a boogey man and just recognizing that it's nothing special except that it has a lot of upvotes on Reddit, so Redditors feel the need to spam it like it's the most amazing thing ever written, when at best it's a kid's first attempt at writing a fanfiction about themselves.

>> No.42289407

Nope, Reddit too. Because apparently SRS (in reality one of the most hated subs by a good portion of the rest of the site) represents the entire site
>Reddit loves
>/tg/ hates
>Redditors feel the need
Hey, look who's proving my point!

>> No.42289542

The only point that matters is that it's a terrible story without any redeemable points. Dumb characters, predictable plot, bad writing, and the entire thing is about a group of guys acting like gay children on the internet.

>> No.42289561

I haven't read it. I don't care. Stop changing the subject.

>> No.42289638

The subject is that it's easy to tell when something that got a free ride on Reddit is being spammed on /tg/.

Reddit is basically a happy go lucky hugbox, while /tg/ actually has people who call out shit for being shit. So, when there's people who claim shit is anything but, it's only par for the course to accuse them of being Redditors, especially when they have a thread dedicated to it on their site.

Go ahead and read that story, and you'll get a strong sense of "why would anyone say this is good? It's one of the dumber bits of fiction to ever be screencapped."

>> No.42289656

The subject is supposed to be storycaps from /tg/. Regardless of taste, Eduardo the fighter is a /tg/ classic, in that it's been around for awhile and is well known.

>> No.42289696

You're still treating Redditors as some outside group coming here solely to post things you don't like, and claiming that all "real" fa/tg/uys agree with you.

>> No.42289841

>/tg/ classic

Please. It's utter shit, not a classic. It has to be good in order to be a classic.

>> No.42289875

Call it hyperbole if you must, but it's not quite as baseless as you might imagine or are pretending it to be.

What we're looking at is a really bad story that has laurels thrown on it, to the point where people call it "the best /tg/ story." The only way someone would think that is if they had never actually read any /tg/ stories.

>> No.42289909

>I'm not saying it's Redditors, but it's Redditors

>> No.42290154

> It has to be good in order to be a classic.
Not at all. Classic just means old. Mistakes by their very nature aren't good, but it's possible to make a classic mistake right? Not to mention since it keeps being posted obviously several people like it, which means to some it's good.
>tl;dr stop pretending there's some objective scale of what's good or not and trying to police what people post on an imageboard, retard

>> No.42290190

>Classic just means old

>> No.42290265

Hopefully we'll get the rest of that soon.

The gap between the beginning and where he actually started is still closing.

>> No.42290430

Goddamnit that got me hard. I mean as long as all my bits got put back together at the end of it that would be kinda freaky and hot!

>tfw you will never have a Daemonette gf and cuddle while making out with some of her mouths while others mouths suck you off or occasionally chew your testicles into mush while holding you down and forcefully sucking crushed remains of your balls out through your dick.

>tfw not out-lewding her with cuddling and handholding afterwords, whether she wants to or not, and telling her you love her.

>tfw not making love to her in the missionary position with the lights off for the sole purpose of procreation while she moans about how much of a dirty girl she is for doing this.

>Not comforting her afterwards and telling her you still respect her.

>Why even live....

>> No.42290494

No, I'm quite clearly saying it's Redditors, but largely as a pejorative to say that if you like that story, than you might as well be one of those eleven year olds that post there, and very likely are.

>> No.42290963

>Very typical of its kind
It is literally right there in the screen-cap. Also what exactly are you arguing here? That something that has been shared on /tg/ for years shouldn't be shared in a "SHARE YOUR /TG/ SCREENCAPS" thread?

>> No.42290993

He wrapped it up recently. Just last week I think.

>> No.42291022

anyone got
>pretty cool tattoo, bro

>> No.42291155

Nah, I was annoyed that you said "Classic just means old" and responded.

>> No.42291374

Basically how it's used.
>Classic cars
>Classic rock
>Classics from the 80s
>Classic styles The Fedora is a classic, technically.

>> No.42291576

>A Guy called Squid
nope, fuck you I read that shitfest of a story once and I'm not reading it again in a worse retelling.

>> No.42291628

bretty gud

>> No.42292626

I put them together poorly, so you don't have to!

>> No.42294664

I've got a shittonne of these archived, like 600 or so when I last counted.

>> No.42295758

That's the one. Bless you!

>> No.42295939

What is this one referring to?

>> No.42296278 [SPOILER] 


>> No.42296584

Sadly no, it's not bait.

>> No.42298170

Bump to save!

>> No.42298598

Do people actually care? I've got some good caps and someone said that have 600, I didn't think anyone was still lurking in here.

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>> No.42298712


>> No.42300028

those artifacts on that image hurt my eyes, damn

>> No.42300088

No, he thought last thread was going to be the last one, but then it took longer than he thought and he still has more to tell.

He said he'd make another one to finally finish up with it either "this weekend/next".
That was said August 18th, so he's a week behind when he said he'd do it now.

>> No.42300441

Ah, ok. Thought we'd caught up to where he originally started. To be honest, the latest stories are pretty meh. They were much better the first time he did story time.

>> No.42300642

Well he's telling it from the beginning this time.

When he first started he jumped right into the fun parts.

>> No.42301757

Get your ass to Netflix this instant and watch some Futurama! Your very survival depends on it!

>> No.42302176

He died nine years ago today, btw.

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>> No.42302853

I...I didn't need those feels anon.

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>> No.42306552

>playing with Greeks

>> No.42308723

Didn't see this one posted here, although I think this is a short version of it.

>> No.42309220

praise Shoggy

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>> No.42313511

Oh dear, it seems someone let in a colossal faggot.

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